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File: questionThread.jpg (466 KB, 1200x1200)
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>Will mastering /3/ help me get popular with the ladies?
>If there is a Z-brush is there a X and Y brush?
>Does sculpting in blender make one a better person?
>If my skin is turning bluish am I normal?

Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread.

prev thread: >>743647
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whats the best way to handle getting a model ready for 3d print? if i have a model with lots of pieces, will it just ignore clashing geometry or should i dynamesh everything together to get a continuous surface or what?
how can I import an obj sequence into ZBrush subtools as individual objs?
For me it's if it shades well. Everyone has their own definition it seems.
That statue is in my city
quick rundown on instalod? they even have a blender plugin now apparently, but oddly enough I can't find warez for it or the Studio XL version. on cgp I just found pipeline2019 for max/maya and studioxlpreview2019

File: thimking.jpg (81 KB, 750x920)
81 KB
Is it possible to bake every single material and lighting in Blender Cycles?

Rendering 1000 frames takes fucking eternity. The scene is still so moving stuff wouldn't be a problem.
Yes, look up a tutorial
Yes, but one problem I've seen is that reflections will look off if you're moving a camera even slightly, even if the rest of the scene is still. Because reflections will be baked from a certain angle, so as soon as camera leaves that position and reflections still don't move, it will look weird. Ofc, it gets more noticeable the smoother the surfaces are and the closer to camera they are.

Blender doesn't bake reflections, so they're still calculated frame by frame for accuracy.
Have you tried EEVEE?
Yes, but the reflection will be baked in the color and it will look weird from different angles. I already tried it. Try baking a chrome sphere and see what happens.

File: 2lwcyg.jpg (23 KB, 492x307)
23 KB
Why is modeling so frustrating? I get it, I'm new to this and this isn't supposed to be easy and I'm supposed to go through months and years of training myself but everytime I try and do something by myself I lose my shit and just want to fucking break some shit. Does it ever stop being this frustrating? Do you actually start enjoying modeling after you "get it" or does it get progressively worse from here?
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File: 23425.jpg (26 KB, 288x450)
26 KB
Try sculpting in clay. I was surprised how much it helped me to understand modeling in 3d. Might help you as well.
there's trouble only when you don't understand how topology works
after that is rather soothing until you try to perfect shapes and forms
buckle up for a ride if you do though, it's another level of hell
modelling has never frustrating to me, it was always the software and file formats not working as intended for me
Start with a block in. Take it slow. I assume you just rush into things, that will lead to frustrating situations...

File: ts1.jpg (162 KB, 894x593)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
How can i render stuff to look like in first Toy Story movie?
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turn off the aces color space
Renderman's been on a new rendering system called RIS since 2014, which is mostly full path-tracing. REYES is obsolete. You can take a look at their docs if you want to catch up, though obviously it won't give the results OP wants.

He >>753237 is right, those aren't shadow maps. Also Toy Story used a lot of image textures, definitely more than procedurals.

That's not exactly complicated to achieve in modern tools.

2d artist who is starting to learn 3d here, I can wrap my head around making hard surface boxes and stuff like this but how do I learn about modelling with organic shapes? Whenever I try to do anything spherical or even remotely organic quickly becomes a complete mess.
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Aren't we all souless since 2012 ?
I know I am.
Doesnt getting that lighting and texture come down to your renderer, I've seen some stuff on instagram by scifart, he uses octane and I think V-Ray
True, the best 3D artists model in tris only and also eat the little packets of silica gel that you find in shoe boxes and packs of beef jerky.
What's a good pen for sculpting btw? So many paid shills on YT.

File: 435634.jpg (69 KB, 400x400)
69 KB
>bruh ur ngmi if u never learn anatomy
>gotta learn anatomy bro
>bro just learn anatomy
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Thomas Meyers, Anatomy Trains
>Not to mention you'd actually learn some drawing as well
This. If you can't use your brain to move a pencil where you want it to go, then you can't use your brain to move a mouse. Also, learning to draw helps you to get it right the first time because the penalty of having to erase the line or white it out is greater than having to ctrl+z
>penalty of having to erase the line or white it out is greater than having to ctrl+z
If I had a nickel for every time I had a muscle memory twitch to ctrl-z while drawing, I'd be richer than even the most degenerate porn artist.
I know I can't undo when drawing, but damn if my brain and muscles think I can for that instant I make a fuckup.
You don't have to learn every muscle, just learn the most important shapes and how they look tensed and untensed. No one looking at the back of a sculpt of some ripped guy cares that all the muscles are there, you could probably break it down into 4 shapes
The VIRGIN way:
>literally spend months reading books and shitty tutorials

>The CHAD way:
>read the sticky
>join a gym
>get buff
>get shredded
>stop trying to sculpt and become the 3d sculpture yourself
>get a mirror
>now you are your own reference

File: final_donut.png (1.76 MB, 1598x1200)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
Do not poly-model characters unless you are a retard. Blender has sculpting tools, use them.

