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File: images (12).jpg (21 KB, 500x334)
21 KB
Basically, books that teach you the fundamentals of lighting, shading, and techniques that make a scene look realistic.
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imagine debasing yourself this hard on 4channel
>2d concept artists earn more than 3d artists
(X) Doubt
btw don't come back comparing the salary of a lead character artist to that of a junior prop modeler
Really, you should be studying photography concepts.
The renderer is simply a virtual camera.
unironically good advice and much closer to us than strict 2d
Is that CG?

File: pablo-dobarro-render.jpg (496 KB, 1920x2484)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
Post cartoon or anime waifus, I need inspiration.
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16 is illegal in america, and naturally most americans think the world revolves around them
>shit take
Kill yourself
Not really

Who are some 3D/VFX artists around his level?

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i'm working on it anon, expect results in 2-3 years if the world lasts that long.
is there any money to be made from this skill? sure it looks cools, but is it actually worth teaching myself skills like this?
File: EZWaSYyWkAQn_hZ.jpg (133 KB, 1052x817)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
this is so gay, my homophobia goes into overdrive when watching this.
Also fuck these occult celebs with their disgusting virtue signalling of jewish/babylonian mindfuckery.
>technical ability
It's just layers of parametric clutter, smoke/fluid/cloth sims and particle effects. The lighting is pretty good, but the modeling and the effects aren't impressive.

2 months, judging by the upload date?
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depressing putting all that effort in for some retarded streamer
True, using billboards can be light-years faster than even instances, but then you have to consider the baked aspects like how they're lighted... I cringe hard at archviz crap that uses 20 idle people billboards, and they are all conflicting temperature grades and have shadows fighting the environment.
Ideally, any billboards you make should be created with the light rig you intend to use for the final scene.
that's quite fucking clever
That's an ancient technique. Don't do it.
if you've watched the video thats almost exactly what it's about

File: Blender.png (89 KB, 417x576)
89 KB
>hey you're looking up a tutorial for basic textures?
Too fucking bad he was using 2.8 you have 2.9 looks like we moved this essential feature god knows fucking where and since it's the very latest version nobody has bothered to make new tutorials because why the fuck would they so good luck just assigning a material to a surface shithead
Just go into edit mode and select some face, those buttons will be there (when it makes sense, because if you don't select any face, it can't know where to assign what material). Pretty sure it has been the same in 2.8.
thanks i'll see to bury myself now
stupid fuck
blender's materials ui is full of weird quirks. It might have been better if those buttons were greyed out with a tooltip indicating you can only use them in edit mode so retards like you can figure it out more organically than embarrassing yourself on 4chan.

Between that, fake user, multi-object material assignment, it's a bit of a clusterfuck. not actually difficult to use though, so I understand why they haven't made it better.
Are you making a lemon donut?

Welcome to /amg/ the general thread about all things to do with modelling anthro creatures.

>post your works in progress
>post anthro models for study
>discuss fur simulation
>provide anthro modelling advice
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File: 1604769524033.png (844 KB, 1000x666)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
thank you kind sir
Looking to get Maya or 3DS for retopo, what made you choose 3DS for retopo over maya?
Hey guys, I'm pretty new to more complicated rigs, so I'm practicing here with a basic enough mesh but I wanted to add something of a cybernetic piston for the leg, the ring there by the knee tracks to an empty in the ankle (which tracks back at the ring), and inside the empty there is the piston looking object. It looks like it works fine but there's some weird popping/flickering of the orientation, does anyone here have insight as to what I could do to fix that, in regards to how IK constraints/tracking works? thank you in advance.
new thread over here




File: image_2020-11-12_215456.png (876 KB, 1541x905)
876 KB
876 KB PNG
Im using Physical sky, how do i get rid of this area here? Dragging the dome up and down doesnt help
Pretty sure that's the horizon line, which you can define in the settings to be a certain height or change the colour to match
Make the ocean infinitely big. Easy
extend the ocean plane a little bit and fade it out with a circular ramp or put some fog in it to fake the atmospheric haze. But fog is kinda weird in arnold. I'd go for the blending.
You need to make your ocean bigger. I can see the corners of it very easily. This will also help fix your horizon issue.
Instead of a plane use the top faces of a cylinder (circle) and assign your material there. You won't see a hard edge and it's easy to feign a horizon line.

has there ever been an aesthetically pleasing cgi comic?
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File: cheshire crossing.png (155 KB, 1093x899)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
It's like doing your comic in vector to avoid learning how to draw.
there was a book from warhammer 40 K about vampire and underground worlds. shishe something. you will love it. machinery landscapes are believable only is those machines have history and meaning. if you cant show it in the visual then forget about about.
What's that? Druuna without the thicc ass?
It reminds me of blender render, back in the day.

