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INJ is my life
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Wtf is INJ scam

Intj is the future
1000 is suicide stack not bad
>Here, I was bored.
Okay, not now show us your cut off dick.
kill yourself and get it over with
Thanks ill read this tonighr during insomnia hour

File: kleros.jpg (70 KB, 1400x933)
70 KB
please anons when will this moon im poor i put my life savings into it
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File a grievance in Kleros court
File: KLEROS.jpg (286 KB, 1224x1028)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
you get what you fucking deserve
He's right though. 4 years later and you can do more with DOGE than you can with LINK. At least gold dealers and robinhood accept DOGE.
Probably pretty soon. I think Forbes is going to do an interview in a few weeks on their newest GitHub pulls for murder cases. When I was a juror on kleors first rape case I thought no way, but fuck, the team keeps on moving forward from smart contract arbitration to domestic violence cases.

If you’re not all in on PNK you’re basically a street shitter

I called the local top. We will slow bleed / crab for about a week before transcending to new heights, you're welcome.
Thanks Joe
Bleed is over. TPO doesn't lie. Sorry.

Huge backing read below

Prominent founders Kain Warwick of Synthetix, Loi Luu of Kyber Network and Bobby Ong of CoinGecko also participated.

PowerTrade raised $4.7 million via token sales in a round led byPantera Capitaland joined by Framework Ventures, CMS Holdings and QCP Capital among others.

Their beta has just launched today and it’s a good time to by due to the dip caused by BTC.

PowerTrade Fuel $PTF https://power.trade

PowerTrade is on a mission to be the easiest platform to trade crypto options. Currently we have Hegic making waves in the options space on Uniswap and $PFT is hoping to cover the market in a much more retail way. Marketing will start soon, and this token won't stay cheap for long.

For those new to crypto options, this means that with PowerTrade you can be bullish, bearish or both, on Bitcoin, Ether and other leading

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

If cryptocurrency is so disruptive and important, then why is no one using it for its intended purpose after ten years of development?
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File: BLIGGITYBAT.jpg (84 KB, 1033x670)
84 KB
BAT is used by millions
LTO network lol. processes 100k txs daily solely from paying businesses/governments
since no one asked. source?
>intended purpose

and what would that be? seems to be working as intended to me

File: download (1).png (8 KB, 220x229)
8 KB
Any news from the tele, gents?
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>L337 whale gone
>OCAnon gone
>No activity despite lots of upcoming news
We truly are disheartened
I’m still here anon
File: 1614210688267.png (181 KB, 2660x980)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
Hold on for dear life. This daily protocol interest may be the only thing that feeds your families.
Redpill me anon.
I feel like there's more to it than just a genuine 12T injection that they hid.

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funds are safu
CZ is the most trustworthy man in all of crypto and basically you're a hook nosed kike
there's no scam, I gave them my money and they just didn't give it back. that's not a scam
File: 1613828646100.jpg (603 KB, 2048x1536)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
way to ruin the meme by making it way too obvious
Lol they won't exit scam.
Their goal is to bring down ETH long term with CCP backing.

File: 1613680607863.jpg (66 KB, 628x960)
66 KB
Can we just get one big thread for all the faggots to go and complain about losses/gf problems/depression.

Starting to become worse than the pajeets and p'n'd ers. Or maybe they're serving a good purpose trapping you losers
This, we need a /whiner/ general, especially these faggots
>x age
>only x net worth
>only x experiences with opposite sex
The "I'm 22 and haven't made it yet, and once I'm 24 my life is over" posts are a reminder how fucking hard zoomers need to be crushed for them to wake up.
Yes, I've had all those problems but got over it. Never once felt the need to complain on a Ugandan camping forum to get sympathy

File: OGImage.png (12 KB, 1200x630)
12 KB

Anyone that held UNI or Sushi on December 7, 2020 are entitled to a Pangolin (PNG) airdrop.

