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File: 1632020381516.png (137 KB, 596x307)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
>download blender
>watch 0 tutorials and read nothing about it
>there is a cube and 10 thousand menus
>i have no idea what im looking at
>give up
yep, im ticking off another potential hobby off my list. im not instantly good at it? off to the next one. who else low iq quitters?
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How do you feel about donuts?
you should go through an "introduction to blender" tutorial, such as the donut tutorials. these kinds of tutorials will teach you the basics about the software and touch on all the features available to you (such as modelling, sculpting, material, texture, etc.)
it can feel overwhelming at first, but you should quickly start to feel comfortable within a week of following tutorials. don't care so much about what you're making or how it looks, just take notes about the hotkeys and various tools you're using and what you can do with them. any time you're unsure what something does, you can hover over it and holt CTRL for a description, or just google it.
This, I got around 120GB in tuts alone from bought courses and CGpeers, and havent dedicated time to any of them.

I fucking hate being so artistically retarded /3/ bros
I remember back... I was still using a mac so in HS maybe? 2010-2014

>Art is life (2D Digital mainly)
>Use gimp because too poor for PS
>decide to try out blender
> oh this is kinda easy I get some of this
>Watch like 2 or 3 tutorials on basic controls
>messing with cube/sculpting
>accidentally press a button
>entire project vanishes

Really turned me off to Blender. I was too young not to understand that it was like a layer thing but it really soured me to 3D. Now it's a video editor too? I have it installed in my linux box but have yet to even open it.
I've been revisiting Blender after 10 years just for fun and my god is this thing feature packed now compared to even 5 years ago. Honestly as a hobbyist it's incredible that you can create a studio level production and the animation Pose Library is legit one of my dream features, now animating dialogue is something I can enjoy from start to finish instead of constantly fighting to urge to just close the program and jerk off.

As another 2D art main, maybe you should take a look at the Greasepencil feature? The hybrid 2d/3d stuff people can make with it is super cool.

File: file.png (462 KB, 752x634)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
What's the point of learning any animation or using any tools when soon all you're gonna have to do is tweak AI parameters to generate exactly what you want?


The video even goes into how long it took to iterate this tech from the image generation technology, and I don't know if anyone here is familiar with how short of a time it took for that technology to improve, but it was staggeringly short.

The videos don't have any audio though, so there's that, but AI is already making insane leaps with auditory sound/voices aswell.

It's over.
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Snowniggers and Angloids can't fathom the many European languages and accents.
Waw! Uat taim tu bee alaiv!

maybe 80% of world population are
consoomer-types, they are happy when they can cosume

20% are productive-type, they only can be happy if they do something useful by themself

i cant life if the computer spit out everything for me.

another reason, if you want a very specific thing, you only reach it by make it self.

in ai you need more and more prompts if you want something very specific detailed from your mind.

you reach the point sometime when typing more and more prompts is more elaborate than just made it from scratch

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: brolyass.jpg (104 KB, 1080x1015)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
i thought it looked familiar
No extrapolation. A problem Conservatives have.

File: gunt.gif (2.52 MB, 293x350)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB GIF
Post anything Gunt related or of a Guntish nature

>I want to use the Gunt model

Gunt's model should be here:
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Gun t
we should make a gunt gmod playermodel
File: gunt_0.gif (135 KB, 384x384)
135 KB
135 KB GIF
More like picoCHAD
i'm gonna 3d print the gunt with quantum pla as a test for it

File: 4357567.png (753 KB, 988x658)
753 KB
753 KB PNG
Oh no! The CG police are here!

They're on the hunt for the perp and the only description they have is
>he couldnt model this simple object lmao

Prove you're not him by recreating this VERY SIMPLE object
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i notice you didn't deny the fact its cult-like behaviour.
>autistic anon cant grasp doing things for fun
it is a cult make the fucking iron
I love this.

