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File: cde.jpg (34 KB, 637x483)
34 KB
WHat is this based that you guys say all the time? Based on what?
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I'm sorry you're a no-brain-nigger, but "based" is used to describe something with a solid foundation, also known as a "base".
File: gay.jpg (103 KB, 988x962)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
holy fuck. not going to promote left wing politics but what is this??
holy shit frens tell me what based means already, I must know.
It was coined by rapper Lil B in the early 2010s
It just means "good" and "not giving a fuck about what others think"

For example: "the chinks are based because their bat-eating killed the west"

File: Screenshot (90).png (1.98 MB, 1598x1157)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB PNG
This business is putting profits before people, ignoring employee safety concerns regarding COVID. They're stoked about an uptick in sales for things like their "immunity boost" , while letting customers into the food production are to use the bathroom...during this pandemic..

The owner posted on IG about how "blessed" they are for not having to lay off employees yet they had laid off two employees the day prior to this post.

Nobody cares
i'm not drinking your fag juice

File: danbilzerian_-482x320.jpg (46 KB, 482x320)
46 KB
Me when I finally make it with Sky, I just need that juicy x20 and I'll at Bahamas.

Mainnet soon /biz/
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your bags were at 40 dollars, whats the price now?
I'm posting this since I know many people are interested in buying crypto with USD or whatever the fuck currency your country uses.

Invest in the future by buying cryptocurrencies at:
do you know he is gay?
Uh, those are men.
37 cents and these pathetic fucks are still shilling it in an end attempt at revival. Not going to happen idiots. skycoin was and is DEAD.

File: bobosleep.jpg (21 KB, 640x640)
21 KB
When I wakeup, bitcoin will be under $6700. Check em.
>ni hao wealthy bat eater
checked thanks now i can rest easy too sleep well 88

Day 82 of not cooming until bitcoin halves

What did I do what did I do. Some anon made a thread yesterday about losing 80 grand to Luckin Coffee so I decided to go all in at opening because it was up 10% pre market and I thought we were in for a bounce so I put in a market order and bought 10,000 shares with an average cost of 6.75. Then I went to work at starbucks and when I got out I saw how badly I fucked up and now im reading news about how the stock is going to go down even further. I need advice real bad for monday, do I hold these bags or cut my loss? Im down about 15,500. Thats almost a year salary for me. Please help
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You could've just bought 1-5 call contracts you retard. You deserve to loose it to some Chad buying puts.

Why would you invest so much into something you have no idea on. I wish I understood the other side of the market. The people who just don't research or understand what they are doing
>trusting chinks ever

>investing in chinks ever

>investing in chinks who we don’t even have to assume are lying because they just got caught out openly lying

Why do this to yourself?
that was short covering, retard
Yes China is really one giant exit scam for anything
File: 9f6.jpg (58 KB, 812x1024)
58 KB
>he didn't put in a stop loss

Alright fags, I know you fucks are up to good. Let’s talk scams in the business and financial world.

I’ll start first, with the massive closures of “non-essential “ businesses being closed eBay profits have increased. I’m currently buying high quality MTG proxies off chinamen and selling them on eBay. After a week I’ve made around $200 in extra cash with the few proxies I had. Just ordered a lot more and hoping to make $1000 in a week.

Share you’re thoughts
Nice man ass

File: 8437530485.jpg (42 KB, 900x343)
42 KB
Anyone have experience with this?
What should I watch out for?
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What’s the tax value of the house?
it says tax for 2018 was $1075
idt i have the balls to place a bid just yet, I need to read up on possible scams and ways I can be fucked over for a couple days
Just do it.

That’s annual tax bill. I mean total tax value.
I’m off to bed. This will probably be archived by the time I wake up. If anyone else has any questions about real estate bump it until tomorrow.
Thanks for all your help man, really appreciate it

File: kotface.jpg (180 KB, 990x990)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Remember that you are a lowly retail trader. If you think that big market makers with massive research teams haven't considered the consequences of the virus (but you have), then you're delusional.

It's priced in
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File: bubble.png (49 KB, 576x386)
49 KB
File: 1585834631280.jpg (210 KB, 1082x1316)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Something about this stupid fucking cat looking at me just makes me laugh
there be events, the dimensions of which, render them non-immediately graspable by mere market makers

Priced in. That's what the giga red monthly dildo was for.
File: 1585944984571.jpg (131 KB, 1024x1024)
131 KB
131 KB JPG

File: 1585247647767s.jpg (6 KB, 231x218)
6 KB
Idena has 0 use cases outside of its own """""network""""". Literal vaporware.
Will you buy some from me?

can i get an invite?

File: 1579117554925.png (240 KB, 866x812)
240 KB
240 KB PNG

File: ARAGON.png (542 KB, 673x663)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
Daily reminder that Kleros is the most undervalued token you can literally buy right now on Uniswap
Real Garbage Tier Coin
File: 1584328353937.jpg (62 KB, 264x415)
62 KB
i'll take the bag of shit
> pic related
>nigger memes

File: HowDoo.png (37 KB, 1638x1638)
37 KB
ITT: certified scams that have been shilled on /biz/ relentlessly, and are now nowhere to be found

HowDoo/UDOO. This was a Pump and Dump of absolutely epic proportions, and /biz/ was covered with those shitty scam threads for several weeks! Many got scammed, I'm sure.

If you hold any UDOO still, then I take my hat off to you, sirs.
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As if the name didn't imply it was a scam. CanYaCoin 2.0
but sir , huawei partnership ,, sir ,, this partnerships ,,, so many partnerships ,, and new exchange listing soon ,,
Lmao I feel bad for the idiots that bought this
Most scam coin threads had the same responses. It's almost as if perhaps the same group of people was pumping and dumping shitcoins all throughout the second half of last year. Makes you think.
VIDT fudder here. Heard the same. Just like this anon says >>18279136 these coins were shilled by the same group. Occasionally a few anons would get roped into the scam and they would defend it for free. All while they getting dumped on every week.

File: DXI8kAAV4AANBEk.jpg (135 KB, 750x733)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Is there a way to profit off of a master's degree in immunology and about 1.5 years of lab experience because of Corona-chan?
sure anon
Can you elaborate or is the economy a meme?
make a vaccine
>Make a new virus
>Short stock market
>Release virus

She said she has to quarantine with him for 2 weeks.

How am I going to be compensated for watching her 2 dogs and 4 year old son?

Forget about your shitcoins this virus is making it hard on all of us.
I wish I was your wife’s boss so I could duck the shit out of her like he’s going to do in quarantine
More time for you and her FURBABIES

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