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File: 1633458707568.jpg (40 KB, 1280x720)
40 KB
>Website: https://www.protonchain.com/
>White paper: https://www.protonchain.com/proton-white-paper-en.pdf
>News/Blog: https://blog.metalpay.com/category/proton/
>How to buy XPR with Proton wallet instead of dex & exchange fees

>Zero fee transactions at 4000+ tps.
>Supports all major chains including BTC & ETH by wrapping these coins onto the Proton blockchain.
>Native DeFi swap with only 0.3% liquidity fee that decreases with increased holdings.
>Slick, user-friendly mobile wallet with oncoming fiat ramp.
>Soon to be the first FDIC-insured fiat & crypto bank.
>Bridges TradFi & DeFi simultaneously, allows for DeID, fiat payment commands to legacy bank and card processors all on-chain.
>interest-bearing wrapped coins (XBTC, XETH, etc.) act as savings account.
>Short-term recursive staking ~6% APR

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File: 1636752808233.gif (3.66 MB, 640x640)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB GIF

>now listed on liquid

>Ubitquity Announces its Blockchain-Powered SmartEscrow Live Demo Platform to Modernize, Digitize and Transform Real Estate Transactions

>Update on Proton Loan and Proton’s first native fiat integration

moar news

>Proton will be integrated as a form of payment on the https://shopping.io platform.

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File: smppxmmdf0r71.png (250 KB, 875x746)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
They just hired a marketing manager and have been meeting with members of the US Congress to talk about the future of finance... don't be upset when this hits $1 in the next year and you didn't buy a bag
File: inxpration.jpg (79 KB, 320x400)
79 KB
sup bros?

This is the first time I ever been in this early. And Still a bargain now.

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File: 2bc.png (121 KB, 342x677)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
GSD is built to solve the issue of gold bullion which will always preserve its buying power. This makes precious metals an excellent haven against financial market fluctuations and economic disturbances.
File: stonksnewath.jpg (35 KB, 528x648)
35 KB
Bobo is better name for d0b0
Bobbers for d0b0 hodlers

its a polish shilling campaign made by pedophiles

The more muscle mass you have, the more testosterone you produce. Young men are spending their youth in classrooms and in front of computers, neglecting bodily exercise more than ever in this crucial phase of life. Thus their potential to grow will be hindered for life, as well as other masculine traits, which would otherwise be followed by social success when fully developed.
was supposed to post on fit

serves for you vaxed cattle who are not investing in alpha male unvaxed sperm

File: 1638551577514.png (522 KB, 841x734)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
I must admit in hindsight that MTV has some of the best tech in crypto right now. Which is why it is, by all means, a terrible investment. Whales and high profile politicians are accumulating the supply as we speak. They're never letting this pump, who are you kidding? The price suppression on this will make Chainlink feel like a lottery ticket. It's only a slow bleed to 0 from here on out. The hype will fade, and the jeets will redeem their 50 million stacks dumping the coin to 900k market cap. Then the devs will panic release the supply, then the stakers. At the end of the day, 100k market cap is not just a possibility, but a given turned of events. Only from there, IF if it ever pumps, will they allow the coin to continue having some semblance of a pathetic existence.
Your best bet is to sell right now. Save yourselves. Look elsewhere.
Banks will accumulate this coin due to the incredible transaction speed and sharding capabilities of MTV. Even Vitalik himself will want a piece of this. This is a dirty world you're entering into, anon. You don't want to be a part of this. Exit now while you still can. Save yourself and just buy something else. You know this to be true.
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oh wow ok ..
Um yeah I think that given the current sentiment by yourself as OP, yes you the OP
I think also given that I bought these tokens, yes the MTV tokens
I think holely and moley that yes I do in fact agree partially with your statement
and that yes I did just in fact open my virtual wallet to sell my Multivac token Ticker MTV on the market sell facility provided by Kucoin
Thanks OP you saved me
File: fea.jpg (33 KB, 550x502)
33 KB
>Just 2 more weeks
>90% of supply staked meaning its easy to dump the price to oblivion
This works both ways. Incredibly easy to pump too.
Literally has no projects worthy of a pump. Chink scam coin nobody will use.
You guys need Elon Musk Xmas Token

tg: xmaselon
co: 0xd31ccef73eea339a2023198d1f6669c39644887c

File: Mcstinks.png (1.31 MB, 930x1280)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
>Liquidity locked & Ownership Renounced
?? profit
>TG ChainStink
safe on moonarch scan
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launched today?
seems so
based dev

File: 1606294193196.jpg (87 KB, 750x726)
87 KB
>/biz/ hasn't have the idea of making Omicron and future "Covid" names coins and shit
>Mfw you can make a coin off from Covid and it will only go up

he posted pictures of his troon gf wearing d0b0 leggings and metadata showed israel. jeetcoin and jewcoin.
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File: 1630791901081.jpg (324 KB, 1500x988)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
>slow rugpull
Chekt and rekt. Jews are great with money. I'm sure the project will be a success for everyone who's already in.
>d0b0 is like you invest 500$ and take out 5$ and ppl said you that you earn money
Stonks is so obviously a pajeet scam. Fuck off.
You're still proving that Stonks is a pajeet coin to scam Americans and Europeans.
File: lmao.png (24 KB, 618x496)
24 KB
Holy shiiiii-
Jannies, I believe you have some explaining to do!! You've been caught facilitating a JEWISH KIKE SCAM COIN FROM FUCKING ISRAEL YOU GOD DAMN KIKE SHILL INFILTRATING FAGGOTS

