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There's an electrician in my apartment because an outlet completely pulled out of the wall and started arching.
The electrician hasn't turned off the breaker to that switch but has been fixing it for awhile.
What's going on here sparky bros?
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If you're mother loved you you'd understand why still living is infinitely better than not.
the electrician anon knows what he's doing and has done this a thousand times before. I honestly hate safetycucks like you wouldn't believe.
hah dads friend knew a guy who also lost both his arms working on power lines
must have been a pretty common injury for those poor bastards back in the day
>the electrician retard doesn't knows what he's doing and has done this wrong a thousand times before
Based checking bro.

When I'm feeling lazy I just short the wires. If it's truly off nothing happens. If it was somehow on, it pops the breaker.

Chaotic neutral

does anyone know how to give tactical plastic crates a paintjob to make them look dirty and used like in fallout?
i have a trinket sized novelty suitcase.

what spray paints should i get.
how do i give it a faded color base. beige

how do i make it look dirty and dusty
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File: pddo7ye23h1y.jpg (460 KB, 2448x3264)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
the pip boy packaging is made of plastic. but is it supposed to look like metal? is it made of metal in the game or from plastic?
Honestly, just look up "how to paint weathering on metal" anf you should find a bunch. Especially if you peruse miniature painting etc.
Metal (specifically steel; note the rust in pic related). Injection molding doesn't seem to have been very popular in 2070s America.
I choose to believe that she had a random encounter with the Gelatinous Raping Blob and rolled a critical failure on her saving throw
Just throw it around in the dirt and rocks for a while

File: 81S4AvZDKoL._SL1500_.jpg (163 KB, 1500x671)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Just enrolled in HVAC school, what am I in for?
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Because every electrician has about 300 years worth of wire nuts left, why would they throw them all away for this new gay shit?
Lots of pajeet-owned gas stations with undersized AC that freezes up if anyone touches the thermostat. And they will, because all the running equipment makes the store hot as balls in the summer. My station had to call the HVAC guys three times in a week during a heat wave.
Lol this
Also part of this. Lol at rules of thumb.

The anti diy comes from seeing lots of non refrig/HVAC guys fucking up the equipment, then calling a tech. Now you have to fix the equipment and the shitty repair.

t. HVAC tech just quit and enrolled in EE
Me again.

Honestly I really enjoyed my time in the trade, it allowed me to learn a lot about many things, and paid very well while I figured out what to do with my life.

If I were to go back, i would have done a technologist diploma instead, to jump from there into engineering. But i was not really into school then so maybe that wouldnt have worked out. Instrumentation also looks really good, pays the same or more.

You're getting a high paid trade job that's always in demand, with a huge opportunity for side work.

File: 1664391418066.jpg (720 KB, 1024x768)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
What is the ideal house design, if you were building it yourself? Please do not say A-frame.
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As a general rule building a house from the ground up stops being /diy/ and starts being /buy/ or /paysomeonetodomostthework/. You could do a cabin innawoods or something yourself, but don't try building a permanent residence unless you're already a general contractor. Most likely the county will order it torn down as soon as they find out you're living in an unpermitted structure.
Well that’s when you migrate from /diy/ to /k/ to protect your fortress.
Something that's very easy to add on to.
Better idea.
>2 story central patio Spanish house.
>Wraparound 1 story area on outside of house for additional storage and insulation.
>Center is a pool with fence around it to keep kids out.
>Overhangs which angle towards the pool that are tough glass or some other non-plastic translucent material.
>Overflow from pool to some other useful water feature elsewhere.
>Walls are steel & concrete reinforced concrete blocks, with a hollow ceramic masonry layer on inside and out, followed by layer of stucco.
>Floor is steel reinforced concrete.
>Sewage system actually uses correctly sized (>4") pipes so you can flush toilet paper into your septic tank.
>Have cisterns to collect rainwater.
>2nd floor has breezeways you can walk on to view the area, just hang out, or put some small potted plants. They face interior only.

Location: humid tropical climate.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I read somewhere about 2 new types of self-healing concrete additives. One is a microbe that somehow metabolizes air, water, and the surrounding concrete into calcium something or other when exposed to air (via a crack), and the other is some sort of auto-crystalization thing which works when exposed to air.

If you add some sort of fiber/filament additive to reduce the size of cracks that form, then you probably could do seamless. You'd still need to be very careful not to let water poor anywhere on concrete, and you'd need very corrosion resistant reinforcement.

