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File: logo.png (8 KB, 600x200)
8 KB
I didn't find a critique thread, so I'm making one.

I'll start by posting 3 different versions of a logo.

Which one you think is better: 1, 2 or 3?

This is for a tech (software development) company btw.
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he looks really tired. is that intentional?
2 simple and sharp. 3 way too simple. maybe have 3 as application for task bar.
looks like a collection of jaggies desu
this is a graphic, not a logo

2 looks best for the purpose of a graphic
none are suited as a logo however

File: 1604227270831.jpg (86 KB, 1024x618)
86 KB
is it really the best thing artists can do in 2020? when is this visual horror going to stop? you can't get much uglier than that.
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Yeah, they also say the exact same stuff every time. Makes discussion incredibly boring.
Goth girl looks like a bitch.
Little boy looks like a dumb little shit.
Old woman is old.
French man looks like a humorless fuckwad.

All non-white people are happy and represented in purely positive means.
You can't just have a normal-looking white guy in this art anymore. Overwhelmingly when corpos decide to put white people in their art, its white women. No happy, smiling white man enjoying his time in the diversity group.

Its not about making art where all people are shown getting along, its about giving more positive representation to only some groups. White men scary. Can't touch the white men.
Hit the nail right on the head.

I'm sure a lot of people on /gd/ went to art school, and know this kind of person all too well. The wokesters that will ignore the burning and looting of our cities but will claim that "all art is political" and how their work will be about "fighting for social justice".

They sip on their fancy coffees and act like they can be the saviors of the same people that they are above.
File: 1606450389756.png (88 KB, 1000x1000)
88 KB
>muh composition
>muh color theory
>muh proportions
>my job is really hard, you don't understand
>t. 250lb diversity hire with a fake CV
File: 1606351754280.png (47 KB, 800x800)
47 KB

File: feel.jpg (1.12 MB, 1731x1635)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
I am Japanese.
I wrote a picture.
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go back to africa
Liar. Japanese can't be dogshit at drawing
thanks man, love it.
i thought the drawing looked bad. but then i saw that you were japanese desu i lovvveee japan!
File: pleased.png (6 KB, 610x576)
6 KB

File: 1548780549931.jpg (230 KB, 1000x1000)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
How the fuck do I make a good portfolio?
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What should a guy do if they aren't in school and don't have any previous small jobs?
Do good work, put it in a portfolio....
I did exactly what you're describing and can't get a job in an office. Associates in Advertising and Graphic Tech, worked with real clients for class projects, picked up a few clients on freelance sites, have a full portfolio of work with said clients and obviously state I know how to use InDesign, Illustrator and PS. Nobody even calls me back at all.
You start by having good work.
If you have good design work, you'll know how to design a single space for that work to share.
That shared space is your portfolio.
You're welcome.
Not really. I'm of the opinion people just hire you these days if they like your face or not.

Tried charging more for changes in the design and the client said "ok"
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Okay? Every freelance contract I sign allows for one round of proofing and changes, and more requires a fee. That's industry standard.

You do have a contract, right?
File: jesusloveshiscreation.png (361 KB, 640x643)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
what about this one
File: f26.jpg (32 KB, 382x508)
32 KB
i didn't know there was this much pimp spongebob lore, both pics you anons posted tickled my balls
the original OG crusty one is still legendary
If this os your pfp youre definiteley ăęľžűõyan
what does this mean

File: wtf edit.png (1.48 MB, 863x1390)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
I made this in ab an hour an its shit but I don't know how to start out graphics design. Anyone give me pointers?
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based schizo or based realizer
lol this guy
>I don't know how to start out graphics design
Just search beginners tutorials in Youtube, you'll find something useful.
keep at it mate you'll get there, watch some tutorials learn some basics

everything you do now should look terrible to you in about 4-6 weeks, that's natural and means you are learning, avoid the people that like everything they'll only hold you back, its hard to learn in a leftist world they hinder progress

This is trash. Not even abstract trash, just trash. Do some basic research, practice every day for a month, and then post something again. Stop wasting people's time with your low effort garbage.

File: images-26.jpg (30 KB, 480x639)
30 KB
how do you place design properly like in a comic book and shit but not tracing, like the amount of words and so on what is the equation for those

is it like
bullshit times bullshit equals to ur mom is gae and so you thirdworlder is killing me?

like seriously help dont drag me
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pfft, but this 2020 and stan lee is-
ah. anyway not big fan of marvel, also not sure if i m good enough to draw those muscles too... been always stuck with anime or batman.

good idea but im thinking more of the line of, how to place those letters for comedic effect and sttuff
File: 1445931551116.jpg (44 KB, 718x720)
44 KB
You sure are fucking stupid
Lay off the fucking weed, Jesus. People can barely make out what you're trying to say. If not that, then you're 13 or have some mental deficiency. People will "drag" you because you communicate like a spasticated chimp pounding a window.

In regards to your question, if you're going to ask shit like this without consulting the avalanche of material a Google search would do, then you're not gonna make it as you clearly don't have the drive and focus to see something through to its end.
but you're missing the point, we are here to spoon feed retards now, didn't you get the memo
You're looking at the three way intersection of script writing, typography, and illustration.

