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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

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File: 30u5ohj.png (145 KB, 300x200)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
>im bored.
Help me make 6 digit traffic worth poster for my site... whats inside and how it should be

File: file.png (227 KB, 731x781)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
Figma balls
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Doesn't matter to me, I will pirate it all the same.
figma nuts in your mouth
Someone post the tweet where the ceo said last year that we will not be adobe
When you trust pajeet ceo
Fig ma deez nutz

File: back.png (4.96 MB, 2300x1498)
4.96 MB
4.96 MB PNG
Is this a good cover for a book?
It's intentionally low quality and grainy, to look like it's being transmitted by TV from the Moon.
What does it tell you about the story, like only things you could gleam from the cover?
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ok first off suck dick.
i just did it fast so i could get an idea, i flip covers when visualizing because you read it left to right, so you turn the book like you're reading left to right.
File: PFP.png (1.99 MB, 3022x2166)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
The everyday
>Uh... This isn't even my final form!!
If you ask for criticism on a site built around freely saying what's on your mind without a filter expect extreme opinions. Your asking a professional graphic design forum to rate your MS paint tier, Google searching, default text looking ass design. You have no crop marks, no subtitle, no author name or publishing details, you didn't even put a blurb in. Face it, your commie alternate reality bushtit you copied from the History Channel wont sell with a cover like that.
Nah man you're just being an ass
Everything this anon said, also the word you're looking for is "glean", not "gleam" you illiterate mong poseur.

Even then, "glean" is a poor choice of words because it implies some effort or difficulty, when it's not difficult at all to gather or infer or deduce or surmise that your book's text is almost guaranteed to be *at least* as ill-conceived and just plain dumb as its MS paint tier, Google searching, default text looking ass cover.
Hope this helps.
>t. Muh grafik dezigner

File: 1662926930075758.png (2.73 MB, 1802x2048)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG
I've been tasked with reinventing a brochure for an asbestos removal company that I work for. I have experience on Photoshop and stuff but I don't really know what to do to make this brochure wow them. Any advice on that?
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Comic sans so you'll transmit friendliness . Also pic related, it's important to show you have real workers and not just administratives and salesman.
Use canva
Spend a few bucks for some good stock photos to include. I'm guessing there's not a lot of text so use photos to add life and color to that available space. For font, try a combo of Museo Slab (headlines, callouts) and Museo Sans. (For everything else) It's got a bunch of different weights and works well with brochures. Generous margins and lots of negative space will give it a clean and professional look.
>smaller shops often want shitty design from 10 years ago and there's no point doing something nice for em.
Ran into this a lot when I first started. If I had time, I'd always do one my way and one theirs so they could see it side by side. More often than not, they went with mine.
Still getting these shills to this day
>But I want it my way!
I often let them misspell and discolor their own designs on their own time as a 'mock up' then redesign things and come back with my own version. The amount of people who never gave a shit about design until they were laughed out of a board meeting is staggering.

File: red white usa.png (1.14 MB, 1800x1800)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Hello 4chan. I'm new to making t-shirt designs and this is my first one. Please critique it to the max, as I am trying to make a living from this and am quitting my job at BJ's:
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follow along but use your own assets/topic of choice

watch videos until you get the hang of photoshop then go from there. it'll be awhile before you'll make people from these boards happy, but you can earn some money as you go. just post work for sale, you never know what customers are looking for.

use printify for order fulfillment
File: 1663043054146497.png (646 KB, 576x512)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
It's not only about design but it's appearance on the shirt itself. With that in mind, design can be then reconsidered in this light, parts to be modeled and moved around.

If you slap this shit on a shirt, it would be another millionth and one 4x4 print on fabric, that currently you can just go online and do yourself with any png, or just find similar enough.

Though considering the message, I doubt you are serious, and if you are, the reality that allowed you to get to this point wouldn't allow you to produce anything "creative" in the first place. Better than think about distribution and how you can get this.. creation to as many clueless pedestrians and as cheap as possible and hope you make it through sheer quantity over quality.
post some of your work pussy
File: 1663442055193826.png (983 KB, 1024x1024)
983 KB
983 KB PNG
Non have. Since with the mentioned mentality you don't just half ass projects like that, and I don't plan to spend my life as cotton redestributor. If fag wants to dable with some Dmca friendly assets and bounce than he can fuck right off my dick. But if otherwise, better take that head of the ass and listen since that's what he's here for, unless dementia kicked early.

And for the rest of the flow reference third and last paragraph of the previous comment since it fits perfectly in here and stands true by itself.
A bit harsh visually with the colors, the blue and the red nearly absorbs the dark text. Recommendation: Lighten the flag, creating a visual differentiation of foreground and background. The size difference of the stars does not seem apparent in purpose, so maybe making all the six stars the same size. Otherwise, maybe some gradient creases on the flag for visual variety. What program did you use?

