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experiences with makerspaces?
anyone use these?
really nice equipment but so many fucktards that destroy said eqipment because they are retarded people
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Wtf is a makersspace?
its like a club that owns a bunch of equipment (welders, cnc machine, 3d printers, clay oven, etc) and shares it communally
Are they in cities? Pls direct me to a list of lawsuits against makers spaces.
they dont let anyone use dangerous machines because lawsuits n shit
im amazed at the stuff they allow retards to use though
there was a retard at the one I use that destroyed a table saw and a planer before they told him you cant use the woodshop anymore

place that has professional manufacturing equipment that you pay a monthly membership fee to be able to use
they vary greatly in how good they are, range from 20 bucks a month to 200+

companies with old machines will donate them to the space as a tax write off so they usually get good stuff
they usually get state funding for business development purposes
attracts a lot of redditor type people
To use any of the cool shit you have to fellate "that one guy who knows how to use it" who's never there and also pay membership dues.
Instead I spent like $1000 (less than two years' membership dues) to buy the equipment I actually wanted to use and now I can do what I want when I want without having to interact with redditors.
I guess I still don't have a lathe or a welder, but I can mooch use of those off buddies who have their own and the makerspace wouldn't let me near them anyway.

File: winter silver forest.jpg (2.02 MB, 3353x2234)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
How could you read and write(on paper) when the power is out?
What would be the best choice if shtf?
Tablet candles dont do shit
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>Aluminum powder
>scrape off sparkler from stick
>iron oxide
>mix powders
>light with second sparkler
You'll have plenty of light
Not nice.
The nearest forest is >150km away and its on the other side of the danube
Just buy a flashlight and some extra batteries. Maybe even one of those crank/shake powered lights.
What about the possibility of not having any batteries nor a crank flashlight?
And not being able to obtain any more?

File: 20220710_200501.jpg (2.97 MB, 4032x3024)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB JPG
Hows your garden getting along, my tomatos are growing well and starting to fruit. Got lots of vines and the earwig which has moved into the planter will hopefully kill off some of the fucking aphids. Courgette plant growing like a mother fucker gonna get at least 8-9 courgettes.
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Can you post a close up on them? That plant looks like a tomato and those bugs look like hornworms. You can mix some dish soap and water and spray the plants to kill the bugs, gets some bt, buy/attract ladybugs or lacewings, or just pick them off. Not sure if this applies, but I tried to get my chickens to control them and found out that when hornworms eat tomato/tobacco plants, they produce a chemical that will kill your chickens.
File: wtf2 .jpg (780 KB, 1824x1708)
780 KB
780 KB JPG
Yeah it's a tomato plant. They're definitely not hornworms though, idk what they are. They're all over the trees in my yard, my fence, and this garden which is under the trees. Luckily the chickens will eat as many as they can so that's helping a little bit. I brush them on the ground and they take care of em. But there's so many of these little shits.
File: 1664288422193.jpg (147 KB, 408x979)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Looks like some kind of inchworm, which I know to make some silk, though I've never seen them swarm quite like this.
Maybe armyworms?

Spray with live Bt, neem oil, or both. Bt to make sure it spreads enough to kill all of them, neem to pick off any stragglers and eggs that haven't hatched. Bt can be 'organic,' depending on your source
I have neem oil, doesn't seem to be doing much. They also are on my tobacco plants and don't seem to just be keeling over dead like most other bugs do when they get on the tobacco.
They're mostly in the trees and seem to hang down on threads to get on the fence/plants. Then they swarm together and make even more webs.
I'm in north texas if it helps.
It took like three hours to remove 30+ litres of shitty compacted silty soil, turn through some compost and replant. I'll probably have to fill out the alyssum more, but I'll wait and see how they do.

I asked this on /fa/ but haven’t gotten any responses. Is there any way to make the fabric of a shirt “lighter” and less stiff? I know they get less stiff with time, but the fabrics on practically every other shirt are much heavier than I like them to be, especially since I live in a desert state where it’s blazing hot almost every day. Light fabric makes a huge difference. Or at least any brand recommendations would be great.

