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File: 1590298963703.jpg (87 KB, 800x821)
87 KB
Any of you working on your side-buisness this weekend? I'm working my first post-grad job and looking into starting a side gig.
I’m probably buying some of my first stocks ever today but idk what to buy, I got $1,600. Any recommendations?

File: 0_x9kuE65_m27TUzBM.jpg (32 KB, 554x584)
32 KB
what's the ideal LP:Chainlink ratio?

1:10,000 here
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I have 0:27
what's the price for 1 LP again? where can you look it up?

Currently about 36 ETH for 1 LP so about $8.5k
Anyway to steak link without visiting Jonny's farm to fuck horses every Sunday? I'm sick of horse benis
just set up a neet node

Smart enough to realize the potential of using AAVE but too dumb to really figure out how to use it properly
Im going to start by putting 2k of my chainlink stack (10%) on there how do i get rich



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It doesn’t matter. I lost chance of making money because of you, mumu-whatever the fuck. I will keep fudding your threads even after recovering my wallet.

No announcements made on Richard Heart’s twitter about HEX2X, scam. But i found something very interesting there. Take it as you wish.
the scammer behind hex2 is the same scammer behind bizcoin, ncov, 69, brapper, fredncoin, curry, etc, etc. he dumps on day 1. please warn other anons and report his threads..
What's your wallet? I've never heard of something like that. Is there a transaction on etherscan pending?
ok Elvis I will doing the needful sirs

File: 1514611943484s.jpg (5 KB, 243x250)
5 KB
I had ~430 ETH worth. Now I can only afford ~340 ETH. This is hell.
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Your problem is thinking you can time the market to maximize your profits then. No one knows whether it's going to go up or down, it can crash to 110 dollars next week and you will be right, or it can never go below 200 again. But if you're long term bullish you should never sell because then if the latter happens you'll watch the ship sail without you.
i get that people who made it post here. it probably gets boring when you don't have to work for a living. the need to constantly brag about how they made it and how big there portoflio is is kind of pathetic though. just shitpost with the rest of us. no need to constantly tell others how much money you have. that's pretty tacky.
Who cares, wait a week and it will be $150
you'll just get the rona
stick to local trannies

you're welcome?

File: 4567.png (4 KB, 625x320)
4 KB
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>One of the only legit telegram gem finding group I know of called this back on 17th May.
>There were profits to be made on KAI, but holding it was delusional.
>Here's what you can do if you got cucked by KAI:
>Go to twitter, search for all "influencers" who called KAI. Block them, they're in the SATSGANG circle.
>Next if you are in some gem hunting groups, search if they called KAI, leave them.
>There are lessons you can take from getting cucked everytime, it's how you can get better at this game.
can i join that telegram group please.

You have to go through the process of eliminating the legit ones from the scam yourself young padawan.

I just told you how.
So what do you suggest then? Sell it right now? I'm still in profit..
File: IMG_20200530_161457_407.jpg (149 KB, 1002x693)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Answer to the fud

This will be an easy 10x
Mainnet, staking and masternodes coming in Q3. You're a fool if you don't get a bag of this.

give me one good reason why i shouldnt pull out of ISLA and put it into BUIDL right now or ill blow your brains out

I have no idea what either of those shitcoins are, I'm into oil right companies now.
ISLA isn't on birth control and BUIDL is a qt twink
in that case i choose ISLA
File: brainless.jpg (20 KB, 326x322)
20 KB

are you really going to miss the second hex train?

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now would be the time to heed the trips of satan and as it is about to """pump"""
They just exit scammed haha thanks for the free ethereums guys. Glad I sold this shit after holding for 1 hour
FUck you richard. Get off our board
If anyone needs an invite: discord DOT gg / GuDKePR

File: file.png (48 KB, 680x445)
48 KB
yes, no crypto bullshit thread
whats the best one out there? I've tried almost ALL of them and the only thing that kind of works is a app called Mobills but im looking into a better solution
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Buy Kai
Works well for me. Does exactly what you said. But otherwise just use excel
File: file.png (21 KB, 697x174)
21 KB
Id rather learn programming and make my own money management software than pay money
Personally, I can't be bothered, and I appreciate the ability to access it on. My phone without too much trouble. Different strokes I suppose
I mean i really do see the appeal for ynab
its good do to complicated stuff in a easy way
but its bad for doing easy stuff in an even easier way
and the latter is what i need

File: 1587061207954.jpg (50 KB, 560x600)
50 KB
It is not mathematically possible for LINK to reach $4.20 on the current chart. We are going back to sub $4
File: 1590056839162.jpg (930 KB, 2525x3565)
930 KB
930 KB JPG
Chainlink is a scam and is going to zero
File: rarepepe.png (365 KB, 757x558)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Cope zoom in
I see a nipple! Mods! Mods!!! Think what would happen if a poor advertiser saw this. Forget about the gay porn threads filling this board, this has to go!
nico bully gf

Who’s responsible for scams like this. I put in 80and now it’s worth nothing. I’m an idiot and I was PUMP chasing. Watch out for biz scumbags. They deserve the rope
the scammer behind hex2 is the same scammer behind bizcoin, ncov, 69, brapper, fredncoin, curry, etc, etc. he dumps on day 1. please warn other anons and report his threads.

update: you dumb fucks didnt listen. you gave him $5000. fucking neck yourself

File: 2010.png (11 KB, 200x200)
11 KB
All right lets be real here anons.

> has been in development purgatory for over 4 years
> mainnet in 3 months
> Mentioned in recent ama's that there will be new exchange listings in the coming months.
> Has been in top 10 on&off since fucking ever
> Charles has been dropping lots of upcoming shit about the project in recent youtube videos

I'm thinking this is going to be the next Chad coin. Most of us know that Ethereum is leading the DeFi sector, but with DeFi as the leading Niche in the bullrun, we'll be seeing an offspring of Blockchains coming back to life, revamping their shit to focus on DeFi solutions. E.g. Fantom. Some MW projects.

Charles is even working with ETC to make Ethereum great again because the current Ethereum ecosystem is flawed as we know it.

My point is, there's actual potential here now that mainnet is arriving.

> DeFi is going to lead the bullrun

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>smooth hard forks
In theory and paper and not such big deal
Literally sam phase of development of real pos but eth got legacy chain working for 6 years so ppl can build shit while they wait
>smart contract languages designed by researchers(the creator of haskell)
So? You know JP morgan building eth haskel client you dont need to meme language as shilling point
>partnerships where adoption can happen(3rd world)
partnerhips are meme but eth is whole another planet if you want go that road
Take your meds nothing you type made sense noone needs faster defi products eth scaled on l2 today
Also whole fucking defi meme got some traction because it works finne on today blockchain tech wtf is this 2017 so we are still on scalig memes and whitepapers?
at 3 cents it only took 33K$ to be a millionaire in two years max(1Mil ada)
kek 2017.

at 3cents?

But I havnt bought at 3cents??
Now I would need something aroung $70k to buy 1.000.000ADA

File: EFFERIUM.jpg (146 KB, 788x650)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

>ark posting on biz
are we back in mid 2017 again?

File: download (9).jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
Already pumped, onto next coin
My bad, autocorrect got me
smart money bought a bag long ago. when do people realize how big this is?

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