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How the fuck do people come up with stories for their animations? Most I can think of are some premises but I don't know to develop them into fully fledged ideas and complex characters
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Samefagging but literally kill yourself you absolute nigger.
How many great story tellers lack animation skills? Don't do everything yourself - find a partner, animate the story together. Create something better than either of you could do on your own. .
File: Untitled-1.png (237 KB, 3840x2160)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Dreams / Symbolism
make porn animations, that always has something going

ello ello ello board tourist here. im a graphic designer using mostly illustrator and photoshop. I draw a lot on procreate too. I want to learn some 3D to 3D print shit and maybe make jewellery casts. just wondering if I can generally import assets I make in illustrator into 3d software. if thats the case designing shit like pic related should be possible right off the bat yeah?
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you could probably do this in MS Paint 3D desu
fucking hell you absolute bitter child I’m just asking a basic question before I dive in, I’m not asking anyone to fucking teach me specifically how to do it I’m just asking some really simple shit. How is this board EVEN MORE autistic than /ic/
Go away faggot.
Beep beep incel move out of the way
>I draw a lot and procreate too.
How many children do you have?

File: bird.png (836 KB, 976x967)
836 KB
836 KB PNG
>this shit gets 3000 likes on behance
why am I even trying?
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I see a similar thing on ArtStation, for some reason some colorful medieval stylized house / small village is constantly on trending lately.

Anyway, it hurts how soulless everything is.
Nah, fuck that. I agree. If you're gonna bitch and complain, let's actually see what you can create. I always think it lands back to pure jealousy. And if you were really up to improving or not scared of hiding behind the anonymity of 4chinz, then you would be able to put up or shut up but instead you children continue to complain and complain even more.
>Anyway, it hurts how soulless everything is.
You have to sell your soul to be successful.
That's always been the case. The devil doesn't go down to Georgia for just any reason ya know.
Eh, I don't know... There are and always have been people that did the work they truly loved and were successful on top of it.
i really don't understand /3/'s weird complaints about art that's literally created with the purpose of acquiring more corporate work

of course it's going to be trendy, of course there's going to be a million copycats, of course it's going to be soulless - it's corporate art

/3/ also suffers greatly from from adolescent (and also right wing) fixation with complexity.

yes there's plenty of hacks working in that c4d/mograph/advert, but grow the fuck up; not everything needs to be a hyperreal dragon with a scaly penis.

File: Screenshot (511).png (631 KB, 1467x826)
631 KB
631 KB PNG
Does anyone know where I can get a full anatomical 3D model? Or if anyone would like to share?
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File: Screenshot (1).png (613 KB, 1538x1282)
613 KB
613 KB PNG
you can download this anatomical model from here:
Does this have the bussy organ everyone has been talking about
Very interesting. Will keep that in mind.

I want to say something nasty, but I must admit I spent my teenage years whacking off to lewd The Sims mods.

File: Harley (1).jpg (71 KB, 940x577)
71 KB
How can I make models like pic related? Getting a cartoony, 2D look in 3D.
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you don't have to travel to 'the unsafe areas', so realistically, its among the safest places in the world. can't exactly say more then that on /3/, but if you aren't in america, our country wide crime rate is concentrated mainly in VERY easily avoided places.
>be living in Pakistan
>can't be a weeb because watching anime is apparently a federal crime
>Harley Quinn is allowed

File: cope.jpg (98 KB, 1200x675)
98 KB
>you don't have to travel to 'the unsafe areas', so realistically, its among the safest places in the world

>Can get shot by the police for no reason
> Can get shot by 2A retards because "muh private property"
> Can get shot by some retard who thought he was the joker and tried it in his city
> Can get shot because you shot the retard who was killing people but when police get on the scene they think you're the bad guy so they shoot you

>mfw at least I live in the safest place in the world
1) you don't get shot by police for no reason, you get shot for non compliance, if I remember right the last time I looked the statistic up there were 7 criminally negligent shoots in that year, 1 high profile one, and this is out of several million interactions.
2) then don't go on their private property, you know, don't commit crimes.
3) congratulations, by the same account you could get stabbed to death in any other country,
4) and a scenario I don't think has ever happened. remember, cops are generally 5 minutes away at best in any situation, you aren't shooting each other for 5 minutes

lets put it a different way, remove one group from the statistics, and we are among europe for murder per capita (at least pre middle east coming in) remove the second and we are the world leader in low murder rates.
I don't know about anime/manga, but they have huge Tekken scene there, lots of good players in small villages

I am addicted to daz3D

I have redered so much porn with the software it's getting insane. It's amazing though that once you can create your own porn you can truly fullfill all your fantasies.

