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Sup /diy/

In your respected opinion, what's the problem with this conveyor setup?
needs speed holes
is orientation of the conveyed object important? Is object a box?

Have you considered an industrial plastic bin on wheels as an alternative to a shed or garage? Industrial plastic bins on wheels are perfect for home self-storage. With a secure lid they protect your items from rain and UV radiation. They are easy to move around your property because they are on wheels. You get almost as much space as a small shed for half the price. And they will never rot, unlike wood.
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Instead of having rooms and a house you can just move from bin to bin on a plot of land. Just get larger bins on larger wheels. Have food in one, a bed in another, and so on. You could probably set up a bin of solar panels for lighting and wire them to your other bins, with easily removable connectors of course for rearrangement and modularity.
Stop encouraging people to shit on the ground.
That's solvable with just another bin, with a septic tank in it. Wheel it over to your local septic draining company for cleaning. Or fit an adapter to the sewage drains on the property so that your drainage bin can flow to it.
Combust until all fuel is consumed, Uline cultist.
File: BinHipster.jpg (179 KB, 1000x751)
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179 KB JPG


Who does this ignorant shit? A loose twist wrap, a reel, or the tangle free knot are acceptable but this is destroying a perfectly good extension cord.
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God damn. I've been roadie wrapping and throwing a cord for the past 10 minutes now. I can't believe this isn't more well known.
File: s-l1600.jpg (73 KB, 591x733)
73 KB
Thats not a thicc cabel
This is just too much effort for what it is. Just wrap the damn thing aroung your arm and get a new one when its time. They aren;t expensive
IATSE would send that anon home.
Never had a problem with this. You're either doing it wrong or blindly believing youtubers.

File: unnamed.jpg (211 KB, 1980x1200)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Is being an unqualified "handyman" sustainable?
The other day I was removed an old floor, the next day I was called to help carrying furniture and now tomorrow I got a gig to change the glass on a window.
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>using shower rods as backing for drywall
Please elaborate.
been doing this for a few months now. although I have experience already doing most of it.

made around 4-5k so far. if you can learn to find customers it can be very sustainable. right now im still in that phase though
OP if I was in your shoes, I would try to get a job doing reno/residential work for at least a little while to get exposed to different things that go into doing residential work. If you’re in Florida, you can get your CAM license and be a maintenance guy at one of these ritzy condos and change lightbulbs/do small repairs for a living.
At a lot of these types of buildings, the maintenance guys are dumb as shit and do very little, but make a decent income and even get a condo to stay in. Decent move if you’re a single guy, lots of disposable income when your living expenses are pretty much covered.
thats sorta sad that some people are scared of hanging mirrors and pictures
No, it's not sustainable. You'll do be doing mostly shitty jobs. I suggest getting into an actual company.

File: 4129iJZ2WLL._AC_.jpg (11 KB, 344x316)
11 KB
Anyone know where to buy (cheaply) lights like this? Aesthetic basic studio clamp lights? I'm carving a hardwood branch to bolt on a wall that i'd like to clamp a few lights to. Will post pictures and stuff of project.
you can save big money at menards on brooder clamp lights
>brooder clamp lights
thanks this is helpful term
at Walmart or any big box hardware store in the light bulb section
Walmart has those near where they sell the paint.
its called a Brooder Lamp
if you have a place that sells Farm type stuff you will find them there low cost

File: pumps.jpg (399 KB, 1200x1094)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
I recently moved into a new house. Radon level are a bit high, so I will be installing a radon mitigation system. Had a company come over for a quote. They say they cannot seal my sump well with my current setup.
There are 2 sump wells next to each other, one has a submerged pump, and the other has a mechanical backup pedestal pump. The battery backup system is a deep cycle battery hooked up to an inverter that needs to be manually operated during a power outage.
What should I do?
-Replace the current submersible pump with a newer model that can run on DC for backup, and remove the pedestal pump
-Replace the pedestal pump with a submersible battery backup only pump
-Remove the pedestal pump, and rely only on the single submersible pump, and connect a proper battery backup circuit
Is it advisable to have 2 pumps incase one fails?
basement is 1500 square feet.
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estimate dude said $2400 to replace both pumps, and install a backup up. the backup system costing $1600....

he kept saying i need to have a pump in both wells cause the other will overflow. i kept pointing out that they are connected and one pump can serve both wells... i dont think he was understanding or seeing it right.
not gonna pay that

I think it will be best to install two new pumps, hook up one to a battery backup system, and raise one so it kicks on if the water level rises past the first one.
whats a decent pump to use here, and whats a good battery backup solution? i dont want to use a standalone battery only pump, those are hella expensive
>whats a decent pump to use here
Any Zoeller.
Can attest to this.

