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Hello /diy/ I finished my first stock today and wanted to know what you think, the scales are made of white mulberry and the stock is made from magnolia, I find and dry my own wood because it’s cheaper that way, the dead magnolia tree wasn’t as dry as I thought hence the pretty big crack in the stock but I stabilized the wood and put a dowel in the cracks path so it should be fine, everything is stained and coated with polyurethane because I’m gonna use it and also these woods are (imo) pretty dull, the seam with jb weld on the stock is because I accidentally cut it too short and needed to extend it a little, and a 3D printed bit goes into the receiver, also the butt plate is original to the gun so even though it’s kinda ass and is way too slippery for a butt plate I still wanted to put it on there. Any ways enough ranting. R8 and don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings or some shit this isn’t Reddit.
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>What would you have done,?
to join wook? Titebond.
>Hello /diy/ I finished my first stock today and wanted to know what you think, the scales are made of white mulberry and the stock is made from magnolia, I find and dry my own wood because it’s cheaper that way, the dead magnolia tree wasn’t as dry as I thought hence the pretty big crack in the stock but I stabilized the wood and put a dowel in the cracks path so it should be fine, everything is stained and coated with polyurethane because I’m gonna use it and also these woods are (imo) pretty dull, the seam with jb weld on the stock is because I accidentally cut it too short and needed to extend it a little, and a 3D printed bit goes into the receiver, also the butt plate is original to the gun so even though it’s kinda ass and is way too slippery for a butt plate I still wanted to put it on there. Any ways enough ranting. R8 and don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings or some shit this isn’t Reddit.
I think you took your first step and you should do it again. You will find your second is better than your first and your third is better than your second.
Nah, that ain't finished yet.
Strip it and get back to sanding and blending.
Make that buttpad fit, make the lines crisp and the curves intentional and smooth.
Until it looks like all the pieces are meant to go together, you ain't done yet.
Shudda used elmers

hey guys, so basically my grandma passed away and left me in inheritance a piece of land deep within a forest, i have no idea of what can i do with it, can you guys give me any ideas? maybe build a small house even tho i have no knowledge in building stuff like that
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Lots of details missing OP

>where is the land
>how much
>is it all in forest? What about grasslands, pasture.
>what is access like (both to the property and within it)
>what’s the soil like?

I specialize in helping landowners with Forest so I have a bit of a bias. If that’s what you have here’s your options

>have it assessed for Timber. You may be able to sell some wood while also managing the forest for long term yield
>look into local government subsidies for the same. For instance in Ontario if you have more than 10 acres of forest you can have your property taxes slashed by 75%.
Just have to get a chainsaw. Make your own lumber. Grab some nails, stick the one thing to the other thing and BOOM you're done
The duality of man right here
>i have no idea of what can i do with it, can you guys give me any ideas?
You could sell it, take camping trips there, build a cabin, keep it and don't do anything with it, leave it to your kids, sell the mineral rights, cut all the trees down and build a solar powered bitcoin mining operation, whatever.
Consider posting your question on out too. There’s a thread now with a dude that is living out in the middle of nowhere. Might give you some ideas.


Congrats on the land but sorry for your loss.

All my tools were recently thrown away (just a hodgepodge of cheap/free shit I acquired over the years) and I have a $2k budget to resupply. I just spent $1k at Home Depot on various Makita tools, but think I'm going to return everything, save for the free batteries. Picrel looks like a good deal, but honestly I don't have any projects lined up atm just feel a bit naked without power tools. Should I wait til holiday season? Any advice on good deals rn?
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bruh i can put 1/2 holes in 1/2 plate steel with my m12 drill

it will put a deck screw into a 2x4 and strip it out completely until its just a hole
I like to mix it up with brands. Majority of my power tools are DeWalt and virtually all my hand tools are Milwaukee. Exception being I have a Milwaukee M12 6" hatchet/chainsaw and M12 Circular saw.
buy what you need when you need
>drill a screw
Yes, but slower than 18V

>cut a 2x4
Not really

12V is supplemental. The M12 line is sweet, but you should get on the appropriate full size 18V tools first. Anybody who shills M12 as the first/only cordless setup is a poorfag who should’ve bought Black & Decker but really wanted to post pics of their Milwaukee on Reddit like the cool kids.
sad to see every board has insufferable tripfags

File: IMG-20230529-WA0016.jpg (293 KB, 1200x1600)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
This is from a peristaltic pump, how do you call it
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>how do you call it
snap ring or retaining ring, but it looks like a specialty item so it won't be in stock anywhere and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE
joyless asshole
Hey bub, that makes you the faggot detector. if you like doing it nobody's getting in the way.

