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File: 20201127_105146.jpg (176 KB, 1439x811)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Anyone familiar with his handcraft and what is your opinion on his overall qualities as a craftsman?
Aside any artistic work, solely as a man doing woodwork etc.
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Thank you
Sometimes there's a lathe, how many positions does a lathe have? Correct, now lets say I'm operating this lathe and if you fix your attitude maybe you can stand along side me.
Gotta light?
I bet he posts on /diy/

>search youtube for fireproof safe
>watch all the videos
>not told what temperature they're burned at or for how long
>look at reviews on amazon of over 20 products
>all the reviews are about how people got locked out of their own containers

Is there anyway to create a truly fireproof safe
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>vacuum the air out
Actually, wouldn't that also make the contents mostly heat-proof? Other than whatever surface they're sitting on, no air means no (or very little) heat conduction. Could raise the heat rating for many more minutes/hours.

Could this actually be genius?
Usually people put their stuff in pelican cases within fire rated safes. Sentry makes decent fire safes, but they're poorly rated for burglary protection. Look into Gardall for the cheaper side of fire/burglary protection.
Massive structural and sealing issues. Not practical for most situations. Much less so than conventional fireproofing.
>>vacuum the air out
>Actually, wouldn't that also make the contents mostly heat-proof
History lesson: after the fires of the 1906-ish San Francisco earthquake, bankers opened their safes, just to have the paper inside flash into fire as oxygen became available.
So, your stuff may melt, but not combust in a vacuum.
>something that can withstand a house fire for an hour and keep electronics inside safe
well your in luck most fire resistant safes already do that. they usually last 2 hours.

Post a tool you don't need, but you want it anyway
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Yep, and I will get them some day soon. I just already have like a speed square that's *fine* it's just kind of big for little stuff. No real replacing the dial indicator though, I might get a cheap one just to have it.
File: IMG_20201130_094533.jpg (74 KB, 679x598)
74 KB
I didn't want to invest in the whole deal just now,
but discovered these little cheap ones and ordered one for really low price
What I'm in for?
File: images (2).jpg (16 KB, 574x534)
16 KB
This thing, it's called a framing hatchet. found it like a month ago and something about it drives a primitive part of my brain wild
I didn't know I needed this

File: ScottyKilmerWithMindVirus.jpg (298 KB, 1920x1080)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Posted a few months ago seeking a good mic for basic youtube narration videos. Something that will tide me over until I get shadow banned. I know Blue yeti is an overshilled meme but after getting help last bread ive still been researching.
I bought behringer um2 thanks to anons help.
I was going to pull trigger on a stellar x2 or a heil pr-40 (for art bell larp) but then I started diving into "comparison videos" on youtube. I am wondering if all mics are audiophool bullshit when it comes to youtube because:
>every mic channel comparison vid I watched, pretty much all mics sounded exactly the same when using shitty galaxy s5 speakers.
>rewatched those videos using shitty JVC XX headphone cans, MAYBE can tell a slight difference
These comparison vids showcased amazon chink $20 mics and neuman u87 and/or RE20, there wasnt a huge discernable difference. I scroll into the comments and read tons of bugman posts describing the mics like wine masters using audiophool buzzwords (the most disgusting of which was "glittery")

Anon, when it comes to mics on youtube for narration/podcast, are most of these pro mics just a meme? I wanted to buy a good one because I wanted to use the right tool for the job... but now i'm wondering if the right tool for the job just means some bugmen will use audiophool buzzwords in my comment section, meanwhile normal people won't even notice.
What am I fucking missing here?
>inb4 audiophool fags suggest I try autoerotic asphixiaion with a non-oxygenated copper XLR cable
39 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Are there any other mics worth repairing with a simple faulty connector or something like that?

No, anything professional the owner will send out to get repaired by the Oem.
Why are you doing my man Steve Guttenberg so dirty?
Gutenberg was only good when he used to get relentlessly cyber bullied in the comments each upload.
interface im using is a behringer uphoria um2, probably is shit tier but it sounds alright to me. Still think I may return the 2100x and do modded bm800 thing. Or lav mic/headset. Youtube seems like not supet important to be geared up too hard. Anon was right, I was likely overthinking it.
My take is that
good headphones > good interface > good mic
In priority list.
For the headphones, I have advice: Sennheiser HD600.
For the interface... audiosciencereview. But Schiit Hel would be a decent start if you want something portable with analog mic support.
Can't advice much on mic... I personally use a logitech c920 webcam's mic. That's digital and does the job.
you wanted a good one and the only people who can tell the difference use odd terms to describe a personal perception of the difference in the product...

