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File: download (10).png (8 KB, 272x159)
8 KB
I did it! I made an LED blink with an arduino!
could you post the code on GitHub or DropBox?
The code came with the arduino ide, it has a blinking sample.
>code came with the arduino ide
>it has a blinking sample
duck yeah get that shit on got yo
you a developah now boyeee
link that shit the linkedin and get you some of that swwwwweeeeet cyber dough
why do people insist on posting their feet? Fucking DISGUSTAN
You are a good boy. I'm proud of you.

Now add a button or switch to control it.

And after you do that, look into debouncing. Find a way to debounce with code, and a way to do it with hardware.

Is there a way to make my own nitrogen solution for my ganja plant? I've seen it grown in a cup but it requires a lot of maxigrow or whatever the alternative may be. I am lazy and don't feel like buying it. Also does this look like a female plant to you, i know it's early to tell but still
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you want JADAM liquid nitrogen fertilizer. take grasses, put in water, add some good native soil from under the fallen leaves of the biggest undisturbed tree in your area, put a lid on and wait 3 weeks, gonna need to dilute this
If you work with soil just compost yourself.
Ideally terracotta pot cause breathes, a bit of soil, leftover greens from the kitchen, soil to cover it, water when dry and stir every week or so
Used coffee grounds are also rich in nitrogen and you can just mix that into the soul, most coffee shops will give it to you for free cause its less waste they have to pay to process.
unironically pee on it
water it down though I think 1:4 pee to water
just order liquid nitrogen fertilizer (fish emulsion) honestly
Urea does contain beneficial nitrogen for plants urine content changes from person to person, for example if you're on medications or you smoke you will usually excrete the waste through your piss. Also of note piss has stronger urea content at the start and end of your piss.
If that is female... you'll find out in another 4 weeks if white pistils pop out of the sides of your nodes.

I strongly recommend creating a living soil and spend a bit of money as the roots need a soft medium to grow; the more roots, the more plant

File: s-l64ee0.jpg (60 KB, 640x532)
60 KB
Two weeks (one week on each side) in a sealed box, I still can't get dead millipede smell off of $1,200 worth of games. Used Ozium, Baking Soda -- need to get off of PS1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and SteelBook games. Tried just keeping them outside. Hopeless.

I have tried every smell thing I could find. Nothing is getting rid of this smell. It's like hard-sealed to the games. It's awful.

Does anyone have any ideas? It smells like poop but it is from a dead millipede that crawled behind my games that I was temporarily storing in-between places.
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You can make an ozone generator by arcing/sparking AC electricity between bare wires, if you really wanted to. Would be even better if you had a transformer to increase the voltage.
It would just also be really dangerous if you didn't know what the fuck you were doing with electricity.
So, no, this doesn't need to be some $2000 medical device. Can probably find stuff for $20 and up. But it also doesn't need to be safe either...
Look for a non retarded competitor to servpro, they should be able to clean them for you.

We use ozone treatments or hydroxyl depending on the source.

>non retarded competitor
>Mine is a 12” high, 12v “ionic/uv sterilizer” model GH2151. It’s tiny.
>I paid $5 for it. It’s probably the negative ion generator that generates the ozone.
>I just threw it in a big rubbermaid container with the ion generator on, and a keyboard I pulled out of a dumpster which smelled like smoke.
>Smelled totally clean after 2 days in the container with the sterilizer running.


I feel the niche of 'video game cleaning' and also steelbooks and not damagin collectibles makes it hard to even know what to ask, what would you suggest i say with wording?

and any examples of servco competitors would be appreciated, hard to find because of niche situation
Ozone, while effective in eliminating many types of odors, is a powerful oxidant that can be harmful or even dangerous to living beings when present in high concentrations.

Exposure to ozone can cause a range of health effects, including coughing, chest discomfort, shortness of breath, throat irritation, and worsened chronic respiratory diseases like asthma. In severe cases, it can lead to serious lung damage. Therefore, it's crucial to use ozone generators carefully, in well-ventilated spaces, and to avoid being present in the same space when the machine is running.
what about using it in an outdoor sealed container?

