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Any oil workers here? I figure this is the only board here that some of you would work on. I’m wanting to enter the field, which jobs are easiest to get hired for? are roustabout, floor hand, and roughneck the same job? I’d like to work in a rig at some point, off or on shore, but am willing to start at the bottom and try to move up to an intermediate spot. I have no truck driving or welding experience or any experience with industrial settings.
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I appreciate the suggestion, however, a year or two to get to 20-30 bucks doesn’t seem worth it when at 17.50 or whatever as a bottom level guy, you will get that wage with your overtime. Not trying to sound unappreciative, I will probably still look into it out of curiosity to see if it makes sense.
Yeah you're missing where with $25-30 you get $38-45 on overtime, of which there is lots of because its seasonal so this fact is compounding and important in oil and gas.

You are also building a hard skill that carries value in more than one sector, giving you more than $17.50 as a skill less pisshead that can't find any serious work off season because no skill set.

You don't seem to know much about oil and gas. It's the good old boys. Do you have contacts and proper connections in the field? No, or you wouldn't ask here. Why would these companies hire an unknown schmuck for the $17 skill less job that their sons friends can do. Guess what? They won't hire you. You need to have a value, a reason why they should hire an unknown quantity. Being skill less is being powerless and having no bargaining power.

"Yeah but I have experience with such and such."

>show me the certs
most oilfield jobs pay shit on a $/hour basis. you just work a shit ton of hours to make "good money."
Roughneck is shit. You do hard labour in long hours with and make less than the average salary. Thats why they hire mexicans to do that on texas oilfields. Instead, work with the technology used in oil extraction. My friend is an instrumentation technician on an off shore oil field and makes a lot of money plus benefits.
workover and drilling rigs hiring in williston ND right now between $24-30/hr

This is the gay that was gonna make gothic armor but not see thread:javascript:quote('2229975');
Ok fine i won't make gothic armor anymore i'll just make some other armor then and i'll upload photos of it on each piece i make it going to be simple suit of armor now
the type of armor i am going to make now it going to be Wasteland Gladiator type of armor and there will be plywood in it and old car tires and metal.
>I can git plywood pretty much at any hardware store i'm going get car tires at a place where they have car tires that are old and use for free the metal i'm gonna use that can be hardened.
>I am still going to use it for sparring in hema and larping and maybe some physical exercise on the side.
like it it: >>2229975
Sounds badass
Why does that faggot have a commie logo on his shield? That's gay
I think you're not going to do this either, because it is still a lot of work and you seem like a pussy.
Having said that, if you are really interested in armors, take the time to read articles or books about armor making first, they are out there. See videos. Start small, with easy parts and few tools. You grow from there.
People did this for centuries, learn from them.

File: abell-045.jpg (228 KB, 1000x964)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
>" For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God."
- Hebrews 3:4

>" Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it."
- Matthew 7:24-27
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God will help you. Pray for strength to become a different more productive person and not be a whining cunt. Your situation is no fault of others. Pray for wisdom instead of envy, intelligence instead of dumbassery, and understanding instead of ignorance.
can we eat crabmeat?
it's not what goes in to your mouth that makes you unclean, but posting off topic garbage on diy (this thread).
only imitation
File: 4ff.png (490 KB, 475x792)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
>wish God would tear downland lords

File: goose.jpg (64 KB, 600x600)
64 KB
I need to make someone move out of their house.

My girlfriend shares a two bedroom house with a prototypically bad roommate. Her roommate, a 21 year old woman, is probably suffering a mental breakdown, and I am concerned for my girlfriend because I believe her roommates behavior is causing her undue stress.

The roommate smokes weed and lays on the couch or sleeps for most of the day. She's most active from 4pm-4am when she invites her friends to hang out at the house, daily. They typically smoke weed and chat, which disturbs my girlfriends studying and sleep. One of the friends has essentially moved into the house, sometimes coming over when no one is home. Besides this, the roommate is dirty (Ieaving food and such behind the couch for days), smokes weed inside, and is frequently late in paying for shared financial responsibilities (she has a job, but spends all of her money on doordash and weed). She has agreed to change these behaviors, but as expected has not and is the type of person to brag openly about her negative qualities (lying, slovenliness, etc) as if to say "I'm so great I can get away with being a bad person". Recently, my girlfriend was taking a proctored online exam and had asked not to be interrupted, and the roommate of course entered loudly with her friends and told my girlfriend to go to her bedroom mid-exam. I could go on, but suffice to say her roommate is inconsiderate. We have exhausted polite options, as any requests for change in behavior are seen as criticism and met with vitriol. It is abundantly obvious that her roommate is depressed, but my girlfriend's most sincere effort to get her to see a therapist failed.

