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File: affinity.jpg (80 KB, 1000x1000)
80 KB
So is it actually a viable PS replacement or no?
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just drag the layer to the layer's name you want it to get clipped to.
Do you need really compatible .PSD files?
Do you rely on Plugins?
Need Animation or the 3D-Shit?

If not go for it.
AP is currently on version 1.9 so an updated version 2 with more stuff being added is not that far away.

Also, it is actually fun to work with unlike adobe shit.
>so an updated version 2 with more stuff being added is not that far away.
But from what I understood, 2.0 will have to be bought as the "updates for free" covers 1.x according to small print I found on their page.
That's how most programs work I think, your purchase covers updates until a major new version. I imagine they will have discounted prices for those upgrading from previous versions.
So much this. Both Designer and Photo are actually fun environments to get shit done. Some aspects are a little annoying, but I'm not going back to Adobe except for AE.

File: 53OmqmtE.jpg (15 KB, 512x512)
15 KB
Is this site a good way to sell original designs on shirts and stuff?
I’d like to know too

Yeah, it's alright. Best quality to price ratio I've seen, and the full automation means that you don't have to put a lot of thought into it, but it also means that you can't control quality for yourself and you can't control how quickly things get made or shipped. I try to avoid using it for things that I can for that reason.
On more than one occasion they've taken so long to deliver a customer's shirt that I've had to refund the customer, but I've also made more money through their service than I've ever lost on their fuckups.
Do you make your own shirts?

I've had shirts made through two different local friends, but when I do that I have to make minimum orders. Printful being On-Demand is a necessity where I'm at with the level of business I do.

I make my own designs.
it's pretty good for what it is - shipping takes like 2-3 weeks though

Hey guys,
So an artist friend of mine recently got a Huion Tablet, but unfortunately she only has a Chrome Book. All the drivers for the tablet are incompatible with her OS
does anyone have a fix for this?
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For what purpose?
because i'm a fucking retard
File: 1617728331971.png (90 KB, 309x319)
90 KB
just in case chromeos runs x11 display server and just in case it allows installing third party things and just in case this driver supports your хyиtablet

works ok on normal linux distros at least. i had to use xsetwacom in command line to inrease wacom intuos4 pen threshold so the cursor wouldnt sperg out on hovering pen over the tablet and then it was usable. but linux and a low power netbook tier laptop for graphics work either way is a waste of time.
FUCK I hate that with some windows 10 update every single month something bad happens to my UGEE driver
bloody hell I'm tired of rollbacking this shit every single time
why in the fuck would anyone ever buy a chromebook

File: 973.jpg (65 KB, 1015x1024)
65 KB
From what I can tell it extrudes parts of the image into 3D, where the amount of extrusion depends on its colour (or maybe brightness). Would anyone know how this is done? Or at least which software can be used (photoshop? blender?). I wasn't able to find any tutorials
File: 781.png (290 KB, 500x498)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
More examples (Excuse the fact that it's meme images). Between 1:16 and 1:28 in this video:

i know for a fact that its achievable in any program supporting displacement, max maya substance designer z brush, maybe even photoshop
There's a website that lets you do it, couldn't find it now. That's how people do those memes.
The effect itself is, like you said, just a function which maps a pixel's luminosity to a height value in this slightly inclined 3D space in order to give it depth. If you know Blender, you can totally recreate it yourself in a minute with a node or a brief script.
These were almost certainly made in GlitchLab. Surprisingly good for a mobile app.
Ive used this before in an Apple developer program named Quartz Composer.

File: gradient palettes 1.png (56 KB, 1200x560)
56 KB
>make vector rectangle shape in PS
>add horizontal gradient as layer style
>change height to something small
>change width depending on how many colors you want
>pic related are the same gradients in 8, 16, and 32 pixels
>you can add adjustment layers to further alter all the colors at once
>if you change your mind about anything you can change it at any time
>you can also just use it as a starting point and manually add/alter any color afterwards

Is this a sensible approach or am I missing something?

