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File: 1634996445088-min.jpg (511 KB, 1536x2048)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
should I learn to make my humans in zbrush or just use metahumans? technology advances so quickly these days that everything is becoming automated
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>many people on \3\ are just aimlessly doing 3d
Can confirm, can't find a job in my city without being the whole fucking department and being treated as a slave.
They're not real.
How are they not real if I watched JAV yesterday and there were many of cuties of different age?
depends what you want to do, if you're and environment artist and just want some humans as props, use makehuman or something similar.
if you want to present yourself as a character modeller, then you definitely wouldn't want a ready-made human.

File: pengcheng-yang-cover.jpg (370 KB, 1606x1606)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
IS this really the bar for junior artists? Holy shit talent wins yet again bros....
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If this isn't retopologized, rigged, textured, and animated then no one is gonna care. Nobody is going to hire you if you can only sculpt.
It's chinese? What are the chances they just fucking scanned someone?
I'd say 70%.
this is a prime example of why this board is the lowest quality in all of 4chan, some bumbling fuckwit who couldnt model a crate trying to point out "mistakes" in someone else's near flawless work
And how is your comment any better, praising someone's "flawless" work like it is some objective truth? He has the right to state his opinion and criticize things, that doesn't make the board low quality. It's posts like yours that don't have any arguments and just call other people names ("bumbling fuckwit") and putting them in positions you can't prove ("who couldn't model a crate").
few minor alterations to the face anatomy wouldn't go amiss, that browbone and eyebrow is quite a bit too wide as is the frontol bone of the forehead unless intentional design i'd be inclined to narrow it a bit, because it doens't look natural, i have further minor nitpicking things but aside from that it looks cool to me.

File: Untitled.png (858 KB, 1114x832)
858 KB
858 KB PNG
I've ben going at it with the anatomy books for like a week, I think it looks very good now, but then again I have been drawing for years. any thoughts?
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You mean a tranny

This sculpt will never be a woman
social media was a mistake
oh man how did i never find this before.
/3d/ is a goldmine of shitty mesh humour.

File: 532.jpg (165 KB, 1673x935)
165 KB
165 KB JPG

There's clearly a demand for this sort of high effort memeing using bad CG. This guy is making 1.5k a month on Patreon and yet there's absolutely no way he secured the rights to all of the copy protected elements present in these videos, or to use what are clearly CC3 Headshot scans of actual people. Is there really any risk of being sued in doing shit like this? I want to make 1.5k a month making youtube poop- but I also don't want to destroy my chances of working professionally in the industry or get slapped with a lawsuit. Is he just getting away with it because it has a milquetoast liberal message? How concerned do you need to be about this sort thing? Releasing shitty CG videos with copywritten elements under a pseudonym and collecting patreon bux for it? I don't want to work for pixar or anything but I also don't want to get sued into oblivion
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a lot of this shit has ripped from video games. you can literally see a left 4 dead character half way through this video.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aULN4dCkGQ0 - the basement set i'm 99% sure is from gta iv
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhD7o7fct4E - pretty much all from metal gear solid
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWXxlYzBCno - girl is from detroit become human
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiYnNmigbmQ - guy from resident evil
what i'm pretty sure this guy is chucking a load of shit together in daz, animating it (he's a pretty decent animator) and targeting it at leftists

And that's what I'm really uncertain about. He definitely didn't get permission to use all of or probably any of this stuff, but he's monetizing them and making enough for a single guy to live off comfortably. One of his patrons is even that h3h3 motherfucker. Is this safe? Is it only safe because he's a leftist making leftist content? Or is he getting away with it simply because nobody really has a compelling enough reason to care?

I feel so limited in my creativity by not having any capital. If I wanted to create a short film or mini series I basically can't make it take place in the real world because I can't use anything at all from pop culture without permission. Or can I? Does nobody actually give a shit? Really even beyond the copyright stuff this whole subject seems very contentious to me. I've been putting a lot of effort into learning how to actually animate on a professional level but I don't actually want to work for dreamworks or anything, I want to execute all of the retarded schizo ideas I've been sitting on for years and earn enough to pay a mortgage with it
>Is this safe?
It is not and copyright faggotry can get expensive if they decide you went too far. But as always, high risk = high gains but also high pains if you get unlucky.
>And that's what I'm really uncertain about. He definitely didn't get permission to use all of or probably any of this stuff, but he's monetizing them and making enough for a single guy to live off comfortably.

You could say the same about any of those smut artists using disney / nintendo characters

This Alt-Right dude has been similar copyright violating stuff for what is now closing in on a decade.

It is not safe, but the risk is clearly low.

Chances are, you'd just get a cease and desist first, but even if you did get sued, which is clearly unlikely, I'm sure you wouldn't be bankrupted by it.

