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Once BTC breaks $20k it will break $30k in almost no time.
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I wish I could live in your fantasy world. It's not breaking 20k for a couple of months.
i literally bought ATH because of this
Fuckin kek
Yeah in about 6 months, we go to 10k first

Best way to turn 8k into 50k during this Golden Bull Run?
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Libra will kill Reserve
well that´s just a 6x, so just hold BTC and ETH and you should do fine
File: LTO TX.png (46 KB, 1287x752)
46 KB

File: 1598980195403.png (655 KB, 1128x1444)
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655 KB PNG
>$19,900 rejected
99% sure i go sleep and we wake up at 21k with alts at ATL
99% your timezone is completely meaningless and we dump below 17k within a week
File: 1605228641641.jpg (9 KB, 263x191)
9 KB
Not so fast, bobo

File: LinRegChannelES1yr6mo.gif (27 KB, 520x350)
27 KB
Hey guys I was thinking about setting up scripts to automate trading or analising the market as a side project using an API such as the one from Binance or Coinbase Pro. Anyone wants to share or discuss any experiences/recommendations about this? Python would probably be my language of choice
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This is interesting, thanks

Do you mind telling what APIs/ frameworks you're using? Also yeah for the strategy I've look up some stuff from Information Theory to get started, I'm also versed in ML but I'm not sold on basing the strategy on it
I'm making one in NodeJS, I expect to have something working in about 6 months.
>t. gib me some magic python script to become billionaire automagically plz sir plz
Also, I'm a computer science engineer, but know nothing about algo trading strategies. Can someone recommend me a book on how to make good strategies?
Retard I'm not asking for anything besides advice and discussion. I know people rightfully won't share their money-making tools (I wouldn't either), but I've seen some people in here that actually like to contribute and discuss topics. Also everyone can learn from other people's struggle

If you know about information theory there's an interesting chapter on it applied to the market in
"elements of information theory" by Thomas M. Cover. I'd also like to hear other anon's suggestions though

File: 1597285729349.png (1.46 MB, 881x883)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
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Man you guys pounce fast, at least stagger your fud posts so it isn't super obvious

lol eat shit for eternity you dumb faggots. You deserve to be poor for buying this scam
File: 1606723772977.jpg (580 KB, 857x1202)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
It's dogshit
>WTF was that
The same as every day, slowly bleeding out in sats just like the shitcoin it is.
They're a pump & dump discord server

File: 20201130_104742.jpg (75 KB, 1078x1079)
75 KB
You guys bought, right?
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>buy 6 shares
>it tanks

thanks biz, thanks WSB
if you dont know the value of this just sell and move on
This thing is all smoke and mirrors and is so overvalued it’s criminal. You deserve to lose your money
>t. somebody that I nows more than you realize
yeah the CIA subcontractor that spawned Anduril is undervalued at $27, you deserve to lose your money

File: 1527973896574.jpg (30 KB, 500x354)
30 KB
Surprised you don't have a general for this edition.

Trying to buy a house in SoCal for my wife and I to start a family in. Tied to the area by friends and work (IT), but open to moving out of state or to NorCal. We have ~$74k saved up and parents are giving us $50k, should we buy a dumpy house on a 15-year mortgage and sell/upgrade after that or buy a decent house with a 30-year mortgage and pay it off when I'm nearly 60 (which sounds gay). Combined net income is probably $70k/yr.

File: DFD.jpg (10 KB, 250x250)
10 KB
I am financially ruined.

File: 1608829369279.jpg (50 KB, 609x650)
50 KB
Where are you retards seeing we broke ath? Are btc maxis really THIS delusional?
>number go up
it's all they have
File: 1606688937556.png (139 KB, 480x466)
139 KB
139 KB PNG

File: c6d.jpg (24 KB, 374x363)
24 KB
>45% tax
>need a legal income

File: bobo kek.png (158 KB, 448x512)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>he bought LINK at the top

File: 1587072078087.png (265 KB, 481x480)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
they're going to crash the stock market to stop this bullrun
>they're going to crash the stock market to kickoff this bullrun
Looking forward to it :^)
File: 1605920456891.jpg (100 KB, 1024x1104)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>If they crash the stock market to stop this bullrun they will need to do QE4 which will fuck the dxy even more making the bullrun even stronger.

File: 47014.jpg (117 KB, 1125x924)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Who knows how to buy large amounts of $VPX?
Image multiplying your money instantly. Vulpos offers this possibility. #Vulpos #VPX #beyourownbank
Missing out on #$VPX now, is like not buying Amazon stock in 2002 #doofus
If you are not involved with #Vulpos and #$VPX what are you even doing?

File: 1593995115907.png (198 KB, 872x1020)
198 KB
198 KB PNG

File: 1_i_C0QdeImi-ueg9Xir0E-Q.png (1.05 MB, 2626x1382)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
"Ethereum can't scale"

Hurr durr
Hurr durr

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