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File: zbrUUUUUH.jpg (47 KB, 1280x720)
47 KB
Seriously. I need a crack for zbrush bad that has a working multi-map exporter. Every crack I try i swear it's not the full version because I can never export a mesh using the multi-map exporter. And if i export the mesh the normal way with the subtool, it lags my computer too much with the level of detail that i want it at when i retopo it in maya.
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decimate before you export the subtool
Legitimate versions of zbrush are prone to basic exploits any consumer can use. Use your brain to get free legal zbrush.
This. I don't get why people bother with pirated versions.
File: 1588361482894.jpg (215 KB, 900x873)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>Use your brain to get free legal zbrush.
Use Autodesk mudbox is more easy to download free version

File: blender214.png (76 KB, 800x500)
76 KB
Is there ANY way to (in BLENDER) make ink it or any kind of thick liquid and make it keep falling from a characters body?
Let's say he's covered in ink/blood/cum whatever you want and the droplets are falling out of him, but he's still covered in it.
What tool should i be looking for to achieve this?
Thanks in advance, anons.
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Why use blender use 3d maya it has best fluid simulation
File: 0001-0250.webm (822 KB, 960x540)
822 KB
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Blender's fluid sim cannot do friction/stickiness/adhesion. I could never find a setting for it.

What you can do in Blender though is use a particle simulation set to fluid and use a metaball as the render object. Looks like shit but it can easily do real time. Good luck getting all the settings for everything right though.
Viscosity is under "Diffusion". Adhesion could be mocked with time scale. I believe you could use dynamic paint on the output mesh from the sim to create wet, but I might be wrong. Good luck prototyping this shit though, takes forever.
If it died for this, it wasn't worth keeping alive
Use youtube

Ever since I arrived here like 1 year ago I always see faggots shitting on Blender with the one claim being that it is not powerful enough for more demanding tasks. But, I ask, is there any single fag in here who ACTUALLY needs more power than what Blender offers? I ask because every single damn time you fags post your work it looks like visual diarrhea and never, ever, a single damn time I've seen you Autodesk shills post anything that actually required the more professional features of Maya.
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it depends.
I'm a product designer, so in terms of industrial production render is useless.
I use mostly Rhino or Creo for that
but, for quick, personal modeling and rendering, it's pretty much easy.

I guess for visual arts/simple animations is pretyt ok,
if you work in the product/interior field, or in VFX and cinematography, not so
>The actual number isn't that important
so why do you lie about it?
Every time there's a thread about desktop linux on /g/, everyone becomes a professional video editor, photographer, sound editor and a cad drafter.
I am not the anon who threw the 1 million number into the discussion, but I have to admit I am seeing similar kind of numbers here on my not so brandnew PC and then I look at the performance of Max, MAya and Houdini and see the difference.
Like i said, the ratio is important.
If you can't understand why people rather choose a software that provides 5x more performance on their machine than Blender does, then I don't know what to say.
I love Blender for general modeling purposes but for archviz, 3dsmax is way much better.

File: ton cancer.jpg (21 KB, 452x413)
21 KB
>ton has cancer
Autoshitters got to him
File: unnamed.png (76 KB, 599x365)
76 KB
If you had taken the time to watch the entire video, you'd know that he was diagnosed back in February, has since got treatment and is now "cured" (of course, you never know with cancer, but still).

Pic related.
OP is just a happeningfag.
Glad Ton made it but shit is deceitful. Let's hope it doesn't return. I wish him the best.

Would having a glasses free 3D monitor help with 3D modeling?
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File: 1600112691098.gif (1.13 MB, 498x498)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
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what the actual fuck
Never watched any of his long ass multi part tutorials
listened to the youtube version. Lost it when the poliigon shilling started
>want to be a professional 3d animator?


w t f
fuck off with your clickbait trolling. the video is about how to "learn 3D" not become a professional.

