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Absolutely no effort, no nothing
Oh yeah, here’s arbitrum seed round
Because you have a jawline
Chads are the worst
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If you don’t have at least 1 million arbinu you’re going to be bitching this week
there is zero alpha in following these accounts
I do the opposite of all influencers on ct
if he isn’t shilling arbinu you shouldn’t be following him
high estrogen post

Post em
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Add ARBINU or it will be a poorfolio forever
i'm stupid if i'm staking my eth on kraken?
yea i know. i dont plan to hold GRT long term. i need near 20 cents is possible though.
my avg is 0.09

QI is pretty much liquid staking on AVAX. it is a low mcap coin so i think it may have decent short term upside.

i dont plan on holding either for too long though. i plan to sell it for usdc or btc
depends on the rate and how much you trust kraken

File: 1675463874414904.png (55 KB, 616x366)
55 KB
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>muh republicans
and grubhub and uber eats etc etc and they all count as separate jobs for each person, someone could easily rack up 3+ jobs
If you have mass layoffs you get mass rehirings. But on balance you end up with fewer people employed.
>None have furries
Needs revision.
Bullshit. Several job sectors imploded recently, especially tech. And many are still cutting the fat and downsizing. The jobs that were added are service-tier wagie jobs most likely.

Nobody is fucking hiring.

File: Untitled.png (106 KB, 1358x608)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Anyone here use DEX for trading/scalping? what is the execution like on Arbitrum?
I dont know nigger but I am accumulating $ARBINU atm. ez 10x
Fast and cheap. Best chain
how fast tho?
good luck

File: bsx.png (16 KB, 250x250)
16 KB
Always nice to make a 2x off some coin nobody cares about
Maybe I should call her.

File: sell-now.png (100 KB, 262x238)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
FTX funded SOL vs FTX funded Aptos. Really now.
How many sell signals do you people need?

I'm scared bros. This man is a legit wizard.
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File: SShot.png (61 KB, 1092x958)
61 KB
why did he delete ?
That doesnt even remotely make sense
But most normies I talk to all are bearish they only see the economy getting worse and many are full on economic collapse doomers. So this must mean we are close to bottom
The economy is indeed complete shit and the government is lying their asse soff

Also see: >>53575134

Its over GRT bros
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>kike coin
Wow sirs it's pumping so hard!!!!!!!!!! Only down 99% right as stocks hit resistance!!!!
Are you serious? I hope you are right fren. Please don't let me down. I'll wait for 3c then at least and get my 10,000 suicide stack.
im selling near 0.20
if it breaks .15 there is near no resistance to 30-40 cents.
but selling before $1? ngmi

File: boil.jpg (79 KB, 917x732)
79 KB
>my energy bills literally ATH (10+ years)
>shortages all over the world
>CFTC not releasing trading report due to (((cyberattack)))

who is responsible for this blatant manipulation
>sanctions on russian energy
>what is going on
File: deboonking.jpg (186 KB, 639x595)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
What's the problem? It have been like (((this))) for the past 4 years at least. Financial markets are now 100% disconnected from reality. It's also true for commodities.
It's nothing but gigawhales with full infos on positions who constantly are liquidating shorts and longs anytime they can make a penny out of it.
And when they want to make more cash, then they use the "news" outlets they 100% own to build a narrative so the retail investors fall for it while the whales are placing themselves on the opposite side of the trade.

Speaking of nat gas, remember back in aug/sept when literally ALL the media were parroting the exact same shit, that gas will skyrocket, that this winter will be the coldest ever and yuropoors would pay gazillions euros for a single can of gas?
End result : nat gas went from $9.50 down to $2 as of now, in the dead middle of said winter. Millions retailoors got whiped out.
Meanwhile, your gas bill only went up.

You need to deconstruct in your head the idea that digital paper claims have anything to do with their supposed physical counterpart. It's all just a giant scam. Futs, ETFs, etc.. all this shit is just a judaic scam, it doesn't represent nor have any influence on the commodity itself.
I pay like 1.75€/ m3 gas. It was way more expensive last year.
Nat gas is going down, not up, NYC is just a shithole.


File: Jerome_H._Powell.jpg (401 KB, 1280x1600)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
>we are experiencing disinflation goy, stop complaining

File: 1675522363995708.jpg (57 KB, 960x873)
57 KB
are wombs/vaginas as a service a viable business model?
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Nah, just all women.
Definitely. You won't believe me but it's actually pretty common for young wealthy people (especially women, but couples too) who still want an active sex life and have children at the same time to pay women to bear their artificially inseminated child. Surrogate pregnancies are not new but nowadays even women who aren't sterile or vaccinated are ready to pay a lot because they don't want their husbands to leave them for younger women.
Everything needs to burn
I hate this sick society

Do people really believe this?
>16k rejected
>20k rejected
>23k rejected
>24k rejected
What will bobos post next?
You had almost two years of bear market, if you’re shorting now you’re not different than people who longed BTC above 55k
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Is the rainbow in the room with us anon?
the fed was raising the interest rates up until 2020, now they are tapering off. No one gives a flying fuck about 3% savings rate
Based bollingerfag

