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How do I give text a background the way way Instagram does, in Photoshop? It’s like a stroke but different
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File: Closeup_of_pixels.jpg (257 KB, 500x400)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Interesting question. I'm going to reply even though an answer has been given:

Indesign and Illustrator can generate something like this automatically. Write the text and it simply appears (with margin for context-sensitive settings). For this kind of effect, however, Indesign is superior in terms of control, but XD will probably cover this in the near future as it already has adapted margins for objects exactly like in a DOM environment.

Photoshop may require you to use several effects in combination with the Linked Layer property. Getting Photoshop to automatically re-fit the background to the text is a lot more trickier but can be solved with re-running a macro command whenever the text has been altered in any way. It's really not suggested to do something this parametric in Photoshop however, as it needs a lot of micro managing things that function correctly only with each other. If you have to use Photoshop, just use a layer below.

The reason why it's not as intuitive to do in creative programs is because fields and objects don't need parents to be self-described.

Much like design on devices, content is put inside something. What you're looking at here is a series of attributes given to an object.

.object {
background-color: blue;
radius: n px;

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Box select > smooth pixels
draw a box you dumb shit lmao

This and link the later after you sized it so it transforms with your texto, but... do that after you have your text length / text already setted up since.it wont update its length accordingly if youu change it
File: 345987-01.png (90 KB, 1200x1200)
90 KB
Its a box with rounded edges man. IF you play with the program or look up fundamentals on youtube, you're bound to find something.

>mfw illustrator shoves a how to on this type of stuff on first open
>mfw no face

File: microsoft-publisher.png (8 KB, 400x316)
8 KB
I have a fascination with things that combine antialaising and bare pixels. Anyone else?
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File: 3451325.png (5 KB, 400x316)
5 KB
Good, glad I am not alone. It looks so nice. Are there any modern examples?
File: sykewar.jpg.png (18 KB, 893x879)
18 KB

pixels tickle my fancy too anon
Yeah retard not what I'm talking about
Okay but why is every example in this thread scaled poorly? I might get what you mean but these all look like shit because the pixels and dithering patterns are all obscured and look like ass.
It looks better looking at it on PC where it looks pixel perfect but to be fair these were from the 90s and 2000s

File: macos-big-sur.jpg (374 KB, 1904x1248)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
what do we think about this abomination? Is this really the future of UI design?
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The new iOS update is the now defunct Windows Phone, but with rounded corners. That was the best mobile UI.
good times are over. Nowadays you go for bland easy to use standardized solutions because if the user does not know what to do the moment he lands his eyes on it, he will go away. And popular brands are pushing the standardization concept to the extreme
The only decent thing on macs is hardware, they at least give you an 8-bit screen and good resolution, from the most basic product.
Software-wise they give you a decent software pack by just buying the computer, that's a pro. Also, they focus on performance, but they tend to quit support quickly.

This being said, the rest is garbage, but the worst of it its their way of treating their customers,
>still not a tiling wm by default

s h i t e
>needing a signifier in messages

are normies really this stupid that they have to put a signifier in messages

Hey guys, so I`m a macOS user and I just can't find a free alternative software that is like Aseprite (I tried downloading their free versions but they does not work in the latest version of macOS). I tried every single crack in the internet (they don't put the file for download so ???).
So that's it, if you know how to crack (any source) or an alternative software pls let me know.
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File: 1592123446652.png (48 KB, 902x748)
48 KB
This. Gimp works alright.
just checked, yes. it's a bit not obvious but yes.

File: steamlogo.png (30 KB, 512x512)
30 KB
Steam made some sexy updates to user profiles and i'm honestly not even mad
I forgot profiles even existed, just some more bloat for my PC I guess
it looks pretty cool but it fucked my art showcases, as the background no longer lines up with the images, I still have the psd so modifying them wouldnt be a big deal but Im too lazy to do it lmao
so you're all about that suckless software yes?

File: Skull.Bomb.jpg (168 KB, 2000x2000)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Im going to take an exam to get into a art academy and study graphic design. The exam is two parts. 1 - a portfolio with at least 15 or more artworks or sketches. 2 - a motivational talk. The picture is a logo that i made. Would a logo like that be good enouth for a portfolio???
It depends, probably not. Some places will accept anyone and others are more rigorous, If I were you I would just look on facebook for recent graduates in that academy and message/ask them about the admission process. Also try to get some letter of recommendation if you can.

