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File: motherboard.png (735 KB, 1024x503)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
how can i use a old laptop mother board as a "diy sbc" if it dosent have any gpio pins?
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do you have a specific use case in mind or are you just fucking around? you can use a usb port (with adapters) to do 99% of the stuff that you could with the GPIO pins
>SBCs are SBCs because they have the GPIO pins
uh no, SBC stands for single-board-computer, and has nothing to do with if it has GPIO pins
only reason most SBC's have GPIO is because of the rasp pi
Arduino, you fucking retard.
>do you have a specific use case in mind or are you just fucking around? you can use a usb port (with adapters) to do 99% of the stuff that you could with the GPIO pins

this is 100% correct. A USB adapter with nice open source drivers/libs probably already exists for what you need.

BUT worst case you can make a USB-UART to GPIO adapter yourself the size of a quarter, with any RP2040 or Arduinolike mini devboard that has a USB port and GPIO pins/drivers to your liking...I am a big fan of Ada's QT Py line
Yeah you can just connect a GPIO module. There are even some for USB.

Why is it impossible?
Not op, but on that topic
>Rpi alternatives

Do they work with all the pi "accessories", modules etc? I've been considering a few pi-or-similar products, and having all the existing screens, psu, etc accessories work would make these projects a lot easier.

File: halp.jpg (177 KB, 1536x864)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Consider the following
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OP Here
okay guys, I have a new idea, instead of using pipe to transfer hot air, I'm going to use an insulated (fiber glass insulation wrap) set of copper wires and bury one end into the sand bucket, and just hope the heat transfers 1 meter efficiently over to a set of bricks that I can put the other end of the wire under. The bricks will heat up, and the bricks will be around the cat house.
Nice, that idea is even better than the original. Good job.
Mass heat capacity of building materials
Substance Phase cP
Water liquid 4.1813
Wood solid 1.7 (1.2 to 2.9)
Gypsum solid 1.090
Asphalt solid 0.920
Concrete solid 0.880
Marble, mica solid 0.880
Brick solid 0.840
Glass, silica liquid 0.840
Sand solid 0.835
Soil solid 0.800
Granite solid 0.790
Glass, borosilicate liquid 0.753

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how about salt and a ceramic container?
>implying not just directly capturing head from the sun using a radiator and heat pipes or something

Imagine being this stupid

I'm planning to build a diy split keyboard. Is there anyone with experience about them?
I'm planning to build a Lily58 btw
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I had the same issue, everywhere out of stock but here it's available
>Don’t get duped into buying some fancy microcontroller eithe
See >>>/g/mkg/.
Handwiring is a meme. Make a damn PCB and don't use a ATMega32U4, it has fuck all flash memory. Better use a RP2040.
Too many keys
shit layout

File: 1668868022069.png (7 KB, 512x512)
7 KB
Are there jobs for this yet? I enjoy using it for designing personalized butt plugs to produce with my 3D printer, but is F360 knowledge marketable?
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I see, is there something unique about F360 that makes it favorable or is it the cheapest package that can do this?
its used because its cheap. There are much better CAM tools but they are out of most small shops price range
File: 1664560198806.jpg (469 KB, 1280x853)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
No real company uses that abomination
It was made for hobbyists, and once they got hobbyists hooked they raised the price.

Its worthless on your resume, as nobody in the actual industry uses it.
When you go to school, you learn AutoCad and Solidworks

>When you go to school, you learn AutoCad and Solidworks

I wish that were true.

I'm getting a Bachelor's in mechanical engineering, where I go the entire technical drawing course is 2 credits and can be done in any program the student wishes.

File: bizfrog333.jpg (64 KB, 976x850)
64 KB
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No it's just that the mode tradesperson is in garbage health. Drink, smoke, eat lots of shit food, neglect PPE, etc.
you're correct about the modal tradesman but no matter what you do some trades will always have long term health risks
you even absorb smoke through your skin to some extent it's basically impossible to avoid eg manganism as a welder if you do it for decades
you can lev and a ventilated mask but you're still going to be exposed to some level of toxins it's inexorable in just the same way as you're not even avoiding breathing in 100% of silica when using a stihl saw to cut concrete - the ppe that would be required just isn't practical
if you do a variety of tasks and observe good practice you can mitigate the risks but long term health damage is just a reality of working many trades
obviously this applies a lot more to metallurgy etc than being an electrician or a bricklayer
>working with toxic stuff really shortens your life
Not if you wear appropriate PPE
PPE is the last line of protection. A FFP3 mask is not magical it only provides a level of protection. You wont outright die but that isn't what happens anyway and you'll never know until you get Parkinson's or cancer whether or not you did enough and even then you wont know.
That's fair, limiting or eliminating exposure is really the only way to be sure.

