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File: 1619872346327.jpg (447 KB, 1439x1348)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
Why are you modeling
When you could be modeling
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horse butthole
Why would anyone model that...
its enticing to look at

A word used inbrony/clopperculture to describe a pony anus. It is a combination of "pony" and "dounut."

"I saw her presenting herself to me, and then, without hesitation, I took abig sniffof her ponut."

"My tongue gentlygrazedher ponut, and she made a gentle squeal of delight."

"The dirty little mare forced her sweetpony asson my face. I couldn't help but give in and flick her ponut with my tongue."
File: 1620126123180.jpg (71 KB, 512x512)
71 KB

Say I want to motion capture in the most cost/time efficient way with hand tracking aswell. i dont want to give into these fucking rats that charge 1600 for a suit. this will be for animation
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got that setup w ipi but the program doesn't really track hand gestures.
im considering buying the leap motion controller but i have no idea what program i'd intergrate it with
Record your video doing poses or whatever. Try to match those poses.
Openpose maybe?
I can’t remember if there’s a way to port the motion data directly, even if not you could use it as ‘enhanced reference’ I guess.
There’s this: https://youtu.be/3eRWrTklVZc
I keep meaning to look at it once I’m messing with animation more.
If you need decent capture quality then get a couple Vive Lighthouses, get Valve Knuckles controllers(you will need blue tooth dongles for controllers if you don't want to use a headset) for the arms and finger tracking and at least 3 Vive Trackers.

It's not cheap but it's still cheaper than most mocap suits on the market and you don't have to worry about magnets fucking up the calibration for the trackers.

File: photoshop.png (344 KB, 956x802)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
How do I rotate normalmap in Photoshop?
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ctrl t
No that doesn't work. Up-down and right-left is encoded in the relationship between the red and green channel.
You must assign a new specific color value to the pixels in both red and green based on what is already there.

Like >>823389 says. You need to recalculate the normal by computing out the vector, reorient it and then assign
new values to all three channels accordingly simultaneously (but blue channel would stay the same value in this case).

there is no manual way to just slide hues or flip channels etc to arrive at the colors that represent the rotated tangetspace normals.
The tangent and the bi-normal (green channel and red channel) must be perfectly aligned to the XY orientation of the map space for the normal map to work.
When you rotate a normal map in an image editor like that you break the way the information is encoded.

You need to perform some vector math on each pixel as you rotate the image to make it correct again, there is no function like that in photoshop.
Easiest way if you can't code is prob to try to projection bake the normal from a surface you rotate in your 3D app onto a flat plane.
That way the rotated normal map will be encoded correctly in the bake and you can paste that into photoshop for use in whatever texture it is you're working on.

Rotate your Monitor.
just rotate the image, desaturate it and then apply the normal map filter

File: 1611933439375.jpg (58 KB, 682x858)
58 KB
Mari vs substance painter / designer for real time. Who wins?
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How? SP is similar to photoshop, it is fairly straight forward as well.
it's also FULLY and WHOLLY owned by Adobe
there is just a lot of traps in substance that are not obvious and you need to know in order to make it work right.

Eventually once you do of course it's perfectly logical and PS-like but there's a lot of things like

>Why are some things filters and some things generators, why can I apply filters as generators and they will go on there but not work correctly?
>oh I want to apply a mask to only things pointing up, oh okay I have to convert the world space normal to black and white, isolate the green channel then hit it with some levels instead of just selecting an angle
>oh how the hell do I change the hue, uhh, searching hue did nothing, uhh, "HSV" uhh, nothing, oh of course it's called "HSL (perceptive)" my bad.
>anchor point? what the FUCK is an anchor point, oh okay it's like a referencing thing, wait how is that different to a referenced folder?

I think most people don't realise how deep painter is because of that so you get retards like the people in this thread thinking mixer is any kind of competition for it when you can do some bonkers shit in painter.
the thing is, painter is meant to be used with designer
yes which is why painter is deeper than people think, because it's repackaged designer and people don't realise just how much stuff that people normally use designer for you can just do in painter, even without a .sbsar

File: kekki.jpg (190 KB, 1181x1654)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
How do we fix the /3/ sticky?

>Softimage XSI
>File no longer exists (404)
It's keeki, not kekki. She's not even kekking
File: topkek hat.jpg (54 KB, 500x500)
54 KB
What I love about this cocksucking boars is that every shitpost will be here for at least a month.

