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File: 1670792200333671.jpg (671 KB, 2346x1244)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
1/6th of the way through into staking and not a single B.U.I.L.D airdrop
Chill you zoomer faggot.

Will AI help alleviate the suffering of wagies?
It's going to replace John at the job he hates, I think it's going to be like wishing on a monkey paw for most people though.
Not even a little.

File: Fantom-1.png (235 KB, 2048x1024)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
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I have been telling anons about spiritswap since way before they released their V2. Spirit currently has one of the most innovative teams on ftm. They will be the first to bring ranged pools to FTM, along with other features that they havent announced quite yet. My first taget for spirit is $1. Unless we get a massive amounts of locks, itll sit here for a while before pumping further as more tokens get locked and then we head to double digits. You have a pretty consistent group of people who hold a large amount of inpsirit that continue to lock them for 4 years from time to time. I have a feeling the other dexes are going to experience price turbulence as they try to make headway. People are free to unstake and cashout at any time (equal is an exception) with these other dexes, which will lead to large red candles as the tokens try to recover. This means the APR on the pools will be a lot more variable. since inspirit locks tokens for many years, this will be spread out of a large time.
I say this, but I always like to hedge, I have a small bag of xboo and have been building a comb positions for a while. Comb is basically a dex token hedge fund that passes its fees through to zcomb holders (staked comb). Right now you earn spirit, boo, and beets (also small amounts of comb and wftm). So buying a staking comb is like purchasing these 3 tokens (their APRs are very different, with spirit being the token that you get the least of). If you are playing the fee game you should have bags of zcomb to capitalize on the market at large, its a great hedge.
File: 16702198347.jpg (730 KB, 1200x675)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
FTM starting to look quite weak. I guess the pump is over and its time for a dump

File: 4cha.jpg (67 KB, 750x1061)
67 KB
Looking or some info on how to snipe some BSC gems. I've been on squidgame ride (x100-150 but didnt sell. kill me)
any1 willing to share some tips&trips?
File: q84r5d2sca361.jpg (100 KB, 1080x1350)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
fuck she is the perfect asuka
T dot me slash coinchad
thanks buddy
The best BSC coin is that samarai oracle one we can't talk about anymore

File: 1975.png (6 KB, 200x200)
6 KB
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Its up 12% now.
Chris Ack
>Yes I think chainlink was also integrated. There was some aggregation or ratio of both price feeds. But since the price by Tellor was so high, chainlink price was nullified
>This is what happens when you think mixing quality with garbage is somehow more secure
Reminds me of something mechanics say:
What do you get when you mix one gallon of bad gas with 19 gallons of good gas?
20 gallons of bad gas.
TFW you tell everyone samarai coin will flip LINK and they don't listen
in the eyes of the vc scum that control this space failure is success because they want crypto to stay niche and featureless. this is the world btc maxies have chosen and it is a jewish world

File: ponzi.jpg (227 KB, 2048x1306)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Requirements (the more the better):
> No shitty VC-infested tokenomics
> Low marketcap (sub20 / sub30 ideal)
> access to leverage on binance (with FTM you could borrow 250k USD on 10x, and 150k on 20x)
> some front figures stirring things up (like cronje)

if it's good ill buy your bags
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XPR or Canto.

Canto is difficult to buy however.
xpr is based. big fan
>difficult to buy however.
how so
you can only bridge ETH/USDT to Canto through ethereum (or ATOM through Cosmos), and then have to buy Canto with that.

good thing is the upside of future exchange listings, bad thing is lack of leverage. so idk what i feel about canto.

looking into XPR though

Noob here, i'm ready to yolo 1k on shitcoins.
i just installed Metamask, what should i do next?

what shitcoin should i buy?
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Sigh i never feel good posting in these threads as they are saturated with bullshit neets, but anyway, check out SCLP. (Scallop). about 12mil mc at the moiment.
this clip seems misedited, it repeats the first few seconds
your mom
>verification not required
Just dump it in Shib

File: 02sbsxx2zrfa1.jpg (153 KB, 1125x1160)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Any other self employed contractors here? I just started doing project management and agile coaching as a side gig. Terrified as fuck. Anyone do consulting on the side and scale it up to a business? Would love to hear more about your experience.

