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File: 1475707292510s.jpg (7 KB, 250x200)
7 KB
>Halvening in 39 days
>Under $7k
We're fucked, aren't we?
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Seriously Anon, do I seem like the person to you that like to get a discount ;)
>most btc already mined
>supply literally halves
Less rewards, but the miners with the shittier equipment drop out. Think of it as survival of the fittest, only the best miners remain. And with fewer miners around they mine a larger ratio of the blocks and so even with half the reward they get a larger share of the rewards. Really it goes to show the centralizing effect of the halving reward.
>if people think it the opposite will happen
>here is what I think
Guess we are in for quite a bull run this time
In case you haven't been watching the news, nobody has money to by goofcoins for the foreseeable future.

File: 1585621214991.png (233 KB, 991x672)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
so listen to this.

busy all year, work 16-20 hour days.
get paid for 8 of them.
boss says " i'll have my accountant girl files our taxes, we are busy she can do it"

"ok boss."

months go by...

boss? what is going on with the tax returns?

mind you, never seen a w2, never even seen a pay stub to see whats getting taken out.. nothing.. almost 1 year in..

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Youre either genuinely retarded, or just kind of retarded and larping.
thats my plan.
he humble family guy.
he eats mad adderals..
has small family.
looks like an ogre.
i dont want to fuck him over.
i just want my fucking money and gtfo.

he dont even have a vehicle..
he has us drive him around job to job
shits bad.

thats why i want out.
thanks for advice frens.
will keep you posted.
once i get my $$$ i'm leaving.
already got better job lined up.
just want my fucking money.
and w2 copy.
idk what this dicking around shit is.
its been since fucking january.

i knew something was fucked when he told us how much we were getting back from taxes, and the amount was waaaaay lower than my usual tax returns.. like almost half lower..
that was first red flag..
next was 0 W2.
no pay stubs nothing..

now hes saying our tax return money came in, but somehow ended up in his fucking business account...

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im going to sleep.
keep thread active, i am waking up in 4.5 hour.
A fool and his money are easily parted. You were working underpaid and you let someone else do your taxes. You are 33 years old. You are retarded

File: 1584541993246.jpg (48 KB, 700x734)
48 KB
Why did darknet want to use Bitcoin? Did they not know it leaves a permanent trail of payments?
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>Why did darknet want to use Bitcoin?
Nothing else available really
>Did they not know it leaves a permanent trail of payments?
Back in the day the fait on ramps where sparse. I personally purchased cash in person at a starbucks.
Best of luck tracing that back to me.
1. There was a time when other shitcoins didn't ever existed,
2. If you really understand how law enforcement work IRL around the world, you would understand why.

Can't say anything more because FBI would drag my ass to hell
This was back in like 2013, probably 400 to 800 for the whole box. Forget how many there were, 10 to fifteen? There was someone else who was asking 250k in btc to come and build you a nuclear bomb shelter anywhere in the world
nsa created bitcoin to hurt the cia. dollar is world reserve narco currency. bitcoin put a serious dent in that by 2012. cia is world's #1 drug dealer and were hurt by this. creation of shitcoins is funded by the cia to devalue bitcoin and prop up usd as world reserve narco currency.

File: 1584287186240s.jpg (4 KB, 125x111)
4 KB
She works as a caretaker in a home for mentally ill people, mostly schizos. They won't let her wear a mask because it would scare the residents, probably true. The work is considered essential I guess. Can she sue or something? STEM fag not a legal bro
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>Can she sue or something?
She can quit.
a mask won't protect her from mental illness stop being retarded
Check your states Emergency Order. such orders are usually worded in a way that allows for the suspension of any normal guidelines (Health Dept in your case) when it comes to Essential businesses. So probably no luck there
She should just wear it. If they fire her then they'll have fun looking for another person. Tell her to stop being a bitch looking for a lawsuit and just quit or wear it and see what happens. A mask definitely works and I'm wearing mine for the duration of the shift. If they're on a nebulizer, hiflow, bipap, etc. she'll want an n95 but otherwise droplet mask is good. My hospital said the same shit about scaring patients. I said they should be scared but if I stubbed toe is worth risking your life over I won't stop them, but I will keep wearing my mask. A week later they said were allowed to, 5 days after that they mandated it. People should have some agency and just talk. Much better results than lawsuits because her ass is first on chopping block in a few weeks if she tries that shit.