File: Image37.jpg (976 KB, 2816x1920)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
Hello I make videopix-

I will try and create a video game to accompany the animation project- not as a second thought, however- I want the game to mean as much as the videos. I dream of it being an excellent game. I am having trouble finding a type gameplay that would be both engaging and novel. If anyone here can help me with gameplay ideas I would be thankful beyond expression. Even the worst ideas ever are appreciated to me

>https://youtu.be/84AjM0e1_3Y [Embed]
ep 11
>https://youtu.be/1J7XnhlUYtA [Embed]
episode 4
>https://youtu.be/m-6ZiCJN4 [Embed]
ep 5
>https://youtu.be/_gUV6w4Z4Lc [Embed]
ep 7
>https://youtu.be/ArT30CDuC3Q [Embed]
ep 8
>https://youtu.be/lJ8H9cp [Embed]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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would you want help for the game? for programing and such?
Windows Defender reports a trojan in this file
Most likely because the unity game launcher is an executable file. I did not plan to share this in the first place, but anon requested. There is no malware in the folder. But you don't have to believe me.,,, I appreciate the heads up, regarding the windows flag
File: plywood4.png (277 KB, 634x542)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
eventually, yes. gona try to find angel investor to build this game palace cg studio. might try local flyers on telephone poles

talking back to the thread- ive decided if I will make a game, it cannot be in 3d space. it is too intense to pursue for me. I do not have the drive to dive so deep into learning language for complex math programming. I would only be happy if I were to make things my own. I don't think I can deal with pre made code or visual scripting- too chained down, very blindly too. i like to get to the bottom of what I am working in. So I can understand the limits and work against that. So,

pre rendered cg environments. buildings, props, characters, floor,... all on layered 2d planes. character movement is fluid- but sprite based. Gameplay style is almost identically based on The Sims: Bustin Out and The Sims: Urbz for gba, and DS. 2 of my favorite games as a kid; truly special works; along with the OST. They were not like typical sims games. They were adventure-RPG-Life-sim. Hard to pin exactly the genre. Which is why they are special and the mechanics deserve to be touched on again. The story went to bizarre places, but the setting was very grounded and chill. worth playing even still, as an adult
I look at most modern fiction - it is bland- I wonder what could be causing this. I do not think my mindset nor hopes for change in creative projects is unique or special. any one is capable of anything

Standing on the shoulders of giants, iterating on treaded paths./
this is ok- as long as there is a thoughtful picture in that picture frame

for me,. crusty ass polygons and low rez is just easier to deal with,, especially as an individual, trying to animate and direct cg works. I dont have access to paid or student software. but i am happy without that stuff . just making what you have work can be a powerful creative multiplier.
I didnt have a ps growing up. I had an n64- played quake 2 and tony hawk mostly/ if i knew how to program physics i would make a blading game with the exact control, feel, and look as thps3 64.

I guess, "5th gen look" is a means rather than an end for me
I am fascinated by the qualities of low and medium resolution; in any work, there is a space where viewer and creator connect- some works try to disestablish this connection- other works try to highlight it. I find the creator-viewer link is very natural and fluid with low fidelity work. And this leads me to wonder more about the subconscious part of it : our brains fill the gaps to "finish" a low resolution image, into a solid visual-thought. the subconscious has its hands on the sensory input for a bit longer before it reaches the conscious brain. when people say "soul" this could be some part of it. soul is such a meme and it makes me laugh. and i think it is funny when people get angry over the word too

Contemporary mo graph and character animation is not BAD- but it is over-polished most of the time for me to enjoy. the polished style lacks meaning- the finger prints are smudged away completely

I look at the television show Dr. Katz and see the bear minimum character animation telling everything it needs to, beautifully. Such a relaxing and funny show

Hi guys!

Ive an animation made in clo with a tshirt.

I hear you need to export an FBX for the texture info, and an Alembic for the animation, then put it together ina suite.

Im trying to do it, but I dont know how to link my fbx made of many parts to an alembic.

I load them both in Maya, and theyre just individual meshes, with the Alembic having animation, and the FBX being static.

Any help please?
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Alembic won't let me export selected sadly. Exports the whole thing wether I like it or not.
Maybe this will help you: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/maya/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2020/ENU/Maya-ManagingScenes/files/GUID-B7218808-D462-4522-BEA2-10F70F8861CB-htm.html
in most programs you can choose export settings, i've not used clo but im familiar with MD that allows you to; on export weld everything as one mesh, or as separate meshes.

you could also take the uv data and make your own materials in Photoshop or something for keyshot, more work but better results, materials in keyshot will be super generic and wont look too good if you just block texture by objects.

