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File: blog1.jpg (25 KB, 500x374)
25 KB
Just bought a ~1300sq ft ranch w/walk out basement. It has a baseboard heating system from 60s/70s. Walkout has drop ceiling that needs to be ripped out.

I want HVAC.

How hard is it to run your own ductwork / remove baseboard? I would pay someone to put in furnace / AC
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It's hydronic. What loop of wire? You've never heard of a pump heater dying?
no because mine are just wires. The $700 electric bills just make it more based
File: 664.jpg (18 KB, 558x614)
18 KB
File: PSX_20220514_121731.jpg (215 KB, 1125x1500)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
keep the basedboard heaters
having a thermostat in every room is peak chad
Why would you remove a hydronic system? It's quiet and cozy as fuck. Forced air is garbage.

File: darwojk.jpg (209 KB, 597x731)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
DIY/Workplace Horror Stories

Let's hear em
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Scariest was watching my dad walk around on 2x4s spanned across the top of a staircase while wearing drywall stilts. Somehow after 50 years his worst injury was a 4" splinter he didn't realize he had until he went to doctor complaining pain of pain in his forearm.
>Wear your fall protection
Electricians are immortal bro I definitely don't need a harness
Thsi greentext sucks.
I cant make heads or tails out of it.

Not really a horror story but

> be 18 year old intern working in automotive
> tasked with building a testing harness to connect the component to the simulator
> connector needs some specialty terminals that we don’t have in stock
> ask supervisor what to do
> he says, go dumpster diving
> so i spend an entire day fishing through pallets of discarded automotive parts looking for these specialty terminals
> find enough to finish the job and go to solder the used terminals onto the new wire
> never soldered before so solder job was terrible, lots of blobs, overuse of solder, bad connections and burnt copper
> turn harness over to coworker who requested it, by some miracle it functions with no problems for the next year i worked there
> go back to the pallet to dumpster dive again
> eventually find about 300 terminals and keep them in my desk in case i needed them again

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File: DSCN0264.jpg (524 KB, 2264x1698)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
How do professionals exterminate a rat infestation with an extensive burrow system and well over 100 individuals? Long story short for the past year or so I've been feeding wild rats in the park with huge amounts of food I get for free from the bins behind the local supermarket. The population has exploded and now loads of people are complaining to the local government about it. The rats have become so bold that they run around during the day now. They are tame enough for me to pet them and they know me by sight and come running up to me when I arrive to feed them. They've been my little friends for a year so now that their days are numbered I just wanted to know what method will be used by professional exterminators to tackle an infestation of this scale.
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All hail anon, with an operating budget of pocket change and no employees, he single handedly saved the city. but i wouldnt do anything documentable with rat terriers until the rat problem is well known.
need something to look like serious a businessman like gold bracelets or something.
can you eat only rats? i know you can starve to death eating just rabbits.
Warfarin. Its an anti coagulant that will thin the rats blood. When they get into scraps they will bleed to death. Rats are intelligent and smell a dead rats mouth to see what its last meal was and avoid it. That's why most traditional poisons don't work.

File: 1571881765598.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
every single skilled hobby to side hustle is not profitable unless scaled to absolute ridiculous amounts. all the hobbyists who sell what they make exist solely because the making of a post or youtube video is more important than the project itself. so if you were ever trying to devote a shit ton of your time to ATTEMPT a profitable venture just go ahead and learn how to make youtube videos. Nothing else matters if you want to make money from your work. Finding this out the hard way broke me and I had no motivation to do anything. Finally gave in and made a full list of socials and had my wife use her overpriced camera equipment to document everything and edit it so I could post time lapses or just various stages of a project. Things immediately became not a money and time pit. I know this isn't /biz/ but this also isn't related to indian scam coins, just a warning to those out there who think life is like leveling up in wow and you inherently are more successful as time goes in.
tldr learning to market yourself and "the idea of making something" is more important than anything you could possibly produce when it comes to making a living
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Most of us are shit at what we do compared to the cream of the crop and in most fields only the cream of the crop get to eat nowadays.
Anon anti foul is a sure way to screw up your organs. You should be wearing full hazmat PPE or don’t have Ben bother going near it. Same with scraping barnacles etc.
t. Salty sea dog
File: cancer yoba.jpg (60 KB, 650x866)
60 KB
>buy a few old used up handhelds for 10€
>put in chink ips mod and speaker amplifier
>sell for 120€ per piece on ebay
*fleamarket buy
>people buying old consoles generally know how to repair them
well, in many cases they are z**mer fags who don't even play them and just want to accumulate as much trash as possible.

