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How do you learn about hydraulic hoses?
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How does a farmer know this stuff
It's just replacing what's already there, this isn't rocket science. You take the busted/leaking hose to the hydraulic shop, tell them what it's off, they sell you a new on. If you just want to know what kinds of fittings are out there, go look at hydraulic parts sites.

Designing and repairing hydraulics is another thing, where tolerances and pressure matter, but most farmers aren't designing anything. They're just replacing what fell off or rotted, or jury rigging something.

If you want to learn to build hydraulics or fix them commercially, go read IFPS.org. If you just want to fuck around with fittings and hoses, get some and play around with low pressure systems.
Maybe i should try it..
That's like asking how someone would be able to ID a bolt size by just looking at it. Just do it man and you'll get good at it. After a while it becomes second nature.
I use two lines going parallel across my hand to mesaure thread pitch. Neat trick, only works on my right hand.

File: 1593876980296.png (628 KB, 809x435)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
in which mr. furze digs a hole

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I'm glad we agree then.
howso? at this point his current tunnel has most of the hard parts done, the lengthily tunnel down to the bunker thing could just be dug with a small excavator, and the bit under the house is just the same work as he's been doing
File: 1511998366930.jpg (6 KB, 250x250)
6 KB
Curse the nigger that gave pajeets internet access. I wish you could geo filter the fuckers.
well, this guy has done some dangerous shit, and comments in this videos say he actually cut and stabbed himself a couple of times...
Getting stabbed by the blowup doll is the funniest thing he ever did

File: 75HD9469B.jpg (73 KB, 350x350)
73 KB
What useful diy project can I do with a massive spool of ISP grade coaxial cable? It was left in my garden by the ISP repair man over 6 months ago. Since they didn't collect it within 6 months it's now mine under law (and more worryingly, my problem to get rid of if it has no use or resale value)
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>ISP grade coaxial cable

no such thing. its the same product you go into lowes or home depot and buy. the ISP just gets it in bulk spools. nothing special about it its the same copper clad core and ohm rating and size you can find in the big box stores.
>It's got some copper in it.

no it does not. its a steel core coated in copper.
Sell it and get something you can use.
Sell it to whom?
You tards are slipping. Get with the program.


File: hqdefault.jpg (57 KB, 480x360)
57 KB
I have too many trees on my lot and want to start removing but don't have a complete plan
I'll start off by saying I have no experience with cutting trees or even firewood but am willing and able to learn.
There are about 35 trees and they vary in size, smallest is 6ft, largest are 25-30ft
With some help from a buddy, I feel I can remove about 20 easily by yanking or sawing.
My issue comes with the last 15 trees on this lot are surrounded on most, if not all, sides by houses, power lines, or fences.
Is it a terrible idea to invest in a chainsaw and some tree climbing gear to fell 30ft trees around my neighbors with no experience?
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>When you're in a tree, if something goes wrong, you're going to be really fucked tho
>Do not climb trees.
This was my main concern, I have an aversion to heights already and am really not comfortable climbing 15+ feet up with a chainsaw.
I was genuinely considering it because I assumed to pay someone to remove these trees will cost much more.
I cannot safely fell the 25+ trees without climbing. They are too close to power lines, houses, roads, or others fences to cut from the trunk
Yes, it’s possible. I had prior felling and chainsaw experience but I am a 100% self taught climber.
With 0 chainsaw experience, you are going to fuck up, and probably die. Carry a blood stopper bandage with you. If you cut yourself with a chainsaw in a tree and pass out, the fire dept won’t get to you in time, they don’t climb trees. You need another climber trained in rescue climbing nearby.
Oh, and all my climbing gear, chainsaws (climbing saw and larger saw for ground work), and a bit of rigging gear that I started with cost about 5k total. Dont cheap out on stuff keeping you from falling to your death.
Also you need to know trees. Can you identify a safe anchor point? Did you know that branch you attached to had internal fungus? Oops it broke off and your dead.
TLDR: hire a tree company if you value your life over your money
File: timber.webm (1.04 MB, 320x240)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB WEBM
>I cannot

Seriously though, don't climb trees, and don't just clearcut your whole yard without thinking it through. You'll regret it and you can't just hit the reset button on your barren wasteland.
I have climbed trees with a chain saw to take them from the top down, it's extremely dangerous, don't do it. Don't take those down unless they have to be, and if so, get a tree removal service. A stand of trees is thinned gradually, over years, cut the small trees first, ones you can fell safely, leave some on the edge, and just wait and reevaluate next year. If the larger trees are valuable, you might be able to negotiate a trade where they get the tree in exchange.
I'm going to save your life here. Don't be fucking nuts and get in the tree without proper training or there is going to be a viral video on youtube of you getting killed or seriously injured. Stay on the fucking ground and even then watch as much youtube video before you get a saw and start cutting. These guys linked are good.


File: tack.png (872 KB, 688x770)
872 KB
872 KB PNG
Why aren't you baking hardtack biscuits?

