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Stupid questions thread / Questions that don't deserve their own thread

I'm trying to blur the eyes/nose on a movie in after effects. Tracked motion, applied to null object, using tracking info to drive an adjustment layer on top of eyes/nose. Due to lighting and movement, tracked movement is not precise enough, so I'm tweaking the shape and position to follow the face's perspective/position changes. I've activated keyframes on Mask Path, Mask Opacity (for when blur is not needed) and Position, see pic related.
I'm scrolling trough the video and adapting the mask's shape/position as needed, 30 seconds of footage in, I preview my work and to my surprise the mask has changed shape from what I originally set it as, and basically all my work carefully shaping the mask to the subjects face is gone. It's close to what I shaped it, but different enough to fuck me up. What am I doing wrong? What else do I need to keyframe so I actively lock the masks shape/size as desired?

tl;dr how do I lock an adjustment layer's mask's shape/size per keyframe?
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inkscape (free), adobe illustrator (pirate)
I'm tempted buying refurbished iPad pro from amazon. I want the portability to sketch on the go using app and save it so I can work on them later.
is there any free version of photoshop? I don't need the latest version, i thought they made cs2 free a few years ago.
Just google 'photoshop cs5 or cs6 portable'
thanks anon!

Posters and political art from the Occupy movement.
File: may day poster.jpg (94 KB, 600x920)
94 KB
File: 6221571650_415514860f_o.gif (69 KB, 1224x1584)
69 KB

i predict later this decade we will see a global warming graphic design trend
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reminds me of michel granger's works
>global warming is caused by carbon dioxide emitted by humans travelling in cars to work every day
So the ending of the last ice age was caused by….?
I wish people these days formulated their opinions by more than just high school history
i predict this decade we will see hundreds of trends because the field is oversaturated with untalented artists telling you their crap is the new thing
Posters and other political art from the Occupy movement.

File: 1622033343910.png (331 KB, 1542x624)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
ITT: Emojis you actually like.
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Skype, the gold standard
File: pig.gif (499 KB, 320x220)
499 KB
499 KB GIF
File: EHpu1duXYAAc9Gu.jpg (19 KB, 1024x512)
19 KB
If you know, you know.
Came here to post these.
It´s a happy face blowjobing Shreck.

>when you were hired to be a graphic designer but they keep giving you artworker/production art jobs

>It's your job as a designer to know what your client is asking
>It's your job as a designer to get the correct value of your work/time
>It's your job as a designer to create your own assets
>It's your job as a designer to be able to illustrate

My friends have told me all this shit like it somehow makes my life any better. Everyone can fuck off, not every shitty situation is some kind of life lesson I need people to condescend to me about.

File: the 'chon.png (81 KB, 720x540)
81 KB
I think it's a decent way to fill empty space, but I'll probably get really tired of it in one or two years because it's gonna be totally overused
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File: marathon-man.jpg (1.59 MB, 1819x2643)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
Not sure about 2011, but it's a pretty classic graphic design idea. The "thank you" plastic bag branding was the first thing I thought of, but there's been many iterations of the concept.. I like it though.
I don't undestand
Can't people read it once and understand?
Do they have to read 9 times?
>The "thank you" plastic bag branding was the first thing I thought of
They're from 2008, wow
Where I live, they just weren't a thing, and irl I still don't see brutalist graphics often
>but there's been many iterations of the concept
Certainly, I think the example you posted goes back to analog TV motion graphics, it's probably a Scanimate thing
File: firefox_fieFZi6Z6b.png (480 KB, 652x836)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
mundane corporate marketing is in almost tone deaf fashion incorporating visuals associated with late 90s club/rave scene
It has been a thing for quite a while already. I'd say the life of pablo kind of started this trend, though years later it has become mainstream and is used for any basic kind of coorperation too.

File: 1200px-Bureau_Veritas.svg.png (168 KB, 1200x1478)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Itt: your favorite logos
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Gay And Proud
File: BDL.jpg (57 KB, 600x600)
57 KB
File: Tsmc.svg90.png (77 KB, 1200x945)
77 KB

How does one create the selective textured effect like pic related in Illustrator alone?
Hard mode: No Photoshop or textures from stock pictures.
>Hard mode
Fuck hard mode just use Affinity designer.
video? sorry, I'm a brainlet
fuck off retard

is this really that bad or are people just being crybabies cause it has a different layout from photoshop?
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I think it's helpful to view GIMP as an image editor and nothing more. Think of the brush tools as being useful for touching up images and/or coloring black and white photos. If you stop thinking of them as digital painting tools, GIMP starts to make a lot more sense.

