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File: 1618338599013.png (16 KB, 94x128)
16 KB
Moon time

File: dystopia1.png (677 KB, 604x576)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
With Sentinel's new 'Staking Incentive' Program, longer term holders have the ability to earn a significant amount of Sentinel token by staking their liquid dVPN tokens for at least 1 year.

Participate in the program today by reading:


Sentinel is one of the first networks built on Cosmos that will be implementing a 'tiered inflation' system, allowing for token stakers to achieve higher rates by locking up their tokens for longer periods of time, effectively reducing the overall circulating supply.

This 'Staking Incentive' program allows for users to simulate the experience of utilizing the upcoming 'Tiered Inflation' feature that will be integrated at Sentinel's core consensus layer later on in this year.

Longer term holder = more benefits accrued.
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File: branded.jpg (28 KB, 512x302)
28 KB
>this is a pajeet scam!
>fomo in anyway at ath
>dips, sells at a loss
such is life for some retards on this board
I want to know how the people who are selling now look
Sentinel is more than just dvpn anons. Sentinel is THE interoperable privacy and security layer for Cosmos-based Web 3.0 and DeFi projects. Are you ready for ATH?
I’m concerned that when the subcontinent discovers sentinel, there will be no fucking SENT left for us!
Billions of Indians and their cousins fighting over LEFTOVERS :(
Sentinel hub will get part of all the transaction fees going through the Sentinel hub.
Why would anyone want to send their transactions through Sentinel?
Because Sentinel is the privacy layer of Cosmos, anyone using Cosmos that wants to have anonymous transactions/services etc has to go through Sentinel.
Cosmos is a "internet of blockchains" which means that it will connect a lot of blockchains.
By default any coin, BTC, ETH, etc that doesn't have a privacy layer can now get that with the help of Sentinel hub. Fees can be paid in any accepted currency on the Sentinel hub so staking SENT can give you BTC, ETH etc.

I’m out
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Oooohhhhhh that's a tough one
On one hand I hate Muslims
But on the other, I really hate kikes
Can I not buy coke AND sell weapons to hamas just to watch the wacky sand people battle it out?
There has to be some way that I can profit from paki turf wars
>no source
>looks like a high school student made it

you poltards are so fucking stupid, inbred incels
Imagine being so gay you need muh sauce
All my knowledge was derived from esoteric divine beings
Facts are for retards
uludag gazoz masterrace

File: slot me daddy.jpg (23 KB, 225x225)
23 KB
Vault token has been going crazy over the last week. Here to drop in information for the novaulters and maybe some vaulters who haven't been keeping score.

Background taken the website:
Introducing VAULT, the first token of the VAULT ecosystem designed to act as a community bank. Whenever a transaction occurs 4% of the amount is split amongst all VAULT holders and paid out instantly.

A small fee of 0.3% on all transactions will be sent to the VAULT Trust, these funds will be used to fund development of the VAULT ecosystem.

The aim is to create a token in which investors are rewarded steadily over time. Releasing very shortly at the start of Q2 2021, VAULT Investments and a hybrid governance voting system will provide further utility to VAULT holders. Additionally over 23% of the total supply has been set aside to be airdropped to VAULT holders over the next 2 years.

Main takeaways (imo)
> 4% reflect
> governance and investment group early Q2 2021
> holding for an extended amount of time is rewarding

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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9 bnb buy right after
Hardest working team on the BSC shitcoin chain
Based coin, based dev, based hodlers
Waaaay above. god dam
Next pump when america wakes

File: NoMPic.png (322 KB, 631x764)
322 KB
322 KB PNG


Everything you need to know about ZNN


Based Bitcointalk announcement

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Inspired by the symbolic parking lot grilled cheez sandwiches during Phish/Dead shows, CHEEZtoken is a developing NFT music marketplace, backed by several nonprofits including BuildingBeats, DanceSafe, and Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports.

Doxxed devs and awesome potential connections like John Legend, Jared Leto, Elton John, and Ryan Tedder (One Republic)

Partnered with quality NFT artists The Gimmick, and R. Marx

CHEEZ is curating the NFT merchandise experience with art, music events, concert tickets that can be bought with CHEEZ, and nonprofit auctions of music-related merchandise, tangible and Non-Fungible Tokens

Circulating: 2.2mil
Market Cap: $150k
Newly Launched

Telegram: Cheeztoken

File: 1618316316546.jpg (119 KB, 498x749)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Polkadot holders cope thread

File: VAULT.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
What the fuck is this coin and why is it 60C
it's vault token and it's hype
It's a magic box. You put in 1000$ and in 3 weeks take 10000$ out.

File: 3718.png (3 KB, 64x64)
3 KB
Strategical analysis comes direclty from muh dick

>Chink Money
File: s6dzfp9kizs61.jpg (67 KB, 960x869)
67 KB

>wait till we moon

I will be going all in with my savings of 10,000 dollars or so on one single trade without any regard to sensible position sizing or risk management using Binance futures. I choose to do this so that I can save on trading fees and maybe cheat probability because I firmly believe that all trading/investing is one giant casino and that there is no such thing as an edge against the house that can be so easily acquired (however at the same time I would rather be saving my money in an appreciating asset like gold instead of monopoly money).

I've never tried spot let alone margin trading before but the money is basically just play money as it is a gift from my parents and I still live with them so I won't be too fussed if I lose it all.

