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File: igay.jpg (21 KB, 500x500)
21 KB
Is Iray going anywhere, or is it just going to be a meme render backed by a huge company?
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>talking out of your clueless zoomer ass
archviz and product/industrial design
File: 1302941631389.jpg (71 KB, 261x547)
71 KB
>calling people clueless
>saying dumb shit

Never fails
stfu zoom zoom
It's just a little basic bitch renderer that's lurking around here and there.
It does the job.

File: FirstBlenderRender.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
My First Render
Three Swords.
I used Blender, and I'm slowly getting used to it.
The color gradients remind me of Kingdom Hearts textures
It’s Adventure Time!!!
yeah you'll definitely make it

File: Capture.png (662 KB, 1686x1374)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
I'm looking for some free Maya rigs I can use for a school project.
I've started toying around with the ones available on Animation Methods, Animation Mentor, and the Ultimate Rigs.
But I'm inexperienced and wanted some insight or recommendations.
>You can't use Malcolm for any content which is pornographic or incites violence against an ethnic group
But what if I do?
Nothing will happen.
Go and do it, they are basically asking for it.
>virtue signalling

Now if you sell a product or service you need to have a "moral" TOS and a righteous mission statement, sort of like the evangelics and jesus.

File: 1624500791114.jpg (54 KB, 706x690)
54 KB

Industry bros?
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Blender should be restricted to Android, a match made in UI hell.
i am a furfag too but your points suck
>brings up his personal feelings regarding gender shit in a thread about a furry Russian film company
Someone made a joke about furry characters looking the same. You took it seriously and went off the deep end. Go outside, get some fresh air. None of this matters.

What do I need to do to become a platinum diamond member of the Blender Foundation?
>You took it seriously

gosh, wouldn't want to discuss character design in a board about 3D graphics.
good now leave

I'm watching yansculpt anatomy sculpting course.

So far is not bad, and learning a few tricks already with the proportions blocking video.

But now I wanna know if /3/ can recommend me some.... sculpt the rest of the character videos or course.

You know, things like hair, clothes, shoes, purses, poaches, etc.
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>Can sculpt perfectly anatomically characters
>Decides to plaster his YT channel with a bunch of shitty ugly waifu blob sculpts.
>perfect anatomy
Please get your brain checked.
File: tha mood.jpg (14 KB, 500x332)
14 KB
>Can sculpt perfectly anatomically characters

wanna know how I can tell ur a nomodoler, IMAGINE being jealous of yansculpts "skills" going to waste.

File: reeeeee.jpg (193 KB, 1850x601)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
WIP thread has reached the bottom row in the catalog. Nobody bothers to bump it either. This is what you did to the community, not a single productive thread left. Let's pack our stuff boys, game over.

Yes, I just pushed it further down with this thread. Doesn't matter anymore.
based retard
Yep, time to make another software war thread
>what is a bump limit

You cannot call yourself a 3d artist if you aren't proficient enough with glsl to at least write a simple raymarching algorithm from scratch.
Sorry /3/, I'm not the one making rules.
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File: bait.gif (541 KB, 220x179)
541 KB
541 KB GIF
>in one weekend
>it takes 5 years average to develop a new full featured renderer
did you even look at the link? it just shows the theory of ray tracing with a cute little C++ script.

Fucking retard
File: Untitled.png (58 KB, 364x336)
58 KB
Didn't read
Don't care
Plus you're not black

>4 posts

You're one to talk, samefag. Stop bumping your trash thread.

File: 6135465434.png (239 KB, 680x552)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
best program for hard surface modeling?
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your edges will be soft as hell instead of nice and crisp unless you have like 20 mil poly
boomer: 3dsmax
zoomer: blender
snowflake: modo
chad: any CAD
megaboomer ultrachad pussyslayer: styro mirror carving
retarded post
use booleans and IMM m8
This doesn't happen.

