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File: Eg-qIZcUMAAcjti.jpg (121 KB, 680x550)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Is it possible in Blender, instead of adding object with shift+a and then painstakingly setting it's dimensions and position, just to draw it like in 3ds max or valve hammer? It's much more efficient to create primitives like that, especially if you have snap to grid enabled. I prefer to just select my primitive, like a box for example and then in some specific part of my scene use my mouse to stretch it to size which I need.
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It's almost the end of the month, your software rent is nearly due.
Better pay up or you're getting evicted.
Sure, the feature demonstrably exists and is included in the software as an option that can be used for free and in fact has been shown in a literal webm made by a human being using it, that doesn't mean that blender HAS that feature.

Now do you understand? No?
I'm guessing you don't understanding renting software either, stupid Blendie.
This is what blendlets believe.
Lightwave does that both natively and (more advanced) with the LWCAD plugin
>It's much more efficient to create primitives like that
lol'd, have u ever seen how fast some people with 2 hands can do it in maya?

File: witch.jpg (130 KB, 1080x1440)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
kind of a witch giving birth, or, birth of a witch. sort of like a 4 dimensional stereogram i can draw shapeshift tv . i saw the give me a job button on the other page can you give me a job?
you know like a pay for one, not like, make me a slave or anything. i dont know this page exactly yet i am taking a bit of time to peruse the website i am getting there, im kind of a mech, some laughed when i said im a fairy but i got like 8 machines at the gym maxed out and am doing pretty good
File: alien wavesuper mario.jpg (136 KB, 1072x1440)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
another picture i am thinking this is like graphic design
File: trrre.jpg (134 KB, 720x960)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I don't think this place can give you the kind of help you need
Give up
finally someone who doesnt drink tap water

File: 1591000159778.png (272 KB, 1200x628)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
What do you think about NanoVDB, /3/? Whats better, Nano or Embergen?
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>whats better, nanovdb or embergen?

>whats better, jpg or photoshop?

your question makes no sense. nanovdb is just a compressed GPU voxel format. its not a simulation engine like embergen. simulation engines could use it, but....apples and oranges.
>No good for RT

generally speaking, what is better - gpu minimal "nano" solver, sparse solver, or regular openCL solver?
Sparse solver is the best among them.
But we are still using the old dense Pyro solver in production for explosions and big smoke hits.
We use sparse solver only for interaction dust, smoke, and dust trails.
Try the new Axiom solver build with nanoVDB support. It is faster than Sparse solver and doesn't crash when your GPU runs out of memory. It rollsback to CPU without fucking up the simulation.
>It is faster than Sparse solver and doesn't crash when your GPU runs out of memory. It rollsback to CPU without fucking up the simulation.
I don't know what your problem is, Sparse Solver works perfectly fine even after running out of VRAM.

File: skin.png (677 KB, 637x637)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
How is one supposed to make skin textures like pic related? Where do people find the required photos to make a consistent looking skin texture?
I know there's places like 3dsk, but I'm a poorfag.
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>like pic related
that looks baked from a high poly > ao + light map?
Legit question here. Can I make a super detailed sculpture in Zbrush, and then turn it into a texture so that I can wrap those details around a low polygon version of the same sculpture for further rigging in another app?
yeah, texture baking is the process you're looking for, baking a normal map and ambient occlusion is the standard procedure.
Can I do all that inside Zbrush?
Well... take this with a pinch of salt, but I managed to get some just asking around, photo session was three days ago.
I won't guarantee that it'll work for anyone else (or that you won't get slapped).
Apparently, this was her train of thought:
>be girl
>get a fuckton of guys on the internet asking for nudes for masturbation purposes
>annoying as fuck
>acquaintance asks her to take 360° nude pictures for a 3D model in a neutral, decidedly unsexy T-pose
>basically, the least sexy nude modelling there is
>take 360° pictures of her body, face, close-up of her eyes looking straight ahead, to the left and to the right as well as some thigh pictures
If you got some questions, shoot, but, as I said, won't vouche it'll work for everyone.
Another, less risky, idea would be asking some girl on /soc/ to send you the required pictures. Of course, it would require specific descriptions of what you need on your part as well as them having someone to take the pictures.

