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File: butt uh nvm.gif (1.6 MB, 350x197)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
So I'm up in my attic today doing a network install and rerouting my cable TV lines from the crawlspace to the attic. While I'm shuffling around on my ass and belly looking for my fucking ceiling stingers I noticed the shittiest fucking electrical splice I've ever seen.

There were bare wires buried in my fucking insulation on a hot electrical line. I know it's hot because it's powering my work computer (the reason for this project). I couldn't fucking believe what I was looking at. Pic was me in the attic when I found it... I emailed an electrician about coming out to fix that shit, I don't fuck w/ mains power unless I absolutely have to.

How about a thread about shit you find while doing some DIY?
File: IMG_0392.jpg (838 KB, 2016x1512)
838 KB
838 KB JPG
I bought a gun safe on a Black Friday sale several years ago, and straight away it started killing the shit out of the 9V batteries in the keypad. I mean like 3 openings and a new batter would be dead. So I call Cannon, they send a new lock free of charge but when I pull the panel off the inside of the door I find this abortion of a weld. Not a huge deal, still functions fine. Just looks like absolute shit
I got my penis pulled off in a combine and now I’m a lady. If I get enough (You)s I’ll show you my ax wound

File: deep in shit.jpg (2.7 MB, 4032x3024)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
>Basement apartment tub barely draining for a while
>Wake up and see sewage backing up
>Decide to run water and plunge it like a retard
>Sewage debris erupts up
>Water level doesn’t go down a millimeter in hours
>Try using the plunger in reverse to suck instead of push and that just makes the mess worse
How bad did I fuck up and how pissed will my landlord be?
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Yeah go fuck yourself, faggot.
should probably livestream this dude, just so we can get progress by the minute vs these posts

Schizophrenic break or Carbon Monoxide poisoning? Anyone wanna take bets?
File: Klaus.jpg (35 KB, 666x500)
35 KB
File: 15366140717042.jpg (161 KB, 649x599)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
They're going to break in to your fucking house and stab you if you don't understand this

File: funderingswerken-1.jpg (570 KB, 800x600)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
>started at a construction site
>young company just starting up
>promise me i can choose to work overtime, that they'll pick me up and I'll get my own company car after a month or two
>first week I already had to drive my car to park it in a grass field at the side of the highway where they'd pick me up
>no one speaks english or my national language
>no one cares about corona either, while I live with my grandma
>im forced to overwork time
I don't care if I get sick myself, but im weary about my grandma, i dont care about the coofer but what the actual fuck did i just sign up to? Im literally a fucking slave
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I have done this too. Slept 3 hours and then did a 12 hour shift the two following days. “Just two quick jobs. Should be done in a couple hours.” Get out while you can, friend.
>Im literally a fucking slave
Uh, keep a mask on then. When they ask why tell them they'll understand and probably keep their distance when possible. If they fuck with you about it first, be humble, chuckle with them a bit to ease them into why you wear it. They'll stop being insulting about it good to go. Rest of everything just sounds like normal small business shit. The only upside to small bis is working honest. If that's not how they work get out corporations will make your job easy long as you're okay with lying to your customers.
literal literally means the exact opposite of the word now thanks to modern (((academia)))
contronyms have been around for a long time m8, I don't disagree that it's annoying hearing "literally" misused all the time but English is a fluid language subject to cultural shifts. it does make people sound retarded when they use it though.

File: zero percent receiver.jpg (27 KB, 488x195)
27 KB
Thread hymn.

Last thread: >>2053963

>Haas automation videos.
>Titans of CNC
>Edge precision

>Setting up a grindall spindex on a surface grinder

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh and I guess there's the option of loctiting/epoxying the whole stator around my machined arbor halves, but preferably not for the prototype unless there's a good way of calculating its holding torque.
And what else did Q tell you dear?
The point here is the workplan has a lot of details to be considered at the same time and prone to optimization, and it may even include switching tools (manual interventions, other CNC heads, ...) or multiple steps to get the piece done (post-treatments, ...), and only this optimization step is way more complex than sorting the coordinates in pieces with more detail.
It seems the default optimizer in CAM/CAD software is very basic.

An example for automatic feed rate adjustment:

Magic 8-ball Should I call DMG Mori service and have them remove my X axis ballscrew assembly knowing it might be a few days before I can have it refurb'd?
btw in the last resellcnc auction, a bunch of year 2000 Fadals went for like $5,000

I should have bought one :(

Mori verticals went for $8k too :(

File: Untitled.png (115 KB, 1291x522)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Do normal people really spend £450 on shit like this? It's just the stand btw, not the actual tablet. I could make an equivalent out of scrap wood in less than an hour.
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Kek look at this fanboy faggot
>Do normal people really spend £450 on shit like this?
no you brain damaged retard
My objective metric set is towing dual-axle car trailers, hauling steel, machine tools, engines and motorcycles in my truck bed and on my trailer, mounting my Tommy Gate (because destroying your back is foolish) and winch, and the ability to carry my tools and equipment.

