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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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File: SexAbroad.jpg (52 KB, 782x528)
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For all those wanting information on Vagabonding:


Don't forget visa requirements:

Happy traveling! P.S. Do not post nsfw content on this board.

File: 20191022_180113.jpg (205 KB, 720x490)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Planning to live homeless for a few months and hike + hitchhike accross the US. See all the places I want to see while living a poor camping lifestyle. Never done anything like this before, any suggestions from real /trv/lers?

Planning on eating mostly dehydrated and easyfix stuff. Bringing a sleeping mat so I can set up anywhere. Gonna pick up some rain gear to be safe, although I'll have my phone so I'll know about weather in advance. Am I missing anything?
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I've camped before, but not extensively. I can use rest stops and other public places for shower. Might vlog it somewhere too, idc. It's worth the experience. I plan on spending most of my time in towns rather than the open road, anyway, I have enough money to buy shit as I need it.
Where are you planning on sleeping in these towns?
I can sleep pretty much anywhere. Behind fucking gas stations maybe idk?

I'll figure it out. Ideally I'd never be in one place long enough for it to matter.
Do you subscribe to the gas grass or ass philosophy
Jesus dude you really have no idea what you're getting yourself into

I'm going to Taipei next month for 4 days. I've never been to Taiwan (or China) before, and have no agenda other than to eat food and wonder around.

What places should I go and especially what foods should I eat? What area makes the most sense to stay in?
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File: 09010000evh83ykawg.jpg (73 KB, 800x533)
73 KB
>Do I need to pre-book anything?
The only thing would be a reservation at Starbucks at the top floor of the Taipei 101. As far as I know, it's the only Starbucks in the world that only lets people in with reservations, but it's fucking Starbucks, it's probably not worth it.

And I guess vehicle rentals. Don't forget your IDP.
Correction: it's actually on the 35th floor of the Taipei 101. That sounds even more underwhelming.
I managed to get a woman to get a guy to drive me through the mountains on the east coast. She basically went through all her contacts until she found someone willing to do it.

This occured with almost no common language whatsoever. Speaking the language is overrated imo
Anyone else find Taiwanese expat youtubers fucking insufferable? What the fuck is the absolute garbage?

I never book anything before I land and Taiwan is the only p;laced where it screwed me over.

If you're planning on taking any of the small railway routes around the country, or want a good guesthouse in some of the bigger national parks I'd recommend having a rough itinerary at least.

So other than Amsterdam is there anything to see or do in the Netherlands ? I heard the nature there is trash
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fly back asap
if ur young and like partying then check rotterdam or Den Hague
go ride a bike op
mamachari or on a track, doesn't matter just go for a ride
Amsterdam isnt really the Netherlands, its Holland. And its full of weird hipsters, and immigrants. And puking drunk and stoned french and english ppl. And basicly any big city in the Netherlands is the same, some canals in the city with some coffeeshops, and historical buildings. Rotterdam is modern because it was bombed totally flat by nazis.

And basicly anything outside of the Holland provinces is either rural, or industrial, with ugly modern overpriced suburb(ish) houses.

Nature is mostly flat and farmland but theres some gems in the country. Rent a small boat and get lost in the Biesbosch. It has cool ww2 history too. Smaller old villages in the southern provinces (brabant and limburg) are actually pretty nice with some places kinda southern european looking, curvy roads with old houses build against dykes.

and i believe in the far north they have some nice places too, which is overrun by chinese tourists. Its called Giethoorn, its pretty unique.

If your in the south try to travel a bit further to Brugge in Belgium its nice as well.
Where can I find Japanese and Chinese escorts in Amsterdam? Not specific locations but in general. I'm looking for all nighters, not just 15 minutes.

File: 1571402488175.jpg (857 KB, 1915x805)
857 KB
857 KB JPG
name 3 comfort trains like this that travel through the night in europe
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File: ea_5294_lr.jpg (76 KB, 800x500)
76 KB

Apart from the wine glasses and bottle that looks like the first class car in pretty much any major Western European train line. Those aren't THAT expensive.

Your best bet is probably first class in the TGV.
just bring your own wine and food...
I did the Caledonian Sleeper between Fort William and London. Cost me like £170, which actually isnt too bad when you factor in the cost of getting to Inverness, flying from Inverness to London and then not having spend money on the £20 train from Gatwick of Stansted to London or accommodation.

Was in the dead of winter so I saw literally nothing but the quality of service was pretty good. Had a feed at the train station in Fort William, then just hung around in the lounge car til we got to about Edinburgh. Fell asleep there and woke up in London...felt great. Its spendy and yes, even from Fort William I think flying was still cheaper, but I did it partially for the novelty and it lived up to that expectation.
tgv paris to nice
Came here to post this. I took the TGV from Paris to Munich first class and it was comfy AF.

