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Fuzzy bathmat edition.
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>fetuses and unborn children
can these be mutually exclusive?
No some fetuses zare born
Jfc faggot calm down
I wish they sent us those anymore instead it's just shit they nailed together that usually don't fit the racks

Brand new ones make good project wood so its not all bad
some unborn children do not identify as fetuses, check your privelege shitlord.

File: lathe.jpg (111 KB, 800x600)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Eternal Machinist Thread - /EMT/
I don t know what I am doing edition.
I want to buy a tank sized lathe, what do you recommend?
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thank you kind redditor
She looks too old to bear children otherwise I would save her from being a cat lady.
In a few years when her model loco is finished she's going to be swarming in dicks at the track. Sadly we don't stand a chance.
File: 1642553338224.png (340 KB, 600x877)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
Swiss lathes, money printers or gimmick? work just got one in and im basically going to have to teach myself save for the absolute basics. im scared, hold me.
Is a self-paced, online course worth it? It's through a partnership with my local community college and Ed2go. At ~$2250, it includes
>production floor safety
>CNC controls and programming
>machining/grinding processes
>inspection methods
>six sigma, 5S methodology
>work holding principles
It states it doesn't prepare you for a certification, but the skills provided would help with an entry-level job.
Is this a red flag? There's also an in-person course offered by the college anyway

File: uplo.jpg (1.3 MB, 3426x1305)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
any contractors on here? what would u do in this situation?

the roofing contractor i am working with did this. the shingles are completely mismatched with the flat areas. he says they don't make the flat sheets in the same color as the shingles. that's fine, but when he asked me to pick out a shingle color, and i did, WHY didn't he tell me it will not match the flat sheets?

if i want it redone, am i liable to pay again for new shingles and labor? should i have confirmed they match colors before they began the work? was it not right of me to assume that once i picked a color it would be for the whole roof?

he also says they can't paint the flat areas to match the shingles, but looking at google, it says that roofs can be painted.

what should i do? any feedback is apprecited.
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>any contractors on here
No. It goes against their nature so much to tell the truth, that they struggle with the "I am not a robot" part of most captchas.
I believe that OP has already explained the situation. Contractor guy asked OP what color he wants the shingles. He says two-tone gray. Contractor goes around and installs the roof, and then he comes to hand the invoice in and OP goes "wait, the flat part is not done yet". Contractor guy takes a glance and says "well yeah, it looks done". "How come it's not the same color?" "Well, there's a simple answer: they didn't have it in stock"
Hey OP, instead of samefagging with bizarre nonsensical replies, go ahead and post which roll of modified bitumen roof EXACTLY matches the shingles you picked out. Also, I want to see the price of the product he used. You know, to see the price difference between what he used and what you are demanding him to use. This is stuff that would actually help you in a court case. More of that and less of :
>durr hurr cuh-stumm-merr iz alwaze rite shawddy prawdukt bikuz he not mind reeder
Also, you have a poor people flat roof. Saying the contractor lives in a trailer just means he's probably your neighbor.
i feel so sorry for every single one of your customers
>i feel so sorry for every single one of your customers
I feel so sorry for each of your victims. Did you find the imaginary product that contractor was supposed to use? No? Wow. How do you know he did a good job if you don't acknowledge what is real and what is not?

File: ibc-1[1].png (122 KB, 600x613)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
do you think if i dig a big hole and then put this in it and slowly fill in around it with concrete, it will survive?
I want to build a small personal campsite and want to build an outhouse there but a 300gal septic tank is hella expensive and I can get an ibc for free and buy like $300 in concrete bags to surround it.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You should have said that to begin with, but I guess I shouldn't have assumed either. People use IBC totes as septic tanks fairly often without concrete. I would imagine that it would hold up to concrete being poured around it as long as the hole is fairly tight, which you'd want anyway so you're not spending a fortune and mixing concrete all day.
>People use IBC totes as septic tanks fairly often without concrete
do they?
I figured they would at least get btfo on top where the pocket of air is. I wasnt going to admit it but i intended only on capping the top with concrete, since the rest of it is just filled with water before its buried like normal.
I guess it doesnt need to be very deep since I dont care about building codes, just enough to keep the smell away and people from falling in it
I guess I'm not following why you need to cap it. Are you not planning on venting it at all?
Just dig a pit latrine. You cannot possibly shit enough to fill one. Put outhouse over pit latrine, run pipe from toilet if you use one beneath outhouse.
its my understanding from fucking with septic tanks twice in my life that they have air in them past the base of the leach field outlet, which is nfg for such a thin top on the IBC i'm thinking.
I've never seen a vented septic tank before.

my other idea was a vault toilet but they get so fucking rank inside, that I'd rather not

I need to insulate an attic. I was thinking about insulating the roof, but everyone tells me to insulate the attic floor first - if I insulate the roof it will catch humidity even if I use proper materials, I'd need to make ventilation holes etc.

