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File: animal.jpg (42 KB, 628x320)
42 KB
Post pics
Be specific
And remember:
>You don't need suspension on a bike unless it is to be used exclusively on technical downhill trails
>Carbon is a meme designed to make bikes literal disposable consoomer tat, unless you ride professionally, have your bikes supplied free of charge for each and every race and every single millisecond off the lap time determines what your family will be eating next week - or you have a deathwish - get a metal bike with metal forks, seat post, stem and handlebars.

With that being said let's make this one the greatest /bqg/ thread ever in the history of /n/

Previous >>1629427
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Nothing's bent (probably), it slipped.

Unlike carbon, aluminum doesn't self destruct if you scratch it slightly.
the levers were installed loose enough on purpose so that they would just turn and absorb the impact in a crash. and most aluminium stuff is overbuilt so that it can easily carry your body weight and take a beating, it won't break that easily.
I know i mean take the hood and move it to straight, its slipped as you say. (Theres a hoseclamp looking thing holding it tight). It isnt ded
has anyone used bone conducting headphones before? are they a meme? im looking for a good earphone for riding but also wanna be able to hear around me and also earbuds always fall out for me
I just ordered a 2022 version of a bike I know nothing about, and there’s zero news online about the 2022 model. I was expecting the 2021 model, am I fucked?
What if it’s slackerer and longerer than I was expecting

File: 71HJsZ7pU+L._AC_SL1500_.jpg (180 KB, 1418x1220)
180 KB
180 KB JPG

Too good to be true? Will this bike explode under me?
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Wasn't that because Team Sky was running tubulars way narrower than recommended on those wheels?
you could get for instance a CAAD13 disc 105 for less money. if you get too greedy by demanding a carbon frame and ultegra you have it coming to get chinked. the amazon bike is barely lighter and has no fancy carbon layup or EPS molding etc. if the claimed weight is even true it's probably for the smallest frame size while most western brands say the weight of the medium size fframe.
The brand is called Savadeck but it says SAVA on the bike? I wouldn’t trust that chink shit when the company doesn’t give a fuck about how they brand their product.
>hiding cable discs in product photos


File: manlets btfo.png (1.96 MB, 1099x824)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
Reminder that if your seat-tube is less than 62cm you're a manlet
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buy bigger bikes then

>Almost all bikes bikes are too small.
Been there. I searched for 6 months on local CL until I found a 60cm+ vintage road bike.
My current 60cm TT bike also took months to find.
The bike market is a manlet market + people intentionally riding a too small bike makes everything worse

>it was the first bike that ever felt like it fit.
I had that feel when I first sat on my 62cm Ghost square cross
people intentionally ride smaller bikes because big bikes looks disgusting, weight more and are less stiff
take the midousuji pill anon
I pity lanklets. The world just isn't designed for them.

Look man, Midousuji only rides that bike because his mom gave it to him before she died of cancer. However he chooses to justify a tiny bike, he holds onto his De Rosa because he's racked with grief over it being the only thing left to remind him of the time in his life when there was actually someone in the world who loved him.
ITT arguing exactly how far in cm you should shove a phallic seat up your ass

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Sounds like they were doing alright up until 1980, and then everything went to shit for 33 years. Damn.
Liberia was doing OK. Until the revolt against the ruling class descended from Americans.
So it was the liberians fault
>whine too much
Enjoy getting yes man'd into a cliff, retard
File: 1603579746500.jpg (790 KB, 2048x1365)
790 KB
790 KB JPG
Only boomers remember the period where America was locked in a desperate struggle for global territorial control and nuclear supremacy with Liberia.