So at least for modded handhelds there's still a market if you put in a little effort
Consumer grade antifoul is barely more than paint in the UK/EU. We dry scrape and wet sand

File: stumpgrinder.jpg (3.15 MB, 3024x4032)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
Grindy bros check in

This is one of those things you never knew how bad you needed it until you get it
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Is actually pretty fun
File: crow cartoon.jpg (22 KB, 286x250)
22 KB
>20" trunk
>Grindy bros
sorry i was sure i was on 4chjan seems im on plebbit
Last time I had to grind a stump, I fastened a circsaw to a board and worked it down. Don't remember if I put it on rails, but that's something I'd do. Yeah yeah, side load blah; it worked and didn't ruin the saw.

File: image.jpg (3.08 MB, 4032x3024)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
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>hvac has to unfuck the plumbing!
>also hvac; hey can the plumber please run me a gas line and a waste line. Then connect said waste and gas line for me? K thanks!
Plenty of siemens stuff out there. Stop posting plumbing and start posting PLC's and wiring.

it costs the customer $27. it costs them 99 cents. overpriced shit work
Ya Siemens is pretty common. It's not automation direct stuff though. I work in a Rockwell industry so obviously my perspective is different. Also I'm not OP.
Process flow anon, were you trained as a steamfitter/pipefitter originally or did you go to school for like chemical engineering to get into this gig?

File: 1651996854315.jpg (406 KB, 793x549)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
american bros... is this true...?does our plywood shack truly not compete with a european concrete shelter
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My house is 100% timber frame and concrete basement, expensive as fuck, but it will last forever.
File: 263090028.jpg (105 KB, 1024x683)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
> Posts pure shit
Meanwhile proper houses look like pic related
I don't understand the grass roof, is it a self sealing solution, do you ever have to mow it, and how much soil do you need?
he's paid shill for Klaus's NWO. he wnat's everyone living in an eco pod, using mass transit, to travel from one (((walkable city))) to the next.
>oi looks like i gotta mow the roof today

File: fucking-ants.jpg (2.39 MB, 2268x3024)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB JPG
Sup /diy/

I just spent my weekend re-doing my polymeric sand for my pavers. Was pretty happy with the work: there was a lot of prep to clear out the old shit to make way for the new polymeric sand.

However, I woke up the next morning only to see ants had burrowed through in many places. Pic related, but not my pavers.

I'm fucking pissed. What can I do to prevent ants from breaking through all the time?

The sand had plenty of time to harden and I believed what it would stop the ants from breaking through.
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File: IMG_20220516_104545.jpg (76 KB, 512x512)
76 KB
JCD method:
I use MAP torch.
Ant hands typed this post.
File: consider-her-ways.jpg (38 KB, 313x475)
38 KB
awesome post, anon.
Leave opened jars of jam and honey in your neighbours garden
File: prevents insect mounds.png (223 KB, 869x699)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
>polymeric sand.
Maybe you're using the wrong kind.

File: 20220322_151123.jpg (293 KB, 1224x1632)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
No /hbg/? Now /hbg/

>infected starter edition

Hello frens, what have you been brewing?
This is my starter that I left untouched for a little bit too long, I've had this very ugly white layer appearing on my brewing buckets before, they're said to be limiting oxygen from bacteria below, strange even though I had an airlock in this vessel, anyway... this should still be safe to drink right?

