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File: blender-bros-we-won.png (701 KB, 587x830)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
Murata-sama, I kneel.
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>Blender assisting many high profile anime

Why do you need to lie like this?
It does 2D animation too
Not really surprising, blender is the only 3d software I ever hear mentioned in 2d circles, people just want something that's quick to get into and not switch to working in 3d professionally
Japs love ZBrush

seething weebfags

File: tenor (6).gif (41 KB, 220x292)
41 KB
Does anyone know what the latest way to rip sketchfab models is?

The tampermonkey script ain't working anymore...
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also bumping for cute anime OP
FUCK toxic&narcistic shitheads and FUCK duckposter

willing to bet 5 ETH that you don't even know how to rip after the fix
Sorry I don't help retards.
I accept your surrender.
Sorry, retard. I don't help retards.
*hides retarded thread*

Do you know CAD?
File: 1616976804643.jpg (120 KB, 645x973)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>I don't help retards.
Yes. I learned years ago and then never used it.
I learned fusion 360 then remembered I don't do guns or mechanical parts that much so I kind of don't use it and went back to hard surface in zbrush.
File: 1435999993472.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
>hard surface in zbrush

File: 1619938333145.png (1.71 MB, 768x1024)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Can someone make it for 28mm? (I'll pay)
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post your progress
cute nid
File: adeptus braptanicus.png (291 KB, 872x1080)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Didn't get to work as much on this as I wanted but it's polygrouped for the most part.
Arms are in a pathetic state so I won't show them off just yet.
Trying to figure out how this will work in 28mm is a bit of a pain, but I realized that GW put out lots of teasers that are seemingly just ZBrush screenshots, so I'll use those as reference going forward.
Needless to say I still suck.
Here is one of the GW teasers I'll use as reference.
still monitoring this thread

>friends shilling blender
>teacher shilling blender
>dedicates whole day to teach us blender
>everyone I know uses blender
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File: goz.png (3 KB, 297x68)
3 KB
you could pick any number of real reasons but instead you pick something like GoZ that blender actually has.
>Blender because its free
>only works with paid plugins
If i´m going to steal, pirate, and take the meal out of the children´s mouths of the developer i´m rather doing it with pro software, thanks.
Most of the important plugins are free anyway.
now that you say that... pirating software by big corps won't affect the developer, but pirating small add-on devs can and will do it

thus the ethical thing to do, if one is to pirate, is to pirate Autodesk or similar. Blender stays off-limits to the ethical pirate
File: IMG_20210114_101418.jpg (30 KB, 741x399)
30 KB
That's why I buy blender add-ons and pirate ZBrush/substance/marvelous designer

File: eye_demo_render_1.jpg (2.88 MB, 3072x3072)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB JPG
Tonight I start my look dev jorney.
Wish me luck, three.
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Not being critical, but was it really necessary to give her a bulbous potato nose and a protruding negro jaw?
It's the corporate art way. Can't do anything new or innovative, just follow the herd.
>it doesn't look like my unique (bad imitation) of anime, so it's bad
no need to be contrarian, anon

Cope, whiteboi.
We are coming for your sisters and daughters.

Can Blender render on pic related?
If not, are there other programs that can?

I know it won't be good, but I'm building a desktop with a limited budget and if I got a dedicated GPU it would detract from the other components, so I'd rather render on a slow integrated and get the GPU some time in the future.

I assume that if it works it will be somewhat faster than rendering on the CPU, correct?
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If your igpu isnt in the list of supported ones then its always gamble. I'd recommend using a supported one or getting a dedicated gpu but if you're on a budget you might have to take the gamble, worst case you could use cpu rendering until you get a gpu.

Also you should probably ask this question on blender forum. Taking advice from /3/ never ends well.
>list of supported ones
Is there really such a list?
I can't find it on Google.

>Also you should probably ask this question on blender forum. Taking advice from /3/ never ends well.
Yeah you're probably right lol.
Would these drivers enable that Intel iGPU to render in Cycles?

I found this video:
Blender doesn't show his integrated Intel HD 530, but after updating his drivers it does, both in the "Cycles Render Devices" preferences and in the "Scene" panel on the right.

So this proves it conclusively that, albeit slowly, it's gonna work, correct?
Or is there something that could still make it not work?
UHD 750 will work
Just not fast as a RTX 3090

Skyrim modding general,

Gestapo compliant edition*

VG thread:

Skyrim game engine limit showcase:
[YouTube] Skyrim SSE 2021 Ultra Modded TRUE 4K : Best Next Gen Graphics !! w/Modlist !! Sexus Edition. 3090RTX (embed)
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This doesn't belong in /3/. Go back to /vg/ or whatever it's called.
God damn this thread makes me wanna vomit. I wonder if its the same guy who made those horrific looking alyx bimbo models for cinematic mod.

The furry thread is better than this.
You know what to do with off-topic threads like this one. I mean, besides hiding it of course.
clearly these videos are meant to be a joke..right?
Dis nigga still making these shitty threads?

File: sfw.jpg (105 KB, 921x864)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Low resolution aside, do you think this looks good enough to create 3D comics?
My idea is to create NSFW 3D comics in western cartoon style.

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just hide this thread, this guys clearly trolling
i hope so
He isn't. His twitter is autistic
File: 1573515610115.png (1.28 MB, 1091x737)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
It's worse.
But doing a step worse is not wrong.
I think youre kinda face blind right now.
You dont know how a small change affects the whole.
Or where you'd even begin to improve the whole.
(Im dumb, dont take my assumptions as fact)
Try making many faces in rapid succesion.
I think this is good to get to know this
The afro could still work, but with some experimenting from you
Wait, looking at it closer it's a better topology.
But eyes are too far apart i think.
Nose goes to far down?