Cars, all of them, are jewelry not transport.
okay i can make it out of metal, now what?
this is a fuck huge markup if you didnt notice, thats the fucking problem.
>people sell things for a profit
How old are you that this is a revelation?

Hello Gents. I was gifted this old spiral saws and have no use for them. As they are quite worthless I want to do something interesting with them. What electrical or other type projects can I do with these? One with the housing off in pic related
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They're worth like $60 new, I'd say $10 in used working condition but I just meant for me to use.
I’m asking for Ideas for what to turn them into not how to use them as a saw
Lol you don't have to bump. It takes like 3 days of inactivity for a thread to archive on here.
Thanks anon. Still a newfag obviously so I appreciate the help.

File: killme.png (1.71 MB, 807x1412)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
I'm a dumb millenial autist who can't function. I live alone and have nobody to ask either :/

My curtain randomly fell apart, I wasn't even near it so I don't know how it happened. Was lying in bed, it scared the SHIT out of me.

How do I fix this? I'm so dumb and useless. If I were to just give up and pay someone to help, what professional would I even call? Who do you call to fix a curtain? lol

Ugh I just moved into this place literally 2 weeks ago, too.....ugh -.-
Some fucktard glued the bracket instead of screwing it. Just put a screw in the very top, furthest from the glass to makes sure you don't scrape the edge of the pane.
File: _.png (486 KB, 524x485)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
Thank you <3
Do you mean I should push it back against the wall and then, by furthest from the glass do you mean put a screw through here[pic]?

For a screw I would need a drill right? Are there different kinds of screws? (Yes I'm honestly this stupid and I'm sorry)
Yes, there

And you can very carefully start a guide hole with a hammer and nail in the aluminum frame then just screw it in by hand. They make sheet metal screws but that's not exactly load bearing so it shouldn't really matter what kind
File: kitkat77.jpg (270 KB, 960x960)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Alright! I'll see if I can find a hammer, nail, screw, and screwdriver.

Thank you for helping. I don't know what value I can provide in return. Please accept this kitty. I love you so much.
Russian Blues are great, they are complete assholes

I love it

Should I go to the hospital?
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fingerprint photos are way lower on the paranoid scale than roku microphones are. a microphone will just collect information, and unless your gonna start spewing out sensitive information in casual conversation its pretty harmless. someone can pull your finerprints from a photograph and steal your identity.
its one of those "intuition is the enemy" things. someone listening in on us worries us but is relatively harmless, while someone having a photo of that thing we dont even bother to cover up in public doesnt phase us but its so much more dangerous.
I wanted to take a picture of my eyeball but then I didn't want to give them the info
Paint to cover print
>Implying I'd use the fingerprint reader
Smart. The prove you're white post eye threads are 100% Fed posting
just an fyi cellphone fingerprint readers arent actually fingerprint readers.
what are they?

File: 1615848080710.jpg (40 KB, 650x650)
40 KB
Hello gents. I'm a little clueless so sorry for that. My electric dryer has started to trip the circuit breaker after 5 to 10 minutes of operation, making it pretty much useless. I've been trying to troubleshoot it as the dryer is just a couple years old.

I'm going to give replacing the circuit breaker a try. Based on googling, I checked the terminal block(where the power cord connects to the dryer) for a short. I also took the heating element out and didn't see an issue winking right in my face. I checked for a short there as well and didn't see anything. What would you do?? I'm hoping it's just the breaker. Also hoping I don't kill myself replacing it. Seems like I just need to make very sure I've switched the main disconnect and DON'T touch where power comes in from the street.
I should mention, by "checked for a short" I mean I took a multimeter and looked for continuity to the case, and tested continuity from the coils
It sounds like you're on the right track. If it was me, after a quick check to see if there's an obvious short, I would put a clamp on ammeter on it to see if it's drawing too much, or if it's likely the breaker.
Most older dryers (and I assume the new ones too?) are pretty much up to their maxium power draw within seconds of being turned on. Which makes it seem unlikely that it would be a short?? If it was a short, it would have to be drawing 10s of amps to get the thing to trip, and that would probably become destructive pretty quick
And doesn't a circuit breaker trip more easily after its been used a few times?
How do I get this book OP?

