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File: Bt2Ai.gif (2 MB, 320x180)
2 MB
are there tools or software that helps make animation looks "corrrect"?

things like sakuga and hyperrealism animation, are they simulated, or calculated to look good?

do you have tools or techniques to help make it all solid? AI? plugin?
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Am I the only one who think the principle of "anticipation" and "follow thru" looks completely retorted when they're applied for combat animations?

Study anyone who actually knows how to fight move and you notice how they all strive to do the complete opposite. Direct non-telegraphed motion, controlled short arcs to quickly zero back and reset.
It's a principle, not a rule. It being a principle means you can ignore it to make a point, like a jab giving no warning, or use it to make a different point, like a haymaker with a big windup. They behave more like a spectrum than something you just do for everything.
There's no shortcut, just a fuckton of work and knowing your target. Realistic stuff is usually heavily referenced from footage.
sakuga is a meme. it originally refers to animating blindly forward, without drawing keys and tweens. resulting in very free but slightly wonky animations that some people like the aesthetic of. It definitely doesn't come as a product of careful arc/CoM/interpolation curve tweaking in modern CG animation, unless you are trying to emulate the look for whatever reason.
Not that anon, but to add to this, because it's not a rule, if it's not used in a place on purpose, it can make something seem that much more impactful when used sparingly.
To use that anon's example, a quick jab with anticipation and follow through will seem much more "natural", but if you wanted it to be completely unexpected and almost supernatural, you could eliminate the anticipation/follow through and it would take on a different feel.

A big point about the principles is to understand them. So you know where they work, but also where to ignore them to have a stronger emotional impact compared to if you had used them.

File: Capture.png (171 KB, 951x448)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
blender fag here, need a little help

why it says blender is using cpu when rendering when i choose gpu
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Why does a scene that renders on the CPU not render on the GPU?

There maybe be multiple causes, but the most common one is that there is not enough memory on your graphics card. Typically, the GPU can only use the amount of memory that is on the GPU (see below for more information). This is usually much smaller than the amount of system memory the CPU can access. With CUDA and OptiX devices, if the GPU memory is full Blender will automatically try to use system memory. This has a performance impact, but will usually still result in a faster render than using CPU rendering. This feature does not work for OpenCL rendering.

>Don't be a retard.
FYI uncheck ur cpu in CUDA. you want to render on GPU only, using CPU as well will slow it down
It will use CPU only when GPU memory won't be enough. I don't see any difference when i bake textures...
I experience a huge time increase when using my cpu with my gpu. Maybe it's a per-pc basis wether or not it should be used. I've not looked into it enough
try to upgrade driver first.

File: 1602346627335.jpg (941 KB, 1920x1080)
941 KB
941 KB JPG
...can bring me problems tomorrow? I dont have enough money to buy Zbrush or Substance Painter, and it seems like Zbrush is the best tool for 3D modeling. What usually the people say is to git gud with cracked versions first and then purchase a license for works, but I read that they can ask for the license you are using, even if your sculpts are for non-commercial use
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Yes, thats the idea...
Pirate, but state that you have a trial or student edition.
This. Pirate now, use it, learn it, make some models, register for the trial license and then upload your portfolio.
Safest way if you're super paranoid.
The reality is nobody will give a fuck.
>I use your expensive shit software when im at my friends house, he owns all your bloatware, I have blender installed only, gimme the fucking job or i'll fucking kick your asse
no one gives a shit if you pirate software, dude. it's an open secret that everyone does it.

File: m249parassforblendswap.png (121 KB, 923x923)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
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File: M249 belt links.jpg (5 KB, 253x199)
5 KB
your ammo links need to be reworked, they are way too far apart, here is a reference image
Also missing the mag well dust cover
fix normals
He measured everything with callipers... everything, except the ammo. Who has a firearm without ammo? A faggot, that's who! And who's that faggot? As always, it's OP!
I see that you're not a smart person.

File: 1612650838559.jpg (163 KB, 720x711)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
are you making them
how muchi
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link plz
like to see
wont judge
nah, i really shouldnt. being on 4chan sounds bad enough for me to probably lose a lot of traction. also, if im bragging about money, id prefer it to stay anonymous. i can say that my channel is rhythm game related though.
File: bee shells .png (1.88 MB, 1920x1080)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
man i really im curious now
Make good quality mobile game assets and sell them for cheap. You would be surprised how many hobbyists buy them while following game dev tutorials.
ill try that

>just use Instant Meshes bro, it's life saving!
these individuals deserve life in jail.
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>high-poly meshes
Quad Remesher is one that works in Blender, Instant Meshes is a viable free alternative that is more useful for photogrammetry than anything else.

