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Nothing. The retard judges without doing shit himself
Hope you're not just being deceived with yields that exist only on paper? Gotta be smarter than that!
Should I go back to drug dealing anons? I don’t see much hope left even job hopping won’t get me very far ahead. My thoughts are either debt max credit cards and throw it in bitcoin or go back to selling weed/mushrooms and ecstasy.
Lol. If they only existed on paper, I wouldn't have been able to exit and re-enter on multiple occasions as I've done; plus the pools with high yields are mostly incentivized pools and so there's nothing to fret about.
>turns out, inflation exists
I wish 95% of finance news weren't space fillers of useless predictable information

File: fc0.jpg (13 KB, 340x296)
13 KB
>0 (zero) income tax
>0 capital gains tax on crypto
>halal food everywhere (im muslim)
>very safe and low crime
>lower cost housing compared to uk
>cheaper cost of living in general
>technologically advanced, fastest internet in the world

fugggg it sounds too good to be true
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what address are you planning to move to in dubai OP?
>im muslim

what the fuck is wrong with you? How can anyone with an IQ of over 100 believe in that bullshit?
religious people are dumb af
that's why OP thinks he can dodge tax by moving physically out of the West
your company still pay taxes and you are paying taxes too, wherever you are dumb fuck goat pussy licker
>(im muslim)
>lower cost housing compared to uk
The cost of living is lower than London, but not the cheaper places in the UK obviously.

File: 168575202538466851.jpg (28 KB, 400x400)
28 KB
Biz bros, what shitcoins are you buying? Tell me about them. I need to make a quick 10-100x.
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File: 1uck.jpg (1.31 MB, 8000x6000)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Buy 1uck


Still under 2k

Similar to 1UCK but better imo.

Damn those copy paste boys are fast. Hasn't even been a week. The fuck.
The safe play was and will always be dogbat. Only newfag retards that can't understand any sort of metrics disagree.
File: ezgif-7-91f3b789bbff.webm (795 KB, 480x270)
795 KB

That hand is not nearly brown enough to earn my trust anon.

File: Screenshot haha.jpg (412 KB, 1440x1028)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
Why can't I ever look up video on YouTube about a certain stock/crypto app without this bullshit? "229 DOLLARS A DAY" is obviously a bullshit LIE clickbait, I'm not clicking on your fucking scam video I just want to learn about this app without SCAM LIE! This is always first 10 videos in search results!
YouTube is trash for no financial related stuff due to this. It's either time wasting clickbait or basic "Invest in the s&p500 for 8%" bullshit. Good finance channels exist but you really gotta dig to find them
Youtube is just like that now for basically everything. It stinks but it is what it is.
File: 1685591127239770.jpg (95 KB, 750x755)
95 KB
Got any good channels?
Patrick Boyle is a good one I’ve found. Haven’t found that many others really, the rest are just shills offering awful ‘advice’ and I think a few of them are even getting sued over the FTX debacle.

Real world use case was a meme. I bought all he best tech they was shilled here in 17/18. It turned out holding dog memes would’ve been better for my wallet. I really wish I would’ve started buying doge in 17 and Shiba in 21. I would’ve better off.
>lesson: don’t fight clown world and try to out smart the market because stupid dog memes and Elon tweets decide who gets rich
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Are y'all jerking off to Selena now?

Don't think she'll be impressed with BTC especially as the main focus of the market right now is on ETH and LSDfi.
Are you fr? How's eth more valuable than btc? Such a clueless biztard
Can you do anything else with BTC rather than just hold it and hope for a pump? ETH gives you leverage of staking amongst other things and it has the propensity to give a 10x when BTC can only give 3x max for any bullish run. Lido, RocketPool, Fraxfinance are probably having their best financial year thanks to LSDfi; I know the emergence of SpoolFi v2 might crash their party but they've achieved a lot regardless.
>I know the emergence of SpoolFi v2 might crash their party
Why do you think so? Is it coming with a Thor hammer?
Haha; if only. As you might have seen, there has been a growing yearn for risk diversification in the LSD space; being a middleware/yield aggregator, SpoolFi will be giving that much needed risk diversification feature which would probably attract most users on ETH liquid staking.

