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File: s-l1600.jpg (106 KB, 587x922)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
To preface, I want to clarify that I don't oppose AI development, and I recognize the inevitability of technological progress. However, I'm grappling with the uncertainty surrounding how long it will take for AI to perform 3DCG tasks I've dedicated time and effort to learning, but at a fraction of the cost it would take to employ me. If I decide to go to animation school, I'd like to ensure that my skills remain relevant for a reasonable span, ideally a couple of decades. Unfortunately, I'm unsure if I'll have that much time left in this career after completing my education. How do you all reconcile this concern?
Become a plumber
AI showed how many people practice 2D 3D art for the love of the craft vs those retarded faggots doing it for money.

You want to feel useful? Learn a trade retard. If you feel its pointless then its pointless. Shit changes, adapt or bitch about it.
>>create an automated ai thread boi persona
>>sell courses about how to make an ai thread boi persona

animation school is for queers and transfaggots
On the future most people will be completely retarded because ai will do everything for them. The only non retarded people will be the people who chose to learn despite it being worthless.
Do you want to be retarded?

File: harley 4 open.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x1920)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
I want to do poses of characters with a background with good lighting. I figured out how to pose characters, but I don't know how lighting works, or compositing. Anyone know a good tutorial for someone who plans on doing character renders? A course would be even better, cause I don't want to watch a 3 minute video that only tells me 2% of what I need to know. I want something comprehensive that goes over everything about compositing lighting and character renders to make the best render possible
the problem I have with youtube tutorials is they don't tell you a lot, so what happens is I waste 1 year of my life finding out there's all these other more efficient ways to do something. That's why I am asking if you know a tutorial that doesn't create "gaps" in my knowledge.
Yeah video tutorials suck.
Read the help guide for w/e software you're using that goes over the ins and outs of what the different settings on your light do as well as for the rendering options.
Once you have the most basic understanding of how a light works in your package, how to light a scene in 3d is not different than lighting it in real life. Google pictures of lighting setups and just copy them. Pro photographers like to use a big main light that lights up what you want to look at, a fill light which is dimmer that addes variation to the dark areas, and a rim light which is very bright but shines from behind the subject to just add some bright edges. Since youre just rendering stills go ahead and turn up your render settings to their max. Global illumination, ray tracing, final gather, everything up very high or as high as they can go before a single image takes longer than a human life to do on your computer.
>Yeah video tutorials suck.
you don't know what you are talking about....

File: FB_IMG_1695381155097.jpg (77 KB, 620x1280)
77 KB
show topology
File: topology.png (1.35 MB, 620x1280)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG

File: teaser_new.webm (245 KB, 1280x768)
245 KB
new ai coomer tech just dropped.


imagine the tiddy fondling.
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Imagine the booba
File: 234234234.png (28 KB, 173x69)
28 KB
there's some weird background stretching. I guess they have to fill in the background in realtime too
based and F
it's not about if you can do it, it's about how easy it is to do that
you could even make tiddy jiggle with pen and paper but the question is, is it worth it, considering the required effort?

File: E7kmHqQWYAEZ1_w.jpg (42 KB, 828x817)
42 KB
Can somebody redpill me on sculpting/retop over box modeling with subdivisions? To me, sculpting and then retoping is just a whole extra step. You're basically creating the model twice and just tracing over it. If you were to just box model from the start then you wouldn't have this issue, right?
Pure poly modelling isn't much faster and if you want high detail you will have to sculpt anyway.

You don't save much time if any at all but it's a lot harder. You have to have good spatial awareness and a good grasp on edge flow.

With a decent screen tablet I would guess that you are faster sculpting and topologizing than someone poly modelling especially with more complex models.
Both are good, it just depends on what are you trying to achieve.
The smart way would be to combine the two techniques, but it's recommended to learn by sculpting then retopo since you're focusing on form and topology individually.
File: 0001-2460.webm (2.97 MB, 640x360)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
Hey Cris, take a look at this

File: Hair.png (2.45 MB, 1500x1485)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
Hello my dear anons! I hope you don't mind if I post this here, but I was hoping some of you could help me. You'll see, I tried to bought these hairs
But for some reason the website doesn't accept my credit card, and after like 15 attempts, I had decided to come here to ask for help, so I hope it doesn't sound rude, but I'm desesperate so if some of you guys could share these hairs it would be really wonderful
In case you want to stay in touch with me my Discord is MarinaMartinez12#8815
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Yes, and unfortunately, in both cases it gave me the error warning
Already made 47 attempts and still nothing T_T
You don't sound like a native english speaker (I hope that doesn't sound rude.)

