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File: nurse Money.jpg (3.42 MB, 1800x1800)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB JPG
any advice is welcome
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like it
Your work is still piss poor, bottom of the barrel teenage bullshit.
great compliment!
I feel like i'm having a stroke looking at this, there is no changing this image to look good.
Is this the new banner for David Dukes website
dude spooky
Boomer magnet

File: img7231-1.jpg (281 KB, 656x875)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
can you point out some user-friendly software to make animated psychedelic visuals for music?
preferably something that has easy geometry transformations, basic fluid dynamics and lots of organic fx presets

my goal is to blend some of my 2D/3D stills into an interesting atmosphere

you'll have to pick between 'user-friendly' shit visuals and good visuals but hard to learn software

most people pick resolume though
resolume is gr8 for triggering/mixing the visuals but you need somewhere to create them in the first place

unironically, aftereffects
might look intimidating but it ain't that hard
>organic fx presets
I wouldn't advise it normally but in your case, download a bunch of cool looking plugins and play around with their many presets. Most of the trapcode suite comes with an effect builder which can be tuned intuitively with a graphic UI
i LOVE touchdesigner. node based coding, and really not hard to create something simple. Also its real time rendering so that works really well with live music sets.

File: Shrex.jpg (61 KB, 320x240)
61 KB
Shrex amidst the mysterious noise
File: Shrex.jpg (56 KB, 320x240)
56 KB
Shrex flipped horizontally amidst the mysterious noise
just as we thought this design couldn't get any worse

File: CF847391TA_P1.jpg (98 KB, 600x600)
98 KB
I want a creative/interesting/symbolic wedding band set but I'm incompetent. Everything online is maximalist or meaningless, due to the nature of mass production/consumption.
Help design an interesting set of wedding bands and leave your name and the reward will be that you will be remembered forever. Basically whenever someone asks "where did you get that from?" I'll say, X designed it on /gd/. Godspeed
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To fathom that someone with this level of negotiation thinks they will be married for the rest of their lives is the most Americans thing I’ve seen all day.
anon was being a little nice
fuck off to the appropriate board you dirty fucking parasite
How are these etchings made?
File: suggestion.png (1.73 MB, 2048x1452)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
Hello sir, here is my suggestion.
holy based

File: the corporate groyper.png (1.22 MB, 1296x1020)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Is there a specific title for corporate graphics? (Like the one included)
I hate it so much but I have a hard time finding images of it on google and need to find some.
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just the kind of juvenile misinformed reductivism we need. thank you, patriot.
>meant to only appeal to autistic children.
You mean SJWs and s.o.y.b.o.y.s?
fucking Soros
Marxists, so yeah basically.
File: 1608290444723.jpg (43 KB, 680x961)
43 KB

I'm super self-conscious of my skills, and I'm afraid that while I enjoy /gd/ and spent some time drawing and attending design classes at uni my skills will never be enough for real /gd/ jobs.

Realistically, should I compare myself with works on dribble before I find my first "real" job?
What should I expect? I'm willing to keep practicing and improving I'm just afraid of never making it.
Post a pic you made.
Everyone sucks at first, something I heard on here that motivate me when I started was that most people have zero knowledge or skills in graphic design so even people that suck can get big gigs (here's an example uniquedesignz.net he's made more than $1M from that website)

This other guy ended up working with JJ Abrams and he's first works are some of the worse I ever seen

I have also seen people in the Illustration Freelance industry talking about how even if they have 20+ years of experience they always compare their works and that people will always hire you to make the same work you show that's why they always go back and delete work they don't like.
Everyone is nervous starting out. The first time I designed something that was printed and sold nationwide I was nervous as hell.

Drawing has very little to do with design, so I'm wondering if you even know what kinds of work designers do.

The reality is, you won't know until you jump in and try it. Some people have the technical skills, but don't have the ideas. Some people have ideas, but are shit at putting them together (they tend to be art directors and concept people) Some wanna be designers are hopeless. Nobody here can tell you how well you'd do.

Honestly? Dribble is bottom of the barrel design, go for it. Take a small money gig, see how you do. The first gig is always the hardest. I learned a lot by just jumping in and trying, but I had friends who were designers who walked me through some things before I started taking classes. But you have to dive in, learn the software, work your creative muscles hard, and learn.

But the reality is, a couple of local fliers and menus and such that someone paid for and accepted and are happy with count a lot more than some made up student level stuff, in your portfolio. Get SOMETHING done, and see how it goes.

File: 21F.jpg (10 KB, 360x270)
10 KB
I'm 19 I'm interested in UI/UX but idk anything about how to draw of any after effects thing
How do I even start?
Is it worth it? Honestly I don't want to spend 70% of my life in earth to have a shitty job that can have a good demand
Is university worth?
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Only if you live in the capital city of a Western country.
UI/UX, and you think it's done in After Effects?

Even the trolling here is the laziest shit on 4chan.
Nah ik it has nothing to do, is just a saying ain't know shit about anithing related of creation of digital content of modification of it.
Is mispronounced
Try learning to write English so we can understand it, first.
fucken lold

File: images.png (3 KB, 227x222)
3 KB
AutoCAD can do what Illustrator can do (minus line strokes) much quicker and more accurately. If I wanted to add strokes to an image made in CAD, I could just do it in Inkscape.

