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Should it still happen and more importantly should they keep the current plan or should it be changed by someone who doesn't live in london?
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I'm looking forward to entering a big, shiny train station and jumping onto a shiny new train, then whizzing around at 360km/h. I'm only half joking

>Ever watched Yes Minister? If not i suggest doing so.
But you're too smart to fall for propaganda. Right?
I mean, part of the planning approval for Curzon St was, paraphrased, a) find something nice to do with the old station building, b) protect the Woodman pub that's been there almost as long as the station building, and c) act as a direct interchange with the metro extension. ditto the bus and taxi interchanges outside.

anyway, part of the justification is that it's going to be a new railway to supersede the current services running along the ECML, which is at capacity for passengers and freight. move those 'slow' passenger services onto a route that's the same speed, or quicker, via HS2, and suddenly there's more room freed up on the ECML.
That's true, New Street is also completely full. It's just hard to imagine Brum in a different light, it's always been this failed car centric experiment, like there's no reason at all to take the bus because for example they get stuck on Soho Road for hours.. The tram extensions look promising, and Curzon Street as a hub makes a lot of sense and would bring a lot of redevelopment to the Digbeth area. I understand the justification but I'm struggling to understand how passengers in Brum and surrounding areas would take advantage of HS2, because it's just so hard to get into the city by anything but a car for the next 20 or so years.

This is true, and there's no need for any of it. Just look at the old Brum maps, in the late 50s until the 60s so much had been redeveloped for cars at a speed we'd consider impossible now. It's taken us well over a year to get the tram line to go down Broad Street, something that should've took maybe a couple of months at best. We've knocked down entire neighbourhoods in Aston to make way for the A38(M), it used to be a beautiful park, the benches are still there!
>what is irony
File: Gpx17zZ.png (1.43 MB, 1029x1005)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
>the eastern branch (Leeds/Sheffield/York/Nottingham/Newcastle) is 'paused'.
...once again, the north-east misses out on infrastructure investment. Fucks sake.

I am seriously hoping jail time.
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Isn't watching a fucking bicycle "race" punishment enough?
Negligence is also punishable by jail time.
>bikefags btfo
Yeah, I'm thinking she's based
No, her left arm gets hit by the handlebars

File: db.png (657 KB, 960x720)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
Why keep building railway lines at ground level?
Cheaper and faster than constructing and maintaining elevated or tunneled lines

File: file.png (3.41 MB, 1490x989)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB PNG
Thanks to 9/11 we'll never get cool airports like this again
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check out the Amshak thread going on rn. It's depressing as fuck.
I didn't even know that used to be allowed.
It was nice. You could find out which gate the person's plane you were waiting on was on the big boards and just go wait there for them if you wanted (still had to go through security). Likewise if it was someone you were sending off, you got to wait with them until boarding and sometimes wave at them on the plane if they were next to the window. It was common to see people kissing others hello and goodbye throughout an airport.

As is the case with other things, younger generations will never know what was taken from them.
There should be no parking at the airport at all, just a train station.
Pure delusio/n/.

>Alitalia would stop operating on Oct. 15 and that all passengers holding Alitalia tickets to travel after that date would be offered alternatives

that took long enough, didn't it?

It's pretty much just a name change and corporate restructuring. They're even taking most of Alitalia's planes and a lot of their airport slots.
File: 6766299151_109cee608d_b.jpg (487 KB, 1024x683)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
I gonna miss that tail.
I think they're still going to be DBA Alitalia, just changing the official name (that no one uses) as they have done in the past. What a shitshow of an airline desu. Great tail though

Nice rack edition

Post pics and discussions related to electric locomotives.
AC/DC, pantographs and 3rd rail are all welcome
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Here's a GN W-1.
Made to get trains through the Cascade Tunnel in Washington state

Same, but I'm pretty sure that most of the older electric locomotives will never be able to run again, loads of them have PCB filled transformers which have to be removed and decontaminated.
VGN EL-2B, not GN
Still looks great!
My bad
I must have posted the wrong picture
The new UK electric locomotive, the class 88.
This is an electro-diesel with a small (~950 hp) diesel, but with 5,400 hp in electric mode.

File: _64603454_rust-redsq2.jpg (55 KB, 624x351)
55 KB
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They have a clear and distinct name for people like this:


Good landing on his night flight. He walked away.

Where did he shit?
Did he never sleep?

This is getting old already.
File: Dy1dqTAV4AAHT-w.jpg (75 KB, 743x595)
75 KB
There were two pilots aboard, taking turns every 4 hours and had an autopilot.

