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What is the best occupation for unattractive women?
cum dumpster, unironically
so much lard
You want to breed ugly women? This sounds counterproductive to the species.

So... agriculture.

There is a rumor going around that Aragon Court (ANJ) and Aragon (ANT) will be listed on Coinbbase in July.

This isn't too surprising, because Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO and Founder, is a huge supporter / investor in Aragon.

Coinbase liquidity could make both ANJ and ANT moon quickly.

Don't miss out. Few understand the massive potential of ANJ and ANT.

File: 1590615236868.webm (2.07 MB, 604x850)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB WEBM
How much money do you need to make it?
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File: 1590420742858.png (4 KB, 453x407)
4 KB
please delete this :)
Guiys, how did it take this long? What is happening to this place.
File: k.png (531 KB, 916x788)
531 KB
531 KB PNG

>just get a good job they said
>just make good money they said
>the girl will come they said
Lemme join you bros
in America vs. any other 1st world country/thread
300k is enough to make me live a really comfy life, maybe even share it with 2 more people.
In Eastern Europe you can buy 1-room apartments for 20-30k and rent them each for about 200-250 euros. I've learned how to live with 300 euros a month almost my whole life.

With the current housing market crashing even harder I could buy for even less. And with the current new cheaper materials these guys make their mini houses out if I could buy those... as long as they don't break any safety regulations.

File: wow!.jpg (53 KB, 600x800)
53 KB
Holy shit guys ....so bitcoins price goes up when more ppl buy it right? So we all have been HODLing BTC for a while.........all we gotta do is simply get 10x as many people into Bitcoin as are currently invested in bitcoin. If we can do that....the price of Bitcoin will reach $12k!!! Wow $12k!!! Simply get 10x more people into buying bitcoin that's all we need to get to $12k. Then to get to $16k, we need to get 100x more people into bitcoin....bros??? How are we gonna do this, what's our plan? BTC we need to get 10000x people into Bitcoin to get it to $100k per coin.....hmmmm whats a way to get normies to buy Bit Coin....hehehe got any plans anyone? Any bright ideas? Maybe we can go door to door like a salesman offering a wallet with BTC on it on a piece of paper....it's that easy, you can print out a wallet on a piece of paper and hand it to a grandpa, it's so intuitive he'll withdraw the money from the wallet right on his Smart Phone....good one, gramps! Keep it up..... So my /biz/ 4chan bros.....how we gonna get more people into Bitcoin? I'm afraid the Rothchilds plan to dump bitcoin to 0 by midnight ET unless you bros provide us some good plans...we need to save bitcoin !!! Simply epic imagine $100k per coin..... it only needs a bit over a trillion dollars......uhh, hedge fund billionaires anyone? Hellooooooo? All we gotta do is get some hedge fund billiionares to invest in an internet coin that can be stolen from them by a hacker since it is not FIDC insured.....imagine that, some billionares bitcoin all get hacked and stolen, but it isn't FIDC insured.....lol he'll invest in it n.e. ways who needs FIDC.....wow I can just smell $100k, we're so close it's epic!! Imagine a room full of 5 people. That's us /biz/, a small amount of people invested into bitcoin , a minority in the investor world.....now imagine that room with, 10,000 people in it!!! wow that's easy, that's how many more people we have to get into bitcoin let's do it!
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Dear god I hope this is copypasta & you forgot to green text. Just sad if you took this much time otherwise
Bro are you doubting the power of Cryptic Currency.....this is the future, it sends from one computer to another at lightning speed BOOM your bitcoin has arrived in someone else's wallet!!! Where's if you want to send money through a bank wire....or Pay Pal.....yeah sorry dude you gonna have to wait 24 hours for that money to go through. Bitcoin on the other hand transfers over quicker than the human eye can blink at 30 frames per second. Also my brother has been mining bit coin for years now using a computer....A COMPUTER!! Gold mining requires a team of people and finding gold in a cave after digging with pickaxes deep into layers of earth....but bitcoin? You just dig and dig and dig virtually with your Computer's Processor and hope to get lucky and find a big bitcoin mine.....if you do......simply epic to find that treasure! If you find a lot of bitcoin mining then you could be reach, a few bitcoin nuggets might be worth a mansion 1 year from now.
File: PLW.png (11 KB, 645x773)
11 KB
Oh Wow, Just Wow. Is That A Wojak? And A Silly Paragraph Of Text?! Haha Oh Wow He Really Destroyed Those Idiots. That'll Show 'Em. By The Way Guys, Do You Guys Want To Invest In My 3D Printer That Uses Onions Bottles To Make Filament To Print?
I wonder what personality defects you have
File: EYd1GjyUEAAAE7a.jpg (317 KB, 1212x843)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
BAT is doing this for us

