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Can eye tracking be incorporated into sculpting/modeling?
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File: 1648036752443.jpg (25 KB, 382x417)
25 KB
What makes you use Blender and not Maya?
Hey guys, i'm employed by Maya and make tools for them. I was gathering some info to decide how to improve my toolset MayaX and make it better for people who use other softwares.
I noticed many Blenders users still use it after all these years and wonder why use a limited tool kit instead of multiple ones to craft your work better
let's say i can make anything for your in Maya and change it any everyway (maybe even make the whole UI look like Blender if thats what you want).
what changes or feature can make you interested in using Maya?
It's free
You can't recreate everything being like 2x as fast to get to which is what people like. Basic example, Maya, click on hypershade, it opens a new window, it's full of shit, I have to clear the graph then right click on my material and go graph network. Blender you swap to shader editor and your material nodes are just there.

Is the Maya hypershade editor able to do more and technically more powerful? Yep. But 97% of the time I don't need that and it just slows you down when you don't need the power.
>it's free
Maya is free as long as you graduated from an accredited college retard.
Maya is free as long as you downloaded it came from M0nkrus retard.
Long story short, Maya is free as long as you don't make money off it which you likely won't retard.
Saying that isn't going to suddenly make the money coming my way stop in its tracks, mayalet.
Can you make Maya free?
I'm a hobbyist, occasionally I get odd freelance jobs like minor set design for an ad or product design/marketing for a friend of a friend.
Why would I pay for Maya when I can do all that in blender?

File: HtokeA-on-Twitter-1.jpg (138 KB, 1200x500)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
I want to make a commercial patreon.

The thing is, I'm 1MA, but I want to make a commercial patreon game.

But obviously my skills aren't the best.
I need skilled character anime guys who are willing to do coomer shit and aren't moralfags.

Obviously, you don't have to work for free.

I will try to make a prototype using my crappy indie AAA shit tier style.
Eventually when I get some interest from degenerates, and I can afford to pay someone with real skill, I will hire people.

But I rather hire degenerates from here, because, well, this is my turf.
This website has been my home.
I don't belong in another site.

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File: library project.png (260 KB, 743x464)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
So i know 99% of the board is more interested in modelling catgirls and donuts but i wonder if there's enough people here doing archviz to warrant a general.

So archbros:
>whatcha modelling
>whatcha rendering
>whatcha designing
>what software ya using and what software is SHIT

here is a project im working on for a public library. model's just getting started.
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File: 01-pirlanes-alumina.jpg (27 KB, 548x450)
27 KB
No problem anon. That render is actually very good. I like it. Don't forget the transition profile from kitchen floor to wood flooring and something tells me that bike is out of scale or made for dutch giants.
I can tell you that those profiles are the kind dets that architects focus on.
Duh now I realise the bike is hanging.
Good call, that is one I have missed.
Here is a very nice, several hours long rendering course for vray+rhino
This a good quality course thanks anon

File: FRZHy3OX0AAorOJ.jpg (31 KB, 752x438)
31 KB
>Open Blender for first time
>Completely lost in arcane and unintuitive interface (this coming from someone whose used GIMP and Solidworks)
>Google Blender tutorials
>184 video long playlist of 5 minute vids that poorly explain how to make some specific object
How am I supposed to learn this shit? I don't want to make a fucking donut, I want a simple guide on how to navigate the god-awful UI, and a concise explanation of what each tool does and what I might want to use it for. Preferably in text + pictures form, not some shitty video.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Start with this. https://youtu.be/jnj2BL4chaQ

Then buy his courses when they get a discount on gamedev. That's what I did and I recommend. I bought the Grant Abbit bundle. 6 courses for 50 and something bucks. I still have to finish 4 more I already learn enough to make a real size replica of my room in blender.
Don't do the donut tutorial it's shit for begginers, it has too much information and little practice.
>and a concise explanation of what each tool does and what I might want to use it for
Do zoomers know what a manual is? Or do you stare at youtube all day hoping to have knowledge downloaded in your brain like in the matrix?
Many years ago I started with BLENDING AWAY THE PAIN:

It's for 2.79 but it puts you in the right level UI-wise to start looking for object-making tutorials.
Same here. I have used many programs with non user friendly UIs like Lightwave, early Houdini or SI3D with no problems. But Blender never really clicked with me, not 15 years ago and not now.
Shit, back in my day (2.49b) there wasn't videos on how to use it.
Had to get by with just the manual. So I had to make snowmen and vases until I figured out how things worked. After a week or so I was reaching past my comfort zone and doing all kinds of stuff.

