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File: fetchimage.jpg (271 KB, 700x393)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
What's the new tool to pirate Sketchfab models bros? Please help I just wanna have fun modding some games.
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I need this

Has anyone tested these? Are they legit/safe?
How can you open the new binz format?
False positive, check virustotal or just run it in a VM.

I used the second one a few weeks ago, worked fine. It also has a Discord server and gets updated somewhat regularly.
I looked at the source code for the first and it's not doing anything unusual, but it does use an npm package for the converter. You can't be 100% sure about those, but it's a pretty active repo, so it's probably fine as well. If you want to be as safe as possible just use the script.

File: 162541541412.png (58 KB, 361x382)
58 KB
It is clunky, feels archaic and most importantly a giant fucking waste of time. It is especially disgusting when people use it for static models, background items or design studies while wasting more time on half-assed, broken boolean tools and getting the topo right than actually being creative. Fuck that bullshit.
Embrace CAD, embrace the NURBS.
i do think production-level auto-retopo is a solvable problem (you'd need maybe 10% of your existing modelling staff to review the meshes), so in the grand scheme of things, op, you are quite correct.

the age of the meshmonkey will end within the decade. concept chads will rule supreme.
>Can't into basic stuff. Writes cope-piece seeking recognition.

Why do you post gigachad when you are gigaweak Op?
This desu. All the fundamental problems in remeshing are already solved and have largely made their way from research papers to production tools. One click high quality results are simply a question of refinement, technical modelers (except the PS1 graphics autists) will be out of jobs within 3-4 years after next gen tools arrive and studios get comfortable with them.
What is a “technical modeler”? A hard-surface prop artist? Maybe modeling will become less technically challenging, but that’s only one part of the prop pipeline, you still have to UV, texture, and sometimes even manually create LODs, lightmaps and collisions. I do however wish for all of that to be gone some day.

File: Undersuit WIP.png (664 KB, 1920x1080)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
>friend of mine told me to post my WIP in /3/ for a better critique than he could ever give
Eh, got nothing to lose, will be entertaining and informative at least.

I'm fairly new to 3D modeling and animating, had my first experience in 3DsMAX back in 2009-10 in high school, but didn't do any more 3D modeling until 2017 where I took a 3D animation course and started using Maya.
cut to today and I've been 3D modeling my own characters ever since to eventually start something that i hope to make a living with.

This waifu here is still a WIP, there will be power armor that goes over the majority of the undersuit so there's just empty void where the head should be.

A little too late to make any changes on this model now but any advice will be useful for a future batch of characters.
File: shapeflow.jpg (163 KB, 1920x1080)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
When designing organics in general, women in particular and skin tight cat-suits especially, pay attention
to how your shapes connect to one another and attempt to have your shapes continuously curve and sweep so they lead into adjacent areas.

Even if you have a very undetailed understanding of human anatomy you can create something much more aesteically pleasing
if you keep all your main lines flowing into one another and help tie your designs together.
To do this imagine your lines continue to extend past where they end and see what area they terminate in.
Is there anything there that can be altered so it's shape extends the line and make it all flow together?

Humans and animals all look like that becasue our skeleto-muscular system is internally connected so each adjacent area
flows into the next because of how tendons and muscles are mechanically interconnected as a unified system.
Because of this we see beauty in such visual language and echo it in designs everywhere, not just when depicting human physique.

Also avoid modelling your characters with all the joints perfectly 90degree straight, you'll prob end up with a cookie cutter look.
Even if you model it perfectly there will be this 'autistic robot' type quality to your work since a living creature always have

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File: NITRON Thumbs Up 2.png (978 KB, 1920x1080)
978 KB
978 KB PNG
real OP here.
Ah, I still have much to learn then. thanks for the advice and the edit. I gotta remember this once i get to armorless human characters and the eventual revamps of the ones i made before.
Bigger toosh.

