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On average, what is the best paid trade? And what is the worst?
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Oil futures traded at negative value for part of a day, yes.
depends on the job market man. in straya in mining, auto-electricians are earning the most now. they're rare as fuck and I've watched the job adverts get up around the $90 per hour mark from half that a year ago. it is insane. specific heavy diesel sparkies are getting well over $100 an hour. given all the technology being jammed into machines these days, which is bound to continue, you can't go wrong getting into that field. Another one is dual trade electrician instrument tech, for process plants and oil rigs. they get absolutely killer coin.
CNC programmer and machinist here, 1.5 years in at the company that taught me a lot of what I know but still only making $15.50/hr as it's very small (4 people) and they're busy moving to a new building. Just got an offer for an applications engineer position at a medical machine shop for 53k/year and bennies. Worked as a button pusher before my current job, started at $8/hr and eventually made $18/hr. My cousin made 70k/year at age 23 at the same shop I'm about to leave for so hopefully I can become as good as him and make the same. $35/hr would be a dream. How many years of experience do you have and what kind of work have you done?
Depends on region and ambition. All of the big three can earn you a lot and if you run your own shop you can make bank no problem. Laborers don't count.

Eh, we don't have unions here but was in jail with a 30/hr painter about 8 years ago (after his OT and bennies that was lawyer money). As always it's regional. Elevator techs do make dosh though, it's just hard to get in.
plumbers are nowadays also doing heating and air conditiong as well as solar heating and sometimes even photovoltaic power.
its most of the time a pretty cool job and relatvely well paid

File: 40302778102_e2c652fb56_b.jpg (410 KB, 1024x1024)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
I have a 20 gallon drum full of rusted bolts, what's the best way to get rid of the rust with as little cost as possible? I've already tried soaking it in vinegar but it hasn't removed much rust.
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File: IMG_20200708_161335.jpg (68 KB, 480x623)
68 KB
Iron Oxide is soluble in strong acids.
Dump your bucket inside a pan filled with salt and vinegar solution.

After 2 days, empty vinegar - salt from pan.
Refill with water, baking soda solution, this neutralizes any remaining acidity, prevents flash corrosion.
>they're gonna come out shitty anyway
Muriatic Acid will have them bright shiny and new looking in literally 5 minutes. It costs $10 gallon.
Electrolytic rust removal (string them on a wire), or tumbling.

For the threads, use a tap and die set.

Then figure some way to protect them from rusting again. The cheapest way I know is to coat them in oil then bake them at high temp until the oil becomes a shiny black coating.

Well that escalated quickly.

I’m trying to remove the float valve but I have no idea how to remove this blue thing. I’m fucking dumb and I can’t figure out if I need to turn or if it is supposed to open like a clasp
see how it kinda fita together like a puzzle piece
Never seen it. Have you tried to slide the two pieces up/down?
Thats why I assumed it was similar to a clasp lock.
I tried but it’s incredibly tight and there’s not much room for the pieces to slide anywhere.
Have you tried turning the brass piece with a wrench on the flat machined surface? Whole brass part might thread out.
Remove the screws.

File: f104maint.54.png (752 KB, 892x573)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
Worst thing you should have never taken apart thread.

I just took apart a springbox- I mean an airsoft gun. It was horrible and I wanted to die. But I got it repaired in the end. I still see no reason in living. I hate springs. Real firearms are just so much easier...

You can post now, I grounded the thread, it's safe.
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The F-15 crash due to flight control rod misconnection is famous. One mech suicided afterwards.
working in physics lab setting up an experiment for tomorrow. notice the power cord of a controller box has come out. take it apart to put the cord back in and lose a part.

look up the model number online to see if I can just order another one real quick. see the little controller box is $650. thought it was like $40.
Every luxury and/or sports car brands have bastard child cars that are looked down upon
Go to a Corvette meet with a 1979 Corvette and see what kind of looks you get
File: IMG_20190725_184441.jpg (407 KB, 932x699)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Is that like a steering arm on a car?
Did a mechanic really commit suicide? Or did people die in the crash?

What always sucks is working on a bent car, specially when you bent it. I was replacing some of my double wishbone suspension and it's already crammed and then the bolts were warped. One of these "shirly it'll only take 45 minutes" situations...
Picrelated is my dads boat trailer that's been parked on an incline for the last 10 years. And yes.
File: IMG_20200620_103706.jpg (891 KB, 1502x1126)
891 KB
891 KB JPG
Yea I think the guys here are missing the point, I don't ever see people looking down on 944s from 911s, people think they are dodgy to maintain because they're German. Same goes for Mercs and BMW's as well. A lot of car guys deliberately go out of their way to not have to work with a BMW engine and we all know that one Audi timing belt as well as the fact that step 3 for any job on a 911 is to remove the engine.
We Germans are seriously fucked in the head when it comes to planning maintenability. Just almost as terrible as the post Millennium French, but pretty high up there nevertheless.

