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File: gandalf-vs-balrog.jpg (177 KB, 1200x962)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Hey, I'm in the DIY journey of printing this diorama for my mother's birthday as she's a huge Tolkien fan. But I'm unable to purchase the stuff since Gambody (creator's website) is country restricted and vpn isn't helping (also im a little tight on budget).

I've seen some local resellers for the same model, which makes me believe that it's free somewhere on the web. I couldn't find it tho, any help on finding it or recommendation? Thanks in advance!
Give us more information and maybe we can help you.
This are the models:

But those pages show "Oops, sorry
gambody.com is unavailable for your country" for me.
Unfortunately in the megapack I looked at on cgp and the website I could not find Gandalf nor Balrog. Even though references are mentioned the files are either misnamed inside the megapack, or they are not there at all.

I did see Golum, though. I'll keep poking around but the price is 24.99 for Balrog and 19.24 for Gandalf on the Gambody website.
I presume you want the FDM version. Use a hexadecimal to text for mega link. File size about 592Mb
68 74 74 70 73 3a 2f 2f 6d 65 67 61 2e 6e 7a 2f 66 69 6c 65 2f 49 5a 56 33 43 61 67 43 23 65 47 4e 31 39 57 57 47 37 4f 77 76 4a 4c 53 4e 56 7a 36 74 43 52 5f 6b 30 48 55 59 59 33 74 48 77 4c 4a 59 54 44 39 32 6b 58 30
Thanks a lot anon!!!

File: zzzz_drdr.png (1.39 MB, 1245x703)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
File: zzzzDRILLGO.png (498 KB, 603x693)
498 KB
498 KB PNG

File: 1573047793366.webm (908 KB, 640x360)
908 KB
What went wrong?
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Pandering to lgbt. Is its Twitter profile pic in a rainbow?
watch the behind the scenes of toy story 2, the company is full of fruit loops

also john lasseter doesn't work there anymore I think
They went ahead with ideas that were okay, instead of ideas that were great
Can confirm.

File: demo.jpg (657 KB, 1920x1080)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
Heya boy! After 3 years, i back to Workshop and finally can show you new skin for USP-S.
It's really hard remember all things about 3d, after this big break. 3 years bro! To many new fitches, updates, and here i am.
So people! Need your feedback what you think about this one. Should i continue.
Link to Workshop
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Why did you map penis' on the grips?
is it possible to have a metallic or specular map in addition to a normal map to make a distinction between different materials on the skin?
I know that you can add a normal map using the custom paint job category
Metallic is not a thing in source, closest you can get is phong with the usage of correct shader parameters. specular should be possible if you embed it as the alpha channel to the normal map
do you know a good tutorial about the shader parameters ? I thought you have to stick to the given parameters for the individual finishes such as "Custom Paint Job" or "Gunsmith" etc.
Well actually I haven't looked too deep into weapon skin creation so I don't really know what kind of artificial limitations they've put there, I mostly make models for maps and stuff.
I don't think that there are any too useful tutorials out there, the way I learn about the shader parameters is by looking at the materials of existing models with gcfscape (https://www.tophattwaffle.com/downloads/gcfscape/), and then reading more about the parameters used on VDC wiki (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Category:List_of_Shader_Parameters)

CGPeers’ registration and invites have been closed down for months now due to a rogue person/group targeting the site and uploading infected files.

Using both old and new accounts (from invites and registrations), the entity has been able to “poison the well” per se.

Now who could be behind the poisoning of the well? What are his/they’re motivations behind this?
Is it just some personal vendetta or were they hired by people in the 3D industry to take revenge?

Personally, the latter seems extremely plausible to me. What are your thoughts?
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Keeps the whining to a minimum.... unlike the CGPersia forums where every third post in a release thread some barely English-speaking asshole asks for the Mac version.
>randomly come back to /3/ after a year
>takes me 30 seconds to read a blender hate post
i swear, you people
what version of maya you guys think is safe from this poisoning? im thinking about grabbing 2018.
Ive downloaded 2019 but didnt install it yet.. same for zbrush, too scared of this shit. Any recomendations?
idk. havent downloaded any yet. i wanted to go with the 2018 because people said it was better in terms of content. yet in the 2018 thread people are saying teh xforce crack was detected as a virus. not sure if thats a known false positive for this crack or thas to do with hat malicious malware.

File: 3D master.png (1.38 MB, 894x1134)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
why does every 3D movie have to have realistic everything instead of style?
It gets boring watching these green screen tier cartoons
pic unrelated
>why does every 3D movie have to have realistic everything instead of style?
Because you touch yourself at night. Ctrl-Z yourself.
Soul (TM) vs. Donut Nega-Soul

File: 2020-04-06-image-9.jpg (246 KB, 2531x1355)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
GPU or CPU rendering?
comedy option: real time
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honestly i'd get a vega ii duo

>Up to 28.3 teraflops of compute performance

>64GB of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2)
File: 1532711451733.jpg (150 KB, 683x1024)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
yeah and zero compatibility with most GPU accelerated 3d programs, arnold, redshift and octane are all CUDA only.
You gotta learn some efficiency.

You're probably piss poor at everything you do, have shit ton of useless modifiers and work with shit assets that are way too high poly. Along with that, your render setting are surely horrendous making your renders insanely slow.

