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File: gkell.jpg (56 KB, 638x800)
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Who has the best /fa/cial aesthetics of all time in your opinion?
For me, it's Grace.
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the god himself
>celebrity worship

valhalla tier
Honestly, she ruined attractiveness as a concept for me. I'm barely attracted to 9/10s now knowing that an 11/10 like her existed.
honestly, 7/10 on Ukraine
you project

File: High School.jpg (30 KB, 425x282)
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My 13 year old brother is a NEET and my parents buy him very unfashionable clothes.

I want to buy him a pair of shoes but I have no idea what people his age would find fashionable.
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You're in digital age retard, show him different kind of shoes with your magical device called smartphone and then ask him what's his taste. Update the board accordingly
Your bro is a faggot and so are you.
Social skills are not something you can buy and wear, and he is not gonna get friends by being /fa/.

He will, however, by becoming /fit/.
Sports are what young men need!

13 is perfect to start lifting. Dont buy him clothes he is gonna outgrow in a year. Spend that money in a gym. If he is too much of an awkward shit to overcome "gymtimidation" or if you are not enough of a role model to take him and teach him, then get him a set of dumbells for his birthday or for hanukkah since you are clearly jewish.

You wont believe what access to dumbells will do to him. You can give your lil bro the gift of strength, discipline, mental and muscular endurance.

Go to /fit/. We'll make a thread about young lifters. Regimes and motivation strategies. Come on anon, we can go together. You and me, taking a small step to help your lil bro.
Ignore what this guy says, if he's 13 he should pick up a sport, not lifting.
Gyms are packed with toxic people and encourage body dysmorphia and may send him down a bad path.

Get him interested in sports, especially team ones: he'll get fit but also make friends and improve his social skills. Not to mention he'll be actually fit, as in capable of running and stuff, not a balloon animal that can only move heavy weights around.
>forcing fashion on your brother

>Gyms are packed with toxic people and encourage body dysmorphia and may send him down a bad path.
Get out of buzzfeed anon, and go see by yourself. Gyms are "packed" with awesome, friendly people. 99.89% of them are gonna be cool. Lifting is gonna go great with whatever sport he picks. You are not very familiar with sports if you dont think more strength is always a good thing.

>not a balloon animal that can only move heavy weights around
Jesus Christ.

File: Bad-Hair-Face.jpg (84 KB, 500x375)
84 KB
I try to not use any shampoo but my hair just becomes stiff and I'm unable to properly clean it. It just feels as dirty and greasy just as before entering the bath no matter what amount of time I spend inside. Only shampoos do the job but I don't feel well knowing how much trash they put inside. Is there a fix to my problem that doesn't consider cutting my hair off or at least what is the least harmful shampoo/
File: serveimage(10).jpg (156 KB, 1600x1600)
156 KB
156 KB JPG

You want Dr woods unscented baby mild soap. It's the most pure soap I have found. Dr Bonners is way too harsh and they put tons of essential oils in it. I shampoo with Dr woods maybe once every two weeks and love it. I added a few drops of essential oils (tea tree/rosemary) to mine. The rest of the time I cleanse my hair under warm water.

On occasion you may want to treat your scalp and hair with a apple cider vinegar solution. 8oz water to 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar. This also removes grease and keeps it everything healthy.

Is this true?
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Honestly it's a bit true. I was an ugly overweight dude most of my life pretty much up until I turned 21. I realized I could look a lot better if I just started taking care of myself more, lost weight, etc. I went through a pretty big transformation in a years time and I would say I'm a pretty handsome guy now. I was bullied a lot growing up being the typical unkempt fat kid most of my life.
I work in hospitality now and if there's one type of customer/guest/client that will almost always act like an entitled disgusting human, it's the people who have been beautiful since birth. It's apparent these people have had everything handed to them in life and don't like to be told "no".
Anyway that's just my personal experience.
100% me.
Was real ugly during HS, sickly thin and had A LOT of pimples. General depression caused also a lack of hygiene.

After shit ton of gym training and self-care I actually found out I was pretty good looking underneath all those layers of shit. The difference in the way I'm treated now that I'm in university is insane, especially from girls. Guys still treat me roughly the same, I never got bullied for my looks, I still had a lot of male friends. But girls? In HS, they avoided me as if I had the plague.

Now they sit next to me, they give me their year's notes for free if I just ask, they hug me whenever they see me, they ask me out, they are always available if I text them.

I know I shouldn't be bitter and just enjoy it, but I can't help but think how shallow people are. Not that I'm any better, frankly speaking I disliked and still dislike fat girls for example, but it still hurts, especially when you meet people you knew from your ugly duckling phase and notice the difference in the way they talk to you; makes you feel as if you're nothing but your face.
I’m compared to my overweight teenage self very privileged as an 7/10 white upperclass female
There is only 4 things that are worth having.
From best to worst, they're Luck, Health, Intelligence, and Beauty.

Luck is self-explanatory. You are free not to believe in people being lucky or unlucky, but if for a moment you assume Luck is real, you can suddenly see why being lucky holds immeasurable value; you could argue that being born with any of the other 3 elements of the list qualifies as being lucky, and you'd be correct.

Being in good health is a necessity. Any 10/10 genius with a terminal illness would gladly swap lives with anyone who isn't dying.