So, how can I make this girl move out of her house? Smoking inside is clearly breaking rules of the lease, but my girlfriend has said that she doesn't want to go that route, and by that I think she means she doesn't want to do anything obviously spiteful to make her leave.
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call cops on her lol
Electronic dog chaser aimed at where she sleeps. Also White House emitter when you guys go out.
police aren't going to come by for that lmfao

>So, how can I make this girl move out of her house?

Who owns the house?

Tell that person what is happening there, ask them to kick the person out.
tell your GF to make it known that she is not renewing the lease with her.
depends on who pays the bills, that person will have the upper hand to kick the other person out.

File: IMG_20211020_173648.jpg (96 KB, 973x441)
96 KB
For the amount of money stuff costs it should no be intentionally made to break.
The plastic gear's in this expensive ebike motor exist as a stupidity tax.
There is no reason to use plastic this isn't a toy car.
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>Load of unsprung weight
Just increase sprung weight, ratio is what matters.
>terribly inefficient (1kW to maintain 26mph le mao)
You're either chinked (i.e. internal resistance is high). Or chinked (i.e. magnets are used shit). Or chinked (distance between magnets and stator is too big due to chinks using thinner magnets)
Or motor is simply not rated for power you're trying to extract from it.
Because direct drive is efficient as fuck, no losses in chain, better traction characteristics (I really didn't like how mid drive feels) and most importantly, they are absolutely fine getting 1,5X rated power going in them, because they are massive things. Motor braking is also a possibility, which is a nice thing, because bike brakes are shit.

With hub motors your ideally want PMSM FOC controller though. With small shitty mid drive - it wont make a difference.
I didn't think about geared hub motor considering only mid drive for myself, but obviously yes, that clearly doesn't apply to geared hub.

Personally I'm considering only hub direct drive or mid drive to convert my bike. Ideally I'd like 2 low power direct drive hub motors. My usual trips are not around busy streets so I can do the acceleration myself (legs+gears) and let the motors keep a high(er) cruising speed at low or no effort.
Unfortunately 250W hub motors only come geared.
>Unfortunately 250W hub motors only come geared.
Nope. you can get direct drive 250W hub motor no problem.
>a well regarded company like bosch
well regarded by your grandpa maybe, bosch is literally garbage 99% of the time. their main cash cow right now is planned obsolescence in car parts. your ignorance isn't pertinent to anything
That's interesting, I've never seen it before, thanks anon.

File: PVC-clear-hose-1.jpg (36 KB, 1000x1000)
36 KB
I stole two transparent PVC hose (I don't remember even where), and shit was working fine as garden hose... Until I decided to make a watering system (basically PVC pipe with holes) and attach quick connect so I can use it with water pistol thingy...
None of fucking connection (not 3/4 BSP to hose, not between hoses) were leak-free.
I tried tightening hose clamps, I tried wrapping teflon under hose bib thing - nothing.
How the fuck am I supposed to connect it?
What dimensions do normal garden hoses have?
Like this one is probably 12.5mm ID (because 3/8 copper pipe fits snugly) and OD is probably 16 mm.

I live in BSP water and gas threads, NPT air threads, metric plastic pipes and imperial copper and steel pipes shithole if it matters.
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Now steal a lathe and kidnap a turner( person who turns stuff) to make your own adapters
I tried stealing lathe but it was too heavy, even considering that everything stolen is half the weight.
> kidnap a turner( person who turns stuff)
No, I would rather steal all cutters.
Update: that PVC hose exploded when exposed to city pressure.
So I had to steal garden hose, which came with all needful accessories, which are chinkshit but would do.
I work with hoses full time. The fitting probably isn't crimped on it right.
meh, hose wasn't rated for mains pressure. It was fine as simple open-end garden hose (as there is no pressure and thing is pretty flexible), but when i attached ball valve on the end and fixed all leaks in the connections, shit just bursted.