Using an ozone generator in an outdoor sealed container can be a good way to limit exposure to high concentrations of ozone. This allows the ozone to do its work in a confined space where it can't harm people or pets. Here's a general step-by-step guide:

Prepare your container: You'll need a large, sealable container that can hold your games. A plastic storage bin with a lid could work well.

Place your items in the container: Arrange your games in the container, ensuring that there's space for air to circulate around each one.

Set up the ozone generator: Place your ozone generator in the container, ensuring it has a power source. Some generators run on batteries, while others need to be plugged in.

Seal the container: Close and seal the container. Ensure it's sealed tightly, but don't lock it in case you need to quickly open it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Honestly seems like way better to get professional help for this cleaning job after looking into risks -- what is your service or someone you'd recommend for ~NE USA?

File: prefab.jpg (140 KB, 1451x825)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>$50,000 for a two-story prefab tiny home
what's stopping me from buying some land, putting up 3 or 4 of these, and renting them out?
how the fuck should we know? you want to do it? then do it. or don't. whatever. nobody cares. fuck off.
I know this is a troll post from /pol/ but I know a lot of people here that just know so little about construction they'll agree with you and think its a good product from HD. Its not.

For starters, its $44k for a steel frame ONLY. You have to get the cement pad or piers for the foundation, then exterior and interior finishes, wiring, plumbing, windows, paint, fucking everything except that pre-fab frame. If you're doing it yourself, that $44k would still need another (minimum) $40k to finish the rest of the job. Great, $84k, plus tax, to have a little hipster apartment. And that all depends heavily on finishes, materials, and luxury items and appliances.

>buying some land
Okay, where are you seeing empty land where people would want to live? Not in a major city. Probably not on the outskirts. So rural or at least rural adjacent. Land in my state is about $15k per acre. You could probably put 4 on these in a 1/4acre each arrangement and it'd still be comfy. If you're lucky theres water and power nearby, they still have to run the service lines after digging the 10 foot deep trenches. Being that its rural you'll also have to get your own septic system for $25k per house if they're spaced far apart. Probably $40k for a big one if you put the tiny houses close together, like within 30 feet of each other. If you're rural, you may have to dig a well, and quadruple how much you pay for electricity hookups. Think $10k for each of those in a 'good' pricing area If your well is super deep or there just is no electricity within close range, you get to pay $20-30k for each of those hookups.

If its semi rural, you might get some lower income tenants, possibly middle class people willing to live there if its cheap enough. If you're charging urban apartment or suburban house prices, nobody will rent. So its probably gotta be at the $1200/month mark. Less if its actually rural.

>lets run the numbers
Semi-rural You're looking at $400k for a 4-tiny home setup on 1 acre.
Worst case, rural way out there easily $450k. Add more if you've got high end finishes, and super attractive things like a pond, river, mountain view, or other shit. Keep adding depending on insurance, financing, property taxes, and permits/architects.

So, do you want to dick around with 4 tiny houses of maintenence, 4+ tenants to deal with, and every neighbor hating your shitty slum rental acre? Or would you rather just build 1 house for $400k and rent it to a normal family? If you're dead set on min/maxing rental income, they already make "small houses" with the intent to rent: they're usually condos, townhouses, duplexes, or quadplexes. They're dead simple to get built with a contractor and cheaper per door.

Its not /diy/ however I assume 0.001% of /diy/ browsers have the capability to build a house from the slab up and thats not an ikea-kit of a tiny house.
>what's stopping me
the sheer amount of necessary shit that's not included
t. fellow dumbass who looked into prefab tiny homes before buying a proper house that just happens to be small

Does anyone know what kind of lock this is? I've tried searching online for an 8 point security lock but nothing even comes close.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Ask the owner for the bit.
I can't. But thank you, I'm definitely going in the right direction now
>I'm definitely going in the right direction now
Maybe you'll learn enough to become employable. And then people can steal from you for a change.
found it.
it's proprietary, but tools are available.
you're so close. just missing one word.
what's it worth to you?
something like this? https://www.colsafety.com/jonad-star-key-can-wrench-kit-for-lc--lg-patterns
something like that, sure. but not that. obviously. since 5 and 7 ≠ 8.
but you knew that, since you're not retarded or anything, right?

File: flange.png (125 KB, 630x394)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
I need some plumbing help.

