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What makes Corona so realistic? I know that Cycles can't do Caustics for shit. I heard you can tweak it with nodes though. But what else? Why Cycles always felt more like smooth plastic? And how can I get a Cycles render at least somewhat close to Corona level? What are the main issues?
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>Why Cycles always felt more like smooth plastic?
Because you can't into PBR or rely on denoising too much?
Install LuxCore by the way.

Also this
>99% photorealism is achievable with any of the modern offline renderers.
That doesn't negate the fact that some are better or worse in certain aspects which effects how much time and effort the artist has to put in.
There is a reason why people who do architectural renderers often gravitate to Corona or Vray, rather than to Cycles.
I've spent only a day or 2 with Corona and even with this superficial engagement alone I could archive better results in little time, making the difference and qualification of Corona obvious to me.
Yes you can do great renderers with Cycles and the end consumer / the unwashed plebs don't care or realize.
But neither should these define your workflow, nor should this detract from the obvious advantages of getting to a (better) result easier and faster.

>Because you can't into PBR or rely on denoising too much?
Or maybe he can and doesn't and you just downplay the obvious difference in quality of shaders and lighting of renderers.
While Luxcore does have better shaders and can create more realistic surfaces, as a renderer overall it isn't really as recommendable as other renderers.
If quality is the define factor I would rather recommend Renderman or Octane (which both have their advantages/disadvantages).


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Use Lux core render
>Bidirectional path tracing
>More powerful node system
>Support for blender(2.8.3) and alpha(2.9.3)
Don't forget slow as fuck ;)
with corona you get great results with much less work and minimal post production

What was the easiest thing you picked on when you first began with 3D? What was the hardest?
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File: su 34.png (457 KB, 1554x909)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
i finished one but did not bother painting it
using mirror modifier and subdivision surface
not applying transforms and adding modifiers unwrapping uvs
File: profesianal.png (567 KB, 829x570)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
folding chair
player model

im awful with organic shapes and tried after 2 weeks of learning blender
Easy: Literally everything in 3D
Hard: node work in houdini, proper topology, hard surface modelling, coding
nice lips, would fuck

There are people right now being hired by studios like Bungie because of items they have made in TF2.

What is your excuse?
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File: 1616709891655.jpg (70 KB, 1280x720)
70 KB
no thanks
I hope pic related isn’t the reason they were hired.
That has tons of soul, it's obviously been made with in-game limitations / constraints in mind, and obviously all the visual heavy lifting is going to be done by the texturing
Why does everyone model that ridge on the bottom of wizzard hats. It should have just one edge.
File: 1632247167436.jpg (116 KB, 500x500)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
rent free in your head

File: snapshot.png (366 KB, 623x757)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
has anyone had success ripping animoji 3d models? I'm trying to see how the hair is structured
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File: curve profile.jpg (134 KB, 1981x449)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>I'm trying to see how the hair is structured
You're joking, right? What's there to get?
They literally just look like bezier curves with a tapered profile.
I don't get why you need a rip to understand something that's right there in front of you.
The point isn't to recreate, it's to grab the balls right from Apple's crotch.
from their patent
what the heck are they trying to patent here?
apple patents everything, even topology

File: 1619978420901.jpg (65 KB, 603x674)
65 KB
Which monitor does your studio use for HDR content creation and color accuracy? Surely not a C1 because of burn in and massive size on the desk but what else is there?
File: giphy.gif (422 KB, 480x262)
422 KB
422 KB GIF
>lighting department
bump. I assume you people have some sort of HDR pipeline going on since both movies and games support it now. How are you working with this?

It's free, it's powerful and there's a lot to like about what's coming up in 5. Why not have a thread for it?

What have you been making in UE lately?
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You can still continue using 4.25.
>OMG UE5 is such a game changer! No more baking! Just dump your assets straight out of zBrush!
turns out it's only for static meshes and needs extra LOD work by which point you might've well just auto-retopo'd. Sucks to be a faggot hype consoomer I guess.
can somebody tell me what settings for god rays but not all around fog ? I have some windows and I want to have clear light fog coming inside, visible not only when looking at the sun, but everytime I increase the height fog it just put a shit ton of fog everywhere. Is there a way to just make it affect light ? like pic related
File: LightRayBp.jpg (107 KB, 853x536)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
forgot pic
own models, own skeletons, own maya rigs and pipeline tools for getting animations across properly

File: elephant-skating-fail.gif (967 KB, 500x426)
967 KB
967 KB GIF
I can't wrap my mind around keying an animation. What's the proper workflow? Mine is:
>make a base pose
>select all controllers, key
>make the next key pose
>select all controllers, key
>etc. until I have the whole clip
>move the keys around together to better time the animation
>result is keyposes timed well
now what? when I get to breakdowns I always get lost among all the keyframes. as I add more keys to inbetweens the dope sheet gets cluttered by million keyframes and after a while I spend more time looking for the right key to delete than animating.. any tutorials on this?
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First you go pose to pose
1. Poses needed to tell story - key all
2. Extremes of movements - key all

Then you go straight ahead.
3. Breakdowns - individual controllers
4. Polish from center of mass out - individual controllers.

