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someone please save me. where is this imeris outfit from?
sent you a pm :)

What program is better for sculpting terrain and characters?
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A secret the hobbyists don't know is that heaps of studios keep mudbox around for dealing with displacement stuff, it's used on big movies every year, which makes it even more confusing that autodesk just completely abandoned it.
GoZ is broken for maya 2023, hobbyist
Sounds like that's Maya's fault. Maybe you should use better software.
File: 12311211.png (3 KB, 493x111)
3 KB
oh really?
suck a dick wrongfaggot.
>he thinks 3rd party addon is autodesk fault

found a hobbyist.
probably blenderchud user as well.

Do most NSFW model makers and animators use Rigify for their model interface?

Is it really good enough to get the job done vs. making your own rig with bone drivers and constraints? It seems a little too good to be true.
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File: GOREPUJCH.jpg (232 KB, 1920x1080)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
If you're working with ripped game models for animation without much modification, i found it's easier to just modify their basic skeleton into a rig than to try to match every weight group so that it would fit the rigify rig and still fuck with weight painting afterwards. Sucks there are no tutorials for improving ripped models though, i'd kill for some facial bone setup tricks or just handy mechanisms to add to my stuff.
> a soulless job where you get to do shitty cringe projects.
> No creative fulfillment.

You just described NFT collections and cartoons perfectly.
neither of you have any idea what you are talking about
animators are divas that demand quality rigs, and deservedly so
Just because they demand studio quality doesnt mean they cant do the work without it.
Fucking hilarious holy shit

File: 1660104587442.jpg (124 KB, 640x480)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
How long should it take you to make a demo reel to apply for your first gig as a TD? I have some stuff, and i wrote down a list of more stuff, but that list of more stuff will take me at least a year. Do I just apply with the shit I have now? No, I cant post it.
You should have 6 asset in a demo reel from best to worst including one character with rig lasting only 2 minutes. It can take you 4 month to make a demo reel.
Ive made an autorigger, but im more of a tools and engine TD.

File: 1662042127779856.webm (2.56 MB, 1920x1080)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB WEBM
Greetings from /tv/.

Can you guys explain what the actual fuck this is
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Filmmaking is the worst it has ever been and probably will never recover
wait wat?
don't they use wrapping simulations?
i'm learning marvelous designer but how can you get wrong the size?
I don't want to make the same error, any tips?
File: efeefefef.png (299 KB, 388x517)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
what the actual fuck are her steps? Just because she has long legs, doesn't mean she needs to hyper extend them or anything. Like, what in gods name is this fucking gait
>Can you guys explain what the actual fuck this is
Trash... it's fucking garbage isn't it obvious?
The funko pop bit is so true lol

File: unknown (8).png (568 KB, 929x723)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
I'm starting in Zbrush 3d modeling and other things, and I saw this modeling program, I understand that it is to create references for 2d/3d drawings but I have no idea what the name is
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Blender render result turns out not looking wet in Cycles
Meanwhile Evee turns out wet

How do I make render look wet in Cycles??
File: Screenshot (502).jpg (1.3 MB, 4492x959)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
Why does the texture become like that if I paint it?
How to fix it?
Is there a blender general on this board?
This may sound stupid but will Dall-e and midjourney. (programs of the like) replace the need for 3-D artists? I'm learning scuplting and 3D applications and it kinda sucks that an AI will replace me
there isn't, and even if there were - the blenderchuds just cant cope with staying contained.

So after learning and studying rigging and skin weights, testing dozens of models and creating my own character, I found out this is not really enough.
Im using Maya and saw many of the most complex models out there use corrective blendshapes.
Is there any specific tutorial for these? Critical areas like knees, elbows, the waist area and similar poses.

I tried creating a blendshape, assign that one to a control (elbow) and activate when it reaches a certain angle. But that doesnt really work out at all.

>Is this necessary? How -should- it be done? Which is the correct way?
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You are making a rookie mistake that is to consider human bone structure same as rig.

Don't do that.

Human body has gliding objects, has stretching, bulging and all that bio shit that people simulate nowdays for big movie productions.

What you need to consider is topology and bone placement.

Like the image aboe, i can only imagine that You didn't do the knee joints breakaways, and indeed you probably moved the middle of the joint too close to the kneecap, away from the bending point.

Blendshapes arent supposed to fix Your mistake fully. They are just there for minor tweaks mostly.
>You are making a rookie mistake that is to consider human bone structure same as rig.
>Don't do that.

Worst advice you will ever get in your life, OP.
too bad there is no ID in this forum, because i would know which post i need to ignore.
Import it to blender it have a better rig system and is free.
>better rigging system
top kek

Do you think there will be a big major japanese studio who will spend big bucks into developing some tech to make anime with 3D that doesn't look like current failed imitations?
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Why? What's the actual process? Wouldn't it just be developing the 3D -> 2D process once and then you can just put the model in different poses and pump out 2D images? That seems way faster than drawing the same character in different poses in 2D.
A.I: i'm about to end billions of careers
The edit and keyframe the normals of the mesh per frame to control what's in light/shadow, what is a highlight or bounced light, etc. The texture of hair and cloth folds are edited in as well. The shader colors everything after normal editing is done.
I forgot some things, but normal editing is the biggest reason why Arc System's method takes so long. The outlines and mesh are animated/deformed per frame, normal editing is used to keep colors consistent during smear frames. It's difficult to make all of these changes look good without a lot of training, so Arc Systems probably has a small number of animators to costs down. [spoiler]I want to be as skilled as them[/spoiler]
they actually did try harder in xrd to replicate the look of their previous games, just in 3d
strive they went in with a clearly different mindset

File: lAS19.png (185 KB, 1036x818)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
How should I build my skeleton to support skirts and dresses in a game engine?

