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File: fuhrer.jpg (594 KB, 1052x663)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
if you have under 500k in crypto you're not gonna make it. at best you can make another 10-20X. so no way you will make it with your pathetic 10k$ stack.
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File: 0xMonerodotcom.png (5 KB, 390x129)
5 KB
Invest in solid microcaps like 0xMR and you will make it. You can easily 1000x an investment in the right microcap.
So are you saying i'm going to make it from my LOKI bags alone?

That's freaking awesome desu
I havw $8k in RSR (2.7M). will Imake it?
$1.5MM is enough to (almost) retire in western Europe if you just want to live a normal life. If you're young you can afford to be heavily invested in stocks (i.e. close to 100%) because you won't need most of the money for many years to come.
If your expected return is 6%/ year you can withdraw 3% and have 3% to beat inflation/ slightly grow the portfolio.
And that's without touching the principal investment ($1.5MM). As you get older you can increase you withdrawal rate and you'll also have your public pension savings (which are quite large in some western European countries).
$45k/ year is enough money to live a decent life, especially if you're not a normie who needs dumb shit like expensive cars and watches to be happy. Most people on /biz/ (including me) just want to be free, escape wageslavery and be able to pursue their dreams. I don't need a lambo, a $5MM condo or designer clothes to be happy.
Jokes on u. my burn rate is so low even 500k is more than enough to never have to work again. Have fun buying a bunch of overpriced garbage and experiences.

>15 mil market cap
>right in the middle of sillicon fucking valley
>not yet on kikebase
>network entirely functional deep sharded protocol, exactly what eth wants to implement
>he doesn’t have a bag

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It never pumped retard, all it did was dump. And when it was rleases due to the ieo distribution there were no whales
That was is. It will never go higher than it was. Ever. This scam failed big time. Trying to spam it back from the dead is useless. Nobody will buy those bags off you.
0x4c327471c44b2dacd6e90525f9d629bd2e4f662c ETH coin contract from McAfee's website. I'd suggest pulling the addy from etherscan or from his .com and using his own provided address in uniswap or something.

DYOR but basically this coin grant u ghost when mainnet launches on June 22nd. Obvious buy. Hold for most. Nice staking. Nice masternode rewards. No BS. Anon transactions too.
>believe me sirs! great coinings! obviously honestings. my spamming only to make you richings. buy now!
Shut up retard

File: 20200529_081655.jpg (266 KB, 2896x2896)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
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left one is a dumb cash flow token which will never work, built on top of the right one
Damn I think you are right.
both, dummy
what is the right one?
Daostack Gen. Its what dxd is built on top of.

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 134x130)
6 KB
why have businesse , if you can live without money
Is this /int/ humor
Why live if you can't have money

File: uyf7tdutrct.jpg (64 KB, 658x880)
64 KB
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Shit bants

Yes your bants are indeed!
Why? Reality is only retards buy into downtrends.
when it doesn't hit $2000 eoy and you're left looking stupid are you just going to backpedal and pretend that you meant a later date or are you going to sell up?
oh ok so it isn't going to reach $2000 a token then? LOL, which one is it?

File: FEDERAL-RESERVE.jpg (1.55 MB, 3600x2384)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
Burgers explain yourself. Seriously, how the fuck is this possible in the land of the free? lmao
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It's where we store our burgers in case the US gets invaded, that's why it's called a reserve. The whole printing thing is just a cover.
A must watch for any bluepilled retards: https://youtu.be/mII9NZ8MMVM
>how the fuck is this possible in the land of the free
everyone get a load of this faggot

You're shitty country's central bank has the same owners and it currency is worth a lot less. Stay salty squatamalon.
FUND holder?

File: SLAAAAAAAP.webm (2.81 MB, 500x500)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM
why do people still use or speculate on this shit?

>outdated, slow tech
>high energy consumption
>high fees

it's literal dogshit. webm unrelated.
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not american, it is literal dogshit, literally came out of a dogs ass, like you
You just fail to understand the value proposition op, probably due to low iq and/or emotional attachment to bad investment decisions (aka holding shitbags).

