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I tried to find last thread in the archives but have no idea how they work, sorry for that.

What do you make?
What woods do you like?
Hand tools or machines?
Favourite finishing?

I’ll start with latest tractor. Poor quality oak, cnc cut, hand sanded, finished with beeswax and burnished with denim
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why put the disgusting cat in the frame like an attention starved woman?
I've just been given a bunch of 1/2" thick oak. Anyone got any project ideas?

>What do you make?
Whatever I need or want. Or whatever I think someone would want as a gift.

>What woods do you like?
Depends on the project. Hard to go wrong with Poplar though.

>Hand tools or machines?
Machines, mostly for cost reasons. Hand tools always seem to priced as luxury goods rather than functional tools.
Made some barn doors today and yesterday, made a bolt with 1/2" oak dowel with 1/4" dowel sticking out to push it. It works ok but its either way too tight to push with 1 hand or way too loose and the doors wont stay closed. Such is life
its a fur suit
Customers want so many different cabinet options it makes your head spin. Then they don't want to pay custom prices.

I start school in august as an engineering major, good books to read so I’m prepared? Also I’m 5”7 will engineers be pissed at me? On /g/ they told me that I’m better off being a programmer as engineers are mostly rednecks who don’t see intellect as impressive as physical strength.
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File: Mecha_workaround_1[1].png (169 KB, 1381x1381)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Mechatronics engineering seems to be interesting, since its a little bit of multiple engineering fields, is it possibly to double major if there is enough overlap in courses that I won't burn myself out?
wew lad
I just got recommended by a friend and got the job easily
boss taught me all I needed to know on the job
t. HVAC engineer
/g/ are all fags. If you want to go in ready then read physics/chemistry/math stuff. I didnt take a single ME class until my 4th semester
Do you have a discord? Wondering how to make drawing porn lucrative, I have an art degree and really need to use art to start making side money.
Furfags spend tons of money on art, look at stuff on FA.

what for dangerous experiments did you as kidd?
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Did it down a stone quarry, great fun
NaOH solutions tastes like zap. Best way I can describe it.
Not me, but three neighbor kids, living with single father, watchmaker. There was this hungarian old hag, coming now and then, that was just a question of time when dad would snap and shag her. So they broke a mercury thermometer, put a drop in her coffee. Nothing for a few minutes, but then there were a fifteen meters brown trace from her seat to the toilettes, and half an hour of screaming straight from hell. She never came back.
I built a coil gun out of a bunch of disposable camera capacitors in my moms basement. Turns out if you go to Walgreens and ask for the old disposables after the film is removed they will give you a giant box of them. Radioshack didn’t have a switch that met the voltage rating I was looking for, so I built a knife switch out of some copper sheeting and a piece of floor trim. Hooked up a bunch of camera capacitors in parallel, then wrapped the barrel of an airsoft gun in a bunch of turns of copper wire attached to the capacitor bank and my ghetto switch. Took some fanagling about where to place the cut off nail that i used for a slug, but eventually got it dialed in. It could put a hole through soda cans and cardboard boxes. Screwed the entire set up to a piece of plywood and left it in a closet for a few years. Came across it a when I was 20, and showed it to my gf at the time. She was impressed.
>i got pussy for being a sperg kid
File: 1621500459755.jpg (72 KB, 1073x1073)
72 KB
>Castrated a cat

Any DIY ideas for making a seat cooler? And i'm not talking about sitting on an icepack. I'm planning to make active cooling with like a fan and hoses so I can have AC on my ass.
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You're fat aren't you
the genesis g80 (automotive model 2021) has cooled seats.
it just more so blows cold air through a series of perforated holes, could try finding the patent.
File: Screenshot.jpg (185 KB, 921x905)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
if you have that big of an issue with ass sweat, then buy an all mesh chair and ditch the fake plastic leather garbage
The only practical solution is to get a mesh chair like an Aeron, and point a fan towards the ass.

