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File: pixil-frame-0 (62).png (23 KB, 700x700)
23 KB
Thats it... I started pixel art to make this piss abomination
File: Shopper0000.png (337 B, 32x64)
337 B
337 B PNG
Me too.

Anyone know a reliable source for me to download ccmaker I'm trying to get After Effects
just pirate after effects individually.
I tried to get utorrent so I could but it wouldn't download, I'll try bittorrent
Get one from 1337x
And use qbittorrent only from now on
If you couldn't download it's probably because there's no peers from where you're trying to download
Thanks anon

>step up your game, anon. I expect those 500 nail salon page designs on my table by tomorrow morning
that pic is telling the truth
File: 1603908151487.jpg (51 KB, 506x314)
51 KB
bosses should be killed
This was actually me 5 years ago. Do graphic design for a big company is a nightmare job - glad I got out of it alive.
replace that with slightly altered phone case designs for 8 different phone models for 10 different designs per IP with a list of those as long as your arm .....uuuugh X(

and thats not to mention the tshirts, mugs, mousemats etc

only way Id go back to in-house would be for a dedicated studio or maaaybe a big company doing something I actually cared about.
This applies to all professions, give or take. The larger the company, the more expendable you are, and the harder they can work you. That being said, it's a particular issue in creative fields, as more often than not the person giving the orders has no earthly concept of what goes into it.

File: monitor.jpg (233 KB, 1108x1220)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Hello, i'm looking to buy a new monitor. I'm a graphic design student and for the longest time I've been using a really shit one. Pic related.

Anyone have a recommendation around 400 euro or can someone tell me what to look for in a monitor?

Thanks in advance
I am currently using the LG 24MP58VQ for quite some time and it is pretty good, and it is cheap, but I am thinking about buying a bigger one with better resolution. I do work for packaging design, for context.
I mainly look if they are IPS besides recomendations from friends. I do not like curved monitors and I would REALLY recommend you using two monitors. The second one can be a cheaper one (or your old one) so you can keep him as a reference and chat support monitor. I prefer two than a ultrawide.
AOC 24G2 if you're also into vidya gaming. it's highly recommended by tech people for production, too. accurate colors + IPS panel. i'm unsure where in yurop you are but this monitor costs around 210 USD and you might be able to afford 2.
I've no monitor suggestions but I back up what this says re two monitors. Your old monitor is probably a great second monitor for GD because it would let you see how things look in a different (read: cheaper) colour set, as well as increasing your work area

File: 4cn.jpg (28 KB, 635x179)
28 KB
How would I go about imitating the font on the left in mspaint?
with patience?
>type out sentence in whatever base font
>select all
>grow selection by a few pixels
>fill with colour in new layer
>select text once more
>cut selection out of the fill layer
>apply neon filter to fill layer and remove text

Just off the top of my head, haven't touched GIMP in 5 years or so.

File: thumbnail.png (2.67 MB, 1920x1080)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB PNG
I was working on a video about Onision, but gave up because it's a dead horse that's been beaten so many times all that remains is bloody pulp. Here's the thumbnail I made if anyone wants it
thanks for making a whole thread to show us this absolute crap, we appreciate it
I'm a newfag to /gd/ and didn't know where else to post it. You're welcome
there is a "what are you working on" thread
Good job, OP. What were you going to do for the 'I'm a banana' arc of his life?
Too much noise mate. This looks decent at full size, but realise this will take up about a tenth of your screen when in practice.
then again, I'm not really up on my Onision lore, dunno if all of that would be eminently recognisable

File: 4chan gd ad post.png (30 KB, 1200x627)
30 KB
Hey guys, I'm doing a digital marketing internship and am new to ad development. I'm trying to make a graphic to insert in a LinkedIn post that advertises the online course and briefly outlines what it's about.