Are you sure that the website takes payments from your country?
It's alright, no need to apologize
For your question, yes, you're right
English isn't my native language, since I'm from Spain
I tried to contact the bank to see if they could offer me a solution but the problem is with the website itself

File: 1680928012285338.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x1515)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Why does this board hate Ian Hubert's work? Is it fake 3d?
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Well said, OP. I'm a copywriter in training and I feel the same way. I could use AI, but I actually like doing the process myself and definitely get better results. The time I spend on my content literally speaks for itself. Nothing can write the way I write. What we call "generative" AI is just borrowing from other, better sources. An AI can't tell great stories through images or writing because it doesn't have any of it's own.
because he's popular and 4chan zoomers hate popular things
It only takes like 2-3 weeks to learn how to make something like this. all you need is texture images which you could just rip from google (like he does)
Its not true 3d. He uses some 3d and uses it as a canvas.
File: 1695427993216.jpg (28 KB, 678x452)
28 KB
>He's actually madly productive which of course confuses and ENRAGES a board filled with underachievers and crab mentality retards.
This is every board on 4chan
>Heh anyone could paint some strokes on a canvas and be a gifted artist
>Heh anyone could move some verticies around and be an expert 3d modeler
>Heh anyone can press a shutter button and be a professional photographer
>Heh anyone can strum some guitar strings and be a talented musician
>Heh anyone can use a dolly zoom and be an expert film maker
>Heh anyone can bulk and cut and be a ripped bodybuilder

File: HolyF.webm (2.13 MB, 600x300)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB WEBM
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File: rock.jpg (33 KB, 620x308)
33 KB
>inb4 Retopology
What's the last time you hired a painter instead of just taking a picture with your phone, anon?
Yes? Are you retarded? Before photography you had to hire a painter for anything you wanted to have a picture of, be it a person, a location, etc.

The only ones that survived were the top of the line painters whose works were proper pieces of art rather than just attempts at faithful recreations of reality. Those painters also happen to be the only ones you hear about today, because who the fuck cares about hearing of some random pleb who drew portraits for commoners in London, 1789?

Same thing will happen to 3D graphics. A human artist or an AI will make generic props of more or less the same quality. Sure I'll still hire a 3D artist for the big important models, but while I'd have hired him for, say. 500 hours of work before now I'll just hire him for 350 hours as AI will take care of the lesser models he'd have done in those 150 hours. As AI gets better, I can slowly replace his work with AI, so 350 hours will become 300, then 250, then 200, so on.
We figured out a neat trick to generate predictive text and images from a database and somehow people think this means we're ten years away from developing general intelligence.
Looks like a 3dguy model.

File: Z(2).jpg (5 KB, 140x361)
5 KB
Hey 3, idk if its the right board, but do you have any recomended wiki/course for freecad? Ive started 3d printing mechanical stuff and is a bit rough
dunno what you background is but i found the tutorials on the official wiki pretty decent.

File: image2.png (288 KB, 800x417)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
This is Bengugu's style which I love and I'm looking to make it in Unreal Engine 5. Any and all details and tips on how to get it as close as possible to Bengugu's style are appreciated.
File: set.png (1.48 MB, 1108x1248)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
More detail here, note the lighting and how the skin looks
This is not a good style, they got the MMD models, changed the texture and ruined it with bad lighting. Don’t follow in their footsteps.
Fair point, though I like it personally. I know it's an MMD but what do you mean by texture changes? Is it a sub-surface layer or a full on texture change?
its really good and honestly more impressive how the mix with lighting and mmd
It looks like trash holy fuck get a better taste anon

A thread dedicated to CAD, the chad's choice and the working man's choice in 3D production.

What projects have you been working on lately? What kind of work do you do?




>Tutorials and Guidebooks

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Any of you guys work at firm doing CAD professionally?

I fucked up and got a CAD degree and now the only place I can live is in a shithole city.

I want to work almost 100% remotely so that I can buy a house in a comfy small town and escape the grind a little bit.

How possible is that with a CAD job? my understanding is that most engineering firms and whatnot are trying to get rid of remote work.
File: dell_fwcrc_holder.png (304 KB, 1866x1055)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
>there probably aren't any businesses that use OpenSCAD on larger scales
I don't see any in LinkedIn, Dice or Indeed, it probably isn't cost effective from a business point of view. Software is cheap, engineers time is expensive.
Any source control is better than none, use whatever you're comfortable with.

Anyhow I'm about ready to send out picrel for 3d printing, I have used CraftCloud before, but they seem more expensive this year. Is there any other 3d print service that would beat them on price?
Your best bet is to live in the farms/sticks just outside of a town of 50-100k people and drive to work.
Find a steel fabricator or similar business that needs drawings pumped out daily to keep its welders and machinists employed.

t. did that for 2 years before quitting b/c of lack of upwards mobility (I design nuclear subs now but earn less than if I stayed, kek)
I bought my key in college for like 200 and its perpetual with upgradeability. Still rolling on rhino 5 without paying a subscription. Its pretty based
File: clutchdibu.webm (1.68 MB, 608x1080)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB WEBM
any recomended playlist for freecad?