On a good side note,
my coomer brain forced me to become an insanely talented 3D artist to the point that I moved into ZBrush and sculpted something and got an award for it and then found a job in the industry.

But I still can't stop using Daz and make more porn.
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also sirs don't be a pajeet daz3d is super easy
just check youtube
Stop replying to yourself, wtf
no it's based and the only way to give underrated things attention

what was the switch from daz to brush like

I use Blender for character and prop modelling but I absolutely loathe using it for making game environments. All I need is something similar to Valves Hammer Editor except that I can export it to the engine of my choice
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It's a shame because something like this capability Source Engine had seems nifty as fuck for level design.
damn that looks good, I'm going to try it
Doom Eternal still uses level editors, thats why its so optimized.
does UE5 have CSG editing capabilities on par with the quake 1 (1996) level editor yet? because UE4 made it as inconvenient as possible to create anything more interesting than a lumpy terrain and an assortment of meshes

You mean Doom 2016, and no, snapmap still isn't the same thing. It can't create geometry. It can only position pre-made structures.

>but why
You'll find out in a couple hourse
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No I searched up for real horse dicks. Flare could use some work but eh. Veins are for the appeal.

SFM are for trannies
It's a turtle retard
doesn't look like any horse dick I've seen up close.
The horsecock experts are in

File: sexe.png (877 KB, 787x443)
877 KB
877 KB PNG
I did this in 3 weeks just with photoshop and blender, I have a crappy computer that slows me down a lot, but I think I'm too slow and I don't know if I open commissions, how much would you pay for this in 3 weeks ?

maybe when i earn money and have a better pc and better tools like substance painter i can reduce my working time but i don't know and what is your average working time ?

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Honestly this is one of the best i've seen here. If you really did this only with photoshop and blender as you claimed, i can certainly say you'd get much quicker results with substance.
File: 1624460970529.jpg (108 KB, 576x1024)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
what took me more time was to create the normal maps that I had to make them by hand, I doubt that substancer has any advantage in comparison to blender with this since the normal maps usually come from 3d models, anyway the limitations of my laptop stopped me a lot but thanks, although the substancer designs don't become a bit generic with time ?

thx anon :3

the problem is that I use the sketchfab engine, the pic of the thread comes from there, so I have many limitations, but I plan to render it with blender and I will improve many aspects, thanks :)

ill put this blundly, the result isn't bad, but i'm not paying 3 weeks worth of time for that result.

for what you charge, minimum wage as a base and then add on what you think your time is worth
You took 3 weeks to create that.
Was it for lack of knowledge, workflow etc or you really took this long even having all knowledge necessary?
If you had to create this from zero now, would you take 3 weeks as well?
File: file.png (699 KB, 934x525)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
>turn off post-processing
>this is the result
i wonder if my gpu is dying

File: terminator2_0.jpg (486 KB, 1200x2327)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
the reason you're replaceable is that you only know how to push buttons

learn to draw
learn to write
learn to speak publicly

non negotiable
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That's a lotta salt
damn near made an ocean
>Alot of people just want to turn 2D concepts in the 3D art.
Oh man... I won't argue, but I just find this sad. I mean, I get it - majority of 3D jobs have you recreate concepts, so it makes sense that a majority of people working in 3D would just want to do that. But it feels wrong to even call yourself any kind of an "artist" then.

