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File: 1652773507187.jpg (161 KB, 1280x720)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
In maya I'm having trouble with UVs. My meshes are so long that I do Select/Shortest Edge Tool to select a line of edges and then in the UV editor do "Cut". But, this only cuts one half even if symmetry is set on. Now I'm fucked.

The "symmetrize" uv tool in maya is horrible. Is my workflow awful? I cant be selecting all these edges by hand for all these meshes, I will literally go insane, and if I have to make changes to the model I'll have to do it alllll over again.

Is rizomuv better?
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Granted I haven't done hard surface modeling for studios, as my expertise is elsewhere, so there might be some requirements I'm not aware of. But where is the benefit here, in comparison to just using mirrored painting modes in substance and such for example? Not that doing mirrored UVs in maya is hard either mind you, so I'm not seeing the need for a separate 3rd party tool for just that, if it truly is a requirement. Creating UVs is such a small part of the process, that the time saved per model is so small, that the costs are probably not going to cover the benefits.
For selection, if it's a clean loop, use shift + click first edge of selection, keep holding shift, and double click last edge of wanted selection. If it's not a clean loop, use the paint selection tool. b+mouse click drag changes brush size, holding ctrl inverts between select/deselect, depeding which you have selected as default. That should make selecting the edges you want to cut a breeze. I also recommend setting up a separate hotkey for cut/sew. That's how I do it at least.

Symmetry selection works fine, if your model is symmetric. Make sure to select the symmetry selection mode correctly. Object mode determines the mirroring line based on the object pivot, World mode based on scene origin. If your model is not 100% symmetric in vertex location, but has symmetric topology, use topology mode.
>as my expertise is elsewhere
aka I make daz porn in my mom's basement and don't have any knowledge to share
It's a performance constraint essentially. Assets need to hitting the right texel density/resolution to avoid using additional textures and thus minimize drawcalls. Intermediate sized assets: props, vehicles, machines, even characters use mirrored mesh elements. They can be asymmetrical too, where some mirrored areas use unique UV space (in order to display unique AO/masking/etc detail) This has to be managed across 20-40 mesh elements sometimes. UV editors are very important in hard surface.
Thanks for the explanation, that does make sense, and is something I haven't considered before. Should help me optimize better in the future, instead of just spamming more and more 8K textures with UDIMs. Although I'll still likely just stick to Maya for the editing, as the meshes I deal with are unlikely to get quite as complex as in your example, but I can definitely understand the need for a dedicated tool better now, in certain use cases.

I'm a generalist, with a focus in animation, so when I'd work for a studio it has always been mostly animating, as that is what I'm best at, and I'd only help to fill in in other areas, when needed. So most of the non-animation work is often limited to my personal projects. While they can get relatively complex, they aren't quite as big in scope, compared to what proper studios might work on, so I wasn't aware of the potential required optimization solutions you might need to take in to account when doing UVs for them. In retrospect, I admit I was overly confident on my lack of understanding regarding proper uses of good UVs.

File: 162233678971.png (383 KB, 598x628)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
Will I get in legal trouble if I retopo and make an original texture on a koikattsu original character?
No. Nobody cares about your dogshit ripoff game.

File: a3250604502_65.jpg (50 KB, 700x700)
50 KB
3D graphics anywhere from the late 50s to the early 2000s

3D Studio MAX 1.0: https://archive.org/details/3dsmax1

>Blender 1.0: https://download.blender.org/release/Blender1.0/
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its a zoomer's soulless imitation and rendition of what she thought to be soul.
Tape #021 SIGGRAPH 1991 - Tomorrow's Realities Gallery Jury Reel - March 1991
I'm 90% sure it actually is an album cover, but I can't remember what it was for the life of me.
>desert sand feels warm at night
fuck yeah

幽 霊 - desert sand feels warm at night

daily reminder that art fundamentals and tools and trips and addons and workflows and all that shit.

doesn't matter if you don't have something wortwhile to say.
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When they did attempt to make some sort of social or political commentary with a work, they did so tactfully and in such a way that the piece can still be appreciated without context.
"Guernica" is still impressive regardless of whether you know about the Spanish civil war. A urinal with "R. Mutt" written on the side is not.
because your brain isn't some dumb npc piece of shit and you will understand basic shit like body language, color theory and other fundamentals.

If I make a picture of your sister being raped by slavs in eastern europe, do I need some long essay to explain the piece?

It's basically learning to tell a story with pictures.
So film language.
Oh I dunno just ask the artist of picrel how he chose to express himself.
expressing yourself is art, by definition.

even a videogame can serve as a vehicle for human expression, even if it's a videogame about geometrical shapes.

exactly, they didn't. you're a pseudo-intellectual fag and your thread is garbage.

