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File: aquarium.jpg (187 KB, 1280x720)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Has anyone here ever owned an aquarium of any kind? Is it true they require constant maintenance and monitoring? Feeding and changing water obviously, but also cleaning, O2, CO2, N, fighting algae, temperature, pumps, etc etc)
Would one with just plants + shrimps be relatively self-sustainable?

Im considering setting up one but im worried the overall hassle might be too much.
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This pretty much

Freshwater is easy enough. Don’t overstock it. Take 15min once a week to do a little water change, maybe 30min to an hour once a month to vacuum and check filter media. Larger tanks are harder to fuck up, especially once they’re established. Algae doesn’t get too bad as long as it’s set up right and a quick scrub is included in that 15min a week. You can get a couple snails or a smaller breed of pleco to help, just don’t be the dumbass with a 10” long common pleco in a 10gal tank.

I would check out like a 20gal long or 29gal to start, unless you have the money and ambition to go 55-75gal. 10gal tanks will leave you really limited, 29gal won’t be that much invested if you give up on it in a couple years.

Wish I had pics of my old setups, this is the only one of some baby cichlids from my 75gal. Left it up north when I moved and I regret it sometimes.
These fuckers breed sooooo much.

Better have some other fish in there that like to eat the babies.

Java moss always looks dope when you get it growing right.

There are some wild Jappo planted tanks
> Let me guess, you need more?
Yes. I have a nice home and don’t want a tank that looks like I scooped shit out of the retention place pond. Call me crazy. I have some standards.
> Just want to burn money?
Nothing I said had anything to do with money but I’ll bite. Yes, I do have the money to burn. That half hour a month to clean my tank and refill the water isn’t going to break me.
>Easy mode

The coolest one I ever had was a 50 gallon salt water tank with one occupant, pic-related, which is about 3 inches long, and looks like something from Dr. Seuss. He came with a rock that had a hole in it like on a bowling ball, and he'd zoom in there and turn around and pop his head out and prop his front two fins on the ledge and sit for a while. then he'd zoom out and "bite" the red algae off the back and side walls, leaving "lip prints" all over the place. That was what he ate. Mostly I just wiped the front glass every week or so, and pretty much never had to do any water maintenance or feed him. The only way it could have been better if there had been a breeding pair and a local store that would buy the little ones.
I have 6 freshwater aquariums running. Do your homework before getting into this hobby.

Also, Look up plenum filters on YouTube. Easy to make and they work well.

File: fuckheater.png (2.3 MB, 1323x2000)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
Okay so Autumn is upon us and soon enough houses will need to be heated.
I live in southern Europe and it definitely gets cold but it's not like temperatures drop to ungodly degrees. I don't have AC, or a fireplace, every year all I do is have a small electrical heater by my desk(plus some residual heat from having the PC running all day + cooking) and that works out just fine but still, the heater alone almost doubles my electrical bill in the winter months.
This year I'm working from home meaning I'm gonna use even more energy in general and will definitely require more heating for longer periods so I wanted to experiment with alternatives.

I was wondering if heating up water and basically using that has my local space heater could be viable. I find that when I have a electric heater it's all too easy to press the button to turn it on even if I don't necessarily need it because it's extra cozy so having to heat water would force me to be a lot more intentional and aware of when I'm using extra heat. Oh and my stove runs on butane which is relatively cheap(way way cheaper than electricity) so it's not like heating water would become too much of an expense. And of course during really bad days or when I'm getting out of the shower or something I could still rely on the electrical heater if I really had to, the idea is just to cut down hard on its use.

Thoughts? Is it too much of an impractical idea? My question to /diy/ then would be what would be the best container to store boiling water that I could have by my feet while I'm at the desk?
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if you are going to use electricity then just dump a heating element in the bottom of a huge pot of sand. Dont electrocute yourself. The sand will act as a giant thermal battery and release the heat slowly.

This. Building sand, metal bucket, set on ceramic tile(to protect floor, to to make a retard candle pot). Going to cost a lot of juice though.
go out and find refrigerator/ac junks and get a compressor. make your own heat pump. fucking around with electric heaters is just retarded.
the mold is coming
the mold is coming
the mold is coming
the mold is coming
A heat pump is 2000$, there are subsidies and it will save you about 70% on heating if you are currently heating electrically.

On top of that you can use it to keep the moisture indoor down and that makes heating air cheaper. Or use it in summer to cool your place.

