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File: 1370399562555.png (29 KB, 741x946)
29 KB

I've just gotten into shaving with safety razors. Does anyone have some time to answer some questions and help me?
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Sure bud.

Usually the razor handle is stored on a stand, but you *could* lay it on its side, not on the cutting edges. You can get either short or long handles, the merkur 34c is one of the most popular handles. Blades are very important, feathers are reknowned for their close shaves and cutting your face up, astra blades are good starters, but I personally use the personna blues. While cartridge razors hand swiveled heads the adjust to the contours of your face, safety razors do not, so you will have to angle the blade manually to get optimal cutting. Shave with the grain in short strokes, as shaving againt the grain will the blade to cut too close and cause ingrown hairs. To prep, just wipe your face with water. As far as shaving cream goes, the soaps and creams are a luxury, simply being a higher quality than the barbasol and generic creams. I like taylor of old bond, they also have a sensitive skin cream which smells amazing. Hope this helps.
OP here. I keep a clean-shaven face and I shave every two days. How often do I need to replace the blade? I bought Shark Double-Edged blades for reference.
Not every shave, but often, blades cost only 10 cents each, so dont be afraid
I'll go over once with the grain which usually is good enough
but if i want an especially close shave ill reapply some soap and shave again going against the grain
biggest thing is make sure you take your time and to be extra careful around your chin

1. Hot water is all you need - you can use some light oil if you like
2. Rinse the blade well. Leave it in the razor, keep it stored away from your toilet bowl.
3. Soap or creme, whatever you like. Try C.O. Bigelo in the green tube - gives a nice shave
4. First pass, with the grain, 2nd pass across the grain, 3rd pass against the grain, 4th pass face buffing
5. Get an awesome after shave. Try Poraso green for spring/summer and Proraos Red for fall/winter

6. Don't be afraid of feather blades. I started with them and see no reason to use anything else. All other blades pale in comparison.
7. Never rush. If you are pressed for time use a disposable or multi blade to scrape your face and go

Who are the most /fa/ transwomen/men. I imagine it must be hard to find the right style for a lot of them. So I'm curious to see what would be considered well dressed.
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>jews own the media
>the media pushes for transvestite rights and forces it in every broadcast in some way

Yeah what a stretch to say jews are behind it
Well, they might not all wear a dress but they are male.
they smell like man ass and man sweat.

Also ball sweat

i mean ill agree with everything else you said but even this is quite the stretch to me.


File: Dv0KnPsUcAAnZhY.jpg (173 KB, 1200x900)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
is this what it's like to be an art hoe and soft boy?

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god i wish i had friends that i'd be with outside school
just blow 'em out please
being racist is only cool in the mid west
Califag here can confirm the people kind of suck
LA you get pretentious spoiled brats like these
SF you have soulless tech workers
Central California are all hicks
I guess San Diego is alright

File: f5tnvdkou1611.png (371 KB, 596x393)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
ITT: Faces
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>Bottom left
7/10 You look like you tell the neighbourhood kids not to play.
>Bottom right
8/10 you tell the neighbourhood kids to play loudly to piss off the 7/10
>Top right
My fav. Got that 80s vibe. 9/10
Would play with the neighbourhood kids.
File: aFrsgrndh.png (1.59 MB, 1272x976)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
bonus question now that it's settled no one cares about the nose: hair framing my face in any of these ways?
also, 9/10 profile and cute hollows of cheeks
show urself
straight out of a movie based aesthetics
>lose the hairs on your lip
You mean, the moustache?

Also, guess my age I guess.

File: 1507949689150.jpg (94 KB, 1080x1142)
94 KB
This thread is for questions pertaining to fashion that don't deserve their own thread.
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yeah, i've given that site a good look. think it may be discontinued, shot in the dark but if some has the exact model name, i can get my online thrift on
What do I do? I got /fit/ and dropped from size 32 to size 28 Jeans, nothing fits me without a belt.
Do I really have to go buy more jeans because mine don't fit well now?

