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File: shoot.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
I've been curious about how tough my giant robot of PVC and roof flashing, so I launch a baseball at it.

Please stop hurting the robot. He didn't do anything to deserve that.
She. It's a she, cuz its been such a pain in the ass to figure out.
Anon you must respect the robot
I hope the robot gains sentience and punches you

Dude keep up god's work. I follow your vids and im anxious for the build guide. My mech fund is growing with each paycheck and I can’t wait for mecha battles.

File: nightvision.png (313 KB, 685x646)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
So I'm really not that good with programming. Like I can do some stuff here and there, but I've been looking into something a little over my head. I'm trying to use the parts listed with a zero running raspbian light. Is there a way to get the camera feed to output to this screen without needing a GUI? Also wondering about HUD stuff, but first things first.



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i see them enough IRL, i don't want to see them in movies too
is that a child's toy that some autist rigged to be a useful implement
File: kanker.jpg (125 KB, 1600x1200)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
I'm working on a similar project, making an digital night vision that emulates an analog by having a piece of glass that's basically the camera an the screen at the same time (don't ask how I prevent a positive feedback loop).
I get 90fps on a hdmi screen but only 10fps on gpio. Right now I'm struggling with the code. I need a preview window 25x30mm big and for some reason this is really hard to do. I watched hundreds of tutorials but no on explains how to make a preview of the size you want. also no luck asking stackoverflow. i'm willing to pay anyone that can help me
Yup. Any Cheap HUD with pal input will connect directly with an fpv camera. The Runcam owl family is possibly the most advanced lowlight system available at the price point. I'm playing with the Spytech HUD because it was $5 at a thrift shop, is B/W, takes same voltage as the cam and has direct input on the front of the board. PAL compatible HUDs are available for $100 or so brand new and shiny.
I probably can't help, but how much are you willing to pay? You should upload the code to pastebin and post the link. Or try fiverr.

How do I create a case and lock for my computer that even the lockpickinglawyer couldn't pick?
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>How do I create a case and lock for my computer that even the lockpickinglawyer couldn't pick?
Then don't put a lock, retard. Just weld them shut.
If it's on any sort of network or has exposed ports there's no point in physically locking down your pc
Throw your computer in a lake.
Weld a dozen nuts to both inside edges of the case, run a variety of 12" long anti theft screws into them.

>great success
Put a sticker on it that says

'Go Away, Mom!'

better yet

Print out pics of the gay midget porn and glue them all over the case. Nobody will want to touch it.

File: tradie.jpg (51 KB, 413x823)
51 KB
What's the most based trade to get into? I'm looking to get into a trade but don't know which one.
>Britfag if that's important
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>Once you're locked in, and accepted into a local, the local owns you. The pension follows you from that local. You have to fight tooth and nail to transfer locals once your journey out. You have 5 years during your apprenticeship to decide if you want to re-locate, and if the other place has applications which are open.
This is what I’m facing right now in my head. I’m working in 583 right now but I’d like to try working somewhere that pays more and I’ve never lived in another city before. I’m just concerned about whether I’d be able to find work on book 2 (3?) as easy when I get to another city and how the whole “transferring locals” thing works if I found a place and wanted to put down roots. I’m a 3rd year right now too so I have another year and a half/2 years to make up my mind but I’d like to still stay in town for a while after I turn out so I can get all my skills down before I leave somewhere else that way I don’t reflect poorly on the guys in the local.
horticulture tech,there will always be a need for food,always.also seeing shit you brought into the world grow and thrive and flourish under your care is just that sort of special that can't be understated desu.
How did you get into that field?
My friend did this during high school years ago. I remember visiting him in 2010/11 and he was wiring subs/speakers into a modern day Mercedes. I just can't imagine ripping apart the interior of a luxury car, nonetheless a brand new one. I break the clips and crack random plastic just taking apart basic econo cars.
another tech at my shop accidentally dropped a screw into the shifter housing of an AMG benz while taking the radio out, thought it would be no big deal and just put a new screw in. customer leaves and immediately comes back and tells us his car is popping into neutral as he drives.
then I got to spend 4 hours disassembling the whole ass interior so I could disconnect the shifter from the transmission and get that bitch out

luxury cars are a rarity in the shop though, other than for remote start purposes and those are actually some of the easiest ones to do

File: 3D Printer.png (2.17 MB, 1400x1400)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
Are there any good deals on 3D printers?
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And how might I go about that exactly? I've never modelled anything in CAD so I have no idea where to begin.
>I've never modelled anything in CAD so I have no idea where to begin.
No need, it's already been done.

