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ok. i do. i saw it go from 0.30 to 50 dollars, and i could of bought 30k of it at 1 dollar and 50xed. i respect it. i kneel. but here is the thing it's still not litecoin.
File: 1636520280294.jpg (11 KB, 208x181)
11 KB
I want to respect you chainlink

I want Chainlink to be respected
File: 101838191853.png (193 KB, 1545x869)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
i want to CUM inside chainlink

File: 142904.8890288.jpg (57 KB, 720x755)
57 KB
I know you guys here are (mostly) the exception, but how fucked are regular normies, poorfags, and Zoomers/Gen Alpha over the next several decades?
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2 euros here, I wish I was joking
This guy still doesn't know that cholesterol isn't bad for you
My understanding is that it's one of those 'in moderation' deals, but mainstream media demonizes it to the point that people avoid it altogether. Does that sound right?
what are the legalities of being a feral human in usa?
>when everyone's FIRE, the economy stops *being wasteful
Fixed that for you.

File: BURGER.jpg (112 KB, 860x632)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Making over $100k

When I was a kid, even as a teenager in the early 2000s, almost NO ONE made over $100k unless they were a doctor, lawyer, or owned a business. A saleryman never made more than that. It was very, very rare to ever hear about it, and if a kid had parents who made that much you can damn well sure they would put effort into making sure everyone around them knew about it.

Today, every dumbass makes over $100k. Even I make over $100k. And I'm regularly hearing people making over $400k as a software engineer with their meme degree and they're under 40. It is a pointless metric now. My daddy never made over $100k despite having a 4-year degree and 40 years experience in his field, but was able to provide for all of us and afford and pay off a house. I really believe we've experienced more than a 100% inflation just in the last 20 years, worse than the 70s, and worse than it was during WW2. As a kid, the median income was something like $50k, now it's SUPPOSEDLY $70k but I think it's probably closer to $100k, or people are just in massive debt. Yet, no one is living better than they were 20 years ago, in fact more people are struggling. It's a total joke. I don't even know what to really do right now but I know for a fact I'm not touching real estate and I feel like ALL assets will collapse, yes, including gold and silver because at the end of the day, hard labor is the most valuable thing, nothing else. That has all been heavily devalued when you have literal retards with no self awareness and low-IQs on their keyboards making so much money for companies that keep reporting losses year over year and pay no taxes and contribute very little.
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The execution of this burger is all wrong. Meat goes on the bottom, then pickles, onions, cheese, tomatoes, condiments and lettuce on top, followed by the buns of course.
this is a joke
the 400k+ numbers you here are always TC, or total compensation.

Unless you're at Netflix who actually does pay all that in cash, the usual breakdown is something like

50% in cash + cash bonus
50% in stock (RSUs or options).

t. 9 years exp software engineer making $220k cash + cash bonus + $200k in stock options/yr after my options 5x'd since I joined.
Redpilled take

Brave new world was right. the controllers need to find something to do for the peasant sheep. otherwise they all resort to boredom, violence and drug abuse

File: 1664246369736786.jpg (117 KB, 1257x534)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Sooo is this chat going to continue being a thing or will Bitcoin break it's floor?
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That doesn't make sense. If the lowest band was added recently the model broke after the 2015 lows and was never a thing in the first place.
>Bitcoin was invented because of 2008 financial crisis
And its price increased because of QE. We're in the QT era now.
So we are about to see the death of the dollar and the pivot to the Chinese world order? If they don't print imminently then the US empire collapses as dollar liquidity dries up.
>semi log graph
>giant rainbow
This chart is 100% gay.
>when it does
what do you mean when nigga? we're in one, only will msm call it that when midterms end.

