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File: hardwood.jpg (91 KB, 642x808)
91 KB
Fist time poster. If this is a thread that is common I apologize.

I got curious and ripped up some carpet in my bedrooms. I found this hardwood underneath. I did a water drop test to see if they are treated and it appears they are. the water didn't soak through the wood.

Can't see it in the pic, but there are some areas that have this hard red substance over top of the wood. I'm guessing it's carpet glue or something. Some of it comes up with just a putty knife, but there are some areas that may need something more intensive.

How would you all go about this project? And would anyone know what kind of wood this is?

My plan was to get all the carpet removed, remove the tack strips and staples, scrape up all the carpet glue with some Goo Gone, clean and polish the floors. Am I missing anything?
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I cannot tell the species of wood from your shitty photo.
Honestly from what I’ve seen, there isn’t anything that has scared me yet. There are some paint marks and old backing for carpet, but nothing unmanageable
Fair enough.
Got some nice oak floors man. Ignore the faggot who thinks carpet is innovation. Salty bitch probably paints over nice finished oak
>Am I missing anything?
The part where you rent at least a finishing sander and re seal them.

File: 1618178422843.jpg (1.37 MB, 2098x1097)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
i have a few questions on bookbinding if anybody knows about leather working
to start, i bought a nice sheepskin thats completely unfinished or dyed, and i know that its a little on the fragile side in terms of leathers, other than having corner protectors on the book what are some other things i could do to protect the leather?
and should i first engrave the leather and finish it and bind the book after or bind the book first and then engrave and finish it?
lastly, i'm using paper that i think could rip at the fold due to frequent handling, how could i reinforce it to be sure that it doesnt eventually rip
pic rel is the book boards on the skin to give an idea of what i'm working with
for context its caligraphy work and i'd rather not let months worth of progress go to shit, i have backup plans but it wont be as nice
if no one else replies by tomorrow, i'll weigh in
No idea but bump for interest.
its not necessarily anything to do with books just anyone with decent knowledge on leatherworking

I've recently trimmed down my plum tree and ended up with some pretty thick and long ass logs of plum wood. Cutting it I noticed it's very flexible wood and googled if its suitable wood to make a shorbow from. I think I could whittle down the general shape, but does anyone general have advice/tips on bowmaking? I can borrow carpeting tools and have access to a workshop.
Make a Kyūdō bow.
You can make a bow from almost any piece of wood if you have experience, as a beginner starting with something straight with few knots makes it easier. Plum wood is quite strong, but it can be brittle and have grain running all over the place which can make it a bit hard to hard to work.

A shortbow with a light to moderate draw weight is a decent beginner project.
Making something with a light draw weight is easier, and it's also easier to shoot as a beginner. Just look for a general outline you can roughly follow and look up how to do tillering. Tillering is the hardest part to learn, do a search and look at how you would make a tillering stick and how to do it, there are loads of good illustrations.
Seal the ends, shape the limbs within .5" of the final outline to speed drying. Set it aside for a couple months before refining shape and tillering.
If you're doing recurves, bend it while it's thick and green. Leave it on the forms to dry.
File: 1616231769778.jpg (56 KB, 1000x1000)
56 KB
Plum for a recurve riser is an excellent candidate, for limbs not so much. Like >>2083841 mentioned the grain patterns are twisty and multidirectional. Wood bow staves and limb grain should be as straight as possible. A plum riser is a great start. The bow limbs can be light truck leaf springs, XC skis, or suitable spring steel.

File: 20210404_135956.jpg (2.07 MB, 2832x3228)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
Stinky carpet bathroom anon is back / Bathroom Renovation General.

Just cut a big hole to get at the plumbing.

The shutoff valves to the sinks don't work at all so I have to bypass them in order to pull the vanities out. I have to convert from PB to PEX and then connect a ball valve.
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I’d be more worried if insulation didn’t look like that.

Pyramid Steve
is this really how american houses are built?
also why would you ever put a fucking carpet in the bathroom that's disgusting
? what kind of insulation do you have.
do yourself a huge favor and replace all the PB you can get to. that stuffs a ticking time bomb
Thanks for making a general anon. Bumping for content. Keep up the work. Smart to replace the sub floor as the smell is probably coming from there. Nice of you to take such pride in your work

Most aesthetic family home thread. Hyperborean only.
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File: IMG_20210407_164455.jpg (231 KB, 1248x936)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Ah, finally found one example of the damn modern sheds. I came across it whilst walking the dog. It was something i remember seeing several times, but you don't really pay that well attention to where or at what place. but in the very back of this photo, maybe not that clear, there's a at most 20 years old shed, constructed as bindingsværk. I assume that this one was mostly for blending in with the style of the whole property, only secondly for it's benefits over a cheap softwood normal shed.

And i still can't get over how stupid those guys where, to reverse the "stormbånd". That's basic physics really. Also bad of me not spotting that actually, but eh.

