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Does anyone have any experience with Character Creator 4? Is it good for making 3D models?
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>I don't want to learn how to do 3D models

you've come to the right place!
They have a terrible license. You have to ask them for permission to use their assets for commercial purposes. Probably to prevent coomers from using their software.
CC3 was kind of obtuse and had middling results.
Then again, I was probably using it wrong.

If this is the case, might I recommend DAZ. That's like 90% of the "community" right there. All the cringe of Second Life, boiled down into a single piece of software.
With that comes a lot more support and assets to pick/choose from
I've never used it though, so I don't really know how user friendly it is to CC. DAZ users like to think themselves "real 3d modellers" though, so do with that information what you will.
pretty shit, its good to just create something but you cant use it for anything tangible, i dont see the point, and all the youtube tutorials are not sharing info like that nigger solomon bastard

File: 1635253868883.jpg (128 KB, 495x370)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Hey brothers, I got a question. What would I need to learn to be able to make videos somewhat like this?


I doesn't need to be great, if I can just throw together some presets and tweak some value and I'm happy. The more shortcuts the better. I got both a PC and a Mac, so there are no limits software wise.

Context, I'm a musician and recently got my YT artist account approved and want to release a track there exclusively so it gets some traction.
The creator says he uses vdmx and modul8, probably worth checking their website to see if they have further explanation
File: 1641762553810.png (2.58 MB, 2880x1800)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
> vdmx
I'm feeling ever so slightly out of my depth here. Still thanks thought, Such an obvious answer to my question that I was blind to. Guess I'll go brew some coffee and start reading some tutorials.
Looks intimidating, but is actually pretty easy to use. You can do it for sure.
lol just fuck around with the sliders and inputs I bet you'll get the hang of it pretty quick
Similar could probably done in Houdini + After Effects, maybe even Cinema 4D

File: 1632586943582.jpg (360 KB, 1750x2000)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
...is Advanced Skeleton worth $750?
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its free to download on his website you idiot
File: arn.png (692 KB, 425x624)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
idk, big bicep do be retarded looking sometimes
that doesnt clarify anything
im sorry that you are retarded.
Yes, but you should probably specify at the end in a little slide or single image all credits and acknowledgement to other people's works, IP, etc even if it's public domain/cc0

File: ogH9qWp-770x962.jpg (90 KB, 770x962)
90 KB
This board is so fucking boring. People here are so confidently elitist when its super obvious to anyone who knows a decent amount of CG how far their head is up their own ass. You people give the dumbest takes because you think it makes you look like you know what you're talking about. It's fine to not know a lot, this field is huge, very abstracted, and there aren't a lot of great resources to get a cohesive understanding of everything.

>blender is bad
>no blender is good

People who tend not to be very good at their art get so fixated on the tools, that they don't develop the skills. Any of the popular software out there can be used to make great things. It literally does not fucking matter.

Stop mindlessly bickering over your preferred software so I can see some actually interesting shit
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imagine: you guys put as much effort into your WIP instead of your mouth...
and the
>this board is a shadow of.. .etc. etc.
Some good sense
/imagine you guys put as much effort into your WIP instead of your mouth, 4k, hyperdetailed, unreal engine render, artstation trending, beautiful, photorealistic, —ar 4:20, —testp
haha loser

Can someone explain how weapon textures from cod 2 looked low res and high res at the same time? Like the general look of it is low res but if you look closely you can see sharp details (especially noticeable on the steel part)
Differences in texel densities, I think
why would they want to have inconsistent texel densities?
They didn't want to, they had to for performance reasons. All the detail went in the weapons, hands and faces, rest of the body got a lower resolution.
But in this case it might not even be a different texel resolution, its just the distance to camera.
Its his thumb in the foreground and it has the same resolution as the other one, its just too close to the camera.
it's called a bump map, you think too much about just try to have something that doesn't suck and actually work

File: vr chat.jpg (119 KB, 1079x1080)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I wanted to enter this gig and make some quick buck out of it but I'm out of date with the tools. Does everyone use VRoid Blender nowadays? Or are there any noticeable limitation in VRroid compared to Unity3D when we are talking about the scope of anime avatars?
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tutorial in japanese
>tutorial in japanese
since when?
>can you make serious money with those animu avatars?

No. You will not beat the japs at animu.

However, you can make serious money with furry avatars.
Japs got both of those covered but most people here ain't with it anyways. This place is kitbasher paradise instead of making the shit kitbashers want.

