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File: download (14).jpg (173 KB, 1280x720)
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173 KB JPG
What are the best modern Blender learning resources? Sticky is so old.


I'm watching this, I know khan academy has a 3d modeling section too, if we're going to get program agnostic.
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File: 1577431457455.jpg (192 KB, 1360x705)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
you will never find the best anything for a free tool like blender, anyone with 2 braincels can make a fucking tutorial now a days. see the influx of paki tutorials in skillshare.
Why is Barrack Obama, the Forty-fourth President of the United Sates of America, being subdivided in Blender???
what do you want to make in blender?
not him but game assets

mechanical stuff that movies or animates on player input
he will not (sub)divide us

File: 1562920597143.jpg (133 KB, 1200x900)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Is photogramattery a hack technique? I find it fake 3d myself. Instead of photographing stuff they should be simulating.
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Are my suspicions that meshroom was made by pajeets correct?
No, but it doesn't mean you have any artistic skill or merit in visual craft.
Megascans is pretty neat and free through Unreal(I know china bad).

Gonna become a paleoartist making sweet renders of my own sculpts + megascans background
Finally you can feel like you have a 5 inch dong.
neither does posting on 4channel. There are some things in life and business that you do because you want to and not because of the bottom line.

File: images (6).jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
How the fuck do you make money with 3D? What is the secret?

I have art profiles on Instagram, Behance, Artstation, Reddit and Fiverr. After 4+ months postings gigs I finally got one on Fiverr for EIGHT dollars and it took me two hours to make.

What the hell is the secret? I see people making 400$ a month and I'm making nothing
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1. Model popular anime girl.
2. Increase hip ratio to 1½.
3. Download a k-pop dance choreography.
4. Drown in subscribestar donations.
have any of you tried selling on ethereum NFT markets like superrare?
make video games. it is one product that people actually buy. people don't buy your art made in photoshop or blender.
>what is patreon
check out the world of tabletop miniatures and scenery for print!

its an emerging market, selling files or hosting a patreon with 28mm scale miniatures or scenery made for 28mm wargaming/RPGs.

if you make something similar to existing IP products but different enough not to get sued, theres a massive secondary market. people make a good living modeling shit for warhammer "counts as"

File: 1019455351.jpg (246 KB, 1378x1500)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
If you work in the 3D industry what's wrong with you? Why slave away for a large company with shit pay when you could've been earning even more just doing it as a hobby? The 3D industry sucks which explains why a lot of them are snowflakes who will have a fucking meltdown at the slightest inconvenience. There is an absurd amount of sjw's on blenderartists.org who will literally berate you for anything you do that doesn't fit their narrative.
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Getting banned from a shithole is a victory anon.
>why get paid when you could be doing it for free?

Suck my flaccid penis fag
>been earning even more just doing it as a hobby?
then its not a hobby anymore is it retard? Thats called a job.
because i like getting paid to do cool costumes that will be used in destiny
Isn't destiny first person? Scuse my autism but why would people care about cool costumes in a fps?

I can't find any youtuber that explains every aspect of this one by one without speeding it up
can one of you make small playlist of different youtubers or one youtuber does not matter,
just playlist of tutorial videos that explain the whole process in order with no speeding up
File: USESEARCHRETARD.png (16 KB, 645x375)
16 KB
question thread here >>743647
Cgpeers have multiple courses like that from 3dmold, cubebrush, uartsy, GAI ect...
Please to anyone reading this, STOP making shitty threads that make you seem like an absolute idiot. If you posted it in the questions thread /3/ will help you, that's what it's there for. But when you make these attention whoring, brainlet tier takes on how to learn and study, I am not going to fucking help you.

Treat the board with respect, and you will be respected.

File: 1562399382185.jpg (77 KB, 1080x1334)
77 KB
I feel physically smarter.
Congratulations. I mean that, really. Its the most important day of your life.
Once Everything Nodes™ becomes a thing it will be blendini > houdini. Good luck with your soon to be deprecated software :^)
thank you kind sir.

File: 123123132.jpg (368 KB, 1271x710)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
stop working overtime
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no he looks like a hapa
It's a typical conclusion. I tried out the sculpting and in comparison to zbrush it was shit so I stopped using it.
They look exactly like the first monstrosities I ever sculpted
post face and pyw
They are still making blender videos, next one will be some shitty a e s t h e t i c render tutorial.

File: 4ed50c5.jpg (2.18 MB, 6944x5149)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
What is it about analog that just screams FILM?

