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File: images (39).jpg (46 KB, 688x445)
46 KB
trying to catch a big crowd like the artist of picrel so i guess i just have to produce similar caliber of a content like him and not an exact copy but then how do i know if my content is good enough i dont want to just shitpost randomly like some internet junkie
doesnt the big ad firms know exactly the right way to do things
as in content creation technique

File: ethnocentric.png (1.1 MB, 1366x768)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
The comic sans of of 20s.

>I'd rather have a client branding with times new roman
idk i feel like this shit's been around for a long time. but yea it's trash
At least Times New Roman can look good once in a while.

File: 1652057653054.jpg (58 KB, 500x500)
58 KB
hey bros, dont want to sound too dumb here, but how could i do something like these album covers? i'm new to these things so i would like some tips

>Pic related
Learn how to do duotone and look for old art in some stock image sites, add a border around it.
>first video
Same thing pretty much but find a cassette template on google to work on
>second video
Same thing but black and white
>third video
That image is hand drawn by the looks of it so if you can draw do that
>fourth video
See above

I’d suggest starting with black and white, adjust the levels, contrast and brightness to get that two tone kind of look. If you can’t draw you are gonna have to find some high res stock images try pixabay.com, this site is decent and free.

File: 0060.png (2.31 MB, 1920x1080)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB PNG
opium war illustration
Fix proportioning, drop the country balls and make it more dynamic
Look up how to do smooth shading.

File: IMG_0575b.jpg (2.15 MB, 3024x4032)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG
My artwork is created with gimp on an acer aspire e17. When I open up the files on my iphone (in a browser), they are way darker.
What am I supposed to do so that the color stays similar?
pictures are uploaded to wordpress
your screen needs calibrating, not sure you can on laptop
What you are seeing is likely a difference in gamma. I think the iPhone targets a gamma of 2.2. Some laptop screens have different contrast at different viewing angles and that might compound the problem. I think the Windows OS has some built-in monitor calibration that might help. Otherwise you'll need some third-party software to help adjust the gamma of your laptop screen. This should get you closer to solving the problem since there is a wide difference in color gamut and brightness between devices. If you can afford it, get a high quality external monitor and use that with your laptop.
cause when you open it in a browser it converts it to rgb or something so if your file is cmyk it would fuck up the colours? idk

Any sites that can do this? Preferably around A3 size. I don't want to cut off too much from the sides
content-aware scale in photoshop
What's a gloss poster? (assuming you don't mean glossy finish)

How many fonts do you currently have installed?

(or have rights to, or downloaded)
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698 fonts but I use Myriad Pro for everything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
only 5
[1/2] OP here. I did a reinstall of windows and since apps were taking too long to load installed fonts, I decided to install just the Adobe and Google fonts packs and...
[2/2] ... extracted the rest of my fonts to the a directory. I got this app FontViewOK, it has this option to register fonts without installing. I think it saves me so much effort. Thank god I live in a country where digital piracy isn't a big deal.
File: Capture.jpg (6 KB, 257x134)
6 KB

Any inspiring pics are welcome
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I couldn't stop it
File: cover.jpg (376 KB, 1200x1200)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
i like the vintage feek of this one
File: A1+P-9xaTAL._SL1500_.jpg (471 KB, 1500x1500)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
the album art as well as any art/media that came out to accompany this album was perfect

Im pretty new to graphic design, and I made this shit on my phone I need to hear your opinions guys
Fonts and all text except we don't care are a little too much makes it feel like a mall tshirt really like everything else makes it feel unique.
how on your phone? did you dowload the elements from free stock websites or google images?
using a tiny version of photoshop with your fingers swiping?
looks alright though like the other guy said, lose the text maybe or change font
What language is the green text?
A very stylised Arabic font.
The dots around the letters kinda gave it away for me.

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File: BUYSHIT.jpg (254 KB, 450x741)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
>guy top left

Times New Roman lol
i think arial

Redesign this from the ground up. What would you use? Corporate sanitization, and minimalism, or embrace the retards? Maybe a mix of both, or just minimalist Yotsuba?
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File: y4k.png (6 KB, 596x334)
6 KB
Very Y2Kesque.
Would this happen to be inspired by a YouTube tutorial, perchance?
I used to play jet set radio and would beat off to the green girl. or any girl on screen really. unnhh.
>green girl
Poetic choice of words there.
Looks like one those radio stations in gta5

File: toylogo.png (46 KB, 1218x360)
46 KB
I'd appreciate feedback, I'm relatively new to making logos and vector art in general, but I'm somewhat pleased with how it came out.
The company's "flavor text" or "fluff lore" or whatever you want to call it is that it's a bunch of impy devils making the toys in a workshop by taking measurements and making molds off wacky creatures they capture and then release, and they make and sell them to corrupt humanity.
I've not gotten around to making the concept art of what they look like yet, but I'm going for these kind of latex-humanoids of a single color and a slightly unsettling smug smile as the mascots. Different body types, etc, but I thought having them be mostly single-color creatures would be a great idea if I want to incorporate them into the website's design. (and add some cute animations eventually, hell, maybe even an ad with them doing cute things)

I wanted them to have an otherworldly, slightly sinister presence but drowned out by bubbly personality and smug cuteness.
Anyway, with the flavor out of the way here's a vectorized logo that I really would like to get some critique on because I'm awfully new to logo design and I'd like suggestions and advice on making them look better. The kind of advice you get with experience or in art school, you know?

Thanks in advance /gd/
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these are terrible,op
Best version ITT is this on the left
add sexy hair into the shadow above her eyes
File: 1644112578619 (1).png (72 KB, 1000x1000)
72 KB
Attempt at sexy chibi
I'm not your target audience

File: 532352151234136137137.jpg (109 KB, 1140x768)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
i made myself look like hugo strange how did i do?
ye look like shit

File: 1646952478407.jpg (22 KB, 275x183)
22 KB
Got permabanned from vk for some reason, I think I tried to make a new account when I already had an old one. Anyway now my number is blocked and google voice numbers don't work for vk, any tips?
Get rekt
out of curiosity, what do you need a vk account for?

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