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File: 1624478429580.jpg (7 KB, 251x251)
7 KB
I'm taking a mechanical drafting course and the teacher is teaching us fuck all. I have a textbook but I'm still having tons of issues. Where do I get help with this shit? It's not like math where I can just look up formulas.
any online learning or torrent site. also there's a 3d board /3/
of course you can look shit up.

what would you like to know?
well OP?
what do you want to know?

File: bbRNisT9.jpg (303 KB, 1500x1000)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
How can one man be so Based How many Lives have he saved from bottom of the barrel wage slavery I AM ONE
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Like what?
Hey, thanks. His "advanced" Ps videos look quite nice.
Started to make /d/ fap material recently and some stuff is just beyond me.
File: asdasd.jpg (5 KB, 370x136)
5 KB
Fuck my original Post that guy MAT sucks i got more into GD for noobs & that guy sucks

THIS GUY is have everything a Noob needs That other guy trying to get money from Noobs

>he saved from bottom of the barrel wage slavery
what do you do now?
File: sold sign.jpg (1.83 MB, 3571x3004)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
was frying chicken in KFC now interning for a political activist & his shit suck ass doesnt teach you the fundamentals

still wageslaving but i can see the light & a future i can live with the suicide thoughts are not hounding me 24/7 some hope is sprinkled in

File: mfw foot.gif (67 KB, 840x840)
67 KB
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omg based
File: simpons.gif (876 KB, 858x480)
876 KB
876 KB GIF
came here t post this
homre es ded

File: IMG_20210706_190231_637.jpg (222 KB, 925x1156)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Should I wait until DOMS passes to lift again?
If depends, if you really want to go and work other muscles just go to the gym
If you are going to work the same muscles and you feel weak, don't go but do some form of light cardio, at least walk 45 minutes or so eat protein, carbs and sleep.
also this is /fit/ related
hot looking bear

File: soul1.png (1.76 MB, 1664x2048)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
In this fhread, we post our projects and ask if they have a soul.
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I love this. The colors are great and the type is nice. The character looks good but it’s a played out corporate character design, the way you rendered it (the lines, colors, etc) is good tho. Love the design of the dog.
Fucking awesome great work anon
dope looks like how 90s drum and bass sounds
Magician is the only one i felt. Rest feel like the corporate design style like other anons said.
I dig the 90's techno font look. Could be something out of Wipeout

guyse, i am 31 year old ''graphic designer''
how do i make portfolio? how many pieces considered enough?
is behance good enough or should i make a website? have like 3monhths time to make it, before i run out of savings
i have multimedia technologies degree
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Your projects need to complement each other and solve some different problem. Also, show your thinking process during the project phase, but in a short and direct way. It is very important to show that what you made was backed by research, testing or something along those lines

what is considered 'enough' is enough pieces of a high enough quality in the disciplines your potential client wants and finds impressive enough to hire you to work with them.

so figuring out what youre good at or want to do would be a good start then make self-initiated projects based on that.
thnx guys,i decided i want to be UI/UX designer since its where the money is. and i excel at after effects. at the moment sharpening skills in photoshop. also reading a book about grid systems atm.
one more question, sould i build portfolio website by myself or just buy some wordpress portfolio template? i want it to look really cool but i lack skills atm in website build and i would really prefer to make UI designs for apps not websites, still learning css and html is in my plan
this is exactly what my college teachers told me lol fuck gatekeepers
File: Untitled-22.gif (681 KB, 732x549)
681 KB
681 KB GIF
do fuck tonnes of mushrooms bro, Word.

File: 1565254633130.png (85 KB, 300x300)
85 KB
Does anyone have experience making fonts for Japanese/Chinese? Do you have to make literally thousands of kanji or are there better ways to go about it?
chinese and japanese characters are made out of smaller elements (radicals)
you just create those radicals and all the ways they may be positioned, then collapse them into characters, just like you'd do for all the characters with idk, diaeresis or accents
youll have to do some manual touching up though of course, as there are tons of characters that don't stick exactly to rules etc
it's obviously a billion times more work than just a font that does ascii lol, but you dont have to shape every character by hand
also, many fonts only model the kanji that are actually used (that is, the kanji that are listed in a few standard lists and that people actually get taught), so many jp fonts wont support behemoth characters like my waifu's name 篝
Short answer - yes, but you can use radicals like anon said
Long answer - programmatically generated fonts aren't new but everybody forgot about them. Look up Donald Knuth's MetaFont, then look up the Tsukurimashou Project

File: FamilyServices.png (72 KB, 1080x1080)
72 KB
Everyone always wants to talk about the big tech pajeet art style but that's miles ahead of this garbage. Every goddamn pediatric physician, dentist, crematorium, juvenile detention facility, loony bin, anything with 'family' in the name, and any other Zionist corporate endeavors have these goddamn blue and green blob people as their logo. Every single time, without fail, not even any variation in color. I hate this damn shit.
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that's how European Union gov. brochures/propaganda materials look like.
>FUBAR family services

I am here, on my knees, with heart in hand. I ask, inquire, implore, BEG... you.