File: 1588612900863.gif (2.22 MB, 436x376)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB GIF
I'm going to try to make this as short and clear as possible.
Ok, so I'm a programer who makes video games. For the moment nothing serious, just small projects where I test some mechanics and stuff but I want to start the serious stuff now.
I want to stay indie wich means, working with a small team, wich means for myself that I want to do as much work on my own on the projects. Meaning me wanting to pick a new skill.
But since I'm not a NEET and that I actually have a life outside of my gamedev hobby, I want to pick wisely or I'll make my life a new kind of hell. I'm a very organized person but let's stay realistic, there's no way I can program, model and animate on my own, I'll never finish anything doing all that by myself (obviously)

So this is where I need your experience and advices. I used to draw a lot as a kid/teen (and was good at it) so the logical choice would be to get into modeling. But body movements/choregraphies/martial arts have also been a passion of mine since my childhood so I could see myself animating and loving it too. Here's my problem, I don't have a particular preference for modeling and animating.

Then what do you advise me to pick between modeling and animating. Like I said, I don't have any preference (for the moment) so I need arguments related to these questions:
- In 2020 and in the future, is it going to be better to be an animator or modeler ?
- In terms of time, what's the quality of work you can provide for 50 hours of work for each skill? (I know it depends on a lot of factors but I'm not asking for something precise here, just an idea would be nice. I'm a total beginner in 3DCG)
- As a game designer (and programer), is it better to have a total control on your models or your animations?

I think I said it all. I know it might be a very vague subject/question but all I'm asking or is some kind of vague idea/answers of what is waiting for me wether I pick modeling or animating
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>He asked about modeling and animation though.
And I gave him an answer.
>Wtf are you advising for him to do with houdini?
doing magic?
>Go ahead, call me a retard for the fifth time today,
I called you a smooth-brain before, but If you insist I can also call you a retard.
>why start with that?
Because it's what I've got and its better than nothing. Youtube's Algorithm will help him further.
Do you have a better strategy that you would suggest to him? Then lets hear it.
I made my points, why should I try to convince you?
File: automation_2x.png (56 KB, 807x817)
56 KB
I already gave him my advice before. Anyway, good luck to him if he decides to start with Houdini. That's all from me.
The truth is that Houdini is a harsher filter than, say, Maya or Blender. If you start with Maya you'll certainly be able to finish viable projects quickly (single models, at a minimum); with Houdini it's not a sure thing. It works as a lower level and you may grow tired of how slow it is to finish things at the beginning. Of course, once you start going, you'll get more bang for your buck, but that comes with experience and a fair amount of work.

I advise learning the basics first in a true and proven beginner-friendly environment, using Maya and one of the myriad courses available, and only then complement your skills with procedural tools. If you want, you can partition your learning 80-20 in favor of Maya with Houdini, just so you can progress at a good pace, while also being exposed to procedural methods.
This is accurate.
You people got me even more confused

File: 20201110_140924.gif (3.11 MB, 512x384)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB GIF
I'm range banned from vg so yeah here's a 3 thread
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same, my isp has been rangebanned on /v/ and /vg/ all year, it's been for the best since those are both shitty boards anyways. all I need is a rangeban on /g/ as well and I'll be free.

I got a gamedev question over here >>784982
really nice man
Is there any pro industry guys actually making a game alone or in a group?
I'm interested in doing something like that, and I work much better in a team, but maaaan all the projects i can see are some meme low poly graphics or some cartoony shit i just cant stand.
I got banned on /vg/ for stalking a tranny
there's a guy who shows up here every now and then and his style isn't as cartoony as most. his me is theonian, i think you may like his main project

File: 1606150313133m.jpg (49 KB, 1024x570)
49 KB
So THIS is the power of blender
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His portfolio was straight dogshit. Neither Blender OR Maya can cover up the work of shitty artist.
Stop projecting. There are plenty of people here that are professional and plenty that are hobbyists. You can be either and still recognize a shitty portfolio.
>Do you really think studios he is applying to create their textures with procedural materials for Cycles
yes, I think he would
Greeks are taking a 3D modeling course in uni
>don’t know anatomy

Explains why he quarter squats 2.5 plate as his max AND sucks at 3D. Literally everything is clear now.

