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seems like midjourney is killing concept artists slowly and maybe in just a few years (less than 5) they will create an ai that can generate fully rigged 3d models in 5 seconds, what do u guys think about this? does it feel odd to train and create 3d artwork hoping for a job at this point?
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You are incorrectly assuming AI does not improve.
AI improves, and exponentially.
Sure, it sucks now. Sure, it requires a lot of training material now. But money moves the world and this has the potential to become lucrative by replacing artists.
You are drunk on ai
It requires a lot of training material for images and 3D to make slop, because you can't use words to describe these things if you want something specific. You need to know how to make it yourself, or get another human to interpret for you.

>this has the potential to become lucrative
Yeah, like NFTs with a small number of suckers and scammers getting made fun of years later.
>comparing NFT to AI
The cope is literally palpable.
>You are incorrectly assuming AI does not improve.
No, I'm assuming that in order for AI to improve, it needs very large amounts of free data to be trained on. They had that with paintings and images by just going through what's available on google. That amount of data doesn't exist for 3d models and it won't exist in the immediate future as it's proprietary. When you couple that with the technical specs that a model needs to have in order to fit in a production pipeline, you get to the conclusion that usable ai generated 3d models are much further in the future than you doom sayers believe, my estimate is at the closest 7-10 years at the farthest 15-20 years

I made this model of the pig's house from Don't Starve (great game btw) and I can't seam to get and eye for texturing should I go for somethign realistic or do cartoony shading and if anyone can give tips with shader nodes that would be helpful
Why would you want to texture it differently from the reference image?
Just do like in the reference and don't forget to use generator to draw cartoonish black marker on edges.
I don't think DS pig houses would have curved tiles on the roof. I'm pretty sure it's just horizontal wooden boards, like everywhere else. Besides the window, everything else is straight and pointy, which makes the curves tiles stand out in a bad way

Answering your question, I don't see what the problem with the shading is. That's exactly how DS sprites look. They are mostly flat lit with a couple of shadows and you nailed that part.

I have been working on DST modding for quite some time, being really cautious about matching the art style, and that house looks great.
just slap on a noise texture bro

thoughts on this guy? im just bored modeling.
It looks really cool! How did you make it?
It looks cool dude
I'm guessing Blockbench.

File: er132tr43t4t.jpg (510 KB, 1920x1080)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
does anyone know what tf tool this hair tool is from? i did this years ago and forgot what tool i used
Custom Curve Brush.

File: Capture.jpg (84 KB, 1322x699)
84 KB
Debris and clutter is my absolute kryptonite

What's your workflow for creating meshes such as the debris under the billiard table?

Making it artificially in Maya for example looks very fake and unnatural. I'd guess these might be photoscans, but all photoscans I've ever seen of debris like this looks like shit
Ask chat gpt 4 what objects would be present for clutter. See if your ai is worth a damn.
File: 4x03_Debrie.png (959 KB, 1000x563)
959 KB
959 KB PNG
>is debris/human garbage himself
>has trouble modeling it
how ironic.
You could do it the hard way and manually sculpt and texture all those wood planks and wall chunks, that's how it is often done. But you could also go for a 3d scanned solution if you have a good source and can achieve high quality results. Or combine both workflows. Then it's a matter of creating a natural scattering, you can use some tool for that.
Just look at your room if you need ideas for making trash clutter.

Is 3DCG a viable hobby or is traditional art more worth my money and time?
basically with 3dcg you can work on projects for years at a time easily.

Forget about the ai stuff. Its not satisfying.
People making Daz gobbos for Patreon grift can make a ton.
As can other porn producers depending on setup.
>implying you know anything about traditional art
>Is 3DCG a viable hobby
no, you can fuck off now, cris.

