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File: 1.png (904 KB, 1782x986)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
I am watching this video on "modular environments." In the video, he uses z-brush to sculpt lines into his wood plank trimsheet
Then, in the picture attached, he is now in Substance Painter. He said he "baked the high-poly" into a texture to get that flat image of his high-poly textures.

What is the best way to "bake" the highpoly texture?
Can I do this strictly in Blender? I am planning to model high-poly wooden planks with Blender's Sculpting tools. How would I "bake" that? Just render a bird eye view of the planks and use it as a .PNG? Is there a more "exact" way to do it? Instead of all the variability with rendering and lighting and stuff.

File: 1.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I am trying to make a 2D style animation like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuvXXGkJtx0 Since I am experienced in photoshop my first idea was to just do it all in PS or Davinci Resolve, but then I discovered a whole new world of 3D software. Would something like Blender or UE be a better (faster, easier) choice for this or should I stick to video editing software? I was thinking it would be easier to have a 3D model to rig into key frames and just apply filters after.
Second Son was a massiv let down in the series story wise.
I am actively hating the faggots at Sucker Punch for that.

File: u6.jpg (499 KB, 1568x1006)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
yo im porting disney princesses in blade and sorcery where are their nude KH3 xps I only found rapunzel

gimme at least the clothes ones?
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are you faggots fucking blind? read the fucking thread fucking retards.

go to mr.deepfakes website and search
wow it's shit
File: 44b46b3073151d1e-1.jpg (234 KB, 1574x1331)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
hehehe yeah it still needs a lot of work
File: preview_Quick96.jpg (106 KB, 480x484)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Thanks for the facesets, I'm still learning but I've been playing around with the tool with varying results. Out of curiosity, how many iterations did you run for training?
File: Hmmm_yeah.jpg (6 KB, 220x229)
6 KB
>dimembering pretty blonde girls
I m repulsed bt i can see where you are coming from..

File: 1645583758213.gif (931 KB, 320x240)
931 KB
931 KB GIF
I've genuinely had to ask myself this recently. It sounds like a straight forward question right? But to me it seems like some anons kinda gave up before they even dug their heels in and tried.

This might sound super faggy, but mine was Into The Spiderverse. It sort of reminded me that 3d can be a really great medium for what I wanna do in the near future. Being a mainly 2D artist who has only a little experience in animation, 3D still scares the fuck outta me. Although I can't really just sit by and have this nagging thought that maybe I could do this. I stopped and start going into 3D before and recently I've been given some time to myself so I wanna see if by the end of this summer i can at least take the first few steps.

>TLDR I got reminded about what got me into 3D and I feel more motivated than ever, so What got you into 3d anon?
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Second Life but before that it was videogames.
IRL sculpting puts me in a state of flow much like playing video games. Just like with drawing it was inevitable I would proceed with the digital format with commercial application and 3D printing in mind. Also convenient not to have to deal with supplies causing a mess and running out.

That and I got tired of looking at the stock anime head in zbrush used in every anime model making it look like a lalafell that got an allergic reaction from a bee sting
I wanted to pose Touhou models for posters
I want to recreate the aesthetic of Sky Rogue
File: 51J19P9PP5L.jpg (52 KB, 329x475)
52 KB
Stuff like this made me fall in love with CGI.
File: Tekken_Snoop_Dogg.jpg (287 KB, 1280x720)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
I want to mod the Snoop Dogg arena from Tekken Tag 2 in Smash Bros Ultimate and I needed to create more models to more accurately recreate the stage. I also have a fuckton of OCs I want to convert into 3D and I want to earn extra money. Figured this would be a fun way to get all three.

File: CuteScenery.jpg (61 KB, 957x667)
61 KB
Can I make cute 1970s stuff in Blender like picrel or is it too high-tech a program and will look weird?
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Cool. I'm using Max and Maya 2009 plus CEBAS FINALRENDER for retro graphics
>I'm using Max and Maya 2009 plus CEBAS FINALRENDER for retro graphics

I've never heard of it. But I'm not sure if it counts as a retro renderer, though. But let me know otherwise, if not.

The Maya default renderer is literally called "Software Renderer". That's the one that is the most similar to the Alias renderer. It comes with Maya and is not a plugin.

Oh, and I should also tell you, there was no global illumination back then, either. Just plain old point, spot, directional, and ambient lights.

Also here's the first 3DS Max video if you want to see what early animations were made in 1996 with the 3DS Max's "scanline renderer":

File: ooooopp.png (91 KB, 1248x704)
91 KB
This is the correct answer. Just use the default renderer that comes with the INDUSTRY STANDARD software.
>was no global illumination back then,
Not quite correct. The first GI renderers were around in 98 or so or as standalone solutions (Lightscape). But it took too long on these slow P3s that most just faked it with area lights.

