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File: 1301585528754.png (48 KB, 280x280)
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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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File: SexAbroad.jpg (52 KB, 782x528)
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For all those wanting information on Vagabonding:


Don't forget visa requirements:

Happy traveling! P.S. Do not post nsfw content on this board.

File: saintBoniface.jpg (89 KB, 700x467)
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Thinking of doing a spain/Portugal Trip. I am fluent in Spanish and took some Portuguese classes growing up.
How long do you think I would need? I'm looking for a minimum of 10 days to max of 14 days.
I want to see Lisboa and Fatima in Portugal at a minimum.
lovely countries
spend 14 days in benidorm

I'm curious to what /trv/ likes and dislikes from Europe.. Name one overrated city/country that you've been too and one underrated country/city that you really liked. Also list an recommendations you might have in a place to try or see.
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Thanks man, I'll note these for when I'm next in Paris. I was wondering whether you had any recs for regions or cities outside of Paris to spend a week in? I can speak conversational French if that matters.
Hire a car and go to Normandy (might be too rainy in march though).
Southern France (Alpes Maritime) is nice too, around Nice and Cannes. Great mountains.
Not sure about the other regions since I only know Paris (home), Normandy (family) and Alpes-Maritime (I go there every 2 weeks because gf lives there).

>casual racism everywhere in spain
>imagine actually wanting to go this shithole

Cheers mate, how would the alps be in March? I'm worried they'd be too cold. I wouldn't want to go mountaineering but I'd like to do some hiking. Was thinking of renting a room in the mountains and enjoying some comfy French towns, maybe see some history and do some hiking.
>Underrated: Ireland
Its underrated by other Euros and overrated by every other continent

recently I became interested in North Korea. I just find incredible how eerie and strange that place seems. I've watched every possible videos on youtube dealing with North Korea tours and I'm now considering the idea of booking a trip myself. Has anyone of you ever been there? I'm really curious
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honestly, dont waste your time.
the tour is set in stone, you have no freedom. you'll only see the same half a dozen places everyone else has.
you may as well just watch a documentary or two on youtube and save your money for somewhere else rather than feeding it to a regime that doesn't give a shit about it's people.
>dude 3rd from the right
fuck me, no wonder the country's starving. that dude is eating all their fucking protein.
mad gains on that cunt for a 4ft tall asian
Post more. Some of these pics are surprisingly comfy. Some of them almost remind me of those pics you see of America during the good old days (but with Asians).
Resident DPRK poster of /trv/ here.
As a tourist, you can travel the country in two ways:
1. Go in fully naive and just enjoy the ride, see the countless Youtube videos of people that have gone to the "most dangerous country in the world" and brag with unoriginal video material of Pyongyang and sometimes the DMZ.
It’s not a bad way to do things, as you’ll certainly get what you’re paying for, however, you’ll have no idea how much of the experience was staged and what was authentic.
2. Go in after some research on a trip that will also take you somewhere besides Pyongyang and the DMZ. It’ll be less spectacular for Youtube clicks, but you’ll see much more of the country and it’ll feel less staged. Also, the longer you’re in the country, the more the guides will trust you, cutting you a bit more slack on both places to go and things to do.
Both ways are legit, but people will give you shit for either of them.

If you have any questions, post away!
You have not been to DPRK nor do you know anything about it, why are you posting on this thread?

File: 56.jpg (228 KB, 1024x1024)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
What is your travel bucket list and how did you determine the order?

For example:

>Best time of year for a destination (avoid the burning season in northern Thailand)
>Destinations to visit sooner due to changing environment or increasing crowding. (Kilimanjaro before the ice is gone etc.)
>Go to cheaper places when your younger and more expensive places when you have more money. Or maybe reverse it if you plan to travel while you work then go full nomad later on? (SE asia vs europe)
>Do more physically demanding things while you are younger (Trek the himalayas etc)
>What are some other examples of these type of optimizations?
North Korea won't last forever, so better visit while its fiction-like dystopic society still exist.
I go wherever the fuck I want. That is all. Nothing is stopping me.
Also I am a birder so my trips usually involve a lot of nature.
Next trip: following migratory birds along the North American Pacific coast.
Im a fan of basic bitch history so I like to visit places like the Oracle of Delphi. I like to travel to these places alone so I can take my time taking it in.
I'd rather wait until it's finally open for independent travel, it will be much more interesting to visit.

