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File: 1582026752460.jpg (18 KB, 382x382)
18 KB
Modo vs Blender vs Max - who wins for subD modeling?
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youre not fooling anyone
You don't need one, a dual-boot system with no working network adapter on the second system will do just fine.
dual booting never works because you will always get lazy.
This. The only good solution is another computer (perhaps share the display), and some fast USB storage to move data around.

A direct network connection to a specific adapter on the main computer should be relatively safe, as long as you can guarantee that said computer won't give the other internet access. I wouldn't trust a Windows machine for this, but with Linux you could isolate it pretty soundly.
It just occurred to me, one could place a Raspberry Pi between the computers, and configure it to allow storage shares but disallow internet access. This would probably be the most convenient solution, while being reasonably safe.

File: FAGOT.png (44 KB, 380x109)
44 KB
OK /3/ I always disregarded your hate for this guy, and watched his videos from time to time in the search results to know where some tool is etc.

However this enraged me so hard:

The video is named
>Making a Cabin in the Woods in 15 mins using Blender

The fucker never shows any modeling of the cabin or UV unwrap or anything he babbles on about using addons to place trees and
>muh lighting
What a fagot holy shit ! Watching this was useless !

Did anyone think to himself
>yep a video about placing trees fits the title "Making a Cabin in the Woods"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If you start thinking "this is made for absolute beginners" you see the point.
>>Doesn't even use shortcut keys
If you start thinking "this is made for absolute beginners" you see the point.
houdini tutorials are 3 hours long out 1/5 parts and every second is filled with info if you skip youre fucked.
at the end "took 2 to 3 weeks of full time work"
he did the da funny donut doe
mmm donut

File: freeCAD logo.png (109 KB, 1024x1024)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
How limited is FreeCAD compared to something like Auto Desk? I use linux and have found some nice pripritary software but until I have the money and application for such software I want to stick with FreeCAD. So I'm wondering, how far I can push it? My main concerns would be:

>simulation testing of part stressors
>simulation of accurate mechanics (as in accurately accounting for how different materials behave)
>compatibility with CNC machines
>python scripting, are their plugins or mods to script in C or anything else?
>educationial resources to understand the entire program

I know Blender isn't on the same level as 3dMax, but I'm hoping FreeCAD has gotten close to Blender's quality.

File: Screenshot_1.png (2.27 MB, 1275x1650)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB PNG
Bros, I just tested the grease pencil of blender.

My art is literally 1000% times better.




File: Head1.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
I've always been amazed by beautiful renders of fantasy/sci-fi characters and finished pieces featuring space ships, castles, bustling medieval marketplaces, you name it. This is what pushed me to try learning how to create such works of art – it would be really cool to make great-looking characters exactly how you envision them. Soon after, I learned that those pieces I've seen and admired required an insane amount of practice and dedication to achieve a level of skill to make them. It is also even less likely to be great at doing both characters and environment art.

And here comes my question: would you consider pursuing being a good 3d character artist while being a hobbyist reasonable? By good I mean this level of good:

The issue is that it is hard to push through the "my works looks like total shit currently" phase (attached image). In addition to that, usually, I am very tired after work and it is difficult to muster the strength to practice, which takes many hours and requires a lot of focus. As many of you have much more experience with 3D and some are perhaps professionals, do you think it is reasonable to stick to this kind of hobby in hopes that eventually become as good as those guys/gals I linked, or is that rather unachievable unless one does this stuff professionally?
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You have no right to talk to OP like that. Apologize right now.
you'll eventually get that good sure, it might take you longer but if you approach your learning with the professional mindset then yes you will.

The real question is are you having fun? I would find a way to practice 3d after work that is rewarding instead of being frustrating, whether that's just timed 1 or 2 hour speed sculpts on smaller concepts or just doing an ear or a nose or a mouth so you don't get bogged down by the big project not coming out how you like etc
I work as well and I do it for fun. 1 hour a day usually means it takes me months or even a year to do a character (currently retopologizing a character has taken me 2 months not joking) I am not going to be doing it professionally so I dont stress myself.
Can you get into that level as a hobbyst? Yes, you can.

But keep in mind, that will take a lot of time. And i mean A LOT of time, years and years.

Without being a hobbyst takes time already to be that level. So...

>my works looks like total shit currently

You are a faggot if you keep thinking like that.

File: pepe pirate.jpg (83 KB, 868x751)
83 KB
Hey anons I just found a Telegram link to download a lot of great paid courses for free: https://t.me/online_coursesclub does any of you here have a link to pirate zbrush and maya?
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Google it
>google search
>"zbrush 2021 crack"
>10 websites with cracks and zbrush 2021
i dont get how hard it is to do that anon you are not going to make it.
>inb4 virus
if you cant figure out how to remove it then you shouldn't be using a computer
viruses and ransomware and miners are very real
Is CGpersia safe or does it also have malware?
it has a shitton of malware and just plain shit

File: ply-fire-25.png (71 KB, 430x360)
71 KB
hello /3/, I'm looking for free or cheep modeling and drawing software. My plans are to use it for designing firearms and low poly art, so the ability to have accurate dimensions is vary important.

