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File: ketchup.jpg (51 KB, 1216x1220)
51 KB
anyone else use sketchup? i feel autistic for using this program to model stuff, but i love it a lot, since ive messed around in it since i was a kid
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still using this, but only for doing buildings.
since it feels like drawing
I used to use it for anything that I needed to be dimensionally accurate, but I haven't used it in a hot minute because I don't want to buy a license in order to use it for professional shit. Wish there was something similar that was FOSS.
File: Verrett 3.5 002.png (296 KB, 1920x903)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
I use it for basic shapes for clients when trying to show off a concept. I sell Fireplace appliances and it's installation.
File: Doucette_Measurements.jpg (421 KB, 1217x1032)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Based and fireplacepilled

File: ree.png (436 KB, 840x859)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
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I hate people.
OP here. Sup fag
The guy's name is bucci...
Nice of you to drop by 15 days later, bitch. You sure showed me.

File: sandwich.jpg (69 KB, 879x701)
69 KB
Alright lazy cunts, time to shine, this is a sandwich thread.
I'll start with a very non threatening sando, don't be shy son... show us.

Make me a sandwich.
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File: psznyburger.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
old as fuck
needs some sausage gravy
I like
>American ""cheese"" product

File: NewTek-LightWave-3D-2019.jpg (327 KB, 1920x1029)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
Is this guy right? Is Lightwave pretty much garbage now?


Supposedly, this guy creates some pretty amazing stuff. Games, movies, software, etc. I haven't really checked out his stuff though.

Is he based?
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Nah, there can only be one libre 3D software.
I think I'm going to but a copy since I can get the upgrade for about $500.

Some of the plug ins are kinda neat and it's a decent renderer.
The new renderer since 2018 is incredibly slow and I basically have to rely on Octane to get things done.
Lightwave is a classic example of the battered wife syndrome. The company (NewTek) behind it has been treating its users like shit since forever. They fired a number of key developers in the early 2000s, early 2010s and now again in 2020. They ignore their users and generally neglect Lightwave to the point where it went from being a smart and capable 3D suite to a forgotten relic.
And all the time it's users keep defending them and finding excuses for their behavior, as if some amazing version is just around the corner and never mind the lies and broken promises.

I'm using LW since 3.5 and 2020 was the last release for me.
Preach it

how do you guys feel about quill and the work of Goro Fujita? Thanks and god bless
love it, but that's more painting that 3d
use gravity sketch then

File: image.png (304 KB, 400x600)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
It's possible to use zbrush, houdini and other tools in my workflow, animate on cascadeur, stick everything together in blender and export as fbx to maya so It can be rendered in Vray?
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I've never used Houdini, I thought it was a competitor for maya?
>a competitor for maya
not really, no
It's more oriented to VFX and all sorts of procedural workflows. But currently it's not really a competitor for Maya (in animation and modeling), more of a complement.
maya doesn't export to gftl
Are you certain about that? I'd be surprised if there isn't some plugin for it.

Anyway, Houdini can export to glTF.

File: 159603892597.png (14 KB, 221x228)
14 KB
Tell me what tools and addons are used in AAA gamedev.

I just realized nobody on the industry does anything from scratch, is all procedural and using character and backgrounds and other generators like houdini.
Vegan meat substitutes.
A lot of lube.
The little red book of HR.
Their own in-house tools. It's all about nepotism to land a place in the AAA games
Just browse through ArtStation a bit and look at what tools people are using. They usually list the tools under the description. This has been asked numerous times and I don't feel like repeating it over and over again. Depends on what area you're interested in anyway.
not blender

File: noise.jpg (28 KB, 1386x366)
28 KB
Does Blander have some modifier that adds random "noise-like" deformations to an object?
See pic related to understand what I mean
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Of course it does. There's a displace modifier and you can feed it with whatever texture you want. You can control areas of displacement with vertex groups as well. Great for a damage pass or just to add a bit of variation to models to break up perfectly straight lines. I even used it on boolean objects and then created damaged objects with those booleans.
mentioning randomize tool just in case it happens to fit your needs better
If i remember it's
>mesh -> transform ->randomize

muslim texture > displace mod
>muslim texture
thats a term i didnt know i needed to know

File: 1570896217300.jpg (66 KB, 1263x485)
66 KB
E-Cycles, the paid addon on the blender market seems rather scummy. Is my instinct correct and it's trash?
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You seem quite mad about it. Did Tod come over and fuck your mom? Did he come down to your basement and say he was your new daddy?
Well that's because its a hobby not a job duh..
>Well that's because its a hobby not a job duh..
Is that the Blender version of "I was just pretending"?
Doesn't Arnold come included with Maya?

File: burger.webm (2.85 MB, 1280x720)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB WEBM
Typically how long does it take you to create all the assets and script a short scene?
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File: Löfven.png (840 KB, 1244x857)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
Yeah I had a really hard time converting the files to an uploadable format and had to compress it.
Sadly no idea, I had the gif saved on my computer a long time ago, it's some random camgirl.
I would recommend having a discord group or start OC threads on /pol/ where you can share the idea for feedback, good luck.
Looking forward to it.
Thanks for the kind words.
My latest projects have been more sweden related stuff but I would be down for something like that.
>that webm cost me a 3 day ban from /pol/
Lmao you really triggered those sensitive retards
>Cube.001 to Cube.008
>Bone.001 to Bone.004
File: 1600354565410.webm (2.94 MB, 562x1000)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
OP actually inspired someone to make this in hardware
Curious times

File: 1583728398782.jpg (59 KB, 412x296)
59 KB
texturing / uv bros..what is the best uv software? I need something simple
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Judging from past experiences with AI and the brutally complex topology of some models, probably not.
However, it's still good that they try it on a larger scale. It facilitates future development of easier UV generation stuff.
UV's are a pain in the ass for newcomers, but with time u learn it, you just need to understand how to use seams.
dont fall for 3's elitist anti-blender bullshit. learning UVs in blender is a great place to start since its the same methodology across all software
what addons do you recommend
>learning UVs in blender is a great place to start
Indeed. It's a great exercise in dealing with frustration.
what makes blender more frustrating?