Get a fucking grip, I'm a bobo but the bottom is obviously in, we've catapulted out of it and probably won't retest it anytime soon.
File: heseriouslydoesthis.jpg (41 KB, 760x571)
41 KB
>Implying there's anything different about BTC and any other speculative asset.
And this is exactly why you will never rise beyond a midwit

File: 1649471908905.jpg (22 KB, 399x400)
22 KB
Normie co-workers are talking about Bitcoin's volatility. Is this a buy or sell signal?
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No the sell signal is when all normies start longing with leverage and when new bitcoin index funds pop up in the stock market.
Diversification is the key and I've stacked up some low caps like LINK, BNB, ORE, DOGE and SHIB.
yeah, that sell signal is at least two or three years away still
Any normies talking crypto is bearish as fucking hell
in the past it has always been a buy signal... now though..... i am not so sure...

File: samscumfinal1000.png (4 KB, 500x500)
4 KB
This is a cool NFT, but for some reason the NFT community doesn't want to mint, maybe because they don't like art, the only thing they care about is money.

SBF has no doubt caused a lot of damage to the entire cryptocurrency. However, we turned out to be stronger.

Token Standard ERC-1155 is rarely used for pfp, but I wish many degens had this pfp meme as a memento of the FTX crash.

Free mint https://app.manifold.xyz/c/sbfrekt
Twitter https://twitter.com/MazelTo42056785
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Which of the nft are you referring to, kek?
I actually like it
Make it an ordinal on btc
>the only thing they care about is money
No shit you dummy dum.

Hell, people even buy actual paintings because of money for the most part, let alone NFTs. It's all about the money, if I can expect potential profit I will buy, I do not expect any potential profit from this though
It’s free pussy. OP has hustle unlike you. I’ll mint one tonight. Funny if everyone on biz minted one we could actually profit, but you’re all crabs in a bucket.

First fired and last hired.
>tfw i have 2 nigger coworkers under me
feels good to be a white king
>black workers
uhhh sweetie we prefer the term "workers of colour" here

you have to work with niggers. Also, niggers don't work. You do their work. You're a slave - their slave - not a king.

What are your predictions on the overall market next week?

- S&P500

File: FEDERAL RESERVE.jpg (146 KB, 1200x675)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>keeps rates low for years to get government to borrow
>debt reaches 31,500,000,000,000
>raises rates to 4.75%
>interest payments largest budget item by 2025
>destroys the US Federal Govt
This was the plan all along right?
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You are a literal retard and you need to go back
File: 1675058871558352.png (25 KB, 200x171)
25 KB
It always amazes me how retarded yet confident people are when it comes to discussing monetary policy. Doubly so on /biz/.
printing money for 40 years isnt really a complicated "monetary policy"
But thats nots whats happening.
The Fed is determined to go after inflation.
However that will crash the US government
A true pickle
We would need like 5 or 6 times the amount of money in existence to pay off the debt, problem is they keep delaying doing the inevitable and the damage in the meantime is pretty fucking substantial lmfao

If you are below 145 IQ you cannot post in this thread. Sorry but you just can’t.
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I hope kikes all die horrible deaths! Sorry! hearthy hearthy hearthy heart heart

But I can. IQ is a scam.
Kill all niggers, kill all jews, kill all spics and faggots too
thanks for having me! do you drink tea?

File: 1673608774341751.jpg (20 KB, 306x306)
20 KB
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100k to 35k
Summer. Everything always goes down summertime
The bull trap has been set, Fed speech and rising stocks confirm to retail everything's gonna be okay
130 iq but dont spread it outside here
there is not gonna be a 'next big crash', we are now in perpetual slow decline. 'crashes' can only exist in a healthy positive economy, because they are by definition followed by booming recovery.
we are 'crashing' now, but this time it will happen over a decades, a death spiral.

Why would anyone own any asset when cash pays 2% real return for the next two years.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.

I cannot even begin to describe how retarded you are. You're obviously a newfag with less than a year's experience under your belt. Fucking lurk 3 years before you post.
>calling someone else a retard when you dont know what is meant by 'real'

biz truly is a brainlet board
>buy 6 month t-bill at 4.8%
>6 months later t-bill at 2% and S&P is 30% higher

Is that risk free?
Don't care/know about the opinions but the last sentence is GOSPEL
It's good to have some savings and assets. If you have nothing, go all in on an asset. Once you've got something, be sure to have savings so you can make an opportunity of a dip. Beyond profit and money, it is good to not marry and identify with your bag even if you think Bitcoin will change the world. It is simply better for your mental health to not be too into it.

File: uvd06dpvt7ga1.jpg (45 KB, 836x960)
45 KB
How many families were destroyed by normies who first got into crypto during the winter/spring bull run?
File: 2023-02-04 15_01_35.png (24 KB, 214x400)
24 KB
please post more normie redditor seethe. It sustains me, even if my folio doesn't.
>this is why we don't love you

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