I'm no modeling wizard, not by a long shot, but i am very familiar with Master CAM as I used it in school. I hope to learn how to get better with these programs as time goes on. any and all recommendations are appreciated, I'll be out for a while later tonight, but I'll be back around 9pm EST to test and play with the programs suggested
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lol if u cbf reading the sticky you wont have the patients to learn 3d anyways
What is this image?
Þank you anon!
autoCAD for firearms

File: Screenshot_414.png (137 KB, 627x631)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
are there any good free intro courses to character animation /3/? I am already familiar with my software's tools and i've done bouncy ball exercises, but I can't find anything about fundamentals/workflows in character animation, just lynda.com ads.
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File: 1607297719718.jpg (26 KB, 242x320)
26 KB
It's still furry shit, so gas yourself.
what is that thing
What modeling courses / videos did you follow?
First learn some art fundamentals, his head is too fucking small, and the snout is also too small in comparison to the head
self taught, hence >>804947

File: sableye_foil.jpg (106 KB, 436x603)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I'm interested in how detailed pokemon cards are when it comes to holo effects, the online game is 3d made in unity, I ripped the files and noticed what kind of textures they are using.
Basically it's the image card, some repeating holo tiles that loop, and some png lines textures.

I just can't figure out how they work togetter.

TLDR: How to make fake holo effect preferably in blender/photoshop, that isn't dependant on rotating the card to see the holo
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I forgot to post an original moving here is an example
This is what I got so far in blender, using one of their textures it's just scrolling on loop, but there's a lot of details missing, they seem to have an opacity layer on the cards so that the effect is very subtle
That's easy to do, but since I'm not using blender...
File: foil.webm (376 KB, 366x512)
376 KB
Here's what I got.
It looks like you have your effect set to multiply or overlay, but I think theirs is probably additive, and I think its multiplied by a funk circuit board pattern before being added.
So the equation would be "card + (rainbow image * pattern image)"
I think I should have chosen a card that wasn't already shiny to get a cleaner result though.
Oh jeez, I didn't realize just how nasty the compression actually was.

File: 8303[1].png (195 KB, 750x650)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
How can I learn to make nice looking low poly 3D models, a la N64?
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make it low poly, abut use a high res texture, I will tell you now, you may not want to go 100% 4k but people like the low poly + textures giving more detail aesthetic, if you want to make console perfect stuff, thats on you, but higher detail is kind of the key,
File: alien_compiled.jpg (14 KB, 374x406)
14 KB
i want to test my lowpoly skills so i'll be spending the next few days modeling this character, posting updates as i go.

it's 256px I'm 99% sure. I do this exact stuff for a living.
good luck anon! please post as you go in the WIP thread

File: 1610307292543.png (359 KB, 597x504)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
behold the pinnacle of 3dcg, the kino of blender, the anime of the year, blender ftw
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Hate the subject matter, but it's fantastic 3D animation.
Lupin the Third The First
File: w8D6Vs2-_400x400.jpg (9 KB, 250x250)
9 KB
Pseudo-Pixar-looking garbage
beastars and houseki no kuni haver good cg and are fairly good. that's good cg but the content (besides the Jap portal scene) fucking sucks

Been hobby modelling for a few weeks now and starting to notice the sheer amount of pretension and egotistical gatekeepers here. Dare I say more obnoxious than failed musicians. Don’t you realize even the top 1% of “artists” in this field are expendable? I’m assuming 99% of you struggle monetizing your art, like in most artistic fields. This is not a cope, life fucking suck, 95% of people don’t get what they want. Trust me, I’m a failed musician, I know what it’s like to starve for art, but some of you need a wake up call. The world doesn’t need any of you.
86 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes because they are just gross or hilarious, OP is plain annoying
I still laugh at this faggot's meltdown. I wonder what he is pretending to be this week.
File: 1613689428613.jpg (27 KB, 485x387)
27 KB
Stop bullying OP, enough is enough!
File: pepe.jpg (92 KB, 1200x675)
92 KB
>lol most people fail in art
File: 1610246243519.jpg (86 KB, 655x480)
86 KB
I loved this thread. I'm glad we opened up our hearts to each other a little bit, but most of all I'm glad we established a hierarchy now (me at top ofcourse)

File: 1602472174116.jpg (95 KB, 1280x720)
95 KB
Bros, is there any worse feeling than buying zbrush for $900 and realizing that you dont know anatomy and should have just grinded blender sculpt mode while learning anatomy?
77 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Found a 3d artisan who did that sculpt :^)
Artisan is right since I refuse to be associated with the gutter trash calling themselves "artists" these days.
File: my_hand.png (363 KB, 447x802)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
>should have just grinded blender sculpt mode while learning anatomy?

Hi, person here who actually got good at blender sculpt before swapping.


Zbrush is so weird and different to any other DCC that you will just have a way better time if you never learn to sculpt anywhere else, end of the day all roads lead to zbrush. If you want to do anything before stylized sculpting you will eventually feel the need for zbrush so you might as well learn in the place you'll end up.
zbrush is powerful but a fucking nightmare to use to the point that not knowing anything about a computer lets you learn the program faster.

I find this to be zbrushes biggest problem, and so long as I am not required to use it, I don't.

File: --------.png (466 KB, 558x573)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
IMPOSSIBLE to avoid that stretching
is it even possible? getting so frustrated im about to delete everything, how is this possible wtf
its blender
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I got used to it now, its comfy
>Life is brutal
>Better to learn now than later
>Hostility forces ingenuity and encourages alternate approaches
>Failure is an option but more importantly, it is a learning oportunity
>Typos happen; Nobody needs to die over them
I have to assume there is some fuckery going on here, the uv does not just start out that fucked, its like if you had a uv, you fucked with the model, then subdivided it till smooth, but the old uv is still there.

File: NinjaGaiden2.png (325 KB, 640x480)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
what 3D program and release is this?
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None of these has a future when image synthesis AI reaches the next level.
LOL just wait for your nerd rapture, singularity simpleton.
>t. replaced by Pajeets and Zerglings
you are not alone.
I'm learning SI/3d 3.7 right now for no good reason

XSI is still usefull for private projects and independent animation. I find it very easy to use and more comfortable than Blender. Most versions on Internet archive come with a crack if you want to try it.

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