File: 1572755013043.jpg (51 KB, 512x512)
51 KB
Questions thread

prev >>760674
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Anyone who dares to mention anyone is doomed to get shit on by people who disagree.
Any good tutorials for making human shape models for beginners
Tons, but what is the approach you want to go for?
Low poly then work my way up later to bigger poly model humans
This may be a bad advice but what about using makehuman to have an outline and make your own template, then you can (if you want) integrate said model into makehuman to see how it works without the need to do too much in terms of rigging.

File: pepe mad as fuck.jpg (31 KB, 500x486)
31 KB
How does anyone afford these expensive as fuck programs? Some of these 3d programs ask for thousands of dollars a year. Why would anyone pay that much? What the fuck is in these programs to make them worth that much?
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Haha blender go brrrrrr
>Instead of buying houdini, i just learned blender and saved $270.
You also saved yourself from earning thousands from Houdini jobs. Congrats, I guess.
still, anon can earn an honest wage using blender, no? Fundamentals > programs
Just pirate it. No one gives a fuck except if you're earning millions or using Nuke.
>more jobs for example
I don't think that's entirely true, with all the zooms who want things in blend. And there are less and less things you can do in Maya that you can't in Blender. You're not selling the software, you're selling your skills.

File: 8303[1].png (195 KB, 750x650)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
How can I learn to make nice looking low poly 3D models, a la N64?
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shut up and post your work
Is there a guide on how to make models like this
yes. here it is:
1. move the vertices to where you want them to be
2. paint the pixels the colors you want them to be
now that you have the ultimate low poly guide, you faggots can finally stop asking this stupid question
Thanks I'm new to this so sorry if I asked a repeated question

File: Toolbag4.jpg (39 KB, 780x634)
39 KB
Great, another app you need ray tracing to use.
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Why is it trying to compete with substance and the likes? Why not just just optimize it since it was unoptimized af? Who the fuck asked for another texture painting app?

Also, does it finally support export to EXR? Last time I checked it didn't support the fucking best format for CGI work.
Rtx2060's are at 13000 or 16000 pesos depending on the manufacturer, it amounts to, more or less, 700 dollars; 2080ti range from 45000 pesos to 60000 pesos, as in, 3000 dollars in average
Handpainted stuff never looked good in marmoset imo. The brushes are probably all soft edged and not per pixel level too.
Who asked for a half finished texture painting app?
There's like 5 of them at this point, I really dont understand. and they made texturing in a program that doesn't support UDIM in 2020, absolute morons.

I need the most effortess way of animating a boody model without rigging and then renderng with realistic kino lighting(pic related). All of it without powerful GPU and CPU. I need some AI NN solutions. I know there's some motion capture kikery, it's 2020, 3D animation should be effortless at this point
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Enjoy your pajeetbucks, make sure to buy a functional toilet
File: 1605691220449.jpg (3 KB, 125x122)
3 KB
>kinect for body tracking
yeah sure have fun with your 'effortless' animation with that piece of shit
What the fuck are you on about? What pajeets? What bucks? Are genuenly retarded?
the motion tracking is cleaned up, even though it doesn't need much of it, and if you concerned about hands and fingers theres preanimated ones in the rig.
eat shit jew
>eat shit
I am not a pajeet, unlike you lmao

File: cad4.jpg (33 KB, 700x373)
33 KB
Does anyone here do CAD work?

