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I am building a killer typing keyboard, but I am not sure where to place this beauty...

Where did you place yours? Across from the space bar or next to esc ?
My computer does not have an ejection seat so I left that key off.
in your asshole
I tried... but the butterfly mechanisms kept getting in the way
Wish that key was on the presidential office pc....
It already is desu just not for the chair you expect

File: 1605717032864.jpg (23 KB, 306x306)
23 KB
Is 20$ reasonable for 10 pounds of concrete mix?
-t zoomer who has never worked with concrete before.
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File: fresh patch.png (283 KB, 1081x626)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
>are zoomers literally this retarded
Yes, they are.
Where the fuck are you seeing this meme concrete price. In cucknada it's like 6$ for a 50lb bag.
Jesus Christ it's real
NorwayAnon chiming in, we're an extremely high-cost country but 50 lbs (25kg) bags of premixed cement/sand (only add water) is $10 or less.

Cut that price tag in half if you buy cement only and add your own sand.

You're being had, OP.
File: conc.png (263 KB, 981x649)
263 KB
263 KB PNG

This is such a retarded way to construct a house. I honestly can't believe this is anything but some sort of grand conspiracy to scam the middle class out of their hard earned money. Every single repair video out there is some borderline retarded hillbilly larping as some sort of tradesman when really they are just playing adult legos.

>not naturally insulated
The list goes on and on. How haven't we discovered a better process yet?
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How absurd would it be to make a “frame” of a house out of poured concrete i wouldn’t care if it was a big empty box. Then put up drywall and wood floors to hide the pipes, electric and insulate. Pure thought expirament.
>How absurd would it be to
Not absurd at all. That's how they build houses in a lot of places in Europe.
File: IMG_20201130_135304.jpg (64 KB, 747x418)
64 KB
Left: average wood frame fan
Right: average brick and mortar enjoyer
You can't attach drywall directly to concrete and still have room for wiring and plumbing, so you still have framed walls. If you uses 2x2's instead of 2x4's you have to use shallow sockets like in mobile homes.
Where does the wiring and plumbing enter each room? Are you going through the concrete walls, or basement/attic and then drops into each room?
How much square footage will you lose from building concrete walls and then overlaying framed walls? (Not to mention added cost of basically building two houses).
That's the way we do it here. I haven't done the math nor have I worked "professionally" in construction but I think it's cheaper or equal to making it out of wood but requires more time. You can build a whole house with planks, beams, posts, nails, a mixer and some masonry tools

Got this miter saw from harbor freight 56776 can't figure out how the fuck to unlock it so I can insert the blade talked to tech support and all I'm at a loss here going to head back to the store soon and see if maybe they can assemble for me maybe
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Im not even going to reply to this
I've used a miter saw before you fuck and normally I could also find the release but it's not apparent on this particular saw.
I'll give it a go thanks anon
You just did shitlips

KEK the fucktard put the blade in backwards!

Anyone ever build one of these? It's from Alibaba. I want to enclose a pool using my own labor because to have others build an enclosure for a 16x35 foot pool is easily over 40k. Is there any resources on this?

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I did mine with a six foot stepfather
Don't to chink import crap.
If you look around you'll find local or regional companies that make the same or better product and you'll be supporting the domestic economy, not giving bucks to the WhuFlu virus spreaders.
Yeah I agree. I am in the Southeast USA. Haven't been able to find anyone who makes these kits like this but it's most likely that I am a brainlet and don't know what I am looking for.
I try my best not to give any money to (((them))) or China. Sometimes it can be tough to dodge them.

The cage with the screening is cool and probably easier but the thing about this one is that it uses Polycarbonate instead of the screening in order to control the environment around the pool. I can try that.
There has to be someone around that would sell the frame and polycarbonate to fit it.
man ive always wanted to build one of these
>I am in the Southeast USA.
then they should be around.
I'm in the nearly frozen midwest and I know of 3 companies regionally that extrude their own aluminum to make their patio sunroom (aka, 3 Season room, Florida room)kits, though they seem to push their own installers services, and I can understand why they don't want the responsibility of a home DIY'er fucking up.