File: 1669678672764742.jpg (31 KB, 560x559)
31 KB
I work in vidya gaym technical character setup with a focus on rigging and skinning, on an Unreal4 / 5 platform. Ask me anything live, you cunts, be quick or I'll fall asleep (play Factorio)
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thoughts on this?
ahahahah anon just look at this thread, everybody needs a TA but nobody gives a shit about what you do, they only love you for your body
I hope you enjoy doing it, though.
Wasn't that the case with Chun Li reveal in SF6?
I remember /v/ going batshit when someone pointed out her thighs jiggled from the impact.
I also heard there was a similar case with Ramlethal in GGST but that one i haven't noticed in game.
That's the job of the animator, not the rigger

File: movement.png (588 KB, 1600x805)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
Unreal Engine 5.1 now available:

What projects have you been working on lately?

Unreal Engine 5.1 new features video:

Building Unreal Engine from source:

Learn Unreal Engine:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why would I? I am already on my path to retirement.
What's the current standard for pushing vfx like fire and smoke into unreal?
Rendered flip books -> Niagara?
What's the point of using Unreal if you are using the path tracer anyway?
After spending 4 hours troubleshooting, I found out that copying or duplication an Input Action will render it unusable. If you need to create an Input Action, do it from scratch every single time until they fix this bug.
Literally never happens

File: CHLAD.jpg (113 KB, 765x1024)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>Were these bears perfect? Of course, not. AI art requires a post-production stage. Luckily, when your team has an experienced Senior Graphic Designer, such post-production is a piece of cake. Vlad fixed artifacts, tweaked important details, and added snow, shadows, etc. Among the required design fixes were weapons, eyes, and paws (AI always struggles with hands). So, all final designs were reworked and “approved” by a skilled human. But it doesn’t take away the AI’s help, not in the slightest.
>2d concepts require several highly experienced professionals, and even then concept artists take 1-2 weeks to create one location in 2d. With the use of AI, one skilled designer will most likely do it in one day.
>Basically, after crunching the numbers, we arrived at the conclusion: using AI reduces costs by 10-15 times while delivering comparable results. This is very exciting in terms of both time and cost efficiency.
Only Vlad the chad wil be hired im his respective industry.
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They are not looking forward for future like this, they are pessimists that want to avoid it but know the effort is futile, also yeah prompt trannies wont get hired next year. You either want something generic enough that somebody with low prompting skills can deliver it to you trough Midjourney that takes no effort to get pretty looking pictures, or you need something too specific for the AI to do, so you might as well just photobash it or ask artist to make it from ground up. No reason to hire prompters who want just bunch of money for their bellow mediocre skill.
True, art died the moment AI learned how to do pictures. The rest is just cornercutting and monkey work doing repetitive dogshit people can describe in a single sentence. Writing and pictures are not automated, the purest forms of art, animation, 3D and other stuff is just more technical application of the previous ones. Even making movies, videogames, songs and so on is just more technical knowledge applied.
I've been saying this since day 1. AI images definitionally aren't art.
Give it to me straight, /3/, how much longer do I have left as a 3d artist before I get replaced by AI?
I'm guessing I'm safe for at least 5-6 years

Even if true, thus doesn't change the outcome.
AI gets 'er done. 10 times faster than you.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (55 KB, 1280x720)
55 KB
When will we perfect real time post processing?
when hardware can support it
and software is as optimized as it can be

So, what now?
wrong board you retarded itoddler fuck off

File: 1650956864212.jpg (289 KB, 1919x1080)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Looking at this chart, would you buy a 4090 coming from a 3060 or save that cash for software licenses?
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you are one of those retards that checks camera reviews for half a year, buys a 5000$ DSLR and then doesn't take a single picture, aren't you?
So 12GB of vram costs $300?

AMD better hurry the fuck up and figure out the AI shit on their card or Nvidia gonna start really milking people with the vram pricing. Just imagine how much 48GB card is going to cost if Nvidia can set the price with no competition around.
I'll be buying 4090 because it seems like the most future-proof choice atm.
I will never buy a Titan again
Render at 4k-8k with minimal samples and denoiser, then scale down to 2k-4k.

File: 1663674816085.png (513 KB, 1157x658)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
2 lawsuits against dumb ol AI already. One yesterday, one today. Its OVER.

