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I have come across a collection of old .psds like pic related. is there any way I can sort of reverse engineer them to see what effects they did?
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yes but all i can see are the blending modes
posting in a very high iq thread
can you share the psds
looks so cool, where are they from?
post them and ill see what i can do

File: SBURB-cover.png (1.36 MB, 2100x1300)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
I'm a fucking homestuck. Made this. Enjoy the shit i made.
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>game where you can literally die
>Rated T
File: wRoJ4YK.gif (91 KB, 640x400)
91 KB
Some gushers I photoshopped for a fanventure wayyy back in the day
you called it
>the shit i made
Go godtier then you don't die. Simple
this is pretty cool come check out the hiveswap thread on /v/

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>"Tempest" title larger or more prominent somehow

yep, should do that

>Is this an actual logo being used somewhere?
no, I just made it for fun

>although I think the idea of "cutting" or "burning" isn't the most "origami" style in nature imo

yeah same, though that was the point of the assessment, and it turned out pretty great

>"Illusions" like the distress/particles on your cover are always cool to me.

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File: Untitled-1.jpg (123 KB, 615x852)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
First off i'm loving the colors and the overall lighting, and the grain works just fine on your second picture. My main "irk" is the squiggly cheesy disclaimer which kind of steals the entire show.
if you could remove that and do something like pic related i reckon that'd be good
edit: no idea what happened to the colors and why the text got blurred, use your imagination and pretend it isn't.
File: Peramo-clean-blanco.jpg (1.62 MB, 1768x2650)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
What is this? And what was used to generate it?

IDK what you're going for haha, maybe start with a clear goal in mind?

It's a cool design, and very cohesive in style despite so many different elements-- mockups are often used as a crutch (I mean I do that), but I think your design can stand on its own, it's good.

It's a good start, where do you plan on going with this? It's different than what you have so far, but are you familiar with Jesse Treece? He's a collage artist that uses paper, so the clearly defined lines (like papercut) adds to the feel of his pieces.

Awesome website, did you make this by yourself? It's working perfectly for me, and I love the style. You've really made a ton of options available.

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Ooo my colors got messed up because I fucked up the color space, but hopefully the screenshot attached looks a bit better.

File: SimplifyThis.png (425 KB, 907x720)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
I need to turn a hand drawn image into a logo, however i am having trouble with figuring out on how to simplify it without taking too much away from the original.
At the same time it needs to work for multiple things like, websites, social media and that sort of thing.
Pic related isn't what I'm working on exactly but its pretty close.
Any ideas and questions welcome, ill try to answer them as best as i can.
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>buy a bunch of tracing paper
>print the griffin
>trace removing some details
>trace your tracing, removing more details
>keep doing until you get to a point where if you remove more, it will not look like a griffin anymore
>scan or photograph it
>vectorize your drawing and refine it

Think in shapes
For your goals you want to take it down to outline of the shape. No eyes, no individual feathers, a full side on view , one front leg one back leg.
Do that and add things back in if you must.
If you are making a logo for multimedia use, it should be as minimal as you can make it
Anything else and you look out of date.
Totally agree with your second comment. The image is too complex for a logo as it stands.
File: Layer 2.png (13 KB, 226x193)
13 KB
What I would do is mess with it in photoshop until you get the most simple and minimal shape possible (increase contrast, levels, blur then treshold), then recreate it in illustrator as a vector.

You still have some problems with small details and shapes around the front legs and wings and head, but I think it's the best you can get out of this design
It's actually a huge deal, the image formats simply aren't compatible and the style of work just doesn't translate well desu.

Even tracing a simple raster design to vector you quickly run into headache pain when you discover vector has no true "bush width"
Gradient is also a huge ass-pain.

>trace vector
This is the function you use to turn a pixel image into a vector
>simplify edges
Saves a huge amount of time but gives you little control, things will never line up perfectly again if you use this
My advice would be to split the simple shapes with smooth curves in photoshop and vectorize+simplify them, because that can yield good results- and then build the rest from there

Why your shit is the best?

Figma. It should be Framer/Origami because it supports code and some shit that whoever will develop love, but the workflow nowadays barely allows research anymore, so Figma



Atom. But I barely touch the code, and when I do if for minor tweaks, so my word should not really be considered here
File: 1597669258755.jpg (2 KB, 304x148)
2 KB

File: maxresdefault.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720)
75 KB
I don't want to use CC I just want to download their unmodified offline installers and install CS6 that way but they deleted them from their site. I can only find unpatched versions that were already modified by 5 indians before me. Help /gd/ I'm retarded


File: transition site.png (160 KB, 2654x604)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Hello, anons.
I was hoping that I might find some advice here.
>5 days ago, made a 4chan/fringe news website
>biggest focus is on debunking fact-checkers, 'cause they're dishonest faggots that rely on outdated studies to sweep controversy under the rug ("deboonking the deboonkers")
Think Wayfair Child Trafficking, Fluoride, etc.
>conspiracies, light /pol/itics, and self-improvement philosophy on the side
>started on Wordpress.com because I didn't know better
>really locked down, very few non-proprietary features, generally feels like being locked into a box
>going to move off of Wordpress and make my own site from scratch

Pic related. Left is what I started out with, right is what I'm considering. Right is a VERY rough plan, but it's a general idea nonetheless.
What do you guys think?