It's not just about grain, there's something more. I want to incorporate this look into my renders. I have some photorealistical ones that look shot in digital, I want a film look
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very specific color reproduction inaccuracies, film grain, and a logarithmic dynamic range. A notable thing about film grain is that it doesn't have uniform sampling, so can reproduce sharpness higher than Nyquist over multiple frames. Idk how you would reproduce that quirk without either lots of oversampling or a render pipeline tailored to simulating it. The rest can absolutely be achieved by a LUT over a HDR render.
I been rendering images at lower samples plus a light fog and it creates a very soft grainy painterly look.
Quicker render times too.
That's a lot more complicated than you realize.

There's the film itself, which has its own color characteristics and grain size depending on the ISO as well as the type of film (negative,B+W, slide). Then there's the size of the film itself and it's final application, 35mm is garbage in comparison to 8x10, the smaller the film the more grainy the film looks.

Then there's the lens of the camera. Aperture bokeh and internal defects have an impact on both the image and color that is picked up. Again the size of film affects the size of glass which can look different a medium format lens has better out of focus than 35mm subjectively of course. Then there's the lens itself, anamorphic or spherical, moveable elements or fixed.

What exactly do you like about film? Color? Noise? Focus?

Also /p would like to point out that OPs pic is absolutely trash

This video (which I am linking from another thread on a similar topic) does a good job of illustrating in a CG (using c4d) setup how real world light and camera shit works


The thread >>753155

File: pika.jpg (166 KB, 570x494)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Is pirating blender addons a thing?
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It's not piracy if it's legal distribution. And the topic of the thread has nothing to do with >>753486 being false.
File: 146487878968.gif (492 KB, 167x204)
492 KB
492 KB GIF
It is pretty much unfeasible.
Blender keeps getting updated all the time and plugins often break in the process. Plugin devs are basically always trying to keep shit working, putting out updates.
If you don't get them directly from them you always have to wait for someone to upload the newest version for you for free which will annoying as fuck quickly, especially if you want to get shit done but nothing works.
Why doesn't anybody set up automated mirrors to (((preserve))) Blender's add-on ecosystem?
why go through all that hassle for some leeches? most people just buy that shit for themselves and don't think about sharing the add-ons.
When CGPeers open signups happen on the 15th, go wild.

File: lens.png (731 KB, 1000x972)
731 KB
731 KB PNG
Has anyone ever tried this? I'm currently working with Blender, Luxcore and OpticalRayTracer to build the lenses. Pinhole cameras work perfectly with both Cycles and Luxcore, that's already known, but I'm trying to see if I can make lenses work.

OpticalRayTracer shows me that this setup should work like the bottom picture, but instead it's bending the light inwards. I don't know what I'm doing wrong
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Jiaze Wu
Not With
Take a look at this

I downloaded the .blend and have been experimenting with it and I gotta say, it's mad useful. The bokeh, distortion and chromatic aberration are out of this world. It might not be great for large projects, but I'll surely use it for close-ups
anything stopping you from rendering a light field from somewhere just in front of the lens and then solving the lens interactions in post using a linear pipeline like what zemax does?

Basically separating the camera lens problem from the rendering problem so that you can use different tools optimized for different things.
That's possible, but entirely out of my reach. You'd have to generate a vectorized image, each pixel containing information about the light source, direction, strength, color, etc. and then run an algorithm on each pixel to bend and distort, whilst also simulating aperture for depth of field and bokeh. You need a degree-level understanding of optics to code something like that. It's a great idea though. If Blender Cycles implemented something like that it would blow all competitors away.

I also had never heard of that zemax software, I'm looking into it right now
Neat, I'm a little bit mad at my high school photography teacher for teaching me only like 1/10th of that.

Really neat, in moderation

File: aa1.jpg (43 KB, 1028x732)
43 KB
Hey, im new to this board. Recently i was thinking about getting in to 3D, probably push it as my career.
I had never made any model or stuff related to 3d modeling, riging etc.
But i got some knowladge that might help me with creating 3d stuff.
I've been drawing for serious for like 6 years now. I got some decent knowaldge of perspective, anatomy, composition, design and lighting.
I started watching blender guru on yt, but i thought that asking here for help would be better idea.
So my question is.
If i want to work in gamedev as concept artist or someone who makes character models or assets in general.
What should i do in first place?
Rightnow as i mentioned im learning blender and for next step i was thinking about zbrush.
But im not sure is it best way. Any tips for newbie?
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Of course it's bad. I just started learning. Chill out anon.
Here's the truth and you're not going to fucking like it at all. You may even succeed in spite of what I will tell you.

Working GameDev for any company is the very definition of a wagecuck. Working in the commercial art field is generally a fucking minefield of toxic company culture, job insecurity, and exploitation purely because you love what you do. My suggestion is find a career that your okay with staying with, build your games for yourself, do your artwork for yourself, and if you're good enough people will call and you can work for yourself.