File: 5xncne.png (89 KB, 500x546)
89 KB
what the fuck is happening you guys told me it was a scam my short is absolutely obliterating my ass
your bare ass is going to hell
Checked and I'd be prepared to bet a lot of money you never shorted anything especially Link
Die Satan
File: 1550387681972.png (551 KB, 624x623)
551 KB
551 KB PNG

>market pumps like crazy
>shitcoin you hold crabs/dumps
What’s yours? I’ll start: ROSE. I will never listen to biz again.
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File: 1635611080186.png (145 KB, 636x773)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
cant believe I havent had another +50% pump in like 15 hours, fucking bullshit
>BTC up 5%
>AVAX up 2.6%
Fuck you /biz/ turkroaches
ah you clueless faggot, of course altcoin don't follow BTC, because no zero fees applied on that said coin. BTC only pump because of no fee doing market buy/sell.
File: 1233566.jpg (39 KB, 657x527)
39 KB
Can someone nice help me with 0.005 bnb for fees? :3

0xFB627Fc5C102Cc c78F129DB53C8eaEE406E05b5a (remove space)
>Curry hands typed this

I’m an engineer and need to job hop to get a fucking raise, are companies still doing vaccine mandates? I currently work at a small company and the boomer running the place hates work from home, didn’t let us work from home at all during the pandemic. Fine, whatever, but he still pays wages like it’s 2003, so I need a new job.

Are big companies still doing vaccine mandates in September of 2022? How much real world evidence do people need before they realize the vaccine doesn’t fucking work? Even the federal government seems to have dropped the charade.

Anyone know which engineering type companies are still doing vaccine mandates for new hires? Are the defense companies still doing it?
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File: 1664166459699065.jpg (74 KB, 1024x728)
74 KB
>Take the vaccine
imagine kek
Just find a WFH job, you dont need to be vaccinated. If they claim you need to, then it's not a real WFH job. Simple as. Alternatively, you can just fake your vaxxie card or have someone get vaccinated in your place.
now the defense companies list that the vaxx is required but you can apply for an exception if you get the job
No one cares anymore
> chud central require vaccine but my libshit company does not
Why would anyone work in a defense contractor in 2022?

Tinder but for matching companies with workers
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There are too many workers too few jobs
>>McDonald’s swiping right on everyone
Mcdonalds is unironically more selective than most universities
Love the idea but here's where it all falls apart
>be roastie HR
>swipe based on sexual appeal
>unemployment fucking sky rockets
File: 1648572672595.webm (1.41 MB, 576x1024)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB WEBM
Uber but for microwaves
but what will hr roasties do

calm down little aspie youre getting an asthma attack again someone gets him his meds

Will anything ever go my fucking way just once?
My life is so fucking hard and miserable
Did you short the bottom too? Wanna blow each other('s brains out)?
just buy more idiot. BTC
You are trying to get rich from other people losing money. You deserve the worst faggot.
Being a Tranny does that to you. That's why 41% decide to crtl+z
>All in BTC now.
>Sell when at 10k.

File: Hcizez5[1].png (11 KB, 491x376)
11 KB
How fucked are we?
Looks like Highly

File: sae smile.jpg (42 KB, 720x758)
42 KB
So. What are you going to accomplish this week?
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I'm going to buy more $LUNC because the burn is bullish and anyone that says otherwise is a tranny faggot contrarian mad for not buying.
File: 164031183367.jpg (58 KB, 818x827)
58 KB
wait a second is that gold programme they have planned literal gold rewards or is it backed by gold and that's it
Not sure. Might kill myself once and for all.
Backed by, not paid in.
File: 52.png (6 KB, 200x200)
6 KB
Imma sit back and relax while my (real) Ethereum 2.0 makes me rich very slowly. Thanks for asking op!

September is btc's most bearish month. It's coming to an end, and yet it's green. Fuck you, jews.
Couldn't have just had the final dump and then start the parabolic run, huh? Bitch.
17k again wednesday
>final dump
look BTC has been rangebound for 100 days; if it doesn't go lower it'll pump simply b/c of this ranging. deviations and soo on going off close values activates buying pressure and soo on
Parabolic run? Sorry, no. That won't be happening for some time.
Wrong. Whales can choose to do it on a whim. For instance if they break above 20600 they'd be breaking a MONTHLY downtrend which would in fact trigger a parabolic move. Probably even a flat correction potential. Just look at the run from 30k-69k. Fake as shit. Whales can do whatever.

