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minimalism has meant the total death of creative graphic design, EVERYTHING looks the same now when it comes to logos, i get shit like removing the metallic sheen of the apple logo, but ffs, why are corporations like Firefox butchering iconic logos with disgusting oversimplification?
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that 1973 pepsi logo was lit, tho
You will never be a real woman
UPS logo is pretty based
I still to this day am unsure if that document was a joke or not. It's so full of bullshit but it could easily have been a response to the arena-sized Pepsico board room (look it up)

Does /gd/ thinks that graphic design classes in 2021 is necessary for being a graphic designer or it's just a scam?
pic semi-unrelated
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there are a million things you dont know and are shit at. go get a fucking education.
It depends, some people prefer just learning it themselves while others prefer having a teacher guide them. Another problem might be you don't know what you need to learn but I don't think thats a huge issue as there are a lot of resources online that can help with that.

I went to school but prior to that I already self-taught myself a lot to the point that I felt like I wasn't learning anything. So I decided after 2 years to quit school with an AA instead of staying another 2 years for BA so I could start working sooner as I already saw myself ready for it. Also because jobs don't care about your degree but what and how you can make stuff.

People who say going to school is worth it for the networking have no idea what they are talking about. You don't network while in school but once you're in the field.

Mind you I didn't go to an art school but I did have a teacher who was teaching at one at the time, an extremely prominent one at that. And what he told me was that you definitely learn stuff from going to art school but it's also definitely not worth the price you pay for it. So sure you can go to art school but you will be in debt for half of your life so its up to you.

I personally don't think it's worth it as there are already so many online resources that are really good and free.
>> Does /gd/ thinks that graphic design classes in 2021 is necessary for b

I really dont think you need it desu....Internet has pretty much everything you need..with a little luck and a decent portfolio and some personality you should be able to get an entry level job somewhere. Go to Linked In People section, search "Graphic Design, Enter City" and a list of designers will populate-- select each and every one of those shits and view their portfolios pay for the Linked in Pro license if you have to and basically copy the format of these designers portfolios..only with your own work and ideas. I did this and it worked great, got 25 interviews in 30 days had 5 in 1 at one point. Good luck...
this simply is not true.

i watched a vid from the futur dude once.
it was just him trolling his fucking interns and stealing misc shit from fucking wikipedia. like someone said something about proportion and he literally put a wikipedia bullshit thing he could explain on the screen and talked just enough to dazzle his interns (and his clueless audience).

wanna get by in design? sell design to the ngmis, theres always a new batch and they cant tll you if you are bad
I always regretted not studying it properly. I always feel on the backfoot and anything that requires good layout skills takes way too fucking long at my level of understanding.

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wtf, you fags not old enough to remember the original bandai and namco logos, this one was just as soulless
yeah grandpa sure, now let's get you back in bed
both are better than the last one

the autodesk one is the best one autodesk have ever had
File: Change one thing.png (35 KB, 2560x433)
35 KB
Ok we know it's you.
unironically better, red/yellow/orange color scheme sucks when used like that

File: ads.jpg (135 KB, 676x918)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
How much would you charge to do an ad for each of the 4 options 4chan has? What unique aspects would you bring to your campaign?
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Im a graphic designer. What do u need?
Looking for an all encompassing campaign for a future crowdfunding project, something like a few simple gifs for each different option they offer. Never had to pay for advertising before so I'm not sure what the going rate is for good graphic designers from here rather than just going to fiver
What? Literally just look up what the starting wage for it is and stop asking 4chan of all places

File: Zoomerhappy.png (108 KB, 354x463)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
I am using aftereffects right now. I am really new to the program though. I basically have a still of someone's face pasted over another face in a video. The face is tracking the underlying face and moving position with it, that works, and is what I want.

However, if something like the characters hand moves by the face, it goes behind the face. How can I make it so certain objects can go in front of the thing on the top layer?

Is this a task for masks? If it is, is there a good tutorial anyone knows of?

Thank you frens
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Ok. How do I go about doing this, sorry I'm really new. Also this should be doable, this is more a practice project for me, my entire project is about 50 frames or so... There is only about 10 frames where I need to put the arm in front of my pasted in face.
Use precomps (ctrl+shift+c) to merge layers/effects then dupllicate then mask out the top precomp layer by animating a mask then play around until you get it usually you need to invert the mask.
Ok thanks guys. Was able to work on this some tonight. However, now I want to render the project and turn it into a GIF with no audio.

I'm thinking the best way to do this is to turn it into a video then turn it into a gif with some type of converter? However, what video format should it be? I selected AVI and resulting file is 5 gigabytes. The original source, to which I only added minor stuff to was 20 megabytes. I feel like I am missing something here lol.
Ah ok. I got it turned into an MP4 its only 35 megabytes. Just gotta figure out the best way to turn into a gif now.
FormatFactory or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqURGR9niXU

File: hooy.jpg (101 KB, 589x837)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I have already worked as a graphic designer for five years, but havent finished any higher education courses.

