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File: IMG_20210412_160605.jpg (2.46 MB, 4480x2016)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
Just found out my mom had a dirt bike sitting in her garage that my younger brothers never rode. I've never owned a dirt bike so what should I do before even attempting to start it. I've worked on a lot of cars before but never a bike. Pic related and I can take more if this isn't enough
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Seems pretty simple. Look for general dirt bike maintenance. See if you have manual - it lists pre-ride checks, season start checks and service invervals.

Basically - new gas, oil. Make sure to drain and re-fill carbeurator (probably will have to clean it anyway). As needed - transmission oil, coolant, brake fluid, battery. See if everything turns and actuates smoothly, without problems, no obvious leaks or breaks (e.g. fork leaking oil on front brake disc). Then try turning the engine over slowly (by kicker or in 5th gear) to see if it doesn't lock up or e.g. water doesn't come out from exhaust.

If it's a kick start 4 stroke, see a video on how to kick them. If it has e-start, unlike car it drains battery in 2..3 starts - don't turn after it starts struggling and re-charge afterwards to avoid battery damage. If it's a two stroke it will have 2 different oils - two stroke mixed with gas and transmission oil. When you get it started check see if no leaks appear, no wires start smoking or you get excessive exhaust (little smoke from 2 stroke, no smoke from warm 4 stroke).

And take it off some sweet jumps.
>circa 1981 YZ in perfect condition
You lucky bastard!
Thoroughly check the rubber manifold for cracks. This is a high power 2-stroke and running it lean will be the death of it. They re supposed to run rich. Spark plug is gonna look pitch black, but if it sparks it's okay.
If it has auto-mix system for the oil, make sure it works. Or close up the oil line to the carburetor and use pre-mixed at 40:1

you lucky fucker. pull spark plug, wire brush, replace with correct torque spec. pull fuel line from carb and drain tank completely. let fuel drain from carb also. change oil. clean and re-oil air cleaner. it's a two stroke, so you need the correct fuel / oil mixture. did i mention you are a lucky fucker?
This! Fuckin This!
Sweet score. Now go to Yamaha forums and post the year/make/model to find useful things like the factory service manual and intelligent advice.
They're easy to work on. Carb cleaning is a breeze (I soak in undiluted Pine-Sol or Simple Green overnight then rinse with hot water and blow dry with compressed air or carb cleaner).

Is wise. (Ancient mechanic here.) I never trusted injection pumps so I did like everyone else in the era and ran premix so I KNOW I'll have lube. I carried a smol bottle in my jacket since my MT 250 Honda saw plenty of street use.


ADVrider has a shitload of old people who also worked on those when they were new and is a good place to ask detailed questions like how to figure out what exactly you have, or you can photograph the VIN then visit your Yamaha dealer (who probably won't have parts but may have a stash or know someone).


Thumper Talk is excellent too.

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What are these types of loops called that are used for chains and such? It's like pic related but only one half of the link and with a bolt through it. I saw a truck with a big one on the tow hitch. What are they called?
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File: 1002943692.jpg (44 KB, 900x900)
44 KB
>but only one half of the link and with a bolt through it
D-ring shackle hitch.
Clevis or Shackle.
that's it, thank you
clevis is the word you're looking for.
Crosby are a great resource for anything of the sort and their site is educational. It's worth learning some of that stuff. If connecting to a truck it's worth reading about off-road recovery and tow truck/wrecker recovery because those folks have some truly slick setups you can learn from.
The US military rigging manual is a free download and also well worth reading. I move all sorts of heavy stuff safely working alone. I even use kinetic rope to preload trees with a winch before falling them so they go exactly where I command.


Have fun and the more ya know the less work you'll do.

Piece of shit is bubbling out a gallon of water every few minutes
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In practice it depends on where you are. In my area, if you call and tell them that there's a leak in the meter box/meters fucked, they will send a truck with a couple of repairmen out and they'll fix it. Technically speaking it might be your problem alone, but once the workers get there and get their tools out and start baling water, odds are they might patch it up for you. And it costs nothing to call
New line, 3/4 copper type l. Also there were 3 other god damn pipes under ground remnants of old service lines. $2500 bucks
and then charge you for repairing the pipe on your side
how did i miss that thread

File: Untitled.png (115 KB, 1291x522)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Do normal people really spend £450 on shit like this? It's just the stand btw, not the actual tablet. I could make an equivalent out of scrap wood in less than an hour.
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>yeah hold on lemme just load this van up with the bikes and well head down to the park
imagine thinking the average joe would be better served by a van than a truck, ESPECIALLY what with crew cabs
You have either never made anything more complicated than a chopping board in your life or you have no idea what the item you are looking at is.

I recon that you would need at least a full work day including planning to make something with the same functionality that looks even remotely decent.
Well op its been six hours, surely you must have completed one.
No, you could make some sort of panel on a tilt.

