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File: 0819273098123.png (1.14 MB, 1153x521)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
I'm finally getting my pc next month and I'll be able to learn and practice 3D modeling and possibly animation. I want to make growth comic stories, I have some written and would like to give life to them. I see many use DAZ3D but it's expensive as fuck to buy the stuff to model, what else options I have that won't destroy my wallet?


I like your idea of making growth comics, I appriciate it but dude just download them. Buying is for sheeps. Rip those models
loved this as a kid. Glad to see people still creating shit

Go on website that have the thing you need and download them What am basically saying is illegally download them on sketchy sites

File: 1612675939183.jpg (100 KB, 1242x1216)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Is Unity obsolete and time spent learning it is wasted at this point bros?
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>i dont need multi threading
>i don't need webgl and tiny game sizes
>i don't need low hardware support
>i can't be bothered to set up the graphics and multiplayer tuned to my specific game genre
>i don't need ecs
>i don't need a more sophisticated flex margin ui system. widgets are all i need
>i don't need all inclusive game & code modability
no man. listen just because there are a shitton of games on unity that are pooryly coded and dragged and dropped. dpsent represent the good games made in that engine.my pnly gripe is you should be really good at C# to make an actually decent game. if u use the drag and drop , your game is gking to be clunkly and other people xan tell but where unity stands out the most is the vr scene
Kids these days don't even know Escape from Tarkov was made in Unity.
literal who game
You guys are like blendlets that keep mentioning the same handful of productions blender was used in.

File: 123123.png (2.63 MB, 2738x938)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB PNG
how me make those sweet window frames as pic related
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but i already know my username
File: s.png (129 KB, 525x375)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
just used the bool modfier
did the trick
Blender workflow is very destructive yes. It's a good habit to make multiple saves when working on something big
There is a point where you need to draw the line between destructive and procedural. I don't want a node for every single edge loop. It's not practical in a production environment with deadlines.
Of course, layer systems are the top tier of non-destructive workflows, but it obviously isn't viable for 3D software.

There are many systems out there that mitigate the destructiveness that blender lacks though. Like proper tools to restore meshes and a redo menu. I don't remember which software it was but I used to work in one where you could pick from historical changes and alter or undo them, as long as they weren't dependent on another change. Would be amazing for Blender, though the memory requirement probably makes it unviable

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File: images.jpg (7 KB, 205x246)
7 KB
You have my attention. Tell me more.
there is no difference between studio and game drivers right? cause both are in the same version.
Thats all the information for it... its basically windows without cortana and other telemetry shit. U can disable whatever u dont need.
>its basically win7.
LMAO win7 my ass faggot
>there is no difference between studio and game drivers right?
Sure. That's why they make two versions. No difference.

File: 1610496754018.jpg (35 KB, 500x375)
35 KB

Do you agree?
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first there has to be light, without light you can't see shit, then there is the model, then you can texture it
lighting is babby shit
modeling > texturing >>>> lighting
when it comes to skill.
I bet you everything, that every single industry artist who knows his shit in modeling or texturing knows how to light his work aswell, it really is not hard.
File: 1612363097709.png (137 KB, 300x200)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
>modeling > texturing
not on my watch, blendet
here how it works
I've only put modeling above texturing, because of the enormous help that software offers, whereas (hard surface) modeling still needs to be planned out and executed properly and there's not necessarily a way around that. You still need good topology.
It also depends on what you plan to do.
You can bet your ass, that texturing some low poly barrel to look stylized is harder than just slapping some materials on one to look realistic. Then of course there is grundge and all that shit that has to go with envirnoment etc.
Do we count scuplting too? In that case texturing gets btfo, because it'd be 2v1 and hard surface plus sculpting requires more skill than just texturing.
Lighting is the most important for me because it makes or breaks the model and environment.

But it does make me think - if my textures look so much better with a proper lighting setup, are they good enough? Should they look great even in the most crappy lighting conditions? Sometimes I feel like I'm hiding the quality of my models with a good lighting.

I've started using Marmoset to preview my texturing, because Substance Painter has a pretty shitty lighting in comparison. I've noticed other artists doing it and it really makes a difference. But that's why I'm asking this - because sometimes I'm not a fan of my wip texture inside of SP, but when I bring it in Marmoset, it looks pretty good. And then I can't decide if it's good or bad.