File: yoop.jpg (14 KB, 237x213)
14 KB
I'll make this simple: I want to build a plane as cheaply as possible. I am tired of the ground, and don't want to live with these fools anymore. I wish to escape upwards to the sky. I know I could spend thousands on a kit, but I just don't feel like it. I'm going to "obtain" a small engine somehow and jury rig that to work. What I'm asking you all, is what materials should be used, how I should go about this, and how can I make this retarded dream soar skyward? I know many small planes are made of wood, but I'm not exactly a woodsman. I was thinking of using some light wood from Home Depot. Please, lend me your advice as I research this endeavor more.
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A traditional single-wing with a lawnmower engine. Not unlike your pic, but the wings would be at around shoulder level
What the fuck are you talking about retard
needs dual Spandau machine guns
Learn hang gliding, op
File: 1606745946981.jpg (52 KB, 800x677)
52 KB
just buy a paramotor you faggot, you're not an engineer and you probably don't understand airfoils

File: 123123.jpg (456 KB, 1012x670)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
Hello, frens. /lit/ anon here. Does anyone here have experience with off-grid building? I'm currently playing with the idea of retiring exceptionally early and building in an exceptionally small house. I'm thinking no larger than 300sqtf: basically one room, one level, no loft or basement. It's just going to be myself living there full time (all seasons) but there will obviously be guests- even forest autists can't go without pussy. What am I getting myself into?
>2-5 acres of half-decent land
>Septic tank
>Solar panels
>Wood siding, tin roof
>fireplace or wood stove for heat
>Maximum budget for everything (including land) ~USD$150,000
The house in this is kind of similar to what I'm looking for in terms of materials and layout (though I do still want power for internet).
92 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
If your jurisdiction allows for it, don't get a septic tank. Do a composting toilet system. It'll save you maybe $10,000 or more depending on area. Also if you're willing to put the time and work, use your forest to build your house. You can save a pretty good chunk of money by taking the pioneer pill. The only thing it'll cost is your work and time. Use that money you save to buy a bitchin solar system. Also depending on your jurisdiction you could dig your own well saving yourself upwards of $15,000 just make sure to get it tested and have a rain collection system as well. Where I bought my land, there is zero building codes so that too will save quite a pretty chunk of change. Just be smart where you purchase your land because that will be by far the biggest deciding factor in how much you can save. For building materials I'd recommend trad timber frame with wattle and daub walls, masonry heater/stove, tin roof is good but cedar shake is not hard to make/install and it's another place you can save cash. Good luck man, I've been researching this subject for some time now and just starting the process, very exciting stuff
They're mobile and all people are bad.
Sketchup has a house builder plugin that can do detailed wood framing
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex61yzzartA [Embed]

FreeCAD has a wood working plugin which generates a spreadsheet consisting of all quantities and dimensions used in your project.
Georgia innawoods anon here.
The only permit required in my county was for septic.
I can live in a 4'x6' plastic gardening shed from home depot with no water, heat or electricity but if I dump sewage on the ground the county will take me to court and a judge will evict me from my own property.

I started with a raw piece of property that was split off of an old farm. It didn't even have an address.
>$27,000 for 15 acres.
>$3,000 for used 12'x32' "lofted barn cabin" type shed (pic is my model).
>$900 for electricity.
>$2,000 for septic.
>$7,500 for well.

File: 1605552809877.jpg (50 KB, 615x621)
50 KB
What do to when energy is of no concern in other words it is "free". In my country it is illegal to sell energy back to the grid, I have a microhydro where I produce much more energy than I need, and this energy is going to waste.

I was thinking of mining for some shitcoin or something of the sort. Maybe I could run some sort of machinery as well. The pajeets at biz are retarded so asking there won't yield any results.