That said, you may want to wait a bit, they're working on an updated design that should be out soon:
What's your view on belt printers?
I backed the Creality one on Kickstarter but then read about the drama with their previous campaign. Plus I had some bad experience with HK based companies myself.
Found another one on KS which I'm backing now.
> CTRL Pew
I already know what you wish to do, and I have to say I'm proud
Why would you back a company that has more than enough money to make that product without crowdsourcing?

File: greencarpet.jpg (2.36 MB, 4000x3000)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
I'm a nigger that just bought a house built in 1977. I bought it AS IS (I'm a retard) and it has green carpet in the master. How difficult of a project will this be for a black such as myself to rip up and replace with vinyl or laminate flooring? I have no tools.Also any recommendations? Should I just put new carpet in the bedroom? I'm looking for resale in 5-10 years (lol), but I have pets so not sure if carpet is a good idea.
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Add some wood grain tile on a floating floor.
File: jogging.png (193 KB, 536x500)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
>Also to add to the fact that I have no tools
just go for a jog
if your willing to do carpet again its piss easy. all you need is a carpet kicker and the new carpet.
Flooring is fucking EZmode. If my lightskinned ass can manage I'm sure you can. As for tools it depends on what you wanna put down. If its fake vinyl you just need glue and something to cut the vinyl with. If its actual hardwood you'll need basic shit, though.
How many house sales *aren't* as-is? I was under the impression that almost all of them were (though sometimes you have the option to purchase a home warranty).

This is why you want to have a good home inspector before you close.

As far as replacing carpet goes, it's easy as fuck. You can pull it and the tack strips up yourself.

Solder paste is was too expensive edition

100% brand new from factory guaranteed work thread >>1957408

>I'm new to electronics. Where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements.
Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.

>Project ideas:
Don't ask, roll:
https://github.com/Rocheez/4chan-electronics-challenges/blob/master/list-of-challenges.png.png (embed) (embed)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It all started with some guy who did not know what reactive power was.. then we were suddenly here.
>find pictures of the components on aliexpress
>save each one as .jpgs until they are no longer recognizable
>put all of them in paint
>connect them with red,blue and black lines in paint
>post it on /ohm/ and complain it does not work
>counterfeit IC meme again
landlords should be killed
Sorry for the dumb question but how in the frick frack pattywhack do I build a light that changes color based on a physical adjuster and NOT a remote control? Amazon is full of the type of stuff that is remote controlled and I want a freaking slider to adjust my colors. Thanks homies
You could use a micro & potentiometer to control RGB LEDs with PWM.

get a 3-color LED and put a pot in series with each color, so you can vary each color from 0 to 100% . you need a series resistor on each pot to establish the max current you will allow. typ. 200 ohms at 5V. as for the pots. prob around 5K to make sure they go completely off.

File: file.jpg (156 KB, 768x1024)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Honey, the house looks a little ... thicc.
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brown bricks
File: wljwXG4.jpg (649 KB, 2281x1624)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
it's a fixer-upper bro!
I don't know why but signs of water damage, like fucked up wallpaper, makes me uncomfortable
File: IMG_20190425_080734.jpg (49 KB, 450x450)
49 KB
>nobody mentioned the stain on the chair
File: QeGLOaD.jpg (116 KB, 682x856)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
When your mobile home would be improved with the addition of a basement

File: wca020.jpg (306 KB, 1936x2554)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
How the fuck are you supposed to work on these machines when you're now allowed to lay them on the side?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
use any sort of bar for leverage and lift onto some wooden dolly
90% of the issues on these machines are repaired by removing the rear cover panel.
If the pump has failed, then you tip the machine onto it's back to have better access to the bottom.
You can. It's no a fridge.
File: 20190513_092324.jpg (3.07 MB, 4032x3024)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB JPG
Where is it leaking from?

If its from inside the machine you probably have a tear in the line from the tub to the pump, its rare to have it leak in the line from the pump to the drain. If its leaking from the door, your door boot is torn. If your drain overflows, then either your drain pipe is too small or you have a blockage.

Also you should tip it back and lean it against something. Like the wall, working on it at an angle helps keep any residual stank water from leaking out.

Pic related is what happens when the sewer backs up. I don't fucking miss this job at all.
>90% of the issues on these machines are repaired by removing the rear cover panel.
Or the top cover, which is where all the valves and tubing are.

File: 45507_DEK.jpg (13 KB, 313x313)
13 KB
Anyone got recommendations for durable pants that don't make you look like an autist? I do car work, woodwork, and would want to go hiking in them too. But if I end up at a store or something I don't want to look like a try hard.
35 replies omitted. Click here to view.
no I have brain and can figure out for myself what pants are good.

