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I applied for some Job and of course those faggots send in this google universal stuff as a test. Picrel was actually spat out searching for a „cute gay avatar.“

Can i straightforwardy betray those people sending them in some AI generated image? Any experiences creating that stuff?

The work woult be remote so they wont even notice. Even if, id be happy just to spare out money for like three months until they do.
Might as well use the axe that will ultimately chop down your career, why not.
I think it is only stupid in terms of missing out on other options.

I then have admitted on how I am totally not the right person for illustration already. Thanks, slow board.
File: 8-0tSmZvIzLiZ3uGo.png (45 KB, 256x256)
45 KB
... first try is not bad, though
use the AI anon, fuck 'em. I'm going to be starting a new job soon and I will use the AI for everything, even replying to emails.

File: 1677645081372056.png (325 KB, 1211x606)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
What the fuck were they thinking?
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I can spot a sloppy back flip among good ones. doesn't mean I can back flip myself, fuckerrrrrrrr
The old one is wearing a condom.
That's an honest point. Thought the new one does look more generic. That's prop what the OP was bitching about in the first place (hopefully)
File: 1651817088308.png (298 KB, 782x423)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
good on them for changing away from the horrors that is humanist typefaces but cmon man

File: gfdgt.png (288 KB, 710x671)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
>Human artists are losing their commissions and jobs to AI art, and they aren't getting any compassion from AI bros. In fact, the mostly white male Elonites are reveling in their downfall.

Why aren't they satisfied with the "fun" they're having? Why do they have to taunt us?
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If I'm gonna fight, I'm gonna fight to make jews poor so their power over society will wane. How do i do that?
>looks at Jewish careers
>it's all liberal arts
Pop music is so fucking fake, who even cares.
Niggers were never meant to be anything more than mud hut people. The moment you let the niggers in and told everyone to pretend we're equal, equality could only be achieved by draining the beauty and brilliance from the European.

When you are little more than an animal, equality will be achieved.
>limitless and free
If that's the case then why do all the good AI sites have pricing ranges?
What's the point? Eventually AI will soo automate every single thing we do to the point where all jobs will be taken by AI.
Blue-collar work, artists, finance, even corporate managerial positions will be taken over by AI.
Why bother trying to do anything now when in the future, I'll be replaced yet again by a much better, superior and more complex form of AI that won't just do menial grudge work, but also create content that I can consume whenever I want?
Might as well get that UBI/Neetbux and live the good life of Fully Automated Luxury Space Communism. Makes more sense to me than slaving away for corporations who would outsource all the jobs to machines anyway.

ITT: We post mid-to-late 2000s graphic design styles, visual trends, and aesthetics.

Anything between 2005 and 2012 (or anything that is reminiscent of that era) is welcome here. THIS IS NOT A Y2K THREAD. DO NOT POST Y2K HERE.

Previous: >>426510
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wow dude, you got access to cari, you sure are posting good stuff that no one else can lookup

Not OP but I was really into webdesign work in 1998-2010 you can find a lot of them on web design museum https://www.webdesignmuseum.org/gallery/page/2/category/Design%20&%20Art
>Why do people hate pseuds who don't know shit about design and yet try to sell a warped version of history that fits their own visions of the past and their personal political agendas?
Gee, I wonder.
Finally an old design website that's not yet another CARIfag circle.
I'm guessing you prefer that designs are organised by the designers rather than by nebulous similarities in style and themes?
IN: spheres, gloss, saturation, neon color palette, bevels, 3D shapes, gradients, blue skies, water, nature, focus on form, helvetica

OUT: the second dimension, texture, muted colors, symmetry, matte, earthy color palettes, also helvetica

File: 1679259203029711.jpg (211 KB, 1170x1173)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
What's the easiest and free-est way to make images like picrel with an image and text out of frame on android?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask in advance

Suggestions on how to improve this shot? I'm mainly looking for a different font that'll fit the frame better. This'll just be for a documentary I'm creating for my YT channel. Font: Crucial
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Speed of the title fade in could be faster. Also using more pictures of the boxer (maybe one comin from left half of screen to center)
File: lol.png (11 KB, 268x284)
11 KB
funniest thing about this is you could have just looked and learned something but you chose to embarass yourself.
i did learn something
that ive been using the tracking tool for kerning
and that im not a software nerd
Thats true.


I also messed with the kerning in the OP until it looked better. IDK what the problem with that is.

