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With the resurgence of 90s/Y2K style design, one fantastic place to look at is album art from obscure 90s emo bands. Just sharing some I have saved. Feel free to add more.
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File: cover.jpg (301 KB, 450x447)
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301 KB JPG
File: a3950208041_10.jpg (304 KB, 1200x1197)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
You mean something like this?
File: 6503517.jpg (62 KB, 600x600)
62 KB

File: 1455550543123.jpg (367 KB, 860x950)
367 KB
367 KB JPG

Let see what you'll do
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File: chae myungshin - the gulf.png (665 KB, 1000x1500)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
for casette!

File: kohunlu - history of man.png (2.59 MB, 1964x964)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
with back cover!

back cover for this guy
File: pigs shooting.png (1.28 MB, 1000x1000)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG

File: unknown.png (9 KB, 545x92)
9 KB
Request and share non-free typefaces and identification of typeface samples.

Previous thread >>397954

> Font identification

Before you request, do your due diligence by running your font sample through a font identifier;

whatfontis <dot> com
fontsquirrel <dot> com/matcherator (be sure to enable the myfonts setting)
myfonts <dot> com/whatthefont

If you're not getting a clear read then put your sample in PS, separate the letters and colour it to be pure black on a white background.

> Font requests

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looking for Omnes family and Gt America can swap with other fonts
Use a font identifier like I said in OP. The letters are too close together to get good results, move them apart in Photoshop.

Check OP and you'll find at least one of your fonts.

Try the Control and F keys on your keyboard anon.

Jesus Christ some of you are lazy. The OP gives very clear instructions on how to find a number or large, public and free resources to get free fonts. At least search those and look in this thread and the previous one before wasting my time in here.
Looking for Renault SH and/or SB by Scangraphic please.
>https://files <dot> catbox <dot> moe/1wnsh0.zip
Holy fook that is a lot of fonts
Did my due diligence but got no luck, hope some anon can help here.
I'm looking for any brush or script fonts from Billy Argel, in particular those fonts:
Moving Star
Flowerheart Duo
Run To The Hills
Salsa Parrilla
Dirty Queen
Moving Pictures

File: compare.png (141 KB, 923x707)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
If I pirate a proprietary font and use it in some PDFs and printed books, how likely is it that I will be caught and fined? Is there even a way for the company to know if I paid for a license or not? For reference, the font in question is a very popular, very common, very established font from a very big company, so its not like I'm ripping off some lone starving typographer or anything.

>Also remember that using liscensed fonts in commercial works is a bad idea.
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that's right faggot
How will they even find out though?
Let's say i use Futura for commercial work without ever paying for it, they're not gonna go after me, right?
And if i work in a studio they should have the licenses anyway, not my problem.
The odds of a freelance designer being audited for font licenses is slim to none - they target companies for that.

The other anon was right - it depends on the foundry, and their licenses. House Industries is very litigious, and won a big case against Universal, and have been known to go after smaller designers and studios for their fonts being used. But they are an outlier. The big font foundries like Adobe generally only go after commercial presses and bigger agencies and corporations, and now with CC font licenses and Google fonts, it's even less of an issue.

And, if you're an actual designer who isn't a pajeet scraping jobs off the bottom of the barrel on Fiver, you already own fonts, and if the client wants something specific, will pay for them. Or you work for someone who owns a font library.
or just get yourself a font from a japanese foundry lol
japan doesnt take typefaces seriously at all (i mean, typefaces are never copyright, not even in US), and if you think theyll try to somehow escape their own country not wanting to protect them and manage overseas legal battles on shaky laws and hard-to-prove concepts, you're mistaken
font licenses only exist for people in pozzed shithole countries, and for legal departments
e.g. https://www.sqlite.org/copyright.html
>Your legal department tells you that you must purchase a license.

File: Screenshot_1.png (7 KB, 204x81)
7 KB
Does anyone have a CGPeers account, and can I get an invite?

Thanks in advance
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also vfxdownload
Thanks man
Here's all the BLKMARKET stuff in case you need any of it
just join their irc and ask for an interview
Absolutely based. Thank you anon.
Yes, and no.

>Because the user limit has been reached you are unable to send invites at this time.

File: 1626423543262[1].png (1.53 MB, 1280x720)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
Hey /gd/, how do you apply a raster like this so that it blends between two colors like in the background and has a different density and color and opacity?

I know how to make a raster in general and how to apply it with a layer mask, but I don't get how to overlay it over an already colored background in such a way that it turns into this.
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if by all kinds of different opacities you mean he simply painting into the layer mask using an airbrush then yes.

in fact hes probably making a layer for the halftone on that specific shape (the cliffs) then putting in a solid black layer mask and brushing it back in using a white airbrush on that mask.
The thing is that it disappears completely on lighter surfaces, seems like it's nowhere to be found on anything above a certain lightness value, do you think it might be a blending mode set to a certain threshold, or did he do that manually too?
And yeah, why I'm asking this is because I've seen this in comic book coloring sometimes and they definitely have a well developed system because they're doing it for a billion panels in the exact same way.
You mean like
Blend if
it would take like 2 seconds to do manually, literally a couple swipes with an airbrush.

