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how do I make a tooth scaling tool at home?

I wanna remove tartar but not pay $10,000 for a dentist to fuck my shit up and have to do it again
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Try brushing once in a while you mong.
Fun fact: dentists resell all the tartar they remove for big bucks. They collect it in big vats and skim off the top layer to send to grocery stores as "cream of tartar". The rest is sold as tartar sauce for fish sticks.
>The rest is sold as tartar sauce for fish sticks.

Which has other ingredients... I used to milk hobos on the Kraft line.
Pretty sure it's called calculus, once it's hardened.
Look up calculus teeth for some real nightmare fuel...

looking to do a fermentation for the purpose of freeze distilling, then diluting into a different drink, something like eggnog or bailey's, so the strength is close to the original drink
what sort of brew should i do to achieve this, and how much should i brew for a bottle worth
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File: 1631753945151.jpg (50 KB, 828x625)
50 KB
> has plastic bag.
> rips up bag to make yarn.
> knits new bag.
> The fate of distruction is also the joy of rebirth.
Weird, but old white ladies on fb drink garlic wine so not that weird ig
You can throw garlic in a still too. It has a reasonably high sugar content, it might even be nice in a gin. I guess most people are trying to strip out the flavor when they use garlic.
Went out to buy carbonation drops to fix this, but bottle shop didn't have any ffs. Went out and bought ordinary caster sugar from the supermarket instead.

How much do I need to add to each bottle? One teaspoon do the job? Half?

File: unnamed (3).jpg (15 KB, 500x263)
15 KB
What are the best diy/home improvement/repair youtube channels?
I've already been watching This Old House and New Yankee Workshop since i was in diapers, but what does youtube have to offer?

Project Farm is the only youtuber I'm currently subscribed to
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i like House Improvements, his how-to on how to refinish hardwood floors was super helpful when i undertook that project. seemingly nice guy that speaks clearly and knows what he’s talking about. also runs his own forum where he’ll answer your questions
The Crazy Framer
youtubers with their own site/forums are always higher quality for some reason
This is the example that's written on urban dictionary for the definition of "bait"

Vancouver carpenter got me brushed up on my stale drywalling skills, home renovision has surprisingly helped me a lot
Mike Haduck Masionary
Tile Coach has a few interesting vids
BlackTail Studio does nice woodworking

survival Russia and Primitive Technology for my survivalist porn
FPSRussia for a laugh

File: 20211202_114646.jpg (3.81 MB, 4032x2268)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB JPG
>roach infestation in a single townhome unit
>neighbors in the unit aside hoarded trash for a year and then burned it all at once over the course of 3 days in the yard
>the infestation is only in the unit beside the unit with the trash hoarders
>exterminator doesn't do a damn thing except spray at the floor
>nothing has changed except the roaches keep moving into other parts of the unit and the upper floor.
>all precautionary measures are taken by the current resident (no food left out, no dirty dishes, no trash, etc)

What needs to be done to get rid of these roaches? The things I'm seeing is that the bottom floor desperately needs caulking around the edges but I'm not sure what else needs to be done to do the job right.
File: f.png (593 KB, 900x1173)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
Idk but that old forester could benefit from some fender flares and rust converter and encapsulator.

File: 20211208_171258.jpg (1.25 MB, 2160x2160)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
I just got a desk from chinkea
They got me some stuff i have to hammer into my desk before inserting the screws
But Im a faggot, and I didnt check them before hammering
One of them has a hole inside it, when I screw the screw, it does make it all the way in, but by the end it starts turning with the cork together in infinity
But the thing is I dont know if I can pull the cork out
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wood glue or 5 min epoxy. but then you have to put your screw in immediately and tape it in until the shit dries and it's not for something you'd want to take apart again.
File: 20211208_174451.jpg (1.07 MB, 2160x2160)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
I got an idea im gonna throw small wood pieces and screw them in again and again until it fills the hole from under
File: 20211208_180112.jpg (1.1 MB, 2160x2160)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
The screw started not going fully in so I fucking gave up
My ass hurts from all the hammering
Do these things have to be put in a specific angle? Wtf
>My ass hurts from all the hammering

Maybe try a different technique of holding the hammer?
File: 20211208_182444.jpg (1.27 MB, 2160x2160)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
We thought we'd try a new position this time

I'm unironically angry that there's one last thing left to hammer down
Why the fuck doesnt this come already done? It's gonna scar the desk forever and now I have to unscrew the middle piece because I didnt realize just how fucking destructive the bottom part is

File: IMG_20211204_041342723.jpg (2.62 MB, 4160x3120)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB JPG
Post your homemade pipes and not those fancy smooth looking things with a plastic tip.
Made this with redwood and rose wood.
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>low effort pipes

as opposed to no effort bitching. I'll take pipe guy.
Advent mallets? Based but annoying none the less.
How make stem hall-o' OP?
Please tell me that isn't an elderberry stem lol
I know its easy to hollow out OP, but it has a lot of cyanide. Kids die from making flutes out of it, you'll probably still get sick.

What are the best gloves as far as having very precise control but also adequate protection?

