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Does anyone have a workflow for this style of art in blender? I've found stuff for C4D that uses lofting and tried to adopt the workflow for Blender. The lofting is shit and there is no pen/sketch equivalent. Can't get C4D. Help please.
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ur telling me this is not good
No, it isn't. Nor is it complex to do. Too many people did trendwhores in the early 2000s.
Pirate C4D (recommend R14 or newer), familiarise yourself with it, follow this guide, use your imagination. Done.
what's old is new again

thanks, this is one the guides i was referring to. i figured out how to get it to work in blender. i pirated C4D but it's shit and couldn't get it launch. People suggest uninstalling python 3, which I'm not doing.
Retard. NGMI

File: toy-story-1024x603.jpg (143 KB, 1024x603)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
How many teraflops would be needed to render Toy Story in real time?
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I don't know bro but you can see a toilet full of fully detailed squirming maggots and worms of different breeds in Resident Evil 8 for the PS5 and that's something.
Would it be possible to make a GPU accelerated version of 1995 Renderman?
No. Also classic REYES-architecture used at that time was phased out from RenderMan in 2016 with version 20.
Looks like shit compared to modern video games, maybe a PS3 even could do it imo. Looks very basic compared to TS3 or 4.
Please fuck off to your containment board >>>/v/

File: 1591206066848.jpg (25 KB, 540x549)
25 KB
Do you guys know any courses that go through everything in character creation? So starting from the default cube to modelling, sculpting, retopo, texturing, rigging, animating the whole deal?
I always just find bits and pieces of varying quality and for different backgrounds so I'd like to see something like this, free or paid just post what you know of.
I don't help retards.
Get one of this guys courses
Cute cartoon
Retards need love too

File: da phrog.png (52 KB, 346x244)
52 KB
Getting started with Blender as a hobby. Any advice?
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This might be a dumb question, but I can't find the answer anywhere else.
Are vertex colors more memory efficient then textures, in general?
If I wanted to make something like vid related would a color atlas or vertex colors be more vram heavy?
File: Captura2.png (18 KB, 238x341)
18 KB
>nimation im doing i'm
you can use an image texture node and point it to a video or an image secuence
literally that same dude has a guide on his channel
I kind of feel bad for him

its like he's not meant to exist

So I'm learning Zbrush since I grew up on blender.
Only the tutorial made me smile in a
>Oh look how stupid Zbrush is

What made me smile is how crippled Zbrush is.
In like it specialized to the point that its unusable in advanced settings.

The main subject was hiding objects (I think Zbrush calls them subtools) so the tutorial guy says
>If we want to see what is going on we can hide the subtools here in this menu
I smiled since in blender you have a list of all your objects and a eye icon to press to hide this object.

>So we can see if the teeth are going in right
LOL there are multiple ways to do this in blender and all of them are superior to what he is showing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah but Zbrush doesn't brick or go sluggish at >5 million polygons
t. Blendlet
What is your top 10? The performance is literally the only reason I wanna learn it over blender
I've explained a lot of them in this thread already, the sculpting being very focused, masking, transpose tools, undos working per subtool so you can undo certain things and go back to older versions without changing everything else in the scene, brushes just feeling better (and having roll mode), IMMs that conform to surfaces + booleans being amazing for detailing and hard surface.

For some of the techier stuff that's not about feel or flow in the moment I think this video will show you like 3 different things you'll be like "oh" about if you're a blender user (it's legit pretty shocking morph targets aren't in blender).


This is the one that pushed me over the edge because seeing somebody just make a perfect alpha (and a VDM at that, something blender can't even do) by pressing a button and waiting .5 of a second was too much. You can also do the opposite and turn a vdm into a subtool in the same amount of time, sculpt on it to edit it then turn it back into an alpha.
I'm a Blenderfag since 2009, Blender is pretty good for most sculpting and you can achieve almost the same results (unless you're going for really high like >20 million sculpts), but it takes SO MUCH LONGER.

Recently my GPU died an thanks to cryptofags I have to buy a GPU for 3 times the price. While my gold plated RTX 2060 arrives Blender can't take a fucking 4 million sculpt separated on different meshes without a dedicated GPU while Zbrush will eat 20 million without a GPU like it's nothing.

Good luck working with 3D printable models of anything that requires detail. You'll have to wait for an eternity to calculate those damn booleans.