File: 1604553682581.png (24 KB, 112x112)
24 KB
>flippednormals is live
What questions should we ask them in the comments, /3/?
>What's the best way to groom pubic hair?
Buy expensive plugins
ask them if they're the fine bros

File: trucks.png (85 KB, 1321x783)
85 KB
Why wouldnt people use a CAD program like fusion 360 to build everything for game models except soft surface models? Using it for making cars and houses is obviously superior to blender. Ive been trying out the workflow of fusion 360 -> blender -> retopo -> ue4, any pitfalls here?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Right now trying to make intricate vehicle parts ala beamng or my summer car, buuut was thinking to apply the same thing to buildings and interior props
Use what you are best with, In my experience programs like fusion in a studio environment have their downsides, what happens if you get caught up and a co worker has to pick up some of your work and doesn't know fusion? the workflow is so different from other softwares.
how do you model a dent into a metal surface in cad
You don't. Or you use a tiny solid to Boolean subtract, which is retarded.

In CAD, you create perfection. You then bring that into any traditional 3D DCC, and take it down from perfect to realistic. That's where you infuse the model with soul and artistry.

HOWEVER, don't use Blender for the last step. If you do, your work becomes cursed, and you'll never make any money from it.
I wish I could have the relational measurement and positioning tools of a CAD package, with vertex modeling and sculpting.

Welcome to /amg/ the general thread about all things to do with modelling anthro creatures.

>post your works in progress
>post anthro models you like for study
>talk about anthro specific sculpting, modelling, texturing, rendering and animation technqiues
>be nice!
20 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not this shit again. You have a board for this, because nobody wants to see this here, even if it is in 3D.
>but my futa is in 3D!
>my handsome men are in 3D!
doesn't matter, all of you go back to your nsfw boards, you don't need multiple threads.

>anthro specific sculpting, modelling, texturing, rendering and animation technqiues
If you don't learn the fundamentals. you'll end up like 3dguy
this place is going to rott ur brain mr jolly
what ended out causing the issues?
We have proper definitions for a reason
With break coming along I plan on doing some practice models of furries I liked on the web (with permission).

is this good topology?
15 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
that's from the converged star trek show
globohomo motion designers worked on the title design
good topology is white supremacist
This still subdivides like shit though. Where to add support loops so I don't get crap results at the corner?
>support loops
ancient technique
Does your crap application not support sub-d edge tension/hardness or what?!
quads and n-gons dont even exist
Ofc it does. Ancient technique, though? Really?

File: 1597567686720.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
What's your most deep darkest workflow secret?
I'll start, i paint normals.
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A lot of it is laziness on my part, since I'd rather make a scene than spend 3 weeks modelling a car. Not to mention a lot of my clients are individuals, so making them pay a fuckton of money for me to model a car and animate a scene is just unrealistic.

It's nice to say, "yeah this job will cost $500", and get paid the actual cost of the work, but it's gonna scare off the only people regularly coming for shit like album art. Not all clients are big-fish, and they don't come often enough for me to rely on them.
File: 1602347364017.jpg (33 KB, 960x960)
33 KB
Coom powers me and yet I do not find my own work sexy.
im so good at 3d modelling in sketchup and rendering with shite softwares that I can charge $500 for a set of 5 renders I did in about a day
dude, i don't charge as much for it to be profitable

File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
I have the option to get either or with x particles with cinema 4d r20.

What would you guys choose?
none. Render with blender. Even flippednormals says they exclusively use it
okay blendlet
Blender is not a renderer
Can we get a fucking straight answer in here?
You'll be buying them since cracks don't exist.

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