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File: IMG_20211023_181119.jpg (180 KB, 811x684)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Don't tell me you're too manly for knitting, /diy/.
i can and have knitted but i find getting the correct tension difficult.
i followed several different tutorials for doing alternating knit/purl for elasticated style ends but none of them explain really how to count or which to start on on the reverse run i had to engage my brain a little bit. might do a little over the winter if its too cold to work outside, something to do watching tv but not as distracting as sitting browsing the web.
wool as clothing is fucking lit btw if you are anywhere rainy it stays warm and dries fast.

I was wondering, how best can you utilise simple shapes and such to serve a purpose that would otherwise require technology? Kinda like the pyramid sharpener thing but legit. For example, what about using the ambient airflow of a place and special architecture to create fairly strong breezes? (Of course flat surrounds in account). Maybe aesthetics as well, like arranging openings in such a way that moonlight is restricted/concentrated to illuminate and have a more emphasised presence. Did you know you could boil water with gravity? Same as the ghost frequency, imagine making a haunted house that has added spook because of an obscured piece of building. At the least could someone give me a term or something to base on, I just really like this sort of thing I don't know why.
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Still, surely there are some nuggets of knowledge that fall down that I can collect? I don't really have the means to do 6 years.
Epic, thank
Do you have an offline version of this information?
It's called "screenshot"
It is not written down anywhere. You need to learn to come up with this stuff. Teach a fish a man you feed it for days etc... Just be open minded and learn a lot of different stuff.

File: 20210827_165506.jpg (1.34 MB, 3059x2232)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Well they are finally(99%) done. My 4 piece lamb and chicken butchering set. Took me ages to finish these. They're made with cpm cruwear, which I underestimated how difficult it would be to hand sand, and the handles are stabilized amboyna burl.

Had the blades sent to a professional heat treating service, so these guys should have top tier performance.

A 1/4 cleaver in cpm cruwear is probably the best kind of overkill. Ha.
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These dudes are very skilled even if they make meme swords sometimes. Good luck on your smithing journey!
I just bought a propane forge, I want to heat treat some blades made from flat stock, no hand forging for now
What sort of tongs or pliers should I be buying?

Was thinking buying big ass slipjoints, idk.
Yeah I fumbled around with slipjoints for a while but the reins are generally too short and even through a leather welding glove your fingers and palm get pretty roasted. So a decent set of tongs with about 12-15" reins is a lot more bearable than an 6-8" slipjoint or big pair of vise-grips
For knife makers, the flat jaw and bolt jaw tongs tend to get the most use I've found, if you're on a budget you could just weld some extra steel to the pliers and it'd do but I prefer the straight jaws to an offset ones for holding stuff
File: Wud.jpg (468 KB, 2048x1365)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
I've decided on pic rel if it's still there. No need for alox I buy it by the 25Kg bag regularly. Does the hamon come out with minor abrasion? What if it's kept lightly oiled?

Why can you fucks never get his damn name right?

File: 450px-Zinc_whiskers.jpg (42 KB, 450x384)
42 KB
Its that time again boys, knife fags stay out.

Today's question, Does anyone here dislike the smell of metal?
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silver that turned black smells disgusting

Ohshit, if it's the blog I'm thinking of I used to read that maybe 10 years ago. did he ever finish the lathe?


>The crucible would have to be pretty huge.

Maybe not too bad, you could rib a "flat" pattern out to get your rigidity without needing too much additional volume. The few times I've pulled by Enco mill/drills bed off to clean the ways, I've been """"impressed"""" by how little iron is actually used to make it.

Same would probably apply for aluminum, too, though. you could always face an aluminum casting with a grey cast sheet that you can lap down.
I'm working on unbending flattened aluminum pipe. Since I can't get a visual when the Al reaches forging temperature. I'm just going to start heating it with a torch, shove a glowing hot steel wedge (pre-forged to the rough dimensions of the bend), then fine tune the wedge using the pipe's bend as a forging die. I am hoping when the wedge assumes a fine shape, heat transfer from the steel to Al will be maximal, as I continue to hammer, eventually the steel will recrystalize and harden, while the Al will be in a hot-working state. The pipe will then be soft enough for the wedge to hammered through the bend, effectively straightening it. I will follow with a water quench. Though IIRC, there are limits redoing the heat-treatment on precipitation-hardened Al. What could be done differently to improve the success rate?
interesting.. so they're of dwarven blood after all
What would a modern-day elf smith be? Some guy running a $5Mil CNC from programs he found online to make decorative birds out of copper?