maybe you should just accept that nobody gives a shit what you say and your channel wont get more than 40 views. thats right i said channel. its to late to be a youtube whore. you needed a channel a decade ago and half the people who made money retired. like spoonys faggot ass. now nobody can do what spoony did because nobody cares.all of the tgwtg people are out of commision. pewds retired as well.

see there is this thing where the fake stuff made to generate the illusion of a route you could take in life are removed just so your reaction to being late to something that never was can be checked and the big picture qualified. no one will be the minecraft faggot or flappy bird nigger ever again. that ship sailed. still people persist and release indie crap on steam that makes less than $100 after a year and here you are trying to start a youtube channel

i bet when you fail you will be homeless crying about bugmen using ghey words in a alley while being butt fucked for meth money

File: rip.jpg (65 KB, 700x560)
65 KB
Since there seems to be a lot of ignorance about table saw safety, I will explain how to safely perform a rip cut on a table saw. Yes, go ahead and get the SawStop or whatever the meme is. But safe practices are more important, not just for safety, but for consistent cuts.

Basically, safety is all about understanding the force vectors at play and being intentional with every single hand movement. It's not just about keeping your hands 10 miles away at all times.
19 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
You typed an awful lot and still forgot to mention “don’t stand directly behind the board” you stand slightly to the side. If the board grabs on a knot or god forbid has a nail in it and your standing directly behind it then it’s gonna grab the blade and throw it at you.. yes a feather board can help as well as the anti kickback teeth that usually go along with the blade guard.. but standing a little to the side works really well too and is free.
Norm Abrams is disappointed that you didn’t mention wearing safety glasses.. Jesus Christ op “ There is no other more important safety rule than to wear THESE safety glasses”
I rip boards until they pinch and then I kill the saw and restart the cut, going through the kerf again, and that usually stops it. Alternately I suppose I could use a band saw, if I still had it. Back when I did I never used the table saw for anything but joinery, and plywood.
Redpill me on climbing cuts.
If your glove is ever close enough to a table saw blade to snag, your hand is already too damn close to the blade and you're going to injure yourself sooner or later, gloves or no gloves.

File: 1592306721190.png (420 KB, 478x589)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
What are good sources for growing a little farm, starting with the basics like raising hens for eggs?
>>>/out/hgm gonna be a much better place to look

File: DSC_0091.jpg (507 KB, 1600x1063)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
I am in need of mixing dust/cement for a pre-mix and need to empty it from the Mixer into a container on the ground.
The problem is the dust generated on mixing & pouring is killing me.

I can likely buy a cement mixer lid, or swing lid. And had imagined cutting a circle in half and mounting it on hinges so it closes when mixing, and opens when pouring.

However, the dump of dust still causes huge up lift of dust. Has anyone ever seen the correct way to pour, with a dust sheet hood, or channel for the material to run in?

Curious as it doesn't seem to exist and I can't be the only one agitating dust for a premix?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
front of a mixer is very weak, doubt that would work for him.

You a metal chute coming out for pouring, like that is on a cement truck, but with a closed lid.
There is also lids you can get for cement mixers which is the simplest idea
use a respirator or single use n95 mask when youre handling cement and aggregates unless you want silicosis
What's the best electric mixer on the market at the moment?
Bitch looks like willem dafoe in drag
post your wife

/BMG/-blade making general-fascine knife edition
Thread for knifemakers, bladesmiths, swordmakery axes and anything that you made that is supposed to cut/thrust.
here is the place to ask for advice, brag about your beltgrinder, show your jigs and projects in process and unfinnished.
11 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_0343.jpg (1.64 MB, 3873x1353)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB JPG
also made a daggger recently but a swiss one
File: KIMG0209.jpg (587 KB, 1944x2592)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
Someone had previously suggested wrapping the handle with a bicycle inner tube and then the paracord to help mitigate the bad vibes.

Your thoughts?
File: KIMG0211.jpg (240 KB, 1944x2592)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Otherwise, it's accidentally well balanced and throws very well.
File: KIMG0212.jpg (237 KB, 1944x2592)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
The mexicans I work with asked how I welded it lol
I hope that kaowool is sealed my dude, silicosis is a bad time.