File: Hotpot.jpg (107 KB, 1600x899)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Hello all,
I tried to build an homemade crucible for small tempering jobs, metal softening, and why not, to jumpstart my BBQ because the blown coal basically gets hot in matter of a minute or so.
I tried the idea with a small gardening pot, a 1/2 piping connected to my small air compressor and some BBQ coal as fuel. It worked very good but as expeceted somehow, the pot cracked under the heat.
Any idea for a cheap pot? I thought about two gardening pot, one inside the other, and a inch or so of hardened concrete around them. Another idea was about using two stainless steel cooking pots of the same size, always one inside the other with the concrete buffer sandwiched between them, but I am asking you ideas.
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Will do, thanks
Think about a brake drum, either an old one from a junk yard, or even a small cheap new one.
>brake drum
Aren't them too shallow?
The gingery furnace is a good place to start http://gingerybookstore.com/charcoalfoundry.html
Look up "brake drum forge". Big rig drums work great. A forge is not a crucible and neither is a brake drum.

If you had $1 million then what kind of business would you start up?
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File: 1608170531533.jpg (35 KB, 584x512)
35 KB
I'd buy a green coat, but not a real green coat that's cruel.
File: 10089.png (94 KB, 600x579)
94 KB
I wanna make meteorological data collection equipment like campbell scientific. It's kinda been my dream lately.

It'd be fun to make like a multichannel rugged programmable data logger, then my own little suite of instruments, and put it all together in a purchasable package.

I'm just not super experienced right now with making circuits.
You could undercut Campbell by a long shot and still make money.

t. Canadian Met Tech
I'm sure I could, I just have a lot to learn first. My background is aerospace engineering but at my current job I work with lasers and atmospheric characterization. I built a ton of campbell weather stations at the job and just kind of fell in love with the technology. I figure building a datalogger and the software to go with it is the first step though.
A R T I S A N, P I X E L S

But seriously, it's just electronic trading cards. There's no reason a physical pokemon card (or whatever you're into) is worth $350 on its own, unless there was some form of scarcity. NFTs enforce scarcity so the artists that make them usually promise to never make any more of them after the first batch (or singular edition). The people that buy them hope the artist gets popular or their NFT becomes famous for some reason so they can sell it for more later or just keep it as a collection (like physical cards or collector items).

The way they're hyped and implemented right now is pretty stupid, but the idea is fine

t. anonymous artist making some decent virtual money

File: image.png (386 KB, 457x393)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
gofuck me.com/f/lets-get-right-to-repair-passed

Get a load of this guy. He has balls to actually attempt going against Apple and tries to push a legislation that electronics manufacturers can't say you fuck off when you opened the device in the past, they would have to prove your wrongdoings were the cause of a failure.

Can't fucking donate (my country is not in the list) but hope some of you fucks will. This is VERY /diy/
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he did a chip swap on a 10K piece of lab equipment unrelated to apple mailed to him. Pajeets aren't going to hurt him. Louis is probably the first person of my generation i've seen that's actually doing something real and useful in politics and not just bitching about things on the internet.

Don't forget about the part where Apple forces you to update with botched code intentionally made to brick your device with the intent of coercing you to purchase their newer product

Shutup loser. :^)
>because you dont have apple encryption keys
Apple seems to use two different techniques. One is "supply chain locked down" and the other is "encryption". I suspect they're incrementally moving from the former to the latter, but it isn't an option with every single IC on the board. In the case of the former, parts can and have been smuggled or knockoffs made. For the latter, there will be some smart people looking for backdoors or loopholes in this encryption, couldn't tell you if they've succeeded or not.

What would you do with 50 railroad spikes?
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>making up lies
Why would you do that?
hello Cody
does your camera have bullet holes now?
Backyard railroad
Forge a kick ass axe out of them + throwing knives.
Melt them, make a kettlebell

File: IMG_20210327_161457.jpg (2.89 MB, 3024x4032)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG
Post hands and other handymen will guess your profession and how long you've been working
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Work with chemicals.
Fix cell phones?
Wood shop teacher
Filing TPS reports

Horse masturbator
bull prepper

Most aesthetic family home thread. Hyperborean only.
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File: Exploded-joint.jpg (36 KB, 571x809)
36 KB

File: maxresdefault-5.jpg (228 KB, 1280x720)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
I want to get goats and plan on letting them use my pond as a water supply. My pond doesn't have any fish in it but there are tadpoles and frogs / the occasional snake.

What kind of water test kit should I use to test the suitability of the water for livestock to drink from? (Pic not related)
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Lawwd I wanna see her mud water muff.
You just know her dads already dumped MULTIPLE loads inside her.
One goat. If it's not sick or dead inside a week it's fine. Will honestly be the cheapest option.
File: unnamed.jpg (209 KB, 900x900)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
I "noodle" with her, if you know what I mean...
What a great smile!