I have around 15kW to work with.
18 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The type of things that run up a power bill and heating or cooling stuff or running a bunch of machines. I’d personally just have a heated swimming pool, keep it at 104F year round and have topless keg parties and charge $20 at the door
Youtube "Rocket Mass Heater" or Rocket stoves" you're welcome
What about it?
Mine crypto
File: 1606174722278.jpg (1.71 MB, 1920x1920)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG

File: 100.jpg (148 KB, 3041x1591)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>1/100th the size of Home Depot
>don't have to navigate through swaths of normies and soys
>Has everything you need
>Employees actually ask you if you need help finding something

is there a store more based
51 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
They asked me if I needed a mask when I was actually looking for wood filler yesterday.
At the one I work at, the pints only come in satin or eggshell. If you needed something other than that, that's probably why she wanted you to get a quart.

But taking 30 minutes to mix up anything off a swatch is the mark of a goddamn retard.

What's with Great Lakes Ace?
They run their own show and have a lot of locations, so what happens is they run an ad that only applies for their stores like it's for Aces in general, so it confuses customers and causes hassles for non GLA stores when we are either not running a sale or have an advertised product.
Only REAL /diy/nosaurs shop here. Everyone else is a poser
File: NT.jpg (81 KB, 1000x563)
81 KB

File: AHHHHHHHHHHHH.png (484 KB, 1180x497)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
>break down and put on gloves because it's either too cold or tearing hands to shit
>get 3 minutes in
>get frustrated trying to pick up a washer or something because for some reason the gloves were designed for someone with 8 inch long fingers and there is always 1/2 too much material at the end so you can't use your finger tips
>take them off again and just accept that you'll get skinned and reduced dexterity because reduced sense of feel and stiffening in the cold
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
But the tips are the ones most susceptible to the cold and injuries that make things more difficult. I don't care if my fingers are stiff, but losing feeling in the tips is what makes things difficult.
>using shit gloves
get gloves that fit your hands tardo pay a little more use goatskin
Make your own gloves. I know nothing about it but it can't be that hard. Might want to cast your hands first so you can work on the gloves with two hands.
>it's either too cold or tearing hands to shit
Some jobs just aren't meant for some people. Take pressure washing. On about one day per year the weather is ideal for being damp on the four sides of a house, including some work on the roofs. On every other fucking day of the year you have no good choices. Wear rain gear and you get on a roof in the sunlight and roast, wind up damp and clammy due to sweat. Wear something less protective, and you wind up on the shady side of the house in a mild breeze and the sun goes behind a cloud and you freeze. Or you just hire a tough guy who apparently can't sense heat or cold. God I hated pressure washing.
Kek ikr, also you will be coated in the mildew, and sludge. From the wind blowing the water back towards you.

File: cone.png (64 KB, 596x452)
64 KB
Hi /diy/
I need to roll pic realated from 3mm steel sheet
I want to do it by adapting a 12T hydraulic press, with custom punch block made from steel rods
Question is, will 12T be enough force to bend 3mm steel sheet (lenght is 160mm)
Many thanks !
File: flat.png (55 KB, 740x416)
55 KB
File: PRESS.png (157 KB, 402x462)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
the press i plan to use, strategie is to bend each folds one by one
>Press-and-Brake operation
>3mm steel
>160mm length
>12 ton press
Minimum load needed for that is 5 tons. A 12-ton press might not be enough over that length or at the very least might get crowded really quickly. You might want to consider a 20-ton press, but even then your die setup will have to be pretty efficient.
Your operation is probably better suited to a pan-and-brake though. Though that's much more expensive.
You can make it work if you build your bottom die with the right width between the rods. The force required goes up significantly the tighter you want the bend radius to be.


The worst part will be the bends opposite the seam. Do your outside bends first and work your way to the middle from each side, but those last ones will be trying to squeeze around the press ram and overall be a pain in the ass...

File: 20201130_160350.jpg (535 KB, 1600x1200)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
How do I stop my toilet from singing?
I live in an apartment and today someone cut the water for 10 minutes or so, but since then my toilet has been "singing" every time I flush.

