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What are some long shelf life products that should/can be bought in bulk for a home shop to save on per unit pricing?
Obviously everyone has special use items or things they use large amounts of already but I'm ignoring those for the most part.

For example should I just buy a giant gal container of molybdenum disulfide grease even if my current use is much less? Those little bottles of penetrating oils are like 10x the price of the big containers but does it expire? How much is a lifetime supply of Braklean for personal use? Is it worth buying a 50gal drum of ETOH free premium gas and mixing my own chainsaw fuel for a few years? Is it worth getting big boxes of welding sticks? Do they sell super packs of just a handful of random fittings, nuts & bolts, fasteners, etc for having on hand for rain day fabricobblin during say a worldwide shutdown where supply is disrupted?
Are there losses from inflation? Or is it smarter to just get the small cans, invest the rest and the ROI will make up for loses? Answer one question and 3 more pop up.

This problem dovetails into the buy once, cry once debate as well.
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I have a solvent locker for such things.
As good an idea that bulk buying sounds in concept. Unless you know for certain you will use that product in a short ammount of time (month or so) buying ahead of time is not smart.
Because rather than spending (making numbers up) $250 on a giant lifetime supply of WD40. You could instead buy a stock or bond for $249 and forever be able to buy the $2 can of WD40 whenever you run out from the money you make on that investment.
And the cool thing is, if shit ever hits the fan, you can sell that investment to recoup (on average) all of your money back to say, buy a new water heater.
Your not going to be able to easily sell an open and used $250 drum of WD40 without taking a massive loss on it.
Just my two cents.
>if shit ever hits the fan
Stocks and bonds become worthless but lubricants always have value.
>Stocks and bonds become worthless but lubricants always have value.

That's it... I'm buying a 55 gallon drum of anal-eze...

File: untitled.png (55 KB, 1012x641)
55 KB
I live in a 12' by 16' tiny house in Houston Texas, and it often gets hot and miserable outside, and I want my window air conditioner to work at its maximum potential. This house is made of a wooden frame with sheet metal, pink fiberglass insulation bats, and sheetrock with two windows and one exterior door. I feel like the whole house is just being pressurized by the window unit with no proper circulation like proper homes have. There is a ceiling fan above my bed, which is not included in the drawing, that I have set to direct air upwards, but I don't think it is helping the room get colder.

If I make a ventilation hole either in the ceiling or the top of the wall in the furthest part of the house from the window AC unit, make it a sort of one-way flap, and waterproof and insect-proof it, will it help my house expel it's warm air better, and allow colder air to reach my bed easier?

I have construction experience so I know I can handle it, and I don't care if it's to code or not if it will help. I don't plan on adding a fan on the vent to blow air out, but I am curious to know what the results may be. I do not have attic access, but I'd rather just pop a 4 inch hole or two in the top of the wall. I don't think this attic has any obvious vents.

Thanks for any input or suggestions. Tear me a new one.
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I actually just had great results vacuuming an older unit out and replacing the r22 inside with r134a. I thought about creating a thread showing others how to do this.
if your ac is throwing "Damp, HUMID air", your AC unit is either not draining the humidity away from itself(drainage clog/dehumidifier function and/or AC busted), check that your AC is tilted Slightly away from the window level wise. If it is perfectly level, you are not helping it function.
>a wooden frame with sheet metal
Your gonna need alternate layers of sheet metal and plywood for ballistic resistance.

Do it, I'd be interested in seeing the fittings needed, etc.
Is it an electronic drum kit or did you soundproof your room?

File: borked ideapad.jpg (254 KB, 1600x1599)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
My Lenovo Ideapad 310-15IKB Type 80TV finally gave up the ghost, pretty sure the motherboard is shot. I was thinking about using this as a learning experience and messing around with some of the parts. However, I have no idea what I'm doing and need pointers on where to start and what to study and learn, or if it's even worth messing with these particular parts.

The first project I had in mind was using the webcam to monitor the bird feeder outside the window.

The second project was using the mic and speakers to amplify my voice while wearing a 3M half facepiece respirator.

Any advice?
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>cant recall the name of it. it caused fights in schools in some areas in america. a girl was beaten over these and a kid got stabbed and then they tried to make every one believe they dont do anything but they lied
what the fuck
>What laptop parts sell?
RAM, HDD, power cord, battery if it's still good, CPU if it's socketed and a good variant for the socket, screen especially if it's an upgrade from the base model, MXM video cards, disk drive, motherboard, case parts especially near the hinges, keyboards or individual keys, cables, anything really.
>he doesnt have an analog microphone
all microphones are analogue...there may be an ADC somewhere in the final circuit, but the microphone itself will always be analogue
Look into EDID spoofing with a ATTiny.

