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File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (137 KB, 1280x720)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Anyone using Dacvinci Resolve Studio for Blender compositioning?

I have no idea how to do this. Attaching video next post
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dunno just downloaded nc version
logged in and it says no license found but if access my account I have a NukeStudio Trial license
The term in film making is called Layout Artist you idiots. The job does not require 3D art degree, just learning Maya is good enough:



>The job does not require 3D art degree
no job requires a 3D art degree.
Finally managed to get Nuke NC
How do I combine the layers?
Here it explains how to do it for Davinci but I couldn't find a tutorial for Nuke getting into this
AutoDesk Support agents never heard such BS: https://autodesk.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Ext/job/Munich-DEU/Technical-Support-Specialist---Infrastructure--Map-3D-_22WD64715-1?q=3D%20artist

We don't know, just google it or something. We are artist in the 3D field. There isn't a program that puts 3D models into Premiere or Davinci.

File: images (6).jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB

What are the implications? Is this the Samson option of the autojews in Tel Aviv? Was "Everything Nodes" a trap set by a saboteur inside the Blender Foundation? It's OVER isn't it?
Blendfags BTFO'd. Long live the Autojew
Why do patents still have to use shiity drawings in the current year.
Every company under the sun uses nodes, this is either a nothingburger or they will get sued by epic and others
>2001-09-14 Application filed by Autodesk Inc
Oy vey Tim, there's no need to escalate this into a full blown patent war. Our lawyers are just talking about performing a special judicial operation against a tiny commie computer club, they don't even have their own patent portfolio. We'll reach a settlement in 2 days, trust me.

File: 1659355379559.png (7 KB, 294x194)
7 KB
Why does this happen? All the modelling, texturing, and rigging in the world but it still looks like amateur hour shit. What happen? How do you prevent this?

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It lacks direction. This is why films require not only good looking sets and actors but also good framing, camera direction, filmography and cinematography.
Just look at one of those old starcraft videos. They obviously have outdated graphics but the cameras angles, the sound design, the direction and cinematography are flawless.

One issue is the lack of good reactions to the bullet hits. There are puffs of smoke but it doesn't sell the impact. The animation in general was half-assed.
However, I think perhaps the biggest problem is the absolutely trash cinematography.
For example, the weird panning shot of the mountains makes it look like a miniature set and fails to connect to the next scene in a satisfying way.
I think you are being too hard on yourself anon. It looks fine to me just needs to be shot better. Also needs to be graded and some post processing like effects or mist pass to add depth. Compositing is a different school of thought from modeling and texturing. Same goes for cinematography.
Low quality scenery models, bad lighting, no kinetic reactions to bullet impacts, no sounds of bullets flying through the air even when they whizz right past the camera, game audio used with no care for the acoustics of the scene, the list goes on.

Looks like he gave up and nuked his patreon several years ago.

That list of credits is the people who supported him on Patreon? Does this mean that I can make stuff of that level and get that many people to fund me? Because if I get 3 bucks from each, that's enough to live in my country. Someone confirm this so I can start churning animations. Also, give me tips on starting a Patreon.

File: OIP (5).jpg (13 KB, 474x296)
13 KB
How can companies know if you pirated their modelling software?
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they come to your work place and check if you have legit copy or or not (at least that what they do where i work)
they most probably know you have a cracked copy at home but well
File: cake 01.jpg (359 KB, 1400x1050)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
Your home PC: they can´t do zilch
Company studio/office/headquarters: they can audit, invade, arrest, sue, etc.
The fines in my countries goes to 2000 copies plus a hefty whatever fine, so yeah, crooks that made a lot of money with their software IN A COMPANY will pay them until there´s no company anymore.
Can't you just open it in Blender, re-save it, then export it?
from my experience, most people want save files at regular intervals in industry standard formats (not blender).
How would one go about setting such a system up?