File: 1618103996677.jpg (1.96 MB, 3012x2904)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
since they don't understand basic grounding and they share same bus for neutral and earth, I hope this thread will educate the amerijews for once
209 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: twBYe.png (170 KB, 310x395)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
>Kind of, but that top row with single-pole breakers is uncommon. The neutral also needs to be switched so you use 2-pole for monophase
Interrupting neutral is OK in the UK I don't know abut the rest of europe but pay attention it's meant to interrupt neutral during mainaintance so bipolar circuit breaker or switch trip both phase and neutral if it's a single phase + neutral system.
There are devices called Switches inside many UK circuit boards. These switches turn off both phase and neutral so when an electrician is working in the panel everything is off... I don't like Switches because they have no protection at all. People should replace 1 phase + 1 neutral switches to a bipolar IEC circuit breaker
Pic is a tripolar circuit breaker. This could be used as a main switch for 2 phase and neutral BUT it must be rated at least 63A.
Interesting. The mains breaker in most us panels does double duty of shutting off the bus bars for maintenance and protecting them from over current
if I remember correctly the american code require a double pole switch breaker for phase+ neutral or three pole circuit breaker phase+phase + neutral before the individual circuit breakers however I don't remember if it's mandatory this switch be located in the same location of individual breakers. In 2010 while visiting my cousin's uncle in Buffalo NY I inspected the circuit panel and there was a main breaker and if I remember correctly it was a main circuit breaker for two phase + neutral. I don't think there is a device called Switch in the USA at least not at the consumer level. It's a circuit breaker usually at 80A
Nigger you is stupid
My house wasn't grounded when I moved in. Also I guessed which wires to connect when I replaced the light switch in my ceiling fan. Thought you'd appreciate that.

File: drmartens.jpg (83 KB, 939x448)
83 KB
/qtddtot/ or /sqt/

I have a pair of Dr Marten's winter edition boots with the two-rubber sole. They have split along the red line in pic related and water is getting in. I've already tried shoegoo but it wouldn't adhere inside the crack, I think it is too thick.

I'm thinking maybe I need a thinner & more flexible type of glue to go inside the crack, and then seal the outside with more shoegoo.
tl;dr: please recommend me glue to repair pic related
192 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
I want to remove the clear bra from my truck; its old and beat to shit. the yt vid i saw guy used a vx5000 steam cleaner to remove the clear wrap, which costs one tousand fucking dollarydos.

whats a decent steam cleaner that can do this and hopefully find other uses for for significantly less than 1k?
File: chair.png (199 KB, 520x648)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
how can i prevent that the parts of the top and bottom of an office chair get stuck with the age pass? today i had to replace an office chair cylinder and it was fucking awful ( i had to do cuts and smash the fuck out the base a lot of times)

i was thinking of using WD40 but i think it could go dry with the time, the base is made of metal btw
why? for trying to hide a security cameras? why would you let criminals see your security cameras? you know there are attacks to prevent cameras from recording people, right?
I want to make sure the cameras record everything that happens inside my house. if someone ever enters my house and steals my stuff or, worse, attacks my family, I want to find them and beat the crap out of them.
What 12v bulbs do you have that fit in 120v sockets ?

File: goaway.jpg (1.89 MB, 2016x1512)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
How do I stop weeds from growing in my driveway?
30 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I always wondered if adding salt to cement before making a road or building would prevent years of weed management in the cracks
File: For Your Ramen.jpg (132 KB, 1320x770)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Burn out the weeds with a propane torch and fill the gaps with ramen noodles and glue
deep soak with used motor oil

it gets absorbed by the green part and it'll travel to the roots and kills the whole plant

Bonus points if you write obscene words on your neighbor's lawns with it

What would you do with 50 railroad spikes?
59 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Craigslist or Facebook sale to some autist who likes hammering that shit.
Clean them up and start an Only fans page?
Spike 50 liberals in the head
I like the beetle one, those are cute as fug
>25 crucifixions
Came here to post this. Make sure the mark is a big dude though, looks like those spikes would just ruin a normal hand/wrist/foot instead of nailing them to the wood.

File: 1614820597823.gif (893 KB, 600x286)
893 KB
893 KB GIF
>19 year old loser
>everyone says to learn a trade
>something productive and useful
>there are barely any electricians in small town
>guess I'll learn to be an electrician
>5 year apprenticeship school in city nearby
What should I expect? everyone I know says it's a great choice, especially for living here, but I'll be honest I am having some fears and doubts

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 183x275)
7 KB
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A month ago 8' landscape timber was $3.80 each and I thought that was crazy expensive since it's usually half that amount. Today they were $5.80 each. What an absolute shitshow.
whats the company name? im on the lookout for wood i can use for external siding, and literally nowhere within 4 hours of my house is selling anything i can use outside. how much did the freight shipment cost?
how do you mean?
So like you need longer nails to go through wood that's thicker.
holy shit ur not kidding

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