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File: iu[1].jpg (93 KB, 1200x630)
93 KB
How can I make my own TV station
My city deserves 24 hours of quality animation programming
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>How can I make my own TV station
Who the fuck still watches broadcast TV?

>Since no one is broadcasting on over the analog airwaves, no one will notice because you aren't knocking anything off the air.
Of course they'll notice when their closed down broadcast station suddenly starts running up an electricity bill again. You do also realize that there's an entire government agency dedicated exclusively to monitoring broadcast signals right? Viewers won't notice you but you can bet your Uncle Sam will.

Finally someone with some common sense.

>>an internet stream nobody will watch
Where do you suppose you'd find more people interested in watching an animation channel? Online or surfing the local TV channels?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Cable TV has been widespread for 50 years now. Don't pin this one on the boomers, even they think TV over airwaves is obsolete. My dad is as boomer as they come and he chopped down his giant TV antenna a decade ago. Broadcast TV has always been a poorfag thing.
TVs don't work like they did in the eighties
>i dont use it, therefore nobody else does either!
t. redditor
Yes it's possible
no you can't if you're asking us

File: 1610639182486.png (54 KB, 512x512)
54 KB
Need something that be controlled remotely or programmed to open the feed door/latch at certain intervals.

How can I help my old man and make his life easier?
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slow turning spiral attached to the bottom of a plastic barrel that pushes out the feed like they got in factory made pellet stoves
It can run all the time so it should be good for a while
You need one of these OP
>shitty motor running 24/7
>geared down to final gear that has one revolution per period you want
>on this gear attach a lever to open the flap
just unload all the food at once and trust that your chickens will know their limits and won't over indulge.
Maybe you can tear a few pages out from the Cluckers magazine, it's like playboy but for chickens, and it'll give them thinsperation in case they get tempted by the mountain of food.

File: RCSaXFe.jpg (140 KB, 1536x2048)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
I don't know why the instructions dont clearly state to use a fucking socket wrench. Do they expect random normalfags like me to know what a lag bolt is much less what tool to use on it:? Jesus fucking christ. Most people will just attack it with a drill until they almost strip it like i did
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The only person you should be mad at about this is your father because he failed you.
At least you're kind of learning on your own so not all is lost.
Anon just looking at them you should realize that they use a wrench or power tools that can replace a wrench, and that they are meant for rather heavy duty installations compared to normal framing nails or screws. I'd understand not knowing about how you technically shouldn't take them out and put them back into the hole since they're self tapping/could mess with the previous threading you had in, but that doesn't matter nearly enough to worry about
>Most people will just attack it with a drill until they almost strip it like i did
Thanks OP, made me feel better, when I was first learning shit I spent an hour searching over an entire factory for the basement elevator the guys kept telling me existed. You win here though
That'd just be the other end of the wall anon?
Only if it's like an 8 incher and your putting it into a stud and instead of putting it into a block between a couple of studs?

File: 20220331_182514.jpg (1.07 MB, 1800x2937)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Woodworking stories thread

>made a nice end table/nightstand thing
>try and sell it on faceberg marketplace, lots of lookers and saves but no bites
>Ask my sister during easter if she would like it, she says sure
>takes it home with her and she tells me she'll send the money since she doesn't have it right now
>Day later she texts me and tells me she had to sand the drawers down since they wouldn't go in right
>wat? remember having to spend a night fixing those drawers before i finally got them in right
>So be it, just as long as she sends me the money we'll be good
>months pass, still no cash
>went to go get some brunch with my parents a week ago
>mom tells me that sis isn't in a very good place right now financially, and that she and her husband are going through a divorce
>dafuq? I never heard any of that
>decide that I'll just pop in one day and check in with her
>her house is a wreck, then again it always was

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This. Woodworking looks solid. Handles no bueno.
Have agree on the handles, they're just too big and clunky for the delicate lines of the table, and even on something more rustic where they might fit, the way they are cut takes away from the raw, natural effect of using antler.

The table itself looks nice, the wood on the side doesn't match very well with the front and looks cheap by comparison which also clashes with the refined look from the front.
Since handles are fairly standardized and cheap if you try selling again you could offer a few handle options to eliminate that as a reason to not make the purchase, or customer choice knobs/ handles for a small surcharge.
thats the thing. I asked her about the handles because I had a pair of black metal ones I got at home depot, and she said the handles on there were fine
I didn't notice that but yeah the sides are kinda weird. The craftsmanship looks good and it's way more than I would be able to do but I think more consistent wood throughout and plain handles would make it more appealing.

where my solar bros at¿?? on track for yet another month of zero cost electricity here
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What setup are you using? DIY or commercial?
>drop $15k on solar
>save $150 a month
Literally would be dead before realizing any investment, why do people do this in the suburbs?
That's a ROI of 8 years, are you going to be dead in 8 years?
House will be long sold before that
adds value to home