I am replacing a toilet in my home. The flange is level with the tile, but beneath the tile/flange the subfloor has deteriorated. As a result, the toilet bolts have no support on one side: they will fall in through the hole. The flange is in good condition, although it spins freely around the PVC because the prior owner didn't bolt it to the floor.

Do you have any advice about how to handle this? I was told by Oatey that I could pry off the metal ring, but when I tried I felt like any more force and I'd risk breaking something.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The only way to fix it properly is to cut out the rotted subfloor and replace it.
Concrete doesn't rot.
But you do have the issue of a level floor. Not going to work.
so do you have a subfloor, or a concrete slab? those are different things.
sounds like a concrete floor with a wood subfloor. Rip out the rotted wood, fill void with concrete, use concrete drill and screws. In my case I put the flange on and filled around with concrete.

I found a four-leaf clover and I want to make a bookmark out of it. I could go to my local library and try to plastificate it but I don't really want to so I thought maybe there's a better option?
Pic related, it's what I will use to kill you if you don't provide me a proper anserwr
fold a piece of packing tape in half with the clover in the middle
please don't shoot me
meh I don't really like it, it could get dirty and old, I want something durable.
Press flat, freeze dry, laminate.
It's a cool keepsake. I wouldn't put it in a very lose able bookmark. you probably want to look into ways to preserve flowers, which means drying and then mounting somehow. I found a bible with several 4leaf clovers in between pages. sadly I gave it to someone who didn't appreciate it.

File: buildingservices.webm (3.82 MB, 576x1024)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB WEBM
What are European houses made of today?
183 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
Looks like something Barney the Dinosaur threw up.
>civilized world
>leaves the bathroom with small shit nuggets crusted around his cinnamon ring
Oh bro we have this invention called 'toilet paper.' They even make them wet and flushable now called 'wet wipes.'
You can just use them on your ass, bro. Yeah it's true.
Hey Euro bro's, just finished remortering your brick house because that shit is not actually very good when exposed to elements. Yeah apparently that shit just kinda falls apart because you don't have it covered with fucking Tyvek or siding or anything really, it's just sitting there getting slammed by weather.

That'll be $10k please.
You didn't put a joint in did you

My brand new, 300€ water heater is worst then the old one it's replacing. Because the EU's climate insanity it's limited to 55°.
Meaning, that my shower is either cold or I get no pressure.
How can I trick this thing to heat up higher? Some resistance between the temperature probe or something like that?
It's a Vaillant electronicVED 18KW.
28 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
you physically can't take a shower in water that's over 55c you idiot. if you're having problems with cold water in your shower, and you can determine that the water heater is producing hot water, then it has nothing to do with the temp limiting of the water heater
… In unchlorinated water maybe. Chlorine works even better at elevated temperatures. including degrading your PEX.

here, if unchlorinated, it’s 65°C.
Yeah do what you can and over time get colder
> All it does it report temp to the controller. You won't be able to find a resistor that will sense 60C water but report a lower temp to the controller
you don’t know what you’re talking about. A thermistor does not “report temp.” it has a resistance that varies depending on the temperature. The controller measures the voltage drop to determine its resistance, and maps that to a temperature. If you alter the resistance, you alter the voltage drop, and the controller can’t tell the difference. And if some engineer decided they’d implement validation of the thermistor’s power curve to check whether it’s “gone bad” I’ll eat my shoe.
ok, got a thermometer
it's 15°C

You do change your smoke detector batteries every year, right?
24 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
> she
> puppy crate (whatever the f that is)
> crying

Still usually have a battery inside as backup incase of a power outage.
when it beeps i use an online submission form to make my property manager send someone to replace it for free the same day as they're obligated to do
the scene being depicted in this image has occurred a total of zero times in the history of the real world.
Imagine buying a detector for something you can strongly smell just because a bunch of firemen got paid by multinational corporations to tell you that you needed one.

I have a working lawn mower motor and pressure washer motor. I want to use one of them to motorize my wheel barrow.

A little unclear on two aspects. Are these small engine 4 stroke engines interchangeable between applications? eg) switch the lawn mower engine and power washer engine and it wont make a difference assuming HP, torque and RPM is about the same.

