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File: 1672220314293629.jpg (73 KB, 1024x709)
73 KB
So my father died and I moved back to my family farm and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I finally got the tractor working last year and everything is bushhogged, replaced some fencing, etc. Some of his tools are old and need replacing, others are scattered about piecemeal and I have no idea what goes to what.
I've recently been cutting down a bunch of dead trees and now I have a bunch of tree stumps to deal with. I'm going to drill them, burn them, and hack them up b/c that seems fun and relatively quick. But I don't have a drill that's adequate. What type and brand should I get that will do the job and get me bay on future jobs like building above ground gardens, building a chicken coop, building a new enclosure for the old tractor, building a new deck.
holy shit this is overwhelming.
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>Give me a job
go get a job you lazy cunt
>Time to marry a farmgirl who knows her shit and has some brothers who can help out

Mmmmmm farmgirls... my weakness!
Isn't this the plot to farmville?
mfer ova there playing stardew valley irl
He should do some fishing at first so he can get some starting money.

So Anon, why don't you incorporate and make a website? Start scheduling work and not having your bosses skim off the top? If you are good at your job and have half a brain it's easier than you think.

> got tired of making my bosses money
> started my own gig, rough start but doing really well now
> make a lot more money and work less hours
>trade is polishing marble floors and general stone maintenance, booked 4-6 weeks in advanced without advertising after 5 years
> me and one employee
>pic unrelated
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age and location? No homo
I used to freelance as an embedded systems engineer. I started my career with it straight out of college (CS grad). I used to work 2 hours a day. I didn't charge much (just charged what felt right). I had tons of free time to experiment and make cool shit but i still earned more than most of my peers.
One of my clients offered to double my monthly fee if i started working for him and i took the offer.
I now work 8 hours a day. It's not worth it bros. No job is ever worth it. A salary is a drug. I'll get the fuck out of here as soon as the work becomes monotonous.
The boss is a nice guy tho

You don't need pension, insurance or any gibs. If you're half competent at WHATEVER you do, you'll do well enough financially without that stuff. You seriously overestimate the intelligence and abilities of the average joe who works a job
The State has a monopoly on violence
File: Photo1828.jpg (668 KB, 2048x1536)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
because i can't drive and like the lack of responsibility/planning that comes with just ebing a bottom of the ladder, make-stuff-in-workshop guy.
Needless to say it's worth it for the tax benefits alone, especially if you're a dab hand at forging legal insurance documents kek.
Yet just know that unless you're legal savvy at reading fine print and jargon, the big fish on occasion will walk all over you and take you for a ride with non payment.
However just know that threats of violence and if necessary violence are a changer of hearts, as equally are small claims courts given time.

To say nothing of the freedom alone to bail out of a sinking ship, and not feel compelled to go down with it is worth it in its entirety.
Not to mention nipping off early to the pub, without being tracked is exceedingly based in its own right.
Indeed some of my best earners and job experiences, have been from when I was doing plant room fit outs as my own boss.
Yet don't think you need a fancy van through, a shitbox loaded to the roof will suffice.
Given that most materials can be delivered straight to the site anyway.

Whilst the lack of job security and high startup with tool purchases isn't for everyone, I implore every tradesman to at least try it once.
As even if it all comes crashing down in flames with no survivors, you will still walk away with invaluable business and tax acumen lessons that not even the most prestigious universities on earth can teach.

File: Pburgh home.png (2.78 MB, 1816x1000)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB PNG
Why are there so many once perfectly good homes in the Pittsburgh area that have been left to rot for decades? It's odd that so many of them seem to have been completely abandoned and not even inhabited by lower income families. Could they be good diy investment opportunities?
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Similar (((western world))) administrative sabotage of industry in southern Ontario, Canada.
I’ve flipped a house deep in browntown and the whole back property tax thing hasn’t really been an issue since the recession. These cities are desperate for investment to fix these properties. It’s fairly straightforward for a developer/GC to submit a tax discharge petition, and I remember we ended up settling on a $2000 payment to the city clerk to get it cleared up.

The main issue is the neighborhood. Keep in mind you’ll need cameras (with signs), good fencing, keep the property lighted 24/7. Deterrence is key, there’re plenty of easier targets around. Tell your subs to take their tools out at the end of every day. If the local PD doesn’t give a fuck, don’t bother. I did this pre-George Floyd.

