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I'm really sick of the weird prejudice some guys on here have about reusing nylon nuts. No, a used nylon nut is not "looser" than a new one. This is a myth. No matter how many times a nylon nut is used, no matter how big the bolt is, it does not affect the tightness. And honey, you little bolt isn't going to leave it "loose" either.
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Just look at the nut. It's either busted or it isn't. Don't care if it got that way from use, or it was born that way. A loose nut is a deal breaker.
it's pierced too lmao
I hate aluminum so goddamn much bros
Sometimes I see nylok nuts used in lieu of proper jam nuts. Think for instance of linkages like some brake pedal. A screw goes through a flat bar, then through some cable link, through another flat bar and is held there with a nylok. The only thing stopping that nylok from loosening is the ring of nylon. The nut itself has zero torque. I can understand in this context that reusing an old nut could make it loosen under repeated movement, but if it's used the same way as the typical flat washer, lock washer and regular nut combo, torqued to the right amount, I can't imagine it loosening under normal conditions.
>I can't imagine it loosening under normal conditions.
I can

File: pic02.jpg (121 KB, 1536x1152)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
The VIN label is coming off my car frame. I am looking for ways to replace it without going to an auto shop. What Should buy or where can I buy a label from?
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>If your car has Sherlock or similar it will also have tens of parts tagged, like all the wheels, windows, brake lights, power steering fluid reservoir, engine block...
Wtf is Sherlock? Also any guides on where to find all vin #s on different makes and models of vehicles?
>Wtf is Sherlock?

Please answer this someone. When I google "Sherlock auto security" all that comes up is some shit about etching numbers on car parts. Anybody?
can't you just seal it with uv resin or clear varnish or lacquer paint?
If you're gonna debate something, why don't you cite some fucking sources, like your car you liar!

File: penguin-grind.gif (640 KB, 498x278)
640 KB
640 KB GIF
Any other Fire Alarm Inspectors here? Do you think our job is important to society? Do you think people actually care to have Fire Alarm Systems inside of buildings? Do people get annoyed when you are conducting noise tests in their place of work?
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We had monthly scheduled fire alarm tests at my university dorm and you cant convince me that shit doesnt condition everyone to ignore fire alarms
>you cant convince me that shit doesnt condition everyone to ignore fire alarms
People there don't chewed out for not evacuating when the alarm goes off?
I am just a normal person but I am glad people inspect fire alarm/suppression systems because I do not want to die in a fire.

Monthly seems like too much.
It's amazing how you can train people to walk out for a fire alarm drill, and of you have an actual alarm with no drill part, people will just stand around and try to figure out of its fake or if they can just keep sitting there.
Our 4th floor office has no sprinklers and the fire hose is disconnected. A few fire extinguishers and I'd bet nobody knows where they are. I managed to get a full-size spare, that I keep under my desk. I told everyone it's so I know I can get the fuck out of here, while everyone else figures out how to save themselves. I said it with a smile and a laugh, so everyone thinks I'm joking.

File: 32sdf32sdf.jpg (78 KB, 853x1280)
78 KB
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Does the UK not have a digging hotline? In the US you can call 411 and give them your address, then every utility company with shit on your property is obligated to come by and outline all the pipes and wires for you
They do its kind of funny they rely heavily on maps instead of locating equipment though
>Also back in the day your rep would spread around town
If only there were some kind of globally-accessible review system for businesses
Looks like this girl was just wanting a simple cashier's job and they've got her working as a stocker and clearly didn't train her one bit. There's also no indication if she's disabled or not but clearly she's not in the right state of mind to be handling the material she's doing. Dropping bottles, overloading trolleys, etc... my bet is based on how this manager is filming her "lol fails" and then posting it on TikTok, he's either overworking her or it's like her first day and she's just been thrown to the wolves with 0 training whatsoever.
>needs training to not drop things
if someone needs to be taught not to be a bumbling fat retard, they are completely useless, and no amount of training will fix them

File: 1699962681417898.jpg (2.02 MB, 2252x2763)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
I've got a bunch of these jute bags and I was thinking of using them as the front facing fabric for some hipster sound absorbing panels. I'm having some trouble envisioning how I would do it though. The seam should be cut off and that wouldn't leave enough material to wrap it around the frame, so I would have to make it go into the frame somehow.

Any thoughts on how to achieve this? I'm also wondering how I'm going to tighten it while keeping the patterns straight.
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This thread has nothing to do with soundproofing.
File: 1701441219863.jpg (1.02 MB, 2121x1414)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
>I was thinking of using them as the front facing fabric for some hipster sound absorbing panels
>This thread has nothing to do with soundproofing.
Yes, sound absorbing panels are about acoustic improvement, not soundproofing.
Nice idea anon, ignore local population of knowall drooling phocomeliacs.
Suggest first stitching them together at the edges then quilting them onto a backing of some sort. Then trim whole quilt to size and tension over frame.
Their value dropped when the coffee was removed.

File: house and labels .png (163 KB, 1978x971)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Need some opinions on what to do with some rooms that I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do with. I made a blueprint showing the room sizes and a guesstimate of where the door and windows currently are. what the rooms were currently used for are in the RED and what is "planned" is in BLUE. the red line that dotted is a wall that is going to be removed so i can expand the kitchen into the dining/uknown room area. I can swap the kitchen and laundry due to there being to 220v outlets and hot and cold water in each area.
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I'm just trying to save you the heartache of all the washer/dryer hookups, kitchen appliances needing to have new connections and electric. Plus, you would be adding a wall to shorten the new dining room (forgot to add door there from living room/office), and knocking down the one wall between the current dining area bottom half and current spare room to expand it out and make it liveable. You could use that wall they threw up in the current living room by adding inset shelving for additional storage.
red square is a pocket door
>You could've mspaint something more clearly than whatever you posted.
this, it's unironically making me nauseous
What is a masterbed? Did you mean masturbate?
Seems like the dining room is way too big and the kitchen is way too small.

