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File: images (35).jpg (17 KB, 738x415)
17 KB
Does anyone here know a good Houdini tutorial/course online that covers as much as possible? I'm willing to pay
bump, doesn't there website have tuts?

I don't know.

File: apu helper.jpg (6 KB, 250x191)
6 KB
Does anyone here have experience freelancing? How did you start out?

I've been scoping Upwork and others and while it seems worthwhile, it looks pretty hard to get a contract without having done previous work on the platform
Post in discords for whatever niche you are targeting and post on art station, instagram and twitter. People will come to you if you are good enough. Upwork and fiver aren't bad options tho, do that as well.
I'm focusing on doing product visualization right now, so I don't know any other way of meeting clients outside of these platforms. Maybe instagram ads?
Instagram or facebook ads, I heard they got really expensive since Covid though. Product visualization is more of a professional endevour. Maybe create a LinkedIn if you don't have one already.
Remember, this is the first frogpost from 10 that will start popping up
File: apus.jpg (8 KB, 296x170)
8 KB
Why, are you afraid of frogs?

File: cinema4dr23_001.jpg (222 KB, 1420x946)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Why is there no thread for this patrician software just getting better at a very rapid pace?
Why are you not watching the amazing presentations?
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my twitter (You)s went from hardly breaking 50 to going up into the lower thousands after switching to C4D. loving it
Why are astronauts so much of a fad among C4D users (and mo-graph in general)?
File: file.png (853 KB, 910x839)
853 KB
853 KB PNG
because this exists

poast the pirated version
i dont know why but c4d since forever had this onions-boy flare. I can smell if a project was made with c4d and it's always reddit tier.
Maya fag here btw

Ok, a bit time sensitive but not to bad.
I got a lot of time on my hands, and kind of want to dick around with 3d.

The main thing that always held me back is how much of an absolute bitch it is to do nearly anything that should be simple, because we have to allow 100% creative freedom to people at all times even if it makes no sense to do so.

as I was thinking that, umodeler got put in a humble bundle.
I kind of want to dick around with a simple game idea, so it kind of works out. I also know some people have game engines for their 3d art so they can walk around it.
everything about umodeler screams ease of use, kind of like modo did.

my question is, are there any 3d programs that do what umodeler does in terms of rapid prototyping?
I also want to print 3d minies, so I did consider this just for alight 'cad' use
I also considered blocking out with this to move the object from this to 3d coat, blender, or zbrush to sculpt further.

any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
File: 1594507686151.jpg (117 KB, 790x970)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Blender used to have a game engine i heard, but they just stopped working on it. I just import my stuff into unreal engine it's not hard.
3dcoat is very good at rapid prototyping you can use retopo room for polymodeling but its not recommended, it has very quick booleans though. It's a weird workflow to learn but watch some 3dcoat tutorials from people who use it a lot. It's a lot of duplication and booleaning things out and hiding/re-hiding/deleting parts
very creative
do you have any example tutorials so I can see the workflow?

I mean I doubt that 3dcoat would do it, but I could take an object into blender and define a size there and work off of it in 3d coat.

File: Imadeathing.jpg (84 KB, 748x496)
84 KB
From 1 to 10, how triggered are you?
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File: naamloos.jpg (47 KB, 794x690)
47 KB
Is that a demon summoning on the top of that building in the background.
for what purpose

File: 1573121897274.jpg (14 KB, 399x250)
14 KB
Is there a good introductory guide to Zbrush sculpting? I'm looking for something more advanced than "here's how to scribble on a sphere with a tool," but still beginner level. Something like the doughnuts for Blender.
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Pavlovich's ZBrush from First Principles
File: gottagofast.jpg (35 KB, 309x549)
35 KB

Make sure you take crack first so you can keep up.
I fucking love pavlovich
They must have picked up a thing or two from zbrush's great layout and UI lmao
The only fucker I don't need to watch on 2x. Love the man.

File: pacifica.jpg (33 KB, 391x714)
33 KB
Why I can't use koikatsu for my game?
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illusion copyright says all models to you make belongs to them
however its rare to get sued since lot of patreon puts paywalls behind them
Learn to make a donut.
looks like shit
most porn games look like ass but the ones that use vroid or koikatsu look especially like shit
I don't think I've ever seen someone good at using vroid or koikatsu make models that don't just look like ass
koikatsu ones are usually just the default girl with a different haircut
That model is shit anyway OP. The skirt is too detailed for a cartoon style, the colors are awful, and it looks obviously spliced together. You can do better than this OP.

Too many people in this section are too angry. You can choose to let people model and spread positivity, yet you decide to spread hate. I used to let anger consume me, but a spiritual force enlightened me and changed me for the better. So if you're one of the people on here trying to spread negativity anon, you can choose to stop and instead spread a positive message.

