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File: 20210803_132917.jpg (3.41 MB, 4032x1960)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
After 3 years of living here I just discovered this is the state of my chimney. Unfinished OSB chipboard, always a good choice, right?

I'm trying to find someone to fix it (I physically cannot a ladder) and getting quotes of ~$2000 usd, and that's the people who will even talk to me. This quote is for a full metal chimney cap, and one of the excuses to not address this is venting.

However it seems to me the fireplace (gas insert) is already capped and vented. This shit (osb board capping the chimney gap) not only passed inspection but has "worked". The people wanting to put a full custom metal vented cap across the whole chimney seem to not understand the existing stack and vent are sufficient (assumption on my part). So far there is no water damage, and that OSB has not been whole for years, plus we've just had the rainiest summer ever here. My other assumption is the chimney is meant to be open to the fireplace flue and not have a gas insert. Or it's a fake chimney from the get (thus wood) and never anything but decorative. Either way it's (probably?) designed to deal with rainwater, and the cover is merely to keep racoons and shit from dying on top of my flue.

So what I want to do is just put a flanged piece of metal over the chimney, flashed around the current vent- but I can't get up there. Is there somehow putting some sheetmetal and flashing up there amounts to $2k or is that a valid plan? Baring /diy/ I'd like to be able to get a teenager or handyman up there to do it for me.
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Take a look at where the wood is meeting the roof, as well as the siding. Water is soaking up into the wood, and most likely getting under the siding and trickling into the house. Guarantee they pull that ahit off and it's going to be WAY more than 2000$ of damage if anon can't do it himself...
Shitty situation, maybe 100 bucks worth of flashing and goop could have prevented the base issues, few 100 more bucks and the top could have been done properly. But given that they used scrap OSB to cover a hole that goes into the house, they cut every corner possible and tried to hide poor craftsmanship where possible.
This. Rain has been having a fucking party under the roofing. If I saw that on a house for sale, I'd knock $20k off it minimum, just because pulling that apart is going to be a horror show.

OP, let professionals deal with it. Just because you know OSB and can throw that word around means you know fuck all what needs to be done there.

Your insurance company is going to love you when you come knocking asking them to cover repairs from something you didn't mitigate properly. Adjusters LOVE people like you.

To dumb it down for you, because you obviously don't fucking listen - that chimney is now an ingress for moisture into the roof structure. Look at how long it's been in a state of failure, there WILL be more damage.
>there WILL be more damage.
OK, I get that the bill will be upwards of 2K if there is structural and roof damage beyond what is seen, but you're assuming a lot and there is no reason to replace good wood or roof that isn't damaged. I've done plenty of restoration of rotten window sill and other non-chimney chase repairs and I dont' get the "hurr durr everything will be rotten" and even if it might be the companies estimating isn't guessing for a whole rebuild, they're estimating *solely* doing the upper wood square and slapping a metal sheet over it. Sure there might be $500 to $30,000 of roof and structural damage (and having been in the attic/crawl and living here I doubt as much) but regardless nobody is estimating that from the attached pic. I get the hurr durr you're stupid and this could cost thousands because obviously the previous owner and anyone who would just leave a bit of unpainted chipboard and assume it's fine is a jackass but that still doesn't explain why something the internet says $200-750 is being quoted at $1500-$2000. Fully 3/4 of the people I've talked to have tried to refer me to a fucking mason, it's like the real world is even less informed than a mongolian shit flinging exchange.
$2k? No, dummy. This is more like a $10k-$20k job, when they start tearing it apart and seeing damage in the roof and joists.

You have a SERIOUS water ingress issue. The rot you can see is just what's left of a process, of water wrecking the roof, and the walls.

You need a contractor out there NOW. First thing is to try and stop any more moisture getting in. Second is an inspection, which will involved removing more cladding and shingles to see how bad it is. THEN you get an estimate.
If the solution isn't replacing the whole thing with substantial tear out and replacement in the surrounding structure, IF it hasn't reached the first floor, if you're lucky, I'll come over and eat the rotted OSB.
Your post is pure denial. Heard it a million times. You better start looking at home improvement loans or lines of credit.

That is not $2k of damage. Any sane, not in denial not a fucking autistic cheapskate can see it.

Good luck. With your attitude, you're gonna need every fucking scrap of it you can find, borrow, or steal.
He may be lucky and the roof underlayment stopped the moisture from further penetrating the structure. At minimum, it's time for a completely new roof and for that whole "chimney" to be rebuilt.