Hey guys, I make a lot of 2-D hentai and make a living doing it. I've always been interested in 3-D hentai though. I've been following Redmoa's work for a long time and was wondering if anyone could tell if this guy uses SFM? I'd ask him directly but he's so big that I don't think he'd have time to answer any questions. I've always been partial to SFM because of it's easy to learn and quick pick up type of style.
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That's the great thing about what I posted, I don't have to. I even said so in the post.
I don't need to be a better animator to make an observation about some random porn animator you respect.
Just like I don't have to be a dog breeder to know you're a bitch.
PYW, you pathetic faggot.
Not an animator :^)
Can't compare apples and oranges.
The guy clearly knows how to animate, but he's heavily limiting himself with the toy he's using, in place of a proper tool. If you ignore the animations, their content is barely passable in most other aspects, and look like some in-game cutscenes from a 10 year old game.

Clearly it hasn't stopped him from getting subscribers though, and it goes to show, that good animation skills alone can get you pretty far, despite everything else being subpar. But even still, no one should waste their time with SFM in 2022. It was barely worth the effort when it released, and it certainly hasn't improved with age. There's absolutely no good reason to use SFM over blender, when both are free, and you can easily have all the same models in Blender, that you had in SFM.

File: eyelids.png (124 KB, 908x826)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
How do I make eyelids?
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Is this nomura trying to put them in kingdom hearts 4 now that hes on his own?
Literally no one knows about the Gargoyles series.
op should be ready with version 2.0 right about now
I was away in the countryside, should be ready by monday though
They just got referenced in a show

File: pacifica_dab_HAPPY.gif (363 KB, 318x318)
363 KB
363 KB GIF
Pls rate.

fuck off cris
Looks way too good to be 0n's work.
too many frames
and then you're gonna have to retouch them all for it to look like real pixel art
the holy grail of being able to blast out 2d sprites using 3d mods with ease is probably entirely false. it took a year to complete a single kof xii sprite! maybe render out at a higher rez to make clean up easier then shrink it down in your image app then reduce the colour count to remove blended pixels. or just avoid 3d and go for an odin's sphere look that requires less pixel tightening and avoids the computer look entirely.
So instead of your work showing that you don't have a clue about doing 2d animation, now it shows that you don't have a clue about 3d animation.
Just give up cris, go plant some coca, work for a narco warlord and get shot like the rest of your country.

File: backtsep.png (633 KB, 2009x1056)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
First I tried looking at this guy's tutorials:
But he doesn't explain what the FUCK is going on. I did follow up the first 4 vids, but the 5th video explains how to add animations for rolling and backstepping.

And it worked. Problem? Since it's root motion, the character animation (which i got from mixamo) doesn't roll accurately straight as in dark souls, but fucking rolls a bit to the left and rolls at a very small distance, as if he just crawled a few centimeters and got back on feet or something.

What do i do? Does anyone know any good tutorials on learning to animate in unity, so that i can make a Souls-like game where he can both backstep and roll without root motion? And i don't just mean faggots who say "well just turn off root motion", because i don't actually know the best way to animate backstepping and rolling like in dark souls.

Please help anons, you are my last resort, my project is falling apart already... (yes, i dont know what the fuck to do because learning is so fucking hard when autists like these create tutorials)
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What i usually do is when i stopped the video to implement a step I try to go a bit further, usually I end up implementing something the guy was gonna do later(except I do it worse or sometimes better) stuff like that helps you remember better. Also not starting from zero but inside your project where you change things to fit your needs helps.

Some tutorials are so awful that you have to do ten times the work to retain anything tho, when people just say "set this to this" for the entire video it's garbage and you might as well just copy paste their source code and try to understand it.
Rolling is dumb, do Bloodborne dodges.
You need to buy the animation asset. Its on sale.
Don't follow his tutorials.

If you want a comprehensive, albeit hard to listen to because of his thick Greek accent, look at Sharp Accent's souls-like tutorial. He goes through everything. He programs it from the ground up.

>trying to make a souls-like just from watching videos
there's no way someone this stupid is from a first world country.

File: 1627526473120.png (489 KB, 961x449)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
Why not just ending your miserable life now ?
You'll never be a real artist anyway, you have no talent and no taste.
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>bringing more attention to someone who was forgotten by quoting and bumping

Have fun staying poor.

I make 3-4K a month on patreon animating futa and doing futa comics.

Its funny watching my other 3d friends wage slave at a company. Someone I know got fired just to get hired again at a lower wage.
File: Fight-Club.jpg (62 KB, 700x435)
62 KB
>the virgin underpaid wagie
>the chad "easiest money you'll ever legally make"
>country's infrastracture
mate, he's a shut-in he probably never leaves his place.
if anything it would improve them by a lot

File: 1409280671792.jpg (7 KB, 231x218)
7 KB
How will you feel when Autodesk inevitably acquires SideFX and Houdini?
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Because a deal hasn't been worked out yet, idiot. These things are never done overnight and sometimes take a while.
Houdini has been around since 1996, as long as 3DS MAX, Zoomer retard.
It's predecessor, PRISMS is even older.
I think it makes more sense for The Foundry to buy SideFX.