This general is software agnostic. Come, discuss and ask all about sculpting in your favourite software

Tell me everything you think should be in the OP (useful links, FAQs, etc.)
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Voxel remesh
Don't sculpt like an idiot
use artist anatomy books and guides. b-ok.cc
File: face sculpt.png (217 KB, 448x676)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
is this looking human?
a bit late, but thank you anon. the more i explore artstation, i more i realize you use either sculpting or just the traditional technique depending on what you're making i guess
File: PSX_20220919_002800.png (2.36 MB, 1290x2398)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB PNG
Anatomy sculpt practice. Still having trouble wrapping my head around sculpting the legs. thoughts?

File: Capture.png (124 KB, 1229x524)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Where can i find measurements and pictures for gun parts? Every time I try to model I would give up just because I don't have enough references on the part I'm modeling

Are there any websites that have blueprints for each part of the gun
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ask on /k/ next time.
defcad reference
lol yeah let me just violate ITAR and send you gun part schematics. You're going to have to buy the part yourself and model it using gauges and calipers.
unless of course you live somewhere that isn't the USA in which case lol get rekt
>Where can i find measurements and pictures for gun parts?
Dude literally just look up "picatinny rail measurements" and "gun schematic" or "gun blueprint" on Jewgle, it's that easy
yeah no shit
im looking for any specific websites that actually made for this thing
yeah WHICH thing? depending on the gun there might not be any info yet dude

Has anyone here made their own tutorials? I did, for porting Skyrim waifus, clothing, and sets to Blender. It was pretty fun.


Banging your head against Skyrim's file formats really makes you hate the engine design. Modders made decent body sculpting tools for it, though, so here we are. If anyone decides to try it out, please enjoy.
/3/ can't even follow tutorials
If you're a modder it's just backwards of how you create assets for this game and much simpler because you don't have to fuck around with nodes
I did a few, but i won't tell on what because i value my privacy.
I got one 95% complete for making vehicle suspensions in Blender, but never actually bothered to finish that last 5% and upload it. It was supposed to launch in conjunction with a Gumroad rig that you could just buy if you were lazy and didn't want to follow the tutorial, or you were just retarded. I made the tut "easy" enough to understand if you knew what the fuck you were doing, but I purposefully didn't hold any hands for the beginners, both to incentivize buying that shit, and also because catering to beginners wastes a fuckton of time (though the tut still ran 15 mins).
I've done one, for exporting .x files for MMD using a roundabout way after they killed .x exporting in 2.8, and I intend to remake the sites blender tutorial as well for 2.8+, but I'm just slow and lazy
smell it here: https://learnmmd.com/http:/learnmmd.com/create-export-x-files-in-blender-3-using-pmxe/
It's made for kiddywinks

File: 1637223594680.jpg (164 KB, 1280x720)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
What did you think of the top 100 renders?
boring, poorly lit, unauthorized use of IP
I went through some of the entire submissions video. Thanks for the chuckle at 51:26 Zagadov, wherever you are.
i dont know why this guy in youtube isn't shutdown by 100 of the biggest companies.
File: hmmm.jpg (67 KB, 640x775)
67 KB
@2:24: Isn't that the China Hitman 3 level?

File: Coin.png (1.81 MB, 1363x715)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
> 500,000 budget.
> Over a year to make.
> Hired multiple people who are professionals in motion picture films.

How did the animation end up like this? Lack of budget, bad directors, not enough time or did they genuinely not care about how it was going to end up?

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Holy fuck, I can't believe I despised BAYC so much. They're actually comedic geniuses.
lmao I never realized those dumb ape nfts were based
File: seneca-opener.png (741 KB, 1581x1054)
741 KB
741 KB PNG

They even managed to get a video removed from the YouTube search results covering this topic.

> Phillion's Video
[YouTube] BORED APE NAZI CLUB (embed)

> I despised BAYC so much
Same. I feel that way about any NFT collection that isn't made by the artist themselves. It's literally just companies paying a group of artist to make art to then reselling it for an extremely unmarked price. Fantastic way to remove the passion and appreciation of the art into just another soulless way of making money. Some of the artist aren't even credited in the art either like Seneca (pic related) who was behind the body of the bored apes where others worked on environments and what not.
No wonder there was more shilling against NFTs than actual exploitative microtransactions from mobile games.
File: 1376563149138.jpg (60 KB, 449x401)
60 KB
Why the fuck would you put real effort (talking about the dudes who made that animation) into something that is obviously a scam?

