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File: 1694850673875113.jpg (92 KB, 1600x900)
92 KB
Interlink: >>56107737

From one well-aged LUNC thread to another.

New news?
>HCC found some new shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rrnMG4AuMQ [Embed]

Redlegate as soon as possible.


news and updates:

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Looks like the Grifters are gonna lose. Barely
Hexagon got rekt. Kek
I think it passed...?
Nope. Interstellar lounge voted no on it near the end. It's dead.

The question now is whether HCC's slush money to Allnodes passes or not

>Basic Information

>twitter spaces

>Do companies state that they face bankruptcy...but then *suddenly* do a 180 "Reverse Uno", squeeze short sellers and bring riches to shareholders?

>Icahn Terminates Director Appointment Agreement With Newell Brands. It's Happening

>"Successor Entity" in latest Docket drop

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You seem ass-blasted.
>probably because you are getting laid off lol
The only people who are getting paid will be the C-Suite and the lawyers.
File: IMG_0626.jpg (460 KB, 1170x1855)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
>Doug and his sock both melting down
You love to see it.
you got baited. retard.

File: 1634086404124.png (498 KB, 720x720)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
linky so stinky
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Pretty funny cause asians stink like fish sauce and white people smell like sour milk and wet dog to black people
>negro cope
"kek" beep boop how do you do fellow anons

File: IMG_8867.jpg (247 KB, 1170x1101)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
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They do it to make money lol. Everything you buy, they get their piece. If there is no discount for cash, then you pay the vendor's credit card fee regardless, so its better to bend the knee and use the card to get "rewarded" at least a portion of what they charge you indirectly.

The one exception is if there is a cash discount like gas stations, pay in cash and cut out the CC fees.

Its not "free money" retard, you just leached off slightly less. The "bonuses" don't make up for the fees baked into prices.
>> Nothing good comes free for normal folk.
I agree that is why I am extremely careful and is on top of this. I look through all of my accounts atleast 3 times a week.
What I now know is that you can't be looking at other average people to get ahead, you have to be the anamoly. Increase income through all means, spend money only needed. I don't relate to anyone near me. I want extreme flexibility and for that I am willing to slum it up and be anal for the next couple of years, eventually I will losen up.
Conventional wisdom can go to hell, I will do what others are too lazy to do.
kike detected
Damn, they really want people to buy things they can't afford so they can profit off their bad decisions.

I think they're trying to coax me into making a big purchase that I can't pay off all at once, because they recently doubled my credit limit out of the blue when I never asked them to. Possibly because they see I'm paying off in full every time and they're trying to get me to make a giant purchase so they can finally make interest off of me?
More like

>everything is 3% because of AMEXchads
>AMEXchads get 6% cash back
>Ramsey cucks still pay 3% more with no cash back

File: 1695954774749520.png (627 KB, 900x675)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
>Basic Information
>Current Data
>Real-Time Trades

>Mandatory study time
>The Everything Short
>Watch Along
>Naked Short Selling and Systemic Risk

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: GameStop.svg.png (46 KB, 2560x483)
46 KB
Still comfy holdin' and waitin'


>GameStop Info
Complete corporate revamp by Ryan Cohen
Ongoing hiring of specialists of e-commerce, UI, UX, blockchain and supply chain operations
Debt free with positive increases and reductions (see ER)
~$1.195 billion cash and cash equivalents on hand
~$1 billion in inventory
~$100 million allocated to shares buyback
NFT marketplace beta launched
Gaming plateforme in the pipeline

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 20230929_182244.jpg (257 KB, 1440x2214)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Finally got my sui stack. My average is 8.05. Yes I live in a 3rd world country.
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I don't see how that relate to his sui stack you idiot nigger
Good work and good luck anon. Maybe some day I can come visit and we can go for a poo or two together.
File: b0e (1).jpg (39 KB, 656x679)
39 KB
I probably should tempt fate too much but.....

You're right. Don't get too carried away.
Sui is 1k. Make it is 10k

File: h78.jpg (325 KB, 1170x682)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
shouldn't have learned 2 code
71 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
get ready for an arrogant 103 IQ codenigger virgin to claim that AI will automate your job
The fact that you've yet to state what it is you actually do with it besides filling in code that 'you're fuzzy about' is more of a statement about your lack of ability than the viability of the software. I don't get paid to type out lines of code like some durgasoft pajeet, I'm paid to solve real tangible problems arising from interactions between conflicting softwares which is something AI cannot do. If you feel that you can replace your job with AI then it just means the problems you're solving are menial and trivial and you're a worthless programmer, which frankly is something you've spent a while establishing in this thread. Be my guest though, explain what it is you do and how it can solve it. I'm sure you're not some streetshitting java graduate right?
File deleted.
Bayst appreciated of fake'o'saurs
The people who say generative AI will replace coding are not coders.