Also, what's the cheapest way to, at least to some extend, insulate the floor?
It's just old planks on wooden bars put on bricks, underneath it is just like, 80cm space and sand. Floor is very cold in the winter.
I don't know if I can put floor-designed styrofoam on it, It would raise the floor to high.

The home is old as dirt, but the roof is relatively new (16years), and the home has new plastic windows and some styrofoam isolation done in recent years.

Thanks for all the hints.
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I to am curious. It doesn't look professional, but maybe would work as a temporary/poorfag solution?
Stupid idea. Mylar blankets are essentially plastic sheets that reflect infrared light. You do not want to line your attic with impermeable plastic since that will cause condensation and then mold. And you lose a lot more heat through conduction than infrared.

Essentially what >>2686832 said.

For your ceiling if you have surficiant room height:

Roof construction
Vapor barrier

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1000001120.gif (342 KB, 487x603)
342 KB
342 KB GIF
stupid idea. mylar blankets are only resistant to radiant heat sources. attic insulation needs to resist conductive heat sources
Obviously it's trying to block radiant heat. Pretty sure people install radiant barriers all the time, what's the difference?

It's good enough to give to marines in their survival gear but not good enough for an attic?

File: IMG_1023.jpg (542 KB, 1015x633)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
Sailing, but at what cost?
95 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
>as opposed to? start building boats instead of going to college?
Yes? If you have creative aspirations, you should drop out of school and pursue them immediately while your body is young and your brain is fresh. Waiting until retirement (near-death) do chase your dreams is the saddest boomer cope.
Or at least go to college for a subject related to your aspirations, where you can get some hands on experience (both in class and through work/study internship arrangements) and network with others who share the same or similar aspirations and can help you in the future.

You can always ignore what you want from it later, but at least you have a foundation to inform that decision.

Doug on the other hand preemptively rejects real learning and experience in the field he aspires to succeed in, and claims that learning by making dumb mistakes over and over is the key to enlightenment and innovation.
Yes thanks. My wife has gotten into stuff like this, a couple from Arizona she watches is moving to Panama or something. Made me think of this guy. Why did I think he was killed by soldiers or something?

Also holy shit, so many videos. Can you suggest a good place to drop in? I don’t want to send her 15 years of videos.
Way funnier with the original /pol, where it made sense.

Is this true? If so that’s fucking hilarious

Speaking of which, why does it seem like there is a whole weird swinging scene with those seasonal regatta people.

Lol what do you mean? I never thought GRRM would get adwd published, but he proved me wrong. And DNF was eventually released.

“The phantom” gaming system was another great bit of vaporware, but that never materialized.

> I can't believe he left his family for this.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This dude is living the dream

File: 1692848574815652.jpg (31 KB, 600x800)
31 KB
Does this board do auto repair? My Car won't start today, honda g3 wave. I think it's either the fuel pump or the battery but I'm too much of a noskillz fag to know how to check
30 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Depends on the car and whether ios or android, but those cheap scan tools often only show a freeze frame and the basic emissions Pxxxx codes. Even the basic free apps with a $10 bluetooth scanner will give you live data.

I bought the $45 Zurich from HF years ago, no live data, so I used it precisely once before I came up to a job where I needed the live data and got a $120 Autel, and I haven’t used that since I got the $20 bluetooth module. The JScan IOS app is awesome on Jeeps, I think it’s $10-$20 per VIN but it’s really good.
I own a mini Cooper and when the battery died I learned that you need to code the battery to the ECU in order to keep the cars charging system from destroying it.
Initially I was pissed but 100$ later I had a Bluetooth OBD2 scanner and the bimmer code app which allowed me to code the battery in.
More importantly that app allows me to disable the seatbelt alarm and the obnoxiously annoying start up warning.
Yeah when I was doing a little research on all the bluetooth scanners, that bimmer app seemed to be really good, the Jeep is like that. I hear good things about Forscan but I’m not sure if the ios app is any good, I need to do more messing around. There’s something about a different protocol for Ferd’s special codes.

Also if you’re using that app, you probably didn’t need fhe $100 bluetooth scanner. I heard good things about OBDLink and one other one around $100-$120, but after spending like $25 or $30 on the Veepeak one I got, it’s based on the cheap ass elm327 or whatever and I think I could’ve gotten about the same functionality for $20 less.

