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File: 1594920638459.jpg (62 KB, 750x640)
62 KB
Why should I use quad remesh when voxel remesh is faster?
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if it doesnt deform then all it needs to do is look good in its normal state. If it does deform like a face, or even a soft car seat buckling under a butt, the topology needs to look good in many states.
File: Arc of Deliverance.png (204 KB, 405x532)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Vulkan is like trying to build a Ferrari out of toothpicks without a manual whilst everyone assures you that this is the best way to do it because you're building everything from scratch which means you can optimize it down to the splinter only for it to have the exact same performance of a regular Ferrari at the end because the way you build it from scratch wasn't actually any better than just going out and buying a Ferrari and nobody actually knows how to do it optimally because the source code is such a convoluted mess and all this time you wasted could've been spent on just driving a Ferrari and fine tuning it along the way.
Its generality does make it a pretty exceptional imtermediate language of sorts, like llvm for cpu. Tuning in Vulkan is a lot more flexible than tuning in OpenGL. One application that has seen a lot of mileage is emulation, using Vulkan as an intermediate in the graphics pipeline on he host.

Of course, because of the decrease in abstraction, brainlets need not apply.
The biggest difference is the introduction of pipeline state objects which can be configured and compiled on initialization. This is where a ton of optimization occurs. Also being able to control synchronization is huge. It's very lopsided to compare dx9 and vulkan, they have different philosophies. More apt comparison is dx12, which is trying to copy what vulkan is doing.
Voxel remesh doesn't preserve edgeflow??

File: examples.jpg (23 KB, 889x741)
23 KB
For each one of the following prices, can you provide examples of some 3d models worth that much money?
For starters your top price is too low
File: 123456789.jpg (78 KB, 889x741)
78 KB
imagine being unable to not think about this software for one second

What is the best fluid simulation currently available?
they are all horribly slow and unusable except you have a room full of mainframes
Realflow and Houdini.

File: Capture~3.png (49 KB, 615x502)
49 KB
I have a bunch of files that you can't find online. Tell me the least painfull was to get them on something like cgpeers. Unfortunately my internet speed is not very good.
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Because you can't make a nice image in a week if your making every model. There is a very large market of selling 3d models, I don't need to defend it.
Is it all models. Any tutorials?
Just models, no one watches tutorials
I wasn't making the argument of saying you need to make every model, I was just saying that there are tons of free models that allow use. There are people here who probably have made 2 models in their lifetime and instead they just compile other peoples work.
If your familiar with free models then you know that aren't amazing out the gate and usually require a bit of work, geo isn't the best bad scene management ect. That happens a lot less with bought models it's usually just drag and drop, giving you a lot more time to work on the artistic side of 3d.

File: godot.png (349 KB, 744x467)
349 KB
349 KB PNG

Godot FPS = 80
Unreal FPS = 25

When were you when unity and unreal were killed by godot?

Makes sense since Unreal's raytracing looks much better. Also, this guy has a shit rig.

In any cases, both suck dick. Unigine eats both for breakfast in terms of pure graphics.
Yeah, screen-space everything surely is amazing. /s
Dude's computer is obviously complete shit because I get higher fps with UE4 raytracing in the editor window than this chump is getting.
>ray tracing vs not ray tracing
RTX 2060 apparently so yeah pretty bad RT performance. Although the test is stupid anyway, Godot's SDFGI should be compared to UE5's Lumen when it will be released.

File: spin.gif (2.37 MB, 250x400)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB GIF
What's the best and easiest way to achieve a turn table effect?
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>Y axis
You're dead to me anon.
How the fuck did they find the foot loli model when the game isn't even out yet!?
Well Op is a loli-loving autist but someone else who deserves to know prob wonder about this to so here's what you do:

1) You place any type of object, bone or pivot underneath your character.
2) You point the camera towards your character so it's in frame the way you want it.
3) You link the camera to this object.
4) Using Euler rotations you rotate the camera 360 degrees around whatever is your up-axis over as many frames you want.
5) In the graph view you find the rotation curve and you set it's tangents to linear, it now rotates smoothly at constant speed.

4) you rotate the pivot the camera is linked to, not the camera itself.
Smart man, never assume if the vertical identifies as Y or Z. All axis matter.

File: uvChecker.png (439 KB, 720x720)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
What is the best hard surface course?
File deleted.

what exactly are you planing to create and what software are you going to use?
Video game hard surface stuff (props, vehicles, etc). I'm going to use Maya or 3ds Max

File: 1520040007720.jpg (441 KB, 1500x773)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
Any good guide books on Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop?
I'm a 3D art student but I've fallen behind and now I need to catch up fast, I find videos to be too slow while most online resources are too fragmented, I'd like to know if there are some up to date guide books that explain the softwares and all their tools and functionalities. Thanks niggos, didn't even know this board existed.
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Fuck, what's the best resource in your experience for zbrush?

