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File: IMG_20210804_030619.jpg (270 KB, 900x1416)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
So, this happened
>pic related
My neighbour is fucking retard, he's doing some renovation work upstairs and I told him and dudes who do all the job to be careful up there, they didn't care and this shit came down last night. Now, surely I will make him pay for repairs, etc. But what do I do about these rocks? (will attach pic) Look closer and you will notice how they're held together there lol, it's like someone did that on purpose. How do I get them down without them falling down and breaking all my tiles.
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got any pictures that haven't been taken on a Nokia 3230? I don't understand how you have loose rocks in your ceiling, your neighbour is probably about to give your bathroom a skylight. Are you at least in a first-world country or is this going to be just another apartment in America about to collapse?
italy detected
>Americans don’t even have ceiling rocks in their matchstick houses
>The property-less think their squalor is somehow superior
Hayley DIY, I'm trying to renovate my bathroom. I pulled up a few toes and cut through some wood or something theres just a huge hole under my current bathroom. I cant believe I haven't fallen through.

So I went out to my garden with my McD cup and filled it full of rocks and dirt and dropped it through the hole. I did this a couple time and the hole is still there.

How many cups do you guys think I will need? Can I buy rocks somewhere?

File: IMG_3225 (Large).jpg (298 KB, 1620x1080)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Anyone have odd ball hobbies?

Mine is Amateur Telescope Making

Raw material is either Pyrex glass for a mirror or more expensive optical glass for scopes with refractive elements like Maksutovs

Photo relevant
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Dont be a cunt.
Also soap making.
>You think anyone even halfway serious about making a telescope hasn't heard of John fucking dobson?
This is 4chan, so, yes, someone could be quite serious about asking for knowlege and tips and not found him yet. Also, his techniques are simple enough for kids yet make very nice mirrors. No one in this thread suggested anything previous that sounded like his techniques. porthole glass? nope. Using a second glass as a tool to work against that takes shape as you progress? nope. these are all essential "make it simple" concepts he presents.
>oh wow, you;re so fucking smart
yes I am, actually, and no I didn't just search "telescope making" on youtube when I saw this thread, I've known about him for years, just never had the time to make a dobsonian. why are you so bitter, anon? neckbeard getting itchy? maybe a bath would help, I imagine it's been a couple of weeks for you
Start reading books man. The curriculum for good schools is all published online, and the books are on libgen. Just 10 pages a day here and there and you'll get somewhere. Gotta build that foundational knowledge somehow.

File: file.png (240 KB, 515x515)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
How can I attach a large heavy object, like a TV or a bookshelf, to a wall in a way that doesn't involve putting fasteners into the studs, drilling holes in the walls, or messing up the paint?
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File: imageszhvizivvhz (1).jpg (21 KB, 554x554)
21 KB
Buy a TV stand. You can't attach one to a wall without drilling.
Buy a couple liters of glue and stick it the TV to the wall. Make sure you get the type of glue you can remove by heating.
>rentlets so terrified of putting a mark on mr shekelbergs walls
File: unknown (4)~2.png (207 KB, 344x401)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
Could you imagine living like this? Being so scared of damaging "muh pristine 0.01 cents of dry wall" that you won't even put a fucking screw in the wall to mount something. Dude. It's fucking 2 minutes with some cheap plaster and a bit of paint match when you leave. Don't be a fucking pussy. And if you give me that "landlord said I'm not allowed" shit I'll fucking slap your shit. You don't ask permission from corpos on how to live in your own home.

This is DIY. the entire point of DIY is to give yourself skills so you won't grow up to be a fucking baby too scared to drill into a fucking wall. Have some fucking standards for your life for fucks sake
That's right. Drill first, let the landlord ask questions later. I have put quite a few holes into the walls in my unit, but the landlord leaves me alone because he sees that I treat the property with respect and fix small, cheap things when they break. If I asked if I could do most of this, the answer would have been a definitive 'no'.