File: streken-804.jpg (167 KB, 1000x750)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>I lived in Bali for 3 years
>Don't go to Bali!
Why are Germans like this?
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It's weird how strong of a repellent for tourism Islam is. Indonesian Islam is quite tame even but even people visiting the other islands are mostly interested on old Hindu/Buddhist temple.

Islam isn't just oppressive and anti-fun, but not a very photogenic religion. Indonesia's endless mosques mostly look the same and sound the same. It's a rather uniform and sterile religion, by design.

In places where Islam did create impressive monuments, like Istanbul, it's not a tourism-repellent. Egypt and Morocco are also heavily touristic despite being Muslim.
>In places where Islam did create impressive monuments, like Istanbul

It's a bad example since it's either converted churches or mosques built as an imitation of converted churches. The dome of the rock in Jerusalem would be a better example.

The Blue Mosque isn't a converted cathedral like the Hagia Sophia, although it does take a lot of architectural cues from Byzantine structures.

I guess the Taj Mahal is the best example of a "purely" Islamic monument that looks impressive and gets a lot of tourism.
How is Komodo National Park?
I heard it is supposedly to be closed in 2020, but I can't get any definitive info about that?

Please make sure to wash hands frequently due to the recent Corona-virus outbreak in Kanto edition.

FAQ (aka shit you should stop asking)*
>Where should I stay in Tokyo?
Anywhere on the JR Yamanote loop line.
>Is Hiroshima+Miyajima worth it as a day trip from Osaka/Kyoto?
Not really, it's too rushed and you should probably just stay the night there.
>Is Miyajima worth visiting when the floating torii gate is under construction?
Yes, it's still a great place to visit.
>"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
/JPG/anon put together an autistic supermap of sights, restaurants, and shopping. Go nuts.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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btw I'm trans
I had 2 host families during my stay in Japan in highschool. One of them was very open about how much she hated Chinese people, and how they are making Japan more unsafe. I never looked into this to verify if it was true, but she also said that many Chinese people send their children to Japanese schools, and since Japanese parents do not want their kids to go to school with Chinese people, so entire schools will become full of more Chinese than Japanese. She had a similar attitude toward chinks that Americans have towards mexicans.
File: image.png (20 KB, 624x241)
20 KB
When will Japan do the same?
You can use Osaka as a base and go to Hiroshima for a whole day.
Or you could take one or two of those days and go to a quiet town, like Kanazawa or Shirakawa
I'm planning to do a working holiday from Jan 2022 till around Oct/Nov 2022 or even only 6 months. By then I'm hoping to be around N2 level as I'm doing serious study now until then. The plan is to:

>a) work from Jan to April and then go travelling around the country.
>b) study at a language school in Kyushu until March/April and then work in different parts of the country.
if I go with plan a then apart from ski resorts where would be good places to work according to my language level? I also want to increase my japanese ability while working so no teaching or dodgy cafes.
if I go with plan b then is it realistic to work for a few weeks in every city? also any good language schools in kyushu you'd recommend?

File: ESL Teacher FTW.jpg (134 KB, 1170x1300)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Lots of TEFL threads lately. Let's make a General for questions and advice.
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Is Thailand good for TEFL?
I can't believe your parents are this ridiculous. Fucking Menendez them. They don't own you, their happiness should come at the expense of yours. Some people have asshole parents, the only they will learn and respect you is if you do what you want.
LOL won't get a job when you come back, you can get a job anywhere in America. It's fucking booming.
Why are you afraid of them cutting you off, if anything you should be cutting them off. Are you a muslim woman, then I could see why they would be so ridiculous about something like getting a passport.
File: CoinCheck.jpg (546 KB, 2048x1536)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
Japanese people treat each other like shit. The manager would take you into a room, close the door, and verbally abuse you for an hour between lessons. They're all higher on the spectrum and lack humanity.

