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File: GD Chuds.jpg (109 KB, 1253x836)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Hello GD Chuds, /fit/ here
I have been a graphic designed for less than 24 hours, which is how long I've been playing with SD. I can now produce anything you seething faggots can produce almost instantly and I bet
i have more VRAM than 99.99% of this board.
How does it feel to be made redundant overnight?
ah, but you dont know the real secrets of the craft
so i aint worried about shit
What you have is a bunch of monkeys with typewriters.
They will put letters on a page, sure. Occasionally a complete word. Maybe, once every year or two, they'll even manage a coherent sentence.
But they will never write a novel. YOU will never write a novel.
You have no skills, no talent, no creativity. You put words into a machine, the machine churns out worthless slop in return. It has no soul or artistry, it does not understand. It merely runs its algorithms, spins its gears, and spits out a crude, thoughtless approximation of whatever data it scraped from real humans.
Take away that data, and it's nothing. Take away your machine, and you're nothing.

Can anyone here describe a few sentence how to draw correct translucent objects and how does light behave naturally towards it and creating the colors we see like picrel
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LEL, nothing funnier than impotent ESL rageaholics on a bender.

I used to know an Eastern bloc immigrant guy like that who would get drunk and get into arguments that almost always ended with him slurring "I FUCK YOUR DOG!!! I FUUUUUCCCKKK YOOUURRR DOGGG!!!" at the top of his lungs over and over at a friendly neighborhood barbecue or something.
Heh. Here you dropped your dick.

Oops its empty. Loser.
Go cry some more.
I have no dog
you are the dog
i am coming for you
>woof bb woof

File: 1675046817978707.jpg (44 KB, 680x382)
44 KB
How do you make good YouTube thumbnails?
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Which video editing software should I use to make youtube videos? Like which software is the best for the type of videos that are, you know, a bit of a meme, a bit of silly willy, a bit editty and stuff. Bit of a toomfoolery, you know?
>soi face, the more gaped the mouth the better
>bright oversaturated colors
>big red arrows and circles in the corner of the thumbnail pointing to pixelated genitals
I hate it when they just talk and talk and don't start with the execution until half the video is over. I mean you can really tell if they're trying to push for the 10 minute mark
I've been a successful youtuber for around a year now, and the only tip you should know, is that you need to keep it consistent to your brand, and it needs to be the kind of thumbnail that your target audience would like. If your target audience is a bunch of degens and kids who click on bright image and only want you for your videos as opposed to liking you as a person, throw a picture of you basedjoking or some shit in every thumbnail. But if your target audience is someone who can appreciate the effort of your craft, or maybe it's a high effort documentary type video, make it minimalistic as possible while also proposing a question. I'm not good at explaining myself.. but tl;dr you have to dress for the job you want each video while keeping the underlying theme tied to your brand.

Kinda crazy how they just locked him up and threw away the key.
Although the people who committed the war crimes still walk free.


What’s the simplest way to explain to a client the difference between raster and vector images?
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Usually if I’m dealing with a client who knows literally nothing about pixels, vectors, dpi, etc. and wants me to put their logo on an advertisement, this is my go to explanation:

-When we design logos from scratch, we usually create everything, the lines, colors, etc. in a software application called Adobe Illustrator. This is because it’s a vector-based application. Vector means you can make everything bigger or smaller without looking blurry. Everything looks smooth and sharp.
-When we export these files, it’s preferred to save as an EPS file, because EPS keeps the vector quality. You can scale an EPS file up or down without it looking blurry

-If you export that file as a JPG or PNG, then the image is being saved as a specific size. It looses the vector quality because JPG is a raster file. Raster file images are images that only look good at a specific size you save it at. If you try to blow it up from the size you originally saved it as, it’s going to look blurry.

Lengthy, yes, but I always try to explain it in a way as if the process is completely alien to them, because it usually is.

My own mother doesn’t even know how to right click to save an image or how to minimize or maximize a browser window, so I assume that’s the same type of people I deal with
I do art commissions on the side and sell sometimes at artist alleys at comic conventions. At one show, I was commissioned to draw a Thor sketch cover (sketch covers are comics with blank covers for the purpose of drawing original art on).

I drew the art and posted a pic of it on my instagram. A few days later, my father-in-law saw my work and asked
>”Can I take this image and print it on a t-shirt?”

There were just so many things wrong with that statement. One, was being an instagram image so it’ll look like shit due to dpi size. Two, it was a photo of a sketch. Three, it’s a character copyrighted by Marvel. Four, why the fuck would you want a photo of my sketch of Thor in general??

Boomers really are just fucking clueless.
bro just give the man a tshirt
drive to their location and beat them with a bat
"Vectors are better. Stop talking back." That's the only language they understand.

File: 1615774714861.jpg (133 KB, 657x527)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I don't hate comic sans.

I think is the best font in certain contexts.
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Good points, oddly enough where incongruity might make a particular typeface a good choice for subtly conveying levity, playfulness or irony, comic sans fails because it's *so* on the nose and has no subtlety.

Even typical comic book lettering can work in less than comical contexts and add another dimension to how the reader perceives it; comic sans is just maximum cornball "smile now" signaling that offends people's intelligence and is maximum lazy effort when there are so many truly amusing typefaces to choose from if you really feel the need to sell the yuk-it-up factor that hard.

It's the artificial pumpkin spice meme scent of the typographic world.
File: 564de4ddc2e25.jpg (50 KB, 630x630)
50 KB
seems a skill issue.

comic sans is perfect for babies products, cope.
>seems a skill issue.
Yes, people with zero skills think it's "the best font in certain contexts" because on of the skills they lack is recognizing and selecting a better one.

