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File: 1606745067270s.jpg (7 KB, 250x250)
7 KB
I got an easy call for you /biz/: Relayer (RLR)

>a fork of Andre Cronje's Kp3r job-based system
>300k market cap
>total supply is 195,000 and only 21,000 RLR circulating
>not yet listed on CoinGecko
>less than 150 holders
>over $200k in liquidity
>their main dev worked as a main lead at PIVX.
>the product works and is in beta now
>RLR holders also decide on governance similar to Kp3r

So, what the fuck is it? Unitrade is going live tomorrow. It allows you to set orderbooks on Uniswap instead of having to market buy and sell. Right now, it's the first such product soon to be on the market.

RLR is used to reward those who maintain the orderbook. For those who aren't sure how to run scripts to execute jobs, the team is putting together a guide on how to start earning $RLR and maintain the orderbooks. Every trade that goes on Unitrade will also pay $RLR jobs in $ETH. RLR is basically the gas for the entire orderbook system.

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Fk off it isnt pumping stop making up stories and just buy kleros

Opinion discarded
take him to kleros court


do the needful sir
piece of shit coin. no thanks...
meanwhile, RLR 50x minimum.
ty OP. this is how biz used to be

File: links.jpg (127 KB, 1200x906)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Smart Credit will be one of the first to integrate Chainlinks DECO and i don't see any reason why there wouldn't be a parnership before/after that. Swiss bankers and Chainlink would both benefit from it. Buy soon or regret later

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Where to buy shitcoin
>Pumped and dumped by infitnity gainz (SC paid them kek)
True, explain how it isn't tru that infinity gainz was paid and pumped and dumped it. He literally said he paid them in the first AMA and IG said on twitter.

>A few community members had to literally convince and beg him to look at Chainlink
True I have screen shots

>Admins banned everyone
I bought on this news a few days ago.
DECO is extremely important, but anyone will be able to use it once it's out.
The important thing is recognizing the importance of it early and applying it before other.
>Now you have secure financial data
You also have to have some banking experience to be able to apply that data properly.
>True, explain how it isn't tru that infinity gainz was paid and pumped and dumped it.
Yeah they pumped and dumped it but why would that be a paid action? Where's the proof?
>True I have screen shots
Still only partly true. They were already in contact to chainlink like 6 months ago. Community just convinced him to approach them again cause thats a long time in crypto scene so he did and the meeting went good
False. There were one powertripping admin in the trading channel who banned all the negative speculators. And he got kicked for a reason so theres that. Some people got kicked from the main channel due shilling other projects and not focusing SC which is reasonable
"off-chain aggregation" is T-sigs or Arbitrum? Both should be done in January ...

File: 1604710609001.jpg (107 KB, 499x499)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
We're going to be so fucking rich
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just buy crypto you stupid fuck
Crypto runs on memes, not use case.
Just buy a little bit of VOO with every paycheck. Set up a Robinhood account.
BTC will never break 20k
Thanks just sold 100k

File: JUSTdamaged.png (1 MB, 1416x672)
1 MB
>put all of my btc and link into statera

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Lol sta is supposed to go up when btc, eth and the other hedge shitcoins go up. It has done the exact opposite. What a piece of shit.
Convert from STA to BAT.
im down 10k kek
oh well guess ill just pool at 1$
we fucking told you over and over not to buy this useless shitcoin
just DCA lul

File: imaami apustaja.png (23 KB, 657x623)
23 KB
Muahammad predicted this pump.
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File: 1591092821173.png (63 KB, 686x798)
63 KB
>my skydaddy is stronger than your skydaddy ok!?!!??!111one!!1
File: 1584725093430.jpg (68 KB, 720x720)
68 KB
Islam would encourage you to buy bitcoin I think.
>Christ is stronger than the 50 iq desert monkey you worship
christ is literally a desert monkey moron

If you had to pick what you buy, ADA or ALGO?
Inb4 yes

ALGO, but they are both shitcoins

become a billionaire

File: lition_statya_obzor.jpg (22 KB, 1200x576)
22 KB
Is this over? it keeps dumping, did they allow to withdraw staked coins and sell them or what?
they staked. run sendlitbymistake()
man, if richard wasn't such a cuck, i would have already been able to quit crypto and wageslaving forever and never return to this goddamned japanese anime image bulletin board, reeking of the absolute disgusting smell of filthy, NEETy, neckbeardy losers, hanging out all day behind their PCMASTERRACE setup in their parent's basement
Staking period is ending for some, allowing them to sell. It will only continue.
>run sendlitbymistake()
I've seen this tg post, but I am not staking and have no idea how to do it. What does this change\new command mean?
>thinking this shitcoin was ever going to work

Lmaoing at you're live

File: flat,750x1000,075,f.jpg (67 KB, 750x920)
67 KB
File: 12362fgsdg546.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
no. he an hero'd a while back
unexpectedly topkek'd

File: 1603377962942.png (96 KB, 500x500)
96 KB
it is a known biz scam, the leader Gilles is also a known French scammer. The "digital oil" meme is also a well known fake metaphor scam and is not actually digital oil. You can't even power a car with it. The team were garbage men and construction workers in their previous jobs and have never had any experience coding. If you see a RLC thread make sure to hide and ignore them.
low quality fud, just bought 100 more
>You can't even power a car with it
I know you got those RLC bags anon
I have a make it stack I don’t care if you fud. I recognize that it is too spammed on this board, I don’t particularly care for that either. You either know or you don’t- fudding is useless.