In all honesty, the navigation of Blender hasn't changed much over the years after the UI changed in 2.5. If you can find a book/pdf on the basics, it should do you just fine.
There's some newer stuff with the UI after 2.8, but the change really isn't that large, despite what others might claim.
Learn how to move/scale/rotate and how to extrude, and you're 90% of the way there in terms of how to model something.

Ask a game industry pro anything and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

I specialize in environments so no, I can't help you much with your coomer content sadly.
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File: fog cards.jpg (60 KB, 754x418)
60 KB
Another thing I didn't mention but should probably touch on is fog cards. They're like the cloud shadow's cousin, and are equally abused by landscape artists. Basically, they're just fog that's thicker at the bottom and lighter at the top. When placed in front of a layer of your environment, it helps accentuate the separation between that layer and what's in front of it. Notice the part of this image I circled in red - without the fog cards, the back trees would be nearly the exact same value as the foreground trees, and you couldn't see these beautiful tree groups that make up the focal point here.
You can have fog cards in games, you just fade them out when the player gets close (and kill them when faded so you don't pay the overdraw!)
You won't get into character art by making environments, and once you're locked into environments, your chances of doing character art at work (with your junior skills) is pretty much zero.

I'm not saying it's a one-way trip, but if you want to respecialize, you're gonna have to do it in your free time, and start your art career over with reduced responsibilities and pay.
Do you like your job?
Is there a personal "trademark" you leave on your work?
Is there a certain theme of the environments you make?
>Do you like your job?
Surprisingly, yes. It was hard at first because I didn't know what I was doing and had to work under people who were just as artistically retarded as I was, so it led to a lot of struggling and frustrating moments. But in a way, having terrible bosses pushed me to figure out a lot of stuff myself, and now that I'm capable enough to survive on my own, most of the job is really fun.

>Is there a personal "trademark" you leave on your work?
I usually try to put as much dumb shit as I can as easter eggs. Made a sticker on a piece of heavy machinery that almost got a game flagged with a higher ESRB rating cause it said "do not operate under the influence of cocaine" (I think it actually shipped because legal lost their asset cleanup todo list midway through production), I had a vending machine with a bunch of cooked chicken in the tray, silly stuff like this.

>Is there a certain theme of the environments you make?
Photorealism was the thing that originally drew me towards CG because a lot of hyperdetailed photorealistic pieces have that "wow" factor, think something like Cornelius Dammrich, or Alex Roman's The Third & The Seventh. Nowadays though, I have a lot of respect for stylized work, even if I don't do it personally. Most of the cool stuff gets done in stylized art, for some reason there aren't a ton of digital artists who mix photoreal graphics with true artistry.
ok softball question: i want to game from my pc - what controller should i get?

File: 1646479780064.gif (1.09 MB, 480x368)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF
>submit bug report to 3d company
>submit bug report to 3d company
>submit bug report to 3d company

This is all I ever do these days, /3/. And I'm not even getting paid to test. Anyone share this feel.
>submitting bug reports with software i pirated

File: 1554327879199.jpg (239 KB, 1080x1143)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
I work in a 3D company and Im not really happy with that (mostly doing props, backgrounds and environmental stuff). Im honestly planning to quit and search for something better, so meanwhile I started a side twitter account without linking my real portfolio (behance, artstation).

Im not a pro but absolutely not a beginner, and I know most of the most succesful accounts are the porn ones but :

>Biggest accounts are just porn animations using premade models.
>They dont even know how to model a single thing by themselves, not even the basic workflow, baking, texturing or rigging. Just a camera, some lights, rotate limbs and its done.
>Those "modelers" who provide them new models are just people who headhacks fortnite/lol/resident evil heads onto daz models. Thats all.
>Then theres this other 'faction', the voice actors. Most of them girls (or dudes with filters idc), they have more than 50K followers, so you basic need to collaborate with them if you want to grow and make them RT what you did.
>Finally their public, the normies dont care or dont even know how the model was done. They just think every "modeler" does it from scratch when in reality all of them are stealing copyrighted characters, clothing, hairs, textures or rigs. This is worse than 2D artists panicking about AI stealing their art, this is straight steal.
>All of them grow fast. I mean, 5k-10k likes per tweet easy. ~20k-100k followers in less than a year.

So. At the end, the real 3D artists is left modeling a character, maybe a base mesh, baking the details, rigging it, posing it, texturing everything, struggling with all the small details, figuring out how to fix that pose, that finger doesnt look right or the physics dont work the way they should. And for what? Maybe 100 likes, 500 if you are veeery lucky. Even when doing nude characters and boobs its completely impossible to go against these people.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wow you are so mature
Which specific fetishes anon?