File: 1638844054745.jpg (56 KB, 390x600)
56 KB
wen coinbase?
That's Cardano's Charles stuff
File: 1636648162639.jpg (141 KB, 1200x700)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
For me it's ROSE. Holding it is like a dream
File: 1624477334879.jpg (71 KB, 994x662)
71 KB

File: Monkey knows.jpg (43 KB, 640x360)
43 KB

5% reflections
50% burned
Liquidity locked
Contract is SAFU


What are your thoughts on Crypto Gaming? All games look like ass and their gameplay seems shit. Bloktopia seems kinda nice but edgy and childish as fuck. Axie Infinity is a great idea but for that I'm far too late. Any suggestions? Any good game recommendations where I can ape in?

File: Dogira.jpg (603 KB, 1134x694)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
>Thread for discussing Dogira and its future.

Hanzo discussing and teasing their game this weekend, using the Dogira ecosystem. We're actually gonna make it lads.

As always:
Website: https://www.dogira.net
Whitepaper: https://dogira.net/whitepaper.pdf
Staking: https://dogira.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DogiraOfficial
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr4ISHT-C2LHczWc8anL9_g

>What is Dogira?
Dogira is a project designed from the ground up to create a gaming ecosystem. While they are producing their own games right now, they're also adapting themselves to be the premier backer of indie blockchain games.

>Is Dogira just another Dogeshitcoin?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How does it feel to be a midwit?
Why are you retarded?
File: 85485639.jpg (83 KB, 700x812)
83 KB

Are none of you joggers going to comment on the fact that I droped some dank leaks?
Link or it didnt happen

Look at that chart
Chart next post
CA: 0x444bec919652c5fc412807fe83e5df212a7e5420
This can pump anytime

Just Stealth launched

Son Of Tony Montana

Huge potential / Dev SAFU

5% BUSD Rewards
LP Lock
The World is Yours

Telegram : sonoftonymontana

Join us to go to the moon
I think you're better off with son of a bitch because that's what you are.
You wanna fuck with me? Okay.
Aped there can be hype
This thing gonna moon so hard

if you bought #AVAX for less than $ 100, you are a certified Chad
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I bought at $15, sold $135, will buy again at $65
Thanks for the swings kids
I don't think avax can get to $65 again
thanks OP. honestly altho i bought under $100 i didn't buy NEARLY enough.
File: proxy-image (7).jpg (7 KB, 220x220)
7 KB
>if you bought #AVAX for less than $10, you are a certified Chad
File: 1638916100423.png (234 KB, 442x446)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
lol first bull market?

File: Glowiebloomer.jpg (153 KB, 830x716)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Why did nobody tell me about this shit it will literally 10x this weekend and its still early. Im a glowbro now

File: 1638479172070.png (141 KB, 1494x1002)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
We were supposed to have a Lambo by now.
I mean I could buy a Lambo but why wouldn't I keep buying BTC instead?

File: 1634669072455.png (234 KB, 442x446)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>its called omicron
Why not Xi?
Nigikron variant
Get this: morons on this very board thought it would be the end of the world, kek!
Why is this funny

File: leemon baird.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
Official statement coming from Hedera soon. Post your condolences.
Rip, should have bought dogira instead.


santovi: huge fag, universally hated, uses gay high school tactics to maintain popularity. responsible for some graphics 5/10

seto: mostly useless fuck who tries to motivate but has no social intelligence and comes off like a slave driver 6/10

ghostbro: retarded fuck responsible for marketing. seems to only know to harass people to tweet. 3/10

justin: based, trying to shake the faggots off of his coin 8/10

crypt: useless fuck that needs to be axed from front page 1/10

thotslayer: probably the most valuable member of the team since he handles the reddit. doesnt bitch at people in telegram. doesnt get involved with faggoty circle jerks. just does work. 9/10

comment here with complaints and suggestions. hopefully these faggots will pull it together.
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The london ads arent confirmed yet and if they fail its over
poles - european indians
File: b6d.jpg (60 KB, 550x462)
60 KB
There are exciting times ahead of DAOs. Truly decentralized DAOs will finally emerge soon, made possible by Zk-Rollups. GSD will be big
how the fuck would it be over when they set up a business entity (less than 2 weeks to process it) which means they'll finally be able to apply for exchanges?
gate(dot)io showed interest a couple of times and they happen to have safemoon's best volume
stop shilling ur shit

File: 1634009251379.png (201 KB, 302x361)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
i feel like moonman emailed you guys saying to sell and im the only one left and now you guys are just making fun of me
Lol same, if it doesn’t reach $100 this will embolden my hatred of Chinks
File: nodissolve.png (14 KB, 301x194)
14 KB
don't worry anon, nobody is thinking about you
that being said I'm staked w/8yr dissolve
i hold four internet computers
File: 1638566394835.jpg (61 KB, 640x640)
61 KB
Just hodl for 8 years bro. Just get grey hair before you cash out bro. Like the fundamentals investors tell you, don't mind further dumping to $5 - $10, that's a good thing and you'll get cheapies!

Like FA anon said, we probably won't do anything this cycle :P Hodl xD
File: 1623507639427.jpg (6 KB, 200x202)
6 KB
>he invested his wealth in something called Internet Child Porn

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