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File: 20200421_003404.jpg (2.63 MB, 4032x1960)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG
Does anyone know any online suppliers for parts, I normally use cbgitty and ebay but they can be pretty expensive. Pic semi related, it's the most recent one I built
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>dutch writing
dutch is such a cute language
They got some really nice pickups
I've always wanted to build one of these, do they sound good with a pickup inside?
If you can play it, literally a string on a shovel can sound nice (ask seasick Steve)
oh wow that is a nice symphony (hurdy gurdy)

This morning something happened. I found water coming out of my bath tub. When I open the faucet to clean my face, water also comes out of the bath tub. It doesn’t want to go down the drain. What does this mean?
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OP lives in an apartment building.
OP, don't fuck with it. Have your landlord call a plumber. That's how it works when you don't own the building. It probably was not even you that caused the clog, since you are the sort of person who worries about CLR residue on the drain. It probably was a neighbor you share a wall with - very common to tie drains together in shared walls.

It needs to be snaked. Don't pour any more shit in there. Have your landlord call someone.
Came here to post a similar question.

Shower drain is completed blocked. Plugged the overflow and plungered like a madman and water level didn’t even move. Want to rip out the metal cross at the bottom so I can get a snake in there. My concern is damaging the drain while tearing it out and what started as a clogged drain expands into a bathroom remodel. So /diy/ plumbers, what’s the risks I need to be aware of, Bob Villa didn’t have shit.
>rip out the metal cross at the bottom
NO! Remove the vent cover above the drain and stick the snake down there.

Let me ask you, if you run the sink or flush the toilet does the water raise the level in the tub? If yes you have a clog further down the line.
Thanks, came here to follow up on my post for other anons who might find themselves in the same situation. The idea of running the snake down the overflow came to me late last night. Tried it today and it worked like a charm. Don’t know what the clog was because the snake didn’t come back with a lump of hair or shit but the water drains like a champ now.
last time this exact thing happened to me it was because i was a retard and tried to put too much shit down the garbage disposal in the sink.

GPS discussion and idea thread. Specifically gps hidden in bate.

My stupid ass security cameras friend and my even stupider ass didn't get them replaced in time. Door got kicked in, tv stolen, some other random shit, and worst of all my niece and nephew's 4 wheeler project I've been working on so they can race in the mud runs. That's the only thing that really triggered me. I casually hunted for over 3 years to find a cheap 50cc with a busted motor/transmission so i could grab it for next to nothing and drop a 48v 3,000 watt motor in it.

The worst part is I'm 99% sure i know who did it but have no documentation or proof of ownership. Basically i can go point at it and the cops will tell me to fuckoff.

So, I've been planning bate anyway. I also have a running 50cc dirt bike. They are light, and fun for a large weight range, and easy to just throw it in a pickup bed and anyone besides a semi driver will see it even if they were looking for it. In the next post I'll link the gps I'm looking to buy. It's $50 and $25 a month but it has the features i want and since I'm actively playing hide and seek with it i want a good success rate. Because not only am i fucked out of the GPS if i don't, but the object it's hidden on. Even worse though is it'll probably be found eventually and every tweaker knows i am become the master bater.

>pic related. My four wheeler some piece of shit stole
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You go get your shit back bitch.
Someone you know kicks in your door and helps themselves to all your shit and you do nothing? Man the fuck up. Let them get away with this and it shows you have no respect for yourself so how much do you think they have for you now?
Work it out. Devise a plan or something.
Not sure if gps will work inside a gas tank. Reception could be poor and then depending where they take it... might be bye bye bike
Forget his future, he already has plenty of failure in his present. Meth's a hell of a drug.
Meth is a helluva drug.

Former police informant sounds like.
Just burn their house down in minecraft.

I just did some grouting on floor tile I laid and its uneven and over flowing, is it possible to salvage the grout by cutting it down or do I have to start all over?
Yikes. Depends on how long its set and what kind of grout you got. Try wetting it and sponging it again. It's soft so scrapping it out will be easier now than later.
You're supposed to sponge it all evenly as it's drying. If this was done recent I bet you can still get it off with water and patience.
That looks like shit though fyi

I'm tired of knicking my hands. What is your favorite work glove?
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Unironically, black and decker leather work gloves with silicone caulk rubbed into them.
If you like having yellow hands from the dye
PPE is cheap; the hospital is not. Eyes don't grow back and even a small injury can lead to a lifetime of pain, immobility, or loss of function.

