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File: 1612577347014.png (2.07 MB, 1964x1964)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
Does anyone else here hold FEG? It looks like it has bottomed out and the fundamentals of the coin look very strong. I think this will inevitably turn around when there's some positive price action and ideally some marketing from the team
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File: qcvk7pye7ho01.jpg (126 KB, 1280x1077)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Wonder how many old holders are still in FEG
ive held since march
where did you hear that?

File: invintory system.png (28 KB, 800x672)
28 KB
How do you deal with inventory management for a brick-and-mortar store and an online store?
Is there a trick to it, or do people really just license some shitty software to manage it for you?
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This, but only if you’re not a retard. Use Google Sheets if you want it in the cloud.
File: 00967.gif (57 KB, 650x450)
57 KB
File: 1620712469435.jpg (38 KB, 500x381)
38 KB
>This, but only if you’re not a retard.
File: 1287691416774.png (21 KB, 441x451)
21 KB
Even a sylladex meant for a 13-year-old is too complex for me.
Yeah you can also get free spreadsheet software from OpenOffice: https://www.openoffice.org/

what you need is a database and a spreadsheet is the most simple version of one.

File: dsBuffer.bmp.png (1.36 MB, 1000x1426)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
4k mcap

2.5k liq

locked for 3 days, will be locked longer if it hits 15k mcap

it's so early bros
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Admins answering questions now on Telegram voice channel. Preddy based
7x from when I called it, still only 14k mcap
Fuck it. I have missed the shitcoin casino. Just chucked in 1 bnb.
Based if it is you https://bscscan.com/address/0x8ae1b4d4b37e5b219d4abb4d46339ab4fff24e5e . No sells in 20 days

>vaxxed status

>foreskin status

>financial status
debt free

>jewish lies
never bought
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>mudslime cope
>traditionally circumcised
>$900 of debt which I will never pay
>I only accept Jewish truths
Muslims are more serious about circumcision than a lot of Jews. Some Muslims like it so much, that they circumcise their daughters in addition to their sons.
Vaxxed but uncut. Only 1k left in student debt. Okay job. Can I still make it??
File: Merchant disgust.png (602 KB, 496x521)
602 KB
602 KB PNG

File: waiting xrp schizo.png (1.58 MB, 1024x848)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Last time on /XSG/ >>42185527

Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bitrue/Kucoin[NY]
[for Bitrue send USDT or XLM and use XLM/XRP]
or on the XRP ledger https://xrptoolkit.com/trade
or on XUMM app (with USD IOUs from Bitstamp)

>Songbird (SGB):

>Newfag Tutorial:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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doesn't realize I'm alone on the internet
Don't go to the yacht party. But something tells me you already know that google drive link anon (aka SUx)
>See here plz>>42220657
I see now, thanks.

>it's the collective consciousness of all people, and other such incredibly complex understandings of the "rng" of how the material plane progresses through the creation of existence through time.
I understand, anon. "Randomness" provides more opportunities for information to be received and correlated by the receiver, which is probably why it's at the heart of so many forms of divination.
File: darkcity.jpg (57 KB, 1219x823)
57 KB
feels good to be a part of this ensemble cast. we've been stuck in a slow burn part of the story and im on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next.
sorry I have no clue

File: mcafee.jpg (48 KB, 1257x706)
48 KB
Well the dude is dead. He got himself a WHACKD tattoo and deployed a contract called EPSTEIN which created a WHACKD token with burn mechanics. All of this in honor of Epstein being suicided back then in 2019. Keep in mind, McAfee said he would never commit suicide so the token will go up once media gets on.
$WHACKD is a deflationary Ethereum token created to raise awareness of corruption within the highest levels of society. The token mechanics: 10% of every transaction burnt, every 1000th transaction burned completely. Already 27% of the supply has been burnt. You can keep track of this using the links below.