I’d like to create an effect of the light coming off of an indoor pool in the room.
I’ll probably put a mirror in the bottom of a kiddy pool and put some corn cob LED lights over the pool, but what can I use to automatically create waves in the water? Something not too loud.
I don’t want to use fish or an Arduino and stepper motor. I’d like a low tech option.
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yeah you just have to get some of that film and a 6v battery like what went in old flashlights
just hook it all up and BOOm you're done
Maybe even just poke the side of the pond or stir it with a poking stick
>I'm trying to create some unique effect for my influencer girlfriend's insta photo shoot
>I am too stupid to thinkmof ideas and test them myself and will absolutely melt down in a full on psychotic episode unless someone spoon-feeds me the answer I need.
Fixed your post for ya OP.
they make projectors that do exactly that for cheap cool idea though

File: 1562203572843.jpg (85 KB, 670x906)
85 KB
Alright so sometimes when I run my washing machine it backs up into my sink and both the sink and the washing machine drain don't end up draining for several minutes or hours. The other drains in my house like the bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and toilets are all running perfectly normally.

Based on what I describe, how do I go about fixing this?
>how do I go about fixing this

not hard at all if you can get boots on the ground and do the work
Forgot to mention I'm talking about the kitchen sink.
Obviously the sink and washer drain into the same pipe and it's got a blockage. Get a snake that attaches to a cordless drill. Get under the sink and remove the trap. Run the snake down the open pipe until you clear the blockage. Put the trap back together and test it.
BTW you're going to be tempted to try a bunch of other dumb shit to unclog it without having to snake it. Let me just warn you - "clog destroyers" like Drano or Liquid Plumber don't do shit. Plungers won't clear it either. It's not the sink trap.

File: tvandradiolampsandtubes1.jpg (3.49 MB, 4080x3060)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB JPG
found these in an old locked metal box, in the house I bought.
I researched them a bit and see some of these things go for a couple hundred but a lot that were a pile like this for a hundred or so.
I play guitar and saw some people selling them for amps....
what could I /did/ with this? are they worth anything?
what do?
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that tester is for audio tubes and audiofools. also it's used to match tubes for push pull amps.

a simple tube tester is all that is needed. OP's tubes are likely used and only a couple are audio grade.
File: man-soldering-EPFMH1.jpg (99 KB, 863x1390)
99 KB
>simple tube tester
There's not really any such thing, so I assume you mean the old style which doesnt tell you much more than if the tube works. That's not enough information. OP is looking to turn a profit if possible. Someone might spend $200 for the two rca made Marconi preamps, but only if they're low noise/microphonics. Hell, I can get almost 500 for a single Telefunken smooth plate ecc83. But it has to be quiet. Just like you need to be.
File: 1671056706676014.jpg (1.36 MB, 3248x2448)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
thanks anon.
checked and I can get a couple dozen tested for $30 plus tip by an audio place which I assume has decent testers. I don't think that's a whole lot to spend to see if I have matching pairs and if the other worthwhile ones are good to go.
I'm a 39 yo boomer and I'm not sure if I'm going to get into autistic tier audio amps but who knows. I'm not in a rush to flip them. I would just like to catalog them and add another tote to my pile of abandoned hobbies kek.
I like woodworking so I would love to make a little box for a pre amp and I think the glowing lights would be cool until it hurt one of my wife's cats. I could probably buy a pre amp and remove the components and put them into a little handmade box, bomb-clock boy style. That would save me from blowing them up trying to diy the whole pre amp.
the most expensive audio device I own is a packout stereo so I could end up going down the audiofool hole if I were to make a nice preamp box.
thanks for the help and the keks.
File: 1666991686923135.jpg (171 KB, 1024x710)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
I guess I do own a few things for gutair. have a boss gt1 fx peddle, an m-audio interface and some midi controllers for screwing around making music. I just play through headphones where I'm living rn.
any pre amps or such that would be nice for any tubes if they test well?
I have some time this week for the testing so ill post the results if this thread is still alive
>Someone might spend $200 for the two rca made Marconi preamps
someone stupid, and IF that's what's in the box.