Im currently thinking about dropping some money on a year-long course - but im torn between taking up a DTP course and a web design one.

On one hand, I have half a year of experience as a graphic designer for websites - but seems like the main goal of the course is to build a portfolio website on wordpress and that seems like something i can figure out on my own.

On the other hand, I'd much rather enjoy working in a publishing house, preferably designing book coversm but im kinda worried print is going extinct.

Third option that im not really considering that much is a more marketing/ad-campaign focused graphic design course but i hate marketing and i refuse to indulge in copywriting so i think i will pass on this one.

Which one would yall go for? Help me out on this one, im retarded.

picrel - a website layout im messing around with rn to have some fresh shit for my portfolio
bump, I'm also looking for graphic design courses.
You already have the tools you need. Majority of courses are intros and not specialised. Just pirate a few online courses to brush up on specific topics

File: Frame 1.png (12 KB, 684x383)
12 KB
(Re-)Design a modern kebab shop logo
the font in pic rel is Berkshire Swash
the kebab png will be in the next post but you can use other resources of course

also Figma link if you use that: https://www.figma.com/file/JYqkdAVmpdR6UBlWNTA0Vk/Untitled?node-id=0%3A1
kebab icon
do your own homework

File: professional retard.png (413 KB, 557x519)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
How does one starts to Freelance? i kinda wanna try to make some cash of my own, but i haven't got a clue on where to start, i have some skills in photoshop at least and a bit of graphic design. I also have a graphics tablet but i never used it much
Two routes:
Register on every freelancing website (Upwork, peopleperhour, fiverr, etc) with a selection of your best work as your portfolio and do everything you can to win contracts whilst competing with Rajesh Kapadia who is willing to do it for 8% of the minimum wage in your country. If you grind like this long enough you will eventually get reviews and like a particularly fibrous shit will rise to the top of the platform and possibly, possibly make what a working class man would call a living.
The second path takes more skill and is infinitely more rewarding. Set up your own .com, design and code your own website, find out how much real designers charge for projects and adjust according to your skill, then proactively market yourself through a mixture of cold calling and pro-bono projects to use as case studies + build word of mouth. This route is much harder to take if you don't know anything other than design because it severely limits what you can do, but if you're willing to become a designer, coder, marketer and seo expert you can make very very good sustainable income.
First decide what is the area of design that you want to work on, then spend a week or two following video courses from lynda/skillshare/udemy (graphic design 101, graphic design history, adobe Ae/Ai/Ps, branding, typography, sketching and tracing, etc.). Then another week or two following tutorials from youtube and tutsplus and make a few different projects each day (they're called everydays and they will force you to learn the software), then start making a portfolio online even with fake work at behance+IG (learn how to showcase your work), then join online freelance forums and websites and start getting clients and keep learning/improving, if you don't have the confidence take small paying gigs first but don't get stuck on those.

Also is common sense but basically 'lurk more' or research everything you can on blogs/youtube vids/books/podcasts etc. so you at least know the basics of freelancing, like sending the right files, using the online adobe contracts templates etc, make sure to take notes and write down goals and a daily schedule, discipline is really important, also learn about the T-shaped skillset then look for the people who are successful at that job and try to close the gap between you and them, for finding jobs you can just google "graphic design marketplaces" to get links. something really useful is to find someone you can talk to, maybe leave a discord tag if you have one.

File: trollfield.png (31 KB, 256x256)
31 KB
Garfield draw thread?

File: image_2021-09-29_214113.png (307 KB, 1202x662)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
I made this red version of the hud

File: fund your sporkl.png (236 KB, 1250x707)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Rate this font/10
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how about kys outta 10 for making this shit post...pple and posts like these make this area the shithole that its, so thanks
>>/mlp/ /10
/gd/'s a shithole?
File: 1608235879034.png (57 KB, 300x100)
57 KB
>>>/mlp/ 10

File: Mage_Girl_Fire.jpg (52 KB, 595x842)
52 KB
I started to mess around with Illustrator a while ago and I came up with picrelated and the next image I'll upload.
I'm in dire need of constructive feedback right now, even if it is absolutely trashing my work.

I also started a Deviant Art for the sake of it, look for 'bellidrun'.

Thanks in advance!
File: Mage_Girl_Water.jpg (53 KB, 595x842)
53 KB
My other creation.

File: csp.jpg (19 KB, 510x330)
19 KB
How do I use it?
Follow guides on pixiv, clip studio itself or youtube.
It's basically photoshop but with less features

File: file.png (1.46 MB, 1000x672)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
What is the name of this style? And are there any tutorials out there to help me emulate something like this?
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it's not just that. it also utilises freeform gradients and grain filters. dont make me read stupid shit
always count on /gd/ for quality information
and a noise generator for a cinematic look
If you're asking about technical help with Photoshop because you don't know how to use it, then look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlG6oPxnZCo and you should be able to extrapolate from there.
All i see is mesh gradients and noise filter

File: 131aa8dc4a.png (351 KB, 1005x669)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
what did maxon mean by this
that you can sculpt low poly animals in Cinema 4D?


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