File: 6197-Natura-bastu.jpg (164 KB, 1100x1100)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
DIY Outdoor Sauna

Any good resources for building an outdoor sauna? I don't want to buy a kit because they're either too expensive or too small.
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File: tynnyri.jpg (307 KB, 1200x900)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
The only good and cheap solution at the same time.
Superlative taste.
Diy heater isn’t as hard as you’d think, but yeah if you fuck it up it’d be a big mess. The business I ordered my cedar and heater from have lots of diy plans you might find useful for building the benches etc https://www.saunafin.com/resources
This is great ty so much
My pleasure Anon. I’ll post in this thread as I do more work on my own sauna project

File: 20201231lnp1-asbestos.jpg (1.37 MB, 1200x1200)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
/Abestos General/
How many of you are worried about mesothelioma? Any good working with abestos stories? How much abestos have you breathed in?
30 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Looks more like fiberglass than asbestos.

When was the oven made? Since most other countries no longer were allowed to use asbestos, the date you stop seeing asbestos in appliances is much earlier
Probably ceramic wool.
I have a pair of asbestos gloves that make me pretty much fireproof. I also worked as a mechanic for several years and I'm sure some of the clutches and brakes I've torn out have been asbestos. With any luck I'll hurry up and die so my family can get mesothelioma bux
At University of south carolina you have to call a central office if you want to so much push a tack into a wall in any building. They're eaten up with asbestos.

In about 2012 they constructed a huge new dorm. They discovered after getting halfway through building it that the drywall was full of asbestos because they had bought chinese building materials.
I heard some guy name Silverstein got a great deal on asbestos abatement for a couple of his buildings.

File: spent.jpg (367 KB, 1626x1080)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
no idea what to put in a general OP edition
What are all up to?
for me, this weekend I'll probably be starting a new beer batch and as I'm slowly progressing towards all grain I ask you this:
do i need to sterilize the cloth i use to hold the brewery spent grains when i rinse them or is it being clean enough since it will boil later?
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File: toast_v3.png (3 KB, 276x258)
3 KB
I've just juiced a shitload of lemons and want to make skeeter pee with them. Never brewed anything before, what's the absolute basic equipment I need starting from scratch?
>starting equipment
I'd say these are the things that you 100% need:
- a container to use as fermentor, a carboy with (or more than one) or one of those plastic bucket with the lid
- a bung with airlock for each fermentor
- bottles, along with something to close them (i.e. crown caps and tools)
- something to clean the equipment
There's also more stuff that will make your life easier, like a siphoning hose, so you don't have to pour the content with a funnel in the bottles if you're using a carboy, or a thermometer, but that's pretty much everything you need to start.
And obviously the ingredients for whatever you'll be doing.
I've never had this but I wonder if it's worth checking the pH?
Well yeah, I went a bit overboard on the pulp, I had to take it all out and sieve it again, but on the plus side it made search for a better sieving method, using a colander and a cloth filter that I used for yoghurt.
It took a while but now the thing is back at the bottle with a nice murky colour bubbling away.

File: atb.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
Sup guys, how we try to get this going?
/jag/ for shot? (couldn't think of anything that resulted in /jew/

Not only for jewelers but anything related to fine crafts, wood carving, figurine, collectables or whatever related
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>metal plating
>stone carving
these are two things I want to get into as well, I have have some diamond drill bits, but no clue on what to do,
I could even get some cheap crystals on the bulk from a town nearby, no clue on how to properly process them
I found some interesting videos on youtube bit mostof the tutorials are fucking dog shit. Either some scrub drones of for 45 minutes or it was filmed in 1984 with a shoulder mount vhs and no microphone.
So I finally went around and was able to set everything else,
First things first, bolting down the rolling mill was hard, my used take appears to be hard iron or steel, the drills were doing nothing, until it finally came to me to use some wax as lubricant

Next, I also got my torch, crucible, and everything else needed to do some casting, coating the crucible with borax worked but it's hard than expected, and didn't quite fill all the gaps. I then wanted to test drive on some aluminium foil left over and the thing just wouldn't melt, wtf?

And besides that I'm pretty down because my package was damaged from delivery and they pretty much steal the round wire plate, I want the one who received it, didn't even notice it too until half way through the box. And the shit thing is that I will likely come out empty handed from this expensive equipment
File: 20210415_192434.jpg (504 KB, 1632x1224)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
Here is what I meant about aluminium foil, technically it should melt much easier and quicker than anything else,
Either I have to melt it slower with a indirect flame, or the composition of this type of foil is just not good enough to reuse
From what I've read, aluminium oxide is much harder to melt at 1400c
File: 20210415_192419.jpg (379 KB, 1224x1632)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
There is also this cute little vice thing, don't know if it will hold up, but good so far,
I wonder how can I soften the vice grips, I have the rubber same as used in table, I also have a adhesive one, but I wonder which will hold the best,
Also thought about glueing, however maybe it's best to avoid that

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