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File: murcielago.png (161 KB, 885x552)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Here's a low-poly Murcielago that I made.
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Which resource did you use? I am a first day 3d-aspiring-artist. An /ic/-dropout. Couldn't take the pressure.
post the wireframe OP
File: murce.png (125 KB, 666x463)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
I used Blender and imported it to Unity for OP pic
Thanks. But I meant as in study resources. Where did you start to learn how to even shape stuff in 3d. Some of those shapes seem a bit difficult for my donut-level degree of knowledge.
not op but personally, I watch some modeling timelapses if I need help so I learn and i'm not following a tutorial like a braindead

I'm going to model a car in Maya, should I be changing the default unit which is in cm and change it into m or ft? Will that affect my model?
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thanks, anon that's some really helpful info for a noob like me. This is something I had some doubts about while rendering some stuff in Arnold and in other renderers.
Doesn't matter much, to be honest if you keep it on Maya.
Import from and to Maya is wonky anyways. The objects are either tiny or 500km long.
no as long as you actually keep the scale right, meaning if its 10 ft long you can change between cm and meters and the scale will not change.
The trick with dealing with a mid-life crisis is just planning it in advance. We all know that once we reach 50 we're going to get some stupid gadget that we always wanted in our 20s. Well I'm in my 20s now and want a fuckin' sailboat. So my plan for when I'm 50 is going to be to get a sailboat. That way my wife won't get hit by some surprise 30 years from now. It's scheduled.
Wouldn't you rather be dealing with such people than having to deal with your midlife crisis? Because that car will make it go away for sure.

File: nvidia.jpg (154 KB, 1200x800)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
3D fags, what are we going to buy? I think 2x 3080's in blender would be the most optimal route since it's cheaper than 3090 and it will give 2x speed. Can Blender even run multiple GPU's without sli? I never did it before.
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Why in the world would anyone need that much GPU?
File: 2.jpg (1.81 MB, 960x7560)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
You can never render too fast.
>>$1500 for gtx 3090 24gb coming from gtx 1080
Zbrush dosnt use the gpu, and Marvelous GPU sim is still shit and broken so you will want to run the CPU mostly.
For roughly U$3000 only here in my country.

File: 132.jpg (96 KB, 500x345)
96 KB
I'm going to channel all my autistic NEET energies into making a one man animated trilogy about Alexander the Great. The first film is going to be about his father Phillip II, then Alexander, then his wife Roxana.

I want this film to be a combination of Gladiator, 300, Lord of the Rings, and Blizzard cinematics. I will probably deviate from history a lot for the sake of entertainment, and will add in magical elements and Greek gods.
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You could have used this thread for your daily updates which could have helped you to force yourself to push and do something every day. Too bad that didn't work out.
fucking lol this thread is gold
File: IMG_20200817_154740_705.jpg (83 KB, 1080x1080)
83 KB
I don't think he's storyboarding it
come back op, we need more of you in our lives
Any new progress?

File: chadpak.gif (3.12 MB, 381x466)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB GIF
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Do you recommend any tutorials to learn or any guides for Hard Surface?
>then I realized that I hated it because I was so bad, so I mastered it.
>I still hate it
so you still didn't master it
Not really, and I'm a blendlet, so that's saying something.

It's mostly just tedious.
I did. The source of hatred has changed. Its no longer me and my lack of ability, but its the frustration that UV tools like many CG tools are archaic bullshit. We have super complex AI algorithms that can create photorealistic faces from scratch, but we don't have clever algorithms that can scale, orient and unwrap a fucking mesh?
Fuck this shit - I still hate it.
>mastering craft automatically makes you like it.
I can be good with taxes, but it doesn't mean I like doing them, child

File: 1570841163508.jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Is it worth using? How much faster do you get final results vs manual keying?
it mostly just does suggestions for arcs and center of gravity stuff to make the animation more realistic. If you already know that stuff you might as well just key it yourself
How do you key that if the center of mass changes depending on the pose of the character?
Having the program calculating this for you and showing you the arc is much more productive since it takes all the guessing out of the equation.
Its definitely worth it if you are doing acrobatic or fighting animations.
good for amateurs, pointless for experienced animators
often times realism looks boring compared to what a good animator can key himself.