File: fug2.jpg (771 KB, 2312x1556)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
Welcome to /emt/, where we're bad at machine and so can you!
third times the charm edition

previously on /emt/
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Very nice anon
I moved my 12" Atlas Lathe with straps and a hoist like that and it got really sketchy at times too.
anyone have any opinons on surface grinders?
buy new? hit the auctions? avoid X, hunt down Y

I need one for tiny tooling, but with the prices, I am at a loss on how to proceed
I want to buy a surface grinder
I used to see them for 5-600 bucks around here, never wanted one.

Now that I want one, I dont see them for sale at all.
Go figure
Wait for the recession to hit, if you can still afford it then things will be very cheap.
any types you guts recommend? I see a lot of tiny bench top horizontal ones with magnetic chucks which would be perfect, but I am at a loss on brands to get/avoid

File: IMG_3235.jpg (513 KB, 1600x1200)
513 KB
513 KB JPG
Plumber bros. This house used to have a grease trap here, then it was apparently hacksawed out judging by the rough cuts in the pipe, and replaced with a straight pvc pipe which is clogged with caked on grease as expected. Whats the solution here, remove the two hacked ends of pipe and try to find grease trap to fit that gap?
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Also, that slump pit may be illegal depending on the syate your in. Direct drain slump pits fucks up waste pipes.
File: file.png (955 KB, 600x800)
955 KB
955 KB PNG
Right side of trap is the kitchen sink drain. The vent stack is somwhere off camera i think. As for the sump, It was at code in 55 when the house was built but nobody has come to the door saying we have to update it. We also havent had an inspector here either.
2 1" or 3/4" threadings on galvanized steel, you can put piping in there or a grease trap. Don't get the question OP has.
>Direct drain slump pits
What are they?
is it possible to remove the ends with 70 years of paint and rust or will it just fuck up the whole thing

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Someone asked me if I could make a mini rocket by yourself, and get it off the ground with no electricity or fuel like that. They also dared me to make it launch twice. Any ideas, I have no clue.
what do you mean

Rectal Rockets are the way to go, buy a dozen from Amazon and amaze your friends!
Are you not aware of model rockets and the myriad of supplies that exist for that hobby?
You are going to die anon. "'Mad' Mike Hughes dies after crash-landing homemade rocket" https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51602655
yeah, you just need to build one to withstand enough air or water pressure that it can launch your mini rocket into the air. your “fuel” will simply be the escaping pressurized air or water. It might not work super well and it certainly won’t go into space, but it’s doable. The idea is similar to a nerf dart where you compress a lot of air into a small tube which launches your rocket upwards. The compression can be done with a bike pump of some kind

File: fun.jpg (49 KB, 628x551)
49 KB
Have any of you ever made a electrolysis tank to remove rust from old tools or whatever? It looks pretty easy to make. I have a bunch of old cast iron that is rusty as hell they are not seasoned so don't worry.
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What are you trying to do?

Those portable sandblasters work reasonably well, but you'll need a real compressor (60+gal) to run it for anything large and it will cover everything in a 15ft radius with debris.

I have a sandblasting cabinet I use pretty frequently, but before that I used a pressure washer attachment like what >>2386864 suggested with a 4000psi 4gpm pressure washer. I still use it for larger things (cast iron radiators) with coal slag abrasive and it's decently faster than the cabinet. The only real caveats are that you've got to build a containment structure if you don't want grit going everywhere, and you can't immediately re-use the abrasive since it must be dry to siphon properly.
I have a bunch of old cast iron cookware and a bunch of old american rusty as hell tools. I was just asking about the portable one. A blast cabinet would be amazing but that is a lot of money that I don't want to spend. I bought evaporust to try it and see how good it works.
I've found lots of old tools. Welded some of them up. Cleaned up others.
Is a side by side blog in our future?
Just make sure to remove the seasoning from the pan and you should be fine, it'll work great on the bolts, consider an angle grinder with a wire wheel for stubborn spots.
I just went to a garage sale that was pure gold. Got 8 J R williams american clamps a bunch of old planes and other random tools for $2 a piece. I just garage sale a lot. I mainly do furniture restoration though. Piss easy to take a ratty table and refinish it to absolute beauty.
Yeah I just bought some wire wheels for this as I thought I would need them. They are all Wagner and Griswold so no fucking brainer to restore them.