Besides being a old starter, I also had some tea leaves and extra stuff to give it some different nutrition, it tasted quite good, slightly strong alcohol, but somehow it got me relatively drunk/high with just a sip, whats the deal with that?
314 replies and 49 images omitted. Click here to view.
Caveman Krunk
>apple juice concentrate
>let sit for 5 days
This will be on the verge of "ok" if done right and served on ice.
if you had any actual skill with homebrewing you would simply add 50cents worth of fermaid-k or fermaid-o, DAP. give it at least 2 weeks, then spend another dollar on a clearing agent and make something very drinkable.
I agree with you, but the question was:
I don't think this poorfag alkie is going to drive across town to the brew store or wait for shit to arrive in the post, then wait two extra weeks for the fining. He wants to get fucked up NOW
Isopropanol is the way
thanks to covid you can find hand sanitiser everywhere
just go to the local shop and fill a bottle with the shit at the entrance, free booze basically
works for me

File: lE pOOL.png (642 KB, 700x408)
642 KB
642 KB PNG
Why should I use tablets when I can just add small amounts of calcium hypochlorite shock?
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Ye, I was just wondering if it would be easier to just around 40 grams of shock every few days instead of using tablets, since I want to avoid cyanuric acid over accumulation. Thoughts?

No, you use a saltwater chlorinator so that it strips the sodium from the chlorine and puts it in that way. It's really nice (but not amazing)
Shock is supposed to be a really strong and concentrated for of sanitation. The tablets then slowly disperse chlorine to maintain your levels. I suppose you could just add small amounts of shock every day if you have enough conditioner in there. Conditioner is basically sunblock for your chlorine and helps it stay in the water and not evaporate.
Bros, i moved into a house with a swimming pool and the PH was under 6 (lowest my ph test strips went)... more like 5 to 5.5 is my guess given the color. So i added 5 KG of powdered PH+ as per the instructions on the containers but now my pool has been cloudy and filled with white flakes fore more than a week and the PH didn't go up at all, what the fuck. any advice ?

Chlorine is maxed out btw, and alkalinity is very low just like the PH
You probably have high cyanuric acid. Shut you pool off for 15 mins then put a submersible pump on the first step and strip that first layer of water out. Then refill her. There's a small amount of that in shock and tabbies so it builds up over the years. When it's high, it keeps chemicals in the water but they don't really do anything. Only way to alleviate effectively is drain the pool, but do it from the top with your pump off because that shit floats to the top.

File: doog.png (219 KB, 419x395)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-6-rWQQGZU

Old thread >>2335109

Dougers take your meds.
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File: nip.jpg (489 KB, 1920x1080)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
File: 1579768604228.jpg (12 KB, 200x200)
12 KB
You know this is an not a NSFW board right...
furry man nipples are very sfw
Doug is more interested in vacationing than working on the boat. He knows it's hopeless. Full grift in force now.
File: bilge pump.png (130 KB, 282x315)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
Really burned me up to see that scrap metal payday float 20 miles downriver. Now some government contractor will get the cleanup job.

Can you "smith" with just a hammer, a steady surface, and a sheet of metal? What is the very easiest, most elementary thing an inexperienced person can learn how to smith? Can rocks be smithed or would I essentially just be grinding dust like a retard?

Honestly I just like the strong and repetitive motion of it all. It feels good to just bang something over and over and over, but I ought to put it to productive use somehow.
21 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Cmon anon heat some hard rocks and smith them with your hardened steel carpenter hammer. Its a great hobby and totally won't harm you.
For me it's electrochemical machining of Inconel in a rig I made with an Igloo cooler with a busted lid and an old microwave, with jug pee as the dielectric fluid.
Me and my friend made a rocket combustion chamber that didnt really work too good but I just made my mom a sweet set of turbine blades for mothers day.
You can create a decent basic anvil by taking the largest sledgehammer head you can find, and half burying it in concrete, apparently. I've never done this but if you're on a budget I'd suggest something like that at least instead of using rocks as anvils. I can't see that working out too well.
for small-scale stuff - particularly jewellery sized work, the repurposed sledgehammer head is a perfectly viable surface.

hell, plenty of medieval and ottoman swords were worked on anvil surfaces only a little bit larger.
ooof depends on, langsword and that stuff were made in borderline manufacture style, where one buisness would forge blades they would then be send by horsecart to another location or region and ground into shape in a waterpowered grinding mill. and then it would be sold to buisnesses all over the old world, and local swordmaker would mount it with the locally expected hilt.
so idk i think they didn'T have that small of anvils for the arms industry,
smaller anvils were normal for small smithys on the countryside, that produces mainly nails smallknows scythes etc.

