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File: blender.jpg (38 KB, 610x665)
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File: 4v4j34654k56.jpg (47 KB, 500x508)
47 KB
True, but you actually have to blame the Octane devs for this as it is completely in their hands. I stopped using it because their license manager is cancer.
Its almost as if they don't want you to use it...
What's the advantage for a blendlet when cycles is free and GPU capable.

The lack of a curvature node is awful in cycles but that's the only real rendering annoyance I've found
Octane has pretty good and fast pseudo displacement that looks good and doesn't eat up your VRAM.
Its also a very fast renderer, but yeah, I personally don't need it right now.
I've never seen a good render done in cycles. The thing is just shit.

File: 0.png (331 KB, 1481x815)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
Hello, I'm back.
This time, I'll try to make the game world...
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the thread that saved /3/
Now add small tank
File: t5.png (473 KB, 1091x667)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
resize, rotate
boolean (union)
duplicate, rotate
boolean (union)
>boolean (union)

File: qi-sheng-luo-002.jpg (464 KB, 2440x3072)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
What’s the point in doing 3d modeling as a hobby? I don’t understand why people would put themselves through so much work just to create something that doesn’t look as good as what a professional can do. Professionals in the industry spend most of their time doing this type of stuff because it is their job, but a hobbyist has a much more limited amount of time, and would never be able to catch up to a professional and make something as high quality. Why do hobbyists torture themselves so much?
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If you're a creator it doesn't matter all that much what other people are doing, for you it's about what you can create.
The journey and process of figuring stuff out and growing your abilities is itself the main goal and the end product isn't, it's just the result.

Selling your work to get money is just a mercenary grind to sustain yourself, what lights a fire in your heart is something different.
It's not some grift and not about always 'working smarter not harder' letting automated processes stand in for yourself at every point.
It's not about the trendiest most popular subject matter, being the techhipster using the latest most optimized tool for every task
or chasing likes on the webstagramstation.

It's about developing deep understanding and the ability to bring your own imagination to life as you envision it.
If you understand this you have something you can do that provides you with an enduring serenity allowing you to simply exist
in the 'here and now' while doing something you truly enjoy, not always chasing the next big moment.
since i wasnt serious about it, just a hobby
>actual professionals will always be better because they started earlier and continue to grind a lot
are you retarded, most of the people working in the field are very young, "professionals" on average will have 3 years of experience tops and will waste his time doing stupid shit like menaging jira, licking the ass of his boss and doing retopo
professional industry where talent goes to die
as someone who "works in the industry" you should know seniors will make a minority of the teams

also after spending 5 years of grooming hair on fucking next shitty game from naughty dog you think you gained any knowledge to make some nice anatomy study? what if you are stuck laying out uvs all day, the fuck you gained over a guy who used blender for 3 months to learn doing characters from youtube tutorials?
>hobbyists don't grind a lot
>professionals have more time to practice than hobbyists
>hobbyists are always worse than professionals
>the quality of art is determined by the reward
>professionals started earlier than hobbyists
You're trolling or being retarded.

Most artists, let alone the great artists, spend most of their time having fun on their own, not working for other people.

>works in industry
You either don't or just bottom of the barrel bare minimum professional who's likely in it for the paycheck LOl.

File: Screenshot.png (367 KB, 792x438)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
The other thread is too far down the page now.

Get started for free. Houdini is fun and easy:
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how long does it take before I can understand and apply this to my work
3+ years
-1 year if experienced 3d before houdini
-1 year if some programming experience
File: 195725858470.jpg (199 KB, 569x567)
199 KB
199 KB JPG

can someone have a look at this rbd emission set up and tell me where this weird offset is coming from?

i need precise collisions from the emission objects so there's a convex decomp step that might be causing the centroids to shift?
If the "center of mass" method gets the centroid by nonweighted averaging of point positions (docs say "like the bullet solver" which isn't helpful) then it is sensitive to topology.

Tried using the Bound SOP? If you calculate the centroid from the bounding box then topology doesn't affect anything. Extract transform and Match size probably have a slightly different idea where the centroid is so it's better to only use one method throughout.
lol, just tried a bunch of different things that didn't work.

turns out the problem was happening when i rotated the letters.
the centroids shifted off the origin.
fixed that and the standard dopimport points method works fine now.

ta for looking into it.

File: skn.jpg (101 KB, 878x499)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Whats the worst thing in 3D? What do you hate the most?

I totally HATE skinning and rigging. But mostly skinning. It makes no sense, its a waste of time and even after trying lots of plugins, autorigs and skinning tools I cant figure out how to make a proper rig. (Maya)

I prefer to UV 200 objects instead of 1 single human rig.
It's really not once you get the hang of it.
Of course, in order to do that in the first place, you need to have a fascination for mechanics and/or biomechanics, anatomy and form, which most people who get into 3d to bypass drawing entirely to make their shitty fursona or animu waifu and get clout on twitter don't have and never will.
Hey, more job security for me.

Does /3/ possess the skills to model horses
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File: 7845673567.jpg (65 KB, 750x750)
65 KB
File: HORSE SPIN.webm (2.48 MB, 1920x1080)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB WEBM
..................i never rigged her.
Any tips for modeling a horse?
I always wanted to try it but I just can't bring myself to any further after I've modeled the thick juicy cock.
>Any tips for modeling a horse?

look at horse
model horse
as great as ever ;D

File: 1629968049104.jpg (20 KB, 970x415)
20 KB
Picked up 2 new monitors with Display HDR 400. Now before anyone says it dont do nothin, it turns out that only the Edge browser correctly supports hdr youtube as of right now. I was able to do 1:1 on/off comparisons on hdr youtube clips and the difference is amazing.