I usually get Hanes moisture wicking undershirts and they’re stretchy, light, and feel amazing, but I want to broaden my options.
Hang it on a clothesline in the sun every day for 4 months, The Vikings did it to bleach and soften their shirts. I tried it and it works.
Wash with bleach and dry with high heat. Will break down the fabric and make it lighter. May take a while though. My tshirts start becoming noticeably thinner after maybe 6 months of this. You could probably speed it up by soaking in bleach water. But obviously this method only works with whites.
Good shits Ty.
Strategic cut outs can make it lighter and more comfortable.
>less stiff
If only they made some sort of additive that you could add to your wasing machine or even your dryer that would soften your fabrics. Some sort of "fabric softener". Hmm...

These are also very effective ways to ruin fabric.

OP, have you tried microfiber shirts? They are ligjhter and wick away moisture which is ideal for hot climates. You could also try hitting the gym and getting yourself in shape so you can walk around with no shirt on and not be embarrassed.

Make you own clothes edition
>how did you learn to sew?
>any advice to beginners?
Put down the vidya, pause that youtube video, pick up some thread and start sewing! Post what you make anons, and post some patterns and thing you'd like to make :)
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They come in different sizes. Which finger are you using it on?
The difference in sensation and I cant get a good grip on the needle.
I have been experimenting on my middle and ring finger. I think it is a good fit as it doesnt fall off or constrict blood flow.
my mom dug up an singer sewing machine.
working up the effort to set something up.
thinking about taking some cheap thrift store shirts running them through a seam ripper and making some shit.

i made a list of all the tools id need to start a tailoring business, and some shit for weaving and cordadge,braiding and cleating.

jo ann fabrics is having a sale on sewing tools. and i think i want to pick up a singer heavy duty and a serger.

also interested in leatherwork cobblering and cordwaining.

think i need to practice my knots more before I do anything with knitting and crocheting.
making lace with bobbins seems pretty cool.
Put it on your middle finger, pinch the needle between your index finger and thumb, and use the thimble to push on the back of the needle to insert tit into the fabric.
is a serger or coverstitcher easier,quicker to use ?

I can't stand this self-righteous boomer
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I fucking hate the internet social media.
Zoomers dont remember the time of the TV.
Back then your 'heros' kept their mouths shut about stupid bullshit.
Then comes social media and they go about splattering verbal piss shit and fart all over and they arent heros anymore.
TV died, now we have vile and poisonous cunts trying to brainwash children.
I hate them all
look at this fucking shit

They all fuck children and are blackmailed, same as niggers have to kill to join a gang, to have a murder as reminder to not snitch, initiation bullshit.
Talkshows were always a thing.
Are you my uncle? Talk about how evil unions are from your 4 bedroom house, supporting your three kids on your union elevator repairman salary?
that sounds really bad

what is the best glue?
I've decided I hate titebond PVA
8 out of 10 things I've glued with 2 or 3 show a little bit of creep after a couple months
trying this stuff
it literally smells like ass but supposedly dries crystalline
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>you need to clamp the living shit out of everything
for anything you dont sit on a rub joint is plenty good enough
I actually laughed out loud
I lost them over the years sadly. Lots of moves, lots of packing and unpacking. The delicate little things just couldn't survive.
>rubbing squeeze out with a wet rag all over the wood so it seeps into it fucking up the wood when it comes to finishing instead of letting it dry and then just chiseling off the small bump
>I've only seen hide glue used in instrument making. What's the pros and cons vs standard wood glue?

I use hot hide glue for most every indoor wood project now and have pretty much ditched the PVA base glues. One thing is a longer open and working time (which may be good or bad). Nothing onerous but it's there. Then the inconvenience of having to mix and heat a batch for every project. Moisture resistance is nil. It will come undone in very humid or hot environments (like an uninsulated attic) Other than that it beats PVA in all respects. It's a lot stronger than PVA. PVA glues like Titebond I&II WILL creep over time. If you're painting or finishing over a joint then hide glue is the only way to go.