File: 1591608225672.jpg (55 KB, 320x320)
55 KB
hey /gd/ bros/faggs, I lost my wacom pen and got a new one. how do I connect those two????
watch a youtube video
It should work without any extra effort. Im fairly certain they dont need any pairing or connecting. i have a couple wacom devices and many pens. one wacom pen will work on any wacom tablet.
correction. some of the newer pens only work on newer tablets.

File: caaaa.png (15 KB, 503x395)
15 KB
Thoughts? Is still a useful resource or It's to be considered datated as fuck?
useful for what? if you're building a google app it's useful....

File: HOW2.png (1.04 MB, 1154x418)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
ok fuck me its been 2 hours and i have still no clue how the original artist went from right to left. dude this is too much how did he do it?
white dots white dots
im a noobie please
the artist did the one on the right first and then added the effect on the left
He mightve used a sharpen blur but not sure
can't really tell with that resolution but isn't that just a halftone overlay?
otherwise, somehing like Ae's Ball Action will do the trick

File: stedelijk.png (47 KB, 695x662)
47 KB
Alright fellas, anything goes in this thread as long as it makes you feel absolutely miserable
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Bahaha, even a kindergarten kid can do it better.
Even a kindergarden kid can do it better, but what you expect the "bildende künste" shifted form museums, to games and films.
post rumor source
Dutch people dig experimental design shit like this.
Their whole culture is about it.

People coming to Amsterdam from Montana and backwater shitholes like >>403219
feel like they're getting something foreign and exotic they couldn't get at home like their pump-a-chump local gallery.

Text big (CLICK HERE TO BUY A TICKET), gallery images are inside the gallery. That's what you pay for.

Also - site loads fast, no big images on the home page. Did you even fucking click one further?
File: crap crap.png (483 KB, 604x679)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
I know this guy, he wants to teach graphic design/art. This is not ironic, all of his crap is this bad.

File: 20210122_115252.jpg (2.14 MB, 4032x3024)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
I need help. What would you guesstimate the font is for Tomlinson?
Thanks dude

I made a pixel art character (64 x 64) in gimp, how do I enlarge it without losing resolution so I can have it as a 500 x 500 image for example?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Like in the menu, "image" - > "scale and size" is not suggestive enough? ;-)
make everything small and upscale to your desired size, the future of gd is here finally

personally i do it the opposite way but I'll try to learn
File: ugb.png (554 KB, 394x359)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
Heres the trick:
1 Open msPaint.
2 in gimp make a seperate layer thats 1 solid colour
3 while still in gimp merge your original image onto the solid colour layer. Basically it should be your transparent image with a solid colour background so it should just be 1 singe layer from the solid bg+your image.
4 copy the new merged layer
5 goto msPaint and paste that which you copied from gimp.
Hold key: Ctrl and press the + or - keys from the number pad.

There will be minimal distortion but this method should allow your image to keep its pixels from bleeding.

Also you may have to actually paste the image into msPaint and copy it again because sometimes msPaint will skew it.
I have no clue about GIMP but this is how you would do it in Ps (guessing should be similar)
>open 64x64 canvas
>Image>Image Size
>change size to some multiple of 64 ex: 512x512
>pick "Nearest Neighbor (hard edges)" as the resampling option
that's gonna look brilliant, great advice

File: download (1).jpg (43 KB, 1001x353)
43 KB
On topic of presentation...

It seems that photograph of a crusty ballpoint pen sketch out of a notebook in an angle (an even some instagram filter applied) impresses clients far more than black and white vector shape of the thing in it's most precise and honest final form in center of the canvas exported / screenshotted straight out of Illustrator.

I guess seeing the shape, even in imprecise sketch form on a physical material is more tangible and relatable than perfectly sterile digital representation.

Are the digital process aesthetics alienating?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
no , it is what he said, and the other cunt said its all just a puppet show. learn 2 rreed
It's all just smoke and mirrors to obfuscate the truth and trick the client into paying more for what is essentially the same. Only morons fall for this shit.
did you put a lot of effort into the local pizza parlor logo and they stiffed you on the $50 bill again anon?

seemed to work for ITV which is worth a few million.
whoever bullshits the most, the more successful you'll be.
UI/UX are the biggest bullshitters and they get all the money.
Plenty of youtube videos of becoming UI/UX Designers in 6 months making 6 figures.
It's all about presentation and persuasion

I always said, you wanna be a good designer?
Learn how to write and learn how to speak publicly and learn how to present.

Dog and pony show.

Look at Paul Rand and how he presented the Next Logo to Steve Jobs and his team.

It's a shit logo but Paul sold it smoothly.
No, dumbass. I'm working on AI which will make you obsolete. The best part about it is that I'm not the only one who's started to do this already. We'll see how snarky you'll be then.

File: atrain.png (68 KB, 256x192)
68 KB
Hey not sure where to post this.

Does anyone know what this style of art is called?
I remember it being popular in the 90s.
Lot's of squares and rectangles,sharp angles and lots of curves.
No idea what you would call it.
16 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: clipart.png (59 KB, 500x472)
59 KB
I wish I could post more but I lost my folder.

It was used in some early clipart styles but most clip art was like pic related.
File: 1591118217033.jpg (101 KB, 769x1024)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I love this style because it reduces all the non-essential stuff down to simple colors and lines without losing anything. It's hard to describe.

Pic is the source.
necrobumping only out of how much this style of art interests me

Make it yourself! That's why we're here.
File: A-M-Cassandre-post-9.jpg (903 KB, 850x1285)
903 KB
903 KB JPG
A M Cassandre

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