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Are these cheaper dremels worth a fuck? I need one but won't be using it more than once every few weeks at most.

How much is reasonable to spend on a first dremel?
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Are these NiCd batteries? The father in law has one like this, and I’m normally a shill for the new brushless cordless tools, but that cheap Dremel fucking sucked. It was going so slow, I pulled out my 30 year old Craftsman corded one and we ran through the project 5x faster.

If you go cordless, get a better one. Otherwise go with one of the corded ones, I know the Wen version gets good reviews around here for the price.
pay for a real corded dremel-branded one. anything else is money thrown away until you give in, so pay once and cry once. I have a corded HF cheapo. It has issues getting up to speed, I think the housing is misalighned. It is also not balanced well and vibrates fairly bad. Meanwhile the old beat up, well used dremel at my old work was always smooth and strong, never let me down. also, those AA battery powered things have to be a pile of shit.
How about the cordless 8220
"There us nothing so badly fucked up that it can not be fucked up more with a dremel tool"

Not mine but internet shitposting. True though. Just go slow. Light cheap tools for light projects. Heavy tools for heavy projects. Heavy cordless models also benefit from a flex-shaft as do corded models. Buy dremel original three tooth chuck. Also I have always found original accessories far better than after market. Seems cutting disks burn out more dremel tools than any other.

I used to use a dremel for hours daily for several years. Would always burn out a couple a year. Second most useful power tool to be owned. First being a cordless drill. Third a bench grinder. Forth a bench sander. Don't buy a used one. Corded is best but for light work cordless are good too. Original dremel made tools are prime as they have less run out on the chuck. And it really does make a difference in precision use.

Need more power.... buy a die grinder!!! Dont push your tiol too much and it should last quite a while.
I wouldn't get one without a wire.

I use mine 90% of the time for cutting through bolts, they're pretty useful.

File: download (18).jpg (367 KB, 1920x1080)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
a big goal of mine is to get into carpentry/making customized wooden furniture. I used to take woodshop classes in high school and i have never enjoyed my work more than this in my life.
I would like to at minimum get a small shop goign in my garage as a hobby or maybe some day make some side income from it
my question is how do i find a local woodworking class to shake the rust off? I cant seem to find anything googling. i saw a woodsculpting course near me but i dont want this. i want a woodshop where i have basically free reign to work on a personalized piece of furniture and see what i need to work on
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Can i ask you who you sell the cutting boards to though? Do i contact like crate & barrel or dumb craft stores that sell overpriced kitchenware? globe is a bulk kitchen supplier i know but i bet they only pay pennies
Im not trying to sell shit on the side of the road either. how tf does one set up the supply chain for this?
I'm not the anon that sells cutting board, but I've just seen the prices and know others who sell similar stuff. I have met some who sell at outdoor art fares, occassionally farmers' markets and the artist/crafts sections at large monthly flea markets, but you might call that side of the road. I am guessing it is better than just having a website/social media because you are meeting people that are there to burn money.
Start slow, I am self-taught, it was years before I made furniture. I started making simple reproduction candle boxes, candle shelves, Early Canadian and American pieces, you will learn a lot from these simple projects and gradually acquire tools. I started making simple tables, practiced mortise and tenons, dovetails for fun. Start simple, grow from there.
>ng board, but I've just seen the prices and know others who sell similar stuff. I have met some who sell at outdoor art fares, occassionally farmers' markets and the artist/crafts sections at large monthly flea markets, but you might call that side of the road. I am guessing it is better than just having a website/social media because you are meeting people that are there to burn money.