File: 1648090934396.jpg (866 KB, 3070x3549)
866 KB
866 KB JPG
Making a stove, kinda feeling good about it, so I thought I'd post a few pics.
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yeah the rope I have looks like that, same glue and everything but the rope is white.
Well I guess I iull just use it sparingly to even out anything over 3mm height difference, the less ones should fix themselves with some soot. In theory.
File: 1645217956659.webm (2.73 MB, 1280x720)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB WEBM
It just werks.
thanks op for actually /diy/ing something and deliver.
File: 1643505156000.jpg (878 KB, 3091x3636)
878 KB
878 KB JPG
Well I was going to do it one way or another, mid way through it's neat enough to document.
Technically it's not done done. It's functional done, I can use it, but there is still some last touches that should be done, like adding the metal corner frame to the front. But I might end up doing that either next year or next month.

Oh and something to share. I fucked around a lot with the heat resistent rope, mainly because it was too high on the front and back, but too low on the sides.
So I was hoping I could use it just on the sides and cut it into two strings. A mistake.
I should have just gone with the initial circle around the edge and smoosh it down with weight and nudging as much as possible. But I was afraid that initial application wasn't tight enough on the loose sides.
File: 1662952452492.jpg (606 KB, 3039x2747)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
also I think you can see it from the webm, but the air pull on the thing is pretty damn strong.
You can set firewood right at the edge of the door and it will pull in all smoke and flames inside anyway. Don't know if thats a good thing or not.
I imagine closing the front "door" on it will reduce the rush of airflow to something a bit more manageable for the flames not to get blown out.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (142 KB, 1280x720)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Hello. I have this Craftsman tractor, for which I'm trying to hunt down a plow or snow blower. I've found part no. 486.248463, and I'm wondering if any of you guys can tell me if it'll fit without drilling holes into the frame?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Craftsman tractor,
There's is no way that you'll bee satisfied with a plow or blower on this. Don't waste your money. Buy a dedicated blower and a shovel
I had one of these, it bogged down in heavier snow and the belt constantly slipped or came off even though everything was lined up properly and we used factory belts. Get yourself a nice little $300 gas powered snow blower (make sure you get the electric start) and a couple shovels.
To give more anecdotal evidence, my company had a little John Deere lawn tractor with a snow plow blade for clearing the area in front of our docks and it worked like ass. They just don't have the weight or the power, and the blades are too flimsy.
Do this

File: studs-min.png (2.13 MB, 1875x2500)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
>running electric through 1 1/2" of stud space
Is it doable? I have 2" of rigid foam and plan to fill remaining with mineral wool for sound dampening
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
What do you guys think would be easier to install rigid foam? Just use plates and drill or fiddle with cutting
>Is it doable?
Sure, plenty of room for standard wiring.
The plates go over the edge of the stud in front of where the wire runs to stop anyone from running a nail or screw into the live wires behind it. Some places want you to use rigid metal conduit instead because strike plates can cause nail guns to rebound and possibly hurt someone.
Forget the rigid foam, spray foam is way easier (not the shit in the cans at Home Depot).
Nigga this rigid board is the same stuff but cost 1k for 2 inches instead of FUCKING 7K all local contractors wanted to charge
Use. The. Tubes.
are you the basement nigger doing his basement in PA?

Just moved into an apartment and noticed while walking my dog there is a definite but not overwhelming rotten eggs/gas smell coming from these pipes.
I can stand in a spot depending on the wind and smell it fairly consistently and get a whiff when I walk past it walking my dog.