File: Мышь_2.jpg (212 KB, 2479x1309)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
What's the best way of catching these fuckers? They eat the peanut butter right out of my traps. I've set up a bucket trap this morning but not sure how effective that will be.
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Get a cat
I’ve got 2 indoor/outdoor cats and they kill a ton of mice and voles. They don’t eat them though. My Yorkie cleans up the back patio from the cats’ kills. In the garage I use the cheap spring traps with peanut butter low on the trigger with pretty good success.
Funnel bucket.
>getting out-smarted by a mouse
I hope you don't have kids
water bucket rolling bridge or flipper

File: images (53).jpg (17 KB, 554x554)
17 KB
How do I convert my shower into an Indian style toilet? I can't handle sitting down on a toilet anymore and then wiping with paper, I would prefer to take my pants off, squat, shit down the drain and then wash myself with the shower head
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the virgin needing 20 types of custom cut disposable paper sometimes pre soaked in sanitizing liquid that can also vary based upon the body part
vs the chad just needs water a bar soap for all cleaning tasks
File: 1582941.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
imagine wiping in 2022
in the future we use tools to solve our problems
imagine fixing your shit blender when it gets clogged or breaks lmao
we call it turkish toilets where i live
just do it in the street, Pajseesh

File: post-rot.jpg (30 KB, 450x275)
30 KB
>rated for ground-contact use
>immediately rots anyway
Is there a bigger scam?
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>b-b-but muh Mexican food.
Diy it while watching COBBED.com
There are many different grades of pressure treated lumber, which are appropriate for different things. For anything buried, you'll want UC4C (Ground Contact, Extreme Duty). Lower grades = less retained treatment = less survivable.

If they don't state the treatment level, compare the weight of the lumber to another vendor that does. Lumberyard I worked at years ago always had people bitching that our fence posts where much more expensive than other local places. That was because ours were higher treatment grade, which is why they also weighed 20% more than the competition for the same size.
Second growth and third growth timbers are different from old growth. Not as dense or large etc...
Tropical hardwood still works fine, but I don't know how renewable that shit is. Still available pretty cheaply here.
File: 1659358366091952.gif (235 KB, 249x268)
235 KB
235 KB GIF
bunch of bullshit posts , ONE anon gives you the straight dope AND gets dubs

0 replies

I fucking hate you all (except for based anon of course)

File: pipe templatate.jpg (124 KB, 1272x953)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Thinking about notching pipes using pre calculated paper templates.
what tool should i use to cut them?
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hho microtorch
File: 44h38a.jpg (44 KB, 549x454)
44 KB
Hummm i didn't think about that
won't that make chromo brittle? especially after i'll have to tig weld in the same area
File: 1663406464347905.jpg (149 KB, 1600x1079)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Can i use a dremel?!
No jig, no clamps, perfect alignment


Are basements really hard to finish? How do I finish a basement EZ-PZ?
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no hes right.
basements are prone to mould, damp and will be the first place to flood, and suffer the worst from it.
That's why they are left unfinished.
I see now we are probably agreeing with each other.. refloored an entire cellar once, PITA was uneven af - lasted about 3 months, till the first flood. never again.
Bought a house recently and while searching we had the opportunity to see a lot of basements

In my opinion, a basement should only ever be finished if the following criteria are met:
>Able to accomplish a ceiling height of 8ft when finished
>The basement itself does not have any moisture problems
>The basement is large enough to allow for significant storage space or space that is unfinished

Even with all of those, the only way the basement can ever feel like a true extension of the rest of the house is if there is a walk-out exit and windows on one end.

Typical 'finished' basements I saw:
>low ceilings (sometimes the doors had only a few inches of clearance)
>cheap carpet, or vinyl floors without proper leveling/subfloor
>exposed pipes
>no trim

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Why do you defend practices that are not in your own best interests? The correct response is “Yes, taxes are bullshit. We should all stop paying them.”

File: ham_xmitalways.jpg (53 KB, 453x1024)
53 KB
Finest of the ARRL edition

Old thread btfo by K9RSY: >>2453247

Eternal thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf_P0BXrYTo

>New to /ham/? Read this shit!
>Your search engine of choice works well too!

The FAQ is now back:
>NEW FAQ is updated to preview 13

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Resources for learning about DSP? I want to get into GNU Radio and SDR and stuff but I don't know half of what they are talking about.
>wtf is quadrature rate
>wtf is decimation
>wtf is sample rate
>wtf is a low pass filter
>wtf is a rational resampler
Do I need a fucking physics degree or is it possible to learn this at home without sacrificing a whole lot of time?
I like GQRX for listening, but for TX/RX I just use SDRAngel. Slightly worse GUI but I can actually transmit.
>Imagine how lit the GMRS channels and simplex freq are in FL right now.
I'm sure every other family handed their screaming 3-year-old a Walmart radio in order to distract them from the fact that their iPad has run out of battery.
>Resources for learning about DSP?
in particular

I ama physicist by training and did some DSP work a while ago, but mostly this is EE type work. BTW the library mentioned in the OP text has some DSP related documents.
Thank you anon. BTW I'm shit at math, I barely graduated HS mathematics, am I fucked?

File: IMG20220916093035~2.jpg (464 KB, 2048x1175)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
Hi /DIY/, I have to drill a 1cm wide hole into this desk in my college accomodation. But obviously when I move out I don't want them to see there is a hole. Would wood putty do a good enough job? I doubt it will be inspected very closely
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
the underside of that desk is VERY likely coated in dried cum OP
>huh? i dunno man, it was there when i moved in
>proceed with mildly retarded life
>I have to drill a 1cm wide hole into this desk
You don't have to, you're choosing to.
File: 1663769583974862.jpg (107 KB, 640x640)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
OP is being held at gunpoint.. I'm calling campus security. Help is on the way!
The question is, what do you need that hole for? Are you trying to create a mounting point for something sturdy? I ask because that desk isn't that sturdy to begin with.

