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File: INDUSTYSTANDARD.jpg (29 KB, 651x389)
29 KB
Don't miss this chance, the industry is finally noticing us, suck it losers.
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I-it's literally just a table. Sure 20 bucks might be a low ball, but odds are that client isn't looking for much.
Maya does both of those better
Hey, fuck em tho. Give them a rectangular prism with four elongated rectangular prisms on the bottom. Mirror x and y to get that result. Export as obj. Send and receive lunch money.
It's a good place to get your feet wet for free, though can be used by some real strong bois like flycat to do everything, tho his models end up looking a bit off, it's pretty close to a decent result so it's not completely useless to invest your time in it. You can do a but of Maya, a bit of Zbrush, a bit of Houdini with the new geo nodes, it's a great program but don't stay married to it if a new opportunity arises.

File: mentor.jpg (74 KB, 450x554)
74 KB
Who is your mentor?

why can zbbrush open multi-million poly models easily but not any of the so called industry standard tools like maya, houdini, max, modo, or whatever the fuck? you'd think such a feature would be widespread in every production workflow imaginable due to how important it is, but only zbrush can handle it. if you try to pipe in anything that zbrush handles into maya or houdini, it will hang/crash because you didn't decimate the geometry anid retopologize it. but zbrush itself can handle it fine without any type of UI delay. how the fuck is this possible?
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>but I'm sure it's a 3D "package" sofftware like Maya, Houdini, C4D, Blender etc.
clarisse isn't a general DCC. it's scene assembly and rendering environment.
XSI was able to handle millions of polygons on the viewport.
Ah, thanks for clarifying
zbrush displays no real polygons or volume data in the viewport, but a clever and fast approximation.
Post your work

File: thor pose.png (146 KB, 955x892)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
I noticed /3/ is mostly 3D modelling threads. I'm more interested in animation. what does /3/ recommend to a beginner? any resources? I have the Maya educational license and have just been messing around with posing free rigs it's fun it's like posing action figures but I want to start getting them to move. should I start from the usual ball exercise and then work my way up to body mechanics?
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Any links to a rip for Maya? Maybe fake student credentials for temp licenses?
there are no proper character animators who use C4d for their work unless they do very stylized and simplistic stuff.
C4d, despite the marketing from Maxon is not suited for serious character animation for various reasons.
I was once stupid and uneducated about proper industry standards and I attempted to do it - while I am not the brightest and a slow learner, even with my amateurish ways I quickly bumped my head at the invisible glass ceiling that ultimately limits the quality that people are able get out of the program.
There are just too many idiosyncrasies, technical gaps and tools lacking that it ultimately sabotages your work if you get serious with it.
I don't like software wars- But this is why I'm thankful to have learned blender- I know it is not up to industry standards and performance isn't always top; but the software really lets you have your work be what you want it to be, and it does a good job at keeping the ceiling very tall (the creative, visual, and design ceiling-) . (I guess as long as it exists below a threshold of fidelity/complexity, that is)

An small example I think of is something like the ability to drive the strength of a bump map based on the influence value of a bone constraint- Its like all parameters are ready to be linked and coordinated. It is excellent
If you haven't pushed Blender to the limit or learned and used other programs and compared them with it then you are not able to make that judgement.
Blenders animation capabilities are pretty limited in terms of tools and performance. It might not be as shitty as C4d, but that doesn't mean anything.
There is a reason why everybody who takes animation seriously is swearing on Maya, it is "the best" simply because every other program sucks in comparison.
If you never hit your head on the ceiling than that simply means your demands for fidelity and complexity are low.
I hit my head all the time, that's why I am not putting all my eggs into one basket (Blender).
I have spent thousands of hours animating in blender- Personally, I trade out fidelity so that my ceiling of attainable complexity is much higher. I could see how this trade is not an option for most artists, so I understand your point and agree, to some extent. But I also believe in the power of limitation and constraint- creativity bred from the limitations, and doing the best you can to navigate in that maze

Maybe someday I will animate using Maya- But damn I love the freedom of using blender. The community is cringe and a lot of the animated work coming out of blender is below-par- But this is not a problem of the tool, rather the users

