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File: new_house.png (1.81 MB, 923x791)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
Hello DIY!

My wife and I are looking to buy our first home. We found one we love, but there is a culvert pipe running onto the property. The ground it drains towards seems it has a lot of wet land vegatation. Our realtor said it would be a big problem if we were to buy the home.

But we arent sure. It seems to follow a ditch around the home, and certainly there must be something that could be done to direct the water safely away from the house.

I have attached an aerial photo of the house. You can see the dtich that cuts under the drive away, and starts at a culvert pipe from the street.

What do you think? Would this really be a problem?
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It should be. What is damp in good weather can become far worse in storms.
File: arial ph.png (1.16 MB, 923x791)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Is this showing the drainage correctly?
Yeah that is right.

Regarding that circle. Im not sure. I think the property has a well and a septic tank
The water flow right to it, this is not desirable for a well or a septic. But it looks more like a storm drain pump station to me.
Ok so I do construction like this all the time. Your water shed looks fine. I would like to know where the culvert is shedding from. If it is just shedding road water, it isn't a big problem. The down hill appears to be northwest in the picture. The space in the north of the picture will probably form about 2-3" of water in heavy rain. Had a house do that before. The house appears to be built on the high ground. So you cannot improve the property in the north without altering the water shed.

>Tl;dr get a water-shed map

File: FH12OCT_GRTSAH_08.jpg (15 KB, 378x350)
15 KB
I don't have the money for a mitre saw at the moment but I do have a rip saw. Is there a way to cut the length of a 2x6 to 13° ?
pic related
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File: images (7).jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
This fella has them 4 cuts made before you have even found your earplugs or a socket for your circ saw to ruin those cuts with.
Just draw it out on the wood, clamp it up in your workmate (if you don't have one, fuck spending on a circ saw and get a workmate) and make them cuts any angle you want.
Everyone started somewhere
places like home depot will cut your lumber for you
draw it with a pencil and freehand it you mong
use any tool you find appropriate, hand saw, circular, table saw
File: 1413782744090.jpg (21 KB, 218x265)
21 KB
Yeah, tell Home Depot to make two 13 degree rips on a four foot 2x6.

File: gamergirl_monitor.jpg (56 KB, 1280x960)
56 KB
herro ^-^ gamer girl here, i decided to paint my monitor pink to match my aesthetic. whatchu all think?
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Looks terrible. Can you untape the screen?

Being a girl that is probably above her skill set.
You will never be a woman.
why wouldn't you? it's not like you could see the dick in a tit pic.
Because trannies only think they look like girls when they are smack in the middle of the uncanny valley. Tranny tits are just offputting.

File: file.png (633 KB, 790x433)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
>start out giving good tips on how to do stuff.
>start building house
>show nothing, only shill get a good sub contractor...
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You cannot learn anything! Whoever is cutting his videos (I'm guessing his son) is a total fuckhead. He shows a bunch of disconnected bits and pieces of people working on something. And then throws in a bunch of stats/quotes/factual bits of info and calls it a video. Oh, and scenes of his kids/family.

I can't stand those pretentious fucks. They're all high on their own farts.

You inept retards need to learn how to provide a fucking link. Yes I know how easy it is for EVERYBODY ELSE to search for something YOU are suggesting.

"hey man, there's a great restaurant you should try!"
"cool, where is it?"
"fuck off loser, you can drive all over town and find it. I'm not spoonfeeding your lazy ass"
the word you're looking for is "entasis" - egyptian columns are notoriously fat looking. it's just a visual effect to make a column look taller than it actually is. the curves in greek and roman columns were a lot less pronounced when compared to that of the kangz, but pretty much all proper columns have some form of entasis. that being said, EC needs to have his vision checked
File: Capture.gif (120 KB, 1162x909)
120 KB
120 KB GIF
>Do it for me /diy/
Goodluck with that bro. Sounds like you don't belong in /diy/ if you can't or won't look up a name on youtube.

File: IMG_20210111_150137.jpg (647 KB, 1080x1580)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
It's this part of a drill easy to change for a new one? Or do I have to get the whole motor replaced?

