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File: 1595425557301.jpg (37 KB, 350x350)
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What are the most boomer stocks /biz/?
Your mom


File: 65700344.cms.jpg (131 KB, 1019x1274)
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131 KB JPG
Lets say you have $200 to invest, what would your stack look like?
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A luxury rope.
All in XRP, unironically
its hardly “investing” with $200
Depends where you are from if you convert it into local currency.
100x long in Link or Bancor

File: bridge.jpg (158 KB, 1122x1280)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Just swapped some LINK for BRDG. where will it be at eoy?
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shitbtc is a scam. they ask like 12k BRDG for withdrawing
Do you know something that I don’t know? Shill me is man
If a projects is popping up after three years of development, with only about 500k market cap, there must be something happening soon. They released version 3 of their SDK. Their commercial website goaver.com was updated recently, they are getting ready to explode the market man. I don't want to miss out
yeah, just saw someone got 10ETH bought.
Happy I got 250k before. Will add some more soon
imagine not investing in the next link, easy 10x in the next 2 weeks, what a microcap,thanks anon

File: xsncar.png (54 KB, 480x480)
54 KB
What car are you going to buy when you make it?
Ferrari F355 F1
Mazda RX 7 (FD3)

Maybe 4 rotor...

File: bridge4.jpg (12 KB, 240x137)
12 KB
Take control of your identity:

What is $BRDG?
A cross-chain Digital identity verification and authorization for Defi, Gaming, Sharing Economy, Crypto, BTC, adult content, cannabis

TG Team: @BridgeProtocol
TG Investment Group: @unofficialbridgeprotocol
Twitter Bridge: @BridgeProtocol
Twitter Aver: @Go_Aver
Last Dev Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh7pyLldgH0&feature=youtu.be
Last Developments : https://github.com/bridge-protocol
Verification Partner: https://bridge-protocol.azurewebsites.net/verification
Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0xb736bA66aAd83ADb2322D1f199Bfa32B3962f13C
Coingecko : https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/bridge-protocol

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thanks for your comments. It gives me some points to clarify:

1. ATH was 10x today's price.
2. They did version 1, version 2 and now launched version 3 of the product (check github)
3. SSI (Bridge) can't survive without KYC (Aver). KYC is centralized as you need to have the doc files for possible authorities audits (no blockchain need), SSI is decentralized and manageable by the user (excellent blockchain use). this is also very good explained by their chef dev in the podcast attached

no fishy at all, please come back in one month and we will be still talking about this topic.
there was some dumps last night, price is better now for entry
This is a good time to buy. US guys finish their daytrade, take profits and the price drops. 2eth a day at the same and I’m already x3 in the first entries. Keep buying, but it’s hard to find the moment, liquidity poll is still below $100k. Good to buy cheap tho
this one looks good for a 5x atleast desu
clever advise, buy before the Europeans wake up

File: digital_oil.png (751 KB, 786x1018)
751 KB
751 KB PNG

Oh Stakey you... You got what I neeeeedddd
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checked but they were saying this since 3 years
>got outpriced for the 4th
me got outpriced even for 1 Mn....
XSN is great. To the moon.
Rip. Why didn't you buy when we shilled at sub 700sats?
How long does wallet core sync take with you guys? I have .10% per hour? Do i unironically need to wait 1K hours before i can use the fucking wallet?
Whats the catch i have 30mbits down speed.

File: IBM-Intel.jpg (478 KB, 2000x1372)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
1K EOY is fud.
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Look at the desgn and tell me if you don't see the next Nividia/INtel/amazon kind of dot.com survivor

Confidentiaal and privacy in cloud compunting is huge.. and this will exists thanks to this team of PhD (Iexec RLC) been in grid compunting since 2000
File: fiddy.jpg (260 KB, 1653x1240)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Get ready for fiddy
File: images (29).jpg (22 KB, 572x536)
22 KB

Dollars :3
File: 1595211968506.jpg (878 KB, 1332x850)
878 KB
878 KB JPG
Official RLC token holder rank:
>1 - 100: gas station attendant
>100 - 2k: gas station manager
>2k - 8.69k : digital oil connoisseur
>8.7k - 25k : digital oil baron
>25k - 50k: digital emir
>50k - 99k: digital saudi prince
>100k - 999k OPEC representative
>1M: Gilles
updated ranks:
>1 - 100: gas station attendant
>100 - 999: gas station manager
>1k-2.9k: gas station chain director
>3k - 8.69k: digital oil connoisseur
>8.7k - 14.9k: digital oil baron
>15k - 24.9k: digital oil duke
>25k - 50k: digital emir
>50k - 74.9k: digital saudi prince
>75k - 100k: iexecutioner
>100k - 999k OPEC representative

File: 4Moonxgg.jpg (74 KB, 503x335)
74 KB
Have you guys been chosen for any cases? What's the best court to join?
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partrrry parrrty in Mumbaiiiiiiiiii
Hello sirs I’m ready to invest many rupees into this but sirs is it kleros or pnk?
Kinda just throwing some bs money at these things in hopes one does a bitcoin and makes me 80000% for no effort.
It will be a long time before another coin 800x's again, decades probably.
Pnk is legit for 10x to 100x from here.

