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File: 20220806_064018.jpg (1.2 MB, 2206x2828)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Help how to roughly gauge the traffic of your art/design
So to maybe bring in some 6 digit traffic like comments and sales...

Some sort of rough mathemathics on how to count what it should contain relative to the audience that i am to expect...

File: big tech.jpg (331 KB, 1152x550)
331 KB
331 KB JPG

Just got done watching this video about the big-tech corporate art style, and I'm curious to know /gd/'s thoughts on it.

is it real art? and does it have a special meaning for it to have been made ubiquitous worldwide?
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File: FlYyI4GWYAADAQi.jpg (40 KB, 464x366)
40 KB
I actually don't have a problem with it as an art style.
Like the actual design itself, I can see the appeal.
The problem is it's been so low effort reused by everyone. It's become the very definition of a soulless art trend.

You know how every hipster who wants to be different, eventually all end up looking the same?
Picrel is a true story
Real art? yes. Everything is art.

However I think it's bad art because it's just representative of a surface level idea, it doesn't make you think or feel anything, it's the bare minimum. A human shape, a smile, vibrant colors and basic composition, you could say it's "half art" because it's only one part of the process, the sovl is missing.

We are encouraged to do this in the field because it's really easy and fast = cheap; it takes as much energy to make one of these as it takes to read it, you can look into it if you want and try to discern something but when I try all I can think is that the person making it didn't care about it and that the motivation to make it was purely corporative. There are good corporate designs that are actually fun and playful, this is safe consumer grade art made for the sole purpose of existing and checking off a box in some suit's clipboard.
In 20 years this is gonna be called "soulful" with a Cari Institute-approved name because it's linked to the childhoods of late zoomers/gen alpha, and there will be a /gd/ thread asking how to draw in this style.
Hopefully AI will put all those """"artists""" in the streets, where they belong.
>Cari Institute-approved name
It already has one, "corporate Memphis"

File: Mc-202.jpg (475 KB, 662x936)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
Vectorheart is an aesthetic that emerged in the late 90s but faded in the mid 2000s. Videogames like WipeOut and Ace Combat used this aesthetic for their menus, along with some album covers and other PS1 games.
As a fact, I can't get AI Image Generator to work with this aesthetic, they always make just a plain heart.
There seems to be little discussion for this so this is your chance to discuss the vectorheart aesthetic and post your unknown vectorheart artwork.
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Can't you just train a LoRA on a specific subset of logos to draw inspiration from instead like a real human being would. Instead of just telling it "uhh yeah can i get <extremely niche thing computer doesnt know about>"?
AI will replace you too, anon.
>no idea why this style faded into oblivion.
because it's 20 fucking years old.
because you had to actually be able to create something that required a computer and not your fucking phone.
I wouldn't expect AI Image Generators to know what Vectorheart is, even a google image search brings up vector pictures of hearts.

If you're so keen on it, just train a Lora on some source material yourself, it could be interesting.

Also, I don't think that it has faded into oblivion like other users have said, I went on the Cari Institute website to take a look at what their Vectorheart gallery was like and found a page for Neo-Vectorheart on my way there. I can see this kind of influence on modern works even though Y2K and Metalheart which I believe to be adjacent movements probably have been a lot more influential in the last few years.
Nah, it'll only purge the people who are in it for the money. People who like to make stuff will always make stuff regardless of technology. Carpenters still exist even if mass-produced Ikea cardboard shit has mostly replaced them. Some people like to learn old ways of doing stuff even if there are newer technologies that could make the efforts either minimal or nonexistent, simply because it's fun to do so. People still draw even though Stable Diffusion is a thing, people will animate even when txt2vid is a thing, true /g/entoomen will program for fun even if AI overtakes the mainstream programming jobs, and /gd/ anon will keep on designing shit even if AI arrives.

what can I do to improve fastman and make it more readable and understandable?

I only have gimp and most of the time I'm stuck on android. I know html and css.

would anyone be interested in helping me out with font and cover lay out for my powerviolence band? shouldnt take a lot of time or effort. it would be cool getting your guys expert opinions. i have a few ideas already
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do you have an email or something?
is this username or invite?

your cover looks fine tho frankly

i might mess with separating the band name from the album name for a bit more clarity.

i mean thats from looking at the time version here.

if you want drop by

>at the tiny version

i want to hear your music!!!
>Link expired
What a shame. I was hoping to find a place where I can talk more with fellow /gd/fags.
thats my link

tell me something about yourself

I have been working on this logo design for ages (beginner) but have come to a dead-end and need inspiration.