Before you ask again, no there is no way to merge fbx and abc, forget about fbx for now and try to make abc work.
Yeah thats the site reached, but it really doesnt say how to do it at all :(
Did you check the instructions under "Import Alembic cache files"?

File: 1596233015494.gif (3.91 MB, 307x512)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB GIF
I wanna discuss if something like a 2D ramp shader could be developed.

My idea is basically a ramp shader, but instead of looking a 1D texture, you look up a 2D albedo texture that wraps the model.

So, technically that way you can draw details and shit like GGXRd in a low poly model, without the need to increase vertex count.

I guess I'm maybe reinventing a normal map, so not sure.
Maybe anons who know more can help me with my idea of a 2D ramp shader.
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project harder cuck. just because you don't know how to write NPR shaders doesn't mean it's some sort of arcane art.
>I remember liking your outline effects, which looked rather organic
That's because the dude literally just did a paint-over for the outlines. There was no effect. They looked organic because they were.

Even still he has that overtly smug attitude like he's the second coming of NPR Jesus.
hmm that's not what I remember but since he's in this thread perhaps he can correct the record.
goddamn this lolly is so T H I C C i want to lick her C U N N Y so damn bad bros T_T


File: 1605205691079.png (55 KB, 600x338)
55 KB
Talking from gamedevs to independent artists and everything in between
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Not just pol, /x/ is fully on board too, though they also think that the world will go through a "Great Solar Flash" or a CME that day that'll delay it or wipe out life on Earth as a whole.
>So things are so good now that they can't get any better then?
No, things are going to get worse and never get better, might as well just nuke the planet at this point.
>>you won't own anything and you will be happy

no more copyright, no more buying software
slow technological decline
hello stone age
They'll be calling it Boulder!
File: 1596197688630.jpg (192 KB, 1360x705)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
it will make the industry shit with diversity quotas and social justice politics in the management system, also, since you wont own anything you can only do work when your employer tells you too, and you will do what he/she wants, nothing else.
oh and if you are white you are fucked.

File: file.png (82 KB, 534x370)
82 KB
maya user here. I'm trying to retopo a face, and for some reason anytime im near the middle of the face the vertices will just snap to the middle and never let go. i tried to change the settings for auto-welding, but it does nothing. this is fucking me up cuz now i can't get near the nose or mouth without it just sperging and snapping all my vertices to one spot, and not letting go. what the hell do you do here?

If at any point i extrude it will snap there. if i move vertices near itll snap there. the only thing i can do is add vertices manually then fill the faces, but i want to tweak shit if i feel its not right. what do?
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Nonsense. Remember Blender 2.49.
If they snap to the center and then don't move maybe you need to disable symmetry editing and then move the vertex around.
So this is the power of Maya
File: sqe6xowgn6411.jpg (23 KB, 588x333)
23 KB
Not him, but it's a very important tool in maya. I use it so much thats its become part of my workflow. Whenever i've finished with my model I always use the cleanup command.
And I never click "Fix matching polygons", I always click "Select Matching polygons". That way I know what's wrong and i can manually fix it.
This process is better because I learn more about topology and the problems associated with it. It's actually something that's missing from blender altogether, yes, it has a cleanup command but it’s nowhere in as depth as Maya's one. I mean you start to learn about non manifold geometry, lamina faces, ect. All aspects of polygon modelling that you were once obvious about are now becoming serious issues. To be fair some common problems with peoples modelling are ngons, and those are slowly becoming non-problems, but they're still problems nevertheless and they need to be addressed. out of all the 3d tools i've used, Maya is the best in that regard.
and no, pic not related.

File: rngines.png (523 KB, 2000x1037)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
How's that game coming along, /3/?
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Fuck if I care. Sold them my model, they paid, I'm done.
pretty fucking bad to be honest, never thought I'd have to actually dive into actual research papers made by real scientists
I'm the opposite because I'm a brainlet.
I think you lost the plot. Valve regressed from the leader in gaming it once was to what is effectively just the company that owns Steam.

Like if Google completely stopped supporting all of their services and regressed into a company that only develops adsense and doubleclick. Sure you can't argue it wouldn't be a hugely successful company, but that's missing the point isn't it?
Funny. In my case, i threw programming out of the window years ago and i´m working in a large library of characters for this title. To avoid programming completely, i had to sacrifice optimization... it´s pretty, almost playable, but i´ll be damn if it will work only in the most beefed ups PCs.

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