>I can get almost 500 for a single Telefunken smooth plate ecc83. But it has to be quiet. Just like you need to be.
OP doesn't have one, and you should be quiet.

File: image.jpg (3.13 MB, 4032x3024)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB JPG
How do I inspect these? It’s a ceiling light. The cover appears to be glued to the ceiling but I could be mistaken. Don’t wanna tinker with this until someone knowledgeable here can help me.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks, I’ll try.
Also, I’m trying to figure out if they are LED. I’ve been trying to gauge it on how much electricity they use by looking at the meter. Is 7-10W per bulb reasonable for a LED?
>Is 7-10W per bulb reasonable for a LED?
Yes that is LED.
The cover is probably held on with a couple metal clips. I'd take a razor and cut around the edges so you don't rip down a chunk of paint. Work a screwdriver or small pry bar under the edge and pull it down.
What is there to inspect? If it's working I would just leave it. Old plastic covers get really brittle with time and exact replacements are hard to find.
Try pushing up on the glass. I’ve seen these where there is a spring like mechanism that holds the glass in place. You sort of push it up and to the side.

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I'm in aerospace. It's still imperial here. I'm guessing science is where to look for metric only.

Physics here, everyone uses their own their own systems which are not Meter-Kilogram-Seconds (eV vs. k for temperature, 10 different pressure systems, CGS, eV/c^2 for mass...).
There's no reason to use old-fashioned crescent wrenches when these exist:
Those are channel locks (or, technically tongue in groove pliers). A pipe wrench is something different, but other than that, you are correct, they are not for tightening nuts.
Dios mio, la creatura..

File: descarga (1).jpg (9 KB, 279x181)
9 KB
Any fun and entry level DIY shit i could do with basic tools to learn how to do shit? Never used a drill before
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the first thing you'll need is an engine lathe, probably mid size like 16" x 54", preferably geared
this will allow you to turn your own hammer and nails
to be able to use a screwdriver, you'll want to use your mill to cut notches in round stock

everyone's first DIY project beyond that is usually a steam engine made from supplied cast iron
>Never used a drill before
So maybe get a drill. Probably need some drill bits, too. Charge your battery up, run some holes into some shit and BOOM you're done
I don’t think the use of an anvil counts as entry level but you can just smash brass/copper into bracelets for fun.

Picrel is one I made. The lines were from a chisel and ballpeen hammer.
I think fucking around with pallets is like the standard intro to DIY. Make some chairs and tables
Do up the house

File: FwncnlAWcAANz47.jpg (21 KB, 238x222)
21 KB
I'm so done with fashion industry and boring ass clothes. Does anyone have guides, techniques, lists of materials or anything to get started?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sewing machine, serger, fabric scissors, tailor's snips, iron, ironing board, sleeve ham, body ham, fashion fabric, muslin, tailor's tape, ruler, hip curve ruler, arm scythe ruler, tracing paper, patterns, thread, interfacing, tailor's chalk, tracing paper, tracing wheel, hand needles, thimble, bobbins, pins, pressing cloth, serger thread cones, paper scissors, etc.
Techniques: measuring, pattern adjustment, pretreating fabric, pressing, marking, pattern drafting, hand sewing, machine sewing, button holes, sewing buttons, inserting zippers, grading seams, seam finishing, easing, gathering, hemming, inserting linings, using interfacing, collar sewing, turn of cloth, burrito method, piping, bias binding, hanging bias fabric, matching patterns and stripes, grainlines, napped fabrics, etc.
Take a sewing class at a local community College or from a sewing store. Watch videos. Practice. Practice some more. Buy books/get from library. Practice more.
Just have to get some material. Some needle & thread. Line it all up, cut out what needs to be cut out and BOOM you're done
File: M8053 ruffles.jpg (110 KB, 480x640)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Get a pattern, get the stuff that the pattern calls for, and just start sewing. You will make mistakes. You will learn a lot. You will improve. You will make your own clothes.
About hmmm 4 years ago or so, I said the same thing: the fashion industry sucks, this clothes is made with shoddy fabric, the prints are all stupid and will be out of style next year, it's getting super expensive to buy this shoddy clothes too; I was done with it. So I started sewing my own wardrobe one garment at a time (now granted, I've been sewing for like 18 yrs of my life--so I had a lot of prior experience before 4 yrs ago, but still: 4 yrs of consistent sewing is what I mean). Now I have pretty much exclusively only self-sewn things in my closet, with the exception of knitted sweaters (I'm not there yet) and expensive high-end traditionally classic clothing that won't ever go out of style. It is not an impossible feat. It just takes time and a bit of planning.
Readers digest sewing book... get the 1970's edition if you can. Sew by hand at first to really understand the stitches and fabric tension. GO SLOWLY. REALLY REALLY SLOWLY. Aim for perfection straight away, even if it takes ages.