I need to insulate an attic. I was thinking about insulating the roof, but everyone tells me to insulate the attic floor first - if I insulate the roof it will catch humidity even if I use proper materials, I'd need to make ventilation holes etc.

Also, what's the cheapest way to, at least to some extend, insulate the floor?
It's just old planks on wooden bars put on bricks, underneath it is just like, 80cm space and sand. Floor is very cold in the winter.
I don't know if I can put floor-designed styrofoam on it, It would raise the floor to high.

The home is old as dirt, but the roof is relatively new (16years), and the home has new plastic windows and some styrofoam isolation done in recent years.

Thanks for all the hints.
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Obviously it's trying to block radiant heat. Pretty sure people install radiant barriers all the time, what's the difference?

It's good enough to give to marines in their survival gear but not good enough for an attic?
File: 1000001130.jpg (40 KB, 486x171)
40 KB
its not a matter of "which form of heat blocking is the overall best" Determining an effective and efficient insulation solution depends on the requirements of the end user. attics have very different requirements than marines. Marines need something small and lightweight so they can carry it wherever they go. mylar allows the marine to block sunlight [radiant heat] when it's hot and reflect body heat [radiant heat] back to them when it's cold. attics are stationary, shaded, and have a lot of unused space. their primary heat source is the roof above, catching and absorbing heat from sunlight. that heat is transferred inside the attic through the roofing materials [conduction] then transferred to the attic floor through the air [conduction or convection] since the attic floor has little to no radiant heat for the mylar to reflect, mylar would be a poor attic insulator.
The roof is still producing radiant heat and dumping it into the attic.
This, when the day is sunny my unisolated attic can get pretty warm even at temps below 0C.
How about using foam concrete for isolation under the floor?

File: v.png (140 KB, 1280x720)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
hello /diy/ maybe you guys can help me

i am looking to build something but i cant find the main part i need by googling

wide diameter tubes for viscous fluid i can probably find
the pump i have
the fluid i have
i need to find a large clear container with a lid that can hold a motherboard and a large GPU and CPU
its gotta be able to hold pressure to not leak with thicker then water fluid pumping through it and have inlet ports at the top and outlets at the bottom

you can see my basic idea in the image i pasted

i cannot find anything at all like this online if anyone could give me terms to google or anything like that or if you know if its possible to have something like this custom made somewhere it would be extremely helpful

something i am also looking into maybe if i cant find that is a steel or aluminum pressure vessel but i cannot find one that has a viewing port from googling it seems that you need to buy a pressure vessel and cut it yourself and buy a window kit and rivet and install it yourself so if anyone knows of a company or anything on how to get a big metal vat with a window with pump ports setup like i said pls let me know
11 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Gravity will not do anything.

Heat rises. Take heat off the top amd pump.it to the bottom. You.still need a radiator/cooler for your oil. Your he a t isn't going anywhere. That's a huge problem. The heat is just staying in your oil tank. It will get way hotter than you think.

Look at the numbers for some of the super rich tech channels that have done this and let it run over night.

It's extremely expensive and not even better than air cooling.
what do you do when you want to plug in a usb stick lmao
fucking dumbass
>It's extremely expensive and not even better than air cooling.
unless you got money to burn and think chicks are going to get moist when they come over and see your aquarium pc (protip: they won't) wtf are you even doing
Okay well whatever I am quitting my job anyway so none of this matters anymore fuck it
File: Rue7GSe.jpg (41 KB, 465x421)
41 KB
>Okay well whatever I am quitting my job anyway so none of this matters anymore fuck it

File: skelly.png (1005 KB, 1184x612)
1005 KB
1005 KB PNG
Scenario: You are one of the lucky few Americans who, after trying for three fucking years, finally purchased the rarest and most sought-after Halloween decoration in the country, straight off of the goddamned truck: the Home Depot 12' Skeleton
Environment: Nice house in the suburbs, but they're 11% of the population
Task: Defend the skeleton
Safety Protocols: Nothing obviously illegal
34 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'd never get one of these as I generally don't decorate at all, and storing it the rest of the year would be miserable. But in an alternate timeline where this was not true, I would absolutely build an animatronic setup and track for it so it would walk around the backyard and stick its head out over the gate and scream at people they came near.
holy shit fuck shut the fuck up you gigantic bore
Sprinkler system full of hot sauce.
fuck your whole family Hans Erik Phifer.

