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how do i get spray paint stick to zinc plated bolts without chipping off?
I tried Rust-Oleum 249322 Automotive Self Etching Primer but it still chips off.
I could heat up the bolts with a torch to melt the zinc off but that is a last resort. Any ideas?
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Mix pigment with epoxy and paint with that.
Wire brush and vinyl dye?
Go to a paint store. Look for etching primers for galvanized metal
soak them in vinegar until the zinc is gone

File: 20210113_001629.jpg (2.87 MB, 4128x3096)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
Anyone else make models ? Model thread
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File: B O A T.png (286 KB, 640x360)
286 KB
286 KB PNG

Thank you, and yes, one of their Cold War monsters
My uncle left me a room full of ship making stuff, dunno how to sell it though or what a good price is.
You're going to need a big bottle to put that ship in.

File: galv-pipe-rust.jpg (8 KB, 300x266)
8 KB
I get that the zinc coating wears away from use over time, but it seems like starting with an non-coated end of the pipe would significantly reduce the pipe's lifespan.
Is coupling smaller pipes together better than cutting and threading galvanized pipe to a desired size or am I overthinking things?
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Yes, you are overthinking. Steel pipe will corrode, it's lifespan is still pretty good in relation to the price per meter. If you really mind that but don't mind spending go with copper piping. For tanks you can use an anode as posted above.

Spray the thread with cold galv before doing it up. Or just paint ends with rescue steel or copper grease.
fuck these pipes
DO NOT stick your dick in pipes.
You might as well ask what the best route is for the pony express, or discuss the best techniques for cooking dinosaur meat.

File: s-l1600.jpg (289 KB, 1600x1600)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
to get that drills spinning at least 100,000 rpm /what do i need
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dont do it, you will get metal poisoning if you dont aspirate your oral cavity correctly
also what >>2002703 said
t.dental student
>go to a professional!
>dental professionals:
>if you remove them at a dentist you probably ingest more mercury than if you wear them for 30 years.
1) actual figures 2) is a high dose in one go worse than a smaller doses spread out
>if you remove them yourself you definitely do release more mercury
I'm not the OP retard trying to do his own dental care, I was just asking dentistbro for some info
You can order 3meopcp online, take some 1plsd as well and maybe smoke some weed and you'll be pretty fucking numb to a lot of shit. Or get some ketamine and rail fat lines and have a friend go at you.
Not him but
>actual figures
It's almost impossible to find an unbiased, accurate study on this.
>is a high dose in one go worse than a smaller doses spread out
We will never know the answer to this because of how ubiquitous these fillings are. It's just not the kind of thing that is tracked. Theoretically speaking, some Hg vapor is created when these fillings are removed but trying to quantify it, let alone make a judgement about whether or not it is harmful, is basically impossible.
I am a dentist so I am a little opinionated on this issue but I can tell you honestly that silver amalgams are probably the least profitable procedure a dentist could spend his time doing. Dentists definitely don't favor placing silver amalgams for the sake of money. Tooth colored fillings usually cost the patient about double the price.

File: 20210102_215347.jpg (28 KB, 220x225)
28 KB
I love metalworking and blacksmithing, but im not that great at designing things yet. I figured a good way to help this would be actually sketching the things I want to make first, but there lies the problem that my art skills are dogshit. Do you guys sketch your stuff, be it metalworking, woodworking, whatever? besides just practicing, what else can I do to get better at it? thinkin about pirating solidworks and trying that, too, since I can actually use that pretty well.
Yes, at least i do. And here's the kicker, as long as YOU know what the fuck is scribbled there that's all that matters. You are making a concept sketch, not a technical drawing, it can suck, it can be undecipherable for anyone else, as long as it lets you put your ideas in a more tangiable form it does it's job. Also, the more you draw the better you get at it.
shit thats a good point, guess I get so caught up in drawing my concept that I tend to forget what the point of it is supposed to be

Post stories of when your vehicle broke down in awful conditions and you were able to fix it with tools on hand and drive it home. Situations like offroading on trails, no service, hours from home, less than ideal tools, in wilderness areas etc. I can start, but mine isn't that impressive