It clearly isn't finished and I was wondering if you guys had any advice or suggestions on how I can improve the ad, designs I can add to it, etc. I know Photoshop, but nothing about industry-level ad development.
step 1 is dont make a fucking typo in it
Get a bunch of references first. Then you will realise what elements you like and you can produce similar elements on your ad.
use simple language that can be translated easily into foreign markets

File: 71hS-sYZusL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (128 KB, 1354x918)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
I have a family member talented at pencil drawing who I want to get them something for xmas as they are interested in getting into digital drawing. I have only basic knowledge about this, I see 'wacom' thrown a around a lot, but a lot of similar looking tablets for a fraction of the price.

I have a dell laptop that is a touch screen, can this work, or is there something 'better' about those drawing tablets?

Any info, thank you.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: WacomBambooSplash.jpg (9 KB, 436x336)
9 KB
These kinds of tablets do have advantages over your laptops touch screen. For example -
The tablets have pressure control
You can put your hands on the screen without it spazzing out
The drawing surface is going to be better and more durable then a laptops touch screen
They offer a more natural drawing position
They have convenient and programmable shortcut buttons

There are probably more pros to them but i have limited experience to be honest and i don't draw that much,
if money is somewhat of an issue you can get a drawing surface instead of a screen,
however it takes some getting used to but its fine for a start.
I have the Wacom bamboo splash currently and its fine for what it is but i would definitely recommend something bigger and with buttons.
Is that a screen or just touch pad?

Thanks for the answers anon.
Any more you can share?
there's a thread on /ic/ about tablets. i am also looking for one. the decision is between a tablet with or without a screen & your budget.
check out this thread and ask with your specs/budget
The one that i posted is just a touch pad but it only works with the dedicated pens and not fingers, the pen has 2 buttons on it that rests under your thumb, it is a rocker style button kind of like the singular volume control on some phones, by default they are right click and middle click but you can remap them, if you are doing casual work using the buttons is fine but if you like to hold the pen by the very bottom then you'll have to readjust your grip to use them so that's why buttons on the pad itself help tremendously.
The pen gets tracked even if you move it in the air just above the drawing surface but only up to a short distance, and you dont have to recharge the pen also the pens have what's called nibs which is a soft plastic tip that get worn over time that you'll need to replace, but it's easy as you just pull it out with a tool, tweezers also work.
One last thing, there are 2 ways to set up the drawing pad, one is like a conventional mouse or like a track pad so lift move drag until you reach what you needed.
The second is far more intuitive, where the drawing pad represents your computer's screen, so you just hover the pen to where it needs to be and it just snaps there. If you are messing around like me a small drawing surface is fine, if you are doing fine work then a bigger surface is better.
With these drawing pads THE USABLE DRAWING AREA IS NOT THE SAME SIZE AS THE PHYSICAL THING, one some its bigger one some its smaller depends on the model, with mine the height of the usable area is about 5 fingers and the height of the pad itself is about the length of a galaxy s9+.
I'm a retard so I need to clarify and add a few things, if you lift the pen off the surface it will still get tracked through the whole area but you cant lift it up too high, it is a number that the manufacturer lists, again im retarded with numbers but on mine it's around up to half an inch off of the surface.
What can help deciding which one to get can depend on what type of drawing tools you use as in pencils, charcoal, brushes, etc. I believe some non screen drawing surfaces are advertised as having a paper feel, cant talk too much on how true it is but can be a benefit if you work mainly with pencils.

These are all of the things that I learned while using the pic that I posted above, havent used any other ones, maybe try /g/ also, either way this should provide enough knowledge for you to look at different reviews for yourself.

how is this modern and appealing
holy shit thats so true lol
File: 16038715843102.png (23 KB, 990x223)
23 KB
Google, ladies and gentlemen.
They want you to know that you are working under one company
>>commie cunts attempting to design
what could go wrong?

Is this properly retrofied? I know the dimensions are the biggest problem but wanted to know
Looks good to me
It’s your art, if you’re asking it means you’re unsure.
If you’re unsure you may need to clear your mind of it, come back and look with fresh eyes.
I'd add a little more shading, at least outside to the upper text... the title seems somewhat blank, could maybe add a little inner glow?