1. Connect your MetaMask to the Avalanche Blockchain (info will be pic related on my second post)

2. On normal ETH side of MetaMask, Bridge some Uni or Sushi onto the Avalanche blockchain: https://aeb.xyz/#/transfer

3. Go to the Pangolin exchange (https://app.pangolin.exchange/#/swap) while on the Avalanche blockchain and click the Airdrop tab to claim it. Remember you need bridged Uni or Sushi in your MetaMask Avalanche wallet.

credit goes to chico crypto
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Yes obviously this is up to those that want to spend the gas on it. I'm not right now personally.
I don't care about Avax, I don't own any and don't plan to. But free crypto is free crypto (minus gas). But maybe some of you guys are sitting on some fat air drops.
how many PNG would the airdrop be if I had 800 UNI at time of snapshot?
I had 489 uni and was entitled to 89. So you'd probably get around double that, which is around $800-$1000.
what lies? i am certain i'm whiter than you btw.

How do I fucking get over stock losses. Its been a month and I can't get over it.
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How in the fuck are you losing money this year? Anon. Come on. You are either (a) leveraging and don't know what you are doing (b) Buying randomly and panic selling (don't know what you are doing or (c) lying.

CLF, WKHS etc.. were the easiest plays ever. GME and AMC were obviously not the play by the time they hit the boards. In Forex, you can basically short EUR/AUD or the USD. Crypto? Almost impossible not to double your money, buying almost anything if you wait a bit. You can get 8.5-11% returns by just staking USDC.

You get over losing by winning. You win by doing the opposite of whatever you did. Learn how to trade(entries exits stop losses) or buy things and hold them. You still have time anon. You need to go to crypto at this point.
just put the rest into amazon or tesla, something stable. $SPY? don't be an idiot though.
Keep saving pictures of ugly whores. That will help. Have you ever considered that you might be mentally ill?
File: its alright.webm (536 KB, 720x480)
536 KB

Does Bitcoin going back up help or hurt alts? Am I missing out by only holding alts during BTC’s bull run? Aren’t the alt season and BTC season diametrically opposed?
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File: 1607526453150.jpg (95 KB, 575x620)
95 KB
Technically if BTC goes up, the bots that auto sell/buy to match will buy alt coins. At the same time if it goes too high in an unexpected manner then people panic sell or wait before buying more.
As mentioned in >>29621926
Crabbing or slow rise in BTC value is best for alt coins. That is when you see some pumping of various coins and over all value rises.
>irrelevant time wasting question
Fuckoff idiot, this is some of the more useful information others here could make use of
File: 1612917693986.jpg (145 KB, 585x767)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>he posted the meme guys

Read the technical white paper and technical proposal on their site...they barely mention the Decentr browser but *extensively* discuss their objectives relating to:

>native AI platform (DecAI) is extensively referenced in white paper
>Smart Node Chips (SNC's); almost the entire technical proposal discusses SNC's and only mentions the Decentr browser *once*
>internal Decentr economic system eliminates the concept of "money" as we know it, with data *itself* becoming the medium-of-exchange and backed by its own intrinsic value
>heavily connected to EU elite institutions, universities, think tanks, etc.
>pushes sustainability, frictionless economics, and UBI-style egalitarianism extensively in white papers

