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File: 2022-09-23_11-24-08.png (54 KB, 500x715)
54 KB
The cat is out of the bag (officially)
Is it worth the social instability to come in the next few years? Stay tuned to find out
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They could end the inflation and then fix the worlds economy if they stopped relying on debt. All they have to do is bring debt down and then stop adding to it.
>just bring debt down
Yes I'm sure the average US citizen (read: welfare niggers) is going to valiantly go through decades of shit and no handouts so that future generations can have a decent quality of life
Imagine a world where you buy a house instead of borrowing to buy a house.
Lmao you have no idea how the monetary system works. “Stop adding to the debt”. You’re like a little baby
lmao, what is the doom porn

File: shoebill.jpg (33 KB, 370x370)
33 KB
Benevolent shorter here. Why didn't you short LUNC?
Tell me when will you close the short?
He's going to be living off LUNC short dividends forever. He'll never close
how much leverage did you use?
File: wala.png (91 KB, 250x210)
91 KB
...and Voila!
just like that

File: 8916.png (7 KB, 200x200)
7 KB
and i think you will too, in time
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Low iq. What’s the point of this nigger post
This is me, Eliza ThornberryHi, part of your average family. I got a dad, a mom, and... a sister. That's Donnie. We found him and Darwin, he found us. About our house
It moves, because we travel all over the world. You see my dad holds his nature show, and... my mom shoots it. Okay so we're not that average. But between you and me, something amazing happened and now I can talk to animals! It's pretty cool and totally secret, and you know what? Life will never be the same
Dom is going to find them and destroy them
File: icp-vito-3.gif (797 KB, 220x184)
797 KB
797 KB GIF
based faggot in love with ICP and the cock!
File: Fdg9T-RXoAE8iPi.jpg (34 KB, 637x680)
34 KB
155,000 cannisters.
The usage of the internet computer is going parabolic.

“Yeah that’s him, he’s the one who owns bitcoins and ether rum”
Those are men

File: my peanus horts.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
Why aren't blockchain-powered streaming services like Theta Network and AIOZ Network more popular?

File: great-city.jpg (121 KB, 1000x667)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Whats the most /biz/ place to live? According to the following

>minimal capital gains tax
>relatively crime free
>good weather
>hot and accessible chicks, bonus if good monger and SB/SD outlets
>english is spoken widely

Well, /biz/?
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people move from norway to switzerland. because of 1.1% wealth tax. is ig really 0.8% there? or just zurich canton? most recent tax refugee (Røkke) moved to Lugano
What would an example of a soulful non-skyscraper place to live in dubai be?
You have to dry your ass off after using the bidet, unless you want ass water in your underwear
>bidet toilets only, no toilet paper (can't flush it even if you had it).
I hope this bait is enough to keep expats out of our country
That's fair, the tax optimization seems king in your plan. Admittedly I'm probably too poor for Dubai anyways.

Here comes the dump,, doo-doo-doo-doo
Here comes the dump, and I say
It's alright, because I sold.

I got what you need.
So true
>7% dump on song release
His new shit is lit

File: 1664092925953107.gif (2.89 MB, 540x527)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB GIF
Let's all share our life fuck ups right here
>idk what to do with life
>where am i going?
>what the literal fuck am I doing
>god I hate everything, just kill me

This is probably the first thread of this, and I know you're all going through some shit, so I figured you need help, while we have all these anons to help!

This is /biz/ therapy, and welcome.
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File: 1664121696282.png (337 KB, 512x512)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
>27 thousand dollars for a fucking culinary degree

I hate cooking so much bros.
File: justhodlbro.jpg (21 KB, 1075x350)
21 KB
>yeah just HODL bro
>diamond hands!!
I started job hunting very late (23yo) from 18-23 i refused to leave my house and was diagnosed with depression.
Got a job for a full year and they threw me away.
Now I'm jumping in and out of jobs because I hate the people working with me or i hate the type of job I do.
One company last month already called me old and they were scared to hire me because I can't keep a job.
I'm now 26yo with no motivation in life

