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File: nfw.jpg (708 KB, 1200x675)
708 KB
708 KB JPG
I've checked the catalogue and can't find anything, so my question is, how do you acheive the pixel shift seen in picrel?
I'll comment with my attempt.
File: sldm.png (444 KB, 800x730)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
Closest I can get using Displacement Maps.
there are VHS filters online
btw, you can try adding noise
This seems like too much for the effect he's going for, is there a way to make noise but only horizontally? Been a while since I've done this kinda thing so just curious.
Is probably the best option, but learning how to do it yourself could make you become better at it than some auto-effect maker so this thread isn't entirely garbage. Bump for interest.
File: eyeintheskyAWACS.png (572 KB, 774x440)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
are you talking about the static or the "3d"-like effect with the blue and the red moved a bit to the left and right?
The "3d"/vhs/glitch effect can be done by
1:take your picture and make 3 copies
2:layer furthest "down" is unchanged
3: one layer up, colourize it and make it blue. Change the layers mode to "lighten only"
4: next layer you colourize, make it red, make it "lighten only"
5: move the blue and red layers to their own directions
that's how pic related was made. (with some additional work in displacing the text)

I just want to see some cool Apus and frogs. First time posting on graphic design board
dumb frogposter
and your last hopefully

File: petr3.webm (376 KB, 368x350)
376 KB
Hello there.

I would like to make a petrification effect on After Effects. Vid related is my "proof of concept".

Basically, I'd like to make the person start to move slower and slower, and then make the last 2-3 moves abrupt, until they completely stop.

How would you make this in After Effects? I'd add particle effects and all that jazz later, but I want to know the best initial approach. I can make a decent petrification effect in Photoshop, but I can't do 3D modeling.

Also, any other ideas on how to make it are welcome. And any examples are welcome too, of course.

Let's begin!
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I'm wondering how Dall E 2 and other neural networks would generate this kind of petrification images.
I want you fucking dead
Are you afraid of tits?
Now this is an interesting, well-formulated thread. Of course, that means it will be derailed soon.

File: 838.png (11 KB, 960x960)
11 KB
My parents asked me if I can make them some graphics for their car wash.
I've made a few for Upwork but never actually gotten them printed myself. Where would I go to get it done on the right materials and everything?
Pic completely unrelated.
bitch you cant copyright italy
Find a large format printers in your area and contact them.
bro wtf did you pay Draghi for this?

File: 20220505_070019.gif (3.87 MB, 179x320)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB GIF
can animation be less painful?
tried rwpaint, rwcursor editor, anituner, galeportables stuff...

my workflows are mostly draw-move-save but lots of software are not very fun to "move" things around for me.
any suggestions?
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>>429658 pros like bahijd makes great stuff with easy toon, and many more on tumblr. if you wanna show how long you work with a single piece of software, i think you too are better off debugging softwares or something.
Why do you think bahijds animations look good? Because of the software they're using? There's more to animation that you probably know, and a good animator can convey a message with just a few frames despite software. Also it looks like this person has been doing animation for quite a while, so they have experience that you probably don't. Anyways, there's really no way of getting around the work if you wanna do anything worth while. Best of luck though
oh my god all these psychopathic lowiq words...
>despite software
my point exactly nig; i m looking for a simple gif making tool. geezus
he uses simple tool, just like your idea of "despite software". basically getting around the work, and your low iq sentences.

your talk make no sense, i suggest you go back to kindergarten before even saying the word 'gif'.
best of luck
fucking christ

File: Capture.jpg (2 KB, 117x103)
2 KB
Adobe XD
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Is there an .svg or bitmap of this new logo anywhere? I believe we saw it for the first time yesterday on the new Hwasong-17. I haven't seen it from a proper angle though, only at odd angles in photos of the rocket. I find it shockingly post-modern coming from the DPRNK.

>Let's critique this new logo
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That is one heck of a nice redesign. Well done.
DPRK is a pretty /gd/ country, just check their tourism website:
>no million pop-ups
>good color pallet
>effects aren't too overused
>easy to navigate
Kim is truly /ourguy/
Meh, too modern.
They should stick with soviet era design.
holy shit that website is beautiful
Damn son. That menu is snappy and clean. Really well done.

Can anybody identify this font?
Neue Helvetica Paneuropean 55 Roman

File: perfect worker.png (4.62 MB, 1512x1600)
4.62 MB
4.62 MB PNG
I'm looking for Industrial art, somewhat similar to mine (see the image). Maybe you guys know some artists?
that looks terrible.
search: dadaism photomontage
second this
I think the only difference is when Dada was a thing they were trying to "destroy" art and make stuff they thought "wasn't art"

File: 1651665801884.jpg (442 KB, 1000x1000)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
What are some examples of very current trends in gd that will become cheesy and dated in an instant once something newer arrives?