File: BianciAria.jpg (149 KB, 1500x1050)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Is this too tryhard for my first bike? I got the money from a bonus and want to get into cycling. I love this color so I picked this bike. Haven't sat on a bike for 15 years
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>road tires on pavement is FAR better than almost anything else.
lol, so many bad advice for OP
That's a good bike if all you want to do is ride smooth pavement. It's pretty useless for anything else though. You should seriously consider getting a "gravel bike" (drop bar bike with larger tire clearance) and two different wheelsets, one for the road, and one for off road or warn down roads. It will probably also be more comfortable for you as a newer rider. However, if you truly just want to ride on smooth surfaces there's really no reason not to get the bike you posted, it is a very nice bike. Good luck, OP. All the best.
what kind of tires do you think have the best grip on pavement? Mtb Knobblies?
Fat slicks covered in glue.
in general my policy is to encourage people to buy whatever bike will make them most excited to ride and that they will realistically ride the most. the goal is to get more people on bikes more of the time. if you think road bikes are cool, and bianchis are cool, and that will get you out on it, that's fabulous and you do you. they only snag i could think of is a racy road bike being uncomfortable or unstable/sketchy-feeling to someone who hasn't ridden much. if you're young-ish and/or in pretty good shape, like the idea of going fast, and you're not too afraid of falling or traffic, then, by all means, get a racy road bike. if that doesn't describe you well, you might consider getting something a little more approachable/comfortable/stable feeling.

anyways, welcome! i hope you love it.

I want to get a PPL for personal flying and am planning to enroll at a flight school. How much should I budget for? Anything else I need to keep in mind? I currently have $10k saved up
You might be able to get through with 10k depending on rental/instructor fees. Don't space out your training or take breaks, just get it done. Make sure your "ground" knowledge is good before you get up in the plane so you aren't wasting time and money. Practice with asa tap for written test otherwise the books you need are FREE on faa website.
Thanks. Should I invest in a good computer and equipment to build a flight sim at home?
No just, get a good ground course and study a lot
is that matt gaetz?

File: vicki.png (705 KB, 653x772)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
Why live bros
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He's never been off the main line, let alone the sidings
Geoff confirmed /n/ jannie
We keep track of all the different routes we ride in the city and when I stay over we have a game of taking a different route to work together (we both work downtown). <3

Thank you for not saying special bus.
I ride my baby everyday. Each time we go a different way...
I don't think so, otherwise he'd have removed the debaucherous comments about Vicki ITT

It's been a while since I've done one of these, starting with the best Desiro to grace this country
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>What has become of God's Wonderful Railway?
Got nationalized.

The current operator is First, GWR is just a branding.
That livery is comfy.
I presume you mean it got privatised?
SWT are no more
you call them desk jockeys when most of them can't seem to string a sentence together lmao.

Are handlebar extenders/expanders based or crinje?
At what point does one have too much shit on their handlebars?
74 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Shit happens.
>fuck up handling
>fuck up weight distribution
>requires more pressure in the front tire
Hipsters gotta have their stupid handlebar bags for fashion even if it's retarded. The true essence of jUsTrIdE - gimping yourself in safety AND comfort.
a rear load fucks up handling as much just in a different way
going OTB from sudden braking is a function of not bracing yourself or being skilled enough to correctly moderate braking in an emergency. It's entirely avoidable. You should unironically practice emergency braking.
And weighting your front wheel has advantages too, it makes climbing very steep hills seated possible without lifting your front wheel.
It's also not mutually exclusive. Most touring setups will include front loading.

you don't really have a valid practical case why it's uniquely bad. You just vaguely understand some of the negatives, which all ways of carrying stuff have some of, and then you have this strange ID pol hangup about it.
Weighing your front wheel is best done low, if you do it at all. Simple as.
If you think you're such a badass that you will never encounter a situation where you either stop uncontrollably (such as a blowout into a pothole) or panic-brake as some obstacle you didn't see shows up less than your safe braking distance, then I hope you learn your lesson without permanent injury.
This is just a difference in "how much am I willing to risk?" which can entirely be influenced by where and when people ride. For example: If you only go slow as shit on gentle MUPs or nature-paths in the day time then you won't risk going OTB.
We're talking at most 2kg. You're being a fucking drama queen. It doesn't make a significant difference to anything.

>If you think you're such a badass that you will never encounter a situation where you either stop uncontrollably
What part of:
>going OTB from sudden braking is a function of not bracing yourself or being skilled enough to correctly moderate braking in an emergency. It's entirely avoidable. You should unironically practice emergency braking.
did you not fucking understand?