File: heated shower.jpg (24 KB, 400x300)
24 KB
Where do you put keys, phone and wallet after coming home from work? I have been thinking about constructing some kind of box for it but i can't figure out what'd work good for it. It'd need to be somewhere accessible that you can grab in a rush on a cold monday morning.
What has worked for you?
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shove them up my ass
keep in jacket pocket
put jacket on coat rack when home
In locked box far from basement door in case issues with lolis escaping
My father told me years ago that you put everything you need to leave the house for the day in one spot and always that spot. When you go to leave, it's all there ready for you.
I have a old beanie I use on a stand and put my wallet, keys, sunglasses, knife and misc items I carry on that, phones sit right next to the beanie. I can grab all that and be out the door in under a minute for the days activities.
Thanks for reading my blog.
Good advice, rarely ever lose my wallet or keys doing this

File: a63.jpg (53 KB, 640x608)
53 KB
Hello I want to build a boat and I need a few sheets of 5mm aluminum. They're about $500 each. I thought about getting a bunch of car panels and just piecing cutouts together but the material is too thin and stretched from the presses they use. Any east coast anons know where to get metals for cheap?
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Car panels are fucking 16ga if not thinner lol. OP is a fucking idiot. Good luck welding that shit if you're inexperienced. You'd be better off buying a boat
You're not going to find suitable aluminum sheets for cheap. Any scrap aluminum laying around gets vacuumed up and scrapped by crackheads, and you'll need a horseshoe up your ass to find someone with what you need just laying around that they'll either give you free or cheap.

Quit being a fucking retard and either buy what you need to do it right or (even better) just buy a used boat and fix it up.

It's worse than ever and the jannies won't prune any of the shitposts

Why don't you save up your soda cans, melt them down, and pour your own sheets?

please see >>2464607

building your own boat is stupid. buy a used boat
OP, I'm not going to pile on and say it's stupid to build your own boat because it can be done if you actually plan it out properly and know what you're doing. Clearly all mass-produced boats had a prototype model that was built by hand at some point. However, as others have said you are not going to find aluminum panels, especially not 5mm thick panels, just laying around for free or cheap. Scrappers will beat you to it on the off chance that someone is dumb enough to just let it go and not scrap it themselves. You can try metal wholesale and liquidation places, sometimes they have stock of oddball pieces that can be had for cheap. Google for one in your area. That's probably the best you can do unless you decide to make it out of fiberglass or wood.
>bunch of car panels
mercedes w220 bonnets are pretty thick aluminum and already kinda boat shaped

File: 1shot_20171026_130102.jpg (2.21 MB, 3264x2448)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
Found my grandma's old sewing machine which was stuck I asked for maybe 25 years. Seems to be running fine. If I were to "service" it, is it just a matter of oiling it a bit and changing the belt that turns the needle?

Also is wd40 enough to oil it or do you need a special oil?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Servicing/maintaining sewing machines also involves cleaning out fibers and dust that get inside them during normal operation and can get stuck in the lubed areas. If enough gets packed in the wrong place it can throw things outvof adjustment or even bend/break delicate parts.
Usually a brush and maybe some compressed air is enough but if the machine sat for a long time that oiky fluff can get gummy or even harden up like varnish, so really inspect it, especially in and around the feed dogs and bobbin housing area where that stuff is conncentrated. If there's gobs of lint and goo you may need to pick it out with tweezers or a bamboo skewer or something, and possibly disassemble some of it for cleaning if it's really gummed up.
>Not sure what it is
Mineral oil.
Same stuff as baby oil but without the fragrance.
Make sure you get the stuff made from real babies.
>baby oil
Really? I can service a sewing machine with just baby oil?
>The sewing machine WILL get oil on the fabric you sew
Only if you're a mongoloid and dump oil fucking everywhere.

>sewing machine oil is made to be non staining and easily washed out.
No, it isn't. It's mineral oil. It will stain any and all fabric it gets on and is not "easily" washed out. It has to be treated with a cleaner specifically made to remove oil stains and if you don't treat it properly that shit isn't coming out.

OP, if you oil it be very careful to only use a few drops in the spots recommended and wipe off any excess.
>I can service a sewing machine with just baby oil?
Yeah. Might smell a bit strange. The only time I'd avoid baby oil is if the fragrance might react with something. I would only use food grade mineral oil on cutting boards, for example.

I oil my hair trimmer with baby oil.

File: deceased turk.png (1.39 MB, 1000x1333)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
Two related questions:

1: Is this little shit a cockroach?

2: How do I get rid of these fuckers?

