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File: WIP_06.jpg (491 KB, 1920x1080)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
I miss my cat so much, bros.
I Hope you guys are alright.
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give up
File: Final.jpg (680 KB, 1920x934)
680 KB
680 KB JPG

Just realized the sword wasn't attached to anything

Cool. Now sculpt some sword wielding booba.
File: WIP_07.jpg (256 KB, 1076x1080)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
File: WIP_07-2.jpg (244 KB, 1076x1080)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
It's all about perspective

I want to learn and make 3d models/ 3d animation, but I just can't afford the prices of Maya and Zbrush. With pleasure I would pay for the licenses when I get a 3d job, but for that I need to build a nice portfolio. Can I get in trouble for this? Thanks mates
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Just changing jobs really, pandemic related.
I don't know man, all the higher ups I've come across are honest and hard working older guys. I think they'd appreciate the honesty in your actions more than your words.
The thing is, as long as your use of pirated software is limited to what you do in your free time, at home, why would they care? It's only a problem if you use it for job tasks. And if you're doing job tasks, in theory you're using the company licenses, so there's no issue. Even as a freelancer, imagine you're using an indie license, and working for some company forces you to upgrade it to a full license, which may cost thousands -- the company better pay for the upgrade.
>sorry I used my friend's account
They can be pretty annoying, but in the end the only thing they want is to sell you a license.
So if they catch you (a single person) they will demand that you buy a license and some money for their lawyer.
Similar to as if you were fare dodging in public transport. You pay the ticket plus a fine.
If you where a bigger company however....they'll send their bloodstained Mossad-lawyers after you.
If you were a freelancer this would make sense.
If its for a regular wagie job - I would tell them straight up before, that I don't have any licenses and I expect them to provide me with licenses.
I agree that this is a little dodgy if you pretend to use Zbrush, so just don't.
"Feeling bored today, I might go on the Internet and lie to strangers."

File: 1600469354657.jpg (139 KB, 670x701)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Why is VFX shit upon and people here say it takes no skill and is basically just reusing old nodes? I'm getting really into it in realtime and would like to know. I've started paying money for asset packs and can see how it can just be reusing assets - flipping them basically. Are all vfx samey canned trash? Can I still get a job with it or is my window closed?
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but anon says vfx is done by the the third world now >>821730
File: bernie to the future.jpg (732 KB, 1920x1040)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
>> “In the olden days, producers knew what visual effects were. Now they’ve gotten into this methodology where they’ll hire a middleman a visual effects supervisor, and this person works for the producing studio. They’re middle managers. And when you go into a review with one of them, there’s this weird sort of competition that happens. It’s a game called ‘Find What’s Wrong With This Shot’. And there’s always going to be something wrong, because everything’s subjective. And you can micromanage it down to a pixel, and that happens all the time. We’re doing it digitally, so there’s no pressure to save on film costs or whatever, so it’s not unusual to go through 500 revisions of the same shot, moving pixels around and scrutinizing this or that. That’s not how you manage artists. You encourage artists, and then you’ll get you know art. If your idea of managing artists is just pointing out what’s wrong and making them fix it over and over again, you end up with artists who just stand around asking “OK lady, where do you want this sofa? You want if over there? No? Fine. You want it over there? I don’t give a fuck. I’ll put it wherever you want it.” It’s creative mismanagement, it’s part of the whole corporate modality. The fish stinks from the head on down. Back on Star Wars, RoboCop, we never thought about what was wrong with a shot. We just thought about how to make it better.”

Phil Tippett has been reduced to a grunt. Imagine what you're going to be.

Stay the fuck out of VFX. Unless of course you want to supervise, then go all in. Artists love to be slaves. Easy to squeeze huge amounts of work for cheap and around the clock.
You'll be well loved by the studios if you can reduce cost and increase productivity, they will shower you with raises and and titles.
right now i make $22k a year.

My life suffers because women dont want a broke grown man who cant afford his own place. A VFX job would be better than this, and at around $45k/year salary would more than double what i make now. Am I wrong?
>would more than double what i make now
Considering expenses?
If I had to move to a new city and sell / buy a vehicle and all that sort of stuff it could be true that i would be left with similar to the 22k i make now but then again i would be getting valuable 3d job experience that i could put on my resume and in future years get a better job just like people playing pro sports have to audition first in high school / college and not get paid the big bucks for years while they train and learn the craft

File: 1587253029950.jpg (19 KB, 540x540)
19 KB
Has anyone else unfollowed him on twitter because he just tweets about NFTs now? Its like he doesnt record tutorials anymore, just his shitty podcast
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>*inhales your clicks*
what tutorials? He is a grifter that wants to sell stuff, he is not an artists, he should not teach.
Has he ever done something great?
Everything he does is mediocre shit at best. Find a better teacher you idiot.
pretty much this
I learned more from messing around on my own than I did from his tutorial series
his donut tutorial is good enough that it can be taught to the masses

File: pls-no-jewing.jpg (91 KB, 969x925)
91 KB
How do I obtain Substance Painter for MacOS without being Jewed - (((subscription plans))) and without turning my MacBook Pro into a cryptominer or getting bit by a ransomware or becoming part of a Russian/Chinese botnet?

