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You see this bag? How would I do this concept on walls or sections of wall to create a soundproof airless barrier to block out noise? I’m thinking I can have thin book sized sections along my van walls to block noise from outside completely and have a quiet place even in traffic heavy areas.

Any ideas?
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That's an interesting idea.
Well if you do that then your noise problem is permanently solved. Win-win
File: i-3003install[1].jpg (60 KB, 600x400)
60 KB
the problem is that any material rigid enough to hold vacuum is going to be so rigid that it will transfer the vibrations.

This type of product is really great. We use it at my jobsite to sound deaden extrordinarily loud machines and it works like magic.
new idea, water filled walls

Is there anyone with some HVAC knowledge here, I need a question about a smell of incense burning coming out of the air conditioner at a rented place. I also smell this when I was incarcerated and it's just at a certain times, i guess it's an old jail sometimes smell cigarettes too, but this is at home and same smell, same irritant to my brain eyes it makes me feel like im breathing in incense thanks
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No i no longer smell it anymore after a day of breathing it, and slept through it. i drink this raw milk that help a little with my body i think thats why i can detect it, but now i can no longer smell it i guess in used to it, the irritant in the air
eyes blurry a little and a little carbon monoxide feeling like when smoking cigarettes still there, but can no longer smell it, very weird, i notice this when others dont, in 2 houses. Sadly
Call your landlord and say you have a gas leak

The exhaust on my water heater was leaking fumes into the house

Could be a bunch of things
>i notice this when others dont, in 2 houses. Sadly
How old are you? I would go see a doctor anon. Take of yourself.
*Take care of yourself

File: 20170411_093207.jpg (3.29 MB, 4032x3024)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
Is it worth learning welding if most of what I'm wanting to do is artistic?

Or is the time and money necessary to learn to weld safely and effectively too much for mostly art?

Pic roughly related; not what I'd be doing exactly but kind of.
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They're solder not welding rods. Try some. There is no universal filler but they may be useful.

A torch would serve an artist better than electrical welding as it's a more versatile process. A shade 5 face shield beats the shit out of goggles.
Thanks this is useful. One less expense to add to the pile.
I'd like this, but no one around here does, or seems even to know anyone who does, a short hands-on class on welding. I even called a tech college a ways away. And the big CC here charges ~$1,900 for a course on welding that is all on the internet, no hands-on training.

I admire the "just jump in" attitude that some posters expressed but I don't want to spend $500 on the most basic equipment then find out I actually don't want to weld, ever.

But I appreciate the help I've gotten here. I expected a lot of responses to the effect of "you're retarded" or "brainlet"
PISS on an internet welding course. Dodge that bullet.

You likely will not "not want to weld" since you already have sufficient handy-eye coordination for art and that's all there is to it.
> I don't want to spend $500 on the most basic equipment then find out I actually don't want to weld, ever.
Just buy the shit from the Hazard Fraught and return it if you hate it so much

File: downloadfile-394.jpg (18 KB, 300x300)
18 KB
Hey does anyone have a blank template for the front and back of these things? I kinda need it for a little project.
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Anon, did you already forget? At new years, you posted in SIG that you'd go vegan this year. So obviously, injecting yourself with a vaccine manufactured using cow's blood (bovine serum albumin) is obviously against your religious views.
or, bonus points: remember the last time /pol called you a jew? Well, you actually have a female ancestor that was. So now you're jewish, the vaccine isn't kosher, and anybody telling you to take it is literally a reincarnation of Hitler.
Now go get your exemption and don't bother with criminal acts. Just makes you sound like a glowie.
Not any that you can afford on welfare.
File: 1634745108355.jpg (142 KB, 1170x706)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
They already know, its what they wanted us to do, we walked in to their trap.
File: Echo.webm (1.75 MB, 720x480)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB WEBM
By next October this wont be an issue at all as the Rona will be old news, there will be too many cases of side effects for the media to ignore, or there will be a great dying of the vaxxed. So no.
Long term this is what I really need to do, I already did what I needed to do so I will be left alone tomorrow. I don't condone doing this either but it had to be done. Unfortunately I wouldn't be surprised if >>2235649 happens ultimately.

