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File: 1652219681701.jpg (87 KB, 976x850)
87 KB
I capitulated and bought 10k USD of I-bones from the government (10k is all they allow for peasants). Risk free 9.6% yield.
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Don't forget it's $10k per calendar year. Also you can buy paper bonds with up to $5k of your tax return, then convert them to electronic on the Treasury Direct site. I bought $10k in Dec, $10k in Jan, then got about $2.5 with my tax return. Pretty good APY for basically no risk.
Dude you're retarded. You're basically locked on to these for years.
Yo benefit from it, bonds are the biggest like scheme to exist
you can sell after one year, there is no risk (unlike usual bonds), and the penalty for selling before 5 years is very minor
you know it's a good deal because the govt slapped the 10k limit on it.
>accidentally entered my brokerage acct # instead of checking acct # when trying to buy I-bonds
>transaction failed
>tried to change acct number
>"sorry now you have to print all this shit out and fill it out by hand and have your bank officer sign off on it then mail it to us"
FUCK. One stupid mistake. Why is doing anything with the government so fucking awful.

File: lunatic.png (46 KB, 510x512)
46 KB
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File: 0d8.jpg (33 KB, 600x493)
33 KB
File: 1652596629583.jpg (123 KB, 1024x648)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
File: d0br0.jpg (8 KB, 226x223)
8 KB

File: 1652671009729.jpg (28 KB, 680x344)
28 KB
Bros, what is the "best" strategy to invest in the SP500
choose low cost funds
dollar cost average - buy a fixed amount with every paycheck and make it automatic
plan to hold at least 10 years without selling
This. My personal choice is VTSAX. Make sure to set divvies to reinvest.
you do the hokie pokie and you shake it all about

File: sbx.png (86 KB, 1312x852)
86 KB
Anyone buying Spacebucks? On Chia chain which nobody ever talks about around 400k marketcap. always trades at or above its peg of $0.00
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thanks anon
Chia was the only coin I looked forward to (proof of storage being unique and Cohen's reputation w/ bittorrent) - but the non-ICO launch and subsequent downtrend led me to ignore it.
Is this another case of a functional coin being driven down in price (ala link) because god hates us - or are there too many tokens (early mined or whatever)?
slurping up $1k worth now anyhow
I just remember I still have 3 8TB HDD full with plots somewhere.
Fucking waste of money.
I really think they are taking the no-nonsense approach to adoption and keeping lips completely shut on internal developments. This downtrend is probably a result of no insider trading, but this could just be baghikder cope. I've been buying on the way down but unfortunately there may not be a bull case for Chia until something amazing is announced or released. Massive potential but just need the right people with deep pockets to take notice.
>lips shut
makes sense - it almost requires serious effort to not spend all your brain cycles generating hype for future growth/plans instead of spending it actually finishing the project.
I'm sure if Cohen asked, he could get any amount of money or PR - he's been living a 'made it' life in SF for like 20 years now.
Then again, maybe the turbo-autism needed to build something, also rejects the social stuff needed to grow it. Maybe he needs his own coven of PR hotties like ChainLinkLabs. 3/25 people listed on the Teams page are women.

Storage Coins are a needed part of the puzzle and I trust Bram more than whoever is behind Filecoin, Storj, and the other 30 Storage Coins.

File: 1637955563.png (49 KB, 500x300)
49 KB
Okay let's seal the deal frens, let's talk memecoins. They have a huge potential, but is it worth the risk?
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the great cock and cunt consumer
solution? be on every memecoin at the same time, they pump? you win, they dump? you win because when one of them dips, some of them pump, so you're always in a constant state of green
GR8 B8 M8
File: 1652455896341.gif (22 KB, 148x200)
22 KB
this nigga is literally sans undertale doing math

Thoughts on this? If the most authoritarian regime on the planet can't crackdown on BTC how can the west?
File: 771.jpg (28 KB, 600x600)
28 KB
also reload ze china fud
Interesting stuff, thanks anon. I'm guessing that "covert Chinese operations have risen to 21.11% of the global hash rate," really means "niggas who kick back 30% of profits to their cousin in the Party in exchange for protection and keeping their mouth fucking shut have risen to 21.11% of the global hash rate,"

But yes, your thesis is correct, I don't see how the west can realistically ban, aside from gathering IP address and kicking in doors, which would be some extreme real life Gibson cyberpunk shit.