There's one on cgpersia by "HCiSO" but looking it up, there doesn't appear to be an official release from them, and I've read Russian malware is prevalent on cgpeers which is why regristration has been closed for more than a year now. There's also a haxNode release but there aren't any seeders.

Is there an actual trusted cracked release for Mac out there? Or is there a simpler method like blocking the software from internet access with a firewall like LuLu?

Would really appreciate the help!
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The only thing that separates blendlets from macfags is money.
Still not nearly as annoying as neckbeards who flex with their superior tastes because they chose PC / Android / Autodesk when nobody asked
What’s that? You wanted to hear about my thinkpad?
Substance painter is free for college students.
Adobe really doesn't do a good job at making sure you're actually enrolled in school.
Buy it on steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1454900/Substance_Painter_2021/ I actually got it on sale for 20% off also you can buy there substance designer

File: untitled.png (713 KB, 800x800)
713 KB
713 KB PNG
I just installed:

>MB Lab
>Simply cloth
>Light Studio
>Extreme PBR

I'm now a blender professional.

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Stop fucking giving this shitter replies I want him to stop fucking posting already
what is it about /3/ that attracts the worst fucking retards? they're all unrelentingly autistic
I'm not trolling, I was just too excited because I downloaded a bunch of addons and I used to think I needed to use industry tools.

good, blender is sieving shit from the industry like always.
I met a guy who actually thought this. I saw his character and never talked to him again. Just like this thread when I filter it.

File: gtx1660.jpg (155 KB, 1600x1600)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Since RTX cards have reached absurd prices, I wonder, is there any way I can render my models with ray-tracing like effects if I buy a GTX 1660? I cannot afford any rtx currently, and the 2060/2070/2080 are all gone from Amazon right now
I do not want to animate. I just sculpt in Zbrush and add materials/nodes in Blender.
Fuck miners.
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This broke nigger is beyond help. He didn't come here for advice, he came here for reassurement of his cope.
Yes, even your IGP can do cycles smoothly. Fuck scalpers haha amiright
Jesus christ this is the most retarded thread i ever saw in here
If you are serious OP, then do a simple research. You can run any renderer nowadays on anything. Octane is now running on amd cards, redshift will soon too (Now its only cuda, which means Nvidia). Arnold, V-ray and other are CPU renderers. RTX means (where supported), that it will render your shit a little faster. Dont be a fucking retard and google shit for few minutes. This thread is worse than /v/
You can do CPU Ray tracing with Vray and CUDA cores.
also why the fuck would you own a 1660, that shit sucks. even my 1060 6gb is better.
>Octane is now running on amd cards
only thanks to apple and their work on metal.
amd's gpu team is incompetent will never do the driver work necessary to support octane vulkan.

>redshift will soon too
'soon' for years now.

File: 1377609298080.jpg (12 KB, 640x424)
12 KB
Opinions on makehuman?
File: poser7-image-m194.jpg (21 KB, 300x225)
21 KB
a modern day Poser and a future of uncanny valley porn.
It's based if you learn to use maketarget2. But be aware of the hidden helper geometry (Can be enabled to be visible in Blender when creating targets)
They are currently working to improve rigging and other things. A new tool for Proxy creation would help alot.
I find it's useful as a starting point but needs a lot of tweaking if you don't want your model to be obviously from a character creator. Personally, I use it to block out a character and then sculpt it how I want it before baking those details to the original low poly mesh.

File: windwakerzelda.png (245 KB, 995x791)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Beginner at Blender, having followed a few courses on 3d modelling and rigging (I can use Rigify and am familiar with how it works), I am going to try making my first 3d character model that isn't based on a tutorial.

Last time I came here I was told not to bother learning this stuff unless I was super dedicated to it. I eventually realised that I was also aiming too high and had to go for a more simple style to my models if I am to actually enjoy making models until I get better at it. So I figured I should go for a Wind Waker style to what I make, as it's a style I enjoy, plus I find the 2d face texture style to be very appealing.

What can you guys (aside from "Give up") can you recommend for this? Any tutorials or resources that could help? And anyone who has experience modelling like this...is it really hard to do?

