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File: MAD SKIRRZ.png (93 KB, 1433x829)
93 KB
I started working on my first design [spoiler]i'm in college[/spoiler] How do I make those squares checkered?

File: hqdefault.jpg (27 KB, 480x360)
27 KB

this is so god awful, however whats the contrast filter used here and how was the 0:17 pulled? pretty epic

Thoughts on new twitter design style. How is this style called? They don’t use typical corporate alegria like Facebook
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it's like some neo 50's pop art look idk
where on the site is it used? looks a lot better than flatshit
Global village coffeehouse
Seriously. look it up
I don't know about the other pictures but it seems that the parrot one shows up on your "quotes" box when you don't have any quote tweets. Apparently it was added in 2021 or 2022 and people were hating on it for being "creepy, I guess people just hate imaginative design... Back to globohomo alegria we go
Not quite.

File: file.png (1.24 MB, 1913x934)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
/g/ web dev here. How would you change my website's design?

It is a dating site that crosses over Speed Dating, Omegle, and Tinder called Swerve!. The name comes from the fact that you can match someone or "swerve" them which is slang for avoid.

The retrowave theme comes from speed dating being retro, the logo being one of those S signs to show a swervey road, and retrowave often having car backgrounds.

The site gimmick is that you get on it, make an account like tinder and choose you settings such as sex/sexuality/age/distance and whatnot, then click start and you're paired with people by the settings you've selected in a "speed date", which is just a one on one face time similar to Omegle. If you both match you can talk like on Tinder with messages or calling, or if someone swerve the call is disconnected and you both move on to the next person just like Omegle.

There is also an offline mode which is essentially just Tinder except instead of having 5 pictures and a bio you upload a 30 second to a minute video for people to go through, similar to those old "send your VHS tape in for people to date" things.

It's up at https://swerve.dating however I recently took the logo out because the css animation was lagging mobile users.

I've done everything myself up until now and am looking for creative people to give suggestions.
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I remember you!
you asked about your logo a while back.

the idea is fine.
the name is great.
but why go with the fucken kitsch retro neon style?!
that shit was cool literal 10 years from now. way too long for still sticking with it and way too short for it having swag again. so replaceable and faceless.
as I said. pure *kitsch*.

don't you think it is time for some personal development?

the kerning between r and v is off
File: file.png (142 KB, 456x850)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
ayyy long time no see pal. I went into cyber security and gave up on the site for nearly 9 months because my cousin took one look at it and said "it looks like an indian scammer site lol"

The retro look was basically because it was more popular at the time I started making it and I wanted something retro to fit the "speed dating" idea.

The font I used I can't control, it's just Google Fonts. I did everything in CSS. Even the logo is made with svg and a font. I haven't touched photoshop since High School.

I did however tone the retrowave stuff down a little bit last night and replace the background image with some blue gradients to make it look more plain. What do you think of this?
wtf op im making a dating app with the exact same vibes of neon. but better, same colors too lol
File: file.png (738 KB, 1925x941)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
I redid it completely with brighter animations to one up you.

File: IMG1.jpg (73 KB, 640x800)
73 KB
does anyone know the name of this type of texture, which makes it look like something from a magazine? or is it just noise and grain? when I insert noise in my images they don't turn out the way I want. what will be missing?
File: IMG2.jpg (89 KB, 640x800)
89 KB
looks like 'gain' from a video. the photo version of this kind of noise would be the ISO setting. A low ISO makes very dark images. if you turn it up, they become much lighter, but turn out more grainy, like your photo. if you have a DSLR (canon/nikon etc) camera you can do this manually with the ISO setting/-dial. otherwise? Google or ask chatgpt for how to emulate the effect. film noise/gain/ISO.
File: photo copy.jpg (50 KB, 696x512)
50 KB
don't you think anon is talking about the printing artifacts?

Are there any step-by-step tutorials on how to design a coat of arms or a seal in Photoshop, preferably in the same style as what you would find in a Wikipedia article? I have a bunch of Wikicommons assets, but I am a noob designer.
learn on your own, cunt

Go read the work of A.C. Fox-Davies

Been doing some searching but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone got the name of it or similar fonts?

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File: 20230823_105511.jpg (234 KB, 959x1568)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
>You give a mouse a cookie
I'm working with stable
thx, anon!
it really dislikes women with manlier features, I think.

similar with celebrities. it often tries to make celebs look more like themselves than they really do. like caricatures.
feel like it is similar with the sexes. very female women. and very male men.
considering how under the hood it is maximizing probabilities this seems at least plausible to me.
Well, i think a lot of it's generalization within the algorithm. If you asked for a man in a dress the system would pulls references for dress and man then try to mash them together without any knowledge of what either are. You could get a man with boobs simply because every reference for a dress has 2 lumps on the top. AI's more a complex blend routine rather than an artist or a conscious decision maker.
right! exactly my thoughts as well!
thx again!!

File: sel30.png (31 KB, 1552x1604)
31 KB
I'm not a graphic designer, just a bored dev that was experimenting with shapes. I made this shitty logo for a rave/techno thing I thought of on the fly. It's meant to say SEL30, I know it's not the most legible logo but I guess it fits the retrofuturistic thing this type of events often use. I was also thinking that of course there'd be a clearer typeface for other details, but this was going to be the logo.

It's my first time working with vectors to make an actual drawing and not some curves or a weird shape for a website. How'd I do?
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Better than more self entitled graphic designers works. Keep going if you liked to play around taking a break from coding, then try to blend the two. Gestaltung is your friend
File: mojer.png (12 KB, 256x256)
12 KB
>I'm not a graphic designer
we know
>just a bored dev
Metanet Software?
File: Sel30.png (1.69 MB, 746x1055)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
is quite alright. just needs some platform to inhabit.

