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Take for example RSR:

- legitimate team and company
- pre binance pump
- pre main net pump
- pre coinbase pump
- pre usage pump
- pre mainstream fomo

Currently looking at ampl and aave as similar alternatives but they don’t seem as rock solid. No uniswap or pajeet chink scams.
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I bought a stack of AMPL just because of how unique it is.

Nothing like it, great potential to become something big.
Swipe SXP?
>tfw I have 200k USD of both LINK and RSR that I bought 6 months ago.
cringe kill yourself RSR is the last moon mission
comfy with a 300k stack. Sorry, poor fag here

File: bro.png (104 KB, 333x300)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
How do you deal with it?
30 years old. Look 4.5/10 heigh 5'7'
How do you deal with social anxiety?
I don't want to burn out my brain on drugs
>inb4 try LSD

Bro-s the fact is that I don't know much about this meme. I have long life depresive -anxiousous state.. social anxiety too and I am afraid of ''what people may think about me''
Can really acids cure that?
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Take boxing or some kind of fighting
Dude your social anxiety is because you don’t know how to talk to people. Your physical mannerisms are off too. You are only salient enough to realize people are judging you for being awkward. It’s like getting into the ring with pro MMA fighters with no fighting experience it’s obvious to everyone including yourself you will lose. That inadequacy is reality anon. I’m here to help you by saying you don’t change overnight you need to exercise your social muscle. My 4chan advise is start reading out loud because cringy tone of voice and speaking pattern is what destroys you. This is even more important than physical posturing as a confident tone can dispel silent prejudices. Work on getting good at communicating, start reading out loud break your bad speaking pattern which labels you an autist. Watch RSD videos not for the content but to pick up on their mannerisms and speaking patterns.
this and CBD, either oil or smoke it. it's not a drug, won't get you high, but WILL help with anxiety & depression
Start a company
MDMA is being looked into as a treatment for autism and PTSD. I think MDMA in theory would help you but Im only guessing.

What went wrong?
biz fell for it and ignore the tell tale signs. Kinda like your marriage OP
Whales dumped off large amounts of their bags last night. Bagholders will deny this but you can check the tx's yourself on Etherscan
How much are we speaking?
Yeah, I have seen those transactions
But why?

File: dmg01.png (85 KB, 1082x697)
85 KB
When u least expect it
Never It's literally used cars on the blockchain and you fell for the memes.

File: 1592387612466.png (2.92 MB, 2048x1517)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG

What did he mean by this?
Literally the best tokenomics in crypto about to release. Let's. Fucking. GO.
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Sure anon this is a scam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K844-t3QYc0
Depends. Is $1.5MM enough to make it for you personally?
Have you even tried the platform?
It works.
1.5 mil is unironically my cash out target
why take profits before coinbase listing?
what? They still have no usecase for their token, but I hope this will change soon.

File: RAIN.png (213 KB, 1162x906)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
If you know you know, it's still really early. Making stacks through staking. DON'T FOMO
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It won't let me buy on uniswap??
Set slippage to 5% tolerance. I think default on uniswap is really low
Thanks, that's worked. Decided to get a bag
File: 221.jpg (37 KB, 474x315)
37 KB
Legend. Get staking it ASAP. It's not just a flat rate. Whatever is bought or sold the 1% tax is split between the stakers. When this shit blows up staking will become so profitable. Withdrawing staking rewards is also taxed 1%, so staking is a no brainer really!

Join the telegram!
why would anyone donate to a church

How can this bad boy go wrong?
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ren is actually working with lrc but ok
That doesn't change what I said, they are only allowing a hand full of tokens, period. It's a closed system.
File: tenor.gif (834 KB, 498x498)
834 KB
834 KB GIF
is this shit even still needed after ETH 2.0? The paypal for ETH thing sounded cool but what do they even have coming now? Nobody ever uses the Loopring dex
I think rollups will be required to scale until sharding is introduced. The fact that nobody uses the dex doesn't mean much, we are early. All that said, competitors are going to eat their lunch because they are closed.
Comparing with Kyber theres no chance.

It appears like some big mobile game currency is published here, anyone is familiar with the game and the system? The website is looking neat
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Already 15x'd = don't chase the pump.
Hey guys I've been playing for nearly 2 years and have almost 3000 Axies.
Happy to answer any questions - best way to get going is to join the discord and read #getting-started

Buy the 3 cheapest Axies from the marketplace (currently 0.02 ETH each) and then download the mobile app to start battling with them.

The depth of this game is much larger than what you first see, most people figure out what's what within a week :)
its only 200k market cap, bought some here because its flown under the radar and people are only just finding out about it
Lol imagine missing this moonbag at 200k with a game that's got solid community backbone
and partners which mop the floor with 95% of the shitcoins shilled on biz atm

File: dsc06715-100724348-orig.jpg (2.96 MB, 4912x3264)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB JPG
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The most gaudy. loud, and useless gaymin laptop so people in the boardroom know who's boss.
I'll probably keep my current pc for a few more years because I don't want to downgrade from windows 7. Current specs are i5 6600k, 32g ram, gtx 2060, 3tb of ssd storage. Next build will be all flagship cpu and gpu and probably double my current storage and ram just because.
a compact build
I just want a VR headset. Feel like I'm missing out.

