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File: 1652417389509.jpg (79 KB, 820x450)
79 KB
Why is it generally considered bad practice to do hard surface in zbrush? Pic related.
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topology isn't optimized or animation-ready like a well done sub-d model.
who's the best hard surface modeler using zbrush?
Thats because Zbrush is not really 3D, thats why you can process millions of polygons in Zbrush but Maya or Blender struggle. Zbrush uses pixols, theyre like pixels with height information, they simulate 3D kinda like isometric games do. It only looks 3D from your angle but its really a flat image. Zbrush was originally a 2.5D art tool. 3D packages on the other hand are actual polygons.
Its not bad practice, its just unnecessarily difficult since the software is not made for it. With Zbrush you basically have two options

>lowpoly hard surface
Youre gonna be using incredibly unoptimized tools that dont allow you to do certain absolutely basic things that take no effort at all in any other software (like precisely selecting multiple edges and verts and transposing them at once)

>highpoly hard surface
Good for sketching and blockout, but at the end of the day you will have to do some sort of cleanup. They kinda added things like bevel options for highpoly messy models recently, but the entire process is overall pretty much trying to fit squares into round holes and is way more headache than its worth
it's not bad practice, do whatever you want

File: maya.jpg (55 KB, 1600x1000)
55 KB
Lets start Maya General to share our tips and useful stuff!

Looking for good addons recommendations.
Anything that also helps with Sceneprep that isn't bifrost would be good to know.
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'cause you are a Blendlet instead of a Maya CHAD
you need a 3rd monitor
nice k0t
first monitor be decent size, hopefully ultrawide, second be a regular 24 inch with a vesa mount used vertically.
Use a virtual monitor splitter like displayfusion
usually i keep uv editor and tool settings open on 2nd monitor, everything else is on primary monitor

Image generation AI has quickly evolved to become an amazing industry tool with many applications: brainstorming, trying out ideas, studying design, generating textures for lookdev, etc.

However, a lot of people in the CG industry seem very hostile towards AI in general. How do /3/'s working professionals feel about this? Do you use AI at work? Have people told you not to use it? Why?
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in some years ai generates daily 5x AAA games with dubbed dialoges, storys, levels, 3d worlds, cinematic cutscenes

consoomers will find it great at beginning

but when market offer is oversaturated, it will become boring over time.

its psychology of humans
you realize Luddites lost not because "technology beat them", but because they got executed by the government right? what are you supporting here, cucking yourself towards the government whose main interest is to dispose of you? the only reason you exist, is because governments need a lot of humans to maintain a self-sustaining society and it's in their self interest to keep you surviving. once that's no longer needed, you're out of the question. And this isn't a "loom", it's meant to replace you as a human being from all aspects of life. use your fucking brain retard, if you have any left in your skull
File: lol.png (45 KB, 850x395)
45 KB
I'm not cucking myself towards the government. I'm simply acknowledging that the vandalism actions were an important factor in the failure of the people in question. It's important to recognize that this situation should be learned in order to take steps to ensure that such an event does not happen again with AI. I'm not blindly supporting the government.
Although it is true that governments need a lot of humans to maintain a self-sustaining society, this does not mean that the only reason I exist is to serve that purpose. I believe that humans are capable of much more than simply fulfilling the needs of governments. We have the ability to create, innovate, and make a positive impact on the world. I believe that I can use my talents and abilities to contribute meaningfully to society, regardless of whether or not governments need me to do so.
And yes I did not write any of this an AI did.It's a brave new world kid you better start learning how to use AI to your advantage.
How does this even relate to my post?
It's a cute paper and some cool tech, but procedural text to x is still procedural noise I don't give a damn about.
The thing about AI is it doesn't matter if you don't give a damn about it. It doesn't give a damn about you either. Producers want lots of art for fast and cheap. If a company can replace 5 modelers with an effective AI model generator, they'll do it.

File: custom.png (358 KB, 910x512)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
Not quite torrentz experienced to find actual working software on OSX. (most of the time I found some obscure results or the general 30day trail, at the end).

