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File: ucnle cletus.jpg (117 KB, 1272x668)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Uncle Cletus' home renovation adventure continues with 10 more houses. Seriously though, how do I get in good with contractors so I can buy shit houses like this and repair them?


File: spent.jpg (367 KB, 1626x1080)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
no idea what to put in a general OP edition
What are all up to?
for me, this weekend I'll probably be starting a new beer batch and as I'm slowly progressing towards all grain I ask you this:
do i need to sterilize the cloth i use to hold the brewery spent grains when i rinse them or is it being clean enough since it will boil later?
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Bonus points if you freeze distill the Apfelwein to upgrade it to poor man's Applejack
Alcohol is for degenerate faggots.
About to make an all grain Irish red ale. I made an American Pale ale partial extract partial grain and that turned out awesome. I got myself a sexy diffuser for my 8 gallon kettle so I can mash my grains with ease.
To avoid temperature fluctuations I kept my Carboy in the most stable room in the house wrapped in a thermal sleeping blanket, I'm gonna get one of those jackets with a temperature controller gas exchanger to make lagering easy.
Unlike regular faggots like you who consume only cocks and huel.

File: 022_FHM_MAR18_200-stick.jpg (264 KB, 1200x1200)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Sup /diy/,

I'm going to start stick welding. Any tips and tricks from my brothers?
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Yeah, use good quality electrodes, clean metal and have a decent machine.
Uhm, because it's a useful skill.
>small hot beads
Like keep it hot and move it fast?
Or make small individual beads?
Yes he means run a high amperage narrow bead and run multiple stringers to fill up the gap. Rather than weaving it back and forth to make a wide weld that has more chance of inclusions.
In that case would you move the weld in a straight line or do you still weave only less?

File: codes-1158983394.jpg (137 KB, 900x550)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Do you think even a retard could pull off building one of these? Much more enticing option than trying to buy a house and be in debt forever
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SO, I had a tenant who had been living in a trailer, about 250 sq feet. When he "moved in" to my rental property (1500sq ft detached home on 1/4 acre lot) he pulled his trailer into the back yard and continued to live in it. He used the bathroom of the house, and he did use the kitchen but I think he did most of his cooking in the trailer, and used the kitchen mostly to wash dishes in the sink.
I asked him about it once, he said the trailer suited him better than a whole house. I guess some people are more comfortable in a smaller space.
He lived there about five years, then got sick with cancer, and died maybe a year later. His estranged family didn't want the trailer, and after I had his stuff hauled away I left the trailer where it was. It needs some repairs, but it's actually kind of nice inside.
wow neat you got a free trailer and he didn't even live in the space he paid you for.

Rip the guy though, sounds like a cool guy in that strange aloof kind of way
How about a dogtrot then?
I just spent an hour looking at plans/pictures for them after your post. I like that openness it provides over a tiny home.
Why not have that at the very back? You have walls left right and back, and getting another wall inside to shut it off seems easy enough.

File: DSC00839.jpg (930 KB, 1500x1125)
930 KB
930 KB JPG
There used to be a concrete walk and stone patio, but that got messed up with some other work that needed to be done.

I was thinking of putting gravel "moat" and then putting different stones in the old ones place. I guess the cheapest would be just gravel and a walkway, and then put grass in. But maybe someone has a better idea.
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Garden, plant shit like flowers for your wifey, or grow foods. Share that shit with your neighbors, for free. Make your world wonderful...
Breddy gud
File: 1618381284068~2.png (2.25 MB, 1880x1299)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
just make your lawn bigger
>Breddy gud
that’s ALL you have to say about my hard work? that’s the ONLY thing you could think to say?!?! anon... thank you so much, you have no idea how much i value compliments from strangers.
Kek best one

I'm a first time homebuyer and looking for the baby spoonfeed version of any tips about what to look out for during the buying process. Whether it's financial advice, or what I should look out for related to construction. Any advice can help. Didn't want to ask /biz/ because I get the feeling they don't work with their hands and will only tell me to invest in a shitcoin instead of buying a home.

