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Ask a game industry pro anything and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

I specialize in environments so no, I can't help you much with your coomer content sadly.
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Hmm, yeah, I'm not sure because that seems like it would be way too many unique textures / draw calls per wall, in that case a single uv set with 1 rgb mask for the entire modular set seems like a better idea.

But he just said the walls are using tileable wood, whatever it means. Like, I can see that one small piece of light wood wear in the middle is right on top of the vertex where the edges meet, which makes me thinkg the wear really might just be vertex painted. But I wonder how would the shader be set up so the entire thing is so precise along the edges of the panels and how would that texture which is combined with vertex colors look like if that's the case.
>in that case a single uv set with 1 rgb mask for the entire modular set
To be more clear, what I mean is that the entire modular set could potentially have 1 additional RGB mask to be used for details like this, and all the walls would be packed uniquely on a second uv channel* But he's not using it in this case, nor is it a trimsheet.

The black grunge can easily be vertex painted and it's so blurry, but the sharp edge wear is confusing me and I have a feeling I'm overcomplicating it.

I'm also wondering about the top section with that plaster wear, I see a repeating pattern, so also can't tell what method has been used there. But the variation on the left has less gray grunge between those holes with height info - could it be vertex painted grunge + those holes as decals on top?
File: 1354.png (954 KB, 1027x680)
954 KB
954 KB PNG
OP here, it's a vertex painted mask.
>I'm not sure if vertex painting could create such sharp narrow precise results given the density of the mesh.
Well, you're looking at proof, there you go.
File: 1664112074404546.jpg (125 KB, 826x871)
125 KB
125 KB JPG

...whats so special with this? it looks pretty ordinary!
what is better csg or binary space partioning?


Where the 16 billion dollar were fucking spent?
In what?

Seriously, where the fucking money was spent?

Not even giving every developer hookes and cocaine would cost 16 billion dollars.

What the fuck.
I've seen indie games more polished than this garbage.
I literally see more polished shit on /agdg/

Where the fucking money was spent on?

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Ok Mark
This looks like an AI post rehashing its training data. If not that then maybe paid Faceberg shill.. and maybe that's where the money is being used
to actually answer your question, a good deal of the money probably went to various hardware R&D projects (ASICs, SoCs, sensors, displays, battery, boards, etc) a lot of which probably never ended up revealed to the public due to technology problems (as is typical with R&D).

based on Carmack's statements on leaving, it's pretty clear that a lot of spending was also wasted due to beaurocratic shit and team dysfinction.

I know /3/ is pretty retarded, but just looking at one shitty app and pinning all 16 billion dollars on it is dumber than I would have given you credit for.

suck the suck
Zuck the schizofrenia years

File: A_Woman.png (286 KB, 1024x676)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
I wanna get into 3D modeling to make a comic style 3D version of this 2D tranny-on-a-rope.
How would I go about this?

Is there free program that includes a ragdoll model of a body that could be adapted to this specific body type? Or is there perhaps a more feasable way of doing this?

The only constraint is that the 3D model must be exportable as a GLB file
Try sketchfab for a base mesh
I'm just gonna steal your idea
Use Makehuman for the base. It’s free and easy to use.
Unreal 5 is free and has rag doll physics. you could just use the default mani and just modify the proportions.

File: NVIDIA_logo.svg.png (19 KB, 1024x192)
19 KB

File: 1605439329562.png (344 KB, 453x604)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
Hi /3/,

I'm an architectural designer working on a hockey arena. Currently, I have the building modelled out and am building a walkthrough video that is meant to have moving people in it so that the clients can get an idea of what the space can look like. Give it life, you know?

Anyways, I use lumion for rendering the video, and then put those clips into Premiere Rush to do the final video edit.

What I want to do is find a 3D block, as it were, of a hockey game going on that I could put into the video. One where any angle I'm looking at the rink, it looks like there's just players skating around.

Is this possible? And if so, where would I get these 3D blocks to insert?

Pic not related
you're not an architectural designer, cris.

File: 1668560642267967.jpg (96 KB, 1080x953)
96 KB
All I want is the zbrush of retopo, is that too much to ask?

>but zbrush, but other garbage
I want something solid.
Not just put each vertex on top and basically just draw the model just like blender does retopo.

Eat shit.

Fucking piece of shit pablo for making his retopo tool only for ipad.
Fuck that shit.
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Hi Cris. I hope your uncle rapes you to death. Have an awful decade.
you have no idea what you're talking about.
all you need to do in zbrush is to draw a few guiding edgeloops and it will fill in the rest in a matter of seconds. you can also combine this with vertex painting to control the density. maybe 2 minutes of work for a face and the results are fantastic.

have fun manually drawing quads you braindead drone.
File: 2023Update.png (2.62 MB, 4856x2512)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB PNG
Go kill yourself cris. i know its you
If you're not doing facial animation and just want a retopo that's good enough for UV unwrapping, why not spend a few $ on the exoside quad remesher.
It's the same auto remesher in zbrush basically, and it gives great results. Speedchar uses it constantly as part of his blender workflow.
You can try it free for a month, then if you're too poor to shell out $100 for the perpetual license, just $5/mo while you make a game that will earn enough that you can afford basic tools.
3dcoat or topogun

File: 1670552642592777.jpg (25 KB, 542x572)
25 KB
>buy fancy GPU
>realize rendering is all done by CPU, and only on a single core
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CPUs handles complex tasks
GPUs handles trillions of simple tasks
because you don't use cycles
what did you buy?
what is your renderer?
Sweeney pls go
File: 1661065405658.jpg (41 KB, 750x750)
41 KB
Post your model, NOW!