Either way the $100 scan tool you got is still cheaper than having the dealer install a battery
Anon, both posts were meant to be parodies of /o/, I genuinely didn't realize you were taking me seriously and I legitimately thought you were just teeing me up for further shitposting.
Oh, well I'm a bit thick my bad. Now you say it you're pretty accurate. Pretty sure everyone itt is in agreement on that then wtf 4chan.

Why does every freshly done 2023 interior now have these grey meme walls? It's EVERYWHERE
97 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1693333976170812.gif (386 KB, 128x128)
386 KB
386 KB GIF
I always paint my walls pure white because I want MAXIMUM light in my rooms to make them feel as airy as possible. Decoration deals with making things look not sterile just fine. Grey walls just eat up light. They are literally useless (apart form NPC resale faggotry)
File: PR10002_3.jpg (185 KB, 800x800)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Makes me want to hang some wallpaper.
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 262x192)
8 KB
honestly not as bad as the oxford blue girlboss cabinets everyone was doing a couple years back

oh who am I kidding it's precisely as bad because it's meant to appeal to precisely the same people
I think black and white cars are soulful. They seem more professional and not like a kids hot wheels car.
Think back to pre 1950 when everyone's car was black or a very dark shade of blue/red if any color.
>girlboss cabinets
So that's a thing?
I thought it was just an evolution of the whole minimalism meme that appeals to applefags, techfags, medical practitioners and Kim K.

So i found out my how doesnt have any sheathing...
Also, im assuming the white siding has asbestos as its covered up.
Any tips for doing it doing it myself?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There are several houses with additions, that extended the rear. You can walk in, see the original siding, walk around to an area that was repaired or has no wall sheeting, and there is just (white wooden) siding on the wood frame. Insulation wasn't a thing they did. Retarded, but that's how it is. My guess is gas, here, was insanely cheap, because many people had a well on the property, so NG is included in the deed, while the pipeline company sells the bulk of it. And there was very limited capacity to export it.

Since pipelines were established. it's made less of a local glut and brought the price up for people that have to buy it. And people don't want drafty homes with (rattly) single-pane glass anyway.
What am i looking for when it comes to asbestos? So thar white siding shpuldnt have any? I cut a piece of ir and it is just wood.
So the siding is just attached to the studs? Bullshit. Even if it's an old house, it'll just have diagonal planking instead.
Yeah hold on, im ginna get a photo
File: IMG_1405.jpg (160 KB, 480x640)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Not OP, but it’s true. Here’s a 1900 house of mine.

File: 1672259146887497.jpg (6 KB, 250x235)
6 KB
>dont know how to diy anything
>dad never taught me anything or encouraged me at all as a kid, just sat on his ass all his life and collected unemployment
>when i got older i tried to get into woodworking but parents refused to let me get a part time job so i could pay for tools and cheap wood
>ended up a computer nerd, went to college and worked hard to find a job
>now i'm 29, sit in front of a cubicle all day, still don't know how to diy anything

can i still teach myself any valuable skills? or is it too late for me
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The way to get a meaningful initial boost is formal training. Learning the slow way has many disadvantages.

I suggest beginning with a course that will pay for itself and then some, for example auto mechanics at a local community college. Cars are systems of systems and learning them teaches you many useful things. The slow way takes years and leaves many gaps, but determination and relentless study can make you a beast. A mix of formal training and self-teaching by doing is most effective, and the more you learn and use what you learn the faster you absorb then integrate new information. I've been doing this sort of thing over forty years from being a career aircraft maintainer to motorcycle mechanic, industrial maintenance, welding, general home DIY and renovation, computers and more.

The payoff is lifelong and glorious. I barely keep track of what auto mechanics charge since all I oursource is machining. Labor charges are brutal these days so it's easy for a job to pay for the tools you use after which you own the tools and can work at your convenience to get exactly what you want.

Welding is large fun and practical to self-teach at home. (Avoid bottom dollar shit welders since quality equipment is enjoyable to use which means you'll weld more and benefit more.)

Woodwork is for most people more a way to keep busy than a way to save money but learning the basics lets you do basic renovation lets you buy more land and less house, then upgrade the house so self and wife did. Plumbing is easy to learn and basic wiring not hard. Just be studious and don't Wakandan-rig shit.

Eventually you internalize that all trade-ish skills complement each other. You can have impressive capabilities even in an apartment (I had one and a half Harley Sportsters plus tools in my military wall lockers and passed room inspection.)