Welcome to the Blender General, where we discuss Blender, share our Blender-related works and ask for Blender-related help.

>What is Blender?
Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.


>Blender Market


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There is this add-on called X-muscle system

Like most add-ons Blender will not incorporate it unless the dev wants them too and has shown he can support it for a very long time.

In a recent Q&A they asked Pablo about taking some of the features of Box Cutter and he said while it would be easy to jack the add-on's features they will not do that unless the dev gives permission.
I think they should just send a truck full of cash to the guy and buy him out.
I have't bought it to properly investigate, but from what I can see, it's more a post-hoc system for existing models. While definitely an improvement and also applicable for stylised characters, it still requires a modeller to produce an initial mesh from anatomical knowledge. For photorealism, I can imagine a superior version of makehuman that would then feed into this addon. Also, I couldn't tell if it does tendons and fat/skin interaction, which are important contributors. Speaking of, how might one achieve natural skin deformation? I know there's lots of work on breast physics, but they seem to rely on jiggle bones which isn't really applicable to something like how the pads of the fingertips compress when picking something up.
Yeah I'm aware of that addon, which is why I said
>at least not natively

t b h, I'm in the camp of staying away from addons that completely change the workflow into something specific to that addon. Since it kind of make shit incompatible later down the line if the dev abandons it, or it's made obsolete by a proper implementation.
I'm not saying I don't use addons, because I do, but shit that drastically changes the way you interact with the software, I tend to give a wide berth unless there's no other option.

But yeah, there's a shit ton of things that have been "industry standard" for years and years that Blender still hasn't caught up with.
Honestly, I'd love a proper crowd sim like Massive or something built in. There's addons for it, but it's rather cumbersome since it kind of forces it to work.

>jack the add-on's features they will not do that unless the dev gives permission.
I don't see why it's impossible to just make their own implementation of similar features. It's not like the dev owns shit like booleans or a workflow.
They said they don't want to be evil or dicks so they generally don't copy addons.

The other major problem is that they only have so many devs working at Blender so even if they do add features from an add-on they don't really have anyone to take care of it, that is why they tell people contributing free adds-ons to blender to prove they will keep it updated and working before they ever consider adding it.


What do you guys think about autodesk revit?
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Anyone use Archicad?How does it compare to Revit?
What do you now?
I am a HVAC/MEP fag with civil eng. background.
archicad looks nice but allows architects and drafters to make messy models. Revit is better. Luckily, i dont use either.
DURR HURR you should just get solidworksss
*takes shit in hand*
Solidwrosk is the best program EVER
*smears shit across chest*
Nothing is better than solidwwerks for everything
*eats the remaining shit off hand*
Check out rhino brother, I'm work on huge scenes I'm talking city's in there

File: 12969318464.jpg (81 KB, 791x592)
81 KB
I spent all my 8 years of 3DCG learning nothing but zbrush and 3Dsmax.

I can't get into Blender, no matter how hard I try, and I don't know why.
Did someone here share that same experience and somehow managed to make sense of the horrendous UI?

Sadly Blender is becoming the standard just about everywhere, and 3Dsmax plugins are so freaking expensive plus I don't like their subscription plan...
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Do the goddamn doughnut, idiot.
How does someone who can use zbrush have trouble using blender? Zbrush is much more complicated.

OP must just be lazy. It'll take half as much work to learn Blender, it's made to be easy to use and there's tons of tutorials on how to make things.
>I can't get into Blender, no matter how hard I try, and I don't know why.
Force yourself to do it
Had the same problem when changing text editors
>All text editors are the same silly
Not when you're learning the shortcuts and special functions
>Sadly Blender is becoming the standard just about everywhere
I'm assuming you don't mean professionally?
>Horrendous UI
I'm really sorry for your mental retardation.
I truly am.

Using VRoid and Unity3d to produce my first visual novel! Any other VNdev's here? Any critique or suggestions would be appreciated.