Truly the best board of 4chan

Can you guys recommend any places to buy a 3D model of a Japanese Famicom cartridge like pic related? I wanted to use one in a project but I'm having a hell of a time finding one for sale. I checked the popular sites like TurboSquid etc but no luck. I guess the only other alternative is making one myself...
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I will sell it to you for 1000 usd
his is going to be blender...
File: 2232500000_1502575764.png (765 KB, 690x819)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
Just model one? It's a basic shape with some extrudes and bevels

Wow so difficult
you forgot to label your measurements

anyway jokes on you guys i bought a cheap famicom cartridge off ebay and i'm gonna do it myself. i've been watching quite a few cinema 4d tutorials, and i'm a level 3 now.

File: feets.png (109 KB, 885x773)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
I'm working on hands and feet on my model. Post
hands and feet topology. I need hands and feet
topology. As a matter of fact, just post good topology.
uhh looks like crap desu
File: lel.jpg (117 KB, 1443x520)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
This is a weird way to get head topo, it seems like it gets loops in the right places though.

File: IMG_20210422_193852.jpg (561 KB, 843x1200)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
I just started sculpting for the first time. Put in about 1 1/2 following some grantabbit tut and then mucking around abit.

By the time I was done, these two fingers were aching quite a bit.
I do have a glove that I was wearing. It's a graphics tablet and it's flat on the desk infront of me.

Now I just wanna check if these are kinda growing pains, because to be honest I haven't even written or drawn shit in years, been out of rschool for 7 years now. All my works been on the pc typing. So idk if it's just cos I haven't held a pen for a long period of time while resting on those fingers.

So this normal or not normal and I need to rethink my workspace even harder?
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For fingers?
I wouldn't say too slim. I have no previous experience and it's thicker than the average writing pencil/pen.
If you don't have any equipment you can do pushups where you drive your fingers into the ground as if trying to stand up on your fingertips.
Just avoid actually doing so (if you're actually strong enough to do it) as that can be dangerous for your joints
unless you've conditioned your body to withstand such loads over a long time.

If you have access to a ledge or something where you can do pull-ups that works very well too to build finger strength.

Generally just having strong ligaments and muscles will protect you from all these BS injuries one can catch from a sedentary lifestyle.
Like you don't have to become some urban Conan or anything but when your body is built a bit stronger than it needs to be
it will take more than what you throw at it to cause it any harm, having a slightly above minimum fitness for your needs goes a long way.

I know its kinda counter-intuitive, but the strength of your fingers and grip is HIGHLY correlated with the strength of your forearm and shoulder.

This happens because of a lot of reasons that you can get deeply into if you want, check out how muscle fibers and ligaments/tendons on your flexor and extensor muscles work. it's cool stuff and can actually help you improve your anatomy understanding for sculpting.

Anyway, kettlebells are great for this because they force you to strengthen your everything.

I would not recommend thgis if you're undertrained or overwight. Even if you're built like a bull, all that weight on your fingers can be excessively cumbersome.

My main recommendation would be;
searchf for physical therapy IRL. If you unable or dont want to do so, take a look at some physical therapist in youtube. Do their recovery exercises (25mins-1 hour daily) and you're golden.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
use mini condoms to protect your fingers.

File: 4ff.jpg (21 KB, 680x702)
21 KB
>have rigged blender model
>trying to import to unity to use in vrchat
>textures work fine in blender
>import to unity
>textures busted
>exporting as fbx with embedded(?) textures doesnt fix it
what am i doing wrong? googling came up with the previous fbx fix but that didn't work, and i couldn't find any other answers
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Your textures are probably flipped upside side down
What is it exactly that gets busted? uvs? normal maps?
>import to unity
>textures busted

Why would you expect unity to know how your blender shaders were set up?
Because it's supposed to be part of the whole feature of cross compatibility with export plugins. Obj had this shit figured out in 2003 for halo on the pc. Fuck off retard

if you are doing generative shit with nodes the, textures/maps needed to be baked before you can apply them in unity. Idiot.