File: unknown (51).png (134 KB, 678x469)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
Just started playing today after learning about SLP and play to earn.

Won my first arena match and realized you can also win DAI from playing. Who are the geniuses that invented this amazing game?
Play to Earn
Looks pretty cool. Do you need to buy land before you buy axies?

File: ohv5p6gdch251.jpg (101 KB, 640x635)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
My roommate told me he made huge winnings when he bought the oil dip a few months ago, showing me a chart which had five-digits percentual increase (but he did not buy this product, otherwise he would have made it).

When I asked him how much he made he just smiles and says "wouldn't you want to know".

He also tells me he made 4k out of 1k with the recent wireshark dip.

Why does he do this and why am I so triggered by it. And how do I get a grip.
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I believe him. Question is more if there is a way to cope besides not being poor or not talking to him. Hate it when people manage to pull my strings.

He is also moving to a bigger apartment.
people who brag about winning trades either dont win often or lose a lot more than they win
my guess is both
How about trying to stop being triggered and ask him for help? If he's not interested just go back to your stuff.
Also this, a gambler will never tell you how much he lost.
What annoys me is not that he won - would be happy for him - but that he is teasing me before being all "a gentlemen does not talk (large sums of) money". Feels like he does not trust me, dunno.

Also what annoys me most is my reaction to it. Maybe my psyche needs to know in order to determine whether to view him as gigachad now or not.

File: Cryptokittygif.gif (27 KB, 200x200)
27 KB
Economy and finances are hard, wtf going on right now,
Fake gold, fake money, Somehow you people are making internet money from imagine-land

Nothing makes sense anymore
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CBDCs will be built on blockchain, which will legitimize the space.

I think you are looking at this the wrong way, think of Ethereum like the internet. There are private and public networks (the internet being a public network). Ethereum is a public blockchain network. Several regulated stablecoins are already on Ethereum so I don't see most governments trying to ban it.
File: wonder;and.gif (63 KB, 424x322)
63 KB
Reminder that Sergey Nazarov, Known Russian Scammer and Hamburglar, is the owner of the worlds most expensive cryptokitty sale because he thought it would be a funny joke to tell at cocktail parties when he was networking. Now you would think that Sergey would be slaying having sex with thousands of women due to the massive amount of money he has managed to steal from the entire world. Now let me walk you through this, Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis are the two founders and owners of chainlink which seeks to be the protocol that forms oracle standard. An Oracle is a way to get data on-chain, you can make your own oracle in a day if you are a blockchain dev and manually input data, but this is not secure so you need chainlink or some secure oracle of that nature in order to get this data. Now Sergey and Steve have managed to get away with owning 65% of this network.
Just think about that.
Imagine if Rockefeller was able to purchase 65% of all the oil that the world would ever have. Sergey has pulled the blinds over each and everyone one of us, but we will become insanely rich ourselves because of this, just simply off the tailwind, because Sergey has to make chainlink the Oracle Standard or else he doesn't get to each infinite big macs. He will have to settle for something worse, like a just a hamburger from the dollar menu, and that would not work for Sergey.
Pro-tip: The world may seem like chaos, but everything is completely under control. In fact, even more so than before.
How so?
>6. You can get your moon ticket by buying digital assets with ties to large institutions, banks, and governments like XRP, LINK, ETH, and UTNP.

there is no way legacy institutions are going to run on existing chains already owned by peasants
they will just make their own chains, what is crypto going to do satoshi is going to sue the BIS in the hague for copyright infringment

all of the day to day transactions will run on the bis chain which will be preowned by the current powerstructure
some crypto will have a life alongside it as a hedge against the same gov fuckery they do to regulary cash at the moment, but xrp isn't going to be that as that project is fucked in several ways
never trust a premined shitcoin token not needed owned entirely by the dev team, remind you of another project
sure you can get rich if you time the dump well, but if you are only a week late as was the case in xrp you are shit out of luck

2021 estimated annual node income from holding 10k LINK:
On coinbase staking: 5k
On linkpool staking: 100k
>2021 estimated annual node income from holding 10k LINK:
>On coinbase staking: 5k
>On linkpool staking: 100k
Jokes on you, but a lot of lurkers don't understand this is closer to the truth than what they would admit

File: curiolink.jpg (90 KB, 1200x675)
90 KB
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this curv coin should be airdropped to holders I shouldnt have to decide one or the other
U don't have to decide. Just hold Cur , every benefit flows back to it .
Tik ka tik ka tik ka
Feeling more than comfy. Polkadot integration will ignite it to $400
didn't read just sold

File: 1517777491348s.jpg (3 KB, 118x125)
3 KB
Do we have any fellow 10k holders from -17 / early -18 ? How do you guys cope with the fact that we don't have quite enough for fuck you money but a decent enough stack to make life a bit easier, I regret not getting a job and getting a 100k stack
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6k links here. Sure I'm mad that I dont have more but on the other hand I leave in cheaper Easter Europe so making it means something diffrent for me then for those of you where everything is twice as expensive. Besides if all the promises are true it's only a matter of being patient. We with smaller stacks will make it as well, just at a slightly later date.
I have 600 and I'm happy. Don't get greedy.
1 LP, 14k LINK. Would like to reach 20k although that’s getting less achievable
21k but unemployed and might have to sell some soon to pay bills
Wish I bought it before, now i am in FTM hoping it moons.

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