Wtf why does the project diva animations look so good
those lips look kinda weird with the rest of the face

File: OlsG2D8.jpg (104 KB, 1167x743)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Wanna 3D model a sexy robot dame. And need more good references. Also What do you think about robot/practicality vs human-looking/attractive.

hot 3d robot thread
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File: 44e.jpg (373 KB, 1240x1610)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
Make robot porn. And if it's just a regular woman with some screws and a retexture, I'm breaking into your house and raping you in the ass with a mechanical lubricant.
how dare you
I would never simp for h*mannoids or f*moids in mecha suits
Boobs aren't practical. If you wanna get hard, tehy need to be somewhat humanoid, unless you legit jerk off to PC cases.
this was a great video
What happened to the /3/-/aco/ guy who was making a VR robot porn game? I came buckets to his demo and followed his tumblr a long-ass time ago but he suddenly disappeared off of the face of the internet. ;-;

File: images (6).jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
How the fuck do you make money with 3D? What is the secret?

I have art profiles on Instagram, Behance, Artstation, Reddit and Fiverr. After 4+ months postings gigs I finally got one on Fiverr for EIGHT dollars and it took me two hours to make.

What the hell is the secret? I see people making 400$ a month and I'm making nothing
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
check out the world of tabletop miniatures and scenery for print!

its an emerging market, selling files or hosting a patreon with 28mm scale miniatures or scenery made for 28mm wargaming/RPGs.

if you make something similar to existing IP products but different enough not to get sued, theres a massive secondary market. people make a good living modeling shit for warhammer "counts as"
Hmmm where are those models usually sold? I'm interested
>people don't buy your art made in photoshop or blender.
Maybe if you're a trash artist.
I get sales from my art on posters and wall art every day.
What kind of poster art do you make? I have no idea what people want to buy
Just pay attention to fads and stuff.
Synthwave/outrun/vaporwave was pretty big, and still is to a degree, so I carved out a space for myself by making art in the same style. Which people buy.
It was also enough to get enough people coming to my social medias, so now I can make what I want and people still buy it occasionally. Though most of my sales still come from the outrun/vaporwave stuff.

Something that's important to keep in mind, is to make stuff that you yourself would put on your wall. If you wouldn't put it on your own wall, you can't expect others to put it on theirs. So try to keep things high-quality, pay attention to composition and stuff, and to make sure that the concept is sound. I like to draw a sketch of a scene before I make it in 3d to nail down what I'm making and keep my vision consistent. Things tend to warp over time if you just go from what you have in your head.

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (131 KB, 1280x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
What is the best approach to facial rigging?

I'm working on semi-realistic characters (think Dishonored) and my approach is zero morphs + full facial control through 150+ bones.
The bones are then mapped to a simplified face-rig with which I can create FACS-based expressions.
Then these FACS-based expressions are mapped onto FACS dedicated controls.

Long story short: 150 control points mapped onto ~50 control points mapped onto 38 control points.

I plan on using motion capture as well and the FACS approach seems to be the only worthwhile one. Every single video of facial mocap that I've seen not based on FACS looks like shit.

The mocap will drive the FACS-controls, then in post the simplified face rig will be used for tweaking.

Am I missing something?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Mocap is basically a control-rig you can control with your face. The important aspect is still in the quality of the control-rig. You can have the greatest facial mocap gear on the planet, it's still the animators in post who have to add the realism.
always a good idea to try to improve yourself to avoid really sloppy rigging facials
Animators don't do shit.
>Am I missing something?
External forces? FACS is based on the natural muscle movement on the skull, not external forces.
I'm planning on going really deep into mocap but one thing I can safely say is that it's all in the rig.

They made this idiot wear a suit and had him walk around like a frog just to have him do something on set:

Facial mocap is done separately with the actor in a sound studio because you need clean audio to match the mocap visemes. You can't have some boom-mike guy follow actors around on the Vicon mocap stage because it's going to obstruct the cameras.

They flat out say it: "animators armed with inspiring performances by biendick'd cumbatch":

Back in Gollum's days there wasn't even any facial mocap:

File: hover-beach-lander.jpg (69 KB, 764x565)
69 KB
Am broke, currently supporting several patrons, but can't really afford previous releases that cost 60$ like TitanForge, Asgard Rising etc. Is there any repository for paid STL files here on 4chan?

Also, looking for this model, it was deleted by the author some time ago (it was free), anyone has it saved?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks Anon.
What is the pw for some of the files?
sorry, i didnt upload the files

I keep getting a message that says "this group does not exist"

So there is no option to join it.
having a similar issue

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