These brightly colored deformed flat people I see could easily be shat out in CAD in 30 minutes.

I don't get it. Why is this an industry standard?
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File: 1575890043996.gif (892 KB, 226x200)
892 KB
892 KB GIF
Imagine being this much of an idiot and being proud of it.
same anon its just some fuckn font and some pictures aye
microsoft publisher is the most powerful software in the world
>In my experience publisher is a good replacement of indesign
Maybe for small office projects or homework, but I dare you to create long form documents like books and catalogs in Publisher.

Publisher to InDesign is what Notepad is to Word.
No, it's not just because it's been around forever, they're standard because they're reliable. They support important printing standards. They have decades of research behind them. If I'm working a campaign that will hit 10 million web browsers and has a $5 million dollar print budget, I'm not using Affinity anything. They're not bad apps - for beginners and hobbyists, but at the pro level, you'll get laughed out of the room or fired for trying to use Affinity apps.

Bloated, sure. Unstable? I've never had Illustrator crash in the years and years I've used it.

What always amuses me in these threads is you compare Affinity to Illustrator, but only on the 10% of the toolbase they share in common. But most of you have NO clue to the 90% of Illustrator that Affinity can't even hope to compete with. And I should probably say 5% of the 10% of the toolbase, because the work that's posted here shows a distinct lack of knowledge, period.

The anon who was sperging about AutoCad is hilarious. If he's trolling, 10/10. If he's serious, he's a massive fucking retard.

File: PedyaMlogo.jpg (181 KB, 800x600)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Pedya Mokh Fan Group logo

File: 2-2.jpg (138 KB, 1642x1642)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
wondering if I can get feedback on a logo I recently created.

Is this the right board?
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File: 4.png (158 KB, 1644x1640)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Its an awning company, but rain would collect in the R, doesn't seem to line up to me
maybe have all letters move instead of just the R.
add an awning onto the left of the r.
make the r really big with an awning covering the other letters?
It is a R or is it a B?
If It is a R, why it is rolling down while it says roll up?

My bet would do a logo who works static and try to implement some movement so the "roll up" happens depending on the medium it is displayed (online, video, etc). A effect you may inspire is in the last 4 seconds of this video: https://youtu.be/hmGN1A2B1aY

Also, as other anons mentioned, It should work on black and white first, then you can think of colors
I actually really like it, other than the white on yellow.
> follow the trends bruh

File: sDASCXsdpfvmR==.jpg (5.47 MB, 2550x3300)
5.47 MB
5.47 MB JPG
File: kfa3lpsgx9361.jpg (158 KB, 960x768)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
R.I.P. David Dees 1958-2020
Make the background less chaotic, you just need some grass and a small house to be happy really

File: lyuqtcklaun.png (100 KB, 631x208)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
As much as I hate Adobe, I just can't stop using Photoshop. I've used alternatives like Affinity Photo on PC/iPad, and I'd say it's a way better, more modern experience overall, especially for novice users. I think where Photoshop just "sticks" with me is that I'm used to the dated, convoluted experience of using the program that I'm pretty much accustomed to.
how many layers of irony does this psb have?
imo nothing tops affinity software when it comes to price per benefit; problem is it still lacks some features that make automation easier (e.g. live transformations). Sadly, no one wants to risk and try to make a living with anything different and thats why adobe is the industry standard
Imagine having a different name than ‘anonymous’ lol
hello newfriend
I shall inform you that indulging in tripfag behaviour is frowned upon, please stop, you are no special snowflake, you are anon
t. some other anon (totally not m00t)

File: diamond.jpg (4.57 MB, 6000x4000)
4.57 MB
4.57 MB JPG
Are there any terms used to refer to hypnotic patterns that are shaped like diamonds? I can't find a transparent vector of this certain design. Any /g/oo/d/boys out here know where I can find or how I can make one?
The fuck you talking about? You think different shaped hypnotic patterns have different fucking names and not exactly what the fuck you just said? Fuck you.
Bend over fuckface, I'm gonna slap your ass as punishment for that potty mouth of yours.
>how I can make one?
If you can't figure out how to slap a bunch of concentric squares on your own, there's nothing >we can do for you
File: images (32).jpg (27 KB, 740x415)
27 KB

Of all the things that you could really do yourself, concentric squares is like day 1 in mspaint shit. Stop looking up concentric squares to try and create a transparent vector and just do that.

File: Astralis_logo.png (20 KB, 632x768)
20 KB
Is this a good logo?
I think it looks horrible
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Astralis very good
i don't know what that is, but it looks like something for some 'Great Patriotic War / Victory' theme remembrance / propaganda thing or maybe a Communist movement / party logo in Putin's Russia
Do you know what Texas looks like?
Sometimes Texas wears a hat :^)
Looks communist.

File: a3130497125_10.jpg (662 KB, 1200x1190)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
Is there a name for this type of art?
looks like „occult medieval woodcut art
Looks like something tried to imitate art nouveau, mixed it with the appearance of copper engraving, and used for his figures a mix out of, early medieval paintings, cave paintings, and comics. And made it so sth. completely wired. It also reminds me occasionally on Japanese woodblock prints.
Is a really wired mix but it looks fine.
That's a wannabe medieval engraving my stoner frend. Great band btw

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