I'm using CC14 so maybe it's not an issue anymore, but when you change the shape width (with the transform controls or shape controls) it doesn't instantly update the gradient. If you need that functionality you can have it by applying the gradient layer style to a large fully-opaque layer inside a smart object, which you then shrink to a small size.
It works great but is also more combersome to create and edit.
File: gradient palettes 2.png (112 KB, 1200x920)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
BTW, here's the same set with the smart object method (top one) and the vector rectangle method (bottom one).
The previous two had the smart objects at 320x180 pixels.
I tried increasing their resolution to 1920x1080 to see if their small size somehow affected the resizing, but it made no visible difference so it's probably just two different algorithms.
looks cool!

File: 1614208701870.jpg (90 KB, 1053x1094)
90 KB
>Customer wants me to make it "pop"
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File: 1616642889104.gif (2.92 MB, 249x141)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB GIF
Client wants me to send him advancements in editable format without making a 50% deposit.
crank that contrast to the max
create contrasts. not necessarily just light and dark, but with texture and color as well. or you could just try adding drop shadows lolol
if this doesn't pop, nothing can

File: 1609833589531.jpg (187 KB, 450x460)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
What do you do for a living /gd/?
I always thought graphic design was a meme job.
Maybe in the 80's or 90's when magazines were big I could see someone getting paid to make the covers but idk why anyone would pay for those services in 2021.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
people suck my balls because i know how to draw
Is it a mom and pop, established business, or fast signs.
I work as a graphic designer as a full time job and i freelance for a guy I work with in his agency.

So far it pays for the things I want to buy, but I still live with my parents (I'm 22) so I can't speak about maintaning myself
>fast signs
I googled and that and found their website.

How, as a company that offers printing designs(?), do you make something both sort of minimalistic and so mid 00's looking at the same time? It's complete with compression artifacts in banners and around text.
does it also work with women?

File: 5_mina.png (5.14 MB, 2426x1080)
5.14 MB
5.14 MB PNG
I made my own currency, but I am poor af so I use free photo editing platforms all the time. This is the result
It is nice as a first project. Still, you should develop it more.
First of all, keep researching more about money. You need to know why money looks how it looks. Also, learn about the printing method so you can learn why this building would never be printed on money, and why the man should be edited so it can be printed properly.
Also, learning about the security features and design decisions from other currencies you will be able to improve your design and element placement.

Looking for some help achieving this effect.
My first attempt didnt quite come out how I was hopping.
>Add Text
>Add Stroke
>Add drop shadow w/100% opacity, medium distance and slightly larger size than default
>Fill in gaps left by drop shadow using pen tool and filling path

Anybody have any recommendations to make it look a little bit cleaner?
8 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
You still have to double-click that option and re-set all of your extrusion parameters whenever you want to make an edit. Blend mode lets you edit on the fly, just open the blend group and make your edits instantaneously. I appreciate that it may be faster *for you*, but you have zero proof it is faster overall, especially for this use case. OP can choose the method that works for him without you bringing personal bias into it.
You've moved the goalpost once again. For what OP wants, blending doesnt offer the same flexibility. Not to mention that blending doesnt allow you to shade the body, assuming OP or any other person would want to do that.

>you still have to double-click that option and re-set all of your extrusion parameters whenever you want to make an edit
What are you talking about, I click the layer appearance, rotate the cube, and press ok. I can still change the text in realtime and the effect updates, and I can still, assuming its an object, isolate and alter the shape and it will update in real time. 3 Seconds.
When you blend you have to ensure that the layers youve selected are appropriate without creating gaps, and you have to sit through your computer processing the layers. And you have to lug around an object with 80+ layers.
At this point im assuming you have no idea what youre talking about, because youve clearly never messed with extrude.

You keep mentioning the speed thing, its semantics, dont be an autist. Your method in creating OPs request, is effective, but inefficient.
Just in trying out your method on my laptop I want to shoot myself, every edit takes 6 seconds of processing . Obviously my laptop is shit but I can extrude and edit instantly.
File: a_lel_so_top.png (15 KB, 168x200)
15 KB
>you have to sit through your computer processing the layers. And you have to lug around an object with 80+ layers.
>At this point im assuming you have no idea what youre talking about, because youve clearly never messed with extrude
LMAO how shit is your computer? OH NO! 80 layers of text vector data! How will I ever render this? Illustrator chugs more rendering 3d objects and that's just because adobe is shit at making graphics renderers.
>For what OP wants
For what OP wants, what I posted is exactly what he asked for, with exact directions on how to complete his intended effect. What you post is a bunch of teary-eyed requests to use your method instead because it's "faster".