I feel like the outside boarder looks like it was done using the expanded square option in Microsoft paint. I have tried various boarder thicknesses but they all just don’t look quite right. Also, without a boarder it doesn’t look good.

If anyone has any tips for improving the logo to look more professional, it would be greatly appreciated.
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One last question if you happen to see this. What do you think of the scalability of a logo like this?
its not even square
the white border is unnecessary and has no relation to anything else
the negative space in the V is super distracting and more noticable than what youre trying to show

you need to study proportion and modules and start over

as to whatever 'professional' means... theres all sorts of bad 'professionals out there arent there
Thanks for the info. That was quite the grilling… It seems I shall start again and do some more research.

What’s are your thoughts on the second logo I posted (ignore the colours).
i like the colors actually - maybe more washed out than a 'logo' would demand, but i like them

its pleasant. the blue triangle getting its corner clipped is weird

its like a study for a painting. not sure if its 'logo'yenough. i feel like logos need a certain consistent play that is counter to simple legibility, and this doesnt have a consistent formal move or a consitent vocabulary to its movement. like when a band hits the frame, it refracts into three bands. but sometimes all that is unnecessary. so i like the colors and i like that it has a pen-like playfullness of different widths to the stroke.
It's fine, there's lots of room for the lines to become smaller without disappearing or open spaces closing up during printing or other processes.

Color wise combined with the V it's not the same but instantly brought pic related to mind, which can be problematic since most logos are all about instantly making people think of nothing *but* that company.

Exceptions would be things like copycat packaging designed to trick people into thinking they are buying a name brand at a 99 cent store. Otherwise even if it's unintentional that kind of thing is hard to un-see.

File: 1662921524867412.jpg (12 KB, 356x225)
12 KB
what separates an amateur graphic designer from a professional graphic designer?
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Reminder that all frogposters are feds
understanding file formats and printing mostly, you can't get away with doing a logo in rgb for instance if it's going to be printed, it has to be cmyk and trapped correctly to print right, shit like that.
is taste really that much of a separator? As long as you know how to create something that is not fugly, you should be good to go. Most clients only care for tasteless shit anyway.
>They ended up giving me $100 for like an hour of work.

if you are already known somewhat, grab all the work and do all the posters, signs, billboards, branding materials, facebook profiles, youtube channels and websites in the town. you but you need to think how it averages over a week, month & a year and what is that you need to do to have baseline of $x per month, $x hourly average, how much that house and car and taking care of your old folks and own family in x years will cost, charge them accordingly, anything that takes more than an afternoon - have a contract (there WILL be people who will try to fuck you over and not pay).
taste and art knowledge will always be the great divider.

File: 20220727_204038.jpg (878 KB, 2364x1507)
878 KB
878 KB JPG
How to find confidence to make some million worth art/design/videos

I got plans and ideas but i m not sure if it will work
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You know AI will remember that when it's deciding who to kill.
Also the AI will be pro life so usually it ll prefer horses or dogs and none of you weak needy fegs
inspire your fucking self dipshit
>I decided to ask chatgpt
No u

I wanna apply for a job interview for a company that I was working for in an internship. How does portfolios look in today's day and age? I just don't want to be homeless bros
Make a Behance or Dribble page and link to it in a cv.

File: hornets.jpg (150 KB, 827x968)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Colorcorrection guy here, I am going to give this a try hence my first take came out quite well;

Thread topic is "turning pics next door into valuable stuff".

Picrel is result, followed by original.

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File: Element 1.png (329 KB, 657x438)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
I have got two additional fun motives. The first is the actual fucking count of PARIS unacceptably locking like a chain smoker. The second is just the hottest img I have seen in a while.

Sorry for not working on this, but i am afraid that, when I do not post it now, I won't never.
Is this a joke?

This is pretty bad, went too hard on the contrast, so you lost some information and the red painting on her shirt is bleeding everywhere.