File: 20190622_085754.jpg (248 KB, 1481x1203)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
So here's one thing I never understood. The token pool for clients is seperated from the token pool that we trade in. They stated that these pools will never be connected to each other. What this means to me is that we're literally trading tokens that no one is ever going to use or want, unless you want to verify documents for yourself.

If you're a company that wants to validate documents, you pay the V-ID company for a subscription... you probably don't even need to know what a token is. A company will never go to KuCoin to buy a bunch of tokens for validation purposes. Why would they jump through these hoops when you get tokens MUCH cheaper through your subscription?

The token we trade in is literally pure speculation. Technically, it has a function, but Airbus will never pump our bags by buying them.

Not trying to fud, just trying to wrap my head around why it's doing so well.
What I think you're trying to say is: token not needed.
there is a buy-back and burn mechanism correlated with our pool and a b2c solution in the making

File: BRDGTROLL.png (1.18 MB, 900x600)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>"Stop human, if you wish to make it you need have atleast 50 thousand BRDG"
>"What mean you have no BRDG"
>"Human wish be broke forever?"
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I got on the BRDG, and SWUNG it.
buy more, its so fucking cheap and guaranteed 100x. there is no reason not to
Where's best to purchase, friends?

hitbtc has it as well at cheaper prices, but they will scam you by asking 12k tokens to withdraw it
Uniswap is cool, some high fees bit ok

File: Unitrade.jpg (7 KB, 250x250)
7 KB
Stop selling you asswipes. The fucking thing can't even get to 13 cents without your bitch hands throwing up red dildos.
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This is from a buyer that did his reasearch and got the fuck out.

Why do you think anytime it starts to go up people rush in to sell out? If you check their wallets they are the big fucking holders exiting also.

Don't say biz didn't tell you when this collapses when the website is either

A)misses deadline
B)comes out but is shit tier
The "team" is incompetent and can't deliver. Took my 2x and went the fuck out.
Is that all you got.

Buying more.

presale buyers are borderline about to sell out before it collapses. It's right on the edge anon, don't say we didn't warn you.

We aren't even shilling other coins, we are just straight up telling you it's about to collapse.
File: RUNAWAY.jpg (21 KB, 316x313)
21 KB


and others if you dig enough.

Look at these retards, they actually respect mcaffee and his copy paste "dev"

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Unironically this. Bought in months ago and got a 400k bag. Bizfags stay fucked with uniswap pajeet shit.
Wish I’d got in earlier. Still a fistful of NDA’s to come I guess
12 NDAs signed with multi billion companies, 11 left perhaps?
Wow ! Just wow ! Time to buy, ok, bye
"Some of the work we’ve been doing with our Lithuanian friends at NOIA is around building partnerships with high-tech and telco giants from the U.S. If done right, even one or two of these closing instantly puts hundreds of salespeople on NOIA’s team – and there are at least 3 of these discussions that are very far along, so we’re hoping to have some very tangible proof for you soon."
- NOIA Advisor Tony Greenberg on building partnerships with high-tech and telco giants.


File: yffi.jpg (9 KB, 250x250)
9 KB
YFI fork. 30,000 total supply. Used to be $70.

Buy now. Farm 72 hours. exit half at a 25x. then buy the dip.



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where do i even buy this garbage?
uniswap has almost zero liquidity
ok guess there's nowhere else really
bought 100 of this, let's see if you guys are onto something here
balancer has a much better liquidity pool
Uniswap or Balancer.

this tho
never used balancer before, would one of you guys mind saucing a link?

File: ocean.png (357 KB, 1170x550)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
$100 by 2021...seethe pajeet!
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Ocean going to make incredible gains.

$5 EOY 2020
not a chance
Hello shill. Bruce explained the token is central. All usage will require the token. Also all data is locked up in silos.

Why don't you want anons buying this token? How is tel aviv this time of year?
it's one thing to tell people the token is central and will be used, but if you don't know how, this says nothing about the value of a token. If there is high liquidity of tokens that are used, and price of token is irrelevant, then one tiny fraction of a token suffices for usage. Anyway g2g to my Bar Mitzwa, peace son
You want the exact prices? For a free market which is getting ready to launch?

Well I'd imagine "the price will be what the market will bear". Econ 101. How about that?

Enjoy your Bar Mitzwa anon and tell the Rabbis they're not sending their best and it's getting insulting.

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