File: ai 101 art 2-3.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
How to create a sequence in stable diffusion. 3 different methods to make sequences and comics with stable diffusion.
This isn't google

How or where do I get feedback on my designs as I'm learning?

I went to college but in my country whole learning is based on tests and repeating after tutors. I know theory but can't apply it.
>in my country whole learning is based on tests and repeating after tutors
I know the feeling

Well first of all, just start creating more and more work. Collect some folders with inspirational images from artists you like, and try to replicate them, just as a learning tool. If you know the theory, try to think why do those designs work, and what makes them good. After that, try to make some new designs that use the same principles.

As for feedback, don't be afraid to ask random communities. 4chan has been pretty lame for the last few years, but reddit should have some good communities (/r/graphic_design for example). Alternatively you can just DM some established artists on IG and ask for some feedback. If you ask nicely, I'm absolutely sure a lot of them will help you.

Good luck
>As for feedback, don't be afraid to ask random communities. 4chan has been pretty lame for the last few years, but reddit should have some good communities (/r/graphic_design for example). Alternatively you can just DM some established artists on IG and ask for some feedback.

Also don't fall into the trap of pre- judging non-"expert" feedback as being unimportant and of no consequence, non-constructive, etc.
Within any creative/artistic field there's almost always a pretty wide gap between what criteria practitioners and critics and "experts" use to judge things and what the far larger general market values.
If you are trying to win a contest judged by the former then appealing to their values may be the smartest approach, but if you are trying to appeal to people outside that group for some commercial purpose, having met the "expert" / critical threshold for approval very often doesn't mean much...and too much or too obvious critical approval seeking can come off as snooty and dismissive towards people whose values are less demanding.

Of course that may be a valid tactic if you are advertising exclusive luxury type items, but if that's not your intent it can be a huge drawback where mass appeal is crucial.
Seems good, I'm hoping for more advice tho.

I graduated by doing projects that had exact criteria and steps outlined. I wish they'd ever give any sort of critique of how to improve, instead it was all silent subjective judgment after you got all the points to pass.

File: opentoonz[1].jpg (8 KB, 240x240)
8 KB
What are your thoughts on Opentoonz?
It has a lot of potential as a manual styled program. Toonboom is okay but requires a subscription and after effects is only for cheap flash animations and tweening everything, while costing subscription. This is free shit nigga and people have been playing with the effects to make dynamic animations. This has potential... for the last decade. There needs to be a stronger base, but I would recommend for cheap loop animations. Not bad for a stand alone drawing/sketch application either. nigger
It unironically has the best key frame drawing tool out of all 2D animation programs
I've got to try that, it was created by Studio Ghibli.
Seriously? I am using it at the moment and have not nearly done as much good animation as with the older generation animation tool

File: asdasda v2.jpg (4.38 MB, 3000x3000)
4.38 MB
4.38 MB JPG
Post yer work! OC only
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judge me harshly but fairly
File: firefox_0m6u2upHw6.png (56 KB, 283x300)
56 KB
focus on this composition and colors, reduce it in details as much as you can while keeping cake, cherry, couple of the squiggly lines (which contrast with straight outer frame) and the surrounding heavy stroke rectangular outer frame. whole composition should sit in 1:1 rectangle. make it fully work in monochrome and more or less work in 16x16px
File: sweet-gallery.png (168 KB, 930x1305)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
honestly not very good as a finished logo design. It has some strengths as a sketch but just is not yet clever enough. try that again.

things to do better next time:

reduce amount of different line weights.
your fonts don't fit together at all. they are quite terrible.
watch letter spacing. G and Y are lost in an empty void.
make an effort imagining what the field you are designing for likes and feels like in general. galleries traditionally have a certain sense of elitism to them, which they are proud of. so most of the time a logo should probably evoke a sense of elevatedness or certain dignity, even if you dislike that yourself.
be careful with depending on multiple colors, eventhough I like your color choices.
the form of the cake sucks. don't be so sloppy. at least spend a couple minutes working on a smart construction... seriously each line you placed is 100% a random version of the most obvious ones to make. I could ask 100 people to draw a slice of cake and yours wouldn't stick out at all. it's neither clever in principle nor executed well/attractively. so what is its point?

AND FOR GODS SAKE PLEASE! just spend even a single thought on layout. dafuq is this crammed chaos? It's just so dumb not even giving your logo the chance to look good! jesus.

my version in picrel isn't supposed to be the glorious best solution. Its a fairly quick sketch that tries to display some issues by showing another direction.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ironically composition color and knowing how much to add or subtract from an image is something do regularly in my photography work i feel like a moron for not applying it in this scenario lol thanks

It's funny how the same thought process can yelled different results apart from my obvious lack of skill i can see that I'm just cobbling all these different elements together with not much thought other than i need to finish this

I'm honestly embarrassed i was going to hand this in looking like that i can't thank the both of you enough
you are being very mature about it! I am very sure you will be able to make huge leaps and improve in no time!!!