As I said I'm a student and I'm forced to use those programs, I already have some experience with them but I need a refresher.
>implying I pay for programs
Try pavlovich on youtube for zbrush. He has made a video for every conceivable feature and they are fairly short and to the point.
Thanks dude.
Have you tried reading the manual? People seem to often overlook it.
NIkolay Naydenov's beginner course.
Pretty good

File: IMG_20200811_104822324.jpg (2.81 MB, 4160x3120)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
Where can I find the desk top models for raid shadow legends? Google is limited help

File: 290.png (87 KB, 466x306)
87 KB

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i just downloaded 2.9 while i was workig on my old scene, it was mistake it fucked up my sun physics, i have no idea how i made my flames so well and so far i can't reproduce this effect.
Are addons for 2.8 compatible with this, or should I just hold off until they are?
Ok dad, updated even though I can't even try it out right away
whats good about luxcore?
I downloaded it to give it a shot and its working in 2.90
who paints on vertices?? what's the use? and how is texture painting not more important?

File: Headsketch.png (1.26 MB, 1204x955)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Daily Sketch Thread
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>maybe i'm missing something but how do you know he cant? dude posted some practice from reference, not his whole damn folio/artstation

Because very few people can. It's a style that can be easily reproduced but very difficult to create.

>and if, for whatever reason, he can do these quality sculpts but cant possibly come up with an original design, then the solution is simple, team up with a 2d/concept artist. there are literally shit tons out there, you probably wouldnt ever even have to meet in person, just work together via email and draft up a contract. one guy does the concept, one guy models it, split the take based on labor or just 50/50

I agree that's a solution but it will never happen. It's the 2D author who has all the control and if they don't decide to start this relationship then it will never happen.

I'm not being negative. All this advice you're giving him is theoretical. In practice nobody's ever done what you suggest he should do. It's a dead end.

The only way forward is to learn to make original stuff or to create production level models.
Compared to the sketches, the anatomy is only slightly different to the original. It might help to try and match the original picture a bit closer, for example the first picture with the blond girl, the original had the eyes farther apart and a wider head. I would ignore what people said about trashing the art style for anime or furries, but it would help if you can be able to sculpt in a variety of styles. I think your level of sculpting currently is pretty good. I do not know how you are trying to present yourself to others to try and get money for your sculpts, so it would be hard to give advice. I hope you are able to create a nice portfolio at least of full body sculpts and allow people to commission you, that’s a start.
>nobody's ever done what you suggest he should do
except thats literally what the teams at cast'n'play and artisan guild have done.

seems like you are doing a lot of negative speculation without actually knowing the first thing about this guy or his capabilities

like i said man, the negativity on this board parading as """"realists"""". if people actually followed your advice no one would ever try anything and everyone who wasnt immediately a savant at it would give up and go into accounting or something

and theres a lot of ways forward, not just 1. a production level model for games or film is one way, yes. sculptural models for print is another. illustrative rendering is another. industrial design is yet another.

there are a lot more ways forward than you guys attest to, the 3D industry is pretty wide and varied and there are a lot of niche's for those with the will to look
What negative speculation? Saying he proved to artistic 2D skills is not "being negative" since he didn't show any 2D works.
I already said he can clearly sculpt, much better than most people on this board.
Thank you all for your insights and suggestions.
I'll work on getting whole sculpts done, but what I really would like to do is entire scenes that convey some sort of storytelling.

Getting entirely technical with, showcasing a full production scene is definitely intended in the future. I'm learning Look Dev at the moment, trying to get lightning and surfacing right.

Here's another lunch crunch sketch I did for warm-up.
Most concepts are by Randy Bishop - I really enjoy his style.

File: 1591306592104.jpg (101 KB, 769x450)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Retopology bros...what software is best? Surely topogun must be up there. But does 3d coat beat it?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
3DS Max Freeform modeling tool
your knowledge of edgeflow and speed/familiarity with your software will trump the advantage different softwares have over each other. thats been my experience. if you are fast with your software, and know your edgeflow, you will generally be faster than someone who doesnt know edgeflow or isnt fast with their software but has some fancy plug-in
File: pimpmywar.jpg (83 KB, 874x365)
83 KB
c4d's poly pen tool
To collapse the excessive polygons, see them reduced before you, and to hear the lamentations of their vertices

File: akira.jpg (665 KB, 1920x1080)
665 KB
665 KB JPG

I'm a graphic designer
I've been using blender for a few years, still not very good at it. All the stuff that I love seems to be made on C4D, is it worth learning? or do I keep on with blender?

First time on this board, don't see C4D mentioned much which is suprising to me, what are your experiences with it?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
$0.00 and your freedoms intact

Haven't used it in years but back then it was decent for box modelling at least.
A lot of time
File: 1594222649223.jpg (150 KB, 1920x1080)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Elementza has modeling tutorials for C4D, for things like this pic. But it appears to be the exception rather than the norm.

Yeah, and time is money.
>Do people actually model shit in C4D?
not really no, its for motion graphics. as been said 4000 times
This is also made by a guy named Ash Thorp, who is an award winning Artist lol.

But yes he uses Cinema4d and a render engine called Octane. Iv also seen him use Keyshot for his car renders

File: screenshot_9001.png (126 KB, 1609x844)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
hi /3/, i was recently blending a car in blender. while trying to take a screenshot i accidentally made all of the objects except for the one i selected disappear. none of the items are removed from scenes - pic related, how would i go about resolving this issue?
do a camera roll
do a barrel roll
download blender 2.9

File: descarga (1).jpg (12 KB, 344x147)
12 KB
recently i have been annoyed by this type of games "slice the object" on my games ads but now that i think about it how does it works to be working in-game,and where i coul get the script
Watch this
Same concept
its quite simple, game engines like Unreal have it built in

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