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File: 1619030360329[1].png (183 KB, 699x664)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
confess /3/
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It's definitely an improvement.
There's not too much you can do about where the legs meet the torso, simply because there's not enough room there, but everything else is better.
I'd say just keep going, and chalk things up to learning experience for the future.
What the actual fuck, how did you get the job
Maybe his job doesn't involve touching UVs, ever.
There's more than being a generalist.
File: 1626196465230.png (411 KB, 941x1200)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
ive never done 3d and im too afraid to even begin
Well, the best time to start is yesterday anon.
For anything.

File: halo.jpg (167 KB, 1600x900)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>hiring page
>3+ years experience in the industry
>proficient in max, maya, houdini, zbrush
>solid scripting skills
>solid skills with at least one game engine
>understand artistic pipeline and workflow
>strong background in video games
>the end product somehow looks like this
how is it possible? aren't these people supposed to be professionals?
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>JS monkey detected
They'd just get fired for asking if a customer needs extra packs of "sodium chloride"
>Google "ejection port wear"
Waddaya know
None of what you listed applies if you're a diversity hire.
However, having diversity hires gives you that pic.
They dug themselves into this hole. Do the right thing - bury them in it.
This was an old and stanky test build, they're not gonna run everything at full graphics or even hve most of them completed if they're making sure that the game itself works

File: ianhubertshittyclones.jpg (95 KB, 1373x620)
95 KB
They're fucking everywhere on IG, do they not have any originality.
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I wonder if this method of using low res photo textures would work for any scene without rain and fog.
show me

the answer is sorta, it's not meant to hold up to properly modelling every object though it's meant to be super efficient for one person to do, which it very much is.

It's also not used for everything, just stuff it'd be efficient for, blend of full modelling, photoscanning and old school matte painting.
>Dogshit quality photo textures probably all look like garbage close up.

They aren't close up though so it doesn't matter.
Still looks like shit

File: 157781766863.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)
85 KB
Best AMD GPU For a ryzen 3200 G with Vega 8 for less than 200 USD?
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Isn't that an integrated gpu.
I have had no issue with Marv 9.5 on AMD gpu but the other two are painfully true, plz let this scalpocalypse end soon
File: co76exbljuv51.png (2.06 MB, 800x1067)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Just get a RTX 3080 from a store or something.
I saw their system requirements mentioning only nvidia gpus, I might try running it on my amd gpu
> Get job

File: Sornyan.png (985 KB, 1920x1080)
985 KB
985 KB PNG
MMD counts as /3/ content right?
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>Also, MDD ray traced rendering looks nothing like this. I'm pretty sure this was done in blender.
I just used the ray plugin, messed with light values and location of the sun
Then I had to stick red rectangle of light over the alert once I realized it was dark
If you want I can post links to all four things I used for this
Too smooth for MMD. That has to be mocapped.
File: miku.webm (1.07 MB, 720x1280)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB WEBM
mocap is a tool that can be used in MMD, the GOAT of all times animation software.
How do I make an anime avatar you faggot?
File: 1626174722728.jpg (41 KB, 800x788)
41 KB
ANy guide on transferring mocap files to mmd?

File: pc.jpg (40 KB, 452x363)
40 KB
>think about 3D stuff all day
>finally get on computer
>don't want to do 3D stuff anymore
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then it's clear, divorce so you can use Blender unhindered
Thank you kind stranger x
File: Db2gZQPb.jpg (10 KB, 298x298)
10 KB
>Model for nearly 3 years
>Never once make realistic render
>Takes 10-20 seconds for cycles viewport to resolve at a resolution that is useful
>See youtubers modeling in cycles that clear up in seconds
>Want to build new PC to get to their speed
>All GPUs are sold out
>All CPUs are sold out
File: DW24IZkUQAAUvjP.jpg (65 KB, 540x537)
65 KB
picrel worked for me

how does /3/ avoid injury during the long, long hours of modeling and animatin- lol just kidding, how do you avoid injury shitposting instead of creating anything
Ahh, im so sweaty!
Its hot outside!
I just keep an open ear to what my body is telling me. If I feel like laying down and eating cookies, I will do so. Otherwise I will get aches and strains. v4nwd

