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On Thursday a Southwest 737 landing in Austin ran over a guy.
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he's pretty popular on youtube, like 4chan
lurk a thousand years
you gotta go back
Unless they do. There's this gif that gets spammed in rekt threads where some poor bastard is trying to assist a crashed Indycar pilot, and gets pink misted when another car runs into him. High delta vee impact causes injuries incompatible with life, uleh.
He gaan.

File: 1579184038501.jpg (18 KB, 295x350)
18 KB
Do you have fun on your bike?
Do you enjoy riding it?
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Its a paved trail though, thicker tires don't give enough of an advantage to warrant using them, and riding thin tired bikes is a bit annoying due to lack of suspension. The best bike for this trail would probably be a road tire bike with front suspension, I actually made such a thing out of my old mountain bike by putting a closer ratio cassette and 32c tires and it was a joy, the suspension allows you to float over the bumps, and then when you reach a smooth section you can lock the suspension and be super fast.
"Riding bicycles is fun and enjoyable."
I love all my bikes, even the ones that don't function presently. I like working on them too.

It's amazing all the silly shortcuts that exist which cars can't pass thru. Gaps in fences, walkways, parking lot and alleyway passages.
I love exploring. "What's over there?" is always interesting.
I also like going down hills and sprinting beside cars, even better when my music changes to something ultra-hype (instead of just-hype).

If you don't enjoy riding your bike, may I suggest paying attention to what's around you while riding? Maybe play upbeat music on your phone in your pocket - loud enough to hear it, not so loud you can't hear anything else. If you listen to something at around 150-180bpm you can match your cadence to it (75-90RPM). It's pretty fun!
Yes. I just got back from riding my bike, it was fun.

I hope NYC gets more bike lanes soon, I know there has been an uptick in biking in the city because of the Coronavirus, I hope this increase in bikers is here to stay.
This guy gets it

File: Skateboard.jpg (117 KB, 1000x1000)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I know how to skate in a straight line on flat ground, but want to expand my skills during quarantine. Any tips or resources for learning how to skate in a heavily urban environment?

I especially have problems controlling speed and stability on hills, which are abundant in my neighborhood
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>e on flat ground, but want to expand my skills during quarantine. Any tips or resources for learning how to skate in a heavily urban environment?
>I especially have problems controlling speed and stability on hills, which are abundant in my neighbo

>Learning to on an anime imageboard

Just go skate, moron
>Any tips or resources for learning how to skate in a heavily urban environment?
go skate in an urban environment. all you really need to know is how to ollie (obstacles) and powerslide (speed)
Unironically this. There’s no hack to skating. You literally just have to rack up the hours I’m afraid. Go spend 100+ hours learning flip tricks on your mum’s driveway like the rest of us did. Then go bomb some hills
This nigga gets it.

Learn to manual regular and switch to gain balance on the board, learn to push, learn to fall, learn to pivot, learn to hippie jump. After that you can get into pop tricks.

I think it took me at least one year of intense skating until I could kickflip. Skateboarding is grindey as fuck and if you didn't start young you'll have a very hard time.

Once you get there it's incredible though.

It still prefer a normal deck for cruising around, maybe woth big soft wheels. You're more nimble on a normal board. Skateboarding for transportation isn't that great after all. Quite exhausting and generally limited.
For stability going down hills run a directional setup, front truck a little loose, rear truck tight. Keep your weight forward, speed wobbles come from the rear wheels turning more than the front wheels.
Popsicle decks arent good for hills, but the same tip applies.

Do you guys like climbing hills?
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kek, this desu
Can't say I do.
Can't say I don't either since there are no hills in my area. There is the old (as in: ancient) river escarpment, that I usually have to go over one way or the other when commuting and usually do take it on extra time/times while riding otherwise. Going up it in a circle is boring as all shite, tho.

>mfw I usually get headwinds on my way back from a ride
I hate this bullshit so gods damn much.
Sort of, I don't have an option not-to so I better like it.

I do have an issue on one of my bikes from how heavy it is, where above a certain grade I struggle to keep it going. I think it's an issue with my fit - I wobble-fall from going too slow and the gearing varies between being unable to move it, mashing to move the bike 6" each push, and spinning out without accelerating.
I like Japanese trains though.
Yes, though I'm convinced it's a stockholm-syndrom type situation since I grew up in a mountainous city. They first time I rode on a flat road was in my 20's, by then it was too late.

File: Mach3-VRX.jpg (2.51 MB, 6779x3761)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
Why are bikes so expensive now? Take the Vitus Mach 3 VRX for example. When it was brand new two years ago it was £700 but now it's £900! and it seems to be the same for most of the bikes I looked up. Should I wait until the prices go down before buying one or is this as good as gets?
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There was a period with lots of experimentation in the 80s and 90s, and the UCI clamped down on it because Merckx was assblasted that Moser wrecked his record with pic related. And then LeMond won that TdF with clip on bars and aeroshit on the last stage and pissed off just about everyone in the cycling world, and specifically the entire country of France.

