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File: kerning poll thread.png (956 KB, 4000x4000)
956 KB
956 KB PNG
Kerning the Cat Polls and Discussions
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Poll will be closing tommorrow night, be sure to get your votes in
votes about what?
badly designed posts that dont lead to clicks out?
>needs a jewgle sign-in
It is what it is, I don't know if its possible to conduct a poll another way without running the risk of extreme rigging
i vote this is gay

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I think it is technically a nice attempt at simplyfying it, but I just don't see the merit of doing it in the first place. I like the historically charged 'deeper' meaning the original holds.
like. going with trends is for companies that offer fashionable gimmicks.
but an institution should show stability and 'proven historical competency'.
not that I am trying to judge these aspects of the institution, but it is just what I personally prefer in logos like this one.
I guarantee a jew created this
>flat and minimalist because the VA hardly works at all
Fitting I guess
I didn't know what VA means.
Good thing the patch on the left actually says what it is. If it had just been the logo on the right, I wouldn't know.
This new logo is shown nowhere on the website.

File: SCR-20230829-oanm.png (612 KB, 1280x695)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
I want to crop ±1000 pictures in multiple sizes for different purposes. (socials, website, so my luddite colleagues don't ask me to do it again and again)

You can achieve this in PS with recorded actions I suppose but that would still require a lot of framing.
I've found a Figma plugin "hypercrop" that is content aware and seems to do the job.

Is there anything else I could use, or how would you take on this challange?
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cool! thanks for updating!!
Figma balls
File: figma balls.jpg (90 KB, 780x588)
90 KB
figma balls lmao!!!
File: figma_pkmnRed.jpg (129 KB, 650x730)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
the hell are you all talking about?

Why is AI "art" so suspiciously hyped up by talentless hacks and coomers? It's not even real art, it's just generated from thousands of pre-obtained datas from the artworks of human artists WITHOUT their permission. And yet whenever you see it online, the tasteless niggers would swarm in and praise it like the Second Coming of Christ. (I hate the Antichrist)
What are you thoughts on this, anons?
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File: 00000-641356662.png (1.06 MB, 800x800)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
I just want to generate cute stuff, it's also interesting to fumble around trying to figure out how it all works
AI is being pushed so hard because it's the only thing big tech has left. after this they have literally no new gimmick to get globo investors excited.
10 years ago they had a dozen different things that were "the future". Most of those things either found their niche or died off. This is the only thing bugmen can still show to people to be like "look! progress!"
If you look at how delusional some of the (not art related) things they're trying with it are, it really puts into perspective how poor AI really is.
It's being pushed because it's the only thing they can do with it. Literally all the other use cases are pie in the sky nonsense or completely meaningless cope.
when talking ai you talking machine learning? or like actually the concept of 'whatever sooner or later will be part of achieving agi'?
because there are some additional decent uses for ml.
alpha fold, chatgpt, heygen video dubbing, probably self driving cars, hardware-agnostic programming (and likely more).
like. I don't think what you are saying about it never going to grow beyond being a gimmick to be true...
>probably self driving cars
The fact that you're not certain when thats one of the oldest use cases for machine learning says it all.
I'm not saying it won't grow beyond a gimmick. but it's also not going to revolutionize every single thing to nearly the extent soikaf valley says it will. They'll find a handful of usecases for it and then that's it.
okay so literally everything you are saying is pointless.

>new gimmick to get globo investments but not saying it wont grow beyond gimmick
>they can only do art but it will just not revolutionize *e v e r y t h i n g*
>cherrypicks one out of literally 5 examples I have given, indicating it would be a universal example without saying *why*

please just think about what you are even trying to say or just let it be, you opportunistic cunt.

oh /gd/ i have a question!!

is going to college for design really worth it? i've heard from multiple people (graphpic designer family friends / strangers) that a portfolio usually matters more than a formal education and i'm just looking to know how true that is.

i don't really want to sink 2-4 years into going to school for a career that probably won't even be fulltime in a decade LMAO
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hi it's me the Original Poster. thank you for your Actual Good Reply

>First is it gives you an opportunity to find a mentor
that's mainly why i'm considering it. i'm young and i have a lot to learn. as proud i am of the things i make i know there are areas i can improve and i Want to. i just wanna know if college is the way to go for that or if i should consider other options. and if so what those options are.

>Second is it opens you up to network
also very important to me as i struggle to find clients as (currently) a freelancer

>Lots of self taught massively overestimate their abilities, because they had no one to give them proper criticisms.
criticism is what i want. (not 4chan criticism i'd kill myself) i want to have a professional tell me what i'm doing wrong and how i can be better at what i like to do.

my main question: for the purposes of professional experience and networking, what, besides college/university, are other totally viable options?

thanks for replying anonymous you a homie for that
Yes, the goal of a private institution is to refine your abilities.

You can still achieve notoriety, or infamy, if that is what you are looking for.

I enjoy what you've got going on here.
Are you rich? sure. Not rich? Don't waste your time and money for a degree in a shit career filed where you don't even need a degree.
thank you for your insight anon
If you don't go to school for networking, you need to find peers elsewhere. Look into finding a critique group/designer community online - you could take an online course (it's an expense but far more reasonable than a degree) and keep in touch. Be gracious to everyone you connect with.

File: DEMISE LOGO v1.png (122 KB, 4000x1896)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
For some black metal project but i like to dabble in band logo's. it's a bit basic but i dig it.
wonky proportions
all the flourish is bit timid and disappears
Is your logo just an existing font face and some image of a skull you also didn't make?
Setting aside the hopelessly monotonous nature of the graphic style associated with metal band logos...

