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how would you build a cabin with a steel reinforced concrete bunker/basement?
Weld up a box of sheet metal with tie in points for rebar nets. Either pour the concrete inside this box if you want the steel aestethics or put up molds on both sides so you get the steel sandwiched betwen the concrete layers. I would do the latter method since that is how they build protected buildings that might need extra safety from terrorist attacks such as embassys etc.
Don't do this man, she will stink as hell after the first week in there.
File: colinfurze.jpg (101 KB, 976x549)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>check out colin furze

File: 61GBGGT9bML[1].jpg (67 KB, 1000x1500)
67 KB
I was having a hell of a time splitting wood with an axe until I got one of these things, and now the tree sections blast apart with just a few strikes from the blunt side of my maul. But it kind of feels like cheating. How can I get better at splitting wood oldschool-style? Just a sharp axe and a big chunk of felled timber?
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thats clearly a metal wedge
do you have sawdust in your eyes?
I don't know what city or country you're talking about retard so how do I go back there
Look up on Amazon-Kinswood wedge. Looks woody. Says wood. So I believe it. We DO live in Clownworld after all. Perfectly reasonable to make a wedge from wood. You oppressing those wedges that identify as wood? Rayciss!
Brand Kinswood
Material Wood
Flavor Hickory
Item Form Stick
>Chainsaw perfect proportions of tree trunks into large whole stumps
>TiMe To SwInG mY aXe!!
It will take you just as long to chop up 2-3 of those fresh stumps with an axe as it would to fell the tree they came from with an axe.
People have used wedges for thousands of years. There's nothing wrong with using them

File: EENvVjy[1].png (468 KB, 552x950)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
Hi!! I crocheted a nice butterfly and made the wings out of cardboard and some glitter glue and the antennae are a metallic wire and pink pompoms! I think it's pretty cute (◡‿◡) Do you crochet stuff anons???
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You're one of those fat guys who makes baby noises an shit aren't you
make it into a wasp
File: 1632212874200.jpg (183 KB, 700x678)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
I'm not fat sry

I already threw it away sry :(

File: shy-embarrassed.gif (512 KB, 498x270)
512 KB
512 KB GIF
The cat's head was turning into a cone because I can't count lol I was 100% certain you turn 6 loops to 12 by skipping one and doubling the next I'm so stupid

File: 1668057082739.png (43 KB, 172x127)
43 KB
is this where humanity ends?

nice thumbnail you tremendous fagatron
>is this where humanity ends?
it's some kid proud of his room and his furniture
give him a break
just because you're miserable doesn't mean you have to try to spread your misery to others
dear god
children should not be allowed online
He and his generation will be voting soon. Their mushy brains will be choosing who leads the country.
in that moment they were enlightened, and became boomers like every generation before them.

File: ritalin-addiction.jpg (17 KB, 900x389)
17 KB
I want to make my own slow/extended release tablets to release a drug over preferably 8 or so hours, or more. This drug would otherwise only sit in the body for a few hours.

Using Google search is near impossible today after they have ruined the search algorithms time and time again. All I get are pages telling me the different types of technologies used, but no mention of ingredients or methods.

I know hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) is used to make a supplement release over 8 or so hours, but how is this done?

Please help me
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So you just want to feel like you're on amphetamines all the time?
dubs and OP goes to therapy
ITT: OP probably trying to make homemade ritalin or something
Do they not have doctors in your fucking country?
File: InShot_20230108_110444076.jpg (330 KB, 1602x1920)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
I too have a stimulant problem.

File: Phase.png (150 KB, 696x522)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Last Thread: >>2420799

Question: Can we theory-craft a sustainable affordable method for smelting of high temperature metals without excessive energy consumption?

Also post some of the wackiest phase diagrams you've seen.
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The near-liquid metal rapidly changes in conductivity and susceptible frequencies. "Proper" induction smelters have unique transitions which vary the coil frequency/power and can have multiple coils with phase lag to induce certain flows.

