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File: 1377893644217.png (18 KB, 429x410)
18 KB

How the fuck a single person made astartes.

This is not killer bean levels of masterpiece.
This technically shits on most if not any 3D movie from hollywood.
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frankly OP is a cuk - thinking you need a fucking team for everything. teams are fucking nice to distribute work load, but for a creative LOL just give me some time by myself
if you need a renderer, starting somewhere after the 20th I'll render stuff free. aetherloveslumine69@gmail.com. its a throwaway email I'm keeping as the persistent queue.

oh, but only blender files. I like blender.
I think you meant Cunningham's Law. Or was that the joke?
File: fire.gif (2.02 MB, 600x400)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB GIF

File: 1663570811742.png (1.72 MB, 1758x823)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Hearing a lot of big talk from industry vets on other boards now - they say that sculpting realistic humans like grasetti is dead and buried and at best looks uncanny. They say that everything is scanned and cleaned up when going for realism in production. Does this resonate with you, /3/?
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>Or you can pay the actor directly to take a bunch of selfies.

Anon...we are done here
I've only ever worked on stylized productions, but what your saying sounds about right in terms of the 'we need to do this fast and turn a profit' attitude that most vfx houses have. And also what's the point of hand sculpting a likeness when you can just scan the actor? Photorealism is boring anyway and if you can sculpt a 1:1 likeness that's a neat party trick but not much more than that. It doesn't have much practical use since most things in CG are stylized to some degree.
Hmm ok, but for example gta v and pubg have been popular for a long time as well, people are still playing them. But do you really think the stylized aspect of them is what keeps them alive?

Anyway, idk how we even got into game popularity and why it should matter.
>scanning a face that doesn't exist
of course it does. i decided to kill your god. the end.

File: tutorial.jpg (99 KB, 719x407)
99 KB
I'll be working on some video tutorials and would like to know what do you think a good tutorial should and shouldn't have. If you have some good examples, please share them here.

Also, do you think having a tutorial without a voiceover would be problematic, even if the explanation is still cleanly explained with text? I'm leaning towards a text based approach personally because I think I can design it well and partially because... Well, I don't like speaking in a video and hearing my voice lol.

Besides things like being straight to the point, well rehearsed / edited video without unnecessary pauses, good video and audio quality, what else do I have to keep in mind?
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>do you think having a tutorial without a voiceover would be problematic
Yes, just use this
And this if you want to add a bit of music
just copy how andrew cramer from videocopilot made his tutorials. can't get much better than that.
Can a written tutorial fully replace a video tutorial? In other words, if I write a breakdown, do you think I could provide extra value if I also uploaded a recorded and narrated workflow of the same topic? Think having a chance to write an article for a magazine, but still wanting sell a video version of the workflow by yourself and I’m afraid an already existing article may significantly reduce an interest for the video. Because all the theory and explanied workflow is in the article, the video is just showing it in practice, right?
Clear non ESL voice
High quality recording, 1080p minimum
Screencast your keys
Establish at the start what kind of experience is required for the tutorial, if it's actually targeting for beginners then you shouldn't be skipping anything, like literally show which tab you click to x menu to change y setting
Rather than say "go here and find a texture of x" just provide the one you are using in your tutorial, people can experiment after. Make sure the dl link works.
Unless the tutorial is incredibly short like sub 2mins for a simple procedure, you better be speaking not using text

File: Slime.png (288 KB, 752x667)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Slime :)
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i wish i could code shaders in blender same way you do in unity
it would be so fun
File: Slimo.jpg (576 KB, 1280x720)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
Visibly perturbed slime
File: 1661082294444367.png (329 KB, 1264x546)
329 KB
329 KB PNG

pleasant :)
How do you make the toon outline?
inane people like you is why the net sucks these days

File: maya.jpg (55 KB, 1600x1000)
55 KB
Lets start Maya General to share our tips and useful stuff!

Looking for good addons recommendations.
Anything that also helps with Sceneprep that isn't bifrost would be good to know.
>Looking for good addons recommendations
Blender sir
sir, i know you may be retarded but blender is not a maya addon.
For a poor fag, is there a maya retop style addon for blender?
>Maya thread
>guize how can I make Blender more like Maya?
Holy fucking shit, stick to your own threads you retarded monkeys.
why don't more 3d programs ship with cool and useful base models? :(

File: file.png (115 KB, 337x288)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
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No, to be fair blender had some real optimization issues unless you had a monster card for sculpting early 2.8
It's much better now, but on my PC at the time I remember I was able to push much higher counts and still have it very workable in zbrush while blender struggled.

The gap has closed to almost non significance now. Im never sculpting above 25mil anyway.
So many of those overlap
Keep coping blender is for losers autodesk is for profesional
>7.5k pajeettuber

>go to /3/

why do blendchuds need so much copium.
na it's still far behind, remember that you guys still can't use FBX, animation trouble, bedner developer random broken updates, file corrupted, etc.

