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File: 1590380247345.png (153 KB, 1013x1000)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
I literally just maxed out a 20k line of credit on LINK. Was that retarded? I seriously don't know of I fucked up but I have a 10k stack now.
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>Nazi memes
>Buys the absolute top of a Russian Jew's scam
Based. My GF did the same thing after the mainnet release. LINK was about $1.60 at the time.

>the top
The top is when all no-linkers kill themselves. It will be at, precisely, 1,000.01 United States Dollars.
File: 1565439276452.png (88 KB, 572x648)
88 KB
the fud has gotten intricate

>Yup, the wealth will trickle down any day now...
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>Yup. Just a couple more years and I’ll be a billionaire.
File: 1590263703749.jpg (156 KB, 1200x1000)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>Cutting all taxes=muh trickle down
Reagan's policy prioritized the top tax bracket, I'm not advocating for that I'm literally calling and end to 99.99% of taxes because they're fucking worthless. Allowing people to keep the money they earn means they're getting more money in their pocket, the opposite of wage stagnation.
>we should offer each of them $5000 if they let themselves get sterilized.
>only guilt riddled white people take up the offer. birth rates drop even lower.
>nigs, spics, chinks and poos all continue to pump out a shitton of babies in absolute poverty (then get sterilized after the fact for extra cash) anyway because the government provides for all
>society collapses into a dark age and everybody dies because no food
good plan.
Next you're going to tell us that banning abortion is bad because that might cause broken homes despite already living in the most broken dysfunctional society that the west has ever seen.

>brown slaves bad
>white slaves good

This is your brain on demographic politics. I don’t want 850 million people in the US

Feel free to move to backwoods Alaska if you want your ayn rand fantasy.

File: gambooler.png (95 KB, 1713x714)
95 KB
You're not a charts gambooler, right /biz/?

this is the actual message
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>id checks out

As if Core isn't forcing people out lmao
File: 2840278323249-.png (259 KB, 489x647)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
>Crops out the "Craig is a liar and a fraud" part
>This is the real message!
Do you guys think Creig will organize some sort of jonestown tier mass suicide for him and his diehard followers?
File: WAAS.png (22 KB, 1168x408)
22 KB
It's Richard Heart. WeAreAllSatoshi is the name of the BigPayDay bonus for HEX.

File: china.jpg (110 KB, 960x960)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
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File: lechad.png (303 KB, 1855x737)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
File: BNT BIZ PREDICTION.jpg (141 KB, 1280x509)
141 KB
141 KB JPG

READ --> https://blog.bancor.network/announcing-bancor-v2-2f56b515e9d8

AND THIS ---> https://blog.bancor.network/bancor-staking-rewards-ad432e5d590d

Plus /biz prophecy from february attached.

Bancor BNT is the one.
i would rather bet on a defi protocol than an eth competitor desu... can't deny the kusama chart looks pretty nice tho.
File: giphy.gif (1.02 MB, 324x321)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB GIF
Why not both?
Kusama has everything to have at least 100M mcap, even if Ethereum succeeds.

777 then an 888
Actually legendary
ESH.. Isn't that the shitcoin that everyone plans on dumping in 2 hours and 30 mins
Take your meds schizo
b-b-but muh digits! pls buy my bags sirs, will moon shortly!

File: 1565038535009.jpg (1.91 MB, 2083x2064)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
Even more comfy frens.. Now you can undelegate and your coins back on the next epock.
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unironically a chink scam
The ONEMarines? Make it happen!
It's happening. People are starting to wake up.
Not the retards off course.
Here the details with the Epochs

Making the Staking even more smooth.

File: EY4_KjDX0AAcz2W.jpg (98 KB, 839x660)
98 KB

File: 1590429549012.png (131 KB, 500x375)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
40% LINK 20% NKN 30% REN 10% FUND
never heard of FUND but LINK, REN and NKN are all patrician tier coins, and among the best in respective high/med/low caps. well done
Cool you bought a bunch of shit and didn't diversify your portfolio or use and dividend stocks to help your folder grow. You seem like you have no clue about the market other than what you read on 4chan. You're about to get fucking owned.
You literally just went out and bought a punch of scratch off tickets and your strategy is " Hope I'm lucky." For fucks sake.
40% Betrayed
20% Pump n dumped
30% Chinked
10% Scammed

File: pepe_0.jpg (82 KB, 960x1280)
82 KB
I don't know what to buy anons
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Believe in the menes op >>19334667
Tinder Super Likes
In order or shitcoin risk

Bancor, HBAR
EDI on the dip and flip it.

nailed it. bancor BNT chad AF

File: Satoshiisabiztard.png (358 KB, 995x1166)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
He actually did it the absolute madlad
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reread: >>19332366
I can point out at some length why this wouldn't and doesn't happen - not least the chain of 8 lawyers its been through. And lawyers, unlike creg, know the consequences of forgery and perjury. Which brings us back to the issue of who here, exactly, continually claims shit is forged, or that he is surrounded by hackers, or thieves, every time he fucks something up? Its not fucking rocket science to figure out who the likely culprit is. Is it. The fat cunts credibility was already zero. The Judge is going to sit him down and make him come up with a *provable* list of his Bitcoin. With fucking keys. Or she is going to throw his ass in jail for contempt. Aint nobody buying cregs bullshit no more, not then, and saf not now.
>craig sent it to ira's team sealed and they sent it back unsealed
surely no one is this much of an idiot, he clearly submitted it to the court sealed and ira's team contested it unsealed. normally discovery isnt retained by the court but actual requested documents by the court will be which this one was
They don't. Craig never filed it with the court. He sent the documents directly to Plaintiff (Ira's team), so there is no impartial copy. There is the Craig copy. And there is the Ira copy. There is no court copy, because it was never sent to the court.