The fuck is wrong with this jap coin?
Did you buy the top because it went up yesterday?

How do i get a gf online? I got my tinder/bumble account banned
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Play Final Fantasy VIII and get a Guardian Force
he probably said he doesnt like black women and got banned for racism, you know because its racist to have preferences
i got banned because i got bored and made my accounts the GIGACHAD after all my failures as a joke
I had an online japanese gf once, I wish it was so easy IRL

File: BAT-Logo.png (67 KB, 1200x682)
67 KB
I have acquired 12,800 BAT
Is this sufficient?
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File: 1652666021731.png (1.97 MB, 1440x1080)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
Mr Faggot, there seems to be quite a few people on the board who, indeed, will touch the BAT token.
You act like the law of averages doesn't exist. This is common among all kinds of social, economic, and political circles. In any given control group where some type of utility or avenue is optionally avlible only 10 - 20% actually end up taking that route.

You see it all the time. Politics is actually a really good example of this. Why do you hate BAT, Monero, and other forms of crypto so much? Did you loose everything gambling on a foundation-less shit coin and now you are just trying to drag everyone down with you?

Be honest.
File: 1652382717361.jpg (31 KB, 587x613)
31 KB
John faggot needs to get more creative, it's starting to be clear he's ironically fudding his own bags
File: johnfaggot1.png (611 KB, 828x683)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
if only you knew how bad things really are
john faggots attempts are pretty weak. at this point hes just bumping the thread and i think he might unironically be in a tranny sissy hypnosis getting off to people calling him a fag.
I'm so excited for filecoin, NFTs, IPFS, the wallet, etc guys.

File: tcvhj39.jpg (59 KB, 540x405)
59 KB
Do nfts ACTUALLY help artists or is it all just one big meme? Like skipping the middlemen who might want to censor them simply because they don’t like their content (opensea does this even though ETH is supposed to be all about “decentralization”, for example). Hopefully arties manages to recognize this as a problem and finds a proper solution for it.
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yeah thats the most retarded thing i have ever heard.
File: 19879855274952.jpg (43 KB, 960x960)
43 KB
>appeal to the degeneracy of rule34 art and hentai shit
fuck you man, we don't kinkshame here
found the jeet boys
This, one may shit on pajeets but it is pajeets who have the strongest immune systems of all races precisely because of these practices
northern indians are fucking white people - they are descended from Indo-Europeans who raped and pillaged dravidian women

File: 1651854741640.jpg (89 KB, 630x472)
89 KB
So much money this week, just gone. Put in my another $250 today just to end up taking out the last $20 to buy myself this food. Probably just going to veg out and watch movies all night. Fuck you bobo but wagmi bros.
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Amerigoblins love their goy slope.
barry lyndon
the duellist 1977
waterloo 1970
if you work out you can eat like this fairly often
eating good is rather simple too pick things that are also the color green good god. simple carbs and "protein" that's been bathed in seed oils
cans of vimto and whatever the fuck tango orange is
yeah nah

File: 1652727056294m.jpg (35 KB, 725x1024)
35 KB
Welfare states are similar to ponzi schemes, they require more and more young to pay into it to the system to keep it going, but this is unsustainable due to low birthrates and it eventually come crashing down, so what happens next? Do we just go back living in a world before welfare or...
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>what happens next?
Print dollars as needed
as any other d0b0 holder
the shit is in red numbers again
We do not need that many people to run a country.
lol if you think lack of money will prevent people from having kids.