File: sakuya-izayoi-touhou.gif (492 KB, 498x403)
492 KB
492 KB GIF
Do you guys know how to take an image apart and view the source image into separate layers on how it once was before it got uploaded? Looked for 5 hours on booble, but nothing.
You can only do that with a vector image not a raster.
Plus you can only view the images colors separately, if the original artist drew something over the original image what's 'beneath' it layer wise wont be translated (granted unless the original vector file was preserved and not translated from raster)

>Do you guys know how to take a cake apart and into separate ingredients (eggs, flour, sugar, butter, etc.) like it once was before it got baked?
you need to zoozle for several hours before asking, fren

Edit what’s at the end of this grocery store aisle.
File: do not fear me.jpg (1.4 MB, 1818x1818)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
not sure I want to find out desu
File: ddddd.jpg (428 KB, 1818x1818)
428 KB
428 KB JPG

File: robin hood.jpg (323 KB, 1024x768)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
What course should I take if I want to create digital art like this?

Like pre-rendered 3D style
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Any recommendation to start with?

It depends if is for a game (3D) or just art and the software you're using, If you're serious then I would just look for the artists names and ask them directly on social media for advice (after you've done some research). Although most people usually work in teams to create something like your pic the usual workflow goes like this: 0- get references 1. draw sketches that have accurate perspective and size measures 2. create 3d low-poly models for each asset 3. texture/bake/compose.
this one seem to be the best way to learn that style
Thanks a lot
np also modeling is time consuming so a lot of people use premade kitbashes, and if those courses are too expensive, you can find them at rutracker or ask someone at >>>/3/954705

File: IMG_6114.jpg (169 KB, 1110x1110)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
>work at a content production company
>assigned to a team to create Black Friday ads. Client is a known retail corporation
>Style guide we’re provided has conflicting info for what color swatches we need to be using compared to the actual gradient assets
>gradient assets we’re told to use has different RGB values than the swatches listed in guide
>we reach out to the art director in charge of creating assets
>he says “oh it’s because your computers are set up with the wrong color profiles”
>gradient assets were made in an Adobe RGB (1998) working space, when our programs are set to sRGB
>guy gives us a .csf file for our color settings to be synchronized
>gradient colors still look wrong compared to swatches in guide

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is color profile really the issue here, or just the gradients not using the correct RGB values? Changing a color profile shouldn’t change RGB values.

I thought color profiles just change how bright a RGB swatch can look on your screen, and not the actual RGB values themselves.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Shouldn’t the values just be set to those listed in the brand standards?
Yes, that is what I questioned. The RGB values in the gradients were different than the RGB values in the brand color guide. Guy who created the gradients said the colors are probably the wrong values because our profiles are set to sRGB, and the gradients were made in Adobe RGB 1998. That we need to install Adobe RGB 1998 color profile on our systems and our Adobe programs to see the correct values. However, changing the color profile didn’t affect the RGB values, nor did I think it would affect in the first place.

I know CMYK values can change when you change the color profile due to the different paper stocks it would print on, but from what I know, RGB values shouldn’t change.
File: g.jpg (62 KB, 1920x1080)
62 KB
Sounds like the art director doesn't know what he's doing. If Figma doesn't support Adobe RGB then you'll either have to design in something that does, or have the art director supply new gradients in sRGB and update the branding guidelines.
You install Adobe RGB 1998 and open the documents fresh, with the color management set properly. When you export or print the file it converts to the closest value possible (in srgb or
CMYK) or allows you to embed a profile with it.
It sounds like the gradient file was not matching the old 1998 color space. As long as the gradient and branding match in the final output product, and the color management is set right nobody is gonna notice. Sounds like someone is gonna have to rework the colors if there is a problem at the last stage.
Personally, I’d change the values to those listed in the brand guidelines and provide the AD with an example of both side by side. You’ve explained what the issue is here, so just bring it up again with your client. You could reset preferences and reinstall the provided .csf, but I’m not thinking this is going to fix the value problem.

We can be happy that it’s not a print project. The AD should be thrilled that you’re paying attention and asking questions. You could have just built everything out as provided and sent it on its way.

Give us an update on how things pan out.

File: F U K.png (12 KB, 250x200)
12 KB
shitty MS paint doodle
It is a thing. Reminds me of newgrounds.
Weren’t you just on \i\ a few days ago? Either way pretty cool art. Would make for a unique look if you animated it like a typical madness combat video. I’d imagine it’d be the same but with aliased style sprites. Less is more sometimes.

File: Almost There compressed.png (3.66 MB, 3508x4961)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
what would you change about this to make it better? tryna design a poster or two
I would make the font bold. It's not much advice, but I think that would look better.
well the right ghost isnt translucent
The artist name and title are on there twice. The first appearance of the artist name is blurred but the title isn't, which looks strange since they are styled so similarly (but I guess you didn't make this image so this part isn't your fault). The text below the image looks like it's for some school project with a weird mixture of default fonts. Why is the release date separate from the publisher's name? Why is the total runtime cornered between both and not next to the track listing? Why don't the tracks have runtimes if this is important info? The A side of the track listing has text so large that it's shoving the B side into a disproportionate column. Nothing follows the grid. Every portion follows its own margins that are unrelated to the other parts of the poster
Based Lucki fan, never thought I would see a post about Lucki on this fucking site.

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