File: 1672689245471626.jpg (1.67 MB, 3840x2360)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Redpill me on the hard surface CAD to games workflow /3/. Making a high poly in Moi/Fusion/Rhino, retopoing in Maya/Max for your low-poly then baking in Substance/Marmoset isn't too dissimilar from sculpting in ZBrush and retopoing in your 3D package of choice for characters, right? I'd rather use CAD to design and sketch out weapons instead of having to mess around with vertex modelling to get what I want. Pic related is an example of some of the hard surface kits in The Callisto Protocol made this way.
I forgot to mention but a high poly made in a CAD program could then be brought into ZBrush to add imperfections. I'm struggling to see the downsides of this approach outside of time I guess but even then I'm quick and I'm not working in a studio environment so who cares?
isnt CAD used for arch purposes? can it even do proper hard surface modelling? why not just make the high poly in maya/max, decimate or retopo if needed then texture it in substance?
File: 1668893746086246.jpg (382 KB, 1800x1078)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
>can it even do proper hard surface modelling?
Are you really asking this question? Making pic related is 10000x faster in a CAD program than in a DCC
wait really? then why do game devs never bother with cad but either max or maya for their modelling needs?
>then why do game devs never bother with cad
They do. The pic I posted in the OP is from a game that came out last year and that's mostly CAD that was cleaned up. The boolean -> remesh workflow is also solid but even then it's way quicker working in CAD.

Well boys, what am I in for?
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Yes it fucking does.
I don't use blender for sculpting, but it's a pain in the ass having to important and export shit to and from zbrush when I'm working on something that has poly modelling and sculpting.
I'm working on a project right now and using blender, zbrush, substance painter, plasticity and photoshop. You can't tell me it wouldn't be more convenient to do all of that in one program.
If you don't know then it's of no use to you.
You might find some use with the blender sculpting mode to make small tweeks, but sculpting as a field, you would if it applied to you.

But the advantages are that you can make things that are orders of magnitude more complex than you can make with anything else. You need to use a drawing tablet, and if you don't have a lot of 2D drawing experience then it'll take you a long long time to get good.

pic related was made in zbrush.
Better get to it anon, I used to think I could get by without it until I finally stuck with it until it clicked. Now I prefer to sculpt everything. I probably had around 6,000 hours of poly modeling experience before took the sculpt pill.

Zbrush's UI filtered me for years, so I learned how to sculpt with blender first until I got to where I wanted more features then switched to zbrush full time. Wish I had done it sooner.
I disagree, I actually checked back in on Blender sculp and was surprised to find that Blender sculpt has come a long way and now fits my needs entirely.
Probably the only advantage that Zbrush has over Blender is performance. Blender can get very bogged down at large resolutions. It will also let you do crazy stuff like make the resolution much higher than your hardware can handle so you have to be careful.
Keep in mind, I'm not saying Blender is better, I'm just saying it has everything that I personally need from a sculpting tool. Both softwares have their pros and cons. But do not dismiss Blender sculpt outright just because it's blender. Check it out. And be aware that it has a bit of a learning curve.
File: 1433854643780.jpg (58 KB, 360x498)
58 KB
i have never heard the name "nomad sculpt" before, but it is guaranteed to be better than blender. it could be a spreadsheet program or a hospital bedpan organizing software, you would undoubtedly get better results sculpting in it than in blender.

File: output.webm (3.95 MB, 960x480)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB WEBM
it's literally so fucking over. i thought id be able to make money doing this. ai is coming for us

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It doesn't even need to improve. Tonnes of sucessful games use shitty models.

>I could've spent making it by scratch
The main users are obviously people who can NOT make it from scratch you idiot. Now they can use this instead of hiring you.
holy fucking kek
>Now they can use this instead of hiring you.
>Ordinary people setting up cgi businesses
Holy fucking nope
the fuck you on about retard? Tens of thousands of businesses of all kinds procure 3D models every single day. Soon they'll be able to generate less important background assets. Probably before 2030 the majority of models can be done with prompting instead of paying for extra labor. Or simply buying a library of curated AI generated models.
>it's literally so fucking over.
then fucking leave.

File: Tracerskin1.jpg (36 KB, 325x684)
36 KB
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>Starting is easy. Maintaining the work is hard.
>Now can you spoonfeed me?
the nerve of zoomers
Well thats exactly what I mean. If your sole motivation is to make a few bucks just go work a regular job somewhere, thats more straightforward. Because unless you really dig what you animate and all the other things tied to that (like rigging, modeling, rendering, sound design etc.), youll 1. not produce the quality needed to really succeed, 2. not enjoy yourself doing so - a lose lose.

