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File: SDIO_x64_R728_8rgrw9Wfsw.png (806 KB, 1824x1406)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
I consider Snappy Driver Installer Origin to be the peak user interface design.

This theme is called Sky clouds
File: SDIO_x64_R728_ppJyKoPEYZ.png (567 KB, 2055x1406)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
This one is called Green blue

But what actually sets it apart and elevates its UX above professional designs of many commercial shareware products and web based things is the virtue of not being written in something like Flutter or Electron, but C++ and custom made native UI toolkit so it opens immediately, and is very responsive to mouse and keyboard input.

Some say it may look like garbage, but applications performance provides elevated UX above some webshit thing running within Chrome.

How does it feel that your most thoughtful pixel-perfect Invision/Sketch/XD wireframes drawn with the best of effort cannot provide user experience benefits of performance-optimized native toolkit and (relatively) low-level language written software made by a UI design amateur?
File: JO4SP2qhS1.png (574 KB, 1117x869)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
This horrible looking shitware is another example. It may look a little odd, but it will never ever stutter, lag, throw an update notification or fail to do things that it's programmed to do. Probably written in rock-solid C89, last updated in 2007, has ~25 years of backwards compatibility on Windows and works with UPS devices manufactured a week ago.

How much of a meme is "UX/UI Design"? How detached is it from actual software development?
Also this is how more websites should be designed - fairly effortlessly.

(This guy is a giant memelord but he has a point.)
Forgot the memeurl: https://based.cooking/

How do I grow on instagram?
I just started but it seems impossible to gain any followers, I see every other account with 200+ likes on their first upload
Should I make videos? Mass follow?
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my favorite is all the cunts who unfollow you when you dont follow back
Unless you want to make money, I'd suggest avoiding this line of thinking.

I have less than 100 followers on my main account but they're mostly people whose work and opinion I value, so I'm perfectly fine with that. I also post like once a year.

I've tried making pro accounts but got bored out of it pretty fast because 99% of people on Instagram will only post emojis in the comments. It's not a place to connect with people but rather to show off.

That being said, what I've found to bring followers in is being active every day; posting often, giving likes, following people whose work you admire and posting funny or constructive comments (especially in the ads, lots of people unrelated to you will see these). I didn't get any use out of the stories, I feel like only bots watch them.

Setting a high visual standard helps. I don't know what you're into, but I've found that a lot of people on Instagram rely only on their phones for taking pictures. Using a camera and proper software will put you in a different league almost instantly. Instagram is mostly about eye-candy, so try to make your subjects appealing and make use of the fact that most phones nowadays have very good screens. Also, if you're in a specific community, giveaways seem to rake in hundreds of followers pretty fast but, again, that's something I'd do only if I had something to sell.
Forgot to mention: posting cute/beautiful girls always helps, especially lewd pictures.

My friends and acquaintances that I know to have the highest follower count are:
1. Some professional photographer dude who has good cameras, he has two main accounts, one for erotic photoshoots he does and one for street photography.
2. My best friend who used IG to promote her Onlyfans. Her boyfriend is a photographer too and they used pro equipment. She got to 3K in about 3 months.
3. Another of my friends who draws and paints a lot. She's been posting for many years and also includes the occasional picture of herself because she's pretty cute, likes to dress up or post about her yoga practice. She unfortunately gets more likes on pictures of herself than on her art. I think she also got to 3K but over several years though.
Are algorithms intelligent enough to know when a piece of work is of high quality, even if no one is engaging with it? I often wonder this about Youtube and Amazon listings also
Have tits and suggestively show them off.

File: 2000.jpg (671 KB, 2289x2289)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
If you notice in 2000s ads, the use of white background, serif fonts, fades, pastel colors are common. They seem to have that professional "office" aesthetic. I kinda like this design, it's rare nowadays.
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Not every style or trend in design has a name, ffs. It's just what people were doing.

You know how I can tell you're autistic as fuck?
This. Dude is probably larping.
Is that a sign of autism?
holy shit
Yes. Every fucking thread on this board is
>what style is this called
for the most mundane of things, its annoying.
Yeah, this isn't a style. These are different designs doing different things.

