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File: redshield.jpg (6 KB, 225x224)
6 KB
Should I dollar cost average into $spy or stack cash/treasuries for the short term?
Until interest rates go back to 0
>already maxing retirement accounts
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>Youll probably just end up accumulating heavy on the cash/treasury side
You're right and it's already happened so I'm covered here
>comfortable if the market dips 30% and you lose your job
I'll just keep disciplined with the monthly dca and if something else really catches my attention I'll make an exception for that month.
>dollar cost average
in volatile markets its best to just dump in your load when you think its low instead of buying market highs. When you DCA you turn your profits into a moving average indicator splitting the highs with the lows. The value of your DCA just ends up reflecting the state of the market and you get no edge.
Like how this Rothschild peaced out and died as soon as Charles was announced as king like somebody leaving a game lobby.
He's still kicking...
Treasuries are crashing.

File: 1562335066384.png (79 KB, 249x249)
79 KB
Do you remember anon?


How the fuck will we pay this debt?
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No the americans didn't loot anything but german scientists, it was simply that since every other countries' production of goods were destroyed they had to rely on America to make stuff
Or we fucking go to your God damn country and execute 30% of the population a week before the war
We don't.
That's the whole point.
Cause the meltdown crisis.
The people will beg for a solution.
They will give it to them.
CBDC, globally.
The enslavement continues, absolute control.
That will literally never happen you dumb nigger. Then anyone can become debt free by selling a gallon of milk.
File: hyperinflation.jpg (94 KB, 770x524)
94 KB
Funny how the thread is stil going and now we have the next one already


Thats what hyperinflation looks like

File: IMG_2946.png (281 KB, 680x458)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
/ROSE/ Oasis General

Welcome to the Oasis Network General, created to discuss the world’s leading privacy smart contract platform!

Oasis Network is a privacy-focused smart contract platform for open finance built using the Cosmos SDK. The project prioritizes applications and use-cases that promote data privacy and user confidentiality. It aims to achieve this goal by separating its consensus layer from its contract execution layer while providing a built-in interface connecting the two for privacy-preserving computation. The consensus layer acts as a hub that uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism to secure the network and reach a consensus on transaction validity. The execution layer consists of multiple, parallel runtimes (called ParaTimes) for specialized computation needs that each plug into the consensus layer.

Oasis' privacy features create a new type of digital asset called ‘Tokenized Data’ that can enable users to take control of the data they generate and earn rewards for staking it with applications — creating an incentivized data economy. By supporting confidential smart contracts, data is kept private while being processed. This provides end-to-end data confidentiality on the blockchain, unlocking potential DeFi use-cases such as under-collateralized lending and prevention of front/back running, all while being created with regulation in mind.

If you have questions, feel free to ask and a ROSE Chud will be with you shortly.

Oasis Network Explorer: https://www.oasisscan.com/

Offical Website: https://oasisprotocol.org/

Where to buy ROSE?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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lmao jack is so pathetic, go back to your legal team
File: 1683495555542646.jpg (119 KB, 480x638)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
no i dont think i will.
>The staking apy should be 0 at the end of 2024. Everyone who's staking right now will have no reason left to stake so they will market sell their tokens. This will prevent rose from pumping during a bullrun. My prediction will come true
we are getting staking 2.0

I'm curious, given our shit tokenomics.
How many transactions/usage would we need in order for that to reflect on the price?
>coming soon
>there will be more....because there just will okay
>literally 0 txns
Bruh...it's dead. You need to accept this fact and move on. Personally, I'm waiting on the sidelines until the start of the next bullrun to buy back in. There will be a batch of new coins by then. Those coins will pump like crazy compared to these old dead shitcoins.
i shot this video game character in the face with a particle beam shotgun. She started it

File: Betroshi.jpg (124 KB, 772x770)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
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File: 5434.png (90 KB, 256x256)
90 KB
Hes the chosen one.
6 year old coin
One shitcoin did not destroy the crypto market.
it did
He destroyed the entire crypto market because we called him "fat fuck", can you believe that?

File: 1599837164883.jpg (384 KB, 1280x945)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
I need a new coin to get some money from. Which should I get?
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If you get unlucky you can wait for the next 50 years. Tech scammer bruhhhhhs really pulled one on the naive boomers with their pitches and scams over the 40 years repackaging html database and script language never generating real growth outside of stock market pyramid schemes. Together with the real estate pyramid scheme and the public debt ponzi, shit could get really ugly.
>binance back in belgium
>japan subsidiary working flawlessly
>potential dismissal of the SEC lawsuit on the table
>getting licenses all over the world despite being attacked 24/7
this makes /biz/ fuddies SEETHE with impotence
LINK is your best bet
You tech bruh and crapto scammers are really men-children
File: 33284115105541.jpg (216 KB, 1280x960)
216 KB
216 KB JPG