Every other software still is better because it has never cause so much problems. Just admit that the blender developers are the cause of your trouble and maybe you can close the gap.

No job allows developers to submit awful broken bugs and yet blender gets away with it, it is time to stop it.

File: meme graphics.png (1.1 MB, 959x765)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
The AAA industry is a fucking joke if this is a major historical franchise in japan.

This shit is DOA 6 on steam.
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Grow up
not him, but you're delusional.
This new call of duty is full of fucked up textures, no quality control of outsourcing artists? Hardcore crunch?
Could be a combination of both.
File: ratgaming.png (734 KB, 750x835)
734 KB
734 KB PNG
please understand

/3/ let’s discuss, what’s the best rendering engine for realistic renders? pic may or may not be related
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Loved Arnold back when I was using it, but damn was it dangerously slow, especially on tight deadlines
Blender has best render
Which one specifically?
Arnold is 2slow and 2spensive. Use principled v2 on cycles X with Optix.

File: 1651912430193.jpg (125 KB, 1280x720)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
ok Blender fags, you won, i will get into blender just for the rendering capabilities because i keep hearing its hot af.
give me the most amazing blender stylized rendering tutorial
>no dohnut
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But Unreal is 8GB in size.
Blender is a fraction of that (about 300MB), and no registering needed, just DL, unzip & cum.
There is a third party dedicated NPR rendering engine for blender.
with extra addon:

However, it's finicky af. It's very much a power user tool. You supposedly get somewhere by downloading the example materials and replicating what you see for you own project.

To get the most out of it I think you'll need to learn GLSL.

Alternative you can use Eevee with outlines but the problem is it doesn't work the way you think it does. The outline algorithm is not smart and can't be controlled by the usual node workflow.
when a non-blender hetera whore calls others "fags" and begs them to suck their dick at the same time. priceless! <3
google it, hetera cunt. it's research 101.
Blender render is shit compare to arnord

File: 1664163735556652.jpg (70 KB, 800x450)
70 KB
Serious question guys, how did they do it?
DonutCHADS won again
why are her hands so big?
>the donut /3/ dreams of making
All the better to massage your prostate with
riding hood hits different with all the LGBT bullshit being everywhere you go

File: unknown.png (2.06 MB, 1515x822)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
Working on this model. Would love some honest feedback.

Still sculpting the body.
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File: unknown (1).png (1.64 MB, 1517x831)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
More progress
This is a professional fighting woman. She definitely does squats.
Good point!
Aprende hablar español idiota
Tror ikke du er personen som bør kritisere folk for og ikke snakke språket ditt. Og jeg setter ikke pris på og bli kalt idiot din anemiske cerebral parese ape ^^

File: 1662762212679838.jpg (51 KB, 307x449)
51 KB
I think we must return to NURBS
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File: ezgif-5-a1edebc1ad.jpg (28 KB, 420x420)
28 KB
I used to see NURBS stuff on Maya tutorials but never bothered watching/learning anything on it since I wasn't interested in the subject.
What makes it different from regular modeling and why did they change if it's so based?
NURBS is for autists who like cad-style model building with real angles and perfect shapes/curves. personally i like that kind of under-the-hood perfection but that doesn't make it superior to other workflows, in many ways NURBS are a pain in the ass to model with. especially for sculpting because it forces you to deal with trimmed surfaces, which are really annoying and break the illusion of NURBS being "perfect" and totally logical. in the hands of a master though I think NURBS make the prettiest and cleanest stuff around.
when you consider that NURBS used to be the industry standard before polygons, it should naturally inspire some curiosity about how basic modeling used to be done, how you achieved certain kinds of shapes, etc. that we can do so easily now with other methods. i think the effort is worth it because it frequently turns out nicer/more refined and SIMPLE models while also giving you a bit of a mental exercise in planning out how your various curves and isoparms need to intersect for the final mesh. knowing how to handle NURBS well like that makes you a smarter 3D artist in general.
File: that was me.jpg (57 KB, 470x625)
57 KB
>tfw a windows version of poweranimator exists on archive.org and you could go make NURBS+mentalray kino right now

I was the one who uploaded that!
Don't bother with "PowerAnimator"... Maya is basically the same(same NURBs tools and almost identical render engine) and has a way better user interface. You will literally get work done 5-10 times faster with Maya. Not an exaggeration.

I PITY the Industrial/Automotive designers that are forced to use this outdated piece of shit "Alias" (PowerAnimator) for their work. (Alias is still used to this day... and it hasn't changed one bit!)

