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The Daily thread of Toad.Network. Example of previous daily threads: >>32722214

First thread around 4.5 USD. Next daily thread tomorrow. WHEN DO YOU BUY THE DIP ANON?

Toad.Network . Calls. Your. Name.

This won't be the last call, but it will be the earliest from now on.

None financial advice here, always DYOR and you do whats best for you. I certainly did whats best for me when I came across Toad.Network

P.S. Holder count of Toad.Network will be 3k EOM. DYOR why this is inevitable & act accordingly.
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Bt98IwvR BTC and some stables m8. Crypto is faith anyways. Some projects have a vision & others don't.
I don’t recommed to invest big in TOAD. I’m just sayibg everybody should dyor this project and read the medium articles. We are still at early stage.
whats unique with the tech, what are the pumpamentals, how will they change crypto other than memes. instead I find ’faith’ in team
Wall of text can be found in various places, check this one: https://compoundinterest.medium.com/locked-liquidy-vs-decentralized-liquidity-which-is-better-f6120a57a2b6

File: 2222vamp.png (456 KB, 1260x816)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
henlo fren
look for BSC big pumper, quick gains 2X
pls post uwu ;)

File: spinningvault.webm (131 KB, 390x390)
131 KB
You have 10 seconds to explain why you aren't holding vault
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Cheers anon, let's get this bread
Truest true
Jesus that whale dump
imagine not being in the first crypto hedge fund (release in 1-2 weeks) 10x is fud at this point

File: 1614869924344.jpg (19 KB, 567x405)
19 KB
Burgers waking up

Pump already slowing

File: 1617306034210.png (68 KB, 225x225)
68 KB
Feeling a bit euphoric, aren't you?
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File: bobo_feels.gif (801 KB, 360x203)
801 KB
801 KB GIF
not really. my shitcoin isn't doing much of anything.
Hey bobro, as long as you're making these posts we're not in peak mania. Wait until every bread in the catalogue is filled with people jerking to their gains. Patience is a virtue.

Nah I’m holding HBAR. This is the opposite of euphoria. Each time I close my eyes, I am transported to a barren hellscape. Endless sand dunes pockmarked with visages of Leemon’s ghastly grin serve to whittle down my last vestiges of sanity. I look up and my eyes meet a disfigured head of Dr. Leemon Baird burning brightly on a cloudless gray sky. I then lose my sight as my gaze meet his pearly white teeth and I feel my eyeballs melt, as if it wad my punishment for even daring to comprehend his facial expression.

I will never, eve, be euphoric. I am forever imprisoned in the eternal crab ranges of 30 ~ 40 cents. There is no escape. I must embrace his smile.
no, all my fucking holds are crabbing

File: 5ecwfnsqf4n11.jpg (5 KB, 223x226)
5 KB
Prepare your pink wojaks because tonight is going to be a crash bigger than the corona one
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I mean you're kinda giving all the reasons why it actually will crash. If its that obvious, you can be sure the market will do the opposite.
coinbase IPO is a signal we are at peak of bullrun
not more room left to BTC growth
simultaneous berlin eth fork
doge flipping link lol
wtf you cant make this crypto shit up
nah, I'm all in on BNB
Post short or shut the fuck up

File: amTlkU-U_400x400.jpg (47 KB, 400x400)
47 KB
from 80 to 210, mostly by trading some coins on Kraken ( Siacoin, Bat, XRP )
is it pretty good ?
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pretty good actually, if you could keep that momentum with 5 figure investments you'd be in six figure hell in no time
I make 80€ just mining ETH in a few days with my gaming pc.
how are you so poor?
Anyway I hope thats a lot of money in bulgaria or wherever you are
Nearly a x3, nice. I turned $2400 into $5000 in 3 month
How much do you pay for your energy?
zoomer alert

why everything go up but COTI go down what
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That might be it. But... Coti is good enough to stand up to them. I believe in the tech.
But what if Paypal, visa and shit make a close partnership with coti ?
This. Maybe Visa entered the crypto game with Coti tech. Who knows?
What tech though?
Bridge closed, no native token, a bunch of promises with no product.
It actually makes that they're partnering with ADA since they're both running on empty promises.
this aint good

File: 16183868790972.jpg (34 KB, 1024x578)
34 KB
Shill me some coinbase cryptos from which i could take profits before EOY
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File: 1611583047726.jpg (274 KB, 1000x633)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
XLM 2keoy
>"massive dip"
>charts look like my morning wood after checking my ADA each day
all of your shitcoins pumped already, my dude. stop shilling old infrastructure
Don’t buy at current price, it will inevitably dump. Basically the hype and suspense around this coin is so high among redditors that a mere announcement by Charles that he has farted and sharted will make it pump for a while, but will dump later once nothing happens.
Also check OGN, ENJ, NKN.
Basically if your goal is EOY you have plenty to choose from, just buy the dips
These new listings are going to pump so hard this alt season that it will make people’s head spin. Get in while you still can
how did I end up on the neighborhood shitting street. at least cut down the frequency of your spam, pajeet