File: 1466918408777.jpg (33 KB, 629x505)
33 KB
>Go to college and get certifications for a $60k a year job
>Literal stockers in my area start out at $20, top out at $30 after 3 years, and are unionized

Sometimes I think the tradies we're right
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Where do those stockers work OP? I need another wagey gig
and to think just 100 years ago the average american made 200k-300k in todays purchasing power. where did all that value go? it's been drained by soulless late stage capitalism

For soda and beer companies.
That sounds like a tall tale my guy
A few tradies manage to become self-employed, the rest is exploited like slaves. The secret is to work for the government, directly or indirectly in a subsidized job

File: 1655135315651.jpg (62 KB, 600x586)
62 KB
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This place is worse than Stocktwits and I never thought that would be humanly possible.
put those 2 fingers right in my bullish ass you green wochad
File: Th06Patchouli.png (67 KB, 128x217)
67 KB
It's voila, dumb fuck.
You're such a fucking nigger
no it's not. it's wallah
stupid people, i swear

When is Rose pumping back over 10 cents? anyone holding this
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Diminishing returns on every re-announcement but you might get a 5% next time. kek what a retarded desperate team
>Isnt Parcel just a SDK environment build around the other paratimes?
It's supposed to have its own paratime.
so it’s agreeded upon 1M make it, 100k sui?
Even magnifafag isn't shilling this shit anymore lmao
He's been dormant since beginning of August. If you're still bullish after the shills have given up robbing you blind you should probably just save everyone some time and kys
10k sui 100k make it
always has been

I'm a wagie who makes less than $25 an hour. How do I survive the coming winter?
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>Live in city
>White area, low crime, high median income
>Can still travel to other dangerous areas of the city to enjoy art, music, and shit poor people spend more time on
>2k/mo, 700 SQ ft, all amenities (including 24/7 concierge)
>5k/mo disposal income
>Bunch of money in crypto and stocks

Oh how will I ever live without a garage to throw a bunch of bullshit in to forget about for 2 years. I sure will look back when I'm 70 and say man only if I had lived in the middle of nowhere for my whole life so I could save extra money!
>700 sq ft

Nice closet there Xir

You're right, if only I had the space for my funko pop collection and wait what do I need all that space for again
idk man you're the one paying some other dudes mortgage for 2k a month for a fuckin closet
wtf i only make 275 SEK per hour, guess I'm fucked

File: 20220926_213615.jpg (215 KB, 1080x1530)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>Astrology is fake and ga-
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
sex with alienpussy
don't worry jupiter is based
checked and thanks anon, its on archive and i needed something new to read at work
Chapter one and already "darkies"
Wait til you get to the chapter about “the old negress”.
>WD GANN was the greatest stock trader who ever lived.
Nope, he sucked and his methods were retarded even for a schizo.

File: 1664237225323787.jpg (295 KB, 915x1365)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
interlinked >>51649165

news and updates:
>Mexc burn round 2
>AMA with terra rebels and binance oct 6
>current amount burned
>LUNChads read this
>1.2% burn tax proposal has passed

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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0.0058 would make sense if he's claiming to have shorted near the top. I pray there is another fucking god candle tonight up to 65
Very well said fellow Zoomer Chad
T. 21 years old
I can tell you're going to make it anon. I certainly was more delusional than you when I was your age (but there wasn't as much content on the internet back then).
GCR is going to fucking die trying to go against CZ.

File: avax_kara_boga.jpg (266 KB, 964x1280)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Long live Türkiye
Praise 𐰚𐰇𐰚:𐱅𐰭𐰼𐰃
Death to wh*Te dogs
File: 1649950008381.jpg (271 KB, 500x625)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
So these are the turd worlders fudding ICP

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