File: gsx.jpg (74 KB, 600x600)
74 KB
setting my older ac to 76f is colder than setting the newer one to 65f. also cools quicker. why would this be?
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Are you retarded? Unless you're running a multi-stage/inverter/true variable setting it lower does nothing. I will say though that R22 units actually ran lower coil temps allowing for better latent removal than 410 which can make a big difference in humid areas.
I have the same exact setup with the opposite experience. My new goodman at 76f is freezing vs my 1996 turd at 76.

Adjust your ducts to let air flow better, and if you live in a hot area and it was just installed within the last few days, let your home absorb the cool air before you make any hasty choices. A home that got to 90F will take days to regulate back down to 76 even if the thermostat satisfies.

Also, triple check for leaks. Your vents should be putting out 60F-65F air. If its higher than that, something is wrong.

Also, the new goodmans are EfFiCiEnT, they dont work as well as a similarly sized older unit. A few things you can check to increase performance:
If your handler is outside or in the attic, is your drqin line insulated for at least 2 feet? Do you have an overflow sensor?
Is your compressor sweating? The line into the compressor should be sweating, not the black body of the compressor. This is a bad sign depending on your location.
Is your low side fully insulated? Is your return air completely sealed?
Don't try and give hvac advice to a fellow homeowner, you're just talking like a moron yourself and you're saying a lot of wrong shit.
goodman units are pure shit
They're fine, they use the same parts as everyone else but those internal FDs drive me crazy, I usually cut them and the HPS out.

File: Screenshot(23).png (947 KB, 945x766)
947 KB
947 KB PNG
Reddit thinks this is a good table. Could you make a better one anon?
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Because pipe is just as oxidized as those were. And it is easier to clean 6 m of pipe, than a table
It's about as good as the piece of shit table i made for my wife
File: 1593025083584.png (372 KB, 465x500)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
everywhere except my city apparently. not a surprise though, this state manages to disappoint me nearly every hour of everyday
Wrong fucking boomers or retards selling used tool at brand new price, or the price of the new model.

You literally need a I am moving away and need this shit out, or I don't know what this is for poster to get decent price.
2x4s up top look way too warped and I highly doubt the poster thought to inspect them before purchasing. Finishing job looks half assed too. Should've either just painted them white or gone for a more natural looking finish + actually fucking finished the ends.

5/10, I like the minimalist look, don't like the sloppiness.

I have a 6v DC wired doorbell. It has two wires; positive and negative. How can I make it so I only have to run the positive wire and not need the negative wire? Can I ground the negative wire somehow? I don't want to use double the amount of wire if I don't have to.
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Use a wire instead of string. Problem solved.
Just get a spool of cheap two conductor speaker wire. How fucking broke are you?
>exterior bell
Your neighbors hate you.
If you have a single "earthing "ground, and the power supply is isolated transformer based, you can use the ground as negative...But I suggest, you get thinner wire.
Top kek

File: fisherman.jpg (40 KB, 648x773)
40 KB
Hello /diy/
I wish to make this hat.
I don't own any mesh baseball caps to use as reference, can anyone point me to what sort of mesh material I should buy for the rear panels? I assume it should be a bit firmer than a standard mesh baseball cap to support the increased height - I'm finding a lot of different polyester meshes on Google, but they all seem to be designed for making stuff like athletic bags and other such applications that require a softer fabric than I want.
>>>/cgl/ might be able to point you the right way.
Oh, good call. Thanks :)

File: 20200421_003404.jpg (2.63 MB, 4032x1960)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG
Does anyone know any online suppliers for parts, I normally use cbgitty and ebay but they can be pretty expensive. Pic semi related, it's the most recent one I built
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>dutch writing
dutch is such a cute language
They got some really nice pickups
I've always wanted to build one of these, do they sound good with a pickup inside?
If you can play it, literally a string on a shovel can sound nice (ask seasick Steve)
oh wow that is a nice symphony (hurdy gurdy)

This morning something happened. I found water coming out of my bath tub. When I open the faucet to clean my face, water also comes out of the bath tub. It doesn’t want to go down the drain. What does this mean?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
OP lives in an apartment building.
OP, don't fuck with it. Have your landlord call a plumber. That's how it works when you don't own the building. It probably was not even you that caused the clog, since you are the sort of person who worries about CLR residue on the drain. It probably was a neighbor you share a wall with - very common to tie drains together in shared walls.

It needs to be snaked. Don't pour any more shit in there. Have your landlord call someone.
Came here to post a similar question.

Shower drain is completed blocked. Plugged the overflow and plungered like a madman and water level didn’t even move. Want to rip out the metal cross at the bottom so I can get a snake in there. My concern is damaging the drain while tearing it out and what started as a clogged drain expands into a bathroom remodel. So /diy/ plumbers, what’s the risks I need to be aware of, Bob Villa didn’t have shit.
>rip out the metal cross at the bottom
NO! Remove the vent cover above the drain and stick the snake down there.