File: 1633976306651.jpg (1.18 MB, 2000x2000)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
Is it best to have a planer, jointer, and bandsaw before investing in a cnc? I know it's possible to "mill" stock with the cnc but it seems a bit wasteful in some cases. Maybe just rough cutting with a table saw and/or bandsaw would suffice then surfacing with the cnc to get a smoother surface. Anyone?
Get a piece of MDF, hot glue the work to it, and you'll get a flat surface for the planer. The ends will be perpendicular to that surface with a miter saw or table saw, and the sides can be run with cnc with a G01 side mill program that can be hand jogged, or a ripping jig for a table saw. You can work around needing a jointer quite easily.

File: LED3_2MA.png (67 KB, 675x633)
67 KB
Why can't i just solder 2 leds to usb? Why do i have to put resistors in the thing too? I don't even understand resistors, while if i just connect 2 leds to usb cable, they just glow. Isn't that fine?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

>i'm not trying to be pedantic this is a common confusion for learners i'm just trying to clarify.

Not a problem, as I indeed am a learner :'D
polarity, voltages, and amp ratings are for pussies just hook them up to mains it will work fine.
File: diode curve.png (40 KB, 1000x1000)
40 KB
>I don't even understand resistors
They resist the flow of current. It's linear and inversly proportional. That is if the resistance doubles, the current is cut in half.

Diodes aren't linear like that. It has to reach a certain voltage(electrical potential or pressure) before current even starts to flow, then small changes in voltage lead to big changes in current. pic related.

To find the value of resistor to use:
1) find the voltage that's going to be across the resistor
Subtract the LED forward voltage from the source Voltage.
So, if the LED forward voltage is 3V and the supply is 5V, the resistor voltage would be 2V. (the voltage drops in a series circuit add up to the supply voltage)
2)calculate the resistor value using ohms law
Voltage = current * resistance
resistor voltage = 2V, (from above)
resistor current = LED current from specs. I'll use 20mA for this example
resistor = Voltage / current = 2V / 0.02A = 100 ohms

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: iu[1].jpg (49 KB, 411x543)
49 KB
thats all you need to know
learn ohms law, electricity flow (how many amps something will receive) is dependent on the supplied voltage and the impedance of whatever you're energizing.

Now it is possible to have a power supply that can't supply enough amperage, but it will never supply more amps than what a component can draw. However yes if you hook up a 5v component to 12v power supply, heh, its gonna get 12v and thusly way more current than its rated for.

learn ohms law

File: 1491431181219.jpg (61 KB, 500x332)
61 KB
Thread for tips and ideas on how to save money every month.

I bought a new home this year, and my bills are dumb high. Just paid almost $300 for the last month's usage.

These are the things I'm looking to do next year:
>tint all of the windows to lower thermal radiation
>replace the water heater (it's almost dead anyways)
>replace the AC units (also almost dead)
>maybe buy a solar setup for the roof, but that shit is like $20 USD.
House is two story, 3000 sqft. Has split AC setup, 3ton bottom 2ton top. What is a good AC brand I should use? Thinking carrier or train.
Have a wood stove.
Have over 6" of insulation in the attic and it's fresh.
I'm in central TX near a lake. Weather is pretty good here most of the time (no tornadoes and lake rains during the summer).

Any other ideas?
53 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
After doing some looking around I think I'm going to go with this one:
A.O. Smith Signature 900 50-Gallon
I see it's highly rated on a lot of sites, but this review really sold me.