File: 1594667572931.jpg (123 KB, 560x560)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Alight, you guys convinced me to take the microclover pill. What is the best way to convert an existing lawn to microclover? Do I need to dig everything up, put down a new layer of top soil, and seed the microclover?
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File: MossLawn.jpg (145 KB, 1000x726)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
That shit sounds stupid, now a MOSS LAWN, that's where the shit is at.
moss lawns are not durable enough for regular foot traffic. but they are a nice compliment to a clover lawn around dark, damp forest edges. very expensive though.
>I don't want to have to mow anymore.
Go with a solid concrete surface.
A lot of mosses give me bad allergies.
Nope that's how you get chiggers, there's a mossy spot in my yard and I've got them walking barefoot through there before.

File: towerofpower.png (1.1 MB, 1000x1177)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Post cool industrial stuff. Pic rel, an oil rig, one of the biggest objects ever moved by mankind.
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When it gets into position, they flood the supports so it sinks and winds up with just the platform above the water.
They're still pretty high above the water. Gotta avoid those big swells.
Whats wrong with Ford?
>shut down dirty evil nuclear power plants
>burns more lignite coal than anyone every

first its the raepfugees now this
Yes, thats exactly the point, and why all US military airlift crews have to be either helicopter mechanics or pilots so when they get shot down they can open the cargo deck doors, deploy and then reattach both rotors to the Chinook they all carry as a flying life raft, do all the preflight procedures and then start it up and fly to safety.

>solves your depression
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File: you.jpg (6 KB, 270x186)
6 KB
Angle grinders are the difference between plebs and chads
says it's about a 33%-33%-33% split between uk, china and japan.
The only japanese made makita is for the japanese domestic market and they dont export them.
Its been like this for 15 years.
I bet there's a correlation for me.
Get one with a variable speed. It's nice when you want to barely get at something. Or feel like you're not being loud too late at night.
>find guy living in Japan like English teacher or whatever
>pay him to buy Japanese Makita and ship it over
question is, is the Japanese Makita significantly better quality than the chink shit
I usually just resort to buying old Makita shit that was made in Japan, most of it seems to be higher quality and made with sturdier plastics. new shit, even made in Japan, doesn't seem as good.

File: op.jpg (2.22 MB, 1800x1800)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
Last thread: >>2379517

All the info you need about 3D-printing: https://pastebin.com/AKqpcyN5
>Your print failed? Go to:

If that doesn't help you solve your print problems, please post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

>What printer should I buy? [Last updated 12-20-2021]
Under 250 USD: kingroon KP3L, Sovol sv01, Creality Ender 3 (v2), Anycubic Mega S
Under 500 USD: Qidi X-One2, Creality CR-10, Anycubic Vyper, Prusa Mini,

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You get Arizona iced tea in the third world? Must b nice
What's a good color filament if I want to monitor for minute errors in prints while they're in progress
I swapped from a red to a silvery grey but then swapped to an orange thinking it'd show well and it shows even worse
File: avant.png (3.79 MB, 1552x2352)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB PNG
made an art installation out of all the failed cubes along the way
pretty sure grey is the way to go, there is a reason why primer is grey
File: 20220517_211452 crop.jpg (711 KB, 2852x2880)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
Busted out the resin printer since I found a bunch of good Chrono Trigger models. They aren't perfect prints, and I'm not great at finishing, but man I really love these models.

Thread dissolved:>>2309628

This is a thread for discussion of applied chemistry. This means mainly inorganic chemistry with things you can buy from a hardware store or eBay. Some practical uses include:
>rust removal
>metal plating and anodising
>precious metal refining
>circuit board etching
>solid rocket motors
>mercury toxicity

Useful resources:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Do I look like I'm made of money? Even when i found the stuff cheap on Alibaba the company wouldn't sell it to individuals, and besides shipping is absolutely fucked right now.
you are an absolute fucking moron m8
I'm a moron too. You're surrounded by morons.
Don't be that guy.
I have never heard of a "chemist's license". There are certain chemicals that are regulated (in the US, don't know about EU) by one alphabet agency or the other, but it's usually not too difficult to either sidestep through reaction pathways, buying it in solution, or purchasing in small quantities.
As far as electroplating is concerned, is there a reason you can't run a weaker anion in solution? I assume you're doing this as a hobbyist, so just running the necessary salt solution should work for your use.
File: oxone.png (363 KB, 640x1054)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
dunno if i'm imagining it but i see oxone referenced in a lot of papers now, when i don't remember hearing about it at all in university.
it has good properties, like it's a strong oxidizer and fairly gentle for some reactions, plus it has good shelf stability. but, why do i see it being used in papers all the time now? what benefits does it have over things like permanganates? is it better? is it more "green" than ending up with manganese waste?