I bought a small house 1hour out of the city, which I'm redoing on weekends, while I do another 6 months in my retarded corporate job.
Not some big off-the-grid-pine-forest-self-sufficency wet dream. Small cheap house (30k€) a few veggies, rabbits hens ducks, a simple life with expenses low enough they can pe met with any part-time menial job.
I'll be doing masonry, carpentrey, insulation, electricity, changing doors/windows, setting up a vegie garden, hen coops, rabbit coops, water system, dry toilets, florring, countertops, the list goes on. If you like it, I'll make a running thread.
First few pics are from the real estate listing, it's how I got the house after the old guy living there died end 2019.
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I have a few friends which have them, and it works fine no smell. If it's properly set-up it feels like toilets with a different flush rather than shitting in a bucket.
I found great templates on a French site called Low Tech Lab, great ressources for DIY projects, with detailled plans https://wiki.lowtechlab.org/wiki/Toilettes_s%C3%A8ches_familiales/en
Ill putting them in the corner between the two buildings (on the left in>>2175637) with a small extension connecting it to the door, so I don't need to step ouside for the toilets.
The current toilets will come out>>2175628
and I will put the sink in their place, put up a separation more or less against the shower (not touching obviously) to create a smaller bathrooom
Picture the separation more or less against the water heater in >>2175630 running across the room, that whole area will be the kitchen, with a smal bathroom and washing macine/pantry area behind the separation
>lye concrate,
Why add lye to concrete?
I've heard of people adding lye to cement to make it dry faster, but never seen it actually done.

Looks pretty /comfy/ anon. Congrats & good luck to ye.
im pretty sure he means lime and not Lye since he said its better for old buildings.

Lime is preferred on historic buildings since its not as hard as concrete. when you point old soft clinkers with cement mortar the cement is way harder than the clinkers which leads to cracking

File: scything_2_980x452.jpg (92 KB, 980x452)
92 KB
Any scythe chads here?
Just picked up an Austrian scythe and learning. So far so good, I really enjoy it, but it often pushes over the grass instead of cutting, unless I do more of a "pulling" motion. Any tips for a newbie? Things to look for when sharpening etc?
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the cheapest way into peening anvil is re grinding an old hammerhead on a bench grinder
starting price is 0$ depending on what garbage you have around you

after you peened it, it is absolute crucial to hone it with the fine hone towards the front. this creates micro teeth pointing towards your cutting direction
its the numale who fears physical labor
the scythe numale fears owning property and keeps to his own little bullshit world of scything moms backyard
Excellent, will give those a read for sure. You guessed correctly, I bought a fux scythe
That's a great idea actually. Is it enough to hold the "anvil" in a vise? I know vibration causes a lot of issues and the vise does have a slight vibration to it when chiseling wood etc. The whole peening log thing seems like a meme but maybe there's a good reason for it.
>The whole peening log thing seems like a meme but maybe there's a good reason for it.
you hold the scythe with your legs and the anvil log between them, thats how you hold it and do it consistently (for dozens of passes on a neglected blade)
Peening has to be accurate to the mm, otherwise it either doesnt do anything, or worse you ruin the blade. Dont expect to free hand that in an awkward position

> Go to Jew Home Depot
> Select crappy chinese tool
> Wait in line, because they only have 3 cashiers for hundreds of people in the store.
> Drive home
> Unbox tool
> Plug in tool
> Nothing happens
> Rebox tool
> Drive BACK to jew depot
> Wait in return line, because they have 1 cashier to handle the 15 people in line for their cheap chinese garbage.
> Finally get to cashier. "This doesn't work."
> Cashier runs it through bluetooth scanner.
> "Sorry sir, looks like the cashier forgot to deactivate the anti-theft protection. Should be good for you now. :) "
> "T-thanks."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>too stupid for self checkout
Yeah, already heard about this shit. Fuck them.

Who buys tools at Home Despot, anyway? If you do, you're a moron who throws money away.

Could be a good YT series, show how to bypass that shit.
Where to get free/libre open source power tools?
The cases don't generally have glass. They use lexan or plexiglass to keep people from doing smash and grabs. The smart thief will look at the key code printed on the lock face and buy a "replacement key" on the internet or look at locksmith journals to decode the bitting and have complete nondestructive access to merchandise.

My local corner store locks up their beer to keep homeless people from stealing it so you have to call the clerk over to open it for you each time but the key code is printed on the lock face. I've been considering buying a key online so that I don't have to have them help me but I'm worried they'll freak out and call the cops on me so I'm not going to.

I was at Home Depot, like, a month ago and asked one of the associates to get a reciprocating saw out for me and he asked me if I was a vendor because "today's the vendor day and I can't tell the difference between customers and vendors".