File: 1606692272096.jpg (93 KB, 1029x859)
93 KB
Can't wait to re-buy cheaper. Making money is so simple. It's literally that easy.
I'm autistic and take everything extremely literal.
same bro. so simple yet so smart.

File: 1606555092741.jpg (530 KB, 1671x1061)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
You're holding PNK, right anon?
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Thanks bro
Pick a court and stake, blockchain non-technical is prob the best one for the average guy. Keep in mind the chances of getting a case varies with how much pnk you have. So dont be surprised if you for example stake 20k pnk and never get a case. Not sure what the chances are for the different courts. There is a spreadsheet somewhere if u ask in tg.
This shit again
100k suicide, 1mil make it. It has been under a cent for years. We even had a sale. If you missed out its your fault
Where do you see the price of PNK going in the next five years? I'm expecting $1 and listed on coinbase by EOY21.
File: 1603470417068.jpg (163 KB, 960x597)
163 KB
163 KB JPG

File: 1554658040527.jpg (7 KB, 188x250)
7 KB
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This is absolutely fucked up. Is this whale activity or the exchanges being absolute corrupt pieces of shit? Was it really for one minute?
shit like this made me give up margin trading
Exchanges are corrupt as fuck since there's no regulation on crypto. This would never happen in stock markets
you mean the exchange? that’s why they do it. they set buy orders way below the market price and then dump to trigger margin calls so people have to sell into their low buys. they have bots that determine the best time to do this. it’s easy since they know everyone’s liquidation prices and buy orders.
Just remember. In the stock market you have circuit breakers, close on the weekends while the world trades and dealing shit in fiat. Crypto, runs twenty mutha fuckin four seven, 365 days out of the year with no circuit breakers.

Pic related announced his move yesterday
Copypasting something I wrote earlier as to why his move impacts the price

>He runs Global Macro Investor and is followed by a lot of institutional hedgefund managers
The reason his name has become much more known lately is because he founded RealVision Finance along with his friends Grant Williams, Damian Horner and Remi Tetot
He lives right next to his friend Hugh Hendry for example if you know who he is, famous for having shorted the 2008 financial crisis while working at a big London bank and is now set for life

>Institutions follow GMI and what he has to say, and now after for a long time speaking positively about Bitcoin (and mostly only Bitcoin while being positive to cryptos as a whole), he's come out and said he's hedging his wealth solely with Bitcoin. He's talked about the coming dollar-crisis, inflation, great reset, etc and hasn't seen any other good hedge against it than Bitcoin. Gold some but even Gold will be impacted. Bitcoin is the only asset that's "up and coming" and this moment will be perfect for its adaptation and the great reset is talkin about cryptocurrencies themselves, so it'll be a rocket ship he's saying

>Yesterday he announced this move and it's a big deal
Guy and the people in his near vicinity are worth several billions themselves. Imagine if they all placed orders to buy Bitcoin simultaneously, which they probably did. Of course the price will increase
>Saylor had to buy Bitcoin over the course of weeks for just $400M in order not to affect the price
A big influx in buy-orders like this definitely impacts the price

His move WILL impact the price and further hype will drive more buyers but it WILL come down

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm not a trader and a brainlet, could you spoonfeed me how this is bearish for the price, especially since (supposedly) not done buying?
Also who the fuck is stupid enough to announce a move like that before having executed it 100%?
Raoul is not a crypto whale you stupid fuck, some big money could fuck him if they really wanted to. You're an absolute dumb fuck thinking his money is moving this market - the social media hype does help though.
They are going to dump this shit all over retard's heads sometime soon.
You really think they are in for just a quick pump and dump within a few days?
They are done buying
>Influential guy in a place full of billionaires announces he's all-in on Bitcoin
>This means almost by default some of the billionaires around him probably will follow suit
>Executes trade almost instantly
>Price shoots up
>Question is how many billionaires followed his lead
Either we plateau to a new high (19-19,5k) or we'll come back down soon
This wasn't a sustainable rally
It literally started at 7:00 Little Cayman time (where they're all at)
Why would a rally just start at that exact, precise time? There was no news during the weekend, no news leading up to the rally, it just started immediately at 7:00 when the banks all opened

It's cause there was a huge influx in buy orders

The way you can it's enough to move the price is because Michael Saylor's talked about when he made his purchase several times

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1568625605839.jpg (336 KB, 852x852)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
You thought you'd never see me again didn't you?
Well TOO BAD, I'm alive. But I'm afraid I cannot say the same thing for Bitcoin.
Want to know how I survived the bullrun? Well, it was actually quite simple: it is all in the charts, it's part of my design.
Every candle has a bobo of its own.
I can't die it is IMPOSSIBLE, even if I get liquidated I will always come BACK.
>perfect cell theme:
Booboo weeeee ooooooo weeeeeooooooo weeeeeeooooooo
File: images (12).jpg (4 KB, 300x168)
4 KB
File: 1585801183894.png (1.73 MB, 1917x1874)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG

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