I dont expect anyone here to be experts on the matter. But I need ti file down my front teeth just 1-2 mm. Would this be harmful? How should I do it effectively? Would a nail file do the trick or would it just be waste of time?
81 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't do that but you can use Gorilla Glue for your hair.
I would use a bench grinder, personally. One wheel I would have pretty fine sand paper something like 1500 grit. It'll allow you to take off small amounts of tooth at a time without taking off too much. Run your tooth against the spinning wheel until you take off the amount you want. Then set up a polishing wheel on the other side with polishing compound and polish the spot you grinded off.
File: 74b.jpg (17 KB, 252x291)
17 KB
>Dentist here
Guess how braces work, nigger?

So apparently evaporative roof cooling systems are used (if not commonplace) for cooling roofs of commercial/industrial buildings. Basically just spray water on the roof of a building and let it evaporate.

Anyone know why these not more commonplace in residential applications? I could understand installation cost could be high if you had it professionally done but it looks like it could be done DIY for a couple hundred dollars (timer relay, solenoid valve, few hoses, and either misting hose or sprinklers). At first I was worried about thermal shock being a problem, but further research indicated a roof cooling system will reduce thermal shock if done properly (provided you have your on/off duration and time spacings set right). I understand freezing could be a problem, but as long as the roof has any slope proper layout should make draining trivial at the end of the season.

Or is it because during the summer a lot of places suffer from water shortages, such a use of water is discouraged? In my case I'm on well water and I can run 6GPM in the middle of an extreme drought all day with no well recovery issues.

Is there anything else I am overlooking here?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>14 cents per kWh
It's 30 cents here in my commie state, also no central AC. Thanks for the link.
30 cents here too but water is like 0.3 cents per gallon and you could also use rainwater. You could easily collect 10k gallons of rainwater a year with a normal roof.

I don't see the big overhead. Just a small pump, pipe along the ridge with holes and let it dribble down. Maybe some metering valves if it's uneven. If you go hard maybe add some sensors to check which parts of the roof are wet or cooled.

>will trap small drops of water
If anything this will probably help you as it is evaporating inside the roof material where it actually transports the heat of the roof away. The least effective way would be a spray mist.

>ok but the hotter the water is when it gets up there the less cooling action you will get.
Technically true but completely irrelevant. The difference is in the 0.X% range.
>Anyone know why these not more commonplace in residential applications?

This is just a guess but commercial/industrial spaces often have issues with things like excess heat being generated inside by machinery and processes, temperature sensitive equipment and processes, storage of temperature sensitive materials like medicines and food, etc. that place greater demands on cooling equipment to rigidly maintain temps that may be far lower than residential ones, and to deal with internal waste heat production that is minimal in a home.
Solar heat gain is still an issue for those industrial spaces but it's possible that even when its relatively cool and not sunny they still need to bleed off excess interior heat and the roof structure is basically a giant heat exchanger in direct contact with the hottest interior air, that can be made more efficient using evaporation.

In those situations the cost and complexity might still be very attractive and frugal compared to doing it all with tradtional refigeration, or adding the kind of filtration you'd need to maintain sanitary conditions if you used fans to exchange hot interior with cooler outside air in some place like a bakery or an optical glass foundry.
Finding out the context in which these systems are most common within that commercial/industrial world would no doubt shed light on why they make sense.
I have well water though so even at 30 cents per kWh my water is effectively free - just have to pump it a little extra distance versus if it was rain barrels.
In my case well water would make the roof look like shit in a few weeks. There's way too much iron and other stuff in it.

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