File: chrome_qKsRJI1FIu.png (299 KB, 788x842)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
how to remove fart smell from office chair, its gotten really bad and noticeable, i want to get people home one day.

I read about baking soda in water, but how do i get it "out"of the fabric later, seems it will just be trapped inside there with the fart. if its something i can do with baking soda then better, if not ill get whatever i just want to get it out of this fabric
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File: EcQ0yPwWoAQfNhE.jpg (63 KB, 933x770)
63 KB
>USA is the only country going against what the science says
Get educated son. Sweden did nothing, went about their lives, just as we should have. They've got herd immunity now.
literally seething lol
great picture.
i'm sure there is something about AIDS virus is small enough to pass through a condom atom wise but the jizz isn't so there isn't pressure to push it all the way through. cool right? i don't know if its true though.
Masks are retarded desu.

File: arcade.jpg (10 KB, 170x297)
10 KB
Are you building your own arcade machine or restoring a old machine? Post your arcade projects of any kind. I'm working on converting a Arcade 1up machine to a Retropie machine with a coin door.
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What do you guys power your arcades with? A minicomputer like Raspberry Pi, a PC, or OG hardware?
Very nice work, I dont like standard cocktail cabinets but thats a neat idea
Pi 3 struggles with some emulated stuff, like Tetris grandmaster, if you want to be covered in all aspects, get something better. If you don't want anything as powerful or more than a n64, then go with the pi 3.
File: PAM8610.jpg (10 KB, 238x212)
10 KB
PAM8610 is nice and cheap (under $5).
Why isn't this a Donkey Kong cab?

File: 39241.jpg (127 KB, 1000x1000)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Is it possible to make thin cooper wire only using primitive tools?
Suppose you traveled back in time to pre-industrial age, and you want to make copper wires that are pure copper, perfectly consistent in width, and are insulated with a thin layer of some insulating substance.
How would you go on about in doing it?
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heat it and stretch it maybe?
Kek underrated

yes you can,

how thin? like gold flakes?

it's not economical.

they were insulated with paper in the past
Flashing lasts that long because its in small quantities.

Lead and copper ony lasts until the first dark night when a pikey drives past.
>Lead and copper ony lasts until the first dark night when a pikey drives past.
You have to be fast and have a ladder.
So you can make a roof out of gold it wont be stolen

File: img.jpg (69 KB, 640x396)
69 KB
I scored a free old truck and I just want to make a trailer out of the bed. Never done it before, are there any good write-ups on it to get me started?

Looks like I just kind of use most of the original frame, bend it into itself, weld on a hitch? Where do I buy the trailer half of a hitch?

Then I gotta get it registers I guess, and the wiring for brake lights?
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Unlike these people I have actually done this. I used a torch to cut off the front clip, notch the frame where I wanted to bend them together then heat the frame so I could bend them till they touched. I used an s10 and it is one of the most stable trailers I own. The only upside is the spare stays underneath. It is worse than a utility trailer in every other way. The deck is too high, it is super heavy which makes it stable but also holy shit it’s heavy, and for being 12ish foot long the bed is like 6 ft. TLDR don’t do it OP
I've done enough to lose count over the years and sold them to happy customers and used them myself. I built trucks from salvage and always saved the ass ends.

I collect and rebuild cutting torches and OA gear but I didn't cut up truck frames with them. I use a recip saw and spray lube (cheap is fine, it's for keeping the blade cool and water would probably work but I always had oil) on the blades gives decent live but bring a box because they are consumable.

Minimalist way is unbolt the cab mounts from the back of the cab and firewall. I cut the frame channel on each side as far forward as practical then drag the truck halves apart. I supported them on old rims (which don't crush or tip, salvage yards support thousands of vehicles that way). I gave away my jack stands many years ago and don't miss them at all. Rims, supplemented with 4x4 and larger wooden blocks are vastly better.