Also these work https://www.amazon.com/Liberty-Pumps-SJ10-Discharge-SumpJet/dp/B0013H94MO
Quit being a pussy
Any reason I can't hook up the pumps through a UPS and increase it's battery capacity?

File: 61D-tsLKmgL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (54 KB, 1500x1000)
54 KB
>buy 3-6 different water stones because they're the only way to quickly sharpen japanese steel
>still have to sharpen them for hours
>chip when you use any amount of force on them
>chisel edge on most japanese blades so they chip even more
What did the Japanese mean by this? Is this a form of autism where they enjoy spending double the amount of time taking care of their tools? I want to like them because the idea of a chisel grind on knives is cool and easier to sharpen in theory but it seems like they are being purposely retarded with their raw materials. I thought I was being too hard on my tools but when I watch Japs cutting fish or doing joinery on youtube they go ape shit all over whatever theyre working on.
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>What do you guys think?
they're fucking rocks
what bizarre mode of failure are you anticipating?
how are you smart enough to own and operate a lathe but dumb enough to ask questions like this?
>needing to be smart to buy and use a lathe
Well, the first thought would be contaminating the stones (seeing as they are porous soaking stones) with something poisonous, and getting it into my food. I guess that's not as big of a deal as I thought it might be? I don't fucking know. Second thought would be gouging the surface of the stone due to it being potentially harder/more surface area/less even wear pattern, but judging by your reaction, that's not a big deal? I don't fucking know.
Oops, meant to reply to >>2169062, not >>2169066.

File: construction worker.jpg (35 KB, 400x369)
35 KB
can you make a decent living in construction? also should i expect any hazing?
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I make ok money
long hours though
I take years off at a time so it balances out
not really much hazing but expect to be ignored for a couple weeks with a new crew,longer if you suck
>also should i expect any hazing?
More than likely you will get ignored until they figure out whether you're okay or not. If your okay they will start giving you shit, you have to give it back. If they don't like you, you will continued to be ignored. If they give you shit and you can't handle it, you will be bullied.
Where did you find this pic of me? That was supposed to be for my boyfriend!
Depends on the trade. I make about 80k a year being a sprinkler fitter
better off to become a lineman or plumber. If youre feeling artistic be a welder. Be your own boss and let the contractors contract you.

I have an old window ac unit that was sitting in a shed for 10 years. It smells fine but when I turn it on the air it blows out stinks. How do I clean one of theses things to get rid of the smell?
Should I spray alcohol into it while its running?
Or is it a lost cause?
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as other anons said, you have to take it apart and clean it.
the evaporator and condenser coils have a ton of surface area in them, and you really need to clean them well. a spray wand on the end of the hose should get in them fairly well, be sure to use soap also to get grease off. hot water works best. it'll take some time, but should be obvious what needs to be done.
if its organic in source, you could put the whole unit into something airtight and run an ozone treatment?
Have you run it enough to see that it cools? You don’t want to clean it, to find it won’t work. You can buy these new for $150, if your time is worth more...
Listen to the other posters about a deep clean.

Also a reminder that in the hot humid part of the year turning off the ac unit a few times a week in the morning so it can dry out for a few hours can prevent accumulation of mold growth.
Like others have said, take it apart and clean it with soap and water. After wards you can get a can of Lysol and spray it into the air intake. When storing it, make sure you clean any filters and get leaf blower or air compressor and blow it clean, then put is somewhere covered with a moving blanket for storage.

File: titty_counterweight.png (11 KB, 568x222)
11 KB
I'll keep this safe-for-work.

My wife has G cup breasts. Our daughter has D cups already and they are only going to get bigger.

My wife complains of back pain, doesn't like going on long walks with me because of the strain her enormous breasts put on her back. When I hold her breasts up from behind, she can walk around like a normal person, gleefully telling me she feels like she's young again. They are ~10 pounds in total.

What if I got an equally weighed object on her back and tied her breasts into that weight. Could I counter-weight her tits so she doesn't want to chop off her beautiful breasts anymore?
I'm thinking I can get many threads, tie them into the bra wire and gently wrap them to the back where they tie into grapples that are attached to a heavy object, whether that be a cast iron plate or a heavy bag of beads, beans, sand or something. This system will counter-weight the breasts allowing her to stand upright again while also shaping the breasts by tuning each thread.