Final point? Don’t do it. Find a 70’s ranch in the white suburbs to fix up. The headache and worry to do this and make at most 10-15k over 8 months isn’t worth it. I’ll never do it again.
Nobody wants to work every single day. I dunno how exactly scheduling works with 8 hours shifts, but with 12 hour shifts you generally have 4 shifts worth of workers and they work every other day or every other week or something similar. Your post was extremely ironic, at least to me.
have you actually ever held a job?

File: 71Mg7od9onL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (130 KB, 1498x1500)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I have a rural house with no drinking water supply, but I have a water supply from a pond used for irrigation. I'm thinking of using 10 inch water filters, first a 10u filter, then a 5um or 1um, and last an activated charcoal filter. I dont expect this to purifiy the water at all, so I was thinking on installing some kind of bleach dispenser? I don't want this water so it can be drunk, but I would like to use it for shower or cleaning. I've seen some chlorination systems, but I don't find info on the quantity, and i'd like to do it as diy as possible. Any advice on this kind of systems?
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And to think we made it thousands and thousands of years prior drinking from ponds and creeks with the population today being out of control.
File: 20230203_054458.jpg (3.49 MB, 4032x3024)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB JPG
I had a similar problem OP. tannin-rich water with a very high sulfur smell and some dissolved solids. Paid $7k to make it drinkable again since when we moved it it was just yellow groundwater coming out the taps, picrel.
From left to right but not in sequence:
>pressure tank
>1:1 chlorine (don't use fucking bleach)
>Softener step #1
>Tannin filter
>reverse osmosis machine
>Softener step #2
>reserve tank with chlorinated water
As long as you don't have high salt, it'll all be manageable. I probably got taken for a bit of a ride with the sheer quantity of equipment but I'm a water princess and like I said, it was just shit water coming out of the taps.
If you want drinking water get a 5 or 6 stage reverse osmosis system that goes under your kitchen sink.. creates perfect drinking water.. you need to prefilter the water though or your filters in the reverseos system will get used up too quickly. Also you should collect rainwater - your roof sq metres * mm of annual rainfall in your area is a lot of water that's going to be pretty clean except for bird poo and other gunk on your roof. Get some 1 cubic metre /metric tonne tanks, many people just use a very basic filter on this to remove moss and poo and then use for toilet water directly, lots of youtube vids on this.
You could do rainwater with basic gunk clearing filter and then into the reverse osmosis no problem.
This seems like the best thread if any to ask. My main well pump is 240V and hard-wired into the breaker. If the power goes out, I have no running water. My generator doesn't support 240V. Can I just put a smaller pump in series down the line from the first which I can plug into a generator? I feel like I'd have to somehow "open" the main pump to even allow water to flow, but then I'm wondering too if a 120V pump will be enough to supply water to the taps

File: Mammoth.png (1.18 MB, 1601x736)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
It is illegal to buy this shit in my state. No elephants were killed for this. It was just rotting under bumfuck nowhere in siberia. Does anyone else know of any other alternatives? Or other ways to not buy this?
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Here’s a couple pics.

So my Grandma must have been born right after the revolution, 1920-1925. I believe this pic is her grandparents when they were young, so later 1800s?
And then this pic looks like the end of her grandma’s life, and those are the people who raised my grandma (something strange like she was raised by her aunt or older sister?). It just strikes me how different the clothing is.
Like the carpet and walls and the hair and stuff, that doesn’t look like Russian peasants or very working class like the next pic.

I wish I knew more to the story. I need to dig through the box and post some of the shit one day. Peep my Soviet passport.
No. The Alaskan guy is just digging up a warehouse full of mammoth bones and tusks on land he owns to mine gold on. He won't let the government get in, and has limited access with scientists because they'll lock him down from digging up any more. He's got mammoth, a couple dire wolves, flat faced bears, etc - and a breed of horse that's not supposed to exist there. He's also hinted that he's found human remains, but he doesn't want the scientists and government knowing. Really interesting episode.

He claims he ate 10-20,000 year old mammoth, they found a frozen corpse. He may or may not be full of shit.