File: 1594926997065.png (733 KB, 760x839)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
Did you regret lerning 3D over, say, 2D, programming, music producing?

Share your thoughts, friends.
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start with the Greeks
I did learned a lot of from 3d
The maths for 3d, mesh and spatial processing, many programming languages, and how to run all sorts of support infrastructures
Really opened lots of doors
they prob treat it as religion I bet there's penalty for fucking it up
you should not be comparing your beginner skill to those of masters of their times.
do you post on multiple boards? this is the second time within an hour i've been gotten by one of those

File: armdown.png (473 KB, 869x605)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
How do one achieves good shoulder deformation?
I'm trying to figure it out for a couple of days now but I don't know if I fail because of bad major idea of how it should all work or just because of bad bone placement and constraint influences. In this thread, we'll find out!

Watched this video
Couldn't understand anything cuz I'm an esl faggot and secondly, there are no rig nodes in blender.

So to get started we'll try to achieve at least the relaxed pose of the arm. We'll be thinking about arms raised after reaching the milestone of good looking arms hanging down, which normal riggers seem to achieve just with two bones, but whatever.
- deltoid obviously needs to slide down and to the side because that's how it works in real life. It is for this purpose that I made its topology denser so it can stretch well
- pectoral muscle shrinks down when you lower your arm. I think Stretch To constraint will be handy
- clavicle doesn't move until you raise your arm higher than 90 degrees so we'll skip that for now
- lateral muscle probably the same as pectoral
- scapula rotates inwards with the pivot point at the top near the vertebra

Here I will post my progress and experienced anons will chuckle at my struggles. Let's go.
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Yeah I know, thanks. Was resculpting the bust, fixed clavicles, fixed proportions. Then realized I couldn't grasp the topology required for realistic elbow deform nor could I find 360degree references on fully opened/closed elbow NOR could I patiently take a video of me flexing my elbow in the mirror, and finally gave up.
okay burger
>online courses club
you're a saint anon
That's actually pretty impressive. Well done.

File: BlenderSample.jpg (239 KB, 1601x1900)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
What if we had a questions thread... for Blender?
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File: 894849.png (5 KB, 388x131)
5 KB
What do multiple rows of keys represent?
Only one of my scenes has it, all the other have just one row.
What is it and how to control it?
File: 1575732228271.png (1.32 MB, 1753x1017)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
When I enable the SSGI addon I cant get my hdri to show up in reflections. When I add SSGI it reflects black. When I remove SSGI and delete the indirect lighting cache I get my hdri reflections but of course no ssgi. Is this a limitation of the addon?
either keyframes for multiple values (x,y,z values which can be keyframed together) or the same keyframe showing up multiple times due to child/parent relationships
what is the best way to go about setting up freestyle for some finalization outlines (as opposed to a simple contour)? using some sort of nodes or would grease pencil be better?
Should i make a separate rig for face etc or use just one?

File: BlackCanary.jpg (73 KB, 932x932)
73 KB
How does one make 2D looking pics from 3D?
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what just pisses me off is that I cannot paint convincing overlaps without relying on lines. It always look like shit.
overlaps are too difficult, what you have to do is take note of the values and remember the darkest light is lighter then the brightest shadow, take some eggs, get a nice harsh light, and try, though value alone, show there are two eggs, its a simple set up so you should be able to plow it relatively fast, don't worry about fuck ups and just keep doing it, when you get something relatively ok, change the orientation of the light.

due to it being somewhat spherical, they should likely never have overlapping values, and the small amount of times they do, it's a small area that should not completely merge the two objects.
File: Eggs.jpg (155 KB, 2121x1414)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
eggs huh? Interesting choice.
you can get them for very cheap, arable in a lot of meals so they don't go to waste, and you can buy them in uniform colors, I recommend the 'eggshell white' and not brown ones, this will force the colors to be easier blended together bit enve in the chance of overlap of value, you should be able to tell they are two eggs, its also a very simple shape so you can rapidly try to progress rather then needing an hour or so to get everything drawn in to even start trying to get better at what you want to get better at.