Early/Mid 2000s games menus aesthetic thread
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Lumines is underrated
Couldn't find a better picture
File: nfsmw.jpg (185 KB, 960x540)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
need for speed: most wanted
File: team fart 2.jpg (243 KB, 1280x960)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
my personal favorite.

1. Why is this board so dead?
2. Post your favorite personal digital graphic from 2000-2008ish. I’m talking about stuff you would have put in your forum signature, MySpace layout, livejournal blog, AIM icon, whatever
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File: faerie_fire-4.gif (7 KB, 150x150)
7 KB
File: computer angel.gif (116 KB, 307x336)
116 KB
116 KB GIF
he fucking knows
no no, you have a point, the most batshit crazy girls who post this shit on instagram have dumptrucks and fucking milkers it's amazing
File: grim reaper.gif (900 KB, 266x400)
900 KB
900 KB GIF
>hollywood undead for full effect

File: perfection.png (3 KB, 722x722)
3 KB
home depot postmodern rebrand?
I don't like the color, but everything else is fine
bro look up color theory...that's afwul
also check the contrasts and make sure it fits the WCAG accessibility guidelines
Frank Ocean

File: 128.png (17 KB, 128x128)
17 KB
Recently I became aware this is the single most important selling point.
It really doesn't matter what your coin or token actually does, first and foremost the logo should be cool, secondly marketing.
Marketing is second because if you're starting point is shit; bad logo, your marketing won't stand any chance.

For example, /biz/raelis bought this pink K because Anons said it was superb tech.
However, it seems to be only good at one single thing: losing them money.

I’m sorry if this is the wrong board for this or if this is a dumb question.I’d just like some help with finding out maybe what programs or effects were used in pic related. I am working on a project and would like some help breaking down this technique possibly so I can implement some variations on my work. Any help is greatly appreciated again sorry if this is the wrong board for this.
More images of style I’m trying to dissect
I would say photoshop, but maybe MS paint might work better for this style. Just import all the photos and use paint bucket on stuff, it will make the photos become all glitchy. Just cut and paste stuff like a collage and use paint bucket a lot, I think it will work. If you have photshop you can mess wiVth the saturation and light levels to get weird effects
Thanks a lot for the tips
shoop bb

File: why.jpg (1.91 MB, 5000x5000)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
I am learning the corporate art style as a joke since i never do gd how I'm doing? yes ik im doing terrible just kill me
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Google would hire you
File: 1626023061817.png (9 KB, 672x515)
9 KB
umm sweatie, that's not good enough
*claps back*
File: uhdiskh2mgzz.png (47 KB, 480x449)
47 KB
Consider the following: Stop hiding behind being the label of being ironic when your skills aren't anywhere near what you're trying to lampoon. Instead ask yourself what your strengths are and focus on that or learn from those who have mastered the craft.
I hate corporate minimalism but your color choice is on point damnit

File: 1605345813127.jpg (571 KB, 1000x702)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
ITT: we post the mid- & late 2000s aesthetics.
Anything between 2003 and 2012 is welcome here.
While yes, those two aesthetics may overlap, y2k already has its own thread, so post blatant y2k stuff (i.e. anything from between 1996 to 2002) there instead.
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I remember this ad campaign. Scion were pushed to be the 'new' fast and furious ricer-mobile like old civics were at the time. Instead it was bought by college age girls and old jews
very high quality shitpost
love the attention to detail
File: hqdefault.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
File: 1626372384392.jpg (189 KB, 650x650)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Yes. It’s a damn shame they got rid of it. Fucking ridiculous.

File: sP3ftZS.png (99 KB, 917x871)
99 KB
Where can I hire a movie poster designer that can do 3 variant of posters with .ai file for just under $40?

I'm studying in an elective class about digital graphic design and it's the worst mistake in my life. has to send this homework next week.
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Your best bet is too just make something yourself, unironically teachers usually grade more on effort and understanding of fundamentals then your actual talent.
File: 1621833993103.png (91 KB, 885x862)
91 KB
Yeah I just sent it yesterday and my teacher only comment on inconsistent between these 3 posts but otherwise he said it's decent enough.

Kinda weird I actually liked the class despite I was complaining about heavy workload. Unfortunately my elective classes are done and I'm going to graduate later this year
Already cheating, straight into politics for you
>a fistful of dollar
I know kek but professor didn't notice it for some reason and I already sent the work and the whole class is already over so meh.

minimalism has meant the total death of creative graphic design, EVERYTHING looks the same now when it comes to logos, i get shit like removing the metallic sheen of the apple logo, but ffs, why are corporations like Firefox butchering iconic logos with disgusting oversimplification?
218 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
yes i too have seen that meme back in 2014
did you expect anyone who posts here to actually have any idea how graphic design works
>. It's something called pregnancy which you would know about if you actually went to college instead of being a faggot, OP.
That's when babys are born stupid!
Minimalism can go suck a pair of balls, it has ruined the fun of unique logos and graphic design imo.

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