His name is John Reeves, and there's a documentary on him, The Alaskan Boneyard.
No scientists. Just take my word bro. I got it all. Mammoths, Giant fucking wolves, downs tard-bears, a fucking zebra, and human shit. I ate it Joe, it was delicious. Trust me.

im working for a guy who does landscaping, hard scaping, and carpentry. im 25, dropped out of college due to a family emergency and hating it, and have learned more in a year than i did in all of hs and college combined. im outside, active, work with only two other people who are chill, and get to do something that has meaning. i’ve worked big boulder jobs, brick, concrete, decks, stone patios, and the classic planting and weeding stuff. its a blast. and he said that im naturally talented at this shit. tho i have also considered plumbing, electrician, and being a pure carpenter. at the same time though i have always wanted to be a cop (despite being pretty anti government.) i grew up in baltimore city so i guess theres been a part of me that wanted to make some change and me a force for good. firefighting too but it takes alot longer and they arent always hiring. not too sure how i feel with the cancer risk also. i passed my polygraph test. so baltimore pd is probably gonna accept me. if i had my own car i would probably just say fuck it to being a cop and maybe do emt/fire and also a trade but the car thing puts me in a tough situation. i have a fiancee and a dog to care about now too and i want to be a good provider. should i pause my trade career to be a cop bc its “muh dream” and for a car? or suffer poverty mode for a while doing what i enjoy while i wait to become a firefighter?
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Do you like fences? Being told what to do and what not to? Does the idea of exploring the limits of what is allowed frighten you? Are you a religious person? Do you think reason and personal agenda are more trouble than they are worth? Do you enjoy punishing people who step out of line? Have you been hurt so many times you can’t possibly unravel the things you really want to do?
Then yeah, you should be a cop.
that is how what i have been thinking too. but i wouldn’t say im idealistic as much as i just have always felt a sense of calling to it. im in baltimore so obviously its really scummy here, but damn if it wouldnt give me tons of experience and also money for a car. but thanks anon you make alot of good points
i think i am leaning towards being a firefighter. im already in exceptional shape so i can ace the physical testing. but it takes a lot longer apparently and there arent many near me or in other states i want to move to hiring. but thank ill consider the financial incentive
thanks man, i appreciate it. i will give that read a few times and meditate on it. i was considering sheriff but alot of the agencies near me only do court house stuff
thank you anon for the reply! ill definitely try to be realistic about this, though i do live in nigger town aka baltimore md
fed forest cop sounds primo, is that us fish and wildlife or us forest or something similar?
thanks bro, im definitely in a conflict bc of the current climate
exploring the limits and being religious, is yes or no the sign to not being a cop?
I was in a similar situation at the beginning of my career. I chose to go the electrician route and am really enjoying it. I couldn’t become a cop in good conscience knowing that I would enforce some BS unconstitutional laws (Gun control, taxes, various other victimless crimes) I understand if you do go LEO but just remember what type of constitutional horse shit cops had to do under Covid mandates and ask yourself if you want to be that type of tyrant.
File: smoke oo.jpg (57 KB, 702x702)
57 KB
>You'd have to be a LITERAL retard to be a cop in the far left, woke political environment.
seconded. why the fuck are you even considering a government job? you will hate it and it will undermine the very reason you want to be a cop in the first place.
do trades.
Be a cop. It's easy to get into, good job security, good pay (well into 6 figures at many departments) and a state pension with great insurance.
My father was one for 20 years on the state police, also military (reserves) and retired at 45 to run a business. His self employment was only possible because of the good retirement package - full health coverage on a better plan than I've ever had in the private sector, and gets like $75k a year, plus some military pension and now social security too.

It doesn't seem like particularly hard work, he mostly got to sit on the highway at night and pull people over, and work in the office. He didn't talk much about specific incidents and AFAIK only had a gun pointed at him once. I know he worked a lot of overtime and had odd hours, like 10pm-6am but sometimes went in earlier or came home later. Got to use his cruiser 24/7, take it home and could do some personal business with it, occasionally but not often he'd pull someone over while off duty with little me in the car. It was a safer time.

File: 1623142357073.jpg (2.59 MB, 2992x2952)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB JPG
Marvel at my creative genius for I have constructed many things.

>My hands have been blessed by god to morph materials into aesthetic forms.
>Form over function, function over form, i laugh at your petty squabbles to belittle my achievements.
>From the depths of desperation and depression I have channeled my hate into creation.
>The essence of The Plan ignites my heart with joy.
>As you gaze deeply into the images know, suffering and hopelessness were forgotten for a while with each project I undertook.