Some friends and I are planning to go on the most basic white girl Europe trip this spring; so basic that google inundates me with travel guides on travel guides on travel guides for this specific tour
Any city tips that might take us off the overly beaten path?
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File: budapest.jpg (2.54 MB, 4448x2920)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
Budapest is actually way bigger than Praguem which is more walkable than Budapest, as the latter is more spread out compared to the small old town of Prague where everything noteworthy is concentrated

regarding activities, whatever you can do in Prague, you can do it in Budapest - and more: you can go caving, visit Roman amphitheatres, ride a giant ferris wheel, party on boats and inside thermal baths, etc.

as for day trip options, look up Szentendre, Esztergom, Visegrád, Gödöllő Palace, Vác, Eger, or Győr
File: DSC08301.jpg (1.11 MB, 2048x1361)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Oh what a coincidence, I was just about to make a thread about a small euro-tour. I'm going to visit Prague then Vienna then Budapest this spring but my goals are slightly different. I've heard that prostitution is legal in Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, so I'm looking for an advice if there are brothels worth visiting in the capitals of these countries or is it better to hook up with a girl for one night the different way. Also I've heard that lots of drugs are decriminalized in Czech Republic and how foreigner can get them and not get scammed. I would also greatly appreciate any advice about sightseeing and must-do activities in these cities.
you're taking it too literally, it just means plain or standard

Just Google that shit, God damn it.
Google gives gorrilion results about massage parlors but no clue if girls do full service there, also little to none info about a foreigner buying drugs in Prague without getting scammed. I just want to listen to the advice of anons who had been there.

I low key want to visit Stambul. What is it like during springtime?
File: Turey.png (109 KB, 1068x845)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Full of arabs.
dear anon of subsaharian descent may i suggest taking a look at the catalog before starting a thread >>1751303

Which Nordic country is superior?
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They just don't care about your color (in most cases). The younger generation is very sexually liberated so if you're a decent looking guy who is able to carry yourself socially you will get laid. Not more complicated than that
Nice, I'm going to Denmark soon and was worried I'd be seen as one of them, even though I dress smart casual.

>best history

Denmark is the smallest of the three, less historical sites/things there especially compared to Sweden. Norway was insignificant historically past viking age but has good museums for that period.
Because goverments understand that money is not for their personal use but for the good of the country infrastructure, people and future.
Meanwhile people there also understand that if they want all of that they need to give in to high taxes so that everyone can live well.
Danish empire and Danish golden age, simple as. Best museums out of the three, a lot to see. Many palaces too unlike the Norwegians. Only the Swedes can compete with the Danes for culture. The Danes have a shitload of artists thanks to their proximity to continental Europe and they were the richest thanks to their domination over Norway, Iceland, Greenland, a small portion of Caribbeans etc.
I am saying this as someone who loves the shit out of Norway.

Have a few free days coming up so am planning on a short trip to somewhere in western Europe to check out some red light/brothel fun for a change. I passed through Amsterdam for a few hours last year and De Wallen seemed nice, so I could go there again for a proper look, or is there some other spots I should consider?

File: FInal Route.png (246 KB, 720x579)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Before anyone says anything this isn't some stupid generic advice thread and I'm not a tranny. This has already been extensively researched and pic related is the route I am travelling, flying to Dubrovnik and then back from Zagreb. I'm with 3 friends, we are all in our mid 20s and we are renting a car and staying in apartments for a 20 day tour.

The purpose of this thread is to find from any anons who have experience with Croatia (and potentially Bosnia) any off-the-grid kind of locations to visit. Croatia is overcrowded with tourists, and we are going in mid-August which is peak time. Already I have found a few locations which seem almost unknown to tourists which are on the route just by looking around on maps, however there are obviously more places.

Additionally any tips on the nightlife would help. I've been on trips before and no matter how much I have researched you can never really know how to enjoy a night in a city without actually going there. I know in other places clubs are mafia run shit holes (Ukraine especially) but I doubt this will be too much of an issue here.

Again, I don't really need any advice on what cities or big sites to see, which is hopefully shown by the route already. I just want to hear about any areas that are great to visit but which you won't find from normal research. We have a car so there is a fair amount of freedom to travel, however try to keep within reasonable distance of the driving route. Also, particularly good bars or clubs which you can name are great since in my experience normal online research can be very hit or miss with that.
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We were thinking of stopping at Sibenik just to see the Cathedral but if it isn't worth the detour we can skip it.