Back when I started doing 'logos' (read: toying around aimlessly), I was very guilty of trying to make fancy use of my tools, thinking that people would notice and celebrate my skills.

Don't do that. nobody will notice! and nobody cares!
Do not torture your creative process by forcing you to take unnecessarily difficult routes! It kills your productivity and the quality of your work!
It's not important to know 500 fonts (I used plain Arial). Its not important to anyone how difficult you make your own life.
I am dead serious. vectors do not offer an intuitive workflow for creative endeavours if you haven't spent a huge lot of time with them. It is extremely difficult to use its rigidness losely and quickly! (as I am sure you noticed already)

what I am trying to lead this to: don't start the designing process in inkscape/illustrator!
at your point of the learning process you should only be using it to trace a finished design! It slows you down and therefore hinders you from finding the one amazing solution you only reach after trying out 5 ideas.
you could sketch on paper, but I personally enjoy photoshop a lot more, since it allows for using fonts and offers unmatchable flexibility as well as speed:
>selection tool and scaling

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

What do we think?
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It's not really just the porn stuff, it's the people too.
File: Tumblr_9-14.jpg (50 KB, 725x843)
50 KB
It's been replaced already
Well, that was fast.
File: ClikClok.png (297 KB, 3751x3751)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
hm. I dislike that one. I do not understand any of the choices they made.

>Intagram colors.
>thin outline that scales relatively poorly (thinking phone icons).
>strange seemingly meaningless gaps that arent even important enough to be visible at small sizes.
>just looks like a mirrored tiktok logo...

I don't care about tumblr or their marketing at all.
I just liked the version from OP a lot better.
it looks like shit. the first day i saw it in my app library with that logo i immediately started looking for ways to change it back

File: IMG_20220918_112753.jpg (44 KB, 1002x770)
44 KB
What font is this?
Thatsnotafuckingfontyoudoofus bold italic
medium is the message. no matter what words you are going to put in this lettering, it will communicate that you are a retard fag.
Search for brush script fonts and you will eventually find something similar.

File: UIconcept_filter.gif (371 KB, 1600x900)
371 KB
371 KB GIF
I am beyond clueless about UI.
What makes this one so good? The color palette is so unique and fitting
Is Inkscape going to be enough to make one like this? I was using either CPS and Gimp but decided to use something for UI instead.
It's just greyscale but with a colour instead of white
What is CPS?
Based NieRposter

Evenly spaced, minimalist.
The colouring is reminiscent of E-Paper and those kinds of simple screens so works thematically.

File: 1653672545989.png (324 KB, 524x403)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Does anyone know where to download ae templates for free? im looking for this specifically but no luck


or maybe something similar.
thanks in advance.
envato elemnts
use spoofy account
make a collection
like everything you want to download
download it
cancel on the 6th day

File: classes.png (115 KB, 1696x852)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
I don't know how to draw, so for the prototype I'm just taking pictures from the web and editing them using mspaint.
I'd appreciate any comments and recommendations.
If you have any advice or resource on making card games, I'd appreciate that too.
Thank you!
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These look like Tarot cards, bretty gud
File: colors.png (111 KB, 1761x900)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
to be honest I personally would be as minimalist as possible with colors, considering the style. maybe in mine the colors are actually not enough but I mean its free work you got out of me anyways...

I do enjoy what you got so far. otherwise I wouldn't have given it a try, I think
File: killin.png (10 KB, 369x492)
10 KB
one more
File: cards.png (218 KB, 1050x1500)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
I make a lot of cards for tabletop RPGs that i sometimes get to play. Legibility and layout seem to be the most important parts. Once think that I have that down, I add the flavor of the game, however minimal. Here's a few I've made.
File: boltgun.png (70 KB, 500x700)
70 KB

File: 1325490042546.jpg (87 KB, 704x480)
87 KB
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>Our thing is miles better than this antiquated thing, therefore we should replace every single thing with ours
>This other thing and this other thing? Ours is a one-size-fits-all, no need to question it
File: 1325734745210.jpg (69 KB, 715x474)
69 KB
>calling me bait
>Still not pointing out why gif, png and jpg are better than or how outperform webp
I'm waiting
I bet you guys still watch movies in VHS "cuz legacy/old/retro = better"
Couldn't you just change the extension when saving the image? Is there any downgrade in quality if I save a webp as a png?
If I get a webp in an image search, I just right click and copy image, paste it into an editor, and save it as jpg or whatever.

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