116 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Did you explain to them how AI-art infringes every copyright law known to man? Did you then explain that every retard can use SD and because of this every company will use SD because it's easy and because of the oversaturation of the market SD art will make their company seem lazy and out to scam people with minimum effort? And did you then say that SD will eventually become the Comics Sans of the art world?
>this tech leaves the two artists the company commissions without a job
>I didn't repeat the same jokes about AI leaving artists without a job
>I'm debating whether to repeat the jokes

What's with your obsession about telling a joke? If it didn't land the first time, it won't land the second time.
>If it didn't land the first time, it won't land the second time.
thats not true
>I learned the bare basics of how to use something from 4chan
>Hey, I know, I'll go around calling myself an expert and try to get money
>These people want to use it in a commercial setting, how do I let them down gently that it has almost no creative control and the artists' jobs are safe, without losing my money?
Anon's going to get fucked, plain and simple. This is like teaching people how to use printers, and carries the same sort of dishonesty - you could just point them to voldy's guide and they wouldn't have to listen to your bullshitting for a few hours.

He has the money now, but he stands to lose even more when they discover his lies.
File: 1645343827303.jpg (67 KB, 690x477)
67 KB
Oh no no no no no aisisters....a lot of people are now using the "memorization" argument against us, saying that we ARE in fact still distributing copyrighted and sensitive images through our neural networks. It is OVER

File: GondolaOfficeChairSmall.png (1.63 MB, 1478x820)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
Gondola I put together this morning.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
OP here. Was kinda rushin out the door this morning and didn't get to write up what I learned.

I stepped away from Blender due to meatspace shit and haven't really touched it since 3.0 came out, so I wanted something simple but organic since I mostly just do hard surface modeling stuff. Gondolas a nice simple organic type of guy.

His body/head is just a sculpted sphere, same with his cheeks, nose, eyes, and feet. Mouth is just an extruded circle. Legs are just two cylinders. I just used appropriate shader materials from blenderkit and applied a hair particle system to the body and legs for the "plushy" effect.

The chair is just an asset I dragged in from blenderkit to give him something cozy to sit on for my render. Enjoy.
Any way to make the leg hair seamless.
You know I've given that some thought and there aren't but a couple extrusions there. I think when I re-approach this to actually rig it for animation I'm going to do the legs entirely separate from the body in terms of the particle effects. I have a suspicion that might be partially why they look a little patchy on the legs. I basically just copied the particles from the body to the legs. If I were to go back now and re-do it...that's one thing I'd do differently.
add texture to the tongue

File: 1671468806143347.jpg (537 KB, 1079x1069)
537 KB
537 KB JPG
Nice industry standards you've got there /3/.
>first games were done ugly
>then animated ads
>now animated flicks
VFX's turn soon?
43 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Based kill me baby poster, I love this show
Did you know that the budget for this show was found in small change lost under the cushions of the studio's couch?
why are they content with their art looking this obnoxious. Who greenlit this?
Everybody is stealing the aesthetic of Wallace and Gromit these days. I only respect it when there are actual clay models involved.
dude I don't know what shitty anime you are watching, but the anime industry its light years ahead of western, the animation are getting more fluid and with Top quality every season and they are not scared of bring new things to the table
you obviously have some awful anime too but its not the norm and you have a lot more to choose

Third party studios outside of Japan are selling custom non bootleg figures and making bank. Would it be profitable to make and sell custom anime figures as a side hobby if you live close to East asian countries? How hard is the whole process of sculpting, 3D printing, painting and mass producing these kind of figures?
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
In any jurisdiction where patreon operates you are legally considered to be selling the thing that your patrons receive by subscribing. That isn't my opinion; it says so on the fucking website. "You give me money and I just so happen to give you this thing for free *wink*" is the oldest, most obvious loophole in existence and as such, doesn't actually exist.
>In any jurisdiction where patreon operates you are legally considered to be selling the thing that your patrons receive by subscribing.

You do realize that people have patreons where they get paid yet post nothing?

>That isn't my opinion; it says so on the fucking website.

Patreon ToS:
"A creator is someone who creates a membership page on Patreon to engage with patrons who have purchased memberships from Patreon to support the creator’s creations."

LMAO, nice opinion there, bud

>You give me money and I just so happen to give you this thing for free *wink*" is the oldest, most obvious loophole in existence and as such, doesn't actually exist.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>You do realize that people have patreons where they get paid yet post nothing?