Did you see the posts?
That roof looks like a dry cow pie.
Yeah it does. It was reused from another thread. The poster just demanded some resources, i just gave him some. In the other thread there was a poster much more interested, so there i bothered explaining about the seaweed roofs of this one island. It's a unique style, there's only a handfull houses like this, and when the state financed the restoration of the out of preservation intereset, it was discovered that it had fantastic insulating capabilities, it was fireproof, and a research program started to judge any viability in its use in a modern style.
I was also inspired by your earlier posts, Thanks!

do you pack lunch or pick up lunch?
lunchbox of choice?
favorite lunch?
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mah nigguh
life is a marathon, not a sprint. theres a reason for the morning break and lunch break, you get back more focused and efficient after it. i eat a banana and a raisin bread butter sandwich on the morning break and a sandwich for lunch, i rotate between egg, ham, turkey or tuna
i pack my lunch in a coleman 9 quarts cooler so i can sit on it and drink a gallon of water or more daily
>5 years ago, cold turkey, before vaping became a thing.
Vaping was huge in 2016
If you cut out the M&M’s and soda you’d lose weight like crazy

File: 3bp67iebmm101.jpg (1.1 MB, 5312x2988)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
I'm going to make a goban, and I was hoping for some advice on the making the lines look clean.

I'm pretty sure a sharpie would bleed on the plywood I'll be using. One solutions I've seen was to lay down a few coats of de-waxed shellac first and then draw the lines then finish with a poly.

Do any of you have experience with "double finishing" like this? Any other methods you would suggest for testing?
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cut the lines into the wood, paint, remove paint on the surface leaving only the paint in the cut
Routing and painting is a good way.
traditional boards have the lines drawn on by applying ink to a straight edge and then its pressed onto the board like a stamp.
I'm glad I wasn't the only one wondering. Are you going to turn your own pots as well?
Thank you for the advice, I will look into those suggestions. Paint probably would yield the cleanest lines, but I don't have a way to route straight grooves.

This will be my second wood project ever and I don't have access to a lathe, so sadly no, but maybe in the future!

File: 20210412_121852.jpg (2.77 MB, 4032x3024)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB JPG
Does anyone have any idea of something that could be used to fill in the sides of these cutouts that wouldn't look terrible?

It's supposed to be a ring holder type thing that will have words under the holes to fill in the empty space.

Some type of felt that would match the letters maybe? Both holes are about 5/16" too wide.
Epoxy wood or whatever it's called in english
If you did some felt in whatever color looks good, it would hold them better than bare wood and feel nice. I would try it, glue it in, worst case scenario you pull it out and scrape off whatever glue and try the wood filler.

That will look nice, I almost bought some lab created diamond engagement ring because it came in a fancy wood box, it was one of those “Good Vibes, No Blood” diamond companies.
I think a bit of leather would fit the aesthetic better that felt, fill in the gap, and give it a snug fit. If you're wood burning the words on you could burn the edge of the leather too to darken it and match the lettering. But thats just me guessing at what you're trying to do here.

File: 1610139915596.png (50 KB, 1151x717)
50 KB
Hello frens please help me design a new garden
>place to work on motorcycle like a shed
>lots of plants possibly on raised beds as I have bad back
>maybe place to grow herbs
>seating for at most 10 people, shielding from sun in mid summer
>rotary clothesline (removable)
>outdoor lighting
>no grass
>at least 1 connection to the public area on the right wide enough for a motorcycle

I can't work it out because I always end up with shed blocking all the light and I'm retarded and have no aesthetic abilities.Will donate €1 to the donkey santuary for every suggestion that doesn't involve gas chambers. Thank you
File: Damp Cuck Shed.jpg (252 KB, 1287x766)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
I've been working on something like this myself. So far I plan to buy the Harbor Freight greenhouse
File: Attached Dirt.jpg (48 KB, 500x333)
48 KB
Next I'm gonna attach a garden to the side. I'll only need to buy enough fencing for 3 sides since the 4th side will be the actual greenhouse. I'm going to fabricate the greenhouse a little with some wooden bracing inside, and add a second door on the side so you can exit straight into the garden. Something kind of like this, but with an actual garden and not the chairs and stuff.
You seem to have it figured out already, what do you want help with? The arrangements? Just don't block the sun with the greenhouse and you're set.
File: Kinda.jpg (147 KB, 720x540)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Sort of like this too but an all dirt garden. And high fencing all around to keep the critters out. I'll also make a door on the front of the garden so I can bring a tiller in and not have to pass through the greenhouse each time. But the side greenhouse door I add will allow me to use a water hose for the garden and then bring it inside to water the greenhouse stuff. Harbor Freight also sells a smaller greenhouse, like 6' x 8' if you have less room or you're looking for something cheaper. Either way this is a pretty simple project.

