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File: 3ds.png (162 KB, 606x432)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
3DS MAX is fucking trash

Long ass fucking loading

Ancient codes

The UI is horrendous, it makes me want to kill myself, imagine looking at it full time job lmao

Everything is SO unresponsive, literally everything i do in the program has a small delay that ticks the fuck out of me. At least in Maya and Blender i feel like im in control. Hell, even Modo is more responsive.

Program crashes half the time for stupid reasons.

3DS 2020 looks like something from 2012

Its an overrated trash
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This. Max is pretty embedded in big swaths of games, and even more so with energy and other fields that use Max for training and marketing materials.
Holy fuck yeah, 3DSM deleted my last-saved and reverted my shit to the first save iteration. AND THE LATEST VERSION IS STILL ON THE AUTOSAVE.

Holy fuck I almost lost my school work because of this.
>3DSM deleted my last-saved
Sounds like user error.
Sounds like a user skill problem.
2008 3Dmax is better

File: 1595182660630.png (8 KB, 500x360)
8 KB
Fuck you, Adobe.
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>using invite trackers
lmao ok cliquelet
Continue using ur current version :3(
Activate ur product :3)
sour grapes
File: 1606360953334.gif (848 KB, 235x235)
848 KB
848 KB GIF
It's shit like this that makes me pirate software.
pirate it retard

File: 1587296512900.png (1.2 MB, 2500x1380)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Is there an easy way to pose something like this?
Posing in xnalara seems even more annoying with all the sliders and needing to browsing for bones from a list, though.

File: 1604445133323.jpg (24 KB, 640x483)
24 KB
I just realized I'm stuck to low poly anime graphics if I want to realistically finish a videogame as a single guy.
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Ps1 graphics are kinda shit.
Ps2 graphics are good enough.
PS3 graphics hold up fine to this day (there's barely been any fucking improvement thats noticeable)
What are you guys talking about ps3 graphics being easier to achieve? The workflow is literally the same, and you will automatically get a better looking game because the rendering in engines got better. It's not like it would be a different process to model and texture a ps3 looking model vs a ps5 looking model.
I don't see the issue there, those are charming as hell.
Looks perfectly fine compared to anything else made in the last 15 years
Phone tourist here. Don't be afraid to take your time to deliver a quality project. Games of passion are always worth the effort. If you have a good idea then the community will notice and maybe you'll even get community support as well.

>Board constantly over-exaggerates the importance of quads
>Treats quads like the FDA treated weed in the 80s
>”Huh, why are so many anons so hesitant about using triangles?”

Fuck you all. Triangles were find to use after all. I can’t tell you how many projects and models I’ve scrapped because I thought that keeping quads was a sacred commandments. Fuck you all
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remesher sometimes helps to get a beautiful mesh with quads
Quads are good for subdiv, but spoiler all 3d engines subdiv quads into tris anyways just keep improving your workflow and quad making ability, hard edges vs soft
Will it work on game engines?
you're the dumbest gorilla nigger
File: dumb frog.gif (898 KB, 487x560)
898 KB
898 KB GIF
>blindly following everything anon tells you
>waah why didnt it work out
read nigga read

File: lowpoly.png (46 KB, 649x653)
46 KB
How easily is the style in [pic related] obtained by a beginner?
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pixel art aint easy, on top of that you need some god tier uv mapping, seems a nightmare... i could be wrong though
>Stop being a conformist

It isn't about being a conformist or being unconventional. Both have their merits at times, it's just when you're
being unconventional you need to make extra sure that your out of the box thinking or behavior actually benefits you in some way you intend.

Using ones membership in an organization for smart people as carte blanche that whatever you come up with is valid is very very stupid.

Example: One guy on the local Mensa forums conducted mental acrobatics and constructed what to him seemed like this really airtight case
for how it was ok for him to be a pedophile and how it would be incorrect for anybody to judge him.
So convinced of the ingenuity in his message dude was he proceeded to post this brilliant idea of his for all to read.
Placed himself in instant checkmate without passing go, lost his wife (who was also a Mensa member posting on the very same forum)
his friends, his job and his reputation and became a pariah to everyone.

Lesson: Sometimes the more deviant you are the more you need to ensure you're conforming to being conventional.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>I was shocked to learn that was from notch's cancelled game
it's not, retard
It's not cancelled or it's not from his game?
Because it both is.
>It isn't about being a conformist or being unconventional. Both have their merits at times, it's just when you're
>being unconventional you need to make extra sure that your out of the box thinking or behavior actually benefits you in some way you intend.
No, that's completely wrong and is basically conformism on a different level. You're putting material gains above personal coherence and acting in accordance with what you deem true, which is unthinking and sheepish behaviour: the essence of conformism. Had everybody in history acted so opportunistically we would still be serfs to feudal lords or their ancient equivalent, cattle with no science, no philosophy, no higher thought whatsoever. I agree with the fact that "Self-doubt is a beautiful thing and the hallmark of something much more valuable than raw intelligence, raw wisdom" but the best way to temperate your hubris isn't blending in with the crowd, that's bound to make yourself even more prideful and distant from humanity because what others see of you is a mask and the vast majority of your truer self is hidden away in some distant corner of your mind, until all that time spent trying to fit in and uncapable of forming true bonds make you forget yourself and your alienation slowly turns first into a profound unsatisfaction, then into apathy, or hatred. I've seen it happen and I still see it happen to people all around me. The cure for intellectual hubris isn't less courage, but more, and not when dealing with others but with yourself, with your own self complacency, with all the little crevices and holes in your personality that cowardice may find a refuge in, even if this means getting royally fucked in the ass by the circumstances. I'm not saying you need to be a naive idealist, but for me it's either this or living like a bot.

