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Switch Insider here. Look, I don't have much time for that, and I 'll delete this thread in thirty minutes. I saw with my own eyes the leaked whitepaper. It IS AWFUL. I can't describe anymore, but you should sell sell sell right now.Exit as much as you can and buy back after the whitepaper because the airdrop is still free money even if ghost has an awful whitepaper.
pee poo
poop ooppee poeepo
hey hey hey anon, why didn't you listen to me a week ago?
File: LYX3EyLsWgSi.jpg (149 KB, 512x490)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
yes i do
Im hold 100 esh I bought for $60 so I'll just wait and see what happens. If things go bad I have another crypto fucked me story.

Craig got utterly BTFO and bsv is not dumping? Why is this market so dumb?
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because probably this market is not made by boomers freaking out at every news
File: bchalanmaster.png (113 KB, 1779x650)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

this is the death of both btc (slow network, high fee) AND bsv (lyin craig)

its clear and obvious bitcoin cash. look at this . its at ALL time lows, easiest stop loss you could ever have on a trade.

BTC fees are going through the rough, network is slowing down like fuck. Look for alternatives (just like 2017).

Satoshi moved 150 bitcoin addresses today and said lightning is ok but we need better scaling. If you don't see BCH meme pumping off of this news you deserve to stay poor.
No idea why people didn't dump this the first chance they got, still don't know why they won't dump it.
Maybe they're just lazy zoomers who can't admit to themselves that they were scammed?
the bsvjeets are still in denial, after the next court date it should dump hard
File: 1590420877584.png (358 KB, 995x1166)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
that wasn't satoshi, just an early miner

File: Dogecoin_Logo.png (53 KB, 300x300)
53 KB
it'll go up right guys?

To about 100 sats sometime this year
of course
It will go up, it will go down. Perhaps not in that order.
File: 1571698924867.png (81 KB, 500x440)
81 KB
It will neither go up, nor go down

1 DOGE always equals 1 DOGE

the perfect stablecoin has been found

"The new version features a clean and simple UI that is light in information but rich in context to better reflect on BandChain, new products, partnerships, and our core values."

New partners... Photo is straight from the website..

Binance, coingecko, and crypto compare have already been announced. Is band about to announce they are working with ESPN, the NFL, SAP, CNBC, etc.

If so, this project is about to fly...
Kys chink
these niggas are even fatter than sergey keeping 80% of the supply for themselves

Is it worth it to get into crypto and the stock market or is it just an excellent way to lose tons of money really quick?
It's worth it if you are a fucking idiot gambler (most of biz)

Diversify, don't listen to mainstream advice, don't follow the heard, dollar cost average, play the long game
Most people lose money.

Also this: >>19334504
Not even really quick anymore, it's a slow bleeding death
File: spy.png (42 KB, 1556x855)
42 KB
false and homoerotic
imagine buying this thing over the course of your life and losing money in it

Whats the scam(system) called where you buy one house rent it out and then after awhile refinance and buy another and so on until youre rich

There is some name for it
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I think they got it back but they still keep the replica on there so it wont get stolen again..
Investing? Adulthood? I'm not sure what you're fishing for here, but I know everything about your political, financial, and mental health status. Isn't that weird?
negative gearing. the biggest boomer scam to ever exist
Nope not these

R u ok?

File: Becker.png (990 KB, 1174x880)
990 KB
990 KB PNG
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nah he started a scam consulting business using his rep
File: jew fag.jpg (57 KB, 500x333)
57 KB
Theyre so ugly
Inside you there are two wolves, one of them is Alex Becker
Who’s that?

File: vUmckWvehJBs.jpg (173 KB, 512x486)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
I'm sitting comfy on my tether stash, waiting to buy tezos at $1

File: Bancor.png (92 KB, 1689x950)
92 KB
damn this is too easy to pump and its inevitable. Probably $2 next week
File: banc0r2.png (592 KB, 1254x1343)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
BRRR my BNT bags heavy

File: 1574251923788.jpg (362 KB, 1106x1012)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
If you hold anything other than BTC you've already lost.
People like you are a huge part of why anyone with an IQ above 90 left btc for eth and other projects and why the price of btc will eventually crater.
The problem is that most of the investors in crypto are sub 90 IQ
File: 3aa.jpg (123 KB, 512x490)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
i hold link

File: rip.jpg (54 KB, 854x811)
54 KB
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>Test net soon
Test net in 2030
Hasn't traded in 6 days you imbecile. It's over.
kill me
Nulink is kino

this is the actual message
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File: 2840278323249-.png (259 KB, 489x647)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
>Crops out the "Craig is a liar and a fraud" part
>This is the real message!
Do you guys think Creig will organize some sort of jonestown tier mass suicide for him and his diehard followers?
File: WAAS.png (22 KB, 1168x408)
22 KB
It's Richard Heart. WeAreAllSatoshi is the name of the BigPayDay bonus for HEX.
File: bigbigpepe.jpg (184 KB, 816x855)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>Still defending creg
Could this get any better
only if calvin exit scams

File: 1590380247345.png (153 KB, 1013x1000)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
I literally just maxed out a 20k line of credit on LINK. Was that retarded? I seriously don't know of I fucked up but I have a 10k stack now.
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Based. My GF did the same thing after the mainnet release. LINK was about $1.60 at the time.

>the top
The top is when all no-linkers kill themselves. It will be at, precisely, 1,000.01 United States Dollars.
File: 1565439276452.png (88 KB, 572x648)
88 KB
the fud has gotten intricate
Shut up nerd.

File: shitcoin.png (9 KB, 528x269)
9 KB
if so, why?
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I'm in Smartlands. Getting rightfully JUSTED. They abandoned their tokenomics and made SLT worthless. I lost 5 figures off of this.
How did the game pan out? Lmao
Yeah the new strategy is actually getting results- the price s up 13.5% today.
Sascha is an excellent CEO and they have a an ex-PM as an advisor.
Worth getting a small bag. If we have another bull run I expect this to moon.
I could spend $100 and pump the price by 10%. Do they have any news on a new exchange?
I liked this coin previously but missed the pump and now it looks dead
File: 1547896335703.jpg (11 KB, 400x400)
11 KB
my balls.

I know they have a (tiny) army of shills who are basically bagholders suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and try to get others to pump the price enough so they can sell.

Apart from that: it's flatlined.

File: reeee.gif (454 KB, 498x498)
454 KB
454 KB GIF

the ultimate shitcoin
File: d5c(2).jpg (64 KB, 297x365)
64 KB
How DARE you.

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