File: 1699487979750406.png (392 KB, 1000x1000)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Would sound diffusers still do the work if they where hollow? For example made from capped tubing or 3d printed shells?
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I will be better without the inner wall.
For example if the inner wall was a thin sheet of fabric.
look up the anechoic chamber
Foams are hollow too
Well diffusers are normally made from wood entirely.
Wood is hollow too

File: IMG_7456.jpg (1.61 MB, 3024x3454)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
It’s stuck

What do. I don’t wanna pull it too hard cuz it might break and cut me
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>they don't expand
This is not just wrong, it is remarkably wrong.
It's over.
He heated it and it exploded and killed him.
Mission accomplished, chuds.
Hook the tip of your uncircumcised phallus into the shot glass. The phallus MUST be erect. Slowly move the tip forward and backward until a warm discharge burstsout into the basin of the lower cup. The temperature change and friction should be enough to unjam the two cups. Good Luck!
File: 1639508093010.jpg (39 KB, 720x822)
39 KB
I'm starting to think this glass wasn't stuck to begin with!
Heat the glass
freeze the cup
the cup will squeeze out the glass

I'm renovating my basement bathroom and looking at sealers to put on the concrete floor. I have my eyes on Bostik D-250 (pic related). I can get it for $180, else there is Bostik Roll-cote which I can get for $120. I think the D250 is better from what I can see and I'm not scared of two part mixes, but is the roll-cote worth saving $60? What would you guys use?
I’d go to your local supply shop, the one contractors go to, and talk to the experts there. They usually know their shit.
I did talk to the one about getting D250, he said he had a hard time getting it and recommended roll-cote instead because its easier to get and cheaper.
shop assistans don't know shit
painters don't like helping and most likely don't know shit either
you are better off googling or emailing the manufacturer (but get an email that makes them think you are worth talking to)
Sodium silicate.


File: dirt.jpg (318 KB, 1280x960)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
>dirt floor
>track mud into the house
>dries and turns into more floor
Based? I think so.
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probably prevents dust from getting airborne

i evnision a new meme
>what is the go to oil for seasoning my kitchen floor
File: nyet.jpg (54 KB, 600x404)
54 KB
>radon intensifies
>i evnision a new meme
>>what is the go to oil for seasoning my kitchen floor

Oh and there would be different camps of thinking and snobs telling you that you're doing it wrong! Fun stuff!
All that sunlight suggests drafty and aerated, radon's not a problem.
then your feet would get all sticky and muddy haha

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File: pliers wrench.jpg (68 KB, 1500x401)
68 KB
One Wrench to grip them all.
One Wrench to turn them.
One Wrench to replace them all
And in the toolbox spurn them.
>hands down
chaotic evil
square nut or fuck your mother
File: kekw-kek.gif (2.99 MB, 640x640)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB GIF
File: special fasteners.jpg (78 KB, 588x960)
78 KB

File: 1672433326127.jpg (18 KB, 480x270)
18 KB
he's going to end up vaporizing himself isn't he?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
if it's not photonicinduction dropping molten steel on his attic carpet with a beer in his hand i'm not interested
Wait. It isn't? I genuinely though it was him.
buy an ad faggot
I don't disagree with you but you come off like a faggot so I have to suggest that you kys.
>he's going to end up vaporizing himself isn't he?
you know that voltage arc behavior differently with the person mindset, if the person has a coercive and calm mindset the arc will not hurt you. the people who vaporize are the ones who deny the energy and because of this act as resistor.

File: IMG_3995.jpg (438 KB, 1166x1251)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
>You can make a 2-stroke mix with regular synthetic oil
Yes or No
Winner gets to fuck my dads son
25 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
There is a film of oil on the cylinder walls due to the oiling rings on the piston and the oil in the crankcase doing their job properly.
^This which OP would also know in seconds with a search engine. Anons who ask extremely basic questions have no excuse.
You can make 2 stroke mix with any oil, but not any fuel. Fuel from gas stations contain ethanol and most lawn equipment 2 stroke engines were not designed to use fuel with ethanol in it. You can buy some "city boy fuel" (premixed oil and fuel) to avoid the ethanol jew if your local stores don't stock gas without ethanol in it.

>comes out to $32/gallon

Shill elsewhere
As far as I know you can run ethanol fuel in pre-mix. It will just go bad faster than non-ethanol fuel... Hell I'm not even sure if the fuel I get on the farm has ethanol in it or not. I just run out of the bulk tank and throw some 2 stroke oil in it in the can...

Wal-mart has supertech 2 stroke oil mix at a very reasonable price... Way cheaper than the Stihl stuff.

File: OIG.Vg3.jpg (192 KB, 1024x1024)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
how do I build a 5000 square foot gothic style mansion
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Just you? Regardless of how, it’s more important that you get started right away.
Fuck off, spamfag.
It doesn't matter... you won't do it anyway.
One stone at a time, my man.
With gothic shipping container and gothic culverts you retard.

If one lives in a suburban area in a home built on a concrete foundation, and one wanted to dig a tunnel and bunker under one's yard, how would one go about doing that without having it collapse and trapping one under rubble where one would certainly starve to death before anyone found him?
Hypothetically speaking
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Good morning sirs
>aligned with the budget of a mine.

that doesn't make sense. did you mean to type "mime"
No like a gold mine.
>No like a gold mine.

did you mean "gold mime"
You didn't think to look up how mines are dug and shored? You will never do it.

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