Would having a glasses free 3D monitor help with 3D modeling?
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It's always fucking medical use
wtf am I looking at?
I actually found a pretty interesting startup company that specializes in glasses free 3D monitors with head tracking.


File: 75.jpg (225 KB, 1920x1169)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
where can I promote my 3D art?
ps. it's porn
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iwara.tv is pretty well known and many porn artists are getting patreon shekels from posting there.
checked and based
nice tits
Don't give me a you unless OP updates his portfolio

File: 1598324727020.gif (2.26 MB, 320x240)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB GIF
>mfw unreal uses a raytracer with a denoiser
>Mfw unity deprecated enlighten and only has a lightmapper as of 2021
>Mfw godot has instead a sdf voxel raymarching gi solution
>Mfw godot solution is not a raytracer and therefore 1000 times faster than unreal solution
>Mfw godot literally will have unreal 5 graphics on seven year old gpus
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
You will never ever make a game
Godot is good for 2d but never for 3d. It breaks every single one of your models if you import it unless if you use a specific workflow.

It's also less flexible than Unity and UE4 since you have to arrange nodes in a specific way.
Those rocks are too smooth to be PS2
But what about cunning
>Lest we forget the one very talented graphics programmer vblanco made a PR that improved performance significantly in godot, but was denied because it was too hard to understand.
got a link for that? Quick google only found that they refused it since they are changing to vulkan anyway.
>I discussed with vblanco already. This work will not be merged into master (but may be used as reference), as the entire rendering code is being rewritten for the Vulkan port. Similar (and even greater) performance improvements should be expected for Godot 4.0.

>Helping getting this merged into the 3.0 branch is not worth it because it will require significant time (both merging and later doing evntual fixes, as the current code is slower but it's extremely well tested and stable). Right now full focus on rendering is for the 4.0 branch, which we aim to release as soon as possible.

File: Capture.png (5 KB, 265x226)
5 KB
Anyone know how I can curve this right angle smoothly?
what program OP
File: asdasdassda.jpg (41 KB, 1210x950)
41 KB
Select the inner edge and press b to bevel it. you can scroll to add more segments, making it smoother.

Unrelated, but but is there a blender general right now? There are a ton of new threads that would fit in there instead of shitting up the board
I'm using blender

File: 536356536.png (200 KB, 1152x476)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Why do people want to get a job in the industry? Why don't they want to become independent and only work on their own stuff or make assets to sell them on asset stores? Why do they so desperately want to become a slave to some weird CEO who pushes agendas through AAA games?
Or is working in the industry fun?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
to me it is not as exciting, but working remotely does not give me the same feeling. It feels like I have to force myself to do the work. I really like being in the same building because when everything starts working and everyone is doing great work you can feel the energy in the air, it's like exponential.

(I should note that I haven't worked on great projects, I've mostly been in-house at mobile game studios due to my country, but even working on trash you can do good work as a team and feel great about it)
Selling assets is not gonna happen. Are YOU selling assets successfully, perhaps? You have to be super good, produce content super fast and still you will struggle because of a ridiculous competition.
it's your only option. other options would be
>getting hired at a shit job
>getting hired at a good job (if you are lucky and skilled enough to get the job)
>welfare/minimum wage job
That answers your question about why people just don't go indie. It's hard and often doesn't work out.

I want to work in the industry since I am financially well off unlike you faggots.

File: lines.png (54 KB, 248x203)
54 KB
I've got these see-through lines where a see-through plane intersects with the polygons - as in, that is the edge of the transparent plane you see there. Any fixes?
To anyone reading, I didn't fix it, but I did find a workaround. I didn't make the model myself, but exported it from a game, therefore I have no idea how it was made originally, but extruding the mesh backwards, so it's not only 1 plane, seemed to remove it.
I have had a similar problem when two edges or primitives overlap or any 3d shape shares space with another. When it renders it creates a line where the two overlap.

File: YanSculpts.jpg (123 KB, 900x900)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Why do his models look so uninspired?
29 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
so your concept of "soul" is that sluts that dye their hair bright colors are better than natural redheads? your soul is a faggot.


imagine being a contrarian to the point where you'll bat for this garbage. generic disney is infinitely better than a straight up retarded-looking character with square tubes coming out of her head. you guys are ngmi
Honestly as generic as it is, it's an improvement
>made for bbc

You blacks are subhuman apes. Not killing you all was a grave mistake which one day will be corrected.

From sculpting to animating, the whole process, would you say it is largely dominated by the artistic side of the brain or by the logical-mathematical one?
Provide your best answer
62 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
100% artistic skills, there are people with 8 years of experince yet they cant tell their model is shit
Ultra based and 100% true
How hard is for an artist to learn enough CS to animate the models they create? I am on the other side of the spectrum, I can create sculptures fairly well and create pretty renders, but I cannot rig or animate myself. I only use zbrush and keyshot. Do I have to know programming and all that stuff to use Maya?
Not him, but you don't need CS knowledge to animate. Maybe a bit of scripting (Python or DCC native) to make your life easier and certainly for rigging, but that's simple compared to CS and anybody can learn it with high school education.
Oh, cool

File: memeeman.jpg (19 KB, 800x450)
19 KB
>Create ArtStation account and upload some art.
>5 followers the first hour.
>1 even had the pro tag
Am I gonna make it bros? (Serious answers only)
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Literally had 5 of them do this to me.
Im still getting followed faggots. It seems like with every render I upload a new pro follows me. Soon I'll get all the pros on my side. Suck it losers.
Gotta catch'em all! 3D-mon!
Yep, this is what I do to amateur Blendlets on Instagram as well.
They're just doing this to get you to interact with their posts. It's like how IG bots randomly follow people hoping they'll follow back.

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