File: NVVMjAkI_400x400.jpg (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
Any offline alternative to syncsketch? Meaning a software that'll let me play any video frame by frame and sketch/draw over it
blender and grease pencil since you're asking on /3/
Actually... yeah that'd do the job.
I keep wondering if it'd be worth starting a Grease Pencil thread on here. But it's explicitly 2D focused so it'd probably be better to just be a part of the blender generals.

File: 1605630268897.jpg (74 KB, 1080x1080)
74 KB
Why is there so many threads mentioning blender but almost none mentioning 3ds Max.
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only on smaller projects doe
ironically those old devs were more gifted than any of the trannies working on blunder.
Because it's free, mostly.
It's free.

I'm a blender user, but the biggest problem by far here is the fact that every other blendernigger on this board doesn't even have anything to show, or say about blender. Hell, they barely use the fucking program (save for donuts).
All they do is spam
>DAE think Blender good??!
>This was made in blender. It's over for Maxcels.
>Will blender be the industry standard?!
>How do I make millions of dollars with blender without putting in effort?

It's like they're so caught up in Blender's status, they won't even fucking work on anything until it has reached x or y spot. Blender isn't perfect, but neither is anything else.

I swear, for every 1 3d artist who actually makes things, there's like 10 retards who just rant and rave about programs. Then again, it could be a couple of autists just speaking very loudly.

Because blendlets are eternally insecure.

File: Image1.png (527 KB, 1919x1040)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
Hey guys, check out my new work. Its Sonic the Hedgehog wearing a diaper. Please give me suggestions on how to make it better.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>how to make it better
Remove it from existence permanently
degenerate filth
Put it in Unreal Engine
record your suicide
You will never be this broken

Procreate is teasing about texturing 3D models on the soon-to-be released iPad Pro 2021 with the M1 chip.

What do you guys think of this? I was already planning on buying one and using sidecar with the MBP but this seems like it’s going to be an even better solution.

48 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't do it, build a Hackintosh system if you want to dabble with MacOS.
A little update on my order, I’ve just cancelled the order I placed last 30 April (when it became available), and went with the order I placed this Monday. I’ve realised that I might need the cellular capability so I switched my order to the WiFi + Cellular model. I feel the small price increase is worth not going through the hassle of turning on personal hotspot on, and having that eat up my iPhone’s battery.

I’m just a bit annoyed since my first order would’ve had a chance to arrive earlier than the estimated date, and now I’m definitely getting it probably around July. Oh well.
Rich Scandinavian Chad dabbing on us third world 3D artlets. Well I'll be satisfied with my cheapest iPad Air... Even though I work on AAA projects for Americans... But receive a little bit above the wage of IT people from my own country... Feels bad man.
Btw, wanna hear a hilarious joke? I just checked my local price for that same iPad model - it is fucking over $1k more expensive than yours, which is like 5-6 minimum wage salaries here topkek. I'm in EU as well. I'd be able to afford it in 1.5 months working for Muricans.

File: d22.jpg (39 KB, 600x851)
39 KB
Do you sculpt with or without perspective?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Without and then I realize it looks like shit in perspective.
i sculpt with notepad
without if the character has a turnaround
I don't usually sculpt, but when I do, it's in perspective and under 70 mm focal length
Without. I send any models to max to check perspective.

File: EUjw3OhXkAYFpUm.png (356 KB, 600x600)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
>be me
>opens Quixel Mixer
>tells me to update to 2021 version that's been out a week ago
>does so
>and now, everything crashes
>old files, crash
>adding 2K textures, crash
>adding smart material, crash
>only way to NOT crash is to set work resolution to 256 px
>tries looking up if anyone else has the same problem
>only seeing praise about the new update
well this shit out my whole project on hold until either they do a patch on this, or i figure out what the fucks going on.
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
And then there's me - who only buys a monthly license for Substance when he needs it for freelance work, then forgets to turn the subscription off (because motherfuckers always turn it on) and then gets billed for the next month as well even though I didn't even use it.

Lost like $100 for nothing, some extra bullshit points for their library I don't even use. I use pirated version whenever I can.

PS Plus is even worse, even if you turn the resubscribe off, they will turn it back on after a while, so now I need to setup a reminder for myself so I don't get billed again the next month for a full price. I always wait a discount for it.

I fucking hate subscription services. Our industry is especially cucked where almost everything is subscription based.
File: 1497298243703.png (89 KB, 279x324)
89 KB
>try Quixel Mixer 2020
>After playing around making some shitty floor surface decide to texture a model I had on standby for too long
>No symmetry option. That even fucking Blender has
>Guess I'll leave it behind
>Mixer 2021 comes just a few days after
>Seems nice and has some really great features for model texturing
>Maybe now I'll be able to texture paint my model properly
>Still no fucking symmetry option, at all
In the end it's more worth it to just pirate Surface like first post said to "try it" . I just wish I didn't that much time deciding if I should buy it or not before saying fuck it and doing that.
There is no fucking way there is no symmetry option, I haven't used it myself but I guarantee you are just blind.
File: 1602497497514.png (25 KB, 1125x560)
25 KB
I never got this dont bump old threads thing. If the question is pertinent why duplicate it.

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