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Zeus is based.
File: 1572508398980s.jpg (3 KB, 112x112)
3 KB
So in the end shadowfork was not a meme at all, huh.

File: download (84).jpg (5 KB, 310x163)
5 KB
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last entry point before 1$.

buying more here
Added more on this dip.

Am I doing it right sirs?

stopbeingpoor mtfkrs.
Oh, this has retraced a bit

Hmm, might cop some
dip's over fags
Doesn't REN already offer wrapped private BTC?

File: bridge6.jpg (8 KB, 240x137)
8 KB
so boyz, what is the next coin to moon in 1-2 years period?
no brdg and link, i already have those two
no Defi scams allowed please
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But only that, in terms of mooning, usecase here is way beyond PUMP's...
100k in BRDG and about to buy some akro too to balance out. Am I making it fellas?
yeah this looks good for a 10x, american company , feels comfy just like chainlink

File: 4490.jpg (41 KB, 570x238)
41 KB
>It's all so tiresome
link will dump to 9.36 and ETH will break out to 421 today. screencap this.
File: 1575158975785.jpg (24 KB, 400x357)
24 KB
Any time now
I'm taking Ethereum private at 420.69

File: kanye.jpg (50 KB, 728x546)
50 KB
>>Owning PNK
>>Holding it on Bitfinex

This gives me a nervous breakdown.

File: 65700344.cms.jpg (131 KB, 1019x1274)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Lets say you have $200 to invest, what would your stack look like?
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All in XRP, unironically
its hardly “investing” with $200
Depends where you are from if you convert it into local currency.
100x long in Link or Bancor
launched today
dont miss out

I sold a coin at x10 and now is at x100. And I knew it was gonna go x100 but thought "fuck it I will learn from this".
I can't spend a day without thinking how much money I would have now, and how little I have actually made. I can't function properly I feel anxious every minute I'm awake.
I sabotaged myself on purpose.

what do I do now? I have no fucking money to invest, that x100 was my launch pad to making it, not even taking a loan would equal the opportunity I've missed.
My chest is hurting 24/7.
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most are just flavor of the month, i got into something legit and I doubt I will be able to do such a finding myself.

It's over for me
i went 100% into jnt....
I will use this as a lesson to strengthen my hold on xrp thank you and sorry anon but there will always be another chance I promise
what coin was it

File: download.png (3 KB, 225x225)
3 KB
seriously why no one talks about this?
cuz he ded nigga
Apparently a PnD group doing their business (someone took responsibility on Telegram).
This thing is a sophisticated scam that has been dumped by the team for 2 years.
Even after pumping 40% it is now where it was just a few weeks ago because it is an infinite bleed down token and could get canned / exit scammed entirely sometime soon. Delisted from Bittrex recently too.
File: Bedazzled.jpg (6 KB, 296x170)
6 KB
Can you find me a recent interview with the CEO or the Dev team? No. You can't.

They rekt their early speculators without whom they had nothing...
I remember in late 2017 being in a pump and dump group with Whalebro. We pumped and dumped the shit out of this after DeepBrainChain

It's $WAIFU. So stupidly simple yet the big guys are in. Want proof?


Whales dont miss.
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buy 0.5 eth
1ETH lets go :D
File: yosh.png (248 KB, 459x479)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
buy the dip

I shilled you dumb fucks at $2.50.

It’s now at $11.70, retraced from $13.50.

Top 15 end of summer.

These guys funded the chain, host nodes and attend bi-weekly governance meetings:


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EWT hasn't even started yet. Could be the biggest gift to r/biz ever given. We should pump the hell out of it
thanks anon bought at your first thread helped out my down payment
Thanks anon. I liquidated all my positions just to buy this. I cut off my dick and sold it on the dark web just for the extra 10 cents to invest in this token. You have made me a better man. Praise vishnu, and praise you, sir.
Your lieberwürst transition is powering the energy transition anon.

File: SENDEEEEEEEEEEET.jpg (43 KB, 583x548)
43 KB
Top defi project
2 million mkap

youtube shilling it
twitter shilling it
mentioned by blocfyre

File: junt.jpg (54 KB, 758x776)
54 KB
You really have no idea i guess, anons.