I'll try to do a social media management course paid by the government
go to university and study something proper
If I want to go to uni, id have to do math and my language exams all over again I don't remember shit about math and all those useless language cases

I'll be at home one more month for this social media management course and try to land some job. Don't want more factory jobs

File: luna coin .jpg (111 KB, 1200x800)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Seriously, how much will the price be after 6 months?
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Add a zero or 2*
It will lose a zero or two
File: 1654462483610.jpg (48 KB, 300x290)
48 KB
>Seriously, how much will the price be after 6 months?
dunno, you tell me

$1 EoY tho
File: sluuuurp.jpg (9 KB, 194x259)
9 KB
god yes
chinance yellow bug man dumps LUNC hard with oher hoo whales, fuck them and hold o 0

File: 1663921335305371s.jpg (9 KB, 250x250)
9 KB
Am I the only one that thinks this? Feels like there was so much more genuine euphoria back in late 2017 about the future of crypto. 2021 was a mixed bag, the meme coins ruined the potential crypto had imo and Bitcoin didn't even have a blow off top. Idk I hope 2024/2025 brings back 2017 vibes again...
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File: descent_into_oblivion.jpg (538 KB, 1842x1024)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
>2021 was a mixed bag
The seething was bad that year.
The bull run isn't over yet, this was just a shake out before new aths
No I agree I just hate how people think he’s a benevolent billionaire while at the same time shilling dogecoin and electric cars

the bear market actually started after the may 21 top . the 69k was a complete scam pump caused by insane over leverage and you know who short squeezing everyone
well at the very least cefi was killed before it grew to be an even bigger and catastrophic problem

File: saroshi nakamora.jpg (144 KB, 1280x960)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
if you had what it took to be Satoshi Nakamoto, would you have also chosen to disappear and resist the urge to reveal your identity for over 13 years?
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only if you died.
ääh who died from all the suspects? correct it's hal.
>tempted by Satan
bruv let me blow your mind and convert you to islam.

786 means bismillah.
7+8+6 = 21.
21 million BTC.
Obviously it's a team.
The leader Satoshi Nakamoto is pretty easy to know if you do some serious reseraches. He was probably THE leading figure of cryptocurrency in the late 2000s, and he published a lot on the subject. His name is in the references of this 1996 paper, in the end.
its spook shit obvi. in 2009 spooks hung out in cypherpunk mail groups where first btc post was made.

maybe it was a toy and not official, but a spook or spooks made it based on bit gold

that was 2009. since then they are in power. what a time to be alive!

File: Njk1eDQyMC5qcGco.png (160 KB, 695x695)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
it's inevitable. all other coins have no product.
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its looking good for brave these days
- manifest v3 is going to fuck up chrome/firefox adblockers like ublock origin, brave should see a surge of users.
- google's been going after apps that let you play youtube in the background without paying like vanced. you'll eventually see most android users either paying for youtube premium or using brave over time. normies can't install revanced and its shit anyways. and nobody without severe autism is using newpipe/skytube.
brave mobile never saw its userbase bump from vanced getting nuked because vanced still works for a lot of people & adblockers on other mobile browsers still work.
but soon both won't be the case, so there's going to be a moderate influx of mobile users once vanced stops working & brave's the only browser with a working adblock.
Thanks bruv
I only use Reddit for Brave/BAT discussion and one of my niche hobbies, but by god the amount of Firefox shilling happening right now is incredible. The narrative is positioning everything Chrome and Chromium based as doomed to fail, so the only alternative is FF+uBlock. People sometimes go into negative downboats simply for mentioning Brave.
Is it just as easy to switch out of chrome to trannyfox with bookmarks, passwords, etc. as it is Brave? I would think most people want the easiest solution, but Redditfags are a different breed.

