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IoTeX Mainnet GA will be fully launch this June 1, 2020. This will be the biggest milestone of IoTeX:
>Powerful DEV Tools
>Updated governance
>IoT-fueled Tokenomics
>Fully native blockchain

Mainnet General Availability (GA) is not just a code release. Various components of it has been introduced:
WAVE 1: Governance
>Hermes 2.0: open-source rewards distribution system for Delegates & voters.
> Native Staking v2: a new secure, scalable, and flexible native staking mechanism.
WAVE 2: Developers
> IoTeX Halo Program: grants from the IoTeX Foundation for blockchain/IoT devs and ecosystem builders.
WAVE 3: Technology
> IoTeX Pantheon: enterprise-ready consortium blockchain for IoT.
> Public Blockchain: more decentralized, developer-friendly, and performant than ever.

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Im in. This shit is going to be huge. Being able to buy at the 60 sat range is insane.
how much to make it sirs?
the project looks like a hidden gem, several bags of it are loaded
File: images (5).jpg (27 KB, 738x415)
27 KB
I love IoT. I think it's cool thing behind advanced technology where will live in today. $iotx is listed on Kucoin, right?

File: race_realist_satoj.jpg (226 KB, 1440x680)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
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File: 1588515683883.png (140 KB, 811x455)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
Honestly can't tell if you are being sarcastic.

There is of course some cultural influence in people's behaviors. Compare white civilization with black civilization and tell me they are equal. Not even accounting for the fact that the most advanced black nations has seen massive improvements in civics, infrastructure, technology, law, agriculture, etc brought by white colonialism.

Just a reminder that South Africa was built by white people.
I'm saying you're mistaking correlation and causality. ALL humans, at some point, lacked access to social technologies that Western Europe happened to find first. If you gave Europeans an unlimited supply of rice and AK-47's at any point in the middle ages, it would look exactly how Africa looks today.

The "whites are technologically superior therefore must be smarter" is a failure to recognize the Anthropic Principal - that any data collected in a situation that presupposes the conditions necessary to ask that question cannot be accepted as universal.

Western European culture being first to unfuck our shit doesn't imply superiority, it implies the social conditions necessary for success. (Which can be taught.) If that were not the case, we'd have been on top consistently throughout history. That hasn't been the case at all. In fact, our shit was significantly *more* fucked than most other cultures until the enlightenment spread the Scientific Method - a social technology.
The twisting and contorting you faggots will do to make excuses for your beloved pets...

Take the fucking heroin needle out of your arm. This is very self-destructive behavior.
You will find people in harsher environments with higher iqs.
In europe if you cannot make clothes, shelter you immediately die, in africa it didnt matter that much.
Agriculture is much more critical to reproductive success in an environment that has more food scarcity

the UK economy is completely trashed already. by the time november comes around we will see an uptick in corona virus cases and the lockdown will last all winter killing what remains of the UKs wretched excuse for an economy. what this means is that the pound and everything british will be dumped on the international markets and britain as a country which is a structural net importer of goods will have a worthless currency with which to exchange for imports. domestic producers will be forced to raise prices domestically as they can find a far higher price by exporting in a scramble for foreign currency. the UK populations living standards will sink to the level of kazakhstan or algeria.
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Too soon
>Capital will flee to USD and I suspect GBP.
Right on the first count. Horribly wrong on the second. Why the hell would any investor prefer sterling to the USD?
the UK is the world biggest tax haven
What a tragedy that you won't have to take on the debt of all the poor gypsies in the south like Merkel and Macron want with thei Eurobonds. The uk is still fucked in terms of demographics (like all of the future western caliphate) but getting out of the EU bought you some time.
Romanian here. To my surprise we stay strong. Our government is shit as always, but few cases in Romania, few deaths. You should ask yourself what Greece will do, without half of Romania spending holidays there... Without anyone going this summer. Those lazy faggots don't do shit all year but they got the best beaches/waters in Europe if not the world.

File: 1588712246608.png (16 KB, 600x600)
16 KB
>be me
>fell for engineering meme
>still make 70k out of college
>had scholarship so debt free
>live as frugal as possible and with parents so no rent/car insurance/ etc.
>save only 45k, 15k in stocks/bonds

normie friends make similar/slightly more
>new car (not used)
>new house/rent
>eating out everyday
>student loans

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Nah fuck this. Save. Get another job. Just fucking grind it you stupid niggers. Grind it and invest. Retire at 30 to your farm and live off dividends/rental income. Don’t fuck around.
blackpilled again
File: 1589999262967.png (197 KB, 414x351)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
>tfw I turned my gambling habit into a crypto habit

It feels nice keeping more of my money.
have fun working until you die
what do you mean self directed. i think my hsa and ira are like that

Why is there such an influx of people getting into stocks? Kevin Hart said that he got into stocks recently while on Joe Rogan experience podcast and that everybody should “invest”. It all seems so bizarre that now there’s an “INVEST INVEST INVEST” mantra during covid 19. I don’t get it. Most people lose money in the stock market, I read on zerohedge that 97% of day traders in Brazil lose money in the stock market and the remaining make money and stick with it until a new bunch of suckers come in. I assume America, Canada and Europe are the same although maybe not as much. Still stocks are scam for the most part unless you buy absolutely on the bottom, example airliner stocks like Air Canada were a buck a piece 10 years ago and they went to $50 two years ago before crashing.
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File: 1589500859135.png (13 KB, 454x520)
13 KB
ITT: crypto pajeet with no more than 100$ to their names in shitcoins, muh stock market worthless and crashing soon!!
Is crypto gonna get fucked too?
> absolutely on the bottom
Which would be?
wow youre an idiot
What? The market historically goes up. Most people make money in it unless they gamble hard on flimsy stocks and lose.

