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File: Untitled.pdf (210 KB, PDF)
210 KB
210 KB PDF
Hey guys,

This is the updated version of the original concept I was given. People were kind enough to take things back to the drawing board and back again - Again any critique or criticism is highly sorted after as it's been years doing anything related to Graphic Design.
kino asf
File: img.jpg (44 KB, 573x300)
44 KB
There's not really much improvement to be honest. I would just keep it simple, First use a vector software like Illustrator not photoshop, keep the original shield without the border and ribbon, make 2 main versions one with the text on the top another one on bottom, keep the original cyan color for the main shield shape, then only use orange and white, don't use flames or borders, for the health symbol I would redraw it, just make sketches until you get it right, something basic like pic related.
Bottom right one looks the best imo.

File: 1995.jpg (187 KB, 1347x720)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
What are your thoughts on pogs?
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from a /gd/ point of view they are genuinely awful. nothing similar between them. How you can you tell its a pog and not something else? pokemon cards are distinctive and the associated game doesn't put your collection at risk. pogs are just shitty
I can help with the nft pogs if you guys really wanted something like that. I'd even get a website going for trading. Basically you send us your pogs when you make a trade and if the other pog isn't sent to us in time we'll send it back. If it is sent in time we'll send it off to both traders simultaneously, shipping is handled by both parties and cost lowered by website Pog auctions. Terms sound good?
The backs had consistent designs for the set/edition apart from the registration number. The front (which you see) is just artwork and the whole front gets dedicated to it. Also, some of those look like they weren't POGs (i.e. made/licensed by the WPF) but knock-offs or bootlegs. Later sets had more unified themes, like the 'touring the world' theme which had the mascot around different world locations.
The kini (the plastic things) had more unified designs with each other, due to limitations. The most different one was the generic one that just had the POG logo on it.
better aesthetic than anything since

File: based.jpg (54 KB, 483x750)
54 KB
can i put epoxy or mod podge over my shirt designs to make em last longer
No, whatever you put on it will crack. The longest-lasting shirt printing method is /good/ screen printing that digs into the fibers and leaves the shirt as flexible as it was before (not plastisol printing that feels like a nasty thick layer of paint atop the shirt)

If you already have printed shirts the best way to care for them is proper washing. Inside-out, cold water, hung to dry or using the dryer with the heat low or off.
>Post a Reply
gracias primo

File: Reddit-Logo.png (16 KB, 2250x1266)
16 KB
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There really is no other better answer than this.
Just a picture of a steaming pile of shit, maybe with a rainbow flag planted in it
File: old reddit.jpg (43 KB, 1200x800)
43 KB
the one and only
File: retarted.jpg (834 KB, 5000x5000)
834 KB
834 KB JPG
changed it into something a tit more.. accepting
I raise my fedora to this

File: 1611956099630.png (1.47 MB, 737x800)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
does anyone know where I can find free templates as the ones on adobestock? too poor to afford a licence :(

File: k2.jpg (281 KB, 3200x2014)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
i made this wallpaper inspired in this, what can i do to improve it
File: 1622489731422.jpg (144 KB, 1920x1080)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Honestly, not a big fan of the photoshop paint filter, looks cheap af.
Would be better to assume the OG heli photo and use that. For the background, colorwise works great, good job OP, although I'd play a bit with textures to give a bit more to feel, a sense of touch you know?

Overall, don't use the cheap filter, and add some noise and textures to the background, the style has potencial.

Not enough niggers of course

File: 20210625_192438.jpg (2.6 MB, 4000x2250)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
The new Windows 11 update inspired me and this idea came to mind.
Do I think it's it's a good one?
Tbh not quite l..
But I think it's interesting.
WINDOWS 11 is pretty shit.
Just a re-skin with more spyware and botnet.
how old are you, this reeks of Windows Never Released autism
This has the same energy as the new google icons. Can't differentiate them properly at a glance, and they just look uninspiring and lazy.