Don't be a fool, protect it before you use the tool.
>What product should I use for my DIY activities
Just buy the nylon nitrile dipped ones for like $5 for 10 pairs

File: 20200609_132209.jpg (2.35 MB, 2576x1932)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
I inherited these. My uncle kept them for years so I assume that they are useful and or worth something. How much in CND should I ask for them on kijiji? Should I spend some time restoring them? Sanding off the rust, new coat of paint etc... Maybe replace the rusted nuts and bolts.
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It takes a boomer to not know how the term boomer has evolved to mean a person from any age displaying babyboomer-esque behaviour.
>babyboomer-esque behaviour.
no such thing
Looks like Panzerfausts to me.
I don't think so boss
Pick both and hit the road faggot

I'm in need of a drill press.
I was planning on getting a little Ryobi one for $160, but someone 40 minutes away from me has a 30 year old one for $100.
Is this a good deal? I have no idea how a heavy duty drill press would hold up against time but it's so cheap.
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It's easy enough to add. Depending on what you're drilling you may not have the room for the fixture table clamps. There are a couple companies that sell small fixture table plates 2'x2', 2'x3' and such for around $50-100. I might have to try it.
File: Capture.png (299 KB, 664x954)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
Camelbacks tend to be very robust machines. Some of the higher-end ones included things like powerfeed. Don't buy one unless you are willing to spend serious coin on them. They are extremely heavy. I made the mistake of buying a 20 inch model and it was 700 pounds without the motor. I needed a gantry to get it out of my truck without help. The flat belts are also very expensive to have made. I have seen some people make things like timing belts work but it can be difficult to find ones long enough for some models. If the bearings are fried they can be a huge pain in the ass to pull apart and replace. Again, they were robust, so you can easily be looking at spending over a hundred dollars if you have to replace them all due to their size. Or, if the machine is old enough, it could use plain bearings. If cared for those last and last. If toast they often have to be custom made.
Not OP, but can anyone tell me where to get a good three-step pulley for an old drill press? I've only been able to find one and it's insanely expensive. Do you all know of any suppliers that might not be found by a simple google search?
File: Capture.png (1.51 MB, 836x1057)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Define expensive? What shaft size? What pulley sizes?
Harbor freight is $70.
Cheaper with the 20% off coupon. Won't be a great drill press but it'll work

My backyard fence is the result of the former owner slowly replacing an existing chain link fence over and over. It's a Frankenstein's monster of different wirey material. I want to cut it apart to remove and replace it (it's easier for me to just section it out as I do this over a couple of weekends)

What's a good angle grinder/cutting disc combo to use? None of it is particularly thick or tough, but there's a bit of it to deal with.
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get pferd or 3m cubitron II discs.
they last longer and like 1 buck or 2 more than cheap ones.
if you go cordless go brush-less.
Makita is probably the go too is everywhere. Then there is made in Germany, Metabo and Fein.high-end Dewalt is also good, they even make corded brush-less.
If you are not gonna often get a harbor freight 11 dollar one. if you wanna complete your tool collection it up to you. I would say don't be loyal to a color and just find a good deal. why buy bare tool when for 30 bucks more in another brand you get the tool plus a battery and charger.
these are expensive will last way longer than abrasive cutoff discs, however they are slower than abrasives.
This. The only reason you'd choose an angle grinder over bolt cutters to cut chainlink fence is boredom and an addiction to shopping/toys. Bolt cutters would be faster and safer.
As someone who currently is taking down a chain link fence, I found my reciprocating saw is more than enough to cut it up. Just get a good metal blade.
Tin snips