File: 1518726926409.gif (1.47 MB, 500x558)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
Hi /trv/. I have two long lost cousins. I've known them for a year. I'd like to make up for the lost time by going on a big trip with them. My aunt is okay with the idea. They are six and eight years old.
What are some good places to go with children? Do I need special documentation to travel internationally?
Oh dear God you're crazy. The fact that you want to do something with your cousins is great but their ages and how you don't know each other that well makes international travel a BAD idea. And you probably will need documentation from the parents to take them out of the country.

File: Spanish.jpg (1.78 MB, 3264x2811)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
I'm planning a trip to Latin America next year. So far my choices are Mexico > Colombia > Peru and I can't decide whether the 4th country I visit is either Brazil or Argentina.

I'm mainly interested in women, but I don't want to be stuck in a culturless hell either. I'm from the Middle East, so I think I can fit in in sort of looks (I look a bit Med), but my Spanish is extremely basic. How dangerous is it, really? I imagine most of it is exaggerations or disproportionately reported, but still, I'd like to know first hand accounts.

Could someone who has been there give me a general idea of what to expect, specially if you have visited many different countries and how they compare to each other? Thanks in advance.
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File: 1562682253888.png (85 KB, 909x947)
85 KB
It is specially true for Chileans
>How dangerous is it, really?

much moreso than the middle east
touristy areas are generally fine enough though
Wow! Women in my country look like THAT?
T. Fujimori
I can't wait to dick down as many Chilean girls as possible. Is January a good time to visit and fuck?

File: D9rQqBEWwAYNiHQ.jpg (68 KB, 640x425)
68 KB
Who here, being a natural-born citizen, has left the US for a non-Anglo country? What facilitated this economically and what caused it socially?
Also, where did you go to and why? It's important.
I left the US a few years ago. What started it was getting a job that let me work remotely, and I wanted to travel and take advantage of it. I currently live in Asia. I could get women back home, but now I would never want another American girl, I’ve tasted true femininity. I have my favorite Asian countries but honestly I’d pick any of them over the US.
I was born in the USA, but moved to Germany in 2011 and never looked back. Germany is what America used to be when it was a white country. Not hating, just stating. The US has changed for the worse and Germany is still wonderful.

What's your favorite travel gear?
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Is the little waist strap actually needed/helpful?
Just kidding, I don't wrap up
I would say, yes. Otherwise it is too prone to swinging. You wouldn't need to make it super tight to have it make a huge difference.
t. HPV positive
My Camelback. 3 liter luxe version in bright orange. Cost me a pretty penny but it's literally my favorite possesion. Enough water for the whole day with enough room for my essentials, some snacks, and a sweatshirt. Plus it's orange so I worry a lot less about being shot by hunters when I'm wearing it because I'm an idiot and all my clothes are green.

In about two months we'll be in the 2020s. How will travel change over the course of the next decade? Make your predictions here, anons.

My take: Travel becomes even cheaper, leading to a much, much stronger difference between flying coach and flying biz/first as nearly all 3rd worlders will be able to afford airline tickets.

In business class you'll enjoy your white wine and classical music as you prepare for your flight, surrounded by others who take great pains not to disturb their fellow passengers and be considerate. Metal locked doors will seperate upper-class cabins with coach/econ.

In economy, the haitians will begin the flight with sacrificing a rooster. The agrarian chinamen will hold hawwwwwwk-ptoooey contests to see who can be loudest. There will be designated Indian zones with fans blowing the smell down the cabin to the back. White women will cease traveling in coach altogether lest they receive a Moroccan haircut. Airplane turnaround times will increase as a much larger staff is required to decon the economy bathrooms.
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I see a really negative future:
1) Racial fees will begin to be a thing, if you are European or American nationality you will be charged as much as 10x local fees for everything to discourage Instagram tourism waves, trips to Thailand, Philippines, that cost 4000USD before may be jacked as much as 40000USD if you want to do the hot beaches and resorts, only way they can preserve themselves and not be utterly destroyed
2) Influencers may become a special class of passport and a new cultural elite class is going to become a reality in 2020s+ - reminiscent of the British elite class in trains and boats of the 1800's, only Influencers get lifeboats and etc etc.
3) If social credit spreads to the west a LOT more people will get banned, sex tourism will mean you never get to fly to countries except for business purposes and you probably will get GPS tracked on your phone
4) Countries will begin becoming very aggressive in protecting its heritage sites, could see a outright ban on Maccu Piccu by next year ala the ban on Petra
5) VR tourism is going to be the next big thing and average people may never travel and merely see everything on VR

I think that anon was saying people will get passionate about boat travel which I tend to agree with, already see influencers, youtubers, etc getting into boating and solo sailing around the world, or duo, trio becoming the hip thing to do
>5) VR tourism is going to be the next big thing and average people may never travel and merely see everything on VR
This will only work if you find a way of transmitting smells and tastes over a VR headset.
>hubs will disappear
stopped reading there.
Your tantrum is delicious
I think they can do smells already but tastes yeah that might be more if VR becomes The Matrix. It really depends how pissed off people get at traveling and dealing with crowds they might be willing to sacrifice exotic foods if the experience feels realistic enough.