File: 71ON-8m7hNL._AC_SL1128_.jpg (90 KB, 1100x1012)
90 KB
Is there anyway to make a truly soundproof box. And not a box that's just acoustically treated.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, vacuum gap and magnetically levitated. You'll never do this so give up now if you want it to be perfect. Some dude wrote an article on the concept for having a room that high-level politicians can discuss matters in absolute privacy. It's virtually impossible to be this perfect.
But you can make walls that are *good enough* that you'll never hear what's outside. A huge fucking wall of limp, dense mass will do the job. Like a shit ton of lead, or clay, or dirt.

Some background: I built for myself a dual-wall workshop where the outer wall was 2 layers of plywood, sealed air tight, and the inner wall was 2 layers of 5/8 drywall w/ green glue. Both walls insulated with rockwool. Double door, airtight with weather stripping. This was not good enough to create a truly silent environment, I was still able to hear low frequencies from the busy street next to my property.
So I take it would be impossible to do this on the small scale. Like small enough for a phone example.

Even if I had somehow made a tiny anechoic chamber that was suspended on wires with rubber grips and if I had also used mass loaded vinyl and green glue to encase it. It just wouldn't be thick enough I assume to stop sound going in and out?

Wow you really went all out. I think that's good enough desu. But does it prevent sound from going both in and out? Was there anything you overlooked?

Any windows? Did you soundproof the windows? Does it have a heater or airconditioning? How do you get air?

Theoretically if you had a 2nd wall that was a foot away from the outerwall. Would the low frequencies be gone?
No windows, no cracks, all gaps caulked. It took forever.
No air conduits at all, air had to be exchanged daily by opening the two doors.
>But does it prevent sound from going both in and out?
Technically no, there's always something transmitted even if it's inaudible to your ears.
For practical purposes yes. You could hear a loud air compressor just outside the room and it would be very quiet, but normal conversation were inaudible. Almost all street traffic, which is normally loud constant white noise all day, is inaudible except for the occasional very gentle low frequency rumble of a motorcycle or heavy diesel truck.

>Theoretically if you had a 2nd wall that was a foot away from the outerwall. Would the low frequencies be gone?
Theoretically no
My 2nd wall was about 2 inches away from the outer wall, fully air gapped. An extra foot would have made things quieter, but I the low frequency stuff would be audible even if it's very quiet. It's nearly impossible to get really low-freq attenuation without tons and tons of mass. Thick concrete walls would probably work. Or rammed earth, clay, dirt, whatever.

One thing I didn't do is float the inner room on rubber isolation pucks, that's the only thing I can think of (besides building 2 foot thick walls of clay) that would have made it a bit better.
>>>1964583 (OP)
>submerge the box in a dense liquid like water.

Never been swimming huh? Lower frequencies aren't attenuated much in water
Higher frequencies will travel as well if at a sufficient amplitude.
Helium padding does a good job of cancelling out sound. Tech Ingredients has a video on it.

File: idgaf.png (150 KB, 320x252)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
I'm (trying) to make my own alcohol. 3 bottles in the works right now. One is sugar+juice, one is water+honey, one is water+maple syrup. How do I know if it's working? I feel like it should be bubbling more and shit. There's a slight smell (which is good right?) but not much else is happening.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
post id
Alcohol is degenerate as fuck. Look at the people who drink it. Bums. Native Americans. Blacks. is that what you want to be like? be a real man and grrow some kratom.
i did this with champagne yeast off amazon throughout high school and i think it ruined my vision
imagine having to drink shit to get bad vision. fucked up eyes should be natty
Please do.

File: 20201128_111941.jpg (971 KB, 2048x1536)
971 KB
971 KB JPG
Anyone know how I can find the grit of unmarked whetstones?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I feel like that wouldn't work reliably above #1000.
That top one is coarse as heck. If that's a two sided single stone, #400 and #1000 or #400 and #2000 are fairly common pairings.
I remember reading once that water stones will take on much water when you submerge them, oil stones will not. Especially if they're used. Submerge and look for bubbling/fizzing, followed by days of drying off.
Doesn't really matter, just eyeball it. If you are finishing, use the finest looking one. If you are removing material, use the most coarse one.

t. Autobody pro
That looks like a Norton stone course and fine. It should be 150 and 400
its the other way around
>Anyone know how I can find the grit of unmarked whetstones?
find a reference stone or just a bunch of sandpaper and compare them

File: 1604481313244m.jpg (156 KB, 768x1024)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>go to the depot at noon
>paint department is slammed
>order up 10 gallons of high dollar paint
>come back in 4 hours
>it’s sitting on the oops rack for $30
What are some trade secrets you have learned over the years?
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lets see

