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File: DARPA.jpg (24 KB, 564x309)
24 KB
Help. What is this type of graphic design called? Specifically the category is like internal corporate graphics from the 80s-90s in the early days of computer graphics.
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File: design for fat people.jpg (53 KB, 677x626)
53 KB
gov. contracted companies employing either young or very old people who have just finished an adobe photoshop "professional qualification" after being on disability or unable to find a job in an unrelated field for a very long time

bevel layer effect is the hardest design out there

like walls of a bad 80s built office building covered in styrofoam-like cheap insulation material painted radiant citrus red-orange already water stained crumbling off

like noname light brown or white office furniture with plastic/vinyl coating chipped off edges and corners revealing the particleboard (there are a pile of dirty yellow ps/2 ball mice, vga cables and dead headphones laying in one corner of the shelf since 2003)

like being fat

extreme mediocrity
it's called I-had-my-cock-in-your-mom's-mouth-yesterday-da-vinci-style style
>What is this type of graphic design called?
Old-school Globohomo Art.
>bevel layer is hard
Noob. Take an art class you won’t even need the stupid ass tool on photoshop.

File: socio.jpg (820 KB, 2100x750)
820 KB
820 KB JPG
I've been looking for the font in this image for a while but font sites don't seem to help.


There’s literally a font request thread on the front page mods do your job

Suggestions on how to improve this shot? I'm mainly looking for a different font that'll fit the frame better. This'll just be for a documentary I'm creating for my YT channel. Font: Crucial
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oh you meant tracking?
yeah you sound pretty talented too
Speed of the title fade in could be faster. Also using more pictures of the boxer (maybe one comin from left half of screen to center)
File: lol.png (11 KB, 268x284)
11 KB
funniest thing about this is you could have just looked and learned something but you chose to embarass yourself.
i did learn something
that ive been using the tracking tool for kerning
and that im not a software nerd
Thats true.


I also messed with the kerning in the OP until it looked better. IDK what the problem with that is.

File: gfdgt.png (288 KB, 710x671)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
>Human artists are losing their commissions and jobs to AI art, and they aren't getting any compassion from AI bros. In fact, the mostly white male Elonites are reveling in their downfall.

Why aren't they satisfied with the "fun" they're having? Why do they have to taunt us?
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>I'd love to see the ai code monkey reap what he's sown
>said the liberal farts commue who mocked the white middle class who lost their jobs or had their wages reduced via competition from 3rd world invaders living 6 to a bedroom in a slum
Movies are already made based on market research... Fucking retard. Every major studio farts out movies that are designed by focus groups. That's how they all became generic quipfests.
>replacing tradesmen good
>replacing liberal farts jews is bad
It depends on content that has already been created and already exists.
No, that would be the liberal farts majors who thought they were better than the ACTUAL proletariat, which is your maga cap wearing uncle you hate.
If I'm gonna fight, I'm gonna fight to make jews poor so their power over society will wane. How do i do that?
>looks at Jewish careers
>it's all liberal arts
Pop music is so fucking fake, who even cares.
Niggers were never meant to be anything more than mud hut people. The moment you let the niggers in and told everyone to pretend we're equal, equality could only be achieved by draining the beauty and brilliance from the European.

When you are little more than an animal, equality will be achieved.

Looking for name for graphic design business please help !!
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As in the defining of the shape of your business. To what degree are lines drawn between distinctions (like areas and goals). A "graphic design business" focused on what? Made how? To whom? Why?

I am not the person you replied to, but if the answers to these questions are not as specific as possible, you will present yourself as an overreaching fool who wants to "make art" as a living, rather than a professional who is willing and able to take on a specified project.

Unfortunately you have provided less than nothing in helping us help you, and would have better results consulting a random name generator.
Lol, like the NFL player naming convention-

Greek Philosopher + early US President surname

Plato Jefferson
Socrates Washinton
Aristotle Jackson
Not the op mate.
pretty sure it's the Chinese dry cleaner from Family Guy
just flip the dictionary lol

trying to blend some elements from that Y2K/metalheart style (abstract geometry, wispy ethereal lighting, obscured typography) and some other textural stuff that doesn't really show up in that genre, and is more reminiscent of mixed media design work from the late 80s/90s that I really like. Stuff like Vaughan Oliver album covers and Dave Mckean comic book covers. Idk, makes sense in my head. What does /gd/ think? i've been looking at it for too long. it's for a song I made that kinda does the same thing but with music
File: wonder_cover_art_comp2.jpg (7.75 MB, 3000x3000)
7.75 MB
7.75 MB JPG
fuck that render was way to noisy. this one's better.