I understand this new style is le trendy. But, GUYS. NOBODY would pay me for this. It’s deliberately ugly. It’s a FARCE! It looks straight out of those parody /pol/ threads a few months ago about “globohomo art.”

Here I sit, SAD, not even bothering with stock photos anymore. Need a cover for that thing you’re doing? Here’s where I did some meaningless vector art. Oh, you want people? Here are some blobby, childlike purple “people” of ambiguous gender that I drew while hating myself and wanting to die.

I’m just trying to survive here, and then I see shit like this on display from a $400 billion company.

>solves Google captcha to post this thread
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"i ain't no pedophobe but the guro-orgies are taking it too far..."
File: file.png (513 KB, 1140x641)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
Yeah, the creator of the "progress flag", picrel, says it's to represent marginalized POC but I don't understand why he's lumping these things together even if it's homosexual brown people he is "representing" with this hideous design.

So upsetting, and I saw one on my campus. This is the first time racism has made me feel so badly, it makes me angry as fuck.

My melinin content does not mean I have a mental illness, pedophilia, other disturbing paraphilias, or a venereal disease. I really really don't like that this is why he put brown on the flag. It makes me very angry, and like such flags are calling out to me to be destroyed.
there is more and more in your face media that portrays negro men as homo looking soft fags, just look at mumble rap boi on soundcloud homepage. i notice it as a hwyte who doesn't listen to that.
Do black/brown homos have a specific cultural identity compared to white homos?

I have this massive ideas on what the objects should look at least but i have hard time finalizing the design somehow

not sure if theyre good, or, proper,
im kinda lost. clueless on how to finish it

File: twitter_adobe.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
what do you guys think about adobe subscription model

how do you manage to pay those high fees, do you even?
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They charge monthly for software they have barely updated in years. Good hustle.
File: 1625850423622.jpg (132 KB, 739x673)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
use the software every agency in the world uses. a subscription to creative cloud is the only thing we all have in common. everyone suggesting alternatives has no need to find work in the field. your $ each month goes to real updates and hard new features and gpu compatibility tests. i hated the idea at first but bluhhhh now i dont care, i've stolen so much i just pay for shit now. do you have any food on you
I remember when it was £2000+(per user) just for ps on cd, a monthly subscription was a god send, if it made you more than pocket money you wouldn't moan and you wouldn't pretend you like other shitier companies
just pirate
semi-related, some fag is using elementaryos (a loonix distro) ui toolkit to build something like adobe xd/sketch for loonix

File: 1626036199454.png (5 KB, 126x181)
5 KB
I plan on going to college but, I wanna try and take some freelance jobs in the meantime as some extra cash because I'm a wagie
Ant suggestions?

I like the style of the Wolfenstein logo a lot, but i don't have an idea how to change it and draw something completely different but in that style. Any advices?
P.s: I want to draw a griffin or a lion.
get references in that style and real life, draw/sketch until you have at least 3 good sketches, do variations on those 3 and pick the top ones, take pics and bring them on adobe illustrator to trace them, sometimes you have to go back to sketching if you don't like something. is a process and sometimes it can take weeks or months of iterations to create something good.
Drawing and graphic design is truly time consuming. Been a few months into it but still can't grasp that sometimes you can't rush things while doing it
OG is better

Why are project managers always retarded?

I worked plenty of webdev jobs and every single time the project managers are retarded women. They dont know how webdev works, what can and cannot be done, or even what is a graphic designer's and what is a developer's responsibility, they just send tasks to do with little to no thought.
And to top it off, they always have the most to say about a design despite having 0 qualifications or education in the field. Jesus christ i am seething.

God I miss being a freelance designer.
someone got to CUM ok.
shes your manager now.
not my problem.
cummed, didnt help
>they always have the most to say about a design
And yet they say so little. Their critique is limited to “I feel” and “I like”, as if this means anything.
Sounds like you've had bad project managers.
Women are emotional creatures.

File: Artboard 1.png (94 KB, 842x1191)
94 KB
Hey guys!

Just hoping for feedback or ideas on these designs. I've been out of the loop for some time now and been asked to make a design! The company its being made for is a cross between firefighting and healthcare. TXT is just placeholder.

Appreciate any feedback! (:
Very cliche.
File: _dribbble_healthshield.png (358 KB, 800x600)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
too much going on and it looks too much like a sport badge. I would start over by sketching on paper first.

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