I moved into a new apartment about two months ago and this is the second time in a week we've seen one of these little bastards inside.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
asian camel cricket maybe
That looks like the thing we've been killing. I'd feel a little bad if it's just some harmless grass dweller that just wanted a place to relax.
you have an infestation for sure. ywn get rid of those without solving your moisture issue, and since i'm guessing you don't own the apartment, you're fucked.
Damn. I put out poison roach traps earlier today, but I dunno if crickets even eat those.
it's a fuckin' katydid you neurotic dimwit
the IQ drops around here EVERY SINGLE DAY

File: fucking cunts.jpg (67 KB, 1024x672)
67 KB
I finally found the nest after weeks of seeing one or two. These bastards are coming through a tiny gap in the corner, behind the door frame and the floor. I set up some bait after vacuuming and put out a roach motel.
How do i get rid of these things for good? Is there a diy guide or autist magic beans or something? Should I patch the crack with caulk or wait until they poison a little? They must have been eating my trash and AC unit dripping water in a shithole apt in manhattan. I am considering burning the building down.
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

>You also need an IGR so if there's eggs then they won't produce any more offspring.

Yes this is correct. IGR in combination with bait gel. Put the gel in dots, not in lines. It's a good idea to change the brand of gel every couple of months because they can become resistant. If you really want to get next level; drill small holes in your walls and puff boric acid in the walls, patch and paint over.

Do not use a repellant in combination with the bait, it contains an irritant that negates the bait.

Follow these steps, and you'll see a massive difference.
Remove any and all food sources, get professional help if you can afford it. If not then borax and sugar or gel pesticide. It's gotta go near where they nest and where they would normally eat. Also raid sucks and doesn't work very well past killing the ones you spray directly
Yeah most of the time whatever you do drives them out of your apartment and into another. They bounce around until they end up back in your apartment again. That's the problem with pests in apartments, the landlords will never spend what it would cost to permanently solve the problem and you'll always live right next to some fucking Joe's Apartment slob who attracts them right in.
Demon WP insecticide. Powder form, mixed into a sprayer.
There is a website called doityourselfpestcontrol or maybe it's diypestcontrol. But those roaches are german. You need something special for the nazi fucks. First you have to put down the poison then you also have to put down a growth inhibitor that turns their kids into infertile retards. It takes about 3+ months to break the life cycle. Worked like magic for me and my neighbor.

File: larryhaun-thumb1.jpg (44 KB, 300x300)
44 KB
At what age do most men get the desire to build a house of their own?
Mine started in 2007 at 12 years old and I wanted to build a tiny house before they became a meme.
Next year I break ground on a two story A frame.

Am I going to get this same feeling about having children?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
dudes so fucking overrated its unreal
bad take, probably the worst one I've seen on this site actually.
>Most men grow beyond wanting to have kids after their early 30's. If you can hold out that long you should be fine
Solid advice
Worked for me, so glad I am not tied to some woman that fucking hates me
File: 166404623806245670.jpg (78 KB, 640x409)
78 KB
Don’t listen to the BS in this thread, you absolutely can build a modern house on your own baring a few very specific things. The only thing I hired out was installing the gas line to my boiler(which I installed), concrete finishing(could have done it but you only get one shot and I don’t have the equipment), and shingles(fuck that shit those guys work for peanuts).

Everything else can be learned and done by one man, I’ve done it 3 times now.

What one man can do, another can do.
>dont have kids
>travel and have fun instead
fucking kys mr shekelberg

File: ES.png (1.16 MB, 1225x791)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Has anyone here ever built an earthship or even a berm home? How is it? I want to eventually move out of my parents' house, and I was thinking of buying some land and parking a trailer home on it. But these earthships seem like a great idea!
Does anyone have any experience with these?

25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
because the people who build them are always insufferable vegan hippy faggots.
you think they're gonna harm an animal by trapping it? or breeding it? or killing it for food or selling it for money?
you think they're gonna buy it feed and medicine and have its illnesses looked at when it's not something they can convert from their own poop and a solar panel?
earthships exist to let the vegan hippy retards die while hidden away like cats while strung out in their own hobbit hole making """art""" out of old twist ties they found at the dump
seems pretty obvious to me, two prongs. regulatory capture and attempts to keep minorities away from the white people.
the whole concept of zoning and building codes was formed out of an attempt to keep low-cost housing (aka minority housing) away from the "high class white housing" neighborhoods.
when it was time to decide what "high class white housing" meant, they asked a bunch of builders and people already in the industry, who of course impressed upon all the legislators that any "high class white house" would be made out of the following materials they happen to use, in the ways in which they happen to work, with very little variation or allowance otherwise. this was codified into law and then barely changed since, because the boomers who own all these houses are terrified that any deviation to the codes or zones will destroy their net worth and leave them destitute with dark people living in a car on their front yard lawn.
>putting in all the utilities correctly is the hard par
bruh did you even read the OP?
OP Earthships only really work in a certain climate (namely low humidity and high diurnal temperature range). If you live in a humid continental climate it's just going to be hot and damp.
You need to research the vernacular architecture for your area. What did people build when they didn't have access to modern HVAC and global homogenized materials?
You can still incorporate sustainability into your design without going full hippie retard.
>I WILL pay $3000/month rent
>I WILL finance a huge car I can't afford
>I WILL have multiple maxed out credit cards at all time
>I WILL eat the bugs