You can also search for what other big design/art schools look for, eg:
>The faculty admissions committee seeks portfolios that show evidence of strong, creative life drawing skills, artistic originality and the potential to tell stories and develop characters using sequential imagery.
File: hereugonigger-01.png (219 KB, 4167x4167)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
remake it, use simpler shapes, don't use a paint brush, use thick solid lines. I started it for you senpai.

File: Huion-vs-xpen.jpg (19 KB, 334x287)
19 KB
Trying to decide between huion kamvas pro 16, and XP-pen artist 15.6 pro. Everything says they are very very close. Wacom one would be an option if it at least had 2 damn buttons on it's second rate "licensing technology" pen, but buttons arent for the common folk anymore I guess. Technically still an option with the express key remote but I dont want to add on another 100$ unless I get it tax free since it's already a little over budget.

Is one company between huion and xp pen, in general, more reliable than the other? Better customer service? Better quality control? Better device lifespan?

Am I likely to still be able to use either of them after 5 years or is that hopelessly optimistic for a budget screen tablet?

Am I able to adjust the pen pressure on either of them beyond simply picking a pre-made profile? I like being able to change the click threshold and when max pressure is reached and the like.

What do you think about Smashing Magazine and their books?

File: liz trans banner.png (593 KB, 1215x1187)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
my friend made this. she says it looks good. i say it looks like shit. judge for us
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>listens to SOPHIE once
it's garbage. get rid of the colors, get rid of your opponents name.
I agree with you. The typeface for "LIZ" (i suppose) and 2020 is really nice, but the second font is a bit too much. I would also reduce the number of waves on the backgroun.; Your design should be instantly readable, which is not the case ith the 2nd font.

Keep on designing
he used the meme word lmaoooo

>here’s your redesign, bro.
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It's Colonel you moron
someone post the nude already
gradient means rate of change. in this case I assume anon meant slope. at some point photoshop decided to call their color ramp tool the "gradient" tool which alongside standardization as industry lingo is how you learned the word, hence your confusion.
File: Aidsdesign.png (945 KB, 794x1448)
945 KB
945 KB PNG
Pretty sure this thread is about more than kfc. I think this is the redesign hate thread.

File: gd thread.png (45 KB, 2048x2048)
45 KB
/gd/ thread
315 replies and 143 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: gd-01.png (9 KB, 600x600)
9 KB
File: gd-01.png (10 KB, 600x600)
10 KB
File: gd-01.png (7 KB, 600x600)
7 KB
unironically the most pertinent
>The least qualified board when it's time to design a logo for themselves.

What went wrong
What's wrong in this pic?
Your life

File: 1589281746456.png (681 KB, 664x561)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
I don't remember where on this site I found this photo but can someone here explain this image to me. It's making my head hurt
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File: ode.jpg (13 KB, 246x235)
13 KB
>imgur guide
>immediately mentions /b/ off the bat

I'm getting tired of this pottery
File: 206.jpg (329 KB, 970x1293)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Chaika on the front page
this honestly, i really do not understand the need for this to be explained,why couldnt you have just posted her without any stupid fucking question
Click it.
what can we even do

File: 1562318754020.png (99 KB, 431x650)
99 KB
I need to create a custom form for repaired machines to give to my cleints on my company
any tips about software/procedure and stuff?
Something like this as a base

I'm currently building a UI library for my design system. And I'm trying to come up with a visual queue to tell my user a specific input control is focused (button, radio, checkbox, input, etc). Some UI libraries out there use a simple outline, some combine both the active and/or hover state with the focus state and call it a day. I want something different. Does anyone have any ideas? I can't do pic related because my buttons have variants, and two of them are actually like the ones showed here, one filled and one with an outline.
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>they are incompetent and lazy
"They" as in ":focus", or "outlines" or "the developers" ?

>tab through links for accessibility reasons.
Fair enough.
lol nerds.
>Does he mean focus or hover? Because button focus is dinosaur tech as nearly no one uses keyboard navigation anymore.
Tab focus is mostly for accesibility.
File: unnamed.png (25 KB, 1064x532)
25 KB
I'm not a UX designer. I'm a programmer but I'm building a component library mostly for my own projects but I will open source it as well and I want it to be as accesible as possible.

In the end I went with the Nebular design system approach.

Variants serve to highlight hierarchy between the same elements. Like in material design, a contained button is visually more important than an outline button


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