I have correct emergency braking technique ingrained in my muscle memory and I know this from practicing it, going OTB in the past and learning my lesson, and having to use it several times and several times slightly lifting my rear wheel doing so (maximum braking) and NOT going OTB.
I have zero risk of going OTB.
well aside from, i guess, if my rear wheel somehow go stuck in something or bound somehow at speed, but i fail to see how slightly more weight upfront would affect anything then

I've had a front tire blowout descending a mountain too. I know what that is like.

The Twin Cities-Milwaukee-Chicago (TCMC) Intercity Passenger Rail Project adds a second daily round-trip passenger train on the 411-mile corridor between Chicago, Illinois and Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis) in Minnesota. The TCMC Service will follow Amtrak's existing long-distance Empire Builder route. The new service will complement the existing Empire Builder schedule, providing travel flexibility with both a morning and mid-day departure from Chicago and St. Paul.

6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Can any badgerfags comment on the viability of rail service to Madison? Are there any serious proposals?
No. There was a serious proposal early on in the Obama administration that was accepted and actually started to be built, but Wisconsin elected a Republican Governor who killed the project based on retarded talk radio arguments. The claim was that it would cost the state too much to operate, but i want to say they ended up paying 10-20 years worth of operating costs for breaching the contract to build it.

There have been zero serious proposals since; this state is still gerrymandered by cynical, bad faith Republicans and It would probably cost twice as much to build jt today as it would have back then.
I’ve always thought this would make an ideal corridor for HSR.
>second daily round-trip
do americans really
The FUCKING LEAFs have it worse than us
duluth pls

Want to buy new bike. I'm amateur.
Found this used one for 1200€.
From 2018
Claim to have 4k km behind.
Shimano 105.
Also bike size is 56 and I'm 188cm (6'2) is this bike too small?
fine bike, but way too small for you anon
also >>>/n/bbg

File: maxresdefault.png (1.59 MB, 1280x720)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
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Indeed, for the best VVVF experience visit your local station or, if not available, recreate it in your garden:
File: luggage_.gif (4 MB, 520x293)
4 MB
>no とじめ点
>no 出発進行
You're fired!
File: fingerpointing.png (132 KB, 2400x1232)
132 KB
132 KB PNG

File: taxi queue.jpg (223 KB, 1280x720)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
How do we replace taxis?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Taxi lobbyists: *block your path*
Remove Indians from the west.
here's the thing, zoomzoom... an uber IS a taxi, despite what their marketing will try and tell you.
ffs stop giving them ideas
Brian Bowman: *lolno*

File: 1607838932849.png (1.36 MB, 1242x1107)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Are you guys primarily cyclists or primarily bike enthusiasts? I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks but I don’t want to take advice from cyclists
35 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
oh go fuck yourself jackass
File: unracer.jpg (1.1 MB, 1247x1696)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG

bike enthusiast. smoke too much to ride but i have a machine fascination that needs an outlet and for some reason that outlet is bikes.
well then fuck off faggot frogposter you're not welcome here, also kill yourself
What if you wear spandex and built your own bike and have a good knowledge of it?
>Hobbyist who used to think of getting into racing until chink flu destroyed the world and Strava went woke
If you don't live in some retard nanny state, racing is back in full swing. Not sure what Strava has to do with you getting into racing, but it sounds like you're using their stupidity as an excuse.

File: IMG_0007.jpg (723 KB, 1600x1200)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
Why ride one? Here are some benefits:
Great exercise for your legs and core.
Improved balance.
Simple and difficult to break.
You're unlikely to get hurt from a fall.
A fun and challenging hobby.
Cool points.

Where to get one?

How to learn?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I have an aura of confidence.
I wish the government actually enforced bike lanes, lol.
File: 240258893_09ce5dd2b7_b.jpg (270 KB, 678x1024)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
> looking like a total faggot

You already are one. Embrace it.
he's gay

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