How do I figure out shaft compatability. I would need to attach a chain transmission and am worried about buying something that isnt compatible
>A little unclear on two aspects. Are these small engine 4 stroke engines interchangeable between applications? eg) switch the lawn mower engine and power washer engine and it wont make a difference assuming HP, torque and RPM is about the same.

>shaft compatibility
just try one out, if it blows up/dies, then try a different one.

Seems like a neat project.
>a powered wheel barrow
I grew up in a small village in eastern europe and used to drive the wheelbarrow full with concrete as a summer job since when i was 14
In 2 years i got as strong as a bull
Man up jesus christ
the motor is a vertical shaft?
how are you gonna put a motor on a wheel barrel without making it much heavier that it offsets the benefits of being powered?
and how will you make it so that it won't run away on you?

Whats stopping me from digging 50 ft deep and making an underground living area next to my house (what are the major issues/problems with doing this).
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>blast protected hatch
There's already a LARP thread
File: Artificial Crab.jpg (129 KB, 500x393)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
^This, bunker and container threads should be banned because serious people don't need them.
where would you put the spoil?
>Whats stopping me
your parents won't let you.

Anyone thought about or actually bought a condemned house for pennies and fixed it up? Some cities offer such houses for literally nothing but you have to fix them up and be living in them within a year or you gotta give them back.
86 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sure, okay. But then there's Chicago, and LA and the south.thay haven't evaporated like the rust belt. They're shitty.places to live, yeah, but it's not fucning GONE like Detroit
How much did you pay for it?
>it’s the niggers
This is like blaming a shitty child instead of their parents. The problem isn’t stupid poor people, it’s the people who create them while making millions off the subsidies and tax breaks. I worked for awhile in multifamily housing and could tell you stories that would make you sick. These people setting up the system came to power your our watch. They should have been voted out mercilessly when they first started but it’s too late for that. Boomers are the largest voting block and they only care about pillaging social security and protecting what they have. If millennials don’t step up and take power it’s gg no re. And I’m not talking about spending 80% of your effort passing laws for the 20k tranny children, in talking about focusing on what matters, reinvigorating the middle class. The rest will follow.
>Fuck it I'm still going through with it
lol no you are not; you are deeply stupid. That there is a dead husk. It must be torn down to its foundations, if it has a foundation, which is most likely cracked and infiltrated concrete. There's snow involved and the whole roof is that thin-ass cancer-inducing undulating material? I have not seen those roofs since the 80s, and then only in country shacks. Big hail can crack it, lol oh my god. Do you even know how much wood goes in there? If you paid anything for that, you got owned. Desperation and ignorance. Not even good luck would help you in life. Go rent a room in a city, that's all you can manage anyway.
not gonna lie to you anon it would have been easier to build from scratch then rehabilitate that house.

File: 51RxsV1oUsL.jpg (93 KB, 2000x2000)
93 KB
I'm tired of shoving paper up my ass.
The two imperatives:
1) It MUST have a bidet.
2) $500 max

Those Jap toilets look nice but they're super expensive.

What's the best bang for my buck for a toilet with at least those two features? Midwest USA
Bidet seat and a squatty potty
Costco has the Toto washlet seat for $360.
>2) $500 max
quit being poor
Op is from the midwest though.
>t. Okie
Just get one of these attachments for 20 bucks on Amazon anon. I love mine.

File: file.png (1.62 MB, 902x1599)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
I'm trying to figure out what kind of card is needed to read the digital out of this recorder. The output should be S/PDIF, I just don't know if it's on TTL or already on coax. Normally I think it's on TTL, in case there is some card ready and made to make it work on coaxial??
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Are you sure? On some forums they said it's on TTL level...

>What are you making, anyway?
A stereo from old pc parts... Now i'm trying to DIY a 16 bit DAC, but I do not know where to start... How can I decode S/PDIF signal? Can I use an MCU, like arduino and a R2R ladder as DAC?
>Are you sure?
But what does it hurt to just wire the damned thing up to try? Two minutes with a couple probes? You've wasted more time typing this reply.
There's no amplification and no voltage to speak of. You're not gonna fry anything.
>On some forums
Maybe you should stay there.
A mcu is not a dac you idiot

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