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File: Crying-cat.jpg (153 KB, 800x450)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Is pixel art and low poly the only styles that are in the posibilities for an indie 1MA game developer?
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File: 1601911389665.jpg (32 KB, 499x499)
32 KB
I developed a new art style that solved this problem for indies which saves huge amounts of time but looks unique and AAA, but I realized that I don't have the balls to utilize it without knowing if it would drag down the target sales needed to justify it. So instead I am pursuing a more traditional stylized method, as I'm moreso comfortable creating that than braving the total unknown and being subsequentially ripped off. The currrent baseline Lowpoly (flat shade polygon aesthetic) is for shitters who aren't artistic and are willing to compromise on low tier visuals, instead of trying to produce something that will engage the consumer. You can certainly make the Lowpoly modern aesthetic look pretty, but I have seen few and far between those who put effort into their designs.

If you feel you are forced to use lowpoly, go a step further and treat your visuals with care. It makes a serious difference, and could potentially capture the feeling of "soul" /v/ screeches about.
Authentic homemade /3/ pasta.
>I am pursuing a more traditional stylized method
weren't you on your way out, schizo?
It's a copypasta. He did post that originally though.

File: C4D_Logo.png (62 KB, 256x256)
62 KB
Do Cinemaniggers really?
File: import-export.png (32 KB, 286x786)
32 KB
File: giphy (5).gif (485 KB, 500x331)
485 KB
485 KB GIF

Oh look, a retard!
File: PicsArt_10-09-04.50.15.png (1.55 MB, 1705x1080)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
Im not reading all that
BLendturds getting dumber by the week.

File: neco arc get down.gif (2.8 MB, 600x237)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB GIF
my first model ever
You may not have talent, but you do have soul.
Become my teacher anon, I wish to be famous

File: wallhaven-0jlozq.jpg (485 KB, 1920x1200)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
would you be interested in some sort of community project?
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>That's inspiring
not really. It was a failure.
If anything you should consider it an warning / example of how not to do it.
The project was never really finished, then some dude took/stole the assets, half-assed all of it together and pretended the end result was his own work and uploaded it on YT.
To top it off, the end result looked like crap and was heavily dependent on camera projection of details taken from the original 2D painting. He basically superimposed the original onto the 3D meshes.
This was AFAIK the last /3 community project and it has been some years since then.
I knew right from the beginning that it was a case of biting more than one could chew. If they had chosen a project with a smaller scope they could have actually pulled it off, considering the amount of work they collectively put into it.
Huh, thought it was cool they got to the likeness at all but didn't know the drama side of it. Though to be fair, I've only been in the 3d game about a year or so, my lore game is weak.

Been thinking about it and I'm not sure how to handle the overall management without a site, which I wouldn't mind setting up but will take some time to get right. The main issue is really maintaining a consistent art style across the project. I'd prefer it to be where anons can learn and work part of a "team" but at the same time it would be good to have a nice finished project.
I could make this shit by myself, the fuck did /3/ want to collab on this
>Been thinking about it and I'm not sure how to handle the overall management without a site, which I wouldn't mind setting up but will take some time to get right. The main issue is really maintaining a consistent art style across the project. I'd prefer it to be where anons can learn and work part of a "team" but at the same time it would be good to have a nice finished project.
you have to use Solaris and USD to manage group projects as well as having a dedicated pipeline TD.

File: 1606228199547.png (654 KB, 709x622)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
Who actually buys 3D models? Why?
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that's like windows/macOS users VS linux freetards
ones just buy model ready for whatever they need to do with it, the others try to invent wheel
>buy model and kitbash it /retouch on zbrush
>spend a fuckton of hours making one from scratch

Gee, i wonder why people buy models
>Who actually buys 3D models? Why?
If creating the model yourself is more costly than buying a ready-made, you do the smart thing and buy the ready-made.
red lipstick has a banging body, would fuck if real
I'm more about the bottom left pic.

File: Untitled.gif (16 KB, 702x353)
16 KB
I want to make this on Blender with scultping, how THE FUCK is it possible?
The grab tool isnt working, wtf guys
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"hurrrr the UI is so shit" is a completely baffling excuse not to use it. you can unironically do outstanding art with just a few standard brushes. everything else can be found with a quick search, and if it's still too much for you to ask to get to know a program you can change everything around however you like. there are no excuses, and if you can't even get past the UI it's probably just a sign that you wouldn't have the will to properly study anatomy, anyway. just give up, bro.
The zbrush UI was designed by a blind psychopath rapist clown with downs syndrome and anyone who gets comfortable with it is one twisted dude
File: 1529587710461.jpg (26 KB, 512x512)
26 KB
lol true
Ignore these retards. Zbrush UI is designed around SHIFT+CTRL+ALT combinations and a few drag gestures, that's it. Once you learn the basics you know everything unlike in other software where you have zillion different menus based on where you right-click or what part of screen is your cursor hovering above.
stockholms syndrome at work