File: collage.jpg (507 KB, 1800x1800)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
Inspired by the thread in >>>/diy/ . Post STLs or pics of the dumb shit you've printed.

Living On The Edge Edition

Old thread: N/A
All the info you need about 3D-printing: https://pastebin.com/AKqpcyN5

>Your print failed? Go to:

If that doesn't help you solve your print problems, please post:
>A picture of the failed part
>Printer make & model
>Filament type/brand
>Slicer & slicer settings

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Any sources on large 3D model packs that I can just download and keep offline, instead of browsing thingiverse and others for specific models each time?
File: botman.gif (892 KB, 338x395)
892 KB
892 KB GIF
I posted in the diy thread too, that board is almost as slow as this one.

File: 1603251737314.jpg (59 KB, 331x320)
59 KB
Ask questions that don't deserve their own thread itt
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File: ikZjE2B.png (761 KB, 2217x1273)
761 KB
761 KB PNG
Depending on the angle you can add support loops then delete them later. At the end of the day your poly budget is your poly budget. Not everything supports face weighted normals but it's the future. Higher poly counts will get rid of all these problems in the future. I say make the best quality assets you can make and let the technical people worry about the other stuff.
>import animated character into cinema 4d
>add a constrait tag and attach a hat to the head bone
>export as fbx2019 and import into UE4
>hat is not there
>use connect container in c4d and export again
>hat is now there but character is in permanent t pose doing the animation
>try to group or connect all objects in c4d
>animation breaks again
>try to open any of them in blender
>shits even more fucked or wont even open
and yes I baked the anim in the fbx export options and cineware datasmith export doesnt work either
What should be a metallic value for a silver and gold acrylic paint?
File: rings.png (664 KB, 1017x953)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
it's just about the geometry you pick for the hat.
I don't get it

File: 4hc1ls4odre61.jpg (66 KB, 1440x1004)
66 KB
what do people think about the turbosquid acquisition?
a shit website bought by another shit website
i sleep
The only thing that awaits turbosquirt is death.
What's turbosquid?

File: 1520543750463.png (108 KB, 400x381)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
Marvelous designer is just garbage.
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File: 1612478523505.png (216 KB, 521x937)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
>tfw gf is a patternmaker and you don't need to dig anywhere, you just ask her how to do stuff
blend fag here. am i just better off modeling clothes on blender than marvelous
not even close
Depends what kind of style you're going for but generally no
Blendlets will nmi

File: unity.jpg (188 KB, 1280x720)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
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Just the other day I ran into shadow pass rendering bugs in URP when using multiple terrain objects and instancing enabled. After googling, found it was a known issue for over a year, marked as "fixed" in bug tracker, and still not fixed in latest release. Pretty prototypical of my experience with Unity as a whole really.
pic? i use urp and haven't encountered any issues. hdrp had pretty significant issues in the past, but i haven't encountered any in the past couple months

still infinitely better than unreal which doesn't have any low end platform support, and is practically non existent on mobile and web
unity went public recently so they're incredibly focused on adding new marquee features to attract animation use or visdev and architecture attention.

I think in a few years it'll all stabilise out to being good but yeah it'll be how it is in the short term.
Yes, I tried to make something with Unity, let me tell you its a complete clusterfuck, stupid errors, a feature doesn't mean it works with other features, 'Prefabs' got completely trashed, the latest updates after 2018(?) or so were mainly graphics related, it has shitty PhysX, if physics objects travel 20m/s then they fly through every collision, many 'game devs' say that they made this but in reality they copypasted meme C# and bought assets from the asset store, you can't make 'complex' animations in Unity it just looks shitty, bakes realtime shadows even if its disabled, many problems with FBX and OBJ files and many more but my brain probably doesn't want to think about it anymore, but its like Gaben said as his company created the Orange Box(?) for the PS3:
"It's a waste of everyones time", Unreal Engine isn't better it's also shitty but it got C++ which everyone should learn again, every studio should start to make their own engine in C++ its far more optimized but time costs are high and big money is todays only reason to make a game, it just needs DLCs, Season Pass and whatever the fuck

TL:DR Unity is shitty, code your own engine in C++.
>its a complete clusterfuck, stupid errors, a feature doesn't mean it works with other features, 'Prefabs' got completely trashed, the latest updates after 2018(?) or so were mainly graphics related
sounds like cope for being a retard

>C++ its far more optimized
your code is translated 1:1 to C++ in build. C++ offers no advantages or features over C# at the expense of waiting 8 hours to compile engine changes vs it being instant