>1000th Transaction Counters

>Official $WHACKD Contract:

>New Website

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What the fuck? Jannies are terminal fags
File: 1566150232520 - Copy.png (509 KB, 600x606)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
File: 20211022_190705.png (915 KB, 1433x1075)
915 KB
915 KB PNG

File: 1634798746168.png (460 KB, 976x850)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
>need to feed my crypto addiction
>try to apply for a job so i can wage and buy more shitcoins
I've applied for 17 jobs in my area and I was ignored by every single one. Not a single one got back to me. Not even McDonalds. Is this a sign that I should be a NEET for life?
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how do you get neetbuks green frog?
Negroid what? Just have a good resume/linkedin profile
This faggot has got to be trolling. This is look him in the eye and give him a firm handshake boomer-tier advice
Parents/repairing busted electronics I find in the trash and selling them online.
I don't want to work at McDonalds but it's the standard wagie job everyone knows, it's over for me if not even they will hire me.

File: jasmy.jpg (978 KB, 1080x1577)
978 KB
978 KB JPG
$7 by end of year.
inshallah brother
my jannie stays a tranny
My Jasmy has stayed crabbing since I bought in. I hate /biz/niggers so much
sir, this is sacrilige, Jasmy does not have crabs, kindly be respectful towards sweet jasmine pussy

File: Download.png (10 KB, 208x242)
10 KB
can actually someone report how it is
i am sick of online school, its lets me fall back into my neeting habits
i want to get a grip in life, stop being a manchild
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>i'm gonna have SO MUCH money when I'm 55 bro, that's why i HUSTLE like this EVERY DAY, i'm swingin hammers now but I'll be sippin cocktails later!
tradie says while spending money out of every orifice on
>fancy clothes
>fancy unnecessary equipment
>overpriced food
>alcohol and tobacco
>child support
>rent or mortgage on an overpriced house that won't appreciate
>fancy truck
>fancy weekend car

*ffwd to 55*
>diabetic, obese, joints destroyed, heart problems, etc.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>owns 2 houses
Yeah from a mortgage from like 30 years ago.
one is paid off fully and purchased decades ago, yeah
the other is a "retirement" purchase done only recently, no idea about the financials on it

boomers, man
One of them is basically begging me to get a mortgage at work, yeah I have enough for a down payment but not enough to comfortably make payments. Apparently the appreciation will cover the difference? Like I can tap into it whenever I want? Average house price is 1 million here too.

It’s over.
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File: 1631328394309.jpg (75 KB, 600x400)
75 KB
that's literally me but with XPR

I am financially un-begun
File: AnalLube.jpg (98 KB, 430x528)
98 KB
I warned you, you didn't listen
did it ever started?
File: 1634007306528.png (1.44 MB, 934x713)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG

File: 1595303351426.jpg (40 KB, 720x610)
40 KB
Zoom out fag
so are w e safe
It's just a price correction. Wait for the binance listing. Give this project time it is incredibly innovative and will hit at least $1 next year. This is a great time to accumulate more. It just pumped like crazy this is normal for it to dump down a bit. It'll crab for a while now and then back to pumping. Just stake your coin
been doing that but in the other thread right now the fud poster said we hit the top and had me questioning it. anyways do you think we can go higher than a dollar?

File: blackzdsfsd.jpg (92 KB, 586x645)
92 KB
Genuine question, why do companies do paid ads like this?

It's obviously liberal propaganda, I know this much, but what's the profit motive? Most corporate ads I see on social media, I simply can't imagine how those ads could be profitable in any way. Is it to have a better defense case against bogus lawsuits?
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>profit motive
that was a lie to get conservative normies on board. It was always about destroying society. Piece by piece.
Whats wrong with that's man's face, satan?
It’s not about the money, it’s about destroying white culture
>white man and black woman hugging
>"liberal propaganda"
have sex incel

File: 1634834086543.jpg (2.27 MB, 1920x2880)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's leading decentralized P2P privacy cryptocurrency!

Monero is secure, low-fee, and fungible, meaning users can send XMR around the globe despite corrupt governments or broken financial systems. Innovative privacy features such as Ring Signatures, Stealth Addresses, and Ring CT ensure that Monero's blockchain is obfuscated -- In other words, the financial history of all Monero users is encrypted from the prying eyes of adversaries on a public blockchain, with transactions being visible only by a user willingly providing a view key.