The reality is that suing someone is a lengthy and costly process and generally not worth it.

File: Watch.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
I've been browsing this shitty site for more than 10 years and I just discovered this board, I don't know anyone irl who is into 3D so I don't know where to ask all this shit.
>pic related is my current level more or less
>know a bit of 2D, drawing and design
>mainly using Maya and tried Zbrush
>have a general idea of what most things are but can't really use them
Do you have any good tutorials or roadmaps to suggest for Maya? Any tips on how should I progress from I here?
If you are such 3 pleb you certainly didn't pay over $2000 for Maya
Is this a edu or pirate version of Maya? Which version?
No shit, it's an edu version from 2017 when they didn't ask for 300 certificates, for some reason it's still working.
depends what you want to model.

Elementza is a good one for to follow for more abtract sci fi stuff.


on mars 3d has a great series on making a car if that's your kind of thing.


again I guess it's more important to know what you want to do? can you post an example of work that you love and would like to achieve a similar level to?

File: american AAA ball.png (176 KB, 500x500)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Humans spend millions of years starving, killing each other and developing technology so I could make this lad.

Totally worthy of the peak of human civilization technological 3D software.

File: american AAA ball_pa.png (14 KB, 500x500)
14 KB
look at this shit, lads.
he's cute
File: Screenshot_1.png (45 KB, 642x530)
45 KB
look now this.


File: mudbox rex1.jpg (246 KB, 1600x1000)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
i love dinosaurs so much 3bros
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Mine is the tyrannosaurus rex
File: HUHUHU.jpg (86 KB, 914x787)
86 KB
File: UGA_BUGA.jpg (38 KB, 540x838)
38 KB
You have to go back to Plebbit, Eloi.

File: cashmon.jpg (138 KB, 736x920)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
For context I found this board on /biz/ through an ad that said "give me job", so here I am, don't ban me jannies.

I'm very skilled and experienced in the space, I just want someone who's willing to put in the hours.
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>i'm very skilled and experienced. all you have to do is all the work so i can sell it and make most of the money
File: mint this.jpg (45 KB, 500x500)
45 KB
I heard there's currently like 1.1 million minted NFT's and ~190K people who has ever bought any NFT's.
Basically the phase of bouncing the grenade from hand to hand is over and who ever is left holding it as of now
is already staring at the Game Over screen, it just hasn't sunk in yet.

Someone should mint pic-related to celebrate the era of expensive jaypeg-hyperlink ownership.
NFTs are a way of making money from nothing just like 99% of other revenue sources these days. NFTs are a lot more blatent about doing this and we're tired of it. They bring nothing good to the human race and they are born from a cynical post capitalist pit of cold misery that needs to be burried and forgotten.
File: Spider POG _2.webm (788 KB, 1000x1000)
788 KB
>I'm very skilled and experienced in the space, I just want someone who's willing to put in the hours.
I can model for you and I made some ideas.

You pay me per 20 movies (you want them animated movies right ? Or only pictures.)

OP ignore most these fagots I >>895727 will work with you. WE should get in contact.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (157 KB, 1280x720)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Most sold videogame looks like this, meanwhile you beg for scraps and think about making porn, the guy that made these graphics is now a billionaire.

cope now.
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Cope, Chud! ^_^
You will never have sex either
You will always have a recessed chin
You will never touch a female
>I've improved over the past 3 years.
There are beginners that improve here more in a month than you have in 3 years. You spend all your time shitposting instead of working.
Cope. My animations and low poly characters are evolving.
But... wouldn't that be gay?
File: simply_delicious.webm (736 KB, 480x480)
736 KB
this is what cris aspires to make

File: monitor samsung.png (246 KB, 1920x1010)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
The object has two different UV sets, but how does Substance know which one to associate to the materials? Substance allows me to pain on texture sets, and this is unambiguous when a mesh has only a single UV set, but what if it has multiple?

I really should just switch to the UDIM workflow instead of messing with this, but I am curious enough to ask.
File: monitor samsung textured.png (765 KB, 1920x1015)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
I managed to do this, but it turns out that Substance does not have an option to merge the material sets into single file for each UDIM before export. I can't believe I fell for a similar problem just like when I was working on the desk. Substance just insists on exporting 2-3 different files for each part of the monitor despite them being in separated in UV space.

In the future I am going to have to take care not to export the material assignments before starting texturing. Rather than redo the texturing work on this, I'll have to merge the 7 for base color and roughness. Is there a good way of doing this automatically?
You don't need multiple UV sets for this. Apply a single material slot to the monitor and bring it into Substance. Mask different parts of the model to apply different materials. Please go through some tutorials, there is an absolute ton of them available on just YouTube alone.
> Apply a single material slot to the monitor and bring it into Substance.
That is what I did. Thankfully I won't need to touch it again, so I can excuse this bit of hackiness.