File: coping_saw.jpg (58 KB, 1005x991)
58 KB
Where is the seething saw?
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very nice, very nice.

but what about the dilating saw?
see sawed

did you hear what the blind construction worker did on his break? he put down his hammer and saw.

Yo I’m trying to build some cheap ass diving shit, I’m thinking just like a water hose and some swim goggles?

Inb4 ur gonna die
>it’s only like 10ft deep I can just swim back up
26 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Diy has a long history of this kind of stupidity
/diy/ has a long history of impoverished morons doing everything they can to avoid getting a job
The volume of your breathing hose needs to be smaller than the volume of your lungs or you won't be able to get fresh air
Additionally, this is only if you are only relying on your own lungs to suck fresh air in.

He'll pass out/die because he likely doesn't have enough lung volume to move air out of the tube. CO2 is slightly heavier than air and will sink to the bottom of the air hose and suffocate him.
/diy/ has a long history of impoverished morons randomly whining and shitposting from their mom's basement.

can i bild house?
i wanna hit rock and make metal
how i gonna live inna woods so no hafta werk?
You're either a troll or far too stupid to be doing this. If you use a house you are never going to be able to breath. If you use some pressurized gas you're going to end up with an exploded lung because Boyle's Law is a thing and you are an idiot. The first 10-15 feet it the most dangerous. Please don't procreate.

File: basement_exterior3.gif (32 KB, 500x307)
32 KB
Hey, guys. I just bought an old house, the basement has moisture issues in some spots. I'm thinking about doing to following. The only issue is I don't have many power tools so digging out the exterior wall of the basement is going to take some time. Any suggestions? I'm ok with taking my time but I do worry having a trench dug out around my house will be bad if it rains.
25 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have not had any moisture issues to date (6 years later). During heavy rains, some water comes out from the daylight end. This lets me know that there is little hydraulic pressure building up. If you can’t rain to daylight, then you’ll have to install a sump pump. Let me know if you have any questions. This is in Kentucky, so your environment may present you with different obstacles. S8J4V
Thanks for the feedback, I'm taking notes. oddly enough I'm in TN so I'm probably not far from you.
It's sounding more and more like I need to rent an excavator, I probably will buy a cheap jack hammer as well, lots of rocks where I live.
Same. Also wondering. Considering taking a masonry drill and drilling through the slab so it comes up where I want it instead of where it wants, and then just cutting a channel to the floor drain from there.
I rented the smallest version that Cat makes and it did the job well. We have a local equipment rental outfit that doesn’t price gouge. I estimate I spent around the following:
Rental, trailer plus fuel:$700
18 tons of gravel: $280
40 4” Foam Board: $450
4” PVC Drain Pipe: $120
Bluemax and Tar: $180
Pipe sock: $40
Misc (glue, tar brush, etc): $200
Trimidor termite killer: $200

I’d say all together I spent $2500 in 2016 (Oct/Nov) and I did it all by myself over a period of two weeks. It was hard work, but needed to be done. The house didn’t fully dry out for about sixth months. I had to end up removing all the flooring cover anyway and that aided. I love my basement home now, but the biggest deal is to keep them dry, which isn’t difficult if they are done correctly. I hear my entire house with one wood stove at the end and a window air conditioner at that same end. If it stays between 40-80 degrees, I don’t use either as the temperature inside is stable.
Don't dig it out yourself. That's retarded. It could take weeks. Just hire a contractor. One man with a backhoe can dig it out in a few hours. Should cost less than $1000.

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