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File: Single mom lawn.jpg (1.3 MB, 2048x1363)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
This is the time of year when I look at people's lawns and know who the single moms are.
You can hide Single Mom Lawn all winter. But April will confirm everyone's divorcee status.

Oh, BTW, if you were born with a penis and your lawn looks like this, you may as well go ahead and start HRT and schedule your SRS, because you are clearly not a man.
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I can't imagine drinking enough s.oy to care about shit like this.
>Man up.
What does that even mean? Man up? Man up what? Up a tree? Up a ladder? Up your ass? You faggoty, crotchety old fuck?
Just die already, you geriatric piece of shit.

Everyone in the world who isn't an American boomer.
>implying lawnboomers will care
Lawns are their raison d'être, they will simply continue mowing them and blowing leafs until the death squads viciously kill them
>>Man up.
>What does that even mean?

Thank you for making my point for me.
>Clover grows painful burrs that get into animals ears and paws.

I live out in the country and my neighbors turkeys, chickens, and ducks keep crossing the field to come into my yard. I've went to my neighbors house to see if they could do something about it but they didn't answer the door. I've been shooting at them with my slingshot and for a day they didn't show up, until today. What is a way I can keep them off my property without killing them. Should mention that I have a new born and when my dog sees the animals he starts barking and wakes my daughter up.
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Just take one every now and then to supplement your diet.
enjoy your free bird dinners just dont do it too often snatch a bird and butcher it they will just blame other wildlife
Actually this sounds like a great idea.Rape the fuck out of those obese pigeons .The proper way is to use sensation enhancing lubes,so the fat pigeon became your sex slave .
File: 20210402_192825.jpg (3.1 MB, 3264x2448)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
Move back to the big shitty, where you belong. Or sell your property and move to your nearest hoa. They worry about that kind of stuff.
People like you, who harass their neighbors over trivial stuff, and who expect others to cater to and take care of them, belong in the city where they can crap up their own hood. Get your fence, train your dog, or move your butt. Those all involve YOU doing something, and not expecting your neighbor to cater to you.
this. your neighbor is basically giving you free unprocessed food and you reject it like the dumbass you are. just take the free food

File: Download.jpg (9 KB, 275x183)
9 KB
Where do I get the most fertile Land where I can live on and off for about $80k? Preferable Europe/Russia or Americas, a country with small regulation/bureaucracy.
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this is a retarded question, we live in the 21s century .. for god sake the universitys post all the ag shit online

u can be in a shithole. as long as u have water and sun. greenhouse and some sort of source of compost either tea or worms, drip iriigation, climate control the greenhouse, u can grow anything anywhere, the desert is ideal
i live in california, 1 hour away from san diego, actually la jolla, 120 to sd,

i paid 55k
37 acres
just accept shitty land,
anything can be developed, hell i have a road already and acess to highway 8

u have more than enough money, u have to call real estate agents, look online ask ask ask. hell the property their sellinng 6 in my area, only i know cause i looked them all up, some are under commercial
another thing is low ball, low ball
call the real estate agents up. says its 110 offer 78
if u offer cash, they mostly shit themselves.
no one gets loans on just land

most mobile homes can be financed for 5 grand, they are like a car payment

u are being lazy, in my opinion, i bought my property with 4k , i borrowed all of it then figured it out,, its like all balls and hard work, u live in a society where your competition is rich assswhole indians who hate their country but buy hotels here, u must be a fierce animal in the wild , dont be a pussy, also most cities have lots for sale
You don't have an actual choice between EU or the Americas and your question is so vague that tells us you're too lost for spoonfeeding and REALLY need to do your own study (as in several hundred hours) so you even know what to ask.
This. Do some research.

File: spot-micro.jpg (16 KB, 320x264)
16 KB

How do you home a servo without a servo testing tool? Is it enough to give it 5V without a PWM signal?

I'm making the parts to build this robot. I hear is you don't "home" your servos before installing them in the legs you're risking breaking the them.
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Just send it the correct PWM signal, any usecase where you want to use servos means you should already have something that can make them move. Use a spare arduino micro or some shit.
remote presence?
This guy us posting videos on the robot like every day.
File: closeup (2068).jpg (20 KB, 436x333)
20 KB

File: fingerwarmer.png (523 KB, 813x848)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
Has anyone here made finger warmers? My index fingers get uncomfortably cold sometimes, so I want to create some finger warmers. What material would be best for the mold, and how should I construct it? What brands of silicon are non toxic and fine to wear? Would I be able to heat the silicon in the microwave or with water before I put it on my fingers? Thanks in advance.
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i just remember this show
I wish I was stimpy
Are finger-condoms a good protection for finger-STDs?
who doesn't??

