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It's $WAIFU. So stupidly simple yet the big guys are in. Want proof?


Whales dont miss.
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dev did not sell check wallets
I bought this shit. Come on bi..h:)
buy 0.5 eth
1ETH lets go :D

Redpill me on WAIF?? Whats the suicide stack???
The dev could have exited after the 10x but he didnt and it dumped in half, seems legit. Suicide stack is .5 worth rn
File: eu.png (197 KB, 804x576)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
The dev also says they're locking liquidity in about 12 hours. Hope it's legit, I'm getting good vibes from it so far. Have a Eu.

File: 1371698923302.jpg (47 KB, 680x510)
47 KB
Bros I am so fucking scared. This feels like 2017 all over again and that shit ended in a fucking massacre.
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This anon knows whats up.

>This time its different!

for every 100 times this sentence is said, maybe once it's correct.

Markets rise, markets fall.

Crypto is here to stay and nothing is going to change that. It will experience enormous bullish periods after experiencing major Capital flight from traditional finance, and just like every bull market there will be bear markets to follow.

All that matters is making money.
You are joking, right? We now have a whole fucking 'industry' of yield farming, which is a literal ponzi scheme, possibly worse than bitconnect. So many people are going to get burned and i am absolutely delighted that i get to watch it
I don't know what yeild farming is and am not invested in anything to do with it, is this a good thing?
>Money is being printed at Tether without money actually going in.
do you have proof of this? or are you just guessing. the most obvious explanation is that actually, people are putting money in.
>Who is buying billions of dollars of Tether each week rather than directly ETH or BTC?
individuals, retail, some hedge funds.. honestly man im not sure but they clearly are.
>Why does every ETH pump correlate exactly to another couple hundred million Tether printed?
because when people want to buy ETH, they buy Tether which needs to be printed? idk its really self explanatory man, is it really hard to believe that there are people buying crypto?
>You think DeFi hype alone can double the price of ETH within a week?
File: rainman.jpg (16 KB, 477x268)
16 KB
Heyyyy buddy, you done some calculations and figured out the next 1000x coin? What is it?

File: 1560471165337.jpg (38 KB, 550x550)
38 KB
what exchange do you guys use? ive used hotbit a couple times but its pretty shit
File: DSCN7442.jpg (984 KB, 2736x3648)
984 KB
984 KB JPG
Hotbit fakes volume, you can see in any low volume high spread pair

File: RUZE.png (5 KB, 300x100)
5 KB
>DeFi, lending and borrowing anonymously
>Hourly rebases
>Team is not anonymous, github and telegram linked from their website - https://ruze.io/

Does not have a gecko/CMC or exchange listing yet. They submitted an application right when gecko changed their rules, they now require an exchange listing so the gecko listing has been delayed. As a consequence this coin has now bottomed out as you can see here:

File: file.png (8 KB, 578x163)
8 KB
congratulations on the brand name, seriously

Yeah, good way to weed out the biz fags desu

It's a bold move but as the team aren't anonymous and the code is up on gihub it's a statement really.

The statement is 'suck my balls'.

File: 100x.jpg (74 KB, 674x676)
74 KB
Just dropped on uniswap.



Community token. Dev will lock all tokens and liquidity in 12 hours.

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File: hue.png (40 KB, 1621x961)
40 KB
the next TEND
File: waifu4.jpg (56 KB, 460x215)
56 KB
Im in
yes i bought this shit

File: IMG_20200806_095651_899.jpg (86 KB, 1078x859)
86 KB
Winnings on https://game.earnbet.io is never limited. No limit applied to withdrawals. Decentralized gaming platform, huge dividends for staking bet tokens! Insane right? Check out my winning
Nice win bro, what does decentralized mean?
Wow. I've been looking for a coin with a good staking apr. What's the apr on it?
Decentralized means it's not controlled by a single entity. No centralized structure that have the ability to tamper with the game in whatsoever way.

The APR of your stakes depends but APR doesn't quite describe the BET token, dividends vary based on wagering volume.

You can check https://game.earnbet.io for details.
Hello fellow pajeets, my whole village would like to participate in your scam. We want to earn so much money to assign a new nice big designated shitting street. The old one is too dangerous, several villagers got stuck in poo poo lately.
Thank Anon, sounds good, will do some research on it. I also see you can reduce the house edge by owning BET tokens... will check it out so more.

File: ohshitohfuck.jpg (39 KB, 608x349)
39 KB
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Maybe he's going to buy LINKUP
it's going to move the price by about 10-20c
I will buy the dip
He's probably buying TrustSwap

Witnessing smart money right there
unless it's over 500k link nobody cares

File: ClementIsTheNewKing.png (189 KB, 487x1265)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
>He didn't buy at 0.01
>He didn't buy at 0.02
>He didn't buy at 0.03
>He didn't buy at 0.05
>He didn't buy at 0.07
>He didn't buy at 0.09

last chance to buy sub 10c.
Is this bitcoin?

