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File: oATsbhi.jpg (43 KB, 608x609)
43 KB
Hey, guys, I mostly do static stuff, very new to motion but today I took a job to create some short videos for instagram ads.

I'm looking for sports car, dancing people and festival videos or something (it's EDM related) that are for 20-30 year old people.

So far cc0 stock sites have been disappointing or maybe I suck at searching.

Are there any actually good stock sites? Paid even, where I can get good quality videos?
What do you guys use?
File: 66905428.png (477 KB, 680x669)
477 KB
477 KB PNG

What are you working on, /gd/?
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i very much enjoy this. i want to see it move
File: Good-Job-2.jpg (404 KB, 1000x1000)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
Messing Around Pt. 2
goes insanely hard
i'm done designing my wedding invitations, what do you guys think?
File: JustMarried@0.5x.png (773 KB, 1786x850)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
firstly: congratulations! I wish for you guys to having made the right decision and for many amazing (troubled) years to lie ahead of you.

idk. maybe.
on the one hand it is fine.
on the other hand I do have some issues with it.

call me a misogynist, but I would definitely put the brides name above the grooms name.
also I think the sizes of the different elements (texts, images, cards and all the stuff) isn't quite balanced in size and tone. - for one I prefer less *loud* designs anyway, but I don't think my taste to be the main problem here. to me all the relations between these elements are a bit random and uncoordinated.
I do not really feel satisfied by their interactions.

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File: doorbell.png (307 KB, 828x595)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
how can I be a video editor without a degree? I know about premiere pro little bit
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get as much knowledge and experience as you can so they can look at your works and say "oh yes this guy knows his shit" and hire you
yes, most places wont ask for a degree. show up with a GOOD "book", thats what we call your design portfolio in gd at least around where i live.

Get a good variety of video edits and put them on behance. the more you have the better. just make sure it looks good.
I started working as a video editor while I was still in college. Didn't have my degree yet. Just have a good portfolio and put yourself out there. I have a fulltime job right now in ads and I started working in my 3rd year of college not having finished my degree yet. They didn't even know I was studying until the final part of the interview. I had the technical skill they needed and the rest is history.
It's easy if you're passionate. It's not easy if you see it as just a means to an end.

I love AMVs and action movie tributes so learned AVS video editor for free but it takes a lot of effort to keep going and not slack off on tutorials
1) Befriend a small time streamer on Twitch
2) Offer video editing services (start out doing it for free if you must)
3) Download their streams, chop it down, insert relevant memes based on what's going on and what he's saying, zoom in's and spins on the streamer's face cam ("WHAT!?")
4) Deliver it to streamer, ask to be given credit and money if he becomes a big streamer

Easy as that

File: scribus_header-91.png (14 KB, 360x90)
14 KB
I've heard it's the FOSS Miracle-ware for Making and Editing PDF files, but I have yet to see anyone else try and use it.

It's basically to InDesign what GIMP is to Photoshop, and Krita is to Illustrator.

Do any of you Anons here have experience with it?
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Won't hurt to try.
Who knows what you might achieve if more people are aware of it.
Who knows, maybe they'd agree with you that needs to be resolved, and it might help push for a more permanent solution.
How do print shops react when you send them a PDF / project file from Scribus?
Or Inkscape?
How the fuck is someone supposed to tell that somebody did something in a particular program? It's not like the thing is watermarked. And if you mean that as a proxy for "something an amateur did" then I'm sure they still just take your money and do what they'd do anyway. Maybe if you look like a real child they'll ask if you set your margins and bleed correctly.

I've never taking a full typeset document for printing, but for things like posters they've asked for size, paper weight, number, and colours, which is about the extent of it.
You probably just need to install Ghostscript

File: examples.jpg (888 KB, 1650x1275)
888 KB
888 KB JPG
Not sure if this belongs here but since it's regarding photo manipulation (which counts as graphic design) I might as well try.
So I like this genre of edits of women called "Natural/Modular Body Magic", which basically means that they look like they either had their heads magically removed or that they never had any at all but they can live just fine without them (like dullahans), but many of them are pretty shit so I wanted to make some good ones of my own, the problem is that there are no good tutorials online on how to make them, so I was wondering if you guys could guide me on how to make them.
Pic related is more or less what I want to achieve, something that looks relatively natural and organic, rather than just a quick and sloppy MS paint job.
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How do you add back the part of the collar that was blocked from view by the head and neck?
it's really not
Those are actually pretty easy to make, and there's a lot of tutorials on how to make them.
See >>447651, all you have to do is get the collar from either a different source or another part of the shirt, depending on the type of clothes you're working with.