The teeth are totally worn out and no longer make contact with the gear.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I will get a new one, and I will build a small bench grinding tool with it this one.
Rotor (the part you need) and stator (the part the rotor is going through are usually two separate spare parts, no point buying both if the stator windings are fine. Also, those have tiny bearings (way too fragile for a bench grinder) and go retarded fast. It's a waste of time to try to repurpose it. Just bite the bullet on a $30 part and get back to poking holes in shit :)
What make/model of drill? Might not be worth rebuilding if replacement parts are impossible to find or too expensive.
It is average chinese shit. Together with the rotor you have to replace the second gear and axle bushings at least. It's worth it?
Those are the cheapest hammer drills money can buy, they are 14€ at the local big chain hardware store.
Next thing to fail will be the switch or the winding insulation.
Just sell it to your local scrapyard.

File: images (1).jpg (23 KB, 427x718)
23 KB
Hello /diy/ im going to start a personal project, carving pine wood figurines but i know almost nothing about the type of knives or tools i should use, my budget is limited so i tought about buying an old timer 240t, ive heard mixed opinions about it, some people say to go straight to the point and buy a mora knive, which is the best option for a beginner like me? Also, thanks in advance!
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Nigga the blades are crooked on the 12-piece set.
There are things you get at aliexpress and things you don't.
Knifes you just don't.
They're still available for like 7 euros at Hornbach...
When you buy a TwoSun knife on auction from ebay you get a knife worth $140~180 for $70~$90.
Even after VAT they will still be cheaper than in the US.

They probably are stil $7 most everywhere but here. There is a weird obsession going on with them here and people truly believe these are some great knives when they are absolutely nothing special, just a good quality fixed blade utility knife that is cheap enough to lose.

File: earth1.jpg (74 KB, 840x840)
74 KB
I'm looking to build a small spaceship that will be able to leave the atmosphere and return some pictures (just to verify that it did, in fact, leave atmosphere), but I have no idea where to even start looking for any real designs. I understand all the general concepts of dropping fuel canisters, trajectory, and I'm somewhat familiar with circuitry and low-level programming, but I'm just not sure where to start. Does anyone know any sources where I might be able to find a lead on a design I could roughly follow (though probably on a smaller scale)? General suggestions also very welcome.
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Bump. would like to see more info due to interest and i was thinking about doing a similar experiment
>start collecting car batteries by any means necessary
Already begun.
These guys had some videos on how they built their rocket (the vid rel is their launch). Idk if they removed it though. In theory, it's pretty simple, just build a glorified r candy rocket with a bunch of phones and a gps strapped to it. But in practice, there's a lot of testing needed (like material resistance, nozzle shape, type of fuel, aerodynamics, etc. It's a shitload of work).
But before you do that, you REALLY need to talk to the authorities about your project, so they know that you're not a terrorist or some other thing. Not only are you dealing with worryingly large amounts of pyrotechnics, there is a real risk that you could hit a satellite or have the rocket crash on somebody's house and injure/kill them.
You absolutely need to talk to everyone that is even remotely related to your project and let everybody know about your intentions. I cannot emphasize this enough. Because if you don't inform them and you proceed with your project, it will absolutely show up on some radar (not to even mention accidentally hitting some weather balloon, satellite or some poor chump's house, or having the rocket turn into a gigantic pipe bomb and go boom in mid air). And it's not gonna be the police knocking at your door. It's gonna be the military.
>there is a real risk that you could hit a satellite
Welcome to the 4chan space program.

File: image1.jpg (2.83 MB, 3024x4032)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB JPG
>be me
>burn paper
>near tree
>1kg of paper and plastic shit
>left overnight
>result is image
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Depends, when measurements are personal, they are in Imperial, especially in Quebec.
Literally no one will say their height/weight in metric out here, not even the young ones.

On a different note, I once had an argument with a STEM guy about metric and Imperial but we ended up agreeing that Imperial measurements such as PSI are easier for Joe Blow than pascal simply because their meaning is right in their name. Same for lbf vs N or ft/lbs vs N/m.

