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Where do I go to look for CG artists to work on some FX shots for me? Need to replace rubber suit monster head w CG monster head to make it more expressive. I’m retooling a feature and hoping to get distribution. Hoping to get donations, but might be able to scare up some $$ for right situation. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Honestly, without seeing what it looks like in motion, I think it looks fine, good actually. Not good in the sense that it's high quality, but good in the sense that it matches the look and feel and tone of your film really well.
I think a CG solution would do more harm than good, and come out looking like a shitty Sci-Fi channel movie. Which, I guess is what you're going for, but in this case I think that would detract from the charm. I guess some things like the feet could use some cleaning up, but it wouldn't take a whole CG replacement.

Then again, it's hard to tell without seeing it in motion.
Sigh... not the first time an amateur movie maker thinks it´s that easy.
You would need to have a technician on site to guide you on HOW to do all those shootings; mainly, the monster needed to be a guy in a tracked greensuit and everything should have been shot in greescreen background.
At least, you should have an extra footage of the empty background to be used in chroma against the actors and the monsters - with the same camera movement and angles used with the actors.
You have been ill advised on set and that compromised the entire production, that needs re-shooting.
Keep your rubber monster, it will work better the way it is.
You are way overthinking this. Actually, I've worked my entire adult life in visual effects, and I'm pretty well-versed in what needs to happen. This movie was shot in 1999 and there was never any intention of using CGI in it. This is only happening as an afterthought. The picture was originally hamstrung by a lawsuit which sullied the distribution deal. But I'm not an animator, hence this thread.
Would it be better to post a clip?
Mmm... a 1999 hand-made film hold by a lawsuit.
If i had to choose, i´d choose to re-use only your script in an animated feature film - discard the original entirely and make an animated flick, in the style of love/death/robots from Netflix.
This is something the chumps around here would be eager to make - adding cheap deformations into a 1999 original without making it look like a horrible cgi would be extremely costly (read: time consuming and tedious) and even if some talented unoccupied nutcase (which i think that´s what you´re looking for) got the job, he would get frustrated by the sheer amount of work that it is to redraw backgrounds every frame of even the most common cuts. In short, go full animated or go original.

File: beast.gif (419 KB, 496x378)
419 KB
419 KB GIF
How do I export or bake displacement animations into an object in blender?
By using a format that can support mesh-level deformations.
Given the formats that Blender can, both, export and import; your options are Alembic (ABC), Newtek MDD, or Autodesk's Pointcache (PC2). However, there is a trick to export such deformations as Collada (DAE).

First, you export the deformation as either MDD or PC2 (I think it's MDD specifically but I can't confirm right now).
Then you reimport the MDD file; this imports your object with all deformations as shape-keys/morph-targets, one for each frame.
Lastly, since Collada supports Blender's shape-keys, you just export as DAE.

This works because shape-keys, at least in Blender, can be evaluated either in isolation or as part of a whole; you can set an object's entire shape-key library to be controlled via a single slider that cycles through them in sequential order.
Be warned, Collada is a format with text encoding and will therefore be at least 2 or 3 times the size of binary formats (ABC, MDD, PC2)
Right I forgot to mention I need it in .dae specifically to work with Apple's SceneKit. I exported the object as Alembic since MDD and PC2 are not on the list. However I am using the old blender, were these added in 2.8?

For Alembic anyway, the displacement modifier was replaced with a mesh sequence cache modifier after export/import. The animation appears baked into the meshes now, but how can I export it again as .dae? Which settings do I need to check off? When I run the default settings the .dae has no animation.
The method I described doesn't work when going from Alembic to DAE. This is because the deformations baked into the Alembic file are merely referenced by way of the "Mesh Sequence Cache" modifier as opposed to actually being imported.
You must go from MDD/PC2 (again, can't verify but, I'm pretty sure it's MDD specifically) to DAE.

Both formats, MDD and PC2, have been available in Blender for as far back as I can remember; about 2.5x/2.6x
All you have to do is enable them in the preferences window. Something like Edit > User Preferences > Addons > Import/Export

When exporting the final DAE file, just make sure the "Export Shape-keys" option is enabled.
There is another option called "Use Blender Profile" that does not need to be enabled. I believe it writes the DAE file with support for certain, Blender-centric features. It's not needed for this workflow and, even though I have limited experience with the feature, I would recommend making sure it's disabled; why bloat your file with information you don't need? Then again, I've only ever opened the resulting DAE file in Blender.

