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File: capture.jpg (219 KB, 1600x1414)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Me and my friend just bought a typewriter for cheap at a garage sale, wanting to turn it into a usb-keyboard.
What's the best way to use this? Any good kits or something like that?
It's in working condition, so we're looking for an as non-invasive solution as possible
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>Oh look another "do it for me" thread.

You literally contribute nothing to this board. Stop posting, you are a waste of bandwidth.

I would try to use individual rubber sole membranes. Might be easier to get a custom PCB under the type writer keys, what's the stroke like of the keys? Do they hit the bottom?
File: gestetner-366-768x576.jpg (47 KB, 768x576)
47 KB
Oh, I do...I used to have my secretary type out a weekly report in triplicate but with the cost of carbon paper what it is I went ahead and invested in pic related to modernize operations...if anyone wants to discuss this further I'm in the white pages under AAAAAAAAAABA Co.
Just in case anyone is wondering what the AAAAAAAAAABA Co. does, we use pic related to enlarge people's business cards and make pounce patterns that sign painters can use to speed up large jobs like lettering milk and diaper service trucks. It's pretty high tech stuff but business is booming, we're meeting next week with the fleet operations director of a company that sells and services 63% of the cigarette vending machines on the eastern seaboard.
Hard mode. Combine these three to make computer and keyboard with monitor (shown on wall) and printer.
I can smell that mimeograph machine through the monitor...
Sell it and buy a USB keyboard.
Some way to register keypresses electrically, an Arduino pro micro, and some firmware called QMK. Check out the mech keyboard general on /g/, or the subreddit. Hardest part will be getting your keypresses registered electronically, but once you can get keypresses into an Arduino it's a solved problem.

Any ideas for levelling rack shelves?

I have some setup and just used cardboard shims to get them level but they have since compressed the cardboard and the cardboard also got wet and exacerbated the issue

I was thinking hardwood ply with a waterproof seal? It's a pain because each leg needs a slightly different sized shim because the floor I'm putting them on has a fall in it.
If you don't ever plan on moving it somewhere else you could trim the long legs down some.

Or put some leveling feet on them that you can screw up/down.

Or get some 1/8" steel and stack under the legs.

Or they make plastic shims that would be impervious to water...
>cardboard shims
well you're clearly not storing books
pieces of old tire

well theres your problem. use plastic.
Plastic shims I found at Home Depot work great. They snap right off no knife needed. I've leveled all of my shelf racks and Ikea IVAR. Search away and find your local flavor variant of them. Good luck OP, leveling stuff is always worth.

File: Slug.jpg (33 KB, 722x433)
33 KB
I bought a run down house 3 years ago where the property was full of conifer trees densely packed and wild vegetation everywhere. It has a fucking snail and slug problem and I'm not sure how to deal with it. It was so bad that you went out at dawn or dusk and the entire property was riddled completely with slugs. You couldn't take a single step without squashing one. I've fell all trees but 3 and kept the grass short.

Over the past 2 years I've also been killing them by hand and setting beer traps. This worked to reduce the population by about 80-90 % I'd say, but it's still a problem. I'd like to plant some pumpkins and other vegetables but these motherfuckers preferentially go for my plants of course, not the grass or shrubbery.

How can I remedy this problem? I'd love to grow some vegetables for myself and not these god damn slugs.
Buy a duck, I've heard ducks eat them
make salt traps, bury jars containing salt in your garden at slug hotspots to trap those bitches
or a couple chickens.
Some cheap beer on a plate/bowl is oddly effective at getting rid of them.