File: F8377840-01.jpg (15 KB, 700x307)
15 KB
How do I make a piezo speaker go BEEP BEEP BEEP like a microwave? I opened up an old microwave and extracted one, but it doesn't go BEEP BEEP BEEP when I put voltage across it
You have to make your voltage go BEEP BEEP BEEP first
What you want is a 555 in ASTABLE configuration to generate your BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP pattern of voltage, and then another 555 in MONOSTABLE mode to generate a 3-BEEPs long pulse so you just get that much BEEPs from your astable oscillator
File: 1458704839148.jpg (310 KB, 1000x750)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
It's a speaker.
You need to feed it a signal, not just voltage. Give it a 440 Hz signal, it will play an A note.
Then give it no signal and it will go quiet.
A 555 timer will give you a tone, a second one will turn the first one on and off.
That's some 70's tech, I'm sure there's something more modern.

File: me.jpg (258 KB, 1936x1645)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
>i turned myself into pepe
Make me a taco, sp*c.

File: 1603272680460m.jpg (112 KB, 1016x1024)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Can I flush a furnace with carbonic acid and press the slurry into plant pots?
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creosote is a biocide so your plants will probably die
why not use the scrap wood to make frames and sell the plants as potless rootballs "for the earth"
Burlap bags?

Anyways, the whole organic thing isn't my scene but I can't see how people can make a stink about plastic planters. They're infinitely reusable and you could even setup a deposit scheme to encourage people to return them.
Hypertufa perhaps with sawdust could produce some cool stuff.
Is it really creosote?
I mean if you're going the lignite route I guess you could call it that but I'm not sure the properties would be the same.
The organics thing is why we're struggling financially, so many uneducated consumers who DEMAND eco cred but can't even assess the veracity of those claims.
Mega Toxic corporation makes shit that's isn't needed for people who shouldn't exist, then just buys some bullshit certificates.

We're running a genuinely sustainable enterprise and consumers are mad because we burn wood
File: Lapins Cherry Bare-root.jpg (820 KB, 1600x1200)
820 KB
820 KB JPG
at least for trees most of them were sold and planted bare rooted until the mid of the 20th century. otherwise look at alibaba.com if you find suitable pots. the coconut fiber ones are pretty cheap and look very "organic"
I also like >>2174880 idea that you set up a deposit scheme or, if you want to go super hipster, bring your own pots like these bring your own container stores

For me it's the sovlless

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Are you me, Anon?

I kind of like this, but wouldn't want to live there. I can't imagine the heating & cooling bill.

This isn't bad. I like that pendant light in the dining room. I'd lose the microwave, though, and the marble is a bit much.

Oh, hell no!

Mid century is based imho. I want to build a mid century inspired home some day.
no, white as milk
>The cuckold throne
Like pottery.
Wot you mean just got this done to me deanobox
Ginger is perfect (except 10 years too old and overweight)

Any contraption ideas for dealing with smoking neighbours?
95 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>if you're too limp wristed and feeble to exist out in the world
kek, I'm the one confronting people and telling them to fuck off because they are bothering me.

>Don't demand anyone change their lives to accomodate yours. Because you're not worth it.
I don't get paid for being a retard, to breathe your smoke or to do whatever the fuck you want me to do, m8. if you wanna smoke, you are the one that should lock yourself in your closet, you useless brainlet
or maybe just kys yourself.
Each generation seems to get weaker.
Have you tried talking to them you spaz? Alternatively, if you live within that close of a proximity you're probably in an apartment. When you signed up you'll have learned if the complex allows smoking or not. If it does, you're an idiot an need to stop complaining. If it doesn't, then report them. But if you were a real functioning person, you could just politely ask them to not smoke up wind of you.
Go inside
Based, you're either an old lady or a turbo virgin.

How do you organize a cluttered garage without throwing anything away?
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post a personal example or fuck off back to neverland
Like adderall
You don't, outside of heavily organized production floors where they only work on the same products day in and out there is no such thing as an organized workshop. Obviously you need to leave a 2ft square area to actually work though.
Honestly though saving random parts is only worth it if you work on things with out of production parts. Say a typewriter repairman. Having typewriters to salvage from is how the entire business works now as their are no parts. Same with less popular classic cars. While you might be able to buy every part for a 68 Camaro you can't for a Desoto or a Packard. So hoarding is good when necessary.
These are the way to go. If you have emotional issues about putting things in the trash/recycle bin, find someone who wants to have the junky stuff.
If you organize that shit the owner will just add more shit. The problem is psychological

File: 1014680.jpg (228 KB, 1023x905)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Found some power tools, haven't made anything since high school, I've got a few questions, /diy/:

