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File: itsover.png (116 KB, 519x484)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
wtf am I? Lol
You're trash, also wrong thread

File: 20220429_170539.jpg (2.41 MB, 4000x3000)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB JPG
How the fuck do I draw human faces man? I've never done anything art related, I want to draw people. Any help appreciated
learn anatomy
Learn how to see
>I've never done anything art related
>I want to draw people
wrong board
you're a joke
fuck off
Draw skulls, the rest will flow
Youtube drawing tutorials. Practice.

>Steve Jobs paid $100,000 for this
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File: next gen-01.png (93 KB, 750x957)
93 KB
Thanks for teaching me what modern design looks like.
looks technically really well executed and the colors all work. maybe the typography could use some tiny adjusting but it's otherwise pretty good
Make the rounded corners more consistent (try to make it as rounded as the text too) and gaps more uniform looking. And you'll be good to go.
Digital marketing agencies will eat this shit up.
there are 2 bites

Can you tell me how this “moving” effect was done?
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post frames
Surprised you didn't get a proper answer yet as the technique is quite popular.

It's a distortion effect which you can do very easily in After Effects.

Here is the easiest tutorial I've found online:
But how do you make it a gif instead of a video?

Is there another way to do this without AE?
Sorry, I'm mostly familiar with Adobe software. But with AE, you can export to .mp4 and then use any .mp4 to .gif converter online.
File: giphy_s.gif (61 KB, 480x287)
61 KB
photoshop/timeline/frame animation/export/gif

Hey guys. I'm from a bygone era where people cherished traditionally made graphic design (like old movie paintings). Any examples of intricate or less throwaway styles?
No good pic on this PC.
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no such thing as traditional graphics design its always been in constant motion
With the context of the rest of the post you can easily see what he means by traditional graphics design. Clearly he means pre-digital editing. Stop being an insufferable cunt.
>With the context of the rest of the post you can easily see what he means by traditional graphics design. Clearly he means pre-digital editing.

Its not really clear at all, he gives "old movie paintings" as an example but that's illustration, not "graphic design".

And no, it's not a nit picky or inconsequential difference, in the case of an old movie poster or book cover with a hand painted or drawn illustration there may have been no "editing" involved in the creative design process of selecting type styles/colors, locating it and other elements etc. What's more, where mockups and revisions that meet the descrpition of "editing" might have been involved, they were nothing more than manual tasks that digital editing emulates and literally uses the same terms for: cutting, pasting, masking using layers of material, transparencies, etc.

Duplicating various elements, reversing them, adjusting colors and contrast/brightness, opacity, etc. used to require camera and darkroom work but again those capabilities were always available and digital emulations do the same thing...regardless, that isn't really "graphic design" either.

Also FWIW when cheap and easy darkroom work became available in the graphics and printing and sign/advertising industries in the film era, purists whined about *that* too, the same way they bemoan digital composition. In between, when plotters that could cut vinyl or make pounce patterns were used to cut films and pounce patterns, they cried about the bygone era of tracing and hand cutting film masks too.
Smokyjai is that you?

File: Ring-Close-Up-Fabric.jpg (774 KB, 2000x2000)
774 KB
774 KB JPG
It's like a perspective ring thingy that doesn't look quite right. What do you all think?
Texture on the surface of the ring looks lower quality then the backdrop.
(lack of) shading on the vertical wall of the hole at the top doesn't match the rest of the light direction/shading
File: MSON-V2.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
Yeah, I think I really need to practice shading and lighting more. I'm barely starting to get it.

Got another one for you to take a look at.
Shading on the handle has similar issues, and the light dispersion under and around the lens is off...nothing wrong with simplifying what would happen in
IRL and leaving out parts that would interfere with the text, but the light passing through the lens would be more focused in a smaller circle than the bezel shadow, not dispersed and diffused in a pool all around the lens. (Think of how you start a fire with a magnifying lens, it goes to a point, not out) Glass and water and other transparent substances are some of the hardest things to do accurately, and sometimes perfect accuracy in depictions of them works against legibility so finding that balance just adds to the difficulty.
I would recommend using 3D software if you want realistic rendering of objects, then work with effects in Photoshop afterwards.

How do agencies get paid MILLIONS of dollars to make a logo? Is it legit? Is it a cover for something else? Do they get these contracts just because they pay someone in the client’s company a bribe under the table using the funds they earned from the project? This sounds bizarre and the only ones being paid millions are big name agencies who aren’t any better than designers online
i want to know too
"Oh, I am a multimillion dollar company and need to rebrand so we can prepare for a repositioning on the market. I need some business who can:
- keep secret
- have the money to pay if it leaks
- have a portfolio of working with big business like me
- have the ability to manage different kinds of research and focus groups

I can keep going but you get the idea. It is not only "let's update the riot logo". The new logo is just the final product, among every interaction of it. But what makes you get the job in the first place is having the personel and resource to defend it."
One of the big reasons is that design is a field that shouldn't be paid hourly, but by the value it creates for the client. This notion is broken when designers or clients wants hourly rates or when designers provides cheap labor on websites like Fiverr. Stop doing that shit and learn the value of your work.