File: 1661530872814339.png (234 KB, 703x1023)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
Is this a good time to start DCA?
Or would you give it a few more months until the macroeconomic shitstorm is over?
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Why do you have human ears
Because I'm a human
File: TotalCryptoMarketCycles.png (176 KB, 2191x1217)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Don't overthink it. Yes, this is a good time to DCA. You will probably have a year.
File: 1633768202280.jpg (61 KB, 454x598)
61 KB
File: autismface.gif (190 KB, 659x543)
190 KB
190 KB GIF
the point of DCA is that its always a good time

File: 1663877502322316.png (464 KB, 720x827)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
Do any wagies on here ever feel bad about calling out of work?
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ive taken it as my personal mission and civic duty to make sure my co workers know that I am NOT reliable, and they should NOT be reliable at all times either.

this creates a company ethos that lets upper management they need to be staffing appropriately for disaster that could occur, at ANY given time.

anything else is a disservice to your fellow wagie
No I call out sick or take days off whenever I feel like it.
Manager doesn't care.
Working for the government is pretty easy desu.
How to into gov job?
you can prepare by being very poor to simulate the conditions you will experience after getting the job

you will have nice bennys tho
Checked. Military vet or spouse is easiest way other than having an in. Otherwise, have specialized skills and be willing to be underpaid for them versus the private labor market in return for relative stability and retirement.

File: 3gnqzq (3).png (185 KB, 600x600)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
The great depression is around the corner
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My folio is down 95%, how much lower can we sink? I don't feel so good
No no no
Not great depression
GREATER depression!

It will be wipe out completely. Remember when Klaus said you will own nothing and be happy. He is serious. Housing market will be wipe out too. Prep now.
File: MichaelBearry.jpg (194 KB, 1454x1026)
194 KB
194 KB JPG

Thread theme:

File: file.png (85 KB, 279x199)
85 KB
I watched this video just now and basically he says you SHOULD lie as much as possible on your resume when trying to find your first job, because of how ruthless and pieces of shit the HR bitches are when you got not experience.
Should I do it? Can I get sued or something? He says you can't get sued but I'm not sure.
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File: 1643975155701s.jpg (4 KB, 249x151)
4 KB
Interview: I'm an investor of high-tech companies. My latest investment was in a quantum technology company.
Reality: I bought QANX tokens
File: dafuq.jpg (37 KB, 496x798)
37 KB
Lurk 2 years before posting
You'll learn tbe hard way they only care about stories.
Before you even walk in tbe door you're not selected because the job goes to some dark skinned pajeet or a friend.
You never get the job based on the interview. They're desperate if they do hire you.
You have no leverage in an interview, nobody does
Make the font color white dummy, and font size really small
File: 1635786025271.jpg (66 KB, 600x905)
66 KB
I lied in my first job, nothing fancy, I said I did internships.
My second job, I kept the fake internships in the resume and exaggerated my involvement in the previous company. I said I was in charge of validating and unifying the combined work of a small team (architecture) which was kind of true in one specific part of just one project.
I work for my own now, but I would lie again if needed, they're going to assume you lie anyway, everyone does.
In the interviews I did, I always felt like HR really wanted someone reliable and easy to speak to before some kind of autistic wonderkid, so projecting a normie aura was as important as the resume.
And to be fair I can't blame them, I prefer a constant, reliable even if mediocre worker over some autist incapable of teamwork who makes everyone awkward and thinks that every woman around them is there because they agreed to get dicked every friday by me or my partner.

Anyone here who actually want to make it by doing research, looking for new promising projects? Guess we all agree that biz is basically dead due to jannies, third worlders and so on ...
So browsing this shithole will not be enough to make it. Where can I look for human beings living in first world countries who have not made it yet but have a strong desire to get rich some day.
I am a long time lurker wagie working in tech, investing in stocks and crypto. Just looking for a place where its only about finding gems (stocks or crypto or anything else I dont care). No pump groups, no secret retarded biz anything.
If you're dealing with XRP take a look at

got a thread there going , and if not interested then that's cool too
nice botpost
Jesus Christ anon, take a grip

File: rubic.jpg (21 KB, 450x450)
21 KB
moon in 2 weeks

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