Truth be told, both systems should be taught at school as it would give an IRL application to school math.
53 13/16"
Easy. See my post >>2003255. Imperial helps a lot in learning fractions.
>Easy. See my post >>2003255. Imperial helps a lot in learning fractions.
Imperial is better because it helps you to learn fractions, shit 5th graders supposed to be fluent in. Excuse me, where do you think you are?
>be retard
>set tree on fire
>wonder how it happened

This has to be bait you have to be trolling
A frog would

File: tinfoil[1].jpg (59 KB, 800x533)
59 KB
Does tin foil really protect electronics from a potential EMP from the Sun?

There are Faraday cages and boxes, but aren't they the same thing? Is there a cheap way to build one of those in my basement?

I wanna protect my hard drives. They carry the history of our race and tons of memes.
Shielding needs to be well-grounded and have no large gaps
"Large" meaning larger than 1/8" or so
Put strong magnets around them, just take care to orient them the same way (same polarity). Strong enough magentic field will repel any EM fields you might be worried about.
+1 for neodymium magnets just to be safe

Hello people,
I have to make a device that has to be powered by AC 220V for 350W~ of power, that would be about 1,5A of current. It must have ground but no polarity is fine.
I am in need of a compact plug/socket for having the device "cord free-ish", meaning I can detach the power cord, like a desktop PC power supply.
What is the smallest socket/plug standard I could use? Something that is standard so i can replace it if something breaks. Socket must be mounted into a thin metal panel. Pic somewhat related.
I guess the IEC C5 and IEC C6, like in your picture are your best option.
Look into STAS connectors if you want something rugged/watertight/mil-spec

File: maxresdefault.jpg (113 KB, 1280x720)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
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File: image0.gif (2.09 MB, 480x268)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB GIF
haha, are those harbour freight jacks?
Worse. They're chinese amazon jacks. I wouldn't use them under my car.
If you're going to drill holes all the way down, I'd put 6x6's for the uprights. The diagonal bracing is a lot more important than you probably think. I have a shade structure with multiple 6x6's sunk 4 feet in the ground and I got lazy and never did the diagonals - you can tell the difference. JB Weld washers in place to buff up the bolt heads being used for hooks.

Honestly as I'm thinking this over, if you have to ask, you probably shouldn't make this. It would be perfectly safe at 80% correct, but I've seen people do some really dumbass shit and call it good. If you haven't earned the skills required to build it, you probably shouldn't stick your neck in the guillotine.
each board is held together with about a dozen 4.5" screws into the next boards. when resting, the bar sits almost entirely on an upright 2x4. the planks beside that 2x4 are basically only there to serve as guides. regardless, if I'm ever putting actually serious weight onto this and I'm not confident it will hold (which I am now), I'll probably be in a position to upgrade in some capacity anyway.
I am the original structural engineer that posted. I got a bachelors degree in civil engineering. Then I worked for two years under a licensed engineer, and was able to take 3 tests, which made me a licensed civil engineer. Then I worked for 3 more years under a licensed engineer, and took 4 tests, and became a structural engineer. I am in California, which, along with Illinois, New York, and Japan, has the most rigorous requirements to actually become a structural engineer. One of my coworkers did mechanical engineering in college, and switched over to structural engineering. The physics and math is all the same, so you're good to go. It's just learning the codes that takes all your effort after college. To take the tests, you have to prove you've been doing responsible, relevant work in your field, get several licensed references, and pass the tests. Not really a big deal, it just takes many years.

File: 20210113_164643.jpg (960 KB, 2880x2880)
960 KB
960 KB JPG
Hello /diy/, I live on a 7 acre farm that aside from the pasture has a decent amount of trees and as a result I have alot of squirrels on my property.
Since the squirrels are my bros I built this decent size squirrel house out of scrap wood I had lying around.
There's a dead tree on my property close to the house that forms a "Y" shape about 8 feet off the ground that I was gonna cut off and nail this onto there. The whole in the floor is for the squirrels to climb in and out of the house.