File: download.png (814 KB, 903x871)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
How do I make transparent paper?
Pic rel:
>This view is from the inside of a restaurant. The windows were made of oil paper that was held between wood window frames. If you look closely you can see the streaks in the oil paper. It was almost transparent and had a yellowish color. Yunnan Province, China 1943 - 1945
Just smearing paper with oil doesn't make it this transparent.
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In the renaissance europe they use linseed oil on thin parchment or paper. The paper used was of course, laid paper in linen. In asia it would be some other paper like gampi or rice paper as another said. traditionally formed on bamboo screens. It depends on the manufacturer how much and what kind of sizing is used.
Walnut oil will work as well.
Some say if you wash your oil with water it comes out clearer and more lasting because it removes mucilage as well as water soluble colorants.The sun should bleach the oil if the paper is set against the sun.
Modern papers are esentially trash. parchment paper is not parchment at all and neither is vellum. Paper is now largely made of pulp from wood instead of bast fibers. The fibers are much shorter in wood pulp and they require to be treated chemically. Linen, which is much superior to cotton, is hardly made anymore except for special uses. even cotton paper for the most part are too thick, often rough. they no longer use animal sizing because of the retarded vegans.
Everything has been gradually downhill for paper since 1680 when the hollander beater was invented. Fuck.
Did you never read Little House on The Prairie? Thin animal skin and oil.
I hope you're not planning to make a window out of it like on your pic, because that would be pretty stupid. Both in the security aspect as well as insulation.
Does it have to be oil and paper? Because saturating paper with CA glue turns it translucent.
Nah, I'm just interested in old tech.
Glass isn't exactly hard to break either, plus it has a wooden frame and it's not like you can't put in a few bars in front of your paper window.
Wouldn't matter as much in warmer climates like south china, also:
>Greased paper windows were often used by American pioneers of the early 1800s[2] and other itinerant peoples, in lieu of relatively expensive traditional glass windows.[1] Laura Ingalls Wilder recalled living in a home with a greased paper window in her 1937 children's novel, On the Banks of Plum Creek.[3]
>It is based on a few years of her childhood when the Ingalls lived at Plum Creek near Walnut Grove, Minnesota, during the 1870s.

Wanna give this one a try again?

I've been thinking of making a tunic like, either for comfort homewear or something more elegant that could still be usable socially.
Either that or something different from sci-fi, what you guys think is is not mainstream but could still fly as something fashionable?
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File: 20220516_170404.jpg (330 KB, 1400x1400)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
Posting back with some detail about this pants, I wanna do some promotial material but goddamn its so hard when it comes to this stuff
File: 20220516_170454.jpg (323 KB, 1400x1400)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
I wanted to take a close up on the seam, but this is best I could, still it turned really good, specially on the ankle piece where its hard to go through
File: 20220516_165332.jpg (322 KB, 1800x1350)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
And btw, that really good vintage looking machine, I have an Singer too but its no way as vintage looking as that, with the fine details like >>2385097

Can't help you with identifying, tho they say these old machines are still better than most modern crap.
The one thing I needs refurbishing is the table, from the looks of it I don't think it would be too hard make something with the same cut but on newer hardwood of some kind
I was able to identify it. It is a 201-2. The -2 indicates the type of motor it uses: direct drive. The 201 was Singer's top of the line machine from its introduction in '35 until its retirement in '61. It outlasted the 301 and 401, which were newer "top of the line" machines but actually sold for less. It was only retired in '61, when the 500a was released.

I have a collection of old Singers but my previous oldest was the 301, which has a model number clearly marked on it. Older ones had no model numbers marked on them and take some doing to identify. 1961 was the turning point for Singer though. Off the rack clothing was becoming cheaper & more common, low cost machines were coming out of a Marshal Plan-assisted Japan, and it was becoming less common for people to have a seamstress in house. Sales were falling so they tried to jazz things up with the 500a. It was the same inside as the 401, which was just a further evolution of the 301, but the outside looked very different. Picture related. That was the last all metal sewing machine they made. That said, it had problems. The access hatches were odd shapes, which made for weaker castings, and the hinges often broke. The machine would still work but it was a quality control issue. Singer itself was also buying up other companies to diversify itself. This pulled its attention away from sewing machines, as they represented less of its total income. Their quality kept slipping even as the feature count was going up. Their fate was sealed in '87 when a cooperate raider went after them. He sold off the sewing machine division and they've been bouncing around from one corporate overload to the next ever since.

