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File: 1606561217383.jpg (118 KB, 960x687)
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118 KB JPG
no one cares faggot, buy xrp before it’s too late iykyk
Four is a nine. Don't care much about the others.
Whales are you to dump like they always do, don't fall for it newfags.
1 and 3 for me please
Shit taste

File: 1554658040527.jpg (7 KB, 188x250)
7 KB
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shit like this made me give up margin trading
Exchanges are corrupt as fuck since there's no regulation on crypto. This would never happen in stock markets
you mean the exchange? that’s why they do it. they set buy orders way below the market price and then dump to trigger margin calls so people have to sell into their low buys. they have bots that determine the best time to do this. it’s easy since they know everyone’s liquidation prices and buy orders.
Just remember. In the stock market you have circuit breakers, close on the weekends while the world trades and dealing shit in fiat. Crypto, runs twenty mutha fuckin four seven, 365 days out of the year with no circuit breakers.
and still gamblers will margin trade like the retarded degenerates they are

File: proopped.jpg (16 KB, 220x220)
16 KB


Crypto assets
everything. with low interest rates and fiat devaluation there is no reason for people not to be investing right now, and with the china flu dying down by spring a lot of investor confidence will return

crypto will obviously lead the charge, but stonks, gold, property etc will all pump
Bitcoin is going to blow everything away. It won't even be close. When the market goes up, it goes up, market down, it goes up. It's on a fucking tear and is simply mispriced.

Tech stocks are actually allergic to the vaccine, as they pumped so hard because people were using them as a safe haven. The better we do on the virus the more money gets bled out of them and back into stocks like CCL or AMC or whatever that's still beaten down.

Bonds have negative yield now accounting for inflation. We aren't out of the woods yet, and bonds will probably go legitimately negative next year. Europe is already negative.

I think real estate will maintain around current levels, buy it if you can afford it I guess. These are at risk if we start seeing foreclosures which are certainly possible.
Unless Biden maintains the foreclosure moratorium, real estate is going to be completely fucked.

If Biden maintains the eviction moratorium, banks and property owners will all be completely fucked.

If Biden maintains the foreclosure moratorium, banks will all be completely fucked.

If Biden doesn't maintain the eviction moratorium, both commercial and residential tenants will be completely fucked, at which point property owners and banks will also be completely fucked.

Literally the only way out is for the moratoriums to be maintained and for "money printer go brrrrrrrrrr" forever, in which case the dollar and the economy are both fucked.

Are we all beginning to see a pattern here?

Buy BTC or starve in Mad Max World.
This cartoon sucks. It’s called a bull when the price goes up BECAUSE bulls attack upwards and a bear when the price goes down BECAUSE bears attack downwards.

File: image.png (41 KB, 1200x630)
41 KB
Guys, I have found a new Defi for trading with broker instruments that work on several blockchains. Take a look at RBC token on Coinmarketcap, seems like a new Gem

Recently, they have launched Instant trades function, and now they are working on crosschain solution. In there plans says:
— January 2021: Multichain solution with the help of other projects such as Ren, PolkaDot

Sure thing I am waiting for broker options and instruments that will be added this year because this is the most profitable way in crypto imo.

Rubic team is going to connect Ren and PolkaDot for their multichain instruments. And btw they have a workable MyWish app for token creation and managing. So you dont need to list a token on other platforms before trading.

Rubic platform
> https://rubic.finance

RBC token on Uniswap
> https://info.uniswap.org/token/0xa4eed63db85311e22df4473f87ccfc3dadcfa3e3
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rubic didn't make ico as I know

they just list token 2 month ago on uniswap
but still there is no info about liqudity pool

rubic didn't make ico as I know

they just list token 2 month ago on uniswap
but still there is no info about liqudity pool
Oh, I've heard about RBC on other biz threads, I will spend 10% of my purse here
File: meme8.jpg (57 KB, 720x542)
57 KB
Rubic looks attractive, okay. So should I buy this coin? I think the price is too high now
File: meme4.jpg (102 KB, 1023x576)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Give me thick profit, Rubic. I'm buying your token. I WANNA X5 PUMP

What went wrong?
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Lcs, the price was higher when I bought.
Also it's an American gold eagle. The price on a pretty competitive bullion site is $520 right now.
The great reset is here. The entire world is about to be tokenized
I'll have one earth token please - satan probably.
yeah asteroids actually have a lot of gold in them, maybe you didn't know

We Knew This Day Was Coming Edition

Bullion dealers

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I did read it wrong: up €15 from the day's low, as far as I can see.
Oh,right. Been away from stacking for a few months, forgot about the paper/ physical disconnect.
>it’s going back up
I knew the cheapies wouldn’t last forever
>that pic
can i get a quick rundown?
My net cash position is like $100 right now from buying the dip last night lol

File: 0758 - ONhLzZi.jpg (6 KB, 200x193)
6 KB
did bitcoin just literally break ath?
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use real money, faggot
Nope cope more
>previous ATH was close to an office christmas party
>did a secret santa thing where everyone buys a gift for $20
>i gave btc as a gift, it wasn't at 20k but i gave 0.001 btc as if the price was 20k
>i got $20 worth of decent beer
>just now realize i sold the absolute top for beer

Sup, have you heard anything about duckdao.io?