File: band.png (3.67 MB, 3602x3570)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB PNG
>could've bought BAND for $0.30 in april when i tried telling you idiots that it's a great project, now it's worth ~$7.20
>market cap: $112m
>coinbase is going to list BAND
so at a fraction of link's market cap, let's say at $800m (which is conservative considering how quickly the defi space is growing) that'd put band at ~$39
at $1.6b m.cap, $78
why's it growing so fast?
>way easier to integrate than chainlink
>better tech than chainlink
>truly cares about the importance of oracles advises all companies to use other oracles in conjunction with theirs, including chainlink for redundancy since redundancy is super important, while chainlink makes companies sign an agreement stating that they will not discuss any other oracle they use while using chainlink
> - e.g. many projects/companies using oracles use multiple oracles for redundancy as they should, band protocol encourages this because they truly want to bring the 4IR, while chainlink has those same companies sign an agreement with them so that they can only publicly state that they only use chainlink in a marketing attempt to appear to be the only oracle companies use, which is literally slowing down the advancement and adoption of decentralized oracles, the one thing sergey claimed will change the world
i still hold link and i will because tech doesn't mean much in crypto, so i know the price will still go up, but buying BAND in april was the best decision i made right next to buying link in 2017
good luck anons
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i haven't done any research into WAVES, but it's been on my to-do list. looks very promising and has the potential to pull band and link like gains. i'll do some research into it and see if i want to get into it.
desu, the fact that they're working with band is a good sign. anyone that did their research could see that band's team is all about blockchain agnostic, super easily to integrate oracle services and just from what you posted alone, it's got me intrigued that it's purpose is for making DApps easy to build.
i love defi because every day that passed by the landscape changes more and more. it's the only sector in crypto where tech matters and i feel like it's affecting prices due to it. that's why i hope link wakes the fuck up and gets back to growing the industry rather than trying to slow down advancements.
it's all so exciting but all so tiresome.
thanks, this just stopped me from BAND
what? even sergey said that redundancy is required when it comes to oracles. then his marketing team decided that they'd rather not advance the industry and instead slow things down so it looks like they're the only ones in the space. i'm sure it wasn't sergeys decision, this is clearly the result of hiring so many chinks to handle marketing for chainlink.
and like i stated, defi is exciting because it's the only place where tech truly does affect price, so in a couple months, the landscape might be so different. that's the best part about companies wanting to use multiple oracles for redundancy, it's going to show clearly who's doing it best. could be link, could be band, could be a new company, could be an open source project built by students, could be anything.
File: Rutger Hauer.jpg (321 KB, 782x788)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
>even sergey said that redundancy is required when it comes to oracles
Any other Oracle projects worth getting into?

File: IUB.jpg (112 KB, 1410x640)
112 KB
112 KB JPG

File: 1596369912040.jpg (8 KB, 223x226)
8 KB
>Complete horseshit and meme coins pumping
>Endless LINK threads when you'd have to be insane to buy into LINK at this point
>High quality projects doing nothing

This is like the downturn of a bullrun. The desperation of chasing PND because the pumps for good projects aren't happening.

There's not going to be a bullrun is there biz?
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cope and miss out
File: lelo.jpg (39 KB, 581x850)
39 KB
the only quality that matters is the ability to influence normies to buy high
>This is like the downturn of a bullrun.

For Alts, yes. Ether bulls will give way sometime mid August. Alts are always a shitshow. This is what you want; you don't want some overinflated 2017/2018 bullshit to happen again, because when it happened the first time, dumbass normie money cried to mommy SEC and IRS and we got regulated.

It's all fine. Total cap for crypto is still going up on average. just Hodl you dipshits.
>Complete horseshit and meme coins pumping
>Endless LINK threads when you'd have to be insane to buy into LINK at this point
>High quality projects doing nothing

The market is an uncharted territory without and highly manipulated.

That why biggest company don't touch BTC and prefer something like Blockchain that doesn't use coins for the governance.

Beside some marketing department no one give a shit about Oracles or Web 3.0, it's just an advertisement for some big company, nothing else.

File: 1596221780793.jpg (177 KB, 1000x750)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
But all the stakers in Algorand are Indian and their platform has no chance of winning. It will rise because of general hype before fading into obscurity

File: 1596662341115.jpg (112 KB, 904x445)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
are normies too pilled on crypto
i feel like the golden age of crypto is almost at an end
what if the next coin to go parabolic sends normies into an extreme state of permanent fomo where they will start buying any shitcoin on the market instantly collecting them all like pokemon cards in the hopes of winning the lottery and only pajeets with scamcoins profit forever and onward

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it's a scam because your mom hates you, get fucked retard.
He had to for surgery.
Cut your losses and sell anon. It’s over
Good, I sold at $2.3 and bought at $.8.
Feels good man.
There is still time OP to jump the ship

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