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File: PSD_Kitchen_001_Post.jpg (1.65 MB, 1733x1300)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
Hello /3/,
I am well aware that most of us here will die before they pay for any software or 3D models online.

But Black Friday is near and I was wondering is there anything worth buying that you know of? Im working mostly in Archvis field and Im planning on spending a few $.

Just looking for good deals and maybe websites that I haven't heard of because
of the specific niche, I inhabit.

Looking forward to seeing your responses
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Just pirate brooo
I earn money, I pay money. There is way less hassle with non-cracked soft
Worth it—But if you don't care about being ethical about it, just get it from GFX hub for free.
Can you show what you can do with it?
get a russian vpn, yandex bank account and download from 3ddd for pennies

File: sdf.png (167 KB, 1860x1008)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
Fuck man, none of the links work and I've been through countless videos. I need to UV map this model so I can get to coding. It's literally just a Guinea Pig for Minecraft. When I go into UV Edit mode, no mapping appears, it's all blank. Pic related.
File: 1571556763655.png (272 KB, 534x457)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
You can start by selecting the faces to see the UV map
Fucking retard
File: Sammy.png (46 KB, 189x207)
46 KB
Imagine going through "countless" videos and not knowing you have to go into edit mode and actually make a selection to see the UVs.
Your model and Blender is broken, maybe because your windows its a pirate copy.
Buy Windows or install Gentoo and it will work flawless.

File: downloasdasad.jpg (11 KB, 299x168)
11 KB
How many megapixels do I need before I can capture good quality textures and motion capture video?

At the moment i'm trying to do stuff with a 12 MP galaxy s8 camera and its shit
You just need good exposure, a polarizing filter, neutral lighting and a Macbeth chart to color correct your photos.
There should be plenty of online tutorials for this kind of thing, it's what people did for years.

File: oh deer.jpg (101 KB, 1952x1457)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
me made this
rate maybe
thoughts ?
should i keep going?

If you had fun, keep going.
Why'd you only use the same 2 shots on repeat?
File: 1386883362887.jpg (49 KB, 268x265)
49 KB
Looks pretty OK.
Is it 480p for a reason?
i like it

File: booper.png (633 KB, 800x400)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
Previous thread: >>778942
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If anyone could help me with this issue here
>>784296 I'd be grateful.
You make it look so easy!

I'll give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration.
File: Screenshot.jpg (31 KB, 675x206)
31 KB
So I have an image composed of Red for the Roughness map and Green for the Specular Map. I don't think I'm using it correctly, it doesn't give me the result that I want. Do I have to put another node after the separate RGB?
can't wait to see your island :)
New thread and new version >>784377

File: brave_87iUzPXxQg.png (881 KB, 1300x476)
881 KB
881 KB PNG
Source Filmmaker


Why did i ever slave trying to port 3d models to the source engine?!?
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What next?
I can only guess that maybe it was because you like the way SFM renders models. I personally like the way SFM renders any 3D model. There is just this look the Source Filmmaker creates when rendering anything ported into it that I find appealing.
>this better model looks better. It MUST be the software!!!
>t. retard

File: chinkfx.jpg (286 KB, 1670x1058)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Is this a good thing? Why did SideFX need investment? Should we switch to Blender?
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>Epic wants to streamline its use with UE just like they have been doing with Quixel.
but Quixel is a piece of shit
It will hasten Houdini's development of tools for games, which is good since that means I will be able to fully dump Autodesk shit sooner.
Good, more integration, try to import a fucking skeleton from Houdini to UE4 and see the mess.
Maybe we will see UE4 become a Hydra delegate, that would really interesting, and damn sexy.
Holy shit, I haven't thought about that.
That is damn sexy.

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed with 3D software and what to learn and not having enough time?
Like I'm pretty proficient with Maya (worked as junior rigger/td ) but I want to abandon this shit software in favour of hopefully a bright freeware future with Blender. But for my job I have to non-stop watch tutorials and learn about plugins, deformations, scripting, interfaces, effectors, etc. I don't have time to learn the software I want and when I do I have already forgotten a shitload of other stuff.

A this point I know the basics of
Cinema 4D
After Effects

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Whats the point of developing it if no one works with it?
you can hardly call blender abandonware, there are already plenty enough of people who simply use it
my reasoning is simple. if you truly want to support it that leaves two options:
a) support blender with your skills directly - code, propaganda, etc
b) donations.
I chose donations because that's what I objectively can do best to help them.
mind you, I use maya in my works. but I still support blender. this is alternative we need and without it things will get much worse than they are now.
you think sub is bad, well how about losing all rights on your works, that's the future we're heading in.
>Anyone else feeling overwhelmed with 3D software and what to learn and not having enough time?

kind of yeah. just need to build a base foundation then slowly add more skills over time. Been meaning to learn substance designer, but its difficult to find the time to go through some tutorials
>>his is alternative we need and without it things will get much worse than they are now.
you think sub is bad, well how about losing all rights on your works, that's the future we're heading in.

What do you mean?
>"do it all but half assed" shit package like blender
imagine being this memetastic.

File: LOL.png (2.59 MB, 2216x1271)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
I've never seen such beautiful Zbrush UI in my life. My minimal Zbrush UI cannot even compare.
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>The saddest part is ZBrush only has about 20% of the features it really needs to shine as a sculpting tool.
Alright faggot, then tell me what other software does better than Zbrush at sculpting
You're responding to bait.
I'm willing to bet he wanted to say that even with only 20% of the current features, it would still shine as a sculpting software.
Here, let me get that hook out of your mouth.

File: Screenshot (159).png (39 KB, 332x202)
39 KB
I always seem to end up accidentally creating a bunch of duplicate edges/vertices in Blender

I don't know what I'm doing that causes these to appear, but it ends up being a huge pain in the ass to clean up later and I would like to avoid that if possible.