Let me ask you, if you run the sink or flush the toilet does the water raise the level in the tub? If yes you have a clog further down the line.
Thanks, came here to follow up on my post for other anons who might find themselves in the same situation. The idea of running the snake down the overflow came to me late last night. Tried it today and it worked like a charm. Don’t know what the clog was because the snake didn’t come back with a lump of hair or shit but the water drains like a champ now.
last time this exact thing happened to me it was because i was a retard and tried to put too much shit down the garbage disposal in the sink.

Chose one and why
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I have that exact box assuming it's Homak and not a real Kennedy. I have my 1/2 socket set(ratchet, extensions, shallow and deep metric and standard) along with box end wrenches up to 1 1/2". The cantilevers have held up full of sockets on organizers for 4 years and show no signs of wear.
Milwaukee box is superior to anything. It's well built and makes the dewalt box look like a shitty kid's toy in comparison. Better organization, engineering, materials used. It's not that expensive for what it gives you.
File: Dolly box strap.png (552 KB, 1024x1431)
552 KB
552 KB PNG
Forget them all. Go for a dolly, a tool box and a strap. You can get 4m straps and easily stack drill cases, screw boxes etc on top of tool box securely strapped. Dolly comes in very useful when moving things other than your equipment.
Ridgid makes a really nice packout for about half the price of Milwaukee
Wheeled carts are love. Get solid tires even if you have to retrofit them as cart pneumatic tires are cheap shit. I put wheels on everything.

GPS discussion and idea thread. Specifically gps hidden in bate.

My stupid ass security cameras friend and my even stupider ass didn't get them replaced in time. Door got kicked in, tv stolen, some other random shit, and worst of all my niece and nephew's 4 wheeler project I've been working on so they can race in the mud runs. That's the only thing that really triggered me. I casually hunted for over 3 years to find a cheap 50cc with a busted motor/transmission so i could grab it for next to nothing and drop a 48v 3,000 watt motor in it.

The worst part is I'm 99% sure i know who did it but have no documentation or proof of ownership. Basically i can go point at it and the cops will tell me to fuckoff.

So, I've been planning bate anyway. I also have a running 50cc dirt bike. They are light, and fun for a large weight range, and easy to just throw it in a pickup bed and anyone besides a semi driver will see it even if they were looking for it. In the next post I'll link the gps I'm looking to buy. It's $50 and $25 a month but it has the features i want and since I'm actively playing hide and seek with it i want a good success rate. Because not only am i fucked out of the GPS if i don't, but the object it's hidden on. Even worse though is it'll probably be found eventually and every tweaker knows i am become the master bater.

>pic related. My four wheeler some piece of shit stole
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You go get your shit back bitch.
Someone you know kicks in your door and helps themselves to all your shit and you do nothing? Man the fuck up. Let them get away with this and it shows you have no respect for yourself so how much do you think they have for you now?
Work it out. Devise a plan or something.
Not sure if gps will work inside a gas tank. Reception could be poor and then depending where they take it... might be bye bye bike
Forget his future, he already has plenty of failure in his present. Meth's a hell of a drug.
Meth is a helluva drug.

Former police informant sounds like.
Just burn their house down in minecraft.

I just did some grouting on floor tile I laid and its uneven and over flowing, is it possible to salvage the grout by cutting it down or do I have to start all over?
Yikes. Depends on how long its set and what kind of grout you got. Try wetting it and sponging it again. It's soft so scrapping it out will be easier now than later.
You're supposed to sponge it all evenly as it's drying. If this was done recent I bet you can still get it off with water and patience.
That looks like shit though fyi

I'm tired of knicking my hands. What is your favorite work glove?
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Unironically, black and decker leather work gloves with silicone caulk rubbed into them.
If you like having yellow hands from the dye
PPE is cheap; the hospital is not. Eyes don't grow back and even a small injury can lead to a lifetime of pain, immobility, or loss of function.

Don't be a fool, protect it before you use the tool.
>What product should I use for my DIY activities
Just buy the nylon nitrile dipped ones for like $5 for 10 pairs

File: 20200609_132209.jpg (2.35 MB, 2576x1932)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
I inherited these. My uncle kept them for years so I assume that they are useful and or worth something. How much in CND should I ask for them on kijiji? Should I spend some time restoring them? Sanding off the rust, new coat of paint etc... Maybe replace the rusted nuts and bolts.
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It takes a boomer to not know how the term boomer has evolved to mean a person from any age displaying babyboomer-esque behaviour.
>babyboomer-esque behaviour.
no such thing
Looks like Panzerfausts to me.
I don't think so boss
Pick both and hit the road faggot

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