File: 1652495724838.gif (20 KB, 112x112)
20 KB
100% real
105% real.
Insider here, Confirmed
DOGE goes to moon. LUNA goes to sun dont get burned!
tweet coming tomorrow just after ny session
it is known

File: 1645148939794.jpg (47 KB, 480x480)
47 KB
i build meaningful, long, relationships at jobs and tell management im here for the long run.

i then quit at any give moment whenever i feel like it. ive been doing this for the last 2 years, hopping and hopping. it feels great
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File: 1645156632153.jpg (103 KB, 568x772)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
people pretty much have to do this to earn competitive salaries. i don't know what this companies expect now that most don't offer pension plans
Based, hows your life going for you?
Never better, I feel like I unlocked a world that most can't even comprehend. Something that would seem so ridiculous to most people, and even foolish. But it's working superb.
File: 1639238714794.jpg (22 KB, 310x322)
22 KB
based. fuck managers. i told my actual managers that i consider them the lowest people ive ever met and that i probably would kill them if i could get away with it. They havent fired me.
taco head/10

i feel so sorry to any person not hodling MATIC

imagine purposely choosing to stay poor you entire life
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How much are you paying?
$1250 a month here.
i appreciate your honesty. what are some good ones? FTM?
yikes. not that much, but i'm not trying to file some massive tax return until i know i'm in the clear
I'm stacking matic myself. Just being realistic about expectations.
Multisig side chain, move on

File: 1607151340549s.jpg (6 KB, 250x225)
6 KB
I just had a spazz attack at work and walked off
they called and asked if I quit and they are going to turn of my access card.
I dont know what to do
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Im already drinking and doing drugs
last email i got says any
>further emails demanding answers will be taken as threats and dealt with accordingly
I told them Im tried of their bs and run around answers
>back story
ive been on night shift for 1 3/4 of a year and i need a change.
you're not really telling us the whole story
doing allmost 2 years of night shift, you can tell them you think that's been long enough, just tell them missing out on sunlight was reason for your outburst ...
Seems fair enough, they can find another one to pull night shift .
call them, make an excuse, rectify the situation
I've known people who do this and... Listen, if you already work for them, they'll work with you. The alternative ends up much, much worse, and only places you in a worse position going forward.

File: 1652836480333.jpg (112 KB, 786x514)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Luna burns down from 285 billion down to 232 billion since May 13th which is a net burn of 53.2 billion tokens burnt which is .82% of the total supply meaning that in the current rate of burn it will take approx 450 days to burn 90% of the current supply. The growth rate and trend of burn amounts is increasing. The CSV file export from bsc indicates that if we enhance the burn rate with a 3% figure that tapers off as we approach 1 trillion we can be under the trillion supply amount in as little as 40 days! We would have to implement this now however because we might be showing signs of trading volume drops that will drastically reduce it.
they are not burning, bscscan or ethscan only show bridging moves between blockchains

File: 23g.jpg (275 KB, 715x1162)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
Can anyone tell me how can I get into NFTs without being an apefag? Is there something worth the try? I don’t want simple soulless AI generated animals, I saw arties a few days ago but idk shit about them
18 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Looks like a comic kek
But damn, how can you launder money by selling NFTs? That's stupid and weird, you can't evade taxes with cryptos anyways. Or well, there's a way? How?
>Little figures
nice try, im not buying your nft funkopops
File: 1604928390983.jpg (193 KB, 800x800)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
>it's not related with apes luckily, but I found that Illogics is going to collaborate with Arties.
Arties did it, they made a bored ape painting kek
not your bussiness

its so fucking cheap right now and the pump is coming as soon as the market recovers especially with HBAR foundation literally dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into expanding the Heder ecosystem

if you dont buy now then youre setting yourself up to becoming a wagie slave soon

File: 16349797962.jpg (161 KB, 1440x1440)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
What's the best binance alternative and why is it kucoin
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File: 16321968746516.jpg (6 KB, 234x215)
6 KB
i die a little bit inside each time someone mentions uniswap
based d0br0
always good to see bobo
usually brings happiness to everyone
Based TO user
Glowie thread not telling you

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