File: cover1.jpg (620 KB, 1600x900)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
>/3/ mock my 3D skills everytime
>tells me to learn fundamentals
>Spent two months studying photo reference and anatomy books
>Results are way better using only blender and armor paint
>However results are much worse than when I was using industry tools and AAA techniques like kitbashing
>Results doing it the proper "not cheating way" takes 5 times longer in time+effort and looks way worse than the "cheating" ways
>Anons will mock me either way if I do it the "non cheating way" but also if I "cheat"
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File: 1581271633196.png (127 KB, 657x527)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
shrinks your balls, and gives you man-titties if you overdo it, also increases risk of dying younger and make you look like shit when old.
>taking advice
he didnt take our advice at all. He just did what he ever wants to do and hes blaming us because hes a skillless hack
Then go on.
Do retarded shortcuts and see how this will turn out for you.
b a s e d

File: IMG_2834.jpg (786 KB, 1600x1600)
786 KB
786 KB JPG
how many years to reach this level?
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Depends on your commitment
File: Pmepay.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
30 years blending
oh woah, you really did a great job on that piece of art!
>choose your fighter

File: squid.png (517 KB, 1920x986)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
Are any of you cunts actually good at this?
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You're supposed to retopo after sculpting. Maintaining topology isnt feasible.
Anon, you're not supposed to maintain topology when sculpting. Thats why we have retopo tools
I like this character, brings me back to shitty flash 3d game era
File: anatomystudy.png (395 KB, 852x554)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
no i fucking suck
but just know that if you put enough time into ANYTHING you sculpt no matter your skill level it will look good
well as good as the concept can be anyways
File: colonel krud.jpg (505 KB, 1600x1200)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
My computer is broken, so i cant take more screenshots

File: 1623441776583.jpg (56 KB, 750x926)
56 KB
I need a fast renderer for sketchup that's relatively good quality. I pirated bella but it takes forever to render and I need to do a lot of shit quick for university.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i saw this the other day and it seems neat. you need a nvidia 2xxx or up though, but real/neartime and free for non-commercial:


vray is incredibly popular for archviz and you can pirate it for sketchup. definitely look into how to set it up correctly though. here's the newest one:
What about Enscape render?
How is your school not providing you access to their renderfarm?
Or, if you're somehow expected to render it yourself, how is the grading requirement / spec not lowered accordingly? i.e. "Disable reflections, caustics, use simple lighting or pre-baked lighting, low samples"

Or did you put off a lot of stuff and now it's all come due and you're trying to rush?
If you're trying to rush because you're a faggot then your only answer is to use AWS or some other render service and spend your own money to have it remotely rendered by someone else.
export it to blender and use eevee or cycles
what about Twinmotion? the cons are: you need to install epic games launcher and i think unreal engine
pros: its free, its very easy to use. lots of textures and mobiliary are already loaded.

File: 1605189938345.jpg (1.27 MB, 2160x2160)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
Bros, how did my render come out? it took me just 6 hours
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
what, is that 2,5D? why is it so flat?
A little bit less noise for the skin and you're fine, you really went overboard on that.
A black Gman? I like it, very progressive.
Now animate him giving birth

File: woo.png (516 KB, 620x884)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
>create ridiculously cursed 3d animation
>throw it onto a vhs tape
>make the tape's contents digital
>burn the video to disks
>crudely write the name of the video on the disk
>distribute it anonymously by putting them in mailboxes, sneaking them into yard sales, and obvious plant-ing them

Should I do it anons
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
plenty of videophiles use discs because after compression a 480p regular dvd looks better than a 1080p stream
Please, go and play with something shiny.
It would be a lot of effort for very little payoff.
Upload it to Youtube like pamtri and surreal entertainment for le quirky t-pose audience
remember this fucking guy

>looking into machine learning mocap projects on GitHub
>finds several interesting projects by Japanese devs
>only supports .mmd or .vrm models despite being able to export .bvh
Why are the Japanese like this?
to filter frogposters
Because all they care about is getting their anime waifus to dance to shitty music.

As soon as they've got that working, there are no more feeatures they care to add.
>no fun allowed
lack of sex

File: 20210715_171843.jpg (276 KB, 1080x607)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
DreamWorks and Pixar better watch out.


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