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File: 1605345813127.jpg (571 KB, 1000x702)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
ITT: we post the mid- & late 2000s aesthetics.
Anything between 2003 and 2012 is welcome here.
While yes, those two aesthetics may overlap, y2k already has its own thread, so post blatant y2k stuff (i.e. anything from between 1996 to 2002) there instead.
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This kinda fits your description. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vahiZbwzk8k
Safdie brothers movies really capture this too
what about stuff that isn't a movement/trend, but more of an archetype that you see manifest here and there across artists and eras and mediums? unnamed vibes that you think only *you* love
There are a few visual trends/styles of that nature that I like, but I don't know how to describe them or what term I could use. What are yours?

What do graphic designers wear?
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File: Adobe_20211009_111613.jpg (1.32 MB, 2816x2978)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
another one but I stole the idea from a TV program
if you have to think about your clothes too much then you are already lost
>What do graphic designers wear?
All black. Maybe mix it with white basics from time to tme. Colors? Prints? Visible branding? What are you, a child?
>What are you, a child?
Only acceptable answer
I too like living as an NPC

File: fgf.jpg (76 KB, 950x604)
76 KB
What do i use to get these Holes ?How to make objects into these tiny holes ?
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that dont work i want it like a brush i discoved Halftone Brushes is a thing but cant find the right one i want a shape one
your E is backwards my fren, just incase you didnt notice
File: Afep Full.jpg (602 KB, 2872x1756)
602 KB
602 KB JPG

thanks bro almost sent off bad work to my first ever client
vector chads stay winning, you could make >>420077 in an hour if you know what you're doing
you should resize the 29th inbetween oct and 2021

File: Mockup with header.jpg (2.42 MB, 4961x3508)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
Hey guys, I have to design a magazine for school and I've created a mockup so long. I've never done a magazine before so I'm unsure about the composition. It's meant to be a double-page spread of a band and I decided to go with a funky magazine. Any tips or advice?
If its for a school maker sure whatever you are printing on can support full bleed and trimming. Otherwise but a white border along the outside on purpose.
move the large photo to the left page.
put the actual copy in there instead of the lorem ipsum bullshit. need to see all the widows, rivers, rags/line breaks, etc.
the colors arent great. its a ll a bit too muted and muddy. print it out or simply view it in b&w, and you'll see what i mean.
the 'ocean alley' type is weak.
where the hell is your grid. you need a grid.
its just a mockup i made in Photoshop. its supposed to be super rough. but i appreciate the advice, ill keep it in mind

What are good names for my graphic design business?
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Don't Call It That - Eli Altman

Read that book.
Bro you are the guy who should tell other people what a good name for there business is.
cockfuckers inc
Smegma Design Studio, LLC.
Faggots 'R Me

File: 51Jm1EzsKoL._AC_UL1000_.jpg (37 KB, 334x1000)
37 KB
the fasces is decent but leaves more to be desired,
it's too complex as a symbol and it's minimalist variants usually defeat the purpose of the image- bundle of rods signifying unity.

however the problem is that the name is derived from the symbol, so i doubt a concession can really be made for it.
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Any symbol will do if you're nasty enough <3
File: 1200px-Lapuan_liike.svg.png (118 KB, 1200x1041)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
>A madman waving a club while riding a bear
I'm not kidding. This was the emblem of Finland's fascist movement

File: zoomercry.jpg (33 KB, 434x327)
33 KB
>create after effects project
>finish it and export to media encoder
>export to mp4
>3 megabytes, looks great
>export to animated gif
>77 megabytes, looks like shit

What the absolute fuck? How do I get a gif that isn't huge that looks decent?
File: Blow-Up.gif (969 KB, 500x305)
969 KB
969 KB GIF
>How do I get a gif that isn't huge that looks decent?
You don't, not really. Gifs are a pretty outdated format so you're really finessing it to get it to work.
3 tips:
>don't make it HD
>Video footage will look bad unless you use cinemagraph techniques
>You usually don't need more than 24 fps, sometimes you can get away with less

When making logos in Illus, do you draw it on a paper first, digitize it (scan/take a pic, whatever), open it on Illus and then you build vectors on top of the sketch?
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forgot pic
No, because I suck at drawing
yes but the digitizing step is unnecessary if you can use the program well. draw everything on grid paper and you have a scale. then you are just replicating lines in the program.
It really just depends on what you’re comfortable with.

I’m always just jumping straight to Illustrator because I’ve been using it for a decade now. I can get ideas out quickly using it but if I’m struggling with an idea I might switch to pen/paper. It’s also nice just carrying around pen/paper when you’re out and just want to sketch an idea out.

