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Why is visible and accessible piping not the standard for houses?
For what possible reason would you want to hide all your electrical and plumbing behind drywall?
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Nta but lighten up Francis.
They live in a battery-powered solarpod™ and eat the bugs. Chickenpeoplekind.

Wiremold is usually installed in schools that's why :^)
Because women and fags dont like it, serious answer.

False, sauce? A arown.

>get hired as a plumber
>uniform is white from head to toe
I don't understand this. Everything else about the position is great so I can't complain, but come the fuck on.
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They use blue or black here and they get new clothes weekly. Stay third world
First time you snake a sewer and you get geysered with poop, take picture for us. Maybe the more shit stains your uniform is covered in, the more experience it demonstrates to customers?
This. nothing irks me more than that guy who owns a professional machine shop and then posts pictures of the stuff he makes because he "did it himself"
if it's part of a business, it's not /diy/
>This. nothing irks me more than that guy who owns a professional machine shop and then posts pictures of the stuff he makes because he "did it himself"
>if it's part of a business, it's not /diy/
I'd rather see that content than the usual bullshit that the mouth-breathing retards put on here shilling tools, asking which brand of tool is better, and shitposting about building an underground bunker or shipping container house that will never happen. Most people never do anything but larp on here and it's quite sad.

>B...b...b...but at least they do the larping themselves! Therefore it's DIY!

File: IMG_8058.jpg (30 KB, 1253x799)
30 KB
Does anyone use Starlink for internet? If so, how’s it working out? I’m interested but I need to check for obstructions first.
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very nice, can't wait for fiber, gonna give my starlink to my dad who lives even more in the boonies and had fixed wireless.
Gonna miss dishy though
>10mpbs upload
So they so the comcunt thing of giving you a useless upload speed. Glad the fiber in my area is symmetrical gigabit.
well most users are consumers and the bigger download looks better and makes better use of their available bandwidth
they have an app that tells you. you stand where your going to mount it and point phone at the sky. it will see the trees and let you l know if they will be a problem.
thats a comfy story

I need to create a small device (probably arduino-based) that could read and then replicate diffrent rf signals on diffrent frequencies and it should have the size to fit into a large pocket. I think that i should use the NRF24L01 module (as on a photo). Optionally it should have the rf jammer capabilities. There is not so much information on the internet so i am asking you guys about it. Maybe, you know better modules or ready to use sketches?
Also, a good diy SDR would be usable too.
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A hackrf is like $60 on AliExpress. How much cheaper do you want?
underage detected
spark gap
enjoy getting the fcc or local authoritie's attention
File: Flipper_Zero.jpg (2.8 MB, 6731x3394)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
Watch youtube videos on the Flipper Zero. It may be suitable for your needs.
If op can't afford a hackrf with their allowance, a flipper is not an option

File: pepe the frog.png (725 KB, 1106x1012)
725 KB
725 KB PNG
spark gap jammer
they work but they're inefficient and give off dangerous byproducts (UV radiation, nitrogen dioxide gas, ozone)
make sure you enclose and ventilate them safely during experiments, also smart to wear UV eye protection and cover exposed skin
File: jammed.jpg (225 KB, 690x1185)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Get one of these.
so where can you buy one.. or detailed instructions on how to make one
kek good luck with that man.

File: brave_sOnHPmR5WX.png (339 KB, 565x621)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
how do i /diy/ an automatic ball hopper/tosser that can throw 75 feet? anyone do one? have some tips?
File: _think.jpg (19 KB, 367x384)
19 KB
go to hell

File: download (64).jpg (14 KB, 299x168)
14 KB
Ok, I hate my landie and I'm leaving the US for a while and I'm willing to tarnish my rental and credit history. What are some seriously damaging issues I can do to this place without being cause for me to be arrested if I return to America in a few years? Absolutely no:
>shooting anything
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File: 1691443562775910.jpg (61 KB, 415x604)
61 KB
One thing I forgot to mention was to take a shit on a plate and stick it in the microwave. The smell will never leave the place. Had this one coworker do this before he quit and to the stench never got out of the break room even after cleaning the place to bottom and even painting the walls.
Serpula lacrimans