File: dawnplussand.jpg (40 KB, 499x247)
40 KB
The Fast Orange Jew fears the dawn + sand Chad
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
that's a duck
a bundle of cooked hotdogs turning into a duck
the surival rate of scrubbed animals is horrendously low. regardless, soap isnt good for the local environment its in.
Gets your hands spotless
File: ducktm.gif (400 KB, 200x149)
400 KB
400 KB GIF
you call that a duck?
no, this is a duck

File: stole from reddit.jpg (1.34 MB, 4096x3072)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
i had to unload some shit out of a truck myself the other day and i really didn't have the proper shit to do it. i had a cabinet, maybe 30"x30", maybe 5 feet tall. probably 120 pounds.
i figured it would be fine, i can deadlift more than 120 pounds. i ended up putting a little folding table behind the bed of the truck, pushing it onto that, and then just lifting the fucker off the table onto the ground.
i had one of those feelings where in another universe i'd have broken my back or smashed the cabinet or something but it worked out "fine".
i don't understand how the fuck you're meant to move heavy shit if you don't have someone to help you.
turn it sideways and slide it out of the bed? it's going to fuck up the wood. what if it's something heavier? how do you get something out that you can't lift?

i was thinking maybe using ratchet straps or something to crank it out of the bed, but like a reverse ratchet strap, so i could gradually lower it out.
35 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.

obviously someones not gonna carry an engine hoist in their truck taking up room.
I do when the task requires it. Mine get wheels or large casters and hoists are easy to load.

There is room in most pickup beds for an engine, transmission and the hoist that put them there. It's often useful to leave the tailgate down and cargo strap the hoist behind the load.

For example I may roll the loaded hoist to position it before placing engine etc in the bed, then put my boot on the back and pull the upright to get the legs on the tailgate, then push and lift the hoist into the bed.
Bro, you need to find someone else to help you. A girl or a wife is going to get fucking murdered doing that shit you need to hire another man for that kind of shit. Women will complain until they're physically crippled trying to do shit, try to avoid hiring them. A dude might want half a cut and still try to betray you. Honestly man if your that desperate make a craigslist add for a glory hole and tell them you'll take them there after. Then offer them a job regardless. Consider that off hours or a business expense I don't know how you write that off on taxes but I don't you make enough to do that and your girl is going to file you as a depedent.
>This dude puts a piano into a pickup:
That dude is 6'4" at least and built like an ox

>be me, humble electrician
>arrive at customer’s house to move their pool circuit
>turn off pool so I can work on it
>customer comes flying out of house, breathless with panic
Every time.
37 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I would have kept going. Any time I do free shit for people (family included) and they pull crap like that I just go ahead. It's called respect and even family members don't have it anymore.
Well they got a perfectly fine chimney and i haven't met the Hebrew who's willing to not use what they paid for to the fullest.
>hiring illegals
>get illegal work
Kek how do these people dress themselves in the morning
>>oh it does that sometimes, I'll just paint it over

it don't be tha smoke alarm. it da hall it do dat all the time

File: 1665626958791.jpg (742 KB, 1079x718)
742 KB
742 KB JPG
I want to spray locktite foam in the gap and then put the molding on top. What could go wrong? Am I a genius or what?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Where do you live that has enough moisture to cause wood expansion issues?
Anywhere that has more than one season. I'm in the northeast US and have seen more than a few hardwood floors buckled due to no expansion gap.
It's not all in vain. I got a good warning such as this.
Cut shims or smush thinset in there instead. You'll be better able to smash it to the height you want and clean everything up.
It will work, I've done worse.

File: 1000003371.png (321 KB, 738x711)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
look, I'm super cheap and just don't wanna spend a ton on brand name Dewalt batteries. These would be for light use with a weed eater and cordless drill.

Am I being super retarded by trying to save money on these? be honest
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Aftermarket batteries tend to suck. No more for me. Weed eaters like wattage so the stouter the battery the better. My newest DeWalt battery was bought in 2018, I use them nearly daily and they're fine.

Beware the "false economy" of feeling driven to buy the cheapest components because that often ends up costing far more.

I'm a cheap bastard, and even I would not buy off brand batteries. You are asking for weak charges, and dead batteries. Spend the money and get the matching brand for your tool.
Here’s a recent video Project Farm goy did, it’s real similar to what you’re looking at.

I think the Milwaukee 6.0Ah pack was 21700 cells, just like the $169 DeWalt 2pk you posted. And the Milwaukee 5.0Ah has 18650s and has a shit ton of cycles on it. The knockoff batteries were all 18650s claiming 6.0Ah, which would be 3000mAh 18650 cells, and it’s fairly expensive to get real 3000mAh 18650s and they don’t put out a ton of power, which is why Milwaikee and DeWalt use 21700 cells in their 6.0Ah packs, those can safely put out tons of current.