The "merge by distance" function helps sometimes but there are many that don't get caught by it.

I am pretty new to blender and have just been making models with the basic tools in the edit mode if that's helpful information
When you extrude something wrong, you need to ctrl+z two times.
Dont know if that is your problem, but this happen with me a lot, maybe help someone.
that might help, thanks
you're just fucking up and missing it. And your normals might also be fucked too. Remember you can also change the merge by distance length.
oh didn't know I know I could change merge by distance length, that should help
You can increase the distance to merge vertices, you can set vertices to automatically merge and set the threshold for merging.

File: 1585388435829.png (173 KB, 512x512)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
Is this program still relevant in 2020? I picked up a 3d printer and I'm planning on using it to design functional objects for around the home. Maybe product prototypes and stuff like that that I might also sell online for cheap.
I've been searching and trying out various CAD packages and came across Rhino. For some reason, I really liked their gallery and forums. All the cool kids seem to use Fusion360, Blender, FreeCAD, SolidWorks etc.
I was initially gonna use Fusion360 but their license and "cloud only" shit gives me the creeps. I feel like they'll hold my files hostage unless I pay.
Also, are NURBS modelers out of fashion now? Are there better curves to use? Rhino seems the only one that still uses them.

Anyone, anyone use this program or has an opinion on it? I'd like some advice before I jump into this and waste months of my time learning it. Thanks /3/.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yeh for your purposes Rhino is great. I religiously use Solidworks but if organic type shapes and surface modelling is all you really need to do, pick Rhino. Rhino also has heaps of plugins available to download, grasshopper is pretty cooked to learn but you can make some amazing organic geometry with it.
Also Rhino and Solidworks are the industry standard software packages for Industrial Design/Product Design. So building skills in Rhino isn't a bad idea if thats something you would want to puruse in a professional sense. Solidworks shits on Rhino though for professional product design IMO though just due to it being feature based, the design tree, etc.
When it comes to 3D modeling for 3D printing I prefer Rhino. I prefer Blender and such for animation. Definitely recomment Rhino.
Something I've been wondering about Rhino, or CAD in general. Is it feasible to replace nesh modelling programs with CAD (specially for hard surface) and later on export as .obj and use them for animation or whatever? Do they give a lot of issues?
Lots of people actually do that and use stuff like MOI3D to do geometry and then they import them into Blender/Maya and do post-processing for texturing etc.

File: adenine.jpg (138 KB, 633x1200)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
how much /3/ can i learn using only books and text based tutorials? id rather read 500 pages than listen to the average 3d artist's voice for 30 minutes
Well all of it ofc. How the hell do you think everyone learnt anything before the advent of tube sites?
It's just a matter of how much slower you will assimilate information as videos can explain some things in the fraction of the time.

Do some people sound like autists recording themselves with a $2 microphone? Yes they do, a lot of them even.
But When you are trying to learn something you're not in it for your aural pleassure as an audiophile.
Sometimes the strongest information you can aquire is that of an autist who have sat in a basement for 12 years honing it's skills.

If you can't suck it up you'll be out done by people who can have raw sewage flowing thru their ears
ignoring the fidelity of the recording while sucking up the information like a sponge.
If you're too diva to crawl in the mud and experience discomfort you're not gonna grow strong and capable.
actually quite a lot even if it's about stuff like animation
but it's not a silver bullet and there's a reason why good /3/ books had even better CD's attached

File: 1505857685150.gif (2.25 MB, 461x519)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB GIF
Why is rigging a nightmare?
How do I gitgud?
36 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Haha thats because rigging is also heavy on the artistic side, you need to know anatomy, shape, motion and aesthetic character action which is what programmers struggle with.
You see, rigging is right in the dead center between art and programming and neither an artist nor a programmer really overlap in their preferences to make it right. Thats why good riggers are so scarce in the industry and always sought after.
On top of that you also have to understand animation to know the kind of interface an animator is going to want to use.

I think rigging and shader writing are the last bastions of technical art left. Everything else has been tooled up so nicely anyone can pick up and off the shelf tool and get started.
File: Capture.png (68 KB, 963x487)
68 KB
Slightly related to rigging, but a part of my model keeps detaching itself whenever I rotate a nurbs circle it's been constrained to, pic related.
What do /3/ ?
>lmao just use rigify
Not op but thanks anon this looks really helpful
Heh, rigging isn't hard, it's the weight painting that's hard, getting things to move just right.

Mega Man Legends XXX Fan Game

Trying my hand at a Short and simple Mega Man Legends inspired adult game. The game was already riddled with small innuendos here and there and It almost felt as if you could have even had a relationship system with other characters in the game.
20 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Who doesn't?
looking good, i'm getting excited for this now.
Sweet dude
>Texture filtering

Looking awesome dude!

File: 3D.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
>Old af professors that know jack shit about whats happening in the industry at the moment
>Learning the entire pipeline and making short films instead of focusing on mastering one specific area
>Hearing lies about how we will "get the gig" ih we just work hard
>3 years and loads of money wasted
>Grandma is satisfied

God I'm so fucking retarded
35 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
bump for dead thread
why is /3/ a dead board bros
Because of frogposter, furry anon and wannabe coomers trying to pick up a hobby during isolation.
Many people who post relevant stuff here are prob in a similar seat to me that one tune in here to have a look around
and maybe drop something helpful on some anon who asks a difficult question you yourself wished someone answered when you had it.

As of late it is lots of newbies making threads asking how to get started, and ontop of that they're depraved lunatics
stating they want into /3/ to make vorefurryfrogracistmemecoom.

I often come here as of late, take one glance, and turn around.

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