I plan to make parabola antenna using plaster
planning to just use soil, any idea for good home made cheap reinforcement for soil to retain shape?
Plaster alternatives? Any reinforcement?
And just want to cut shape out of thin plywood, first tad bigger than final shape for earth cast for bowl, reinforce soil, cut plywood to final precision shape and spin cast parabolic shape
So, what should I use to reinforce soil and got any alternatives for plaster?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Works with cantenna and regular satellite dish, but for that you need 2db antenna04wdvj
I'm curious as to what your solution is for aiming the tx/rx array. I'm assuming a pair of servos set up like Arecibo's array was, but in miniature?
No idea what Rx thing is, just printed out parabola to my size needs and will reuse plastic pipe from antenna shaping to hold antenna in the focal point, move back and forth to hit focal point
It pissing rain outside these days so project is on hold, but hope I'll manage to make that plaster bowl before winter...
What final material are you going to use? Target frequencies?

For every dish antenna there's an equivalent yagi design that's cheaper, lighter, and easier for you to build. The max gain just ends up in the 12-15db range unless you want a really, really long yagi (which you could, I don't know what you're thinking)
Will keep up with dish, it will be addon to existing 5db wifi antenna
And will just use plaster and aluminum foil for reflector, 5db antenna blasts signal to sides and i do not plan to disassembly existing antenna
Also it will be places next to my desk, would ba hard to fit lengthy yagi

I need 11ft roof beams but I only have 8ft boards. Can I take a few 8ft ones, double them up, and reinforce the joints, and expect it to hold the winter snow load?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
yeah you can do it, fuck these nay sayers, fucking blast some nails in dem hoes and go to town on this shit.

8 ft but you need 11? that means you need 3 extra ft, plus 3 ft of overlap so you gonna be using 6 ft of your 8 ft board so you you may as well just overlap them fucker by 5.

File: Viggo_Tarasov.jpg (26 KB, 500x602)
26 KB
>a man of shear fucking will
frames are for gays. roofs should be paved arches or domes no exceptions

I see what you did there...
>double them up
That's how I would do it if I were nigger rigging it.

File: dingdougnding.png (410 KB, 1080x661)
410 KB
410 KB PNG

With this most recent achievement, fate has in a single stroke, marked the decline of the Dougn'ts and spelled a new era of wondrous prosperity and peaceful maritime dominance for Doug, who promises to firmly stand in sharp contrast to the historically fearful attitude of the USCG and naval architects raised by women, and the cruel subjugation they brought to the humbler boat builders of the world. With the blessings of clapped out school bus engines, direct-to-deck anchor chain storage, hassle free waste disposal systems, dual use light pole technology, ready to deploy navigational hazards, dynamically shifting lead ballasts, floating lightweight anchor cables, water cooled fuel tanks, and automatic propeller unpitching will be the instruments with which Doug affirms his noble stewardship of 21st century oceans and offers aspiring sailors in their cubicles a different option; an humane alternative to the depredations of maritime authorities and the opportunity for more equitable and dignified motor-sailing.

What did you make today?

216 replies and 51 images omitted. Click here to view.
Normal people: No I have anchor locks
Doug: no and fuck you you little fucking bitch I'm not some properly built CATALINA
Doug is the epitome of small self esteem
>Catalina owners everywhere eternally assblasted and on suicide watch!
LMAO, even the shittiest Catalina that ever came off the assembly line was capable of sailing, something Seeker cant do unless you count sailing around its anchor under bare poles until it breaks loose.
Also kind of ironic that the guy who started Catalina began building boats when the company building his boat went tits up and he got the molds to cover their debt to him. The Catalina 38 was another boat he resurrected when the original builder couldn't make it even with a very prestigious design firm having drawn it up and great performance.
Frank Butler was a *real* innovator who was forced by circumstance into DIYing his own boat and turned that experience into becoming one of the most successful boat building enterprises ever. He didn't just blindly accept tradition and took a lot of shit for it from naysayers, meanwhile even smaller Catalinas have made multiple circumnavigation.
He's the visionary maverick "good enough is good enough" boat builder Dong pretends to be and completed functional sailboats 80,000 times to Dong's 0.
File: 6uzdet.jpg (78 KB, 586x500)
78 KB
File: Seeker KoolAid.jpg (23 KB, 203x227)
23 KB

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