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Redesign this from the ground up. What would you use? Corporate sanitization, and minimalism, or embrace the retards? Maybe a mix of both, or just minimalist Yotsuba?
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File: 1663524738580095.gif (301 KB, 498x498)
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>Willingly considers corporate shilling as a symbol of self
What a monumental plebian.
If someone ever wondered how to find a rat, just ask them to create. If it's anything, but not passionate free form doodle, this cockroach will stab you in the back without any hesitation.
>we want the funnyjunk audience
File: ms4chan.jpg (47 KB, 671x196)
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I kekked
I'm giving a win to this cause it's nice

File: meowmeow.png (273 KB, 599x588)
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273 KB PNG
going to uni next year and wondering if its worth doing graphic design in uni I mostly specialize in more art/drawing rather than typography stuff so would it be better to do illustration or is it a dead end
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Don't go to University for this shit unless you're intending on going full fine-art and surrounding yourself with pretentious degenerates and people eager to launder money.
are you perhaps a flip?
File: 1663359110028442.gif (2.02 MB, 368x344)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB GIF
what would be some jobs or vocations one, that has the aptitude for graphic design, could take? I've been scrambling my brain for an answer for quite a few years now but honestly idk. The closest i've gotten is e-commerce, such as dropshipping: you can apply your gd aptitude in making your site look good, knowing how to make product pics look good, how to make ads look good, etc.
You're thinking like a cuck if you only think of one job.
Put on multiple hats. Be a freelance artist, safe job, investment, etc.
You don't have to have 1 source of revenue you can diversify, that's how you break out of being a wage cuck

File: ppt.jpg (5 KB, 233x217)
5 KB
I'm starting a job tomorrow involving "development tags", on PowerPoint and working with asset developers. Is this what they mean?


it looks like code shit. idk shit about code. I can make pretty Powerpoint presentations but thats it. I BS'd in the interview that I've done the code/tag stuff a little (didnt think id actually get the job) but i have no idea what to do. any resources to learn?
that's not coding
iirc they're called office shortcuts?
looks like it's just javascript/HTML stuff to me. You can start learning the basics through:

(while you're at it better start learning HTML/CSS as well:

PowerPoint also has its own API and resources on how to use it

File: communism.png (28 KB, 2048x2048)
28 KB
Redesign it.
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Looks like something out of a comic
Based and Gorbachev-pilled
File: 1663480436479.jpg (351 KB, 960x1568)
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351 KB JPG
File: 1660963599133378.png (26 KB, 2048x2048)
26 KB

File: projdiv2 big.jpg (1.01 MB, 1350x2329)
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1.01 MB JPG
Hey /gd/, how do I achieve this circular watercolour effect of the ring in Photoshop or Illustrator?
have you tried turning it off and on again?
Photoshop: Try filters and erasing
Illustrator: Vectorize the image and reduce complexity
get some water colour brushes (loads for free on the interwebs)

paint with them using whatever colours you want

add a layermask to the paint layer (duplicate and merge if you are using a new layer for each colour)

create a circle layermask to achieve the ring effect with a more natural outer bit

Thanks you two, I really appreciate it.
Also, dubs check.

I did an illustration in photoshop but when I changed the dimensions down it became extremely pixelated.
Is it possible to vectorize an entire psd file maybe in adobe illustrator so I can maintain sharpness in the image while keeping the reduced dimensions?
Illustrator has a vectoring tool, otherwise you can trace shapes and fill with gradients.

File: me.jpg (75 KB, 700x871)
75 KB
Hello, i was wondering if anyone here knows where i can get this paid stuff for free
I know there are hundreds of free textures but i wanted to try these ones without paying. I mostly pirate movies on 1337x so i dont know where to look for this type of shit. Thanks.
I found one that had everything i needed https://nulledbb.com/
thanks anon, didn't know that one!
They are a bit intransparent about their payment models before creating an account. how does it work? how much is accessible without premium?
Basically, you need 2 credits to unlock a link, some threads may have unhidden links but most of the content requires credits. You earn 1 credit by posting a comment or replying to someone on a thread and earn 2 credits if you create/post a thread. You can buy 50 credits for 5 bucks but its not necessary, just comment random shit and you'll earn enough credits to constantly unlock what you need.
File: 1607273386836.jpg (383 KB, 1476x1032)
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383 KB JPG

you're a faggot

what you're looking for is over in a thread on /t, "graphic resources" thread

Why do adobe kill the program and not updated it have everything you need for web page design?
Doesn't Dreamweaver do the job?
Why would you need this program in this day and age.

How does one make stuff like this?
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by spending a lot of time.
Reason I read was that they were switching to 'modern' art. So beautiful picturesque scenes wouldn't cut it anymore. (((They))) don't like an idyllic view on life.
these are pretty bad, friend
"roman eagle" in dall-e


you Untermenschen sound constipated

File: oldgamess.png (4 KB, 400x500)
4 KB
I don't get the question. But now that you mention it, the games they represent are still recognizable in that format.
Now do civilization 6

File: 1663566722319308.png (390 KB, 502x509)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
Graphic design with pink and cyan colors like pic related?
File: 1624322281776.jpg (98 KB, 768x719)
98 KB
Superb, masterpiece for the hall of fame.

File: car company logos.png (322 KB, 600x727)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
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Really cool, looks like it should painted on a matte surface though. It looks cheap otherwise
Kinda chinsy invokes tennis or some other wasp sport for some reason
It's not bad considering the grille of the jeep the og ones weren't even branded
The Lada logo is kinda cool.
It's supposed to be some sort of Drakar.

Boys and Girls
If you wanna get fancy I have an authentic 1yr 2 device license for Win/Mac owned by me I have the rights to do as I wish with it for Autocad 2023, Maya, Inventor and 3DS Max. All under $200.00 Telegram @Magistad for more info. 3 Cheers for capitalism! My access is your gain.
huh from the thumbnail i thought the box art was a sideways anime girl in a long dress raising her left leg

Hello /gd/! I would like to know how you guys handle your collections of textures/brushes/stock images and the like. I know that the organization of these elements is one of the most essential aspects when producing a work, in a practical and fast way. Currently I have been using the Windows file explorer itself, dividing by folders, but I would like to know if there is a specialized program for this. I already use Hydrus Network, but its focus is more for anime images and even though I know I can adapt it to what I'm looking for, it's not as comfortable. I have also been using Everything, since I have a good formatting of the files but in it I don't have a good viewer.
File: uyyh.png (867 KB, 1700x1466)
867 KB
867 KB PNG
File: 9854s.png (1.22 MB, 2518x1488)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
experiment until you land on something you like

wondering if you could give me critique on my clothing brand. i design everything in photoshop and after effects. most of the posts are in the story highlights.

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Looks like shit. I wouldn’t wear it
you dont have a clothing brand.
you have a logo. an ugly one.

To be fair, this-
>a couple of grungy cryptic images that they want to plaster onto an entire line of products that 99% of people should have absolutely no emotional attachment to.
- is an accurate description of countless wildly successful meme clothing brands that like fungi pop up out of nowhere, flourish and often vanish just as quickly with little rhyme or reason to explain any of it or how to replicate the phenomenon.
But that paradigm is so well established that acting like anyone can predict what will work and what won't and can tweak things in any known direction just sets off alarm bells.
oh god im gonna puke
Why are you such a bitch? I'm not saying it is good, but why are you so outwardly frustrated?

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