Some fetishes are much harder to do in 3D than others.
you need to be clear with your goal first.
do you want likes popularity or you want to earn the money?
selling your soul for porn animation appealing for a certain niche groups?
or making poop random video parodies enjoyed by everyone?
>>Biggest accounts are just porn animations using premade models.
>>They dont even know how to model a single thing by themselves, not even the basic workflow, baking, texturing or rigging. Just a camera, some lights, rotate limbs and its done.
you are wrong. the big porn makers do have skills, if you want to see shameless lack of skill go look at people with like 2k followers who already have a patreon. they make absolute dogshit
this is scat, isn't it?

Hey 3dCG, I'm a game dev looking for an artist to team up with to make some indie games! I was working with another artist but he is not committed to the projects, and I haven't been happy with the small amount of work that he did complete. I want to work with someone new. I have a bunch of games that I'm working on, the coding is more or less complete but I need ART!

I'm willing to split any profits 50/50, but I need someone who can commit themselves fully to the job. Anyone here interested or have some advice for how to find an artist to team up with?
Advice: Don't search for a serious person on 4chan chud.
are you that chris guy

File: 1660046206355364.gif (870 KB, 483x483)
870 KB
870 KB GIF
ZBrush: 360$ per year
Maya Indie: 350$ per year
Marvelous Designer: 280$ per year
Substance Painter: 240$ per year
Marmoset Toolbag: 192$ per year
Rizom UV: 180$ per year
TOTAL COST: 1.602$ per year.

Yeah, I really wonder why so many newbies use Blender.
82 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Blender is not a replacement for Substance. Learned that the hard way.
this bait is worse than avarage art created by this imageboard users.
I used Monkrus and got the 2023 one, runned 3 antivirus and nothing shady
they "know"
>he went to school to learn 3d modeling
lmao faggot

File: waifu final cope.png (194 KB, 550x615)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
I've reached the final META of indie game development.

We did it chuds.
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File: mai results.png (494 KB, 1354x645)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
comparisons of one month diference.
Just give up.
What is this "waifu diffusion"? Is it available in a website or is it an app I must install?
fork of Stable Difussion by some weeb discord trying to fit danbooru pictures.

current version is 1.2 which has 60k pictures.
version 1.3 will have 700k pictures and is released in october 10.
File: concept art.png (556 KB, 1876x506)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
WD seems to do anime concept art fine.

File: 077.png (365 KB, 646x595)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
So should I be worried about 3d AI? I understand 2d artists coping with MUH IRREPLACEABLE CREATIVITY and I get that and enjoy making my own stuff in my spare time but 90% of the comissions I get the guy just wants me to be a printer and copy his concept art 1:1 while 2d artists actually get to input their own thoughts on the subject
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1632447688042.gif (789 KB, 480x360)
789 KB
789 KB GIF
The current hurdle with AI is copyright issues. Disney for example has been notorious with shutting down coomer artist for simply copying their art style.
And it'll depend on the art style too. If its your average concept art, then no one will bother. But if its celshaded/cartoony then it will be more noticeable.

As for 3d, its more complex to replicate full 3d models and their nuance compared to pictures.
3d work would be even easier to automate, AI can already ascertain depth, I've seen it turn 2d pictures into fully topologized models.
AI is the bleeding edge.
It's nothing new by itself but these new nVidia cards are making it very feasible. AI is the future. This whole "but muh 2D/3D !" is just a tiny part of a larger picture. AI tech is for everyone to learn, develop, and figure out how to use it to make bank. Why are you worried it's going to take your job away? Why not go ahead of the curve and learn to code, learn AI, and learn how it can help you become a better whatever?

You like have a horse and carriage and are constantly complaining about these new cars which have been popping off. Just get a car and you'll be fine, don't just stand there and cope.
>3dcg so dead they have autobot AI from /g/posting 24/7
AI is a tool, plain and simple.
Construction workers don't suddenly fear for their job because a new power tool comes out. It simply lets them build something better, faster, and more efficiently.
Sure, any jagoff can use a hammer to drive a nail, and that nail might "get the job done" when it comes to sticking 2 things together and nothing more, but a hammer in the hands of someone capable can do more than just stick 2 boards together.

AI is the same case. 2d, or 3d. Use 2d to generate concepts and iterations faster, and if a 3d AI ever comes about that's actually capable, use that to fill out your scene with 10x more detail than you could have ever done if you had done it by hand. Bonus points if you actually plug in your own concepts (like a thumbnail sketch, or rough blockout) into 2d img2img to flesh it out even more.