File: modal.png (62 KB, 1400x550)
62 KB
If you can't see what's behind the modal, why would you bother using a modal instead of a page?
you have multiple things going on and you use your computer like an adult not a baby
Modal - cannot interact with page behind the popup
Nonmodal - can interact with page behind popup

You can't multitask within an application showing a modal window otherwise it would be a nonmodal window.

File: shutterstock_447954613.jpg (138 KB, 1000x702)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
so how can you make 6fig+ with graphic design?
>hardmode no fiverr
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currently making $120-$150K annually as a freelancer. 13 yrs in the industry but only 2 full years freelance.

the biggest key, have a solid network and acquire retainers or steady/consistent work.

also, dont fucking suck. most of you shitty juniors are horrible and will never make it in this industry, good luck tho anon.
big city? east coast west coast? typical project scope?
what is it that makes a good designer for you? Is it sufficient to have a simple and orderly style, or do customers regularly want some more gaudy shit? How do you manage to work fast and efficient, and how much of your work is just that/some kid of a no-brainer?
It's never the fancy, flashy stuff you expect to make money but the most boring, inane shit.

Look at the top sellers on Etsy: nobody gives a crap about your intricately created illustrations, art or graphic designs, but make 20 iterations of the same minimalist (read: lazy and empty) resume template and you're in business.

Also watercolor everything because moms and women are the demographic that shops the most online.
gotta become a tech whore

All creative jobs will be gone soon. Aren't you excited? Finally now we can all either toil physically for the rest of our lives or learn coding. No room for creativity in this new no nonsense world no sir. The world is not your canvas. It is a room painted a very specific shade of grey that some buzz feed baseddrone said increases productivity and you shall not vandalize it.
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Canva has replaced the kind of jobs that were never going to pay you much anyway. Most businesses won't even pay for a premium subscription.
Creativity has never been monetized, least of all in graphic design. You will get paid according to your ability to work with people and present your work in convincing ways. Always has been always wll be, creativity has nothing to do with it
>not really?
no. Exactly.photography was considered brute reproduction and aped painting and had a long fight to be considered an art in its own right. a little history wouldnt hurt, friend!
Code monkeys can be as smug as they want. They won't be laughing when AI's advance to the stage of taking their jobs too. If it isn't destroyed soon then no-one will have a job.
then die, faggot

Looking for something that can take a bunch of stuff I've generated with Stable Diffusion and sort the images in a way that makes it easier to interpolate them into an animation/morph. Anyone know of any AI-based tools for this purpose?
File: sculltrip5.webm (1.88 MB, 711x400)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB WEBM
Doesn't Adobe Lightroom have stuff like that, it can batch process files and organize not sure about AI. ACDsee or something can help too I think.

File: ash.jpg (71 KB, 900x900)
71 KB
Let's say I own some art in one style.
What is the fastest way to turn pixels into money?
Can you create a typographic grid and lay out type on a page?
>graphic design

Redesign it.
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nice one
File: Oyyo.png (120 KB, 407x306)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
I like this, bumping the thread.
Reminds me of Lemon Demons song "Redisign your logo"
holy Based!

File: font-fingered.jpg (18 KB, 440x333)
18 KB
On some fonts, sometime there is pointing finger yellow icon beside the font name. What does it mean?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
uh maybe pull it?
Where is this website.
On a desktop browser try right-clicking -> Inspect Element / Inspector -> Find the image and surrounding elements -> read their classnames in HTML and such. Sometimes there's a cool explanatory name left by the web devs, like "recommended_font" etc.

I had to literally use this to get essential information in an airline website (seat selection on the airplane).

As >>442431 asked, if you'd told us the website I could've done this in a few seconds for you.
File: font--example-2.jpg (32 KB, 593x486)
32 KB
Sorry, I didn't explain the problem correctly. The font when in use is fine, no problem at all. That yellow hand icon shows only when you select the font, for example from Illustrator "Type" drop down menu, or it shows on the character map UWP font list
File: font--example-1.jpg (11 KB, 287x177)
11 KB
It show that little hand icon when selecting a font from the the "Type" drop down in Illustrator


Something is making my computer to overheat while using mypaint,

Of course, my computer is a toaster or else I wouldn't be using Linux.

I was looking for a more updated and lightweight alternative to Mypaint.
more light weight than mypaint lol, re-paste ya processor dude

> Artist: how much red and yellow do you want in your gambling game logos?
> Company: Yes.
these really motivate me to gamble myself into poverty and shoot myself in the head

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