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The ones we have right now like Steam market are getting old and outdated honestly. Why won’t these big gaming companies create something more up to date ? Polygon already has gaming NFT marketplaces and they’re doing great with that. So what’s stoping bigger gaming companies ?
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Why would the abolish the current system where they own every single item/account/license and can ban you without a reason?
theyre dinosaurs, theyre used to taking 100% of the profit, theyre not gonna share with the scrubs, they would rather disappear.
also, crypto is bad for muh environment and other retarded shit.
whats london, whats pos, whats layer2, what are rollups? stfu you stupid nigger.
Check the gas, retard.
If they use Enjin jumpnet. It’s carbon negative and 100% free to mint and transfer. Plus they can add on fees when on my player sells/ trades/destroys their nft. I would say invest in Enjin then
Layer 2 = middlemen and trust = same shit as Steam essentially but you just have tenfold the complexity now.

But who am I kidding. This is clown market and consumers will demand this.

File: 698436547.jpg (37 KB, 720x720)
37 KB
What really bothers me about the mf eth hodlers is that they literally just got shit in their face waiting for ETH 2.0 to come out and this burning fees shit was already introduced to the market by many newer platforms. Ok Kumar we get it ETH is pretty big but the only thing holding eth together is Axie infinity at this point lmao and you talked a lot of shit about normies here on /biz/ and now they buy you dinner that's some cold shit right there
Good luck waiting for new updates about eth 2.0 in the next few years
go back
HOLY SHIT YOU ARE SALTY AS FUCK THAT YOU DIDN'T BUY MORE ETH. Just shut the fuck up this isn't your blog.
Where is eth 2.0 anons
so they have found you, Kumar
et 2.0 doesn't exist right now, when they FIANLLY finish that shit we can talk about, but meanwhile they will keep copying to others projects like Avalanche

Thoughts on this? Does money buy happiness?
Im sure the worst experiences actually cost quite a bit

File: chilliz.png (714 KB, 500x667)
714 KB
714 KB PNG
File: IMG_20210606_131824_530.jpg (125 KB, 1024x820)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
rocketdrop will be the first dex to use arbitrum
Big if true
it's among the first whitelisted projects my fren

Ok biz don't fuck with me, how profitable is to to farm shrimps or shrooms in an indoor environment while living in a city?
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File: halo3_48600729_Full.jpg (196 KB, 1536x1152)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
I've only had success with pf tek method.
And yes, exactly. I'd basically need to convert the entirety of my apartment space to doing that. Sure aint growing in the basement (included with rent) , the landlord will not be happy with that. Inb4 "hurr durr rent bad." I've done the math on shit, I'd rather rent and aCOOMulate wealth while I can.
>sell the frogs you mongos.
who would buy them?
this is what this board was made for
yes. i agree

can we pls have more business threads lmao (considering this is biz)
This board was specialized in shrimp farming, back in time there were tons of threads about water, shrimp races, food for shrimps

File: 16280144808520.jpg (269 KB, 775x521)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Is there any other shitcoin that pays you straight out of every transaction that is made with the coin?
found TIKI token, any other?

File: HQE21HKJ.jpg (135 KB, 640x640)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
So, this EIP-1559 shit will save me a few bucks, right?

>Burning fees is nothing new tho and other platforms already do it
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It's was never about cheaper gas fees u stupid faggots. It is about stable gas fees. Before it was a crap shoot of when ur transaction would be confirmed. Now it's pay this amount and it SHALL be confirmed in the next 30 secs.

The cheaper gas comes with using POS and 2.0.... that doesn't happen for at least 6 more months.

How do you fags know so little about things you invest in?
I couldn't have said it better
havent seen this jeet vitalik before

File: oyveybat.png (35 KB, 550x638)
35 KB
>last to pump
>first to dump
Fuck this bot driven shitcoin.
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One of his tweets recently, I’m at the park mobile fagging so not going to pull it up. The time for Bat is soon.
Luke also mentioned it in the latest brave talk.
Advertising is not enough if it can't compete on the market.
BAT is the most boring shitcoin to baghold. There is no incentive to hold it; it lacks utility.
Bet you still have a decent stack though, faggot.
Only because BAT is like the only shitcoin left that haven't really mooned (100x) in its lifetime yet.

I'm running on pure copium.

File: lock_logo.3d2a11a.png (10 KB, 266x262)
10 KB
Ok what's going on with this shitcoin?
I thought it was dead.
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Daniel Cormier is apparently the next deal for ultrasafe and it is supposed to be announced tommorow alongside his social media. Guy who had influence on Trust wallet's creation is apparently also on board and apparently they are planning to move Ultrasafe from BSC to its own chain.
All of that is 100% done deal
File: ULTRASAFE SEFIROT.jpg (1.04 MB, 1200x2278)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Hello fellow goys, I'm still holding. Is YHWH still around?
I hope you are right, I am a hodler from the day one, gonna keep on hodling!
File: 1574051766401.gif (525 KB, 300x169)
525 KB
525 KB GIF
>ufc niggers
>btc pump from amazon and were heading for autumn and winter where its expected to pump further

thats whats going on
i told you niggers about the coming months and you didn't listen

File: I have had enough.jpg (367 KB, 2560x1440)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
Privacy projects are going to go parabolic. Mass censorship, mass surveillance, mass manipulation, forced vaxx, etc. What decentralized and privacy projects are going to lead this privacy bullrun? Which privacy projects are undervalued and have best r/r ratios?
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This is where Dvpnworx truly shines. This doesn't need to be large in order for an already sizable marketcap like this (10M) or you're going down and not staying there. Thats enough reason why I decide
DVPN White paper is okay
Shade on Fantom

Stake it on grim.finance for massive APY
Oh my god what is this rollecoaster bitchcoin doing I can't handle it.