As of right now I have a few model sheets on hand I will use as references to guide my modelling once I get around to doing it. I did some messing around with a smooth shader in Blender which does help achieve the smooth look which the style requires. Just the next thing to do is to make an actual character model, a complete one.
29 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
>What can you guys (aside from "Give up") can you recommend for this? Any tutorials or resources that could help? And anyone who has experience modelling like this...is it really hard to do?
Honestly? Give up. All these questions are akin to "how do I draw a horse?" or "how do I draw a tree?". You fucking google it. The fact that you come here like a retarded lost child asking us to give you EVERYTHING you need get started? That you don't have the cognitive capacity to function the most power search engine in the world? Yeah. Give up.
>excellent analysis
>hurr durr dis some kind of 3d magic?
>i thought there was only 1 texture, turns out there is more than 1!
>excellent analysis
in the (engineering-side) industry "magic" is used to describe certain code all the time
They are making somthing they enjoy, if you hate it so much dont click. "puSh BoaRdErs", da Vinci looking ass

File: 1616724039560.jpg (85 KB, 1024x768)
85 KB
A while ago we had a retro 3D thread and someone dropped a link to Bryce 7, along with a key, which other anons used to make their art in the same thread. It's only 20 bucks but can we get a mirror? I wanna try, also what other softwares could be used to achieve this retro look? I've been thinking of getting into homebrewing just for the sake of this
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File: Carrara-quiet stream lg.jpg (1.35 MB, 1200x1474)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
File: Carrara-jorneys end 2.jpg (709 KB, 1850x1015)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
Carrara + Poser
Carrara +Poser


WTF, blender can do this?????

Looks better than Ex-Arm
Never forget that worse looking shit is sold to Netflix for millions.

2 years in archviz/product design, VR/AR

Every artist on /3/ cries about unrealistic results, poor salary, not having a job, etc...
I do photorealistic stuff every day in UE4 (Gpu lm).
I know both 3ds and Blender very well.
They are paying me a shitload of money because there is not a single junior artist who can do this level of quality and they are all retards with blender guru donuts in their portfolio.
I also do a little programming but this is just the beginning and I love it.
I can get a new job literally anytime, anywhere.
Fucking amazing feeling.
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you are a faggot too
>viz has no skill.
I already said so.
>it's all about getting clients.
Right, because if nobody pays you, then why working?
>you can viz the same stuff for peanuts or big bux.
I am lazy, entitled and pretty good, I am not working for peanuts.
>it has nothing to do with your skills
I have worked in VFX and advertising too, I have enough skills to survive any industry without sucking dick.
>because it all about sucking the right dick
>where you can pave your way not only by sucking dicks all the time.
You are awfully obsessed with dicks and the process of sucking them.
Admit it, you like sucking dicks, you filthy faggot, otherwise you wouldn't talk so much about it.
>and i had insane 4 hour overtime that friday.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
so yeah, you are a failed at real job dicksucking bitch, thanks for proving the point
>you are a failed at real job
Shut up Pajeet
What job descriptions do you look for when looking for archvis?
I did tot as a hobby and Iv got quite good but last time I checked job sites they all wanted people with arch degrees.
oh no, please don't feel threatened by my weak english, it's only my fourth language.
and no, i don't speak asian runes or whatever. i hope your will recover from your obsession with indians or whoever the fuck dicked your girlfriend or mom.

File: 1619565581520.png (28 KB, 645x770)
28 KB
How do I import cascadeur animations into rigify?
google skeleton retargeting
dont ever make a thread again, post in the blender thread instead
create the rig first then import it in cascadeur and animate it, amateur
Turn on Global illumination in the render settings. Then set the viewpoint to cycles, then import your mesh. After the mesh is imported hit shift-D 4 times and it should auto import the animation data perfectly into rigify. idk for some reason it works, weird quirk of blenders python code

File: 53csbx.jpg (48 KB, 300x290)
48 KB
If I pirate Marvelous Designer what are the actual odds that they would find out?
Its not like I'm a giga huge vidya studio and if the odds are low, does everyone else do this and if not why?

>pirating expensive garbage when you can simply use blender addons
that's like saying
>buying a chainsaw when you can just use your kitchen knife
what if there's not practical diference in the end result between the kitchen knive and the chainsaw?
I feel so sorry for zoomers that this is something you worry about.

Pirate it man nothing bad ever happens,
I've seen people posting screenshots of pirated MD on the their official Discord, and apparently nothing happened.

File: Untitled.jpg (33 KB, 902x684)
33 KB
pick a demon from the megami tensei universe and model/sculpt it as best as you can, original style or yours. post results. don't tell who it is, let people recognize it.
have fun.
>a thread had to die for this
kys faggot
ngmi, give up

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