Pic related is my first batch. They're okay I guess but I could use some pointers on how to make these things properly
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>not that I really think flour can expire
Then you're an idiot. You can use flour past it's expiration date on the package, but it goes rancid over time. Unless you get mold or bugs in it, it won't be a major health issue, but it will taste like shit, so you're probably baking literal shitbricks.
op is being autistic and larping as a POW eating concentration camp-tier food
>do something for a day
>"Why ArEn"T You DOing tOO?/

Meet us back here in a year faggot.
Flour's like rice in that it often comes pre-weeviled and it's just a matter of time before they hatch. So even if you store it perfectly it's still likely to be full of bugs.
You would make a shit baker, that's a 73% hydration dough, and you think it needs more water? Even with whole wheat you're like, a tablespoon of water from making soup. And this anon is right >>2167450, especially with whole wheat. You're making shit biscuits.

File: ibew-clean-logo.jpg (1.18 MB, 1104x1150)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
I've got an aptitude test coming up this moday for the IBEW. I know it's a trade school aptitude test, it probably won't be that hard, is there anything I should review before walking in there? I passed physics 3 and vector calculus before I dropped out of college but unless it's literal grade school shit I'm sure there are going to be some things I forget.
Also, any electricians wanna share stories about the IBEW? Is it a good union? What's going to make me more attractive as an apprentice?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Also, any electricians wanna share stories about the IBEW? Is it a good union? What's going to make me more attractive as an apprentice?

I am currently a 2nd year apprentice and am really liking the program so far. Things vary greatly depending on what local Union you are in. I am in a local in the Mountain West and we are very busy. Often working 58 hours a week or more and therefore getting really nice paychecks. I love the IBEW so far. The only drawback is them supporting Democrats. (Inb4 “what about right to work!?!?”) I’m a conservative Libertarian so I find both parties kinda laughable but Democrats seem esp cringe to the working class IMO.
Tradies have to be regularly told throughout their apprenticeship to not eat the drywall. If those guys can pass this test, so can you.
Math portion:
No calculator allowed. Know how to add/subtract/multiply/divide with pencil and paper. Know basic algebra. I forgot how to do long division b/c I hadn't done it since middle school, but still made it into the apprenticeship after a successful interview.

Reading portion:
Read an article and then answer questions about said article. You are allowed to scroll up to re-read the article at your leisure. Don't miss these questions because it's the most important half of the test.
I took the same test 7 years ago. Brush up on your algebra, long division/ multiplication. Answer as many questions ss possible, skip the ones that take longer than 15 seconds. I remember having to write the π symbol as many times as I could inside small circles as many as I could. Iirc I only answered half the math questions and filled in 3/4 of the circles. I scored high on the test ( only scores are low, medium, and high so I didn't need to retake the test the 5 other times I applied for the apprenticeship. I hope this helps. Sometimes it takes as long as 9 years to get into an apprenticeship just keep applying.
>who went to university
humanities dropout who thinks he's got the biggest brain on the jobsite, because he read chaucer at a state school

File: Bicyclemountain.jpg (298 KB, 1280x960)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
My goal is to cut it in half(red line) and make it foldable. The idea is if I go on a multi day orweek/month ride, and I have some issure or am just tired, i can fold it and hitchike and fit it into the car(if someone stops by)

do you think that is possible? the material seems to be aluminium since its very lightweight
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What is a canondale? I bought that bike used for maybe 180 Bucks. It had some weird Stickers when i bought it on it "Taifuun" and "for Cool kids" kek I removed them obviously

go back to school and learn to spell
Lol this bike cost maybe $130 new at walmart...
lol this dude thinks it's an aluminum frame
Demand for bikes is bigger in Europe. Bike prices are pretty high compared to in the US. U cant get a new bike below 150 Euroes here. Which roughly equals 180 dollars

File: inr-18650-25r.jpg (38 KB, 1024x1024)
38 KB
Do I need complicated over-charge protection if I simply allow more battery voltage than the charger will give? For example, I have an old UPS designed to charge a lead acid battery to 13.8 volts. If I replace the lead acid battery with 14.8 volts of 18650s then the charger would never exceed their max voltage. Is this safe? Will it work?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just find a balancing board made for lithium cells. If you stick a bunch of cells in series and hook up a lead acid charger to either end, you will have all sorts of issues. Just read about how you charge lead acid compared to charging lithium
Where do you look up information on how to build these LiFePO4 batteries with BMS for diy battery banks? I've watched a few of Lithium Solar videos on Youtube but I dont know if just seeing the guy build banks over and over again is enough to know what I need to do one myself. For one I don't even have the same tools.
yours is the first mention of lifepo4 in this thread, but I've found a lot of good info and tutorials on diysolarforum.com --- they have a subforum specifically for diy lithium battery banks, and most of them are lifepo4 these days. Plenty of good information on cell configurations, terminals and wiring, bms info and configurations, how to balance and charge etc etc etc
You need more than you think. You need a BMS that can balance the cells. Luckily these boards are like 3 to 5 bucks off ebay. If you're after lead acid voltages look at lifepo technology. You can get actual lead acid voltage swings with them and they're safer.

Thank you very much.

