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File: 1594035980699.jpg (119 KB, 1029x947)
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>if only you knew what was coming

File: 1590344701133.png (223 KB, 768x758)
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223 KB PNG
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Judging from your low IQ, I wouldn't put it past you if you was the type of person to stand outside one of Apples flagship stores screaming "scam" at the gigantic glass windows. People would probably feel so sorry for you that they would call you an Ambulance rather than call the Police because they would realise you are in desperate need of professional psychiatric care.
charles is one of these guys with slight technical ability who managed to get in the crypto space early and leveraged connections from then on
he was in the eth founding team, he worked with other notorious pump-and-dumper dan larimer (incidentally, even dan thought charles was a sociopath)
in 2016 or so when it became obvious eth wouldn't allow for his goal of passively extracting rent from a protocol, he aligned himself with etc to push the same objective
not putting all his eggs in one basket, he also went to japan to shill cardano to pensioners. picture those ponzi style "buy my course and become rich" meetings. the japanese involved had no technical competency at all, just literal conservative boomers roped in by the promise of "this white man genius will make you rich". a presale took place at the time
in 2017, it became clear he wouldn't be able to rentseek in etc either as even that community blocked his efforts. at the same time the ico bubble was happening. so he realised he could turn his mere japan scam into a much bigger beast, and started marketing cardano to an international audience
charles was smart and played exactly to the insecurities of the average western crypto investor (lack of education, desire to sound smarter than their peers, and so on). he propped up cardano as an academic project. plenty of words words words, the universal solution to placate dumbfucks confusing quantity for quality. the rest is history
cardano is basically, unironically, chainlink for reddit
File: 1590769114408.jpg (119 KB, 1280x768)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
After seeing so many newfags doing whole "professional scientists delivering most secure blockchain talk" I just had to watch last charles ama to see what hopium is he selling to newfags
I dont think hes even scammer at this point just delusional egomaniac....

Im here since 2016 cahsed out 2 times (literally shit you all dream about), have some clue about space and few anons in dev teams, and not packing heavy bags of anything, if you have questions about why this guy is out of his mind ask here but only if you are openminded and not some poorfag all defensive over his bags
Bitcoin was invented to be able to anonymously buy crack, weapons and child porn on the dark web.

Baseless inadequate low IQ fud. Neither one of you managed to articulate yourselves correctly or present any factual or pertinent information. Your opinions are based solely on your own predetermined subjective views. Try again

Pump up the valuum
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China? isn't that a wrestler?
File: 1538317192557.jpg (45 KB, 507x369)
45 KB
>LINK, however, does not feature.
LINK, however, does not feature.
>LINK, however, does not feature.
LINK, however, does not feature.
>LINK, however, does not feature.
LINK, however, does not feature.
>LINK, however, does not feature.
LINK, however, does not feature.
>LINK, however, does not feature.
LINK, however, does not feature.
>LINK, however, does not feature.
LINK, however, does not feature.
>LINK, however, does not feature.
LINK, however, does not feature.
>LINK, however, does not feature.

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File: 1589109613751.jpg (44 KB, 581x800)
44 KB
>LINK, however, does not feature.

It's over isn't it?

File: EcI-30VXYAAiN9c.jpg (492 KB, 1024x512)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
This reminds me of that ETH ICO promo video
We really are gonna make it guys

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Why would you just shit on your own community like that
We are all trying to make it here, sir.
pajeets and discord shills are not what I love about /biz/
File: 1593833550255.jpg (259 KB, 650x637)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
what do you love anon?
I personally love market buying ARPA each time I see a thread and pissing on jannies
Ultra based

I have a question anons... when my portfolio reaches seven figures, how would I be able to cash out without losing nearly half to capital gains taxes?
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File: chainlink-swift-cube.png (172 KB, 800x800)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Move to Portugal, Belgium or the Netherlands.
You're on team globohomo when you make it to a certain degree anon, use it.
The UK won't let you take out tax free gains unless you've been gone for 5 years. Bastards.
fuck off we're full
maybe expecting a correction
>link is residential property

File: supo.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
has the bullrun started already? need some savage cash
bullrun will soon be over.

File: 20200706_183956.jpg (15 KB, 248x248)
15 KB
ampleforth is offering rewards for providing liquidity on uniswap
I jumped in & now am second guessing my decision...
did I fuck up /biz/?
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doesn't even matter, as long as it stays above 0.96. We'll all just have more 1$ coins by that time which is fine.

I really can't image it dumpin below that for long anyway, as it doesn't make sense to sell below it's target price unless some pajeet really desperataly needs money, and if it would I'm pretty sure a lot of people are ready to buy up as soon as it's below that level.