Objectively, the sharp pointy elements being adapted into the extended serifs on the M and I combined with the extreme leftward tilt of the ascender on the D all combine to make it read "bemuse".

It's certainly not as tortuous to decipher as a lot of amateur metal logos, but since evoking feelings or torture and despair are the whole point of this shtick that may or may not be a good thing; plenty of bands go for maximum unreadability and their fans think its badass.

But it would seem that "bemuse" would be less than fully evocative of gruesome metallic fury unleashed on a damaged world by legions of Beelzebub's warriors riding flame-winged hellbeasts while the Raven's cries for mercy go unanswered, so maybe some tweaking is in order.
Make the skull way bigger
make it yourself instead of slapping images you found online to a red canvas with a font you Also didn't make and calling it work

I want to make a website, and while I don't want anything fancy (because fancy is annoying and distracting), I need to pick colors that would be most readable in any conditions.

What i've figured out so far that if you're dealing with dark theme, shorter wavelength colors (closer to blue) are harder to read due to scattering (doubt?) and shit sensitivity of our eyes to blue light. Green also kinda sucks because it gets scattered too, but not as much as blue, and our eyes can distinguish shades of green really well.
Other thing I've figured out is that white themes are much more readable in direct sunlight on any device that uses LCD, because light gets through the LCD and bounces back, which doesn't happen if background is black.
And third thing I've figured out is that color blind simulators are pretty good, not just from point of accessibility, but as a side effect, 100% functional eye would have much easier time distinguishing colors, if shit passes color blind test.

Still, I can't pick color palette. Especially white one, cuz I've contrast issues. Any ideas? Maybe tips?
File: clist.png (221 KB, 1012x988)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Just copy a site you like and don't worry about it.

Post em schizos
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That's fucking dope. How are you getting this Xerox effect? Surely you got a link to your other stuff.
stop romanticising your fake mental illness
or at least, intentionally self-induced
it's really gay
Some people draw shit cus its fun and/or helps them explore ideas and emotions.
"Cringe" is pretentious gatekeeping.
Not exactly, and it's fine to show if you don't know what I'm using it for.

this is the worst shit ever why do companies keep using this "style"
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
cause it's ugly, ugly is good now
It's called 'Globohomo'
>no skill required
>culturally absent
>racially absent
>all inclusive
well that's what it's intended to be anyways, for the goyim of course. But, as most things 'globalist', 'international' or just outright ugly, it's really just jewish.
What you are looking at whenever you see this 'artform' is the true expression of the jewish soul; the most disgusting, repulsive soul of them all.
You're either blind or you never use any product owned by Google, Meta or Microsoft.
The real reason is it works on a variety of screen sizes with no loss in quality. It's also easy to animate.
Why would anyone?

File: true.jpg (116 KB, 1756x1028)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
I got a 3 day ban from /lit/ so I have been browsing other boards dedicated to the arts. It seems out of all of them, /gd/ is the most well-read and knowledgeable. Why is this?

Also, there are a few schizos of note who are still browsing /po/, but I believe their minds are too far gone to produce anything of subtsance.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
ive seen no indication of this 'well read' of which you speak
File: 1583910145194.jpg (410 KB, 2000x2000)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
Actual IQ by board
th-thank you!(!)

oh - erhm - and w-welcome!
it wasn't necessary for you to bring tea and cookies with you. we so much appreciate your manners!
please feel free to make yourself comfortable. - will meet you in one of the rooms.
oh, and - we are happy to have you here
File: 1621392906752.jpg (19 KB, 638x676)
19 KB
A lot of of regulars on this board are larpers.
Not really designers.

I'm not even talking about third worlders being logo factories on fiverr or upwork. It's shit job that pays for peanuts but at least they're doing something.
I'm talking about actual no-design people who's only played around with GIMP for 30 minutes, doesn't have a vector editor installed and have never worked for a single actual PAYING client, regardless of amount, in their entire life.

Also there's this one schizo guy lost from /x/
alright nevermind this board is full of weird fags

I dont know if this is the proper place to ask but im trying to print a HUGE wallpaper, like 3 meters by 3 meters and every image i find gets retardedly stretched at that size, even after upscaling them a fair bit, where can i get images made for this?
any vector file would work
vector? for something like picrel?! sure - technically vector is losslessly scalable. but it still consists of flat shapes that will be increasingly visible at larger scales.
I am not sure you should translate a painting into vector... vector is made for very different use cases...

dude needs source images with incredibly high pixel density. there is no way around it if they don't want shit to look cheap and amateurish
You want a halftone. Convert to dots and scale as you please.

File: accept.png (22 KB, 721x469)
22 KB
High prominence game ui.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, good at looking like shit
>movemovemove move mo ve m o v e
only decent thing about it but it needs work
scrap the rest
accept and move on
the little triangles are flipped the wrong way, looks like you just copied it and rotated it and now the thick part is facing the other way
a little busy,,
straight dogshit, my guy

File: Capture.png (794 KB, 1172x676)
794 KB
794 KB PNG
before the year end whats the most graphic design trend that just worked for 2023

ive been seeing a lot of high contrast designs lately

File: interrobang.png (659 KB, 889x711)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
Best programs to make fonts, specifically .ttf?
I use FontForge + AI
it works for me

File: Untitled-2.jpg (215 KB, 1404x883)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Trying to come up with a logo for a board strategy game club (mainly Go and Chess but other zero-luck board games too). Looking for inspiration, anyone got any good designs for similar things?
(Initials are ΕΣ for Επιτραπέζια Στρατηγική, or Tabletop Strategy in Greek, hence the incorporation of that in the designs)
Rotate it 90 degrees, sort of like a chess piece design
Hey you're right! And the other way is a house. I don't know what to do with this information

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