I had to learn it for a job. I first picked Fusion360, didn't really like it so I downloaded FreeCad instead. It seemed powerful at first but Jesus fucking Christ, the BUGS. Nothing fucking works, constraints stop working for no reason, boolean operations are RNG, it's unusable
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File: train 3.1.png (1.06 MB, 1678x882)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
SolidWorks or bust
look it up on youtube, people made addons and UI to mimic CAD software.
FreeCAD is ok i guess. Compared to Fusion360 it lacks a bunch of things, wich i didn't realize i depended on so much, until after i switched to FreeCAD
> DAG-View doesn't have the features the Fusion timeline has
> holes cannot be moved easily after being placed
> No function to project sketchlines or geometry onto a sketch
> extrude and pocket are two different functions

i wanna go back to fusion360 but it runs poorly on ubuntu
File: tooth.jpg (26 KB, 604x535)
26 KB
Shot in the dark, but maybe someone here can help me.
I need to find some sort of software that could align and compare two sketches (or two dxf-s,...) and also measure deviation.
I have measurements of a gear (dots) and cad drawing of the gear (solid lines).
And I want to find out the deviation between those two. But before that, they need to be aligned together, in a best fit scenario- where deviations are the smallest. What software should I use?
For example this is what I want, but I need it in 2D, not 3D (0:10 to 0:45):
Where can I get decent quality PEPE stl and step files? The best 3D meme I can find is Everything is Fine dog.

File: m249parassforblendswap.png (121 KB, 923x923)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
you made it op?
if so then its a nice gun, everything is there
Except textures and bevels, and child-brides.
اَللّٰہُ اَکْبَرْ اَللّٰہُ اَکْبَرْ لَا اِلٰہَ اِلَّا اللّٰہُ وَ اَللّٰہُ اَکْبَرْ اَللّٰہُ اَکْبَرْ وَ لِلّٰہِ الْحَمْد
ها سالمين ليش جاي تكبر.
No. OP is trying to summon the King Schizo. The gun is part of his Quake 3 mod or something like that. He becomes extremely irate at the slightest criticism of his project.

how do i recreate this aura effect in daz
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
not mine :)
Still looks like absolute shit. The jaw, lips and hair are extremely off putting.
Who cares?
He posted it to ask how to recreate the effect. Nobody gives a shit about how bad the character looks you brainlet.
Don't do this. It looks like some 90s shit.

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
any easy tool to make hats in roblox?
im desperate for a small job
please i need more money for my 40k figurinos
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: lure.jpg (6 KB, 304x166)
6 KB
>more money
This has to be bait.
It HAS to be.
File: ed2.jpg (22 KB, 680x378)
22 KB
hey look this thread again
who the fuck is even gonna buy roblox hats models? lmao
sell your 3d printed figurines
you do know that it isnt that simple right

File: 3.png (276 KB, 752x576)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
Why does this boards sticky always show up on the home page?
It could be because it's the first to appear on some mobile apps. Or so I've heard.
It's the opening page for my app, clover.

You guys are still interesting enough for me to read. Obv
You know, people start a lot, A LOT of retarded new threads that could be easily avoided if those retards could simply read the fucking sticky, we live in an illiterate society and this board is no exception

File: 1601858899455.png (1.01 MB, 1589x554)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Is this really how you're supposed to use a hdri shadow catcher / ground plane? I tried it, with making a sphere and then scaling the bottom half to zero to make it flat, but I cant decide if just putting a regular plane down is more accurate / better or having no plane and just having the geometry be floating in space is better / more accurate. Opinions?

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
the problem is the hdri wasn't taken from the ground so getting real close to it will introduce distortions. that said, you could always project the hdri onto geometry to get more accurate reflections and lighting. there's no "supposed" to for this kind of thing. in a lot of cases, the mapping is an unnecessary extra step. (Who renders through to the hdri? they're supposed to be for approximate reflections and light matching)
you can see in his video, all the detail in the hdri which sits between the original "horizon line" and the "ground" is flattened. it disappears. this method demands a super wide fov lens to hide this distortion.
Model your ground and surroundings like a big boi.
sorry for the multipart post but there's another thing about this technique. When your hdri is mapped to geometry, your camera needs to be aimed through the theoretical origin (where the texture is being projected from) otherwise you get the intense distortion seen in the garage scene. When your hdri is infinitely far away, you are always looking through the center so that's not a problem.
I did this tutorial as well and I got pretty bad results. I have a feeling you need a good hdri to work with this method

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