Basicly the entire building has to be torn down if this asshole spreads. And im not fucking around at all. My uncle removes and entire house save for half a square meter of brick wall, turns out this bitch was in it. Within two year of having a completely new house build from scratch it had to be torn to nothing. This fungus doesnt fuck around at all
Also this is naturally occurring so zero chance of that shit coming back to you, ever. Because plausible deniability. All it needs is some or other form of water wapor, which it will always get in a building. Seed the shit anywhere and it will tear down anything that isnt made of 100% epoxy/polyester/stainless steel. This fucker will completely and irreversibely ruin any building it settles in, there is no going back.
Also even if they catch th spread early, they are not going to be able to stop it. The only way to remove this is to remove the shit it lives in. Imagine this being all the walls or the foundation of anything that matters at all. Its going to be 100% unlivable, unrentable, and it has to be removed. You also dont simply remove it. It can spread and not be detected way,way before you see any issue in the building. Its essentially building cancer but 500 times worse. Its the ultimate death sentence
oh shit this anon hidin' deenz

File: IMG_5031.jpg (55 KB, 700x314)
55 KB
I want to build a sound wall in my front yard, with a slight parabola to refract noise directly to the driver in passing cars. My yard is about 20 feet from house to sidewalk, and another 15 feet to traffic. All level. City limitation of 3’ height

My thought is to sink 4x4 posts every 4-6 feet, shape a slight curve on some plywood as a guide, and use exterior cement board as the actual wall material front and back. Maybe fill the middle with deadening foam. I want the loud choppers and exhaust less cars to get their own eardrums blasted when they pass my home, while also lowering the sound my home gets. Any thoughts?
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Meanwhile in alternate universe with no speed bumps
>if something is going to happen you have to account for it, and zero drunk drivers is not a realistic scenario. the people who refused to install speed bumps have those kids blood on their hands.
i think about this every time i'm on a particular 25mph speed bumped quiet residential road. my truck isn't a big loud macho compensator trugg, it's just a little normal pickup, but i make so much more noise slowly bumping over those fuckers then revving back up to speed up the hill every time. suspension is a little old and i need to replace the ball joints too so all the nice families in their yards and kitchens with open windows glare angrily as i slow down, bump, SQUEAKEAKEAKEAK, bump, SQUEAKEAKEAKEAK, VRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrr every half block. sets off every single fucking dog in the neighborhood every time. there are big retarded PLEASE RESPECT OUR QUIET HOME signs everywhere and i now make a point to take this route in my trusty loud shitbox
>Any thoughts?
Move house.
That's stupid. It's like saying that all roads need to be perfectly straight lines, because you can't assume people will always be paying enough attention to notice an upcoming turn.
raise your iq and then learn about civil engineering. people who design roads have more data than you can imagine and absolutely do assess the risks and benefits and expected increase in deaths of every curve they add into a road as well as every other change and design decision they make. do you know how much your life is worth to the US department of transportation? exactly $12.5 million.


File: IMG_5563.jpg (145 KB, 1280x577)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
rate my weld
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That is a weld.

I think your weld has an STD
After a moderate perusal of the provided material, I can concur that this statement is correct.
There called “STI”s now.
Looks like hammered dog shit but it also looks solid. Not terrible.

File: insulation.png (13 KB, 1338x774)
13 KB
Insulating the ceiling of my shed, gonna put two layers of faced insulation. Shed will be heated in the winter, cooled in the summer.
Which way should the insulation faces be?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Related question, is it ok to have a ridge vent without soffit vents for a sealed off small garage attic in a northern climate?
>peel off the facing paper
This is a fucking disaster.
Buy insulation made for the depth of your ceiling joists, and leave a 2 inch air gap between the roof sheathing and the insulation.
>This is a fucking disaster.
Better than the disaster that would happen with 2 separated layers of vapor retardant in a wall. It would eventually become a moisture trap that would breed mold. Either that or spend an hour or two pulling the paper off 1 layer of insulation.
this. Moisture ingress to a walls structure generally occurs from bulk air movement through walls and the moisture deposition that occurs then, not primarily from vapor drive itself. This is a result of imbalanced forced ventilation.