My prediction was super dark and goes by tourism collapsing as we know it because of too many billions of Chinese and Indians getting rich and traveling and traveling becoming hellish generally

File: 20191017_125825.jpg (213 KB, 1080x729)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
They've been exposed by this YouTube channel. Wtf I hate Harald and Bald now...

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his whole channel is videos of him not doing basic bitch touristy bullshit
how new are you?
He went to Bolivia to check it out, nothing more. It's a travel channel, not a Soviet Channel. I'm glad he went to Bolivia, it only confirms that I will never step foot in that country ever.
No I realize that but just all the murderous threats and cartels buzzing around on motorbikes are making this weird to me

Yeah I can get down with this take though, at least he is doing it and good for him for not changing his attitude from Bolivia or Ukraine he's a Real G I'll give him that
Oh and I am actually pretty new yeah, I have been binging his stuff and had no idea he existed until like last Sunday and just got through all of his Eastern Europe content and saw some of his Indian/Burma stuff so far
those dudes weren't cartel, they were local farmers. also those bikes weren't that expensive.

the "threats" are just to keep outsiders away. the villagers just wanna be left alone. residual leftover feelings from spanish conquest of the indigenous population.

Woke up and noticed these. Do you think they are bed bug? Bites only on arms and 3 around neck cause I sleep with a tank top. In Croatia also, lots of mosquitos so just confused.
Could be either. Do you sleep in a single position? Bedbugs usually bite an area on or near the mattress, and mosquitoes go for exposed parts of the body they can land on. If you have any reason to expect bedbugs you need to do a thorough search and move if possible, and clean and search your belongings. You don't want to bring them home with you. Bedbugs can hibernate in your bags for months.
Based. Now stay in as many hostels as possible this year and spread those mothers like its your job.
Looks very similar to the bedbug bites I had on me while in Russia (in a 5 star hotel too).
Since some bites are spaced so closely together I would bet they're bedbugs.

im about to travel to paris next month, i wanna know where i can find weed
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imagine being so insecure with your own existence you need any kind of substance to cope. lmao
So people who take medication for depression are pathetic to you too? You're entitled to your opinion dude I just don't get what you're getting out of being an asshole here.
>huh dude I need my weed man, I can’t enjoy Paris without it. Dude weed is so important to me that I can’t travel without it and I don’t even know where to get it

Faggot get on real meds if you have a condition so you can travel
around the moulin rouge. plenty of drug dealers and hookers there
The weed IS my real meds. In my state medical is legal.

sup /trv/

Thinking bout living in Morocco for the next few years. I'm doing the whole teaching abroad thing for income. Just wanted some advice and tips on which cities to check out and things to be aware of. Any help for this loser who couldn't fit-in in the US.
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I just think it's neat and I wan to learn French in a cheap country with a lot of history.
No, I would not like it. SEA teachers are either morally bankrupt bro-dudes or dorks who couldn't get laid in their own country. You also have the stupid hippy girls who want to "find themselves" which consists of getting raped by some monk.
No, I just always wanted to go. I know many eurocucks have a chip on their shoulders, but from what I heard the Moroccans that get sent to eurotown are retard degenerates.
Morroco is overwhelmingly safe. Tty Fed, spent a month there as a student. Don't not expect to grt pussy, there are cute and liberal Moroccan girls. Uni crowd is very smart. You'll have a good time, get a nice small vespa scooter and you'll have a blast.
Fed I meant to type. These replies are retarded. It really isn't bad, the hash is great, the food is tasty. Don't eat the merguz.

Why are DC's streets such a logistical clusterfuck?
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>muh semantics
Okay, rest of the world *knows* how to drive manual, even if they don't on a daily basis. Happy now, nitpicking redditard?
>take a trip to Asia one of these days
Get over yourself. You’re not special. I’ve been there, done that. Lived multi-years in 3 Asian countries and visited most, some for dozens of times. That’s how I know, for example, that automatic transmissions are extremely common in Japan.
You’re not the “rest of the world,” dumbfuck (and thank God for that). Stop projecting.
This is more of an /n/ topic, but if high density neighborhoods are crowded chink shit and low density suburbs are 2hr commute amerilard shit, what should we even strive for?
What I'm saying is I doubt that's why it's a clusterfuck to drive through, not that it's not pedestrian friendly.

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