How does one into composition and good-looking images? I'm so sick of CG being 95% about the technical aspects, I swear most CG artists can make a perfect recreation of real-life but can't present it for shit.
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
That composition looks like ass. The symmetry completely removes any sense of depth.
He seems like a good reference, but are his compositions *actually* superior to others or is he simply one of the first pioneers of modern composition in film?
What's so cringe about the comments?
>What's so cringe about the comments?
I think I somewhat get him, everyone seems overly positive and all 3D artists just praise each other all the time on the internet, so it may look like an echo chamber. I honestly can't remember the last time I've seen somebody with serious critiques on other people's works, be it here, on one of various Discord communities, ArtStation, Reddit, Polycount or anywhere else.

But he is probably also a bit jealous, and he wouldn't be like that if he got the same amount of praise. I've noticed this on myself as well, during periods of time when I feel like my work is not good enough, every time I see other people praising someone I feel shittier, but as soon as I get some support on my WIPs, I'm immediately fine with it and am happy for other people's success.
talks about retards
>posts example that completly ignores rule of thirds and puts >everything symmetrically and dead center

File: Houdini3D_icon.png (20 KB, 520x520)
20 KB
Why is the best software on the market unrepresented here?
36 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>foreach loop nested in an if loop nested in a foreach loop nested in a for loop

this hurts my tiny brain
File: jc.jpg (24 KB, 500x500)
24 KB
If it works, it works. (but lmao at the else{continue})
can i ask what situation you'd need this for where it would return meaningfully different results to the clusterpoints node?
Sure. It's for a scheme to accelerate the attribute blur sop in a fashion similar to classic multigrid solvers. Cluster points does proper k-means partitioning which means it is much slower than the actual blurring.
thanks. i'm going to nod along and walk away slowly now.

File: render3.jpg (2.06 MB, 4096x4096)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
Did you go to school for 3d? Where did you go and was it worth it?
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I spent 8 years in the medical field (md). I gave it all up to pursue 3d. Never looked back. I work for myself and choose my own hours. Money's shit but peace of mind is totally worth it. I have become the Dude from The Big Lebowski.
File: 1620044285538.gif (1.36 MB, 444x444)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB GIF
>my meds don't fucking work
They never do, don't ever take meds unless you're a schizo.
russian public enlightenment ministry
persian education centre
ugandan college of high arts
totally worth it since it was, you know, free
What do you do now?
Started with comics, character concept art, and covers. Now I mostly do character stuff like concept, modelling, rigging, etc. Recently got into product development.

File: 1616133831011.png (478 KB, 500x495)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
Notice how every time its pointed out that unr*al en*ine takes hours to compile, it just gets wiped under the table
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
buy better pc then faggot
This. Don't compile UE4 with a shitty laptop or a budget PC.
Use unity.btw cute mouse
enjoy your game not being played by 99.9% of the average population.
You mean compile source builds or compile cpp files? If the latter it means you need a better computer, as mine compiles in a manner of seconds, sometimes tens of seconds if I did something heavy. Or, if you mean shaders, that's just life and it would go faster if you had a better computer. Or if you mean compiling your game project out to a published version, it would probably go faster if you had a faster computer. I will agree that building UE source takes an assload of time, but it would also probably go faster after you've downloaded all of the files if you had a better computer. :)

>one of the biggest and most popular memes among young people
>nobody knows it all started right here on /3/
>we'll never know the true identity of the person who modeled Meme Man

i wonder what became of him.
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
top kek
Fps are a big chunk of the gaming market. Fps usually need gun models. It's just natural that people want to make guns, something they can have a good expectation to sell later. Guns, tanks, swords, etc.
i remember the old memes like girugamesh
>implying he wasn’t already a master modeler at the time and everything about the meme man isn’t 100% intentional
File: 1567627092854.jpg (38 KB, 663x579)
38 KB

is it only Texturing and Modeling The Mesh ?
is There Secret Thing i need to Know ?
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah, if you use rectangular polys and make them fit the pixel grid you wont have problems.
I wish I could post pics to explain what I'm talking about, but my ip range is banned from posting images.
low poly models and uv wrapping
>range banned
Jesus christ anon. And are you sure you aren't just having the mip mapping problem or whatever? I don't feel like taking a picture but there's a setting in Options that turns of the slightly fuzziness/blending that Blender adds to textures
I'm talking about this:


3ds max gives the same result, and I would guess almost every other software, or it would create incompatible textures with game engines or other software.

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