>comic sans is perfect for babies products, cope.

So what you are saying is that it's good for people with totally undeveloped intellect, have no life experience or sense of taste, quality, etc. to inform their decisions and have no choice but to consoom what's given to them.
Also babies might like it
No, every faggot teacher I've spoken about this, the first idea they have for actually properly using the font is baby and toddler daycare stuff.
>every faggot teacher
>the first idea they have

SO ...people with totally undeveloped intellect, no life experience or sense of taste, quality, etc. to inform their decisions.

Thank you for making the point yet again.

Quality typefaces don't need "educaators" to go out of their way to find reasons for their existence, ESPECIALLY when the allegedly "proper" use is stated right in the fucking name.

Rule #1 of comedy is: If you have to explain it or signal the "proper" response, it's not comical.

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
I'm not completely sure if this is the right place for this question, but I'm looking for ways to remove watermarks from video's. How far is the AI technology for this? I've tried a few free online tools that I found through google, but I found the results to be disappointing. I'm really willing to pay for a tool if that is necessary. I just want to know what the options are and how good they actually are.
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I said video
good question, op you freeloader
I think the solution would be to use ebsynth. You draw one frame of what you want the footage to look like and let the magic software do all the work. you try it out and let me know if it works for you. I might try something like this in the future
not op

cool idea! are you using ebsynth yourself? I dont think I would have thought about that software ... ever.
used once, worked pretty ok
but if left a bunch of "artifacts" on the footage that seemed more difficult to get rid of than what I was trying to do inicially.
I guess I just don't have the practice
Somewhat based

This just dropped
Do we like it?
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it's their way of telling the world they know they were fucked by Microsoft.
Too bad there is no E in the name. Then we could have the burger menu too
I read nocia
no, man, wtf
how rich you were, anon

File: CICADA3301.jpg (110 KB, 640x600)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Banks collapsed. No need thanks.
>Pixies song starts to play in background
I saw a post on /x/ sometime ago predicting this specific happening on this date exact date.
The enlightened walk among us.
f**** c*** moment

Apparently this style is going to be big in 23. How do I learn this so that I can capitalize on it? Its called neobrutalism.
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>chasing design trends
literally student tier strategy lol
3 years late to the party grandpa
It's "retro".
AKA let me create 80s quality graphics using 2023 software and claim I worked hard.
looks like habbo hotel to me

File: 1676437800394012.jpg (26 KB, 469x452)
26 KB
how do I into graphic design?
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Lefty here
enjoy your viruses
Why on Earth would you do that? Haven't you read the news? Graphic designers, video editors, and basically all """creative""" jobs will soon be done by AI.
Maybe, maybe not.
But Blender has a bright future for sure.
Motion graphics also.
More UX oriented but check out https://uniteddesigners.chat/

File: 335.png (17 KB, 900x900)
17 KB
What's a good place to go to do $5-10 "freelance" shit to start building a portfolio?
at least go a bit higher than $5 or $10. Trust me, the clients that ask for those low prices are the absolute worst.
Where anyway
File: AfricaMapFullRes.png (1.63 MB, 6000x5000)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
I'm hardly some sort of skilled professional who can demand more than pocket change for some odd jobs
I'm not really looking at long-term portfolio building for a career in graphic design, more just want to test myself and see if I'm capable of doing it well enough to make a few bucks. I don't have any sort of formal training or any real practice, just a basic idea of how to use GIMP from using it to toss together maps and shit for fun. Want to try doing a real job and see if I can figure out how to meet a proper quality standard beyond "good enough to post on 4chan"

i love it :D
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this high detail pixel art always impresses me
Rose Art
based schizo
love it too
what makes his post schizo

File: ayetone.jpg (46 KB, 628x408)
46 KB
I want to learn how to mask people out of one background and into another, just like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-NsT1WUW4o As well as any information on the current state of masking technology. The quality in this link is pristine imo, how much of it was by hand frame-by-frame I wonder?

Looking for alternatives to photoshop and generally anything free. If all else fails I have a code for a 7 day trial that I'll use as a last resort.

Bonus points for links to any quality tutorial videos that are direct-to-the-point-processes instead of overlong, personality-infused drivel.
Have nothing to help you on your quest but my bump, dont let the spark die
>guys i'm too fucking demented to look up and find a tutorial on how to fucking mask an image
holy fucking shit a thread died for this

File: 1662921524867412.jpg (12 KB, 356x225)
12 KB
what separates an amateur graphic designer from a professional graphic designer?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
knowing what good design is
I'd like to know as an amateur beginner at which point should I start "working" as in start to look for clients, open up a Fiverr account and all that bullshit
Should I work on designs for a portfolio first, been thinking about doing an instagram account, work on some designs for myself and posting them there
I think I'm pretty good with the adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) but I don't feel like I have the "experience" yet to start working
Everyone on fiverr is using templates. Don't take it too seriously.
Your biggest worry on that platform are the pajeets and durnesh who spit work at twice your speed and charge half your rates.

People in your community need flyers for one reason or another. If you want my advice for real, it's to offer your services for free to something that you care about, whether it's like a restaurant you enjoy or a band you like or something. One of my first gigs was at one of my favorite diners, their menu looked like shit and I was like [Speech 100/100] "Hey, I'm a professional graphic designer, I can re-design this for you, and I wouldn't even charge you for it since I love this place." They ended up giving me $100 for like an hour of work.
Reminder that all frogposters are feds

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