60 fps is useless.
Yes. Just make sure you a) monitor its temperature and b) have proper cooling for your PC in general and GPU specifically.
And you would use it for rendering in what renderer lel? Inbred retard

File: 1vlxousyc1o41.jpg (115 KB, 1198x1080)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
what are essential sketchup plugins for someone who works in interior design office?
Blender. just model everything in blender and export it to sketchup if your clients want a sketchup file. Its literally faster to learn blender from scratch than trying to model anything more complex than a cube in sketchup. i have been there trust me

File: pushing points topology.png (151 KB, 1024x546)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
What are the greatest 3D modeling books for blender or for universal knowledge? Pic related is the only book I know
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We need some bad models to repair.
Grab any model and remesh it. Plenty of exercise for retopo.
That's a great idea.
>learning 3d from books
Is this the year 2000 ?

File: 1580195639986.jpg (461 KB, 1920x1920)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
Why doesn't anyone shitpost about Houdini anymore? It's dying, isn't it?
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Blendertarts are more like flat earth faggots denying all reality and evidence.
google 'poisoning the well' anon, because you're doing it like a motherfucker atm and you can help yourself before you lose yourself to that line of thinking.
This is shitpost central right now so why do you care If someone is pissing in the ocean of piss.
Because that's the number i pulled out of my ass.
But since you are complaining, lets make it 6 and half a year.
>you were obviously talking about the presidential term.
Yes, as an mirror/comparison for the amount of butthurt you gonna feel in the near future.
>denying reality and evidence
just like communists/socialists/feminists and other -ists.
the well is already toxic, get your water somewhere else
because it's actually good/the best for anything not character related.
Maybe dead for modelling but Houdini is the go to software for visual effects in big VFX houses so no it's not "dying".

File: 1592867761924.gif (1.27 MB, 202x196)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB GIF
should i get after effects for doing 3d work? I tried various torrents from cgp, but they all get locked out as non genuine. Is after effects a must for compositing? I tried natron but its an abomination
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You can download non commercial version of nuke for free.
it is limited output to 1080p. they make that very clear. I am on a modern 4k pipeline.
Well shit if you're doing commercial work, getting in trouble for pirating software is a big thing to worry about. How much does an acceptable software package cost? How much would a lawsuit cost?
export your projects in quadrants and splice them together in Windows Movie Maker
BOOM I just saved your studio
what the fuck? is that real??

File: ETTRfvNXsAAR6sH.jpg (924 KB, 2050x2153)
924 KB
924 KB JPG
Im working on a high poly character, its going to be used in Unreal. It has a lot of details, clothes, accesories, hair and so on.
Which is a good polygon amount? I want to keep the detail and resolution of the model, but lets say, reducing the amount to 100K its so average. And most of the mesh lacks of detail in most of the areas. I dont want to relay just on normal maps.

Next subdivision level is around 700K which I dont know if it could be a lot of polygons, specially for slower machines. What would you consider a good size for a high detailed game lets say ps4/ps5/2020 pc ?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Unreal for example has a ton of bloat turned on by default even in the "empty" sample projects. I assume similar things apply to Unity.
100k is massive for a game character.
Damn she’s pretty.
Yes. This question isnt answerable without loads of context.
>I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but can't point the finger on it
maybe its the fact that CS:GO runs on a dinosaur engine and barely looks better than a PS2 game?

File: Screenshot.png (1.24 MB, 974x710)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
forgive me if this is the wrong board for this (there's a lot of 3d elements in these videos so i figured it fits here rather than in /gd/)

but how would you go about finding assets used in creating motion graphics in this style? surely they aren't making every single model in here, right?

this shit is super cool and i can't figure out where they're sourcing some of the stuff from. if they are making it, what programs are good for doing abstract 3d renders or old school looking models like these?

Well that was incredibly painful to watch, people like this sort of thing?

As far as 3D stuff goes only thing I saw that wasn't just basic geometry, or something that could be made in very little time was a 3d female head; looked like most people first attempt at making one, and various Sims or sudo Sims like your pic. If you wanted to go crazy you could use Houdini to makes those but that's huge over kill, any particle simulator would be able to makes those.

> I want to do a fitness video on YouTube
> I want to use a Daz3D model for my porject
> What should I downloand? Genesis 3 or 8 or something else?
> In my project the girl would do squts with elastic bands
> All the exercice would be with elastic bands
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I found on Fiverr some girls that do a video of one exercice for $5.
Mate hire a photographer (or diy) and find a chick on this website. Chances are if she has very little experience she'll do it for FREE just like jannie. The only difference is, is that she actually gains something of value by doing it for free.
thanks mate, I will do that.
File: Cr2wD9ZWIAAXEi7.jpg (57 KB, 750x520)
57 KB
For FREE..!!!!! Oh yes
>fitness video

File: MEATLIGHT.png (2.5 MB, 2020x2080)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
Sooo I was bored today and wondered if anyone combined Vinesauce's "Meat" character with a fleshlight. Turns out nobody did so I decided to do it myself.
This is the 2nd time that I sculped stuff
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Redditor detected
Care to explain why?
>le funny streamer meme
Go back
Oh no someone likes something that I don't like
yeah no, go posit your e celeb bullshit elsewhere, moreso since this idea in essence is just a twitter tier lul-no-context-sex-stuff shitpost.

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