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File: 1626829711654.jpg (25 KB, 512x509)
25 KB
rejection accepted
acceptance rejected
File: acceptedrejected.png (102 KB, 540x218)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
I missed these.
accepted rejectance

File: 1627197332662.webm (1.15 MB, 640x360)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB WEBM
Is this market lifting itself up to 40k and beyond or are we going to crab here before the eventual floor drop to 25k?
what say you biz
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There's probably news coming next week that will signal a small correction, but that just means more crab.
What mode is this?
How do I achieve it?
File: btc.png (46 KB, 1253x523)
46 KB

File: 1625090440168.jpg (9 KB, 251x201)
9 KB
>I bought at 29 and will sell at 35 and do it again next week

How are people poor again? I'm going to make 6 grand in a week.
I am up 20k since two days ago and never selling. This works until it doesn’t and you’re left behind. Upside is unbounded.
File: 1626376609719.gif (23 KB, 112x112)
23 KB
>never selling
>Upside is unbounded
most of BTC's upside already happened, a 10x (a relative pittance in a crypto bullmarket) would require BTC to hit $350K which not even the most delusional of bagholders actually think is coming any time soon

File: IMG-20210725-WA0002.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
Did you check EQIFI??
It is a #DeFi backed up by fully regulated and licensed EQI Bank of dominica
This is first #DeFi of which is being backed by a bank .Bridging gap between $DeFi and #traditional market.
Making sure people with less Crypto knowledge can also explore DeFi features with the help of EQIFI.
Already got exposed
Looks a promising project
This will be huge. I'm all in

File: fantomnightmare.png (645 KB, 770x515)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
what we buying boys? whats the word on the tranny streets?
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Which one of you is right?
10 fanties per bomb would mean each bomb is like, $2. Kek that is not happening.
But still, 10 bombs per fantie means a 7x from here if you buy now. Definitely achieveable.
short term>>39147885 is right.
Long term>>39147897 is right.
File: theListofForeverPoors.png (79 KB, 1017x711)
79 KB
it will very quickly plummet to zero when either the 64m wallet belonging to wise old man sells or any of the loser unemployed neet faggots shilling it on 4chan 24/7 decide to sell their 1%-3% total supply bags.

File: 1622446032187.png (94 KB, 939x859)
94 KB
>rejection 34.8ked
>rejection 52.1ked
>rejection 48.8ked
>rejection 40ked
>rejection 36ked
>rejection 35.2ked
>rejection 34.8ked
(you are here)
>rejection 32ked

File: salesforce-logo[1].jpg (17 KB, 436x287)
17 KB
Is writing plugins for this piece of shit a decent way to make passive income? I need to start profiting on my good programming abilities.
maybe, if you know what you're doing. I've written a marketing plugin for it before at a previous job I had and it wasn't easy, their docs are pretty shit. The place I worked wanted to sell it or something. I'm not sure if they did though. I'm not sure if there's a lot of buyers, just because of the cost of salesforce and their other services.

You'd probably make more money working on your own crypto bot or something. Or just tools to help you day trade, that's what I've been doing for the last few months. Or make your own coin even. Here's some stuff on bots
I've tried my hand at making stock bots, but I get filtered by the statistics. I'd like to make one but every time I try learning the math I fail at the same point and give up. I've seen how much businesses throw at enterprise software and I've also seen how little work goes into said software. I froth at the mouth at the idea of selling some big company some easy ass solution to some basic problem they have.
There's some other ways to approach it, like with this program it just buys into almost every new pair that's created on pancakeswap. It filters out some of the shit ones but it could probably filter out more. It's also a good example of using web3.js to trade programmatically on pancakeswap
Another way to approach it is to just use various apis and blockchain data to find coins worth buying, filter out the shitty coins, and then buy/sell them manually

wordpress plugins is probably another thing to look into. People buy a lot of those. Maybe there's some holes in the market for crypto plugins for wordpress websites
>I need to start profiting on my good programming abilities.
Then just do freelance webshit for big companies for some years and you're fine. Salesforce is gay and only niggers use it, don't go there.

File: rejecteddddddddddddd.jpg (14 KB, 257x247)
14 KB
Aim high bobo. When are you liquidated?
Don't listen to bears they are always wrong
very funny and original post mumu
don't you have anything better to do?