File: studi.png (424 KB, 926x582)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
do any of you guys draw, like regular normal drawing? post your drawing?
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File: siren.png (144 KB, 460x850)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
lol why are his hands screwed on backwards?
because i'm a dumb dummy

File: Jet template.png (588 KB, 888x781)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
Put anything your heart desires into his hands, I just need something
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reverse uno, bitch
fucking greaseball
fuck you
iDubz was right

Is it hard to get into digital art?
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File: 1693100089878592.jpg (733 KB, 1664x2432)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
What is that space age monitor on the right and why does it look so complicated ?
Old wacom Cintiq. You can draw directly on it.
some japs had a funny idea for photo so they staged this
Where is this pic from I need to find her. Perfect body

Why do most FMV games suck?
they were just made to show off fmv tech, as if saying "look, we can now put shitty video on our games!"
not sure what it has to do with graphic design though

File: doubledylan.gif (1.95 MB, 790x500)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
I enjoy making shitty oldschool gradient map gifs in GIMP. They're fun and easy - simply import an image & duplicate layers a number of times (or import a gif), select the full sat spectrum gradient, apply gradient map to every layer then move the hue wheel in increments on each layer, figuring out which values to use depending on how many layers there are. Simple, right? Only, the results have never entirely pleased me.

To show what I mean, I've included an example of this kind of GIF I've found on the net (on the left), combined with one made with my own method on the right. The kind on the left has more finesse to it. It just looks more aesthetically pleasing to me. It's clearly using a different gradient, but because of that it isn't something I know how to produce myself because anything other than full sat spectrum cannot be modified via the hue wheel to get the same effect. The image on the left seems as if the gradient itself is cycling.

Does anyone have any pointers? Or even pointing me in the direction of a tool to generate these kinds of images would be fine too.
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File: youwonttakeacid.webm (2.74 MB, 610x820)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB WEBM
File: rainbow oppenheimer.gif (449 KB, 496x370)
449 KB
449 KB GIF
It's been 35 days. Is it ready?

In the meantime, an anon on /wsr/ posted a little python script to make these a while back.
The link to the script expired but I've reuploaded it here.
Yeah, we're about to make our first public release. I'll update this thread with it once it's posted.
First public release is now up.
jesus christ anon this is gonna give me a stroke

File: file.jpg (366 KB, 743x1010)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
How did they make this movie poster before photoshop?
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they didn't. They dug it from a cache of artworks made by Tartaria and just built a movie around it to fool the goyim
take a chill pill
uh thts kinda how it works
how did they copy this poster before computers?

man the pre-computer world must've been so wild

File: IMG_1397.jpg (56 KB, 640x480)
56 KB
spin this shit
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>Be me
>Old enough to remember going into Sam Goody and leafing through the albums
>Not old enough to be able to find meaningful employment creating prog rock album art
nice polybius font
And it did do, this is sick
A man of culture
any idea about the font used for his name?

File: 0 Rzxdj2rD5RuPfUei.jpg (90 KB, 840x481)
90 KB
VSTs are the last bastion of soulful UI design
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
this looks tacky af is this some troonix shit?
refx Nexus
File: 1671675269953920.png (721 KB, 1466x1096)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
Nexus 4 doesnt look as good anymore
If by "soulful" you mean "appeals to people who drool over shiny objects and cheesy sci-fi faux tech" then agreed.

A bazillion tiny "knobs" operated by a mouse that requires a fader-like up/down movement to "spin" them is even worse than a real world box with a bazillion tiny knobs that only a child's fingers could access, but somehow *that* legitimately retarded skeuomorphism is cool and "soulful".
knobs take up less screen space than faders and work just as well

File: kerning poll thread.png (956 KB, 4000x4000)
956 KB
956 KB PNG
Kerning the Cat Polls and Discussions
File: 169481184362238598.jpg (81 KB, 964x1290)
81 KB
https://forms.gle/tVQT4dtzJhe8LUs78 Poll link
Poll will be closing tommorrow night, be sure to get your votes in
votes about what?
badly designed posts that dont lead to clicks out?
>needs a jewgle sign-in

Post your tasteless designs here so people with no taste can critique them
File: CHOCO BAR (1).png (3.21 MB, 1500x1072)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB PNG
i'll start, where to improve this?
File: Obszar kompozycji 3.png (3.44 MB, 1500x1061)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB PNG
i'm making my first portfolio after wasting 5 years on a degree i'm not interested in. tips?
Put the salt farther away from letters, it gets in the way on thumbnail/if viewed from afar. Or paint letters in radically different color.
Chocloate on the left and on the right are colored differently. Barely noticable but it triggers my OCR. Any reason behind that?
he he brain cola
raspberry needs more defined circles and maybe a vertical/diagonal orientation. And white noise doesn't really help in accenting the can but makes me seethe instead. I'd rather use bleaker tones or smth.
I think the problem is that it doesnt look tasty and refreshing. The noise also distracts from the product, maybe find a more appealing mockup.
I'd say the pink chilli+raspberry text conflicts with these earth tones. Maybe just white would work better.

By the way, which font is this? It's really nice

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