File: IMG_20200708_133626637.jpg (2.5 MB, 3072x4096)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
The bushings in the picture are what the hinge screw into on the base of the laptop. They were originally press fit into the plastic shell that lines the laptop, but over time the columns they were in have been destroyed. I tried to glue them back with E-600, but that ended up being too pliable. Does anyone know if other adhesives would work, or if I can just buy a replacement liner? I'm not sure what the part is called and looking online I wasn't able to figure it out.
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what some people have done is get a very thin metal like cut up an aluminum soda can or something and bend it flat, drill holes straight through the exterior plastics, get some washers, bolts, and nuts, and sandwich it together.
By far the best solution is to put them again with 2 compound epoxy.
Make sure it doesn't gets in the threads.
Wait until it's dry and reasemmbly
too late now but the only real fix is to not buy thin shit in the first place. A proper laptop is made from solid materials screwed directly together and not paper-thin plastic and tinfoil. The "thin and light" meme is the worst thing to happen to electronics.
Thanks for the input everybody.

I bought some plast-aid to put the bushings back in place.

Unfortunately the geometry of the case makes this impossible

That laptop looks like it uses the same plastic columns to screw the hinge into. Maybe beefier plastic could handle it better, but any moving part will wear down eventually.
it uses massive steel columns that slot into the frame itself so the torque doesn't land on the screws or their mounts. I'd have to take it apart again to tell for sure but I'm pretty confident there is a bit of the 1/16" aluminum chassis in that channel for a metal/metal junction. I've worked with 7 or so models of laptop and this one was by far the best hinge of the bunch.

Hi, ladies. I hit a rock that was fairly large. It was camouflaged hence me hitting it. Any ideas on how to straighten it? Blade replacement will do? Or am I going to have to adjust the deck? Would hitting a rock like that knock the deck out of alignment?
Pic is my new pcc. Runs smooth like cocaine off a hooker’s ass. Assembled using various parts.
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Strange how you would ask the women/ offend the men with your query.
Maybe don't be a fucking faggot next time and fuck yourself this time you fucking moron.
nice advice, now act like a nice lady and bend over for D
Yeah... but he called you a lady and you did the lady like thing of entering in to his selfish social contract of disrespect.
soo.. what size bra does a clever woman like you sport?
How do you even tell if your mower isn’t cutting evenly? My push mower blade is RUSTED BUSTED AND pretty chipped. I usually just aggressively angle grind it every so often... I’ve never noticed if my cuts are funky
Maybe post up a pic of the offending mower blade so we can form an opinion on that. What I would do is use a hammer and anvil to straighten it out unless it's completely fucked...

File: sisyphus-table.jpg (580 KB, 1500x800)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
DIY Sisyphus table.

basically I'm doing an Arduino controlled table with two possibilities

1- Like a CNC machine, two axes with two stepper motors that will move coordinately.

2- a shaft with a motor in the middle that turn it in a circular motion, and a second motor on top of the shaft that goes left and right on the shaft. again coordinately.

either way I intend on using a magnet in one of the solutions. but I can't figure out how to code it in a way that knows its position.

For what it matters, I can't figure out how to generate coordinates as a guide for the motors..

any diy tips on how to build this? the wood part is no problem.
>knows its position
>generate coordinates as a guide for the motors
If I correctly understand what you're asking...
Count the steps for full range then divide by the full length to get the distance (or arc) for a single step.
Keep track of current position with global variables
Initialize with a startup routine to find the home position
This is a very simple task, I don't know what part of it you're having trouble with. There's one tiny bit of math involved and you can definitely find that on google. I'm surprised you can make all the rest of the program that generates the code to run the motors.


Anyone know how to remove this thing from the wood?
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Hard enough for it to pop out dummy
>If you post it here it will be shit upon.
This is absolutely wrong, I have posted several things that were lauded with no heckling at all
Some of the heckling was subjective but most wasnt even wrong

Cry about it
>no heckling at all
>Some of the heckling
so heckling.
>have posted things and gotten nothing but praise
>have posted things and gotten heckling that was deserved

You know why? Because I dont post my failures on here
Unfiltered critique is a good thing
This board isnt as bad as you are pretending it is, you are just posting bad projects on here
it's shit like you

Although father’s day is well behind us and I bought the hides and tools for this project far enough ahead of time that I should have been able to make this wallet with time to spare, I just got done making this wallet as a gift for my dad.

