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>get assigned to design a magazine cover
>it's about fucking hunting rifles

how in the hell does one choose an appropriate font for a hunting rifles magazine? The one I chose kind of looks like some sort of fashion thing.

I just want to finish this assignment :((
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File: shot was shit.png (184 KB, 464x643)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
took a shot as well
(get it?!??!?!)
I like this one so much o . O
thanks a ton for telling!
I thought it's a nice exercise so I decided having a bit of fun with it. honestly the most important aspect to me was browsing image search while piecing this together.

I feel like a bit of jank makes it actually more believable and little details we are used to recognizing (like the bar code, the blurp things in the top/header, and little emblems) are helping a huge lot with realism as well!
I feel as though this will be the finalest version
I think it looks nice!
the only thing I dislike (and that quite a bit so) is the fatness of that scaled capital R. It is just so clearly visible for it to be simply a blown up version of exactly the same font, and it greatly reduces the overall quality of the page, which is sad.

File: notioneverything.png (140 KB, 2400x1260)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Seems like a good resource for notion but I'm too poor
shill cuks
For real, my process is all over the place.

I need anything akin to that template to get my shit together
All of that is available on YouTube for free. This is entry level shit repackaged for lazy retards. Like you.
>MuH PrOcEsS iS aLl oVer The PlAcE
You don't *have* a process, at all, if you think this would help anything, other than the scammer selling it.
You should, as a basic bitch, entry level designer be able to create basic bitch template for the kind of work you're looking at doing, or download free ones.

File: help.png (121 KB, 921x710)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Hi, can somebody tell me how to make this graphic sharp around the edges with on-board tools or maybe some online editor? I'm on a computer with nothing installed.
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looks a tad uneven here and there
only cool peeps like me will noticce
Use an online SVG editor, dummy, like everyone else. Like this one:

File: logo.png (7 KB, 921x710)
7 KB
I recreated it in figma
so you eyeball traced it ?
Thank you very much.

File: gqew.png (528 KB, 3168x3080)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
Like distorted grids with some objects in it, im too stupid to make them but im sure somebody here can do it very quick.
I pay up to 20 Dollar per picture and maybe somebody of you can do it in 10 minutes
I pay in crypto preferrable Monero or Ethereum

File: gd.png (129 KB, 600x600)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
stupid questions thread/questions that don't deserve their own thread

read the sticky >>248316

font request >>429862

old >>409852
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How do I add complexity to my compositions?
i don't know if this is the best place to ask this but i need to do some simple video editing and i would love to find a free program to do it with
i'm taking videos on my phone of me painting, and i want to compile them together and time lapse them from a couple of hours into a minute or two
im using a mac, if anybody could give any suggestions i'd appreciate it
What is the name of the technique for adding a still image or video onto a screen within a scene? Let’s say adding a still image to a tv screen behind a woman doing jumping jacks. And what would be the best program to achieve that? I only have some vague minimal experience with Adobe after effects and intermediate in Lightroom.
i'll try it

File: img-2023-02-10-15-17-22.png (1.43 MB, 1903x978)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
new aesthetics just dropped
thoughts, /gd/?
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File: file.png (277 KB, 1179x393)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Just bring back skeuomorphism. The only thing I can think of that still has it is music plug ins.
It sucks tho, fab filter has the best ui
ff is jumbled rainbow puke compared to ozone
ozone 5 is the best design

What is the fastest way to become a graphic designer without going the traditional route with a degree?
Graphic design is over. Treat as a hobby and do not make it your career path. You have been warned.
Well said, got out of that field years ago.

OP, go into business, marketing, and use these skills in conjunction.
You need to know people in the business already
sounds like this board should be deleted then i guess.
>sorry, did you grow up wanting to be creative for a living? LOOOOL, theres an open seat in front of the conveyor belt, we need those widgets anon! We'd get a robot to do it but that costs too much.

File: pepe-apu.gif (61 KB, 498x498)
61 KB
I need help please.

ima UK based graphic designer. I just finished my portfolio site. it's a mix of logo, web and print.

What do I do now?
What's the best tactic to start getting paid?

Do I just start spamming my website in emails to every business in the world?

I have no idea where to start or how to get clients.

Also just to add to the pressure I need to start getting income within 1 month.

Please help me
I really can't recommend freelancing anymore because the field is oversaturated. You will be competing with third worlders who charge less than half of your rates, and industry pros with 20+ years of experience.
You can try your luck with online gigs like fiverr and upwork, shit like that. But you shouldn't settle for this long term.

Apply to design/art agencies. Then build a network from there.
best thing to remember is that people buy from people.

try going into local businesses and pitching in person, people are more likely to work with you when then get to know you as a person. it's fucking awkward at first but as you do it you become better at speaking.

sites like fiverr and upwork are shit imo, the people on there just want the cheapest person so if that isn't you then tough shit.

try to be personable in everything you do, the best work is stuff that comes through word of mouth, even if someone you approach doesn't want work if you make the right impression they might still recommend you.

also try going to a co-working space, you can meet a lot of like-minded people and hopefully build a bit of a network from that where other designers can pass jobs onto you if they're too busy

lastly, look into some form of alternative and semi-passive income. selling digital assets/typefaces or a dropshipping store can help with cashflow if you're lucky

good luck on your adventure anon
get a job

File: 1661412883355635.png (146 KB, 200x356)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Where would I go to find either torrents / downloads of (usually paid for) brushes for Photoshop? Should I try the classic torrenting sites or is there somewhere better?
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Psdly, you might find what you’re looking for there
File: 1675719276319517.jpg (53 KB, 1280x720)
53 KB
what happens if I torrent premium fonts for commercial use? do the developers keep track?
the best way to do it is to buy the font or torrent the font, and then charge your client for the license. if you have the ripped copy your client can pay for the legit version. unless of course its a personal commercial endeavour. then just take your chances. your highly unlikely to get audited as an individual operation
Depends on the foundry. House Industries is highly litigious, and sue all the time - they won against Universal.