By Intelligence I don't mean book smarts, I mean making good choices and being hard to trick: in short, being less susceptible to fuckups rather than having an incredible hidden potential of becoming a great scientist.

Beauty grants you access to things Intelligence can't, and generally improves all facets of your life. Not waking up hating your reflection in the mirror does wonders for your mental health too.
im above average in looks enough to get some female attention but not enough for girls to drop their panties and and i have some people in my social group who are average looking (meaning 5/10) and they are usually the people who give me the most shit or try to point out every single flaw in my personality everytime we meet
they are also usually the ones who constantly think about pussy all the time and talk about their online dating endeavors like tinder coffee meets bagel etc and they constantly talk about how everyone can look good if they worked out and lost weight (which is somewhat true but i feel like its coping for lack of facial aesthetics)
when i hang out with people who are around the same attractiveness or better looking than me its always a chill time and we just shoot the shit and there are never really any personal attacks other than banter
average people in my experience tend to have the worst energy because they haven't learned to deal with being just average while good looking people are comfortable with themselves and not so good looking people understand the hand they are dealt in life and they try to make up for it in other departments
obviously there are also really good looking people who just are cunts because they get by on looks and ugly people who take on the incel mentality but those are extremes

File: 20190716_133702.jpg (706 KB, 1440x2560)
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706 KB JPG
What you gonna do when bedbugs come for you?
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no one cares about your dick
I just preempted a logical conclusion that since my feet are small that my dick must be small too.
I am 5'10"/ 8.5 shoe size and my dick is 6.5 inches
>my dick is 6.5 inches
well if I can get rock hard I'm closer to 18cm

File: o.48065.jpg (150 KB, 1800x1800)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>14476206

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
w2c bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (37%).


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Chad miasma’d
BdC seems to work well with whatever my body chemistry is, always smells good on me and gets a lot of compliments. Are there any similar, more /effay/ alternatives?
Did this once.
>go to my friends house
>other friend shows up since we're going to go bar hopping
>he's wearing aventus
>i blast myself with 8 sprays of CDNIM

No doubt. It gives me confidence to go heavy with sprays.

Fair play. The most I’ve worn was eight sprays of Cool Water and got so many funny looks.
One time when I wore Cool Water I did a lot of sprays too and someone asked me if I had started smoking cigarettes kek. Something about wearing unconscionably synthetic or strong 80s fragrances and making wimps act out with performative coughing and fake allergies is so satisfying.

File: 1562725708392s.jpg (3 KB, 181x250)
3 KB
Old one is over 250 let's get it started again lads
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Use the new thread faggot
ID on pants?
prolly find them as "harem pants"
you cucks need to learn to rate when you post

How can anyone take THIS seriously?
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Your gift is too great for me
Your gift is too great for me
your gift is too great for me
Your gift is too great for me.
Your gift is too great for me

Daily essentials thread
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to get money into the wallet
File: index.jpg (8 KB, 282x179)
8 KB
with that wallet I can only imagine this
To cut things, you retard. Knives are extremely useful.
so much this
Shut the fuck up! he is not your guy

File: _ALE1171.jpg (1.88 MB, 2732x4098)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG


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File: 1561586464707.jpg (69 KB, 960x960)
69 KB
is this the same collection as pic reated?

I've been consciously thrifting and focusing on natural fibers to reduce my impact. I don't want any part in chocking the oceans with Chinese plastic.
Remember when Vivienne Westwood was good?
yeah same for helmut, margiela, mcqueen and many others :/
before realising that art like all activities are to get laid. yes sex is human endgoal and the yohji pants stay on during sex

Nobody wants to post in a thread nearing 300 replies.

Daily reminder: talk shit, post fit.
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All right newfags since you won't leave this board and your lazyposting is killing wayvts learn the rules:RATE TO BE RATEDDON'T POST IF YOU DON'T RATE.AND YOU BETTER RATE HONESTLY LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE AND TELL THE REST WHY THEY ARE SHIT THIS THIS AIN'T A PLACE FOR BITCHY SAMEFAGGING
File: IMG_9834.jpg (343 KB, 1281x792)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Progressive Voice?

It is effay to not post on this board
effay people don't post here(anymore), however not posting won't make you effay
File: index.jpg (13 KB, 300x168)
13 KB
Not entirely correct

oh god those are perfect but are way too fucking expensive, someone please stop me paying 130 euros on them i only make 690 per month
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>why's that?
linen wrinkles instantly, in a quite hideous way

given how much your legs move during the day you'll look like shit
they look like uniqlo lounge pants.
at a shop down the street from me they got so many of these in maybe four different colours.
each around $35
Going two different ways. Not sure if you’re trying to go for relaxing or for formal. This is a terrible combination.
>not realizing it's a symbolic metaphor for the duality of man

File: DMF9zGYUMAABWAI.png (930 KB, 1440x1272)
930 KB
930 KB PNG
How do I stay young for as long as possible? I don't wann look like an old geezer with 35.
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>chasing eternal youth instead of absolutely mogging zoomers well into your 80’s in a full Rick fit

LMAO’ing at your life.
stay inside all the time, wear long sleeves and pants, get skin lotion with an spf rating for hands and face. you'll eventually revert to your lightest skin possible, but past that you need bleach.
Sleep a lot, eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water, avoid the sun like the plague, use aging-related products from 25 onwards.

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