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File: tvt.jpg (15 KB, 225x224)
15 KB
hi ,tvt.io


trade tvt


I don’t fucking get it. It doesn’t change your holdings as a fraction of maket cap. What’s the purpose? It changes nothing besides a number in your wallet.
Please help im retarded
Rebase is a programming thing

File: ampleforth_for_fb.jpg (41 KB, 1000x1000)
41 KB
Will the downward spiral go on forever?
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File: 1586999903734.jpg (8 KB, 249x249)
8 KB
I'm hitting 700% gains in two weeks, and biz STILL isn't on xeth
Yet they'll buy these vaporware cashgrab schemes and rugpulls
On the comfy scale I'm about an 11/10
you failed the iq test
Even the SCAMPL Pepe guy has given up on this project. Sad
>No we will get back easy
souce: trust me
The fact that it's elastic doesn't mean shit if people don't buy mongoloid
3 months ago supply was at only 30 million. It jumped to nearly 800m within a month. Be patient, wait for new things like impermanent loss pools and elastic AMM's which are coming soon and everyone will be buying/lending/borrowing Ampl to own as a base money token.

I’ve lost so much money in the past months....

Why am I always the guy buying high selling low :(
crazy thought
maybe you should be buying now
dont follow and catch ralleys.
do ur own research find good coins. then watch ta and be patient. whait till they dip back again on strong resitence.
See green as a sell signal and red as a buy signal not the other way around.
if they didnt dip live with it that u passed one of 3000 coins.
hold over 50% of ur portfolio at any time in btc cause its the only coin that allways recovers.
never put more than 10% in one alt.
just dont be greedy
File: 1562988355255m.jpg (85 KB, 878x1024)
85 KB
You literally just buy and hold how many fucking times do we have to say it?

File: 1598733487485.jpg (199 KB, 722x1000)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
does anyone else lose interest in a coin when any questions of it are just meant with something like "nice fud"
This shit happens in telegrams with devs too
File: 2pidi7g7a1m51.jpg (83 KB, 600x972)
83 KB
god I want to graze those small breasts with my dick while I put my fingers inside her pussy and ass and feel her tingling inside while also touching a little bit of poop

File: 1543709852565.jpg (53 KB, 718x748)
53 KB

File: avvo.png (248 KB, 625x350)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Reinassence fund which has historically outperformed the market can't loose all the shit out

Also market alway go up and there are some crashes here and there

corona was an exscuse to crash the market
Any insights?
File: 1601107245374.png (46 KB, 596x1867)
46 KB
exscuse u say? market not alway go up, marke crash BIG
corona was an exscuse to crash
No corona is real, no not exscuse. schkizo take pills .

File: LIBERTAS.png (16 KB, 200x200)
16 KB
>libertas website releases Sep 30
>dapp launches Oct 30
>low price ($0.004)
>low mcap (~250k)
you guys comfy? top 20 holder here.
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low tier fud
nice fud retard. just buy your bags at market price and shut the fuck up. quit trying to scare newfags out of their stacks.
edgy OC for meme contest
if all white dev team with names and faces public doesn't sell you, nothing will i guess.
Some people just dont understand liberbro

File: Capture.png (145 KB, 1326x707)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Guys check this coin out It can go 100x from here Just buy the dip it looks Juicy <3 free money. The devs are really experienced as well.
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Fucking scam pajeet cancer mongloid fucking kill yourself you fucking nobody
Sparta is a confirmed scam you fucking mongo.

kys with this shitcoin OP

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Will be Milkyway Protocol.

The presale is going on right now.
Is going on right now.

585 ETH hardcap 300 soft . 100 eth or sold sold out so far.

Let me say i have known some of the milkyway team for a long time The NFT ecosystem they are creating is REAL and is legit cutting edge.

I also know some of the Samurai team and heavily vouched for them.
Im telling you now this is the most sure fire bet moonshot out there. What they are building puts the other NFT crap to shame.

It will be one of if not the the leading NFT ecosystem out there and very soon.

Their in depth NFT website teaser is coming in a few days. I dont think yiu guts realize how hard this thing will moon.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ez softcap today. Lfg
This is how easy itbis to get rich .. thank u universe. Great products. Great team.
For the thousandth time: NFTs don’t need a platform beyond a smart contract chain

Pajeet Bingo : all checked

What city is the best to live in?
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>living in a city with all the globohomos
This is actually a good idea, however I would suggest Hawthorne
Utrecht is a patrician city
Wellington? Grotty hipster fag detected.

File: memelines.jpg (105 KB, 1161x859)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
This is what my magic meme lines are telling me. The buy zone is where the blue 200ma touches the yellow trendline, 6.3-7€ / 7-8$. It's going to take around 1.5/2 months then we go parabolic.
anything under $7 is free money

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Just my opinion
I'll look them up, thanks fren
Yes and you are so beautiful rich and smart
That never a girlfriend betrayed you and fucked bigger cocks. Never.
I woke up quite angry today
Cheers fren

Bitcoins about to dump isn't it
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why will that happen?
two people both claiming to win the election in the nov + constitutional crisis + market crashing + dollar recovery.. doesnt sound like a risk on environment
File: 1597741238362.jpg (24 KB, 480x480)
24 KB
2nd corona wave
hacker going to dump 150 millions monday
2 billions in options at 11k and 12k ready to sell.
ta shows lower top and fall down on 10 k resitence 3 times in a row
9600 gap still exist.
File: got.jpg (181 KB, 1280x720)
181 KB
181 KB JPG

This shit is tanking so hard right now.
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File: 52352352325253.png (26 KB, 816x502)
26 KB
It has been averaging in this price range for a while now, today is nothing special. Its crabbing, sure, but its not 'tanking'
I don't know much about parsiq, I took a look and it seemed interesting. But this is crypto, where being a scam or having a solid product all have nothing to do with price action. Like 99% of projects will never moon no matter what. If there's a bear market, nothing moves. If there's a hypermania bull market like 2017, even many questionable projects reach ridiculous heights. When btc pumps, all the rest dump. When btc dumps, all the rest dump. It's a clown market and if you can't take it, then gtfo
You're partially right. Legit projects survive btc pump and dumps, shitcoins dont, they never recover. Parsiq will be in the top 50 in ~2 years, what happens on a day to day basis doesnt matter. It will climb up there.
Oh look, its already climbing back up, emotional zoomers shouldnt hold coins like this
You faggots are a disaster, sirs this coin i bought 7 minutes ago is not mooning, aaagghhh

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