I'm currently renting with roommates. I'm tired of this life and ready to buy my own place. What is /diy/'s opinion of buying a home. Or should I buy land and build? If so, why?

My budget is at a max of around $170k. Pic related is a majority of the style that's available around my area. How fucked am I?
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I have nothing to do with checking out hoods here in beautiful Eastern Europe, but I remember from another thread like this that somebody suggested cruising around at like 9PM or friday night if you're having doubts about nog levels. They're probably not going to be around at realtor times.
Just want to add that if you are looking to buy right now you will have to waive the inspection, offer at least $50000 more than the asking price, with no contingencies. The market is crazy right now and if you aren't willing to do this you you won't get the house

>The only time you should be building is if there is a lack of inventory. Currently inventory is low due to covid, but that doesn't mean you should be building

Do not listen to anything this guy says as he has just shown he has no understanding of housing.

Im a controller at a major homebuilding company and we are building like crazy right now.>>2081795
In my free time I also develop my personal properties and have built two houses on one of parcels. Building is generally a good investment, and especially so right now.
Do this

File: deep in shit.jpg (2.7 MB, 4032x3024)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
>Basement apartment tub barely draining for a while
>Wake up and see sewage backing up
>Decide to run water and plunge it like a retard
>Sewage debris erupts up
>Water level doesn’t go down a millimeter in hours
>Try using the plunger in reverse to suck instead of push and that just makes the mess worse
How bad did I fuck up and how pissed will my landlord be?
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Utility is responsible to your property line, homeowners insurance typically only covers inside to the hookup directly to the house, leaving you with responsibility for the rest. Clay pipes suck, had them before.. got out before we had any real problems but a couple neighbors did.

That insurance is a thing, but it's like mine subsidence insurance or sinkhole. You never want to pay for it until it's too late to get it.
OP what are you going to school for?
Nah, I grew up in a proper house in the country with a septic system so I don't put garbage down the drain. But if I did live in the city it'd be game on... Condoms, baby wipes, grease, the list would be endless. Better than leaving them lying on the streets like all the other scumbag city folks do.
Every utility around here is responsible for everything up to the meter After the meter is on you.
if you are on a septic it's probably clogged at the output drain or your septic needs cleaned

had this done like a week ago for $280

Just bought a shed that came with spray-foam insulation. Did they do a good job? It looks like there is a lot of extra space where more insulation could go, but I'm no expert. Should I try to add more, or is it fine the way it is?
Probably fine if you're just using it as a shed. If you plan on living in there I'd stuff batt insulation in between the studs and then sheet over it to finish the inside.

But for a shed it will be fine. That spray foam seals things up nicely and adds a lot of rigidity to structures.

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 183x275)
7 KB
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Time for a stupid question. The instructions for this joist (https://www.strongtie.com/resources/product-installers-guide/lus-installation) say to use 10d "for single 2x," while 16d is used "for all other than single 2x." What does this mean? 10d when only putting a single 2x4 in place, right?
A month ago 8' landscape timber was $3.80 each and I thought that was crazy expensive since it's usually half that amount. Today they were $5.80 each. What an absolute shitshow.
whats the company name? im on the lookout for wood i can use for external siding, and literally nowhere within 4 hours of my house is selling anything i can use outside. how much did the freight shipment cost?
how do you mean?
So like you need longer nails to go through wood that's thicker.

What would i need to trick doctors into thinking they gave me the covid shot. Something to wrap around my arms so that the needle won't penetrate my skin. Like a armor that the doctor won't notice. Something that can simulate real skin.
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To add onto this: if you go with the meat wrap option, it has to be thick enough. Otherwise the needle will end up going into the top layer of skin and injecting there, which would be incredibly painful.
>>>2081398 (OP)
>Are you cowards afraid of a needle ?
Ima piss down your throat. What? Afraid of a little water? What a sis...
You're a big guy.
Nothing's going to fake that type of arm pain. Not even acting classes. Just get the damn dead cold cells.
That's not how this vaccine works.