Just matched with this woman (she’s the one on the left)

Am I gonna make it?
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Lucky piece of shit
>12000km away
Degenerate behavior.

Sage in all fields. Kys.
I'd post the best I caught on tinder but she's unironically my gf now
>pro tip: get them at 18yo

I heard something about space cruises
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Virgin Galactic will be over $100 within the next 2 years.

Don't listen to the retards here, NASA doesn't do strategic partnerships with shitty companies.

Hypersonic travel is the next big thing
NASA has partnership with them? I did not know that.
>space cruises
Covid what?
bro you got scammed space is fake
sounds like someone found their space name

1. Data Scientist
2. Product Manager
3. Software Developer
4. Project Manager
5. Business/Systems Analyst
6. Quality Assurance Specialist
9001. Customer Service Representative
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>something something AI is already here something something robots taking over all jobs
LOL it's not that simple faggot and real AI doesn't exist.
Imagine dedicating your life to carrying out some task that you don't care about because if awards more Goodboy tokens

I assure you data scientist ain't at the top.
What job?

no different than accounting people going into the big 4 meat grinder

do your 2-3 years and enjoy the premium of having it on your resume for another gig... maybe even 1 year if you keep an open network

A month from now
Btc $5500
Eth $100
Tether $.9876
Xrp $.10
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Yea I didn't read. Wasn't even that long.
>I do not go by what babacugs has said.
File: 1560191944795.jpg (6 KB, 247x139)
6 KB
Why does anyone copy/paste this drivel? In pic-related, an anon asserts that XRP will increase in value to $2k/ea because ???? and that the same organization that pumps the price (which costs $X) intends to settle debts with the proceeds (debts worth $Y) and is in effect implying that X < Y. That is irrational.
doesnt matter. he says hes the most reliavle source of info whose an outsider. hes shilled no one else who tweets currently

File: 1590371744895.jpg (2.11 MB, 3537x2661)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
Bullion Dealers

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Y u mad? more stonks for you!

Dont worry, i will pump ur bags with my millions in treasury bills once the swap is complete.
Gold is a better buy right now with that kind of money. Premiums are down with the highest premium for gold being 7% for eagles while silver eagles are still around 50%. I always check sell back prices to see how much I would loose if I were to sell the same day I bought it.
File: 1585192460950.jpg (44 KB, 658x523)
44 KB
I dont know anon :( Honestly google probably has the answer youre looking for but most likely the money is gone. I'm sorry. You can open a ticket with PP and see what they say. You could try and send $.01 with a message and say something to them. People like that are pretty out of touch with their conscious tho so I really doubt threats/begging/etc. would really do much. Idk what to tell you man, shit sucks, people can be garbage.
I say wait on silver until you can get a govt 1oz coin for $20 or less
gold, meh good luck on that fren.

my god anon, people please stop using reddit...
anon you need to contact paypal like yesterday, and fill out a detailed account of what happened.
I think silver will drop some, for 2 reasons. once people realize life will return to mostly normal a lot of people will sell. which should make supply so plentiful that they'll be selling it slightly above cost just to get rid of all of it.
and second, we simply run out of demand. its my understanding most of asia is either selling metals or holding. most aren't buying. all the demand is coming from the US and Europe.
Those look so cool desu, I think if I see them pop up around $200 again I'll cop one. I'd just get one of the coins but I really fuckin hate the queens face on the other side of the coin. It just makes any cool looking coin ugly as fuck as soon as you flip it over and have to see her face. Absolute insanity that she has to be on EVERYTHING.

File: 5D1_xKT1_400x400.png (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB

Sleeper coins that will make the next crypto millionaires.
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File: download.png (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
Morpheus labs (MITx)
File: Dent-Logo.jpg (20 KB, 645x288)
20 KB

That's some great advertisement right there, I never heard of that shit but I wanna buy it now

Hedera is prepping the bull for another run. Strap yourselves in.
if you reply to this thread your mom will get raped by a black guy
I know, but I’m riding the Matic bull

>Binance enabling leveraged trading
>Binance trading competition
>Main net Rollout completed by end of May
>Coinbase listing Imminent

It’s gotten awfully quiet. :(
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yeah youre right let me step back in time and buy shitcoin at $0.0006 instead of $0.095 clearly it had a lot of potential a few weeks ago.
gonna be huge imo:

1.market cap +- 100k

2.low supply circulating

3. Just 227 hodler

4. The team is real, with faces and real names + social media profiles.

The Ceo wrote this today on discord:

"As every DFO and its Independent Flexible Design, BUIDL Token holders are able by voting to explore its flexibility.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
blessed BUIDLer

Where is this logo from anon?

File: vidt.png (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB
I guess I got scammed. Thanks faggots
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more info on that?
Vid did have the second highest quality OC after chainlink though. I had a bunch saved years back some nice work.
Maybe you should have bought Streamr instead.

6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
About $30
Because that's a man
Roughly 140 dollars before taxes
File: 1509640024889.png (15 KB, 420x420)
15 KB
I'm heavily invested in HEX

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