File: Premia PFP.png (123 KB, 4000x4000)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
$2 waiting room.
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you can stake it to get platform feefees
File: yield.jpg (46 KB, 778x470)
46 KB
You can also use your tokens to vote in the upcoming proposals to burn more tokens, making your existing tokens more valuable.

Or you can just deposit your money into the option pools and earn a good and stable yield. You can increase your yield in a given pool by voting for it with your staked Premia.

So yeah, it has a lot of valuable utility.
Looks like $2 is coming sooner than I expected.
File: 1662348895535142.png (97 KB, 1267x785)
97 KB
Ok this jeet tier shilling convinced me to sell.
Got 50 bucks out of it i guess
I hope they resolve the FDV issue

File: rip.png (467 KB, 1564x666)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
Tomorrow we ride to 30-40k or dine in sub-10k hell.
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I didn't miss it but I wasn't done stacking
Then I will be buying fucking more
Or watch numba go up
Either way we make it
Agreed. 20%, drop. I originally thought 13-15K due to macro/risk off, but macro/Powell/Fed got better. Would love to buy in around 19K.
File: drr.png (296 KB, 880x687)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
>okay, maybe it won't go to 13k like everyone was originally predicting, I'll gladly take 19k though! PLEASE DUMP ALREADY
Holy fucking based
13k would be great

File: grt yoy.png (1.12 MB, 2156x1216)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
stats are on fire, are we going to make it ?
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apt is the vc version of a meme coin
When will GRT hit $5? That's when my real life can begin
API3 topkek
What is the suicide and make it stack for GRT?
Well it used to be 10k and 100k... but with inflation it's now 100k and 1M!
I guess it's over.

File: energy.jpg (61 KB, 1047x397)
61 KB
>Grows revenue, profit, cash flow at a faster pace than big tech for 5 years straight
>Nobody calls them growth companies because some sinister 12 year old girl from Sweden deemed them obsolete
>Pristine balance sheets
>Will remain the primary energy source until the day you die no matter what (((ESG))) tells you

are there any other recreational shroom stocks other than pic related now that legalization is beginning to happen in a bunch of places?

australia just announced today


so we have canada, australia, some states in the US, the netherlands, and some countries in the EU working on it
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so does this mean i should buy yolo calls on TLRY or what
Wouldn't recommend anything in the industry - all the Canadian cos are dead in the water, for the US cos buying long term calls is a literal coinflip on whether there'll be federal legalization/etc by then

Chill out, you a Canuck penny stock promoter or something?
it was a joke because you said that weed companies are shit and so i asked if i should yolo the shittiest weed company that has tons of salty bagholders in it.

i cant believe that TLRY is still a $2b market cap at $3.20 a share by the way. i wonder how many times they did a reverse split on that thing and/or diluted it
this thing is absolutely horrific. they dumped on their holders so many times with offerings and shit. this thing will never get anywhere near its previous highs again. im not talking about the original $300 highs in the beginning either, im talking about the $65 highs from after the 2020 election when they mooned on hopes of legalization from biden
Yikes. I know somebody who was bullish on this thing pretty much the entire way down. So many good hodlers got slaughtered in this battle.

File: xrpripplelogo.png (6 KB, 256x256)
6 KB
Previous: >>53533115

Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bitrue/Kucoin[NY]
[for Bitrue send USDT or XLM and use XLM/XRP]
or on the XRP ledger https://xrptoolkit.com/trade
or on XUMM app (with USD IOUs from Bitstamp)

>Why Do I Hold XRP?
>Newfag Tutorial:
>XRP $2,000+ EOY:
>SEC Lawsuit Latest:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>muh buyback
It’s retarded and the source of how spergs like faggot OP makes the price predictions of 37500 and more whatever dumb number it is now 120k or some shit. It’s just tards on twitter so why humor them?
XRP makes people crazy. The Bitcoin-maxis hate it because it threatens their libertarian utopian ideal of what should be. Liberals hate it in the same way they hate Elon Musk. I don't think anyone hates it for any good reason... It invites all the money onto blockchain, and yes - with that will come regulations. I honestly think people would rather keep dumping their bags on each other for forever than have all the money in the system. Oh god forbid BTC no longer had total dominance!