I have something rigged up like pic related where I have two-bone chains going out in 8 directions around the hip bone. I have a collision sphere that collides with the thigh bone and presses the skirt bone out of the way, preventing collision with the legs. My character has modular clothing so I activate and deactivate the bones as needed.

It works for the most part, but the length of the bones or how big the collision spheres should be just never seems right. I'm also struggling with my weight painting where the transition between waist and skirt is either too sharp or too soft. There's either not enough weight to accommodate crouching or there's too much weight and it abruptly goes from no physics at once vertex to jutting out at the next.

I really want to avoid having custom skeletons for different kinds of outfits. It would be much better for me to have one single humanoid skeleton that supports a variety of chest/leg garments.
I think people import baked animations and use the game engine to apply cloth physics.
kill yourself faggot uvu :DDDD
this is what id assume, apply cloth physics to a mesh that is attached/grouped to the main mesh. I've never heard of or seen people adding a rig to clothing to control the dynamics of the cloth
Yes you want cloth physics for the game not bones that would otherwise confuse the game engine. I don't know what engine you are using but say if it was unity the bones in unity would go through lag, uneven look during action events, bones colliding (the way i see this model being made it can cause unity to hit bones easy), etc.

The easy way to do this is by remaking the model to fit the clothing (don't let it slip), have certain parts become armor-like state, you dont need everything moving you just need the ones that need to move to move. So somewhere in the chest will become armor-like (unless you don't include the boobs), belly part moves around much so plan how you want this to happen and the arms will become the most annoying part.

hope it helps

Can you use maya costume rigs on motionbuilder or Just human ik?

File: 1663953619017806.jpg (389 KB, 2560x1440)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
Its finally happened
Is this the end?
File: 1642789919911.gif (1.82 MB, 400x237)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB GIF
I think it's time for both 3D and 2D artists to minecraft programmers and engineers for trying to destroy an industry that is already almost impossible to land a paying job in
Minecraft defense doesn't hold up in court btw
File: 1650334602269.png (21 KB, 700x700)
21 KB
thanks genius I was unaware
i mean they're trying to destroy everything lol

File: FPSX.jpg (117 KB, 600x900)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Do you think it would have been a good game?
Mega Man Man barely survived the westernization of Capcom and Inafune bullshit and you want a group of shitslinging Texan hacks to touch the series? Remember ReCore?
Also ResiEvil already suffered enough with the FPS bullshit change, i rather them not repeating that shit again.
Do you think this is the right board?

Having to quit /3/D because power bills are becoming too much of a burden, last month had to pick between eating and power.
35 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>especially since women tend to be so easy for me here. lmao

Shure they are buddy, sure.
Schizo dreams are nice to have.
You're in your moms basement, a failure.
>doubt he's polish we're in a thread about terrible money management.. ..Where do you think we are?
Kek only faggot subhumans like you go clubbing, everyone knows that.
Us real people go to church. Every sunday and on religious holidays (eastern, christmas, 1. November etc pp)
Imagine the smell
whatever you mumble does not change the outlook of polish sluts.

and keep on the cope coming, its honestly glorious.

File: 1661407116848006.jpg (34 KB, 528x528)
34 KB
Arrimus is leaving YouTube. Are there any other good channels focused on 3DCG?
He's a hack.

File: file.png (9 KB, 258x111)
9 KB
>4 hours to model a crate
Is this the power of blendlets?
>In this video I go over the workflow used with making a milkcrate with subdivision in mind. This video was a first run attempt so many inefficiencies will exist but I thought it'd be fun to show my attempt. However this model was deceptively difficult.
Since you can't read

File: zawful.png (141 KB, 1103x811)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
I've been battling with this on and off for the past few days and I am not getting any closer to my goal.
I have 2 rigs and I want to move rig 1's animation over to rig 2. Problem is, rig 2 not only has more bones than rig 1, but the bone hierarchy is different too. I know how to change the hierarchy and reassign parents/etc, but that breaks rig 1's animation. Is there any way to salvage this?
Other than eyeballing which anim on which bones should be copypasted where and doing them one by one, no, there isnt any way to copy anim en-masse from two different rigs. You can only blame your short foresight for this.
>I have 2 rigs and I want to move rig 1's animation over to rig 2. Problem is, rig 2 not only has more bones than rig 1, but the bone hierarchy is different too
Sorry man, shit's FUBAR, you're gonna have to remake those animations for your new rig.
Unless, maybe you can look into Unreal's animation retargeting system, I heard you can have two different rigs play the same animation more or less. However I haven't looked into it personally, you're gonna have to do some digging yourself.
Theortetically, it sounds like you can:
1) put both your rigs in Unreal
2) do the retargeting in Unreal
3) export the animations back out again
Or maybe you can even retarget those animations in Blender. Dunno, just look up "how to retarget animations for different rigs" or something. Good luck
Not my rigs. Just want to port an animation to a game.
I'll definitely give that one a shot and see what's possible with Unreal's retargeting system. Thanks a lot for telling me about that one, since I had no idea that existed. It seems Blender may have a similar feature, just googling "blender retarget animation", I'll see what works. Cheers!
god I need to learn blender, nobody wants 3dsmax anymore
File: 1663539398366.webm (1.26 MB, 1280x720)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB WEBM
Anon, have you ever heard of retargeting?
A few minutes fiddling with the rokoko addon should do exactly what you want despite the different hierarchy if the rest poses are close enough. May need a corrective NLA strip/animation layer afterwards if the rotations get misread but still do the job exactly how you need it to be done.

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