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File: DiQNKRmXcAAKS6n.jpg (342 KB, 960x1200)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
How much would it cost me to pay a 3D artist to make a photorealistic model of a girl based on her photos?
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I should have explained in more detaill. The idea is to have a model for 3D printing, so basically a hairless grey mannequin, not a colour photo or videogame character.
Ok then it amounts to getting the body shape right and the only detail is basically the face.
That isn't that expensive, but still people that do custom 3D printable characters will want to make some profit.
So I'd say it'll cost at leat a hundred $. More likely is 2 or 3, good luck finding somebody who does it for cheap.
Just use DAZ
How much to add a dick to her?

File: 167297016850.png (15 KB, 490x457)
15 KB
Finally getting around to looking at KineFX and motionclips stuff and wondering what interesting ways to abuse the nodes people have found.

So far I've realised I can throw anything into a motionclip as long as I only keep points + name said points. I have no idea why I would want to do this, and I'm sure there's plenty of problems with it, but it seems like it might be useful.
File: 444598913102.png (63 KB, 1007x794)
63 KB
whoops, here's the network
Working off points is the whole point of kinefx, there should not be any problems with molesting those points however you choose.
What should I do with this newfound power tho

File: freecad.jpg (122 KB, 1800x1100)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
This is for my CAD bros.
What projects are you working on?
Where are you struggling?
What software are you using?
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>boolean cut the small gear as the two rotate

is there a tutorial for this I can follow?

good idea but yeah, I'd like to be able to control the gear ratio
>is there a tutorial for this I can follow?
it's just a tedious manual process
you rotate the gear blanks at their respective ratios, making boolean cuts every few degrees using the sphere gear as the cutting tool
there's no pretty way to do that without an equation, as far as I know
ah ok, thanks
not sure about other programs, but in theory fusion360 would let you make it parametric for easier gear ratio fuckery
when you rotate it, you can enter a parameter with some math like (360°/GearRatio) and it'll update as long as you keep design history open
I just use fusion for hard surface modeling, so take that with a huge grain of salt
>good idea but yeah, I'd like to be able to control the gear ratio
You don't get a lot of control.
If you make spherical gear with simple revolve, than that gear will have two poles. So if you want smaller drive gear, your only option is monopole gear, with ratio 2:1, like they did.
Then there is 1:1, where both have 2 poles, like I did.
And then drive gear can only be bigger with 3, 4, 5, 6,... poles.
Unless you plan to make spherical gear with more than 2 poles?

There might be some cheating that it could be done, I will test it maybe in next days.

File deleted.
Indie gamedev's making PS2 era graphics style revival when?

Is it that mich more difficult than PS1 style graphics?
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Why make what has been made before or what's current when that which yet exists could be made?
ps1 is an artistic style that's largely at its best when not doing photo realism

the moment you go to ps2, you have 0 reason to not just go modern, if not fully modern, then not giving a damn about the poly count or texture resolution.
>compromised artform
It's way more beautiful than modern soulless and overelaborate shit.
The computer I used for 10 years barely scraped Shadermodel3. But it did have it.

File: 7514149019.jpg (72 KB, 981x735)
72 KB
What's up /3/,

Pwnisher here; hope you're ready to create some content for my new challenge. I've got sick prizes for you like this amazing 500gb SSD for third place. What's that? You're from Europe? I'm not paying for those prizes and my sponsors won't ship to Europe, but don't worry you guys get a print of My Art signed by yours truly for the privilege of participating in a contest that will generate significant income and exposure for my channel. Don't worry i'll put your insta in the video along with the 300 other participants.
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I remember when Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Sin City, Spy Kids) pulled the same shit.

He had this massive "CONTEST" on DeviantArt where he asked artists to submit creature concepts for his next movie. The prize? The privilege of having your work in a major motion picture (uncredited, unpaid). You also had to sign some agreement that "I hereby relinquish all rights of my work to bla bla bla" before entering. Nobody bought into his stunt.
>Biggest hack in 3D right now


The shit he's putting out is pathetic. Zero finished work. I remember him spending hours on some canister for some bike. The canister was never finished and his topology was pathetic. The guy probably got fired and Corridor Crew didn't want to seem like assholes so they gave him a nice sendoff.
He made the Bosstown dynamics model for one of their most popular videos ever.

