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Is the OSHA 10-hour construction safety course required to solicit a serious job in construction? I have experience as residential labor but I want better work.
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Actually Jose does that.
Jose doesnt make houses, he just does the drywall and roofing.
People who think like you either die quickly or are bosses who nobody likes.

Would be funny to hear you preaching about "sfety doest get wurk done" to a crippled ex trade who thought the same. AHAHAHA.
Jose may do "hard" work, but he doesn't do good work.
if by "serious job" you mean commercial work, then yes many job sites will require a 10-hour cert. and if you want to take a step up to management, you're going to want the 30-hour

File: 480996267ad0646a.jpg (103 KB, 800x809)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
It was a bad idea to plug a motorcycle tire.
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>or if the hole is too far towards the edge of the tire.
pussy. i've plugged holes on the edge of the tire before and it works fine.
I personally won't plug holes in the sidewall, but I've seen people do that as well and have it hold.
They never seal correctly on the side. They need that contact with the road and the heat to vulcanize over time.
>Plugs are a temp repair at best
i hear this so much but it’s udder horseshit. i’ve plugged my tires hundreds of times and NEVER had a failure. if your plug fails you’re a retard simple as
i personally view sidewall repairs as "i cut a tire 10 miles down this offroad trail, i need to get back to civilization somehow"
>i’ve plugged my tires hundreds of times
Then get off the joke machine and go fix your tires.

File: anal_probe.png (64 KB, 599x601)
64 KB
Where can I get or how can I make the anal probe used for this study?
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File: image-2.jpg (71 KB, 990x1100)
71 KB
Ask /lgbt/ you fukken queer
>12 ropes
Fucking femoids are so lucky bros
File: image.jpg (56 KB, 715x435)
56 KB
File: dafuq.jpg (48 KB, 552x552)
48 KB

File: file.png (682 KB, 1024x683)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
Hello anons,
im trying to soundproof my basement, usually i'd use a door but my basement staircase is similar to picrel. ive been using 2 blackout curtains from costco and theyve reduced the noise a bit, but not nearly enough to what im looking for (they hang about halfway up the staircase).
since installing a door isnt an option, and 'sound proof curtains' dont fucking exist apparently, i could use some ideas.
currently one i have is just stapling a shit ton of those foam sound panels to the curtains already hanging there, but thats a last resort
any ideas?
(i am renting, so extending the drywall to install a door or something isnt an option, and preferably as little damage to the walls as possible)
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make sure they are THIC blackout curtains. Some curtains blackout the light, but they are quite thin - you don't want thin for sound. If you'll just use multiple curtains /layers you should space them out (they shouldnt touch at all)
OP, if you are going to make a rape basement at least learn how to properly gag a child so they do not scream.
I've got my own entrance but I need to access the ground floor for kitchen and bath.
This would work if it was egg cartons
Stuff a fucking mattress in there

File: bench1.2-crop.jpg (371 KB, 794x644)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
I made this bench previously out of pallet wood. It's not perfect but it went reasonably well.
So, I'm making the same bench again (but obviously trying to improve on the first).
On the first bench, I attached the legs using mortise and tenon joints but I'm wondering if that's the best method?
For a start the legs are at 15 degree, ideally mortise and tenon should be 90 degree if I'm not mistaken?
Also, they were also a real ball ache to make.
Is there a better way of doing this? Should I just use butt joints? Would that be strong enough?
Also, anything else I could do to improve it that I may not have thought of?
P.s. I know the leg braces don't fit snug, I'm going to measure and cut them last this time.
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>Not like OP even needs a backboard that solid

That pic was just to show the joint, what is the post in the pic could be any thickness ...forget that post and imagine the end cap described being attached that way.
I haven't even addressed the seat back of OPs project, if that's what you mean by "backboard".
I don't get what you mean. You've gotta lean on it pretty hard to get it to tip.
Maybe put the back legs further back then?

Yea good point, think it's got space to swell though, so hopefully be ok but time will tell. Deffo worth keeping in mind for future projects though. Cheers.

Yea cheers dude, been good advise and like you say, saved me a cut. Deffo worth keeping in mind on this and future projects.
>Maybe put the back legs further back then?
Yes, if possible. You want the tip over angle as far as you can get it. The weight of the wood probably helps with stability for one person
File: photostudio_1652622523286.jpg (544 KB, 1080x1328)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
This is what I was talking about, purple lines on bottom pic show glue lines if it was built up
Yep will do. Cheers dude.

Ah sweet, cheers mate.