Bingo. Art fares are crazy. Just talked to a guy doing this exact thing, added some crappy epoxy to shine it up and the crowds flocked his booth. Asked him how many he sells at each one. Said at least a hundred or so. Crazy simple end grain boards going for $250-$400 to people with insane incomes who don't have the time, sense, or desire to do it themselves but want to rant and rave to their other ditsy rich friends.
>make jewelry boxes with carved mouldings, inlays, joinery, brass fittings, carved panels, etc
>starve because people can just buy 19th century antiques for a lot less
>make boards
>live like a king

File: kellyplanes.jpg (27 KB, 320x215)
27 KB
I remember reading that Kelly Johnson, of Skunkworks fame, created Systems Engineering as a bull-shit smoke screen to keep executives, bureaucrats, and bean counters off the backs of the actual engineers so they could do their work as usual. System engineering was created to make it look like everything was top down and preconceived, all t’s crossed and all i’s dotted, meanwhile the engineering’s proceeded as usual, and the Systems Engineering and Trade study results were penciled in afterwards.

I then remember the source going on to say it was a great tragedy to see this bull shit discipline of systems engineering being adopted by the aerospace industry in earnest. Instead of keeping bureaucrats out it added a layer of bureaucrats, instead of shielding engineering from executives it empowered them to turn an unrealistic wish list into hard requirements.

I thought I read that in Ben Riche’s book “Skunk Works.” But I’ve searched the e-book and can’t find it. I tried google but they are hiding the truth. Have you heard this story anywhere? I’ve been searching for the source and can’t find it anywhere.
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Check my answer in your /pol/ thread...
>nothing as cool as sr-71 ever again
Good book that one.
It's Ben R Rich without the e. I can email you a copy if you have a throwaway email address, or I could show you how to get it from Undernet IRC if you're still here
Sorry my bad OP, I thought you were searching for the ebook

Rule #692:

Don’t get on a ladder without your wife or sober adult nearby to keep you from doing anything retarded.
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You think this is a joke? You're unironically safer to climb the tree and cut the limbs from there. Just keep buying more tools, dont actually use them
fuck you kevin, sick of seeing you in every thread. hope you have an aneurysm.
OP needs the Wahbulance to do anything
But I already knew that.
Kek. Anon, post those sockets and M12 tools that have NEVER BEEN USED.

Lookin forward to it

So this is what it’s like to be elite haxxer NEET

5000 Watt Continuous/10,000 Watt Peak Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter $399?
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Thinking of making a system where I hook that up directly to solar panels, maybe with some sort of voltage cut-off to stop it from trickling low voltage uselessly, but no real controller. Purpose would be to dehumidify long term storage in a remote shed.

Maybe add a cheap 45w inverter on it, so I can charge my cell phone when I'm out there.

Rest In Piss

It'll be hot piss.


Go to semi junkyard.

Buy deisle aluminum or thermoking off an old reefer unit and a bigass few fuel tanks.

Set to minus 20°f and invite friends to you moldy beer cave.

It is the desert cucks dream.

>mfw am new to truck driving
>get a message on the fucking switchboard
>anons be on the lookout
>stolen trailer from the lot I was in

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Your dome green houses must have melted your brain.

Tinnitus alone is driving me insane.

Or maybe I'm the crazy fuck who knows.

Good to see you alive and kicking man. How goes things?
Cheap as in 'what corners did they cut and how soon will it shit the bed' cheap. Expect to pay >$400/kVA for new good ones.

File: w800x533[1].jpg (48 KB, 500x305)
48 KB
I'm looking to have a house built and am trying to approximate the cost, but onlien calculators don't take into account novel construction methods.
I'm looking to build approximatley this floor plan with a basement.
It' will ultimately be a multigenerational home (when my parents retire, they'll likely move in to the master suite while I receive their current property and allow my cousin to live there).
The soil here is very clay-rich. Has anyone recently gotten their home built, and what were your costs per sqft, especially if you've had a basement? I'm looking to build with stone and basalt/fiberglass reinforced concrete wherever possible.
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You'd think so but expect hostility and no call backs.
>Whew lad. You are absolutely entitled to a quote.