Low coding solutions will.
>you actually do with it besides filling in code that 'you're fuzzy about' is more of a statement about your lack of ability than the viability of the softwar
i find it fucking hilarious that you think you can convince me no questions arise in your mind in doing your dayjob; you literally know everything and have nothing left to learn? there is no gap in your technical knowledge? your job must be quite trivial despite how hard you try to make it sound like its super duper hard
>I'm paid to solve real tangible problems arising from interactions between conflicting softwares
so literally a normal day in the office for every single developer at all levels of abstraction
>what do you do
fullstack dev in crypto industry, payment adjacent
not doxxing further
now you go

File: arabs.jpg (125 KB, 1270x851)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Aren't Arab countries poor? How can they afford so much food to keep themselves being USA level fatlords?
In the middle east, eating food is basically the most popular hobby.
Indians literally gonna take over the globe by not being fat
File: india.jpg (126 KB, 1165x720)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Already done

File: 1690218439527066.jpg (300 KB, 1074x910)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Because they are so fucking delusional, you could spend hours and hours going back and forth with them to no avail
Or you can just hit them with the price, and say definitively "you are wrong. no matter how much you cry and argue, the price of LINK is $7." it's like cold hard reality smacking them in the face. no their token is not worth thousands, it's worth seven fucking dollars. it's worth less than Doge coin. LOL
price is the perfect antidote to their gay smugness
16 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
a link token is supposed to be about the price of a cup of coffee, my coffee this morning cost me around $7, it's at the price the founders want it to be.
You can easily look this up with chain analysis.
Linkies really just hate reality their first instinct is to damage control.
>truth over trust
Linkies spit on the truth, they try to bury it and distort it. Anything for the fantasy cult
I think you severely underestimate how much we actually bought during the entirety of 2017, 2018 and 2019. Even during most of 2020 LINK was below $5. But as I already pointed out, you probably joined during the 2021 dogcoin mania.
85% - 90% of all holders are down.
This is an undisputed verifiable fact.
That means most of you are lying.
9 out if every 10 link posters are underwater.
Many OGs bought more above $1, you are severely underestimating the amount. Remember how "cheap" link was at $20 when 1k eoy was guaranteed? Greed, FOMO and hopium is a dangerous combination
why do you need to argue with linkies dude its friday get a life who cares what someone buys

>People are making big life changing decisions base on FOMO

How does this affect how you make money?
71 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
No you are pathetic.
Your "genetic legacy" or whatever is fucking meaningless. Your grandkids wont even LOOK like you nor even have any similar traits. Its pointless. There are 8 billion mongoloids like you on this rock. The era of abundance and resources has also come to an end clearly and we are entering scarcity.
Feel free to do anything your brain tells you to, but there is 0 point in having kids in 2023.
File: 1642187955427.jpg (39 KB, 656x679)
39 KB
having kids is a complete waste of time and money and you won't convince me otherwise

its always the lowest IQ retards who dream about mundane shit like "muh family, muh kids" kek really nigger? that's it?

literally 99% of humanity has done this. how the fuck is your life so meaningless that you think blowing your load inside a woman and waiting around for 9 months is some kind of life achievement?

>get to enjoy pounding new young fresh pussy forever

literally this. you either get it or you don't, faggot
kek nice ID faggot
+2 weeks

Nothing will happen, and pol is down the hall and to the left
>nothing really matters we're just monkeys living on a moist rock floating in empty space
Take my gold and upvote my fellow redditors

File: 1523866019002.jpg (299 KB, 775x625)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
>January 2021: $1675
>July 2021: $1675
>August 2022: $1675
>June 2023: $1675
>today: $1675

File: 1693414715634551.png (385 KB, 1492x842)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
This is a great development. Have you noticed more diversity in your workplace?
77 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just opened up massive shorts on every one of these companies. See you guys in Valhalla
Stop hiring niggers, faggot

as usual the only replies are unhinged SEETHING
im personally not racist. I really do wish black americans the best.

I just dont think this is it. people gotta build something for themselves. inheriting our bloated, inhumane corporate system after its 2008 collapse isn't a reward. its just us sticking them with ownership of this monstrous creation well after its point of usefulness. we've overintegrated them without giving them a chance at equal partnership side-by-side. this is just more servitude.
> White make up 57.3% prison inmates

Nice cherry pick, grunt.

File: 1695905754892390.jpg (3.86 MB, 4080x3072)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB JPG
Freshly Brewed Edition

>Why Gold?