File: 20210405_162947.jpg (1.98 MB, 3264x2448)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
The house flippers and real estate sharks have finally discovered my neighborhood. I've been seeing a plethora of 'WE BUY HOMES - ALL CA$$$H' signs plastered all over the telephone poles this year, and now I find this in my mailbox. How do you all deal with these people, and get them to fuck off for good?
115 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>profited greatly
he basically brokered a millionares house, how is that not providing a service.
Also, there are mailboxes at the front of some residences, or a parcel delivery shack, which also serves as a spot for your young ones to wait for the bus in bad weather.
Sheep and most livestock graze, goats brows

What's a fun little home project I can do with science glass? I'm thinking either a fancy coffee maker à la Breaking Bad or an essential oil extractor for making scents to use with my bees wax
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nice bong, bro

Good primer on creating good notes.
Make citronella from lemongrass.

Moonshine if you are a drinker
You would not believe how much does gov jew you with taxes on alcohol
Imagine living in a country where one can freely purchase and own glassware. Land of the free indeed.

File: TRRS_with_pins.jpg (55 KB, 1200x720)
55 KB
The problem is that my computer audio gets short-circuited to the microphone input, which makes a lot of annoying noise when I try to talk with others.

Is there any way to easily fix this or I should go to an electronic shop for them to fix it?
push your jack in further, it's not seated
Most desktop computers have a separate input for microphone and headphones. While these type connectors should still work in theory, there's also a couple different standards just to screw the pooch a little more.. and I believe it has to do with ground and mic pins..

4 = Left
3 = Right
2 = Ground(or mic)
1 = Mic (or ground)

So, even if you have a 4 seg receptical, the wiring could still cause problems.

Assuming you have a 3 seg receptical and 4 seg combo plug as pic related, it will "ground" through the microphone. The way to "fix" that is an adapter that splits the lines (available from Amazon and probably various electronic shops).
already tried multiple times
That probably means the headphone jack is loose
Could be this or you've got some weird tolerances on the plug or socket
There might be stuff in the jack obstructing it. Get some toothpicks and dig around in there. Paper clip or similar also works. Use a digging motion and pull outwards to grab the stuff and remove it. I have to do this all the time because my job is dirty and my phone gets clogged up

File: wirestripper.jpg (26 KB, 759x519)
26 KB
Why do people overcomplicate homemade wire strippers?

Just do this and mount in a vice.
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They question you about where you got it?
Wire strippers are literally 2 dollars

another idiot who doesnt understand whats going on here. you cannot strip many feet of wire with a normal wire stripper you use for stripping ends to connect to devices or other wires. come back when you grow up and know whats going on here.
We turned up with two utes with "anon electrical" on the side so it was pretty clear.
Reading is free and yet you refuse to do it

File: download.jpg (945 KB, 3223x1410)
945 KB
945 KB JPG
The ceiling of my bathroom has a lot of mold and it's been like this for years

How do I get rid of it please
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
sure looks like drywall to me

whatever the material is, it has to be replaced
This is far beyond something that can be cleaned off, cleaning with bleach solves nothing at that point.

You need to remove the damaged pieces and look for additional mold and moisture damage underneath. Postponing it will come back to bite you in the ass later. Finally you need to get sufficient ventilation near the shower or it will just happen again.
spray disinfectant
let dry completely
paint over with mold killing paint/primer/barrier
install exhaust fan and always use during showers
>That’s not drywall. Shush child. You know nothing.
you're right
it's purely mold by now
Don't do this, it will only postpone the problem while the mold continues to grow underneath the surface. This is how you end up having to tear down whole rooms.

File: IMG_20210326_172232.jpg (2.28 MB, 4608x2112)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
Anyone build guitars? I'm trying to get into by putting together a SSO (strat shaped object) with some decent items. Nice maple neck, the body is poplar I think because it feels light, but it's suprisingly loud. I'm in the camp that it's all pickups with electrics anyway. tl;dr im using good electronics, tuners, bridge, etc
But I'm having a serious problem with intonation on this one. I measured tits perfect from the nut to the saddle 25-1/2" (12.75" from apex of 12th too) and the fucking strings will not intonate at any saddle position or action height. I even plugged the holes and moved the bridge once entirely to retry, still won't intonate. Not sure what the problem is.
68 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.

That's your problem. You're going with heavy fucking strings. Try 10's and re run your intonation work. Are you out of adjustment space on the saddles?
File: IMG_20210410_211031.jpg (2.37 MB, 3000x4000)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
Nice, I'd say I got it right this time
thanks for the responses.
I slapped it together and despite the neck pocket issues it's actually playable. The biggest issue is the string spacing which is somewhat alleviated by having threaded saddles
the wood is still raw and it resonates like crazy, I can't believe how well it conducts the sound
it's like the materials are there but not the craftsmanship lol. in the end i might just pay a professional to make what I want
File: 1617422101002.jpg (74 KB, 720x665)
74 KB
bumperino for an interesting thread on a semi-slow board
lol wtf, jimmy page has gone too far now

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