Don't expect money to come to you ever, you shouldn't do it for money. If you truly love it keep it as a hobby, maybe post stuff consistently, but do everything with the goal of self-improvement. No one values art, the time spent creating it, or your well being; so at the very least respect yourself, don't do work for free or 'publicity' and do only the work that interests you.
Bad reply. Learn to speak before you act, nobody.
You know what, I'd like to apologize for being a dickhead. However I'd like you to stop posting tutorial models and post your custom models. Why not make a corndog or a whip cream on top of pie?
File: ponns.jpg (56 KB, 922x636)
56 KB
Will do some custom stuff for sure.
I'm following tutorial just to learn how to actually do it.

File: 12058005.685_image.png (63 KB, 164x159)
63 KB
I'll model whatever you give me (sfw) to model for a cheap/good fee. JUST SOMEONE GIVE ME SOMETHING TO DO. I NEED WORK!

Here's my bloody portfolio:

Also, why doesn't /3/ have a general for commission and job posting?
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
If you are not hired yet then make sure you are paid an amount or make sure you WILL be paid.
Businesses often ask designers for stuff and then will try to avoid paying.
If you do have a confirmation of payment then you will be asked for changes on the drawing you make, make sure to charge for every change they ask for.
If you have no experience on graphic design then most probably they will ask someone else to do your job again.
This is why you have to make sure they will pay you, if they don't, you'll make no money and you'll waste your time, but if they do, great.
So, don't make "investments" on something you are not sure will pay back

sage in the options field next time you comment on this thread
Thank you for the advice and vote of confidence man. I think this is a good entry level job, and besides, forcing yourself into creative spaces you're unfamiliar with helps you grow as an artist. The cash would be helpful but its not like I'm depending on it, so why not go for it?
Thanks for giving me a rundown on the business side of things, I've heard about business owners trying to pay beginner artists in "exposure" before. I like to think I'm a good negotiator. Also appreciate for the reminder on my 4channel etiquette (I legitimately thought sage didn't work anymore, was that just a meme?)
OP, look for an internship. I work with software development, not 3D, but even I can tell that your portfolio is not something that an independent project would hire based on, at least not with a decent pay.
Just stumbled upon this board by accident, saw this, and it gave me a good laugh. Thanks, OP.
I don't know how it is for 3D stuff, but in web dev getting a job is piss easy if you have a decent portfolio. And it really isn't that hard when everyone else is dogshit. I imagine it would be the same in all industries. Maybe it just isn't for you.
No shaders, no materials to look through, no actual wireframe meshes to look at. No none textured models in tpose. Wow, I thought my portfolio was bad.

File: gandalf-vs-balrog.jpg (177 KB, 1200x962)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Hey, I'm in the DIY journey of printing this diorama for my mother's birthday as she's a huge Tolkien fan. But I'm unable to purchase the stuff since Gambody (creator's website) is country restricted and vpn isn't helping (also im a little tight on budget).

I've seen some local resellers for the same model, which makes me believe that it's free somewhere on the web. I couldn't find it tho, any help on finding it or recommendation? Thanks in advance!
Give us more information and maybe we can help you.
This are the models:

But those pages show "Oops, sorry
gambody.com is unavailable for your country" for me.
Unfortunately in the megapack I looked at on cgp and the website I could not find Gandalf nor Balrog. Even though references are mentioned the files are either misnamed inside the megapack, or they are not there at all.

I did see Golum, though. I'll keep poking around but the price is 24.99 for Balrog and 19.24 for Gandalf on the Gambody website.
I presume you want the FDM version. Use a hexadecimal to text for mega link. File size about 592Mb
68 74 74 70 73 3a 2f 2f 6d 65 67 61 2e 6e 7a 2f 66 69 6c 65 2f 49 5a 56 33 43 61 67 43 23 65 47 4e 31 39 57 57 47 37 4f 77 76 4a 4c 53 4e 56 7a 36 74 43 52 5f 6b 30 48 55 59 59 33 74 48 77 4c 4a 59 54 44 39 32 6b 58 30
Thanks a lot anon!!!

File: hover-beach-lander.jpg (69 KB, 764x565)
69 KB
Am broke, currently supporting several patrons, but can't really afford previous releases that cost 60$ like TitanForge, Asgard Rising etc. Is there any repository for paid STL files here on 4chan?

Also, looking for this model, it was deleted by the author some time ago (it was free), anyone has it saved?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Haven't followed this up, but I posted earlier. I have since found 3 different megas, 2 free 1 paid, 400gb in total. will upload stuff if I can. Thinking of making a torrent when I have it all sorted
Thanks Anon.
What is the pw for some of the files?
sorry, i didnt upload the files

I keep getting a message that says "this group does not exist"

So there is no option to join it.

File: zzzz_drdr.png (1.39 MB, 1245x703)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
File: zzzzDRILLGO.png (498 KB, 603x693)
498 KB
498 KB PNG

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