File: polyisoboard.jpg (16 KB, 350x263)
16 KB
I recently tore down a building for someone in exchange for keeping the materials, it had a bunch of this stuff in it. I was going to line my own shed with it as is, just tack it to the outside of the studs but someone told me to cut it to fit between the studs and put paneling on the outside. I thought that sounded pretty retarded but I just wanted to consult.
Old grain bins are made by stacking up wood layer by layer not a ton of studs involved so if they are getting at that there ya go it's been done before. It's not spectacular but it is doable
My building is a prefab cabin, it has studs

Juggler here.
I want to start making my own juggling balls but not sure how to rely do it.

I also need to know if it's possible to use LED or something to make it light up

Thank u
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I have no clue what any of that means ;_:

I'm too dumb for this..
>make ball shape thing
>stick LED and battery and switch in it
>flip switch to make it shiny
If you're lost on this level then maybe give up on making them light up and just try to make balls somehow.
I dont get it. What real benefit is it to making your own balls? You admit no experience in the arena. The balls can't possibly cost much. Unless it was for aesthetic or performance reasons, the opportunity cost doesnt seem worthwhile.

The few people that sell light up stuff sell then for insanely high prices.
Party balloon LEDs are like $2 for 10. Shove them in your balls.

Have you or any of your family, friends, coworkers had serious accidents with diy or trade jobs?
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*end your career path by making you unpromotable, barring you from reenlistment, demotion, banishing you to some fuckunit, or just flat out chaptering you
>Ask me how I can tell you're a boomer

Thats a good thing to do but it still won't stop retards from being retards.
>Finally there was a friendly fire, again during training, where a tank (commandeered by the first female tank commander) fired on another tank, killing the driver and the gunner and the commander is now a jacket potato.

Army or USMC? Approx year?
British Army RTR 2017, but it turns out I'm mashing two separate events in my memory. The blue on blue with the female tank commander didn't result in any casualties and she opened fire on another Challenger 2 with a training round which didn't penetrate, the incident which killed two crew and disabled the commander was a severe mechanical failure compounded the crew not following procedure and failing to store the bag charges properly.

File: 1634010788721.jpg (7 KB, 304x324)
7 KB
Does anyone know where you can get lidocaine or novocaine for numbing gum tissue?

anons will probably advise against DIY dentistry but I can't afford to go to the dentist. I am confident I can do it myself but I'd rather not go into details. The area I need to work on is near the surface. pls no bully
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thanks for the info. This might be where i'm going
OP the key to good DIY medical care is having the right equipment and knowledge. DO NOT JUST WING IT. I had to remove a piece of shrapnel from my foot last year (long story) and I waited a few days to do it so I could get surgical equipment off Amazon and veterinary lidocaine from a friend. Don’t just get drunk in your garage and try to knock a tooth out, that’s how you end up in the ER 10k in debt. Keep your powder dry and your money in your pocket fellow amerifat.
Lol please post results
>Please note that this item requires a veterinarian's prescription.
Straight from the website.
Go to a dentist and then stop eating/drinking sugar and alcohol every hour and do some fucking cardio you unhealthy fuck

File: 1527570263812.jpg (26 KB, 355x450)
26 KB
What kind of material could completely replace wood in such a respect that wood becomes largely irrelevant? Do you think this is possible?
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File: compressed.jpg (152 KB, 1024x681)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
wood is a great material for furniture

compressed earth blocks might be better for construction

if you use no mortal it might also be reusable
You're seeing strand lumber being replaced by engineered but nothing will ever best the original on price AND functionality

Using the right wood that grew on it's own with no maintenance, you can build a house from top to bottom except for the waterproofing layer and the glass in the windows. At one point, they were even using wooden channels for plumbing

My city is going through and replacing those wooden sewer lines but that's more than 50years of life for a fucking wooden sewer. You can't fucking beat that when wood literally grows on its own, most of the time without even being planted by humans
Weed smokers are fookn gaeeeeeeeee