My strategy will be this:
a) Find a trading range on the 1 day candle chart and buy the bottom of the channel and sell the top, or do the reverse if I instead plan on going short, using volume to find
an appropriate entry/exit point to lower the odds of being caught in a breakout.
b) Use maximum leverage and essentially have the liquidation price serve as the stop limit order which will be set just below/above the lowest support/highest resistance of the range (depending on whether i will be going long or short) as well as maybe having a take profit order.
c) Make sure that all the TA stars are aligned: relative strength index, stochastic oscillator, and commodity channel index must all point to the coin being oversold/overbought (again depending on whether I go long or short).
d) I either become rich overnight, or lose it all trying having learned a valuable lesson about money.

How retarded of an idea is this?
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I also knew what futures were with 18.

You were just less educated.
and its gone
She should have had that abortion.

Spend that money on your education. Much better investment.
Dumb American once again assumes that my tertiary education isn't free unlike his shithole country.
Meant for >>33039160

File: 32029837434343.png (298 KB, 512x512)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
$BLES is launching mainnet tomorrow…. stack up now or forever hold your peace.
the site looks pretty dank already https://blindboxes.io/
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Nope - ethereum
Costs like $70 to mint an NFT, and nobody will buy yours...
are they planning on migrating?
Are NFTs only available on Ethereum blockchain?
no dumbass

File: xbtc.png (6 KB, 226x223)
6 KB
I bet you were in one of those coins that didn't pump a few hours ago kek.

A priority feature of xBTC is to reward users that support the ecosystem. Beyond standard liquidity pool rewards, we will reserve at least 40% of total token supply to reward liquidity providers through The Mint. We may reward users for other ecosystem interactions and support, keep an eye on our announcement channels.

You need anything else?

>$65k rejected
>Pi cycle indicator shows that the top is in

Welcome to the bear market.
The only time the pi cycle lines crossed only once was in 2017/18. This run is clearly different to that one and more like the earlier runs.
>this time it's different
File: 1615039723891.jpg (122 KB, 1024x768)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
we made it Bobo
full retard
>30k rejected
>45k rejected
>59k rejected
>65k rejected
>80k rejected
>90k rejected
>100k rejected
>500k rejected
>1kk rejected

It's over for you bobo, admit it

I made big profits on all of these except COTI
when will coti shine?
Once all the pieces fall in. I don't think he accounted for unknown delays inside COTI.
this anon is in COTI since november.. he already has 10x on it.. COTI already shone for him
Makes sense
There's a middle east war betwen coti (israel) and xem (saudis)
They're shorting each other to death.

File: GUESS WHOSE BACK.jpg (53 KB, 700x700)
53 KB

Buy: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x66ca60d2d25398e7e08f87277e6e50ee41a3e11f&inputCurrency=BNB

Website: https://vault-token.com

Contract Address: https://bscscan.com/address/0x66ca60d2d25398e7e08f87277e6e50ee41a3e11f

Chart: https://dex.guru/token/0x66ca60d2d25398e7e08f87277e6e50ee41a3e11f-bsc
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Makes me smile, keep posting it
Seconded. non-vaulters always crying
60 fucking centers
Blessed Vault Posters
$0.65 in a blink

Two days ago I bought Revolution Populi (RVP) at $0.004. Right now we're at $0.019 and climbing due to the new Coin Gecko listing. This is comfy desu and we're still so early.

92 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Woof, Lotta people about to get priced out if only 1% of those followers invest.
Congratulations to everyone who is already in. From this point it is an easy 50x by EOY.
The JustBet ecosystem is raising very fast. So there is no reason to wait. Join fucking amazing JustBet and earn with fun. I keep WINR, coin price got cool liquidity this year
you can't tell how it's gonna go, so only invest what you are willing to loose. and if you make profits, you made profits. use it in the next bearmarket to get more btc/eth/link whatever.
There will not be another bear market. Normies are pouring in everyday. My girlfriend, who previously never had an interest in crypto, asked how to get RVP after hearing me talk about it. She got a 250k stack at $0.01 and she's all excited now.

File: 1606964537913.jpg (42 KB, 634x756)
42 KB

bsc shitcoin
$1.6k mc
only 100 coins
easy 1000x
lp was just at 0 lol
literally rugged

File: 1568123702302.jpg (78 KB, 695x695)
78 KB
Mom is kicking me out of the house She wants 500$ a month in rent and I have 10,000 LINK and negative 220$ in my checking account. I showed the dumb bitch where Link's price is right now and she knew where it was before. She's at her wits end with me and I told her to just give it 3 more months, but she isnt having it. She took away my XBOX too and I'm in South Dakota where there is nothing else to do but play Halo 3. Shes telling me to go work in an oil field but I dont want to be killed when we are so close to the singularity. Any South Dakota LinkMarines I can stay with for the summer? I'll give you 5 link a month. Or should I just hit the fat bitch over the head with a frying pan?
How can turd eaters live with just 3 years old copypastas?
Bruh, yikes.. your mom sounds like a chud
Nice r*ddit post

File: 1609714461458.jpg (7 KB, 165x305)
7 KB
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>I enjoy rose threads more than any other threads
me too brother, the air feels fresher and smells like ROSE
rose threads were enjoyable when they were archived with 5 posts in
Fudders need to get out and then we can be comfy again.
fudding rose threads was what made them enjoyable in the first place. Now it's filled with newfags like every other shitcoin general
add this to the bingo

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