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File: onlyfans.jpg (93 KB, 1050x590)
93 KB
can I make money selling my digital art on OnlyFans without having to show my body? I make logos, pictures, video editing, VJ clips, but it's niche stuff.

Is it a good idea or is just a place where you can sell your body at?
just use sellfy like everyone else
I think you're looking for Patreon

File: 1201495065325.gif (1.59 MB, 310x255)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB GIF
what tecniques would use in premiere to make it so that a scene would look like it was shot using a phone?
Of course it depends on the original shot, so I'm gonna accept all kind of suggestions.
Do you want quality degradation or a handheld look? Reduce the color range and increase contrast for the former, the latter you could use turbulent displace in AE

File: mspaint_6aNa8Bf7Ng.png (187 KB, 524x447)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
Is there still a chance to make some bucks with those lazy mass-produced pop culture shirt sites? I read an interview recently where a guy was pulling in 100k a month selling "minimalist" Rick and Morty T-Shirts. I wouldn't mind selling my artistic integrity and soul to make profits like that. With drop shipping it seems doable to just spout out a never ending torrent of tasteless pop culture junk, but I also feel like maybe this is a saturated market?
>where a guy was pulling in 100k a month selling "minimalist" Rick and Morty T-Shirts.
yes but target the simps, thots, communists and transfaggots etc
Where would you sell them? I was under the impression that characters from tv and so on are under copyright, no matter how stylised you represented them. Can't imagine creating Star Wars shirt and Disney not coming kicking your door in.

File: Ptbw9yH.jpg (48 KB, 800x522)
48 KB
What should I add into my portfolio?
Please /gd/ any advice? i don't want to become a wagie cagie after college
If you're getting a gd degree you're pretty much destined to be a wagie cagie.
>What should I add into my portfolio?
butt plugs. a lot of them.
case studies
what was the problem?
how did you solve it?
why did you use the solution A instead of solution B?
add solutions that didn't work and why?
add real live metrics if available

learning how to write is the most important design skill you must have, to the point that if you can write and speak really well, you won't even need to design and you'll get 150+k a year easy.

File: dsudh6.jpg (32 KB, 513x490)
32 KB
Anyone know where i can find a good sprite maker for RPG maker

File: Photoshop Logo.png (12 KB, 1200x1170)
12 KB
All I know is that you'll need a VPN, Bit Torrent and go to Pirate Bay and download anything but the newest version.
I just need steps to successfully pirate it
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Amtlib isn't a thing anymore.
I literally just googled "photoshop download" and was able to download photoshop, Illustrator and indesign.....just what kind of poeple post in this site?
What's the process like? Like, what do you fill out on their site?
File: JP pizza.jpg (132 KB, 1200x801)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Why don't you faggots just buy Affinity? It's a PS clone for literally below 50,- and no monthly bullshit.

File: peengee.png (406 KB, 1877x1877)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
Eurostile and Helvetia. Only fonts I ever use.
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File: slash.jpg (33 KB, 444x487)
33 KB
Picture a scene, inside a turn-of-the-century esque room in New York, a man looks outsides his window in deep contemplation

Suddenly, a brown manlet med bvll storms in

*Brown case file gets tossed onto desk*
>"Heads up you zozzled twat, new one for you, get it done quick, the mayor's relection is round the corner and-"
>"What's it this time? I'm still stuck with the double-murders of Courier New and his son Courier"
>"Well, try listening for once you limey bastard..I'm not done. This one's might be your big break.
Local juice joint, run by Helvetica got busted yesterday and guess what?""

>"I don't have the time for this"

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I thought I was so fucking cool when I first discovered DIN. I didn't realise it was so well known.
bebas neue
for me? it's bebas neue, manrope and inter

File: whatever.png (2.43 MB, 1700x2200)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
Is it any good? Should I keep working on it or should I kill myself?
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>Dead Industry
_DYING_ Industry. Give the kid some hope.
i don't understand the culture of blowing smoke up ya ass these days on here, nothing is right about this, from the font to the cutting out its all horrible, you have sharp pixels and blurry pixels all competing against each other, you have noise and no noise glaring at you, you have shadows where shadows aren't used, it's a total fuck up
What's wrong with the fonts?
gotta fix up the hair. id recommend playing around with the colour balance to get something right because as of right now its very obviously photoshopped. a lot of the colouring on the woman needs work too, just going in and fixing tiny mishaps like the orange under the eye, the blue on the guitar etc. the pixelated statue needs to go, none of that shit. replace it with something of higher quality. the colour of the hand and the face doesnt match, and the eye up the back is way too dark. its a cool concept but definitely needs work, especially in the attention to detail aspect.
I am concerned the most with the layout of the magazine. If it doesn't "look" like a magazine cover then the rest is pointless to me

File: CORP LOGO.png (10 KB, 323x99)
10 KB
fucking christ help me
why do I always turn here for everything
Do I use the product logo or the lettermark?
It's supposed to be a corporate logo.
File: untitled.png (2 KB, 342x41)
2 KB
lettermark by itself with blank space to mimic a financial institution lettermark
i cant hear you because of the terrible kerning

File: stressed.png (47 KB, 1563x175)
47 KB
Anyone have blk market folders they can link?

Specifically: Tape, Ransom, Textures, rubber mockup freebie, and Stickers&Label Collection?

I'm new to graphic design, and I want to try creating some stuff with it cuz broke. Saw a link to a few folders and I got some, but am interested in using these.