Let's see what your local Craigslist free section has.

File: 1693966957161121.png (278 KB, 436x526)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
if I want to put a tiny house on my land (for myself), but I don't want to update my septic system, do I have any other options?
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Upstream dwellers have senior water rights.
buy one of those flush up basement toilets and build a potato cannon into it and shoot your poop like 200 yards away.
thx frens
typically 20 tons of manure

File: 1701437435434.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
I need some help from woodworkers of /diy/. I am trying to give my brother in law a good Christmas gift. He recently got into woodworking and I want to give him a package gift. I was thinking of something along the lines of a new table saw, woodworking polishes/finishes, brushes, sanders. Something like that but I have not the first clue what I should be buying. Any ideas?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Fundamentals like good clamps, C and bar clamps, and a set of chisels, check out Lee Valley for chisel sets.
One can never have too many clamps.
If he doesn’t have a table saw already, that would be a dope gift but they cost a few hundred bucks.

Lowe’s has that Kobalt router table on sale this year again, depends how snobby he is about brands, but that’s a good beginner one, plus a router bit set.

Otherwise these.

And if he already has a table saw and router table, picrel as well, that thing is the gold standard of “keep all your fingers” I think.
Buy something. Maybe next year
Exotic wood

File: image0-4.jpg (863 KB, 2016x1512)
863 KB
863 KB JPG
How do you clean cheap rental paint that runs if you wet it with anything damp?
Distilled water on a paper towel will make it run, not crazy but still.
The trim and baseboards have cheap paint in some places in this rental.
If I use a mop should I be worried about the paint spreading all over? I have mopped it before just not sure if it will damage the paint more.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
lol wtf he did
nigga just show the landlord or whatever the issue
if he doesn't offer to fix it then agree on paper that you won't lose your security deposit over this specific problem because it's obviously not really your fault that the paint gets weird when you mop the floor, which is the normal cleaning process of a wood floor
you could offer to paint it yourself in exchange for a few dollars off of the next payment

sadly I've seen this problem before, landlords will use the absolute cheapest paint from walmart and then when the renter leaves years later they get bitched at and lose their security deposit because the paint flaked off just by looking at it

the paint flakes off, your 200 hundred dollar dishwasher stops working, the pipes start leaking, the refrigerator dies, the dryer dies, the tile floor cracks, the laminate floor splinters, the carpet pulls up, the ceiling fan falls off...
...and you get blamed for it because the assholes that built the place used the cheapest shit they could find and leftovers from the previous build

sorry for the blogpost, but one of my friends IS an actual landlord AND my dad rented from him while I was still in high school and Igot to see the tricks of the trade whileworkingfor him for a few months
File: file.png (370 KB, 1897x674)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
L I B. M R Ducks.
Check the bottom of the trim. Just asking for help bros I will post more.
What does that mean?
Let it dry retard. Cheap paint has no binders,therefore any water will make it run. Alternatively wash it off and replace with actual paint.

.t painter

>My leg hurts when i do this
So dont.

File: IMG_0281.jpg (195 KB, 828x501)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
I want to learn how to do things that matter with my hands, but so far, I’m just a nerd with a liberal arts degree. I want to learn actual landscaping, carpentry, automotive repair, and other skills that men need to know how to do around the house.
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>just wing it lmao
>everyone is a trust fund babby like me
Breaking things and wasting money does not make you cooler, it just makes you poor
You can break a lot of shit and still come out ahead of paying someone else to do your handywork
Am I supposed to just do this on my day off? Where? Inside my apartment?
Mein kamph
Kek im just kidding. The english translation is better by far

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