Lmao nobody is giving you a free, legit quote for work over the phone following a random phone call.
A friend of mine was calling builders trying to find someone to build him a house on his family's land, and they absolutely gave him cost breakdowns and estimates. Of course, it was only after sitting down with them at their office and talking about what his needs were etc, it wasn't over the phone from a cold call. And even then, it was an estimate, not a quote.
Cost estimation is one of the single biggest tasks that a builder has to do.
altho, now that I re-read OP.... If you call contractors and say "I want house, I don't know if I have the money, wat it cost?" they probably don't call you back lol
No one does that.

File: wood floor scratch.png (1.36 MB, 996x936)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
I fucked up my landlords' floors. They claim its hardwood, but it doesn't feel like it. Its stiff, no bounce, almost like concrete. How do I fix this?
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go to a flooring contractor supply store and get a crayon that matches the color of your floor, dont cheap out tho because ive seen cheap shitty color crayons and they are very obvious
its a shitty laminate which no one bothered to put a clear coat on. you arent going to fix it and tell your landlord that if he cares about his floors, to use actual wood next time with a protective clear coat which can be refinished rather than the cheapest stuff he could find some wetback to install
Ackshully, looks more like engineered hardwood. Has a really thin stained surface layer. Thin planks like laminate, so you get that dense, hard sound.
Familiarize yourself with local tennant law and what wear and tear means.
That is Red Oak strip flooring, about 3/8th thick, it was the cheap flooring of the day, can still be bought. The damage can be sanded out and apply a top coat, if you do anything at all. Try a paste wax first, it an cover up the damage.

What's the white powder stuff in the Clone-A-Willy kit? It used to make a mold off the dick including the veins. I'm trying to get anons' dick clones from other boards and make a collection of them displayed in my shop.
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You cast the dick in quick setting plaster, pull it out, fill the cavity with whatever you want to replicate the dick.

KISS - Plaster Caster
Look up the lyrics and story
You know just because someone said "go fuck yourself" they didn't mean go literally clone your dick and put it in your ass.
It says algerite(?) I don't know. I just prefer it to be cheaper so anons can mail it to me. The cast needs to harden before shipping as they'll come from different part of the world.
Won't you need to destroy the hardened cast once the mold dries, especially for those showers?
Umm, no. Just for shits and giggles
It's Alginate, but it doesn't harden exactly, and would be too delicate to ship. You'd be best off getting them to then complete the cast with plaster because it's a one time use you peel away from the completed cast. Alginate can obviously be used to cast body parts, but it takes time to set to a point where you can remove your body part and you need to hold yourself in a pretty awkward position (and maintain an erection in a lukewarm at best fluid) until it does. I've used it in the past to make zombie hands to spook people for Halloween, kind of like pic related.

4chan, I'm looking to pick up some hand planes for woodworking. Do you think this is a good deal for what's included for $200? https://offerup.com/item/detail/1211096834
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can someone explain to me like the retard I am what the purpose of all the different plane sizes and types, or just link me an article somewhere?
File: IMG_3242.jpg (885 KB, 3024x1984)
885 KB
885 KB JPG
Here's the hand drill and some of the auger/drill bits I was talking about. Didn't have time to clean and look for maker's mark, if it has one, I was wrong in calling it a "egg beater" as I Googled and the different drills came up(I have one of those too but can't find it just yet.) What do you guys think? Will try to get pics of other stuff when I come around to them again.
I learned that these are called "hand brace drills"

Bigger and wider ones make doing large surfaces far easier and faster. Smaller ones are more maneuverable and easier to do finesse work with. Very small ones are for breaking edges of doing tiny amounts of cleanup.
Absolutely nothing usable there.

File: -scZ2LalwuaY.jpg (54 KB, 705x370)
54 KB
How do I get rid of these fuckers and spare me the whole "humane" bullshit. If I cared about being humane I would've asked Reddit what to do.

