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File: Capture.jpg (45 KB, 1282x790)
45 KB
Are we out a job now?

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That's not real-time. Look at the timeline in the bottom right.

That Korean dude Matt Workman actually did manage to set it up for real-time. He even did a stream. It didn't have a lag from his video to the metahuman setup to the final output on YouTube which in of itself was impressive. He said it took him 4 months to figure everything out. Your Average Joe has no chance of reaching that level any time soon.
Mongolian Stan Prokopenko
that guy is actually a flip
tenno heika BANZAI
File: 1619064448448.jpg (188 KB, 1178x1331)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
while that is true, the issue is more in that western devs make ugly characters for the sake of making ugly characters.

There was this one interview by the Dark souls director who told his character designers (who was designing a boss character) to not make senseless guro shit because of 'muh spooky scary monsters', he tells him to make it "artistic" and to add some uncanny beauty (aka something that's pleasing to the eye), and juxtapose those elements with something else.

The same attitudes can apply here. All western devs really have to do is to add ONE attractive character, but they have trouble doing that for some reason.

File: 1614038778592.webm (2.85 MB, 678x1302)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB WEBM
Tell me ,/3/ anons. How do I make a 3D venture solely out of coomer models doing soft core coomer animations like this? Would making a video game suffice with raking in coomer bucks?
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is 4chan being raided by menopausal housewives or do young people these days actually have the political sensibilities of a perpetually upset soccer mom? do you have a graphic about how doom caused columbine?
It's called waking up to the social subversion that is the porn industry.
Found the neoliberal nigger. Porn is bad for you no matter the political spectrum so the fact that you defend it just means that you're a placated boomer/degenerate.
File: 1607292335903.gif (319 KB, 314x314)
319 KB
319 KB GIF

File: 1612658732211.jpg (120 KB, 1080x1504)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
How much RAM do you need for 3d modeling/sculpting stylized (nothing more complex than genshin impact style - not that I think it's easy to do, it's just my future goal) things? I have 16GB in my laptop but can upgrade to 32GB for 160€.
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Probably not much, depending on factors like resolution, render efficiency, on-screen particles, etc if you're going for Genshin Impact-like shading. For visuals, most memory is used by textures. Meshes themselves don't cost much. Animations and joints cost more, but still a lot less than textures.
If you mean "just meshes with complexity on par with Genshin Impact", then probably <1gb per character.
16 gigs is more than enough if you don't have a lot of stuff open at the same time.

I have 96gb of ram, it's pretty based ngl
8gb is plenty.. i have never seen anyone use more than 5gb while sculpting.
128 GB ECC, but doing compositing in Nuke. I literally can't open some of my projects on machines with less than 64 GB.
This is correct. I can even have 2 instances of Maya and one Photoshop open and it still doesn't choke.

File: CtY9h13WAAEsNfz.jpg (16 KB, 420x280)
16 KB
Going to install industry software on kubuntu bros.
good luck bro
How did it go

>but why
You'll find out in a couple hourse
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>I'm in.
It's for horse porn.
Sorry to bother you remake ?
Wut? I don't get what that movie has to do with the OP.
fucking hell i hope you are still in this thread. i checked the image first and thought "that's an odd mix between horse and donkey, i wonder how long this took" and i was expecting like at least 2 days of work. if you are still here i wish i could flood you with questions but i dont want to be too annoying about it. if you really are capable of this kind of stuff then that's mega inspiring.
At what age did you start?
Do you learn sculpting by mostly learning anatomy + trial and error?
Are you self-taught?
What are some good sources of information that you learnt from? Is it just youtube, books and artists?
Do you work for some big 3D company?
Is there any important work you've done in the past you could share with us? Like a model for game or movie?
Do you just sculpt for fun? Is it your main hobby?

File: 1610307292543.png (359 KB, 597x504)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
behold the pinnacle of 3dcg, the kino of blender, the anime of the year, blender ftw
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>she clips through him
>they left it in anyways
[spoiler]His power is that he can clip throught things from the front.[/spoiler]
File: 1615736244108_1.webm (1.43 MB, 1920x1080)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB WEBM
reaction gif acquired
>Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono
that looks cozy and soulful as fuck

Hi, does anyone have resources on how to model something like this from A-Z
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A - ain't gonna happen champ
Z - zeriously it ain't gonna happen you're too retarded
league of legends is a shit game you should be ashamed
you can do that 10 minutes in blender. ez
>10 mins
And it will exactly look like that.
I for one hope someday we'll get a mod who will ban faggots like you for opening new threads asking retarded questions instead of POSTING IN THE FUCKING QUESTIONS THREAD.

