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are there realtors that specialize in poorfag office space $200-400?
Office space for $400?
Good luck with that
I suggest that you rent out a room instead
just work from home. if you have another employee make them move in with you.

just find a climate controlled storage space near you with plugs and dont say anything to them. WALA $40/mo office space

Where do you get your Images from that you can actually use for graphics you want to sell?

I really like the designs of these guys:

do you have any idea where they get their sources from?
Use pixabay bro . I do and a guy contacted me for buying my design on Instagram.
Second that. There are a few decent royalty free sites, but pixabay has some vectors, high res photos, and they're accumulating video clips too.

File: 61e0Xs-7lhL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (65 KB, 1367x876)
65 KB
do wacom screen tablets (namely the wacom one) need a screen protector? Are they really made to Withstand years of rubbing with a stylus without scratching? Or do people just accept scratches?

any recommended brand of screen protector? with minimal distortion and cloudiness, and a toothy feel

Google uses this particular style of illustration a lot, does it have a name? How do i destroy it?
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wow, responding to incredibly lazy bait leads to many people defending it, how far we've fallen
41 yourself
File: 3112200801025.jpg (387 KB, 800x600)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
reminds me of the baskin robbins wall art. i hate it.
>Saying all users on this site are retards
>Haha america bad I'm so original
yeah, its called "shit"

File: IMG_5884.jpg (454 KB, 1400x2100)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
A studio recently reached out to buy my typeface, for a redesign of a public park and will be using my typeface for the logo. (Meaning that the logo will be on their website which has around 10k visits per month and will painted in big letters on a wall in the park, as well as on the letterhead and paper etc.) Any idea what to do? What to charge? How to write a license myself etc.
go ask on typography forums dumbass, give more details and compare answers before taking a decision

hey, a few months ago i stumbled on a thread here asking how to make the effect in pic related, i had the following in a text file:

>Add text and leave it as top layer
>Duplicate layer: highlights
>Make it white
>Duplicate layer: shadows
>Make it black
>Move highlights to the left
>Move shadows to the right
>Apply a lot of blur to both highlights and shadows.
>Use masks in the original layer on the inside of the 'B' etc.

but i'm not sure if im doing this correctly in photoshop, can someone explain further?
ah bummer, i though it was possible to do on photoshop, but thanks for answering
technically you can but the amount of work will be insane and exhausting

File: 123123123.png (710 KB, 1083x771)
710 KB
710 KB PNG
What is this style called?
Video as an example. You have simple 3D objects, with no textures but with simple hard shadows.

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it's just wind waker styled cel shading
Only one L
Since the name comes from the transparent cels used in traditional animation
You will probably enjoy Killer7 too
It's called "lazy 48-hour game entry #4803"

what sites do you get inspo from?. Pic related is my work need help finding similar aesth...
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I get inspired from Behance

take a look at some of my work!

Sounds to me like you're a touchy faggot.
www.are.na is nice for design boards
http://www.are.na is nice for design boards
This thread sucks ass, anyways i get inspiration from the things i see in my daily life because art is about expressing an idea, that's what seperates artists from designers for the sake of design

File: pocatello (old).png (638 KB, 985x657)
638 KB
638 KB PNG
Is there any better definition of soul / soulless than when they changed Pocatello's flag?
File: pocatello (new).png (109 KB, 3724x2234)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
bad flag
not even close to a flag

File: IMG_20200527_170052.jpg (384 KB, 3840x2160)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
Is it worth spending $99?
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It looks like he is hosting them on YouTube. Could you drop a link to a course recap if he has one? Or just the course intro? ain't gonna buy but wanna see how bad it is.
yeah, i'd say a "course" that talks about "visualizing value" like its not a completely made up buzzword with no actual meaning is totally worth spending 100 fucking dollars on.
no you retard i guarantee you all the videos are him throwing up fancy flow charts about "profit" and "value" and saying big words to make himself sound like he knows what he's talking about.
do people seriously pay for this shit? what a load of garbage
still makes me laugh
>>learn to write
>>learn to speak/present
the course
How do you make such good looking screenshots?

File: eyes n decors 01 o.jpg (31 KB, 319x687)
31 KB
not advocating for tagging buildings or vehicles, but I'd like to see some photos of graffiti you like, or your own recreations of them. so I can get a look at how they were drawn. Images made out of text lines. Something.

Post your pictos, glyphs, symbols, artsy texts or graphics.

File: kiki_4.3.3_sm.png (973 KB, 1280x640)
973 KB
973 KB PNG
For those who are still living under a rock, this is the Ultimate FOSS Alternative to Photoshop (unlike GIMP, it's actually Good).

4.3 adds a lot of new features, and I need you guys to tell me how good they really are.

>The Program:
>Release Notes:
>Android Tab/ChromeOS beta:

File: maxresdefault.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720)
53 KB
Have you tried affinity photo? is it better or does it have something that Ps doesn't?

So far I've only tried the selection tools, which apart from the select outline option, seem to be a little worse than Photoshop's
File: Ps vs Affinity Selection.png (939 KB, 1600x1800)
939 KB
939 KB PNG
Here's how I compared them, top is Ps and bot is Affinity Photo
I selected the background of an image with the wand and deleted it, in Ps I used the expand selection feature by 1 px, however affinity only has the grow selection option, and using with 1 px too the result is worse than Ps (sure my selection in Ps can still be better but this was just a quick 1 min edit for comparison) As you can see, the edges around the Ps edit are much better, both images are at 100% zoom so there are no pixel shenenigans going on. I also tried growing the selection by 2 px and using 1 - 2px of feather but none look as good as Ps.

Also when making this image with affinity I noticed the move tool is better here, as it gives you information like by how many pixels layers overlap and other things.

In what other areas is affinity photo worse or better? or is there perhaps a better way to select with affinity?
File: 1590837626053.jpg (98 KB, 1000x1415)
98 KB
I use Affinity for everything, if you know how to design you can do it with anything. Affinity is a once time purchase and isn't bloatware botnet like CC, fucking aids
In Photo you have to click "Refine", then you fine tune the feather and the smoothing. You can also mask the foreground and background. I haven't used PS in years but you can achieve the very same results in photo.

File: IMG_20200613_044215_942.jpg (274 KB, 2248x2248)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
What are your criticisms of this emblem I have made for the organization called, The Pact.
It looks like the spiderman venom mask from the thumbnail, the sword is hard to see, there's a disconnection between the all the shapes, also there's some lines inside the shapes that are too thin to be noticed and make the design look amateur maybe just make some sketches on paper iterate and refine before jumping into the software you're using.
Cringe pseudo-heraldry
If you want to use heraldry, do it properly, make it blazonable, follow the rules etc
If you want a seal or something, do that properly
But don't use shit like this that fails to be either one

File: greenfroglookingatyou.jpg (58 KB, 976x850)
58 KB
share your pepe art
You first.
wat du u tink gueys
File: 1589157630498.jpg (266 KB, 723x960)
266 KB
266 KB JPG

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