Imagine any other medium of art where artists are just recreating other people's works. Doesn't really happen often, unless it's for practice. I guess I don't understand the lack of personal drive to create original works in your medium. You'll be bringing other people's ideas to life at a job anyway, why don't you at least try to do your own thing for personal projects? Any artist has a need to share their thoughts and feelings with the world through their work. 3D "artists" are in that context practically mute. You're just a no-name cog in a machine doing the work that anyone else technically competent can easily do as well, which means you're replaceable.
> be me
> comes from /ic to learn 3d forms by literally working with them
> "JuSt DrAw To Be GoOd"
I'm just gonna take my blender tuts and leave
>>it's the year 2033, one click solutions to turn any 2d image into 3d

good luck
It's more that drawing helps people learn their fundamentals easier than fucking around with a technical program. Lower barrier to entry and all that.

Personally, I don't think that drawing is the way to go, since photography is a better analogue that teaches the same concepts, but without drawing you lose a lot of important info about form and how to deconstruct things.
I think to really get a well rounded base, you should at least get a basic grasp of most of the main art mediums; drawing for forms/structure, sculpture for 3d thinking, painting for color theory, photography for composition and lighting. They all have their own unique benefits that contribute to 3d.

Has anyone made this thing work without crashing?

I didn't have high hopes, and it has that smell of abandonware, but nevertheless, downloaded it to try, and it just crashes, high poly count, low poly count, nasty or clean meshes, it just shits itself.

AutoRemesher, Automatic quad remeshing 1.0.0-beta.3

works fine.
>that ugly white capture bar
do windows10 really?
Why? Quad remesher/Zremesher is the best one on the market and easily piratable. Autoretopo still sucks for most things, but ye, just use that if you have to.
we already have instant meshes, what's the point of this?

File: 1280px-NVIDIA_logo.svg.png (24 KB, 1280x239)
24 KB
File: Sol-Omniverse.png (249 KB, 624x352)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
really, nvidia? it's 2021 and racist caricatures are not okay

File: RIPBLENDLETS.png (1.03 MB, 1350x918)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
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but you CAN sand wood with a napkin, stop blaming the napkin for being shit.

I've been using Maya and Max for years. And Maya is SHIT at modeling.

You can't work well if your tools are shit.
File: killing-blender-part4.png (1.61 MB, 1304x947)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG


File: 1623529936261.jpg (31 KB, 640x880)
31 KB
i want to practice 3D everyday but most days i wake up not knowing what to make in 3D and some days i even skip doing anything because of it
how do you guys find ideas of stuff to do for practice ??
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ironic. You're the one asking for "ideas" on shit to model like you have an acorn for a brain. You dont even know what or why you want to model. Fucking ameoba.
did you read the OP??????
i can think stuff to make
but i cant do it every day right after i wake up and thats usually the time when i start practicing of 3D these days
i just want to make something that i dont know to practice everyday and get better
when you think of stuff to make, write it down. then when you wake up you have a list to work off.
File: 1624213080961.png (74 KB, 248x242)
74 KB
sometimes my ideas are too good to be made for a single practice session
thats a good tip though i really should do that
zbrush is both easy and retarded.

typically you use maybe 20 tools and they can all be placed wherever you want, this is a plus

the negative is creating new terms for what already exists, having 3 different ways to save something and all but 1 fucks you hard, so if you try to find what you want and you know what its called, you are fucked, but that makes it infinitely harder for someone who doesn't know the terms they need to look for in the first place.

blender will get you where you want to go, sculpting will be fine, you may have to adjust how you model something due to performance reasons, but you can do fairly high res with it with little issue.

File: ryuivsweep8bj6j.gif (1.12 MB, 672x381)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB GIF
What programs are professional but easy to use? Also free. There's no need to be even that easy, something that is fun to use. I have used Blender and I'm thinking about trying something other too.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks, I will consider it.
>easy to use
>everything's in fucking moonspeak
ZBrushCoreMini is a free, non-commercial use version of ZBrush. It will let you experiment with the basic features of the software and also give you something to compare to Blender's sculpting feature set. You can find out if you're a Coke or Pepsi guy.
Why even bother having an English welcome if nothing else is translated
may as well add 3d coat to that, apparently a 30 day trial turns into a free non stripped down educational version, its all I really want for dicking around, not needing to pirate because of features locks and better performance then blender at the moment.

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