File: 1614183550892.jpg (369 KB, 2987x2048)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
Anyone using Fusion 17 here? Impressions? I tried the free version but the features I want are stuck behind a paywall.
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Why have you not taken the nuke pill?
I don't want to get sued
I believe that nuke is superior software but it's far too overpriced at 10k for the first year and 2k for maintenance per year for home use. My use case is > 4k meaning I dont qualify for indie
File: 10-2021-19-09-20-942.jpg (22 KB, 460x458)
22 KB
For me, It's Sony Vegas

File: Houdini3D_icon.png (20 KB, 520x520)
20 KB
Is Houdini really THAT hard to understand?
I've been avoiding this bitch for a very long time.
I remember watching tuts when I was like 13-14? and said fuck it, and became a cinema4d fag. The rewatched tuts at 20-23,and still didn't pick uptmavh
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why do we still have to wait 9 days
You can't just blueball me by teasing a best-in-class quad remesher. Fingers crossed H19.5 is finally *the* modeling update.
I started out with 0 knowledge and being a shelf tool fag and within 2 years of self study and using it at previous work managed to land a job using houdini. So it's definitely possible with some determination and the right study materials.
1-2 days more for a crack to appear
are you making 6 figures?
>*the* modeling update

How do I even import 3d models into this thing?
Should I use 3d coat instead?
I don't like Adobe anyways.
Just trying out.
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pain t
File: dumbo.jpg (48 KB, 543x714)
48 KB
>How do I even import 3d models into this thing?
it's right there you fuckin DUMMY
>Should I use 3d coat instead?
don't texture in 3D coat, though you can import quixels smart materials into it, they're really nice
File: 1633108561924.jpg (58 KB, 324x272)
58 KB
Lemme get this straight. You didn't even bother to look up tutorials. You just came straight here expecting us to be Substance Painter tech support?
Any alternatives to Substance Painter?

I don't wanna use Adobe products because they donate to Planned Parenthood.

File: blender..png (731 KB, 1031x569)
731 KB
731 KB PNG

File: money.jpg (12 KB, 303x166)
12 KB
What are some good ways to make some money with 3D besides a proper job? Did any of you anons manage to make any money by using your 3D skills? I already heard of Turbosquid, but it seems already quite saturated. Is it even worth to get into it?
What about 3D for coomers? Is there any market for that? What other niches are there were people are willing to pay?
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File: hmmm.jpg (21 KB, 393x360)
21 KB
I don't but I'm bumping you cause I was wondering the same stuff recently. For someone like me who got into this as a hobby and didn't go to an art or 3D school, I find it very difficult to know what path you can chose if you want to make money out of it. In a serious way I mean, not competing against Pajeet's on Fiverr. And even more when your skills and software knowledge is untraditionnal.
Two words: furry pornography.
Grab RenPy and Daz3D. Make another gobbo game with "landlord" "tenant" "childhood friend" in a comfy small town somewhere.

These people can't stop consuming the absolute bottom tier trash.
There’s a huge market for coomers especially if it’s made in blender since they think they’ll make it themselves.
A lot of 3d printers are cheaper than phones nowadays. Buy one, get a $20 spool of filament, and buy a $10 ad on craigslist. Charge 20-80 for modeling, and another 20-80 for printing.

im looking to hire 3d artist for an NFT project
like the one in the picture
3d model
quite simeple project
experience with fixed size models with variable attributes like glasses hats etc
to be able to generate from a couple base models
several combinations and or permutations
doc_Bravestone is my telegram
hit me up for jewb
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how can I make $200-$300 a month with nfts

I just want to make art and make a normal living, fuck
"I've done 10 collections"
sure you have, ideafag.
if you think making a collection on a place like OpenSea is difficult, you might be retarded
Furfag (((adoptables)))
>Not like a chimp wearing clothes is that novel an idea, considering you seem to be one

He using blender btw
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Hey OP
You seen Captain Yajima?
This has tons and tons of charm even if it's weak on technicals
its a skill usiew op . yhanks for the good artist anyhow , I will now feed my eyeballs
pure cringe
literally every element is wrong in some way
this is only SVOL if you have deadly autism
Cry harder you mongo

File: view.jpg (363 KB, 940x525)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Houdini chads are already aware of this, but pic-related is happening now and there's probably something that's of interest to you:

