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File: numetal.jpg (243 KB, 782x1390)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Is this a good album cover for my break out nu-metal album?

p.s dont know the best board to ask this.
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if I cropped it, does it look good as an album cover particularly for a break out nu-metal album?
are you aware it's almost 2021?
guess it could work for mumble rap / industrial goth but I'm getting 0 metal vibes from this
File: mudcyane.jpg (27 KB, 557x360)
27 KB
no mudvayne vibes? yes nu-metal is dead which makes it a good playing ground for new content
As it's already been pointed out, this isn't an album cover. It's a photo.
If you arrange the relevant text around it and finish that, then we can tell you something constructive.
Besides cropping, as there is no point in arguing over a retangle pic, you should see If your picture:
-represents the album;
-represents the band;
-people feel what you want them to feel when they see it;
-is aprooved by the fans/listeners;
-matches the title;
-matches the texts/seals on the cover

File: 1606594889981.jpg (51 KB, 630x630)
51 KB
where can i find free high-res poses of modern infantry soldiers?

File: images (46).jpg (26 KB, 428x355)
26 KB
Whatever happened to the graphic tablet general?
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Using a $20 Huion tablet. Works fine as long as you zoom in.
Moved to \ic heh
I've been using a "Huion H610 Pro V2" tablet for about 8 years and I wanted to finally try out one of the ones that has a graphic display on it.

I see a lot that get good reviews but seem to have problems with longevity.

Anyone have any recommendations? I see a mix of good and terrible reviews on them all over Amazon.

Thanks for any help.
I've been using a Surface Book 2 with the pen as a graphic tablet for the rare instances it's necessary - I don't do much illustration, more just graphic design, even more video work than illustration. The latency is pretty poor at times, but the accuracy and pressure sensitivity seem to be good. Overall I prefer it over using the Wacom Intuos I also have, it just helps so much to see what I'm drawing on the drawing surface. I mostly use the Intuos as a giant trackpad now.
wut do u thinK about the ipad pro? using procreate to draw is pretty nice. also the screen is far brighter than the cheap wacom screen tablets. plus bing portable is so much nicer than being chained to a 500 pound monster.

I just finished making this girl and I have no idea what to put in the negative space next to her. Any ideas? Im looking for fonts that would go well with this as well.
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File: yeehaw.png (1.36 MB, 1215x1185)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
giddy up cowgirl
File: 1606013106298.jpg (95 KB, 1200x1800)
95 KB
>250,000 DEAD AMERICANS.....

may i ask you what is your leftist american people specific beef with 'Donald Trump' the person / 'DONALD TRUMP' the concept?

isn't he basically a bill clinton without the war?
they (the TDS sufferers) are insane and hopped up on lies and they want you dead. fairly simple.

God Gate?
Lmao i dunno
Im bored
File: tom otm (2).jpg (174 KB, 612x612)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
God gate? haha i dunno god gate? haha im just quirky idk im just throwing it out there god gate?? haha what do you think Ill play it off like im not serious or anything, but im only masking my insecurity

shut the fuck up you stupid fucking retard bitch, take your faggot god gate and fuck outta here
Lmao nice song. Do a rap
Your bussy is gods gate and ima bust that chit open

File: images (9).png (7 KB, 490x481)
7 KB
How do I learn to draw? How good do I have to be to draw porn for cash? I own a wacom tablet but never used it.
What else can I sell on Fiverr that's not hard to learn? Currently I'm only advertising for small photo enhancements with Photoshop.
Help a third worlder that makes $1 an hour at his day job.
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i've seen furry commissions mentioned a lot on /ic/. i can't draw and have no interest in doing it, but how much money do people get for a drawing & if you had to guess what would it work out per hour?
i know some people will have it as their main way to pay the bills, but few will.
is it more like a $10 per hour part time job?
I make $10 per day on the third world
You don't neeed to learn to draw lmao i saw some bad art for niche fetish. The more niche and fewer artists willing to draw.
What niche was it and what website can I advertise it
Niche means drawing scat, necro and inflation fetish.