You didn't fall for the pex meme, right?
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yeah, it was those "vapors" known as mice.
nah that's definitely an animal my dude. plug up the hole and put a cat under the sink idk.
>I've been to Rome and there are OG public drinking fountains supplied by the original aqueducts.. I don't know if they have been upgraded or maintained since, but the fountains themselves are ancient looking and the water comes from the mountains. Water is clear and tastes really good, they flow continuously 24:7 there is no tap just a pipe where the water comes out, looked copper.
>accidental greentext

I've been to Rome and there are OG public drinking fountains supplied by the original aqueducts.. I don't know if they have been upgraded or maintained since, but the fountains themselves are ancient looking and the water comes from the mountains. Water is clear and tastes really good, they flow continuously 24:7 there is no tap just a pipe where the water comes out, looked copper.
any other colors you want to post this in

What are the most obviously ill-fated, dangerous, comedically unsafe DIY youtube videos you've seen? Not gore, but machines that are definitely bound to CREATE gore.

Some of my favorites are the wood-splitter "machines" that people like to make:

Or the angle grinder "hacks" like this nauseating stump-grinder:
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shit dude they use to send orphan children into chimney flues to clean them out with no gear other than a broom. sure, they all died on average before the age of 23 but they got the job done.
File: this is organic.png (32 KB, 1658x669)
32 KB
a...are you saying you believe algorithms are a conspiracy theory? That an entire field of tech doesnt exist? that the massive, widely reported on abuse of algorithiums during the 2016 election is something i made up in my head? That big data and survilence capitalism is a schizofrenic fever dream I imagined!?

You geninuly believe that the front page of a website like youtube, that the things recommended to you, are based on some kind of democratic, unadulterated metric nobody can change or influence

There was a brief period early on when youtube and google video search were largely ranked by popularity/views.

The top of the charts was always a mix of cute/silly/funny videos like "baby panda sneezes" and hardcore redpill antisemitic content about how the government is part of a globalist agenda run by long nosed bankers. Needless to say, ranking videos by popularity didn't last long
File: 1674404049579718m.jpg (257 KB, 1024x615)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Calm down with your white supremacist agenda.
File: f8b.png (94 KB, 600x600)
94 KB
>It's just a fucking club on a wheel
>sounds like what you'd here before a sumo match begins
>so inefficient you need to wear ear muffs
>using his bare hands to directly push it in
nigger what are you doing

File: biofemmes.png (531 KB, 1207x765)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
undocumented /g/ migrant here, trying to modify my desk to contain my computer from a decade ago. Seems like only women work with acryllic, and only men work with wood. Do note I have said "only women" and "only men", I have not said "women only" or "men only". They are real women too, not even axe-wounds.


File: cpvc.jpg (52 KB, 640x360)
52 KB
I hope you didn't fall for CPVC meme

>gets brittle over time
>allows microorganisms to grow inside the pipe and cause sludge buildup
>uses cancerous glues
>contains halogens, which produce toxic gases when burned
>not UV resistant
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Don't they recommend that you cut cpvc with a hacksaw and not a pvc cutter if its over 4 years old that's all you need to know to never use it
>he fell for the filthy clay pot meme
yeah, angle grinder works well too
>who keeps making these threads.

what I wanna know is why the faggot mods arent removing these obvious troll threads. why trhe fuck does chink moot have open applications for janitors when none of them can do their fucking job?

nice piss jug. I usually take out the pour spout by cutting around it with a utility knife with a sharp blade

File: images.jpg (12 KB, 310x368)
12 KB
I want to start making teddy bears, any books or tutorials on how to make them?
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sorry for taking so long! here's this one tutorial i found for an adorable little teddy that's hand sewn and pretty beginner friendly!!


(eyes and nose can be swapped out for regular ole buttons and maybe an embroidered nose if you don't have/can't the materials in the video

sewing can be a bit frustrating at first, but please dont be discouraged if things don't turn out exactly like the video. be proud that you made a little friend with your own hands that has it's own unique quirks! c:

but since this'll be your first ever project, i would reeeeally recommend with starting something a little smaller if you can! these little stuffies are super, super beginner friendly, i'll reply with my spin on them!


(that channel in general has some adorable super easy mode sewing projects if you wanna check them out, captions on!)
the bear in the video doesnt quite have the same pattern as the bear you want >>2553250
but when you start skill building, you can figure out how to make patterns, if you tried!!
(my spin on the second tutorial)

i swapped the eyes for buttons, and embroided a nose and mouth! i also fashioned a lil bow instead of a hat.
oh, and i blushed him up with some eyeshadow! (that kinda thing would rub off with handling, but can be reapplied)

the sherpa fabric i got was but on the long side, so i trimmed it down to my liking, which is why he's got so many bald spots lol
you can also see how he's a lil lopsided everywhere because i eyeballed my cuts instead of drawing them out first (foundation steps matter :P)
i haven't actually tried the first tutorial yet; i haven't found the time, but i'm hoping to by the end of the month!

sorry for the multi-posting and dropping another link
(this time for some basic, very useful stitching techniques)

we know what you wanna do with it!