File: 20211022_132859.jpg (2.61 MB, 4032x3024)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
Taking apart my mother's bed. Got 3 of 4 bolts off. How tf do I get this one off?
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Your mom's bed has had a lot of screws in it.
Looks like the square portion under the head got completely rounded somehow, you were fighting a losing battle anyway. Sometimes brute force is the only way!
Babbys first I can't get it off
File: 1630319258708.jpg (152 KB, 960x958)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Based visegrips
File: pixlr_20211023085749526.jpg (3.54 MB, 4818x4818)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB JPG

File: bayraktar.jpg (37 KB, 645x344)
37 KB
Is it possible to create serious drone defence ? I am more and more afraid of drones and how elites will control us without any risk.
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>how elites will control us without any risk
they can do that without drones. if you move to a wooden shack in montana then you've done all you can, if you still get hellfire'd it's just bad luck.
>elites will control us without any risk.
They don't need drones to do that. They already have FB and YT.
File: download.jfif.jpg (383 KB, 1280x720)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
All you have to to is ask Russia for some good shit and they'll hook you up. Worked for the arabs.

>Reproduction suppression
>Camera drones
>Chemicals in the water that make you forget
>Civil Protection

How the actual fuck do I fix this? No, but seriously this is taking such a toll on my time and patience. I need help
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Interior pockets bad. Bag collapses and they get caught on all your shit.

This one has a hard body and interior pockets too so whatever, I was stuck with a soft bodied one other only interior pockets for years.
Buy the 3 ridgid boxes, they roll and have a small, medium, and large box.
I keep all of my power tools in the large rolling box, wrenches/ratchets/sockets/other hand tools in the middle box, generally in boxes or in soft canvas zipper bags from Walmart, and in the small box I keep fuses/zip ties/sticky squares/notebooks and other little shit like that, electrical connectors and tape and shit.
Simple as.
how new are you?
File: 1634989302662.jpg (1.51 MB, 4624x3472)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Use a belt. Keep an assortment of useful shit in a small pouch and hang an impact or drill off it. If i need to, ill bring my bigger bag that has only what id need for what im doing, etiher an install or electrical.

File: unnamed.jpg (83 KB, 512x357)
83 KB
How feasible would it be to find a small cavern or cave network and live in it full time? I was thinking of dealing off the entrance with a fake wall, which will of course be one of many investments to the palace of Golem.

- cave network
- concealed door
- ventilation?
- need a place to store my motorcycle

What else do I need here? I can roll a mattress in there no problem. I just want a chill space to eat snacks if ya catch my drift.
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Fucking auto correct
Yeah I’m a phone poster. Come at me faggots.
The cave never stops providing
Naw, just build a brick house inside the cave. You can scare anyone who comes near by just existing. Nobody is gonna knock on the brick home inside a cave.
Im Ecuadorian and farted just before reading what my country searched
Cave culture frowns on permanent structures because they attract attention. If you try setting bricks then dwellers from the further reaches will drive you out, or worse.

File: file.png (1.36 MB, 840x646)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Post exterior designs that are really neat or special
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File: 1520531515295.jpg (1.27 MB, 2700x1800)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
File: 1537814077447.jpg (2.68 MB, 3840x2160)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
that's it for now. And kids, remember to join your local anti-bad architecture terrorist group!
Sorry, didn't know I was talking to some blind faggot
That looks like a train station.
Y'all niggas really do be havin "a series of unfortunate events" ass tatse bruh. God damn my nigga, old ass house be haunted bruh. Make me wanna botch drive-by and accidentally kill a 6 month old infant with ricochet, that's how damn uncomfortable and unlivable dese house be lookin

File: ooooh scary.png (1.39 MB, 650x814)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
Previously >>>2206446

Post shit thats shit, but in the DIY spirit. Bonus points for halloween
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>Last inspection: 3/7/2001
Based because highly effective use of space and mobility beats fixed everything. I'd use solid mower tires instead of pneumatic though since pneumatics go flat (cheap tires in those sizes) or use scaffolding casters which pivot, can be locked not to pivot, and have brakes.
Nah, he was just too stupid to install a door with clearance. There are plenty of ways to manage that.
HOAs are a way for disruptive neighbors to be even more disruptive.

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