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File: 5_mina.png (5.14 MB, 2426x1080)
5.14 MB
5.14 MB PNG
I made my own currency, but I am poor af so I use free photo editing platforms all the time. This is the result
It is nice as a first project. Still, you should develop it more.
First of all, keep researching more about money. You need to know why money looks how it looks. Also, learn about the printing method so you can learn why this building would never be printed on money, and why the man should be edited so it can be printed properly.
Also, learning about the security features and design decisions from other currencies you will be able to improve your design and element placement.

Looking for some help achieving this effect.
My first attempt didnt quite come out how I was hopping.
>Add Text
>Add Stroke
>Add drop shadow w/100% opacity, medium distance and slightly larger size than default
>Fill in gaps left by drop shadow using pen tool and filling path

Anybody have any recommendations to make it look a little bit cleaner?
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You still have to double-click that option and re-set all of your extrusion parameters whenever you want to make an edit. Blend mode lets you edit on the fly, just open the blend group and make your edits instantaneously. I appreciate that it may be faster *for you*, but you have zero proof it is faster overall, especially for this use case. OP can choose the method that works for him without you bringing personal bias into it.
You've moved the goalpost once again. For what OP wants, blending doesnt offer the same flexibility. Not to mention that blending doesnt allow you to shade the body, assuming OP or any other person would want to do that.

>you still have to double-click that option and re-set all of your extrusion parameters whenever you want to make an edit
What are you talking about, I click the layer appearance, rotate the cube, and press ok. I can still change the text in realtime and the effect updates, and I can still, assuming its an object, isolate and alter the shape and it will update in real time. 3 Seconds.
When you blend you have to ensure that the layers youve selected are appropriate without creating gaps, and you have to sit through your computer processing the layers. And you have to lug around an object with 80+ layers.
At this point im assuming you have no idea what youre talking about, because youve clearly never messed with extrude.

You keep mentioning the speed thing, its semantics, dont be an autist. Your method in creating OPs request, is effective, but inefficient.
Just in trying out your method on my laptop I want to shoot myself, every edit takes 6 seconds of processing . Obviously my laptop is shit but I can extrude and edit instantly.
File: a_lel_so_top.png (15 KB, 168x200)
15 KB
>you have to sit through your computer processing the layers. And you have to lug around an object with 80+ layers.
>At this point im assuming you have no idea what youre talking about, because youve clearly never messed with extrude
LMAO how shit is your computer? OH NO! 80 layers of text vector data! How will I ever render this? Illustrator chugs more rendering 3d objects and that's just because adobe is shit at making graphics renderers.
>For what OP wants
For what OP wants, what I posted is exactly what he asked for, with exact directions on how to complete his intended effect. What you post is a bunch of teary-eyed requests to use your method instead because it's "faster".

Feel free to give me more (You)s, but I won't be returning to this thread, because OP's request has been thoroughly and properly answered.

>dont be an autist. Your method in creating OPs request, is effective, but inefficient.
Yikes. Accusing me of having autism and then autistically claiming my method isn't the fastest is deliciously thick with irony.
>no rebuttal showing me why my way is slower, anecdotal points
>being overly emotional, long paragraphs with no proof
>claims rendering is slower when I can screen record and show him its not
>claiming he's not coming back because he knows he's wrong
>reaction picture

How embarrassing. You're 16 and larping as a designer. Get back to designing your '''album covers''', skippy.

File: rdh-tattoo.jpg (154 KB, 1068x712)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Alright I need the top minds of GD, how would I go about putting a fake tattoo on a lip like this? I assume it's very complicated and involves several layers, things like light sources, etc, but is it possible?
Should be pretty straight forward if it's simple line art.
Do you have the drawing of the tattoo and the image of the lip?
use bleach

File: Untitled-2.jpg (64 KB, 816x1408)
64 KB
how Do I make posters look 'vintage' in indesign? I wish this looked like the old OSPAAAL posters (i'll leave an example)
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you got some onions in your neckbeard.
do you have a bagina
File: best-korea-prop.jpg (518 KB, 800x624)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
>putting jew noses on US troops
What did Best Korea mean by this?