On step 3. You start deleting unnecessary key frames.
A light rig and proxy mesh help a lot because you can get realtime feedback to your changes. Work in 50-100 frame increments along the timeline.
The animators survival guide lays this out properly on examples. Go and read through the entire book, it will help a ton understanding all the chaos.
this helps, thanks a lot
it's not exactly a dog whistle when I call you a nigger out right, is it now? If you're so woke, why are you even here and not on reddlt? you'll fit right in.
The same reason you're not on voat
learn from this guy

File: 1608594779533.jpg (199 KB, 900x500)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
pill me on fractal rendering
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Then are circles also dumb since you don't render a circle, just a polygon?
it seems that you're the dumb one, my guy. after all, I don't see the entire you, just dumb posts you make
Other guy wasn't me. Circles aren't stupid because in real life, I can make one and use it. I'm never going to need a fractal in the same way I would need a circle, so they are in different realms. It's like pi. I'll never get the full number, but even the approximations have use. Your dumb "Gotcha!" lacks basic understanding of geometry and its real world applications.
Just because one is more useful than the other doesn't mean that the approximation of the less useful one is completely useless.

File: 1592966108538.gif (1.94 MB, 310x325)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
Which anon will produce higher quality work:

>The blendlet who has practice with blender and FOSS tools for a decade.
>The industry fag who has a week of practice

What I mean, is if blender + FOSS only workflow could technically produce elite CGI results better than propietary noobs (AKA redditors) using industry tools.
Or if the render quality depends mostly on the software being used?
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
ian hubert?
blender + substance painter for me
I don't understand all this foss only bullshit, I use windows and buy video games, and use blender with substance painter
File: richard-stallman-1.jpg (87 KB, 900x750)
87 KB
How dare you?
>I don't understand all this foss only bullshit
and you don't need to, as it is the domain of cultists.
Do you feel the need to understand people who are members of Scientology or is it enough to know that they are stupid?

File: Godot.png (1.68 MB, 1025x633)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
Quick test render made on godot stable. (3.4)
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People don't care whether the ingredients or tools remain homemade or corporate, just whether the overall product good or not at the the end. Granny is great because her food is still tasty and unique despite being more expensive.
You really felt the need to post this? If it's a test render why not post it in /WIP/?
>unreal and unity are more like that corporate ad of cookies that tell you about gay rights on africa.
Is that you Terry? Did you manage to get godot running on TempleOS?
Granny's homemade cookies in this case look EXACTLY like pieces of shit.
why are you impressed by lightmapping

File: 1390823150877.jpg (31 KB, 251x201)
31 KB
Which is the zbrush of rigging?
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For the people saying Maya ITT, how does Maya LT hold up? I'd rather stick with Blender than install a pirated copy, and the full version is definitely too expensive, so I don't want to put much time into learning on the LT version if I'm just going to need to upgrade to do anything substantial anyways.
don't you have access to Maya Indie?
just pirate the upgraded version
Maya LT is deprecated and outdated software that has limitations that the indie version does not have. AFAIK you can't legally get it anymore, its in legacy mode.
Pirating the full version, buying the Indie Version or staying with Blender are your options.
I strongly recommend to disregard your reasons for pirating the full version of Maya.
Just do it and use it in combination with Blender as this is the best solution.
I didn't see indie in my own googling, thanks.

>shitpost on /3/
>other people make millions off your work
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Dude literally who cares, if you wanted to, you could just make a 3d printable model and steel it online
The tale of 4channel.
bottom of the barrel, literally. You can't make this shit up
what is a 4channel
File: 10-2021-14-02-52-757.jpg (64 KB, 900x900)
64 KB
There is a common fear expressed on the web, especially on 4chan- It is a bitterness, a clutching to their "big idea" or their ultimate move; that if they acted on it, it would be stolen, so instead, they will decide it is best to keep this "big idea" or "groundbreaking artwork" for themselves, to avoid anyone stealing it, until it is REALLY ready for "showtime" or something

The reality: This is the biggest filter for anyone who wishes to do anything of merit or creative worth. You have to get over this. The key is to make your expression, your move, your shitpost- Whatever form the idea takes- and you have to own it- You have to do it to the best of your abilities, and release it with the best ability you can- And own anything that comes your way after the fact. 99% of works will not be stolen or repurposed or taken and profited from- Your big idea or creative effort most likely will be just fine- So swallow your ego and just Make things that you want and throw this irrational fear away. None of the consequences, whether good, or bad, will come of your mind's efforts if you do not ACT on the thoughts, and choose to create.

