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File: IMG_20200307_163229.jpg (19 KB, 342x342)
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File: download.png (4 KB, 301x167)
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I'm new to 3d design and I have been working with solid works is their any other program That might be better
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Detected a couple of solidfags who probably never even tried anything else
No, not quite.
AutoCAD since release 11
CATIA since version 5 in '98
SolidWorks since its initial release in '95
Unigraphics since release 10 (today called NX)
Rhinoceros 3D since 1.0
if you're wondering: Boomer and Senior Industrial Designer
File: bob.png (387 KB, 500x500)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
>has a cloud storage
Is it actually free or teehee-you-have-to-pay-to-actually-model-anything free?
File: knee.jpg (106 KB, 1320x742)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I kneel.
It's actually free, the catch being that all the stuff you do on your free account can be seen by other users (not like anyone even saw or liked any of the stuff I made during couple of years I used it, except the people I shared the link with), if you want to go private you have to pay for a license, also you can get an educational license for a year pretty easy, aswell, you can set your files to be private with it too, none of the tools are blocked, all the modeling, drawing and other functions are included in the free account aswell,

File: judi.jpg (3.19 MB, 1418x2520)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB JPG
This nigger makes almost 1K a month by posting vore animations of Judy Hopps https://www.patreon.com/Forshu
How does that make you feel, /3/?
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Is there anywhere I can get a decent naked male model to use for lewd animations? Thanks.
Got a kek out of me. Good digits too. Nice job anon
He should do one with Nick next
do it yourself in blender
Do not listen to this nigger >>803396 Nick is already available and fully rigged for Maya

File: JettFanarttherealzOhOC.png (1.92 MB, 1138x1600)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
Just got blender. Post general advice (more app recommendation? Any fav course?). I'm as new to 3d as they get. Thanks anon
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Watch it start to finish idk why it starts 7 minutes in
unironically coom motivation is as good as any other
provided you don't actually coom on your creations. at least before you finish them, that is.
Any good character modeling courses?
>provided you don't actually coom on your creations
Word brother. Happens to me all the time.
Use CGdive's rigify tutorials or auto rig pro.

File: 245425245.jpg (13 KB, 219x203)
13 KB
is blenderguru an effective artist?
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what do u mean he's not an artist?

I've seen faggots calling menstruation paintings "art"

Art is just a gay marketing word to sell modern art to boomers.
drinking windex turns you into one
File: 1612787127957.jpg (17 KB, 300x300)
17 KB
>3090 absolutely is the best bang for your buck

>comparing archviz to character models
hello new friend, reddit is on the other side of the road :)
We've discussed this numerous times before in multiple threads. I'm almost certain one is still up.

File: file-1573148291[1].jpg (12 KB, 240x240)
12 KB
Don't mind me just the most based man in
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+1, Pablo and Madeleine are great.
Are you talking about Madeleines gnomon course? Its great, shows some interesting techniques I've never seen before and fairly comprehensive, but since its in chunks of 30-40 minutes vs Pavlovich 7 minute chunks I usually use Pavlovich except for stuff Madeleine is better at.
I wish she uploaded more to her youtube channel
That dude face. Is it a fucking trannie?
File: maxresdefault-30.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720)
76 KB
Cmon dude.
Wish I could pull off that coat.

File: 730853179431976993.png (5 KB, 119x128)
5 KB
> he spent time modeling an object that can be found in the McMaster-Carr catalog
But what about use rights?

File: AngerGuru.jpg (57 KB, 528x384)
57 KB
>if it's 3D can you like...make a movie with my character? here's 30 bucks

>so much? isn't 3D supposed to be easier than drawing?

>I want my character from my favorite game as figure to put on my monitor
>sends some screenshot .bmp from an awkward angle
>has never again responded after that message
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People trying hard to make me do smut of their oc by spamming my discord with their shitty pics.
Most of them look like 'supreme milf' from the daz thread.
Fuck my life, as soon as I have enough cash, I'll buy some land and quit this brainrotting shit.
Holy shit /3/ is a really bad place to be if you're trying to get into 3D modelling.
4chan is bad for you.
It is only if you have no clue about anything
No, it's still objectively bad for anyone who is using it.
4chan can only make things worse and sooner one can escape the better.

File: 1603135536619.png (464 KB, 427x500)
464 KB
464 KB PNG

oh no no, industry bros, how we stop pablo?
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You can sculpt in Substance Designer now?
This is your brain on Blender propaganda.
Do you really have to start a thread about that nigger 7 times a week?
The good thing is that every good feature (sharpen filter, cloth brush etc.) From blender sculpt just gets put into ZBrush next update so everyone wins.