My tip: find out what your fetish/kink is, what really turns you on and floats your boat. Then do that. Youll enjoy doing it and itll make you happy, youll constantly aim to improve because your horny brain will want the best quality it can get, and because youll put so much effort into it, it will also outperform all the soulless shit people post just for a bit of starbucksmoney.

But hey, just start doing it man, maybe you can prove me wrong and really just shit out crap in half an hour that makes a few hundred bucks a month. Maybe thats enough for you and maybe those few dollars are all you wanted from it.
start by dying in a housefire.
Waste of time comment, faggot.


in this video, they show the software that was used for the 3d models. do any of you know what it is?
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Zoomer here, I for one just prefer the basic and straightforward interface of say, old Maya or 3DS, and I don't have to worry about adding a million shaders and tweaking settings to get a retro look when I can just do it right out of the box
holy cope
Coping with what exactly?
How hard is it to get a pre 4.0 version up and running?
They aren't available unless you have an actual hard copy afaik

Never dead again edition

If you have any recommendation to put in the OP (like anatomy stuff, useful links and shit like that), tell me and I'll save them somewhere until the next thread).

Previous thread: >>894540
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If your intention is to seriously study sculpting anime figures as a job, I highly recommend using ZBrush. If it's just a hobby, then Blender is fine
This depends on the pose, if it is more dynamic, clothes made in A-pose will end up breaking a lot. I always prefer to make clothes and accessories with the model already in the pose.
Zbrush IS better, but sculpting is way more skill than software so it doesn't actually matter. The important skills will transfer over.

If you think you'll need to use zbrush in the future for a job, you might as well get used to it as soon as possible because the UI is extremely weird and unintuitive to say the least. It makes sense after a while, but it's still very frustrating at times.
What's this sort of workflow like?
Pose game model > retopo/subdivide > sculpt details?

I'll be trying it out today, I think I got the pose down but it's the topology that's stumping me.
It's not in this pic but he significantly improves how even the clothes look and I'm trying to figure out how he does it without completely redoing them
Here's an example of the clothes I was talking about
You think he's redoing these from scratch? Or just editing the orgininal dress the model came with

File: maxresdefault.jpg (168 KB, 1280x720)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Tried a bit of Blender recently and found it incredibly unintuitive. Not just the interface, but the entire process of poly modeling. I can do CAD easily, it naturally makes sense to me because all your tools and processes are things you can picture doing to a physical object - you can chamfer or drill a hole in a block of wood just like a CAD model. Vertex-based shit like loop cutting and subdividing makes absolutely zero sense though, it's an entire fucking process just to make a hole through a cube. I just can't get my head around all these bizarre abstract processes.
Any tips on getting around the CAD-minded block, or software that adapts CAD style tools to poly modeling?
Want to make and texture models for renders/games so polygons instead of CAD is a requirement
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Literally just get good. Make models, watch videos, read what other people know, repeat for a year or so. Once you get it it's really easy. It's just a visual representation of math.
CAD is a visual representation of math, Blender is just a bunch of arbitrary points in space
debate losers need to go back
Not OP but thank you anon. There seems to be lots of stuff a beginner like me could learn.
Don't blame blender when you'll have this same problem with yourself using any 3D software, coming from a CAD background.

File: milk.jpg (8 KB, 256x256)
8 KB
milkshape 3D moderators what was the weirdest way you learned 3d modeling?

File: screen3dc.png (436 KB, 1918x1002)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
I am not a modeler, I'm only interested in viewing OBJ/3d files as an artist for reference/practice material.

Funnily enough, there's great online OBJ viewers (Sketchfab, 3Dviewer.net) but I have a problem finding good software for it. The basic Windows 3D viewer is honestly one of the best out there in it's ease of use and fluidity, but it still has a few QoL problems (no X axis rotation etc). I tried to use Blender but the navigation alone is a pain.

Do you have some suggestions for good standalone and simple 3d file viewers in general?

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