File: JN6bk5i9Uyo-HD.jpg (179 KB, 1280x720)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
How to make aesthetic thumbnail?
attractive girl + logo/image relating to what you are doing + describe the video in 2 words or less with big text. This is going to be seen by normies on their phones, so if it doesnt look good 1 inch wide, it wont work
the simplest way is to add a photo filter so all the highlights look like they are from the same lighting and maybe a slight bit of gaussian blur
boobs and titties.
aesthetic not click-bait
File: hq720.jpg (69 KB, 686x386)
69 KB

File: Untitled.png (384 KB, 970x1800)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
The Royal Spanish Football Federation just changed their logo and it's shit
Anon over on /sp/ took a stab at it, thoughts?
Old is soul
File: 1616503799295.jpg (87 KB, 400x400)
87 KB
New is soul and incorporate
>someone paid for this
why even bother
i never knew what that logo was for but i always hated it
the new one looks like the logo of a budget chinese car brand though

How do you make presentations?
At my company we use Figma but it becomes very tiresome if I need to add lots of links.
Here's my current process:
>design the presentation in Figma
>save all the frames as png at x3 quality
>put them in Adobe Acrobat
>add links in Adobe Acrobat
>save as a pdf file (with a "save space" option enabled).
It's what the designer before me did as well.

But if I need to make even a small change to the presentation, I have to repeat all the steps again, including adding all the links. I assume there has to be a better way to do it. Do I literally just use PowerPoint or something?
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>hey anon can you make a presentation for a sponsor?
>you can use the presentation the previous designer made, I'll tell you what needs changing
>yeah no problem, here's the .pdf
>thanks! see you next time
is it really that idiotic?
Presentation design pays well, esp with vcs and companies
Or Slides > PPT. But I make PPT files for use in higher ed. STEM courses, and only use PPT itself to do so - because its a supplement within a saleable product, the bar is high for things like copy-editing and confirmed accessibility.
Just use a plug-in for Figma designed to make presentations easy.
Pitchdeck? If so, it looks nice. I'll give it a try, thanks
I assume you can also show it like a presentation through figma, right? Like through that "play" button?

File: 1589766788846.png (71 KB, 1615x813)
71 KB
Hey /gd/, I can't find a colour palette for my trading charts that I'd be happy with. I only need 3 colours, as shown in my image, 2 different colours for the candles/zones and 1 for the background.

I wish I could just use blue and black for the candles, but I can't seem to make it visible/appealing enough without a white background, and since I'm looking at these for 1/4 of a day I can't stand the brightness from a white background.

So now I'm open for suggestions.
What's wrong with TradingView's default dark theme?
To put it short, I don't want to use the boring usual and don't think the green/red duality is very appealing.
he needs to be le special and unique
try pale complements

File: ggghg.png (784 KB, 731x599)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
I like ducks that look cool. Post your coolest graphic design ducks and how they are made, please. I can't quite remember how I made this duck but it was with a GIMP render filter
fractal trace it looks like and warp tool. cool duck btw

So I'd like to make informative youtube videos using animation, something like Kurzesagt but obviously very simple since I have no experience. Any tips on where to start learning?

try their lessons on animation
Well that's pefect, didn't realize they have their own series. Thanks!

File: SDIO_x64_R728_8rgrw9Wfsw.png (806 KB, 1824x1406)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
I consider Snappy Driver Installer Origin to be the peak user interface design.

This theme is called Sky clouds
File: SDIO_x64_R728_ppJyKoPEYZ.png (567 KB, 2055x1406)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
This one is called Green blue

But what actually sets it apart and elevates its UX above professional designs of many commercial shareware products and web based things is the virtue of not being written in something like Flutter or Electron, but C++ and custom made native UI toolkit so it opens immediately, and is very responsive to mouse and keyboard input.

Some say it may look like garbage, but applications performance provides elevated UX above some webshit thing running within Chrome.

How does it feel that your most thoughtful pixel-perfect Invision/Sketch/XD wireframes drawn with the best of effort cannot provide user experience benefits of performance-optimized native toolkit and (relatively) low-level language written software made by a UI design amateur?
File: JO4SP2qhS1.png (574 KB, 1117x869)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
This horrible looking shitware is another example. It may look a little odd, but it will never ever stutter, lag, throw an update notification or fail to do things that it's programmed to do. Probably written in rock-solid C89, last updated in 2007, has ~25 years of backwards compatibility on Windows and works with UPS devices manufactured a week ago.