File: OP is a faggot.png (232 KB, 500x553)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
Not really an insider, but I work at Cisco and I learned that our VP of engineering has been meeting with Chainlink to discuss stuff. Fwiw. Knew you fags loved chainlink and couldn't resist
VP of engineering at Cisco here. Can confirm.

File: 1587055007111.jpg (6 KB, 250x249)
6 KB
/SMG/ - Stock Market General


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File: prop1.gif (47 KB, 250x194)
47 KB
File: ramp.jpg (150 KB, 1000x1000)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
welp, im putting my 5k in my trading account into rural nevada property via tax sales. later fags
Not a bad idea anon. LA fag looking to diversify into Lincoln and white pine counties to the tune of a couple hundred acres minimum. I expect a 3x - 5x over the next two decades, plus whatever my 100 or so acre feet of water rights and mineral rights might be worth.
poopoo peepee
Watch out for Macy's, volume is spiking and it passed resistance. It's trading well below the 200 day average as well.

File: Wani tog.png (612 KB, 1340x2500)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
Good morning edition
>Cursory oil education

>Cursory tanker education

>Tanker rates
http://www.crweber.com/ (no https)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks anon who told me to buy MRO
File: 26b.png (39 KB, 720x644)
39 KB
You're welcome.
i h8 all of you tankies :(
t. oilie
Oil currently giving up some of its gains as we approach Brent rollover date:
WTI down to 31.17, six month spread approaching $4
Brent down to 34.74, six month spread a little over $3.25

This may be a blip, remains to be seen if it has any legs, but two more days of this could bring some rain.
Congrats to all the chads who held on. Fuck tanker tourists.

Great interview with my man Mariusz and Kuppy released today:

What’s the best small business to start?
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Shrimp farm
why am i seeing this site getting shilled so much lately?
Asian massage parlor
I did wedding rentals (tables and chairs) for a while and that went pretty well, you can charge more since it’s for a wedding and since it’s just renting you don’t have to create product to sell, and easy to market since the couple will already have a professional photographer taking pictures, you just ask them to share the album when everything is processed. Couple hours one day to set up and couple hours afterward to tear down and you are done for the week, nothing happens during weekdays


File: 2keyico.jpg (41 KB, 875x485)
41 KB
I reccomend purchasing 2KEY cryptocurrency in order to profit off of reselling it in the future, to be completely honest with you.
Shill me OP I like what I see for now
big pump in the last 12 hours, Actual Dev team and usecase and apparently partnerships. it's not a shitcoin it just seems like its very very very early, which is obvs good if you wanna flip it
Yeah I like suecase I just dont see value in token
Mby it spikes due bithumb listing june 1
yeah basically

sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

File: FH_and_MST.jpg (177 KB, 1351x759)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Space X has failed once again. How can anyone have in confidence in Elon Musk's leadership skills?
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Imagine trying to send something to space to withstand the harsh outer space but can’t even withstand rain.
Beside, don’t they know anything about weather prediction?
How many retards got lucky money by being involved with Paypal?
There was a tornado warning and supercells in the vicinity
Imagine lying just to defend your meme money man.
Not really. NASA frequently cancelled due to weather.

Wanna drive a gold plated lambo throug a hailstorm? cool bruh. you do you. some people call that retarded though.

Why does bitcoins scarcity matter if the amount of networks that can be created are infinite?
File: 1502759572508.jpg (143 KB, 960x1208)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
The networks' tokens or units of currency are not fungible with each other. The networks have different security properties, participants, and features hence the tokens are valued differently from each other.

File: 325099325-325932-593-.jpg (207 KB, 2371x1552)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Where buy
seriously please don't talk about this yet I know even you aren't done filling your bag yet. just keep this out of sight for now and we will be much better off. we can start the shilling at $10 and push for $100. sage

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