File: file.png (1.34 MB, 1200x628)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
I have a 15-20 foot by 4 foot area I want to put gravel in. But mostly I want to contain the puddle that forms everytime it rains. The puddle does get large, like 2'x2' and 4 inches deep or so. There's just mud in that area, and it rarely gets sunlight, so it stays muddy unless there's an unual dry spell which is rare for the north east.

I was thinking to connect the gutters directly to a french drain then to a catch basin. But this seems overkill.

Any other ideas?
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If you don't use the area for anything else, make a rain garden. Then you'll solve your problem AND it'll look good.
i told you this six months ago faggot. install a fucking dry well.
FFS anon, install a dry well, so simple.
op is dead or retarded. good day
Just get a chip drop and pile it all in the area where you have the puddle. In a couple years, you will have nice soil and can then plant whatever you want there. Or just use it as good compost for your garden.

Want to make a stone that I can grind corn on. Similar to pic related. I live in the middle of indiana. I’ve seen plenty of basalt that would work just not the right shape. Any other ideas ?
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Fine sandstone
Go to a place that sells natural granite countertops. Ask if they have any sink cutouts or other scraps you can buy. Black granite tends to be the hardest (although not always). You can use modern tools to work it, but you can also use copper pipe embedded with ordinary sand to grind it by hand. Just don't breathe the dust, it's really bad news. Keep everything wet as you grind it and wear a respirator. Do it outside if possible.
This and for the love of god wear proper respirator or keep the rock wet when grinding.
explain the copper pipe trick?
The tough sand grains embed themselves in the soft copper as you work, creating a lapping tool that can grind straight through granite with surprising speed. You can cut and shape the copper to whatever form of tool you want. You can even use the end of the pipe like a core drill by rotating it into the rock. Here's a video demonstration:

What is your current project?
What are you restoring?
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Very different from how we do it. We put the outgoing wires (the wiring that goes to outlets, lights, etc) directly into the breaker. Breaker is fed from the bottom through either the earth breakers or the main switch. Incoming power is fed directly into the main swith, or to an earth breaker in older systems. Some old systems without a main switch we use bus bars for the incoming power and wire from there directly to the breakers, usually connecting them in series. Also the feeding power whires always come from below, and the meter is always underneath the fusebox.

I am assuming white is earth in your picture? For us brown is Hot or + and blue is Neutral or -. Earth is coloured green yellow. Three phase has phase 2 black and phase 3 grey. Smaller gage wires bellow 1,5mm are usually either white or red and used for data and control functions. For internet cable we use the same CAT 5 and 6 you guys do, with the same EJ45 connectors.
>We put the outgoing wires (the wiring that goes to outlets, lights, etc) directly into the breaker
so do we
Yeah I'm just not sure what the green wires are for if white jis earth. But green looks like it is earth since it's clamped on a metal part. But white is running with the cables. I assume red is hot and blue is neutral. So do you not earth all outlets, or what am I looking at? What are white and green?

Also isnt a 15 amp 110v outlet very underpowered? That makes 1650 watts of available powrth. er per breaker. Our standard (NL) is 16 amps on 230 volts, making for 3680 watts of available power per breaker.
>per outlet
oh we wish. A 15 amp circuit is usually running an entire room of outlets.
I'm guessing that install uses metal boxes and conduit so the outlet is grounded to the box which is bonded all the way back. The three phases coming in suggest it's a commercial box. Residential installs only have two bars since it's split phase.
File: nigga.gif (23 KB, 468x60)
23 KB

File: 2 small.jpg (3.38 MB, 3226x2420)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB JPG
Anyone here know how to grow grapes?

i bought a 30 year old Monastrell last year and after reading about pruning and loads of other stuff i am not sure what to do.
here are some photos
the goal was to have multiple vines coming from the 30 year old trunk and have 1 run on each plank of the fence and a couple going next to and underneath the roof overhang, maybe even have something next to the overhang to hang a vine on as well.

after reading a lot i am not sure this would be optimal,
my main goal is as many grapes as possible covering the entire garden.
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Huh strange, i have planted fresh seedlings and hade a sizeable plant by the next year with plenty of grapes, albeit small and sour grapes
should i have removed a larger part of the long middle vine? i only removed like 1-2 buds back because it was the middle one, my main concern was that i should actually remove everything besides the middle one and have that one stop at the top off the fence, then have 2 to each side only like i see in vineyards
Has this place always been like this or did it actually get worse at some point?
have you considered black berries instead?
File: 1573099937860.webm (48 KB, 188x260)
48 KB

File: the irish candyman 2.jpg (234 KB, 1920x1080)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
new invention

grinders with a hair trigger and safety, or electronic button trigger

the fucking trigger pull on grinders is more effort than holding it up, also less able to finesse because you have to focus on pulling trigger
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
5' woman and I don't have any problems with it. You just need to use it more. You'll get used to it and it won't bother you as much.
yikes cope
respectfully, just stfu
oh look, someone's wife got onto the computer
>not with hair triggers
ahm... yes they do. these have microswitch triggers, and a latch you just flip by just picking it up. they have a light spring loaded travel before the micro switch engages, so it really just activates when you hold the machine with a grip around its body. best angle grinder switch ever , if you take care of the latch.