I want to start a microgreens business....how do I gauge the size of the local market?

i used to manage medical cannabis greenhouses but im not in a legal state otherwise Id just grow that
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
head to a local farmers market
see how many people are growing microgreens

If ppush comes to show you might join a collective and work under someone else
Or you could go around to restaurants to see if someone else wants to buy from you directly

Microgreens are still profitable, but in order to stand out you'd likely have to be good at business rather than farming
Grass clippings have effectively no shelf life. You cut them and eat them immediately. It’s also piss easy for anyone to sprout wheat seeds on a kitchen countertop. You have not identified a business opportunity.
Agree to disagree

You can sprout seeds anywhere, but you likely won't be able to have microgreens every day unless you dedicate a significant amount of space to it
Sprouted grains =/= micro greens

No shelflife just means its a premium good, that's why boyardee costs $1 and fresh pasta costs $10
if micro greens made money, then everyone who grows them wouldnt be on youtube talking about how much money micro greens make.
sounds like boomer logic to me

Wuddup /diy I've been working on a construction crew for awhile now and am considering specializing in a single trade.
My technical title is carpenter but I do a wide variety from of tasks from framing to drywall, painting, plumbling and a little electrical. I'm leaning towards getting some electrical education from the local community college but plumbing is a possibility too.

In your opinion what's the most comfy? Best work/life balance, pay, future job and pay growth outlook, etc. Discuss.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Cabinet making is pretty nice, you can work by yourself, and if you're organized, stuff gets made pretty smoothly.
Pillow testing.
Estimator or project engineer. I've moved out of my old role because my body is finally falling apart. I spend about 30-40 hours per week doing electronic work, and another 5-6 traveling and managing jobsite issues.

Last year I made shit due to covid, but the year before I made 180K. It's not the greatest job, but it has a lot of freedom, and I'm too lazy to learn anything new and change up.
Instrumentation technician. Clean, smart work.

Anybody bought a broken plasma cutter and fixed it? I could get a broken hypertherm for a tenth of the original price, the owner said that the transformer is probably blown. I would really like to have one for a cnc plasma table
You can't "cut" plasma, retard. It's not a solid
hes talking about a thing that cuts metal using plasma u retard. lurk moar
If you’re willing to beat your head against it and order a bunch of parts you won’t use, go for it.

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (280 KB, 1280x720)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Does this nigga really do this by hand or is there some excavation equipment off screen? No way he removed all that dirt by just tossing it up.

147 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Kudos to anon for atleast having the decency to put a pool in his rape dungeon.
Was your sex slave complaining too much? Why build a rape bath in your basement?
Amazing all the people replying to you defending dishonest pajeet scam artists
They're white, quit yer bitchin.

File: IMG_22_06212021_084317.jpg (2.58 MB, 3024x3024)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
this is my first /diy/ job
rate it
90 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
At least smooth out the two boards for the safety catches. Maybe even add a third one just in case last thing you want is a squat rack failure
You should probably work on that dude, not your sketchy DIY lifting setup.
Please post pics of the faggotry in front of it when the fucker tipped over and smashed it all
Somebody sounds jealous.
Wrong Nep in the cabinet

Anyone have success with insect predator farms for organic gardening? It's my first year gardening and I'm fairly successful so far. But I feel like I can do a lot better regarding these damn white flies on my tomato plants. I was told to use a very light soap + water mixture to kill the fuckers on my plants but it's just not feasible and it hardly works. I also got some cucumber beetles, those are fuckers but they're more manageable.

I asked my dad about Ladybug gardening and he said he only tried praying mantis farms but as soon as he did that, a thousand hasidic (((birds))) descended upon his garden in an aggressive and unprovoked manner in what can only be described as a holocaust of the innocent Palestinian Mantises.

Anyone have any ideas as to how to maintain a good pest control species for this/next year's crop? Small garden by the way with a deck overlooking it.
If you want to maintain it, you need to attract/provide for it, buying 10,000 of an insect online and just throwing them in the garden will just throw the localised ecosystem into turmoil for a while. A better option would be to find out exactly what pests are "bugging" you and looking into what would deter them from your property. Some pests have plants that make them steer clear of an area and by using these in your beds you can effectively control what visits
I use neem oil, some castile soap, and water. Been killing everything except fungus gnats.

It's clear water at this point. Probably too much toilet paper down there.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sometimes, I find it's better to use the plunger to only pull the stuff back out, instead of back and forth.

>depress plunger against the side of the bowl
>maneuver it over the drain, still depressed
>pull up to dislodge whatever in in there

It goes the opposite direction of what's normally done, and sometimes it's easier to unstuck something that way. Or just snake it like >>2164617 says, because sometimes that's good, too.
Hot water and detergent.
this but be sure the bowl is mostly empty otherwise it wont have much effect
empty the bowl, take toilet off flange, snake flange, install waxless seal
I've never had a problem with plungers. just keep working it until the level falls. also if it really is just standard tp, wait a bit and come back, it'll be basically dissolved.
But it's been like four days now so if you haven't fixed it by now, there's nothing I can do for you.

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