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What kind of lighter is this I can’t find any information about it and I would like to know a bit about it before I take it appart and restore it by restoring I just mean making it functional not gonna make it super shiny and remove the patina
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It's a Bic lighter in a metal sleeve, they've been selling those in head shops, liquor stores and gas stations for decades. It's value is the scrap value of the metal, and the patina is irrelevant. There is no "restoration" here. It's just a dirty metal tube.
File: bruh.jpg (161 KB, 676x1008)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>pull the lighter out from the top.
That things weak as fuck homie. Skods behhahhshhhs

I gotta bourrasque case I toss my used rubbers into
>bourrasque case
so if i'm to understand this correctly, you dont know what a field gun is, you dont understand what ammunition is and that it isnt tied to a specific weapons platform, and are LARPing that you have something that exists only in a video game? Thank you for confirming you're some 14 year old kid. Anyways stay butthurt no one cares about your shitty lighter sleeve.

MAN It pulls out from the bottom then.Fuck

File: 40034L_BASE_WEB.jpg (24 KB, 450x600)
24 KB
To make a long story short, I'm replacing a modular bathtub in my house. When I pulled the old one out, I discovered that it was put in the "old school" way on top of a pile of dirt and gravel. Not being too careful in pulling it out, I ended up dumping a bunch of dirt and gravel into the drain-connect in the foundation of the house. I did the best I could to shovel it out with a screwdriver but could still see dirt down there. Of course, in testing the new drain, I have a lot of standing water in the tub.

Will regular old drain-o dissolve a substantial amount of dirt like that? Is there something else I can use? Plumbers help plz.
Gravel doesn't dissolve. You're in for some fun.
File: s-l400.jpg (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
so gravel does not float, they do sell small parts grabbers that use a plunger system to open and close good for jobs like this.
baking soda and vinegar create a violent reaction that might lift and move the stones flusing them closer to your clean out
A good wet/dry vacuum with an appropriate hose attached. Suck it up, bitch.
Yeah I kinda wonder if I can snake it out enough to just kinda flush the remainder out
That's a good idea too

File: screenshot.png (99 KB, 415x504)
99 KB
Could you guys please help me track down replacements for these seals?
I don't know the proper name for either type so I'm not having much luck searching
>small one - basically just an o-ring but the inside edge is flat. Seems like it should be extremely common but I can't find anything, thought it might be called a "D-ring" but no luck there
>big one - square gasket (I can find loads of those), but with a slightly tapered inside and ridges on the outside
There are from a set of bike pedals btw, for scale the big one is probably about 250mm wide
File: kit.png (199 KB, 959x421)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
For context the pedal manufacturer is trying to charge £25 for these in a service kit - I know the seals can't cost more than a few pence each
Do you have any information at all from the original seals? Numbers, dimensions, manufacturer, anything?
File: screenshot.png (302 KB, 765x533)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
No, unfortunately not

smaller seal is 12mm inner diameter and 14mm outer
larger seal is 18mm outer

Here is a better pic
I was mistaken in the OP, the smaller seal isn't a D shape it's actually a flat base with a flange.

I don't need spoonfeeding to the exact seal with the exact dimensions, I just need some pointers on what these kind of seals are called and what I should be searching for if somebody knows.
I know it's /diy/ but what about a bike shop desu?
I spent far longer and more money on trying to work on my bike than what I eventually paid for at a "shop"
The shop was just some dude working from his garage but had a much deeper depth of knowledge than I did on bikes.
But don't get me wrong, I love and prefer diying my own shit most of the time, just personally don't enjoy working on my own bike as I see it more as a tool than a hobby.

File: MushroomGrowing071218-1.jpg (127 KB, 1024x768)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Humans have a long history with mushrooms, and the similarities of humans to fungi are numerous. Growing or foraging mushrooms brings you closer to nature, aw well as providing you with more knowledge and a healthier diet. Discuss mushrooms and cultivation, as well as literature in the context of DIY.
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>boomer shroomer
Sums up this thread basically
wrong thread, anon
File: idealgrowthbox.jpg (35 KB, 381x690)
35 KB
No, this is an ideal and nice looking grow box for mushrooms. You can do pretty much anything from oysters to medicinal chinese ones this way and it's got better heat retention than grow tents. Just gotta find a few of these that are gutted, one for each sort of mushrooms.
>Paul stamets
File: 20211023_095516.jpg (3.83 MB, 4800x3600)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG

Pic is my pink oysters at around 2.5 weeks.

Might need more air.