Also, out of curiosity, among the web builders here, is 350 page hits within 5 days of launching a good start?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It doesn't look too bad, but the fonts and colors are terrible. White on grey / grey on white is hard to read especially when they are alternating, and will cause a lot of eye strain especially when reading blocks of text. I would replace the section with your content with just a simple color scheme like black text on a white / light background. For the font, other then the logo you should change that completely. It looks like some capeshit comic book font and just doesn't look that appealing, but it all really depends on what look you are going for. From the articles I've read on your site, the font just doesn't feel appropriate.

In regards to the layout, you should remove the grey border from your article grid section, which will provide more space for articles making it easier to navigate between them. Also keep in mind that if you have an image for the thumbnail of the article, the color of the title text might blend in with the image. So you should put a black slightly transparent background with white text instead of just grey text for the article title.

And for your questions:
>Also, out of curiosity, among the web builders here, is 350 page hits within 5 days of launching a good start?
You aren't going to get any page hits that aren't bots if you just launched 5 days ago unless you have been advertising your website somewhere. Page hits aren't what matters, if you are using Google analytics (which you shouldn't be because its a literal datamining botnet) then you can look and see engagement and average time spent on the site, which is really the only statistic that matters.

>I'd like to eventually make a part-time income from it.
You aren't going to be making any money from this. Ever. There are thousands of other blogs that cover the same topics, and if money is your only goal then you really shouldn't be writing articles about "Self improvement" or "Philosophy"
That layout is shit. Have you ever thought nobody likes clickbait garbage?

What is this aesthetic called? Post-Burgerpunk?

It's actually an addendum to "hotdog core", which is academically derivative of earlier hot dog styles but has basically become an unrecognizable reflection of itself.
File: 1604985502247.jpg (990 KB, 2236x2176)
990 KB
990 KB JPG
Hmmm I'm not sure I follow.

Sorry I was making a joke. I don't think that burgerpunk or postburgerpunk are aesthetic genre that exist. Especially because postburgerpunk is just minimalist modernist architecture. Both are ugly as hell but at least "burgerpunk" buildings have nostalgic charm.

I think that the Jet-Puffed redesign is not good but not indicative of any particular trend in design. It's just softer and flatter, which are two things that design is moving toward in a lot of places.

If anything you should probably look to social media. Everything needs to look like the Facebook icon now. I'm sure there's some legit school of design that Facebook and Google and them take their art from, but I don't know shit.

Looking this mockup. If anyone want exchange i have some other sports mockups: Soccer / basebal / basketbball
Not having this one, can you give me yours? I am not a policeman
hello i am policeman
pls to put up your hands communist scum
what a jerk...

File: GENP.png (63 KB, 542x633)
63 KB
This guide is for windows for mac you can check ZIIpatcher

1.First you need to have a creative cloud account or have an account already

2.Then download the creative cloud from here

3.After you download and install it log in.

4.Then download all the apps that you want as a trial and don't star them.

5.Then download the Genp patch

Download link: check r/genp latest version is 2.7(i can't post the link it detects it as spam )

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Download link: zippyshare.com/v/Vn8mGeJV/file.html


- Fixed Hevc, Bridge.

- Added support for 2021-2022 apps
there should be git repos for these cracking tools

always so sketchy, even from creator own forum posts
>disable your antivirus bro trust me
literally kill yourself
I'm not trusting to download from here, but I'll research it myself

best place to thoroughly learn photoshop and illustrator? I've been using both for almost a decade now but I just kinda learned things as needed rather than learning everything properly, is there some standered free (or paid that you can get access to for free online course or set of videos that takes you through all the parts of photoshop and illustrator and how to use them?
what is the source of that chinese cartoon
that's a big mistake. you'll be so much better off by first learning about design fundamentals, typography, layout, color theory, drawing/sketching, etc.

the top two places to learn design from are lynda.com and skillshare.com (or thepiratebay.org and rutracker.org)

also I've seen lots of professional designers mention they only know less 10% of Ai/Ps

ive found some overlays by blkmarket on here but I forgot how because the search bar isn't showing older posts
39 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
There's an activation key in the troubleshoot section in the manual dummy
the joint lol
thx anon appcte man
could you (anyone) reup the second link good sir?

File: samsthing.jpg (37 KB, 336x188)
37 KB
Is there any information out there about the guy who makes sam hydes motion graphics? I know his instagram is @konzept.globe but that's the only social media of his that I could find.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i can see this aesthetic going the way of acid graphics and rave imagery. it’s becoming way too saturated now.
cant say the same but its been a huge interest for me. got me into y2k stuff (not the gay twitter kind)
also OP im not sure what info you want but just hit the guy up, he only has 3k followers. small instagram art accounts are usually nice and dont care if u ask questions
its really not hard to recreate lol
Doesn't have to be hard, although I would like to see you try and make something as good as him.

File: archillect.png (352 KB, 800x600)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Is this shit?
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do you run archillect? I'm a big fan
It looks better when it's minimized surprisingly enough.
Yes, it is shit.

Quite, I would say.
More like, a lot more clear. I would put a thick dark soft shadow around the text.
align your fucking shit ffs

File: the corporate groyper.png (1.22 MB, 1296x1020)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Is there a specific title for corporate graphics? (Like the one included)
I hate it so much but I have a hard time finding images of it on google and need to find some.
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its so they can copypaste their androgynous stick figure characters and click the paint bucket to fill in for diversity for PC points and easy money
flat design
I've seen it referred to as neoliberal vector illustration
We need to bring back the Memphis group. Sure that style is juvenile, but people didn't get too lazy with it and it had lots of soul.
just the kind of juvenile misinformed reductivism we need. thank you, patriot.

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