As an act of pure selflessness I allow you to witness the final stages of each of my ventures.

1/? The first is a bike that touches the skies and contends with the tower of babel
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not even a helmet. I guess his brain isn't that important to him.

My comment didnt come with a hug, no.
But for the im a fab god, look at me energy of the op, im not super impressed

I would point out while acknowledging everything you point out in the last post is accurate, i still dont really think it holds up the statement "great deal of brazing in the bike building world" in response to the statement "most bikebuilders choose welding"

Youre not wrong to assert it is present, but id point out that your best example of schwinn has largely produced welded aluminum frames for the vast majority of the last two decades.
I see your point, semantically though lets not die on this hill. Its there, not in great amount

I think wed both agree OP s choice
"Looks flexy"
Anyone you know using lugs to make tall bikes?
Its that this has been done by hands blessed by the aesthetic...

And it doesnt look like what the op posted or have that attitude. Or yours, mr tassle. Youll notice i may be contrary, but im not accusatory.
I think theres an important difference.
so I'm guessing your apparent brain damage came from taking a tumble of that thing
File: 1668093050234345.gif (2.95 MB, 450x252)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB GIF
it's made of fucking item bar lmao
you are a good diy'er anon, i look forward to your future work.

Anons, what do you call these 'juts' that appear on buildings? Looks like if you took a trapezoid, extended it vertically, and added windows.
28 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Detailed descriptions would be more efficient in describing complex window variations.
This in screenshot tiered post
that looks fucking terrible lol. cope over living in a flat i suppose.
I do like a bay window though.
File: plastic bullet.jpg (21 KB, 465x465)
21 KB
i love chester. it's beautiful.

File: th-3561935450.jpg (22 KB, 474x266)
22 KB
This frightens and confuses the europoor
73 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why not just have food waste bin that is collected once a week?
I'd like to get one to make a home biogas digester. Normally I have a separate bin for organic disposables and I empty that onto the compost pile, but that can get a bit annoying in a long dark winter. So my thought is to use an IBC tote in the basement to make a tank that's basically the same as the euro waste management ones but on a much smaller scale.
>food waste goes in sink
>flip on the switch
>ground up food generates some natural gas and fertilizer sludge
I just got back from the trip to the US and I was so shocked at how far ahead soft drink technology is in America. They have literally harnessed the power of colours and turned them into beverages. I can't live without a "blue" flavoured drink every day, though that might just be the addictive chemicals
>having a sewer system
That shit just attracts rats.

File: th-310735396.jpg (37 KB, 474x686)
37 KB
qot: do u watch sewing vids, if so what channel

good evening bros
Uhhhhhh, anon
There is a sewing thread over here
in on split thread.

what machine to sew canvas bags bro's

Are cat tools any good? I can get everything i need for 1200 eurobong. Dewalt and others are working out very expensive, but i also don't want to buy shit. They'll be used a lot as a professional, it's not occasional diy work
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
id imagine cat threw their logo on 'man stuff' to increase their profits when their boomer wives go shopping for gifts
I bought a pair of their cheap boots once for a job I had when I was younger. Complete pieces of shit. Pretty sure that outside of their heavy engine-powered equipment they just slap their logo on chinkshit.
>outside of their heavy engine-powered equipment they just slap their logo on chinkshit
This is exactly what the situation is. Outside of their heavy equipment, everything with their logo on it is absolute garbage shoveled out to make some extra money off the brand name.
CAT, Bosch profesional, makita, etc are powertools made to be used all day so they are much tougher and expensive.
For occasional use to diy projects you can buy cheaper stuff without shame.
don't buy anything from CAT unless it has a seat

File: 1675303023222867.png (377 KB, 631x764)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
Not sure how old the machine is but its not old.
Normal cycle doesn't fill with much water even when set to Deep Water.

Have been using Casual cycle which fills much more water on Deep Water.

Not sure if it needs to be reset or if something is broken?

Not sure how well these wash but its in a rental.
The filling times for initial wash & rinse take quite awhile sometimes.

Still figuring out which is the best cycle to use.
A brand new pair of socks looked pilled and battered up after the first wash so it must be doing something. Also Kirkland T-shirts appear kind battered and spotty after washing. They appear clean but the fabric is different.
Follow the supply lines for hot and cold to where they meet the faucet. Is the faucet fully open? Are you washing on hot or cold. If hot, turn a nearby tap on to get more water flowing in at the right temp at the start of the cycle.