Just a tip for anyone going forward with drawing or anything of the like, find the absolute simplest thing you can that you can learn what you want from it, this will help you focus on what you want to learn rather then needing to set up to get to that point. its not applicable in everything, like let's say you want to learn ink work with brushes, you will need some setup/base drawing, but generally find the simplest thing you can learn from and do that.
But those things aren't mistakes or imperfections. They are design choices.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
Is there anything that you can't do in the 3D / Gaming industry with Zbrush + Houdini? All the other software seems useless if they got both of those.
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
So you have no clue what you're talking about, got it.
well we are talking about unreal 4, which preforms like shit, because op post
>Gaming industry
and my first response
>well yeah obviously you need a game engine to make games.

to which I got these responses
>we're on /3/ and game engines are used for things other than games as well.
>have you tried downloading the engines and trying them out for yourself instead of being a mindless gaymer consooomer

and from what I can see, companies who use these game engines, and know a fuckload more then me, can't make that shit run nearly as good as cryengine while also looking as good, or in the case of borderlands 3, looking better then the prior game in a meaningful way once you remove textures from the equation

It is my observation that cryengine is the better of the engines on performance needed for graphics you get...
the magic of cascadeur isnt just physics based, but the ai was trained to learn moves, so for quite a bit of things you can just make a start and end frame with only a couple in betweens
>I know I could recreate their physics based IKs with a python script in maya.
Then do it and sell it and earn some decent $$$.

This.... Is the person responsible.

File: Crusader-Kings-III.jpg (74 KB, 616x353)
74 KB
So i already got the paradox blender tool, already did the clothing model with Marvelous designer, i already streched it to fit the base female model in blender, and already organized the mod folder so that the file replaces the female_clothes_secular_western_nobility_01 mesh, but all characters that wear that outfit appear naked. What's going on?

File: alita.jpg (692 KB, 4000x2000)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
How did I do?
It's Alita's sword.
Please appreciate the cheesy background
looks nice
I like the handle
not bad, lighting kills the details tho, you need to place lights so they show metal reflections imperfections.
File: swordd.jpg (73 KB, 1542x412)
73 KB
cheers, lighting is just one HDR so its very basic indeed and there essentially no textures just flat colors except for that unsharpened part of the sword were there's a slight texture
Forgot wireframe in first

he was a great artist, has anyone seen an interview with him, id love to see one

pic unrelated

File: 1594507184142.jpg (28 KB, 800x400)
28 KB
For a texture artist / prop artist / generalist is gimp good enough or is photoshop a must have? For general painting in 3d I will be using substance. From my experience with gimp it seems decent but doesnt have the fastest workflow. Unfortunately I've seen that the price is now pretty high, $33 just for that
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Use affinity you retard
It is entirely subjective. I have seen texture artists create amazing work with free software not even including Gimp. Personally I would use Affinity Photo. I am primarily a Photoshop user myself, but I am slowly transitioning to using Affinity more often. It's modern, it has lots of support, and the business model behind it is what other companies should be doing but don't. I haven't updated it in a while, but one gripe I have with it is that the plugin and script support is not 100% like that of Photoshop. This may not pertain to you, but for someone like me with my workflow I need some of those plugins or scripts that I have made or downloaded. This is part of why I have not fully transitioned over yet.

P.S. thank me later:

https://mega dot nz/file/Fst1QTYb#9b8KJ6YhtcwnC0Wn7ATWnrd3cTgNzmO7kjmjMnPj7tw
https://mega dot nz/file/Jk1VgZjY#X3LygkgIoRgkDfuy_CIAy-bFCAervZmV5SiT7HwP-3k
im really mad at photoshop. i am running 3ds Max 2021 on my computer no problem and photoshop cant rotate a fucking canvas. trying to fucking scam me to by new gfx card. fuck ps and its opengl bullcrap. GIMP Krita ファイア アルパカ MediBang all of them rotate the damn canvas while you a paid software cant? fuck you.
LOL the butthurt of a teenage Blendlet
in all honesty, you're probably not

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