I've never asked for advise on clothes ever.
Give me your pants knowledge, big brain
I'm pretty sure that nothing I could tell you would make it in to your brain.
I don't get it.
Why must you grift about your pants knowledge

File: P1030198.jpg (2.42 MB, 4592x3448)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
Last thread died.

Wood working general

88 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you. I found some cool plugins for these.

Sketchup has a house builder plugin that can do detailed wood framing

FreeCAD has a wood working plugin which generates a spreadsheet consisting of all quantities and dimensions used in your project.
File: Capture.png (25 KB, 954x933)
25 KB
Looking to do some cabinets, European style out of a red oak plywood.

Anyone have experience using stain instead of mineral spirits with polyurethane?
The ryobi table saw is a bit of a fuck up because its your centerpeice, but as long as you know what youre doing it shouls be fine
If youre omly going to stain going to a really high grit (2k) will yield an amazing finish but with a piece that large it will take forever. Preserve the beauty of the wood imo, stains are over used.
Nah it's been solid, I bought it about 6 years ago but just never really spent the proper time getting it to cut true seeing as I was mostly just using it as a rough docking saw. About a year ago I set it properly to do some moulding work and it's been great. Made a zero clearance insert and fence plus a new blade and it's a pretty damn accurate saw now.

The dust collection is absolutely shit though.
I went ahead and bought one over the weekend, really happy with it so far, everything was aligned properly and the included blade seems to be good quality, ill probably return the extra blade i bought for it. I sort of agree about the dust colection, im considering plugging a shop vac into the collection port

Starters for treehouses?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
deathtraps in 95% of all cases
jb weld, duct tape, balsa wood
just build a deck but around a tree. You have built a deck before, right anon?
Maybe build a two storey tree-house around a tree, with the ground floor level a foot or two off the ground. Then they can jump off the edge onto the grass. Plexiglass windows in the upper floor so they can't fall from a great height.
Building on this, make sure all of your posts are laterally braced, pic related, for both the x and y direction and for both floors. Would also recommend a couple of egress methods (e.g. a slide) so your kids can gtfo if they ever need to.

File: 20201127_105146.jpg (176 KB, 1439x811)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Anyone familiar with his handcraft and what is your opinion on his overall qualities as a craftsman?
Aside any artistic work, solely as a man doing woodwork etc.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you
Sometimes there's a lathe, how many positions does a lathe have? Correct, now lets say I'm operating this lathe and if you fix your attitude maybe you can stand along side me.
Gotta light?
I bet he posts on /diy/

File: 1549301747551.png (11 KB, 221x228)
11 KB
How do you bring yourself to throw things away? I've collected so much scrap wood, metal, old tools, furniture, wheels, parts, cables, etc. I planned to get around to using them all "one happy day" but it never happened. Now I have a garage full of junk that has been sitting there for 10+ years, but I feel so bad about throwing stuff away. All of it could be used or a use found for it, I just haven't got the time myself.
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>not true, but it is harder.
>not without Viagra

Top KEK!
Strawmaning now goalpost moving.

Kill yourself my man.
I think we will. It’s there. It won’t matter anyway because how hard will it be be for the shittier family to contest it? Not hard I’m guessing. It’s going to be a cluster that’s for sure.
not a problem for me. blue steel, the cat couldn't scratch it.
Yeah, it has strayed pretty far away from your original post of being an entitled busybody neighbor hasnt it?

>search youtube for fireproof safe
>watch all the videos
>not told what temperature they're burned at or for how long
>look at reviews on amazon of over 20 products
>all the reviews are about how people got locked out of their own containers

Is there anyway to create a truly fireproof safe
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>vacuum the air out
Actually, wouldn't that also make the contents mostly heat-proof? Other than whatever surface they're sitting on, no air means no (or very little) heat conduction. Could raise the heat rating for many more minutes/hours.

Could this actually be genius?
Usually people put their stuff in pelican cases within fire rated safes. Sentry makes decent fire safes, but they're poorly rated for burglary protection. Look into Gardall for the cheaper side of fire/burglary protection.
Massive structural and sealing issues. Not practical for most situations. Much less so than conventional fireproofing.
>>vacuum the air out
>Actually, wouldn't that also make the contents mostly heat-proof
History lesson: after the fires of the 1906-ish San Francisco earthquake, bankers opened their safes, just to have the paper inside flash into fire as oxygen became available.
So, your stuff may melt, but not combust in a vacuum.
>something that can withstand a house fire for an hour and keep electronics inside safe
well your in luck most fire resistant safes already do that. they usually last 2 hours.

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