I'm about to buy poison because I have no pets and I'm not retarded enough to put poison in a place my kids could get to it. Anything else I should do?
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I've had most success with glue traps.
Using chips, mini cheddars and twiglets as bait. They go for it everytime.
Pellet gun to put them out of their misery.
>m about to buy poison
why would you want dead animals in your walls?
We solved this problem 100 years ago: they're called mouse traps.
The snake is more trustworthy than all those mice.
Don't use poison. They are gonna die in a random place and stink up the place. Glue traps are the way to go.
My cat absolutely wrecks mice.

File: kevin-mccloud-t.jpg (195 KB, 1200x720)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Start of the show
>this house idea is to ambitious. it's bound to fail!
>i always knew you would build the house and not go into bankruptcy!
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Why bother making stuff up in the first place?
probs my favorite british show with country file comfy brit landscape
Anyone else hate the entire DIY channel?
I want to find this place, maybe he can be my sugar daddy, I live in the county.

The shitty old knob on my baseboard heater fell off today when I removed the metal cover. Looks like it has some water sitting on top pic related. Is there an easy way to repair this? Even if I just capped it off or something
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Ok. No it’s my place. Would a plumber be able to fix it or does it need to be a specialist heating person?
Depends. Plumber would be able to do this.
Plumber or HAVC guy, it's an air vent, that is meant to let trapped air bubbles out
>just call the landlord
You must be new to /diy/. All the neckbeards here prefer to do their own costly repairs in their apartments so they don't have to interact with the landlord and reveal that they've been hoarding turds in salsa jars for months.
Thanks guys. My buddy who’s moving my gas line next week said he’s got that capability.

File: 20210722_104059.jpg (1002 KB, 2448x3264)
1002 KB
1002 KB JPG
The wire is stuck inside the machine/gun and I cant get it out. I already pulled the wire out of the torch gun when I replaced the spools. However, there seems to have been a bit of wire stuck in the area where the machine feed the wire to the gun and I cant get it out. Pic related. Does anyone have any tips? I tried googling with little success as I get results for similar problems but not the one I currently have. Any help would be based and appreciated
File: 20210722_105051.jpg (1.56 MB, 2448x3264)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
Also, sorry for the bad image. I never use my phone to take pictures. This is a much better image
Did you just try to replace spools and can't get the new wire to feed in?

That round spiraled cable is the sheath for the wire to ride in. So stuff the end of the new wire in there, close your rollers around the new wire and try feeding it through up to the Mig gun. On my welder I usually have to remove the welding tip to get the wire to actually run through the gun, and then I will thread the tip onto the wire and tighten it on.

Also have a bit of decency and get an air hose and blow that shit off for fucks sake...
>That round spiraled cable is the sheath for the wire to ride in. So stuff the end of the new wire in there, close your rollers around the new wire and try feeding it through up to the Mig gun. On my welder I usually have to remove the welding tip to get the wire to actually run through the gun, and then I will thread the tip onto the wire and tighten it on.
Tried that, didn't work.
Blow through the liner with air too. Probably tons of shit inside of it as well considering how fucking filthy the outside is...
doesn't that black L shaped part flip up or is removable with screw?

File: wtf.jpg (2.7 MB, 3024x4032)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
What kind of light bulb is this?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Looks like a fat nipple
Industrial LED, probably had the fake bulb broken off, or they bought Elfin bootlegs off Alibaba or one of the Chinese sites.
Pingpong ball
File: nom-35331233.png (135 KB, 500x574)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Hrnnnnnng egg

File: tenor.gif (1.49 MB, 498x311)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
i tried soldering but i got nervous and stopped because it smelled weird and was really hot. but i do mental soldering, taking broken people and concepts and putting them together and creating art. that's the thing, a computer is art. beautiful. probably more substantial than the cave paintings scattered around the place.
I watched a dude get thrown from his motorcycle and get run over by a tractor trailer and die once
lel. I probably shouldn't be laughing, but I am
i'm gay

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