Consumer shop induction coils can be smelters but need a LOT of power or a robust insulation system to get over the hump.
i want to differentially harden chisel blades so that the tops are soft. should i quench it half submerged, that is, the belly surface with the cutting edge dropped on a shallow pool of my temper? or will that produce problems?
the other way i'm thinking of is to keep it half submerged on a shallow pool of water and then gently heat the back side after it has been hardened. or sort of like a hamon, but with the clay coating the entire belly and cutting edge of the chisel or heat it when the top portion is coated with clay.
You may get a banana bend if you try half quench (much like a katana!). Do the water-submerged temper with a torch instad.
thanks. it seems to be the easiest and less awkward way to do. i'm just worried that the heat might draw farther down than expected since only half of the thickness is above the water while laying flat.
i'm trying to replicate the old laminated chisels and plane blades where there is less of the hard steel to hone.
You big doodoo

File: 20230129_144254.jpg (65 KB, 840x630)
65 KB
I want to paint the back of billy bookcases with anti-mould paint, do I need to sand the frame and backing?
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File: second coat.jpg (152 KB, 1280x956)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
did the second coat today
roller was much better than using a brush
Why would you bother with this? If you're getting mold behind furniture, your problem is ventilation. Modern retards like to close every window and leave no vents for moisture everywhere because heat will escape, and then act shocked when their house gets filled with mold. Just crack the windows open a bit in winter.
I think the problem might be a bit too much, we have big bay windows at the front of the house that might let in air and moisture
File: gap.jpg (143 KB, 956x1280)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Will this be enough of a gap?
This isn't how moisture works. The outside air is generally less moist than the air inside your house. You get mold because you and the shit in your house produce excess moisture, and with no ventilation for it to escape through, it just condenses on any cold surface like exterior walls or windows.

File: 20230203_221714.jpg (2.3 MB, 4032x3024)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
Hey /diy/ my room is an add in to an already 100 year old home and I have to deal with tons of dust. The ceiling Is made from some shitty wood panels or something, is this where it all comes from? Can I spay some kind of sealant to help prevent excess dust?
Probably all the lead paint dust, aspergillus, and rat feces/dander that come with a house that old.
Hard to say where the dust is coming from, without knowing the full setup. Do you have carpet?

If nothing else, you can try putting some clear silicone caulk in those cracks.

About five years ago, I switched to down comforters, and they're comfortable, and awesome.
But they make a huge amount of dust. I have central air, and I run an air purifier (some Honeywell unit, basic HEPA filters) in my bedroom to help keep it under control.
No kidding I've been in ghe attic and it's got plenty of that up there.

Yes it is carpeted.

File: IMG_2717__57076.jpg (116 KB, 1280x407)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
P1907 Bayonet Grip Screw Removal Tool

What is the modern equivalent to this?
Your mate's calipers while he's getting coffee

I think that Anvil/mark Novak has an episode on this. I think a pair of pliers grounded to be straight pins was okay. As was grinding a small socket to fit.
You can literally purchase drivers for the European versions of these fasteners still.
PB Swiss makes the screwdrivers as the model 196 series, from 2.5mm wide to 18mm wide, in 10 different sizes.
Looks like a split nut driver, still made or you can just grind one out of a standard flat head screwdriver. But hard to tell since we can not see the business end in that photo and I don't care enough to look it up.

File: big bay windows.jpg (229 KB, 1280x956)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
sup /diy/ I dont think these big bay window/door things are sealed properly and let in cold and damp, plus they do get condensation on them during winter, is there anything that can be done about sealing or insulating them?
File: 1669793459344372.gif (3.11 MB, 272x480)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB GIF
Throw some a drape rod possibly double and grab some quality blackout drapes
the thing about putting drapes or curtains over it is that with the condensation that builds up they could get funky and gunky
plus the landlord would probably cheap out and get something flimsy rather than thick and insulating

File: 64534252.png (1.32 MB, 1255x941)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
What's the absolute worst abomination of a house you've seen?
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why she got such fat tiddies
Good morning sir!
I want to live in a bunker but I will probably never be able to afford to build one. can I compromise by bulldozing dirt against 3 sides of a one story box house?
Yes, if you build your house with reinforced concrete or cement block. We call that earth bermed construction. It gained a measure of popularity in the 1970s ecology movement.
File: Troz.jpg (2.87 MB, 3509x2550)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
Becuz Trosley, dumbass.