Yeah, then they're not selling anything, so there's no problem.

>Completely unrelated passage from ToS

>Random patreons
Those people are paying tax as if they're selling digital goods. Patreon takes the sales tax automatically. They completely acknowledge that what patreon creators do is sell goods.

Just because reality doesn't match your genius "if I pretend I'm doing it for free I can legally violate copyright" idea doesn't mean you can't operate a business this way. Clearly these people are already successful. What I'm saying is if the rights holders decided to put a stop to it these people would be absolutely fucked.
>Yeah, then they're not selling anything, so there's no problem.

epic self-pwn
Glad you agree with me now.

>They completely acknowledge that what patreon creators do is sell goods.
Meanwhile Patreon's ToS:
"A creator is someone who creates a membership page on Patreon to engage with patrons who have purchased memberships from Patreon to SUPPORT the creator’s creations."

I'm so sorry that you're dumb. It's such a burden to some people.
Come back to this thread to apologise when you actually set up a Patreon and you go through the process of having to itemise the value of each reward tier and declare what proportion of a given tier's rewards constitute digital goods for sales tax calculations.

One of us runs a relatively successful patreon already, and it isn't you.

File: 1652773507187.jpg (161 KB, 1280x720)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
In maya I'm having trouble with UVs. My meshes are so long that I do Select/Shortest Edge Tool to select a line of edges and then in the UV editor do "Cut". But, this only cuts one half even if symmetry is set on. Now I'm fucked.

The "symmetrize" uv tool in maya is horrible. Is my workflow awful? I cant be selecting all these edges by hand for all these meshes, I will literally go insane, and if I have to make changes to the model I'll have to do it alllll over again.

Is rizomuv better?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Granted I haven't done hard surface modeling for studios, as my expertise is elsewhere, so there might be some requirements I'm not aware of. But where is the benefit here, in comparison to just using mirrored painting modes in substance and such for example? Not that doing mirrored UVs in maya is hard either mind you, so I'm not seeing the need for a separate 3rd party tool for just that, if it truly is a requirement. Creating UVs is such a small part of the process, that the time saved per model is so small, that the costs are probably not going to cover the benefits.
For selection, if it's a clean loop, use shift + click first edge of selection, keep holding shift, and double click last edge of wanted selection. If it's not a clean loop, use the paint selection tool. b+mouse click drag changes brush size, holding ctrl inverts between select/deselect, depeding which you have selected as default. That should make selecting the edges you want to cut a breeze. I also recommend setting up a separate hotkey for cut/sew. That's how I do it at least.

Symmetry selection works fine, if your model is symmetric. Make sure to select the symmetry selection mode correctly. Object mode determines the mirroring line based on the object pivot, World mode based on scene origin. If your model is not 100% symmetric in vertex location, but has symmetric topology, use topology mode.
>as my expertise is elsewhere
aka I make daz porn in my mom's basement and don't have any knowledge to share
It's a performance constraint essentially. Assets need to hitting the right texel density/resolution to avoid using additional textures and thus minimize drawcalls. Intermediate sized assets: props, vehicles, machines, even characters use mirrored mesh elements. They can be asymmetrical too, where some mirrored areas use unique UV space (in order to display unique AO/masking/etc detail) This has to be managed across 20-40 mesh elements sometimes. UV editors are very important in hard surface.
Thanks for the explanation, that does make sense, and is something I haven't considered before. Should help me optimize better in the future, instead of just spamming more and more 8K textures with UDIMs. Although I'll still likely just stick to Maya for the editing, as the meshes I deal with are unlikely to get quite as complex as in your example, but I can definitely understand the need for a dedicated tool better now, in certain use cases.

I'm a generalist, with a focus in animation, so when I'd work for a studio it has always been mostly animating, as that is what I'm best at, and I'd only help to fill in in other areas, when needed. So most of the non-animation work is often limited to my personal projects. While they can get relatively complex, they aren't quite as big in scope, compared to what proper studios might work on, so I wasn't aware of the potential required optimization solutions you might need to take in to account when doing UVs for them. In retrospect, I admit I was overly confident on my lack of understanding regarding proper uses of good UVs.

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