The feeling I get from him though is that there’s not a lot of originality in his works. One of his NFTs was just a kitbashed car by the sea. Soulless.
That's why I watched his stream. I thought he had talent because of the Boston Dynamics vid but nope... Who knows if he was the one who modelled it or not...

Check this out:

Posted in 2018, video by the Corridor Crew was posted in 2019. Yeah, this dude is a complete fake.

i saw more polygons on a low poly model desu.

File: test.png (187 KB, 666x857)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
Three weeks of learning and my first serious sculpt. Made my own thicc orc-waifu.
Post feedback please don't be mean I'm still learning :(
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Is that good or bad?
Someone tell me how I might fix the arms please
File: 1611914740259.png (199 KB, 379x332)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
sup, nocoomer here
can you guys recommend me some coomer habitats?
File: zr8qo.gif (2.25 MB, 305x202)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB GIF

File: Blender-Emblem.jpg (50 KB, 1600x1000)
50 KB
I'm new here (been lurking for a few days) and every single time I'm here everyone hates on blender even though it's pretty good for beginner stuff and surprisingly powerful when used by pros

So why the hate?
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Because people like you keep making shit threads about it instead of posting your work and discussing that
Show me one great Blender artist that is doing that. IMHO it has nothing to do with that.
Yes most art schools are shit - tell me something new.
There are tons of self-learned artists that run circles around "trained" 3D artist, no matter the software.
There are also tons of artist with experience in the industry using "industry" programs that run circles around self-declared Blender-pros.
Actual great artists rarely play that stupid tribal software wars game - because they know what they are able to do and what role the tools plays.
No, Blender-hate comes 100% from interaction with shitty fanboys. The same source where hate for other software comes from. People hate on snobby assholes that pretend to be in some exclusive club/tribe that is better than your club/tribe.
Simple as that.
>People hate on snobby assholes that pretend to be in some exclusive club/tribe that is better than your club/tribe.
Simple as that.

so contradictory and you don't even realize lol
How is that contradictory? It cuts both ways.
I am a Blender user and I don't think Blender is shit nor is the hate for the software justifiable.
Do I hate fanboys in general - yes, absolutely. All of them.
I have also extensive knowledge of Maya and C4d. Autodesk and Maxon definitely deserve hate for their corporate overlord mentality, but those tools are not shit either.
All I am saying is don't fall into that stupid tribal mentality - its not useful in the long run.
okay I actually agree with you anon, I just enjoy shitposting. I only use blender cause I'm a poorfag and it does what I need it to. It really is just a tool, same with all the other programs. people making cool stuff on cheap and expensive rigs and people making soulless shite on them as well.

people made good shit on lightwave 3d

cheers m8

Hello anons,

How do i achieve following things:

1) realistic glass
2) reflections on the glass

Im designing an observation room for a game and one side of the room is an glasspane which i want to have as realistic as possible. The glass is seetrough on both sides.
I work with the newest version of blender.

Soory for my bad English.

Thanks in advance anons :)
File: shoulder-shrug-1024x680.jpg (57 KB, 1024x680)
57 KB
>Add transparency
>Add reflection
File: maxresdefault.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
glass in games is different than glass in a program like Blender where stuff is rendered for realism rather than performance. this is less of a modeling question and more of a shading/engine question. What engine are you using? search the net for guides on setting up reflective glass in your engine of choice

File: file.png (904 KB, 1335x825)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
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both are soulless. they look too old.
>shouting aimlessly into the void
>replying from the void
the left looks like crap in 3d, the right is a well adapted 3d rendition. granted the right could have kept the proportions and just reworked how the face is and looked good.
Both are ok.

