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File: btc.png (5 KB, 228x273)
5 KB
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File: dollarstrength.png (820 KB, 931x586)
820 KB
820 KB PNG
pic related cannot even defeat weaponized goat herders, and the age of global US security hegemony is already coming to an end as everyone realizes the US security apparatus actually does almost nothing for them
This. Goddamn I need the infrastructure anon posts to cap this off.
File: 1295234123.jpg (65 KB, 1280x720)
65 KB
>anon hears heavy door knocking t
>sweats profusely and screams : "b ... b-b-but muh bitcoins, muh decentralization, 100k eoy"
That's a fucking bathtub, not a cup at this point. A fucking swimming pool my nigga

We Knew This Day Was Coming Edition

Bullion dealers

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That image is very unsettling
I will bring some of my best pro crypto arguments to get the retards to buy more
is worth buying cash gold, especially at such small quantities? the site says it wants to be used alongside other currencies as a form of payment, but wouldn't premiums eat up more of the purchasing power?
Sadly nothing ist going to happen

Just use kinesis

yesterday we broke $3 without any major announcements. I expect it to go even crazier from here.
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I would suggest adding PIPT after the Power Index launch. It's Index token consisting of 8 top DeFi governance tokens.

Nice one. Do you know when Power Index launch?
Another great thing for CVP is the amount of non-aids contained threads with actual stats.

They can do more marketing-wise tho. Like more articles and mb eengage with some big influenceers
it doesn't need to be shilled to pump thats the beauty of it. only high iq gets in now

I took the deal, and scammed over $150,000 last year. I have become christian since then and feel horrible what I did. Imagine the pain I caused to so many families. I was thinking about contacting them all anonymously and arranging a payment plan to pay them back. Should I do this or just let it go.
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let it go and put it all in a memestonk. become filthy rich and become a deegenrate whore and drug abusing cunt
Im a dumbass. How does this work?
Let it go but pay it forward. you cant repair the damage youve done but you can reform and strive to spread wellbeing for the rest of your days.
if you know the identities of the people you scammed, you could always just send them payment anonymously. it would be a weight off your conscience and might pay a karmic debt as well
>did you pray about this and did God say anything to you?
Not op but how can I do this? I have morally wronged

File: rotfzjbcgtv41.jpg (159 KB, 895x1060)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
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it sucks and it's very deceptive. at first she drains your balls of coom several times a day . then she becomes unintrested and drains your finances. why are women like that?
Because she will make things a lot more difficult than free cuddling
Antinatalist here. I want to fuck without a condom and not have children or STDs. That's the dopamine I want.
I made it financially, thought I made it romantically too but it turns out she has bpd or some shit and it's fucking me up.
File: 1605976698673.gif (3.33 MB, 224x224)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB GIF
6'4" non autist, late 20s and kissless reporting

File: seen-head.png (88 KB, 769x304)
88 KB
- Digital Auction house
- Sotheby`s of cryptocurrency
- 500k MC, 290 holders
- Combines (physical) goods with NFT
- Team of heavy hitters (e.g. Sushi Co-Founder, 0xmaki)
- Founded by Sushi Co-Founder (0xmaki)
- Token Buyback mechanism
- First auction on the 28.10.2020 / final bid was already 18 ETH
- multisig contract

- New Website
- More auctions
- Jordans "Airdrop" soon
- DOA component incoming

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Yeah, the liquidity on sushi is great + this is from sushi co-founder. Ar $500k mcap? I’m in
Bring it on!

Short term 2m MC! Full send
FUD. this will go 10x EOY
Terra virtua is 10x better. Buy that instead
go back to your pajeet chat pls

File: IMG_20201130_174328.jpg (307 KB, 1080x1235)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
How much are Goldcucks coping right now?
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File: goldanon.png (163 KB, 1792x364)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
remember never listen to shiff.
goldanon in pic related sold his stack before the great golden bullrun. rumour is he still hangs around here on /biz/ trying to fud crypto cause hes salty he sold his ticket.
I have a feeling a lot of these (((people))) will be forced to put their wealth into BTC and at the same time dump some of their hoarded Gold. Meaning Gold will never really moon but will be kept somewhat stable.
fuck I totally forgot about those terrible ads lol
Ahh, yes, The Guggenheim, /biz/, Dark net drug dealers, and east european gopniks are in a conspiracy to pump and dump bitcoin all to fleece mr and mrs. GOLDstein.