What torrentz can you recommend to download SketchUp Pro (with all the SketchUp Pro features and workingpanel involved)?.

Why are Asians so good at 3DCG?
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Mostly because it's engrained into their society and it's hard to get off of it, but with Chinese imperial societies it was elitism. Knowing how to read and write in the same script as their ancient ancestors was a matter of class and nobility just as much as knowing how to read and write at all. The Chinese, to this day, pride themselves on being a 5000 year old civilization and it's the same deal. They pride themselves on "preserving" the old.
Lol no. Poos are shit at everything. You’re definitely a pajeet
This, see >>931300 as an example, westroon are the only faggots I've ever seen who do nothing but complain and throw "le virgin" insults in any discussion whatsoever, even in friendly ones they will always pop up and ruin any kind of informative discussion for everyone.
They actually study human anatomy in their art classes
Hangul was a mistake, now many koreans can't read complex works(way too many words with the same spelling) and are going back to use chinese words together.

Can /3/ make horses?
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horses are proven to be AI resistant so they're our only hope
Looks sad
3DGuy, I always look forward to seeing your work on this board. Dunno how long you've been at it, but all my non-4chan friends know your art style when I link your works. We all bet how long it will be before you get your own Adult Swim series.
i fucking hate blender
Thank you Anon, very cool

File: 84033992_p6.jpg (966 KB, 2560x2560)
966 KB
966 KB JPG
Whats the best blender beginner tutorial in your opinion?
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Asanagi original character.
In Blender how do you scroll through the timeline while holding a mouse click? Like I want to right click or left click somewhere on the dopesheet or timeline or graph editor, and I want the current frame to jump to there.
retard don't know about lessyserosix and want to talk shit about anime sculpting.
File: 1601060677612.jpg (215 KB, 610x800)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Give names of these semen demons and sauze.
Learn to read.

File: Capcom.jpg (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
Have you done Capcom renders or do you have some examples that you can share?
File: 1673804004361289.jpg (107 KB, 937x761)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I have this and a Morrigan one I save from here sometime ago but can't find it. I trying to build a collection for inspiration and to try to get into the hobby. Post SNK ones too if you have them, thanks.

How can I make this in blender I want only the edge and vertices to show on the primitive mesh shapes
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Wireframe blend mode where?
File: bait.png (18 KB, 697x422)
18 KB
based fake AI-san
kek but blender should have this set and ready like a primitive option
Integrated into its mesh menu*

File: 20230108_103205.jpg (102 KB, 795x1024)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I wanna learn this craft but I fear it's just a matter of time before AI takes this industry by the balls too. Are my estimations correct?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I work in the industry and already use AI, as do many of my peers. People who don't see the value in it will have to adapt, or become rapidly surpassed by artists who can use AI well.
You are like 8 years in the past. An AI made series already exists, and Disney is even trying to create a monopoly in generative models.
im not in the past, im living in the present. Look up ai frame stable denoising. This is what we are using
Sauce on the tits?
They have the means to train AI models using their own images and artists, and a big enough lawfare department to make sure anyone caught generating stuff in their style is sued to oblivion

I felt like a retard keep debating in my head how to make quality (or at least the best quality I can make) and I already made this a year ago.

Honestly, I would use this if I rendered them as HD sprites in my game.
And honestly, it took a day to make.
And I could reuse pretty much 99% of it for another animation.

Honestly the solution was already made since a year ago and I was like a retard for not realizing I already solved my issue.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>very high quality
fuck off chris
fuck off, cris.
Tell us more, please.
Why? Why can't you look for ref? Look at other models and try to do something similar. Look at reference images to get the proportions right.
Do you have more SNK stuff?