>Remkaing the whole school
> Missing reference of the stairs leading to roof

Got a suggestion that someone here might be of help to figure out this issue. Thanks in advance /3/
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File: haruhischool2.webm (2.95 MB, 640x360)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB WEBM
. . . and here's a clip of the wireframe model that they made.
Anon you fucking hero! Thank you so much for finding that clip. I can finally continue my stupidity.
This is PERFECT. Thank you!
Just a hobby to recreate the whole school, part practice, and the other reason was to finally figure out the whole layout of the school for the community.
A lot of japanese schools are built to exactly the same spec. You can probably find blueprints for them online.

File: Qc8NbwXt_400x400.jpg (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB
How can I improve my NSFW animations? I'm using Blender and I'm trying to achieve an appealing cartoon/anime/stylised look.
If it's ok I'm going to post some censored versions of my latest animations.
The original versions can be seen here:
61 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1622113076713.gif (2.23 MB, 287x216)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB GIF
why not make it slower?
You shouldn't praise him
That's actually kinda good looking.
Has he stopped? Good. Thank God.

File: 164687323333.jpg (310 KB, 1206x860)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
The 3d tools in Photoshop... strange. do you ever use them and what for
3 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Have been using the animation tools (also in professional projects) for at least 10 years. Rudimentary but a lot of the time enough to warrant not to hop to a different program for it.

Never used the 3d capabilities, but I could see important a model to overpaint and thinks like that.
There's so much overlapping between the Adobe CC products it's infuriating.

Either they go the Blender approach and mix everything together in one app or they keep everything separated.
seems like some unnecessary bloat no one has asked for
holy zoom
i wish captain picard was my dad

File: maxresdefault.jpg (192 KB, 1280x720)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
So I want to 3d-scan myself naked and create a model that is ready for rigging an animation. How do I best achieve this without asking someone to take pictures of me?
50 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Best and cheapest way is to honestly just have someone else take the photos.
Like someone said, dull yourself with charcoal if your super oily.
Rent an escort, call her and say you want to book her for 1hr but this is what you would like her to do for you. Just he upfront. Some might think you are fucking with them, but if you pick one with god reviews I'm sure they would be keen.
If they ask why just say what you posted here, you don't know anyone in your circle that you would want to take naked photos of you.
...have you tried just using a Microsoft Kinect? It generally does pretty good 3D scans if you're on an extreme budget.
Are there cheap quadcopters that you could program to fly orbits around you while holding a camera? Seems like it'd be a lot easier to get stable flight indoors.
just did some research, and it seems like the dji tello drone is the best for something like this. small enough to fly indoors and has a usable UDP remote control API, along with python libraries and stuff to get the image out. The camera is only 5MP and you probably can't control exposure, but hopefully it'll be good enough.

just ordered one, will report back with results.
File: peebo.jpg (6 KB, 250x203)
6 KB
all that money to take some scans of some plants kek

I would like to practice creating realistic outdoor 3D environments in 3DS Max after moving from Cinema 4D. Should I break down landscapes into their most basic forms, and then poly model and displace planes to get a look that resembles the sort of environment I’m shooting for based on references and such? I’m not too great at modeling complex objects in Max yet since I’m still learning most of the tools. Though, I would be interested in learning how to do so effectively. If you have any workflow recommendations to make the process feel less like guesswork I’d appreciate that a ton.
just use ms word and press alt+f4
nice music taste OP

File: lcckvy1ely431.png (3.87 MB, 3840x2160)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB PNG
With reasonable time
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
E to extrude s to scale, g to grab, be more specific faggot.
File: head.png (101 KB, 540x540)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
learn from others sucks! make you own shit OP

..why do you make a thread for this when you just need to google "blender <make this> youtube" ... why do people like you do this? are you this retarded? why dont you ask questions that challanges the visitors? no, reated shit!!

...fuck you!
the fuck does it matter?

"oh no, that two year old thread on page 10 is gone forever"

it's the deadest and most boring board on 4chan ya whiny bitch

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