If you're having problems, remember than autoretopo tools go from high-to-low topo and not the other way around, they're not a silver bullet. If you have angular, low-poly surfaces that you want to be curved, apply sub-d first.
>Quad Remesher
watched a few videos and it seemed the best, but the one I could get didnt work on latest blender
>Instant Meshes is a viable free alternative that is more useful for photogrammetry
thanks anon
imagine wanting to kill someone because you can't retopologise
File: 1503334225443.jpg (55 KB, 479x592)
55 KB
>jail is the same as death penalty
>not understanding basic concepts as sarcasm
lol wat

File: Screenshot_280.jpg (90 KB, 611x594)
90 KB
Anyone plans to get into this kind of thing? I've heard about it once when somebody made a thread about Beeple, but I didn't bother about finding out what actually IS it.

However, I just watched this video and now I'm interested:


I think I'm not wrong when I say most of us 3D artists probably haven't thought a lot about selling actual renders / prints, since most 3D jobs are just content production for soulless companies. And that made me think about the content we usually produce, props, weapons, vehicles, characters, environments - that's usually something that wouldn't be interesting to put on a wall. Imagine spending so much time on your "art" and then realizing an average joe wouldn't even care to look at it. We only care about showcasing our skills to other 3D artists and employers. It makes it even more obvious we're just production monkeys and not real artists.

So even if I wanted to sell some of my stuff, nobody would probably care about environments I made, and I would need to change the style and content of my work. But still, I'm interested if some good money could potentially be made with this. It would for sure beat working in teh indoostree.

Anyway, your thoughts on crypto art?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
you need a following in order to make money from crypto art
and crypto art is polluting the planet at an alarming rate as well but artist don't give a fuck about the environment
Not him, but by that logic, if I use YouTube to promote my content , then I'm playing inside google loop right ? Same applies to PayPal or wathever payment method I choose right ?
So, in the end in order to be free of any loop, you have to reinvent the wheel ??
>Create a digital art piece
>Delete all project files
>Print 1 or 2 copies
>Delete the digital version
>Physicals prints are only versions in existence
Yes, that is correct. I would say that a few paragraphs is just not enough to go into a serious answer about what power is and how you can manifest it through 3D. The end result is that I write paragraphs of fart huffing, but it's still not valid enough to really explain the true positions I hold. All my posts are lame approximated hyperboles and sometimes poorly defined due to that. A lot of logic gaps that I'm hoping anon's forgive and bridge. Doesn't always happen.

The end goal that you need to accept is that there are cycles/loops everywhere, and you need to choose which ones will give you the most exponential. I am sure you will be able to make money off crypto art if you were truly gifted and really tried. But the same could be said at a much higher, more wide returning net if you just pursued creating your own system of systems, loop of loops. The end goal of this loop OP brings up is to inflate and raise the price of their crypto startup. Even if it's just social capital gained the artist is not whose best interests are held close to the creator's heart, that would be naive.

You may have to use Paypal, Steam, Epic, (loops). It's inevitable in this way of current institutional infrastructure that the internet's economy operates on. I would argue however that these systems are so well established and relatively open ended enough that it doesn't really matter if they make a profit off you in the short term. That doesn't really justify your questions though, so maybe like this instead:

Create your own loops inside someone else's greater loop(s) that are open ended enough that it is basically your own. Crypto art utilizes platforms just like Paypal and Steam would have, yes. But it is so tiny and niche that you are likely to never see eight figure amounts, let alone nine. Measure the exponentials and pursue that. People become lawyers for this very reason: the exponential is much higher than an average job.

A nation is a loop*. *see initial post
Why don't you structure your thoughts into a series of articles so that you're not limited by the paragraphs you post here ?
It could be the beginning of a system of yours , don't you think ?
I would be interested for sure. Also thank you for coming with the loop word . i t is a concept I already thought about, but never put into action

File: 2021-02-08 08_39_47.png (1.34 MB, 2422x1572)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG

We share free marvelous designer zpac garments

I have been downloading all the free ones and run out, I need more, basic stuff is good too.

if anyone has a hdd full of garments please share

To start... here is a link to literally free professional garments


I really need good basic stuff like bikinis, underwear, dresses etc, why isn't this software more popular its amazing and easy to use.
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

there is literally no need with MD, just run the simulation and all of the details are created by pressing play.

there is no longer a need to manually add creases with a brush

3ds max simulation is literal garbage compared to MD, in the first instance it barely works at all

then you dont have the fabrics/sewing etc

While I understand what you're saying, the hyper-realistic results that marvelous simulation can achieve isn't necessarily better for games and animation. Maybe for VFX, but even then I can imagine many situations where more control of the fabric folds would be desirable.