I use pic related to twist aluminum wires, and they're good, but they're wearing out. I need something that can stand being poked by the clipped end of a wire but has tight enough fingers for precise motions.

Anything better than Mechanix? I'm not a glove expert.
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this right here. any in that style is a winner.
This. I need my dexterity and feel so I don’t wear gloves. I rather have cuts on my hand than drop nuts or cross thread shit.
Cheap plastic coated mesh. About as minimalist as you can go without simply not wearing gloves. Buy a bunch and toss 'em when they're dirty or worn.
Idk, try some jersey gloves.
One trick with nuts most people don't know is start them by rotating COUNTER-clockwise until you feel the nut drop into place then turn clockwise to finish running the nut.

File: 20211109_111425.jpg (1.3 MB, 2560x1440)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
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Wait are you that guy from a thread a couple months ago that spent like 3 grand on a meme custom plane and hammer set? He just now get it finished and shipped out?
Its small batch, not custom
>Couldn't even pay for a 1 of 1 custom plane set
Broke ass poorfag
OP Canadian not a gun nut
File: 鉋.webm (1.8 MB, 690x470)
1.8 MB
Pig disgusting.
What a senseless object.

What are the most cost-effective construction methods to research and consider for building a 75' (23m) habitable structure that will stand safely for at least 500 years in the absence of structural maintenance? What aesthetic considerations should be made before blighting the earth with such a durable structure?

The structure will be on flat wooded acreage in western Pennsylvania, USA, with construction beginning within the next three years at the earliest. Ideally, it would be designed in such a way as to permit the building of one story at a time, as funding is available, but I can put off the project for several more years if it makes better financial sense to do so. Initial usage will be roughly equivalent to a hunting cabin and over-built hunting blind, eventual usage will be as a residential home. Natural lighting is important.

I anticipate eventually assembling some kind of knowledge archive on the site, so any ideas on that front would be appreciated, as well.
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File: french water fortress.jpg (710 KB, 2560x1674)
710 KB
710 KB JPG
>you see that mountain?
>you can claim it
How many slave should acquire to build this one? A least a dozen yes?
>weld two 40ft shipping containers together
>bury one end 5 feet into ground
>optionally, install one end 5 feet into a hole and fill with concrete, fill 20ft up in height with concrete
if I were building for longevity I wouldn't use slave labor

Got a new dishwasher and the plumber who was supposed to install it bailed. May as well /diy/ it. Looks pretty straightforward from what I'm seeing, but anything I need to watch out for that wouldn't be obvious? Old dishwasher was almost 30 years old, am I gonna run into compatibility issues with the existing plumbing or should it all just hook right up?
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It builds character. Your ancestors didn't have a machine to wash all their dishes, but they got along fine.
If nothing else, it builds a respect and appreciation for not having to do the bitchwork.
Uses less water then washing by hand, but go on waste the water.
>t. pays no electricity bills in his single mom's basement
It's less than 2kWh of electricity to run a cycle.
That's like $0.50 even in the worst electrical pricing areas.
Isn't your time worth more than $1/hr?
If you're going for the economics argument, it doesn't hold water.
I could easily see a personal discipline argument. I, for jnstance, used to really enjoy the meditative aspect of dish washing. It was a priceless experience. And I still do it from time to time for that reason.

ITT we show off your jigs furnances forges projects and tools, discuss propper method of manufacture ask for advide and give advice all around the manufacturing of edged implements from metal, knifes swords aces, foring and stockremoval all welcome.
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you both for the ideas
Man that’s beautiful, excellent symmetry on the blade. Do you hand file for daggers?
Put a little bushing in the hole
handforged, and handfiled, actualy it is a lil bit twisted, but the twist is so small that it does not matter etc.
the balls were hell to carve btw
first take on an asian style hilt
i would have made it less thick but the wooden ring in the front had square hole which was a retarded idea, so the corners were thinner and thinner. it was a gift and an impromptu idea

any one else has experience with these asian style hilts?

Pajeets have replaced the motherboard 2 times already. And they’re going to scam my boomers for the 3rd time tomorrow. Model PDS22SBRBRSS. Would appreciate anything from solutions to questions to ask them tomorrow.
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Sooo. It is american fridge no-frost, so there is no coil in fridge part. What does it mean? Fan directs air to that part, maybe a flap of some sort.
Does that fan run?
>>2269016 most of what you posted is correct, and OP has an obstruction or some sort of problem where the cold air moves from the freezer to the fridge. I'm not sure if your "second coil" theory makes any sense being as how there is only one refrigeration system shown. In the manuals I've looked at it seems that the controller uses one or more fans to control the various temperartures (OP seems to have just one fan). So it could be a wiring issue, or anything that would affect the fan operation or the sensing of the temperatures.

Anyway, I found the issue; see pic related
If the overall unit is working, just the fridge not cooling, it's not a control board issue.

It's the fan assembly that "pushes" the colder air from the freezer up into the fridge, in your diagram it's part assembly #722

It's SUPER COMMON for the fan to simply burn out which causes the condition of no cooling in the refrigerator portion, the fan is usually less than $50 from a parts store, held in by 2 screws and connected by a simple clip wire harness.