somewhat learning how to sculpt. im only like a week or two into it tho

so how the fuck do i sculpt eyelids? i've watched lots of tutorials but it isnt really working for me
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Use the equivalent of dam standard.
This, kinda. I personally make a circular hole for the eye on a lower resolution while I'm working for more geometry when I remesh, and when I remesh to a lower res after that one I draw the edges around the hole using a sharp brush, then mask the eye area, and from the front view use a grab brush with a projected falloff to shape the eye around the eyeball, then pinch the edges a bit and use the crease brush to make the fold above the eyelid. One thing that kinda tripped me up was that eyeballs are actually unexpectedly small, at least in realistic faces. The outer corners of the eye are actually more meat than eyeball but your mind processes it as part of the eye, kinda like how your fingers look longer from the top of the palm than from the bottom because you can clearly see the webbing from the top. Touch your eyes and note where the eyeball actually curves in. The general guide people throw around is that eyeballs are about 1 eyeball apart from each other. I'm also always instinctively tempted to make the eyeballs larger than normal because it makes the eye area flatter and thus it's easier make it look less bad when you get the shape incorrectly, something else to avoid. I recommend having an actual, correctly sized pupil on the eyeball for size reference and seeing if your eye is too large relative to it. No need for a texture, just make sure it's visible via geometry.
thanks guys !! i'll try :^)
you're not another troll are you? or the same troll with a different coat of paint?
idk who ur talking about ? this is my first time posting on this board specifically

File: design-medium.jpg (185 KB, 1000x562)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
What keyboard does /3/ use?
For me, its the Keychron K2 V2
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What a coincidence that's my home keyboard. Came with a refurbished Dell I purchased.
Rocked a 5$ keboard for ages until I started coding. When coding you definitely need a good felling keyboard.
keychron K3 /w logitech G600, mapped the G-SHIFT as middle mouse
5$ Logitech from the fucking supermarket.
Based membrane anon. Yep the only thing I've come to really need is my g600 but I can manage with the cheapest keyboard around. Cad is sure as fuck not peripheral intensive. Unless you use a wacom imo

File: 1669603942973.png (350 KB, 575x567)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
Anyone else ever experimented with applying the SlapChop technique with 3dcg texturing? It makes sense, if it works.
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>that is its name.
Nope, its name is grisaille.
>GW contrasts are far above the rest and made the technique viable in the past 3-4 years.
lolno, Vallejo's offering is the curent best one.
>I've been painting minis since 1999.
Who gives a shit? Most mini painters are shit, and you being garbage at painting since 1999 don't make you king shit.
everyone calls it slapchop. No one and i mean no one calls it whatever you just called it.

run along now.
There is a large group of people that don't use that name, even youtube painters have said that they hate calling it "slapchop", and were only doing it for the youtube alogrithm. But if all you do is watch goobertown or similar trend chasing shitters, then yes, you would get the impression that was the only name wouldn't you.
clear your history, anon. Do it for our sakes.
Don't worry, I haven't watched any of his shit with any machine that is still operational.

File: cover-5-2-w-text.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1200)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
This is a rigged model of Pharah from Overwatch made for Blender v3 and it includes the Overwatch 2 armor, lots of hairdos and outfits, bodymorph, outfits importing guide, update checker, poses library and a super simple UI that makes mixing and matching items a piece of cake.

Changelog and presentation website: https://pharah.gitlab.io/model/blender/

PS: I wanted to post this in the Blender general but looks like it's gone
39 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Leguymelef, rigid3d mustard, mokujinhornywood and a bunch of other creators make extremely high quality models and release them for free on smutbase. Even if most of the catalog is totally random Daz imports and fortnite models, it still has good content if you look for it.
Literally 99% of models used in 3d porn are daz models.
and 99% of 3d porn is utterly fucking worthless. Kind of makes you think.
Wouldn't a custom morph fuck that all up anyway?
>Kind of makes you think.
It does. The chance of one having anything to do with the other is basically zero.

What sort of custom morph? I'm not sure I follow...