File: keep-warm1.jpg (13 KB, 256x256)
13 KB
Keeping warm in a house with no heating or insulation. As winter approaches I'm starting to worry about keeping warm. I have a plug in electric radiator but it is very expensive to run and somewhat pointless because all the heat just gets sucked out the air-vents. I'm looking for diy ways to stay warm that don't cost much. Was thinking about erecting a tent in my front room and living inside it
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If you were I Korea I'd say get what they call a "mink blanket". Things aren't mink tho, they are just super fuzzy synthetic blankets. Sad thing is they cost like 15$ there but go for way more online.
Also throw rugs, cover up some vents, use cloth curtains to close doorways (cuts down on drafts), stuff insulation into any cracks around the old windows.
It's gets very dry the winter. I have a large pot of water on top of my fire place all winter and I regularly boil a pot of water to heat the house up in the morning. I have a hard time keeping the humidity in the 20% range.
File: 1628662422899.png (103 KB, 743x444)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
> pibble
That's the main reason it's so dry. Great source of heat and comfy AF but since moving to a house with natural gas my skin and eyes have thanked me.

We used to throw pots of water on the top of our wood stove as well. I don't recall it ever boiling, though. Grab a humidifier and get that shit to 40%.

If you're mildly poor about it: shower with the door open instead of the vent fan, open your dishwasher to dry, let water get cold before pouring it into the wastewater system (baths, kitchen wash water, pasta water, etc). Costs 0 extra takes no real extra effort but you'll actually notice the difference.

If you're not poor about it: seal your damn house. It's dry because you're sucking in the dry air from outside, made worse by the fire sucking in a lot of it. This is the actual reason furnaces tend to work better for humidity: heat transfer to indoor air instead of sucking up and exhausting the indoor air (which necessarily sucks in the outdoor air).
I sleep under three blankets in winter and have two more on the side ready to go. I also keep a hair dryer next to my bed. I get under the blankets, lift them with my arm and blow the hair dryer under there. Warms things right up! Then I'm cozy all night long!

File: small_5332009272[1].jpg (22 KB, 240x180)
22 KB
I have lots of animals in my house and 2 AC units each protected with 2 filters (one on the air handler access doors and one on each air handler). My AC just wasn't working well and even iced over and I looked closely and it they gummed up with ungodly amounts of air and dust. It would be a miracle even any air could pass through that shit. Cleaning them is also a PITA, but has to be done. It'll take several cleaning sessions to get it right. My point it just don't completely trust your filters. They may be effective, but they are not 100% effective.
Looks like your filter housing is shit

File: 0225sogz96sz.jpg (529 KB, 1393x873)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
I don't get it. If there's such a massive demand for housing, why don't real estate developers just buy unincorporated land and build some decent 3 bed 2 bath homes? They'd sell. Is the government preventing it somehow?
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Alternatively: We could just boot all of the illegals. That's more than 25 million people that no longer needs homes.
I think a better solution is to
A encourage work from home
B encourage business to leave the cities and spread out
I don't know if you are American or not, but in the US bus is synonymous with a less than desirable element in society
>We could just boot all of the illegals. That's more than 25 million people that no longer needs homes.
Yeah, but that's only, what, 1 million units freed up?

File: shit.jpg (16 KB, 474x343)
16 KB
I'm so tired of using pic related and here's why:

> Takes a long time to change to another size
> The smaller size saws always get's stuck so I need a wrench to screw it loose
> Getting out the stuff you saw is a time consuming hazzle in it destroys the insulation on my insulated screwdrivers.

What are the best hole saws out there that mitigates all these issues and won't break the bank?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Need to oil them?
I collect arbors ("holders") and leave them in the most used holesaws, but if you swap often a dab of dielectric grease (any auto store, and wonderful for protecting electrical connections too) on the threads helps them not seize.

I don't use good screwdrivers to push out slugs. My bro liked sliding small engine valve springs over the arbor to eject slugs but I never tried it.

I don't know if there's another brand that does it, but the milwaukee arbor has pegs that fit into holes or slots on the back of the saws, on a collar that slides back and forth so you never have to tighten a saw down all the way to lock it into place and it's quick to switch sizes. And it looks like the newer ones have more holes in side of the saw to get behind the plugs. They might break the bank since it's Milwaukee, and I don't know the price range you're hoping for.
Yeah, it helps on the life of them.
I've had good luck on sheet metal with these.
Just scrap the wrench it comes with and run it with an impact and a socket adapter. I usually just pilot it with a stepper bit.
just buy more hole saw arbors then you dont have to switch shit

What are the most cost-effective construction methods to research and consider for building a 75' (23m) habitable structure that will stand safely for at least 500 years in the absence of structural maintenance? What aesthetic considerations should be made before blighting the earth with such a durable structure?