How did you not see this was the top when the niggers started talking about dem efferiumz

File: 1627766694488.png (413 KB, 945x745)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
>delays projects to help out literal who's with "hacks"
>continues to crab/dump no matter what happens with ETH
>causes every bag holder to miss the bullrun by delaying IQ, which is still a total shit show
>nothing personal kid
Glad I bought early but I have pretty much lost all hope. If PRQ was decent enough to hold $1 I'd probably sell
dont forget
>anatoly has basically gone silent
>PRQ uniquely saves people from hacks and scams
>up 50% since the crash
>Essential tech with no competition
>Literally the next LINK, being joined by Chainlink developers

$1 will seem like a distant memory soon enough

File: anotherone.jpg (94 KB, 500x499)
94 KB
So I was part of a highly successful coin this bullrun, made 1M+ off of it. How do I justify the massive gains by being part of the presale without fucking myself in terms of taxes?

Like if I say that I worked on it and part of the team, it is considered a professional activity and thus taxed diferently, as opposed if I was just a investor with connections who got in on the ground level.
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yeah Im cool with that except I will want to buy a house and a car and its not something I can do in cash.

My lawyer is getting me to put my crypto into an LLC and cashout through an LLC but banks are a bit uneasy about that
What country are you in? Just give them the EIN and business name, they don't need to pry further. Find another bank or credit union if they're too nosy. If you want to evade taxes that's a whole different can of worms.
€75k will buy you Maltese citizenship where there is a zero capital gains tax. A much cheaper option when you're ready to cash out.
To avoid taxes that way I imagine you'd need to live there for over 6 months in order to cash out your LLC "income" tax free from America. If you get a bank account as an American they'll report you to the IRS, who will still want a cut of your capital gains. May as well just buy a million dollars in ASICs/GPUs off Alibaba and then you'll be set for life probably with passive income that you can receive through your LLC.
somewhere in europe where its all very grey, lack of legislation more than anything else.

i dont think thats true. U need 36months of residence in Malta and a 600K investment to obtain maltese nationality. Altough yeah thats definitely the most enticing option around. My lawyer didnt recommend that to me

File: 1624057045830.png (217 KB, 1000x1000)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
poor people.
File: IMG_20210805_220511_893.jpg (143 KB, 1080x1078)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Based people having fun while dabbing on jannies
Jannies are trannies
Truth. Clean it up.

Its the best place for niggershit, cuçkshit and cųck accessories (aka nintendo), not videogames discussion tho
All the non-virgins of 4chan are /biz/-rich now
have sex
Jannies are glowniggers and this site is a propaganda arm for order of new barbarians social engineering
race baiting is based

How do I profit off this?

File: market pumping.png (789 KB, 730x783)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
ANONSSS yesterday I woke up sad because of the bearish market so I decided to stop watching the lists, today my portfolio was greener than my weed, I'm just saying that now I can buy a new phone thanks to what AVAX ONE and LINK have generated me

File: 1627499179654.jpg (18 KB, 300x291)
18 KB
Just sold 0.12 LINK tokens to buy a bag of chips at IKEA.
Smart move. Sell enough to Minecraft Sergay that piece of shit he’s holding us back
File: 1621487666094.jpg (40 KB, 517x593)
40 KB
Sergey just dumped 6M on you virgins
How about we minecraft you Simeon u fat gypsy Bulgarian trash
File: i5ZKf6rt_400x400.jpg (25 KB, 400x400)
25 KB
Just sold 12 LINK tokens to buy dot.

You missed DOGE
You missed SHIB
You missed Floki

This is your last chance to redeem yourself with

Rug Proof token burns get in now or be a fuckin loser for the rest of your life
is this the next big thing?

>Just look at the screenshot
>Why would anyone agree to pay such ridiculous fees?

kind of fucking retard even use QTrade?
I was comparing the commission fees between Questrade & IB and came across an ad for qtrade.ca
>Say they’ve been elected number 1 broker in Canada for 23years (never heard of them)
>Check their fees
>100$ to open account
>100$ a year to maintain the account open
>2% commission to convert USD/CAD.
>2% commission for trading pennystocks.
>30$+ 0.005$ per share for other transaction.
>Commission price is minimum 30$ per order
>WTF is this shit? Have they been hit on the head? Those fees are worst than any Bank’s.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>They also charge a minimum of 45$ if you need assistance on the phone, to do your order

Is this 1980?
File: 1628164718413m.jpg (123 KB, 1024x679)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
These fucking boomer corps add need to fucking die and disappear.

>Inb4 chinks
Look at the fucking fee structure on binance.
If these fucks can have such insignificant fees, fuck these other legacy companies allowing me to make fucking trades between 9:3p to 4:30. Like fuck off. Agreed what is this 1928?

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