>Craig sent it to ira's team sealed and they sent it back unsealed
I didn't write that. I wrote that Craig gave copy to Ira Kleiman. This copy was ordered by the court to be SEALED. Ira didn't give a fuck, and released it anyway, breaching confidentiality. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to leak sealed court documents.

My contention is that the copy Ira released could have been altered, and only Craig would be able to dispute this, not the court.
Jesus Christ the level of mental gymnastics
mega based

50x incoming
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All options here
Harmony in top staking.

Innovative Project


Low Marketcap. Even lost 90%, so excellent buy.
Smoooooth staking
Ledger support.
Fuck yes, all in! Take my money! OneMarines!
And mainnet just around the corner. The big comfy.

Rohit, 3x won’t get me even

it’s a bottomless shitcoin

File: download (3).jpg (6 KB, 245x206)
6 KB
Anyone who actually hasn't sold yet, I would becareful.

- Teams tokens hacked 1-2 years ago.
- Team has not got token utility, I've asked in there main tg channel and it's a "big secret". They have previously showed an article about masternodes and shit but it's not even confirmed since the SEC stood in, there too pussy to now confirm nor deny anything to do with utility.

- There is paid shillers that constantly post all these bullshit partnership, that are true, but they are a middlewear, they would need to do 500+ mill transactions a month for the token to have a dollar amount.

-There is whales in there that have had noone too offload on since the hack, theres like 10+ wallets with 500k+ Morpheus tokens slowly unloading throughout the past week.

-Yeah they may even have that coke partnership, but look deeper on what that means to your token, absolutley nothing.

- Team has admitted that masternodes won't play a part until it hits 1 million transactions (IF THAT), lmao they won't even be transparent? so you got to take there word for it.

- those buys are massive fakes by the whales that cashed out, don't get cucked.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
this is the typical shipchain fuddster

No paid shillsters to promote, its actually so under the radar that there hasn't been any influencers besides the occasional datadash interview

The token utility has been stated and demonstrated countless times by team members and community members. The ones that fud the coin about their utility are people people protecting their shipchain bags

You can look on etherscan to see the whales, and how they have not sold. They are holding because they want a piece of that masternode revenue that is promised from their IMMENSE APR they are building from ACTUAL business. Coke partnership is real and people mad like you. Team has admitted that the million transaction mark isn't necessary, and only masternodes will become available when the UTILITY is needed by the platform. They are needed when there is bottlenecks.

This project at the end of the day will speak for itself. LIterally. And all these cheap fuddsters trying to keep their competition down, when Morpheus is out doing every supply chain project in the space. Grow the fuck up pajeet and do some reading.
File: 1590374723160.jpg (148 KB, 920x682)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

Under the radar? it's been all over 4chan shilled, datadash got paid few days ago lmao.

Yeah the token has been stated and shilled, but they backpeddled on answering anything to do with tokens now because of the "SEC", Shipchain? I don't even know anything about that project.

That isn't a fact with masternode revenue, they made an article about it, i called them up and asked them questions about it, and they then did the run around and said can't comment, yeah there retards in tg bagholders responded positive but the team didn't. No one official has said "yes this will be used in a masternode".

so your saying million transactions isn't needed to make a masternode, so potentially they could do upto 100 million transactions, and when they "need" more help they will let you host a masternode... seems legit.

this isn't fud, look at this link of the team saying the hack lmao.... https://www.reddit.com/r/MorpheusNetwork/comments/8tzdyw/morpheus_token_swap_update_hack_statement_from/

This isn't fud, those wallets exist, I notice a few of the top 10 wallets are not even company wallet's, nor exchanges. Even the second holding isn't a team's wallet which means someone may own it?

so someone owns like 10% of current circulation and you want us to buy his bags?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Yeah it's horrible. Why not invest into Morpheus Labs which has over 500 devs, all from different companies working in and on it?
I've seen that shilled here, atleast that project you can see who's using it, what there doing, clear indication what token utility is. Still haven't bought but first glance looks alot more trustworthy.

How the fuck do ppl put there hard earned money in a project like Morpheus.Network, did an ICO like what, 2 years ago? can't even get a utility token example, they have one but its too untrustworthy, and you bring it up in there tg and admins can't officially "speculate due to SEC".

So it shows who the company has at best interest, not the token holders but themselves. So you think they will share majority of the profits? doubt it, they will probably only give out profits once they "need" more masternodes, and they might find it easier to do the whole process themselves and disregard token holders.

thanks tokenholders we just expanded cucking you all with a digital token.


File: 1590253328993.png (393 KB, 1016x703)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
>tfw 2k LINKlet
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Send them to me
How's the weather in Bangalore? Please send my regards to Prandeep Rajnaran if you know him.
what the hell are we supposed to do about that? we already shilled against it on reddit for like two years.
The little fish consoles the tiny fish and in doing so defeats the purpose of his own thread. You've already made it, OP

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