Now, my question is, how do I flex all this hdr power with blender and unity? I assume at least someone is doing this since almost all new monitors are Display HDR certified?
Return both and get a lg c2 kek.

File: images.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
>model a stylized head from memory
>it comes out rough but cute
>model one from reference
>it comes out much more detailed but doesn't look nearly as attractive
There is no winning is there.
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4chan ate up my post because I'm using firefox but basically I said that I'm gonna put the minimum effort necessary to get a character and maybe I'll export it as a second life character.
I already have a rig and a mesh for the body but I need to improve it, especially the arms and the hands.
I mean my favorite games (3d era gta games and psx harry potter) have main characters with the hands being a single polygon so I don't know what's all this autism about sculpting. It's possible to make great games with shitty models and extremely shitty games with perfectly accurate high res models.
Well, not a single polygon, but one or two cubes.
fucking hell
Right reminds me of Old School Runescape
>this is the skill level of your average dunning kruger /3/ poster
Good god, just give up dude

File: pink.png (558 KB, 1644x1042)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
So they sell on CG trader the files only through an editorial license that I get, but what's with the risky descriptions?
>If you are looking for a commercial license for our models, it is only necessary that you join our Patreon, with that you can market the printed models without limit.
There's no way these Argentinians got the expensive and exclusive merchandising rights from these anime companies. Sure they're not going to get outed by retarded crybaby mutts on polycount or unity who moralize about piracy = grand theft auto and think IP is sacred should stifle creativity and physical property rights, but Pink is in top ten of adult patreon 3d printers. Can someone make sense of this?
the studios decided it's not worth finding their addresses to send a c&d and dmca is not a thing in japan so japanese boomer lawyers dont make a claim
I guess that's it

File: lorenzo-drago-1.jpg (1.44 MB, 1920x2560)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
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>if you're not a white supremecist you must be liberal.
Your 1 dimensional thinking is why your "government" will fuck you out of existence.

Nice job mang! I like your other stuff too. You should get the fuck out of here tho.
oooh I see. that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation anon!
we get it, you snowflakes have nothing worth showing at all. Stay triggered.
Weird. You must not be a coomer, since the best thing we are good at is sculptijng the female body lol.
Still need references though.
the day version is genuinely impressive
the night version looks like one of those shitty "high res" texture mods in a game that just turns up the specularity to 11

I thought marvel had good vfx. What happened?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
imagine actually blaming the artists and not the directors and producers who actually ask for it to look this way
this desu. some people just feel the need to run their mouths to seem relevant and justify a paycheck, it's all politics to them and the product suffers.
corpo artists aren't human!!!!!! Whenever I see a funny pixel on the screen they deserve to be shit on for the talentless hacks they are, they have all that disney money behind them, get paid six gorillion dollars a year and can't even make perfection despite the outrageous requests and deadlines they have to endure!!!!!!
now fucking donate to my patreon, chud, I need to support my favorite solo sfm artist whos better than pixar and makes movies of my favorite sonic inflation fanfiction in his mom's basement. that's real art btw.
That's half the reason. Indians are the other half.
Woke investmentmoney from blackrock makes directors not care for money.
this. i hate indian so fucking much

t. old fag from Rhytm & Hues. the company went bankrupt because of over expansion india and underbidding in vfx pitches

File: IMG-20220429-WA0002.jpg (101 KB, 640x757)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
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>bryce 3d

everything bryce can do is trivially easy in blender
yea but it will lack the "soul" aesthetics of the era
the "soul" comes from the user.
If you can't do it with whatever software, then it just means you are "soulless".
>everything bryce can do is trivially easy in blender

Not sure what you mean. Byce is a landscape and plant generation program/renderer and not really a 3D modeling and animation program like Blender is. Apples and oranges. But you can import models made in other programs into Bryce, though.

And in case anyone is wondering, the renders done with version 1 of Bryce look EXACTLY the same as the ones done with the current version. No need to use the old version. Same with 3DS Max (old vs new version- exactly the same render-wise)
Does Blender have any landscape or plant generation plugins that are simple to use as Bryce's? Also if you're going for an old fashioned look, then Blender (the current version) is not the right choice. It has a very modern looking renderer. But like I said, you can import Blender models into Bryce- like in this picture

What is the best program to start 3d modeling?
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it makes the most sense to start from the beginning, get yourself an old sgi machine off ebay and start using it
valve hammer v3.5

File: rigautism.webm (2.11 MB, 1366x702)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB WEBM
Look at my 3D rigging autism.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
oops, lol.
File: IDLE.gif (17 KB, 256x256)
17 KB

Please stop making new threads for these.
>that screen resolution
>most likely outdated, cheap laptop with 2gb ram
>op is a third world shithole poorfag

i almost feel sorry for you
Glad to see you returned to grace this board with kino

is there a point in becoming a blender user when any other professional package is easier than ever to pirate and gives better overall results?
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Why 'lol'?
File: 995.jpg (91 KB, 662x900)
91 KB
Absolute beginner here, just clicked onto the board, haven't downloaded any software yet, give me the rundown on the main ones. So far I'm leaning zbrush but I honestly don't know jack about anything.
No, eat shit.
ZBrush is the best for sculpting, and Houdini or Blender are good for everything else. You could use Maya and other Autodesk products, but they're expensive and their UIs look out-of-date.
If you try aouodesk have at least 150gb free for MASSIVE bloat

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