Now it's very possible that in an over/under type unit like you've pictured that there's a second fan at the top of the refrigerator side, but on your diagram I can't tell.

Don't let the service techs replace a control board until you've verified that the fan is working or not. If the control board were bad the whole unit would probably be dead.

Service techs are scammers, they get paid to replace the most expensive parts, not actually diagnose problems. Friends of my mom were having the ice maker in their fridge replaced every 6 months until one day I was over there, went to get ice and saw steam in the freezer coming from the ice maker, as it turns out when the fridge was installed the guys tied the ice maker to a HOT WATER LINE. And for years and thousands of $$$ spent on parts no tech every noticed that the ice maker was being fed by hot 120 water.
>It's SUPER COMMON for the fan to simply burn out
OP said it works for a while after they swap the board. It could be that some passage way or some sensor is getting iced over and that thaws out while they are working on it, and it takes a while to ice over again.
Most fridges just have a literal hole between the freezer and the refrigerator compartment with a damper. In older/cheaper models this purely mechanical, e.g. a dial that turns louvres.
in overcomplicated models, this is for some reason electrically actuated and/or involves a circulation fan.
- see if the hole is iced over
- see if the damper is frozen stuck or its servo is fried
- see if the fan is frozen stuck or burned out

File: OUR NEIGHBORHOOD.jpg (268 KB, 1102x878)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
At night we get a stream of transients moving through our backyards. Sometime they pass out drunk or steal lawn furniture and bikes and there have been some break-ins. We tried a security system (including cameras and alarms) but the cops won't respond unless there is a violent crime. Looking for ways to establish a secure perimeter.
254 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.

motion activated high volume sprinklers. It that does not work or they break your sprinklers you have wait in the dark with and give them a serious tune up to get the message across.
>beat the piss out of them
This still works and is sometimes the only way to communicate effectively with some people. Dress like a homeless person to blend in.
When you were partying, I studied the blade. When you were having premarital sex, I mastered the blockchain. While you wasted your days at the gym in pursuit of vanity, I cultivated inner strength. And now that the world is on fire and the barbarians are at the gate you have the audacity to come to me for help?
seethe harder, redskins got btfo by inbred canebrake Tennesseans and t*xans. when the indians had better gear.
or some kind of repurposed motel turned into crackhouse/whorehouse/runaway teenaged prostitute central joints.
So Texans get the tranny "*" now? are you slurring them, or are you a texan that is embracing the globohomo order?

File: painting.png (664 KB, 872x669)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
I've got an idea that I've been thinking of patenting recently.
It would be something similar to these painter's pyramids for applying finish/paint, but instead of pyramids it would use magnets to hold up the pieces so that they can literally just float there without touching anything
Dose this already exist? Is it too obvious to patent?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You dont think so. Keyword 'You'. You're an idiot so don't take what you think as anything resembling truth
like painters pyramids?
Bolt the magnets to the workpiece and you're good to go.
File: DIY Bingo.jpg (97 KB, 600x600)
97 KB
fill this out
on top of this, based on the feedback of the patent lawyer you hire to file the initial patent, you end up with a patent for some meaningless aspect of the actual invention because it is much easier to specify a physical detail of your invention rather than the theory behind it.

t. engineer

File: fixedw_large_2x.jpg (109 KB, 612x459)
109 KB
109 KB JPG

any appraisers out there? I love DIY and did a ton of demo on my home to start a massive reno project. stupidly applied for a cash out refi AFTER I did all this work. I'm now shitting bricks because I have to go through a refi appraisal and the home isn't close to complete. I rushed to put the new insulation in and put sheetrock up everywhere but I don't know if I'll have time to mud everything. I pulled all the old carpet up and the entire house is now either the concrete slab or the sub flooring on the second floor. I'm now rushing to install the vanities so i can have them done. ( I know working plumbing is a big thing in an appraisal) All electric works...

I'm freaking out because the house is a gut job and while I've done a lot of work, the house does not show well ( the old kitchen is a tear out but I can't do it now)

I wondering if anyone has any insight to a refi appraisal process? What do they look for? Will they care that i don't have floors and all the mudding done? will they care that I don't have doors on my closets? I'm afraid they might come back with a ridiculously low appraisal and i won't get the money I need for the major work.

I appreciate any insight guys.
>I'm afraid they might come back with a ridiculously low appraisal
Ask yourself how much someone would pay if you had to sell this "gut job" as it is right now, and that's how much it is worth. Just because you plan to make it a lot nicer is not worth a hill of beans in an appraisal, anon.
yeah, that's a great point and I know it well. The curve ball is that this is a lake front property with really nice upgraded property/landscaping ( 550sqft deck on a private peninsula overlooking the water. I installed a 100sqft flagstone patio with fire pit, etc etc)
The property is gold, the house is a gut job. I'm just worried they'll come in below what I need it to be in order to secure financing hence my post. Does anyone know what they look at specifically when doing an appraisal? Should I install trim around the doors because that's big thing or can I focus my energies elsewhere that could make a difference...

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