If you need to create a lot of pixels, then use Krita. If you need to modify/generate (algorithmically) a lot of pixels, then use GIMP.

GIMP is great at:

>removing backgrounds
>removing red eye
>adjusting colors and other characteristics of an image e.g. sharpening, contrast, color curves, etc.
>generating patterns e.g. noise
>converting between file formats
>transforms e.g. scaling, rotating, skewing
>reducing number of colors/bits

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Everyone who compares the two as if GIMP even tried to compete with PS as an industry standard is fucking retarded
GIMP isn't meant to be used "in the industry", it's a quick and dirty free tool for amateurs and that's what it wants to be
File: barfussImRegen2.gif (595 KB, 419x419)
595 KB
595 KB GIF
Gimp is the only graphic program I know, this animated gif was made with it, can't compare it to anything else (except msPaint :-) ) but it's good for me
I went from Gimp to Photoshop and missed GIMP. Theres still some things you can do better on GIMP than Photoshop
I rate it meh/10

Why are corporations dicksucking this artstyle now? I just can't stand it It's the most talentless thing I've ever seen
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Tbh a fascist version of alegria would be pretty based and also stop companies from using it VERY quick.
Tbh I actually like her work
Corporate art is the same style but lacking soul or fun.
my sides
I have been reading ‘Alegria’ as ‘Algeria’ for so long and have just noticed wtf
Because it’s simple, clean, and gets the message across. The vast majority of people are simple minded

File: yrF0Lyu.jpg (150 KB, 1176x720)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
And what is it called?
It's a typical VHS effect. You do a few things:
First, split the image out into layers of the individual RGB channels. Offset them from one another by a few pixels and blend the layers back together
Next, create a new layer on top and fill it with thin, uniform horizontal lines. Make this layer nearly transparent over the entire image.
Finally, wash out the colors of the entire result.

There are a lot of tutorials for things like "scan lines" or "VHS effect" in Photoshop out there
Pretty sure this style is called vapor wave
overused and sneed

I don't get it
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lisa sampson giving a bj
I remember somone saying it says 2012 and London at the same time. I see the 2012, as for the london? I can see the L and the O, the N? not do much, I guess the lower left shape can be a D? Then the small sqaure is the second O and the final shape in the bottom right is a side ways N?
File: 1620460255804.png (38 KB, 125x140)
38 KB
i still think this is the best one of them all, the polygon theme can be applied to so many things yet looks very fresh, and the font is very nice and stylish

the O's shape kinda implies an N, but in that case, i don't know where the O would be
File: 1608265332015.png (226 KB, 448x501)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
if i had to say it's probably reusing the shape to mean both O and N

File: 9sg2ypbltp321.png (2.21 MB, 1280x1024)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB PNG
> programmer
> good at writing systems
> can't draw for shit
> want to build game
> feelsbad.jpg

What's a good art style for somebody who can't draw. I don't want store bought assets. Any AI drawing tools I can piggy back on?
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What kind of game?
theres one on windows by default. you activate it by pressing alt+f4. or turn your screen brightness to zero. once your screen is pitch black, get a correction tape and start drawing on the darkest part on the screen.
got no friends :(
im an artist, if you are serious about your project then messege me on here Discord: Cissonius#0493
i'd be more than happy to help your vision come to reality
Same boat as you bud
I’m so shit at art but great with programming and really enjoy it
Thus far I’ve just used ACSII graphics as placeholders.
Trying to learn 3D though with some blender, I’m ok for simple assets but they still look a bit crap.
Idk what art program is best for making game art, maybe Inkscape since that’s the only painting program I know how to use.

File: EizFTEGU4AQUfWm.png (165 KB, 1991x1699)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Hey, y'all! does anyone know how I can achieve the same look of the line art in this photo? Like, the "crayon rough sketch outline look" that this picture has to me.
File: download.jpg (185 KB, 1280x720)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Bonus points if you also know how to achieve the main coloring like in picrel.
File: ExGXS7DVcAEzRxb.jpg (84 KB, 1105x889)
84 KB
here are farfin's CSP brush settings.
File: 1619286166952.jpg (56 KB, 750x639)
56 KB
Thank you so much!
what a terrible art style

which one looks best? as a disclaimer this was done in like 15 mins, but i still want it to look decent!
I’d say top left.
top left is best
bottom left 2nd but looks like brazilian flag
I'd do top left or top right.
I agree with all previous answers: Top Left

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