Tell me /diy/, how did I do?
19 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Based and squirrelpilled.
Maybe squirrels like that
File: img_6284.jpg (844 KB, 1227x1117)
844 KB
844 KB JPG
>Yeah something about housing vermin is making me uneasy.
If squirrels had hairless tails like other rodents like mice and rats, instead of bushy tails, we'd collectively have a very different level of comfort with them living around us.
File: smug cat.jpg (20 KB, 340x527)
20 KB
cats eat vermin, they are bros
there is even theory that domesticating cats made it possible for humans to develop farming and store crops over winter
>I was asking about the general quality of the build
It's 2x4's and random scraps of plywood/osb thrown together with drywall screws. The build quality could not really get any lower unless it was physically unable to keep from collapsing.

File: IMG_20210114_102300.jpg (2.21 MB, 2160x3840)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
I made a pull up bar over a couple of days using only hand tools. It's about 220cm, very sturdy.
The base is made out of an old bed I found on the nature strip, and the uprights are old timber I got from a construction site.
The only cost was the metal bar, some brackets, and a hammered finger.
What do you think? Am I shit? Should have used power tools? I didn't finish it correctly? Should post in /fit/? Am I a faggot?
Tell me all about it.
yeah, you know, it's good for homos.
Looks pretty good, functional for its purpose.

Strongly consider adding 45˚ angled braces where the long vertical pieces meet the base. Would make it a lot stronger.

You probably don't need those weights stacked on it since nearly all the force is straight downward.

its kind of shit but unironically better than 75% of the OPs here
File: 1610595700184.jpg (2.14 MB, 2160x3840)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
You're not a faggot, but you didn't consider lateral forces when you made this. Don't worry about it, most DIY'ers never consider them, which is why real structures are made by real engineers, and DIY shit falls apart eventually. If this falls over while you're using it, at least you probably won't die, but don't build a squat rack like this.

I drew in the lateral forces that could topple this thing. If that thing is 6 feet tall (supposing), and someone swings on it, they could impart their body weight as a moving load at the top. Suppose that's 150 pounds. now, 150 pounds x 72 inches is 10,800 foot-pounds. Suppose the nails or screws or whatever on the bottom of that thing are 4 inches appart. 10,800 / 4 = 2,700 pounds shear per screw. That force would rip the screw right out of the wood and the whole thing would fall over. Obviously my numbers are really rough assumptions and guesses, but this is why homemade stuff falls over. In windy storms or earthquakes, or people trying to do parkour on their homemade stuff, it often collapses.

Congrats on making a pullup bar though.
I got the red and blue arrows backwards though. I'm retarded.

File: D13_1.jpg (584 KB, 1936x1296)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
71 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
do you guys know of any collapsible grow tents?
like for weed growing but temporary solution that can be popped up anywhere at short notice?
I'm in UK btw
we got loads of regular ones in grow shops but I'm looking for something no effort to put up and take down
File: PXL_20210115_174841293.jpg (3.62 MB, 4032x3024)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
trimming my semi-neglected tent now
File: PXL_20210115_181307200~2.jpg (2.28 MB, 2723x2400)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
the tomato harvest so far. at least as much is rotting on the vine though.

took a few bird chilis from the tent for cooking earlier as well.

the store near me in berlin was one of the first to use them, i have never noticed bad results or anything.. that started like 2 years ago, now they are spreading world wide
I know some guys nearby who bought a big ol abandoned warehouse & are rigging it out with this 4-layer system, water plants / fish / bottom-feeders / muck. Water passes top to bottom, minimal filtering, then back up again. The top two tanks are harvestable, and the bottom two are maintenance.

I have no idea how well it will work, but it's fantastic to imagine.

File: 219052_1.jpg (276 KB, 1500x1500)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
this sucker started dripping from circled area. i tried to replace it but it is unbelievable tight. any tips how to loosen it or do i just call a plumber? i rent older flat and everything looks ancient.
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
tried few gentle taps with hammer on crescent wrench.
>heating that up
last option. thank you for all advices.
I'm no plumber but I'm also no stranger to righty righty way too tighty. Give her the ole reliable treatment heat it and beat it. Can you hold it in a bench vise?
Any luck with the landlord? You can tell him to either fix it now or deal with the water damage after it leaks for a few years.
we agrred ill manage fixing/call a guy and can deduct the amount from a rent.
This, if you do it and screw up, don't expect him to thank you for trying to save him a few bucks.

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