No one fell out da pussy with a wrench in their hand. You can do this. Bring determination and curiosity.
Dumb reddit tourist
Tbh that's a skill issue
If you're a computer nerd who can fix digital shit you can be a DIY nerd.
The problem with DIY shit is if you mess up it costs money. With computers, you just wipe it and start fresh.
Watch a lot of videos. Harbor freight will get you cheap shit. Estate sales will get you good used tools that will last you a lifetime.
solid advice.
I too.
Whatever I say below, ditto for you.

Sign up for helpx.net. It's $20. Spend time to carefully evaluate hosts. Get with a homesteading family that will take you on for extra help and, of course, you'll learn these practical skills along the way.

Both of you sound young and single. That's an excellent time to get dedicated to craft.

There are serious hosts out there, not looking for lemon-headed tourists. I don't mean either of you, so we're clear. They get people who do not want to apply themselves for learning, and yet the hosts may be older and realize there's only so much time in this thing we call life. It leaves something to be desired when the person you are trying to teach hands-on lifeskills to has a half-ass attitude.

OTOH there are lemon hosts. People that don't call you back or get back to you, when they said they would, repeatedly. Do not waste your time with them, they are flakes and don't respect.

File: terrible.jpg (193 KB, 2073x1466)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Post products and companies that you'll never use or trust ever again.
Bought 2 containers of flex seal from Lowes, one was completely solid and the other was about 60% solid.
Terrible scam product.
17 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not him, but in so doing, the CEO admits to being a capitulating homo
>that's when it ceases to be law.
a) laws are created by legislation that is signed into law by a legislative body, the vax mandates and administrative orders that restricted doctors were not created that way

b) even when they are created by legislation, laws that are deemed unconstitutional do not have any legitimate force of law at any point in their existence, they can't- and the fact that they are declared unconstitutional when challenged proves it.

It's not like it *only* becomes unconstitutional after that ruling is made.
Correction, meant to say

laws are created by legislation created by a legislative body, that is signed into law by an executive (like a governor or president)
I got the putty stuff in a jar.
If I need to spray plastic goop I just get spray undercoating.
Just say you want all companies to undermine the national government, Che.

File: fuckheater.png (2.3 MB, 1323x2000)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
Okay so Autumn is upon us and soon enough houses will need to be heated.
I live in southern Europe and it definitely gets cold but it's not like temperatures drop to ungodly degrees. I don't have AC, or a fireplace, every year all I do is have a small electrical heater by my desk(plus some residual heat from having the PC running all day + cooking) and that works out just fine but still, the heater alone almost doubles my electrical bill in the winter months.
This year I'm working from home meaning I'm gonna use even more energy in general and will definitely require more heating for longer periods so I wanted to experiment with alternatives.

I was wondering if heating up water and basically using that has my local space heater could be viable. I find that when I have a electric heater it's all too easy to press the button to turn it on even if I don't necessarily need it because it's extra cozy so having to heat water would force me to be a lot more intentional and aware of when I'm using extra heat. Oh and my stove runs on butane which is relatively cheap(way way cheaper than electricity) so it's not like heating water would become too much of an expense. And of course during really bad days or when I'm getting out of the shower or something I could still rely on the electrical heater if I really had to, the idea is just to cut down hard on its use.

Thoughts? Is it too much of an impractical idea? My question to /diy/ then would be what would be the best container to store boiling water that I could have by my feet while I'm at the desk?
32 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
elecricity requires a turbine and transportation. going from
fuel -> heat -> movement -> electricity -> (wiring heat losses outside your home) -> heat
is a lot more inefficient than going simply
fuel -> heat
looks bretty cool ngl
Sounds like a recipe to make the inside of your apartment feel gross because it's at like 80% humidity all the time.
not op but have you guys ever heard of a lid?

Solar hot water.

Traditional houses used diagonal boards for sheathing walls, from my understanding it used to be 1x boards. I too want to sheath a small cabin in the same pattern - however it appears 1x boards are not a thing at most lumber stores (HD / Lowes) and most are softwood for appearance boards. 2x boards such as 2 x 8 are actually cheaper then 1x boards and plywood.

Any unforseen issues you may see if I sheathed a cabin with 2 x 8's? The wall studs will be 2 x 6 which I believe should be strong enough to hold the extra weight of 2 x 8 sheathing.
30 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why would you use PT for sheathing?
oh sorry I didn't understand you appear to want to sheath the structure in fucking exotic walnut or something
Planks are not stronger per weight than ply in a sheathing application, and weight matters. You're going to end up with heavy walls that are much stronger in one direction than the perpendicular, and grow/shrink a fuckload with the environment. The modern soft pine you get in planks rots a lot faster than you might think too, and flat edged boards will pretty much immediately grow cracks big enough for a draft and insects so you'd have to sit there and cut tongue and groove into all that shit, turning dollars into barely useful light scrap and sawdust. You're not saving any money here and you're making the job dramatically harder for an inferior result.