The structure will be on flat wooded acreage in western Pennsylvania, USA, with construction beginning within the next three years at the earliest. Ideally, it would be designed in such a way as to permit the building of one story at a time, as funding is available, but I can put off the project for several more years if it makes better financial sense to do so. Initial usage will be roughly equivalent to a hunting cabin and over-built hunting blind, eventual usage will be as a residential home. Natural lighting is important.

I anticipate eventually assembling some kind of knowledge archive on the site, so any ideas on that front would be appreciated, as well.
52 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Well, do you have mineral rights to your land?
Yes, with an active gas lease.
>How deep is bedrock?
~10ft in most places, going to have some proper sampling done before I finalize the exact monument placement or do anything else.
>Are you comfortable firing brick?
Not yet, but I'm willing to give it a go. I've been wanting a kiln eventually anyway for other projects so I'll probably go commercial rather than /diy/ for the brick oven if the /diy/ brick route ends up being otherwise practical.
>long flat bricks in the Roman style
>about 36" thick at the bottom tapering to 12" at the top, increasing the number of windows as you rise
>firing bricks can be pretty tricky
Do you have any reading material suggestions supporting these points? I've been looking through pictures of old block structures and have been trying to learn about brickmaking.
File: hiuuuiuuiuiuuiu.jpg (7 KB, 173x233)
7 KB
how will anon make floors/stairs
File: Plain concrete stairway.jpg (397 KB, 1632x1224)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
Haven't you ever built a tower out of brown bricks in Minecrap? Just have a spiral stairway or two going up the inside of the exterior wall. Admittedly, this might be a bit more difficult if you use plain concrete for longevity (since you can't just cantilever the stairs straight out of the wall), but it certainly isn't impossible.
(And, as for floors, where did OP say he wanted multiple floors? Maybe it's just an ordinary 1500-ft^2 house that happens to be embedded within a 75-ft-tall hollow pyramid of concrete.)
actually, steel is out of the question, but that doesnt mean no metal at all.
anon can use nice aluminum stairs
they might wear down a little with use though..
so he can have a ladder too, so he doesnt use the stairs too much

What did I do wrong
Didn't follow the step by step instructions
Tried to out pizza the Hut.
File: 1634938739142.jpg (3 KB, 271x350)
3 KB
I think pic related is too tall

If that part is the horizontal thing in the OP picture, it could be too long, or maybe it's caught on something and isn't going all the way in. Also, unless I'm interpreting your picture incorrectly, it looks like the door has a lip on the right side of the edge, which I think means the back of the latch would hit any strike plate and not be able to push out of the way to close.

File: 20211019_213635.jpg (2.75 MB, 4624x3468)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
Just broke a piece off my fridge, Anyone knows what this is or what it does? Am I fucked?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Update: After leaving it on overnight, the compresson was getting hot. It is an old fridge and the cost to replace the gas and pressure it is too expensive, I'll buy a new one, so I'll have to live without a fridge until the new one arrives.

Since I can't afford much, the exact model I chose is a Panasonic NR-BT55PV2X.

Thanks for the help.

>do you not cook your food?
Well obviously not every meal, that time the meat was leftover and I puked mere hours later.
>Anyway, it's more or less fucked. You COULD fix it, if you have gauges, a replacement service valve, a good torch, vacuum pump, refrigerant, a way to meter how much you're putting in, and any small accessories needed (solder, flux, fittings, etc.). If you don't have most or all of this already, and the fridge wasn't particularly expensive to begin with, the smarter option is to just buy another used fridge. Having it fixed will likely run you a few hundred, at least; HVAC pricing is a scam, that's why I bothered getting a 608 cert to fix crap at work in the first place.
This. It's not cost effective to buy the tools to fix it yourself unless you are an HVACR tech.
You're fucked.
This is freon fill valve and probably it broke of with a hiss.
>Is the refrigerant replaceable?
> Should I call a guy? (Yes I know this is a DIY board)
Eh. Are you comfortable brazing? Do you have vacuum pump or HVAC gauges?
Compressors get hot, this is normal. But gas is prob like idk how much is R134a (or maybe even R290 or R600a which are cheap since they are your cooking gas basically). Fixing it yourself is not expensive (solder fill valve back and replace filter drier), but if you have vacuum pump, pressure gauge maniforld, etc.
Fridge lines are small enough to be brazed by propane or mapp gas torch which is pretty common and useful in househol... Other hvac tools - not so much.