File: displacement.1.png (497 KB, 800x450)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
Am I wrong? Just tried this shit, and glass renders looks 100 time better and more vibrant and realistic than Cycles's plastic glass.
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being free has nothing to do with being good
JESUS TITTY FUCKING CHRIST...what kind of stupid answer is that?
Whether it is open source and free or not has nothing at all to do with what the OP was talking about.
And then you dare to call people dum dum...look in the mirror you absolute shit for brain.
Entirely possible, I've never used it. With Cycles's plastic glass you mean the glass shader?
In order to get the maximum quality out of Cycles you have to build your own glass shader instead of using the standard one - its possible to get a better result out of it, but the fact that there isn't something better available as standard is valid criticism.
The principle shader is also not really great if you compare it with implementations into other renderers like Arnold, Renderman, Octane...
Cycles is overhyped by Blenderfanboys, the quality you can get out of it without building you own shaders is pretty mediocre and in certain aspects of inferior quality compared to the competition.
>freedom isn't good
ok retard

can't complain for that asking price though
thanks for that tutorial
feeling clever for playing semantic games?
You look rather dumb for not getting the meaning of his words or deliberately misunderstanding them.

File: download (8).jpg (63 KB, 1200x768)
63 KB
Can any of you here recommend or link me to free resources and courses for 3D anatomy (including proper topology and quad flow) and base character mesh creation?

It can be based either on realistic or stylized (anime) anatomy, but I mostly prefer the realistic ones.
just train your eye by sculpting from reference, that's literally it, don't overcomplicate shit
Alright, thanks.

File: ogre_014.png (278 KB, 919x641)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
i have 10 years of industry experience in modeling, they really dont care. keeping your topoligy clean is stupid
can't see shit, and since you thought that would be a good picture to show off your topo you clearly don't know anything about it
File: 1616191971382.jpg (40 KB, 500x382)
40 KB
is this the first example of something actually made by the animation schizo?
retard open it in a new tab.

its ok op i can see its good topo
>rate topo
>posts dyntopo sculpt
yeah, try again

is this walk cycle fine? i feel like one of the left kind clicks and pops a big.
and usually you can, uh... edit this for a ton and never know why or how it happens
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say that to my happens and see what face !
>on your scalp
File: 1623091619497.jpg (36 KB, 328x406)
36 KB
consider consulting your bible
he looks like he's about to take an angry shit
confirmed: animators are satanists

File: 1626064931747.png (16 KB, 400x401)
16 KB
bros, i didn't know it was this easy to 3d, i can do it sitting down at the starbucks drinking a pumkpin spice latte just before i get my nails done.

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File: 0.png (64 KB, 912x819)
64 KB
> no blender
Blender users are obviously not the target audience for a one-purpose software that runs on a $500/year subscription plan.
No Maya. No Houdini. No Moi3D. No Zbrush. No Softimage.
where can I download none

File: dads.head2.wtf.png (646 KB, 902x584)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
Ok, fags I attempted to recreate my dad in 3d through photogrammetry, and picreal is what i got. i used meshroom and 88 pictures of him from cell phone.

Should I have used a less busy background or fed it more pics?
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File: Alan_Keyes.jpg (47 KB, 416x431)
47 KB
Butthurt 3rd worlder detected
Wouldn't having the time to be a hobbyist be considered a luxury?

This nigga retarded!
File: pollitogordito2.png (96 KB, 316x380)
96 KB
underrated comment

when things like this are not available, photos with the phone are better

In order to get better results at photogrammetry, you need to consider the following:

>Photographs taken from equally distributed angles, and also different distances
You did that, nice

>Avoid reflective surfaces
You did that, your dad doesn't glow in the dark (like CIA agents)

>Get good lighting environment

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Dis nigga poor af

File: based meshed.png (529 KB, 901x900)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
Why the FUCK do people sculpt or model characters from scratch if the result is the same if not miles worse? Why wouldn't you use a base mesh with the proper topology anatomy and polygroups. At least for humans and humanoid creatures? Why the fuck people trying to invent a bicycle and complicate things? Like why would you remodel things like the fucking hands, and fingers, and do a shitty job at, it if you can use a base mesh hand. There's not mush variety to the human hands. Same with face
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think early days of rwby was using mmd models or something right?
It doesnt make sense especially when you are going to be putting clothes / armor over 99% of them. You are being trolled.