>Day 1 on week long road trip up the Appalachian mtns sightseeing, shooting guns a s camping
>About 3 hrs from home
>Extremely rural mountain terrain of virginia
>No service
>Nearest actual town with an autozone is 30 miles away
>Driving my 05 4x4 manual trans ford ranger
>Pull over to hop in river and eat lunch
>Notice my back wheel smoking severely
>Horrific chemical smell
>try and limp it up the road to the nearest town
>Smoke gets worse and worse to the point of us fearing for a fire
>Pull over
>Suspect rear drum has seized

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Based, I hate cats because they kill wildlife but if she's doing something about it then I'd help out, I stopped working on other peoples cars a while ago but if it's that easy then why rhe fuck not.
Kek, food thing tou had the front as an option, I just did a carrier not too long ago. My stands aren't that big and I only have 2 anyway so I was about to buy some ramps when I had an idea. There's a retaining wall next to the driveway that goes from 1 brick to 4 tall. Back that fucker up on it, pop the embrace and get some chocks under the front. Can practically do cartwheels under it
>giving away your precious free time while taking food off of other mechanics tables

You arent the knight in shining armor you think you are.
>old lady breaks down on road, cant get tire off
Sorry can't help, tow truck driver needs to eat
>dead battery, need boost
Sorry bro, not worth my time
>stuck in mud or snow
I hope tou have caa, I didnt buy this 4x4 for other people to use
>mom needs an oil change
Going to have to take it to jiffy lube, i ain't getting paid for this
>neighbour needs to fill up his tires
Thats what gas stations are for dude
>buddy wants to borrow my code reader
Just take it to the dealer man, fuck
>hey you mind giving me a lift to the part store, I forgot something and my cars apart
Fuck you man, you never help me

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>no fun
>don't help your friends and family
>you WILL take it to the mechanic and you WILL do the grubhub dance out of happy consumer fulfillment.
File: image.jpg (1.33 MB, 4032x3024)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
It’s ok, she can pay the Honda techs double when I totally fuck something up. Also Home Depot and the tool companies are doing pretty good.

I told her to fuck off when the starter went tho. I had googled it to see what it’s like on that car, saw the whole intake manifold had to come off and come in from the top and I had a bunch of shit to do that weekend. Boomer guy didn’t google, he said “Sure, it’s just a couple bolts” and he tried to start it one afternoon after work and gave up at like 10pm with all of these parts laying in her driveway overnight and had to finish it the next day.

There will be another sucker for the Honda techs.

Does anyone know about electromagnetic waves? The building owner made a appointment with the electrical and gas company to install smart meters against all the tenants Wishes; over 60 tenants. We couldn’t opt out and we don’t have a choice to do so. I live in the ground floor and they’re in the basement. Am I at risk? Some say the waves are dangerous and others say it’s line a phone wave. They’re literally beneath my apartment. I’m worried and can’t afford to move right now. I have kids too and we don’t want to get sick
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Humans can't generate a global energy field stronger than the magnetic field nigger
You said magnetic wave strength, not total energy.
Thats not a wave retard. It is a static magnetic field. An EM wave oscillates between being an electric field and a magnetic field. I will also be pedantic about your choice of the word 'generate'.
>It is a static magnetic field
But the Earth's magnetic field changes as a function of time.
so are the fundamental constants

File: collage.jpg (537 KB, 1800x1800)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
Delta Hotbox Edition
Old thread: >>1999156
All the info you need about 3D-printing: https://pastebin.com/AKqpcyN5

>Your print failed? Go to:

If that doesn't help you solve your print problems, please post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

>What printer should I buy? [Last updated 12-8-2020]
Under 250 USD: Creality Ender 3 (Pro), Anycubic Mega S

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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when cleaning prints with alcohol, how many times can i reuse it? will it get visually cloudy or something before it starts to lose its cleaning power?
just want to know before hand since the IPA % you need to properly clean prints is pretty damn pricey.