What does /3/ think of zoomer film makers on youtube who do their own effects?
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I was born before that. This kind of thing they are making does not interest or appeal to me.
Surrealist "liminal" horror is to 3D what pixel art is to gamedevs; overcrowded with indies and rarely realized to their full potential. Still, if it gives people a passion to be creative, I think it's a net good.
yeah, it tries to be creepy but it just comes across as goofy.
Looks like shit to be honest
I don't say this often, but he's basically a genius. Even if he didn't do it all himself. It's not perfect, but it's the best execution of this backrooms/liminal space horror premise. I might be biased though since a loosely formed version of the concept of liminal spaces has been in my mind my whole life due to spending a lot of time passing through or being in eerily expansive enclosed man-made environments that I couldn't fully comprehend as a child.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (205 KB, 1280x720)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
How far can I get with just sculpting and a good remesher? I hate low poly modelling and manual retopologizing.
you will never go far without hard surface modelling and retopo
pretty far, at least without manual retopo. I use zremesh for everything I do and once you know how to use it correctly you pretty much never have to manual retopo, unless in some specific case (mostly for faces)
quadremesher is amazing and you're fucking STUPID as fuck if you aren't just retopoing with it then fix by hand manually some issues and final polishes.

just buy a licence chud.

File: banner.webm (651 KB, 1200x942)
651 KB
Honestly, I know we all make fun of me, and that my cheap 3D is fun to make jokes about it.

But talking seriously.
The only possible way forward for me now, in my now lucid period of non schizo kind of depression I'm having right now.

The only realistic path forward, of even remotelly finishing a commercial product.
The only realistic way I can even finish something that people will pay for it.
On a serious non delusional way.

That I can finish something in 8 weeks, that people would pay for it.

It's a light novel with 3D renders made using kitbashed assets from koikatsu/Vroid/3D gaming models repositories, backgrounds made using asset forge and synty.

This being used to make some 3D sketch to quickly paint over and then using AI to promt it into some photobashed finished render.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I just make my own iterative drawing and say it's based off the original.
go kill yourself cris
Cris I just want to say you are awesome and to NOT give up! You really are special and the gnashing of teeth of these beasts and cretins is just what the failed do when they know their fate and wants yours to be the same. Remember what the duckfag said

Never give up and don’t listen to the mediocre. That’s what you need to do! Never give up!
Shut up Chris.
Why don't you get a job instead

File: 1670004871053.jpg (117 KB, 900x887)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
What is a successful way to create a full 3d model from a single photo, single angle, concept photo from Stable that is an exact replica, but has depth? I know researchers are working on this, but it only works on human heads in a trained neural network, not wildly differing concepts
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>Are you anti progress and anti AI
fuck yes I am. I do art to express and find out more about myself, not to impress people or be wowed by pretty images that I never had to drop of sweat for.

"progress" is unironically a synonym for satanism.
smoothbrain take
I'm not into that kind of perversion. opinion discarded, didn't read the rest of your post.
>"progress" is unironically a synonym for satanism.


the AIbros are promoting a product which will make their whole existence obsolete. AI will never be able to create, invent, or be original in any way. All it does it mix and match which means jobs in the future will favor only those with the creative spark in them and people who just follow a series of instructions will be weeded out.

Basically if you have never created or designed anything original in your whole life, and all you did was just copy what others did, then AI will fuck you over so hard it will give you a new hole to poop out from.

I hope you didn't think a perpetual zbrush license meant perpetual updates, no that would be silly.
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BS excuses, he sold out for a fat paycheck. Nobody wants to work for charity forever. Zbrush/Maxon saw him as a potential threat and made sure to acquire him and shelve him somewhere, just like Sculptris.
Ok so who do we got now? Because I havent seen anything relevant been done with sculpting in years. Meanwhile, every Blender update is about Grease Pencil or new Nodes...
File: 1674147868233231.jpg (26 KB, 720x716)
26 KB
Not the original guy, but 3D Coat is a meme with a horrible interface thats levels of magnitude worse than even Zbrush's. Its a program that can do a lot of things but none of them particulary well. You could use 3D Coat as a 3rd program besides Zbrush, and a traditional all around modeling package like Blender to cover all your bases, but as a stand alone sculpting solution (it has potential) but its not there yet IMO.

