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File: 1610480209065.jpg (57 KB, 1280x641)
57 KB
I've been making a few easy 3D models so I can learn Blender for games. I would really like to work on it every single day but I am having trouble picking things to model that would keep me motivated and would be the right choice for a good learning pace.

Any tips?
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>Any tips?
Keep plugging away at tutorials, then you don't have to "creative" or "inpsired" because you're learning.
Once you git gud enough you can go to artstation and find random 2d concepts or doodles that you like and then make them into 3d. Make a portfolio of it (give credit to the 2d artist whose work you used, you don't have to pay them or anything just mention their name and their artstation page)
I'm sorry do you want to do 3d or not?

sounds like you really don't.
Make 100 anime girls then compare if you've improved with the first one.
Literally this.

File: 20210414_180102.jpg (2.89 MB, 4032x3024)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG
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Real photo and people talking shit about ngons, lol
thats the joke you weiner
File: dunky_kung.jpg (22 KB, 469x469)
22 KB
Kevin, halt Dein dummes Zoomer Maul. Dein LARP interessiert hier Niemanden.
so...what's the problem here? this is how you cut and lay down rectangular tiles.
End yourself OP

File: Ey1gn9mXEAEKCSe.jfif.jpg (40 KB, 671x643)
40 KB
I have a few years experience in Photography, Composition, Postproc and just generally stuff around taking still images.

However doing NSFW 3D Animation for Humans (in blender) is seemingly impossible. The Animations look extremely uncanny and robotic even after hours of tedious, painful and honestly extremely boring work in the NLA. Obviously i am aware that i just have to practice and work on it, but compared to pretty much everything else in 3D(sculpting, rigging, modeling, shading etc) Animation feels very archaic and takes unreasonably long amounts of time. Paired with the fatc that rendering just a few seconds locks you out of your computer for up to 2 days makes the whole ordeal pure cancer.

How the fuck do i git gud at NSFW animations and get them done in a reasonable amount of time? I cant use pre-made animations due to every model out there having a different rig.
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take your meds
Loooooooolll this post makes me feel like im in 1999.
It takes me about 3 hours to make a nice (for my standards at least) sex loop and a few more mins to get it into unreal to render it in realtime.
How you manage to suffer this much and be this inefficient is beyond me.
>nice (for my standards
This explains your post.
furry smut
>unreal render gets this pleb off


File: ay0kjccelxe61.png (28 KB, 413x383)
28 KB
>Random generation
File: azn-hello.jpg (16 KB, 149x144)
16 KB
OP here, I'm trans if that matters btw

Rate my 7+ years of 3D FOSS progress
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>Rate my 7+ years of 3D FOSS progress

This is great work anon, I see how hard you've worked to improve your skills and you're to be commended on coming so far in just 7 years. You're gonna make it. We're all gonna make it. God bless America and God bless all of us.
what's foss?
Software that is free as in freedom
In contrast to software that is free as in beer
It's 2021.
Regression is progress and real progress is racist and antisemitic.

File: scrollingtext.jpg (53 KB, 706x668)
53 KB
How do you bros feel that someone can literally put scrolling text on a plane and sell it for 16.6ETH ($32K right now)

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oh cool

the nazi-worshipping schizo that compares everything to weimar and the "everything is money laundering" schizo are actually the same person

good to know
Curb your neuroticism, it`s my only post itt.
Nah, just a lot of 'why's and 'cursed image'
I think she tried to email someone's workplace and tell them their employee was harassing her tho lmao.
take your meds already
People wouldn't buy it because they're buying already thinking about selling and making it actually tangible would make the logistics harder.

File: Capture.png (1.12 MB, 1279x636)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
I'm trying to make a racing game and want to use real locations
I thought of using the blender GIS addon to make the terrain for the maps.
Is this a good way to proceed
And if yes how can i add the roads on top of the terrain when its being curved
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Fuck that. It's the Earth, they can't copyright that shit. It's literally just measurements.
They literally can. There are alternatives.

No idea if the following sources are still active(maybe use wayback machine):

U.S. Geological Survey National Map

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

HiRISE digital terrain models

Open Topography

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It's a good starting point to get realistic terrain data, you avoid structures that are too small or big.
Og ot the car mechanics very easy from a friend
Im in the making of the maps but im having difficulties to make them
Im using procedural roads with the beizers curve
How im i supposed to atttach them to the ground surface exactly
skinwrap modifier you idiot

File: Cycles.png (312 KB, 1535x484)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
how do they get away with this?
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Use Octane, Clarisse, or Redshift loool
Eevee is for producing animated content without a render farm. It's pretty good for that.
like i said, you just need a rtx card for rendering, not a farm
imagine writing low effort bait for this meme tech

File: 1378392203103.jpg (50 KB, 1024x768)
50 KB
Is mixing parts from diferent models, (dunno the word... kitbashing?) done in the industry?

I wonder if I can simply take koikatsu assets like shoes, clothes, hair and add them to a VRoid model and just texture on substance painter.
Kit bashing is more used for game modeling than anything else and in that case my studio just scans them in after we finish so we can clean them up. We don't always do it but when we do it's because a model is about to take weeks of effort to detail otherwise.
It's def done but rarely for pieces that ought to be tailored to fit a specific shape, such as a characters clothing.
What Op propose sounds more like lazy theft asset flips by inept artists than kitbashing.