File: apple LGBT.jpg (10 KB, 275x183)
10 KB
The company is literally turning into a Bank. They are sucking up nearly all the capital in the world and are a profit machine. Not only that, but the stocks are in LIMITED SUPPLY. There's 15 BILLION of them and they are just buying them back up and shredding them at rapid pace. It's like Bitcoin, but instead of a fixed supply, the # of Apple shares are going DOWN every year rapidly.

Anyone who doesn't hold at least some of their portfolio in apple, I write them off as an idiot,
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Anyone who doesn't hold at least some of their portfolio in apple, I write them off as an idiot,
Fifth largest position in my portfolio, fourth largest equity position. Yeah it's a great company. I'm not gonna YOLO and go 100% into AAPL although Buffett's public equity portfolio (Berkshire's holdings - wholly owned subsidiaries - treasuries and cash) is 40% AAPL.
You're so fucking stupid.

In my world, we call you white trash, you're shit at investing yet feel you know what you're talking about. You're so fucking stupid, the market exists to preserve wealth you make from your JOB. White trash like you shouldn't be allowed to invest.
Tell me how I know you haven't touched 6 figs LMFAO
Have fun making 1k profit in 10 years, you stupid ass low IQ normie trash can. You fucking morons have NO IDEA how to make money
youre a fucking pussy. youre afraid of volatility so you cope by buying a washed up computer stock that warren buffet has already shilled to everyone for the past decade. there are no more marginal retards to squeeze money out of. everyone that wants to own your shit bag already bought it grandpa.

File: 197534346782622.jpg (39 KB, 640x480)
39 KB
generac generators

Will I make it in 2025? Adding to my BTC position every week
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He fails to mention that by 2026 it'll be down to 35K. No matter what you do though, don't get completely out of the market because it doesn't always go back down. Only sell if you need to. Best to just forget about it if you can afford to.
Anon on Monday it's over. Bonds will be wiped out and everything crashes with opec+ ditching the dollar
Nice Bitcoin but NGMI, mostly because you're European, but the Bitcoin is nice.

Buddy, why are you holding all the way to zero?
File: poorfolio.png (6 KB, 462x158)
6 KB
Just a poorfag trying to make it one day

File: joker.jpg (48 KB, 600x600)
48 KB
I just got my first job at 26 after NEETing for 11 years straight, after everything is paid for, I have 400€ left at the end of every month.
How do I smartly invest this small amount of money?
save up $10k then open a brokerage account and start trading options.
at this rate, that will only take you about two years
keep it up anon
If you're just starting out in your career probably the highest leverage investment is training and personal development shit to help you get higher paying roles faster.
See if your company will pay for them first though, or part fund you.
What do you do? How much do you earn?
why are you wearing make up? its looks like shit anon
>endless threads of NEETs bending the knee and finally finding their first jobs in their late 20s
this is either a mass psyop or the best bottom signal ever

File: MczK4tW.png (341 KB, 1196x1242)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
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yes, MetaMask but run by retards and grifters
unpatched exploits = crypto go bye bye

could happen to metamask if it is equally slapdash
>Could this happen to MetaMask?
the better question is: when will this happen to metamask?
metamask is open source
Write your backward-shuffled AES-512 Encrypted key into a stone tablet and bury the tablet in a spot only you know about. Never keep your crypto on any information system that has been plugged into the internet. It's that easy

File: file.png (158 KB, 1201x974)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
I'm getting paranoid about other supposedly "cold storage" wallets and wallet apps. I currently hold everything in Trust Wallet but since I only really hold BTC, what wallet is best for just that?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Is trust wallet safe? How about having a mobile just for the trust wallet app, you don't broswe internet on it etc
Bitcoin Core
trust is fine. atomic were retards
I don't use Trust Wallet and don't hold BTC
I use a phone I dont have a sim in and never power on unless its to interact with my crypto. I dont even like leaving the phone on. seems aight

File: XENBITCOIN.jpg (103 KB, 987x1114)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Now available on PulseChain, Ethereum, and BSC!
Contract Addresses:

File: atomic-apenft.jpg (65 KB, 1500x788)
65 KB

Any anons who uses this Wallet remove ur funds ASAP

Multiple reports today of wallets being drained

5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If your app was upgraded the your funds have already been drained. You did disable automatic app updates didn’t you?
I don't believe I've ever had them on.
They are auto enabled unless explicitly disabled. Check and get your coins out asap anon.
seems like the re was a problem with a recent update. hackers probably got access to the update server
sorry for you guys

File: atomic.png (36 KB, 690x350)
36 KB
search atomic wallet on twitter
25 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>doing things for yourself is hard
The real pros got hacked damn.
no refunds
it's an closed source wallet ffs, why do people leave lot of money not only in a hot wallet but in a closed source one, it's not even an open source project.