If you were provided with a $10,000 gift card to Home Depot what would you purchase? Hard mode: no returns, no cash exchange or anything like that.
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I'd buy $10,000 worth of their storage totes and a bunch of the heaviest shelving they have there to put them on.
Is westinghouse a good brand?
Id buy five pieces of plywood. Than Id probably be out of money
Id buy as many as one of every item I could, starting with the less expensive and going up
All the jerky at the checkout.

Hello /diy/
I want to make my own shaving soap and I want to know how to do that without killing myself in the process. I practically know nothing about this stuff and I might want to make into a business if it all goes well.
>Equipment and Materials
>Tips and proper mixture
pls no bully
honestly i use coconut soap. its perfect
Watch the fuck out of soap making videos on YouTube.
I dream of a savory keylime shaving soap.
last bump

File: 20210409_115934.jpg (560 KB, 2880x2880)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
Currently at a flea market, found some old metal sewing machines in real good condition but can't decide between them. I should've taken pics but forgot to, these are the closest approximations I could find (these are the right brands but might not be the right model but look very similar). Is there one I should go for over the other? What should I look for to assess quality? Neither have any visible rust, both come with box and pedal. Ill be taking a closer look and picking one up tomorrow.
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yt channel called PhotonicInduction that torture tested an old sewing machine with a giant electric motor and took it to extreme rpms still couldn't kill it. Motor ended up burning up. He stopped posting videos so I can only assume he either got thrown in prison for not having a loicense for stuff or he burned his house down with himself in it.

No, worse. Woman became monkey in the middle
>I'm wondering if I'm running into this issue now.
Probably not, even with a wonky belt, I've never had much trouble catching the bobbin thread. That actually sounds like a legitimate timing issue, though I couldn't say for sure without seeing it in person.
I couldn't find any videos on adjusting the timing, but I only halfass looked. The link should be able to walk you through it.

That machine looks damn good for the age. Maybe I was wrong to say you overpaid. If you get it in perfect functioning order, that'd be a keeper I doubt you'd let go of for substantially more than $150.
Actually it turns out I'm just stupid/the manual misled me. The manual said to put the needle as high up as it will go in the slot before turning the thumb screw. But I guess modern needles are shorter cause as soon as I moved it down a bit it worked! Just had to adjust the tension a bit and I had a perfect straight stitch! Now that I know its fully functional, I got my dad's help to remove it from the base and left the wood parts with him so he can try to fix it up a bit and give it some lacquer. Meanwhile I'll be giving the head a good thorough cleaning and get some oil and a new belt for it
Absolutely baller. Good luck with everything!

this is a thread for all knifemakers, bladesmiths and alike, to discuss their projects tools ask for advice and to help Beginners how to ho on about forges, steels, heat treatment, drillpresses and such.

i will start the thread with my own shit because i need to show off, and someone has to start posting stuff.
>pic related current project of making a swordbreaker
197 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
they did stock removal but i guess they still forged some form of blanks, they also started making blade types that didn't have fuller thus requireing less forging i would think
they also seperated all the swordmaking into several occupations, like one workshop would produce swordbalde blanks rough forgers and those got send by the cartload to the grinder who ground them on giant stone wheels and then they got send to where ever was demand, especialy the german town of passau was renown for exporting swords. and when it was in the town where they shall hit the market the latest fashion of hilt was attached by local swordmakers