Kitbashing stuff lends itself best when you are making art where it's beneficial to the end product if it looks like it wasn't designed by any one person.
Such as when you are making an environment that in reality would have multiple architects that at no point consulted with one another and just iterated or diverted.
Nobody cares.

Just edit and retopo in zbrush, nerds.

File: 1618929926425.png (110 KB, 980x510)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
how does one become millionaire with /3/ in one year or less?
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>the most honest and blatant truths the general populace will have on game development
You should go to a game-dev meetup and expose your theories. It would be fun to attend, I'm sure.
Make a NFT and pay Insta and Twitter thots to shill it.
I love this thread, I would like to thank duck-sama for gracing us with his wisdom and well explained assertions.

I do agree if you are a 3D artist the path of least resistance to long term success are games, everything else requires a constant unending output that will eventually eat at your soul. If you can manage the undertaking of creating a game and being realistic with your expectations then it's a way better option than everything else out there. The initial task is way more taxing than other endeavors combined but if successful it quickly becomes exponentially easier and has the tallest ceiling for monetary success and fame which lend themselves to an even easier next cycle.

Not everyone is geared for this so I dont blame people for being opposed to the idea, its harder than one realizes but it is worth it if you can manifest it. It's not a bad idea for people to pursue other avenues like selling assets or working for others if they dont see a clear path ahead, it can help them develop their skills if its not something they know or are able to do on their own time, but ultimately games are what you should strive for as your goal.
>having such a low iq you cant recognize a false flag bait post meant to emulate a writing style
Sad. NGMI.
>I was just pretending to be a loser

/VRMG/ VRChat Modelling General - First Edition

Welcome to 4chan's VRChat modelling pit. In brief /VRMG/ is for the discussion of VRChat modeling, map making and any form or VRchat creation.
Introduction: https://rentry.co/3ib9h

/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General

>Game Resources
VRChat: https://rentry.co/sz4hb



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Not much to do I think. Kinda same with men in female avatars wanting long legs. Proportions are off so it feels weird.
oh i see i don't usually touch bone roll that's good to know
How would a 4 arms tpose look like the second set of arms below the first also straight maybe?
Sadly the tech for proper VR tracking -> IK solving is just not there yet so you gotta keep everything as close to human proportions as possible
>making own model
based don't listen to haterfags
File: file.jpg (116 KB, 1280x986)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
I'll do my best <3!

File: maxresdefault.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Any good 3ds max tutorials on yt?
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agreed, very helpful vids
Use blender

Not YouTube but here's something
I prefer having a job

I work as an 3d artist (mostly environmental) but I ended up doing everything by myself.
Theres nothing I hate more than rigging and everything related, skinning, weighting and fighting with all the commands and program options. I can spend like weeks of doing non productive work just by looking for errors, solutions, alternatives and dozens of other problems.
Right now Im wasting days and days of work
My personal tier list

>God tier : sculpting, rendering, post production
>Comfy tier : texturing/painting/baking, lights, composition
>Ok tier : animation, poly modeling, physics
>Meh/boring tier : retopo, UV
>Shit tier : rigging, skinning, weight paint
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If a character model is not rigged and made ready for post then all of the work before it has been an act of mental masturbation.

>"I have cooked dinner for you"
>"Can I eat it?"
>"No, but you can still pay me."

Rigging isn't even difficult. You're probably annoyed because you're using Maya which I get it. But in Daz you can have the model rigged in less than 1 day, then you can export it as an FBX to Cascadeur to get that professional-level rig control. Honestly, now that Cascadeur is out I don't understand why people even bother IK-rigging.

You're part of a team. Just creating "art" doesn't help anybody and in a pipeline just being "creative lol" will cause more problems than it's worth.

There's a reason why some concept artists get hired and some don't. What use is a character with an insanely detailed fur coat that took you 1 month to sculpt in a game that's meant to be played on mobile?
That depends on the studio retard. Do you think the character designers at Pixar uv-unwrap and rig the models between productions? If it's you and 5 guys, then yeah doing 3-4 different jobs is common, no shit. OP is power ranking said jobs, not about being the "idea guy"
we have found the source for dunning krueger.
File: catto of accepting it.png (906 KB, 851x1024)
906 KB
906 KB PNG
>gave rigging a proper go, learned how to make all the controllers and corrective bones and such
>thought maybe this could be my pocket skill to break me out of being like every other 3d artist
>no I just fucking hate it like everyone else and just wanna sculpt and model

I accept it.

File: 1596160867359.jpg (6 KB, 215x234)
6 KB
Be straight with me - is unity's time up because of metahumans release?
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File: aprabjPo_700w_0.jpg (71 KB, 700x1031)
71 KB
fuck off you clown
Godot is good for 2d, not 3d
good, because 100% of what I've seen from indies is pixel art or 2D or low poly retro 3D, which godot can do just fine.
This guy gets it. Unity is most relevant to mobile. Unreal is a nicer engine especially for artists to use.
>Small Indie Shit == Godot.

More like 'vaporware and itch.io tranny cringe== Godot'

File: 3DCreative 2011 69 May.png (3.69 MB, 826x1169)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB PNG
How many years do i have to study to get to this level?
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this is a stupid question OP
learning is up to you
Just use DAZ and go crazy with the sliders
>its stylized bro
To be honest, a lazy student can do that in less than a year.

That's not a level to aspire to, anon.
Anyone that studies seriously can do better stylization within a year.

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