Speed will come later when you have control.

Don't design what you want. Design around what you DON'T want, until you end up with something you're okay with, then add extras. ie. "I don't want my balls crushed when i bend over, therefore I want either an extra panel added underneath the seat / between the legs... or a larger fit. I don't want things falling out of my pockets, therefore i want deep pockets or zips..."

Work backwards for design. Form follows function.

A big ass table is important. Being able to lay everything out in one go is a HUGE help. You can use a big sheet of thick plastic ontop of a couple of smaller stands as a cheaper option.

Fabric though? That's gonna be the part that's difficult to find. Most fabric shops sell cheap crap to old ladies so they they can "quilt".

>also knitting, crochet and other fabric crafts are useful.
>you can knit / crochet with cotton, silk and other yarns... not just wool.
>A big ass table is important
Naw, just helpful for your back. I lived in a tiny apartment for years and laid fabric out on the floor.
>either an extra panel added underneath the seat / between the legs... or a larger fit.
Tell me without telling me that you don't sew. Extend the back crotch line and drop the front crotch. Unless your dick is 3 feet long, and your balls are like grapefruit, you don't need a crotch panel nor a larger size

How do you accurately put a price on your time? When does a project take too long to be an economically poor decision? What is my time REALLY worth?

For example, if I replace the head gasket in my car with very basic and minimal knowledge or skill in that field, at what point do I sink too much time into it for it to be a waste of money? The shop takes 6 hours and charges $1600, but it takes me 30 hours over a few weekends to do the same for $500 in tools and parts. I don't actually save any money at that point, do I? Or renovating a kitchen? Or installing a fence?
29 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Well you do, unless you would otherwise spend 30 hours doing something that makes more than then $1100 discrepancy.

The money you save DIYing is available for other use.

You also save time and money not having to find a mechanic, drop off and recover your vehicle or wait for the work to be done on the spot, and are not deprived of a work day getting the repair done.

If I find a problem I can often correct it on the spot. I would waste far more time driving to have routine maintenance done vs. doing it myself (and not risking my precious drain plug threads at lube joints). A driveway oil change takes me little time and I have uses for the drain oil as chainsaw bar oil, weatherproofing dunnage etc.
Doing it yourself costs $500 and 30 hours, but it also gives you knowledge and experience which can help you in the future. If you don’t care for that, then don’t take it into account, but I do care.
Remember that Labor hours which the shop uses are based on a book and access to a database of repairs which means unless the repair is not timed out correctly the actual amount of labor is probably less than they state.

That being said, replacing a head gasket is not a 500 dollar job unless the gasket is super unique. The tools are also not very complicated (mostly some ratchets and sockets). I would also say that every dollar you do not need to hand someone else for a job that you as a layman can do is value you can create out of nothing. Once you have replaced one head gasket and demystified the problems than if you ever have another car with a blown head gasket or really any other gasket repair you should be able replace it much easier and at no additional cost to you.

Most DIY projects will give you much better knowledge about how something is made or set up. I would think about it like that, the knowledge is worth more than the actual labor.
Depends on how you spend your time.