Pablo should stop jerking off to his cunny art he post every day on his twitter and work on some fucking optimization and actual tools instead of fucking gimmicks that only impress brainlets.
>but it takes SO MUCH LONGER.

the sum of these little time differences makes so much more difference than people think too, the fact it's so fast to dynamesh, or isolate a part, or quickly mask and transpose something or quickly chop a bit off means that once you get used to the twister game of hotkeys and have your own little custom menu set up zbrush gets the fuck out of the way in a way that blender doesn't. You can actually sculpt as fast as you think in zbrush in a way that you just can't do in blender when you're constantly swapping to object mode and applying scale and waiting for undos and the remesher values are different per object and so on.

File: hmmm.jpg (6 KB, 200x211)
6 KB
I want to make some quick cartoon-like kino, I know how to blender and draw, but I don't know which is quicker
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after years of fucking around with both in pursuit of an extremely efficient animation pipeline, i can tell you that 2D is quicker
Unironically look into Grease Pencil. You can leverage the speed of 2D + your 2D skills to create animatics and then go back in and make them 3D.

You can also do stuff like this where you take a second to make a simple base mesh, then doodle details onto it via grease pencil

Well okay then.
Depends what you are doing. It is much easier to sit down and draw a single frame with some lip movements to be a guy talking, and much more difficult to design an entire 3d model, rig it, and lip sync it. But, the longer the story is, the more worthwhile it becomes to use 3D over 2D in terms of speed.
If you just want to animate something do it in 2D. Even if it looks like shit people will appreciate the effort. The same is not true when animating in 3D.

Furthermore 2D animating skills are transferable to 3D animating skills.

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>>Makes an anatomy sculpting course
>>Shows a body with bad proportions
Totally agree with that.
There's just too much babies on this board.
something seems off about his 3d models maybe it's the lighting or posing I can't put my finger on it
>she didn't want her work getting ripped.
too late isnt it?
What's wrong with the proportions in the picture you posted?
VR already exists, you can have another person sit on you in VR while a robot controlled pillow expertly smothers you in real life

>but that costs money and I'd either have to program the smotherbot 9000 myself or pay someone else to do it

It doesn't appeal to his specific tastes. This board throws around "anatomically incorrect" way too much.
It's true when it's an elbow that CAN'T flex or rotate or a wrist that can't supinate/pronate because something is missing or in the wrong place, but most of the time it's "elbows too pointy". Plus it's easy to go to a grocery store or some place with a random cross section of people and find some really weird looking bodies and proportions

File: maxresdefault.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
has anyone tried this is it good?
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is there a mega for this
I'm starting it while simultaneously poly modeling a character on youtube.
I thought the summery vid spelled out the workflow pretty well.
I'm also confounded that no one's linked it yet.
Other free vids can detail the steps anyway.
It seems like a solid enough way of doing things to me.
these pedo panickers are retarded, really.
It's always ugly mutts

File: Download.jpg (115 KB, 1210x1600)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
hello /3/ - tourist here
what is your opinion on hedi xandt? how does he do it and what software does he probably use?
i'd love to make something like this as well and i've been wondering if he reverses the modell at the end to have a negative formwork also
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See you again in 5 years fgt
Is this pic supposed to be impressive? Looks like babbys second attempt at human face
File: Ex6DuqEWQAAbQcW.jpg (498 KB, 857x1200)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
I assume OP made that, not Hedi Xandt.
Pic related is actual Hedi Xandt work.
Did a reverse search, it seems OP's pic is from Xandt.

File: fred.png (208 KB, 417x361)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
GODOT 3.3 released, thoughts?
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i have no idea what it is and i don't want to know
the blender of game engines.
You're a girl right?
I'm waiting for Godot (4.0).
Same here, compute shaders and all. In the meantime Urho3D is solid.

File: 1619030360329[1].png (183 KB, 699x664)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
confess /3/
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I do character commissions. Instead of making my own base mesh I take daz bodies, make a new head, retexture it and call it a day
absolute legend
Any other time saving tricks?

I do similar with my own stuff; Instead of making it from scratch I cheat
I'm not sure why but I always have it in my head that I have to do it the "right and hardway" when in reality no one cares.
>Any other time saving tricks?
It's not so much of a trick as it is common sense for this, but...
Start building up libraries of assets and materials that you can put into a scene. No point in wasting a bunch of time trying to get a material just right with UVs when you can just slap one on with Object or Triplanar mapping. I don't do this for hero assets, since I still go into SP and give them the works, but for simple things it works. Plus if you spend time modelling something, make it worth your while and use it for other things too.

Another trick that I do is kind of iffy, but if you find yourself using a bunch of cars, I think it's alright.
I just use model rips from shit like Forza. There's no point in modelling a car if the end result will look the same. You're just wasting time modelling something that already exists. There's a bit of set-up time with the models, but after that you can use it for whatever you want. I've set up a rig that does every car movement I need, so I just add it to the cars whenever I'm finished and I waste no time rigging it up. Put it on, do the movement, sim the physics and you got a car with convincing inertia.