File: images (1).png (3 KB, 260x200)
3 KB
Is there a better alternative to this in its domain space? If you say fusion360 I'll stab ye
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Theres Onshape and MasterCam
You can try SpaceClaim with its direct modeling capability it's super lightweight but lack parametric tree and basic FEA or CFD but have a plugin that can enable some fun real-time physics,

for me I will combine it with the powerful CFD Cradle and RecurDyn for MBD and FEA of course Rhinoceros for surfacing,
MasterCAM for CAM and SAP 3d visual enterprise for PLM, All of them may run on a decent laptop but I am not sure.

combo of that may replace NX but literally surpass Solidworks Inventor Solid Edge may be even PTC Creo(currently testing it).
in terms of learning software, Siemens start to implement some helper in the UI but literally have huge emptiness of resources in the net,
Because it's having AutoCAD UI, Inventor for may eng find its the easiest.

Solidworks transformed by DS into a star by sticking it to world students but other than basic modeling capability it's have lots of dependency third party integrated software(like Cosmol for Analy) that make him heavy in HDD and in time to start,

In other words Dassault are destroying it (dictator mentality) like they help france destroy Africa and genocides my ancestors with their aircraft
Well this didnt age well, seeing how they fucked over the licenses today
Well go FreeCAD chances will be the next Blender of designer, on beside it's the only cad software that combine AEC and CAE in the world

File: untitled1.png (304 KB, 598x544)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
BTFOed lol
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>>giant install base
I mean nearly everyone own a PC/Steam so all it needed was to be shilled to shit, and it did, just like Fortnite
I for the most part doubt artistyle has anything to do with it. Many games look like babyshit and get completely ignored. It's moreso about gameplay and nuence over visuals. It's just that cartoons are simple so it takes less time to think about, hence why the gameplay of OP's pic is why anyone gives a shit about them. Realism is basically a autist filter, as normal people don't give a shit.
I was playing Halo Reach on Master Chief Collection on PC yesterday and it just made me think about how much time Bungie spent perfecting animations and AI so that Elites are fun to shoot, they duck and dive and charge you and you have to stay on your toes. The grunts are just fun to headshot and weapons like the concussion rifle are fun to use because they send stuff flying and it's enough of a challenge to hit enemies without being super precise. Enemy weapon projectiles are just slow enough to encourage you to jump and avoid them and grenades are plentiful, and quick and easy to throw to encourage you not to hoard them.

Now look at modern Halo and it's all about the graphics, the open world, some gimmick like the grappling hook (never seen one of those before...) and yet the actual gunplay looks stale and quite slow. Same with Cyberpunk, world and graphics look nice but actual moment-to-moment gunplay looks nothing special. Every game is like this now and there are precious few games which actually focus on the micro-moments of gunplay, Doom Eternal being one exception.
A LOT of normal people in fact do give a shit about realism, that's one of the few main things they give a shit about. Look at nextgen game reveals and comments on the internet, cool movie graphics is all they talk about. No wonder because that's the easiest way to judge the game. If it were not like that, graphics wouldn't have been the thing that advanced the most in games.

>"Now this is a true next gen, poggers"
>Game showcases photoreal visuals, but the gameplay is still a simple button mashing and repetitive game design that has been there since ps1
>Now look at modern Halo
>mfw for me Halo Reach is still "modern Halo"
They do. Also the mobile market and microtransactions. That market is far more profitable than what AAA games make because people are idiots.

File: 43364375757.jpg (641 KB, 1920x2601)
641 KB
641 KB JPG
Will blenders performance ever improve? Didn't they do a huge stream about optimizing the way meshes are handled a few years back? Whatever happened to that? I have yet to see any significant improvements since 2.8 was announced.
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Won't happen. Hobbyists don't care about returns on investment.
it does, but unfortunately it also exposes a lot of its internal representation, making it ripe for exploitation, despite the best practices listed in the api docs.
Yesterday I played a bit with 3ds max 2020 again on my old pc because it's still installed there (now I'm using blender mostly). I have to say I was surprised to realize just how fast and snappy the viewport is compared to not only blender, but to maya as well. Max is just on another level for some reason. In fact, it is so fucking fast that I can only get that smoothness in blender when I use it on a 144Hz display - but Max was running on a 60Hz!

So basically - 3ds max at 60Hz runs as smooth as Blender at 144hz. Damn son.
Why would the display refresh even matter? Blender is not in charge of telling the GPU when to refresh, I assume?
I don't know, I just know it feels much smoother to work in the viewport on 144Hz, but in Max it feels so smooth even at 60Hz.

How many of you here actually WORK with 3D?

I want to know that before taking advice from you people
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used to
>but there are some smart ppl who know shit
About 1 in every 25 posts actually say smart things. Its a good ratio compared to other boards.
I was curious as well so I polled /3/ late last year. not many people did it but from the comments it seemed more than half of the responses were student/freelance. Take it as you will


But no I wouldnt take advice from 4chan. Go someplace else.
i went to a 3d focused art school 10 years ago but the software was really bad then. i only got one short gig and made $500, with an art school debt of $25k. Now with the superior tools available im rebuilding my folio and trying to get back into the inderpstry
Nobody here does, it's just /v/ rejects who console war over modeling programs.

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