1 - how do I know what tool to use to cut what size? E.g. if I wanna cut palm-sized pieces out of some leftover wood, what do I use? Or if I want to make a small table? Etc

2 - any very simple project ideas that even a retard could complete, to get me started?
Early Canadian or American crafts, like candle boxes, or a simple birdhouse. You will need an assortment of cutting tools, start with a back saw and mitre box, small crosscut saw, you can move up from there. Also, hammer and clamps, coping saw. All these can be purchased at HD, Stanley makes some good entry level stuff. You should probably take an intro to woodworking course in your area.
Buy a kreg jig and make some Anna white pocket hole furniture. You can make that with a cross cutting saw (miter/table/circular/manual), drill, and some patience.
File: step 5.jpg (217 KB, 1200x858)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
>how do I know what tool to use to cut what size?
When you learn to use specific tools, you just kind of figure out what the limits are of the tool are.
Every tool excels at something, and you match your operation to the tools you have.

>2 - any very simple project ideas that even a retard could complete, to get me started?
Build a workbench

It SEEMS hard because its large, but its really not. Its a really fucking good plan too. I built this a while back just scaling it to the size I wanted.
You can do this whole project with a miter saw or manual miter box (chop 2x4s to size), circular saw or jigsaw (to cut plywood to size), and a drill or impact driver (to screw it all together
File: six board chest.png (2.59 MB, 1731x1731)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
Use whatever cutting tool will allow you to get the job done the fastest with the least amount of waste. If you need the pieces to be consistent with each other you might be well served using a tool that lets you do the same cut over and over again.

Make a six board chest. it is useful and will get you started on practical joinery.
Find out what you can make with the tools you have. Something very simple. Actually using the tools will tell ou of their capabilities.

File: iStock-518018912.jpg (113 KB, 1200x675)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Are there any DIY related jobs where you can be independent and make between 40k-60k a year?
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>where you can be independent
what exactly does this mean to you?
creating some kind of product to sell. There is a big hype on etsy about personalized products. These wooden spoons are 10 bucks a pop. The raw material is maybe 50 cents if you buy in bulk which gives you a nice margin for engraving
File: Screenshot_276.png (37 KB, 651x366)
37 KB
Literally any trade.

I'm in Hvac just east of Toronto. You can make bank, but working with these cockroaches is tiring. Every transaction is a constant argument or and underhand move to pinch more money from you. Suppliers will add extra items on your bill, miss price or overcharge, customers waste your time with haggling, canceling because they found a cheaper price, then calling you back and demanding you do it for even cheaper then their lowest quote, and contactors don't pay under weeks or months down the road.

I now sell on Amazon. I create products, and ship them off. No hassle, no bs, it just takes time to get to a point of stability.

File: 19.jpg (1.5 MB, 1928x1927)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Actually bothering to start the thread properly edition.


Previous thread --> >>2132519

In /rcg/ we discuss anything & everything radio controlled - multirotors, fixed wing, cars, rovers, helis, boats, submarines, battlebots, lawnmowers, etc.

>How do I get started with racing drones?


>What about planes?


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Having a Paki mayor of your capitol city is considered poor in the US.
I'm not sure what point you're trying to make, other than that Americans are racist cunts?
Hey anons just getting into the hobby, most of the transmitters recommend here aren't available in my country, what do you think of this one : https://robu.in/product/flysky-fs-i6x-2-4ghz-10ch-afhds-2a-rc-transmitter-with-fs-ia10b-2-4ghz-10ch-receiver/
I got my ePLA-LW. I am looking for a 3D printable plane that can carry a gopro hero 8, any existing designs?
File: 1604771028708.jpg (313 KB, 612x716)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
Not that anon but I have a few questions about such units:
1. Do they short themselves to death if the contacts accidentally touch, or do they terminate the power and shut down like the Arduino MCU, burn fuzes, or use circuit breakers?
2. Can you accidentally kys like a retard or DC voltage "isn't that bad"?
3. Any suggestions for such a unit? I know its against board culture but I really don't want to DIY one myself from a PC/server PSU.

How expensive would it be to build something like this with a wall around it assuming I already have the land? I’m looking to build a castle within my lifetime.
Get a job at a quarry. Carry your home home one piece at a time and it won't cost you a dime.
File: waco.jpg (31 KB, 299x220)
31 KB
That's not a castle tho anon, that's just some stone buildings. You can surround any old house with a wall and call it a 'castle' if you want.