If you can't braze, you can install flared connector. HVAC uses 45 degree SAE flares I think.
I have the tools and while the first job or two on an auto or truck AC buys the gear, fridges and freezers are disposable and by the time they quite are usually due for an upgrade anyway. After my HVACbro showed me how simple heat pump work typically is I'd do mine too but appliances aren't worth it.
There is nothing to upgrade in freezer. You don't need WiFi in it and ice maker and additional shit to fail.

File: 1630944107077.gif (3.05 MB, 480x480)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB GIF
Hey bros, what are some nice features to have in a house? I'm going to be building my first home soon, country is Australia btw.
117 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
is that Mac?
Yes, it is Mac.
>Google home or alexa or whatever
you can't be serious
Basically what you do is go look at how Finns build their homes.
Single floor.
Utility rooms (for extra kitchen work space, laundry and such).
Dedicated office/workshop spaces, sometimes with running water if a craft requires it.
Attached business space.
Walk-in showers with tile floors, sometimes in pairs.
Waterproof heated floors with drains in bathrooms and utility rooms.
Cold storage, warm storage, walk-in closets.
Walk-in refrigerated pantries.
Dens and dedicated fireplace rooms in addition to living rooms. Separate TV rooms.
Zero full-floor carpet. Other floor materials exist at the historical height of material diversity.
Indoor swimming pools.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Some things I forgot to mention:
Bidet shower handsets next to toilets.
Bathroom locks that have status displays on the outside.

File: 1611435770498.jpg (620 KB, 2016x1512)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
Magnetic drive thru broom
>he still uses a vacuum
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I've been renovating for the past few months and this would be totally fuckin useless.
Yeah let me just pick up all these screws and nails attached to drywall and huge pieces of 2x4

The most useful tool in the house was a shovel, followed closely by a big broom with steel supports, then a vacuum
I worked at a rec area and these things were a godsend when idiots burned pallets in the parking lots.
you could have posted the same if the image was a hair dryer
you take a putty knife and go horizontally from one side to the other, take a big enough putty knife
This gave me a nice chuckle.

File: AirHoseBib.jpg (46 KB, 1245x588)
46 KB
My house has a common well setup, but one of the hosebibs has a manual value attached to it that allows you to select between the main house service or an adjacent shallow well pump used just for irrigation. I don't use the irrigation service anymore and simply leave the value pointed toward the main well service. But, air keeps getting into this bib and I can't figure out how. I can't use a pressure washer from this outlet because air causes it to lose its pressure and air enters the hose all the time.

Could the system be sucking air from the unused well side through the value? I would think that the positive water pressure (40 / 60 PSI) would prevent air from SUCKING and if anything would push water into the unused well. What's going on? Crappy diagram attached.
2nd well might be leaking. I'd disconnect it and replace the two position valve with a single valve to eliminate both for the same amount of effort and to get a shutoff upstream of the hose bib for future servicing of that valve.

What kind of lighter is this I can’t find any information about it and I would like to know a bit about it before I take it appart and restore it by restoring I just mean making it functional not gonna make it super shiny and remove the patina
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's a Bic lighter in a metal sleeve, they've been selling those in head shops, liquor stores and gas stations for decades. It's value is the scrap value of the metal, and the patina is irrelevant. There is no "restoration" here. It's just a dirty metal tube.
File: bruh.jpg (161 KB, 676x1008)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>pull the lighter out from the top.
That things weak as fuck homie. Skods behhahhshhhs

I gotta bourrasque case I toss my used rubbers into
>bourrasque case
so if i'm to understand this correctly, you dont know what a field gun is, you dont understand what ammunition is and that it isnt tied to a specific weapons platform, and are LARPing that you have something that exists only in a video game? Thank you for confirming you're some 14 year old kid. Anyways stay butthurt no one cares about your shitty lighter sleeve.

MAN It pulls out from the bottom then.Fuck

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