File: rejected.png (276 KB, 561x546)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
It has just surpassed 34.6K, bobonigger.

Prepare to be liquidated.
File: WereBack.png (203 KB, 1084x212)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
Yeah, I'm thinking we're back.

Bobos really thought they had us beat, when we were cliffhanging at that $30k reversal level. But they forgot one thing - greedy bobos always get slaughtered. We’ve seen a demoralizing crash, but this bull market isn’t finished... it’s barely getting started. $40k in a few days, $60k in a few weeks, $100k BTC is inevitable this year. The gut wrenching drop, the panic and the anxiety of watching your portfolio crash by 60% is nothing compared to the happiness and euphoria and pure dopamine we will experience in a few months. BTC, ETH, MATIC, maybe even LINK and HBAR will all make new all time highs far beyond what you’ve ever imagined. Good luck frens, we’re all going to make it (beside the bobos). Mumus always win!
I slurped
As did I. We’re going to make it soon :)
Fuck bobos
Harmony ONE is our lord and savior

File: 1523355787472.jpg (572 KB, 1436x1674)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
whats the next crypto sector to pump?

we've had defi, nfts, and how game related coins are pumping. whats next?
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lotto tokens
After the buzz related to vitalik's ethcc speech I'm going to say infrastructure tokens related to non-defi use cases. First among those is identity, but that's free with ENS. I don't know what comes next, status resurgence?
that sector seems so bearish after a handful of exchanges removing privacy coins. id love to see it happen though.
File: ir163_briefs_kek.1.jpg (67 KB, 800x800)
67 KB
Grab some $HTZ hertz Coin feeless, Defi, Token Creation Platform. Get in early. #onceinalifetime no brainer faggotz
yeah, been looking into a lot of gaming and lotto stuff since LadyLucky. I like the basic idea, and have looked into all of them. LOT is very underrated right now. lotteyrtoken.net Its simple in design, holding at least 18 LOT in your wallet gets you automatic lifetime entry into the main lottery, there is no fee to enter which is perfect, the pot fills up with transaction fees. when the pot fills, the lottery goes off. The lotteries are not huge because of this, usually around 1200 lot to the winner. But its always something to look forward to, and makes it easy to hold because there is no constant drain on your wallet. But there is also a more traditional weekly lottery called Pineapple Express where you can optionally pay 5 LOT to enter 1 time. the difference is much higher odds of winning. There are only 1.2 million tokens, only 360k mcap, and they are releasing some new games soon. Its like MM token but with real use of a lottery, and people are incentivized to hold since that gains them auto entry into the lottery. When the token price rises, it will still make sense to hold as the value of the lottery increases. I can see it blowing up once they do some marketing, but its all very low key right now. Also Pancake Hunny looks very interesting, totally different than LOT, same team as Pancake Bunny, but adding casino gaming to defi. their token supply is unlimited, I don't think there will be as much of a moonshot there, already at 5m mcap, and they seem to want to keep the price reasonable as the token is used for casino gaming. I see it hitting maybe $15 EOY. LOT could hit $100 per token easily though.

File: 1614172929051.png (680 KB, 1017x1135)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
imagine what that means about tesla investors, or atleast what its says about how he thinks of tesla investors
either way
staying away from tesla stocks

File: rejectedd.jpg (56 KB, 705x686)
56 KB
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File: 1324345455.jpg (10 KB, 228x221)
10 KB
File: doyou.jpg (50 KB, 606x495)
50 KB
this reminds me of that great aussie rock classic

hunters and collectors - do you see what i see

i might just throw it on, let the good times roll as the liquidations continue and continue

sing it with me

Do you see what I see?
Do you see what I see?
Do you see what I see?
Do you see what I see?
File: Cycles 2.jpg (1.52 MB, 3300x2419)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG

The bitcoin price has swung wildly since JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon called bitcoin a "fraud" in September 2017—rising to around $20,000 per bitcoin before crashing to under $4,000 (twice).

whole different market my guy.