Your machine, the 666 (nice), is a late '60s model. Its was after they were starting to go down hill but still a good machine. It would take another 10 years or so for their machines to really turn the corner. Here is a Spanish manual if you need one:

Thanks bro, though it still has the original manual in my language, this was my grandma's machine and she took pretty good care of it, still using it into her late years

File: weedeater.jpg (118 KB, 850x567)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>fills your garden with microplastics
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wow, the cat won't hunt the pigs? that's adorable and now I want guinea pigs to inhabit my backyard. do they have any pest-like behavior or are they generally chill?
I go through a blade every two months on the stihl fs 560 doing track clearing in the bush. Hitting rocks/boulders from time to time is unavoidable because they're most often hidden under grass etc.
>I go through a blade every two months
You must be doing hours of brush cutting every day.
can you put a steel cable in there ?

Just got my first soldering iron; what can I do with it?
I wanna do handheld and console mods or practice hardware repair. I just don't know where to go to find these projects.
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Get leaded solder with flux core, Sn60Pb38Cu2 is what I cut my teeth on.

If it has no temperature control, it will likely get too hot, burn your flux and make poor, crusty solder joints. Use a lamp dimmer to adjust its power. If it stays shiny and in a tight bead for at least 15 seconds, you've hit the right temperature and you can be surprisingly patient with components and not worry about burning them.

For repair projects, you can watch Louis Rossmann's old repair live streams. He uses different tools, but it helps get you into the right mindset.
Give yourself a Prince Albert
>what can I do with it?
Shove it in the ass, obviously.
>I wanna do handheld and console mods or practice hardware repair.
You should practice soldering on some DIY KITs, or simple practice board.
Get a kit from jameco
Any real difference from plain old Sn60Pb40?

File: IMG_20220516_115201.jpg (3.12 MB, 4608x3456)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
What can I use to clean my pink and white chair? nothing seems to be getting the dark spots off no matter what I try
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that's dye from the fabric of their clothes
that ain't coming out
>e-sports chair
so stupid...
what's your onlyfan? plz have a dick btw
This. Maybe rub with white cloth and dish soap/vinegar, but it'll be very hard to rub off. Next time don't get your maid dress from aliexpress.
I work for an office furniture distributor, and part of what we do is asset management for our larger customers that just shuffle the same used stuff around when they reconfigure offices. The sheer amount of period (or shit?) stained office chairs I've seen come through the warehouse would make you barf. People are animals.

hello /diy/. just got a 5 acre plot on a tropical island. is there a guide on how to best clearing it? I want to keep the fruit trees and some useful shrubs(medicinal and utility) there's some durians, mangoes, mangosteens, lychees and lots more. what do I need to do? I tried going in with a brushcutter and chainsaws (to cut down the rubber trees, lots of em in here). I want to build a house and use the rest of the land in a permaculture style land (only useful plants, or decorative).
The soil is very good, not hardened, but have a thick covering of fallen leaves, there are some natural pit formed and may hold water. What is the best way of clearing it without fucking up the nice ecosystem too much?
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This is a woolly moof
>you're on an island covered with loitering brown midgets.
those people probably don't respect property rights at all kek
good luck keeping them out without having a bunch of guys with machine guns
File: 2020-09-29.jpg (19 KB, 400x267)
19 KB
it's borneo, not a small one. near the Schwaner Mountains.
get the citizenship, buy land.
Borneans are cool with property rights, lots of decorum regarding land rights. you'd be surprised these people aren't white .
if you're agreeable with salted pork and rice arrrack, be my guest.
>Borneans are cool with property rights, lots of decorum regarding land rights. you'd be surprised these people aren't white
Want a neighbor?

File: critters.png (359 KB, 875x438)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
I've struggled with absolutely soulcrushing IBS since mid 2019 now and although
I'm very well insured, no doctor on this fucking planet seem to be able to help me.

For reference, I used to be athletic, was in the local volunteer FD and had a 6 figure income.
I've turned into a total potato, can't do any manual labor (too weak and certain movements make me hurl),
I shit and cramp my guts out every other day, lost my job and have very bad anxiety.
I didn't have passive income I'd either be on neetbux or homeless by now.