File: 1651551774748.jpg (64 KB, 720x654)
64 KB
Are there any stores that you recommend or avoid? I don't like home depot because of their policies but other than them I have the option to go to Rona, Lowes, Lee Valley, Princess Auto, Crappy Tire, Home Hardware as well as some non chain suppliers
>Princess Auto
the name still cracks me up
my totally unscientific tier list based on only my personal experiences
> Home Depot
> ace hardware
Prefer to avoid but not bad
> true value
> lowes
generally won’t go there unless they have something specific i need, but only because there isn’t one close to me
> menards
> tractor supply co
> do it best
always avoid
> Walmart

in general you’re going to get the same experience at either lowes or Home Depot, lowes is usually cleaner and better organized but Home Depot has a better selection usually. Menards is a bit different because they’ve often got larger selections but of cheaper goods
Almost entirely wrong except Walmart. Well done
File: 6ajKDVc.jpg (75 KB, 640x480)
75 KB
2.ace hardware
3.rural king and fleet farm
4.tractor supply
5.true value
50. lowes
51. home depot
9001. do it best

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>homeless deskbot
>rona virus
>lowes blows
>ho-lee valley
>princess auto power fister my sister mister
>cambodian dire tire fire
>and homo hardware
Git youself a gitin spot, or better yet kys frog.
captcha: ATP00

File: ac.jpg (130 KB, 1233x1600)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
How can i make a better AC unit for cheap?
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He asked for better than picrel, not good.
You want good? Wash dishes or flip burgers and buy a modest air conditioner. Put it in one room and close the door.
>"swamp cooler"
what if he lives in the South(east)
File: ac v2.jpg (204 KB, 1536x2048)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
thanks anon, made a shitty first attempt of one, by the time the water droplets reach the bottom of the rag it is dry already, will report later if it works

i live in a dry place, this sort of works for me
Whole channel is based beyond recognition
it actually worked quite well, thanks anon

File: images (2).jpg (97 KB, 1000x1000)
97 KB
Anyone know how I can make a floor transition that can fit water pipe under?

I'm trying to extend a pipe from my fridge to the kitchen sink/dishwasher piping but I don't want to break any walls or floors in the process. Not to mention it's a very old house.
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Looking into these. Thanks.

Do you know if there's a type that works for a floor that isn't flushed?
PVC pipes can be molded with heat if that helps
you could kinda flatten one to make it fit
If that's a doorway with casing you can run the line in the wall up and over the door. Take the casing off, channel out the drywall underneath for the water line, and reinstall the casing.
Do you not have attic/basement/crawlspace access?
move your fridge

or make a step
code says floor transitions shouldnt be more than 1/4" iirc

File: x.png (302 KB, 481x359)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
Share your aesthetic/images that inspire you
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what ever this is. it could have been done better
open storage is a bad idea. Everything gets greasy. Everything.
You lived w your dad? cherish it
checks out

File: pondpillmeanons.jpg (2 MB, 2500x1875)
2 MB
> Move from NYC to rural TN 1 year ago.
> Big-titty trad gf + I now live very happily on lots of acreage.
> Walking the land one day, come upon a pretty sizeable pond.
> Start clearing out the overgrowth around pond this Spring, it's actually kinda pretty. There's some fish and a metric fuck ton of frogs.

What would a pond-owner typically be advised to do to maintain a nice, pleasant pond that maintains the ecosystem and promotes healthy habitats for the fishies within?

picrel its the pond
41 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

I’m from there so don’t tell me I’m wrong motherfucker. Ah-puh-lay-chyuh is wrong
>Joe Rogan thinks that sasquaches are just bears with injured front paws, who end up walking upright because of it.
>Makes more sense than a monkey.
he also never has Guests on who know about the squatch. VERRRRRRRY sus if you ask me.
>Don't cut back too much of the flora, it'll fuck your land up eventually. Treasure it
this. OP, make a 1 or 2 CUTS into the pond and leave the rest alone. keep it natural.
I would immediately set up a gopro, actioncam or trailcam on the pond to get a sense of the wildlife in the area. Odds are anything alive in that area will visit that pond for water at some point
Are you black?

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