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File: 6.jpg (56 KB, 1429x948)
56 KB
is it possible to learn
>premiere pro
>after effects
>FL studio
-what's the best way to split my time to learn them all ?
-how many hours should i put on any one of them in day

any suggestion ??? HELP ME PLZ
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You don't have to "learn" any of the software they are all intuitive and all the tools explain themselves. this isn't programming, there is a reason indians can do this.
Some advice here. Packaging design is one of those things, like album covers and logos, that everyone wants to do, but there isn't a lot of work available for freelancers to live off, unless you're really good, and have a client list from somewhere you worked.
Freelance packaging is one of the hardest fields to break into, the only successful ones I know are people who worked at agencies and specialized in it for years. There's also a lot of "hands on" things you won't learn, except working for a company or agency. I've done packaging, it's a minefield of "gotchas" just getting the layouts to work, like getting everything set up to work with Tetrapack. There's also different aspects to packaging design, that's usually split off to people who specialize - there are those really good at dealing with the tight tolerances and setting up the files for dies and special inks, or designing a custom box and working with the box press for folding and dies, and then there's the artwork. It's several disciplines in one.
Don't get me wrong - I liked doing it (was a previous job, worked for a food manufacturer and we had a mix of in-house and agency work on packaging), but it's gonna be really hard to get gigs - and get them done right - starting from scratch. I'd make a plan of getting trained, and working for ad agencies that specialize in packaging for a while, to get in the door, get some solid hands on experience, and learn how it all works. A lot of it's not in books. Aiming for packaging is not a bad idea - it's a field that will always need work, and there are some top notch companies to work for doing it - put aside your feelings for their products, but Apple has some really fucking good people working on their packaging. But you're not gonna get anywhere starting out, freelancing. Mistakes in packaging can cost a fuck load of money, and companies want to avoid that.
reallya nice advice, appreciate it :) well i dont have a pipe dream about freelancing. i would love to work in an agency or some company. Packaging interests me because like you said, it has a better job security, since people always gonna need new food packages and whatnot. There are some other gd fields that interest me too, but i dont want to be one of those peoples that does everything and nothing really good, i want to specialize very narrow
What does getting good at fl or any daw even mean? You can learn the ins and outs of your program to a tee but still make garbage music.
well idk it's hard to say when you're good or not just if people actually like your music or not

File: Cristal.jpg (944 KB, 1280x853)
944 KB
944 KB JPG
HELLO ! guys i need opinions, i did this i'm trying to create crystal, don't be so nice please
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make it happen
This belongs in /ic, not /gd.
Refraction is a lot more complicated than ghosted edges. Without modeling and rendering, its gonna take a lot of warps to look convincing
I work for a beer company and we have to put a lot of beer bottles in different settings. I'd recomend you to, first of all, turn it into greyscale, then pile it in this transparency setting:
soft light
hard light

and change the transparency of each layer depending te backgroun.
maybe you have yo invert the top screen layer to make te darker parts transparent

let me know if you made it
File: afas.png (1.72 MB, 1302x932)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
this is the new result
I made 2 options one with a granulate that seems more thread and the other seems more water xd

File: asdadas.png (986 KB, 636x636)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
Hey there!
I love to share my work with you. I created a Mandala using krita and grafic tablett, and i made a video of creation procress.


Let me know what you thik about my work, do you like it?
literally https://angusnicneven.com but hires
looks worthy
Thank you! :D
stunning artwork! my congratulations

File: MWyGyX6.png (14 KB, 524x685)
14 KB
when did you realize that good design is not very important
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you're btfo
File: Toast.jpg (21 KB, 1024x768)
21 KB
When you start working for a corporation, anything with a committee, or fly-by-night hustler.
when I noticed everyone around me that didn't study gd didn't see the differences between quick&easy design and proper thought-through good design
i think design is really important, the problem is that people in general think that more and more is better, while keeping things "cleaner" makes you look like a lazy ass
File: bitc.png (221 KB, 540x325)
221 KB
221 KB PNG

File: context.jpg (16 KB, 500x316)
16 KB
Are 2 in 1 laptops good for digital art?
I want to get into digital art and i need a secondary laptop for unrelated stuff.
I cant spend more than 300 bucks on either of them so i was wondering if i should pick one or just wait longer for a tablet
Lol no, you get some gimmicky piece of garbage that breaks in a year for minimal processing power when you can just get a separate tablet or drawing board.