They installed a small sink for washing (water handed up daily) and a camp toilet. They'd crap into bags in the toilet, then toss them overboard in the desert.
There was also a platform they would fold out out of the righthand side to stand on for refueling and to wash up. This pic is the best one I can find of someone on the platform

Details at https://disciplesofflight.com/flight-endurance/

File: E5ywiXNXMAkcVTE.jpg (233 KB, 1200x630)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
1. Federal government announces it will start RFP process for Toronto-Quebec City high frequency rail with the target operating speed of 200 km/h.

2. Private consortium proposing Calgary-Edmonton HSR reached a tentative agreement with the Alberta government regarding eminent domain and existing rail corridor access.

The first one is quite likely to come to fruition. The second one is a little doubtful.
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You misunderstand my argument then, which is in two parts:
>Parts of what China does as part of the construction process are common knowledge
That is to say, forced evictions. But since you ask for it, here they are:




>That the construction process is not unknown, as you have implied
I have provided evidence that there is information published, some of it readily available and some of it unfortunately behind academic paywalls.

In any case, the sources I have provided made two points that you have apparently missed:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
At least it's better than nothing.

EAs take a long time here. Also public and stakeholder consultation has to be done or else you're going to see more delays from some nutjob deciding to take the project to court because he doesn't want to see a train on land they don't even own.
Wish it was easier but it's a double edge sword.
File: viarail-hfr-nov-2019.jpg (76 KB, 1048x680)
76 KB
>watch Via Rail's HFR proposal from 2019
>they say the line will be built mostly on existing rail beds
>look it up
>the proposed routing from Toronto to Ottawa is approximately where the Ontario & Quebec Railway (O&Q) used to be
>CPR still operates the line from Toronto to slightly east of Peterborough, but the rest of the line is abandoned

I'm not sure what abandoned railway (if any) the newly proposed Ottawa to Montreal track will be built on.
>Ottawa to Montreal
*Montreal to Quebec City
>...which is completely divorced from reality.
Dunning Krueger. Its not because something appears to be arbitrary that it is.

>Do these numbers refer to rolling stock, and if so does this mean potential speeds or working speeds? Line speeds, and if so on existing track or dedicated? For all of the way or just parts, and if so which parts and for how long? Who the fuck knows lol.
The speeds allowed for real life operation, instead of claimed or one-time achieved speeds.

Everybody and their mother ran a locomotive at high speeds for testing and record setting purposes before 1964, but officially "High Speed Rail" was created when Japan started operating them REGULARLY.

>Line speeds, and if so on existing track or dedicated?
Its impossible to regularly operate a high speed train at existing tracks. The subgrade must be reinforced in order to avoid the track to move due to the train vibrations.
Many countries managed to get up to 250 km/h updating the line (rebuilding the ballast, changing superelevation and transition curves, new catenary, signalling and comunication systems, etc), but speeds above that requires a new alignment or a complete rebuild of the railway (rebuilding the embankment/cutting/viaduct, searching and filling faults with concrete, creating a semi-rigid surface below the ballast, and many more things depending on the local geography, in other words, removing the old railway and building a new one in the same place).

Therefore, in real life, any railway section operating with allowed speeds above 250 km/h means a high speed line was constructed, with adequate signalling and systems. Hence why both EU and UIC separates "upgraded existing lines" and "specially built high-speed lines".

File: GravelBike.jpg (464 KB, 1920x1440)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
Are gravel bikes a decent compromise for road riding and riding on dirt and grass? There are a couple trails (mostly grass and dirt, but not the sort of hardcore mountain biking trails) near me where I used to ride my BMX bike on as a kid, and then my mountain bike as a teen until it got stolen a few years ago. I want to ride roads and these sort of "light offroad" trails. Is a gravel bike a reasonable compromise between a road bike and a mountain bike, or does it just suck for both functions by trying to compromise between them?
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>men have been taking fast bikes and modifying them for rough terrain for more than a century
And now I don't have to do that. I don't have to buy a bike I don't want and then spend money, time and effort on modifying it, and likely fucking it up in the process. Now I can buy the bike I want from the start.