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She's 10
>hurr doesn't count
Yeah, well, suck a fart out of my ass
File: titty table.png (112 KB, 1504x2016)
112 KB
112 KB PNG


File: funbag speedbag.png (73 KB, 1504x2016)
73 KB
you can always get the variant
instead of telling your wife to surgically mutilate herself, you should get her a gym membership.
regular exercise and stretching will make her breasts a non-issue.

File: 5-1024x597.jpg (101 KB, 1024x597)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I juat bought a house but it doesn't have a driveway. I'd like to put one in but would like to save some money are there any alternatives to cement?
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unless you go dirt I doubt you will save much money over cement. bricks and stone will definitely be a lot more. don't forget your "connect to the road" permit.
>Design adequate drainage and clear the snow from your driveway, you lazy ass.
Midwest winters are laughing at you sweety.
What's this called? I like this.
It has many names/brands but generally known under permeable grass pavers
Just throw down gravel but place railroad ties along the sides to frame it. Looks nice enough.

File: IMG_20180518_080737672.jpg (1.44 MB, 2676x2588)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
How do I prevent hair from getting in behind the drivers of my headphones? (or at least make it less likely for it to enter)
I dont want it to affect the sound if possible. I just killed a working pair trying to get a hair out that got in behind and made an annoying rattling sound.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1612107487811.gif (662 KB, 213x324)
662 KB
662 KB GIF
Get speakers or >>2168005
Those are some nice Koss drivers. How the fuck does a single hair make a rattling sound?
Put a HEPA filter between your ears and the headphones
anyone know where to buy koss drivers?
>one hair
>made a rattling sound

Take your pills

How do you accurately match a paint color? I need to fill a crack in my ceiling but I don't want to paint the entire ceiling again. It's some kind of off white color but there's hundreds of them and I don't even know what brand it is.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I don't want to paint the entire ceiling again
It's doesn't have to be a perfect match on color. You can just sponge the edges of the touch-up.
All it needs is a shot of black
It's a huge crack that almost spans the length of the entire room.
>he doesn't use a highly contrasting color, preferably fluorescent to highlight the repair from the original ceiling
you sure the ceiling aren't just starting to collapse anon?

I’m thinking about getting into the business.

Do I need to go to school or can I look for a job that will hire and train? I’m a clean cut honkey with a college education and experience in sales. Also probably one of the last Americans to attend a shop class in high school. I’ve been self educating on youtube for the time being.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
So shit pay until you hit a big one? I’m in Arizona if that makes a difference too
You can score a good 3-400 for replacing a cap.
Remember you're a pro.
I like the sound of that
you need a fridge cert and supplier
Will they not hire without one? Will they hire you as an apprentice? What do you mean by Supplier?

Would it be feasible to run one of these a FRIDGE in a place that gets 100F summers and 20F winters? Much more concerned about stuff freezing, I want to use it as a culture fridge for long term storage but have no room inside. If it freezes, it'd kill stuff. From what I understand, the models made for outdoor use come with a heater to keep the insides at a specified temp, but I don't know that this would work in conjunction with running it as a fridge.
AFAIK, the outdoors rated freezers are not made with a heater for the food compartment, but instead with a small heater plug that keeps the compressor/oil warm so that its viscosity won't get too thick in the cold weather and harm the compressor. They will normally freeze the contents of the unit if left in freezing temperatures.
I could be wrong, but if it were me I would consider one of the temperature controllers with both a heating and cooling control so that it could run the freezer when needed and switch to heating something like a terrarium heat mat inside the food compartment if the weather got too cold.
Also, I assume that you've considered this, but these units don't keep super stable temperatures as the outside temp drifts significantly. If your cultures have a narrow tolerance like plus or minus a degree or two, or if the temperature swings will cause condensation issues in the culture containers, packing them in smaller, well insulated containers will probably help to isolate the problem.
You'll be fine with 100f summer weather as long as it's shaded and not getting direct sun, with a regular cheap off the shelf Danby freezer or similar.
I have one of those generic $99 chest freezers from best buy outside in Los Angeles weather, haven't had any problems since i bought it 3 years ago. It doesn't get to 100F every day, but has several times this summer.
I just built a wooden canopy for it that keeps it dry and shaded all year, and it always maintains 0F inside.
Oh, and get one of those cheap vaccine alarms to tell you if the unit is failing, because eventually it will.

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