File: 1627960302549.jpg (15 KB, 450x318)
15 KB
I have some moisture damage on the wood floor outside my bathroom. I have postponed contacting my landlord about it for some time. But now I feel like I can't postpone it anymore, I have to contact them soon. Will I be evicted for this? Will it be a big job? I'm also afraid I might have to let them work on it when I'm not at home. Plus I work night shift so I hope they can do the work in the afternoon because I need to sleep until noon. I hope they don't snoop around in my stuff or steal anything. But I guess having people do repairs when you're not at home is normal. You probably don't want to sit at home and wait while they're working either. Pic related isn't my floor, just a stock image. Do I have to feel worried?
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no one cares about whatever retarded language you speak, and in english landlord can be a company or a person, but please keep on explaining my language to me.
>It's a tiny bathroom where you have to shower while sitting on the toilet

Jesus. LOL.

That's gonna all need to be replaced.

They're going to be mad at you.

I hope you have renter's insurance.

They're not gonna give a fuck if you're home or not.

You straight fucked up waiting. You just learned a big life lesson.

Tell the landlord, and let adults take care of your fuckup. It's not yours. You ruined someone else's shit.
I've seen better prison showers, lol.
You should spend less time being a pissy baby over words and more time spent being worried the assraping your landlord is about to do to your wallet.

File: Capturar.png (204 KB, 517x577)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Ok this shit is bothering me.

Im trying to find a necklace pendant that wont be overpriced.
I just want it simple: a fucking metal circle, cause I already have the string.

>Looking through amazon and ebay
>Find necklaces with the circle, but the pendant isn't selled sepperately
>Over 7€ for this sht that costed the seller like 10 cents

I tried searching keywords to find that exact circle (don't know the alloy but assuming its stainless or other) but full necklaces always appear.

Any suggestion where to look for? or any keywords that will lead to it?
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File: tenor.png (394 KB, 640x610)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
Same. I guess we're here forever.
You need tanks and nukes to overthrow the government idiot. God your dumb
File: 1623448738326.jpg (171 KB, 1080x1349)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
>148,721 sales
>selling Chinese trinkets and polished washers, literally
>$10 average sale, essentially zero invested
>1.5 million gross
ayo hol up

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 275x183)
10 KB
Welp my fucking boomer dad has decided to flood the house with oxygen. He keeps going through these different fucking alternative medicine phases even though there's really nothing wrong with him. He's given thousands to quack conmen online. He eats very healthy, has crystals, etc. Now he's on some new health kick thinking that higher O2 concentrations will help him purge toxins or live longer or whatever the fuck. I told him to just wear a mask or use one of those nose things but no. He says those are for cripples and old people and that he's perfectly healthy and can't drag around the bottle all the time. So he decided to increase the oxygen in the whole house. I am very worried about fires and have stopped doing basically everything. Cooking or turning on lights is terrifying. When he lights his incense and candles and shit they burn REALLY fast but he just gets more. He taped up all the windows, put plastic everywhere. He yells at me when I go out the door that I'm letting the oxygen out. He bought (rented?) dozens and dozens of those big commercial oxygen bottles. They keep getting delivered multiple times a day. He's retired and just pouring money into this. No idea how much so far. He just opens the tanks up and lets it hiss until empty. It's so fucking loud. You wouldn't believe how loud it is. Right now the shitty meter he has is only reading like 54% O2 in our house but he wants to get up to 100. Every night it drops and he wakes up PISSED in the morning and starts opening cylinders left and right. My ears are ringing constantly. He blocked the bathroom fan and it smells like shit in there. And the O2 is fucking scary. How do I prevent an explosion? What can I do or not do to start a fire? Or how can I help him safely get up to 100? Has anyone here tried anything like this?
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File: 1623497696876.jpg (67 KB, 640x756)
67 KB
File: 22-apollo-1-fire.jpg (67 KB, 520x394)
67 KB
Light some velcro on fire and recreate Apollo 1

This isnt believable at all
Become an oxygen bandit IRL and steal his tanks.
Get out of the house and before you go show him the video of the Apollo capsule that burned on the launch pad, or print this post. I'm a boomer too and he's utterly clueless.

HOWEVER I also use my welding oxygen (comes from the same cryo plants and general aviation pilots frequently fill their tanks with a transfill whip, look it up if in doubt) for a boost when exercising and if your father wants oxygen therapy he should stop wasting oxygen and do what I did after my heart attack.