File: 1633910417562.jpg (68 KB, 720x891)
68 KB
Why do Blender tutorials suck? Like genuinely, so many of them are just awful and they're typically in one of two categories
>tutorial is too basic and teaches the bare minimum, most common among broad tut's like "HOW TO BE AN ANIMATOR IN 25 MINUTES!"
>tutorial teaches you exactly how to do one specific method of doing something but will not explain why this method works, what is actually happening with each action, or if other methods exist
It makes learning this program hell. There's so many tools and I want to learn what they all do and WHY I would use them and how it interacts with other tools. It's ridiculous.

It took me almost 2 weeks to learn about TLA and how it works after digging through a ton of different animation tutorials and it makes animation 10x easier yet so many tutorials never mention it or don't even acknowledge it's existance.
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
None of them break down the interface or the keys. The first tutorial on 3DSMax I found was well-structured and concise.
Only months after I'd started using Blender did I stumble upon decent tutorials by someone who knows basic things like topology, edge alignment, polycount, etc (Chris 3D, apparently only archvis is practical in this program). Finding Bforartists is next to impossible because no one cares about UI.
File: Nietzsche187a.jpg (514 KB, 1200x1628)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
I think he means animation layers, never heard of term TLA.
File: ruok.jpg (318 KB, 2550x2913)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Because you're not learning the core fundementals of anything. When someone is giving a tutorial or guide they're just telling how something is done thinking you have the prerequisite knowledge to apply to what you're doing and can understand it enough to tweak it to your liking. The funny thing about Houdini is that I've managed to have a better understanding of the software not from looking a tutorial or guide but because I learned GLSL. Somehow learning shaders helped me understand Houdini better because Houdini is just using operators to manipulate geometry, vertexs, and other variables. Which is like Touchdesigner which does the same thing with 3D and 2D visuals which uses GLSL. knowledge is interconnected and you need to start by always pushing yourself to ask why something is and truly understanding what it makes it tick otherwise you're just going to be a tutorialfag who just keep looking tutorials for every single thing. There's nothing wrong with looking up a tutorial or guide for something but it becomes an issue when you have all the keys to the kingdom and you still don't know what to do with it because you don't know what actually doing still.

TL:DR The education system has rotted your brain into a tutorialslave and you need to break free by learning the basics. Read documentation, split off into something similar and ALWAYS find out WHY something works. GL OP.
bad tutorials exist on all software, Rebelway Houdini is an example of bad tutorials, it took me a while to find an actually good Houdini tutorials, blender is more prominent with bad tutorials because it's more accessible

File: 1690277395269084.jpg (6 KB, 224x246)
6 KB
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>Because with his massive BBC fetish a mere 50 percent is no-where near enough to satisfy this anon. Give him 400% and he'll go aheago while mashing the download button.
Thanks for effort man
it's chatgpt
Or maybe he doesn't model animals.
Now I'm off to bait /pol/.

File: 1679906053997582.jpg (103 KB, 1376x798)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Is The Gnomon Workshop good or is it a scam? I want to learn from a couple of courses, and they have video previews for each course. Some parts of the courses seem interesting, but some of their results for the courses I want seem questionable, at best. I won't pirate.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Still doesn’t mean you get the software for free. You need the software no matter what, unless you think 30 days is enough or stolen it. Also, we don’t really know how much your pc can handle simulations and particles. Just to give an overview, an 1050Ti GeForce graphic card can only do like 20% until lag happens.

One last thing, I’m 100% sure you need adobe effects experience or at best visual editing skills. You’ll will need to make sure no losses happen and sadly, only adobe effects offers it. Unless you’re a hobbyist then it shouldn’t matter since viewers never care much.
You dont do particle sims on graphics cards. You do it on cpu with oodles of ram. Gpu solvers look like shit.

After effects is shit. I am trying to learn nuke
File: sir.png (772 KB, 1706x1934)
772 KB
772 KB PNG
Hi Ranjesh. You will pirate and you will be happy sir. You will apply for green card and work in your dream job as vfx compositor along with other sirs.
dear mr FBI,
I won't pirate.

t. anon
The videos on Gnomon Workshop are actually really good quality

File: 0001-0045.webm (88 KB, 1280x720)
88 KB
Is this good enough? I used a simple rig with automatic weights, no shape keys.
105 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
>worry's about other software
>blender user
>cums during blender faggots stream

Holy smokes!
I think you have faces too densely packed where there isnt really any relevant model detail or deformation happening.
Try to normalize the resolution a bit more so the butt gets more and that lower back gets a bit less.
Get your girlfriend to let you retopologize her waist-area with a sharpie to learn how to 3d model this area.

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