File: 25472568562574.jpg (33 KB, 867x657)
33 KB
why are you retards not buying this? only up 66% lol is the board dead cos of the market state or are you guys just slow still?
275 replies and 64 images omitted. Click here to view.
What happened to the guy sending a bunch of 1 dollar buys yesterday?
who knows. tracking the pots requires manual work right now. Someone is apparently working on a webapp that will display the information automatically so we can see the current size,who won last(house/sender) and how big last was.

odds of winning a jackpot on any individual transaction is about 1 in 500
what's the make it stack faggots
1m 1uck is almost 1% of the total supply, that's enough to be a whale
alright buying 100k cos im poor

File: bobo psych.jpg (62 KB, 720x700)
62 KB
which one is superior

>29 year old uber driver building a business
>lives with his grandmother rent free, building a business on family property
>makes 30k a year but saves every penny of it

>current "slacker" net worth 10k

>24 year old college grad
>comp sci degree
>100k starting
>150k student debt
>lives in a big shitty, pays 3.5k in rent per month, all utilities
>boss tells him to work 12 hour shifts and overtime
>doesn't even have time to cook so consumes endless slop and overpriced restaurants

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
(You) are
They will garnish your wages, tank your credit score, and make it incredibly difficult for you to access any sort of loans or credit for seven years.
Sam Hyde’s debtmaxxing schtick does in fact have downsides when applied in the real world
westerner who drives for uber for 2 years lives rent free, never went to college

moves to phillipines and has a harem
My credit score has only been going up same with my credit limit, shithead. I know your only way to cope is through spite towards other anons who don't share your shitty attitude/outlook on life and actually game this shit festering system.
-.t get credit and loan offers weekly from chase, american express and others with a credit line in the tens of thousands
Let me know once you find a way to spin your $20K, 25% APR CC limit into a down payment on a house
They’re about equal, Anybody that says other wise is low IQ. How things play out is a little more nuanced; nonetheless, either could be more or less successful depending on choices.

Does anyone have any info on who created this website and shitcoin? They posted it here a few days ago and there’s a few biz bros who want to take this to the next level.
102 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why not?
best meme potential on biz
Should I give up?

File: pepe.jpg (176 KB, 996x996)
176 KB
176 KB JPG

You have one and a half days until you clock in for Mr. Shekelstein. Make sure to enjoy your crumb of freedom while you can, wagie trash. Soon you'll be right back in the wage cage.


The Shiba Inu that inspired Dogeocin is not feeling too well. While I am not going to pretend to have sentimental value towards her IIRC an Anon said that a good entry would be right before the pup passes on since it could result in a tweet by a certain CEO. Can any Anon confirm this?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1516335501855.jpg (28 KB, 400x299)
28 KB
want pretty clown gf
Maybe, but it will only go up a couple of cents,so you'll have to buy loads of Doge.
I wanna eat her fillet o fish iykwim lads
Kudos on being the first crypto dude I've seen that knows how to spell "too" correctly. Even Alex Becker can't seem to do that.

Filet O' Fish is the grossest thing in the world

File: 124536765878.jpg (31 KB, 623x450)
31 KB
>anon created a memecoin to pump our bags and make frens
>everyone laughed at him
>now his token has done a 100x
we have to find the NGUF dev and tell him to never give up fren
38 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
No one even bought it when the dev launched. Biz tards found it days later on warosu and started shilling it here. I think it’s a cool unique story.
File: 1642676778286.png (67 KB, 657x527)
67 KB
i hope the dev is okay and that he comes backs to us we need him
Would be nice
Have you given up?

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