He can buy an oxygen regulator which fits standard CGA 540 US cylinders. He needs that and a large Crescent style wrench. Then he can use common medical cannulae to breath directly off the cylinder (I did it on my exercycle) for a nice energy boost. It's also a great hangover remedy (maintainers and pilots used it often on TDY by setting the O2 panel to 100% then flipping the "test mask" switch).

100% is effortless with a common mask but he needs reasonably airflow through the house because he can also saturate his clothing (FWOOOMP!) and turn into a meat torch. Search "CGA 540 medical regulators" and this style mask should work nicely: https://www.mountainside-medical.com/collections/oxygen-masks/products/salter-labs-high-concentration-oxygen-mask-with-7-foot-tubing

He's dangerously wasting oxygen and begging for a trip to the burn ward. Make sure you have a copy of the will and you're the beneficiary and keep all your important documents in a safe deposit box because when oxygen saturated anything ignites neither of you will move fast enough to save anything. If you want more expert responses register and post on a welding forum and take pics of his shit.

If he properly exercises his O2 stats should be ~98 anyway. I exercise with an oximeter. (Cholesterol got me, not sloth, exercise saved my ass.)

File: 08052021.jpg (152 KB, 1024x768)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Michigan basement flooded, what am I in for?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Assuming OP pic is yours, I'm gonna say no.
I mean, nothing's stopping you from swimming around, but whatever shit was hiding in the cracks and crevices of your basement is mixed up into a stew now. You don't have any open wounds, do you?
Is the sump pump running?
Actual mittenstate? RIP. Get some UGI after this.
At least it's not a finished basement, pump that shit out then go rent some big fans
File: satire.jpg (537 KB, 1920x1080)
537 KB
537 KB JPG

File: Lumber-Size-Categories.jpg (92 KB, 1020x400)
92 KB
Home Depot had beautiful long hardwood planks in the Cull Lumber section, but I had no way to fit it in my car and they won't cut cull lumber for some reason. What's my best/economical option for cutting the wood in half/thirds in the parking lot?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, there's this thing called a handsaw...bring a square and pencil, you will need all the help you can get.
you have no idea...
things weren't always this way...
>buying material just to have it
Go rent a truck, dummy. UHaul has pickups, I've rented them in the past for like $20 a day.

Yep, it's wood edition

Welcome to /wwg/! Here we discuss the working of wood and the tools and techniques used to do so. General carpentry question such as framing/decking/general construction might get a better response in /qtddtot/ or /sqt/.

>essential /wwg/ books

Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking, gives you everything you need and shows you how to do it multiple ways, from hand tools to power tools and gives you the knowledge to determine which is best, and then he teaches you how to apply what you learned. The PDF of the second book can be found in the usual places, but the other two are MIA.

Christopher Schwarz tells you everything you need to know about planes and saws, and their use
Handplane Essentials
Handsaw Essentials
Best to find this one in PDF from the usual sources, out of print and pricey!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: PXL_20210805_141857946.jpg (3.95 MB, 4032x3024)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB JPG
I misspoke, or miswrote, that my desk finds use as a kitchen table on occasion. This necessitates a more robust finish.
chamfer all the bottom edges on the tenon, then you dont have to clean out the mortise bottom corner
>the train comes along
>now know how to use most of the 5-in-1 machine

That's one for the metalworkers, but technically yes, you can hammer it out. However it depends on the type of steel it is.

What might work - and don't take my word for it - is to locally heat the part that needs mending, then to hammer it flat on an anvil of sorts, and finally quench it. From your picture I assume it's not on the cutting side so you might not have the problem that heating the steel will change it's properties.
>I'm not sure if I follow you anon. You're saying it's a waste to do anything with a desk if about 8% of it is covered with a tablecloth or similar?
its a waste to autisticially sand to such a fine grit if you're never going to feel it because you covered it in cloth
File: signal-2021-08-05-160919.jpg (502 KB, 2048x1536)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
A couple stools. How'd I do?
One with amber shellac and the other unfinished. Soft maple and cherry.
These things really tickle my autism for some reason

File: download (58).jpg (25 KB, 440x220)
25 KB
Someone please explain how radio waves work like im a fucking toddler, none of this makes sense. Invisable waves passing through us all the time? They can be stopped by metal? They have a size, like a height or a width? are they pressure waves? none of this makes any fucking sense Im convinced its all bullshit.
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
honestly the first two anons in this post you completely took out of context in what they were talking about, stop doing stims and binge posting bruh
I can tell you have the narrowly smart but generally retarded form of autism because your corrections were actually just amazing failures in your reading comprehension abilities.
Ask an EE there is an aether. Ask a phisicist there isn't.
They're probably both wrong somehow.
Anyway, the old school way is to pick up an AARL handbook (expect to not be a retard and know math like complex numbers)
Yes, that's exactly what a quote is, removing the line item from its body of context to address the specific statement in order to elaborate or clarify upon it. If it appears nitpicky that's because it is
>I'm just elaborating for those interested
Also no stims needed just autism au naturale

