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File: substanceyyy.png (905 KB, 1560x827)
905 KB
905 KB PNG
How do I export a texture with exactly what I see on the UV preview window?
Why would you ask how baking works?
Are you missing a keyword?

thank you!

File: sonic.jpg (52 KB, 830x503)
52 KB
I was watching some behind the scenes videos of some animators animating a character model.
They were filming themselves doing certain expressions and moving their faces to understand how the parts moved and then using this as a reference to copy it on the cgi model.

Didn't they learn anatomy as part of their course?!
Surely they would have been better to learn some basic anatomy of the face for the part they were animating?

Even if the model was an alien, the basic anatomy and muscle structure is still valid, if not just adjusted.

I can't believe actual animators are doing this and don't know anatomy.

pic unrelated.
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File: meta.jpg (192 KB, 496x466)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
You're confused as to what autism is.
Autism is the superpower of the white race.
"Looking autistis" is a misnomer, you're thinking of downies or aspies. Autists are highly functioning and superhuman.

Pic related is a downie.
Autism knows no race.
Look at black DBZ fanboys.

I really, really want to rage at you, but maybe you're a troll looking to get attention? I don't know. But in case you aren't a troll and are genuine in your post:

You're a fucking retard. You know absolutely nothing about animation, and also you're fucking retarded. EVERY animator that produces ANY quality uses references, and often those references are themselves. Hand-drawn, 3D, stop-go, doesn't fucking matter.

Look, just google "animator using a mirror" and then stab yourself a few times in the balls so your obviously worthless seed has no chance of polluting the rest of the gene pool.

PS, I fucking hate you.
>Autists are highly functioning and superhuman.

Yeah tell that to the low functioning mouth breathing retards that have to be kept in institutionalized treatment homes cause they can't stop beating others and themselves

What makes Blender superior to Max and Maya? I am a long time Autodesk user and am shocked at how virtually every comment on any YouTube video about 3D is some variation of “I used to use Maya but I switched to Blender and never looked back, it murders Max and Maya. Even popular 3D channels comparing software packages seem to imply Blender is stronger and can do things better and more efficiently.

Is there some kind of massive troll effort going on? Is Blender like a cult? Or, is it really that good?
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File: conceptBitchCunt.png (148 KB, 1174x504)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Learn Houdini
Learn Zbrush
Learn Unity/Unreal


ignore the rest

you can dip your toes in blender, substance and marvelous but honestly, that's just to quench your fear of missing out
houdini has the best animation tools there is
no software has a better animation editor and spline graph
makes sense
I'll have to take your word for it, i interviewed with a company who considered switching their pipeline to full houdini (which is why i did a little messing around with the rigging tools) and which ultimately didn't apparently because of the animation workflow. i would be very happy if it took some of the autodesk monopoly.
autist detected? boxcutter + hardops and maya is a cancer tumor.

File: Ed-iKaoWAAAzR3Z.png (267 KB, 616x900)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
Who was in the right?
File: 1490601984942.png (217 KB, 1119x1086)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Parasyte is god tier and everyone should read it.
File: 9a6.jpg (23 KB, 398x500)
23 KB
I agree but i thought the
>muh enviromentalism
message was WAY too tacky and obvious

File: 1597611750863~2.jpg (735 KB, 1500x882)
735 KB
735 KB JPG
/wip/ General.
Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread >>763041
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are you that guy on instagram who was trying to make a Gone with the Blastwave animation?
nope, this would actually be the project with which I will launch my artistic career. I will publish it when I finish, I have not yet entered animation, I want to learn to model first.
I got you f.a.m.

New thread up guys
Looks fine
Same I too felt something was odd about the geometry but dunno what exactly. Maybe it will be alright after I add rims and details.

File: questionsThread.jpg (470 KB, 1200x1200)
470 KB
470 KB JPG
>What is the sexcret simplest way requiring no effort to become best artist ever?
>Can I still get very good if I almost never practice?
>If I put water and become become the teapot, must I move to Utah?
>If I DAZ long enough will I come to understand the Mayan people?

Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread.

prev thread: >>752424
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I have a question about symmetry in ZBrush. If you import a symmetrical mesh that is rotated, is it possible to somehow regain symmetry based on it's geometry or are you fucked?
Try things out until you find the one that is both the most attractive to you, and in which you are the most productive.

If there is some other area that you enjoy more but where you aren't as productive, mark it as second interest or even as your personal hobby.
> make a bunch of curves and place them on the path you want
> create a separate mesh for your tentacles
> create a shader with fresnel and emmission
> join your mesh with the curves
> apply mirror
> enjoy
To make square or non-organic objects definitely 3d is much easier and you also have many advantageous tools that allow you to make perfect symmetries or edit your creation as many times as you want.
Try using smart resym and changing the symmetry to x,y, or z.