File: iuytred.jpg (81 KB, 684x553)
81 KB
I too do all my household maintenance in the nude, except for my wedding ring.
Ensuring prostate health.
File: imhhhh.png (724 KB, 684x553)
724 KB
724 KB PNG

File: drain.png (2.12 MB, 1174x1094)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
What is going on here on the surface of this drain pipe?
it turned inside out. weird.
Rusting through the paint, fairly common. Paint is not actually a barrier against water, just slows it down. Tap the pipe on the rust spot to see if it is still solid, if it is than wire brush that spot and paint.
its called calcium and rust buildup
Looks like the pipe has some holes in it that were plugged with something. Caulk? Plumber's putty? Tire plugs? Hard to tell with all that shit and paint on it. Pull that shit out and see what it is, then fix the pipe.

File: d3p84w4uprj81.jpg (80 KB, 700x779)
80 KB
DIY indoor kratom growing in a non tropical climate? Especially from seed. I want a ton of it as well.

I want year round kratom in a climate that can go from 90 degrees to freezing and drought depending on the time of year
dude,,,is this like a buisness thing or are u seriously that hooked on this shit
Are you the anon on /lit/ who uses insane amounts of kratom?
I can stop any time I want
honestly not even a regular user. just want to grow something that gets me high. also not trying to be a major producer of it. just want to give some to friends :)

File: 1672220314293629.jpg (73 KB, 1024x709)
73 KB
So my father died and I moved back to my family farm and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I finally got the tractor working last year and everything is bushhogged, replaced some fencing, etc. Some of his tools are old and need replacing, others are scattered about piecemeal and I have no idea what goes to what.
I've recently been cutting down a bunch of dead trees and now I have a bunch of tree stumps to deal with. I'm going to drill them, burn them, and hack them up b/c that seems fun and relatively quick. But I don't have a drill that's adequate. What type and brand should I get that will do the job and get me bay on future jobs like building above ground gardens, building a chicken coop, building a new enclosure for the old tractor, building a new deck.
holy shit this is overwhelming.
64 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Give me a job
go get a job you lazy cunt
>Time to marry a farmgirl who knows her shit and has some brothers who can help out

Mmmmmm farmgirls... my weakness!
Isn't this the plot to farmville?
mfer ova there playing stardew valley irl
He should do some fishing at first so he can get some starting money.

So Anon, why don't you incorporate and make a website? Start scheduling work and not having your bosses skim off the top? If you are good at your job and have half a brain it's easier than you think.

> got tired of making my bosses money
> started my own gig, rough start but doing really well now
> make a lot more money and work less hours
>trade is polishing marble floors and general stone maintenance, booked 4-6 weeks in advanced without advertising after 5 years
> me and one employee
>pic unrelated
50 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
age and location? No homo
I used to freelance as an embedded systems engineer. I started my career with it straight out of college (CS grad). I used to work 2 hours a day. I didn't charge much (just charged what felt right). I had tons of free time to experiment and make cool shit but i still earned more than most of my peers.
One of my clients offered to double my monthly fee if i started working for him and i took the offer.
I now work 8 hours a day. It's not worth it bros. No job is ever worth it. A salary is a drug. I'll get the fuck out of here as soon as the work becomes monotonous.
The boss is a nice guy tho

You don't need pension, insurance or any gibs. If you're half competent at WHATEVER you do, you'll do well enough financially without that stuff. You seriously overestimate the intelligence and abilities of the average joe who works a job
The State has a monopoly on violence
File: Photo1828.jpg (668 KB, 2048x1536)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
because i can't drive and like the lack of responsibility/planning that comes with just ebing a bottom of the ladder, make-stuff-in-workshop guy.
Needless to say it's worth it for the tax benefits alone, especially if you're a dab hand at forging legal insurance documents kek.
Yet just know that unless you're legal savvy at reading fine print and jargon, the big fish on occasion will walk all over you and take you for a ride with non payment.
However just know that threats of violence and if necessary violence are a changer of hearts, as equally are small claims courts given time.

To say nothing of the freedom alone to bail out of a sinking ship, and not feel compelled to go down with it is worth it in its entirety.
Not to mention nipping off early to the pub, without being tracked is exceedingly based in its own right.
Indeed some of my best earners and job experiences, have been from when I was doing plant room fit outs as my own boss.
Yet don't think you need a fancy van through, a shitbox loaded to the roof will suffice.
Given that most materials can be delivered straight to the site anyway.

Whilst the lack of job security and high startup with tool purchases isn't for everyone, I implore every tradesman to at least try it once.
As even if it all comes crashing down in flames with no survivors, you will still walk away with invaluable business and tax acumen lessons that not even the most prestigious universities on earth can teach.

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