Also what the is that office icon? Am I solving a crossword puzzle? Or am I trying to make a logic equation with the help of a 4-variable Karnaugh map?
What you tried is nice, but the execution is bad. Redesigns as big as those demand more research and more study on how the brands would behave. I mean, ok, "office" but how do word/ excel/ access etc would look like? What are the rules for this scheme? Is there a grid? Etc.
Still, keep experimenting and learning, bro
Bing looks like old Iberia logo lol

File: mcafee-2019-tweet.png (450 KB, 439x760)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
Which font is the $WHACKD tattoo made in? Any ideas?
Y'all really think there is a font for everything, huh ?
There unironically is
dead Latin
File: $whacked Possible.png (302 KB, 905x455)
302 KB
302 KB PNG

I believe it's a combination of the ones "WhatTheFont!" had in the search result. The C matches McAfee's though it's less fancy with the serifs but you could likely cobble something together if you used it as a guide.

What are you planning Anon?
was probably just done off the cuff by the tattooist

File: HOE_Butthead.png (433 KB, 640x423)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
Here's a couple things I've made. Rather than perfecting my projects, I just produce as much as possible, refining my skills rather than my work.

Here's some of it, I'd like to see yours!
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photoshop I guess
quantity over quality
i can see that working lmao

>photoshop I guess
not a fucking clue
Why is everyone on this board so snarky
its like mde /gd/ minus the talent and love
they're in debt from college and they have to act smart so they don't feel like they waste their money

File: 085s.jpg (49 KB, 250x250)
49 KB

>I made a website on wix.
>I don't use font smoothing on my pc because i like the way it looks
>Really like the website i made but when other people view it it doesn't look the same as mine

Is there a way to turn font smoothing off for visitors using the wix platform?
Is there an easy way to simply use a pixelated version of the fonts i used?
If i have to make an entirely new font how do i go about doing this.

I like the crummy 2001 look of my website and want to maintain this.
>Is there a way to turn font smoothing off
No. Almost all browsers use the same library to sanitize webfonts, and it's developed by some single dev in his spare time. When I asked him about bitmap font support, he simply replied he did not have the time to implement it.
As an alternative, you can use built-in fonts.. but only a few of them prefer bitmap. One of these is the MS Gothic/MS PGothic/MS Mincho/MS PMincho set.
However, it's impossible to get bitmap fonts in desktop reliably and on webfonts. It just doesn't exist.
I'm a normie retard and kind of only have a vague idea of what you're talking about.
Does this mean that even if i make my own font it won't show up?

I have been using liberation mono and CAT Algotisch as the main fonts.
>Does this mean that even if i make my own font it won't show up?
Yes. Your only option is to use something like MS Gothic, but even that won't work on many devices.
It's not really possible.
Why not use an external font? Steal the ones from http://zarch.fr or https://windows96.net
Previously I used "GulimChe" but it's only on Windows and was removed in 10. If you use the browser's integrated fonts some people won't see them depending on their browser or OS.
In theory you (not you, but someone with severe assburgers) could implement aliased, DPI aware bitmap font rendering via <canvas>

This is the number of fonts used for the presentation of an article in the apple news application
The absolute state of modern design
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
better living = sf pro display
As long as their variable fonts, it should be fine to handle.
it's pretty gross how fags are compelled to decorate a couple of strings and a thumbnail
Fags: got paid to do it
You: didn't get paid to bitch about it like a little girl online, in one of the most obscure forums on graphic design possible
learn how to shoot the shit with your fellow anons. we're rooting for you

File: 9780141035819.jpg (19 KB, 261x430)
19 KB
Looking for some good free ebooks for Art Director. I need a good read, also I'm a poorfag who couldn't afford a book.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm amazed with every short stories in this book, no theory or list of rules, just a series of stories that we can related as a creative person.

binge through dave dye's "stuff from the loft" blog. also go over all of the comments, all the big uk-cd's and ad's comment there, it's freaking amazing. also: dave dye is a legend.
Bookmarked! Thanks Anon!

File: greystroke.png (163 KB, 960x689)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
being forced to learn coreldraw for a job and i just started learning it today. Ive noticed that even with strokes removed, theres still one pixel big grey strokes on shit. See pic related. The greyscale lens effect I threw on there supposedly has no stroke. Does this program just suck or what? even in the final preview it has this grey outline

File: jpg.jpg (42 KB, 657x731)
42 KB
I'm making a custom poster for a Plex film collection in Gimp using this tutorial: https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/77527/how-to-make-retro-80s-chrome-text-in-gimp

But he said to do something that doesn't exist in gimp:

"Text Shading:

1. Create 2 new transparent value layers (Layer>New Layer or button in layers list) above each of the main text layers. Change the layer mode from "Normal" to "Value" for each."

The thing is, is that there is no "Value" layer mode at all.

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