Pic related screams late 90s obviously. Anything like this from the early 2020s?
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also https://www.inputmag.com/ looks like very successful application of all current typographic style and layout trends (even know it's on purpose crowded endless scrolling nightmare for maximum capture of attention)
these new logos that lack personality
Lack personality? lol. How could a logo have a personality?
If that's something you can't grasp, keep learning.
File: soul soulless.jpg (403 KB, 2030x1000)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
Pandering to black lives matter.

File: 1280px-AZOV_logo.svg (1).png (109 KB, 1280x2406)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
What font mens?
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maybe this could help you a bit both are free to use i think
Microgramma (all caps) or Eurostile (mixed case/weight redesign from same foundry). The 3 is the giveaway here.
Akzidenz Grotezk BQ Extended Bold
Helvetica Neue LT Extended Black
It feels like some Cyrillic form of Eurostile.

Eurostile /Extended get your pretty close

File: klj543h6kjh.png (1.67 MB, 1022x1042)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
very new to graphic design
made this shit in photoshop and liked the aggressiveness of the colors
are there any other color combinations that achieve this visual vomit?
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johannes itten art of color. like the other anon said there's whole studies on this but a good start isthere's warm and cool colors which symbolize different feelings
Lately I’ve been using blue-violet and bright yellow-green for that discordant look.
Haven’t really tried it lately, but pink and green would work too. Really, any complementary colors should achieve the look you’re going for. Besides that, maybe using certain textures that are unusual together?
post images instead of text
>pink and green would work too
Thanks doc.
File: j_itten.jpg (27 KB, 500x487)
27 KB
So he just contrasts color pairs?

File: images (4).jpg (38 KB, 554x554)
38 KB
What does /gd/ think of canva?
Graphic designers seethe cause it requires zero effort compared to their months/years of hustling.
I seethe because it creates terrible designers who have zero graphic design sense or knowledge outside of the pre-made canva templates (which they cannot even contextualize properly and just copy-paste stuff). Also canva is pretty restrictive if you actually know how to design.
Will this kill graphic design jobs? Is it the github copilot equivalent of graphic design?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Recently there was an election in my country and I worked as a staffer for one of the campaigns. As it happens behind the scenes most parties have pretty cordial relations and at some point during the after-hours of some youth politics committee there were like 10 of us from different campaigns doing the usual complaining about work and sharing tips. Anywho I learned that apparently I'm the only dinosaur left that uses inkscape and photoshop to create visuals, everyone else seems to have just switched to canva because its easier to """train""" people to use it. I guess it's ok if you have someone who knows what they're doing create a proper CI and then have an army of staffers with strict guidelines on how to create their instagram stories.
I've used it before when doing social media for a company, fuck spending hours painstakingly designing new and unique Facebook blasts every single week nobody will ever notice the effort you put into those.
Every complaint in this thread applies to the bulk of graphic designers and their work going g back to the first caveman who picked up a burnt stick to sketch on a cave wall. Rote copying of stylistic trends that are essentially templates is thecrule, not the exception even among pros, and that is why it's easy to recognize "looks" of various eras and cultures, they are formulas that carried some reward for using, whether social or financial. Especially in commercial art familiarity is a powerful draw; novelty may get attention too but too much of it and it just becomes another rote trend/template.

Bottom line is that if anyone feels that people with no skills doing he same unoriginal things and not knowing any better is inherently inferior, that presents a massive opportunity to anyone who has the skills and smarts to buck that trend, IF doing so is a valuable approach for anything but ego stroking.

Fact is that in many cases it isn't, or presents risks that don't offset the potential rewards of trying to be unique and creative. Uniformity and structure have immense value in many typical graphic design applications, it's why a relatively small number of typefaces represent a massive percentage of the ones that get used, and why truly novel one's are hard to popularize.
The digital marketing agency I work for deals with clients who are insanely picky about the style even for the most regular social media posts. Everything has to follow a certain level of flashiness and uniformness (which are kinda opposites)
My work would get turned down in seconds if I used Canva templates.
what's more annoying is that nobody gives a shit about those shitty posts they literally get 3-4 likes on instagram. If I were the client they are working for I'd rather spend my money on advertisement reach and expansion with the number of posts already made instead of sitting on their ass doing nothing while wasting money on us (not like I'd mind that)

File: turbulent flow.jpg (10 KB, 338x149)
10 KB
Is turbulent flow a fractal equation? Is there a way to write the Navier-Stokes equations that way?

D = log N/log S

iIf you simplify any one of the seven equations you could get paid a million dollars, it seems like it could be re-written and simplified as a fractal, but that would have to be someone who knows how to write their convective forms and translate it to basically code i guess. I cant do any of those things, but im good enough at math to see it is possible
lol just use blender

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