File: DCP.png (83 KB, 1080x1080)
83 KB
Sup guys, I'm helping a friend with a logo for his personal project and he wanted a mill with a wireframe effect. The wireframe represents that he's a developer and the mill represents our city. Any suggestions?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I liked it a lot, but I would touch the colors a bit, unless those have some meaning about your city or whatever.
Also, the body need some kind of fix. I dig the idea of leaving a blank space and I do know that it is important, but I do think that the white space is a lot on the body part (dark red) of the windmill, and it becomes aparent when this image is reduced.

Also, make some tests with the lines on the wireframe part in a single color. Maybe it will bring more the idea of wireframe.
I kinda like it, but the yellow is a bit off. It's and the whole palette looks a bit dull. But apart from that, solid work brother
File: Untitldsedfd-1.jpg (334 KB, 2793x1204)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Little bit thicker lines of witeframe and make sure they all have same width. Cool logo tho, maybe a bit overdetailed/complex but its ok
Maybe a bit generic, but try Proxima Nova or Gotham Pro
dick cock penis?

File: 1566409228823.gif (259 KB, 600x600)
259 KB
259 KB GIF
Cool site i found
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
absolutely beautiful, so fluid.

This is pure magic to my eyes, it seems like He uses Python and math formulas to create these renderings.
where do you find this shit
hmm anyone know how they do it?
Looks like a reversed overlapping logistic maps.

video explaining it

File: chad.jpg (41 KB, 282x500)
41 KB
I'm a junior at university right now, majoring in 'Media Arts'. I cannot find an internship or entry level job at my level. Apparently every college, employer, tom, dick, and harry have different terminology for 'Media Arts', which makes looking online a pain in the ass.

Internships are also asking for a fucking lot from unpaid student interns. "Please be Master level proficient with Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Maya 3D, and Audition. Extensive experience managing social media campaigns and marketing. Full stack developer knowledge is a plus!" What the fuck? I thought internships were supposed to be about letting college retards like myself get real world experience, and they want me to be their entire web dev/social media/marketing team? For free? For 20 hours a week? I'll happily do your unfulfilling gruntwork and be some graphic design or video production assistant for free so I can learn real world skills, but I can't even find any jobs or internships like that.
>he fell for the uni scam

don’t worry bud i’m with you. just focus on freelancing, were nearing the end of capitalism and these frivolous art jobs aren’t gonna last much longer anyways

File: Untitfdfled-3fdfd.jpg (279 KB, 622x798)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
How to achieve this?
Id say fuck around with cameraRAW filter

File: 9354-434.jpg (423 KB, 1508x1508)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
Are there any acceptable non-client based projects that I can do to still build up a portfolio?
I've been doing /gd/ related stuff for a years, but I don't really have much to to show for a portfolio because a lot of it was deleted and others are just not seemingly professional enough projects, but now I would like to build one up.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If you want real clients you can go to a charity, foster care, or some other small organization and do something for them for free. It will be a real client, you will help people and will boost your resume

Or you can get some big brand and improve something from them, or create something they don't have. I mean, you can get Schweppes and make a different packaging, a different flavour, a new case, etc

Most important of all is to show the process on your portfolio. WHY you did that, WHY this typography, WHY the colors, etc, and most important of all, WHY you came to those conclusions.
thanks, this is very helpful
>Most important of all is to show the process on your portfolio. WHY you did that, WHY this typography, WHY the colors, etc, and most important of all, WHY you came to those conclusions.
huh? what exactly are you talking about?
Explaining the process and the reasoning. You can't decide a color, tipography, site workflow, etc just because "It looks good".
Like: "As the Brand is kids focused, we chose the X tipography for text and X for headlines because the round edges make it look more friendly and fun". It is just sample text, and It is shitty, but i think you got the idea

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