File: Coreto.png (29 KB, 225x225)
29 KB
This is the most disruptive project in the whole cryptosphere. All the right people are gonna hate it, I'm gonna love it.
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>dumped by the team
Kek it was one old whale who sold 4 mil COR at the lowest price during the week. Keep seething, bub.
File: 1616233384148.png (199 KB, 400x400)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
god i want to be mummy lustina's foot slave
Theres HBAR for that
This >>33030523 and her Telegram username is literally @PharaohQueen

File: large.png (42 KB, 250x250)
42 KB
why does it hurt so much to be a idiot? i thought stupidity doesn't hurt.

pundick fucked my ass hard, sold xrp, trx, eth to buy pundix before the swap..

still holding, and hoping for better times.

I think i found something and you're not going to like it.
I did some digging in hash-hash.info and connected some dots, schizo style.

[116936][116937][116938] PnD sub wallets - high buy/sell volume with binance exchange wallet (16953)
>links to [37073][16953]
proof: manually searching https://hash-hash.info/account/116936

[37073] PnD main wallet - this has exclusively interacted with the PnD sub wallets recently
>links to [37386]
proof: https://hash-hash.info/account/37386/?q=5a9df26d97221747
proof: go to penultimate page, 37386 is at the top

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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look closer idiot
we'll know soon
safters are getting paid tomorrow, theyre gonna want to dump
but before it does, theyd want it to pump up first

this is not a fud post. this is a discussion surrounding publicly available data.
Hbar newfags stfu about fud and go check it out by yourselves
not referring to fudness
just saying, if the swing traders/PnD whales end up, for whatever reason, leaving hbar alone, and we discover its been their actions that have been driving the price up falsely, Id be ok with that. Id still hold, and even buy more

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buy now before the japs get in
buy more vet
you will, easily
/biz/ is sleeping on neo, 2 years of building up to 3.0 that will be released any minute and never a mention on here
File: 1616959745989.png (117 KB, 720x1520)
117 KB
117 KB PNG

its... over..
unironically it's not
China strong, make binance to destroy eth. Cuks lol

File: hHImJ4Z.png (288 KB, 640x512)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
thx /biz/ for showing a simple pleb some alt coins. Made some $$$ and can now fulfill my dream of having a little farm with chickens and tomatoes.

life is good
They is duck
will build duck pond once established

Anon, are you reallt going to miss out on this under 5 mil MC gem as it pumps on coinbase hype?

Look at this shit, they are tokenizing coinbase stonks, youll be able to trade all kinds of stocks on this platform 24/7 fully backed by reserved of the actual stock 1:1

You want a 100x? There you go faggots

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What's the point of this scam? With kyc you can trade through robinhood app.
Fuck robinhood, this shit will actually be interoperable in defi ecosystems and is interently censorship resistant.

Member when robinhood froze your gamestonks? Well not anymore and it will eventually trade 24/7 bringing stonks in line with the ease of crypto
Do you understand what a GEM is in crypto? I guess not so go to your robinhood cage please
Nice try pajeets
Short the coinbase IPO
amazing stuff stonkswap. going to 100x soon, only 1M market cap right now

I hope you own at least one BNB
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tfw my exchange will only list bnb on may 4th
what about burn?
File: bnbshills.jpg (711 KB, 2160x1884)
711 KB
711 KB JPG
>Because the original is prehistoric technology?
eth nigger you came back! the fuck did you do the last one and a half hours?
Now post NYC vs SimCity revenue 2020

File: Screenshot_1.jpg (62 KB, 548x469)
62 KB

SpaceMonkey burns 3% of every transaction and another 3% is distributed to the holders. The burn fee and redistribution fee will be increased slowly over time but the maximum is 10% each. Fee increases will always be announced before. Also the fees can only be increased, not decreased.

File: 1618392036869.jpg (198 KB, 960x640)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
depends, what's your goal?
Are Jeets the ones making those Elsa videos with scat and all?

File: safu.jpg (19 KB, 400x400)
19 KB
What do you think about this ?
Swapped half my blowf for it. Initially bought at 0.000011 but DCA'd on 0.000008. Don't know how the fuck they managed to get 4m in locked liquity, according to unicrypt it's the biggest locked pool on BSC

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