Anyway, while the UCI has influences on what road bicycles look like, I don't think that they're as pronounced as you think they are. After all, the bike industry has been able to push trifaggotry, MTB, and now gravel, none of which the UCI has much influence over. The reason why the Terry-style bike ultimately failed was because retailers didn't want to stock 24" wheels and tires. 650c solved the same toe overlap and bb height problem for smaller riders, and again the reason for it getting pushed out wasn't the UCI, it was the bike industry wanting to maximize profits (less product variation = lower COGS = more $$$), which meant killing consumer demand for 650 by pushing myths that smaller wheels are somehow slower. If the industry really wanted to, they would be able to push any shit they want down the UCI's throat, just as they did with disc brakes on road racing bikes, which literally nobody asked for, but the industry was desperate for a way to sell new high-margin fredsleds.
File: 1589012439714.jpg (35 KB, 445x604)
35 KB
>(less product variation = lower COGS = more $$$)
>tfw the only reason 27.5" was picked up by the industry was to ease mtbers into the 29er cock so they can get away with having tooling for only one size of wheel across all of competitive cycling
>mfw I actually like 650B because it lets you spec bikes for whatever the fuck you want by swapping wheels and cockpit around but now it's aimed at gravelfags and their willingness to pay $100 per tire
>quality STIs never trickled down as much as rims

Look at this nigga hasn't ridden a bike with the last 2 generations of Claris. It shifts great.

true that, but notice how much time was it needed to trickle STIs compared to lets say a solid alu rim
I agree with a lot of this but I think that MTB/etc you listed is more sidestepping the issue of the UCI. The tech trickles down and when the high price buyers are willing to just eat shit the manufacturers have no reason to burn money on bribes challenging the UCI.
So what gets to the average-consumer price point? Things that are primarily not for racing bikes. The exceptions are things you have to dig around on the internet to find, rather than walking into a walmart or LBS.

File: download.jpg (7 KB, 229x220)
7 KB
>automated people mover
Absolutely soulless
Double wheeled leg to speed converter
LAX? lol

File: 47318757_401.jpg (25 KB, 700x394)
25 KB
I don't think there are many rich people out there looking for a private jumbo

Also, RIP quad engine passanger aircrafts
File: 797 patent.jpg (49 KB, 920x613)
49 KB

Would a twinjet superjumbo be a worthwhile investment?
No. Stop posting this in every jumbo thread
Probably me.

Yay or nay?
Not anymore. Flew a leg with them in 2014 out of curiosity. It was pretty clear it's just a personal airline for gov't employees and their friends and family. It's odd. They're not a people that should have airplanes.

Stews weren't good. It was actually the worst flight I've been on, and I flew China Southern Guangzhou-Melbourne in coach after a fuckup in ticketing on a Moscow-Melbourne flight.

Why do Americans encourage individual transportation by cars?
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According to the 2010 Census, 80% of the American population lived within an urban area. This statistic is unlikely to have decreased in the last decade.

America has not been a predominantly rural nation for well over a century. I understand that it is part of our national identity to think of ourselves as a nation of small towns, main streets, and homesteaders, but that is not an accurate depiction of the United States.
File: 1588410831948.png (1.16 MB, 885x781)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Yes, this is a slide promoted by the petro capital.
>So it's the most socialist and non-individualist form of transportation.
Still not true
There certainly would be riots if you charged riders half of what it costs to operate the metro.

File: boeing-737-max.jpg (32 KB, 960x533)
32 KB
these things are surely all just getting sent straight to the scrapheap after all this now, right?
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Incorrect. When I say mentality, that does not mean the specific case of someone paying more to get a different plane. I'm referring to the mentality that cost is the single deciding factor that nearly every person on earth uses to decide whether to book or not to book a specific flight. Only if cost is equal do other things like the airline itself, the available seats, baggage fees, etc. come in to play. And if anyone says no, I will value some other factor of the trip higher than cost to X extent, everyone immediately dog piles on them calling them a retard for wasting their money.

No. This is exactly the reason why airline travel sucks so much ass today. People are so overly cost-focused to the exception of all else that airlines do the most they possibly can to cater to that mentality. "Unbundling" fares, "basic" economy, 28" pitch seats, shitty food and drink if any is offered at all. Economy travel on planes has been on a constant downward spiral because of this, and airlines will continue to cut everything they can to make those fares cheaper as long as it doesn't impact those business accounts sitting up front in company-paid seats.
Thanks for agreeing with me.
Both Boeing and Airbus may end up going bankrupt from this, and if that happens then finished aircraft will be very valueable.
No new aircraft will be made, and the world will have to manage with only what's already produced. It'd be foolish to scrap the Maxes in that situation.
As more and more aircraft get worn down and can't be used, more air travel will get more and more rare and expensive. In a few decades, all aircraft will be very old and only the ultra rich will be able to fly.
>until passenger numbers recover to 2019 levels in two or three years.
>in two or three years
File: ryanair.webm (1.55 MB, 624x1232)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB WEBM
Sum ting wong here.

