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i'm using a wacom tablet from 2004 and have no experience with any other tablets. How far has the tech come since then? How is a new tablet any better than my old wacom?

Significantly better enough that i would really notice it being an upgrade? Not wanting to pay 2-400$ for either just a new skin on the same tech or a screen, considering my old one works ok.
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Capitalism is the only reason those gadgets and gizmos have been created in the first place.
Capitalism gives you competition, buy those.
>Capitalism is the only reason those gadgets and gizmos have been created in the first place.
nonsense. everything that makes something like your smartphone work and be actually useful, ie the screen, the battery, the gps, the internet etc has been originally developed through state-funded rnd projects for military use, outside the free market. capitalist innovation is limited to the manipulative advertising and sale of technologies invented elsewhere. you're all excited about "competition" without considering what these companies are actually competing to do: namely, to fuck you the deepest up the ass. that's why the development of consumer electronics is always moving not towards the highest possible quality, but the lowest quality the customers are still willing to accept, and the bar of acceptability is always getting lowered. enjoy a world of trash.

case in point: if you want a graphics tablet you can choose wacom, which is awful, or an even worse ripoff of a wacom. vote with your wallet which flavor of shit you want. what dazzling consumer choice! ten years from now wacom will have a subscription model where you rent a unit and get charged per stroke and you'll still whiteknight capitalist greed like the useful idiot you are.
wacom and tablets in general can easily last for up to 10-15 years or more, there's literally nothing to break and once you scratch out that shitty nib eater surface through daily use(I double down it as mousepad so it's even faster) it becomes smooth and no longer eats nibs
it's just simple consumable based sales strategy and one that fails at that desu; we should be glad they don't take notes from printer companies
Still using my wacom intuos3 from 2005 with absolutely 0 issues

Other than the part on the cable one of my rats chewed through
The maple syrup is dripping from this post.

File: 1566548722164.png (491 KB, 644x999)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
Sites with good porn models? (Blender)
Smutbase is a good one and the only one I know about. Any other you could recommend?
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File: 1593252372142.jpg (59 KB, 440x731)
59 KB
delete this, stop spoonfeeding the newfags
patreonbucks here i coom
In DeviantArt, looking for XNALara models, some have NSFW version.
just take heads off of sfm models and slap them onto daz3d or stitch daz3d genitals onto said models

that's what every other hack is doing these days
see also: twitchyanimation
>see also: twitchyanimation
I shouldn't have done it.

>hair cards
>those poly tubes you create from splines and then spam all over the head
>particle hair
>something completely different?
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Didn't they use a custom program just for one scene where there wasn't an outline?
pretty sure they did full groom, but that's the only scene that needed serious simulation (tyflow), beyond a bit of wind. Better to have too much info than too little. Plus it's not hard to bake cards from a groom, though I'm sure they have the horsepower to render full groom with simple toon shaders. The "cartooness" is just in the clumping and lack of frizz and strays probably.
does anyone have a good start to finish tutorial for zbrush hair? specifically interested in sculptural hair because i'm interested in making things for printing, and i'd prefer a more classical sculptural style rather than the super blocky disney hair which all the tutorials seem targetted towards.
I think it's not about the model not being a furry or being a walking pair of boobs, but the poor choice of making the world an uglier place rather than a more aesthetic one.

Hope it helps.
>making the world an uglier place
that's where you're wrong son.

File: Pillows_Before_after.gif (288 KB, 800x484)
288 KB
288 KB GIF
>Alright let's check out these new Blender sculpt tools everyone is freaking out about
>Subdivide a cube 10 times
>Blender explodes
How the heck do they expect people to use this if it can't even handle 1/10th of the perfomance that Zbrush can?
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>Why you need all that shit? Paint can desaturate why need more?
Okay retard, fuck off.
What, cant cope with your own retarded arguments turned on you? Then fuck off yourself.

I will never understand software shills they are worse than fucking console shills.
This right here, class, are the ramblings of a sub 80 iq individual who blames the software for his mental retard
Congrats, by the way you talk and the "problems" you have I think you're one of the dumbest people I've seen on this board, and oh boy have I seen dumb people around here
Is this some kind of new level of shitpostin?
you sure you're doing everything right? i'm sculpting in blender on a ThinkPad x230 and everything works just fine

So I just came to the bitter realization that Zbrush pretty much sucks when it comes to paint the models you sculpt there so I was wondering, should I buy Substance Painter for that matter or can I get similar results by applying textures in Blender?
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idk about painter, I use designer and it has no limitations
You can try Armorpaint
>Can Blender do the same stuff than Substance Painter?
Nope the best free alternative is Mixer
blender will have a texturing overhaul after the vertex paint and they are working in an assets manager too, now you can buy mask tools
Yes, but generally not as quickly and it doesn't have the material library that substance painter does.
Weigh how often you need to really edit textures manually against the amount of time it would take you move everything into another program to edit and then move everything back.
Also consider price.