Is this normal? I know the chemical they use to scent it is amazingly detectable at low ppm, so it could be a very small leak perhaps?
Its by my building and I don't want to explode.
The file was too large for some reason so here's a screenshot.
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Call the gas department and tell them you smell fire.
Don't know how it is around you, but generally gas company's one of the faster responders to a leak call.
They might shut down your service and tell you to fix it before they'll restart, but they'll do it fast.
Fire the gas department and tell them you smell call.
>for a faster response, please use complimentary supplied match
>Is this normal?
>could be a very small leak perhaps?
Could be a leaking connection, a dried out/rotted gasket on one of the flanges, or it could be occasional venting from the relief. These are high pressure lines and usually have a valve on them to bleed off pressure to avoid damaging the regulator or downstream valves.
>I don't want to explode
You won't. The leak is outside and well ventilated so the concentration can't build up to explodey levels. Even if you put a flame directly to where it's leaking it wouldn't explode. It would burn and you'd probably shit your pants but it wouldn't explode. Now, a leak indoors is a whole different story...

Also, did you report this to the building maintenance or office? If not then do so and make note of the day and time you called (or email it and save the email). If something serious happens later you can prove they were aware of it for any potential lawsuits. Is there a sign anywhere on the fence enclosing the pipes? There's supposed to be a sign telling you who to notify if you smell gas.
They will give zero fucks because it's in a well-ventilated outdoor area. Eventually someone might come check it out but it won't be a priority unless the leak becomes massive.
If you want some peace-of-mind that you reported it and someone checked it out then call the fire department. Call the non-emergency number, don't tie up 9-1-1 and call from a public phone or burner and use a fake name. Why? Never use your real info when talking to the authorities. The problem is the gas line not you or your info.

File: R.jpeg-51.jpg (936 KB, 2400x1679)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
Something in my house is making my hands smell like old pennies and it is driving me crazy. I cant figure out what the hell is causing it and its making me want to wash my hands like every 30 minutes and its hard to get off. Ive gone around and tried sanitizing all the surfaces and objects I touch regularly, no luck. I thought maybe it was a brassy old doorknob on one of the doors, sanitized it, and nope, thats not it, still there from SOMETHING. Any ideas diy??
37 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
kitchen cabinet/drawer handles possibly? is op still here?
come up with a system to eliminate, like start putting masking tape on things you touch, or a cover of some type, latex gloves, whatever you have. date the tape, only do a few per day, when the smell goes away, go find the last things you taped/covered
Two possible causes:
Doorknobs, keys, drawer pulls, electric shavers, door hinges and strike plates, and faucets are all common sources of brass. Copper water pipes. What are you handling/doing when you notice it? Have you recently switched to a different soap/shampoo/laundry detergent? Do you fidget with things a lot?
You could have phantosmia (phantom smells). It's more common than you think and usually isn't serious, but sometimes it's a warning sign of more serious brain conditions like tumors.
Did you have covid? It's a commonly reported side effect in covid cases.
I get it sometimes, if I take a large amount of a certain recreational drug I will smell cigarette smoke as clearly as if someone right next to me is smoking even though no one is and no one else smells it.

Keep a pen and notebook on you, next time you notice it stop and write down everything you recently handled/touched. Look for things that overlap every time you smell it. Wipe all your door knobs and cabinet handles down with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils or residues.

If all that fails, see a doctor. Maybe get a brain scan. It might save your life.
your GF has a yeast infection
Ironic since the idea of using brass is because it is sanitary.

File: 8775603135_137f4d172d_b.jpg (198 KB, 1024x768)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Hi /diy/
Im a tourist here and I wanted to make pic related costume for halloween, but I have no idea what materials would I need or which would be the best choice. I was thinking some cardboard for the face and butt, and then some silk for the body. But then, I would need something underneath to support it.
Also, what do you recommend to use for painting the face?
I would apreciate any recommendations about what materials should I use, things to be careful about, anything. I've never done this.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
bro just dress as a wizard
If you're a wizard bring a pipe, some weed for hoes and a bottle of gin with a marker over it saying mana potion and have a blast
That is all you need.
this is extremely large to make out of cardboard and probably won't faire too well long term, but its still probably the best option. (something like a plastic barrel seems ok but to cut to size you lose the top/bottom and any rigidity) you would need several layers of thick corregated cardboard glued together. as soon as you put a 'fold' into it to make it circular its going to go to shit and need a really well formed circular end cap to keep its shape.
for the face i would cut shapes from felt and glue them on.
kek, based, not op but if I go to any halloween parties I'll probably actually do this