>what should I be investing in?
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File: 1555204313089.png (590 KB, 1024x577)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
Mercury dimes if you like blowjobs
This picture makes me very sad for reason.

File: Untitled.png (290 KB, 1560x900)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
Is cryptokitties good to use as a store of value? I spent a few hundred so far.
>he doesn't have tron dogs

Hopefully he wins again. This country needs an economic overhaul
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A rat king is not what you think it is. Google it.
This is the overhaul faggot. We won.
Yeah just like the trade deal
I guess I should have said king rat. But, in a way, the Trumpettes are a rat king tied by their shared crimes.
but he's doing better than her by just about every metric

People don't care about the president being an incoherent old white rapist, remember Donald Trump?

If you are not loading up on Bitcoin shorts right now you will never get an easier chance than now.
So is the difficulty of my chance dependent on whether or not I’m currently loading up on shorts?
Lol. It's literally pump in the morning
If it pumps it'll bounce off 6.9 - 7.4k then come back down.

File: smarty.jpg (32 KB, 300x360)
32 KB
I'm here to clear up any misconceptions you all have about the stock market and finance.

The real equation is (length * girth / angle of the shaft) / (mass / width)

File: 18267.jpg (76 KB, 650x440)
76 KB
i always used think this was the "smart" board. so why do people post like the fake ass bat flu is real and not just an excuse to have a recession?correction ? i thought you idiots understood economics ?
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> i always used think this was the "smart" board.

Fucking idiot.
Well op, the average IQ dropped about 30 IQ points the instant you joined, have you tried killing yourself?
Retard. The "Wuhan" flu was created by a secretive hotpot cult of Louisianans to draw attention to their medical needs.
this ones a keeper, for sure
god I hope this becomes a copy pasta. It's the best BTFO I've read so far to the bazillion "woke" or "redpilled" brainlets on this board

File: ppcl.jpg (13 KB, 263x192)
13 KB
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how would you solve those problems?
Social democracy.
No, I don't care to. I already listed the issues that we currently have with American capitalism. A more social democratic system (not to be confused with socialism) would at least lessen the blow of all this.
they get a taste of the pleasures of being a neet and employment will decrease significantly

this will kickstart the automation era, the 4th industrial revolution

File: 1583124106327.png (225 KB, 600x600)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
Should I take out a $30k loan to buy hotel and airline stock right now?
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Not likely, they normally get taken off exchanges before that after bankruptcy is declared. It's then up to the people in charge to properly distribute assets to the stock holders.
it depends on when u think everything will return to normal. after nyc has had 100k cases nothing will be normal again until a vaccine is out so june 2021
put some of it into crypto
This we're only half way through the crash right now
you should go all in longing anything until the quarantine is lifted because a lot of shit is going to zero

File: 1585865128596.jpg (17 KB, 520x468)
17 KB
Petition to change BTC to BBC.
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We want the female audience.
I don't know what happened but I swear I smelled shit for a second just by looking at this picture.
>I don't know what happened but I swear I smelled shit for a second just by looking at this picture
holy fuck kek exact same thing happened to me

File: rENKO.png (128 KB, 1790x856)
128 KB
128 KB PNG

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where can I short this shitcoin?
You are going to need a world war for that to happen, my guy
Supremely bearish
Unironically, the lockdowns have been decreasing overall deaths due to reduction of traffic accidents.
Shhh. Your doom show is over now

The development output is insane
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are you talking invites or DNA?
He's giving away DNA not invites like a chad.
thats a lotta free hours of mining bro
>>forgets that Satoshi Nakamoto is anon

If you think this is a valid justification for a dev team of one of these shitcoin "projects" being anonymous, especially after the implosion of the hundreds of ICO scams in 2017, you are a stupid faggot.

I'm not posting a screenshot since I've already crawled into bed for the night. This is my node.

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