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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

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File: 2o4ui.jpg (140 KB, 1643x863)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Working as a Graphic Designer but absolutely hate it, what's another career that a Graphic Designer can transition into?
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sounds niche, how do you even find a job doing that.
desu, I've learnt it, did an internship, and landed a job.
It's often done freelance, from home with occasional visits to the company, to talk to the people involved in the manufacturing and to try out the product, if possible.
My guess would be to look up a field you're interested in (mechanics, measurement technology, optics, automotive stuff, etc.) study some manuals and look for firms in your area that could be in need of some fresh datasheets, manuals, whatever. Offer your services. Go from there.
Or look up how you get into the work in the country where you live. Technical writer would be one job description in anglo countries, I suppose. Or look up how to get into technical documentation
Uh... Do prepress work at a print shop? Or that may be too similar for you.
Had a great remote packaging design job up until this morning. Corporate downsizing...gotta love it. I'll no doubt be transitioning to a new career in asking "want fries with that?" soon. Just kill me.
>ui or ux
AI will do that soon enough; no need for a braindead monkey to draw rectangles around a frame.

File: IMG-20220827-WA0001.jpg (57 KB, 777x1600)
57 KB
Is there a way to automatically populate a canvas with different images while using space as efficiently as possible? I print stickers and making these files by hand sucks. I saw a tool like this but for UV maps on steam a few years ago, so im certain there is something alike.
yes there is
Can you tell me the tool?
search packing problem and your favorite software or software you have access to
in industries and processes that need to do this the general terms for it are "nesting" and/or "ganging", if you search for "image nesting software" you'll find a bunch of specialized tools for different 2D graphic production and plotting processes like printing, laser and waterjet cutting, knife plotters, etc. and some design/ image editing software has this feature as well, but its more of a pre-press function than a design thing. For that reason some more production oriented printer and plotter control software will have that feature.
(Note that the terms "nest" and "nested" are also used to describe something different in some design software programs.)

This is a good print related overview-


example of printer software feature
Does your rip software not have a job nesting function?

File: breather.jpg (3.92 MB, 4000x4000)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB JPG
album art im working on. feedback? criticism? witticism? im going for kind of a late 90s/Y2K feel
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>im going for kind of a late 90s/Y2K feel

If you mean the look of something created by a complete amateur suddenly handed an amazing bit of technology that allowed them to easily overidulge in a vomitous cornucopia of "just because I can" layout, color and typographic choices then I think you nailed it.
File: dhg.png (6.97 MB, 2000x2000)
6.97 MB
6.97 MB PNG
your art reminds me of when i used to experiment with art like this, i say do color inverted sunflowers and just mess around with it
File: cvbcv.png (6.94 MB, 2000x2000)
6.94 MB
6.94 MB PNG
this looks cool

File: FoodScience1.jpg (582 KB, 3264x2448)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
Recently found a collection of over 500 35mm projector slides, taken by a design firm to showcase old packaging and promotional designs to customers. Most of the slides are undated but the ones that are range from the early 70s to 1980.
I've had a glance through them and some of the more notable designs the lot included are:
>Packaging for One A Day multivitamins, Kool-Aid, Michelob, Borden, VO5 shampoo, ThermoServ, Morton salt
>Multiple unused branding/logo redesigns for SeaPak
>Marketing presentation for Borg Warner
>Complete unused rebrand for Speedy Auto Service (apparently to Speedy Muffler King)
>Print advertising promoting Wisconson cheese
>Miscellaneous other packaging, logo, and advertising designs
A lot of it is very stylized, very 70s stuff. If anyone's interested in seeing some of it let me know, I don't have a scanner yet but I've been taking photos through a slide viewer for the moment.

Pic related is just a random slide from the lot
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These are pretty cool. Keep posting more please.
I would like to know more
Logopedia would love these.
I wish I could go back in time and btfo these designers.
these are fantastix

I'll start

If I give an image of a brunette, Can turn the brunette into a redhead without changing anything else? If so how?
No. Your pic will get blocked by the faces filter.
Also this could have been just a reply in one of the countless threads about pictures generating AIs like >>431215 rather than its own thread.
>If so how?
literally just open photoshop
How should the prompt be for that image and which settings are needed for that?
There are other AI programs to change haur color and other facial features that have existed for far longer, but you don't need an ai for that.