File: file.png (2.76 MB, 2549x4136)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
>backyard has 10 halogen flood lights
>one burns out
>each bulb is $50
>replacing the whole fixture with a LED one is $75/each
>new fixture uses 8% the power and is over 2x brighter
>replacing one fixture leaves that section of the yard substantially brighter than the rest
>replacing all costs $750, which is a bit more than I wanna spend all at once
>LED fixtures are 10v dimmable
Is there any way I can shim a resistor or something on the dimmer control line, until I get them all replaced?
I'd order one of picrelated, but they're on a 16 week lead time
Ugh. I hope they're motion activated. My neighbor when I was growing up had a floodlight in front of their house. Positioned just right to shine across our property. I'd be blind when walking back to the house after milking the cow at night. So aggravating.
They're not, they're on a switch that I usually keep off, unless I'm doing something out back or hear a noise.
Part of why I want to dim em is so "just hanging out in the backyard after sundown" is different than "holy fuck the feds are coming this is it, the last stand"
Harbor freight has cheap halogen bulbs

Besides from the fun of it, is melting cans cost effective? From buying the cans out of hobos or collecting them yourself, to the energy cost of melting them, and the ratio you get from the pounds of cans you melt to the pounds of actual aluminum you cast without mentioning the ROI of the gear required, is it worth the time and effort to make lingots and sell them too keep doing it ?
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Making ingots will never, ever, be worth it financially. You're not getting any more per pound and you're burning fuel.
>Imagine wasting so much propane to melt cans like a nigger
>take the induction furnace pill
>DIY that shit from some hi-amp wire an old microwave and and a 50k v step up transformer
>cans turn to molten liquid in seconds with chad-duction furnace
>not building a 300kw used engine oil burner from junkyard blower and pipe fittings
>People still pay for fuel?
Waste oil gets you 130,000-180,000 BTU/gal, or 10-14 kWh/L.
Veggie or motor oil, doesn't matter, the contaminants make the bigger difference.

20lbs of propane typically runs $10-$25 across the US.
Not including bottle price or deposits because that shit doesn't matter.
420,679 BTU in a 20lb bottle of propane, 17,000-42,000 BTU/dollar.

Whereas with waste oil, I currently push 30,000,000-41,500,000 BTU/dollar, as my blower pulls 30W, which means it runs about $0.00432 per hour, and I max out with this burner at 1 gallon per hour.

So about 700x-2400x cheaper than propane.

You can put together a waste oil burner for the price of a few propane refills.
You can keep your propane bottle and use it to make an oil reservoir if you're feeling cheeky, it'll hold 500,000+ BTU worth of oil at a time and it costs you absolutely nothing to fill it.
Tons of businesses are THRILLED to give away used cooking oil, they typically pay to have it removed, you taking a few gallons for free is cash in their pocket. Engine oil can go either way, many are glad to have you take it, others have a strict procedure and don't want to risk breaking from it.
File: 50kW.png (1.71 MB, 900x1200)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
My new 50kW build, wanted to play around with a peristaltic pump and PWM control for oil flow, thought it'd be fun.
I already use a simple PWM speed controller for the blower motor so airspeed is easily adjustable.
3D printed adapter to accept the blower.
The oil feed line is retained at the adapter (zip ties are only there during assembly), and sits comfortably in the burner without moving around.
This setup makes it very easy to remove or replace the feed line, I could easily push this particular burner past 150kW if I felt like sizing it up, but this feed line is matched to the pump I'm using for oil.
Coupler lets me experiment with secondary air if I feel like it, but I don't think it'll be necessary with this setup.

Can't wait to see how lean I can run it.

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