File: 1615441076853.jpg (272 KB, 1170x1425)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
This is the worst art style ever
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I penalmostb came
Gosh fucking darn that style I hate it. I see it everywhere. In magazines, commercials, ads, just everywhere. Who is even enticed by this???
File: le funny cryptofascist.png (398 KB, 989x576)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
>Who is even enticed by this???
its 2021 & ideology is more important than consumer satisfaction
>basic bitch cartoon render
>make their heads small and add tumblr nose
>that´ll be 5000 dollars
fucking lazy cunts
it reminds me of schizophrenics' art

Has anyone tried decoding the paint codes used in the coloring of animation cels?
They correspond to the codes printed on individual markers/paints of which each artist is supplied.
The top represents the main color while the bottom represents an accent/shadow. This can be seen in areas that are white (gloves, ankles, shoe-band) being marked "W/X-23". The circled "Hi" stands for highlight.

If you curious about the particular brand, you could try trawling through the credits; productions usually have to credit everything used in the final product.
If you're curious about released concept/reference art, then I think you're just flat out of luck on that. I suppose you could try searching the codes since I think most brands are "unique" in how they code stuff (except for white, black, and different shades of gray)
Ink colors are unique to each production company, there's no universal industry standards. Disney's old in-house paint markup would mean nothing to someone at Warners. Even if you found out what brand of paints they used, their formulas are their own.

File: IMG_20201005_141101.jpg (2.75 MB, 3840x2160)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
I found this and got it framed cause it was dope. Anyone else find cool vintage calendars?

Oh shit I'm going to design one of these. Thank you.

File: HausmannCollage.jpg (55 KB, 341x500)
55 KB
How does /gd/ feel about collage?
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fucking beautiful
The weirder there are the better. There is s lot of beauty in chaotic collages such as the one in OP. We are too sterilized with the current trend of minimalism and clean designs. There has never been a better time to break all the rules of modern design to stand out.
File: IMG_5180.jpg (138 KB, 800x532)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
I'm currently working on an experimental short film an I was thinking of doing collage as the visual base. Pic related it's a Romanian artist that lived as a hobo for 30 years until his art got discovered.
File: image-asset.jpg (212 KB, 750x978)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
can be unmatched as a medium for interesting conceptual illustration - the fact you can combine existing imagery and create entirely new messages just with the juxtaposition of disparate imagery makes for a super playful and experimental workflow.

(pic related - david plunkert editorial for new scientist or something)

File: Oracle-Featured.jpg (233 KB, 980x653)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Go on...
do you need autocad help or do you need autocad thus you asked for help for getting it

File: Profile.jpg (2.79 MB, 2535x1336)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB JPG
Attempting to make this image fit properly on a youtube banner, anyone have suggestions want to get the name and as much as the background viewable on desktop and mobile
Use a template.
Tried that cant get it to fit properly
Are you retarded? Google Youtube banner dimensions, what a waste of a thread

File: James Ferraro.png (297 KB, 495x466)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
How do i make a picture look like this? In terms of a bitmap software, i use gimp.

Also drop your favorite weird artists in the thread
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That one's a bit overboard but i will take a look at that collection thanks
it was a wetplate, very old type, and i thrown it on your edit, its worth a look some very nice 1click results
Just print it out and scan it
Searched image out of curiosity
File: James Ferraro Clear.jpg (12 KB, 300x290)
12 KB

File: 1617201502776.jpg (331 KB, 1132x600)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
It's been 10 years since I graduated from college (graphic design) and started working. Honestly my experience is that all the theory and concepts are almost never used, everybody in the industry just wait for what the big agencies or design related companies (e.g. Apple, Adobe, etc.) put out and then start copying it until something new comes out. Has your experience been similar or different?

File: 1513574554655.jpg (112 KB, 1024x1024)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Anyone here ever have trouble with re-sizing images on Blogger here?I wrote an article and when I hit publish and look at the result one of the images doesnt stay as it was stretched and the text is not aligned to the side of it.
Any good advice is appreciated.