>want to make a game with similar graphics
>don't know how to program, code or make graphics
Where do I start to make something like this with 0 drawing skill and 0 technical knowhow?
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It was also slow as molasses even on then 'fast ' CPUs. But lot's of Poser and later DAZ users (before Iray) exported their crap to Bryce and rendered it there.
Well, Terragen and VUE are still CPU based and also incredibly slow. Luckily they both scale well on farms. Our studio spent 3 months CPU time alone on the last (small-ish) project involving backgrounds in Terragen 4.
probably I learned 3d modeling because this game, so realistic by his time
Judging from interviews with Cyan staff I don't think "realism" was really their goal.
Well, I've played the game 22-24 years ago, and for me the graphics where realistic

File: asdf.jpg (34 KB, 1280x720)
34 KB
When is it time to give up?
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the moment you start
File: 1632472858105.png (418 KB, 614x630)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
unironically yea that's true you should know enough about yourself if it's worth putting x1000 hours into something after putting 1hr - 1week
passion beats all without it you'll be left in the cold facing adversity
1 minute before you succeed.
Use youtube tutorial.

obv not all of them are good but they help you get started

File: 4.png (34 KB, 900x572)
34 KB
be real with me. What's the pipeline
Also, I wanna use it solely to render out cinematics
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Unless your doing the cinematic in real time and have to account for models you don't need to code anything major
You might get a screen in between larger companies just lock the model into a set course of the cinematic in some cases and remove player control until the section is over Unless you can make it seemless in terms of where the model appears and the video ends Think old rts black screens or Assasins creed button press that doesn't match the cinematic
Old assasins creed white screen before you appear in a loading area is pretty old fashioned with new hardware
Plain loading screen with advice and objects or a still and or an immediate gameplay transition
>what's so terrible about it
Non-meme answers:

1) it has A LOT of features; this is somewhat irrelevant because if you're writing software for yourself (as opposed to as part of a team and using their software) you only need to use the features that you need.
i.e. you don't NEED to use Templates (as a an example), but running into them and not understanding them while learning the language can be very disheartening.

2) Some of the features related to OOP (Object Oriented Programming) can, when you've made a typo somewhere, create incredibly obtuse error messages or no error message from the compiler.
This is because with OOP you've got a lot of stuff happening under the hood that really doesn't mesh with what the hardware "wants" or was designed to do, so a lot of juggling and nonsense has to go on so that all those virtual function calls and what not get resolved.

File: dsacxz1.png (3.09 MB, 1920x1080)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
My first serious attempt at trying to make a gun for a game. What makes it look so shit?

31 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I dont know, havent started yet, any suggestions?
I've never been on this board and I quit video games about 5 years ago, but I can tell you anon that with enough persistence you can become great at just about anything.

A nice easy one could be a MAC-10. Super easy to do low-poly, and a great chance to practice detail work (beveling, etc.)
I think it looks decent but the thing allot of games use now a days is lighting in the past that meant shading and texture images Now, with better lighting sources that means textured surfaces made by high res images or hand detailed patterns with dots
The model is shaped as a texture itself in some games but it takes up allot of space

File: maxresdefault.jpg (179 KB, 1280x720)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Blender chads just can't stop winning and bending whole industry to it's will

autodesk next
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It's not bad if it's all you've used, but coming from Blender it sucks.

If you want to move something, you have to manually grab the axis arrow (or rotation arc) with the mouse (or stylus if you swing that way) and move it like that, one axis at a time like a caveman.

In Blender, literally everything is a hotkey so you don't have to click any axis, and it can also be moved on multiple axis at once.
>If you want to move something, you have to manually grab the axis arrow (or rotation arc) with the mouse (or stylus if you swing that way) and move it like that, one axis at a time like a caveman.
There's no transform on a plane or completely freely/limited? Like in C4D, you can either drag on the gizmo's axis to move on one axis, drag on a triangle to move on a plane, and drag anywhere else to move on all allowed axes (by default all XYZ, but can be changed with buttons or shortcuts).
That sounds really hard to believe. C4D R6 had that sort of limitation. In R10 there's drag anywhere to move on all allowed axes, sometime later they added the plane thing. Unless someone else comes by, I'm gonna call bullshit that Maya doesn't have something as basic as this.
You can, all software has had that since the 90s. And speaking as a Blender user, the hotkey workflow of "R to rotate, X to rotate towa... wait no, that's the other way around, Y to rotate the... no that's not right either, wait it's upside down, so it should be R then Z and FUCK I PRESSED S BY ACCIDENT, R to rotate, then Z, then I need to snap it to an angle... wait shift doesn't work, right I have to type it out, escape, R to rotate, Z to select axis, press 9, press 0, hit enter" isn't always faster than just grabbing the fucking rotation gizmo which is right there.