Got it. Can we just ban (((Schiff))) posters?
>X resource gets found in space
>price gets utterly demolished

>1.2m marketcap
>fixes the current problem in Uniswap/DEX of low transactions, large fees from high traffic, Isolated liquidity pools, and no complex trading algorithms
>has 2 layer solution for Hypergraph on top of existing ecosystems
>Fixes DeFi ecosystem and can bridge to traditional stock markets completing the cycle of Crypto vs.Stocks

on UNI: https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x69884dA24F31960F694A8fa1f30aA8E0416FBD04


>They have GSR backing them which is the same marketmaker as RSR.
>They have Alphabit backing them and it looks like the potential for something big. Maybe even polkadot tier in terms of servicing a lot of DeFi arena.
>Already bottomed out after being chinked.
>News coming this week.
the nose knows
File: Dagshit.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Nice scam anon. Run by the same fags from constellation dag and their pump and dump shills satsgang
I hold this coin LTX it will bring a lot money haha good product
perfect token everyone should buy, what do you think this can do? 100x??

File: aVlKGBNZ_700w_0.jpg (9 KB, 281x179)
9 KB
why are ESL retards still spamming scamtokens? DFI mania died over a month ago. no one is putting any money into these street shitter rugpulls. so why are they still posting this garbage on /biz/?

File: 1604710609001.jpg (107 KB, 499x499)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
We're going to be so fucking rich
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Just buy a little bit of VOO with every paycheck. Set up a Robinhood account.
BTC will never break 20k
Thanks just sold 100k
Fair answer
Make a coinbase account, buy eth btc link 33% each and enjoy the bullrun

File: EtsyChainLinkChad.png (212 KB, 514x491)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Who else thinks Link is about to pump to $20?

Also, get pic related (Super Soft Tri-Blend Link Tee) for free with $60 or more order. Orders below $60 get 2 free dice of your choice.

All orders today will be fully refunded if Link is $50 or more EOY.
chain link used to be $3...
and there it will retrace to

wtf is happening guys, why line go up

File: k1K2g7flNUbzt9VT.png (65 KB, 924x439)
65 KB
What is API3? The Chainlink Killer! dAPIs are the FUTURE!

Website: https://api3.org/

Token Contract: 0x0b38210ea11411557c13457D4dA7dC6ea731B88a

How to take part in the token sale: https://medium.com/api3/how-to-take-part-in-the-api3-mesa-distribution-e41321a9846e

Mesa: https://mesa.eth.link/#/trade/API3-USDC?sell=0&price=0&from=&expires=
Uniswap: https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x4dd26482738be6c06c31467a19dcda9ad781e8c4

Currently, 1.4m tokens are available at $1.06 on Mesa! This is the final token batch being sold at $1.06! The next batch starts at $1.31!

So you faggots wanted an updated website, now that it's here you're all silent? fuck you.
We're leaving you behind.

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File: MrWorldWide.jpg (63 KB, 700x394)
63 KB
First the chinks, then the rest of the world
Howie Wowie
So where is it?
The site? The link is in OP's post
File: unknown-1.png (49 KB, 806x250)
49 KB

Still looks like SHIT

File: Statera.png (16 KB, 246x250)
16 KB
Can someone explain to me why this shit coin is constantly shilled on this board?

Literally, all it does is dump harder and harder every day. At least PNK and RSR have volume.
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bag holders anon

its hurts
I mean, yeah, I'm a bag holder. I still like this project and am not selling because I see a lot of potential. I knew going in that I was either going to lose half my money or it would explode. Didn't gamble anything I wasn't expecting to lose. Still seeing which of these in the long run is true.
File: 1590836961094.png (35 KB, 888x888)
35 KB
Topkek. This one's going in the collection.
this shitcoin was unironically shilled on this board at 30k mc. and it stayed low enough on that first day that a lot of us got huge bags early for hardly anything at all. its a biz coin. you know why it's still shilled here...
Because you keep making threads about it coping bagholder. Let it go. No one uses it and it's dead

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