The exterior shell is sharkskin and the interior is all Australian deer hide. My dad used a sharkskin wallet for as long as I can remember but he had to retire it a few years back because it was so worn. I thought it would be nice to make him a new one as opposed to just buying one. This was more or less my first leather project ever and I think it turned out pretty good. I made some pretty dumb mistakes along the way but definitely learned a lot in the process. Definitely a lot of fun and, surprisingly, not really all that difficult, but also a ton of labor. It also turned out way thicker than I imagined.

Feel free to post anything you’ve made or fixed recently that you want to show off.
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Obvious off-the-shelf parts aside, yes. I already had a CNC with many of the same parts, but it was a bolted-together frame from 3030 (metric variant of 8020) profiles and it had a moving table and a regular wood router mounted on. Also trapezoid screws. Which was all shit and it would barely machine aluminium, let alone steel. Had a lot of design issues and I kept doing small fixes over time that were all shit in various ways and ate up a lot of money, now I just decided to trash the design and start over completely.
Going to have a 500W spindle with proper speed control and feedback loop, all ballscrews, mounted properly to the frame, should have pretty low backlash in the end. I might need to add a second X motor to drive the big X carriage since under load it might deflect to one side, although I did a lot to make the frame as rigid as possible.
There have been many many tasks over the years when a working and capable CNC would've been useful, but now I have a big robotics project in the works that will need a bunch of parts that a CNC could easily produce and would be a pain to make manually, that was the last push.
Make a thread i want to follow ur progress. Im a welder looking to get into cnc machining.
Currently it's not progressing anywhere since I'm near-finished, but can't build the Z axis because the spindle mount is still in china post hell. But I'll take a couple pictures and write up what I did.
>welded construction

Literally why? It's more expensive, even worse for damping than steel, and less rigid.
Because I don't want it to end up being 100kg by the time I'm done, and it's driven by 56mm NEMA23s running on single DRV8825s, it's not a powerhouse.

File: collage.jpg (563 KB, 1800x1800)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
Learn How To Paint Already Edition
Old thread: >>1852286

All the info you need about 3D-printing: https://pastebin.com/43ZPzsET (embed)

>What printer should I buy? [Last updated 4-7-2020]
Under 250 USD: Creality Ender 3 Pro
Under 500 USD: Creality CR-10, Anycubic Chiron, or Qidi X-One2/X-Smart/X-Maker
Under 1000 USD: Prusa i3
Over 1000 USD: lulzbot is (mostly) dead
SLA: Anycubic Photon, Prusa SL1, Formlabs Form 3, Elegoo Mars

Instead of buying a new printer, you could consider building your own: https://reprap.org/wiki/

>Where can I get free things to print?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The only difference between those and my settings is 75C bed temp and 25mm/s initial speed. I’ve seen all of that before.
WOAH It's almost like people don't go to work for MONEY they actually go so they can buy OTHER shit with that money. CRAZY!?!1
new flight stick design for the touch controller
Looking to get an Ender 3 pro for minature printing. Anything I should know before I buy. Are there any essential parts that I should buy along with it?
so your printer is a fucking chinisium potato or you still haven't done proper maintenance/repairs on a used printer

File: XGP_StratBody.png (1.03 MB, 597x835)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Anyone here build guitars/other instruments? Pic semi related, body from GuitarFetish
32 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Headless.jpg (2.46 MB, 2340x4160)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
I'm making a headless guitar
Rate my mod to my 2001 yamaha eg112c , it was hss and in black. I put individual series parallel switches for each pup, two phase switches and one to turn on the neck. Also stripped it down and bursted it.
The electronics are a bit much for me (I tend to just leave that shit alone, the simpler the better) - but I do like the finish. At any rate, the world would be boring if we all played the same guitars, good work anon :)
Ty m8, well i can get like 20 diff tones now, it is stupid af i know i did it to learn. But now the shit can play anything from metal to funk to jazz.
What in the name of fuck???!!!

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