Plus if you really want it and there isn't an obscure entry for it in the hotkey editor by default, there's probably an addon for Maya/Max/C4D/Softimage/whatever which lets you manipulate objects with button chords. And if not, it takes five minutes to write one in Python.
Test test test

File: LOGO_Marmoset-Toolbag.jpg (21 KB, 451x386)
21 KB
How does /3/ feel about Toolbag 4?

How is the new texturing workflow? How does it stack up against the big boys like Substance and Mari? Or even the other up & comers like Mixer and Blender?
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
yeah, it's rly good for that
File: bakes.jpg (35 KB, 900x506)
35 KB
I don't know why are my normals always worse when baked in Marmo compared to SP. Even if I just leave default settings, SP always bakes correctly, while Marmo gets fucked. Now I can't get a nice bake of a sharp corner (pic related is just an example, I have this same sharp corner like these upper ones on the broken pillars) no matter what I do. I tried using a cage, redoing UVs a few times and adding a bevel to a LP, painting offset - nothing works. I get tons of black spots and other bake errors. Then I dropped it in SP, used default settings and it just works. Idk what to do, I'm supposed to use Marmo for bakes in my current project, but I can't get it to work properly.
post the example, I can't see much in the picrel
I stopped using it over the black spots issue. I never even have to mess with a cage is sp it just werks.

File: 1617760640580.jpg (25 KB, 594x396)
25 KB
so, hollywood stage workers are striking for better wages, is the vfx industry going to do the same or are they going to cuck like always?
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Fuck Hollywood for only hiring from overpriced, liberal shithole cities like LA, Vancouver, and San Francisco.

Oh and fuck Patton Oswalt too.
>Oh and fuck Patton Oswalt too.
>work in VFX
>highly replecable job of technical artist
they could literally remove them and hire anyone and it will still be the same. Plus, in any artistic field that doesn't requires math, there will always be the sentiment of "I don't deserve the job, I should be happy that I am part of the industry" mentality. There is just way to many idiot willing to do the job for unliveable wage.
>they could literally remove them and hire anyone and it will still be the same.
that's true of most trades. but I don't know for what reason VFX people think they don't need (or want) to demand better conditions as a group
vfx industry is like the neglect5ed little brother that everybody in the family laughs at and dont like but they increasingly rely on him to be able to provide any kind of decent job. they beat him and call him names to the point of having little to no respect, sometimes just sometimes the dad comes into his room and gives him a pat in the back saying, "hey dont mind the huge party we have out in the back for your brothers, you where a nice part of the job, here is a lollipop kid, ok job" closes the door to darkness.

File: 1620590063381.jpg (133 KB, 1200x900)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Why does it feel like Pixar is at least 10 years ahead of everyone else?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: heads1.jpg (377 KB, 751x1000)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
imagine having 1 full month the perfect 15 min
x6 for 90min movie
divide that per job per 15min
animation 4
texture 3
model 4
effects 2
sounds 2
writer 2
video editing 2
voice actor 4
23 people, you could have a movie out every 6 months
everyone getting paid 3k a month
69k a month
414k in 6 month

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: DruTlR0UwAEtjH9.png (762 KB, 855x720)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
They actually aren´t, they just have Disney´s money backing them up.
We have far more complex and interesting stories and designs than what those hacks come up with, but it´s THEM that show up in the news, in the magazines (?), in the comments and threads of facebook, twitter, 4chan´s /3/...
If your work and your name showed up in the local news when you´r family were watching, they´d be proud of you forever - even if you weren´t getting jack shit for it.
If some dumb investor saw your shit as the 'next big thing', you´d be swamped in investor´s money out of fucking nowhere.
This, my friend, is money. Teams and renderfarms are somewhow easy to get nowadays. Attention isn´t.
Pixar was co-founded by Steve Jobs. It's always been a tech company that happens to make movies. Everyone else makes movies with the tech they have at disposal.
>This, my friend, is money.
Exactly. Pixar/Disney seem to be the only ones who can afford it to have artists iterate several hundred times on a single scene, basically letting the autists and narcissists run the asylum due to the power of their deep pockets.
And of course the masses gobble it up as if the amount of details in a single scene are somehow more meaningful than actual meaning or actual artistic quality, rather than the shiny surface.
A problem that has become prevalent in all media industries.
Also we truly live in an attention economy - a reality that a person like me with ADHD is painfully aware of, while "normal" people often seem to not getting it.
>Pixar/Disney seem to be the only ones who can afford it to have artists iterate several hundred times on a single scene, basically letting the autists and narcissists run the asylum due to the power of their deep pockets.
they had to invent USD 10 years ago to do this. Only now is usd being released to the public and only in houdini is it barely usable and even then there are gotcha's

>learn art fundamentals
>can now BTFO 99% of /3/
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Any book/video recommendation?
based art expert Chad
Bro, this statement is so fucking true.
another day, another Cris post

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