File: tard wrangling freecad.jpg (159 KB, 1280x984)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
What's a good modelling program if I want to make action figures to print and also give them intricate, precise engineering?
I tried to learn FreeCAD to make pic related but I underestimated how beginner-unfriendly it really was so I'm reconsidering that choice.

I tried asking in /diy/ and they have recommended me to go straight into Fusion 360's meme free program.
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File: tha mood.jpg (14 KB, 500x332)
14 KB

They legit just do the joints and stuff in zbrush

You do not need CAD for toys.

F360 is absolutely what you want to use if you're going CAD though.
Out of curiosity, is there one with Transformers?
I picked CAD because it seemed to do what I wanted but if Blender can do this I guess I should go with that, though most of what I'm planning to do is non-organic shapes.
>t. blendlet
I've used 3dsmax, Maya and Solidworks longer than I've used blender, rat
so how's that g3 continuity in blender coming, taffog?

File: 1593265089518.jpg (39 KB, 709x765)
39 KB
>fall for the "support me on patreon for the project files of this youtube tutorial" meme
>project files are different from the tutorials
>materials just downright wont work and have to be remade and scripts are used where there was none in the tut

Am I being filtered?
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i thought this place was shut down ? or was it a different one
in any case, awesome
im not deluded, you are. The moves I make and direction i take is mine alone and i wont reveal it just for anonymous "street cred"
You came here and told us about this youtuber (that ripped you off) and suddenly exposing said dude is something that reveals your "direction and moves"?
>im not deluded, you are.
Yeah, right.
yiff.party's creator took the money and ran, which is fair desu cuz fuck furries. kemono is newer, tho it might be more stringent on non-fur content
you were filtered the moment you decided to throw money into monitor for something that could be found for free dumb frogposter

File: gumgum.png (99 KB, 458x589)
99 KB
Our 3D lord
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File: 1600045237695.jpg (53 KB, 576x960)
53 KB
this I have some of his buddies saved as well and I can't find it
All hail Gunt!
Post more ok
epic reddit moment this is gonna be the next hot new heckin meme

looks like patrick star

File: .png (268 KB, 1500x420)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
what do you guys think of this? anyone tried it yet?
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doesnt sound like you do if you cant realize that vr sculpting is straight trash
File: 1592594036139.jpg (18 KB, 223x210)
18 KB
lets not do this
File: ayyyy.jpg (89 KB, 754x815)
89 KB
The presentation is weak but the tech looks solid. Working with real polygons is much better than Medium's weird voxel grids, if the remesh brush was integrated into the regular sculpting brushes the experience would be very similar to using Sculptris (RIP). I'd drop the VR gimmick entirely, it's a big damper on potential sales.
ok thank you

File: 1595461292778.gif (881 KB, 300x300)
881 KB
881 KB GIF
How long before Epic buys Pixologic and HEAVILY discounts ZBrush?
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Pixologic is a privately owned company. Epic can't just buy it.
yes they can.
they'll make an offer to pixolator or whoever is the owner. like someone offering to buy your car for more that it's worth.
Pixo would never sell for any amount or any reason. They've alluded to this many times.
Everyone has a price.
lol no
if they don't want to sell then there's no way to acquire them. every company should be privately owned for that matter.

is this natural?
2 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry but I'll need to know the sheath/erection functionality to know for sure.
uuuh no penuus weenus ???
No, horses don't exist.
The hivewire horse models have seen some shit by now

File: It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg (68 KB, 1022x731)
68 KB
>/3/ tells me blender and FOSS are memes
>check out some AAA character tutorials
>99% of the shit they do can be done using a combination of makehuman + blender + blender addons + material maker + armor paint
>the only diference between pros and /3/ is basically strong 2D fundamentals of painting and drawing
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: anon's place.jpg (64 KB, 847x463)
64 KB
you are here
You could've just called him dumb
That's not being dumb.
It's a shill board. You'll get called an antisemite for calling autojew jewish here lmao.

>all people who shit on blender in this board are absolute no modellers that hate on a software as a coping mechanism
>all of you talk about 3d industry bullshit but none of you actually do anything
>people who unironically shill for 3d softwares and try to host a dick measuring contest just to see which one of them is worse

give up /3/
But Anon, you're unironically shilling for Blender and are trying to host a dick measuring contest with this very thread.
Don't you think that's a little bit ironic?
>People who are into this topic on either side are 'absolute no modellers' who obsess over peripherals and kit instead of practicing their art.

give up Op

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