My bachelors is in EE lol; I don't see why the former should believe there's an aether. I mean this completely as a matter of fact that an EE's job is not to develop theoretical physics so the relatively surface level education of the physical models required to do their real job (designing systems) shouldn't really give them any unique insight. I'm not going to shill Michelson-Morley but the debate has been settled time and time again. I don't even see why the aether NEEDS to exist anyhow, what's wrong with something just existing in vacuum? If you really insist on a medium for the wave to propagate through why not consider The Electric Field™ which permeates all space as that body (in which case I suppose you could call the "aether" so aetherchads btfo'd me)
>Am I wrong to think its all just jewish bullshit
This legit made me laugh

File: cartop-volvo.jpg (451 KB, 1134x589)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
I've got an old 2002 Volvo C70 coupe (same as car in picture), I would like to carry my kayak on top. OEM roof racks did apparently exist (pic related) but are exceedingly rare. There are holes on the roof to bolt the racks into though, so that's good. What's the best way to make my own? The holes are not flat and level, they kind of tilt forward/backward. I guess my main question is just hats the best way to make a block or spacer to bolt on? Just some wood? Plastic? Also, are cross rails alone fine, or should I make side rails and connect cross rails to that?

Any other roof rack or cargo carrying DIY shit is fine, also want to make a cargo rack to replace the backseat on my motorcycle. Premade solutions are shitty and small/flimsy, and massively overpriced.
skip the roof rack just cushion it with. a couple pool noodles and ratchet it down tight
I've done that before but the slopiness of the roof and short length make it not ideal.
the holes are for risers which support bars
the bars being elevated makes their effective surface plane flat, eliminating the curve of the roof
there are two types of bars I'm familiar with:
1. solid rod (Yakima) just a solid flat rod across the risers. the rod can be round or square, and accessories (fork clip for bicycle) can be attached to them.
2. curved rib (Jeep/Toyota production racks) these are an otherwise thin wide bit of material that gains strength from being arched slightly between the towers.

There is a 3rd category of pickup truck type racks but essentially most racks are the same: 4 towers two bars across the vehicle. anything else (hard storage, a basket, a roof top tent) is just accessories.

the lesson here is open your fucking eyes. you're not reinventing the wheel, you're ripping off thousands of existing roof racks. you're not /diy/ something new and unique, you could get all this information by simply LOOKING at existing roof racks, parts and accessories. Open your eyes.
Okay but like any tips on making the risers?
Band saw and a drill press? Just do it in plastic, aluminium, or whatever.

File: 1596842884459.jpg (650 KB, 1520x2048)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
Been a while lets see if we get anything new
123 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's a shitty way to fix a potentially rusted strut tower. Typically a plate is molded and welded to whatever remains, but that there will have plenty of flex and might even shear off those welds/damage the sheets they're welded to. it does look like some attempt was made to get the geometry right, though.
they couldnt even hook the fucking wire the right way around the scree
Pls tell me that’s a 10mm wrench

This had to be somebody with extra PVC laying around who wanted to make something funny for Reddit.
It's a 7/16ths
File: 1577007792847.jpg (73 KB, 540x718)
73 KB

File: diys autistic uncle.png (602 KB, 854x479)
602 KB
602 KB PNG
So /diy/, when's the last time you checked in on your autistic uncle?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
God I hated penis inspection day when I was a kid.
Alright I'll bite. Who is he and what's his funniest video?
His mouse maze videos are pretty entertaining.
Is Steve getting into satanism?

File: IMG_20210804_1826122.jpg (2.63 MB, 2000x2667)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG
I'm refinishing my hardwood floors. They are red oak and have been covered for carpet for decades from the previous owners. I have it all sanded, want thoughts on what to use for a finish. Initially I was gonna do PoloPlaz Primeo, but changed my mind to do water based isntead to try and get a more natural color instead of amber to match the fake stuff they have in the kitchen. Thinking about Bona Mega One, but wanted /diy/ thoughts. Here is a pic of the sanded red oak on the left and the kitchen is on the right. I want something that dries pretty quick if I can with a buddy moving in here in little over a week so needs to be ready to go ASAP

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