No idea if that's what you were using but the best tool for balancing colors is Curves. You shouldn't really be using anything else
File: TheGame.png (1.2 MB, 827x968)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Just noticed your answer. Never use something like Clarity or Contrast on something that's pixelated and seemingly already has compression artifacts. I think that the only reason to use Camera RAW on something that isn't a RAW image is for the Chromatic Aberration functionality. Everything else can be done directly in Photoshop I believe, even Lens Correction.

As I mentioned early in my previous comment, Curves is the most powerful tool for this kind of work. I didn't bother masking different areas, but that would be good practice to bring out details in areas where you want them and to fade them in less important areas just like you did by darkening the upper part of the picture, that was generally a good idea.

What I usually aim for is balanced colors and as much contrast as possible without losing any details other than noise. This particular image already had good color balance but it's pretty noisy and it has quite a bit of color noise which I tried to correct with a gentle noise reduction filter. There's still some noise because it's easy to overdo it but I think I still got rid of most of the color noise that was especially obvious in the white areas of her jersey shirt.

File: 1563435175300.jpg (178 KB, 1052x700)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
having problems getting directx on wine, any tips?
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They mean that they don't have DirectX working on Wine, a Windows compatibility layer for presumably Linux. Of course they phrased their problem in literally the least productive way possible, you have no idea what application they want to use, what version it is, what version of Linux, if their dads laptop even has graphics drivers installed or that "directx" issues are usually solved from the dlls you installed in a prebaked prefix from previous 30 minute long guide reading stints to get your porn games working or whatever.
32bit mint 19.2 wine 4.0 trying to run unity games. the games work but extremly slow and every time i tab out it freezes and i have to restart the game.
Use DXVK at least.
You also mentioned Unity. Try Steam's Proton.
Sir this is the graphic design board

File: bionicle.jpg (54 KB, 640x639)
54 KB
Can someone please photoshop me an image of John Cena as a Bionicle. It is important.
I think >>>/wsr/ would have people willing to help
Bionicles are based though

File: sircol.png (7 KB, 720x720)
7 KB
explain how it represents your company/product
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I sell hate
So you’re looking to curse some pirates? Say no more!
We sell vanta black products. This is the sun if it used our products.
File: deliveryService.jpg (527 KB, 900x713)
527 KB
527 KB JPG
We're gunna hit 'em a third time

File: alpaca.jpg (254 KB, 1032x813)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Combining @StabilityAI #StableDiffusion generative powers + Human guidance and graphic skills* with tools like @Photoshop in a coherent workflow.
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There are some benchmarks comparing graphic cards if you google 'em. I'm still running it on a laptop 1050 because I'm broke but I usually prompt an X/Y matrix and leave it running while I sleep because it takes my computer 5-10 minutes to generate a 512x512 image.
>Society doesn't give a shit about plagiarists.

More importantly, the art world and those in positions of authority within it not only don't give a shit on moral/ethical grounds, they regularly refuse to take action regarding counterfeit art when doing so might call attention to the fact that they fucked up and authenticated it as genuine.

To do so would obviously be a hit to their credibility as professional authorities, but also risks exposing the fact that what they lavish praise on as "special" is so un-special that some unknown schmo can replicate it well enough to fool alleged experts.

That's a huge reason for all the wailing about AI; if all the "human element" and "soul" and approval from gatekeepers *actually* mattered, AI wouldn't be a threat, just as some unknown guy with a bunch of old paper making fake Rembrandt pencil sketches shouldn't be a problem.

And it's not just shady dealers and incompetent curators and authenticators who do it, artists themselves have signed the works of assistants for the easy money going back centuries, and Dali is one of the most counterfeited artist of all time in part because he would sign blank litho paper and sell it directly to forgers behind his legitimate publishers back.
Midjourney v5
File: 16792977796714213.jpg (595 KB, 2048x2048)
595 KB
595 KB JPG

File: kanye taylor.jpg (5.68 MB, 4519x5000)
5.68 MB
5.68 MB JPG
what are the chances of getting sued for making this tshirt and leaving it up for sale for a week or so?
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racist af
posts are numbered according to post count on the board and /gd/ is a dead shit board so it's easy to claim certain digits
File: 1670475235958974.jpg (1.03 MB, 2500x2500)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
use this image instead faggot.

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