File: 2_4c9f0cddef.png (68 KB, 631x631)
68 KB
How could NFT's fail actually? It was primed to be a revolution
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Oh yeah anon, I hold OGBX to unlock exclusive NFTs and Access real-world assets. This feels like the bullrun have started.
Maybe you need a change of mind, EVR is offering Staking Rewards, Free Enefti-VR Glass and Metaverse Utilities
>VR technology
EneftiVerse have caught my attention anon, the possibilities with its cutting-edge VR smart device is a top notch. Interaction with virtual worlds is becoming quite easy and adventurous.
Kek, retards and bag holders maybe. I'm not touching them with a 10ft pole, especially when there are based gems like Inj, Xtp, Snx, and Rndr for long term gains.
NFTs as a whole were a side effect of $4k eth
the entire market is still worth around $5B, so nothing really failed

File: 1675000561548402.jpg (286 KB, 1680x1680)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
fud sisters??? this cant be happening!! how do we stop them??? it's been pumping for a week straight and they have ANOTHER big event next week!!?? now they're talking vodafone and the hong kong government and ocr 3.0 and google AI????
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File: 1634525753536955.png (502 KB, 777x777)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
fuddies on suicide watch
this is a LINK board again
6 year old coin
/biz/ is healing. soon we will see hourly WTFWT threads painting the board bright blue and green. fudders will paint their rooms red with their own blood, mixing with the shit, cum and piss already drenching the room from months of gooning to sissy hypno. vindication is near.
my body is ready

biz gonna be like a pond in summer with all the frogs chirping “LIIIINK LIIIINK LIIIIIIIIINK”

kek fuddies down tremendous
File: Simian.jpg (190 KB, 841x699)
190 KB
190 KB JPG

File: 1675863867073618.jpg (217 KB, 1226x659)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
you told me ccip had the revenues of a lemonade stand??
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ETH mainnet came out a few days ago you bumbling fools how do you not fathom the last few months have been entirely T E S T N E T
How many times do I have say that it’s a FUCKING BUG
Ethereum is not not NOT on mainnet fuckhead
>json parser
take your pick
This sort of language is wildly inappropriate.

File: chekum.jpg (113 KB, 602x800)
113 KB
113 KB JPG



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I will send a coupon for malaria pills to your Gofundme.
>cuck id
And some anti diarrhea meds for your wife.
File: 1610237313277.gif (2.69 MB, 360x371)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB GIF
You'd need to go harder anon, I'm aiming for a make-it stack of 5k alongside gems like Zrx, Xtp, and Agix for future profits.

File: IMG_7073.jpg (47 KB, 454x520)
47 KB
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File: 1632627752191.png (1.54 MB, 1200x800)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
qa lost ywnbaw
>as it were
Haha yeah i hate when they talk like a fag and their shits all fucked up
>ITT: Niggers who don't read and are bewildered by simple phrases and parts of speech. They are also likely to be holding ICP.

File: 1695294627691404.png (848 KB, 1191x826)
848 KB
848 KB PNG
For real, invested so much in this shit, spent like 100k$ and now I have around 13k$ and I didn't even bought top (just roundtripped initial ICO stack) or first dip before -66%.
Its getting harder and harder to read all this catgirl shills and ppl making fun of them, allways some bullshit news "gaming subnets", "partnerships" and price keeps tanking.
Starting to feel sick bros...
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Yes. The mods are in on the scam which is why they allow avax shills to spam the board and in every thread.
Note /biz/ mods actually had avax threads deleted summer of 2020 for the ico specifically to keep /biz/ out of it and focused on link which was hitting its blowoff top, now avax spam is everywhere. Make of that what you will.
>money printer
Exit while you still can.
File: 1691677837512669.jpg (75 KB, 960x960)
75 KB
>Most organic AVAX fud

File: 1632101061151.png (592 KB, 1159x826)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
Can anyone tell me how to retrieve data from the BOC's website using their API?

I am not being able to install the package on Jupyter. What am I doing wrong?

What’s the error you get when you try to install it? Are you using pip?

File: IMG_6612.jpg (45 KB, 492x493)
45 KB
I gotz 1200 BSV
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Being in the red can happen when your blockchain threatens jewish banker blackmarkets worldwide
Not an option for me as I have multiple labor lawsuits on me from restaurants I owned in Brazil. I'm portuguese and use my Europe card and account so I can dodge the judicial seizings they regularly perform on my account. So yeah any few 100s of R$ I earn I instantly buy BSV via the NovaDAX brazilian exchange, then whatever I need to sustain myself I sell for € via Bitvavo, withdraw to Revolut which lets me convert € to R$ anytime with no taxes via debt card on my smartphone. I also have the option of buying gift cards directly with BSV for most of the supermarkets and department stores in my region, which gets me cashback. It's a pirate life.
So you plan to operate a counterparty service? What is your business plan to make money? I hope you are making partnerships or building something to utilize those coins.
Fuck off daniel
most obvious grift in crypto