Tool belt
Tape measure
Chalk box
Cats paw
Flat bar
Nail punch
Utility knife
Pencils and markers
Speed square
2, 4, 6ft levels

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> a literal jogger, who goes to building sites
File: 1601216541344.jpg (131 KB, 720x667)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
as do i
if you have to keep that much shit on you or within walking distance, you need to plan your jobs out better. I used to be the same way, but now Im better at planning and will usually show up with only what I need to install what is planned for the day. there are unforeseen things that pop up, but most of that can be taken care of with a single tool box.
for horticuture its that you can grow anything from just about anything,those fallen but still intact and green leaves on the ground in garden centers?there's a good chance you can grow that into a whole new plant,the practice is actually called proplifting,also plastic pots you can get ez from a garden center cause they toss dead plants out in the pots,just skae dead plant out get now pot for your own use.

Is this power hammer fucked? Asking for a friend
85 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
where does a kid in his 20s get that kind of money? Texas A&M has some deal going on with i assume major television stations like fox and warner etc, basically just TV hollywood, because they realize TV is dead now. 007timewarner agent for youtube requests 2 d00ds for a blacksmithing show. Texas A&M sets em up. 009jewboy#2 requests some fisherboiis for their new youtube show. TexasAM knows just who to send their way. TexasAM is like a casting agency for "hunters and fishers" to bankroll and partner with outdoorsy youtube channels with money so people. It's obvious as fuck. Jews have big noses, etc. These fuckers have Texas A&M rings they proudly wear as if it was a jew nose
I started watching fishing channels and outdoors channels and noticed they're all wearing texas AM gear shit and subtly drop texas AM stuff, then i go watch a hunting channel and they're doing the same fucking thing. The biggest channels always run by graduates of texas agmech
>where does a kid in his 20s get that kind of money?
He's been at it since he was 15-16 or so, just making stuff in a little shed, filming it and throwing it on the internet. I mean as much as I laugh at 20somethings breaking their toys, he did come up the hard way so to speak off his own ability to both beat shit with a hammer and make it interesting enough to roll in the ad bucks.

Personally I don't get much out of the vids any more, they're mostly ads and not enough making interesting things
You are fucking delusional
A stable job in industry gives you a ton of disposable cash in europe.
Working construction, being self employed or doing artsy stuff usually not so much
>where does a kid in his 20s get that kind of money
The same way they got the money to go to Texas AM in the first place.
Rich as fuck parents anon. All it takes is money to have a successful youtube career.
You have some nice cars you work on, or you have a nice shop you do work in, or you have all the latest hunting gear and go on trips to the best places.
Literally just look halfway attractive and spend tons of money on your hobby and you will make it. People who have avergage shops or average cars have to fight tooth and nail to get any attention on youtube.

You would have to be schizophrenic to believe some manic conspiracy about the "Hollywood Producer Jews" bankrolling Texas AM students through the college on youtube. It has no real purpose and doesn't benefit hollywood or Texas AM in any way

What is the most efficient method of digging a hole by hand?
126 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
I dug a 5.5ft hole two summers ago in a wooded area about 20 feet elevated from a nearby strip cut filled with water. It has since filled with water. I'd say I'm about 150ft away from the strip cut. Is this an issue caused by a increase in the water table, or runoff water accumulating faster than it can evaporate?
File: download.jpg (9 KB, 182x276)
9 KB
its physics... evacuating the "hole" created an area of reduced pressure relative to the adjacent soil. water/liquid will always be pulled into an area of reduced pressure..
as a horticulture tech,THIS.
Shut your retarded underage mouth, worthless faggot.

File: pushups.png (61 KB, 502x446)
61 KB
I wanted to make bars for push ups and other exercises like pic related
I have a 1" x 3" aluminium rectangular bar lying around. It's walls are maybe 2 mm thick
I weigh 75 kilos and am 5'10. I also plan on doing handstands and stuff so assuming I put all my weight and then some, is this a good idea? Or should I just get a thick iron bar for it
You can't weld aluminium so that sucks. What attaching method should I use for the joints?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Bar stock will wreck your hands. Use round stock
reabar inside bent to fit. fill with anchoring cement,
maybe i'm stupid but steel is so cheap these days you make these from rebar

Sir Issac Newton's last essay. 1726.
That is more than enough, bicycle frames are far less substantial for example, but the problem is not the aluminium bar itself but how you weld it together and your overall geometry, you will need some corner braces at the bottom at least

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