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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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File: SexAbroad.jpg (52 KB, 782x528)
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For all those wanting information on Vagabonding:


Don't forget visa requirements:

Happy traveling! P.S. Do not post nsfw content on this board.

I will be visiting Düsseldorf for 3 days in October for work and was thinking about renting a car and staying for an extra week visiting cities. The closest other places I have been are Bruges and Nuremberg. I was thinking about going to Holland, Denmark and maybe Berlin. Any tips or ideas?
File: 1553168423253.png (725 KB, 736x550)
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725 KB PNG
wouldnt recommand too many people
if you wanna go there i'd advise to not go to amsterdam but to try cities like delft or leiden.

the best of the netherlands would be friesland, the countryside is nice and if you really like to drive harlingen is a pretty nice harbor.
dont know much about leeuwarden apart from the train station but it looks nice
same for groningen
you will have less tourists there, groningen is only students
File: charleroi.jpg (239 KB, 966x722)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
if you go to belgium ghent and leuven are pretty cities as well, brussels and luik are a bit dirty and charleroi is a complete shithole. I've never been to detroit but i think it might be similar
industrial waste everywere poverty unemployment... wallonia as a whole is broke but charleroi is definitely the brokest part

File: st.jpg (90 KB, 825x407)
90 KB
what's the worst tourist trap you have fallen for?
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>You could argue anybody that has been to Paris has fallen for the worst tourist trap.
>jazz/electroswing clubs.
Everybody has to have a hobby, I guess
How is it gay? Balls never touched.
File: FB_IMG_1555134500442.jpg (64 KB, 960x960)
64 KB
I got scammed in China with these ladies once, they'd asked me if I wanted to hang out with them at a bar.

File: notourists.jpg (435 KB, 1401x935)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Is there pasta for this somewhere? Either way, I didn't see any active mainland threads, so here it goes.

Question: does Didi still have a time restriction, or is it 24/7 again by any chance?

Some links


Better than Google Translate:
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No, he's talking shit and clearly has a chip on his shoulder.

China is a fantastic country if you have money. 20,000 yuan a month and you're set. Remember, it's a place where people earn 10 yuan an hour.
Like I said before, this is a different convo if you're planning to move to one of the large cities vs one of the million larger towns.

Shanghai is pretty decent, it's big and is a little lacking in stuff to do. Beijing is just overcrowded, dirty and a huge tourist trap. Kind of funny to think just how different the two are - if you can do Shanghai then it's certainly doable, but otherwise I'd still avoid it. You won't see people shitting in the streets like Beijing, but you'll still get pissers, rude fucking people and everything else mixed in. The Chinese just have their own way of doing things and yeah you could cope and learn to deal with it, or you could move to a dozen other countries that don't have this problem at all.

Is there something about China specifically that drew you to it? I've visited nearly every Asian country and most of their major cities and lived in 3 of said countries, maybe I can help point you in a different direction.
Anyone know if I can drive a vehicle in China? I have a Canadian driver's license.
Nope, need a temp permit, which I imagine can be easy as piss to get considering the amount of brain dead people on the road there.
>China is a fantastic country if you have money. 20,000 yuan a month and you're set.
how easy it is to get a job that pays that much as a fresh graduate in engineering?
Also, how true is the stereotype of the ''soulless chink''? I've seen more evidence for it than against it.
>I've visited nearly every Asian country and most of their major cities and lived in 3 of said countries, maybe I can help point you in a different direction.
I don't have other options, at least not in Asia. China provides the highest quality of living and education for the lowest cost(I think so). Studying and eventually living in other developed places in Asia like Japan or South Korea would be too expensive for me.
Maybe I should have mentioned that I have another option, and it is Russia. Very cheap higher education and cost of living. But this thread is about China so that's why I'm asking these questions.

File: sistine.jpg (147 KB, 800x600)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
If I have a ticket to the Vatican Museums and I want to go to the Sistine Chapel, would it be possible to:

a. buy a ticket in advance
b. be at the queue right when it opens
c. run to the sistine chapel imemdiately
d. see it before it is full of people
e. see the rest of the vatican museums and not have to worry so much

theoretically, this seems like a good idea. is it possible in reality?

also, rome tips thread, please.
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I took earplugs. When you are looking up at the art, and can't hear, the crowd largely vanishes.
>Also is a fannypack a bad idea for wear outside?

I wear one pretty much everywhere I travel. And everybody says "BUT THIEEEEEEEVES!" Never been thiefed.