it is kind of ridicolous that we now have one guy workshops producing whole swords of that period. lmao when that was only in rare occasions maybe the case, likely for the very high end stuff but even then it was more like a small manufacture, where a master would do basicly supervision and final touches
At least from what I remember learning, most of the major blade manufacturing centres in Sheffield, Toledo and Solingen basically had smiths whacking out blades in workshops full time, that's all they did was forge the metal. After that it gets contracted out to the blade grinders, who take those blanks and would wander down to the river where the wheels are, pay the owner for a day on the wheels to get it to shape, do the profile, bevels and pretty much polished up to some kind of standard.
From there it goes back to the manufacturer who then hands it off to the guys who do the handles, another guy who might do the engraving, another dude who makes the sheath, some other fella that does the sharpening and finally back to the manufacturer who sells it off to the customer. In some cases they'll forge the blank, harden it, send it to the grinder guy and then just sell it off as a 'Trade Blade' to various merchants and it'll end up in anywhere from Indian subcontinent to sub Saharan Africa where the locals fit up the handle to suit.

So for the most part of the 14-15th century onwards, your knife or sword was the industrial process of probably 5-10 people's work, who got paid a daily wage or per item. As far as I know, there wasn't really one dude and a couple of apprentices churning out masterpieces as a one stop shop, even in Japan there was much the same thing, a process of mass production, sure it was all hand made as it was everywhere else, but still just a case of walking into ye olde knife shoppe, handing over the cash for some kind of stabby object and they'd let you know when it was done. Or just buy one off the rack.

That didn't really change until after WW2 when the industrial process took a lot of hands off with automated machinery being more commonly available of stamping, grinding and heat treating without much involvement from much more than a dude wheeling a trolley full of sharp objects around and feeding them into a machine.
A lot of swords didn't come fully assembled. You went to the shoppe and picked your blank, guard, grip, and pommel. And the guy would assemble it for you. It's obviously looking at historical swords that the parts aren't made for each other specifically, and a real sword can have a little slop in it.

But yes, the myth of the town blacksmith making a sword by himself is completely false
The history of Trade Blades is something I find fascinating, you basically had most of the natives in the US equipped with some kind of German, French or British knife of some sort they swapped for furs or shiny rocks, all the way through to Tuareg that bought a blade off some Solingen trader passing through the Mediterranean and in turn sold them off south of the Sahara. All the sub continent basically went 'wow, you can give us 20000 sword blades?' at once to arm their little fiefdoms and it really was that numbers matter when it comes to products.
It was also guns to some extent via the Portuguese, Spanish and anyone else that needed a big smoky matchlock or flintlock and of course axes and other tools that had a hard edge. The world as we know it really wasn't shaped by single artisans or inventors in so much as it was by trade and mass production about 600 years ago.

Don't get me wrong, if your going for a geometrically perfect, smooth, almost machine like finish/shape for a chef knife for example, I don't expect anyone to forge that to completion with a hammer. Grinding is admittedly far more precise. However it can also be wasteful, and I like the idea of transforming stock into a blade shape by molding it rather than grinding the whole shape. Perhaps it is autistic of me.


To state the obvious: Even the "european medieval age" lasted for like 700-800 years, during which a lot changed. At the very end/ beginning of the renaissance parts of the world did indeed become very "pre industrialized" when manufacturing blades.

I'd argue that for most of the time, in most regions, steel was expensive (especially steel fit for fancier swords). Things like blade geometry, fullers etc. were as much about saving on material as they were about saving on weight. In those cases, they would most certainly avoid wasting steel, and fullers and distal tapers etc. would be forged, not grinded.

You are 100% right on the division of labor though. Even in very small buisnesses you'd have maybe a master and few apprentices. Because back then, labor was generally cheap.

File: s-l1600.jpg (337 KB, 1600x1315)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
Looking for one under $500 because I am poor
My mom bought a used Juki and that thing was solid, sorry to say it was more than $500
idk check classifieds or ebay
make a list of requirements that you can't live without (thread cutter, computer controlled, maybe zigzag stitch), requirements that are simply necessary in your situation (high voltage/low voltage, availability of replacement parts), and narrow down the list that way. Then wait for a classifieds/ebay opportunity below $500.

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