Get a job

File: file.png (603 KB, 668x668)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
What do I need to do different
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I can actually imagine this pasted onto a bag
But get rid of the shit fold stain of a bread in the bottom-middle
Font paring doesn't really work
I also think the logo weight in general doesn't work, it feels lopsided almost
infinitely better but change the font on the bottom right to something that isn't tahoma, maybe helvetica bold
Center the fonts at the bottom, its lop sided. Also the fonts looks like you ran them thru image trace in illustrator. Add more color to, the food looks like cardboard. learn some color theory those colors don't make people hungry.
i'm not OP by the way and yeah I just used the default san-serif inkscape font because I was just doing it quick and messy
Ok kys while you’re at it please

File: d90.jpg (75 KB, 482x427)
75 KB
>Do character design commission
>Finalized design and color palette
>Commissioner gives me the go ahead for shading
>Show them progress, doing shading area by area
>Continues to give me the go ahead
>Finish the piece
>"Actually anon, I'm not really content with the shading here, can we use those $40 to get it just right? I think you might be reaching the limit of your ability, can you do it like this guy?"
>Check the suggested YT video
>Dude is clearly below my art level
>Spend an afternoon wording the business equivalent of "excuse me but what the fuck"
>They apologize
>I say all is good and suggest to them to continuously ask for progress so this doesn't happen again
>Gives me the go ahead
>Never asks to see progress
>I have to basically show them every step of the way

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1559930466026.jpg (81 KB, 465x600)
81 KB
Thats not fair man. Just because youre blessed with talent doesnt mean you can be so mean when im nice. Im poor man
Not being mean and by no means rich or came from it. Experience is what I have. I've been in the game for 22 years, and didn't start making a livable wage until 5 years ago. Step 1 in shedding yourself of shitty clients is the hardest, because it means you have to get rid of the shitty clients. During this time, you'll be broke as fuck, and if anything like me, spend more time overdraft than not, and wondering why you're not just bagging groceries. I stopped freelancing and worked at an agency. After 2 years I realized I was decent, more decent than anyone I worked with, and got a better design job. Any freelance is now just extra dough, but because of the experience I have, and because I hit the right spot between time, cost and quality, I can charge what I charge. For those of you entering Step 1 of what I said earlier, I wish you luck.
Did they ever reply?
unironically try even a half-assed attempt at drawing it yourself, you'll give the artist a decent idea of what you want and I doubt they'll make fun of you for it

File: l.png (340 KB, 1542x1780)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
may be silly question:

if white colour in a CMYK document is actually the absence of all four colours, then the printer simply does not print anything in white areas, right? so, how do I print white colour in a coloured paper?
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It comes off as off-whatever color is the paper
Use a different stock
Print with white is problematic. For offset, it usually means running two passes of white (double bump) to get an opaque white - and then usually requires a varnish as the white buildup can crack and flake. I've done it, but it's pricey and time consuming.

Epson sells white ink for it's inkjets, but reviews I've seen are iffy.

Who designed this? You? Or a client? Because whoever designed this is wasting money on something that will be thrown away by most people.
File: 0.png (7 KB, 200x200)
7 KB
another silly question.

Is it true that 99designs and those places can kill your career?
as if someone from an agency finds your profile there, they won't hire you. or is it only if you design like the generic stuff they make there?
Never heard that, ever. Most agencies just care that you can do the work, and your name doesn't come up in questionable or legally liable activities when HR runs your name.

File: q6a8x0fmf1331.jpg (149 KB, 802x1200)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
>This is my favourite board. We are all so sophisticated unlike /tv/. keep up the good designs kings
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This board is one of the few I come to for actual responses and to appreciate others work, /ic/ and /diy/are full of faggots.
File: 1588915573637.png (12 KB, 323x570)
12 KB
>>/tv/ - Television & Film
>More like /tv/ - Reddit & Shit
>Right fellas?
Go back
File: 1590695353701.jpg (58 KB, 429x419)
58 KB
>>/tv/ - Television & Film
>More like /tv/ - Reddit & Shit
>Right fellas?
I try, but 90% of the posts here are how to pirate shit, and the rest is nonsense. 1 post out of 50 is worth responding to, on a good day.

File: download.png (7 KB, 257x196)
7 KB
Got my first graphic design job interview in a few days, Any kind anons got any tips or ideas on what to expect.
Bring a physical portfolio, printed and neatly bound.
They are going to assessing you, as a person, as well. So don’t be a spaz.

I’d recommend conducting a practice interview with a mature friend (in that, they’re not going to ask blatantly stupid or off topic questions for the lulz), and have them critique how you present yourself and how professional you behave.

Be sure you dress appropriately. You probably don’t need to wear a suit, but a clean dress shirt and slacks (or jeans if you think it’d be the environment to wear them) will suffice (or the female equivalent- I don’t know who you are). Shower, brush your teeth, trim your nails (I shouldn’t have to say this, but one can’t be sure on this board).

Besides your portfolio (a physical one is best, but bring a tablet or a phone they can swipe through if you don’t), bring a few copies of your resume with you (in case they didn’t print one out themselves), and if you have business cards, a few of those too.

If you’re at the point of an in-person interview, that means they’ll look for any reason to whittle you off the list to make it easier to pick the right candidate. Don’t give them a reason to make it easier for them to do so! Key topics would be to enphasize what you would bring to the table, directly relevant projects you’ve done in the past, and how you work great in a group/respond well to criticism.

I hope these help! Please follow up with how you think it went!
just look cool and act like you know what you are doing even though you dont know shit, this is how you "make it" in life, son.
Hey op here,
cheers for the advice, I got the job and start in 4 days. It was much longer then I expected but not as serious as I thought it would be.

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