File: 15995980293163.jpg (30 KB, 720x408)
30 KB
>Hand painted
Let's face it. It really just means rushed model with near flat texturing. Just an excuse for bad modeling and texturing.
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I disagree, it just can't be cheated with scans and demands some sort of artistic talent. But that talent is from the concept artist, not the modeler. Those anime-esque asian models are always appealing.
Of course there are many levels of quality but people love to throw around "stylized" or "hand painted" to excuse their shoddy work.
Some of the time for sure, OP, but not all of the time. Don't let people misusing words affect your use of language. Think about how envious they'll be if you do make something much better that fits that description.
Same can be said for realistic if not worse, there's a ton of scanned or generic garbage out there textured in 10 minutes using substance. Atleast there's a certain amount of thinking involved when doing stylized
File: hair4hy.jpg (293 KB, 1000x1000)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
I don't have a opinion.
Because texturing will never look as good as a decent material stack done with some proper shaders.
But you can do a lot of magical stuff with fullbright and some decent painting.
no and no

File: bunker3.jpg (29 KB, 474x344)
29 KB
Post your favorite stl or obj

File: 1520487468308.jpg (126 KB, 1920x1541)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
How do I send animations from a rig made in a tool to another rig made in another software?

like mixamo to rigify?
you don't

Opinions on godot 4.0 graphics?
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Yeah, don't worry about it
File: gc5uxdqvlxk51.png (2.16 MB, 1080x1350)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
File: Capture.jpg (180 KB, 925x928)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
That looks really cool
It's surprisingly pretty great if you already know how to program and are working by yourself.

I started to hate myself for shelling out thousands of dollars each year for software comparable to the capabilities of an open-source program.

So I started paying sluts online to dress up like Autodesk reps and tell me how worthless I am and that if I give them money they might let me kiss their feet. I find these girls on OnlyFans and buy them a slutty tank top with an Autodesk logo. It is so hot to think hot Autodesk reps are milking me for money, I even have them pretend to stomp on my face in high heels telling me my Indie 3DS Max is no longer valid and they need $1,700 immediately. Does anyone else have a weird find on relationship with Autodesk?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i don't know a single person in the industry who has a positive image of autodesk
>comparable to the capabilities of an open-source program
Sad program doesn´t exist, Blendet
reality will hit you sooner or later.
Slidethread by some blendlet kiddie
Imagine spending your time making this thread when you could be being productive or entertained.
>inb4 this is my entertainment

File: example.png (32 KB, 1691x361)
32 KB
Hey /3/,
A bunch of nerds at /vst/ are making a Civ 5 mod that replaces nations with boards so we want to get as much info as possible for proper board accuracy, we are looking for
If /3/ had to elect a leader, be it living or a character who would it be
E.g some 3d model thats famous here or somethin like that
>Special ability
Unique ability with an in-board meme tagline
At least just give memes/taglines and we'll give a matching effect
>Special Unit
If [board] went to war what kind of soldier would it be fielding
>Special Building
speaks for itself, /3/ related building
>City Names
give proper /3/ city names
>Great People

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Seconding Alien singer
File: file.png (169 KB, 337x337)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
What about this guy as the leader?
nah i'm not feeling it
how can a blendlet be the leader of anything but his own demise?
I hate that pretentious cocksucker so much
He's a pretty in your face nuYoutube grifter.

File: bl.png (549 KB, 1174x655)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
And put an Easter egg into it as thanks

3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
hes too horny
Who, Ton Roosendaal?
You sure it's as thanks, and not to ridicule?
Why would you think that? I think it looks charming.

File: woman.jpg (6 KB, 195x258)
6 KB
Why do woman prefer Cinema 4d users over Blender users in bed ??What makes them so special?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I browse the art section from time to time and I've seen only one (1) ukrainian girl, and she's been using zbrush/maya/substance
They are employed
cinema 4d costs money
I don't care, as long as she can give me children it's fair game. Perhaps you should be a bit more progressive regarding what kinds of women you can use for procreation.
bigger pp

File: maya.png (16 KB, 387x132)
16 KB
TWO THOUSAND(2000) DOLLARS to rent a software, something of virtually zero physical value, for one year, that half your employees will just be using to just keyframe shit in. Something that every foreign contractor will just use for free. This is peak wagie.
>b-but the employer pays for the licenses anyway
Anyone that isn't a braindead boomer with zero business sense knows that cost is passed directly to you in the form of reduced pay. Autodesk is literally stealing your wages by overcharging for their overpriced scam software, that is always developed to only be just superior enough for boomers to propogate their "industry standard" meme.

I cannot imagine anything more cucked than actually seeking employment from someone that pays for this shit. Freelancing is fine because you'll get paid on the premise you own the software when you've pirated it instead. Working for someone that actually pays for it actually turns you into an Autodesk revenue-drone.
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Cost of gear getting passed down to employees in the form of decreased wages and a company not passing the money to their employees when saving money by using cheaper stuff are not mutually exclusive.
File: 1593716865001.gif (308 KB, 267x200)
308 KB
308 KB GIF
If they aren't that's your own fault for not demanding competitive pay. Then again you defend paying literal thousands to rent pixels so you're used to being financially exploited I'm sure.
The trick here is that if you use Blender you can just sit at home and collect food stamps and disability. Obviously if you use blender you are disabled right?

pretty sneaky sis.
education license is free sooooo
>here have this free software that I can hand out for free because it costs me literally nothing to distribute it
>oh you actually used it? that'll be $2000 for the year
Jews were really shameless this time around.

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