File: Nitto Campee.jpg (103 KB, 800x800)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>why yes i do have a front basket and panniers
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if you carry significant weight on your rack regularly a low trail fork is fantastic. bike will handle completely normal with a ton of shit in it. rides weird unloaded though
I have that, it's a beast. You could probably stick a seat on it and carry a passenger on it.
not only is my bike fat but so is my ass.
I wouldn't want to stress that bike with more than child.
>I'm trying to bring home groceries but I'm dummy thicc and the clap of my ass keeps popping my tires
I was looking at those before I got a tubus. The flimsy attachment points scared me off. I met a dude with one and it would literally flop back and forth just from the weight in his pannier shifting

>That's a really neat bike you got there, anon!
>Mind if I give it a try?
Post the cost of your bike.
Post your answer.
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>3500 eurobux
>i would rather shave my balls with a cheese grater
cost of my bike? which one?
>not s-works
>ehm no, it'd be too dangerus

It's a 29er with bbshd, I've only let it test iit out to two coworkers of mine

File: Giant Hornet.jpg (136 KB, 1400x1400)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>flies into your face
what do you do?
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
you don't die from a hornet sting unless you disrupt their nest and get swarmed by dozens of them.
Just get a bug zapper or a make funnel trap and set it near your home.
bite off its wings. spit it out to run from the ants
Offer it Mcdonalds so it dies of OBEEsity
File: motorcycle_helmet_0.jpg (183 KB, 406x400)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Laugh as it PLONK's off, continue laughing the whole way home
>per year every year

Anyone here ever gone on a plane trip and brought their bike? How expensive was the whole ordeal?
What I've done in the past, which might not be relevant at all to you OP, was ship my bike via BikeFlights to my destination instead of putting it on the plane I was boarding. Last time I did this it cost about $30 from the American east coast to Midwest one way, and there was no worries of TSA or whoever opening my box to inspect my luggage. I read up on flying with bikes and it seemed like the biggest problems were luggage fees and people's bike boxes being opened for inspection and improperly closed. If the shipping option is available for you I would recommend at least looking into it and comparing prices.
Damn, nice. Thanks

Short and sweet.
There have been a significant rise in wrong way crashes on TEXAS highways. This may be true everywhere else as well.
People on social media have the idea that’s been posted in the past regarding severe tire damage spikes that only affect vehicles driving the wrong way.
>Pic related for reference

A study was performed some time ago that basically said the wear and tear caused by traffic would destroy these devices.


Summary: https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/attachments/road-safety/1752266d1523889810-one-way-spikes-prevent-wrong-side-driving-engineeringanalysisspikestrips.pdf

My proposed solution:
1) Install wires in the ground similar to what is used at traffic lights to detect the presence of a vehicle.
2) do some circuitry mumbo jumbo that detects when a vehicle passes the wrong way. Maybe have two wires and when it detects that the wire closest to the highway is set off followed by the one furthest away, it triggers a release of some type.
3) the now released spikes deploy and fuck up said car.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
On directional detection, this is trivial. Detection loops, like what are used in most traffic intersections, are various configurations of wire looped in narrow cuts in the road; the most common one I've put in the ground is a figure eight shape. Imagine a digital screen showing an 8, formed of five distinct lines; this shape is cut into the road and the detection loop wire run through those gaps, then sealed into the road and the 'tail' cut along to the nearest pit and from there it's run off to a controller.

These wires constantly measure the magnetic impedance of the circuit, which naturally changes in the presence of a large body of metal such as a vehicle. Shitty ones can fail to detect sufficiently low-metal bikes, hence why sometimes you see experienced bike riders in lightweight bikes keeping a large monkey wrench with them so they can trigger the loops manually when they come to an intersection.

Detection loops can be made to function directionally as well; it's as simple as putting two loops in sequence and programming your controller to pick up the incorrect sequence of changed magnetic impedance.

Installing these loops requires a traffic hold for roughly 1-2 hours per loop cut, so assuming you need two loops cut per lane you could assume it's a single night of work to put in enough loops for any given access to the highway.

No idea on the logistics of linking all of that to a retractable spike system though. But detection is trivial as far as design and logistics goes; we use them all over the world. This is coming from someone that does roadworks in Australia on a semi frequent basis.
Most U.S. road signs are symbols that are recognizable almost everywhere. Like the "yield/give way" sign is almost always an inverted triangle in a red border, stop sign is a red octogon, etc.
>European signs are symbols that even a child understands.
That's partialy since it is kind of expected that someone from another country with a different language comes over and drives there.
So these signs have to be understandable regardless of language and be standardized to a certain degree, meaning the use of written words is kept to an absolute minimum.
>Much faster to read even in shitty weather.
That's another reason.
The signs are also shaped in a way that you can for example see if you have the right of way or have to yield even when they are entirely covered in snow.
For speed limits that's not an option, but going the limit in snow would be kind of stupid anyway.
>European signs are symbols that even a child understands.

That's because Euros are children
This is not unique to Texas. From most of the news stories I've seen in my own state, it's almost always somebody driving drunk/falling asleep/pushing 90 years old and blind. Robust public transportation systems would provide an alternative so that people like this are not forced to drive to get anywhere, putting everyone else's lives at risk.

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