File: whale-01.png (245 KB, 3840x2160)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Post your vector arts, also im looking for ideas for my next project
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this is now a whale thread
File: Travis Scott.png (1.47 MB, 2480x3508)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
File: KryptaTV logo.png (193 KB, 1000x1000)
193 KB
193 KB PNG

File: buddhapainting.jpg (115 KB, 563x726)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
what would be the best way to get this paint effect in photoshop?

what software(s) is(are) being used to make simple animations like this?

Adobe AfterEffects

File: 1600962521494.jpg (77 KB, 500x336)
77 KB
any idea of getting a pic to look like this effects wise? it seems to have a slight gloss, cartoonish effect and a grunge + grunge effect added to it...
print -> scan it -> contrast control

Is there any sort of rule or guide about death metal logos? Any kind of advice?
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Guides and rule: dont ask it on 4chan. To many christian dads
yeah dude, the death metal world is all about the rules
File: D0Ps7b1XgAE7Gnk.jpg (48 KB, 497x284)
48 KB
There are some things that define a metal band logo. That's why he must mean with "rules".

Obviously "Party Cannon" stands out among all the logos in the photo, but if you show someone that exact logo they will hardly tell you that it was made for a metal band since it doesn't have any of those crazy shapes.
All those except 2nd highest most leftmost look boring and shitty as fuck.
If you aren't experienced, just write the letters normally first but progressively add more metall-y or gothic-looking elements, take examples from Proclamation and Blasphemy.
File: 20201125_104941.png (2.58 MB, 1125x1654)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
I made a bottle label for my friends mead

Are you concerned about cheap overseas labour taking gd jobs?
>concerned on not getting shitty jobs from cheap clients
photoshop and graphic design is easy (mainly just talking about the fiver ads you showed). you got a choice to be better than all of them or be drowned by all the other generic people. that's why i transferred from graphic design and now work with special effects on Ae and C4D.

File: fishman5.png (3.5 MB, 1920x1200)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB PNG
Thoughts on my style?
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Try to make nationalist party instead
This looks much better than OP's stuff. Actually has some ok composition.
File: iruveet.gif (942 KB, 500x250)
942 KB
942 KB GIF
>beautiful advice
ilu anon
i really like it, where do you post it? id gladly give you a follow if its on instagram.
Not good, even maximalism needs good composition/balance. This feels like trend hopping visual vomit, but not in a good way. Art equivalent of low effort mumble rap.

File: JELPS.png (173 KB, 1478x482)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
Anons, I have a bit of a trouble, I tried doing the warp text design and but it didnt work properly. I think its because of the lack of anchor point but the video didn't say any need to do so.

heres the video that I followed.


File: oct_celt_tile.png (2 KB, 178x178)
2 KB
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I'm open to other women who aren't Polish and are into papercraft and origami.

I like new things too by the way, such as technology improvements. The Amish are almost totally against technology.
checker background under text is busy, makes the text harder to read. The yellow color scheme might not convey your intended feeling/emotion. Image is neutral to unhappy, casts a shadow over everything else.
Your CSS is ugly. I've made some changes to it and you can find em over at https://hastebin.com/colukireda.css . Compare this to yours and decide what to implement and what not to implement. Although i strongly encourage you to just delete your CSS and use mine. I'd also recommend changing the discord button to something without a shadow and without serifs.
Finally a real answer. What if I toned down the checkers? I probably could use a happier photo too. The colors to me convey warmth, but if I did something like red and pink, it would look cheesy imo.

You aren't going to like this, but I don't like the alternative CSS. It just makes it look too plain. What's wrong with serifs? The shadow on the Discord logo makes it pop more I think.
File: MessageMeOnDiscord.png (68 KB, 2000x588)
68 KB
To answer your question about serifs. They were originally invented to make printed text easier to read but in the digital age it can be a strain to some people to read them, Not to mention they're just out of style.

And as for the shadow on the Discord link. I do agree that the shadow makes it pop, But again it makes it a strain to read. The better way to do this would be to but it on a solid background and make the background have a shadow and/or border. A bit like the Find it on App Store buttons you'd find on websites. I've designed a mock-up of what's in my head and you should consider something like the attached image.

And since you don't like my CSS i'll just say that you should switch to a solid background (or anything but patterns, please!!!) and perhaps you should change your photo to one where you don't look sad and stoned. And jsyk i'm still open to helping you and giving advice if you want it.

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