If they completely redid the interface like Blender 2.8 it could pick up some steam. It has good retopology, and UV maping tools but the rest feels half-baked. Again, just my opinion, I would love to be proven wrong.
File: are you sure.png (1.11 MB, 1910x1580)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>Maxon is literally the worst company in the world.
Hell you are absolutely right.
I guess I can agree on Adobe, as updates rarely bring anything truly worthwhile, at least when it comes to 3D. Granted I'd still prefer to keep up to date, since it's just 50€/month for the entire creative cloud suite, which is nothing. I use more on food in two days, if you don't count the more fancy restaurants.

For 3D software, updates often bring useful new features and performance increases, that help cut down on the total workload, making constant updates often a better decision economically, compared to not updating. That is, assuming you are using the software commercially.

File: archviz#2.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1080)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Everything /archviz/ /arch/ related.

I must say that the previous thread was kinda wholesome so I'm making a new one.

Previous thread: >>924307
23 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: terrain.png (351 KB, 1733x840)
351 KB
351 KB PNG
I think freelancing on fiverr is pretty difficult for amerifags cuz you will be competing with people who are better than you and only eat rice so the charge 20% af what would be good for you.
Even I, a filthy South american find fiver no worth it. The competition is too damn unfair.

I would reccomend working locally for freelancing, star searching for small arch and construction firms in your area and build a portofolio. If I country like mine has opportunities you can bet there is work to be done in america and you could be tapping on a merket that platforms can't tap: people who don't use them. The penetration of freelancing apps is not that big and from experience only people who look exclusively for cheap labor use them. You are better of networking in your town.

Currently I am modelling a complex topography. I fucking hate modelling on inclined surfaces It literally takes double the time.
where are you from?
i'm argentinian and i'm advanced architecture student, and i want to go freelance because wages as architects are kinda low so earn a wage in dollars are a really advantage here, but i'm kinda lost where platform publish myself, i heard that fiverr and freelancer. com are for indians that earn pennys for a semi decent render.
cold mails maybe? idk,

I come from the country were we say hijueputa a lot.
Uff first off vote for Milei boludo. Yep in your case web freelancing is the best option cuz the argentinian peso is worth less shit than my peso. Your best bet would be to create a decent portofolio and try to use a more serious platform like betterpros.com.

Don't go for the mainstream stuff, its full of pajeets and li's,
I think I've already talked to you about hardware...
colombian? yeah, we talked about software and you helped me alot, i already solved that out.
now i have to practice a lot and make a good portfolio.

File: anti AI fags BTFO.png (2.52 MB, 1761x1051)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB PNG

Anti AI bros, BTFO.
Pretty cool!
>he animated an nigger rapping, latinx dancing female ogre.
fuckin based. liked and subscribed

File: image.jpg (111 KB, 1280x720)
111 KB
111 KB JPG


File: rollermine_deploy.webm (803 KB, 720x720)
803 KB
Give me some shit to animate, I like making stuff like this.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This is my favourite idea so far, gonna consider it.
What if I made you a very simple model to keep and send you the file?
That would be cool.

I sometimes make models myself but I'm not that good at making anything that needs proportions.
sweet it'll just take a bit
ok ideas
- make it hit the griddy
- make it do a gmod death animation
- make the robot do the slide-down-the-mountain-sniper-animation we all saw when we were 15
- make the robot check out a library book

File: 1648622565568.jpg (413 KB, 1400x1273)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
Name the best publicly available renderer with proof. Lets settle this once and for all.
50 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
And now you are just spewing names of renderers without hydra delegates. Jeez louise
File: IMUST.png (171 KB, 1200x1789)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
I...mustt .stopp...
whatever that is supposed to mean, señor "shit anim / no hydra"
Andrew price.

File: 1659061175729.jpg (40 KB, 604x519)
40 KB
>dream of having a job just like my senpai - teaching prompting to big corpo
>Don't have enough money for a Maxon One subscription, a Max subscription, a Nuke subscription, a atx 3.0 power supply, a 4090, or HDR monitors.
>All I have is Maya sub, old zbrush perpetual without the new features, the equivalent of a 1080, a wacom tablet, and stable diffusion

Do I need moar? Can I make it like this?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>but if you think paying globohomo autodesk 5K every 3 years make you a great artist you can fuck off.
Anon, I pay $270 a year for maya. Are you too dense to do the same?
File: machine.png (671 KB, 4809x981)
671 KB
671 KB PNG

Look. I rock a 7 year old machine and it still does the job perfectly.

This pc has made me almost 6 years of my income.
You're not an artist

No. I am into archviz I am not an artist. Is that a crime?
sry bro, but if you don't have your own vassal states to produce cheap electricity for your supercomputers there is basically no way you could create a passable zbrush sculpt.

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