keep shorting, we thank you for your contribution.
Lol get fucked bobo

File: 1612126727-ete0q4wxaaqmkq.jpg (163 KB, 1000x1000)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Gaming NFT crypto? Thoughts? AXS, SAND, ALICE. Why the fuck are all these pumping? New flavour for the week?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sure satan. so what should i throw my money into without touching stupid farmville and pokemon to flip some cash.
as a zoomer these fluctuating prices will NEVER let any of this be adopted, no matter how you adjust anything. all of these blockchain gaming companies are ponzis that are too cheap to hire more than two actual developers. why the fuck would I want a decentralized economy for a game that is centralized? how the fuck does that add up to you??? freedoms, yeah, no...freedoms are more of a x y thing, but they dont give a fuck about these "games" either. only effect blockchain will have on the gaming scene is highlight the faults in capitalism and bring it as a crude caricature of the modern markets into video games, and nobody wants to bother with that. blockchain gaming is a meme
and video games are starting to get boring ngl.

shagglord out
ok but capitalism works like this: if a product exists and its bad consumers dont play/use it and product seizes to exist. if people like the blockchain integration then they play it and it exists, simple as that
i dont think were having an argument here. now start pumping defi so some faggots get rich who might fund decent gaming devs. blockchain can and WILL be integrated later by people and companies that matter

It's over you fucking idiots . Told you to invest in kandyswap
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>5% fee for EVERY transaction
is there anything in the kuchain that isn't under water since launch?
>"It's deflationary"
KEK, it's never stopped the whales before.
Kandyswap looks like a nigger designed it though...

i believed daniel was a bsv supporter. i now believe he is doing it ironically and trying to trick midwits like me into buying and holding bsv. baka
Creepy porn lawyer said Baka. Why do you r3ddit shill? Gtfo /biz/ lefty scum
no he knows that the only way bitcoin can succeed is through capitalism not through central planning by core

File: 1244217753231.png (10 KB, 320x325)
10 KB
The worst community ever. Won't even shill their bags. I hate selling at a loss but realized this shit won't go anywhere. Stay away.

File: 20210724_201946.png (99 KB, 459x424)
99 KB
So now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
BSC smart contracts were out for over a year before bsc blew up so just give it time. Most people still don't know that kcc even exists.
Plus that constant downward pressure should be gone sometime today.
File: anno.png (648 KB, 992x725)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
that other thread about this being a rug is demoralizing, thanks for the hopium kudbud
all of a sudden these wild ideas end up in your mind and a really high security rating on certik starts to look sketchy
It's going to "downward pressure" it's way down to 0 retard
Stay poor faggot, not my problem

File: plant.jpg (7 KB, 280x180)
7 KB
Want to see your situation improve?

All you have to do is stop wasting seed, and ask god for forgiveness. From there, make a plan and try not to watch porn. You will be amazed at the results, prove me wrong

You can do it in any language, its free to try.

>take out a loan and some credit cards
>lose everything because I'm unlucky and retarded
>have 20k of debt to the cards, bank and school
>decide to just not pay them anything
>throw away any mail I get from them
>credit score takes a hit but who cares I'm too broke to use it for anything anyways
>flash forward 4 years
>absolutely nothing happened
>don't even get the mail anymore

What a retarded system. If you have debt just stop paying it. Not like those jews deserve it anyway.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I went to the er once after stepping on a nail. It was Friday so I didn't want to wait till next week to see my dr. Figured it couldn't cost more than a couple hundred bucks to get a tetanus shot. Wrong. 6,000 fucking dollars. I didn't pay it then disputed it on my credit and had it removed.
Funny how entire countries are essentially doing this.
What's fucked up is that the doctors/nurses and even front desk don't know wtf the prices of everything is. That's decided by the insurance companies. Also I worked in a plastics factory once and whenever anything was "medical grade" we simply had to wear gloves and a hairnet. The prices of those plastic pieces were 32x higher than the other parts using the same machinery. HEALTHCARE IS A JEWISH SCAM
How many years will this continue? There will be some day when everyone realizes the entire economy is fake.
File: 1627158023974.jpg (31 KB, 660x574)
31 KB
then we cope seethe, lower our heads in shame, and repeat, maybe some poorfags will get to kill some richfags, some will be locked up, the more articulate will prove their worth with great debate and we will continue on with this theatre we call society

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