There’s no right answer. Just go with what you find works best for you and your process.
Depends on the logo. Of course.

File: images (18).jpg (13 KB, 185x273)
13 KB
One of my clients is paying me to make a parody of America's Got Talent merch and, uh, how the fuck is America's Got Talent allowed to look as terrible as it does? Everyone involved with the designwork on this and these-type shows should have their computer access revoked.
A friend of mine works for Freemantle Media on a major network game show and you would be surprised how often he has to "dumb down" his work in order to appeal to the masses. There is a specific way of making this shit to have a "popular" look at feel. Bare in mind that these things are designed as packages, so there needs a ton of different variations to appear on everything, using generic fonts and simple filters, so as to be "accessible". Fancy fonts = Expensive/Exclusive. If it doesn't look like it "costs" a lot, it will drive away the target market.
This. The majority of people are extremely simple minded and straightforward. Just slap a bunch of sparkle and shine to get their attention

File: clown.jpg (140 KB, 961x960)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
What's the best way to remove watermarks from an image?
>inb4 pay for it
this isn't for profit/business, just for fun
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you would of been better teaching about using a blank layer and current & below, to make it a non destructive edit, but you didn't even do that to yours, you just showed whatever crap advice that was
It is non-destructive, "Layer 0 copy" is a copy of the original base-layer image, which remains untouched. And tools like the spot healing brush don't work on completely blank layers. I also wouldn't do "current & below" for this particular edit either, but instead "current layer only" so that the edits are minimal.
>And tools like the spot healing brush don't work on completely blank layers.
You can technically do what >>420999 said with a blank layer and "Current & Below", but IME sometimes it doesn't look as good since the transparencies sometimes produce weird artifacts.

I'd do what you did but then mask out the areas where the edits are so that the edits are very minimal.
Can you explain what that is?
File: honk.png (171 KB, 726x247)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
why are you looking for clown stuff?

File: bassserg.png (181 KB, 1600x1200)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
before many angry "fuck off's" arrive,
1. there is no art general
2. this is the closest to art.

i just bought my veikk tablet, and tried it out, image rel.
im a starting artist and i'd like to know some tips about drawing tablets, thanks.
>>>/ic/ you cum goblin
just get one with pen pressure and a screen that's it

Anyone knows how he makes this kind of work? I really like his style, but haven't found anything quite like it nor any tutorials that teach how to get a similar result.
if you have to ask then you're not ready
there is many in-depth layers created by a person with great knowledge of what he/she is doing, you want it broke down in a thread, lol
>squares. stroke no fille
>bevel emboss
>masking layers
>filter gallery
ez pz
here is how to make macarons

>almond flour
>heavy cream
ez pz

shouldn't be a problem for a guy like you

Trying to make a basic t shirt design, any advice on the layout of letters/design? Be as blunt as you like
Looks like shit. Copy more.
its a t shirt who cares, I've seen a lot worse daily, its down to personal preference
Who wears shit like this.
Vaguely Japanese with meaningless nonsensical phrase
Not ugly, don't know if you made the designs though so that might not mean anything. It's just kind of basic. Lie, really basic. Love you though, keep doin you.
oh i guess thats a halo?
i was gonna say get rid of the geometric shit that doesnt add anything - make better sparkles, ditch the ellipse or make a beter halo to make better sparkles. pretend the head is in a square frame - adjust better halo and sparkles fora square frame. the text can be like a an equal L shaped frame to the square on the left and lower - but it needs to reinforce the square framing. the N of moon and L of lagoon are diagonal, with aan invisible square separating them.
also, try some horrendous colors

File: 8jj.webm (188 KB, 480x360)
188 KB
Hey Dad Im doing it its a Long Tedious Process cause my PC is shit & half the Process is figuring out how to fix After effects Bugs & have have infinity to reach BUT IM DOING IT
good job , laddie

File: file.png (27 KB, 468x60)
27 KB
Is this true?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
94 KB
>tells you to save your files as .jpeg
>is a low-quality .png

.gif is bad, quality-wise, but it also takes up a lot of space - to match a .jpg it would actually be a much bigger file.
I think it’s because of the way banners work that they have to be .png
File: make-it-stop.jpg (163 KB, 640x458)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
im sure there is other boards you might fit in better
File: animals-n-nature.gif (131 KB, 468x60)
131 KB
131 KB GIF
This banner is a gif, but ultimately I don't think it matters, obviously jpegs are inferior to pngs because of lossy compresion
File: 1616971879706.jpg (162 KB, 1010x1200)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>save all ur files as .tiff to save space

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