Jewdesk wouldn't profit significantly if they acquired Houdini.
So what idiot? You think it would be the first time a long-running software company hasn't been acquired? It's inevitable.
You mean Maxon, who's been on a company shopping spree lately?

File: dsad3268.png (581 KB, 1419x723)
581 KB
581 KB PNG
Would you say this is good 4 month progress in making game chracters? What do you think needs most improvement?
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File: Screenshot (871).png (576 KB, 1920x1080)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
This is also a incredibly fucked version of the model I did on purpose.

Here's the higher res one in the middle of it being made.

I'm fucking around with remeshing rn.

Also I found a game called total chaos that makes me wanna make a game.
Also enjoy the subtle name drop cunts
Why is every 3d community always have crazy schitzos like this?
I checked some discord servers like the flippednormals one hoping to find a better community but I found it to be the same case, there is always at least one sperg that keeps on posting nonsense. But this board is a special case, it's incredible how many mental handicaps you find here, really puts me off the whole thing.
If you don't like it leave.

Most of the fun here is larping as a schitzo. Otherwise it's elitiest gatekeepers jerking each other off about "muh expensive software"
You think you own the board or something?
You don't.

File: 1643567640323.png (334 KB, 1073x646)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
When it comes out publically, will you use it?
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I've come to the conclusion that AI will eventually make industry jobs obsolete. And that perusing my interest in 3D is for the joy of creation itself. And so if I just plug in a device that does everything for me, I'm depriving myself of the creative process. I must limit my tools to an extent, in order to get fulfillment.
Sorry but I'm more of Unity guy. If you know what I mean.
>I must limit my tools to an extent, in order to get fulfillment.
Limitation yields intensity. Always has.
Call me when i can use it offline.

File: da1.png (318 KB, 680x763)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
1. Smart UV unwrap in blender
2. Auto retopologize
3. Drag and drop smart material
4. Auto rig

Game-ready asset :)
10 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
zoomers have it crazy orders of magnitude easier now. back when i started, someone actually put the coordinates for a teapot manually to create a model. texturing libraries were non existent. modeling tools were primitive af, gpus were absolute ass and renders took literally forever.

good luck and god speed zoomers
This board is fucking insane... You can't texture your shit if UVs are ruined, there's no point in unwrapping them in the first place in that case.
File: giga.png (411 KB, 1200x1442)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
>rip model from a pirated game
>change proportions in cracked maya
>auto retopo, auto UV unwrap
>apply a stolen smart material in torrented substance
>import/export the model through blender to strip all metadata
>sell on market
File: a0a.jpg (173 KB, 1080x1327)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
We are more sane than we can ever be.
File: New moon orlean.jpg (52 KB, 703x837)
52 KB
pain and suffering now

File: shittyblendersim.jpg (81 KB, 2112x966)
81 KB

> tires wobbling and bending like a soft body
> cars acting like jello
> glass disappearing mid simulation
> the car doesn't even rest or touch the ground during the roll

USE HOUDINI, KIDS. SET UP DIFFERENT OBJECT DYNAMICS PROPERTIES BASED ON THEIR ACTUAL REAL WORLD PROPERTIES (METAL SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE JELLO). Smoke needs to have VOLUME! Check out tutorials on Houdini to understand how to do better looking FX in an app dedicated for FX work. NO ONE USES BLENDER IN FILM/TV FOR FX WORK. There is a free learning edition as well as a cheap $269 Indie version, which you can use industry standard renderers like Karma/Mantra, Arnold, Redshift and so on.

I wish these Blender kiddie youtubers would quit teaching hobbyists how to do things the WRONG way.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Theres no bullets in this scene
wow anon what the fuck, don't you know how hard it is to make simulations? it's not like this youtuber has nasa supercomputers with 1000000000000000 cpus and 10000000000000 nvidia rtx 399999 in his basement like the big places do, why are you so angry he isn't simulating 10000000 car destructions like in the hollywood movies, how is he supposed to make a living as a single content creator otherwise, and why do you think he should not be paid for sharing his knowledge with the public, you're not entitled to it for free, you know
Anon is really down bad that tautly free software isn't strong enough to simulate a real world crash. Lmao its not 20451 its 2022 anon needs to stop being delusional.
>this should be doable with blender

It is, but you have to do workarounds, play with keyframes, shape keys, constraint adding, constraint removal when X thing happens.
Most tutorials and all Youtube tutorials are absolute garbage. You can tell in the first 30 seconds whether something is worth watching by how the tutor speaks. If they um and ah, turn 360 and gtfo of there.

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