Don't be filtered by this weird head-game we play. Do not fear anything, just give your efforts to the world and share what you can- Do your best an your most original, even if the intense effort is for nothing but a shitpost. Creating artwork and idea is the only truth- Living in the world we have now, Make society your bitch and just create the work you want to see and don't stop- THings should fall into place if you make headstrong moves without thinking too much at all about consequences or backlash. 4chan is a great place to train your skills and master your craft

A great example of this fear showing itself in a self-professed "intelligent" human is that Duck post copy paste where he speaks about clutching to his "grand idea". Sometimes I think I am crazy, but then I remember his posts and going Okay at least I'm not delusional
That is the general fate of creative people, because creative people create and greedy merchants rub their greasy hands together and rip off their ideas (and their customers).
They can't create themself, but they know how to rip off people, that is their "talent", creatives rarely have that skill-set.
good post
>clutching to his "grand idea"
...is a power fantasy that is not realistic, inevitably comes out differently then people imagine in their head and will never have the desired effect of being successful.
A sign of delusion and inferiority complex.
Only exception to your general statement is when you are a truly competent artist and you have your finger on the Zeigeist and know (maybe through insider knowledge) that the time is ripe for a very specific artistic product.
Then you should keep your mouth shut and be very careful whom you trust and immediately create it and do it the proper way so that you can profit from it.
Many cases where good ideas where stolen and done (shoddily) by some cheap Chinese manufacturer, effectively ripping the true creator off and making bank, while destroying the idea in the long run through overexposure / bad quality.
But these people don't post here, they are working on their thing.

I have the opportunity 2d / 3d animation and digital art (effects, 3d modeling and creation of characters blah blah)
I personally love that career and want to enter next year, but is it worth it? give me something of mine
I want to take advantage of it, like working for 3d prints (if there are jobs for that) modeling or animating ...
I would love to work in NY some day and well, will it be worth it? lasts 3 years.
>but is it worth it?
rarely is any school teaching these disciplines worth it. 97 of 100 are not.
How do I know? Cramming 2D and 3D animation and digital art into an 3 year long form of education is never EVER enough. It'll be nothing but the most basic shit and since it spreads itself so thinly it inevitably will be not good as good teachers are rare and those who teach in generalist schools like this are often unable to get a job in the actual industry themself.
So it'll be the blind leading the blind - the only people who actually profit from this are the institutions that offer the rip-off- I mean education.
To top if off, the whole animation industry is overcrowded (with mediocre people dependent on nepotism), if you don't have an epic artistic drive, an overabundance of energy, an iron will and impossible pain tolerance you won't make it above depressive and soul crushing wage slavery types of works and be trapped in them for the rest of your life.
If you want to live/work in NY (an overhyped city that is super-expensive and filled with vapid people ) you better start thinking about doing real business and art isn't it.
>I personally love that career
For the majority it isn't a career, but rather a game of survival not unlike Squid Game or some shit like it. You rarely have control over the parameter that determine your success or failure, the game is fixed and everybody is ready and willing to cut your throat in a heartbeat.
You want some life advice?
The world is going down the drain, just take a history book and look what happened roughly 100 years ago - we are currently participating in the remake/reimagining of it.
The world doesn't need more artists, it needs people who are able to build solid and useful stuff or are able to directly help other people.
An Engineer or an Doctor or any kind of conservative and timeless profession is worth 10 times more and you have good chances at a financial successful and self-determined life.
>duh duuuuuuhhh…. Me fix da bug! Eh, me smart, me useful duuuh.

File: 20210704_013653.png (164 KB, 480x312)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Don't know if this is the right place to ask, sorry if it isn't. I need to create a 3d model for college but i am broke as fuck and only have a Galaxy tab S6 to work with. Are there any usable 3d programs for android? It doesn't need to be fancy, just usable. The ones I tried (Prisma3D, Sculpt+) where shit.
Did you try Nomad Sculpt?
Nomad sculpt

File: donot.png (1.7 MB, 1598x988)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
74 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's probably because I couldn't get the plate material to look right. I just ran out of patience for it.
>good job.
File: gogoasa reusita.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1080)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
how so ?
Turn off anti-aliasing for the rendering (must be under Render -> Film, just google it)
I don't understand why the donut is the go-to beginner object. It's not very good at all. It teaches you far too many surface level things, and completely ignores topology or shape control. I think it'd be much better for beginners to model something non-organic, like a chair, a speaker, a mouse, or pretty much any not-too-complex object on their desktop.
the goal of the donut series is not to give beginners a decent foundation, but to get the most engagement from YT users

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