How much of a meme is "UX/UI Design"? How detached is it from actual software development?
Also this is how more websites should be designed - fairly effortlessly.

(This guy is a giant memelord but he has a point.)
Forgot the memeurl: https://based.cooking/

How do I grow on instagram?
I just started but it seems impossible to gain any followers, I see every other account with 200+ likes on their first upload
Should I make videos? Mass follow?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
my favorite is all the cunts who unfollow you when you dont follow back
Unless you want to make money, I'd suggest avoiding this line of thinking.

I have less than 100 followers on my main account but they're mostly people whose work and opinion I value, so I'm perfectly fine with that. I also post like once a year.

I've tried making pro accounts but got bored out of it pretty fast because 99% of people on Instagram will only post emojis in the comments. It's not a place to connect with people but rather to show off.

That being said, what I've found to bring followers in is being active every day; posting often, giving likes, following people whose work you admire and posting funny or constructive comments (especially in the ads, lots of people unrelated to you will see these). I didn't get any use out of the stories, I feel like only bots watch them.

Setting a high visual standard helps. I don't know what you're into, but I've found that a lot of people on Instagram rely only on their phones for taking pictures. Using a camera and proper software will put you in a different league almost instantly. Instagram is mostly about eye-candy, so try to make your subjects appealing and make use of the fact that most phones nowadays have very good screens. Also, if you're in a specific community, giveaways seem to rake in hundreds of followers pretty fast but, again, that's something I'd do only if I had something to sell.
Forgot to mention: posting cute/beautiful girls always helps, especially lewd pictures.

My friends and acquaintances that I know to have the highest follower count are:
1. Some professional photographer dude who has good cameras, he has two main accounts, one for erotic photoshoots he does and one for street photography.
2. My best friend who used IG to promote her Onlyfans. Her boyfriend is a photographer too and they used pro equipment. She got to 3K in about 3 months.
3. Another of my friends who draws and paints a lot. She's been posting for many years and also includes the occasional picture of herself because she's pretty cute, likes to dress up or post about her yoga practice. She unfortunately gets more likes on pictures of herself than on her art. I think she also got to 3K but over several years though.
Are algorithms intelligent enough to know when a piece of work is of high quality, even if no one is engaging with it? I often wonder this about Youtube and Amazon listings also
Have tits and suggestively show them off.

File: 2000.jpg (671 KB, 2289x2289)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
If you notice in 2000s ads, the use of white background, serif fonts, fades, pastel colors are common. They seem to have that professional "office" aesthetic. I kinda like this design, it's rare nowadays.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not every style or trend in design has a name, ffs. It's just what people were doing.

You know how I can tell you're autistic as fuck?
This. Dude is probably larping.
Is that a sign of autism?
holy shit
Yes. Every fucking thread on this board is
>what style is this called
for the most mundane of things, its annoying.
Yeah, this isn't a style. These are different designs doing different things.

File: 1615441076853.jpg (272 KB, 1170x1425)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
This is the worst art style ever
23 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I penalmostb came
Gosh fucking darn that style I hate it. I see it everywhere. In magazines, commercials, ads, just everywhere. Who is even enticed by this???
File: le funny cryptofascist.png (398 KB, 989x576)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
>Who is even enticed by this???
its 2021 & ideology is more important than consumer satisfaction
>basic bitch cartoon render
>make their heads small and add tumblr nose
>that´ll be 5000 dollars
fucking lazy cunts
it reminds me of schizophrenics' art

Has anyone tried decoding the paint codes used in the coloring of animation cels?
They correspond to the codes printed on individual markers/paints of which each artist is supplied.
The top represents the main color while the bottom represents an accent/shadow. This can be seen in areas that are white (gloves, ankles, shoe-band) being marked "W/X-23". The circled "Hi" stands for highlight.

If you curious about the particular brand, you could try trawling through the credits; productions usually have to credit everything used in the final product.
If you're curious about released concept/reference art, then I think you're just flat out of luck on that. I suppose you could try searching the codes since I think most brands are "unique" in how they code stuff (except for white, black, and different shades of gray)
Ink colors are unique to each production company, there's no universal industry standards. Disney's old in-house paint markup would mean nothing to someone at Warners. Even if you found out what brand of paints they used, their formulas are their own.

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