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File: fac1818a56c5d80b.jpg (191 KB, 934x1165)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Lads, I need help and I would greatly appreciate some advice.
>Tl;dr how do I build a killer portfolio while stuck in absolute shit gd job?

I'm 26 and I am working a dead-end graphic design job for a semi large company. They were just the first ones to hire me after I graduaded with a B.A. in communication design 3 years ago but I fucking hate it. The company is dying (fashion industry), the work is monotone, meaningless and uninspiring. The workload is batshit insane for the shit pay I get and the coworkers are brainless idiots for the most part. I need to move to a different job asap but my portfolio is basically empty. It consists of free random work and projects I did during my uni years. Short: I wouldn’t fucking hire me based on that portfolio.

Should I put the shit I currently create in the portfolio just to showcase what I'm working with right now despite nothing of it looking good/like i want?Are fantasy projects like rebrandings or CIs for made up companies alright or am I too old for stuff like that (requiring „real“ work)?I did two internships as a UI/UX designer in the past but neither were actual UI/UX and more like regular web gd (basically banner ads, assets for websites without doing web-design etc)

Is there maybe a course you could recommend? Sth. on Udemy maybe? Money isn't an issue in that regard (got lucky with cryptocurrencies but not nearly enough to quit working lmao) or maybe even a Bootcamp? I’m very willing to learn, I love learning.I can work with PS/AI/ID/PR/AE, basic C4D, Figma, most CMS….Love video editing, motion design etc.But how do I display all that without real projects?

I'm getting seriously depressed, I can't sleep at night because I hate this job and everything attached so fucking much. It’s pure agony and drained me of all energy.
File: 1405962.jpg (127 KB, 600x601)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
It depends. what I would do is to first look locally (or not) at the companies that are currently hiring or could hire someone like you, research their requirements and environment/history/culture etc. Build a quick portfolio+website with 3-10 pieces aimed at them (show some passion, doesn't matter if the projects are for fake companies). Then email/call and ask THEM directly what THEY want to see in a portfolio and (maybe build a relationship with the person who hires, better yet if is the owner, sent him/her an useful/personalized gift with your artwork and a printed letter thanking them for the help). Refine and repeat, also look for the people who work at those companies and ask them too how they got hired and if they could help you out.


Appreciate the input, will check that out
honestly, sidehustles, fantasystuff, favours for friends all count in a portfolio, as long as it's good. companies do not just hire you for what you did for others but for what you bringt to them, the potential they see in working with you. if you can proof that your are creative, but only show of a few things you did professionally, you might get some questions – which you simply answer honestly: it was a shit company and a dead end job.

File: d.jpg (50 KB, 474x568)
50 KB
> top tier video editing software
> can not place pegs in different points of the timeline to piece together what you want from a clip
> have to split the entire video in half
what use is that?
who made this shit?
Can we turn this into a "simple features that should be in this expensive program, but arent" thread.

>no dedicated keybind to increase decrease stroke.
Lupin 3 managed to beat him
<on macOS≥ you can create custom shortcuts

File: wix.jpg (39 KB, 759x427)
39 KB
Any of you have any experience with the above? What do after buying the domain name
>picrelated is not advice I want to hear
yeah >>>/g/80761422
you should watch a few tutorials on setting up wordpress
1.- make website
2.- host website
3.- connect domain to website

The complexity of your website dictates what you should do next:
Want to make a store? look into wordpress
Want to make a static website? look for a html css template and edit the files.
Want something really complicated?
search if there is any youtube tutorial or open source git repository with that.

if you want to get into web dev or have a more specific question go into /g/ and look for the web dev or the stupid questions thread
I've sold over 30 websites on wix they are a tool how you use it is up to you. People tend to bitch about six but it's a tool like anything else. I've made some pretty decent money with it.
we have to buy our domain name?!
oh brother...

File: Screenshot_7.jpg (62 KB, 730x487)
62 KB
do you use adobe?
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It’s haram for those pig fuckers to use midol
Work pays for it.

They probably agreed to a yearly contract at a discount that bill monthly and now want to cancel. The power of reading....
Where can i go about getting this (not even a newfag in graphic design)
Try your local FBI office. They expertize in this area.
I bought affinity suite when they had a sale

What is/are the best program(s) to make infographics and their respective elements?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>79% scan pages they come across
Skim, otherwise you're contradicting yourself.
You really just need a solid icon pack and vector program like illustrator (would make life easier)
Do you make them to be used for your company or you make them for clients?

I’m starting a new job in two weeks where I’m going to have to make a lot of Instructions and directions for various procedures and scenarios Any quick tips?
I work for a consulting firm; whenever we prepare extensive reports for our clients showing the data and statistics we gathered for them, I just illustrate our numbers with various charts, diagrams and infographics.

If your company has a corporate identity, stick to/work with that, other than that clear up some basic design decisions with your boss so you don't need to re-do as much work, from there build your catalog and slowly build a base of graphics you can go back to when new stuff comes up.
Thank you so much, anon!