File: magnet implants.jpg (24 KB, 564x376)
24 KB
What does /diy/ think of magnet implants? I have been interested in the biohacking/grinder subculture for a while and the magnet implant seems to be the most common type of implant that they go for, but there seem to be a lot of complications related to damaging the magnet implant or it's coating in some way or another, What do you think?
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With knees and hips and other joints, the assemblies can have 3-10+ pieces based on the implant system, injury, etc. Most of these parts will have dozens of sizes and offsets, so the surgeon can balance the joint, match limb length, and restore full range of motion.

It does get trickier with contoured components like plates for example. A range of sizes can be made since the population of bone sizes is a pretty classic bell curve. Trauma injuries can present with a wide variety of bone damage, so some implants are designed for the surgeon to bend them slightly to fit the patient.

There are also custom implants, which are regulated heavily by the FDA, each company can only make a certain number per injury per year, so they are very special case. There are implants adjusted and made specifically for patients with severe bone deficiency, like cancer patients. A CT is taken and put into a modeling program generally, and the implant is designed on the surfface of the bone. Then the finished model is milled or printed. Castings are not used for custom implants to my knowledge, but maybe they have been. We do a fuck load of castings for standard line implants.
Fascinating. Thanks anon!
>I have been interested in the biohacking/grindr subculture
is that the app for homosexuals?
>blocking strong magnetic fields
It's not for protection, it's just so his white cloth seams dramatically tear in a hail of blood as he slides through the tube


Want to get into some more machining and fabrication but I'm pretty poor. I want to build a sheet metal brake. What's the cheapest source of metal stock like angle iron, sheet metal, square/round tube? I do know a recycling place near me but their material is very hit or miss.
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Go behind machine shops in the area. Dumpster dive. I do this all the time. Don't get caught, park far away and walk onto and off of premises. Also cover license plate if necessary
IT is literally cheaper to buy a sheet metal brake than to make one.

what he said.
Junk yards. Scrap metal by the pound is the best prices you'll find. Get some wire wheels to clean the rust off. Hey, you might even find an old brake in one, that you can restore, for pennies a pound.
This, and ask local welding shops if they sell steel. I asked, and they were willing to give me scraps for free and anything I needed exact measurements on was just above the cost of them ordering and cutting it. If it was light enough to carry off their property but too big to fit in my car, I just brought a cordless angle grinder.
Just moved states, and am hoping to find a similar situation, but it can never hurt to ask local steelworking companies about buying steel off them. My hookup never had anything other than mild steel, but it cut my project costs down considerably. For hardenable steels, you may need to buy online.
Keep an eye on thrift stores, craigslist, "free stuff" piles on the curb, dumpsters, etc. If you're creative you can get a surprising amount of good material for free/dirt cheap this way. For example, old bedframes and shelving for barstock, metal filing cabinets for sheet metal, old pots and pans for thick plate, strollers and bicycles for tubing, and so on.

Is /diy/ /fa/? Do you wear Carhartt, LL bean and other good quality clothes that last when working? Or do you just wear whatever? I hope you at least wear good boots.
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Zenni glasses suck major dick, the optics are terrible and the frames are cheap trash.
You unironically get what you pay for
Only things to buy new are plain white t-shirts, boxer briefs and socks

Some trusty boots that have probably had about two or three owners before they got to me, daily drivers.

Goodwill everything else, fix and stitch whatever tears or rips, wear it until it falls apart. Buy long pants and shirts, cut them down as it gets warmer.

I mostly did lawn care, construction and deep cleaning at restaurants before the military so all my clothes were pretty much a reflection of that. Self confidence, looking a bit unhinged and the funk of a hard day's work is a fashion statement.
i have a carhartt jacket too. Not the waterproof kind, but actually really good. It survived the first season in demolition last year and the shit i do on weekends, which is more of the outdoor/diy kind. Let's see how it does in the second year, but it feels really tough. Also it can be washed to not look so filthy.

I also wear whatever jeans are available. I have quite a collection, so i dont wear the same filthy jeans everyday. T-Shirts Pullover is the same, nothing specific. First hand, second hand...
In my workshop I wear Dickies and cover it with a denim apron. Short sleeve only because of grinder grab. Wash my hands with simple green or rubbing alcohol before laundry soap. Shower and then to go out wear carhartts and wedge sole moccasins toe boots. Look the part and still stay a little clean.
$200 Irish Setter Red Wings
$50 olive drab Carhartt double knee pants
$5 Gildan t-shirt
$0 company quarter zip sweatshirt
$20 faux shearling lumberjack coat
$5 thrift store ballcap
$17 wells Lamont calfskin thinsulate gloves
It’s already below freezing round 8AM where I live

Previous thread --> >>2148791

In /rcg/ we discuss anything & everything radio controlled - multirotors, fixed wing, cars, rovers, helis, boats, submarines, battlebots, lawnmowers, etc.

