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How high will VRA go?
Maybe around $0.05 or so in a bullrun.

Looks like it’s headed there now
Higher than that. Eth whales are in this thing more than anything other than Shib. So I’d say 30c. 20c safely. The bullrun is here btw.

File: Prius-2024-01-768x548.jpg (58 KB, 768x548)
58 KB
I want a prius 2025
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90s toyota hilux with significant cosmetic damage
Porsche Macan or 911

Also this, it's a dream to get one, although it's too expensive rn in my country
File: jailbreak.jpg (418 KB, 1756x1048)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
2022 SRT Jailbreak
I actually like this a lot, at least exterior appearance
As for me, well
Any other answer is wrong

File: energy.jpg (61 KB, 1047x397)
61 KB
>Grows revenue, profit, cash flow at a faster pace than big tech for 5 years straight
>Nobody calls them growth companies because some sinister 12 year old girl from Sweden deemed them obsolete
>Pristine balance sheets
>Will remain the primary energy source until the day you die no matter what (((ESG))) tells you
>doesnt even get a reply on biz
will never forgive myself for not buying exxon at $30 in 2020. Still haunts me
OIL kings will make it
We’ve been invaded

File: Layer 1.png (428 KB, 1400x1488)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
New month, new Layer 1 thread. What Layer 1 (not named Bitcoin) do you think has potential to be adopted and used in the real world at scale? I suppose Bitcoin can be included if you believe it might actually get used for more than a 'store of value.'

Give some reasoning as to why you think your blockchain of choice has a chance at making it to the top rather than just throwing out a name and leaving.
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Whatever it ends up being, it sure as shit won't be Solana. Breaks down multiple times a year, effectively lied about real tps, centralized to hell, and are making a goddamn phone
FTM of course. Buy or seethe.
Also out of the current alive blockchains Chia has the highest chance of adoption from the extreme network decentralization, good fundamentals building (like clawbacks, time-locks and rate-limited wallets), the inevitable IPO and focus on staying clean in the eyes of most governments. Makes for an easier sell to institutional groups to actually use it
>until finally we do actually get an L1 that is the next paradigm
What exactly do you feel is needed technologically for the 'next paradigm' to be here that all the other L1s don't currently provide?

File: 1674846218945921.gif (1.88 MB, 402x402)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
Unironically how do you make money
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Don’t listen to this cuck. You’re better off betting on horses than spending money on nogcoins
Saucy little minx that’s very clever but from those 55 bucks how much do you pay for electricity and how much did you have to invest into getting to the point where you can automate scripts? See you are not making free money if you’re paying for electricity, pc components and student loans. You are still in the red lmao
>blind investments on meme coins
>’life isn’t fair’

It is, it is fair at least in your case
Oh fuck this is my wet dream. How did you achieve this?
Fuck I really don’t wanna work for anyone but I won’t have any other choice.

File: 1666224451515539.jpg (231 KB, 842x1024)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
1) Business ideas for starters, intermediaries, and well-off individuals

2) Resources for learning business skills and understanding/researching markets

3) Overlooked assets or procedures to potentially maximize profits

4) World News/Events that could or are already influencing markets globally
Is that a topic list or are you planning to collect links.
What makes a
>/board/ general
better than any individual, topical thread?
I'm hoping to collect valuable information and links, but so far, I've gotten individual ideas from anons. Should make a collage on them when I've got enough to make it worth a read
So what's the idea behind the thread?
If this is #7, why is this not clear?
To collect further info. Will place what I've got under each number for #8, you've got my word anon

File: 1606255606684.png (127 KB, 679x391)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>used to have 300k MATIC
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> used to have 7 MATIC
Its over
Is this real? You think 5???
I have 30k still i got pretty cheap, im on almost a 5x right now and thinking i should just flip it to sats.
Am i retarded?
File: download (9).jpg (12 KB, 300x168)
12 KB
Polygon (Ticker: MATIC) is a jeet scam-coin straight from the shit-stained streets of New Delhi. If you bought this coin, sell now or enjoy getting gang-raped by Rankesh and Vikram while your life savings are drained through the Aravali range of Eastern Rajasthan.

You should never, and I repeat, NEVER trust ANYTHING these disgusting poo-skins create. They're dirty, smell terrible, have no hygiene, are black, have feminine voices and always act like faggots. Like, you can tell they're dirty fucks with probably some extremely disgusting fetishes and depraved minds, that has to be true considering their disgusting appearance and behaviour. They live in terrible conditions, shit in beaches and streets, eat unsanitary food that looks like sewer water from the same streets they shit on. Let's also not forget how many Indians live by stealing money from the elderly of rich, white countries, and flex their shit stained rupees attached to their brown, horrid skin. I hate them.
>You think 5???
at least double that, conservatively
i'm thinking $14-$19 easily

File: 1668116530605.jpg (250 KB, 1212x1432)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Coinmetro thread, kevin shitposting edition:

>3. Where do you see Bitcoin trading at by June? And by the end of 2023?
>Looking further ahead in 2023 to the summer months and Q4, the US could be in a position where more money is printed, a situation we’re no strangers to. Interest and inflation rates will fall because of this which could be the perfect opportunity for Bitcoin to take on a genuine sustained rally to soar through towards the end of 2023. Before the FTX fallout, we were seeing prices in the range of $22,000 - $40,000, which is what we can anticipate seeing more of during the latter stages of this year.
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It's not gay as long as you tell yourself it's not gay!
Bitcoin 77k EO24
holy shit
File: 168469380.gif (962 KB, 500x501)
962 KB
962 KB GIF
well that is how ranges usually work