>it has shitty PhysX, if physics objects travel 20m/s then they fly through every collision
this is not a thing, and good luck making your own physics engine

>you can't make 'complex' animations in Unity it just looks shitty
they added inverse ik and constraints recently. but its a game engine, and you should use blender. good luck making animations in imgui in your crappy engine

>bakes realtime shadows
that has never been a thing

Why aren't you projecting textures right now?
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
He uses Textures.com a lot. You can straighten any picture in photoshop so that's not a big problem. I've seen some good tutorials on how to remove baked lighting from photos as well.
Cool, thank you very much.

What are other places where you can find reasonably high quality pictures of things, that aren't necessarily for use in /3/?
File: lidiya.png (717 KB, 1000x1024)
717 KB
717 KB PNG
It's an original model, although I did study a lot of capcom girls - so if you're wondering about the massive hands and feet, that's why.

No textures at this point. Vertex colors and material properties only.
second hand books of all kinds
Like, scanning them?
Does it yield good results?
Wouldn't low quality JPGs off Google Images be better at that point?

Can someone please tell me how to make my 3d model suck on a popsicle? Its really important that the mouth wrap around the shape of the popsicle rather than pass through it. Is this possible? I've seen some people just align the popsicle with the mouth and made the animation follow along that so for path.
55 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
It 'works', but the motion is wrong.

It looks like the spherical collider for the top lip is being pushed back and forth more than up and down. You need some kind of per-axis limit on its motion ranges.

I think you'll also want some secondary, manual control to let you fine tune results. As things are now, it's not far off, but it's just far off enough that its too plainly artificial.
Ahh im coominggg
wtf I love toothless people now
yeah agreed, might just use another floor constraint to restrict forward motion

still trying to figure out out to smooth motion from a shrinkwrap constraint though, i dislike this solution

i deleted the teeth mesh by accident : ~)

File: kushana.jpg (49 KB, 432x600)
49 KB
I noticed a lot of support for the idea in >>803863
It would definitely have its merits
Would you like to see /3/ become a red board? Voice your opinion here:
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Make a separate coom board
Or this
>uploads merc_wip.fbx
Being able to upload models and see them in a web player would be pretty cool, though.
Would be good in theory, but we'd be overrun by Supreme Mega Milfs & beasriality SFM animations in practice.
File sizes would be big. I dont think they would go for it.
Red board? More like dead board, amirite?
But seriously, /3/ is about as relevant a board as the fucking origami board, /po/. Yes, there's an origami board. That same sentiment applies to everyone else when they hear /3/ exists.

Point being, we don't get mods, and we don't get jannies. Mods will pop in from time to time to try and extend their reach into the wilderness that is /3/, but for the most part it's something fucking stupid like a random nudity post in a thread full of them, or someone saying the word s@ge.

On the one hand, it's good because we can largely self moderate, but on the other hand, because we self moderate, we don't have access to shit that jannies provide like pruning single response threads and threads that have no relevance to /3/ like when a mobilefag forgets what board he's on.

Basically, to sum it all up. This discussion of /3/ being a red board is futile. /3/'s problems don't matter to the site at large, and most of the popular boards barely have any upkeep since hiroshimoot has taken over. /3/ being red has been a discussion since as long as I've been here (2012/2013), and if it hasn't changed then, it won't any time soon. It's pointless.

It's like talking about how cool it would be if Goku showed up in the next Marvel movie, such a thing is so outside the realm of possibility, it's not even worth entertaining the thought.

Can someone please tell me what to Google if I need to create a material that's transparent when it's thin and opaque when it's thick like pic related? I'm trying to make slime between two fingers
26 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>But those won't have holes in them like the slime I made. right?
Probably not :c
File: cumtastic.jpg (143 KB, 1231x730)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
You could use a glass shader with a volume component with white emmision, you filthy coomer
this thread is comfy
Do I need FlipFluids for this?

File: dick mirror.jpg (126 KB, 916x943)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
How come it looks like some sort of motion blur is being applied in the farther-back reflections?
Probably something to do with sampling or bounces.
nice cock
Thank you.
Reflections of reflections, I suppose.
File: image_2021-02-24_21-41-26.jpg (887 KB, 2729x1521)
887 KB
887 KB JPG
I still feel like I'm doing something wrong. Dunno what though.

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