File: blender.png (1.04 MB, 964x544)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG

Do you think wakaliwood uses blender?

Pretty sure he runs blender, because I doubt his PC can run maya or 3D max, and blender is free anyway.
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thats pre 2.79 blender
also holy shit they actually use niglets labor for cgi work
pirated vegas pro as i remember
>also holy shit they actually use niglets labor for cgi work
that's based honestly. can't imagine how bored i'd be living in the slums like that.
File: img-2023-01-22-00-01-48.png (1.46 MB, 1438x809)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
wakaliwood is based and SOUL.

>he literally assembled his cg workstation out of e-waste parts.
thats pretty cyber-, and absolutely fucking -PUNK
wtf are you supposed to do as a niglet? go to school? so you're poor anyway? better start working so at least you earn money from an earlier age

what are your opinions on this skull I'm a part way through sculpting in blender? I've just gotten into sculpting and still very beg. any advice?
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lmao, holy this.
I was thinking the situation was something like that too. When someone makes a thread like this, there's usually just one guy doing this shit, and he typically goes on a tangent about ego or something related, likely because he himself has an ego problem and projects his worldview onto other people.
Looks kinda like an African skull, were you going for that?
File: skul.png (277 KB, 694x753)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
thats very nice OP
your post inspired me to try sculpting, but mine isnt as nice as yours
what's this cheeky fella so chipper about then?

File: screen3.png (345 KB, 1431x894)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
Is there a way to capture and debug frames in games that are not development builds? (Yes I literally wanna analyze someone's else game for fun)
Tried running couple games through RenderDoc, no luck. Also tried RenderDoc with Android games, still no luck. Any alternatives?
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knowing what dx state a release build of an engine without the source is in != knowing what it is actually doing.....jeez
>debug frames
just say you want to rip the models for lewd purposes, anon. its okay.
Right now I'm mostly interested in Genshin Impact’s enviro
if you want to "extract" the environment so you can navigate them with a free camera to look for secrets/out of bounds things, RenderDoc probably not the way. frame debugger usually just allow you to extract what's already rendered in a single frame thats already processed by LoD and frustum culling so you cant get the unseen stuff
Just curious what's behind storm effects and such

Hello /3/, I've been thinking of putting together a small team in a few years to make a short CG movie.
Most of my work experience is in Blender, so as a 3D generalist, that's the software I'd prefer to use, but I already know that I would need to integrate in the pipeline:
-Houdini for the FXTD
-Zbrush for the character artist
-Possibly Maya for an extra animator
I know Blender gets a lot of shit for only being good for lone artists (point taken, we were a team of two at the job where we used Blender), but I'd like to know if there is a clear consensus on the biggest obstacles to Blender being production-ready, to see if there are ways to get around those problems for my project
Here's what I remember being criticised:
>No batch rendering
We'll probably rent out a render farm, otherwise there's Renderpilot
>Performance problems
We'll do sculpting and sims in separate programs
>Neglected features, like animation tools or texture painting
There's addons to improve these two
>Cycles is slow
Not anymore, at least not with all the denoising tools

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you dont have the rights for that title.
it's a prequel to se7en where john doe is a toddler in kindergarten and reminds the other kids not to sin while shitting his diapies. it's going to be hilarious.
>You sound like you're LARPing and haven't actually took any steps toward this goal.
Correct, I'm only brainstorming ATM
>You also haven't told us anything about the style you're going for
I would err towards photorealism, animals only, with surreal, dream-like visuals. I didn't mention it because I didn't think it was pertinent
>(You) expect us to give you advice better than what you can come up with yourself, which is a red flag.
Why is that? Do you think it shows a lack of confidence? From my POV, I just think many brains is better than one to solve a problem, that's what forums are for
>You sound like you're LARPing and haven't actually took any steps toward this goal.
>Correct, I'm only brainstorming ATM
Well, correct except for the LARPing part, I must clarify hehe
Ohhh, a Boss baby/Se7en crossover? A daring proposal

File: aAAAAAAAAAA.jpg (463 KB, 1920x1080)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
oh ny god
why its so frustrating to sculpt proper aesthetically pleasing face
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Torrents. The eastern Europe style
humble-bragging, on possibly the most talentless 3d-related board on the web, is almost incomprehensibly pathetic. you're just a tiny step away from sending your WIP to your fucking mom or estranged aunt. kys dude
post your work
you _don't_ have a sound grasp on anatomy. You are not going to make it without study...
what? You still even havent started. You just blocked out the features.
Keep going.

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looks cute doesnt it
File: 1655004346880.webm (223 KB, 512x480)
223 KB
File: 1644571973690.webm (140 KB, 480x400)
140 KB
bump just once
My god

File: 1666854621632.jpg (99 KB, 700x700)
99 KB
>all your works should go through pp
>affinity doesn't even have face-aware liquify
>neither does pea

what the fuck does this mean anon
>works should go through peepee
>face-aware liquify = semen on face
>pea = mispelled pee
Op is a fetishist that likes to cum and pee on his 3D-printed figurines.
What prompts did you use for the pic?
I've had it on my hdd for 9 years

File: download.jfif.jpg (7 KB, 212x238)
7 KB

wtf bros, this is much better than AI.
This changes entirelly my animation process.
Nobody cares about your technique of the week, Cris.

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