File: FejdhCOVEAMhdNH[1].jpg (49 KB, 960x720)
49 KB
Is this an acceptable amount of work for 4 months?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: FehXRfBakAMdf9w.jpg (102 KB, 1398x750)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
forcing perspective in 3d to imitate 2d never ceases to amaze me
There are a ton of little cheats in blender he could have done to get the same amount of animation in a couple of weeks. I’ve been experimenting with the 2d animation tools and it’s wild how so many traditional animators are sleeping on Blender, but then, it’s not the easiest thing to learn initially.
Yeah I'm surprised how Flash animators haven't completely switched to Blender I can only assume they don't know because you don't see Blender advertising the 2D stuff much. The Oneyplays guy made a tutorial on animating in Blender. He used to be an animator on Newgrounds and from what I've learned watching his videos the grease pencil workflow just seems like in improved version of Adobe Flash with the added benefit of being inside a fully 3D environment.
There’s also a lot of neat little time saving tricks you can do with the 3d aspect. I plan on eventually doing a series on it myself as I think it kinda changes the game. There was a French guy years ago that used the method I do, but I haven’t seen it used since. It’s funny because it isn’t really advertised for its traditional animation tools, but I’ve used Toon Boom, Flash, Clip, Krita, and TVPaint, and so far Blender has a leg up on all of those except TVPaint, and that’s only because TVP is completely catered to traditional animation and does it’s absolute best to feel like a pen on paper.
I really feel like traditional hand crafted animation is gonna slowly die by 2030. You can do so much with 3D already and the AI tools are gonna help to make it look like it's hand drawn.

I'm pretty sure that if you take those frames and do even light img2img using the NovelAI model, you can make it look indistinguishable from hand drawn.

Japanese voice synthesis is lightyears ahead of English (https://huggingface.co/spaces/skytnt/moe-tts), so animation can be "automated" and then voice acting can be automated on some parts. Maybe few of the main characters are real and all supporting actor's voices are AI generated.

Going to be scary next 10 years for the average people in anime industry.

Should I learn Maya? I have become pretty adept at blender as a modeler but I use zbrush and substance suites in my day to day and will use anything at my disposal. Looking for input from experienced Mayans on how Maya differs and some of its strengths that blender or others may be lacking.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I thought Disney used a proprietary software called Presto or maybe thats just Pixar. Still Pixar is Disney so why wouldn’t they use their own software?
This isn’t a recording. This actually MY voice.
File: disneyscreen02.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720)
86 KB
I don´t think that they can just come up with a crappy in-house solution when modelers and animators are trained in commercial stuff readily available to them like Maya and Max - i think. Maybe. All i know is that op is a Blenderfaggot who will remain in blender and that he won´t ever get access to the plugins and solutions that really makes a difference when using proprietary software, which doesn´t matter anyway since he probably will end up making smut modeled by some other faggot who only ripped DAZ models. And blender can do that.
Unless you are taking the animation route fully,, yes. Otherwise just stick to Blender.
If you want modeling you either go for 3ds Max for complex realistic pieces like a high poly detail robot like you would see in Transformers, or Zbrush if you want to do characters with high details that you later give them to an animation and rigging team to do the rest.

t. 3d Maya Animator
Yeah I’m a blender faggot even though I just stated that I use other software and will use anything as long as it gets the job done. Obviously it doesn’t make sense to use blender for something like sculpting or texturing since it isn’t optimized for that. Whole point of the thread is seeing what other modeling packages have to offer. At the end of the day it isn’t about the software it’s about the work. Why so bitter?

File: 1673412658488130.jpg (155 KB, 1080x1068)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Give me an easy way to turn Vroid/Koikatsu kitbashed meshes into low poly shit that looks like synty garbage.

Bonus points if I can automate it by 99% using some retopo or AI retopo shit.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: Screenshot_1.png (494 KB, 809x1025)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
2 usd for a basemesh and I went from 70 minutes making a low poly waifu, to 20 minutes and got a nice basemesh to start doing my model.

This is too advanced for me.
Already faster than IA.

I'm a simple but happy man now.

that would take longer than just polymodeling it yourself
Decimating would give it the look but in order to retopo it and make it usable closest you can get is zremesher or quad remesh in blender. Instant meshes is a freeware that does something similar but honestly anon you need to learn retopogy already. There are no shortcuts when it comes to that.
you retopologize it and then transfer uv islands/ bake on substance (or bake in blender if you wish to make your life absolutely miserable)

theres no automation you fucking dingbat you either sit down or you can be stuck with your highpoly le animu waifus

decimation requires way more cleanup than just dissolving edges by yourself desu
stitch the meshes in zbrush and then run zremesher

>muh topology
Shut the fuck up, you don't work for a AAA studio.