File: screenshot1.png (40 KB, 760x556)
40 KB
would love to get some feedback on this logo im working on, lately been feeling some burnout. its for a kindergarten / preschool. the building blocks are supposed to have the letters "Bbs"
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>a fee is somehow correlated to the creator
>would you do it for 3k
what would you do it for?
chicken nuggies prolly
well, lad?
what would you do it for?
5? 10? 15? 20? 25?
ball park shit, lad, just fucking spitball
how much?

File: kanye taylor.jpg (5.68 MB, 4519x5000)
5.68 MB
5.68 MB JPG
what are the chances of getting sued for making this tshirt and leaving it up for sale for a week or so?
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put me in the screencap
Mods? How? Craziest git, screencap
100% Taylor and her team are already on this case. Best not to proceed any further
racist af

File: 1678965821705926.png (84 KB, 1200x1200)
84 KB
Ask this thing to come up with concepts for icons. It spits out the same variation of 8 things over and over just using different phrasing. Do this for 30 minutes to no avail. Go on Flaticon and search for icons related to what I want and copy elements from them. I Have an icon ready in 30 minutes.
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it's easier for someone that understands the process (and, hopefully, has good taste) to manipulate these tools to produce good content

it's been repeated over and over again, and yes, it sounds like cope, but I do believe it's true: this is just another tool
>this is just another tool
for how long though? 3 years? maybe 5 years max. It's going to improve and improve until a human really isn't needed for anything except to describe what they want.
What am I missing. I'm looking on /g and it can't even make a pepe properly. Svgs it makes are completely messed up.
that's not ChatGPT4, the image component isn't released yet as far as I'm aware.
Midjourney v5 is out now. Designers will be out next.

File: hornets.jpg (150 KB, 827x968)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Colorcorrection guy here, I am going to give this a try hence my first take came out quite well;

Thread topic is "turning pics next door into valuable stuff".

Picrel is result, followed by original.

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File: hornets1.jpg (438 KB, 827x968)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
you cant leave that smear of shadow on there bro
File: 1678946978816001.png (462 KB, 391x600)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
You are talking about this slightly grey fog, don't you? Like


looks more sharp.

Well, besides that I think that it does not necessarily look better, I guess i am obligated to ask how you did this.
File: lady_after.png (396 KB, 391x600)
396 KB
396 KB PNG

What should I consider researching or watching if I want to design something akin to an intro to a TV show or movie?

File: 1664661421471176.png (302 KB, 512x576)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
What is ai program used and technique called

File: big tech 1.jpg (148 KB, 1184x984)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

Based. Lower standards has allowed me make a living from Graphic Design.

File: 1624563838857.gif (218 KB, 232x198)
218 KB
218 KB GIF
>customer demands that his project needs to HAVE pastel colors for everything
>keeps fucking complaining that the text isn't legible
>change the text for harder colors
>wtf, I said pastel colors

Share your work experiences of customers being always right
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is it an american thing not to argue with your boss or client? I have people all the time ask for dumb shit, and I just explain to them that they are wrong, and why. of course, it's all in a polite way, and it ends up being all good in the end.
I want to talk to the managerrrr
I mean, afterwards I just explained in the nicest way possible that dpi is literally only needed for print because it’s in the name, dots per inch or ppi - print-per-inch. With graphics for websites, the only thing the web recognizes is how many pixels the image is. You can set the dpi size to whatever, but the web only cares how many pixels the image is. I think my manager just went quiet afterwards, especially since the client came back and complained that the image pixel size was now too big.
Then again, this retarded company requires us to export logo sets in both rgb and cmyk but all at 300 dpi for whatever reason. I don’t think 300 dpi is necessary for rgb logos, but we’ve churned out so many logo sets with these requirements, that’s it’s too late to change anything.
I guess employees just feel weird about looking smarter than their team leaders who are supposed to have “more experience”

File: 1636730811607.jpg (316 KB, 840x925)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Any advice on how to "get" logo design because I have no fucking idea what I'm doing, I just started the daily logo challenge to practice and get into logo design but I have no idea what I'm doing or what process I should follow, and I also don't know if my logos are good or okay or what, is there any place where I can get feedback that isn't retarded
Wednesday: FAILED
see ya tomorrow
it's not rocket science, type some words and turn them to curves.
You can't learn it. It's intuitive artistic behaviour that requires a certain kind of skill. I am good at compositing, palettes and infographics, but I am absolute dogshit at logos.

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