You overthinking it bro. The base mesh is still made by you iterated 100x to perfection. That is still SOUL.
what game studios do and what people on youtube do for clicks arent the same thing

i guarentee you them game studio fucks are cutting every corner they can

File: file.png (417 KB, 1817x734)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Hey /3/, I was hoping to get some pointers on what the hell I'm doing wrong because it's obviously something.

I'm definitely a hard-surface modeler. Nothing fancy like Jaegers from Pacific Rim but I'm pretty solid at modeling props and non-organic shapes, even those with curves and such. I'm an engineer and more comfortable with CAD programs. But I just fucking can't model characters worth shit. Not even looking for realism, I'm perfectly content with cartoonish styles.

Where do I go from here? Or, rather, where do I even start? Yes, I know this looks like complete garbage, but that's what I'm trying to fix. Neither sculpting nor vertex modeling seems to be the way to go with the skillset I have (but it looks like I've gotten a little farther with sculpting). I'm just fundamentally lacking the knowledge to know what to do and how to build up shapes to get where I need to.

To be clear: I'm not looking for suggestions on how to model this specific memeable piece of shit guy but more of foundational concepts I could apply to things like this. Help?
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use the damian standard brush to get that hard edge in zbrush
File: yusukethumbsup.jpg (62 KB, 500x375)
62 KB
I wish /3/ was like this everyday
Semi-Retard post, 5/10 for trying. Than you. Please sit down, newfag.
this is some naruto shit
unironically that character is literally traced from the snow miser stop motion character, use him as a reference

nice. i need to learn that one, it can't be scary forever.

File: 1616835145285.jpg (40 KB, 743x387)
40 KB
Is Cascadeur a legit redpill?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Is Cascadeur a legit redpill?
Yes, especially for retards who think a program will be a substitute for skill and experience.
>it won't save you from learning action animation the traditional way.
>I get similar results in blender with a custom made rig workflow.
Show your "similar" results. I don't believe you.
>They are memed this software as a easy to use and hollywood tier results. But it's not that
It is easy to use, but they never memed it as Hollywood tier rather as triple A tier, and they are not wrong.
Still a little overhyped.

I think its a nice program that makes animating acrobatics and action scenes a little easier, but that's it basically.
it took him 5 minutes while explaining to get those results that would take at much longer by hand while simultaneously not being easily changeable
unfortunately after having tried it for 2 days the program needs a lot of work. It crashes all the time, its quirky, its clunky, poses can get messed up easily, feet and arms can quickly get flipped around. Would not recommend.
but, on the other hand, the animation i did in cascadeur looked a lot more realistic when it did work

come on now

File: sadsdcm.webm (2.79 MB, 491x546)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB WEBM
>Post your work faggots

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Pivot is a good starter animation program, good nostalgia. Did you know he released Pivot 5 couple of months ago
>Pivot 5
No fucking way. A few months ago too? I'm tempted to try it out. Rings a bell too, I think 4 had 3d capabilities already right?
> I think 4 had 3d capabilities already right?
Nah, it only had the ability to use PNGs.
But in Pivot 5 we can now do: Inbetween, Tweening, and zoom the canvas. and a lot more.
holy shit, how did i use this program so long without those tools... I was active around 2005-2007. and just googled couple of months ago for fun and there it was, Pivot 5.
>zoom the canvas
Yup, that definitely rings some bells. Hard to believe that the program was so popular back then without such basic features. I blame the memes and youtube. Still, kudos to the dev at least, for working it for so long. I think I used it 2009-2012 or so.
Nah there are 5 sections to the video. Some of the cuts aren't perfect and you can see water colour/lighting change a bit. Each section is about 1200 frames (x2 one for Cycles one for EEVEE)

File: 6958911755.jpg (220 KB, 1287x1192)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
What's your default HDRI. The one you usually start with, even if it's not the one you end up using in the end.

I use this, but been thinking about switching it up for something more neutral:
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
HDRI emulating studios and stages.
small hangar
there's some cool and free lookdev props + 2 neutral hdris here:

that umbrella one is great thanks

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