Just get an ugly, bulky laptop with better specs, its worth it in my opinion. Just get a cheap tablet if you want to show clients work if you don’t want to show it to them on your big ass laptop
File: 1575326758838.jpg (2.62 MB, 3024x4032)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB JPG
i have something similar to pic related (spectre x360) and i would discourage you from getting it. i don't know about later iterations (mine is the 2017 one) but the hinge feels so fucking flimsy. just a light tap on the top part of the screen makes the entire thing wobble. i almost never found any point in using it in tablet mode because i found it dumb that the bottom vents face the screen and i don't think i'd want my screen to heat up any more than necessary. even using it for the "screen mode" or something (the one in your pic), seems so useless because of the fucking hinge. i wanted to use that position for drawing because of limited desk space but you can barely utilize the pressure sensitivity of the pen because you have to hold off on using too much of your strength. fan is also pretty noisy and whirrs up at minor shit, especially on boot.

positives about it though is that processor's pretty decent (never had any problem so far with regular programs). no graphics card in mine, so that's quite a shame. good for me i got this for free.
2 in 1, was never good in anything. i heard they have huge pharalax. just buy wacom intuos and laptop or ipad if u want good expierence, besides these 2in1 laptops can get pretty expensive too
I own one, it was slow af and the hard disk died a week ago, best timing considering i have a deadline soon. They had to replace the hard disk and apparently it came defective and now the screen doesnt work with the pen so i have to fix it again.
I thought it was just me but a friend of mine has the same computer and she has the same fucking problems i had.
You are better off with a wacom.

File: 0OHyzU[1].png (6 KB, 425x361)
6 KB
How to align rectangle to slanted line?

For context, we're using Affinity Designer for the iPad, but have looked through most of the tutorials online.

There seems to be no way how to make the rectangle snap to the slanted line, when rotating it (upper image) or when shearing it (lower image). The line does not have a rotation number in it's properties, so we cannot simply copy paste that one.

There is a technique with duplicating the existing slanted line, then rotating it 90 degrees, and then joining the four edges separately into a rectangle. Is there a more straightwforward way?
Isn't there some freely rotatable ruler you can align to?
I don't think shapes snap to slanted rulers. There's also no way to make diagonal rulers in Affinity.

We ended up duplicating the line, and then manually drawing the other 2 edges, and then joining everything into a shape. Strange how there's no straightforward way of doing this

Anon help me out with something.
There was a website dedicated to some technology that could take a painting style of your choice and through algorithm apply it to a video.
Does anyone remember what was it called?
It had a picture of a swan.
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Use Google dream generator.

Why are most graphic designers such yuppy libtard losers?

>Where’s your online social media presence? Do you make daily engaging posts? What have you done to contribute to progressive causes like global warming? Did you suck a black cock? If your portfolio doesn’t tell a story about being liberal then it’s worthless!
fuck these ppl
I've been working as a designer for a long time, I've never heard anything like that, ever. I work on the West Coast, too. Never seen any of that ever come up, the most I've had to do is attend some pointless HR thing once in a while.

Lemme guess, you fucked around with Photoshop for a couple weeks, decided you were qualified, and never got any callbacks on job listings? Something like that? So you're throwing a temper tantrum on 4chan because employers aren't impressed with your shitty logos and "glitch" graphics? Or are you being ignored on Fiver, because you have no skills? It's gotta be something like that to seethe this hard and demonize an entire industry like this.
big shot over here
post folio or gtfo
Well, there's an important fact that most designers see themselvs as artists (just see /gd/ for fuck's sake), so, if they're unable to see what's design and what's art, what do you expect on the rest of their opinions.