Watch this video in its entirety and it should all come together.

Does someone know a similar font to the red one, for commercial use
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I've never seen the exact typeface, but I know of one that feels similar named Univox:

You could also try a light version of Microgramma:
Thank you <3
Also try Air Conditioner

It’s not a typeface; it’s hand lettering.

File: Fun Slides.png (165 KB, 960x540)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Newb at graphic design, did this just for fun and as a learning experience

Design Choices:
-> Circular shapes to provoke a sense of community and positivity
-> Pink color to signal relaxation and peacefulness
-> Chose a picture of Hitler smiling ofc and a playful typeface
-> Hitler looking towards the right at the message and the two smaller circular shapes on the right leads the audience's eyes towards the message

I hope this design is decent but it is pretty generic anyways
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why the fuck do i come to this board
A lot of words to just say "i think i'm hot shit"
>I hope this design is decent
Your “design” is trash, I’m sorry
Cool powerpoint template bro
File: download (3).jpg (1.04 MB, 1509x1000)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
The only thing Hitler did right was going after Bahaus, because if he had succeeded, modern design wouldn't exist, and I wouldn't have to deal with OP's thread and his awful design.

File: 1642536537621.jpg (87 KB, 976x850)
87 KB
why are graphic designers on youtube so ugly? they have bad haircuts, ugly t-shirts and some have an ugly face too.
Isn't design supposed to be beautiful? then how can I trust people who are so ugly giving me advice?
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File: Sprockets.jpg (37 KB, 612x406)
37 KB
ugliness is rewarded by the regime, and all artists have to be whores to the current regime if they want to eat
Most graphic designers are ugly

File: e sellib.jpg (67 KB, 1500x500)
67 KB
Man, the new Sonic logo sure took a strange direction for the rebrand.
That logotype is so fucking bad. What were they thinking?
wait, this isn't some amateur design or a 4chan troll?


You know what I see, Anon? That we're gonna make it, brother. If garbage like this can pass in a corporate atmosphere, the actual up-and-comers of this design generation should be able to redefine design as it's known, because frankly- that retarded logo just isn't it.

Hey guys, do any of you have like a personal identity you use to advertise yourself as a designer? Like a name, logo, etc? I'm working on it at the moment and I'm kind of stuck on thinking what kind of image I want to project. Any help or tips or anything would be nice, also show yours if you want
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are you a queer?
if not have 2 personal brands
the non queer one should obviously not be your name
>first year
first year of having any sense of style or aesthetic? can't you pull together a designer identity from your own life of looking at things and liking or not liking?
You're a faggot op is just asking a question
I'm working on a clothing brand. Most of it is finding your style and seeing your understanding of "branding " come to getter in the final act
Back print

File: 1642206725610.jpg (198 KB, 550x756)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Post what you like.
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File: 1648765003742.jpg (234 KB, 736x1122)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
File: 1647374110107.jpg (73 KB, 610x535)
73 KB
File: 18212501.jpg (481 KB, 850x1129)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
File: motorstorm.png (550 KB, 715x442)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
sorry that i couldn't find a better resolution. shits fire though
I still can't tell if this is drawn that way or video game models posed and then with specific filters and effects properly utilized to produce the final result.

Doing some funky stuff on the HUD of Devil May Cry 3. For those who play the game, this is the Style icon for the Doppelganger Style.

I think it's pretty obvious I did the top one first, being the more rounder iteration. Basically went with the Uroborus symbolism. The spheres there can't be moved so I drew the two dragons separately. The heads started off slightly different, but I added the most differences on the smaller details of their bodies and the wings.

Once finished, I kinda thought it might look interested rotated and slightly skewed sorta like on the Sonic Adventure 2 logo and so I distorted the shit out of it, so it does look a bit odd here and there but.

As a HUD element that will stay on the top left hand of the screen only when the Doppelganger Style is picked, either one looks cool, but what do you guys think?
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I'm a little bitch for circles
Went with A
I like this, look super oldschool

File: FQdXW8yVUAQQpNn.jpg (263 KB, 1661x1223)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Does anyone here know how to make scanned graphics be... "smother"? I mean, for example, fix the background into one white color instead of having it like this?
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u can use this option to select similar colors to the whites in the background and delete them then
nice pic btw
File: Difference.jpg (137 KB, 1252x417)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
This looks much better. Thank you, I'll try to use that.
File: CropCrop.png (362 KB, 768x1024)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
See attached for a quick GIMP guide I threw together. LMK if you have questions.
Not OP, but you are a very kind anon

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