Quick question, do the render engines optimize the storage of textures by compressing them or will the 4k textures I am using always take up 100% of their stated resolution in memory?
What is vertex color and how to use it?
Hmmm, can Substance Painter actually output textures in such a format? It would need a huge amount of geometry to match the 4k textures I am using. It would break most renderers.

File: 1634851615135.jpg (78 KB, 828x828)
78 KB
Is it possible to sell 3d models without rigs? I'm terrible at rigging/animation, but I can make decent still models. If it is possible, how much will furries/weebs be willing to pay for them?
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File: 3abb1b1a9418b3ed.jpg (99 KB, 735x913)
99 KB
Post work
Also, learn to rig and become a true Field-Rigger like me, Chad mode
If you're good enough, you can sell anything.

Post your work.
Post your work first, chuds
File: skelly.jpg (87 KB, 804x320)
87 KB
this is my best work; I still have a long way to go. I thought of making digital figurines for people of their favorite characters or furry OCs.
I just wanted to ask before I dived into something and risk wasting time.
You can sell entire skelly boys in virtual world startups for big money

File: Mu.jpg (276 KB, 907x588)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
are there any tutorials for this relic regarding baking -maps and details
i prefer mudbox and its sculpting feels better to me but i know and have zbrush aswell which can come handy
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
OP here and zbrush has some superior features which is worth learning the UI for. It's not that terrible, I got the hang of it.
For general sculpting I use mudbox and for clothings/accessories/maybe other things I import it into zbrush
My sculpting quality has increased drastically when I used mudbox as Z's didn't feel natural to me
Now I want to learn baking maps in it since I heard it's good in there but I have never baked a normal before
File: unknown-4.png (249 KB, 1580x987)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
My first full sculpt in mudbox timelapse connected with zbrush
File: unknown-5.png (302 KB, 1358x785)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
File: unknown-8.png (218 KB, 766x922)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
File: unknown-7.png (244 KB, 1189x724)
244 KB
244 KB PNG

File: la mision de raul.png (952 KB, 1410x854)
952 KB
952 KB PNG
/3/ mocked my 3D models as not good enough.
But I just added some antialising options in godot that blut the edges and pixel texture and literally has the same effect as CRT screens on old NES sprites.

Now It looks amazing.

Yes, is not top tier elite AAA art, but is cheap enough and looks reasonable good (again, is good enough for being so cheap to make) that I'm ok with it, and rather keep a reasonable art style in terms of cost rather than going full austimo in quality that bankrupt me (in some sense).

So is more an issue of being good enough while being cheap to be a reliable art style for a single guy making an entire game.
Can't do shit if you say is shit, because higher quality means more cost of production.
12 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
looks cool besides her weird dog mouth. every single game that tries to "look good" without super a fuckoff budget looks awful so youre making the right call. sovl >>> real life anyway
I saw the image before reading your post and the first thing I thought was that it looks like a PS1 game, so I guess you are achieving what you want with those effects. Maybe you could show more assets and a level to make it more cohesive. The way you present things matters a lot so I'd say keep working on it.
File: 1642977275600.gif (94 KB, 307x300)
94 KB
I'm not beyond cris' 3d skill level, so I unable to say shit.
You don't need to be good at any art form in order to recognise bad art.

File: 1650647467985.png (1.49 MB, 857x834)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
It's all just heavily heightmapped and normal-mapped 4K textures, no?
11 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
no lol, you can get the same level of quality from baking your normals
that's right, only unreal can have 4k textures, normal maps, and pbr shading.
This method looks soulless though.
Baked normal maps
And no Blender use.
>It's all just heavily heightmapped and normal-mapped 4K textures, no?
some bump maps but 100% no heightmaps / displacement.
and then just normal maps for everything. Really you just need 3 maps to make something look good. Diffuse, spec/roughness and a normal.

File: 653ztm9yjtg31.jpg (15 KB, 559x423)
15 KB
>Every time Blender is updated the tranny devs change shortcuts and menu locations
>Can't follow a single tutorial because nothing they do matches my UI
Why don't they want people to learn this software?
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I don't use blender anymore.
Mudbox + Maya + Max does it for me.
File: Bimbambi.png (399 KB, 355x543)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Why mix Maya & Max?
I'd only use Max for purely architectural shit, but any time we work on characters, creatures or props we go with Maya
thanks for the contribution, goyim
Umm, chud. Did you just call that poster the g-word? Are you antisemitic by any chance? God you chudlets are disgusting bigots.

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