To fold the channel I cut the top and bottom flanges, bend them opposite each other with a few hammer blows, then manually push the rails together which isn't difficult then weld the overlap after tapping them flat. I would not notch a frame since my method is fast, easy and doesn't require grinding to clean up. (Every cut you make that doesn't require more than mill scale removal with a flap disc is work and consumables saved.) I stick weld (MIG is fine and I have industrial MIGs but stick cables are easy to drag outdoors) a square tubing socket (I usually bought Reese hitch sockets) to the center so my trailer tongue is removable or can telescope for storage. Remove tongues and trailers are less convenient to steal.

I also like the truck toolbox method and have mounted spares up front for CG reasons. I rarely left them in the stock location.
Fucking trailer has a frame that you bolt together. The hardware that is included is the lowest grade steel.
Bottom tier all around. You are better off converting a truck bed into a trailer

where my weebs at, learn anything cool recently?
would look better if all those nubs were flush.

File: s-l1000.jpg (133 KB, 1000x750)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
how do i get started with tube frame chassis design? i have cad expertise and i am in my second year of mechanical engineering uni. are there any books or guides that show the thought process of designing a tube frame chassis?
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File: Screenshot-Abaqus.png (396 KB, 1920x1040)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
You should compare solidworks' test conclusions against other more rigorous programs. Solidworks is great and all, but the mesh control from SW is pretty weak from the service packs i've seen. On cursory cross examinations i've seen up to 20% differences between Abaqus and Solidworks FEA analysis. And that's just for simple structures. You're probably digging graves for people trusting SW like that. But that's just my opinion since i havent done hand FEA analysis math in 10 years. I just trust the programs now since writing a report comparing Solidworks/Abaqus FEA would be an insane project on its own.
File: img_bNQ3Fu5K2S.jpg (220 KB, 770x574)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
i essentially want to have one of these, but they were never sold in germany and i dont know about importing one from the usa. so i might aswell put my education to good use
>If you're in second year at an uni
fuck me i was doing nodal in high school isn't this all obvious what do you need to go to uni for.
i tryed Ansys it was way too complex for for me the menues are messy and hard to fallow.
the learning curve is steap as fuck you really need a teacher for it
I've actually been taught Ansys proper, by a good teacher and it's a beast. Yes, there is a difference in the final calculations between SW and Ansys (or any such high-end FEA programs), but optimisation in SW is simply easier. So, you just do your optimisation in SW, and then crosscheck the model in Ansys or whatever, just to make sure. Only exception is topological optimisation (for 3D-printing, for example), where Ansys, again,is a beast.

File: chinese_skid_steer.jpg (57 KB, 772x266)
57 KB
Anyone here ever buy some Chinese machinery? I need a skid steer, but I don't want to dish out a fortune for an older one.
49 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
God. Someday I want to own some rural land and buy a skidsteer / excavator and spend as long as it takes making my property perfectly flat.
I am a contractor, and I can tell you that unless you're in a business that would use it every single day, there is literally never a good reason to OWN a skidsteer.

And unless you can fix the shit when it breaks, you're at the mercy of parts vendors and mechanics.
I know guys that've bought machinery, they don't use it enough to justify the expense, it breaks, they either can't afford or want to pay for a mechanic, and that machine then ends up with a For Sale sign on it with an outrageous price so it never sells meanwhile they guys bitch about why they're poor...

Meanwhile every time I've needed a skidsteer, I RENT.
$75 + tax a day for rent, it can be delivered to the site I'm at, use it for a few days and never have to worry about being financially crippled by repair bills if the machine were to breakdown.

td:lr Owning a big machine like that is stupid.
>$75 + tax a day for rent
That is really fucking cheap,no wonder you rent.
$75 a day wouldn't even get me a plate compactor
Diesel mechanic here. Don't do it. If you want to understand why go buy the cheapest porn you can find and write with it, or the cheapest frypan, or the cheapest dildo. If it works at all, it won't work for long and it won't do a good job.

File: 1592488876314.jpg (108 KB, 790x1000)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
why is sparky the most shilled trade here? I am in the process of deciding on a trade because after one (free) year of college I realized it's really not for me and I want to work like I did as a laborer in the summer in high school. tell me why your trade is the best but rn I'm thinking that I'm going electrical
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
My boss is anal on EMT looks even when it's literally a trash facility. I don't why we don't run some fuckng Mason string like concrete workers if we wanted 400 dead straight runs.
Machinist too, equally confused.
It's one of those jobs that you kinda find everywhere and is in demand with high pay almost always. A safe bet.