Left or right?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I don't doubt it, but in terms of "what I prefer", I gave my answer.
Besides, I feel like the WiiU/Switch was a bit beefier than it was given credit for, and could pull off textures in a single player game.
Other Switch games manage 60fps just fine, and LoZ was never really expected to run that fast anyway (OOT was 24fps if I remember right). Though Hyrule Warriors is something else I think, so I guess that should run 60.
2 player mode downgrading the game has been par for the course in almost every console game though, it's kind of to be expected when you have to render things twice. Except in games where you share a camera.
left looks a thousand times more brapable
Imagine animating left Zelda's ass. Imagine working late at office, on a game that'll sell millions, and putting in the finishing touches to make Zelda's butt look squishy and flabby.

I've been working in this business for videogame companies, and OP pic, especially the left one is 100% animator mischief guaranteed. You have to rig the model and animate it like that by hand. What I mean is that it's done 100% on purpose.
Right looks so soulless that I can feel the coldness of low effort and lack of enthusiasm radiate from it

File: candydance.gif (347 KB, 150x248)
347 KB
347 KB GIF
Can Milkshape3d work as good as blender for modeling? I come from hammer and unreal modding and I was wondering if a grid layout can be as good for modeling as it is for other task? or if not as good as blender at-least be able to do something like this? https://youtu.be/W3JZcwOeNm0?t=42

13 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
You mean having front/side/top/perspective views at the same time?
Yes, any 3d program can do that. Again, it's so basic it doesn't need to be mentioned, it's expected.
File: tophat.png (843 KB, 3377x3165)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
No need to be snarky, I answered your question that no one else did.
To be fair, it's also something you could have checked out in 5 mins or so downloading Blender, rather than waiting a few days for an answer.
Not that I'm saying to use Blender, but rather that if it can do something, 90% of the time the big dick "real" software can too, since Blender is playing keep up most of the time. Except when it isn't.
so just stick to the programs in the stickie?
Sticky is pretty outdated, but from a cursory glance, yeah, any of those programs have quad view (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called).
Some you might have to do manually, like in Blender you can split the window into sections, or use a dedicated layout with one of the buttons at the top, but they all support quad view.

File: xgtg46j2f6551.png (2.23 MB, 1920x1080)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB PNG
Post your donut.
rate other donuts

Ill begin
60 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
anon, he said he prompted it in 30 seconds with stable diffusion. he didnt make shit.
Just finished my first ever donut today:

After rendering, realized I fucked up and forgot to hide the sprinkle collection before rednering, but w/e, I'm not gonna wait for another 4 hours for it to render again just for this minor detail (suzanne and the
I don't particularly like how it turned out, but so far I lack the understanding of what exactly needs to be improved, besides "everything"
But it would be interesting to revisit it one day and see all the mistakes I made
*(suzanne and the sphere were rendered intentionally)
also fuck hiroshimoot for rangeb8 image posting
Looks delicious, it actually made me want to eat a donut.
File: IMG_20230129_000513_265.jpg (99 KB, 1280x646)
99 KB

File: download.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
Are there any plugins or shortcuts to put on clothes on 3d models. I don't want to do the whole weight paint thing.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Use marvelous designer to make the clothing. If it's skin tight cloth, copy skin weights from the character in Maya to the cloth. Topology doesn't need to match for good results, although you should make sure to do the skin weight copy in a state where the base mesh is in its starting pose, else the weights will be slightly off and you'll get some clipping here and there. You might some times have to do some very minor weight tuning in parts where it's not a perfect fit, but nothing too time consuming.

If it's baggy clothes, you simulate the clothes in marvelous designer, after you've finished animating the character. Only an idiot spends time weight painting baggy clothes these days. Unless your final output requires it for whatever reason.
>Use marvelous designer to make the clothing.
the only good tuts - by Daniel - were scrubbed. Now we have no relevant tuts left.
There's enough on youtube to get you started, and help you figure out the rest of it yourself. Losing his vids wasn't ideal, but it doesn't change the fact that the software itself is by far the best option for clothing.
>the only good tuts - by Daniel - were scrubbed.
I have most of them saved in my head :=)
I always wondered how to make a skin-tight clothing in Marvelous if I have only the basic .obj file of it.

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