Just have a little situational awareness. Hang onto a loop on the thing or rest your hand on it or otherwise secure it when in crowds. Sure, somebody could still wrest it away from you, but the point is not to be thief-proof, but just to be less tempting a target than the other guy who is not paying any attention.
I have a few questions too:
1 Is the Colosseum inside tour worth it?
Should i book a tour in advance like for the Vatican?

2 What are the main things to see in Trastevere?
The tour is worth it if that interests you. If not otherwise interested, but just seeing the site, might not be worth it to you.

I skipped both forum and Colosseum tours since word of mouth told me they weren't worth it. I don't regret the decision. Plenty of vantage points around Forum to see in and the Colosseum apparently truly isn't worth it.

File: 1552938637745.jpg (2.24 MB, 3180x4644)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
Is there a forum to find people living in countries to rent with that will show you around all the destinations? I don't really want anything touristy. I'd like to genuinely get to know the country and learn the language.
I just cut off my engagement and I really want to get out and see Asia. Korea, Thailand, Japan. Is there any way I could find a family or some guy to live with who I could pay rent to live in his home and he could periodically show me around on weekends?
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are you thinking of couchsurf?
Thank you! This is great! Do you have any experiences with this? Seems like a cool community.

You're 10 years late for couchsurfing. Nowadays it's all parasite "realtravelers" looking for free accommodation and sex.
Tinder unironically.
How have you gone about it?

What's the worst country you've ever visited?
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But we're getting rid of plastic straws so the planet is safe now :^)
>gets overly defensive when apenamese are ridiculed
>enjoys ridiculing China as if he has done it many times before
Yes, very well, Nguyen. Vey well
I guess Myanmar and Malaysia were too shit to be on the list
nah he's talking about the NPC tourist route
Malaysia and Myanmar(and Indonesia and Philippines) are God Tier destinations and not overcrowded by tourists.....yet....
>Canadians are racists. Student fee for residents is $5000 per year but for foreigners its $15000 fuck that

Canadian here. Why the fuck would my own taxes be used for your education?

Any tips for someone who is afraid of flying?
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Don't drop the soap.
notice anything about the airlines operating the planes?
They're EU approved?
You can get a prescription. I have it set up so I can’t just order online, do it before every trip bc social anxiety
dont die

File: 18mlqdeeco4jujpg.jpg (102 KB, 386x500)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Going to Portland for a week next month, anything I should do/see? Already doing a 2 day trip to Seattle and a day trip to the beach. Figure will visit Mount hood one day and check out the strip/sex clubs around Portland at night
good for you man
Stay a couple days in Portland, and then just go up and down the coast for the rest of it. If I were you I'd spend a few days in Mount Hood during ski season, but that's about it. Portland's got some nice things, but not nice enough to go out and see. It's just like Seattle, but 15 years behind, so it's already just a mildly left leaning city with an addiction to trends. The hipsters have gone for the most part, only corporate posers are left in their place because they saw Portlandia and then moved there and raised the price of mustache oil and suspenders.

File: d96.jpg (23 KB, 500x500)
23 KB
>actually got laid while traveling
I fucking made it bros. Anyone else?
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I've only fucked girls i've gotten to know well enough, that they don't have STDs.

You're too trusting if you think those girls are 100% aware whether they do or do not have an STD
Superior aryan man with literal 12” COLONIZING a worhless nip girl while her chained cuck husband is watching
well ive spoken to them for a while usually so i do.

Hell, one girl was a virgin.
>and I think there it's technically illegal to hookup with a local
That is Laos not Vietnam

File: cruise ship.jpg (25 KB, 474x317)
25 KB
Is working as a crew member in a cruise ship a good way to travel the world without spending money?
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I know a guy who works as a personal trainer on a cruise ship, seems to love it and keeps posting photos of all the places he's been. Does a lot of exploring + partying. You probably have to be very sociable to make it as a PT on a ship though.
Heard all the crew are fucking around nonstop on those cruises. Is that true?
Exactly. A lot of them are paid mostly on commission so they really have to sell themselves and get people to book way overpriced PT sessions. Its an easy job, but certainly not one for the money.
Possibly musician or casino worker.
Crew bar is the united nations of pussy

File: index.jpg (8 KB, 318x159)
8 KB
Thinking of heading to Seattle for a weekend trip soon. Just wanted to know is if it's really that bad after watching the "Seattle is Dying" doc, especially in the downtown area, or if the problem is just exaggerated and things are no worse than places like Vancouver, BC.
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The homelessness is out of control. I wouldn't say more dangerous.
worse because Americans are by nature more boisterous than Canadians, so they take the SJW thing to the extreme. up here we're just very passive-aggressive about it
The worst part about Seattle isn't the homeless, it's the autistic tech workers and their "culture" (or lack of it).
Just moved here.
Seattle is cool as hell in my opinion. Plenty to do. Every big city has drugs and dangerous crazy homeless people and there is no shortage in Seattle. The question is, are you willing to let that fact avert you entirely away from going and forming an opinion for yourself? Especially for something as risk-free as a weekend trip? Fucking go and enjoy yourself! You will have a great time OP.