Monero has also improved upon the scaling downsides of current popular cryptos. To avoid high fees, dynamic block size ensures that the size of the blocks will increase as the amount of transactions increases. Further, the mining network algorithm RandomX establishes that anybody with a CPU can participate in mining, preventing the ASIC miner domination that creates a high barrier of entry. Lastly, the mining network will be preserved by Tail Emission -- instead of the block reward falling to zero like with Bitcoin, the block reward will gradually approach 0.6 XMR in June 2022, where it will forever stay. This constant linear inflation means the inflation rate will asymptotically go to zero while continuing to provide an incentive to miners to maintain the network.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask and a MoneroChad will be with you shortly.

XMR Redpill: https://youtu.be/wq6w03E2DS4

XMR Stats: moneroj.net

USE Monero: https://cryptwerk.com/pay-with/xmr/

OFFICIAL WEBSITE - getmonero.org

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No institutional adoption. Crypto as a whole only grew and continues to grow because huge companies started adding Bitcoin (and a few others, Ethereum and more recently Solana) to their treasuries. This can never happen to Monero. Too specialized, too infamous.
Black market adoption is better, the only way to agorism and ultimately the destruction of the state.
Video is really hard to watch, here is the summary:

>Wazirx, pajeet exchange, creates paper trading for monero and other currencies in summer 2019. No deposits, no withdrawals, just trading, known as "rapid listing tokens."
>Wazirx acquired by Binance in November 2019
>Fast forward to 2021, you can now bridge your paper coins from Wazirx to Binance and withdraw
>Meaning Binance effectively has paper trading enabled
>Binance undergoes monero liquidity crisis for weeks in May 2021
>eventually enables withdrawals again, people still keep their shit there

I hate my fellow XMRniggers, the fact that Binance can get away with this shit is on every single person that relies on a centralized exchange.
The darkweb trade is minuscule. Monero's use there serves as a proof of concept, NOT proof of adoption and a bright future. I'm also very certain darkweb vendors market dump their XMR for fiat or BTC as often as they can.
File: 1316975568001.png (1.03 MB, 680x504)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>Yup. He also was one of the first to envision Lightning. His mission statement was to create something that would actually obtain as well as retain value. That and nothing else.

But why the need for LN if BTC is supposed to be digital gold? Gold doesn't have to move around much, no?

Its almost like newnarratives are introduced as is necessary to excuse technical shortcomings.....

File: peng.png (75 KB, 205x246)
75 KB
Want the next 10x? possibly100x if you're patient? I'm not even joking bros, take literally a minute out of you're lives to look into this, because I've found it.

> https://autocrypto.ai/ <

>Devs doxxed and have years decades of experience in AI and automation development
>Burn Wallet and reflections to rewards holders
>Buyers have access to trading bot that calls out listings in CMC, flash loans and other tradeable events THE MINUTE they happen. A ton of people in the discord already making money off of these tools.
>A bot launching Q1 next year that has incredible trading history and that trading history is open for YOU to check RIGHT NOW. This thing has doubled an investment of $1000 since the beginning of the month, and you can back trace every trade.

I have looked into this deeply and this project seems really legit and has a ton of potential.

GL bros
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Without a doubt
File: kek.jpg (27 KB, 692x390)
27 KB
You have summoned kek
NFT gaming projects are going crazy, You should consider buying Cometh or you remain poor
Think kek will bless our portfolios?

File: 32451232475684.png (735 KB, 1280x873)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
So, dogseason is starting and with btc reaching ATH, we can expect an explosion in growth for shitcoins. To protect anons from scams (pepepump just did another one kek) I have created the /safe/coin general to list coins that are safe to invest in. With the eternal poo ever lurking in dark corners to feed his village with your money, use this guide to dodge all their attacks.

Since the last general several big things have happened. I'll start with the newcomer in this thread, BoomerCoin (BOOMRC). The dev, a /biz/raeli posted an airdrop thread last night and actually delivered. I've been checking out the contract, website and tg, and it all looked good. However, I refrained from adding them yesterday as they did not have a tokensniffer score yet, which is very important (tip for the newbies here, always check on tokensniffer before you ape in with your money). They scored a 90/100, which is very safe. Because of all this, they will be added to the /safe/coin general.