Maybe some day you'll get it.
>you fail to understand
ok I'm waiting..
>doesn't explain what he means
like clockwork, low iq post by btc maxicuck
probably because he couldn't tell how much of him was caught on camera once he realized he was being filmed
>self awareness

File: download.png (6 KB, 318x159)
6 KB
Ok boys. How much of my net worth should I invest in this gem?
fuck. all.
anon, this is a token we do not talk about on biz anymore. it's dead to me I'd prefer if we could go pack to pretending like it never even happened.

File: 516556.png (124 KB, 349x491)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
File: F35 Takeoff.jpg (1017 KB, 4654x2618)
1017 KB
1017 KB JPG
Bullish on Military Industrial Complex stonks, buy DFEN.

Some of you guys are alright, dont be long tomorrow.
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No need to fight it
People will unironically argue against this
File: TA.png (768 KB, 765x478)
768 KB
768 KB PNG
That’s why big players said this year is the last year to accumulate under 10k cause it’s literally going to stay under 10k all year
it's going to 0 by 2022

File: chainlink-logo.jpg (141 KB, 1000x1000)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Does anyone know when the dev wallet is going to stop dumping?
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The charts would show historically everything has been better than alright kek
cus he mined on the side in a private address
he is dumping, just not from the satoshi wallets
>65% of the total supply
you're retarded beyond saving
the whole reason we have a good guess that those are his wallets is that there was a "glitch" in the first versions of the bitcoin software that let you tie together blocks mined by the same instance of the software
nobody had a clue about this glitch until much later
if he knew about it and didn't want people to know about the bitcoins the mined, why wouldnt he just made a 60k chunk tops and mine the rest secretly
This. You know when the team won’t part ways with their BTC but are willing to dump their LINK that things are fucked

File: Pajeet.jpg (34 KB, 363x348)
34 KB
So the website is up now, when are we going to the moon sirs?

What would you consider a make it stack?

I'm currently at around 40k but considering pumping more.

Share any info you have on this, the project is new and it was leaked before anyone knew about it.
Lol nice try anon. The dev already ran away with your ethereum
can someone post a link to the discord i saw? i want to talk to other anons about the breadcrumbs before i do anything

Elaborate please sir
Now why would you go and shill this when you could be accumulating for under $.01? It looks like a legit project & it's barely off the ground. Just grab up what you can and then sit on it for a while until all of the idiots start screeching and FOMO'ing. This is so young its a Cat2.

File: afwitjw0lkk01.jpg (28 KB, 499x481)
28 KB
> Puts $500 spread across good potential, decent team, and use-case ready coins. $23 profit after 20 days.

> Puts $310 on Pajeettier PnD shitcoins. $773 profit in 12 days.

Why do it be like that anons?
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>that's considered good investment?
It's not.

The threads for them clearly say so. The results reflect it.
I'm so fucking furious that one day a knuckle dragging sub human nigger brainlet typed "why do it be like that" and now it's a fucking part of pop culture. Truly disgusting! Kys for helping perpetuate niggery.
>The threads for them clearly say so.
So shills saying their shilled shitcoin is a good investment makes it so? Fascinating take
>He still thinks these are securities.
Buy SUTER and stake it anon, don't mess with anything else

How do we profit from the twitter shitstorm and trump seething?
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You can get a bullet too kike. Rules for us but not for them? Fuck that, they've been abusing the government for decades to suppress and kill us and now it's simply our turn to eradicate you useless cunts.
go back
File: orange-man.jpg (239 KB, 1200x1031)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Orange man Chad
This. Based.

Can you really blame other countries for hating the USA? Look at who we made our president. People in the third world living in mudhuts wouldn't even consider making this guy their president, and they're ok with walking 10 miles every day just to get water.

Fucking DUMB WHORE wants to go in YT "investing niche", because the fucking WHORE thinks she can use her ROTTEN PUSSY to attract desperate finance nerds after hearing how much money Stephan Graham was making.

Fuck this. Seriously, dumb fucking "niche" sluts like this should have their dumb heads bashed in with a baseball bat.
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File: 1588935585578.png (75 KB, 250x250)
75 KB

LOL this pajeet is fuming because some random ethot took "his" niche bahahahahahah
shes hot. whats the going rate for a shoutout?
you see women traders too, like the retard who was trading at school. target audience is women more than men.
trading/investing 4 womenz is an untapped niche. they have the money.
File: 1546004968879.jpg (61 KB, 1341x601)
61 KB
womanz, what you gonna do? they know their only asset is pussy and butt. so this is the only thing they have going.

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