I was approached on Twitter by an aspiring director who wants me to illustrate and design a movie poster for his him. He wants something simple, similar to the poster for Sideways.

How much would you charge for this kinda thing, and what kind of details should I be adding in my contract? I’ve never done a movie poster before but I’m assuming there’s an agreement on ownership and reproduction rights?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Cool deal! I've done movie posters for locals in film festivals and I've only charged $40, which is obviously under market rate. Depends on what you think this guy can afford, imo, and how valuable getting a correct price for your work is vs. getting the exposure, which is a shitty position to be in but that's just kind of where we're all at as amateurs.
What is your day rate? Do you have one?
How long would it take you to illustrate a poster, like the one you have shown as an example?
How many rounds of revisions are there going to be? -You have to specify that, especially if this guy is a jew and he probably is a jew.
Take your day rate, multiply it by how many days it would take you, factor in how many revisions and how how long it will take you to complete each revision and there you have it. So, if it takes you, say, three days to illustrate it, then there's one round of revisions and the revisions take another three days and your rate is say, $350 per day, that's six days for the project, total, not including down time for how long it takes them to review and get back to you with notes, so probably a 7 day project, you always want to pad it a little, so $2450.00.
Basically you base a project on what your day rate is, define the project scope, i.e. what exactly you are going to deliver to them and how many days it would take you to provide that, factoring in how many rounds of revisions are being agreed to and how long it may take you to complete each revision, factoring in how long it would take for each agreed to revision and factoring in if you have to practically start from scratch.
Just make sure you write out the project scope in the agreement, be specific about the type of illustration and how many rounds of revision are permitted for the project fee.
> agreement on ownership and reproduction rights?
Yes, but typically it's work for hire, to which you will have no rights, other than posting it in your portfolio.
If the guy is saying he only has a $100, forget it. Move on. It's not going to help your portfolio. You can do personal projects that will help your portfolio more. So, let's say rate your day rate is only $250 per day. Then a round about for a project that would take you seven days, including revisions, would be $1750.
If you want to avoid booking it for a project fee, tell him you only book days, then he has to pay you for whatever days he books you for. So in this case, he could book you for two days, to see if he gets anything he likes out of the work you produce over the two days and if so, he can offer to extend the booking and you can decide if you want to take it. But say he doesn't like what you end up doing after the two days and doesn't want to extend. He still has to pay you for the two days. Is this guy legit industry or is he just some random bullshitter? Does he work in LA? Who has he worked for? Did you check him out on LinkedIn? Anyone who is legit industry will usually pay an invoice for a freelance booking, because they don't want the bad reputation of not paying people.

Make sure you get a work agreement that is signed by both of you and that, that Work Agreement says you'll be paid within 30 days, which is known as Net 30. He'll probably pay you on day 30. If you think you have enough leverage / clout, you can try and negotiate payment as Net 15 or being paid within 15 days.

At the bottom of all of your invoices, in should say something like this:

All invoices due upon receipt.
Please make check payable to "your name" or "your LLC name."
Please mail check to the address at the top of this invoice, unless other pick up and / or electronic payments arrangements have been made.

Also, if you have PayPal, see if you can get him to agree to pay you via PayPal and if so, also put on the bottom of the invoice:
Electronic Payments can be make via PayPal to "your PayPal email."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>But my standard thing is always asking the client what their budget is and see where that takes you
You should never do this. You tell them your day rate and leave it at that. If they have the money, they have it. If they don't, they don't. If they don't have it, they'll call you for a project when they do have it. Negotiating 101.
>around $100 should be fine in my opinion.
Worst advice ever and clearly you've never actually booked a job.

File: Vegito.png (499 KB, 850x508)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
Any animators looking for hire? In need for a project of mine. Looking to pay.
What kind of animation and on what kind of scale? Do you need an Intro for your Minecraft let's plays or what exactly?
This, how do you accept people to reply with no information at all?

File: 1586512770151.png (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
Why the heck are pixels and points not the same unit of measurement?

Because it's literally two different things.

A cursory google search would answer that for you retard

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