>I bought one to replace my parents old water heater. I've dont my research and decided to go with this model. I installed it for them and it was fairly simple. Took about 3 hours from start to finish. They had hot water within an hour. Here's were it get interesting! I have a power monitor on my home as well as my parents home. I noticed it was using around 318 watts in hybrid mode. The elements only kicked on for about 45mins on the initial start up. Since then, They have been only using the heat pump. It will run for about an hour after a shower at 318 watts. With the standard water heater it would use 4800 watts for about 30-45mins. I can see the power savings live! I decided to replace mine too! Ive been monitoring it for the past week and the elements have only kicked on one time. There was 3 showers within 45mins. We never ran out of hot water and it did its job! You really cant go wrong with one of these units! The noise is not a problem. It's no louder than an older refrigerator. On the plus side of saving energy, I no longer need to run my dehumidifier since this unit will dehumidify as it runs! There's another 700w saved in energy! Again, I highly recommend this 50 gallon hybrid water heater! For the record, I was not asked or paid to write this review! It's just that good of a unit!
Yes, some devices draw power in a stand-by mode rather than completely turning off. DVR, TVs, and cable boxes are the worst offenders here. It could save about $20-30 to unplug when not in use.
Is the Tesla solar roof thing a good deal? Anything I should know about solar in general before I start investigating it seriously?
I heard that some places you can't sell excess energy back to the grid, is that a provider thing or municipal?
The ROI is usually decades unless you live in some shithole with $0.50/kwh electricity. Most electricity distributors are really picky when it comes to backfeeding into the grid and yeah sometimes they won't let you. When they do they will pay you $0.01/kwh.
Thanks, fuck that then. It's already more expensive than my current bill even if I go with their smaller option. Wouldn't break even for like 13 years.

File: stainless.jpg (65 KB, 580x435)
65 KB
Why don't people just cough up the extra little bit at the start of a major undertaking, bridges or whatnot, and make as much of it as possible out of stainless? The amount you would save in maintenance would have to be exorbitant.
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>Srsly tho this is completely irrelevant for huge state funded construction projects where running at least 100% over budget at the end is the norm
So you're the stainless steel salesman that wants them to go 200% over budget?
>So you're the stainless steel salesman
Sadly not but as a citizen/taxpayer i don't care if they waste money on good materials if they waste a lot more on stupid shit and planning mistakes anyway
Someone's going to fuck up something anyways, so you'll forever be remembered as that guy who wasted money promising less maintenance but didn't deliver on it. Might as well just go for the cheapest up front option and embezzle the rest.
>The amount you would save in maintenance would have to be exorbitant.
>there's a type of steel used on some bridges that will rust a bit and then that layer is stable and acts to protect it from further corrosion.
Corten steel. It's pretty good in the right places, but anything made out of it rightfully gets the post-apocalyptic look of a rusting pile of junk and stains everything around it. Also there were cases when it failed to weather properly due to stuff in the local air (pollution, sea salt, etc.) and proceeded to rust to all fuck.

File: little bastard.png (308 KB, 514x410)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
Hey dudes
My washer got overloaded and stopped agitating properly. I replaced the dog agits and the drive motor coupling but when I spun the "gear case drive shaft" (pic related) with my hand clockwise, it seems to have locked up the agitator and now the machine won't spin or agitate at all. I don't really know much about this stuff, did I lock up the transmission or did I effect the clutch at all? When I spin the it now it can spin counter-clockwise but not clockwise and the agitator won't spin in either direction.
Here's the video for reference

tl;dr I rotated something I probably shouldn't have and now my washer is more broken than it was. What should I do, pls halp
The transmission likely locked up and that is was broke the coupling in the 1st place.
File: 1607521913663.jpg (46 KB, 563x565)
46 KB

This thread seems relevant but I'm pretty dumb
It seems like I'll have to dissemble it but I was looking for a shortcut as well. I'm just not sure what the main course of action should be.
Any tips would be appreciated

That's the thing, the coupling didn't seem to be broken.
What should I do/can do to unlock the transmission? I tried running it on spin or wash mode and it didn't move at all or release in anyway. I don't want to try again and have the tub fill up especially if it's not going to go through the cycles and drain the water.
What a pain,
Thanks for the input though.
I have one of these washers, it wouldn't spin because some contacts in the rotory switch would weld together and prevent the motor from turning off for like 5-10 seconds to let the clutch disengage before switching the motor into reverse to spin the drum. I changed the clutch, coupler and lid switch before figuring it out. I found a new rotory switch on eBay for 90 bux expensive little assholes. I remember I had to put the clutch back together an a specific way or it wouldn't work correctly, this might be your problem.

Also washing machines often have one way bearings so it's not unusual to find a shaft that spins one way but locks up when you try to spin it the other way.