File: Panda.jpg (654 KB, 1209x1612)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
How do I get to this level with Blender?
We're live
Just do it

File: 1624876337456.png (36 KB, 341x450)
36 KB
Theres a self-promotion thread in /ic/
Why dont we have another one for 3d? Post your social media here!
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/3/ is either
>blender retards who don't know shit about 3D and want to get righ fast by making furry porn (failing at the first attempt)
>actually experienced people who just shitpost here from time to time but don't want to get assocated with 4chan irl for obvious reasons

there is no reason for self-promotion on /3/
*hides thread*
To be fair, a thread like this here wouldnt work.
I dont really know the reason, but it seems /3/ is one of the most toxic boards around. Maybe its because is the first one to appear. Several reasons:
>Even if your work is really nice or hey, even if you are posting someone's elses work it'll always be bad. So considering this is a promoting thread and only amateurs, beginners or people who want to get noticed would post here its not very suitable.

>3d takes a lot more time than a random 2d sketch, so why would you risk posting it here?

>This board doesnt have any traffic at all. Your post will be here for months. If you arent lucky or you dont like the replies, you social accounts will be linked to 4chan in every single google search. Not good advertising

But to be honest, I dont really know any other similar options for posting your work besides artstation or what, deviantart?
just reverse image search posts on here
here is mine, friends
Hope you like Krispy Kreme :^)

File: booper.png (633 KB, 800x400)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
Previous: >>828396
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File: grid fill fuckup 2.png (103 KB, 436x424)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
unfortunately, doesn't help much. Thanks anyway
You probably have something else selected on the distance, you could use fill or select the edges an do a bridge to close that off.

Make sure there's no duplicate vertices and try again
>still can't copy/paste nodes from one instance of blender to another
new >>840299

File: mkvndxkvnkxjfxzjdscnj.png (53 KB, 462x391)
53 KB
Anons, what is the worst 3D, model you have ever seen, or made?
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This is fucking insulting for Bowie

Fuck NFTs and the hellspawns they created
With the right connections you could literally have that on a museum under modern video art.
cool metal gear model
No, I think it is a little bit about the models, specifically the animation of those abominations just makes them look so uncanny
do you think they later recycled this model for a shitty bitcoin eye elon musk nft

File: Kludge.png (205 KB, 2208x744)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
first attempt at more complex robot, what can i do to fix the pelvis from here, i was thinking more plates to beef up the form and make it less top heavy but i'd prefer something else. this was going to be the protag for a cancelled game i was working on but i'd still like to finish it at some point. i'd like any other tips for filling out the geometry/fixing proportions.

it was a dieselpunk type setting
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>get with the times dad
get fucked kid
ops robot looks better than this generic tastless shit
cum all the way up in my shit cave anon
File: 1546128387136.png (1.61 MB, 1293x1293)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG

im OP, i actually like this artist from a while ago so thats really good to hear lol

it takes like 13 minutes to learn 2.8 UI

File: daily.png (2.81 MB, 1920x1080)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB PNG
show me what you're working on anon

here's something I modeled today
why is the entire scene so bright
not really showcasing the ceiling titty that well here
A wip thread exists.

whats your hard surface workflow in ZBrush?

Do you save the lowpoly shapes before doing any detailed work?
Or do you work with dynamic subdiv enabled the entire time to have the lowpoly version still available?
Or do you just retopo the model later with zremesher or other software?
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File: D1i5VyKX0AEH1A2[1].jpg (642 KB, 4096x1612)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
There are many zbrush summit speeches and videos on pixologics own youtube channel covering this, long story short is you're just gonna need some experience to feel out what should be dynamic subdivision (things like bolts, hydraulic pistons, details like that are obvious ones to just leave as dynamic subdivision) and what should be done with dynamesh or whatever.

Not everyone has the same workflow with the zbrush hard surface you're gonna just have to do some research and find your own answer for what works for the models you like to make.
resulting pic related looks kinda bad imo

use zshperes and retopo by hand
zmodeller is the replacement for by hand retopo and again it doesnt allow for tris
with zpheres you can make triangles. zmodeller is not a replacement is an addition.

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