Are u stupid?

File: DiYugAQU0AArsCA.jpg (102 KB, 768x1024)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Because just the name of it still makes Autodesk Jews seethe
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just had to uninstall visual c++ redist 2012 and everything went fine. Is there any way to no have to drop the tools after I use them? It feels a bit cumbersome a la mode like this.
Anyone? Is there any way to not have to drop the tools after I use them? Or at least to do it using any key other than the tool's hotkey itself?
What's gonna get you good at 3D modeling is practicing with successful modeling projects each progressing in difficulty.
The program doesn't matter, just try a few, follow some tutorials, then stick with the one you liked best.
Read the goddamn documentation, it's there for a reason zoomzalot.
I read Psionic3D tuts for fuckin Milkshape, bro.

Anyway, you and I are talking about two different things. They asked "which program should I pick to get good at 3d modeling". You're answering "how to know the inside outs of the program?"

File: 1660855558254.jpg (90 KB, 628x256)
90 KB
What happened to video game menus?
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yet another argument against games as a service
File: maxresdefault.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
Most of these games just do the advertising kikery with a full screen pop up before you get into the game anyway.
Also the OP is a retarded zoomer that doesn't remember that basically every call of duty main menu except for BO1 were just static images with some 2D fog that would slowly drift across the screen BO2 and BO3 both had actual 3D models but neither had a direct connection to the opening cutscene like BO1 did.
Pic related, MW2 the game right before BO1.
black ops 1 was the best call of duty game change my mind
CoD4 bringing AAA FPS games out of WW2 literally revolutionized the industry.
BO1 had the best zombies IMO
BO3 (with ZC) if I had to pick 1 game with a shitload of content
>Most of these games just do the advertising kikery with a full screen pop up before you get into the game anyway.
I think the word you're looking for is "on top of everything else", the regular game menus are also filled with as many banner ads, shop buttons, and calls to action as the UI will fit.

File: 1641133990896.png (3 KB, 186x186)
3 KB
Finally, a good free engine. Anyone using it?

FWIW, unrealshit isnt free, since in the license you have to pay up past a certain amount. Real free engines would never have those stipulations.
30 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>FBX importer doesn't work
Thank god I hope that shit stays fucking broken the FBX file format needs to fucking die.
checking it but it doesn't look like unity and im confused and don't want to put in effort to not be confused
Use unity as a level-editor and write an engine yourself, or do web-dev until you have money to hire people to wrie a basic engine for your specific use-case if you hate paying to Epic so much.
> or do web-dev until you have money
the web is dead, Jim

File: untitled.jpg (192 KB, 2000x2000)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
I'm looking to get into 3d modeling/animation in blender. my gaming rig is struggling to keep up with highres rendering, what are the odds that my library would let me use their computers to render from a usb drive loaded with my favorite distro of linux? it takes several hours each to render animations over 30 min long on my pc, imma try running a batch file at home then go to the library and use their computer army I doubt see much use and have those things chug away. they have a lot of potatoes iirc. like, a LOT. i have like 40 flash drives loaded with linux mint, 10 loaded with other distros and another that holds all my .blend files. its almost full of them despite being a 64gb stick; if it takes roughly 8 hours/min with 30 potatoes I can average around 16 min/minute of animation and they are open around 14 hrs/ day so yeah. if nobody can say, I'll just walk in and ask tomorrow. I've been using a pattern of animate, save file, then around the end of the month batch render them all. that way I maximize both my shitposting capacity and my hours of practice. if that doesn't work I'll just buy a shitload of rpis and use all my old boost/buck converters to make a mega potato rendering cluster with 1 18650 cell each for the monthly render spree. today I'm backing up all my files and loading up all my linux drives with the blend files and making a batch file for 20 5-ish minute renders w/ cycles @ 100 samples each. my gaming pc will handle all the longer ones I want ray tracing on. despite all my effort and practice i'm still really bad at blender, might be some sort of learning disorder. if you actually read this novel, congrats and ty i guess.
didn't expect anyone to lol.
did not read it all but don't render on linux, simple as
Condense what you have to say in to a paragraph or don't bother next time. Rendering the background and characters separately, and using denoising after lowering the sample count will speed up render times.
every single time

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