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File: coomin.jpg (438 KB, 3041x1846)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
Please be honest with yourself, you just want to make coom right? We don't want anymore young artists ruining their career goals. The majority of art in the western industry is boring, uninteresting, pays horrid, public schooling is a scam and you don't get to decide what to make. If you really want to do it I cannot stop you but there is also nothing wrong with getting an AI-proof career while doing this on the side.
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and where do I go from there
I have been asking the same for a while. I have bumbling about doing assorted shit, but I don't feel like I have improved one bit.
>and where do I go from there
Have you tried modelling something on your own? Using refs of course.
maybe following some tutorials along? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MajXMU-DuPY&list=PLDJRbwyy3-83YXl37393EKjyJC07HeYLM
I found this series on youtube for modeling an entire human character.


It seems short but that's because he goes through it really fast. He skips the tedious repetitive stuff, but sometimes it can be hard to follow because he goes so fast.
File: 1593895277278.gif (268 KB, 234x249)
268 KB
268 KB GIF
thanks I saved those links for later
currently going through this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3GCEEUnHPs
he's presenting a bit slower and includes troubleshooting for spiritual boomers like me

File: 1662140784941.gif (2.1 MB, 590x490)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB GIF
Why is rigging in Houdini not nearly as developed as rigging in Maya?
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>A technical artist is the same as a character animator
Bob Dylan sucks btw.
>A vfx artist is a technical artist
Oh no no no no no
File: 1662745856414081.jpg (91 KB, 500x500)
91 KB
>selecting vertices in blender still easier
>selecting vertices
Houdini was specialized in procedural modeling and sfx, then became a little more generalized over time
File: kick.jpg (43 KB, 802x371)
43 KB
For the same reason as Zbrush. It's a toolset that's focused on a specific area of 3D graphics.

If Side FX wanted to they could integrate some really awesome anim and rigging friendly workflows into Houdini (every now and then they try) but why should they bother? They have cornered the market for FX, that's where the money is so that's where the dev goes.

File: 1657882764747.png (600 KB, 1200x630)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
Cascadeur is a failed app, isn't it?
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Wrong again. You use the Foundry or Autodesk's software and thus consent to the TOS and EULA. Your company can now be audited and fined at ANY time.

>b-but not authoritative, I dont have to pay the fee....

you have a lot of learning to do son
>None of these are authoritative legal documents in the west.

Yes they are.
Do you honestly believe that companies put TOS and EULAs up just for kicks? It's a loophole for them to do what they want.

>"Your honor. This company violated my rights!"
>"Your honor. This moron agreed to the TOS which clearly states that we're going to violate his rights."
>"I see. Judgement goes in favor of Big Tech Inc, so says THE LAW!"
>[laughs in crippling layer fees]

Also did it ever occur to you why companies (like PayPal) keep changing their ToS every few months or so? It's because some smartass sued them for something that they neglected to add in their ToS. The more these companies get sued the more airtight their ToS/EULA become, and the more of a bitch they will make you.

Stop thinking you, a rando, has any power over these evil corporations. You never did and you never will. If a piece of software is useful to you, use it (preferably the pirated version). But if you decide not to use because "muh privacy rights" then you are a fool. You have no privacy rights. You're just a bitch. Welcome to the club of the rest of the fucking planet.
EULAs are a "throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks" document. they get updated as new things come into existence to throw at the wall. They have never been used to successfully argue for a limitation of consumer rights. They only serve to draw a line around rights the company wishes to reserve.

Privacy policies are defences that prevent governments from suing companies for violating laws. They're written in a language that addresses the end user because that's what legislature requires of them.

You have a child's understanding of corporations.

>They have never been used to successfully argue for a limitation of consumer rights.

most embarrassing statement


>ToS fuck people over
>people complain to the law
>ToS get modified so people can no longer legally complain
>the people who complained in the first place are saddled with crippling legal fees for the rest of their lives


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Are you being ironic?

File: 1663745573865804.png (144 KB, 640x427)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
cheap fast workflow artstyle good. cuhds btfo
based thread. mods, sticky this pls
All along cris should have been making a game in the doom engine
trees aren't facing the camera fully, btfo

id sticky this desu

File: banana to cube.png (86 KB, 340x199)
86 KB
This is impossible
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Based levels rising to dangerous levels
The lighting matters more than the textures champ.
To /3/, "impossible" is just another word for "this will take too much time and effort on my part"
>to sphere
>flatten out sides
>reset UVs
>find the greyest part of the texture

File: 44chan.jpg (137 KB, 1280x1130)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Any ideas Anons?
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am I looking at a render? something is off but I can't tell what
go work for 1 company for 1 year, then 2nd for 1 year, then 3rd and 4th.

you will have more than basic skills + tons of contacts that will land jobs for your business

any other way around is the absolute waste of time t. blender cunt having his own business for 12 years
they're called females and solely exist outside of your apartment. the lack of facial hair is normal in non-indians.

no need just download a rigged one

>constant anime fapping

File: 1673100716454.png (1.36 MB, 1845x974)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Nuke has a completely new 3D system built on USD. Came out 1 month ago. What do You think about it? BETA.