You have to generally be smart to be a sparky, but that isn't to say there are quite a few retarded ones out there too.

I'm a sparky, and I found the pure pixie wrangalan' a bit mind numbing day in day out.

I enjoy the pasttime of swearing and smacking a computer around to move a spindle about and fail at welding too, so i branched out and now specially do electronics and electrical for cnc machines, welding setups and woodworking machinery for a consulting and repair company.
On every site I've been on the electricians haul ass more than most trades, mainly because every other trade is stuffed with brown immigrants. Electrical and plumbing are holdouts, less so plumbing.
>Tell me why your trade is best
You speak as though you think people here owe you something. Go join the military, you probably won't make it until you live a little.

File: download (1).jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
Since I see so many hvac questions here I figured I'd make a general for it. Also since due to legal reasons it's iffy to help on the small hvac related things that may be doable by a homeowner on most other sites I thought it could be fun. Also due to the nature of this business faggot sparkies and electrical questions are welcomes.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Also even if he is a dick I can give you some easy /diy/ solutions for the drain to basically make it portable but I just need more info overall.
Also I'm assuming you already have a window unit because the cost difference between windows and ports is minimal.
I do not have the unit yet. I've been thinking a 10 in duct fan might work to help bring in air for the side cool air intakes. Thinking of building a box around the unit to fit the window hole and putting it on top of a shelf . drill a small hole in the drip pan and collect the is it distilled water?
>getting permits and following code
why are you a faggot?
They said it's iffy to give advice on other sites which is why they're doing it here. Did you even read the OP?

I do commercial/industrial HVAC and like trying to help people on here as well. There seems to be a few genuine pros on here that definitely know more than I do on residential equipment they quickly get drowned out by people talking out their ass

What is the purpose of this tool when both ratchet wrenches (for preknown sizes) and channies (For unknown sizes) exist?
168 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
>These have a parallel jaw mechanism
Descriptions aren't explanations

>That seems like a "you" problem honestly
No it's a "work" problem, but since you've never been at a jobsite to experience miscommunications I wouldn't expect you to understand.
>In most trades, installations are pretty standard and you know whats going to show up
>So bring all these tools you don't need
>You end up carrying an adjustable wrench as an extra tool that never gets used, its literally just dead weight, but you never know right!
In another toolbox yes, alongside the 30+ tools that I don't regularly use and am not retarded enough to carry on me all the time. The whole point I was making is that investing in redundancy for no reason is foolhardy. You might end up posting pictures newports on a chinese virus discussion forum if you're not careful.
I agree with the boomerlocks, but ratchet wrenches are a godsend in a tight engine bay.
>no purpose in the real world
You've obviously never tried a pair. Anywhere you can fit a crescent, you can fit a plierswrench. And they cam over so the harder you pull on the handle, the tighter they squeeze, so they don't round bolts like a crescent does.

Seriously, a 10 inch pair are like $40, who the fuck can't scare up forty fucking dollarydoos to try out a tool? I guarantee you waste more than that a week on garbage food and vices.
Hose pliers. Also good for pulling sparkplug boots.
Kek. They don’t give a fuck who has to remove it down the line.

This >>1861987

They’re great for pulling vacuum and coolant hoses and shit, regular pliers like to tear them up. Gearwrench and Harbor Freight both sell 3pc sets of long ones for different size hoses.

It’s one of those things you don’t think you need as a weekender, but then you realize a $10 pair of pliers will save you an hour of frustration and possibly ruined parts on one job and it’s worth it

File: lemons.jpg (145 KB, 1200x1200)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
it works really damn well
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>DIY cleaning tools is not /diy/
Try putting a little salt on the lemon.
Salt tequila then lemon
>missing an opportunity to get yourself put on a list
Cos vinegar is £10 for 5 litres and lemons are 20-30p each.

Limestone cleaner (at least here) works out to about a quarter of the price and you don't have to get rid of loads of lemon crap.

Hello, i made a frame for my greenhouse but the wind nearly blew the cover off. The tassels it came with all ripped off and the holes for the ground pegs all ripped off.

How do i best attach it?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pics fagit
Ive never had an issue with them. Then clamp around piping nicely.
File: 20200708_095134.jpg (2.97 MB, 3264x2448)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB JPG
There are big copper rings on that tent where you're supposed to pin it to the ground get some stakes and wire
Fuck you. Did you see my pic? Why would i give a fuck about your industrial greenhouse?

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