I've seen more zoinked out zombies roaming around Vancouver in the downtown east side than I have in Seattle. Your experience won't be ruined.
It's just a boring ass city with a ton of homeless jerks who do drugs. They're not murdering people straight up in the streets or anything but they do cause trouble and steal. Basically it's not a great place to move to if you have the option of finding someplace more fun, and it's bloody expensive because all the tech workers moved here, but if you've already got your travel plans set there's no huge reason to undo them. Then again there's no huge reason for you to show up, either.

A weekend is perfect. Just enough time to show up, get drunk, then go back home. Seriously, why the fuck are you coming here? I'm dead serious. What is the desire or goal or sightseeing thing that is drawing you here?

File: 20190329_100802.jpg (4.07 MB, 4032x3024)
4.07 MB
4.07 MB JPG
Summertime edition
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>on the loose
>confined to the jungle of a single island
Also did you hear 20 of them got btfo lately?
Is Philippines cheaper than Thailand? Not just in terms of accommodation and transport, but food from super market too?
I'm Asian. I'm just saying if you don't want white guys to visit maybe don't let your women have sex with them. It's only natural for them to visit as long as they get free sex all the time.
3x More expensive in Philippines
2x More expensive in Philippines
5x more expensive in Philippines

Philippines has far better nature though and the people speak English so you can actually communicate with locals which should be the main draw.
>sources: dude trust me

File: fca.jpg (93 KB, 486x800)
93 KB
I've been gradually preparing for a trip to the Democratic Congo I want to do (well me and my friend). Looking into it over the past month it looks like a fucking nightmare to even get past customs. You need:

•A personal letter of invitation from a private host, stamped by the City Hall in Kinshasa
•A letter explaining the purpose of the trip, the locations you're visiting, how long you're staying, and hotel reservations
•Proof of funds for the trip
•Professional photos of yourself
•A letter signed by the local authorities in your country
•A stamped "travel permit" to travel thru the country
•And probably a boatload of bribing fees you'll have to pay just to get out the front door of the airport

I ain doing all that shit. What "hotels" am I going to reserve if I even want to travel into the country lol?

So I'm thinking a better idea would be to cross the border from another country. Republic of the Congo is much easier to travel to I hear. And Lake Tanganyika is right across from Tanzania.

Does anybody have any experience or knowledge about walking over the border and what happens?
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dead giveaway this is a troll post.
Yeah op please go to Congo nothing can possibly go wrong. They all want that cool africa cred that the kids are so hyped for nowadays for themselves. They definitely are not trying speak some sense into you coming from years of experience. Don't listen to the arguments and points brought forth. They are just blowhards. Again. Nothing can possibly go wrong.
Please livestream your visit
t. smooth brain
I wanna hear more from this dude.

I was considering going to Africa pretty soon. Preferably a country that is subsaharan, not interested in the ones that are arabic or identify more as middle eastern.

I was really only looking at Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, or Rwanda, but your posts about Gabon have sold it pretty well too. I'd really consider going anywhere as long as its not a warzone or a Boko Haram stronghold.

What other African countries would be great to consider for someone who's only been traveling for less than a year / been to 15 countries or less?

File: download (6).png (782 B, 151x100)
782 B
782 B PNG
How much Lira should i bring got 1400 so far about £200 worth, is stuff really expensive ?
last time i checked, it was getting cheaper and cheaper.
you should be fine. anyway depends what you want to do there while all inclusive.
stuff is not expensive,

no need to bring much liras, maybe few hundreds, visa/mc work 90% and it is easy to find proper exchange rate all around.

Sounds like fun
I went last month to Istanbul for about 5 days and I took with me 1800 lira. I bought a lot of clothes and stuff for my house, ate a lot of food, cakes coffee etc, visited a lot of museums and sites. In the end I had about 100 Liras in my pocket BUT the museums which were quite expensive for foreigners was where most of my money went.
If you know where to look its super cheap.

If you want my advice don't go near tourist shops and areas. Stuff that they sold there were up to six times more expensive than in other stores. They even tried to sale me bottled water for x5 the price it is because they though I was a doubt tourist.
Be sure to visit Sulemans Hammam. Shit will cost you about 80 euros but it is totally worth it.

Also no singles policy so if you don't have a girlfriend/wife, you are shit out of luck.

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