File: unnamed.png (19 KB, 512x512)
19 KB
thoughts on wix?
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It's a naughty word in German
It is good to create a draft and then send the draft to some guy on fiverr to recreate it in wordpress

figma is a big competitor to that since you can already export html+css from it via plugins
Seems to be slow on mobile.
what's figma :-DDDDDddddd
Figma is a n@ughty word in German, too

Tried 5 figma2html plug-ins and none of them worked properly

None of them were able to export a complex layout like this https://www.figma.com/community/file/1134537888561267984

File: Libbie 8ch gif.gif (958 KB, 512x655)
958 KB
958 KB GIF
How do i make this effect? I know it's called dithering, but specifically what type of dithering? And how do you make it animated?
File: 1.png (136 KB, 649x831)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
I made that image.
It's www (dot) dominik (dot) ws/art/movingdots/ on picrel.
The odds of you posting this right as I open up /gd/ are 0.0001%
No coincidences anon

Keep doing the God work

Does UI Designer have to do user research also?
No, that's our job. Your job is to make our stuff look pretty enough for the customer.
t. UX Designer
dont let these guys boss you around
Read your job description, its so rare that you find a place with mature UX principles and knows the difference between a Graphic Designer, an Interface Designer, an Interaction Designer and a User Experience Designer.

Just do your fucking job / what your boss asks until you find somewhere to work that does know the difference.
Academically, UI falls within the domain of UX as a UI change affects User Experience and should be informed by User Research. In reality, every company is going to split the workload according to how they see best fit.

I dont believe

Can someone make a quick logo

"Dimitri's Fight Club"
File: cute.png (91 KB, 720x340)
91 KB
This is one is on the house
not enough biceps.
otherwise 10/10
more like dimitri's steroids club
>tfw this guy is now a more successful artist than you are, thanks to AI shit

File: pipeman1.png (334 KB, 512x512)
334 KB
334 KB PNG


File: w23.jpg (367 KB, 900x786)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
I want this piece to be more wide and the aspect ratio to be preserved therefore the only way is to keep drawing this scene to show a bit more of field, since I can't contact original artist what are my options?
Can this be done?
could dall-e 2 do it?
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woha thank you so much you are a pro
File: 1658602547104521_02.png (2.41 MB, 1272x1272)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB PNG

best I can do for now. some artefacts if you are looking for them.
thank you so much it's better than good
>if the image has a 1:1 aspect ratio, and you want to make it wider, it won't be 1:1 anymore.

What part of
>"maintain aspect ratio"
-do you not understand?
>open photoshop
>expand canvas in whatever direction
>content aware fill
>clean up

I know that I'm late since the big boom about this was a couple of weeks ago, but perhaps someone could answer me this?

Was there anywhere shared what he typed out in the prompt?

Also wheres the original competition rules, he just printed out the png and sent it in, wouldnt they require the original, how does that work:?

File: FOHBOJNVUAECNNP.jpg (52 KB, 720x607)
52 KB
Ok anons it is that time of the year, give me tips to find a good /gd/ internship, can't be remote, last year was a hard find beacuse of covid but year its probably gonna be all of them shutting so. need tips on how to find one before that happens

File: mother-effing bomborrito.png (3.42 MB, 1920x1080)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB PNG
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it's good OP. made me kek
damn, you absolutely owned that pathetic loser
whats with the straw sticking out of the tac....errr BOMBORRITO
white schizoid poster
it's a skewer, the anon from pol that suggested it said it should have a "skewer with brightly colored shredded plastic on it so it looks like a toothpick", which i didn't really understand so i just added a skewer and a label that says it contains microplastics

currently designing and implementing a concept for a website in html/css/js

im happy with most of the UI i created, but certain elements just keep looking "off" despite my attempts to make them clean and "material design" looking.

for example this colorful triple input pic related
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
with this modal i'm reasonably content with the "add payment method" aspect, but the resource package selector at the top looks wierd once again? wtf is wrong with me, ive been doing this for years and i still suck at this shit?
The purple outline is too saturated and inconsistent with the green and black. The bold text should be one color.
I typed a long post but 4chan fucked up.

Basically a lot of elements aren't centered in the blank spaces you placed them in.
Many objects aren't centered which immediately screams amateur, you should enable visible grid lines in pink or cyan while proofing.

You've got distracting drop shadows that don't make sense, almost as if you've drop shadowed elements you accidentally left on layers.

Your options don't have a toggle indicator, a binary option like "add funds/ withdraw funds" should look something like a light switch, otherwise people will thing they can only do one after doing the other.

Greyed out options are for procedures, light switch options are for binary choices.

Your not using a unified palate and that immediately shows.
When you make a palate color lighter or darker it's not the same color any more and doesn't fit on your palate any more.

The icons for sample/ offer /auction look odd because they share the same space on the mini page.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This blue box isn't centered and I don't know where the fuck the purple drop shadow is coming from, there's no purple even on the page.
they honestly look fine. after staring at lierally anything youve made for hours it starts to 'fake' and amateurish.

open up alot of very popular websites that you use all the time and really look at them. youll notice of them look gay and cheesy also

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