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I know that I'm late since the big boom about this was a couple of weeks ago, but perhaps someone could answer me this?

Was there anywhere shared what he typed out in the prompt?

Also wheres the original competition rules, he just printed out the png and sent it in, wouldnt they require the original, how does that work:?
How about you take one look at the board before posting a new thread? Literally first row, same picture.


File: 1663110575959024.png (255 KB, 512x512)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
hi guys, made this inspector gadget. What do you think?
Critiques welcome
incredible things are happening in blender
nice prompts.
(not really)
thanks, i used this as base
File: 1660954597606709.jpg (33 KB, 339x355)
33 KB
I knew it

File: HELP.png (249 KB, 1201x725)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
My front view snaps to -Y axis for some reason. I can’t find out a way to change it :(

I can't believe I didn't notice this until now. Been working for a month and I just realised why my orientations are all fucked up when I import my stuff elsewhere. How do I fix this?? I can't find an option to change world axis :(((((((((((((((((((((((
Btw I'm trans <3
>Btw I'm trans

No one asked about ur mental illness.

Blender provides three default viewing directions: Side, Front, and Top. As Blender uses a right-hand coordinate system with the Z axis pointing upwards, "side" corresponds to looking along the X axis, in the negative direction; "front" along the Y axis; and "top" along the Z axis.

File: 1379483732208.jpg (109 KB, 500x678)
109 KB
109 KB JPG

What does it mean now that someone is working on giving godot support to import geometry nodes?
couldn't you just save it as a blendshape and import it as an animation in godot?
(thats what I do in maya an unreal idk godot)
>it s pretty cool btw.
just looks like a live link vs something like houdini engine.

File: 1598202318898.jpg (86 KB, 1000x747)
86 KB

why do we need animators anymore?

we can do away with concept artists and pretty soon 3d modelers / level designers too.
How long until videogames are made at a fraction of the cost with AI doing majority of the work?
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scenarios* :)
>never be perfect

pretty sure the technology is going to improve and you gotta think of the tradeoff for developers. The time spent animating is minimized and the results are passable enough to sell.
File: Adderall.jpg (604 KB, 2580x1378)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
Work on your game
AI garbage isn't going to convince Nintendo tards asides maybe Smashfags, who would pretty much use fanart to get one of their hasbeens whos in.

File: 1632407021544.jpg (40 KB, 750x739)
40 KB
>no GoZ for Maya 2023 this far in
>known issue
>no updates

this is what we get from "them". Your reaction?
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No GoZ for Blender either.
Very cool Rajash, now make jutub tutioriel
I am using GOZ for my workflow wit SHAPES, good thing i didnt uninstall maya 2022.

I dont think they will do shit with it, Maxon - stopped caring about GoZ after their R17 release (currently its R25)
so no, time to seek alternatives for that workflow.
based maya 2022 chad.
they gonna wait until a good amount of "perpetual" license user have their free upgrade expired so they have to pay the license again.
>if isn't broken, break it so they have to buy the next version
the oldest trick in software companies.

File: Monke.png (422 KB, 777x777)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
Day 1. Started learning the overall navigation in Blender.
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Manual & I watch some random beginner videos. Mostly for modeling, I plan to use other software for things like sculpting or texturing.
im just starting to guess i dig through the manual
not really interested in fucking hotkeys to navigate
yeah make sure to acknowledge and praise the blender attentionwhore, that'll improve the board.
File: MonkeSpin.gif (735 KB, 736x478)
735 KB
735 KB GIF
Day 5. I'm getting more used to the whole 3D thing. I also researched a bit and found out that there are like 20 different things to learn, each with their own software controls >_> This will take me a while.
>encouraging newcomers is... le bad!
At least he's not trying to make porn.

File: FbYMqHwXoAAfuCW.png (114 KB, 680x262)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
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gumline is a little high, the teeth look worn down. but if you're baking that it's fine
Where the incisors at.
Yes that is what human teeth look like.
yay symmetry command

File: angry_birds_2[1].jpg (173 KB, 1160x653)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
How is this done (in Blender if poss)? I like the way Sony Pictures does it. I can hardly find any tutorials on eyes in general. They usually have a separate sphere mesh. But not only does that method seem wasteful since you won't see faces behind the eye-socket, but the cartoony shapes are too oblong.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Sorry I was rude. This is a really good video. He also explains why the UV texture method isn't the best. Using constraints the same way you'd animate a rubber ball is easy to understand. Although it's a Maya vid, it's definitely doable in Blender.
well thats good to hear anon!
remember if you asking a question and someone give you an honest answear don't say it doesn't work if you aren't sure, listen and ask more questions if you aren't getting it, otherwise people will asume you are ultra green-noob and will get mad at you.
You can do it all procedurally on a bent plane even.