I generally don't think it's worth it but then with what I'm doing I'm satisfied with less impressive textures because of the sheer volume of the shit I have to make for game dev.
Substance painter, without access to all the fancy materials and stuff is fairly limited.
And for that they want a monthly tribute.

Best ways to make money from 3d.
Actually I'm thinking in making more money from my activities related to 3d.
I'm making commissions from clients and selling some models and scripts here and there. What other ways do you know to make more money and what are more profitable?
please.... shut the fuck up.....
fuck this shitty thread
s.a.g.e and hide
niggers, faggots and kikes
heil hitler
heil blender

File: iroha.jpg (235 KB, 1433x1748)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
What's the most effective way to "trace" a 3D model? I want to see if I can recreate someone elses model. Do I just take a screenshot of all angles and then try to copy it? Or do I import it into blender, and do some magic there? What's a good strategy.
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I hope you make the tutorial, cause I'm going to do the ortho tracing trap. Do you not use any reference at all? When you use a reference, do you just have the image on the side? I am really curious if you're modeling without a reference or if you're just able to visualize the whole thing from a glance.
you don't use reference to literally copy it haha you use it to find nice silhouette and relative relationships between parts which would work together nicely
>When I have some time I will make an image tutorial explaining why you should not fall into the ortho tracing trap if you wanna learn how to model characters.

Pretty much the whole industry started out tracing ortho model sheets, and did so for about 10 years, so I don't know why you would direct someone so obviously new to 3D away from one of the simplest, proven methods of modelling characters that have already been designed.

The only 'trap' to fall into is allowing yourself to become dependent on it and not pushing yourself to be able model without it, or with references that are not orthographic, but OP is very obviously a total newcomer, so there's really no reason for him not to start off with it.

>you don't use reference to literally copy it

You use a reference for whatever it's suitable for.
(assuming you're the same posters, not that it matters)

Generally speaking there's two ways to model something: From the ground up via a process of starting with very low detail and then adding detail via individual verts called "Box Modeling" or from high detail and then "baking" those details onto a lower detail model via a process called "Sculpting"

Creating your own reference images (called a "Turnaround", "Reference sheet", or "Character sheet" ) from the models is a great easy way to create very precise side view, front view, back view (top view / bottom view) images without having to do a lot of work to edit something made in 2D that may not perfectly line up or may have a pose.

As for some shit about "don't use references, you have to create it from your own mind!" that's pure shit.
The entire job of an artist in most production settings is to take someone else's concept art and turn it into a 3d version of the 2d, with only as much "creativity" needed to fill in the missing information from the 2D.
The more references you have, for anything, the more grounded and "correct" looking something will be to the viewer even if portions of it are stylized.
And I say portions because stylization is a slider, even if a clock or something is exaggerated it's probably not going to be full on impressionist melting clock; that's stylized dialed to 11.
In fact I just watched a video put out by a former Dreamworks animator now working for Pixar where he said one of his big regrets is letting someone tell him as a student not to use references, the end result being it slowed down his output tremendously.

Finally, if you make refs of the model and the do your own model from those you can then also check the topology or construction of the model once you've box model or sculpted your own version.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: sniff.png (49 KB, 330x338)
49 KB

File: 1591549610771.jpg (1.51 MB, 3590x2394)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
I want to get really fucking good in zBrush sculpting.
Do I need to learn how to fucking draw?
What's the best way to get really fucking good at sculpting?
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>Do I need to learn how to fucking draw?
No. I'm coming from drawing and I realized there are a shit ton of anatomic geometry blindspots I never fully understood.

Sculpting is useless. Learn to model.
drawing is only useful because alot of the fundamentals overlap but if you just want to improve at sculpting practice your sculpting techniques, construction, proportion, anatomy , gesture if you are planning to pose your models, clothes whether you are going to sculpt them in zbrush or use marvelous designer ect.
It's not useless, but I agree.
Meanwhile /ic/ is up in arms about potentially having to work in 3D.
Learning both is the way, anon.