If there are negative comments underneath this it will be for a purpose. You're typing them for a reason which is still not known to you, but rest assured you are making these comments for a reason. You are on a path and you may not be enlightened until the very end, but rest assure it will happen. I encourage you to try to contact the energy and politely ask if it can start guiding you on the right path.
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I'm not talking about internet memes, but about that creature they made. Only ones who influenced me not to play it are developers.
Lmao, imagine being this dumb and confident in what you think and say.
I see somebody got triggered. Druckmann, is that you? :^) I literally only said I don't like what they did with the game and some characters. Saying I'm dumb because I stated my opinion doesn't even make sense lol
Lmao, imagine being this dumb and thinking you have an opinion.
You're typing posts for a reason which is still not known to you, instead of contacting this figure >>768972 and asking it what gasoline it uses.

OP, you're right about one thing, though. Time spent here arguing is time you could spend improving. aim to spend as little time as possible posting and entertaining yourself and as much time as possible actually learning 3d

File: roxie gun if she real.png (463 KB, 1366x768)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
is paint 3d a good software?
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NO! Not my Blenderino!!!!
MS Paint is way more useful than Paint 3D.
It's basically a direct remake of what Zbrush 1.0 from 2000 was, but this time made for babbys. It's actually hilarious bc no one in 2020 or 2001 know what to really do with its worthless features.

At least Zbrush wisely divested away from that shit to focus the 3D sculpting aspect.
Mostly good for blockout modeling and cartoon models, less modeling realistic shit. The soft edge tool looks great at first until you realize the topology is shit

Redpill me hardcode on Revit /3/
from my experience, I like archicad more as my workflow is similar to what it was before, autocad+ sketchup for modeling. The only problem I have is that I use lumion for rendering and each time I export the model and renew it, the materials export as a different number, changing the position of the materials.
I also think that revit is more organized and has a better UI, and the way drawings are made is much more intuitive.

File: hdrii.png (19 KB, 256x129)
19 KB
can someone post this in high resolution please
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Is this a troll? It's a .png and it's blurred. Just scale it up.
not OP but its an HDRI used for lighting
It's not.
I want you to know that I hate everything about you.

Let's discuss alternative, more obscure modelling softwares that you know

I know a few:

What software do you think is best for a solo developer that don't have that much time to spend on modelling.
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File: SOULpoly.png (35 KB, 761x709)
35 KB
If you're not using obscure deprecated 3D modeling software to make lowpoly models then you're doing it wrong!
can you import the models into blender later for rigging ?
I do all the time. I'm also a Gen-X idiot and a die-hard 3D fossil.

Yes you can, but this tools will create a lot of floating/unattached geo.
File: metasequoia-logo.png (4 KB, 256x256)
4 KB

Ripped a model from a game and it looks fantastic, but the rig was a mess. I’m talking 100+ bones doing god knows what.

So know when I’ve made my own rig my question to you is:
Can I assign the old vertex groups on the new bones? And if so, can I assign multiple groups to one bone.
>Can I assign the old vertex groups on the new bones?
>And if so, can I assign multiple groups to one bone.

In Blender, the weight groups will automatically apply to bones on the new skeleton that have the same names as bones on the old skeleton. You will then have to tediously go through and merge the extra weight groups into them using the mix weight groups modifier. You will most likely want it in add or average mode.
Thank you friend, thought I’d never get an answer.

File: 1587572246958.jpg (184 KB, 1648x1195)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Can anyone explain these in very very simple terms?

What are trim sheets?

What is vertex blending?
Trimsheets are textures that pack multiple texture elements that tile in the vertical or horizontal
they can be used to texture large samey looking surfaces such as buildings, rooms, sci-fi non-descript tech etc.

Vertex blending in your case prob refer to using vertex colors to blend between different trimsheets.
Every vertex of a mesh can be assigned a RGB color, you can use that color to accomplish various things
but a common practice is to assign different texture to different colors in the shader:

like for example blend between texture A and texture B depending on the value of how red the vertex is.

Blendlets really never learn
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File: 1577931057731.gif (1.54 MB, 329x498)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB GIF
I'm LMAOing @ your pipeline
That’s exactly what I said. (If it’s shorter than a scene of course just render whatever you need, I was just saying “scene” as catch-all for any small part of the video)
Why? It really just depends on the type of thing you want to fix in your video. If it is something really minor, sure go ahead and try to draw over it in your video editor. If you want to redo the physics or remake the scene entirely, of course it’s easier to redo it in the 3D program and rerender the scene.
I always argue for game level 3d with a few extra bells and whistles.

I can render out 60+frames every second of more then good enough 3d, why not take 1-5 seconds on that frame and make it look nice.
What did he mean by this?
what I mean is look at real time game engines and look at how much more processing power it takes to look night and day better.

I would personally rather have my renders be real time level, or real time with some extra passes and take 1-5 seconds a frame.
realistically, there is nothing that I would want that would be THAT difficult and the few I can think of, volumetrics or path tracing, I would be better off thinking of ways to fake the effect then do it real time.

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