Just use ply for fucks sake. And either stain and seal or paint it. Don't skimp on the edges.
They more often braced the studs.
You're a rich guy

File: Granite-Rock.jpg (145 KB, 640x480)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
I like rocks, bricks, and stones. What are some good trades to get into for people who like to build with stone and rocks?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.

I'm a (stone)mason in southern california, feel free to ask me anything
How difficult is it to get into?
How often do you get work?
Who typically hires you?
How much do you make from a job and how much do you make on a bad year?
>How difficult is it to get into?
If you're a white guy it would be sort of difficult because the trade is heavily dominated by mexicans at this point... but if you can find a white boomer masonry contractor who doesn't want to hire mexicans he'd probably be very keen to take you on, assuming you work hard and are smart enough to do basic shit like read a tape measure. Very rare for young people to want to go into this trade and it's rare to be able to find trustworthy helpers

>How often do you get work?
Throughout the year I would say I do 50% masonry work, 30% masonry related work (usually tile or concrete) and 20% other random shit like helping build wooden decks/pergolas etc.

It would be totally possible for me to be employed doing masonry 100% of the time but that would mean having to work for a bigger company and I'd likely be the only white guy on the crew so at the moment I just do my own small masonry jobs or help out other white masons that i know on their jobs or if there's no masonry work I do random carpentry things as I said.

>Who typically hires you?
Small masonry contractors will hire me at a day rate or it's through homeowners directly. I don't do any big commercial stuff. It's usually stuff like building a stone patio or steps or retaining walls. A few times throughout the year I'll work on big jobs for very wealthy clients which are usually pretty fun.

>How much do you make from a job and how much do you make on a bad year?
When i am working for a different contractor i make $320 per day or $40 an hour cash, if I'm doing my own jobs i usually try to make $500 a day

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>a letterbox i build recently

the pipes kinda ruin your excellent work. what do they do.
Apparently they are going to have some illuminated numbers for the street numbers. I did these other 3 columns too.

Most 'stonework' you see in california is built with reinforced concrete blocks and then faced with 1 - 2" thick stone. It's cheaper and also is able to withstand earthquakes apparently. So it's not actually real stonework but it looks nice all the same i guess. Sometimes I wish i could live in britain or some european country where the true stone masons still live.

File: IGBT autopsy (it's NPN).jpg (2.64 MB, 2592x1944)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB JPG
Thread started to smell:>>2677019

>I'm new to electronics. Where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements.
Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.

>Incredibly comprehensive list of electronics resources:
Additional resources below:

>Project ideas:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
152 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
It’s an IGBT/LGBT joke, pride should remain a sin.

Still worth doing for low-cost use where density doesn’t matter, like home storage. Hope they don’t stick to the tiny cylindrical cells though, they should be making larger prismatic cells like they do for LiFePO4.

Can’t watch the video at the moment, is it a nickel manganese cobalt design? If so that’s still a bottleneck.
File: 8429231.999999989_image.png (60 KB, 1010x289)
60 KB
>Still worth doing for low-cost use where density doesn’t matter, like home storage.
If they would improve tech a bit, it would be viable for EVs and such.
> Hope they don’t stick to the tiny cylindrical cells though
Cells can be manufactured in any shape or form.
I think at the moment, some noname cell wrapping facilities are making these cells, and they might only have equipment for 18650s. (pic related, you can buy catode material)
>Can’t watch the video at the moment, is it a nickel manganese cobalt design? If so that’s still a bottleneck.
Unknown, but it very likely not lithium, and probably NMF... Dunno chemistry at all.
Discharge voltages don't fit any lithium battery and it doesn't have typical lithium battery "shelf" where voltage barely changes. It has somewhat linear discharge from 4V to like 2.4V and then it drops off to zero.

I'm kinda glad that this is no longer a technology from shitty eco-brainwash youtube video, but something you can buy and try out, albeit a bit expensive atm.
Nah I am still miserable. There are ways.
i'm trying to make a motor controller using the TI DRV8323. it states the input is 6-60V. how does it generate the gate driver voltage? i understand it uses a charge pump on the high side, but how is it dropping the low side voltage to the typical 12-20V absolute maximum for most NFETs when its input range is 6-60V?
Hmmm... It's a bit more spicy pressure-wise, but less spicy fire-wise.
I wonder if these cells are defect with broken vent cap?

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