File: iu.jpg (4 KB, 300x300)
4 KB
I'm looking to get a few custom shirts printed (not commercially, just putting together a design and making some shirts/hoodies with it for myself and friends). What should I know? Any design restrictions to keep in mind? Any suggestions for places to get high-quality small-run textile printing done?

Well the main thing when printing shirts is you'll have to choose between DTG and screenprinting. Generally, if you're making more than one shirt, it's better to go for screenprinting.

If you decide for that, it's best to keep your design with 1, max 2 colors. If you want to print photos, you need to go for DTG.

As for quality places, you need to find a local place, that way you can talk better with them, and maybe get some samples too.
For bigger places you can check sites like:

For the design print files, it's best to either make the designs in vector format (Illustrator), or make the file in photoshop at the final size you want it to be in inches, and 300dpi
Thanks anon, this is really useful advice.

File: experimental.jpg (1.42 MB, 2048x2045)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
Are there any free downloads of blkmarket Inklab? I can't find it anywhere. Yes I know this should be on /wsr/
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You should explore. You will learn a lot more exploring by yourself than following a step by step or a video of somebody showing how it works. Also, nobody ever explores all menus/options, so try it yourself
Im missing a bunch of stuff, and there are some duplicated, and I think the tape set is incomplete. But theres a good chunk here.

mega nz/file

thanks for uploading that man

File: Clipboard01.png (16 KB, 787x606)
16 KB
What are your favourite serifs?
Bodoni. It’s a classic
File: enh.png (90 KB, 309x319)
90 KB
my website is set in times new roman because it comes with the computer
I'm warming to moderns; I used to not like them but in the right situation they can look really good.

File: 1616421690302.jpg (222 KB, 800x976)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
what the fuck is wrong with nu-Nike ?
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Get a load of Johnny Lawrence here
File: nigeria2018.png (396 KB, 617x615)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
they were always heavily criticised for their jerseys being too simplistic. Then they made the 2018 world cup Nigeria Jersey and it exploded in popularity.
They are pressured to repeat "nigeria 2018" but they simply can't. Even the new Nigeria Jersey looks like shit
File: 1595015415200.jpg (248 KB, 1600x1600)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Holy kino.
Being more inclusive and diverse probably
He just bodybagged Nike

So I started working for this company, Lumber Liquidators. Theyre a flooring company and are currently rebranding as LL Flooring. And i just cannot get over how terrible the new logo looks. It doesnt say flooring AT ALL. At least with the old logo showed the tongue and groove of a hardwood plank.
Anyone care to redesign or improve on the new shitty logo?
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wow, used to see Lumber Liquidators commercials all the time in the US. They must have already spent so much on brand recognition - what a dumb move to rename.

Even if they got sued - should have done what Dominos did with their "we're sorry our workers spit in your food" ad campaign or whatever that was.
Whoever does Lumber Liquidators' marketing is retarded. I remember seeing an ad in some magazine and it had grammatical errors.
That new shit sucks ass. All that off gassing chinese flooring must have really killed the brain cells.

Keep old logo rotate to level, new color scheme, new font, remove for less in tag line. bingo bango enjoy the fumes
Issa be a sale!
yeah i love Black Flag too henry!

How terrible is a career in graphic design? I’m 24 soon and this is the only thing in my life I am somewhat knowledgeable of because it was an autistic hobby of mine that started when I was 12. I can tell when something looks shit and when something looks alright. I’m too dumb for STEM and I don’t want to cripple myself doing trades so this might be my last option
Also I’m well aware of the fact I don’t really know shit compared to you guys
If you are female, just being tradwife
Graphic design is tough path
Every client (no matter how shitty it is) act like they are hr and your manager

File: mqdefault_6s.jpg (25 KB, 320x180)
25 KB
Thinking of using Gimp for design and some photo edits.

Why should I continue spending on Adobe when this alternative exists?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>spending on Adobe
That's where you're wrong
why would you ask for advice on 4chan(nel)?
Its not free ;( Where do you guys get it free?
Is from Logos by Nick? He’s legit af
yah he got some awesome skills

File: 1503004054167.jpg (96 KB, 489x492)
96 KB
Whats your thought process when turning a concept/name into a logo?
How well the name looks as an image.

Nobody actually reads "Coca-Cola"

Everyone sees "white curvy lines on brite red" and knows what soda they are buying

Exactly this. Lotta my clients are like "Can you do this? And that? And this? And that?" and I have to explain to them that their LOGO isn't an original illustrated advertisement for their business.

File: 1461389383979.jpg (500 KB, 1623x541)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
do we have this for /gd/ ?

what would we put in it ?

What makes them so fucking kino?
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
ftrange letterf
File: LongS.jpg (87 KB, 1140x641)
87 KB
>Strange Letters
...that we ſeriouſly need to bring back. I mean ſeriouſly, long s is juſt ſo fucking baſed—I love ſo much bros...
Not using Futura for literally everything.

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