ALso don't forget that "everyne will dump on rewards unlock" is not necessarily true at all, look at Fantom f.e.
Oh wow, that good shit, thanks. Looks like I'm making more in ETH than ampl, but yeah, value is up 2x. This is gonna be wild when it hits the 3x multiplier.
This is already wild anon
File: dutch.jpg (52 KB, 599x755)
52 KB
shiiiiet I put $500 with ETH equivalent in there like 3 days ago with the idea of puting it in the geyser, not look until the end of the Geyser period and I'd be happy with a x2 by then. Just checked and it's x2 already
Anyone know what happens if I am already staking in the geyser and add more in to it?
Do the new tokens keep the multiplier or is it reset?

File: 1590214509648.png (441 KB, 548x443)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
Something is cooking up, /biz/.


File: 20200707_061254.jpg (32 KB, 850x260)
32 KB
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File: 1590697700313.jpg (525 KB, 1458x1600)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
File: 1594081896715.jpg (115 KB, 1491x584)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Do the deed anon

File: 1294suter.png (836 KB, 1024x676)
836 KB
836 KB PNG
Get up in this Suterusu trading chat shit is about to get real interesting in the next month and I wanna know /whototrust/ while it all goes down.

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is this true?
no lol
when is this shit moving
File: fiddy.gif (1.26 MB, 354x200)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
So glad I market dumped this a few days ago. Gt memed into this because I thought the samurai frog images were cool, the project sounds like it would be good if it actually works so I gave it a go.

Then I saw their ugly as shit UI with some javascript scrollbar error that took weeks to be removed, the itroductio of basicaly scam to buy for USDT cheaper to lure in more bagholders, and worst of all a 7 day lockup period for sending tokens. Yeh sure there's a 14 day waiting period for unstaking lgit, but I'm talking from the moment you send available tokens inside your wallet to another address there is a 7 day lockup period "for your on security". That's when I realized chink scamcoin fud is true
Good FUD, lajing
How much you holding?

File: olHdvXs.jpg (146 KB, 948x662)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
imagine being a chink unironically bitching about ethereum premine when half of the board is chainlink topics, a token where a single man literally holds 65% of the supply

File: 47bqy2.jpg (55 KB, 500x528)
55 KB
One DeFi Ecosystem to rule them all. Ladies and Gentlemen its time to get your Flux.
Than you dont get it how it works.
Ponzi is over after 50% dump. Can't imagine someone is buying.
Dumped from 60c to 20ct its over now.

ETH price $237.54. This is my gift to you biz. Its absolutly FREe. Why you need a chainlink for this. AAAAHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
What do you mean
why would LINK nodes pay a trillion dollar market cap just to see how much ETH costs when you can just google it? lmao serg didn't even think of that i bet
eth will by $500 by end of 2020

File: download (32).jpg (11 KB, 226x223)
11 KB
Oh of course my dear child, the year was 2017 and the 4th industrial revolution was about to begin.
Led by the now world famous Dr Prof Nobel Laurate Mr Sergey Nazarov, which not so many believed back then would ever change something.
But boy , they were wrong!

Me myself I learned about Dr Nazarov and his hard and relentless work through an international investment board
on new technology called 4channel that doesn't exist anymore, but the guys there were the true heroes and source of our wealth. I asked
some questions his work and ideas. After some brief research, I realized I would still be an early adopter and set out to buy as much
of the god blessed LINK as possible.

After accumulated the modest sum of 49 000 LINK, I started setting up nodes to help my fellow LINKIES(god bless you all). And then as it turned out,
like we both now, we could invest our staking rewards for providing data to this next generation thinking in the vast lands we are looking out over here today

But when you tell kids this story today, they mostly don't believe it. They ask me, how could anyone be SO stupid that they did not appreciate Mr Nazarovs
forward thinking work and at least bought 50 LINK(god bless), that is worth the fair amount of 43 000 000 US Dollars.
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File: 1548501552431.png (242 KB, 500x500)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Some guy named Assblaster on a racist anime internet forum told me about an emerging Blockchain middleware project that solves the oracle problem and I put my entire net worth into it because I thought the memes were funny
This is FUD.
quick run down for you, kid
when you're sad, post wojaks
when you're smug, post frogs

and that's all you need to know
File: 1593617205623.png (838 KB, 800x800)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
>Facg ID
checks out

File: bidenarea51.jpg (38 KB, 636x960)
38 KB
whatever happened to that random old schizo that would make predictions about crypto, based on web chatter?
He would talk about aliens and shit too. I can't remember his name and his predictions were usually far off, but I kinda miss him.

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