AI isn't a shortcut, and it should never be the end result. If you use it in a workflow, it should be used like a creativity multiplier. Just like when you have a beefier GPU you throw bigger scenes and render resolutions at it, with AI you should use it to do more work than you ever could have alone. 2d+3d AI can turn you from a single dude slaving away bit by bit to an entire creative team.

AI is only going to "take yer damn jerbs" if you never had the creative drive to leverage it properly in the first place. And in all honesty, if you couldn't, you probably didn't have a job to take to begin with.

File: 20220816_103958.jpg (564 KB, 2880x2880)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
Where can I commission someone to make a super detailed 3D-printable model of this character? Willing to go as high as $150 for a good quality model.

I'm completely serious
59 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sure, i did the first part with this artist https://www.cgtrader.com/juliancruzart. Sadly he stopped at 50% ish completion, he didn't answer my emails and and had to do the remaining % with another one https://www.cgtrader.com/danielign15. The 2nd artist pretty much did the model from scratch and i contacted a 3rd one for some adjustments for 3D printing https://www.instagram.com/mazmorra_studio/ (this last one have A LOT of experience modeling, he have some really cool Mass Effect models) This 3rd artist does commissions but it's expensive, 2000 and more.

I suggest that you look up on CGTrader artists and contact them for a commission. The first time, i posted a public request and got flooded with answers, none of them looking decent. Just try to be very clear with your request to avoid bad workflow, videos, screencaps and so on are very helpful to artists.
Why does this board attract so many retards like this? This is like the fifth time this whole "durr I want a super omega high detailed 3d model for pennies" thing has happened.
I've seen some charge 3000 for anime models. But I think that's just plain ridiculous.
Well, let give you some idea of price. I talked to people that work for the collectibles industry(I also sculpt, btw) and the price for one of those statues, let's say kotubukya or prime 1, starts at 2k. So if you want to pay 50 USD, expect something really, really simples. If was going to sculpt for you, a model like that with a cool base, I would at least 1k. Check miniac video on YouTube. He commissioned a miniature and the guys sked for 1,2k. So think about it...

All those prices are in USD btw

File: entrepreneur.jpg (38 KB, 739x494)
38 KB
I've sold my stuff before to other studios, be it assets, full environments, tutorials etc. I realize now that it didn't really benefit me long-term and so I have seriously been considering of finding ways to achieve some long term passive income, and ideally try to grow it slowly as time goes on. I don't need to make a quick buck at the moment.

I'm still being asked to create content for other publishers, but I know that I will put in 99% of the work in the whole production, while they will just take it and put it in their stores, earning a huge chunk of percentage off my hard work, giving them a nice income on the side without moving a finger, while I get scraps and some """fame""", which is actually questionable if it will even come. A lot of them have this tactic where they are low key telling you it will be worth it because they are well known in the industry.

But I've been hurt before with that kind of promise, where they say they will handle marketing costs, but really, that "marketing" of theirs is just sharing a post on their social media channels with a few thousand followers, which is kind of pathetic when you think about it. I can do that as well, I regularly get noticed by a lot of people when I post something on the internet, even though I don't have that much following.

So the point of this thread is that I've been considering to begin putting some stuff of mine on various marketplaces, some tutorials on Artstation and some environments on Unreal marketplace, and I've been wondering if anyone here has done the same and if they have some experience with it they would like to share. I know it can be hard at the beginning, but I've seen some people earning ridiculous amounts of money with it on the side.

I'm just sick of being a monkey who does the hard work while someone on top of me earns good money without moving a finger and at this point I think I'm willing to risk it and do it on my own even if I don't sell a fraction of copies, even if I don't sell anything at all. But the fact that there are actually a lot of people who are outright showing the interest in my stuff is telling me that I may be fortunate enough to actually make this viable.

I want to have my stuff on my OWN website and have a control over it for a long time, if you understand it. It still hurts to decline recent offers now because I'll never know if I made a wrong move, but I think I have to do it, do you agree?

Anyone else feeling this way? Am I making a mistake or should I take a risk?

File: chudsbtfo.png (144 KB, 640x427)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
I have finally MASTERED a WORKFLOW to GENERATE infinite amounts AAA indie game using AUTOMATED single button AI.

This patented workflow will SAVE time and money.

Chuds eternally BTFO.
It's sad that this honestly looks BETTER than the absolute slop that Cris produces. It's a lot more stylistically consistent, too.
holy shit? thats actually REVOLUTIONARY. what the fuck? how can we chuds ever recover??
If there are people imitating Cris, this means Cris has become somewhat influential, at least on 4chan.

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