The era of commercial fonts is ending, anyway. Between Google fonts and Adobe's collection you get access to with a Cloud subscription (if you're not a broke ass NEET who can't afford it), you don't really need commercial fonts.
Pirating brushes? Why? Make your own, it's not hard. I literally do shit like walk around my yard and pick up roots and leaves and rocks, scan them, and make texture brushes. Been using them for years.
Instead of trying to download talent, learn how the tools in Photoshop work for making brushes. It's insanely easy.

You don't even need a scanner. You can use a phone camera.

Hello guys, requesting any generous souls that could maybe perhaps improve upon my logo, would like it to make it more "pop"! thank you!
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this is really poorly executed
you need a new font for anaheim if youre gonna do the triangle on top more or less lining up with the word

if you want to keep the NASA style font lose the triangle as overarching form
File: Edit.png (492 KB, 1403x1002)
492 KB
492 KB PNG

File: wasmts2.png (3.06 MB, 1656x1656)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB PNG
Working on some album art but the demo we got sent is too low quality- tried running it through an enhancer and now it looks too edited. Image size needs to be at least 1000x1000, and of good quality, but I have no idea what to do. Anyone got any tips on how I can give this image an old feel?
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File: WaS.png (4.16 MB, 1300x1300)
4.16 MB
4.16 MB PNG
That just looks like it got rattle can overspray on it.
well it was worth a shot I guess
mate this isn't a request board, that's why you're getting shite edits, go to wsr you might not get the idiots doing it for you like on here

tfw i liked this color combination before the trannies took it as their own and now i can't use this palette anymore without the signaling
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This. It should be shades of dried blood, shit and dark rot. The pastel blue and pink are colors for calmness or toddler youth which makes this all the more disturbing
File: 4th reich.png (43 KB, 2000x1125)
43 KB
i made this flag
its a mix of the canadian liberal party and the nazi germany flag
it got removed in only 3 mins in cangen
it as cause severe wreastling of jimmies and jannies.
please spread it around
and fuck truedeau
its almost like it was intentional, taking one of earths most beautiful wonders,a nd using it for their perverse sexual purposes.
trannies ruined graphic design
File: trap.png (3 KB, 576x576)
3 KB

File: 0x0.png (23 KB, 1366x403)
23 KB
>be me
>join upwork a week ago cause broke college student need easy money
>worked in illustrator on my free time for about four years
>put up a few of my logographic works
>apply for a bunch of jobs
>get none
>go to self-post showcases where clients can hire others
>top 50 is literally just the most generic and shitty free logo designer bullshit made by curryniggers
I fucking hate indians why do they take all of the easy jobs, I'd like to think that I am geniunely good at design, but so far I've had no luck
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
uh, dont mix random names with random design ideas.
and dont pick totally loaded words without addressing it
Ragdoll? ouch.

and if you dont give a bit of a thought to what 'axial' means, its kinda a mark against you i think

get your hands on some sort of portfolio, presentation binder

i wouldnt hire someone who cant organize their titles
>These other designers are hanging in forums or places where they can single themselves out.

Like which forums? Or do you also mean discords full of non-designers?

if you are introvert and or autistic, you can also do this on Facebook groups. join your local entrepreneurs/services group and post some of your work.

>le old people use Facebook!!
and guess who has the money to have a business that needs graphics design, but doesn't have the skills to make it for themselves?
I'd love to see the feedback from a marketing focus group asked what came to mind when they heard the name "Ragdoll Aerospace"

I'd bet >85% would be this-

Upwork is mostly a race to the bottom.

If you want to succeed, you need two things: a good portfolio and great proposals.

You proposal shouldn't be some long winded bullshit that makes you look desperate. It should be short and sweet and convey they fact that you can "do it in your sleep".

People don't go to Upwork looking for the best possible solution, they go there to get something done quickly and efficiently for the least money.

Designer I hired is not really hitting the mark at the first drafts but I'm too much of a sperg to communicate properly

How do I provide feedback without being an ass about it?
"Thank you! I appreciate the time you've put into these first drafts. I do have some feedback to help bring it more in line with my vision: ..."
Then just be as candid as you want. A bit more specificity might be nice if you want more feedback.
Be specific.
>Can we have a darker shade of red?
>The folds are too narrow
>Please have the second circle smaller than the first

Avoid vague buzzword shit. We don't like that
>Can you make it pop?
>Something contemporary yet traditional
And the worst one a client actually told me- a logo that:
>evokes the feeling of longing
>And the worst one a client actually told me- a logo that:
>>evokes the feeling of longing

So, did you tie it all together and take it to the next level?

At the end of the day, thats what a thought leader does, even if it means circling back until you can pivot to that out'of-the-box game changer.

File: untold legends (13).png (1.12 MB, 1280x720)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Hello /gd/, I come to you in a time of need again. Could you rate my thumbnail? I know how well you guys are at this. Please criticise and let me know where I need to work on. This is Draft 1
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File: untold legends (16).png (1.14 MB, 1280x720)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Better or no?
File: STROKE-STROKE-STROKE.png (141 KB, 214x240)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
drop shade harder
but wrap that entire green title with a black outline, 2pt first
Slightly. Maybe remove the triangle and have the robot fade into the background too look cool / ominous
Terrible fucking font anon, get something else.
How many subs do you have? How many views per video on average?
That robot's not American enough, slap some big bushy angry eyebrows on that sumbitch

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