File: satan.png (3.45 MB, 1920x1080)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB PNG
Hey anons, I've been having a problem with Roof Rats lately. I was wondering if anyone has any advice beyond >Set up spring traps, and >set up bait stations.
I've already used both traps and bait stations. The traps have caught about 4 rats so far, (out of 10 traps total) but seem to be becoming less effective. The bait stations I bought are completely untouched, it seems like these rats are smart.
I know they are not getting any food or sustenance from my house. There are no rat droppings or gnawed holes or any other sign of rats inside. I suspect they are climbing the gutters to the roof and living in the attic during the night time.
What's the best way to gas these fuckers?
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Ask an Austrian painter.
File: ceilingcat.jpg (9 KB, 460x262)
9 KB
Why don't you get some nice Ceiling Cats to chase them away?
This can actually help if you have a friend who lets you borrow their cats for a while. Rats smell the cats and avoid the area. My family lives in a duplex and the neighbors got rats in their attic, but my family has like 6 cats so they never even tried to get into our side.
>What's the best way to gas these fuckers?
You can make clorine gas with bleach and vinegar. It's heavier than air so just place a glass with bleach on the ground and add some vinegar 50/50. You should ventilate the room/your house when you are done. Don't use to much of this shit just a tiny bit so the gas covers the floor. And yes this really works i am from germany and we have a long history of usig gas to kill pests.

File: file.jpg (56 KB, 700x924)
56 KB
Post shit thats shit, but in the DIY spirit.

Previous thread >>2465559
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File: file.jpg (153 KB, 1125x748)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
behold, a carpeted bathtub
>step out of tub
>feet are instantly dirty again
Ever heard of house shoes?
Also, unless you pee like a girl, there's years of dried urine all around that toilet.
Did you know that there's 500,000 years of dried urine all over the ground outside? Animals have been pissing and shitting on your lawn since the dawn of time. Yet you can still go on the grass barefoot and nothing will happen. At least, your parents could do that, I'm not sure if you're psychologically able.

File: 1663987026026265.jpg (228 KB, 1071x1383)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
How to avoid having a job?

There is no use for boomer tier lectures about hard work you have so many threads where you can muse about the behaviors that have been beaten into you.
36 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>asking how to be a parasite
>crying about racism
like clockwork
What did your EoS physical results say? If you don't know, visit your VA and ask what paperwork you need to get all your military and medical records.

Afterwards, get a physical done and if necessary have them endoscope your shoulders. If they can find any specific issues, then ask that doctor what sort of job related tasks could have caused that. Make sure you either record that conversation with the doctors with their consent or get their assessment in writing. There are specific criteria you need the doctor to argue in the letter, which can be a bit like herding cats since doctors are headstrong. The details are covered in the book below.

I recommend you read Social Security Disability by NOLO. It explains all the issues you'll run into filing for SSDI or SSI or both, most of which are applicable to service related disability. VA is actually easier since it's percentage based whereas SS is yes or no. You can't be partially disabled with SS; you can with service based.

Also you should claim issues like erectile dysfunction, anxiety, PTSD, and maybe depression, since they're hard to prove. But beware for all those except erectile dysfunction if you have a (ex)-wife that has it out for you or if someone wants to take your guns, as they can use this against you in divorce or child custody proceedings.

With VA disability you want to stack as much of everything as you can, as each one gives you a few percentage points (in increments of 5 IIRC) that can add up pretty quick.

I'm lucky in a way - a left handed gift of god sort of way - because I got the dogshit beaten out of me in the MC, my brain injuries are documented, and I developed a severe brain disease as a result. I'm taken care of until Russia nukes Washington DC, but a lot of guys screw themselves while the average nigger gets out with 60% disability.
hope you fail then nigger, looks like you will anyway
Hire a lawyer or someone who can help you with your VA claim. The VA will fuck you over any chance they get.

File: 3.gif_20220929122259.webm (200 KB, 941x502)
200 KB
I need to lift a 50KG metal roof panel onto the top of my flat pack shed. The attached video shows how it is supposed to be done. But I cannot allow anyone to witness the construction of my shed so I need to build it on my own. How can I lift a 50KG metal panel on my own to a height of 2M flat onto the roof of my shed? Any ideas or methods are welcome
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Untitled.jpg (215 KB, 3748x764)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
don't tell OSHA
also if a breeze kicks up it will kill you, maybe just get a friend.
lift it up and balance it over your head while basically OHP it.
then walk through the door, you should be able to keep it mostly balanced with one hand while the bulk of it rests on top of the wall for when you have to get through the door opening.
you are at least 185cm tall right?
File: 1715-2.jpg (44 KB, 712x799)
44 KB
Rent one of these and then buy some chains

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