>10 years ago you would have gotten a box with some nice cover art, a disk, a manual, maybe some nice promotional stuff that you could actually hold in your hands
10 years ago you would have gotten a plastic case with some inane cover art and a plastic disc in it. For the nice swag you're talking about we would have to move back 20-30 years.
>for much less
No. 20 years ago, $60 is about what you would have payed for that swag.
Frankly, the move away from physical media is great. I have way too many video game boxes taking up shelf space and collecting dust for no other reason than that I can't get rid of them because of sentimentality. With digital download I can play a game until I get bored of it and then uninstall it's completely gone from my life until I wish to play it again.
Collecting physical artefacts for virtual experiences is dumb. And I say this from personal first hand experience.
unironic cope
modern steel frames and components are lighter, more durable and better in both feel and performance
you’re going around with cantis with a stem cable hanger jfc just from that I know you don’t even ride that piece of shit, let alone a good bike of any sort whatsoever
No flats, still pretty true. I'm not a heavy rider and I don't bash my bike around like mtb guys do.
>modern steel frames and components are lighter, more durable and better in both feel and performance

Not compared to peak 90s mtb period which had fantastic QR (as did road bikes of the period - not a coincidence both are sought after). The this one I could have bought for 120usd and in mint condition, tripple butted frame and I dont even need to compared current 9s Deore which is total shit compared to old school overbuilt 7s Deore. Pic rel Koga was a high end of its time but do the inflation, it was way more affortable than new bike of today which give you crap quality components under 1000usd.

What is total shit of the 90s period are low swing cantis (especially the plastic coated ones like on his bike), with that I agree, but wide cantis are excellent and have a nicer feel than vbrakes.
File: 1619902375121.png (2.74 MB, 1223x775)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB PNG
>What is total shit of the 90s period are low swing cantis

as is quill stems, ahead is simply better in everything.


you can do a lot for comfort with a 22.0 steel bars, and having flex in a stem next to bearings is not a good mechanical solution for comfort. overall ahead headsets are safer, easier to change bars, more durable etc.

File: mike-burrows-1.jpg (211 KB, 1000x983)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
https://www.parktool.com/ https://www.sheldonbrown.com/
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and it's more than a 3 grams saving compared to standard top caps with steel bolts
what top cap are you comparing it to?
and the significance of aesthetics should not be understated
entry level bikes can get away with basic aluminium top caps but usually they have some ugly logos etc
and with the design of that top cap it doesn't protrude with any bulk so it can sit closer to the fork expander so you don't have to cut the steerer tube as short or have a bigger spacer under the top cap
File: 1625932114323.jpg (1.54 MB, 5184x3880)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB JPG
So my fucking road bikes inner tube blew out again. I got lucky and someone helped me on the road and he discovered there was a glass shard in the fucking tire, INSIDE, so even if I had fixed it myself it would've just blown out again after 20 meters or so. I swear, cyclist are fucking awesome and will stop and help you fix a tire. It's so awesome.

I'm tired though. The hoop I use is called Xero Lite, it says 622-13 so it's quite small or narrow. The bike frame doesn't allow for very wide tires but the 105 brake set has different settings. The tire that came with the bike is a 700x23/25c or 23/25-622 or in other words a very thin road bike tire. The inner tubes have to be presta or they won't fit the hoops, which is what I discovered when I tried to put dunlap tubes and they wouldn't fucking fit.

I need advice. I want to get a slightly thicker tires, but I don't know how far I can get before it rubs on the rim and I'm on a very, ___very___ small budget. The tires I have have literal cuts and holes in them from just 300-500 km of riding this year alone because the roads I use suck donkey dick and I don't have other options. All roads suck here.

So the question is what kind of tires should I get for this thing? Can I get much bigger? I'll post bike in next post. I'm ashamed to admit it but I'm new to road biking and I've posted the bike before, so sorry if someone spots me again. I'm a beginner!
File: 1616282477216.jpg (2.06 MB, 4000x2000)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG

File: Goeing.jpg (134 KB, 1152x1189)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>A 45 year old Transair Boeing 737-275C (N810TA) has ditched in the water near Honolulu after suffering engine trouble. Both pilots have survived. It's possible this is the first time an aircraft has been successfully ditched at night without fatalities
>FAA confirms Boeing 737 cargo jet with 2 aboard made emergency landing off Hawaii; both pilots rescued.
>NTSB sending team of 7 investigators for investigation of Friday's crash of a Transair Boeing 737-200 cargo airplane in the waters off the island of Oahu near Honolulu.
>EDS NOTE: The Boeing 737-200 involved in the ditching off HNL is part of the earliest gen of 737s from the 60s & 70s. There have been 3 generations since & -200 bears little relationship to the Max. If your photo has engines mounted forward of the wing, you have the wrong photo.
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>they are absolutely the same aircraft
>and they don't fly the same
You're contradicting yourself. They would fly the same if they were the same aircraft.
"Any landing you can be carried away from in a coastguard rescue helicopter..."
Don’t bother. He’s an idiot.
any landing you can walk (or swim) away from is a successful landing.
>You're contradicting yourself.
you can't fucking read,
are you retarded? you took that 2nd line out of context