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How dare you question the Foundry's long term handling of USD and a scenegraph knowing they already have katana
I don't even know Nuke's purpose. I've seen it on every instructor's desktop but never knew what it's used for so...
show your work then
Nuke is growing up. Bump for nuke

File: 12603303.png (32 KB, 1307x270)
32 KB
Does anyone know of a new updated way to rip models from Sketchfab without resorting to download the shady 3d-ripper application?

File: Blender_logo_no_text.svg.png (74 KB, 1252x1024)
74 KB
>z is up, x is left, y is back
>have to make sure object has 90° on the x so it has 0 when exported in fbx
>has to have 0.01 scale so its 1 when exported in fbx

what the actual fuck, what were they thinking?
this shit is literally the worst
why would they do this? it's so incredibly inconvenient

honestly I'm considering doing my own 3d software because blender is so deadass annoying at this point and it's such a clusterfuck.
I bet I can do better
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nvm i found a solution, i just need to add middle click on my pen, holding alt would work as snap even i use it on emulate 3 button mouse
>middle click on pen
absolutely, I think everyone does this. Very comfy
hows sfm render time? is it faster than eevee?
>>z depth

fuck off blendlet

File: 1661898032623175.jpg (25 KB, 275x274)
25 KB
>try multiple 3D rigging and mocap tools
>they all generate their own unique special flavored rig
>I can't simply copy paste the frames into my own personal rig
>most of the animations are frame by frame shit when exported
>Try auto rig pro
>It fails to remap that deepmotion rig it exports into accurig rigged model

This fucking shit is useless without some tool to remap rigs and mocaps.

File: skrt2 (1).png (569 KB, 2553x1366)
569 KB
569 KB PNG
Pls help, its driving me insane, whenever I export any transparent textures to sketchfab, it always black where the transparency is supposed to be, ill love you forever if you can give me a solution (I'm new to blender)
(1) there is a thread for questions that do not deserve their own thread
(2) why are you using blender for 2d and not something like gimp
(3) wow
Its part of a 3d model

File: sonicfacepalm.png (292 KB, 750x600)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
Something about Sonic Prime just seems...off. The graphics seem to be the biggest drawback and seem like Unity 2021 in-game graphics. Even videogame Sonic cutscenes seem to have had better graphics than this show. The graphics of the show look overly...manufactured. Like all their eyes just look made of plastic and everything else does also.

The scripting, staging, choreography etc. just seems, overly bland. The voice acting seems ok but not great. Their choice of using rainbow dash for tails just seems...strange. I prefer when he sounded like a gay furry. And amy doesn't sound like...amy, she sounds suprisingly normal for some reason.

I didn't watch the rest of the show because it was so boring. Maybe the show has some kind of interesting plot but I couldn't get past how unimmersive the graphics and everything else was.

Show seems like Eggman made this show just to wear down sonic fans. If he loses to sonic in combat then his next idea was to make a shitty sonic show maybe?

I don't understand why this tv show has such good reviews, maybe they are review shills.
buddy I thing you're on the wrong board, round these parts we shitpost about hating different modeling software and yell at the local schizo brown boy named cris.
cris thread?
No, he does NOT need another thread.
I refuse to watch it based on the fact that they nerfed rouge's tits.

File: img-2023-01-24-07-39-45.png (68 KB, 1920x978)
68 KB
so gfxpeers is kill and i dont have cgpeers.
is there any other cg related private/public trackers out there or are these the only two so far?
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pyw. Lets see what you really learned.
>he bought lmao
Ohnonono anon, cgp mods aren't idiots btw.
I just like to hoard/archive stuff
2 years and counting anon-kun
>I just like to hoard/archive stuff
thats what I thought. You are probably glowing visible from space
there's so many of them on bilibili now that never get upped because of rules against watermarks

File: speeshmareen2.png (276 KB, 786x824)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
Speesh Mareen
speis moreen
File: 3.jpg (80 KB, 512x512)
80 KB

File: file.png (2.1 MB, 1104x1500)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
I really want to see how well can /3/ anons translate this into 3D.
It's a very simple-looking Japanese storefront, so it should be easy to model.
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What SW it is, please?
Blender + Substance Painter
File: Toon Texture.png (127 KB, 863x799)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Thank you very much.

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