File: hardwood.jpg (91 KB, 642x808)
91 KB
Fist time poster. If this is a thread that is common I apologize.

I got curious and ripped up some carpet in my bedrooms. I found this hardwood underneath. I did a water drop test to see if they are treated and it appears they are. the water didn't soak through the wood.

Can't see it in the pic, but there are some areas that have this hard red substance over top of the wood. I'm guessing it's carpet glue or something. Some of it comes up with just a putty knife, but there are some areas that may need something more intensive.

How would you all go about this project? And would anyone know what kind of wood this is?

My plan was to get all the carpet removed, remove the tack strips and staples, scrape up all the carpet glue with some Goo Gone, clean and polish the floors. Am I missing anything?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fair enough.
Got some nice oak floors man. Ignore the faggot who thinks carpet is innovation. Salty bitch probably paints over nice finished oak
>Am I missing anything?
The part where you rent at least a finishing sander and re seal them.
File: 1618416188579.jpg (47 KB, 600x450)
47 KB
It doesn't look too bad as is, if you did that it might work out well. Of course you might want to rent a sander and refinish it if you wanted it to look really nice. In either case you'll probably end up putting a throw rug down in the more trafficked part of the room after a few months anyway.

>Pic unrelated.
Chemical strippers can change the color of the wood. Use a sander.

File: remediation.jpg (751 KB, 2272x1704)
751 KB
751 KB JPG
Starting a mold remediation job in my new house in which 2 bathrooms and half the kitchen will be ripped out. Not too fun. I've had four different remediation companies in the house and I liked one guy and wanted to go with him, but he raised some severe red flags to me.

1. He said that he doesn't use Kilz on the joists or subfloor after remediating because it "causes dry rot". This sounds retarded to me. He's completely wrong, right? The product is a sealant right? So no oxygen for the dry rot fungus to breathe even if it's in there.
2. He said he uses Redgard on the joists etc. Isn't Redgard only for surface application to drywall etc?
3. He said there wasn't really any technology that could be used to detect mold, but there are particle meters and thermal cameras that are used for this purpose.

If anyone knows a lot about this stuff, he wants to use a combination of Vanquish and Odoban to sanitize/disinfect all the moldy surfaces. We live right across from a lake and would rather not put chemicals in my house that decompose into extremely toxic products. I found Benefect Defcon 30 which another company recommended to me. Is it really just as good? The Vanquish apparently penetrates well into wood which is its strength, but I want to avoid the quaternary ammonium shit.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
i was going to do it myself. insurance is going to pay for it though
1. Some fungi may be obligate aerobes, if dry rot is one of them then he may be right.

3. needs context. There are ATSM methods for measuring mould concentration and mould genera. They're analytical methods that are sent to a laboratory, they require someone to spend time looking in a microscope.
He's right that there are currently no devices that can measure mould in situ, and indirect methods like particle counters and thermal imaging of wet spots is what you can do as an immediate assessment. Particle counters are pricey and tell you less about what types of mould you're exposed to.

t. Worked in mould lab and mould damaged building assessment.
Spin up an LLC and have the insurance pay you to fix your own shit
all fungus are obligate aerobes. they are actually really close to being animals. I think you mean anerobes?
Genius tier reply "150k rem job, Mr. Insurance"

File: Cabin-Plans-UT.jpg (91 KB, 600x476)
91 KB
How possible is it to live completely independently? I'm 21, and I'm starting to plan to design and build a small house/cabin with a ground floor and basement, create a system to grow my own food, etc. and hopefully become entirely independent at some point in the very near future.

Are there any good resources for people learning to live off the grid, so to speak? Or accounts of people who attempted this and recorded their process of doing it? At the very least, I'd like to start living more independently, even if it's in gradual steps.

For background, I live in the U.S., so finding a suitable plot of land in a very temperate climate is not too difficult. Although I would certainly consider migrating somewhere else to avoid conflicts with the government.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>attracts no attention from the county
County staff doesn't care about polluters until there is a complaint. If he tried to sell the lot, demolish any un-permitting buildings and the outhouse before listing.
does anyone have any tips on solar water heating? The idea intrigues me but I have concerns over Legionaries Disease...
Apparently above ~122F the legionella bacteria dies, so you just need a higher storage tank temp than that
Are you a trust fund baby? It will be easy.