>Spend $1600 to have someone else do it
>Save 30 hrs of time that I spend on useful things like mastering a skill or somehow earning cash
Smart choice

>Spend 30 hours and $500 to do it myself
>Save $1100 cash and become slightly more skilled and knowledgeable in the process
Also a smart choice

>Spend 1600 to have someone else do it
>Fuck off and waste time, gaining zero experience and making zero measurable profit
Boomer choice

File: wow.jpg (779 KB, 2048x1536)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
Leather-work thread.

So whatcha makin, buddy?

Tool talk?

Tricks you've learned?

I guess I'll start.
If you use a single circle hole punch, grab your drill, put the punch in it, spin it on some med grit sandpaper (1000 grit) until the paint off and the tip is shiny. Do that up to 10k if you want to. The only real things that effect your punching is quality steel and how polished your tines are.
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
There's more than one way to skin a cat.
I'd recommend looking up videos about the specific items you want to make. After you've seen a variety of examples on how X or Y can be done, and you settle on how you want to make your stuff, then you can find videos on the specific techniques.
You'll figure out what tools you need as part of this process.

There are far too many good channels to list each one.
When I started, this guy's content was immensely helpful to me.

When it comes to buying tools, you can accomplish quite a bit with the cheap chinesium shit from amazon, but it's important, regardless of what you buy, to get really good at sharpening / honing everything.
>Studded belt
>Studded wristband
>Studded necklace
Come on, anon, you can do better than that. Give me a studded saddle with a cumbike setup underneath.
File: 20230420_171156.jpg (3.85 MB, 4032x3024)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB JPG

Made a card holder a couple of weeks ago
For a buttstock? Not much at all. I always recommend just buying one of those $30-$50 amazon beginner kits. The tools are far from perfect, but you don't know that, nor would you know exactly why an expensive tool is better. Once you want something more out of this or that, then you upgrade. You will also want to buy a cutting tool. Some use xacto knives, some use box cutters. Choose something and also buy a rotary cutter if you can. It makes long straight cuts a breeze.

There are tons of vids on buttstocks. To do it right, all you need to learn is the baseball stitch. There's a fancy name for it. It's the way you make a wrap for anything.

For bags and stuff, Chuck Dorsett with weaver leather is great. He covers so much.

I hope you love it, anon. Leatherwork is a great hobby. You will always give the best gifts
Your stitching is nice and clean.

File: 01.jpg (1.03 MB, 1824x3648)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG

Can you help identify what kind of tool opens this window lock?

5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 333355431036211.png (50 KB, 256x256)
50 KB
Fuck guys, what is a cheap tool that is suitable to put in a slot and turn it? Im stumped!
Don't listen to these faggots OP, /diy/ loves to gate keep and gaslight people who ask simple questions, which this is but if you've never seen this "lock" you wouldn't know how it works. It's like asking how to start a fire, everyone will give you shit for not knowing but nobody is born with that knowledge.
It's not actually a screw, it looks that way to be a weird tamper resitant thing. Say somebody wanted to open the window that shouldn't be opening windows they might try to loosen or tighten it with an obvious tool like a screwdriver or socket/nut driver. They put it on the not screw and it'll just spin. It's actually a spring load pin you need to pull out using a pair of pliers. You should be able to spin it by hand, if you can't somethings wrong with the pin, probably spun too much. Get some vice grips(needle nose variety) and yank on ot as hard as you can. Might seem counternintuitive but
that's how these windows are designed and I hate them because the pin is almost always stuck and you're afraid to put too much force on the window but it can handle the force.


It would be a sort of this but with another kind of tip. Instead of this one, it would be a 'point of entrance' do allow the window pin to enter.
Pic related
Uh, yeah sure. Your pic is the same concept

File: IMG_20230527_134006__01.jpg (3.1 MB, 4000x2655)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB JPG
Rate my first build. I wanted to build a treasure chest, I don't have any treasure or wood working skills. I followed a 4 minute guide and a dream I had. How do I improve on this? I am happy with this result and I think I will put things in it.
18 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I’m sorry but If theirs no booty inside then it’s a 0/10
Dowels aren't really the right way to do that, besides being a pain in the ass to trim and sand flush, the exposed end grain can cause them to swell and split the wood they're in, especially near the ends of boards.
Picrel is how you make wooden plugs, they're sized to work with countersink bits and can be purchased together.

Wow, it actually looks really shit
What a misery you are
That is cool man

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