No it doesn't you fucking idiot
You cant sculpt but you could apply a displacement map and export the result.

File: 1604816619960.jpg (179 KB, 750x468)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Entrepeneur chad here, share your BEST advice to get rich on 3D
>no larping allowed
>no losers allowed
>only WIN allowed
I've heard furries pay a lot for 3D, and developing indie games sure gives you the best bang for yer buck. A friend of mine started on Blender a few weeks ago and now he's making 10K on low poly fursonas
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use drawing references that breakdown basic shapes
these are three different animals why do they all look like dogs
muh style
File: Screenshot_401.png (394 KB, 432x420)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
furries can only draw dogs and foxes its a known fact
Judy is not a dog

File: 435435435.jpg (107 KB, 660x833)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
can we just appreciate the fact that we have alternatives to blender? without autodesk & co we would all be stuck with blender.
cant compile maya from source not autist friendly

File: 1574571131344.jpg (33 KB, 500x483)
33 KB
bro, you could literally use an AAA character as the main model in your game, and eventually use a less detailed style the less important in the story it is.

So basically you can make something like:
>AAA MC character
>AAA bosses
>Mid poly (PS2) main enemies
>Wii Anime style party members
>Low poly minor enemies
>Minecraft level villagers/npc
>Pixel art bugs/butterflies/birds

And It will look just fine if you make every diferent style to have some "lore" reason to be that way.

That way you can make a 100 hours videogame with mixed levels of quality, by having 70% of the game being minecraft/pixel art stuff, 30% low poly shit, 7% PS2 models, 2.5% Wii level models and 0.5% AAA PS5 models.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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minecraft real life videos have 50 million views anon.
But this is an already extremely popular franchise my completely retarded friend. You did not even think a second about this, right?
and yet minecraft started as a niche 4chan game made by some nerd.
How to spot a /v/ nigger:
>starts threads with low effort generic pepe images
>does not use and does not understand even the most fundamental 3D terminology
>believes himself a genius by brainstorming retarded ideas only a 12 year old would come up with
>plebbit spacing
OP would be banned if this place had any janitors at all
Just sage and hide this thread
So what are you waiting for, nerd?

File: zY1dlkh.png (115 KB, 1459x707)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
why can't i close the gap?
Pivot points maybe.
Depends how you placed your shit ass pieces. If you place them on stupid decisions ala wrong end on wrong end face, chances are everything won't line up.
>i now have assblasted copycats posing as me
Based lmao.
the bigger L is adding a little bit of extra distance and fucking up the alignment
dude just look at your X axis (red line on the grid). its not aligned

press 7 and fix it

File: blender guy.png (221 KB, 589x603)
221 KB
221 KB PNG

File: 1570372973801.jpg (114 KB, 482x427)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
How do you deal with the foreknowledge that you're going to spend a long time working on something, and by the end it's still going to be bad?
41 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: beetus.png (75 KB, 292x220)
75 KB
>British narrator
If you don't invent your own medium of art, it's not truly your art.
How do you deal with the foreknowledge that you're going to spend a long time working on a bake, and it will still never be perfect.

Who here baking retard like me? Scariest part of the workflow for me, I'm not kidding. I simply can't figure out a cause of all the problems I encounter. Did I make a cut at the wrong place? Did I smooth the LP mesh the wrong way? Do I need a cage? Are my bake settings bad? Do I need to separate all these pieces or not? What happens to AO then? Am I using a wrong software for baking? Why do I get these huge diagonal lines across the normal map from nowhere? If I smooth mesh by UV islands should I still apply FWN because otherwise the smoothing is a mess? Etc etc etc...
If you are so insecure, why the fuck don't you spend some time researching/learning this shit properly so that you can have confidence?
If you stay in that mindset without working on it, then you deserve the suffering and insecurity.
Damn. Bad case of self-inflicted immaturity.
>Did I make a cut at the wrong place?
unlikely, I've never had problem with cuts.
>Did I smooth the LP mesh the wrong way?
How can you mess that up?
>Do I need a cage?
If you get shit bakes without, have you ever really tested this out (or looked it up)?
>Are my bake settings bad?
Maybe, why don't you know?
>Do I need to separate all these pieces or not?
probably, maybe not - who knows if not you?
>What happens to AO then?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Get marmoset it's retard proof

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