Go find a job at a farm or a ranch that will let you live on the property. Save every dollar you can.
I prefer the mix the best of both worlds.
Having a simple and safe job in the town but a nice place to rest in the outer rim.
Growing my own food.
Having an glashouse to get food for a longer time period.
Having a composttoilett to keep things simple and cheap.
Small cabin.
In the summer I stay there for some weeks like 5 or 6 but then I wan`t to have the nice feeling of my leather couch under my ass again.

File: 1615848080710.jpg (40 KB, 650x650)
40 KB
Hello gents. I'm a little clueless so sorry for that. My electric dryer has started to trip the circuit breaker after 5 to 10 minutes of operation, making it pretty much useless. I've been trying to troubleshoot it as the dryer is just a couple years old.

I'm going to give replacing the circuit breaker a try. Based on googling, I checked the terminal block(where the power cord connects to the dryer) for a short. I also took the heating element out and didn't see an issue winking right in my face. I checked for a short there as well and didn't see anything. What would you do?? I'm hoping it's just the breaker. Also hoping I don't kill myself replacing it. Seems like I just need to make very sure I've switched the main disconnect and DON'T touch where power comes in from the street.
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The cable run was excessive and the gauge was too thin, the machine was meant to draw 2200w, it was drawing more like 2800 and would creep up towards 3k until it tripoed, once tripped if you left the machine on the mcb would often immediately trip again or trip shortly after if using the pressure washer whereas it wouldn't trip using the pressure washer alone, the draw was from reading it off a watt meter.

Whether the cabling killed the dryer or the gf did is pretty irrelevant given that OP might find his situation is overlapping mine for one variable or 3. Right I'm a faggot for coming back one more time I accept you're a faggot too its all good.
Before whoever spare in here paints that as just a bad wiring issue it doesn't explain why it's cooking clothes until they're smoking with a clear filter and (by then anyway) unobstructed venting.
That's just a girlfriend problem, that can be fixed
Based and redemptionpilled
After I eliminated all other causes, I increase breaker from 30A to 40A, problem solved, house is still standing. Problem started about a month after new purchase. This was the advice of an electrician.

What's a fun little home project I can do with science glass? I'm thinking either a fancy coffee maker à la Breaking Bad or an essential oil extractor for making scents to use with my bees wax
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you can thank the dixiecrats for that nonsense. Land of the Free, home of the brave!
>your property can be seized indefinitely as evidence, and liquidated before you can contest it in court
>probable cause is all they need
What the fuck is he going to do with a bunch of benzene?
Extractions? Benzene is a pretty cool chemical overall. If he has nitric acid at hand and preferably some gloves, he can make nitrobenzene (great as a fuel additive for RC cars). Pigments would also be a cool idea.
ohhh say can you seeeeeeee
find from sassafras trees
>if you know, you know

File: 1587247889548.png (142 KB, 1045x688)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Have you taken the hydropower-pill yet? This is my DIY idea for unlimited free energy for my home. It uses no electricity because it uses a ram pump and gravity to generate electricity.

Any optimization ideas? Also, share your hydro setup!
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>infinite energy troll meets diy
just add a pond or something near the house
>Proof it doesn't work
This is bullshit but it made me think, if you live near a hill, you could make a reservoir uphill, pump water in it when you have a solar energy surplus and let it out via a turbine at night or during winter. Of course there are severe drawbacks, like risk of the resevoir bursting, energy loss in transport and it being useless during heavy frost but still, buffering is the main obstacle in solar energy self reliance
If you're trying to store energy that's already in electricity form why not just use batteries. It would be very wasteful to take electricity, convert it into potential energy, then convert it back into electricity.

File: PXL_20210414_034213778.jpg (2.24 MB, 4032x2268)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG

I need a push button valve threads or trigger actuated valve that is small and can DUMP 3l of air all at once, anyone have a recommendation? Cant do a quarter turn too stiff, current sprinkler valve is too large, tried using a blowgun not enough flow, i'm looking for a 1" valve if possible

I've built a very sketchy PVC air cannon, it's sch40 solid core pipe and i've been gluing pvc for 6 years so i'm sure my joints are good, no leaks, but I wrapped the entire pressure tank in duct tape for good measure to reduce splintering and I purposefully threaded my Schrader valve into the back poorly to create a "safe" failure point on the rear bulkhead

The current trigger mechanism is a sprinkler valve that operates on a diaphragm so when air is released above the diaphragm the pressure drops and allows the air below the diaphragm to push it up and move through the pipe, i've attached a blowgun in lieu of the solenoid and it works quite well