File: pepe-thinking-human-hand.jpg (144 KB, 1125x1125)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Should I buy ZBrush now or wait for the 2023 version to release?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: scrcp.png (59 KB, 1324x559)
59 KB
maxon can go fuck themselves with the upgrade price. If it were half the price I would have upgraded already but 660 is fucking nuts
why don't people just pirate?
>but 660 is fucking nuts
doesnt that only give you upgrades for 2023 as well?

Making this thread cause it could be worth a discussion that doesn't have its place in the /questions/ thread.

So with all the PS1 graphics guide out there (wich is easy to replicate since they shared looks that all these ps1 games have are born from the console limitations), I tried to search some stuff on how to make Ps2 graphics.

What I know (there's not a lot of info on this btw) is that PS1 and PS2 graphics differ only in the fact that
> The polycount is higher
> The texture file is bigger (went from 128x128 to 256x256 and/or 512x512 textures for the PS2)
> PS2 has real time lightning and a different shading option

But something I can't really know how most of the studios handled is how detailed were their high poly characters before baking the details on the lower poly version. Also did they limit themselves on the details since baking all the shit on a model that's "low-poly" can maybe create over-detailed textures? I'm thinkg especially about games that have an art style of realistically proportioned characters like MGS, DMC3, FFX, TEKKEN 4, etc.

Anything to say on this? I'm kind of lost on the step between the modeling (I don't even know the polycount I should generally aim for) and the baking (or painting maybe) of the textures.
Anyway if you have ANYTHING to say on this, please share your knowledge.
9 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: mgs2-3.png (234 KB, 1005x1029)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
This is a sick model
Yeah I've always admired mgs peace walker models too. Perfect planning of uv
PS2 games predate texture baking as standard practice, that became the norm around Doom 3 and Half Life 2 in 2004 when pixelshaders employed in a big way.

That said if you where making something for PS2 hardware with tools available today you'd def bake textures. When baking there is no restriction in how many polygons to use, you use as many as you need or as many as your system can handle
>PS2 didn't support normal mapping so there was no need for high poly models

Normal mapping isn't the only reason you'd wanna bake your textures if you had texture baking available.
You could for example make a ~10 million polygon character sculpt and render that into a 'lit from above' GI pass.
project it down onto a 3000 poly realtime model and use it as a flat diffuse texture with the shading burnt in.
It'd still look great compared to handpainted shading for a fraction of the time spent.

It's just that pixel shaders and sclupt tools arrived in a big way at the same time baking became a thing so artists did cooler
stuff than PS2 graphics with it from the get go. But look at very late PS2 titles like 'Toy Story 3' from 2010 and you see tons of baked textures.

>For rendering use vertex lighting and gamma color space. I'm not sure if modern engines even let you do this.

Ofcourse they do. Modern shaders are divided into a 'vertex shader' that handles all your geometry and additional model data

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Personally I learned making characters the AAA way
oh who's going to believe THAT? lmao

File: 1673792029310093.gif (215 KB, 179x137)
215 KB
215 KB GIF
Where do you get your meme animations from and how do you search for them?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I too love to reinvent the wheel
it's all mixamo.com
No. It's not.
Not him, but whenever I see some stupid 3D meme GIF it’s usually one of Mixamo’s dance animations.
How do people put animations from one game on the rig of a model from another one that has different bone count/structure? Like for example that persona 4 dance on some shitty neco arc model.

File: Ff6yDsRacAMqqYm.jpg (2.49 MB, 1800x2348)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
purple porcelain abomination is what I got at the moment after following some fag ow2 esque tutorial

anything that involves closing substance painter I cannot do
55 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
that mouth topology is shit if youre gonna animate it kek

nice overall though. has a kind of weird retro look to it. your dunning krueger confidence is an inspiration to me
Make sure your UV mapping is all good.
That's where we're getting our normal and tangent info out of.

Also the frontal hair bulges remind me of Giorno Giovanna
you're trying to build a house without a foundation and without knowing wtf you're doing.
care mentioning what those so called fundamentals are, Mr. Krabs
I don't plan on animating it, when my game somehow lasts until the point I need the mouth rigged I will redo the whole mesh then.

its mirrored, once I finalize the whole body in its entirety I will make the UVs extra proper, different mat for the face for higher res and all that

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