To understand just how crappy and slow(unproductive) the Alias/Poweranimator user interface is, I'll give you examples:

1.You must use the left mouse button to move an object/vertex along the X axis, use the middle mouse button/wheel to move objects/vertex along the Y axis, and the right mouse button to move objects/vertex along the Z axis. (also the Z axis is UP not backward/forward to make things even more confusing)

2.You have to click on a specific button for selecting vertices, another for deselecting vertices, another button specifically for selecting whole objects, and another button for specifically un-selecting whole objects. Unlike most software you can't just deselect by clicking nothing, no, you have to click either the un-select object button or un-select vertex button.

If this sounds like a completely unnatural and robotic way of modelling, you'd be right.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: hhgg.png (807 KB, 768x981)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
Nice head. You could have modeled it 10 times faster with Maya NURBS! lol

>NURBS texturing is easier than poly meshes

Yes and no. A NURBS object is essentially a flat plane that's been sculpted/deformed into another shape. (e.g. a cylinder is a NURBS plane bent into a circle) The NURBS object itself IS the UV texture coordinates. It's like if you did planar mapping on a plane and then bent that plane into something else.

But there are serious disadvantages:

1. NURBS models are usually made of multiple objects stitched together, so this means you have multiple objects with different texture coordinates that don't line up with one another.

A typical car model is typically made of hundreds or even thousands of NURBS objects! Imagine texturing all of those and having thousands of textures (image files)- it's insane.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Are there some in-depth tutorial with voice over ơn this workflow ?

File: 1658951728127087.jpg (59 KB, 647x724)
59 KB
Name me reasons why Blender will never be industry standard.

Yes, that's why movies like Next Gen on netflix was made in Blender.

Why learn autodesk?

Blender is becoming!
114 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
I go to a trade school for game dev with connections to a bunch of big studios where people will get internships. I feel like 90% of the people who go here are complete morons. Not in a funny way but in the way that I don't understand how the fuck they are even alive. They spend all their time playing games instead of watching lectures, cannot work in teams and just complain or don't show up, they don't know how to take care of public spaces and frequently just leave trash and dirty dishes lying around, constantly start drama, even steal work from online and claim they make it etc.

My point is, this is 90% of the entire school across all locations probably around 300 students or so. The school says we are guaranteed to get internships at companies and that most people get jobs after that. But these people are like adult children who can't even use a dishwasher.

Am I crazy for thinking that I should leave this industry?
>The school says we are guaranteed to get internships at companies and that most people get jobs after that.
most people will experience a harsh reality check when applying for jobs later because all the issues you mentioned make them unemployable.
Personality/behavior does matter very much when applying for a job - nobody really wants to work with retarded assholes...
Also, if out of 300 students, 30 actually become decent junior artists that are employable than that isn't actually a bad percentage, its almost normal for modern art education.
>trade school
>game dev

prepare the lawsuit for when (You) dont get an internship.

>trade school
>game dev
ask for Your money back.

me again
>I go to a trade school for game dev
My adhd brain omitted that information, but that doesn't change much - my point still stands.

File: file.png (299 KB, 696x516)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
How does knowing that you will be made irrelevant by a consumer GPU in the next 5 years make you feel?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Boring and soulless. Yawn.
your GPU depends on the works of other people who put in real effort and grinded the fundamentals. Your AI is dumb as fuck
except for when they need high polygon count h0rs3 furry porn esque futa wolf models
95% of the world population are already a morons who learn nothing. If you are a moron who learns nothing, AI won't change it. People who like to learn like to learn no matter what, simple as.
I'm fine with it. I do 3d as a hobby not to make money. I like the process of creating something from scratch. That's why I do my own designs as well and don't use someone else's concept art like a soulless machine

File: 1662816502851178.jpg (2.05 MB, 1792x1920)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
Those programs are mostly used by people not interested in doing things from scratch and rather interested in creating characters quick, so isn't that exactly the field AI will get a strong foothold?
The technology is currently developing in breathtakingly fast speed, basically exponentially.

It will still take a while until AI imagery will be quick enough for realtime scenarios like games so I guess the Maya crowd will be fine but the character creators for comic pictures and such? Looking bleak for them
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oh my lord he just got destroyed by you
Me again, your Art Director. You know, the guy that can fire you at any time?
So uhm you seem to have changed the design of the dress a few dozen times? And why did you remove the red pendant?

I have given you clear simple instructions, anon. Is this job a joke to you?
File: 1544353790124.png (145 KB, 798x644)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Just look at this petty cope, you can control literally every little detail with inpainting and if you would generate the dress in a seperate layer in the first place you can use traditional img manipulation to change the color. This shit is extremely powerful, will only get better and you are in denial.
what ai made that?
do AI mongoloids know that concept artists make other art outside of a single basic stylized portrait or have they never worked a real concept job before

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