Just ignore and keep doing your shit, man, we are cursed working on a creative field.
Bro, she using the god osu! tablet. The CTH-480

File: graphics tablet.jpg (109 KB, 1000x1000)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
always been a terrible artist but I wanted to start learning for fun. I used to puttz around in photoshop and illustrator when I was younger, so digital art has always been a bit more appealing to me.

considering grabbing a cheap tablet (a Huion H610PRO V2 since it seems to get good reviews despite being really cheap) and learning Kitra.

thoughts? suggestions? am I based, am I faggot?
go for it
I rather use Ps but whatever rocks your boat
Ps is okay but corel painting lets you use different types of papers and infinite brushes and finishes. CP is a program made by artists for artists, while PS is a program made by computer nerds for photo editing
ok ricardo...
only a tripfag would have such a dumb opinion
Krita is way better than anything Corel has ever done

File: after.jpg (228 KB, 750x1000)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
I want to make a "Before" photo that shows a rusty old door, or warped - unfitted wooden door, or no door.

Please send me a DM
File: 9678-5.jpg (51 KB, 640x480)
51 KB
Kind of like this, but it has to be at the same angle so I can create Before/After photo

If you ask why we don't just do a before/after photo ourselves - I don't know, I gave them a tripod for months now - they are too stupid
>please send me a DM
kik is bookbuster
c'mon pajeets
Not a single one of you pajeets want to do this? this is a paid gig

which one do you preffer, which one do you use?

>my favourite definitely is Vector Magic :)
this is fake
adobe is quite capable with such an incredibly simple shape and those ridiculous edges would not happen
>which one do you use?
I just trace over it with the pen-tool because I'm not retarded but for auto-tracing, yeah, vector magic is where it's at
i bet you buy everything off every advert you've ever seen too
>tfw fucking garbage with the pen tool

File: chris-do.jpg (49 KB, 1080x785)
49 KB
Your opinion on this guy?
Is he really one of the best?
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congrats, not everyone has access to a good education

He has done memorable work on the multimedial field.
File: 15894513450432.jpg (131 KB, 750x1000)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I've been working as a designer for almost 8 years now. The more time past, the more people I see, the more I convinced that it's not really important how good your work is, but rather how good and how expensive you can sell it.
I've seen geniuses without clients and garbage with millions views on socials. I don't really see anything special in his work, but if he inspires you, let it be.
He does generic shit, i dont think his designs are anything special but he is good at teaching and criticizing work.
Anyone has the Core strategy kit?

File: EricWardResume.png (225 KB, 2550x3300)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
Portfolios, business cards, resumes etc. Share 'em.

Here's my current resume. r8/h8/feedback?
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Really like your logo work Eric, but you're far from a being an Art Director.
Not Eric, but what are you basing this off of? I’m just trying to understand what you see or don’t see in his work that makes him not capable of this role.

If we’re talking titles, every company has there own sort of shenanigans pertaining to titles. I prefer the more traditional approach that older companies have seemed to maintain while some younger/new age companies tend to make everyone a creative director.
File: UpcomingNascarStar.jpg (1.01 MB, 2550x3300)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Here's my "current" resume. In the process of writing new descriptions that aren't so shit along with fixing my baseline grid.
impressive. hope you don't mind that i take a few ideas for mine's lol
oh also: mind sharing the display font name please?

File: EX0bc9WXQAER6SC.png (211 KB, 3000x3000)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
Anyone know how you achieve the same black and white pixel effect?
16 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: jez.png (38 KB, 655x411)
38 KB
like this?
yeah that looks great, how'd you do that
I did it in gimp, for the most part it was just playing around with the brightness and contrast before indexing and dithering the colours. For JC I also just put a high contrast, without dithering, layer on just for the pure black shadows.
die commie
This is fucking cool

File: creative.jpg (162 KB, 1579x874)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Are you creative designer o just steal from google other creatives designs?

>i'm not proud but, i steal from some stock indexed by google and i remove watermark to get it 100% free.
sorry :)
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
EVERYONE steals in some kind or another, that's just how culture works.
Now, be a big man and move on
60% of my work is stolen, the other 40% are completely original even tho some of it are pretty bad but im happy with what i made
File: C5hbl0AWgAEfYOf.jpg (176 KB, 900x1200)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
link to where they said that?

personally i never steal from other designers. I dont really look at graphic design in general for inspo. most actually decent designers dont i feel. copying shit off of behance or pinterest is something beginners do when they're still stuck on styles or how something looks as opposed as to design as an experience
nothing is stealing. copyright is a spook. we wouldn't have evolved if it werent for imitating eachothers behaviors and slightly modifying them and innovating on existing ideas.

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