>Bullion dealers
https://libertycoin.com/ (US)
https://www.chards.co.uk/ (EU/UK)
https://www.silburycoins.co.uk/ (Ancient)
https://www.luciteria.com/ (Other rare metals)
more at: https://pastebin.com/gZfZHtNE

>Numismatic search

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
300 replies and 117 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_8158.png (141 KB, 500x500)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Asahi dragon rounds.
>Earth symbol
That's different to the one I know. It appears the symbols are inconsistent across different schools.
i just leave out fake bundles of prop money next to a cheap walshart safe with a few inside of it, i don't think future engineers or doctors will look at it close detail, they want to just be in and out.
File: 02973655.jpg (1.67 MB, 3024x1638)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Old picture, I already bought 20 of those

File: 1684660147971440.jpg (17 KB, 272x237)
17 KB
Is anyone here a neet that owns a home? How is it? How long did it take to save up for a house?
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not yet but this is my dream.
Currently own a home and wagecucking, big mistake.
We will inherit an apartment once my wife grandparents pass away, we are planning on moving there and work part time after that.
I will keep my house as an asset and rent it out to cover the mortgage and taxes,
what type of freelancing?
you are not a sex worker right?
eventually money will matter again, they will audit the fuck out of you """disabled""" veterans, and they will claw back every cent of your ill gotten gains + prison time
brutally poor, I'm so sorry anon
Step One: Be White

File: Remote life.png (19 KB, 298x146)
19 KB
Accurate or just cope?
39 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
this. they get blowjobs in-between patients
300k as a forklift operator...
Europoor here, my starting salary was 900 euro a month, 10.800 a year, and looking at new job offers it always hovers around that.
This continent is a joke
i had no idea how bad europoor salaries were until this year. i am horrified
The only people making $450k plus are executives, specialists (neurologist, etc.), and super senior level engineers & programmers. Ok, maybe some specialists and salesmen there and there can clear $450k, but you get the point - these jobs are QUITE rare.

Twitter post is larping, I've never seen that dramatic of a jump in salary anywhere, ever.
Currently working as a porta potty cleaner, driving all day between construction sites, taking with workers, sucking up shit with tubes and cleaning up with high pressure water.
1200 a month for 6 months then 1600, base salary not counting the extra hours priced higher beyond daily 8.

File: 1695468257020469.jpg (42 KB, 500x509)
42 KB
>Educational sites:

>Financial TV Streams:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
306 replies and 101 images omitted. Click here to view.
Kek baggie not toasting in that bread.
File: 2023-09-29 19.16.27.png (94 KB, 1508x889)
94 KB
>YTD of the /VX
That's not taking rollover contango losses into account, which is what makes UVXY so shitty, not the fall in spot VIX. $25.49 per contract would have been lost if you held /VX1! with automatic rollover at expiry for the last year.
What does YTD have to do with things that are either day or otherwise short swing trades?
File: 1695386117378109.jpg (139 KB, 478x478)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>mod removed the image


4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
this chart gives links nightmares
they hide from it
they fear it
they try to deny its existence
it remains
fuck i just sold all my link. I'm done with this shit, been holding since $2
the only "people" concerned about the chart are fuddies.
linkies have already made it and they are not selling
File: 1696007789253.png (226 KB, 1063x1794)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
RSI oversold. Guaranteed dump incoming

>Basic Information
https://gmetimeline.com (up to 2021)

>Daily reminder

>Mandatory study time
>The Everything Short
>Naked Short Selling and Systemic Risk

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
318 replies and 98 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not sure, we're discussing it tonight on ThePPShow.
It's happened before when new jannies get hired
>Please give me clicks. We don't know more then any of you. But the money would be nice!
I don't even know why I respond to you shills, but why would BILL PULTE help ppseeds raise over $50k in ONE STREAM if he wasn't legit? Riddle me that, shill.
I'm even going to be able to meet Pulte himself because I donated $500.
>pretending to filter
Jesus you really are bad at this.

File: 72654268363.jpg (278 KB, 1080x812)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
When did link become so reddit? What happened to the community all the shilling is so full of soi now
72 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was always a dumb concept.
So chainlink is just attempting to be another ponzi scheme, got it
File: 1655572154443.jpg (124 KB, 584x620)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>My boss makes me clean up shit but when STINK hits 4 figures I'm going to be the one doing the STINKING
This is like the zoomer version of the boomer winning the lotto and then buying his company to fire his boss who didn't like the dinner his wife made. It's pathetic and the only one that would think it's "based" are also bottom feeders.
Investments isnt a ponzi midwit.
What do you mean “if you can find” hahahahaha. What a fucking insane thing to say. In ten seconds you can search the CC sub, sort by new and find numerous Link posts from the last few months…

This is your brain in a cult

File: bond.png (23 KB, 475x270)
23 KB
Should I take the T-bill pill? 30 year US government bills are at 4.7%. Crazy.
105 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>From 1980-2011 (housing crash low), the average rate of home price growth was 4.7% per year

in summer 1981 you could get 30 year treasuries at 15% interest. 1981-2011 and you get 15% every year. 15% > 4,7%

granted you could not get leverage like you could get in the housing market. but dealing with rental properties can easily become a full time job, bonds just deposit money into your account
File: rental deductions.png (79 KB, 479x634)
79 KB
This is correct however tax rates were stupidly high so you weren't actually receiving 15%. Highest tax bracket was 70%, today it is 37%.
I don't get it

Lock up your money for 30 yrs for 4.7?
Wtf?? That sounds terrible
thats 4.7% annual, every year for 30 years risk free,

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