Anyway the Chinesium packs all had like 1500mAh or 2000mAh instead of the 3000mAh cells they claimed to have, which meant they were really 3.0Ah-4.0Ah packs. And under a high load like the drill with hole saws or the weed eater, the Chinese cells end up even worse, so it ends up looking more like a 2.0Ah battery in Project Farm’s grinder while the Milwaukee 6.0Ah functions properly. And when you’re running those Chinese packs like that in a weed eater or grinder, I would be surprised if they last 1/3 as many cycles as the OE DeWalt packs before there’s a huge dropoff in capacity and they’re down to <1Ah.

Thanks for the perspective. they're still super expensive, I guess I'll pay some Mexican to steal some off the truck
The holiday sales always drop at the end of October. Or watch Home Depot’s “Deals of the day”. You will probably be able to find 2 batteries, a charger, and a tool for $150-$200. Just drop the money on real ones and you will get 5 years of homeowner use easily.

If it was a couple extra packs to run lights or a fan or some other small tools, that wouldn’t be a huge issue, but it’s sketchy on larger tools.

Also this test >>2687754 the knockoff battery that came in 2nd place went undervoltage after the test and refused to charge. So in addition to power/capacity, there’s a real question about the circuitry inside protecting the lithium cells and the tool. Chinesium lithium batteries are always a little bit of a fire hazard.

File: washmachine.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720)
95 KB
I want to buy a new washing machine, which one is least likely to break in 3 years? I had a boiler that lasted me about 9 months in 2020 because production quality went to shit during covid. Any specific models/makes that have a good track record?
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Direct drive washing machines are pretty different from the classic machines.
The returns policy must be a nightmare.
Beware, beware : you must check if it has EVERYTHING it should have. Basic maintenance elements like drain plugs or hair catchers are no longer included in the mid-range segment of many brands.
As someone with a 20+ year old washing machine, this is pretty neat.
anon who works at an appliance distributor
LG, GE and SpeedQueen are the top tier in that order
avoid Electrolux, Whirlpool and Samsung at all costs, these are the brands that get service calls the most

Are there walking models like this that are more, human, organic. Also modular, with characters/emotion of sort.

Preferably analog/not electric
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck me right in the nostalgia hole.
I wasted my youth...
Great, I click stuff and nothing happens.
Install the java web applet and upgrade to Internet Explorer 6, retard.
File: 1693534253166404.gif (181 KB, 352x288)
181 KB
181 KB GIF

how to hang this ceiling light if my ceiling has a closed hook "ring", that i can't attach this design to.
open the ring ADUH!
Ill take "what's a S hook" for $200 Alex.
Really anon? That's SQTDDTOT level
File: file.png (47 KB, 591x827)
47 KB
Cut a hole like this

File: P-KINMEC_1.jpg (102 KB, 1000x1000)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
How can I make a "lead holder" pencil? I'm worried about society collapse and the need to make writing stationary in an emergency
as far as worthless bait goes, this one has some impressive aspects
You don't. Make a quill and use the blood of your enemies. Or from your period, just don't get pregnant, your well will dry up for 9 months.
>True glory consists in doing what deserves to be written; in writing what deserves to be read.
When the world ends, someone needs to document it.
You don't. You make ink. It's alcohol + soot + shellac.
Just buy like 10 packs of Dixon Ticonderogas and save them for later.

You can sharpen them with a knife if needed when there's no pencil sharpeners.

Solved problem.

Why does every freshly done 2023 interior now have these grey meme walls? It's EVERYWHERE
99 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 262x192)
8 KB
honestly not as bad as the oxford blue girlboss cabinets everyone was doing a couple years back

oh who am I kidding it's precisely as bad because it's meant to appeal to precisely the same people
I think black and white cars are soulful. They seem more professional and not like a kids hot wheels car.
Think back to pre 1950 when everyone's car was black or a very dark shade of blue/red if any color.
>girlboss cabinets
So that's a thing?
I thought it was just an evolution of the whole minimalism meme that appeals to applefags, techfags, medical practitioners and Kim K.
I was told it's the new hotness back when I was buying a house in 2016
File: file.png (1.2 MB, 1469x1390)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
>have white wall
>wall is dirty
>use sponge
>wall is clean

>have grey wall
>wall gets dirty
>time to repaint!

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