>spaghetti mess
bro, just do what you gotta do to make it work

File: do-please-go-eat-shit.jpg (27 KB, 406x310)
27 KB
I'm just gonna start buying blender addons.

fuck you.

>but pirate
the addon is not on private nor public trackers, already checked 10 minutes ago.

>but pirate loser paypig
how am I gonna pirate something that is not on trackers, you fucking piece of shit.
pic related.

>but you don't need addons
And my fucking time is worth more than the fucking hours of BS of setting up each time a similar system for free, nigger piece of underage noob.

>but share the addon

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Where can i pirate Quad Remesher?

Thank you in advance
ask in the piracy general
Have you been in the the discussion thread of this torrent here:
Are there any blender addons actually worth getting?
I don't know any except hairtool.
FaceBuilder is okay, but definitely not worth paying for
It's less capable than advertised, but decent for getting a base mesh to sculpt into a better likeness

File: its over.png (209 KB, 621x614)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
I spent the entire day getting filtered by anime tiddies. Why is it so difficult to replicate that shape.
25 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
click and drag your cursor below the neck to the bottom of the scapula press s and move your mouse away simple as plus the ribcage ends too short the ribcage should be just below the breasts
I watch this once or twice a month and think how I can never be able to achieve these proportions alone on my own. Her body is perfect.
OG link
why are you creating naked children
File: 1498842808960.gif (2.46 MB, 728x576)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB GIF
Tits are like bags of milk.
the main /3/ faq covers it.
Natural sag from upper-chest / armpit area.

File: shin-min-jeong-2.jpg (554 KB, 2500x1395)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
What is you guy's advice on stylization and finding your style? Sometimes I like to sculpt more realistic faces, sometimes I tend to shift to the more stylized look. I dont like to go super stylized, since it begins to feel too simplistic.

Are there more examples of levels of stylization? When starting on a character I am unsure on 'how stylized' to make it and what that entails.

Do more professional sculpters focus on one level of stylization and stay there?
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Whatever sells, I have no personality
Ah yes, “clean sink, dirty water” metaphor
This but unironically.
Pretty much.
"Style" is your personal workflow. That's it.
All those little things you consistently do to arrive at an end product, that's your style.
Visually it looks coherent and similar to other things of yours BECAUSE of that ingrained process and workflow. That's the essence of style.

Which is an important thing to understand when you want to break from your style and try something else. You have to rethink and reapply your workflow into something else. Which is a hard thing to do since habits are hard to break. Which means that you'll do some things different, but your habits are still sticking around. So you try to do something in a different "style" but it still comes out as your own because you can't really unlearn things, you can only add to them.

Of course as you improve so does your style. But you have to be wary about falling into too deep a rhythm, otherwise you'll stagnate.
I prefer the middle
Full on anime style in 3d always looks so weird

File: breakingbad.png (248 KB, 720x960)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Look, Blender just refuses to work for me. I've reinstalled this many times and updated drivers but it's not working. What's happening? I try to open it and nothing, just a white screen and not responding. I have to try to open it many times, opening and closing, for say 5 MINUTES!

Before I get a grey screen and now that this time it will let me open. It's impossible to work like this, there's no workflow unless you were to keep it open forever, which you can't do in case it crashes.

So either a solution or another free alternative to blender because this is insufferable.
Fix your computer or just pirate maya
>but piracy...
No. no excuses
Sounds like your computer is a fucking dinosaur
In threads like this it always turns out that the OP uses some pre 2012 onboard graphics with an OpenGL version not supported by Blender anymore for years.
Every fucking time.
It was a driver, sorry.

File: header.jpg (25 KB, 460x215)
25 KB
I made a model but the hair either keeps going through the clothes, or the hair flies up which looks very stupid too, I tested everything I could with the colliders in unity and the bones/hit radius etc in vroid studio but nothing looks decent..
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
80 euros and we have a deal
This anon is going cheap, you may want to consider their offer.
>burger dollars
>europoor currency

this is /3/ and the official currency are either columbian pesos or indian rupee
Can you upload your character to the vroid hub so I can see what it looks like and how it moves? I've helped a couple friends with their vtuber models before.
*his offer
You gaylord faggit.

File: mpv-shot (843).jpg (181 KB, 1920x1080)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
From what I've seen it's been spammed to death by some shitskin schizo, maybe the generals are useful?
37 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Artstation should be where you drop your portfolio, that's pretty much it. The likes and adoration are just a bonus.

And yes, the board quality has gone significantly down this year >>917165
, just go watch YouTube tutorials then laugh when you dunk on yan sculpts in half a year. A combination of excess schizo posting and a good talent pool that just left. It's sad, but it seems like the board's night has come.
Like tears, in rain.
whats the discord?

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