I pump it to about 40psi and with the nerf demolisher rockets I can get some interesting results, i've played around with 10-40psi and a 1-1/2" to a 2" barrel with varying degrees of success, the rocket in the photo is a bit light however and i've ordered some Nerf Howlers but I can reliably get 50ft and can demolish a ping pong ball
3 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ill keep it in mind but it's a bit expensive for what I want, and I was looking for a small form factor, but ill keep this one in mind
dump the valve and go with combustibles.
File: gl.jpg (45 KB, 800x545)
45 KB
I'm building lots of designs hopefully something like this, stack a 1 1-2" or 1" pipe underneath a 2" pipe, fill the smaller pipe with sponges soaked in alcohol so it evaporates and acts like a fuel cell
This. Buy the whole damn thing for $75 and ditch the sketchy pvc. Screw on barrel of your choice.

well I want something that's more portable, plus its more fun to build something

File: deep in shit.jpg (2.7 MB, 4032x3024)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
>Basement apartment tub barely draining for a while
>Wake up and see sewage backing up
>Decide to run water and plunge it like a retard
>Sewage debris erupts up
>Water level doesn’t go down a millimeter in hours
>Try using the plunger in reverse to suck instead of push and that just makes the mess worse
How bad did I fuck up and how pissed will my landlord be?
316 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hope not. He's in school so he might have just been busy. If we don't get a response by tomorrow though...
This thread made me take out my trash, thanks OP, if you're still alive. I never want to end up in a situation like yours.
op needs to become a youtuber
File: 1279830226093.jpg (8 KB, 231x205)
8 KB
Thread has reached bump limit. OP if you're still alive we need a new thread with an update
>going to school like that
I'm sorry for his schoolmates, they have to deal with his shit odor

File: IMG_20210415_174527.jpg (94 KB, 859x644)
94 KB
I want to start paralell thread about problems with clogged kitchen sink. As current standards for sink threads is exceptionally low (or high), I believe we can keep this one at least tasteful.

>> pipes from kitchen sink are installed without proper slope or fall
>> the problem is cca 10m inside the pipes, where the grease hardens
>> don't put any grease (apart from normal washing) inside, no coffee, nada, zero
>> after 1-1,5 year it always clogs and can't be helped with plunger or manual augers
>> service costs me 80€

Plumber suggested:
- fill couple of buckets with boiling water and put inside sink every couple of months as prevention Y/N?
- plungers don't do nothing really
- tried hot water, followed by drain chemical,left overnight, followed by 30l boiling water. once it helped, now it is completely fucked

Think of buying electrical auger to avoid calling the plumber every year. Funny thing is that he is a cool guy, comes with his son, we solve the problem, drink a beer... at least he could bring his own beer this time.
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Well if you have to pay €80pa and chill with a plumber I wouldn't really mind. Like other anons have said, it's either this, work out a way to unclog yourself or go the whole 9 yards and redo the entire drain pipe system
>no coffee
I hope you meant coffee grounds, cuz I've been pouring coffee down the drain for close to 7 years at my place

>I just unclogged my shower with lye. A bottle is 6 dollars and the instructions are easy.

That's what many drain cleaners actually are, OP said something about chlorine earlier but that doesn't do anything to grease. Lye is cheap and powerful, the choice of a professional!
Hopefully you have better luck than >>2080379
>pipes from kitchen sink are installed without proper slope or fall
fix this first, retard

How do I overcome my fear of climbing 20'+ ladders? 20' is the highest I can comfortably work at. Anything above that is when I start sweating bullets and feel like I'm going to die at any moment. Even at 20', if the surface is something hard like concrete, I become scared. I've been working with ladders for years and still can't climb a 32' to the top.

I've worked with boom lifts (up to 80') many times and have no issues with them. I don't know if it's just something about how loose I feel on a ladder or what, but I can't climb high on them. I hate walking on roofs as well. I'm pretty paranoid and tend to be clumsy. Am I retarded? Any other anons feel like this? I hate being "that guy" who can't climb ladders, because I feel like a drain on co-workers, but whenever I try to climb high I just become useless because I freeze and hold onto the ladder like my life depends on it.
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>how do I overcome completely rational fears
destroy the brain centres that control logic and self-preservation
A fear of ladders is entirely national and common. You can try inoculating yourself with small pieces of ladder so you eventually build up a resistance to them. Failing that, you can try falling from a small distance and see if your immune system gives you resistance to larger drops.
I used to own an electrical contracting company. Without question, falling off a ladder from less than 6 feet off the floor was the most common accident.
this, or just get your ladder vaccine
File: images.jpg (9 KB, 303x167)
9 KB
>work for the council
>cast gutter looks a bit sketchy
>not feeling like working up a ladder
>request scaffold on the tablet instead
>go back 2 days later and sort it in comfort and safety

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