Realistic wrinkles often do not look appealing, and clothing generated in MD is often required to be retouched in other modeling packages to look better.

That being said, it does provide satisfactory results.

That is pretty good!
link broke

File: untitled.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
here's this mech I made in blender
Pretty fucking cool, is it rc ? Can it fly ? How does it go against giant lizards ?
please dont use the f-word, it makes my eyes go funny
okay nigger
Shame on you, just absolute shame. Don't curse, it's disgraceful.

File: nigga_render.png (294 KB, 864x486)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
pls rate.

5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Finally, a /3/ user who actually can work
Retarded and unoriginal. Go shitpost somewhere else
>English, monkey.

File: A_Leatherneck.png (284 KB, 470x880)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Anyone else here a big fan of lowpoly retro style models? Any of you made some of your own yet?
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
sorry anon, thems the breaks
What do you use for texture painting?
big booba
>What do you use for texture painting?

Those are all just a combination of blender and whatever 2D image editor I felt like launching at the time. In my case it was Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop, krita, or even a piece of shit like gimp would also be fine. .

The Pyramid head model is the only one where I could have meaningfully benefitted from better tools. The result would have been more or less identical, but it might have taken me maybe 10% less time to achieve it.

The model on the bottom right is all barely textured at all - only the eyes are a texture, a single 32x32 png drawn in blender, despite the fact that blender's paint tool is shit and literally incapable of drawing a single pixel stroke. All other colors on the model are vertex colors.

I particularly enjoy suffering, so I didn't even use https://github.com/samytichadou/Auto_Reload_Blender_addon and instead reloaded my texture manually every time.

I have no idea why I am still doing that.
Based, Low poly coom game when?

File: FUVKING SHIT.png (431 KB, 757x975)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
So I got this guy who contacted me to re-UV a video game model for him. Pic Related.

Is this anywhere close to fixable?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it's MAJOR pain in the butt to match UV and existing texture.
if you value your sanity don't even bother starting. I'm dead serious you'll hate yourself and your life. I did it and this is experience I don't want to repeat.
(ended up doing proper UV from scratch and projecting parts of old texture on new UV in painter as base then doing them from scratch because >low resolution)
do you guys not know that blender can project the texture onto the new UVs? seems like it would work since there's going to be no geometry changes and its the best you can do if that's what the client expects
It's fixable, but it's so time consuming I hope you are getting paid
i can fix it for 50$

File: 2dIRx[1].png (497 KB, 1920x1017)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
>get an idea
>should be pretty simple
>open up blender
>quickly realize there's no easy way to do idea
>search it up, surely there must be a node or plugin or something
>only 3 people have tried this idea
>they're all either extremely tedious, not useful solutions or require 20 years of experience to execute
it does though. are you googling the correct things anon?
It's just a kiddie program, anon.
I'm sure it is better with a version above 2.8
you can, and I use that all the time for retopo
based retard

its under viewport display > in front
use the search box

File: Emn2_NFWMAEb5D3.jpg (403 KB, 2111x1117)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
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the cloth is super basic compared with the new shit that Pablo has been doing, you could add the pose tools for sculpt mode too, it doesn't have a rig/pose section, only the Expression Testing, and ofc no animation section, they have the animation fundamentals as course too but it is really basic.
Nice shading. I'm having trouble identifying that as 3d art. Who's the author?
It's the unreal engine 5 demo from a while back
its missing the texture and rendering sections from the preview video.
File: 1607487765961.png (523 KB, 869x498)
523 KB
523 KB PNG

File: 3ds.png (162 KB, 606x432)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
3DS MAX is fucking trash

Long ass fucking loading

Ancient codes

The UI is horrendous, it makes me want to kill myself, imagine looking at it full time job lmao

Everything is SO unresponsive, literally everything i do in the program has a small delay that ticks the fuck out of me. At least in Maya and Blender i feel like im in control. Hell, even Modo is more responsive.

Program crashes half the time for stupid reasons.

3DS 2020 looks like something from 2012

Its an overrated trash
48 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
This. Max is pretty embedded in big swaths of games, and even more so with energy and other fields that use Max for training and marketing materials.
Holy fuck yeah, 3DSM deleted my last-saved and reverted my shit to the first save iteration. AND THE LATEST VERSION IS STILL ON THE AUTOSAVE.

Holy fuck I almost lost my school work because of this.
>3DSM deleted my last-saved
Sounds like user error.
Sounds like a user skill problem.
2008 3Dmax is better

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