Also side note but how do I roll up my jeans at the bottom right? Fashionlet here
>do I have to buy new clothes after losing/gaining weight
I have a gift card for New Balance. never worn before.

what's a good style/color?

I wear primarily blue jeans and grey or black shirts
sometimes olive or khaki pants w a button down
File: thick bush.jpg (35 KB, 326x365)
35 KB
is there any way to stimulate eyebrow growth? i want them to be absolutely massive like pic related.

File: IMG_1566.jpg (23 KB, 236x308)
23 KB

File: s1537161493428.jpg (59 KB, 500x684)
59 KB
im genuinely curious as to what you guys do for a living so that you're able to afford high end designer clothing. also how long do you usually save up your paychecks just to be able to splurge on what you want?
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White as fuck
Project Controls. I yell at people who waste company money.

It’s a good gig. Being “bad cop” is fun.
Grind the questions on leetcode, those are the types of questions interviews at the best companies use
Refine your resume
Apply everywhere: getting callbacks are difficult so you have to make up for that through application volume

Did this, ended up working out with a nice position

You can only choose one.
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Smells like Coca Cola and onions
literally smells like my grandma
File: 816rVpal9yL._SY355_.jpg (13 KB, 355x355)
13 KB
Something about androgyny

Iris is cool too
best designer frag
File: amber pour homme.jpg (97 KB, 1200x1200)
97 KB
I raise you Prada Amber, m8. Smells like the comfiest hotel soap and shaving cream ever

File: Propecia.jpg (10 KB, 318x318)
10 KB
is this shit gonna make me depressed and have a soft ass dick?
Impossible to say for certain. I've been on it for a year and haven't seen any side effects, but the benefits for my hair have just been 'okay' compared to some other people.

The chances of it actually fucking your dick up are extremely low, but the other effects I'm not so sure.
i just got a prescription for the 5 mg tablets which i will cut up if i do end up going on this shit, such a fucking hard decision to make tho i've been contemplating this for months now, it's a gamble..

How does /fa/ feel about guys with dark circles under their eyes, I’ve had them for years but I’m just starting to notice and appreciate them since I switched to glasses from contacts
Pic unrelated
I have dark circles from fucked up sinues year round and I'm not really a fan, mainly because of the visible veins up close.

File: medicalapu.png (224 KB, 657x527)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
sup /fa/ggots, broke medfag here. Residency interviews are coming and all my formal clothing is really fucking worn from using them at work and rotations.
I need REALLY cheap dress shirts. like 10-15 bucks each so I can buy a bunch and not have to worry about wearing them out.
I also need like 2 suits.
Where would I go? I'm in the north east.
Kill yourself and in your next life don't waste your time becoming a doctor


You'll end up spending $10-15 in total for all the shirts, find a quality suit on the low and spend whatever you saved getting it tailored
what the fuck are you trying to say with that post?
I guinuinely dont understand your memes
are you retarded or something? medfags really are dumb. He's telling you to go shopping for the shirts you need at a thrift store, where you will get the most bang for your buck and actual quality (which you will not be getting otherwise, given your budget)

File: download.jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
post them secci fashion reps for the broke boys
nice sketchers man, my grandma has those

File: brad.jpg (79 KB, 640x640)
79 KB
Alright anons I will never be CHADcore how do I become BRADcore?
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The only compatition is Franalations.
He did the best fit ever posted online.
No fucking troll can surpass him.
honestly this is minty
He has the scariest eyes I've ever seen. If he was a serial killer he would be infamous for his face.
File: bradhallhottie.png (272 KB, 248x615)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
anyone else exclusively jack it to brads videos?

I started about a year ago and its been great. Main problem ive had is cant get it hard for my girl anymore unless we put on some of his videos in the background.

File: 1517998391425.jpg (77 KB, 1816x817)
77 KB
Has anyone bought designer underwear? Seems like it might be a good investment.
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ask that to yourself :)

invest in kneepads
Yeah, sometimes construction and materials are just better and the designs are more interesting. I like AP more than La Perla though
>Seems like it might be a good investment.


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