File: s-l500.jpg (34 KB, 500x500)
34 KB
want to turn this into lead white, and then the lead white from that into red lead
what all do i need? currently i figure
>large container or multiple jars
>fermenting liquid for co2
>something that i can heat it with to a specific temperature
does this seem sound?
53 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hey bud, can you tell me if water will evaporate if left out at room temperature? It sure seems to depend on the partial pressure of the water in the air doesn't it(Humidity). Unfortunately, as we normally don't have liquid lead around, there isn't a partial pressure for lead that we have a term for, and it is called lead vapor for that reason. When you have liquid lead, the partial pressure of lead in the air(or lead humidity) is zero, so some of the liquid lead will evaporate to aid in the transfer of heat(and raise the partial pressure of lead in the air).
He has congitive disabilities from all the lead fumes he's been huffing. Your facts and logic have no power over him.
File: Untitled.png (2 KB, 268x86)
2 KB
did you bother to look at pic related before you posted? or do any basic math? or do you think just posting partial pressure over and over again somehow makes you right?

you're a dumb kike who watches too much ben shapiro
New player has entered the game, and will try to "do the math". Your chart shows that lead has a vapor pressure of 1 Pa (standard atm is about 101,000 Pa) at 978K or 1300F; lead melts at about 621 F, so the vapor pressure of melted lead is likely to be very low if the temperature is not excessive.

No level of lead is considered safe, but almost everyone has some lead in their system, especially those old enough to have been around lots of leaded gasoline.

So, I tend to agree that melting lead without using excessive temperature is not going to affect your health unless you concentrate the vapor and inhale it often, so use care if you want to melt lead and you should be ok. Just keep your kids away.
Cool it with the antisemitic remarks.

What does /diy/ pick for their floors and kitchen countertops.

I'm thinking Piso tipo Madera y Cocina granito Blanco. Y ustedes?

File: LED helmet.gif (2.11 MB, 250x250)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB GIF
After seeing the Razer Zephyr, and realizing it was a piece of shit, I now want to construct a mask like picrel. The problem is, I know jack shit about electronics. Does anyone have any advice for this endeavor?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Check out Arduino. I'm not sure how much you can avoid learning basic electronics if you're interested in building an electronic device, but software controlled signals might help you test the waters. Some people use it for cosplay, there might be more than a few tutorials for it out there. On the other hand, I think 'look mum no computer' had some videos explaining LEDs, logic gates, matrices... that would probably be cheaper and he's fun to watch.
learn minecraft redstone
You won’t be able to wear it anywhere anyway. Even if you had a hermetically sealed fishbowl strapped around your head they’d still tell you you needed to put on a paper surgical mask.
Iv never done it or anything like it, but to me the hard part would be getting the rest of it looking decent.
Id use an android tablet or phablet for the screen.
Hardest bit will be making an app that responds to your voice to animate the mouth and movements for the head, but it's all doable.

File: bidet 2.jpg (153 KB, 1242x1217)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Hello guys, how can i drill a 2 mm hole longitudinally through a 2 cm steel screw more efficiently?

I only have a hand drill and i broke 2 drill bits until now, that already were dull and didn't do anything. What am i doing wrong? Why are my drill bits becoming dull so fast? How much is it supposed to take to drill through 2 cm? Do i need to put oil on the drill?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Why are my drill bits becoming dull so fast?
When you get them you should heat treat them with a blow torch and then quench them in cold water or oil. It will make them harder and last longer. This goes doubly for cheap drill bits
You're probably getting it too hot, that's what's dulling them so fast. Oil will help to an extent, but you need good feed pressure, without going sideways on it since it's gonna break again. Just get a drill press, even the cheapest chinese garbage ones are miles better than a handheld drill. Try going a bit slower on RPM, although for a 2mm bit 1600RPM shouldn't be that much.
A lathe would make simple work of this.

Don't "heat treat" your bits. You'll just fuck them up. Get some good quality cobalt bits and they should drill through anything not retardedly hard easily.
Electrochemical machining would make stuff a lot easier. But to note that even though you can achieve a very tiny hole, surface finish would be shit for DIY setup
Disregard that moron. Bits are heat treated properly during manufacture and cheap drill bits are trash carbon steel so don't buy them (for anything).

Instead, anneal the screw with a torch or stove ring or whatever (vidyas show steel color temps) then it will no longer be hard and will be much easier to drill. OP appears to be making an orifice where strength is not critical.

If doing something important it's probably cheaper to have a machine shop drill hardened screws using their equipment and a solid carbide drill bit, but those snap too easily in hand drills.

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