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File: 1568514687569.jpg (493 KB, 2000x1400)
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493 KB JPG
I refuse to believe there are actual people, who browse this board, who do not hold any LINK at all. There is just no way someone can actually justify not having any.
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I hold exactly one (1) link.
Checked. That’s more than 99% of the population
its not 2019 anymore
link's old, and made its top already
Based and positive thinking pilled. When it happens about 10k of random anons are all going to live in peace indefinitely. This collective positive shift will slowly start to heal the tremendous damage that has been done. See you on the other side boys.
Well put. Bless you anon

File: firefox_XhrAeYKBiH.png (153 KB, 1047x871)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
The only chart you need for investing in anything.
even according to your chart it’s evident that we are in a more where situation than before.
*more severe

File: FdB-XD7aAAIJp-0.jpg (17 KB, 255x382)
17 KB
Buy Rhodium bullion! Fuck cryptos!
wtf it's almost half a million for 1 kg
File: 1609120454851.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Pay no mind to the spread
It'll probably go to $200k an ounce when Russia finishes it's slow collapse.

I have $1,000 to spend what’s the next big shill around these parts haven’t been here in a while
>inb4 LUNC and ICP
they want to bet on the ones that have dropped the furthest from ATH, i would look at the opposite end of that metric for next runs projects, there are no new shitcoin pumps coming until next run
Based Joelposter. It’s Lunc.
yeah i would also buy something at its peak instead of at its lows
nothing is at "its peak" and not every project will make new ATHs in the next run


What will drug dealers do when weed is legal?
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legal is like double because of all the taxes
>i heard
Meaning you didn't hear shit, American.
They just sell it for cheaper than the store and don't pay taxes. What do moonshiners do while alcohol is legal? There's not that many of them.
>it would be cheaper since they have huge scale farms
Do you honestly think no one steals from those farms? It's the same deal with regular crops where hands offload a few boxes every harvest and managers foremen turn a blind eye because they know it's the only incentive keeping them coming in. Heck anecdotally I know my friend who deals gets his product from a medicinal growth site where his gf was working as a packer for a couple of seasons and now he just buys from contacts who are still there.

File: file.png (15 KB, 846x487)
15 KB
i'm thinking it's our time finally starlords
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>Cryptokitties were NFTs and huge in 2017 to the point they congested the ETH network for weeks.
k and?

>Nobody except speculators will ever use it.
Milady will go to zero
Its okay. I had over 60 I bought at .1-.15 and sold most over 1 ETH.
difference with icp (technically)?
It is decentralised and permissionless. Anything that isn't like ICP is worthless.

>k and
I was pointing out it isn't new technology.

What non speculative uses does it have? Name a single thing I can do with it I can't do easier and cheaper elsewhere?

File: 1516940063217.jpg (13 KB, 399x400)
13 KB
>We had a very competitive group of applicants to consider, and unfortunately at this time have decided not to move forward with your candidacy. We all really enjoyed meeting with you and felt you were a very strong candidate, so let’s keep in touch.
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then they ask people to "work more" and tell them to put in the hours when they know that people can make twice as much money in half the time kek
this directly translates to
>if any of our slaves fall ill and we need direct access to another slave to keep our slaves expendable, we'll consider you again provided you know you will be under the same scrutiny and process as before.
exactly, and more if you count the amount of shit some memecoins pull
vinu recently added futures, staking, a p2e with scramble, tons of shit that don't amount to much on a small scale, but are ultra worth it if you are a poorfag wageslave like i am, i mean, 600 a week its a lot, it pays my rent and i even get to save money and wait for it to pump
Working is overrated to be honest
File: 1663365553881581s.jpg (4 KB, 212x250)
4 KB
>you are expected to do exactly the same as normal workers, with twice the responsibility and none of the rights a normal worker has
also you can't join a guild
I get those often

File: tuna.jpg (1.25 MB, 3024x2473)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
What's a relatively chill wagie job that I can do before the next bullrun? I hear that 3rd-shift baker and security guard are alright. WFH seems to be over unfortunately
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I airdropped my dick into your mom's g-spot
this. most retail jobs are hell
Just crypto and invest. No need a job
The goal is to live off staking rewards one day, but I still could use some money to buy more.
It's not a terrible idea to take risks and diversify and to explore such alts before purchasing.
Goodluck on your journey OP.
File: thumbs.jpg (5 KB, 250x140)
5 KB
>Goodluck on your journey OP
thanks anon

File: 1568661103029.jpg (6 KB, 242x208)
6 KB
>i sold the motherfucking bottom again

File: 1663647473022840.png (370 KB, 512x512)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
I paid this guy $100 to set up a server on azure so that i can auto trade my binance account based on alerts from tradingview.