File: 123.jpg (91 KB, 1080x1327)
91 KB
notice to School students and engineering students: I designed a sketching tools that can be printed on a 3D printer and the STL files are open to everyone.

There are a total of 3 tools: a circle drawing (simple compass), a cube drawing tool and a cylinder drawing tool. These tools are useful for students who do not use a tablet (hope this helps you):

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>Haifa, Israel
I never said it's hard. it's just boring. most teachers will let you get away with using geogebra or wolfram, but not all. now I'm not saying anyone should use it. I'm only saying i would if I could at the time and was as easy as just downloading and printing without paying anything
you should patent this and retire early
>million maga march

this is bait
anon I'll buy the patenet of this technology from you.

File: 3d.png (953 KB, 1659x899)
953 KB
953 KB PNG
Hi, not sure I'm at the right place (prolly not).
I want to recreate this symbol in 3D but I have struggling with the blade like curve. What is the best or easiest approach to recreate it?
Bezier curves and Nurbs
File: shit.jpg (110 KB, 1148x827)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>add a plane
>delete 3 vertices
>extrude that one vertice all the way
>select all vertices
>extrude to below
Literally 3 minutes of work.

File: download (2).jpg (178 KB, 1024x735)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
WTF happened to the Hippydrome website? Last I checked a year ago or so, the place was full of resources on topology and deformations. Descriptions, GIFs, you name it. Everthing is gone now and the site just links to a book that you can only buy in a meme format and is only about the face. Can't find any archives of the site. Does anyone know anything? Got any of that stuff saved? FFS I can't believe it's all gone!
Whos is this fella?
He stopped giving it away from free and now want you to buy the information previously hosted there. Perhaps he fell on hard times due to the ongoing world event and realized he was hosting the most popular rigging information on the entire internet.
I don't have the inside scoop but that is what I suspect happened.

Rigging wizard who used to work on pixar, had a site called hippydrome.com that was the webs premiere introductory resource for character articulation.
The book appears to be available at the usual place. Some videos are on Vimeo.
>Rigging wizard who used to work on pixar
By OPs pic, that might be true - lower eyelids as volumous as the upper ones is a Pixar style detail that i always see and hate (i only use upper ones in my riggings).
Just google 'hippydrome Brian Tindall' if in doubt and check his imdb credits.

File: 9.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
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Pretty awesome stuff dude, my only few critiques are the first shot with the mask is one of the weakest, the modeling is nice but the texture work is lacking that lived-in/used look. You texture metals pretty well but I think you could definitely add some more unique textures with varying grunge maps to break things like your roughness up. With the picture in the OP thats what I sorta mean. It all looks like one roughness and im not really sure on what the dried substance is (Probably blood but its pretty black).
Redshift, from the video description.
Think about the women he could have had during that 5 year modeling ordeal.
File: 1580150518996.jpg (192 KB, 520x506)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>placing pussy above art

>tfw still can't figure out how modelling and rigging anime eyes works compared to normal eyes
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look up Blender maid, it's shit from like 2007 faggot
Basically. That way it never appears to be on the outer edge of the face, which would make it look freaky.
The thing with anime eyes is that there's no way in hell they'll ever look good from every angle, so you've gotta kinda prioritize which angles you want to emphasize. Like if you want them to look good from a profile view, they'll look really off around the 7/8s angle. Which you can fix at the cost of the profile view looking like shit. Even professional productions tend to have that problem.

The only good fix I've seen is a software that operates similar to what >>773074 did, except the entire face is floating in front of the head in parts (the whites, eyelashes, pupils and irises are all floating in front of each other) and all rotate based on the angle of the camera to create the illusion they're attached. I know that was the go-to method used in "touch the girl" video games for a while, but don't know if it's still used.
Looks like the mouth area just has flipped normals with backface culling enabled in the final render
File: 183086402852.jpg (323 KB, 1920x1080)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Study Miku my dude

File: 1603518166638s.jpg (147 KB, 1200x1200)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Trying to find a way to convert .bmodel files but have not found anything.