I think it's the big cylinder on the left, it can go up and down, but doesn't go all the way up now and gets stuck, making the noise.
did u jiggle the handle
I can stop the noise from helping the cylinder up but it keeps happening every time I flush.
Feels like it's out of sync or something after the water was cut.
I know people that would pay money for a good singing toilet.
l i m e s c a l e
Does it sing “hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaaal”? If so, replace the full valve, they are $5.

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (134 KB, 1280x720)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I'm getting cordless equipment, which one of these brands to I buy into
39 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck Ryobi I have bought their 20V brushless fleshlight and after the first use the thing just died on me. Disassembled the thing and there were no overcurrent protection. Now I have to buy dewalt fleshlight adapter. This is bullshit, everyone knows thet dewalt is only good for black dicks.
File: 1584325049456.jpg (35 KB, 640x640)
35 KB
dewalt stuff here, they work well enough to get the job done.
>built to last
the fucking 3/4 impact gun didn't even last 2 weeks
Send it back under warranty and get it fixed or a new one. Sometimes a lemon gets through Anon.

Even the best of the best still have shit that slips through and breaks. That's why there are warranties.

File: Walkman.jpg (26 KB, 341x400)
26 KB
I recently found a Sony Walkman WM-F2065 player for 10$

It was working damn near perfect when I got it yesterday, played cassettes, could turn on the radio everything was fine, then near the end of the day today I started hearing a fuzzy whirring sound through the headphones then after a few seconds of that it just klunks out and stops playing the music that's being fed through the tape. The motor is moving the tape but it just stops picking up the sound.
I've tried cleaning the mechanism with 70% Rubbing Alcohol and a Q-Tip, replacing the batteries, fiddling with the buttons a bit and going through it. I've also done some digging on places like the Walkman Archive and other little forums where boomers discus obsolete tech. Worst case scenario I drop some money on it to get a professional to fix it, best case scenario I figure it out on my own.

I know that /diy/ has some audio fans out here and I'm open to pretty much any suggestions anyone has for repairing it.

>inb4 terrible audio format
I like to listen to Classic rock and Nature sounds on it while I do woodwork leave me alone I already own all the damn plastic cassettes
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
not that anon; but I have a nak 600 deck and holy hell is it a PITA to service; working on tape stuff in general sucks.
Never touched one of those older ones, but I can imagine. Working on the BX series is relatively pleasant though
at least for the older stuff you get schematics; makes it just a matter of time till you find the problem. i never worked on any walkman stuff like OP but i imagine for most cheap consumer products drawings are pretty much nonexistent
idk really about the cheaper 90s models, but generally service manuals are available for most Sony products. They're also usually very well written. I have service manuals for all my Sony audio equipment produced between roughly '78-95
>Considering this I’m probably gonna just get a pro to fix it
You're going to end up paying someone hundreds of dollars to fix something you bought for ten bucks. That sounds kind of stupid. You could go on ebay and buy a bunch of used tape players and use them until they self destruct and it would cost you less.

File: 19661119-pirates-1a[1].jpg (471 KB, 1170x1005)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
"We can hear you but we're not listening" edition
Old Thread: >>1953329

>New to /ham/? Read this shit!
>Your search engine of choice works well too!

The FAQ is now back:

>Idiot's Guide to Coax Cable

>Looking for frequencies to monitor near you?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
276 replies and 97 images omitted. Click here to view.
This morning England and Ireland all up in my burger radio on 38LSB

Yesterday morning Jolly Roger (135) out of Central England was in on 19 AM.
I haven’t heard skip like this in a long time.
anyone see any cyber monday deals for ham stuff?
Gigaparts did a half assed 'deals' on their leftover crap. That's about all I see
ive been looking but i havent seen much. those are pretty shitty deals
File: Capture.gif (46 KB, 964x484)
46 KB
'Just Learn Morse Code' is another free and lovely program using the Koch method.

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