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 308x164)
8 KB
I know Artstation is default portfolio site but where or how do you get audience to begin with, Facebook groups? or twitter? or is there any other solid option

What's an expected price for an AAA character model or AAA props so I know how much to charge for them in twitter (commisions)?
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>$20/h for security
damn, America really is a land of opportunity
File: .jpg (25 KB, 474x711)
25 KB
>Dunning Kruger
The users of this website are stereotypical 'Dunning Kruger' tho because it's a trend that is global to the population at large.
It just comes out extraordinary clear in endeavors like this because the disconnect between spoken words and performance becomes so clear when we're doing visual arts.

The 'peak Dunning Krugers' are also very common here since the people that yap the loudest and are most sure of themselves are exactly the people at the
very peak of the 'overconfidence+noskill' part of the bellcurve. They broadcast misunderstood truths loudly and proudly on high volume.
They do not hesitate to post or ridicule detractors because they know they're right and to them it's real.

Meanwhile the peak of the expert 'Dunning Krugers' are silent because they know it's not that easy and expressing the actual reality takes time to articulate and
ends up wordy and time-consuming, and they're unsure they got it exactly right so they can't post as frequent and they also hesitate to post.

Especially for a ephemeral media like this where everything is broadcasted at the same volume you're gonna hear mainly from the noskill+overconfidence crowd.
valuable contributions here are largely drowned out by the so called 'Dunning Krugers' meaning the fake expertise that are unaware of how they're not the real thing.

4-5k USD
man I need to move out from my eastern european shithole of a country, security here wont have more than 300$ per month while working full night shifts in shitty conditions

File: blender.png (472 KB, 644x572)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
Oh no, industry bros, we got too cocky.

Blender can now made 100% perfect 2D anime.

11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
They used 3d models as reference and paint over, I suppose to test the new 2d animation workflow? some shots looks like shit, mostly because the interpolation but also the composition is bad, and others looks fine, blender need a vector render.
But anon, without the constant software bickering this board would practically be dead
I prefer this one
>blender need a vector render.
Would be nice wouldn't it?
it is part of the grease pencil team todo

File: texturing.jpg (202 KB, 807x535)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Which application do you use and why?

Also, post your recently painted models.
111 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is Substance really that bad for traditional hand-painted texturing?
it's really clunky for it. substance is focused on procedural materials, and adding rust to metal

you primarily work with masks. To paint on a red stroke, you'll make a red fill layer, completely mask it, and then erase where you want that red stroke

the workflow is meant to be the fill layer is a procedural rust material, you unmask the area using an AO or cavity map, and then you got a fire hydrant with the corners worn away to reveal the rust beneath.
This looks awesome.
3d coat masterrace
It's the chance you take and the reason you should have a dedicated computer or partition or alternate OS or virtual machine to run it on

AFAIK viruses don't exist on Linux and neither does DRM both because the user has such a high degree of control over their OS (for better and for worse)

File: chad.png (240 KB, 1068x1531)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
What anatomy book should I use to learn how to make 3D characters and eventually stylized characters? Please none of the boring stuff like skeletons or other dumb shit. I just want to cut corners and get to the fun part fast.
32 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Download a decent basemesh with correct anatomy and proportions and start doing the fun part
>i don't know how to do x
>just skip it bro!
great advice rob liefeld
came here to post this
no point in half-assing anatomy, if he doesnt want to learn it he should just skip it

File: keepitclosed.jpg (21 KB, 320x240)
21 KB
Reminder that we must avoid at all costs provide newbies with fundamental information about 3D. Remember that the less people gets in the industry, the less competition we will face in the mid and long run. Soon enough a lot of artists will try to transition into 3D. We must not make it easy for them, we must deter as many as possible.
86 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just funnel newbies into doing Blender tutorials. Problem solved, ez pz.
If someone manages to do better than you simply by watching YouTube videos and practicing, you don't deserve your job anyway.
Deliver better results, your job is safe. Rest on that comfy elitist pillow of yours and deliver mediocre shit and you'll lose your job to those who do better.
That's how it should be.
There's already a way, it's called Joan of Arc tutorial
Gotta love these summerfags that will never get a job
Post your work, master 3d artist.

File: image2-1280x720.jpg (90 KB, 1280x720)
90 KB
Can someone explain to me exactly what a shader graph is and why it's become so popular now?

I see a lot of job applications with this as a requirement now.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
he's a nigger but i can undoubtely say that you're a fag
File: OP_is_a_faggot.png (117 KB, 500x366)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
>t. OP
It's for creating shaders in a visual way like in every other 3d software. Ofc, Unity was late to the party with this, as always.

If a company has this as a "requirement" you can safely assume they have no idea how easy it is and you can ask $10k/year extra if you're good at it.
File: 1275538423244.jpg (239 KB, 1920x1200)
239 KB
239 KB JPG

Don't be a dick, asshole

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