I tried DooM Resources Explorer but when I pressed "open" the .bmodel files I am trying to open did not show up. I may have been doing it wrong, I don't know.

File: xiuying hong.jpg (37 KB, 1000x567)
37 KB
How do you get skin texture like this?
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so they just took high quality pictures of human skin downsampled them?
Looks like a HoneySelect render.
Over a decade older
This thread is full of shitters.

OP, most of what you see in that image is lighting. The skin texture itself is very simple, close to flat shading (everything a single color). There might be some minor colors or shadows on the texture, but it's the lighting that's giving it its lustre.
The texture was most likely made in photoshop or a similar program.
Do your job mods

File: 1600267953062.png (217 KB, 828x726)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Pretty underwhelming update imo. The only good new feature is to sculptris.

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Yeah, it saves me the trouble of running nCloth, converting to polys and exporting. Smooths the workflow.
What a shit update, fuck me.
More gimmicky brushesh instead of fixing the fucking layers, splitting up polypaint from deformation layers or making zmodeler brush non shit.
There are so many fundamental problems that need fixing yesterday and they keep working on weird shit.
Worst part? They keep adding even more shit to zmodeler, so it gets harder to find anything when working as now the moment you right click a fucking wall of text opens and you have to fucking look for a function every single time.
you never use zmodeller, you always goB to blender
Thick skin is a game changer for a lot of artists that do surface detail and the like. Also the viewport AO and zmodeller additions are quite lovely.
>Thick skin is a game changer for a lot of artists that do surface detail and the like
It's not tho

File: 1586079417584.gif (115 KB, 640x479)
115 KB
115 KB GIF
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oh and cool if that post was actually of use for you. hope she'll enjoy it.
Lego has an official piece of software called Lego Digital Designer, but I have no idea how it compares to LeoCAD.
and when shes old enough to use maya she can use this script
What about Nendo/Wings3d? Is it still a thing?
not really a thing anymore but fondly remembered

What program should I use if I want to model the most delicious looking 3D donut ever? What's the industry standard for modeling donuts?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
meant baking
Blender, my man.
File: 125373s4_o.jpg (189 KB, 1080x1350)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Houdini + Redshift of course
source hammer editor

Trying to put realistic dead trees in background of scene. Is there some FREE resource with realistic dead trees. I know there's sapling add on but its for trees with leaves so each branch is curved down as if weighted. Should I use images with alphas? for Blender

File: 1603163338655.jpg (73 KB, 750x755)
73 KB
What programs are used to generate images like these?
I'm not an expert but it seems like a program or plugin that you feed images into and it generates its own unique image based on that data set.
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Runway ML!
This tutorial will tell you. At a certain point you run out of credits but I just made new accounts
this is some stuff I made with it
Looks like Francis Bacon is out of a job.
Thanks, these are great. Are there any standalone programs though? The sites are pretty good but I don't like a lot of the restrictions they have plus I'd like to be more specific in how I train AI.
File: apu think.jpg (92 KB, 741x568)
92 KB
You'd use a GAN. I'd recommend
I'd advise to run it on colab
for ease of use and computing power.
Have fun anon
Cool. Thanks a lot!

File: 1585706436107.png (16 KB, 387x132)
16 KB
What's the best Maya beginner's course right now? I'm 50% of the way through FlippedNormals but not enough of the course seems to cover the tools in a practical sense.
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>(because the 2D artist I want to emulate I know uses Octane
Kek, fucking 2D artists tracing over 3D in order to impress normies
File: 1599314915594.gif (119 KB, 60x60)
119 KB
119 KB GIF
It's not even tracing at this stage. It's just that the whole artwork is just modelled over in Maya/Marvelous Designer/Daz3D and rendered in Octane. Then a ten minute paintover in Photoshop.
The "2D artist" used maya for basically the whole thing. And same goes for most every "2D artist" nowadays.
You can get V-ray for Maya for free. Look on their site for the Personal Learning Edition.
Its easy to spot when they do this. If the anatomy is perfect in spite of being in an odd pose, its 100% safe to assume they painted over a 3D model

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