Looked through this platform, looks interesting with open source crypto card game and investment plugins with long-term partnership.
File: IMG_0976(1).jpg (159 KB, 828x790)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Basically yeah. We are all looking for that sweet 20k though.

File: EoFIkMaWMAEBjky.jpg (94 KB, 1170x460)
94 KB
so when did this high transaction fee, not supposed to use bitcoin, gold standard narrative come from?
It all started with Gavin Anderson giving his access to github's code repository to 3 blockstream devs. Big blockers had to fork away from BTC. The problem is, that crypto space despises any forks. All of the influencers are saying, that forks are shitcoins. Thus there is absolutely no chance for any of them to succeed. BCHU I think is going into anonymity, which was never a part of Bitcoin, and anonymity is not liked by regulators. SV is going into storing data on chain which is retarded. Also CSW didn't give any solid proves for being Satoshi, and since it's already been 5 years of him larping there is absolutely no chance, that he'll even prove that.
From what I see in order to perform millions of transactions, you need to have a centralized network. Imo poorfags will have to use either FEDcoin, Libra, or something like that, while when someone wants to have more privacy he'll have to pay huge fees and might loose some money from volatility in order to pay on a decentralized network.

File: 1606449812267.png (449 KB, 600x624)
449 KB
449 KB PNG




File: download-6.jpg (22 KB, 293x172)
22 KB
A guy in my uni management class proposed an interesting idea for an assignment. Basically, the idea is to rent a flat and have it be a board game location. He seems to have researched it decently well, and he says that there is a lot of demand for shit like this and its gonna get neutral profits very quickly. My family is well off and with minimal coaxing from my parents I can fund the entire venture, around 3,000. My question then is how do I approach him with the proposition, whether or not I should partner with him or simply ask for a percentage of profits etc etc. We are not in a western country so legally there shouldnt be trouble with the irs or stuff like that.
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Talisman is on steam, and I play it every day.

youre retarded! give me a better idea of how to spend 2,000. Maybe i should invest it in crypto smart guy? open a cafe? buy penny stocks? Whats your net worth?
obviously its also for people who know each other. Not everyone has a nice location and multiple board games. Most peoples living spaces suck dick. The flat isnt gonna be sketchy, but obviously this is just for the beginning, since with a bit more funds we can open a ground floor location akin to a restaurant
At my last college there was a very popular bar that was essentially just a nearby house with kitchen/patio bar and a liquor license. It could work with board games too, kind of like a barcade, again close to a college.
Note, most of your revenue would come from food/booze/coffee.
>a few hundred dollars a month
How much profit are you expecting to make exactly?
>open a cafe?
For $2000? How old are you?

Also, it sounds like what you're suggesting is to run a board game cafe. A business. Do you know what that entails? Or do you just think you can charge people to come round to your flat to play games and everyone will be fine with that?

File: trending.png (58 KB, 694x705)
58 KB
It is starting friends
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> ubuntu...

go for mint.
imagine not knowing you can activate it for free
sell signal
You can go into the registry and just turn it off

I can’t believe Link is worth $400. Merry Christmas.
Sorry, I meant $4.00

Another day working from home, doing absolutely nothing.
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I work 12 hr shifts handling blood and covid and piss samples for minimum wage
File: 1597071653413.jpg (174 KB, 1124x1098)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
I was sleeping all day
File: 1606246547349.jpg (22 KB, 334x506)
22 KB
Currently cooking French Toast on the clock. Ah, feels good
Must suck to not be a European
Poor career choice my friend. This is a bureaucrat's world.

File: gs54wtg5w.png (33 KB, 400x228)
33 KB
A whale friend of mine turned me onto this new NFT market coming out. He says there are some big names that are going to be coming out behind it so probably worth keeping an eye on. What do you think biz?

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Just wait for all my alt bags to start 100xing while BTC does 2x from here at most. Maxis gonna rope
>A whale friend of mine
How is this not a red flag
You haven't met any whales in this space? I guess if all you do is shit post on biz you won't get to know anyone
I already 3000x’d
With what? Did you buy BTC at like $10?

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