There's a substance designer talk on right now.
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I think Houdini videos will be available on YouTube later, the H19 premiere will in fact be streamed there also
>Turin, Italy
So the Houdini reveal is 18:00 Central European Time?
18:00 CEST, actually
it's probably better to follow it in YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTfmtiz9qSI
Thanks Anon, my body is ready
File: 5377605782.jpg (63 KB, 1854x275)
63 KB
good morning sirs

File: 68960986987967.png (1.72 MB, 1249x896)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Stupid question thread that didn't deserves it's own thread.
Stop bumping off good thread with your repetitive garbage.
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So literally everybody is pirating it? And again, what about photographs?
normalise is free
If I have something like a cube and want to cut a shape out of it and want to show it has some thickness to it, am I better off cutting the shape out first and then using a solidify mod, or using the solidify mod first and then cutting out the shape?
is subdivision modeling the same as box modeling? also if it is, what's a good way to model a 2d character in 3d? do i just need a side profile + mugshot, then basically fit the shapes to the form?
cut de shape out first

File: 1596285905159.jpg (42 KB, 500x392)
42 KB

>Spend an entire year learning anatomy and sculpting and rigging in blender to make proper realistic 3D females
>mfw there are people who grew up masturbating to minecraft unironically
File: 1626585421520.jpg (33 KB, 500x500)
33 KB
Built for big black enderman
>there are people who grew up masturbating to minecraft unironically

Yeah but you're not making art for those people. If you wanna get rich, Rich, sell your soul and aim to please the lowest common denominator.
But if you want a fulfilling mental life thru doing art aim to appeal to whoever your true peers are.

personally I'll rather strive to reach marginal success doing something I love than attempting to gain stacks of money doing something I deplore.

>Spend an entire year.

Wow, you've put so much effort into this anon. I wonder if anyone who ever got good at art did as much as you to get there?
A whole lap around the sun spent trying to create realistic depictions of a super difficult subject matter?
Damn, that is some next level dedication right there anon.
>that is some next level dedication
haha! goteeem
Smoking is bad for you.
It's because you've failed to understand the basics of eroticism, Rich Evans. That it why you will never make it.

File: 1616107043209.png (808 KB, 960x720)
808 KB
808 KB PNG
New to 3D, looking to learn but I have some doubts.
How long would it take to learn to do stuff like the following pictures? I want to make something that looks retro in this way, a game. How hard would it be for a one man team to do stuff like this?
35 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dude, there is no shortcut.
To learn 3D it's already complicated. To be able to make something out of it that looks good, even in a retro style, is even harder.
To make an interactive game... Well good luck.
Just start, practice, and eventually you will get there.
There is no quick way around it, no tutorial to get you there in 2 weeks, it depends on how much time you invest and how dedicated you are.
Everything is possibile, as long as you put the time into it.
Tell me what tutorial then
This thread is an actual bait.

Follow >>855368 advice OP, and fuck yourself.
Stop waiting for a tutorial, download blender and just Google what you are trying to do. Tutorials will come up.
the characters in the blade runner game were voxel based.
You are not gonna make it if you hesitate like that anon

File: 1633830016917.gif (1.02 MB, 512x512)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB GIF
So I decided to model something like this Tux rotating only make it detailed.
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: TUX 1.webm (1.1 MB, 720x720)
1.1 MB
First draft is here rate it.
Sorry I have an artistic license for this.
hey OP can you explain something to me? If you use a perfectly spherical body (or close to it), does it cost like billions of triangles? Or is it cheap since a sphere is a primitive shape?
wow.. so this is the power of free software
File: -Blender.png (2.48 MB, 1876x962)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
>hey OP can you explain something to me?
>If you use a perfectly spherical body (or close to it), does it cost like billions of triangles
It actually uses quads
> Or is it cheap since a sphere is a primitive shape?
This is not how 3D with polygons works, the closest thing to explain this to you is that polygons can not do anything else then straight lines so the sphere needs to be made out of more and more straight lines, think of it like trying to make a circle out of straight lines in 2D.
>does it cost like billions of triangles
If you are asking about polycount yes it is big (quads are made out of 2 triangles.)

Have a look.
The model uses exactly
987988 Triangles.
>wow.. so this is the power of free software
The joke is on you I'm OP and I made this >>856959 only in blender.

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