Ok, on to the second point, which is about DogeBonk (DOBO). Rumours have been going around since a couple of days about a private whale chat that dumps on the rest of holders and at the same time encouraging those same holders to HODL and slurp the dip. The pattern we're seeing on the charts seems to be confirming this. Several users have been banned from the tg for asking about this. It's sad because we all love the origin story of this coin and the potential is great, but with all this happening I can't safely recommend the coin anymore. Not for the general holders at least. Not until this issue has been resolved.

So here we have it /biz/, these are /our/ shitcoins, pajeetfree and remember you are STILL early, shitseason just started, you have till christmas to make money of memecoins

I'm on the lookout for other safe shitcoins, but only jeet scams so far. I dont know how anons keep falling for them, its sad and funny at the same time
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No bag holding here, only comfy ass boomers. Join us boomercoinbiz
Dev team on boomercoin is extremely based and has giga brain ideas for this coin. No nft or other gimmick shit
im getting extremely bullish on this coin, multiple hundred million market cap might be possible, maybe even 1b+ if those planned projects will work out
this thing could become huge, goddamn
sry for the heavy shilling, but im extremely bullish on this one, no hate to dobos, but i would pick up some just in case
The furthest from a pump and dump, this is the coin your grandparents will be proud to own, and will pay for their grandkids college
If you haven’t bought boomer coin yet you will rope anons

File: 1634864659207.jpg (214 KB, 850x1193)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Thank you MARK shill, I bought a call before close


>Stock market words:

>Risk management:

>Financials podcasts/channels
https://www.youtube.com/c/CameronStewartCFA - Fundamendals analysis
https://www.youtube.com/user/BenzingaTV - Various themed livestreams

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: file.png (339 KB, 437x431)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
File: 9980.png (176 KB, 680x525)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
There's also the fact that they're building it on Mastodon, and its freeware license DEMANDS that the code of their app is made public, and they're claiming its proprietary, which means that it'd be one of the likely bad news that could be used to dump the stock.
Have people already forgot about REI baggies? Are we back on an accelerated fraudulent shitstock treadmill where the mob forgets about the newest shiny toy a few days after it appears on its radar?
Like pottery
CISSP would be the next step i would imagine. Maybe getting a Secret or Top Secret Government Clearance as well.
I used to have a CISSP-like government contracting job, and I was encouraged to go get the cert.
In the end, I don't think the salary bump would have justified the amount of studying required. It's such a broad certification, and only a few areas would have pertained to the job I was actually doing. Most of the areas it covers are things I would never want to work in.
So I never got it, and ended up getting a better job that paid a lot more anyway

Let me just take my daily stack of nootropics and micro halucinogens with my coffee, I wanna really spell out and break down AMPL lending today.

It is insane, there is $3 million AMPL in Aave and it is all borrowed out - people are prepared to pay 186,000% apy to borrow it , and honestly, they are making MAD money from it. Bookmark this thread ill write a longer post now and explain and do some math.

People are STILL in disbelief mode on this , but the AMPL Aave market has been near 100% borrowed for 7 days straight now - and those borrowing, and lending are making unreal $$$. Only in defi can you pay 186,000% to take a LOAN and still make 100x larger profit against it. LOL.

Actually only on Ampl and only in Aave (but its not going away, this is going to really run once people really understand this.) Hold onto your seats. ELI5 and QnA coming.


File: file.png (671 KB, 640x642)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
>Wake up
>DogeBonk rugged
I don't why I keep doing this to me.
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
dogebonk will overtake doge, it says so in the book
You faggots already got rugged and still don't shut the fuck up.
i live for threads like this
File: 010101929318293.jpg (145 KB, 900x546)
145 KB
145 KB JPG


yeah, never falling for the trade meme again. How do I get an office job?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Why don't they add foam padding at the top just in case? Looks like a death trap.
There should be stabilizers that fold out of the base of that thing. Fuck that.
Why is this posted again? And scissor lifts aren't even dangerous. Name Juan person that died on a lift?
To get an office job, you either need to be a woman or have some kind of skill+education.
Don’t worry, your employer will sue the lift company if you die operating one

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