I also kind of alluded to it earlier, but I don't even fuck with volumetrics either. I've got a bunch of cloudscapes and shit that I've grab off of Flickr, and assemble them into cloud cover. The trick is to look for panoramas of the ocean. So you have a wide image with a bunch of clouds, and a clear horizon with no landscape to crop it out. Then you crank the contrast till the sky turns black/white and use it as an alpha mask. You have to work a bit to get it to look nice, but it works pretty well. I live by the beach too, so I often pop by if it's cloudy and take a few panoramas myself.
If you're really cheeky, you can just swap the background for an image straight up.
Flickr is a hell of a good place to pick those up, and doesn't really seem to be part of a 3d artist's arsenal even though it should be.
Also, don't feel too bad about not doing things the hard way.
The more obstacles you remove, the quicker you can actually get to the creative process of making a scene. Then it's less about your technical knowledge, and more about your artistic knowledge.
I still make a bunch of things from scratch, or spend hours making materials, but if I see a shortcut I take it.
It gives me more time to work on things that I find to be more worthy of fine attention. Besides, I'm just one dude, I gotta keep the work in check or a project will never get done.
500 million polygons per frame is not a limitation

how do i animate like this mf
serious answers only pls
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You don't see left cube aggressively riding right cube for everything its got?
I'm just guessing but coomer artists almost certainly have Patreon pages and their own websites or social media pages. The programs and models used are probably listed there sonewhere. Unless he's Chinese in which case it's all stolen work claimed as being scratch made.
what an interesting idea.
he has some of his models on his patreon, but you can get em for free on kemono.party

most of the cinema 4d tutorials being octane or redshift based make it seem like the stock render engine for c4d is shit, is this true?
It's not that it's complete shit, it's just a stagnated CPU renderer that can't really compete with actively developed renderers. Maxon have no reasons to invest resources into it, especially now that they bought Redshift which they sell separately. I'd still pick C4D's standard/physical renderer over Radeon ProRender (the other built into C4D option) in many cases.
One of, if not the main reason Octane and Redshift are so widely used is their speed, and if you need a heavy-duty renderer there's Arnold (you can easily pirate it, by the way, it also supports GPU rendering since some time ago, Nvidia-only, of course).
You need a bunch of dual or quad xeon workstations to fully utilize CPU rendering targeted at 4k output. Good thing is that most scale very well on a large number of machines (or farms). Not so good for the artist trying to do this kind of work on a single machine.
Stock render is really good for stylized NPR stuff though.
Really versatile and pretty fast if you know what you are doing.

Can i have some informations about this software. I've made some research on a different subject but I came across this software several time in the results.
> What was so good about it?
> Is it still relevant
> Is it designed for a particular modeling style/artstyle?
> Pros/cons ?
> What was so good about it?
Nearly everything. Workflow, UI, performance and its abilities (animation/rigging/ICE). Not as bloated as other Autodesk tools (Max) while nearly as competitive (Maya).
Truly a great generalist 3D program.
> Is it still relevant
Not really. Last movie I have seen with works from XSI used was the terrible Ghost in the shell remake.
Had great designs though.
And working with a 90 million polygon SubD model is still something unheard of for Blender users.
>Is it designed for a particular modeling style/artstyle?
No general DCC is designed for a particular modelling style/artstyle you dummy.
> Pros/cons ?
It's dead, Jim.
Don't even think about it.
Yes I know what you are thinking.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Still got my 2015 installed with tons of commercial plugins(from my last job). I wouldn't recommend to get into it now. Many parts of it still plain shit over other software. Rigging, UV mapping, general rig/playback performance, scripting and especially ICE are still better than anything blender offers.
Hell...even the now old implementation of Mental Ray produces less noisy output than Cycles does.

File: 1SMOL.png (782 KB, 960x540)
782 KB
782 KB PNG
Spent the last few months creating this music video for my new track and thought you might enjoy it :)

It's a bit all over the place but I'd love to hear your interpretations.

3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I liked it, OP, you did a great job. Now fuck off.
I know how much effort something like that is and doing something like that is respectable in and of itself, but something about the lighting seems off.
Doesn't suck.

You do you.

Expect resistance.
the car doesnt go fast enough
Neither the song nor the video are particularly great, but you're clearly approaching some level of competence in both areas.

There's some nice shots here and there.

Congratulations on your shitty ad for a fictional car I guess, though I'm gonna second what >>824460 said. That thing doesn't look like it ever tops 30-40mph.

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