kinda thinking i should go with the resin where its water clean based but i heard those resins arent as good or something.
New Thread
For peak aesthetics I'd also like to mix in some dial up modem noise. Is there an Octoprint plugin that does that?
>You realize the seller is literally going to just steal your model turn around and sell it, right? That's the standard business practice in China.
I told him its ok
>helping the chinese
bruh you deserve the chinese disease

File: IMG_20170507_180733898.jpg (591 KB, 1836x3264)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
What has /diy made that they've made a business out of.
I made this for a girl back in highschool who lied about already having a prom date (bitch), but someone has ordered 3 from me and is buying them together for $100.
Also, if anyone has made a business making shit, advice is appreciated.
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Also, if anyone has made a business making shit, advice is appreciated.

Opportunity cost
Dumb shit like this may make you a very small amount of money, but the time and effort in marketing making and selling them is far too much for your return. That same exact amount of time and effort could easily be put towards something else which will make far greater money.

This is why bored housewives do this dumb shit, because their time means nothing. The bills are paid for, they are just looking for something to do.
Do something else worthwhile
This is 100% true, which is why someone else will just wholesale import them in the first place, mark the price up, and then sell them.
Its a better idea than what OP is doing.
The post you replied to was op. And I'm op.
What I said still stands, if you arent retarded youd wholesale it from china.
I'm not doing that. I don't support chink industry. Also, I enjoy making stuff. If I imported stuff, I'd just sell anything. Even if I'd make less, I'd enjoy seeing people make use of stuff I myself made .

File: narf.jpg (378 KB, 2542x1906)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
apologies in advance for another nerf thread on the catalog, but what's the optimal length of tubing in this system? the idea is that the ram seals behind the dart and the dart gets shot out through the barrel like a champagne cork. what length of tubing should i use if i want to minimize friction on the walls while also minimizing the amount of dead space the tubing introduces to the system? is there an optimal radius for this setup as well; should it follow an angle shallower than 45º?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: unnamed.jpg (59 KB, 512x278)
59 KB
yeah, i am somewhat afraid that the dart heads rubbing up against the walls will impede performance the point that the blaster squibs every couple shots, but there are aftermarket darts with narrow heads and i can always increase the radius of the PTFE to at least alleviate some of the friction. darts going through curved pathways has been proven to work, though, at least in gravity-fed hoppers like pic: http://nerfhaven.com/forums/topic/19569-diy-hopper-clips/ (gotta click the image archive button if you want pics, embeds are broken)
with enough force you can make a 50 cal curve 180 degrees looneytunes style. YouTube it i didnt believe it either. but its gotta enter the barell straight, first. maybe sleeeving might help you with that plumbing your thinking about.
the very fact youre bending it loses efficiency but if your fit is good it wont matter with enough psi given its nerf. id almost consider an oring application to the base if the darts, simulating the nerf blaster piston design.

i dunno why youre going curved its brutally difficult and akward. 90 deg fitting with a paintball can works better. a nerf ar-15 is much easier.
Hmm, youre interesting, im guessing your probably a hair over 18?

Instead of mentally prentending you have to explain things to people, "pretend this gap is sealed in", just think more about what you're designing. Everything you drew obviously isn't functional anyways, it doesn't need pretense.

I guess you're trying to get the scoop on trolls, but your drawings are so advanced that anyone mentioning air leaks would be obvious bad faith actors. To step up your game, instead of saying "pretend poo poo pee pee", say "sealed coupler" "sealed junction" or even if youre using some form of it, say "sealant".

It sounds gay but having quality and standards is how you level up. By pandering to people who have to pretend gaps are sealed you are inherently lowering some of your cognitive ability to their level.
Dude your design is retarded and will not work. Go for tried and tested like the retaliator. Or go for the homemade blasters that have all the plans premade. Or brass breech and existing blaster, like the retaliator. Retaliator.
add a second perforated tube that blows air to keep it stable.

File: 1591785113926.jpg (332 KB, 1357x1012)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
Hey /diy/ has anyone worked with power mains before?
Just wondering what it's like. Any cool stories?