File: arb.jpg (236 KB, 900x478)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
shill me your arbitrum picks
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where do you check the order book?
easiest 10x of my life desu
Nice chart you got there…. Be a shame if someone sold 10 eth worth

File: 2HaDAuZ57sPoW1Dn.jpg (15 KB, 661x510)
15 KB
Therefore it's over bros.
Not like this.. Not like this.
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Just sold, re entry point 10.5 cents
Swingies get the rope
Almost there......
File: wystgwtd.jpg (91 KB, 1161x1038)
91 KB

Plz tell me 100x plays to change my life
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I will dump on you because of your inexperience. You will not make money
Just buy ORE and ygmi.
Soon you will have 10 ETH, easy
I already bought this and staked on polygon, wagmi

if arbinu makes any of you 10 eth i will never log on biz again

File: IMG_20230204_213559.jpg (390 KB, 1080x1080)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
This is how I escaped the Matrix.

> live in UK
> Wasted my life till 25 just doing random college courses with no direction
> Got job offshore at 25, OK money
> Left offshore job at 30 with zero money in the bank but I'd paid off my house in full.
> Got average waggie job hoping to settle down meet wife have kids etc.
> never happened, women are disgusted by me.
> started investing all my waggie money in stock market.
> age now 40 (loser old fag)
> managed to accurate 400K in stock market
> need 700K to retire (based on life style and where I live)
> my family own a business with fair bit of land.
> I built a secret house on the land disguised as an office unit.
> I sold my house for 350K Cash

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Escaped the matrix
>Became a homeless leech on brothers property
If it works for you, congratulations
>a middle aged loner who makes women recoil, presumably has no friends and lives like a hermit innawoods as an isolated weirdo
congrats on making it op...
>no kids
who cares lol
I see a lot of posts like, I earn 100K a month and can't afford to buy a house.

I'm just providing inspiration for others to turn their back on slavery.

Yeah I'm lucky to have family land I can live on, but there's similar ways for others to do what I'm doing.

Who made you the boss of biz/?
I'm not gonna lie OP, I try to reach fire aswell and around 800k would be my minimum also but your life still sounds kinda miserable. I don't mean to be an asshole, I genuinely wonder if you live a happy life now? Is this what you imagined your life to be at 40+ when you were 20?
I'm 28 and far away from my 800k minimum goal since the crypto crash and all and my job fucking sucks and pays bad, however I'm confident I will reach my goal eventually. But it seems worthless without real joy in life, a partner, adventure, whatever.. so how are you actually doing op?

Also: Whats that passve income you live off? Divident etfs or what? If so which ones? 750k isn't that much money afterall to live off till the end of times

Scam. Take some time out of your day to prove me wrong.
check tele you’ll see
contract posted in 45.
anon asked you to prove him wrong
and in a 2 lines post you managed to design each line to prove him right instead
pajeets are unironically amazing. your streetshitting prowess transplanted into the digital world never stops delivering
Literal scam. Buy arbinu and hold 5 days for a 10x faggot

I made a fuck ton off of GNS (40X), but now it only has a 2-5X left in it at most. So, I'm looking to rotate. What's the next /biz/ gem? Must be under $20M mcap.
32 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It’s arbinu
ORE is the next big one.
What if your shit gets hacked?

under 600k market cap working fps game
boos are not missing out on decentraized id management solutions.

I finally have paid off the $12,000 in credit card debt that I racked up years ago, saving me tens of thousands in interest payments. What now?
14 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1669564267884810.jpg (48 KB, 851x508)
48 KB
>credit card debt
is this an american thing? nobody here in EU talk about crap like this
>years to pay $12000
lol? dont you americans earn like $80,000/year ven in shitty jobs?
Your credit score goes down because you made the jew unhappy. Debt keeps the score up for some demonic reason.
She's about to become a sugar baby or start being naked on camera
83% of Americans have a credit card, as a benefit of living in the "belly of the beast" when it comes to the global financial clown world. Seems that Europoors don't have credit
>brags about needing a credit card

File: biz.png (50 KB, 909x657)
50 KB
What was /biz/ like when this happened?

File: FoEBny8aQAARoDZ.jfif.jpg (64 KB, 828x553)
64 KB
Imagine shorting the greatest economic recovery we have seen in over 50 years.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
truly the soviet union at this point
At least they are still publishing the National Debt figure so we know how fucked it is behind all this bullshit and copium
>for some reason i don't feel like Biden is in control
Listen here jack, what did the fish say when it swam into a wall?
>560,000 jobs added
>After a pandemic that laid off plenty


File: bitcoin_coin.jpg (957 KB, 3325x2200)
957 KB
957 KB JPG
Should I sell all my stinky linkies for Bitcoin? It feels bad seeing Bitcoin go from 16k to 23k and Link stay at $7.
>Should I sell all my stinky shitcoins for Bitcoin?
yes, now & always

FlowAi Flow Ai Flow Ai lunch in 13 mins

File: k1.jpg (68 KB, 507x385)
68 KB
How to avoid the tax man with crypto? I've been transferring crypto to a hard wallet from Robinhood because no fees. Obviously no getting out of that one. Should I start using Moonpay or some other method to acquire crypto? Is it hopeless/too risky to even try?

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