File: prooo.png (181 KB, 5000x4390)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
you can at most get 1x your money

but being a bull you can get infinite upside
17 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
You forgot the part where you lose all of your collateral. Just sayin'
File: LowTierNigger.jpg (39 KB, 500x500)
39 KB
You are a worthless, bitch ass nigga. Your life literally is as valuable as a summer ant. I'm just gonna stomp you and you're gonna keep coming back, imma seal up all my cracks, and you're gonna keep coming back. Why? Cause you keep smellin the syrup. You worthless bitch ass nigga.
You gonna stay on my dick until you die. You serve no purpose in life. Your purpose in life is to be on my stream sucking on my dick daily. Your purpose in life is to be in that chat blowing a dick daily.

Your life is nothing, you serve zero purpose.

You should kill yourself, NOW.

And give somebody else a piece of that oxygen, and ozone layer, that's covered up so that we can breathe inside this blue trash bubble.
Cause what are you here for? To worship me? Kill yourself. I mean that, with a 100%, with a 1000%. I've never seen somebody so worthless in my life. Im deadass. I've not seen such a more worthless nigga, in my life.
If he has kids? Oh my god, Imagine if a nigga like that has kids. Like imagine. Imagine if somebody like that actually has kids. I would feel so sorry for his children cause the nigga literally serves no fucking purpose.
File: 418423212112.jpg (210 KB, 1089x1080)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Based OP
I'll keep hodling on AVAX and DOT until I make it, and if I dont, fuck it then
File: mone.jpg (141 KB, 1272x850)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Yes anon but if you have a huge amount of assets under management and you see the market cap of an business/crypto (shorts are making jillions in crypto at times, newbs get smoked though), and you have data which shows you can liqudate x amount if you short etc etc it works for FINANCE PEOPLE. If you are armchairing it you are playing with top tier algo jews who will erase you.

File: 2023-08-24_19h48_02.png (1.18 MB, 954x955)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Hey /biz/, I think i fucked up my life majorly, I am 32, spent uni years studying and being too socially awkard to have "fun". Somehow lucked into a girl who had pity on me and was with me for a couple of years before she realised I'm a failure and cheated and dumped me. At this age I have no chance of another relationship because I'm balding and short. I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering although lost my passion for the sciences. 2 years of experience as a software dev under my belt but hate my job. I just want to get away from everything, I have no friends, no family, no love interests. Just my work and video games. I have about €20k saved.

Right now I feel like I wana move to a completely new country, start working as an English teacher or something. Or join the military. Or something radical, I have no hope and I might rope soon because i feel like I have no purpose at all. What should I do to restart my life and salvage whatever is left? Or is roping the best course of action after all?

I'm German national btw, parents from Bangladesh
>I'm German national btw, parents from Bangladesh

Don't you ever Ted post again, fuck off and go back to poo in loo 2.
why you gota be racist like that bro? I never been to Bangladesh and was born here.
He's trying to help, he's saying you'll score in Bangladesh.
File: UrTrash.png (149 KB, 651x563)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
>parents from Bangladesh

File: totalmarketmeltdown.png (137 KB, 428x442)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
MMRI on the cusp of extreme risk. Do they collapse the market or bring in the plunge protection team?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>he's been saying the exact same thing over a number of years
No shit. So has Gerald Celente, Max Keiser and Peter Schiff. That doesn’t invalidate their position. The total market meltdown is upon us.
October is the month it begins. the signs are already here, specifically the numbers trending downward without a significant catalyst. it'll happen during the government shutdown for extra oomph
>Inb4 it will happen when the weather cools
I stopped watching him because he seems to not be rational for trading and may affect my mindset negatively to make me do mistakes.
It seems lately counter trading him has been a profitable business...
Something has to break in order for the fed to come in and “fix” the problem. Fed fags think they can just slowly grind this shit to a halt but they can’t control the bond market. Let’s get this shut over with.

When chainlink makes us millionaires let’s all go to the other boards and gloat. Claim your board ITT. I choose /toy/ I’m gonna float so much telling those stupids that they could have bought link instead of figshit
209 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
I know what you mean, anon. I believe in God, but the Christian notion of the Trinity is something I can't accept.
What’s his name?
Pol is a huge project, and i think should be a joint effort. I too would like to demoralize pol and make them seethe.
>Fudders are now pretending to be religious charlatans asking me to sell because becoming rich will not allow me to enter the kingdom of Heaven.
I have no words at this point.
Then you do not believe Christ.
This is incorrect. It's the desire and attachment to creatures, in this case money, that is the issue.

Remember the first commandment, love thy neighbour, be charitable, and you will do well.

File: 659890345981232733.jpg (87 KB, 976x850)
87 KB
a board of gullible mongoloids

Worth looking into? Schizos keep tying this to kyspa scam and I'm not sure why.

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