Have you taken a look at reviews or manuals yet or was this Mongolian chest hair braiding forum the first place you thought to figure it out?

Also since it's a rental figure out how to clean out the drain filter yourself. Rentoids are so poor they aren't used to technology or personal responsibility. Their helpless financial state carries is a symptom of their overall laziness. Safely assume everything's been unmaintained.

I inherited a piece of land, it's a bunch of scrubby horseshit like pic related. My goal is to put in a clearing for a cabin and then either build one, or try to build one, quit half way through, but a prefab.

What steps would I take to clear forest? I feel like I would want to go in to clear scrub, then fell trees, then move out/burn everything i take out. Is there a good place to find a guide on something like this?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just start a fire bro
Id start with a set of good 3 inch loppers.

Go in, leave everything big, and make a small clearing just piling the brush up.
Burning is your way to disposal, but next summer the brush pile will be dry.

Loppers wont be the most effective way, but its a) super cheap and b) will get you spending time out there, getting a feel for what you wanna do.
Then gey a chai saw etc. Youll be amazed at how cool your woods feel when you have a chillable clearinh

How legit are you thinking? Permitted livable cabin or secret drinking love shack?
Id figure out what the largest unpermitted thing u can build and do that
Rent somoe goats for a month. Its cheap, in fact a goat farmer might let yoy rent them for free if there is good feed there
File: 9646516516.jpg (11 KB, 415x638)
11 KB
my weapon of choice, brush axe. you can clear a surprising amount of shit with one of these. trees look pretty small too, a simple bowsaw should handle them just fine. Pick mattock for getting up roots. $150 and a week or two of free exercise and you can have a nice chunk of land
Ex gardener here.
First is to hack all the low branches and small trees so you see what you are doing.
Put them in a pile so you can burn them later.
If you are going to use some machine to work the area is important to remove before any rock bigger than your fist.
Make a pass with a string trimmer with a blade attachment.
Cut down the trees with a chainsaw.
If you want to use the logs for your cabin cut the branches off and throw then in the pile to burn.
Remove the stumps.
Finally brush with a leave broom, put all the leaves in the pile.
Make the fire.

File: IMG_20230202_104132787.jpg (3.31 MB, 4000x3000)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
What could I do with these? Me mom told me I could paint them but I think she just says it because she saw it on an Indian/SEA chickflic where a faggot paints rocks as a job

I usually collect heavy rocks with funny or round shapes but I think I would like to put them to use
7 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_20230202_154552779.jpg (2.5 MB, 4000x3000)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
File: no-i-dont-think.gif (2.11 MB, 640x362)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB GIF
An easy project you can do is convert them to river rocks, nice and smooth. My grandpa had a trick for this because when he was young electricity and home rock tumblers were uncommon.

First find yourself a pillowcase and put as many rocks in it as you can carry then go down to the local river. Once there shovel some of the sand from the riverbank into the sack with the rocks. Next you fasten the sack about your waist or neck and take a few laps across the river. 3 or 4 laps is all you need to see a noticeable change in the rocks. A dozen laps and they are as smooth as a natural river stone, 2 dozen and they are gleaming like they were polished by a lapidary.
this isn't an autism daycare, where are you parents? please leave

File: helicopter rescue.webm (3.97 MB, 711x400)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB WEBM
You do know CPR and other lifesaving measures, right?
41 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>want to buy an AED to keep at home
If you have a family, buy one. They work. Teach all family members where it is and how to use it. Run regular drills.
Sorry about the first story anon, but that second story is incredible. Great work by you.
Your writing style conveys urgency well dor the second story, but sucks about your dad.
File: emergency!.jpg (8 KB, 400x277)
8 KB
Good story. I need an update course. First time I was seated across from a jewish girl in a pink lycra tube top. Challenging learning environment.
>highschool has mandatory CRP class as part of the gym exam
>get certification card good for 3 years
>never use it
>turns out success rate is only like 15%
Only thing I really remember is that you gotta press hard enough to the point where you can/will break ribs and when the instructor asked "whats the first thing you do before administering CRP" everyone yelled out "ask permission" and the instructor looked mad.

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