I bought bags of XRP that are just for selling at certain prices. Most of it I won't sell until I'm ready to basically give it away to charitable causes.
>tards on twitter so why humor them?
They have no sense of humor. It's shocking. They post mostly meme images in some desperate attempt to covey that they feel something resembling a humorous side.
He probably doesn’t even get the csc meme or know anything about ham sandwich production. What a newfag
Very good points. I honestly don't see myself ever selling, but I only have vague notions on turning my xrp bags into a bank backed income stream. Will it be like crypto CDs and I just take credit out against those? In my mind, I didn't scrape for these bags so I could lose them on cap gains and property taxes before the actual implementation of the system.

File: fc6.png (95 KB, 200x200)
95 KB
This is my first attempt at making a shitcoin so i probably fucked something up but it seems to be working
I made it 5% buy/sell tax to liquidity although it says 6% for some reason
renounced ownership and locked liquidity for 1 month
I'll burn the liq if i end up covering what i put in with the profits
2% max wallet and 1% max transaction
I'm not going to bother with telegram or anything since this is basically a test so anyone else can feel free to take the reigns since anybody can become a whale for nothing

the name is Side Hustlers
ticker: HUSTLE
forgot contract

File: 1674846218945921.gif (1.88 MB, 402x402)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
Unironically how do you make money
22 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Buy ARBINU sub 5 mil
You steal from others. Not just assets. Jobs are like this too. You leverage people out of what they are worth to keep money that would be considered theirs.
To add to this, it’s equally important to know when to sell. It’s easy to think your 100x shitcoin could do another 100x but probably fucking not. Don’t let the greed get to your head, if you’re in a big profit, you got lucky and you should consider cashing out.
But there’s the ever-present fear that you’ll sell and it’ll do a 10x and there’s really no worse feeling than that. One way to cope with that stress is to sell half your stack. If it goes up you’re still getting more money, and you can even sell half again. If it goes down then at least you cashed out half at or near the top, and you’re not losing everything.
Also try to reframe the idea of hodling. Making an active decision to hodl is the same as making a decision to buy. If your stack of shitcoins is worth $10k, ask yourself if you’d buy that stack with $10k of cash today, if you didn’t already have it. If the answer is no then you should sell because you don’t actually believe it’ll go up anymore.
There are current trends in the crypto space, and DiD is also beginning to gain more attentions, what could it really be??
Do not participate in anything clown world related. Do the opposite of what norms do or tell you to do. Work for yourself and take massive risks.

File: arb.jpg (236 KB, 900x478)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
shill me your arbitrum picks
176 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
300 eth*
where do you check the order book?
easiest 10x of my life desu

File: 20230204_190216.jpg (53 KB, 680x680)
53 KB
Shill me your best Arbi coins. I'll throw in some shekels
33 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It’s at a new ATH brainlet

TA on shitcoins

Nice IQ brainlet
It hasn't failed me yet, but I also have more than 3 braincells so to each their own
7 eth of buys in 5 minutes? Yeah I’m getting SHIB vibes

File: ebayGermany-768x401.png (584 KB, 768x401)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
Dear German broskis, how can I bypass the new eBay limitations? I don’t want to get cucked by German tax man. And, most importantly, I don't want to subsidize niggas and lazy shitskins with government bux.
Every trick and hack is welcome.
119 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
They don't want them in Anatolia no more. Turks here are more German than Germans nowadays
>noooO they don't let me sell my shisha tabacco no more
>ukrainians come here and take all the jobs

Perfectly integrated
Look, its not my fault that their grandparents forgot to fuck off back home, once they were done cleaning toilets
Probbably because they couldnt speak enough german to understand the word Gastarbeiter properly
yeah, pretty funny
In the end they are all shitskins
>please my german overlords, please accept me
>Here, read I even called him some words!


File: 1668342483067478.jpg (240 KB, 660x716)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
I need Top G bros. How do we get him out of jail
They are going to keep them there for 180 days, that's the amount the Cort can extend the jail time while prosecution is looking for evidence.
Hope they stay strong.
File: 8g5765udo4h91.jpg (28 KB, 518x438)
28 KB
you need him to sell you some advice on how to get a buggatti?
Fly to Romania and set him free yourself
I can be your discount Bottom G
I require $2500 in ETH daily though and I'm just gonna copypasta some youtubes advice on how to dropship and run onlyfans.
Both I have absolutely zero knowledge of but I'm a handsomer version of your faggot idol so you basically owe me money.

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