Theoretically if you were in the middle of nowhere would it be possible to tap into a main line and power your log cabin or something similar?
78 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
this. i vaguely remember some video or documentary of some 3rd world shithole using what you described to steal power for their shacks,
>electricity will launch at you by simply opening a door
yea right
arc flash
Why would you need wire-strippers?
Hi anon, is it true about the physical security at these transformers?
James Bond shit like motion and seismic sensors

is it possible to connect a dental drill to a o2 tank
Yes and it's a horrible idea.
Are you making a bomb?
Thats an expensive way to run a drill, it would be cheaper to buy an air compessor
That will make mustard gas

Ender 3 vs Pro vs V2?
Is there a list of pros and cons of each? I'm tired of looking up articles that are extremely vague as to which is better, can someone just outright say which is better and why?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There is an entire thread dedicated to 3d printing, use the catalog idiot
I recommend you get the fuck off /diy/ you 3d printer newfags are tiresome AF!
Sure, but they are all shit.
I highly recommend the v2, just soo many quality of life adjustments, haven't had a failed print yet
I have a V2 and it's a decent printer. Been holding about 0.05mm accuracy, which is better than the printer advertised. It has some quirks and is definitely entry level, but it works.

I've done several 35+ hour prints without issue. Bed and hot end heats reasonably quick. My only real complaints are that getting it dialed took a while due to the design, and that the hot end fan is shitty and gonna fail in the next few weeks.

Is there a lot of money in in this kind of thing?

I've been watching alot of these youtube videos where these craftsman make knives and other tools from scrap metal and was wondering exactly how much do they make doing this kind of thing?

Many of them run their own businesses and sell the knives afterwards on the websites.
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Nah, as other people said- its ad-bucks from youtube
Which is sort of a value add to time spent making and the time spent producing the video so I don't really see it at being facetious in any way, even if I think the knife is shite, steel is garbage and their technique is rubbish as long as its providing interest and maybe inspiring someone else to do better.

You can sell knives and make money, I rattle off about 10 a month which is a mix of the mid-upper kitchen knives and once in a while I'll make something fairly artsy-exotic piece which is a bit more. Mostly to the professional chefs and home users that want something good. The other half is the 100-150 range smaller stuff, paring knives, the occasional petty which is a good way of making cash as they're generally a lot better looking and cutting than a cheap kitchen knife but your material costs are quite low. You should be able to knock out about 2 dozen from something like a 3-400 plate of mill ground, mid-high end stainless.
Smaller knives can be a bit of a time sink though and its really all about doing things in batches, making sure your efficient with your time as the overall material cost is generally not too bad if you go big on your supplies. Abrasives will be your big spend though, belts are expensive but quick, sandpaper is cheap but takes longer- so its just a case of finding the right mix to suit your budget
I was just worried it would over heat.
Get a bit of cloth, masking tape it over the handle to protect the finish, then do maybe 2 passes- cool it in water, 2 passes on the other side and cool then repeat until sharp. If you're a bit gung ho with pressure it can heat up quick but keep the passes quick, even, same angle of presenting it and light pressure and it'll be fine. If you're worried about the blade finish you can tape up the areas outside the secondary bevel with a couple of layers of painters tape.
Thanks. That will really help.
I'm also looking into knifemaking.

Just finishing my law studies but I am realizing that I probably can't spend my life doing stupid 9 to 5 white collar shit.I am lucky to live somewhere other than America so I don't have too much student debt at least.

I am planning to start practicing law while taking classes and visiting masters of the craft, and opening shop when I have enough money and skills in my 30s.

File: 20210114_102718.jpg (2.17 MB, 4032x3024)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
Hey looking to repoly my trim, it's in pretty good condition so other than for scuffs would I have to sand / liquidsand it, or can I just reapply a fresh coat without it peeling??
not too familiar with ploy, is that the standard clear coat suff?
in any professional application it is sanded inbetween multiple coats so i don't see why you wouldnt sand it aswell
Yeah standard clear gloss poly, normally they sand poly after the first coat so since most is in good shape I was hoping to save a step!
Do what it says on the can, different polys want different prep.
Normal practice is to always sand poly, it does not fuse like nitro. Unless it's some weird shit, then consult the maker.

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