I'm using the term because Croatia literally heaves with tourists at this time of year. Lots of good spots, but its way too overcrowded. Just want to hear about any smaller towns/islands from people who've been before.
>wants "off the grid" experiences
>route is literally the most basic bitch itinerary

I don't really get the point of your thread OP.
I mean its a drive up the adriatic and I want to see Crotatia, I'm just looking for any interesting places outside of what you can easily find researching.
File: IMG_0896.jpg (2.05 MB, 3648x2736)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
>any interesting places outside of what you can easily find researching.

Everything along the coast is overcrowded with tourists, some places more than others (Dubrovnik lol) but there are no hidden gems left. The Dalmatian islands are more popular than the ones in Kvarner Bay. I liked Cres a lot, and it's reasonably undervisited. Consider taking a ferry from Zadar to Mali Losinj, drive the entire length of the two islands and then from the Northern tip of Cres to Istria. Looks like it would fit well into your itinerary.

For Bosnia I'd suggest strongly suggest avoiding the traffic behind Dubrovnik. Seriously the coastal route fucking sucks in high season. You have NO idea what you're in for. Instead, take the Ivanica border crossing towards Bosnia and follow the Ciro trail via Zaplanik, Jasenica Lug to Mrkonjici on the main road. It's a really cool drive along an abandoned railway line built by the Austrians in the very scenic Popovo Polje. Lots of abandoned villages on the way as the area straddled the frontlines of the Bosnian war.
Once back on the main road, drive towards Mostar via Stolac (worth checking out itself for a couple of hours). From Mostar, back to Croatia via Imotski (definitely visit the town's Red Lake and Blue Lake) towards the coast.
This is what I was looking for thanks. I’ve been to Dubrovnik before but my other friends haven’t so I know about the overcrowding. I was thinking of driving up past Ston and to Korcula then getting the ferry to Ploce to avoid the Bosnia crossing, then do Mostar as it’s own day trip, but I’ll look into what you’ve suggested for sure.

Cres sounds like a great suggestion. Would you say it’s worth skipping plitvice for it?

File: IMG_3621.jpg (37 KB, 640x210)
37 KB
Hey guys I am in Paris and looking to do some off the beaten path stuff to get out of the center of the city and see some little towns, medieval stuff chateaus and the like.
I plan on going to vincennes and fontainebleau chateaus and possibly this medieval city called provens at the end of a transilian line.
Any other suggestions?
A good start for Medieval history in Paris: musee Cluny. A museum entirely dedicated to the middle ages. It’s also housed inside a beautiful medieval building.
Not too far from Paris, in Normandy: château Gaillard. It was a medieval fortress built by Richard the Lionheart. It’s really not far from Paris, I’d say about an hour of train.
Rouen, capital of Normandy has a nice old medieval center with a fantastic gothic cathedral, more impressive than Notre Dame de Paris imo. About one hour and a half from Paris.
If you really are invested in medieval history, a bit further (about 2 hours of train) there’s Bayeux with its impressive Bayeux tapestry. The church is nice too.

File: mexico.jpg (281 KB, 1920x1168)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
Irishfriend going travelling in Mexico this summer. Roughly north to south. I can fly in to anywhere (I'll be flying in from the states; or could even just cross in over the land border).

What's a good route for me?
Can I take a bus through the country?
What are the essential places? My favourite attractions are cities, rather than natural beauty spots etc.
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Why go anywhere bro? Haha, stay inside never travel!
Lemmy C
A failed state.

>Anon who traveled to Culiacán here

I’ve walked TJ at 3AM, walked Monterrey, walked Culiacán at almost midnight and even went with randoms from a club kn a Thursday.

You all sound like people who have never left your bedroom. Yes Mexico is dangerous just like America is dangerous. If you go around looking for shit you shouldn’t be, you will get caught slipping.

The only sketchy thing I can recall was getting an UBER right before I went into downtown Culiacán,

>order UBER
>driver gets lost on the way to picking me up
>drive shows up

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
What are my chances to get laid with a hot woman like you see in Narcos when I travel to Sinaloa or Juarez?

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