File: 1620687218760.jpg (80 KB, 500x563)
80 KB
educate me about ships please :)
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
As long as the sail is above water it can still move.
Submarines are boats by definition.
I mean, can't anything be a boat so long as it moves and keeps water out?

yeah, a bathtub is a boat

>riding road bike down same street i have for years this morning
>crash into a random construction sign that was sitting in the bike lane for no reason, vertically aligned instead of horizontally aligned so all that would be visible were the gray legs invisible against the cloudy skies and similarly colored asphalt
>handlebars get bent and cables broke and have to bring to bike shop
im completely embarrassed and humiliated, have you guys had any embarrassing crashes?
24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
ok cager, you prolly think you're justified running a cyclist of the road because wasting 10 sec waiting till the road gets wider is a waste of time and HR stacy has already written you up for being too late 3 times,
File: zSlweF.gif (2.12 MB, 400x224)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB GIF
Parallel pavement lips can catch you off guard. They can grab the tire sidewall alternately at the part that going downward, then the part that is going upward and in near instantaneous succession pull the wheel hard one way then push it the opposite way.

Wet wood and metal is very slippery. A bunch of people I know at one point or another crashed on the same wood bridge that has a 90 degree turn at the start. Frost on wood / metal is even worse.

The ramp to the underground parking at the university where the bike cage is located has metal grating to shake some dirt off entering cars. Miniscule contact area with slick tires, fishtailed going down it once, decided to walk it after that.

A few spots in the park have 1" wood edging between the MUP pavement and the grass. Crossed that at a shallow angle once and wiped out. I know another guy who broke his arm on the same thing in a different spot.

One surprising thing to watch out for are hoses. If you go one at a shallow angle it will roll and throw you off. I was riding with a guy who crashed on a garden hose being used by a contractor cleaning graffiti.

>Dude you can't see a sign lmao?
File: Flayed.jpg (7 KB, 214x235)
7 KB
Can one Thanos-snap themselves?
Yes they can.
Roadies do this shit all the time, it's fucking dangerous as hell. I'm going past a dude and his head is straight down, not looking up at all.
>Eyes UP!
Airpods in, blasting Melissa Ehtheridge.
>it's a dude, I think.
Blows the red light.

Broke wheel the other day, changed to a backup wheel that has a different rear gear, which changed wheel base(single speed) so getting used to the shorter wheel base I've fucked up on tight corners. Ended up in the bushes last week laughed the whole time as I saw it unfold and was like, fuck it. Good excuse to take a break and get my head out of my ass.

Left pedal I didn't grease started creaking, welp, I'll just do it when I get home. Two miles from home come to a stop light. Light turns green, get on the third pump, left pedal gives way, pedal hits ground and bounces to the right, flay left leg ~9". Crank has broken.
try to counter end up over the right side of bike, right foot/pedal hits the ground which throws me back over the bike to the left. Holding on handle bars because

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
One of my more annoying injuries was a pulled muscle in my back from lifting my fat bike into the repair stand. Have to do it one handed in order to be able to close the clamp. Didn't feel it right away, but it ended up feeling sore for over a month.

File: 1621750705298.jpg (436 KB, 990x1396)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
The image that BTFO'd ebikes.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I like my la-z-boy a lot. I guess it is an old human powered one though so idk.
Gravity assist, best assist
OK zoomee
Zoomers are the ones addicted to the e-everything gadgets.
E bikes give boomers a reason to care about cycle infrastructure

File: YOU!.jpg (69 KB, 640x452)
69 KB
Hi guys, I wanna learn more about trains and stuff. Can anybody help me out?
Any youtube channels, books, or websites I should check out? I guess I'm interested in modern trains and old victorian trains. I tried to search for stuff on google but I think that it thinks I'm a 5 year old or have autism so not much except thomas the tank engine comes up.

Pic unrelated
>or have autism
I mean you're here asking about trains
pick a big city, and a station in that city. search youtube for that station name and 'trip report'. some people simply document their journeys, some people gush about the stations or the trains themselves, but there's a whole genre of travel videos about this. pick one and let the algorithm take you places.

Help it's the pædophile doctor who

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