Feel free to give me more (You)s, but I won't be returning to this thread, because OP's request has been thoroughly and properly answered.

>dont be an autist. Your method in creating OPs request, is effective, but inefficient.
Yikes. Accusing me of having autism and then autistically claiming my method isn't the fastest is deliciously thick with irony.
>no rebuttal showing me why my way is slower, anecdotal points
>being overly emotional, long paragraphs with no proof
>claims rendering is slower when I can screen record and show him its not
>claiming he's not coming back because he knows he's wrong
>reaction picture

How embarrassing. You're 16 and larping as a designer. Get back to designing your '''album covers''', skippy.

File: rdh-tattoo.jpg (154 KB, 1068x712)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Alright I need the top minds of GD, how would I go about putting a fake tattoo on a lip like this? I assume it's very complicated and involves several layers, things like light sources, etc, but is it possible?
Should be pretty straight forward if it's simple line art.
Do you have the drawing of the tattoo and the image of the lip?
use bleach

File: JN6bk5i9Uyo-HD.jpg (179 KB, 1280x720)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
How to make aesthetic thumbnail?
attractive girl + logo/image relating to what you are doing + describe the video in 2 words or less with big text. This is going to be seen by normies on their phones, so if it doesnt look good 1 inch wide, it wont work
the simplest way is to add a photo filter so all the highlights look like they are from the same lighting and maybe a slight bit of gaussian blur
boobs and titties.
aesthetic not click-bait
File: hq720.jpg (69 KB, 686x386)
69 KB

File: Untitled.png (384 KB, 970x1800)
384 KB
384 KB PNG
The Royal Spanish Football Federation just changed their logo and it's shit
Anon over on /sp/ took a stab at it, thoughts?
Old is soul
File: 1616503799295.jpg (87 KB, 400x400)
87 KB
New is soul and incorporate
>someone paid for this
why even bother
i never knew what that logo was for but i always hated it
the new one looks like the logo of a budget chinese car brand though

How do you make presentations?
At my company we use Figma but it becomes very tiresome if I need to add lots of links.
Here's my current process:
>design the presentation in Figma
>save all the frames as png at x3 quality
>put them in Adobe Acrobat
>add links in Adobe Acrobat
>save as a pdf file (with a "save space" option enabled).
It's what the designer before me did as well.

But if I need to make even a small change to the presentation, I have to repeat all the steps again, including adding all the links. I assume there has to be a better way to do it. Do I literally just use PowerPoint or something?
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>hey anon can you make a presentation for a sponsor?
>you can use the presentation the previous designer made, I'll tell you what needs changing
>yeah no problem, here's the .pdf
>thanks! see you next time
is it really that idiotic?
Presentation design pays well, esp with vcs and companies
Or Slides > PPT. But I make PPT files for use in higher ed. STEM courses, and only use PPT itself to do so - because its a supplement within a saleable product, the bar is high for things like copy-editing and confirmed accessibility.
Just use a plug-in for Figma designed to make presentations easy.
Pitchdeck? If so, it looks nice. I'll give it a try, thanks
I assume you can also show it like a presentation through figma, right? Like through that "play" button?

File: 1589766788846.png (71 KB, 1615x813)
71 KB
Hey /gd/, I can't find a colour palette for my trading charts that I'd be happy with. I only need 3 colours, as shown in my image, 2 different colours for the candles/zones and 1 for the background.

I wish I could just use blue and black for the candles, but I can't seem to make it visible/appealing enough without a white background, and since I'm looking at these for 1/4 of a day I can't stand the brightness from a white background.

So now I'm open for suggestions.
What's wrong with TradingView's default dark theme?
To put it short, I don't want to use the boring usual and don't think the green/red duality is very appealing.
he needs to be le special and unique
try pale complements

File: ggghg.png (784 KB, 731x599)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
I like ducks that look cool. Post your coolest graphic design ducks and how they are made, please. I can't quite remember how I made this duck but it was with a GIMP render filter
fractal trace it looks like and warp tool. cool duck btw

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