The vast majority of historical castles were of timber or half-timber construction, we think of castles as stone structures because what remaining castles and ruins we have now are stone.

Also a castle isn't going to keep you safe from the feds, they have helicopters and other things.
Make friends with some masons or Renaissance larpers and give them an incentive to help you. like a tower for club activities or somethin’.
>Have cannon aimed at the sky for limey redcoats
>Don wig and defend your fortress circa 1700
I may make the wall out of stone along with a couple buildings, and the rest with bricks and wood.

File: BR1000G.jpg (19 KB, 309x500)
19 KB
I got a free UPS from work, but it has a dead battery.
I have a marine/rv battery lying around. can I hook that up instead?
i looked at bunch of videos of people doing this and they all use 16gauge wire. is that safe? is it as simple as just hooking it up to the existing source?
willl the UPS charge the battery fine? will it work?
pic related is what i got.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I work in IT man. These fuckers out here buy the cheapest pieces of shit they can get away with. Mostly they just beep at you when they are done. What is it boy? Is your battery bad? The power out? Your overload protections shot? Timmy fall down the well? BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

One of our clients was running a server on two APC 1000s like OPs picture, one for each power supply, because it was cheaper than buying a rack mounted one. Then they wondered why they only had 15 minutes of battery when the power went out.
Relatable. We have a few of these shitty desktop units on the shop floor keeping manufacturing PCs powered on. Judging by the off-white case color I'd guess they're 20 years old
Why will it be a huge pita? What do you mean it won't fit? Like no shit. It's gonna sit next to it and just hooked up to the red/black cables.
why are you comparing server grade UPS to the shit they stick at every cubicle?
>willl the UPS charge the battery fine? will it work?
yes of course it will. I have done this multiple times, BUT many ups's tend to have too high of a float voltage so keep a keen eye on the water levels in the battery.

File: chip.jpg (24 KB, 381x195)
24 KB
I suck at soldering. What's the easiest way to get this thing off a circuit board? I ordered 'quick chip' low melting point solder.
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>cooling pad
>Only hot air or BGA rework station with bottom heat.
This. You could "cowboy" it with two heat guns, if this is a one-time thing. Bonus blog story: I nicknamed a local "tech" just that: "cowboy" for using that technique to reflow GPU's on HP laptops back when that was a thing that was a problem (DV9000 era). He was a flea market repair guy, refused to spend the money / time to acquire / learn to use a rework station. I always imagined him with cowboy holsters and a heatgun in each.
>. You could "cowboy" it with two heat guns,
Or cover fucking air intakes on heat gun so it blows hotter air.
>spend the money / time to acquire / learn to use a rework station.
Small hot air stations are pathetic, they are good for small SMD shits and ICs, but soldering big BGA chips?
But yeah. Proper soldering stations (Bottom heat + IR top) are expensive for no fucking reason.
I think I will pay a a guy to do it. I wonder how much it will cost for someone with the right machine to solder on 3 chips.
I meant 2 chips.
>>. You could "cowboy" it with two heat guns,
>Or cover fucking air intakes on heat gun so it blows hotter air.
The point was to get top and bottom heat. Proper technique would have the bottom of the board preheated over a large area for some time, then moderate heat applied just under the chip (but limit the exposure of surrounding components) and keep it a tad under where anything on that side will fall off. This mitigates both board warpage and excessive heat soak from the top side. Just increasing the amount of heat on the top can potentially overheat things in that one spot and caude damage (not to meantion damaging the heatgun when covering the intakes)
>>spend the money / time to acquire / learn to use a rework station.
>Small hot air stations are pathetic, they are good for small SMD shits and ICs, but soldering big BGA chips?
I was suggesting a *proper* reqork station, as in *proper for this job*, something that would hold the board, with lower large area IR preheat, and with both upper and lower hot air.
>But yeah. Proper soldering stations (Bottom heat + IR top) are expensive for no fucking reason. Buy them straight from China and negotiate. That's how my old place of work got a sweet shuttlestar for about $700 off regular price. Then again, shipping is a bitch right now thanks to the meme virus / great reset attempt

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