File: 4Moonxgg.jpg (74 KB, 503x335)
74 KB
Have you guys been chosen for any cases? What's the best court to join?
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partrrry parrrty in Mumbaiiiiiiiiii
Hello sirs I’m ready to invest many rupees into this but sirs is it kleros or pnk?
Kinda just throwing some bs money at these things in hopes one does a bitcoin and makes me 80000% for no effort.
It will be a long time before another coin 800x's again, decades probably.
Pnk is legit for 10x to 100x from here.

File: BRDGTROLL.png (1.18 MB, 900x600)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>"Stop human, if you wish to make it you need have atleast 50 thousand BRDG"
>"What mean you have no BRDG"
>"Human wish be broke forever?"
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I got on the BRDG, and SWUNG it.
buy more, its so fucking cheap and guaranteed 100x. there is no reason not to
Where's best to purchase, friends?

hitbtc has it as well at cheaper prices, but they will scam you by asking 12k tokens to withdraw it
Uniswap is cool, some high fees bit ok

File: images.jpeg-2.jpg (17 KB, 480x270)
17 KB
>suddenly remember a guy i used to go to school with
>he was my best friend for years even after school but had a falling out
>look him up online
>always knew he was pretty smart and driven but kind of floundered around with me when we both left school
>he's become immensely successful
>lives in a nice part of another country with a wife and a new child on the way
>his linkedin is full of his achievements and people writing quotes about how good he is at this and that
>find out he was even offered a job in the military as a helicopter pilot but turned it down because he wanted to do something better

Meanwhile im stuck in a dead end job trying to make ends meet. Just felt this huge wave of depression hit me and I've come to the realisation that everything up to this point has been a complete waste of time and I'll never amount to even a fraction of what this guy is.

What's even the point anymore
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Dude you’re such a bitch. Man up
Seething loser
>well written

No it wasn't dude. He literally said "pedastool"
Don't get me wrong though it was a good post
you sound bitter and gay, poor genetic quality. Ngmi.
You made a thread with almost 100 replies anon, you're moving up

File: 1596476110573.jpg (1.79 MB, 2400x2400)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
>Iconic Funds GmbH is the holding company of various subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are issuers and managers of crypto asset index investment vehicles.
>Investment vehicles launched by Iconic Funds’ subsidiaries pay 20% of their asset management fees to Iconic in ICNQ tokens purchased off the open market. All tokens paid by the vehicles to Iconic are burned.
>ICON Holders gain access to exclusive fund share classes for some investment vehicles which have a 50% reduction on management fees.

Today Iconic Funds parterned with a financial institution called Enigma Securities https://www.streetinsider.com/PRNewswire/Iconic+Holding%27s+Multi-manager+Platform+Partners+With+Enigma+Securities/17185578.html

Last month they parterned with, and will launch their products together with the hedgefund NapoleonX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ryr0z4LdUlo [Embed] to run bots, market making strategies and general crypto trading effors

It also closed a 4M series A round 2 weeks ago, showing the confidence of institutional investors in the product and platform https://iconicholding.com/iconic-holding-closes-its-series-a-financing-round/

>Iconic’s Multi-Manager platform enables up-and-coming crypto asset managers to leverage Iconic’s own infrastructure and network to launch an investment fund cheaply and quickly for their own active crypto investment strategy. Iconic announced Napoleon Asset Management as the first asset manager to join the platform last month and is actively sourcing new managers to join the platform.
File: truth3.png (232 KB, 631x573)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
They also have a popular reoccuring web podcast series called blockchat, including popular know names such as

- Paolo Ardiono, Bitfinex
- Drew Robinson, Coinbase
- Cameron Dicke, B2C2
- Nicholas Merten, Datadash
- Philip Gradwell, Chainanalysis

Apart from that, Iconic Funds seed invested and helped to launch UniBright, which today announced a Coca Cola Company partnership, and is also the biggest holder of the UBT token. Among the other investmets, there is Captain Bitcoin(CAPT), one of the most popular crypto apps which make you earn CAPT tokens by watching educational videos. They are expected to list at Huobi the coming weeks

There is currently very low liquidity for the ICNQ token at IDEX https://idex.market/eth/icnq, but as per telegram announcement last friday, an Uniswap token listing is coming this week

Together with the BTC, ETH, XRP and BCH ETNs(exchange traded notes), 2020-07-10, a UBT ETN was registered at the german business registry. This means, institutions and normal traders will be able to expose themselves to the UBT token with just using their normal exchanges throughout Europe
Post skintone or nose
its irish and white

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