Again, read the white and technical papers, anons...Decentr has MAJOR ambitions that FAR exceed being merely an internet browser. Decentr is *not* just a Brave/BAT competitor. Decentr seems like it is being pushed by all the "right" institutions and all the "right" political agendas to just maybe be the real deal: *the* Great Reset decentralized digital economic platform...
>on Decentr, data *itself* is both the means and method of faciliating online economic transactions
>data that flows through the Decentr network is automatically assigned economic valuation that is neccessary to repurpose data as a legitimate currency
>Decentr thus replaces money as a medium-of-excahange with data-as-a-medium-of-exchange back by its own intrinsic value
>the more data that is refined and structured through generation, reuse and exchange, the more value that is accured by the agent who owns, reuses, and exchanges it
>thus, Decentr creates a decentralized digital market that is accessible to everyone and does not require an external, third-party currency -- either fiat or digital
>the fundamental "data storage/sharing paradox:
>the more secure data is the harder it is to share and integrate that data with out applications
>and the more efficient data sharing is the less secure the data becomes
>Decentr solves this paradox by aligning the method of data storage with the method of data exchange and assigning fungible economic value to the data being exchanged
>this creates economic incentive to free up vast amounts of proprietary, commercial and industrial data for reuse and exchange
>therefore increases in either data storage or data sharing axiomatically redoubles the security and veracity of the other; this creates a postive feedback loop in which the Decentr platform becomes more secury *and* more efficient in direct coorelation to the expanding size of the network

File: Capture.png (38 KB, 760x423)
38 KB
Ready to get dumped on, Mumu?

2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Somebody unlocked his trazor lol.
what the black
How many billions to these chink miners need lmao
um explain sirs?

File: b0f.png (546 KB, 629x454)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
How much of your work do you just send to Fiverr?

Couldn't be arsed making a 3D model of a clients product for shooting so I've got some dude making it for me for £20, 24hr turnaround.

First time doing this, should I be doing it more or is this just dead money?

File: iosrelease.png (606 KB, 1584x831)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
Apple AppStore has approved the Sentinel iOS dVPN dapp after several weeks of Q&A regarding the how the application manages user data and the veracity of its claims of 'provable encryption'.

Official launch + marketing soon


This iOS application serves as the base architecture for white-labelled iOS applications that are built on-top of the SENT framework.

A 3rd party developer forked the SENT android app and already has over 100k downloads, now developers will fork the Sentinel iOS app.
78 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Shit coin sale. Thats what Sent is.
File: shrek-pepe.png (871 KB, 767x767)
871 KB
871 KB PNG
Am I the only one who’s not down in ETH?
File: OLD.jpg (69 KB, 434x743)
69 KB
bow down to the sentinel
Is Deedle a member of Sentinel? if so. I'm dumping my bags.
>uses sentinel to hide IP
you should use sentinel to hide your pp instead

File: neet pepe.jpg (40 KB, 409x409)
40 KB
Who here /never worked a day in their life/? I pity the wagecuck.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I wagecucked for a couple months out of curiosity. Never again.
video games.
File: tricked.jpg (37 KB, 695x467)
37 KB
nice LARP you fucking FISH
is it possible to learn this power?
I just had like 3 unpaid internships

File: IMG-20210225-WA0004.jpg (78 KB, 500x671)
78 KB
Reef DeFi is the future of DeFi

Powered by Polkadot and backed uo by Binance, what can stop it?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
bringing defi to the masses
Fuck you fag, go shill elsewhere
File: 1613918030252.jpg (310 KB, 960x799)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
>what can stop it?
Denko dropping more coins every time we start to pump. I sort of understand the strategy, if we were high we would have crashed even harder than we did, but it’s getting tiresome. Just let it grow denko
sooner or later it will grow, just hold

File: gahoole_fucked.jpg (93 KB, 766x777)
93 KB
Remember that as soon as economies open up the money velocity increase combined with massive amounts of money printing will result in hyperinflation. Crypto is going to reach a 20 trillion marketcap easily. You know what to do.
So what?
inflated 20 trillion doesn't mean much.
Crypto should depart from USD.
M1, M2 money supply doesn't show new money?
Bank loans are close to non existent, so no
money creation.

' velocity...maybe not this year

File: ER63-a1UwAE9zBl.jpg (48 KB, 622x579)
48 KB
>markets all day
>Crypto and futures all night
>Crypto and financial news all weekend

Why is nothing in life as important as gains anymore?
Because you have a poor man's mentality
How do you view the markets then?

For me? It’s a keep.

Quit race baiting kike

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