I'd like to believe that I tried everything that has /some/ merit (no crystal healing, globoli etc.).
Different diets, meditation, yoga, probiotics, therapy..you name it.
I've given myself a set amount of time before I do an hero, because this truly is no way to live.
That being said, I'm willing to try almost anything at this point, so hit me with your worst/best.

On that note, appreciate your health, anons. I didn't beforehand. Huge mistake.
93 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Yes, doc put me on absolutely every pill for bowel distress under the sun. Acid blockers, pro/contra motility chemicals, mood stabilizers, natural medicine (pills with herbs n shit) etc
Yes, of course the medical-industrial petrochemical prescription pez dispenser golem put you on all kinds of drugs, as though your issue is a prescription drug deficiency. Like I said, get away from them. Not only are they not helping you, they CANNOT help you, it is logically impossible. And you need to accept this.
That's really a chicken or egg deal. Early childhood trauma will cause executive dysfunction and a desire for escape, hence adderall use. Childhood trauma has a very high correlation with digestive disorders. So while stimulants (everything from chocolate, to coffee and tea, to meth) will directly damage the gut by a number of mechanisms (like sympathetic dominance) there is an underlying synergism which is making it far worse.
what do non gad tards get? an eternity burning in hell or reincarnated as a cuck. o wait yuoure already on that timeline. ahahahahha
Unironically, smoke weed
Try fasting

File: 1649317249266.jpg (175 KB, 1280x854)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
i bought an old car for the engine and now i want to scrap the rest of it, other than selling the chassis, copper wiring and aluminium gearbox housing what else can i do? assume i live in the city from elysium so i dont have to be totally eco friendly
you'll only get a pellets worth but it'll sell.
refer to youtube, there was a good video from codyslab.
Bring it to a scrapper and negotiate a price.
If you can let it sit for a while, list it for parts.
A scrapper will pay poorly, but you don't have to do any work. Consider how many hours it takes to tear the car down.
strip off every useful part (e.g. windscreen (requires lots of effort), other glass pieces, headlights, indicator plastic, any interior plastic molding in decent condition, rims, radiator, power steering, every other piece individually and list it all for individual sale on your platform of choice. then dump the rest at a scrapper. extremely labor intensive process but will in theory net you the most cash if and when all the parts are sold.

Question about how to finish a basement floor. The link below describes everything.
I'd say leave it unfinished. If you have a ton of other things to worry about, finishing a basement floor in a fashion that the next person in may decide isn't what they want would be a waste of your time.
Skim it with Ardex, sand it, and then it'll be good to paint or whatever. I wouldn't fuck around trying to remove old paint.

File: 1613808490544.png (78 KB, 220x226)
78 KB
If you got sent back to the stone age with just your phone and/or laptop, would there be any way to charge them?
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>uh, uh, where do I get voltage?
Lemons, you dumb dumb
With efforts to survive, less than one hour, but you can become their god if you're convincing enough
Reminds me of that vid when someone made a really long chain of potato batteries to be able to play doom and then the potatoes caught mold and the smell became unbearable, doom was kind of barely playable;

I would use water power, similar to what they did in Dr.Stone. Iron is easier to find than copper so iron would most likely be the metal I'd look for first unless I got lucky with finding another metal
nah they'll probably lynch me sooner
Better be in Peru, they weren't available elsewhere

File: image.jpg (2.34 MB, 4032x3024)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
What do you do with the space above your water heater?
The Blatz Beer guys hang out up there
File: 1652734394450.jpg (743 KB, 3024x4032)
743 KB
743 KB JPG
I put the water heater up there. Freed up the space below. Another one is on demand, so just hangs on the wall. Last one is in a bathroom closet, so has shelves for linen above. Neighbor said the pipes frozen on that one one winter, but I imagine it wasn't on, door was open, heat wasn't circulating.
Coduit for the well and furnace.
I have a vent stack for my water heater above my water heater...

What program can I pirate to draft a thermopile concept & simulate its operation?

I'm used to using multisim for simulating simple circuits, solid-state engineering is a bit outside my wheelhouse.

Are autodesk products capable enough to simulate thermoelectrics?
Can't Ansys do that?

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