>How do I get started with racing drones?


>What about planes?


>What about aerial photography, is DIY viable?

If you want a practical flying camera platform, DJI is the sensible option. If you want a fun DIY project instead & aren't too concerned about the practicalities, then by all means DIY something.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>want this thing to fly 24/7.
You are aware that the sun goes down for half the day, right?
Shouldn't you BE with your gf when/if the shtf?
Also, talk me about your hot wire cutter. Software, control electronics?
His GF won't meet with him, and he doesn't realize she's a bot.
>get misted
l o l
File: he162-10a[1].jpg (82 KB, 600x372)
82 KB

File: WhichAutoclave-Full.jpg (94 KB, 663x371)
94 KB
what would be some good resources to look into for making a diy 2-door autoclave. This post probably looks like im making drugs, but its for antibiotics testing.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
bruh, sounds like u just wanna have some garage lab trail. why go fancy when u just can buy a preassure cooker.

do a couple of test runs to get temperature and preassure right, look at some studies. ez.

Need an autoclave for testing antibiotics? like bruh, u even do science? just make an protective hood of some sort, buy some plates, get a UV light in the hood and run it for 30min.

like just buy a large plastic container, cut two circles with taped on thick rubber gloves, spray it down with 70% alcohol and turn on the internal UV light. the premade plates will be sterile enought. like u wont reach true sterility non the less even with an autoclave.
Am interested. Say people use gas storage tanks for this.
Does it need to be dry or steam-wet is ok?
Just buy the damn antibiotics how expensive can it be?
Oh wait you're probably american.
>just make an protective hood of some sort,
sterile hoods are like 8-10x more expensive than autoclaves, no lab has a hood if they don't already have an autoclave.

File: IMG_20211002_113212.jpg (3.33 MB, 4624x2136)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB JPG
HD TV signals use to be all over and all you needed was a simple antenna to capture free HD Tv Channels.

Using a generic RCA brand square indoor antenna with a coxial cable connection to my antenna input ( a Samsung 720P HD Television in my garage)... I was able to get about 25 channels... Instantly!!

... And I don't watch much TV to begin with but I didn't recognize one channel except for QVC.
The quality was good.
I thought, cool this still works.
Well hours and now days later I can't capture anything.

How are they blocking this?
I hypothesis that my closest neighbor didn't have their tv on leaking HD Signals?
But still, I can't seem to get any free HD Channels.
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Wait for the leaves to fall off the tree between your antenna and the transmitter.
Try again.
it's like OP doesn't know attic mounted antennas are where it's at
OP get an RTL SDR and check the signal strengths of TV channels near you, and check for any infetterance too.
Outside is best. I had a little indoor-only antenna and tried it in the attic, got shit reception.
Then I moved it outside near my power meter in a little box. Just rerouted the cable inside with existing coax shit and ran it to my TV. Amazing reception and the box it's in is weatherproof so it's nice and dry year round.
>why are his nipples protruding like that?
gyno from all his fucked hormones

Have been living of oatmeal porridge 2 of those big measuring spoons twice a day 1 banana divided between two meals and 1can of fish a day for the past week is this a sustainable healthy diet? Should I add or remove something
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
sardines gives you protein and calcium and fatty acids, banana gives you potassium and soem sugar and oat meal gives you carbs. you need salt. its 1 part of a 2 part neuro transmitter. any one saying you get enough salt from random shit is a tard. salt is water soluble . you piss it out daily
the fish should be pretty salty though...
But it has Vitamin C, and enough to not get scurvy, you mouthbreathing useless piece of shit.
You should also ask >>>/fit/ and >>>/ck/. How small are you? Do you just lay in bed all day? That doesn't sound like much food at all.
> Should I add something

I'm considering a project to replace my dryer. Would setting up an array of heat lamps and a fan dry up damp clothes within a reasonable amount of time (<6 hours?)
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: fl-01.png (2.71 MB, 3607x3604)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB PNG
>What's your ambient temperatures like?
Hot year round. Humidity is the only real concern which is usually 90+%.
>Would setting up an array of heat lamps and a fan