K so now im trading my acct using this free strat on TV that works well for ETH 1 hr which is what im trading but it fucks up big time and i think it repaints and somehow fakes its results, cuz theyre not the same in realtime

But i rpetty much know exactly want i want the strategy to do and how to fix it but i dont trust that i can learn to code it properly to play w my real money. Also dont have time

I dont mind paying someone to do it but does anyone know where i can get someone who codes or advises on this shit for free or small $
Sry for reddit spacing bros. Basically i want it to take profits or losses based on higher timeframe bollinger bands but not sure how to do it
Wait...is this an AI-generated image of the evil jew guy or is this something else? I can't even tell anymore
Yes it is
Wtf is this trash get out

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>You’re literally
Value *literally* cannot be defined. Unless you want to make like a materialist marxist moron yourself and set up the means of limitation. It is REIFIED. "Made real". In the case of the Marxist its "LTV". In the case of capitalism it's "whatever you FEEL is profit", but typically leans to whatever is popular.
>Truly insane
I'm calling it our for what it is. If the
>"laborers, consumers rather"
part threw you off then I'm sorry your reading comprehension failed you. Laborers consume do they not? Those who don't labor still consume do they not? Of course they do. If they didn't have the need to consume then you couldn't determine value whatsoever, let alone arbitrarily. If they didn't labor, you'd also have nothing of value to sell (except an idea perhaps).

You live in Clown world where people pay billions to watch Disney make sci fi movies instead of actually doing the shit in films in real life. Where people pay money for the rights to digital copies of pointless images. Where people actually give plastic card numbers to bimbos selling used bathwater. Value is based on the parties involved which is the only reason why this insane shit happens in the first place. Otherwise you would sit in a bread line until starvation because one of these dipshits would get in charge and quantify it based on whatever. In the case of Marx it was "labor", but as it turns out you don't have to pay a diesel machine $15 an hour to whine and take lunch breaks.
Holy fuck, what a retard, American...
Nothing to do with "enjoy". It's a recognition of the reality that the demand exists. We have ALL of those in mass, and the only thing the current system does is push it to the black market whiich is monopolized by the "elite". All of those things exist under every economic system, and in certain countries without free markets, things like pedophilia and slavery exist as a base for the ruling class.

GTFO out with your fantasy world kid
Glad to see people still fighting the good fight, unfortunately for some reason most AnCaps seem to be Brazilians.
I can assure you that my country is far better than America.

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File: 1663215305175513.png (389 KB, 512x512)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
Put me in the screencap

File: 1598480822804.jpg (71 KB, 720x469)
71 KB

Why aren't you trading based on lunar gravity analysis?

File: 1664243248367.jpg (6 KB, 200x172)
6 KB
>these retards are actually falling for another bull trap again
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File: 1509368285831.jpg (49 KB, 645x729)
49 KB
>I can't answer your question because uh, you're too dumb to understand!!!
>us stock markets are ready to rally
Why can't you articulate why 10k is the bottom?
Oh, I can articulate it. I just don't think he can comprehend it. I'm happy to let him have a nervous breakdown when BTC price falls below 17k and then he has to agonize about whether to buy the new bottom or wait because the asshole bobo who called him a retard might have been right.
File: 1663113496285950s.jpg (6 KB, 250x250)
6 KB




File: KEK.png (1.35 MB, 1277x819)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
if you're still making 5 figures in 2022 you should consider exiting this realm because you will never make it in this lifetime. Imagine being in your late 20s and not having a 6 figure starting salary.
100k a year is poverty wage after 40% goes to taxes and their apartment is 2k a month

Bottoms in bro!!!$!!!!! WGMI

Sike you retards. Bobros have patience and that’s why we can’t stop winning.
When should I short? I feel like we’re gonna pump to 22/24

File: 1244546.png (701 KB, 692x603)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
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what does huxley consider to be a "normal" society?
One where a bunch of antisemitic frogposting Imageboard browsing chainlink holders make it
It's unironically about 2 more weeks away
Ahh yes, the ole "2 more weeks" card

File: tumblr-logo.jpg (39 KB, 800x600)
39 KB
Isn't this a logistical fucking nightmare for copyright laws? An entire site dedicated to making money exclusively off other people's media, without even making any pretense to paying for their rights. At least, YouTube robots pretend to copyright strike. How haven't they been sued?
I'm pretty sure this site is a communist grooming site
All women are communist.

File: awM9V2D_460s.jpg (22 KB, 460x383)
22 KB
it's a bull market bro
They always liquidate us before the dump. Thats just how it is.
because CRAB ALWAYS WINS FOREVER you silly billy

File: 1660289963034.jpg (627 KB, 1862x2400)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
While most of big tech are evil, it's so satisfying to see that the most evil one (the guy that wants to steal all your data without any barrier and wants you to stay all day in some crappy pod playing in a metaverse all day with 2004 tier graphics) is flopping hard.

Anybody else feel the same?
16 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
what did anyone expect from a jew?
no soul
That's a creepypasta but such things did exist and they are simply known as other members of the homo genus, including homo negris which is still extant today
His wife is Chinese
>Anybody else feel the same?
These companies have infinite budgets via intelligence agency black budgets

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