Anyone here ever make their own soap?
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no. i occasionally gather like 15 bar soaps at a time maybe once every year or two from foodbanks or churches. use that shit to was my hands after i poop. other than that i rinse my body with water and spray the shower head up my asscrack and armpit and scrub with my hand.
i shampoo and condition like once a month
They all fell for the PEX meme.
File: you dropped this.jpg (50 KB, 1024x576)
50 KB
That's because a lot of talc is contaminated with asbestos. They knew it, too.
>still mad about getting btfo

File: 1654707052285.jpg (39 KB, 616x411)
39 KB
New Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread, doesn't look like there's one active.
Is there a maximum size that you can realistically make a carpet patch for?
I've got a big section of floor, maybe 2'x10', that's underneath a cabinet. I don't need the storage space and it makes the room feel smaller so I'd like to remove it. Problem is, the previous homeowners laid new carpet down on the entire floor except for underneath the cabinet, so when I get rid of it I'll have a big patch of mismatched carpet. Assuming I get a carpet that matches, can I make a repair on an area that large, or will it just fall apart after a few months?
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I’m gonna try my luck here. I have a denon stereo amp that’s hooked up to two bookshelf speakers. I recently could buy a polk center channel for cheap, and I received my dad’s Yamaha 5.1 AVR from the early 2000s and a subwoofer. Sadly the AVR doesn’t seem to have preouts.

Here’s the deal :
I want to output the Left and Right speaker signals of the AVR to the denon stereo amp, while the AVR powers the center channel, subwoofer and whatever else I might get.

Basically, I will keep using the denon stereo amp to casually listen to music, and I will use the AVR for movies and games with the denon amp taking care of the left and right speakers that are already plugged in, while the AVR powers everything else.

What kind of adapter or device should I buy ? What works best, without breaking anything ? Any help or advice is appreciated.

Also more context : I’m European, I live in a studio and the neighbors are cool with it.

Pic : what I originally planned. I have these inexpensive speaker to rca 2pin adapters, and I planned to connect the wire from the Left and Right speaker outputs of the AVR, and plug the rcas in the stereo receiver, but I’m afraid it’s way too risky.
Where would one source a single ‘BA2’ screw or something that fits it?
4.7mm diameter, 0.81mm pitch (38tpi).
I’d prefer not to order a box of 100
File: 1433388228491.jpg (23 KB, 439x361)
23 KB
if the compressor unit on my air compressor (large 2 stage inline ~20cfm iirc) starts popping the pressure relief on the stage to stage pipe thing when almost to max pressure and seems to have a lot of crank case pressure coming out of the vent even when just spinning it by hand, its probably fucked isnt it?
clarification: its not like the tank relief where it stays open and keeps venting until its below a certain pressure, it just randomly pops and then closes right away when the tank is above ~140 psi (set pressure is 155-160). it never does it below 130ish and it only pops for an instant then closes.
Is there anywhere you buy a scrubber attachment for oscillating tools or am I going to have to make one myself? Seems like the perfect tool to clean a bunch of old tape residue off of uneven surfaces but I can't find it anywhere

>using anything other than square heads
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 71b-GzY97FL.jpg (150 KB, 1297x1266)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
wait - better yet, what about a rectangle? something like pic related
u may be on to something.......

actually, circles are an even stronger shape.
File: circle drive.png (34 KB, 1806x1652)
34 KB
so, there is a reason they use a square drive on your ratchet and breaker bar (where you attach the socket) as well as the robertson screw. it's torque.

if you don't need the 6 positions of angular freedom that hex nuts and bolts give you (like a screw) square maximizes torque.

> triangle drive?
the screw tip doesn't have enough meat, and would break tips off in an industrial/heavy use. i think there is some lightweight electronic products that use them (think companies named after fruit) but thats to annoy ppl.

File: youtube.png (4 KB, 475x106)
4 KB
Been seeing a handful of people talk about making new youtube channels.
Lots of people with talent and knowledge on this board, lots of shitty quality youtube channels succeeding.
Maybe in this new year we should throw down some film, upload and see what happens.

Do you have a youtube channel?
Are you planning on making one?
Lets do this.
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No. Fuck Google. Fuck most people, too. People are assholes and treat me like shit, even here. I'm taking my knowledge to the grave. Let them see my works and try to figure it out themselves.
File: angry young men.jpg (46 KB, 804x485)
46 KB
>I still hate vertical video.
What the fuck is up with porn videos all being shot in vertical now.
Or being shot vertical, but somehow the actual video is horizontal with big black bars on the side making it impossible to see it in vertical?

How does that even happen?
>not making a ton of math tutorial shorts
Seems perfect honestly.
RIP Ja/ck/

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