Maybe put it in a tent to retain heat and keep you from heating your whole house during the summer. You'll need to pipe that heat outwards, maybe through a window hole. If you make the tent out of a firm material ( maybe even metal ) you could rotate the whole container - this would decrease the amount of time required for drying significantly, and reduce how long the heat lamps would be on saving you energy. Maybe even add a timer - you'd have to get a feel for how long it takes, but again that way you wouldn't be wasting energy using a fan heatlamps, etc when clothes are already dry. Too bad you can't travel into the future and find a device that does all those things, and bring it back for the rest of us! You'd make millions!
Really doubt you need a heat lamp, it feels like the returns would be minimal at those temperatures. You could point a strong fan at the rack on colder days or if you need it fast. Maybe keep your dryer and use it during emergencies or for large fabrics too big for the drying rack.

If you're getting a lamp anyway, get a UV emitting lamp. Hang-dry clothes will stink after an hour or so due to bacteria growth if you don't have some anti-microbial measure (natural sunlight, UV light, biocide in the last rinsing wash cycle)
It uses about the same energy as my low heat setting, this is just for when I'm *not* using ambient heat and need a faster dry.
Wouldn't venting with enough air flow take care of growth?
>Wouldn't venting with enough air flow take care of growth?
Sure, as long as the clothing dries before it starts to stink. Gotta trial and error I suppose. I prefer to add either fabric conditioner or baking soda to the softener drawer so I can forget about the laundry until I return from work next day. It also prevents the washer from stinking.

File: bosch.jpg (34 KB, 450x161)
34 KB
Has anyone had any experience with both of the Bosch lines? Is it worth spending a little bit more for the cheapest blue tools which are equal or a bit higher in specifications than the green?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Bosch tools suck. I've only used somewhat older ones (bought in the early 2000s) from my father and grandfather, but both green and blue were no better than no-name chinkshit of the tie.
If you want quality, get Fein. I've got a 40 year old drill from them, which I got second hand fom a car workshop. That thing is still great, and beats even almost unused Bosch.

Makita is supposedly about as good as Fein, but I've never used any of their tools myself.
Picked up a couple of the blue-series stuff here and there 2nd hand or near-new (planer and a circular saw), its been really well put together and can't fault it
I did have a green hammer drill and managed to kill it fairly quickly which surprised no one, so can't recommend them
on cordless you want the cheap blue line, since the batteries between green and blue are non interchangeable.

i have yet to see a bosch break on me, and we do own a couple of them.
Had to fix a molten shorted wire in a cordless drill once, still runs perfectly after repair
Is fine.
>Makita is supposedly about as good as Fein

They aren't. I used to hear that too, but so far I've had

>Makita Multiootl and Fein Multitool
Both corded
>Makita Impact and Fein Impact
Both cordless 18V

And the Makitas are both dodgy now. The Feins are Fine, and I've put more overall usage on them than the Makitas.

The Makitas still beat out the B&D and Craftsman shit I bought them to replace, but Fein really is top tier,.

Anyone flapping flips? As in buying a run down flat, refurbish it and then resell it.

I've become quite good at refurbishing flats and have done two already. Not for flipping though, but because I bought them to live in. It gave me a indication though on how much I would spend and how much I'll get in return and the economic seem pretty sound.

Would love to hear from someone who flipps for a living. Any tips and tricks?
49 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>only $250k exempt
You can't buy a dog shelter for $250k, Brandon's loving all the tax money I'm sure
You might be the most stupidest fucker on this board, it's $250k capital gains, not sale price you dimwit. You are definitely too stupid to use google to look up what this actually means. If you buy a house for $1 million and sell it for $1.25 million, that $250k is exempt form capital gains, anything above that is taxed at the full rate.
Then don't buy a flipped house. I don't. Your poor judgment is your problem. Houses abound though perhaps where pwecious babby does not consider ideal. Make more money or stay in your lane.
either you know how to fix some stuff or cant do anything at all, and wold you buy a shitshak with 5% asbestor ?
I saw this trend where I used to live. The guy that bought my house was going to do the same thing with it.

any harm to turning this switch off to save money?
my power bill is only a few dollars a month, but the utility company still charges me like $40 a month for just existing.
Is there another switch outside my house I can turn on and off to lower this number further?
71 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's not how it works.
>Is there another switch outside my house I can turn on and off to lower this number further?
Just get timers for your Freezer, Fridge and Hot Water tank. Hell I only turn on my hot water when I need it now or have guests over
>selling property
kike detected, come join me in the street
Is this May of 2020 or 2021?

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