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File: 1400987322990.jpg (2.84 MB, 3842x2920)
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2.84 MB JPG
If you live in the US, this chart is your best place to start looking. International posters outside the US may have region specific options not shown here!
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Need a VIN checked? Search the catalog (https://boards.4chan.org/o/catalog) for an existing VIN check thread before making your own.

File: pic_main_visual.png (563 KB, 1280x690)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
What do you think of kei trucks?
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My ranger has a higher payload than that lmao
>What do you think of kei trucks?
It works in Japan where some roads are too narrow or lightly paved for heavy, wide, and long usa trucks to regularly drive. The usa trucks would also get stuck in some courtyards are they are too big to turn around unlike a kei truck.

Kei is "right sized" for small japanese shops that need to resupply or make deliveries.
File: midgetII.jpg (27 KB, 440x344)
27 KB
Dorifuto Daihatsu up in this B.

I dunno about that little thing but we have some 125hp dump trucks that gross at 8 tons and they can climb a 30% grade
I'm 6'3", no way I'd fit in one.

File: Ford Ranger.jpg (51 KB, 1024x768)
51 KB
How come no one makes small trucks anymore? I'm more of a car person but I've been looking around at trucks recently. I love to low height 2 seat trucks but no one seems to make them anymore :\ its really sad.

Why do people buy sedans/coupes when wagons exist?
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First of all I don't follow who buys what, especially brand new, but I have seen people here mostly go for sedans and hatchbacks.
second, people who would buy a brand new wagon(settled European family men) aren't really /o/ target demographic
Thirdly, my point wasn't about buying wagons, but the implication that wagons have no aesthetic value.
>>20113791 is what I would consider a well proportioned wagon
Lol, I DDd a taurus sedan in high school and would fingerbang my gf at the time while driving home. Thank god for column shifters and bench seats.

Good god no, have you seen a second gen Taurus wagon? They absolutely destroy the best looking rear end of any Taurus.
For reference, the second gen is the top right one.
File: N2iVNIu.jpg (1.48 MB, 4573x2426)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
Second and fourth gen legacy
>Ironically, it’s all the teenagers here who fawn over the wagons.
My boomer parents bought a TourX. Dad wanted a Durango, but my mother dislikes suvs because their height apparently makes it harder to load grocerier, and she refuses to buy a sedan.

Why does Toyota make their sports cars so heavy?
Because they know their cars won't be driven by actual driving enthusiasts but soibois and clueless asians.
File: 1535994991502.jpg (104 KB, 1057x1200)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
So they can say they're grand touring cars because they know they can't compete in sports cars unless yamaha makes the engines for them. Daily reminder that one GT3 team who wanted an RC F GT3 needed to cut over 1k lbs to try to make it competetive

File: E46.jpg (51 KB, 751x430)
51 KB
Buying my first car, interested in the BMW E46. My budget is under $4000 and there are plenty of offers with full service history and under 200,000 km (120k miles) where I live.
My use would pretty much be daily driving to school, shop, just cruising for fun and then really long road trips. I'm mostly worried about the long road trips since I don't want to end up stranded somewhere. I can fix shit on my own with the help of guides if something breaks but I don't want to end up paying $10k over 5 years just for repairs.

Would I be making a mistake buying this as my first car with no experience?
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I do live in Europe. That's why I'm wondering how much cheaper would it be than US maintanance.
O oktávce jsem uvažoval ale zase nevím jak zábavné auto to je na ježdění. Hlavně z toho interiéru je mi na zvracení.
Get an E36 with zero rust OP. E46 you will have a bad time. Also drives like shit compared.
parts are cheap as shit in europe too.
assuming you're from eastern europe?
central EU
as long as the cost of maintanance + repair is less than $1000 per year then I can handle it cost-wise but anything more and I would probably have to get a job just to keep fixing the car
you never know in what condition these cars are at. unless you get the full treatment book from the owner

File: 1532913542919.jpg (77 KB, 736x736)
77 KB
Previous thread: >>20109647
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My guess is he got the rear sliding and then it suddenly caught traction causing it to violently fling up.

also wtf I can't upload images now
tripped on the yellow line
He was clearly pushed.
File: dn26qybqjey11.jpg (56 KB, 750x721)
56 KB
05 KLX125 just popped up on craigslist for $500. Should I buy it?

File: file.png (198 KB, 376x349)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
ITT: Boomer lore
>you bought a KIA? That's Chinese junk son, never trusted it. Ford makes cars from ALL AMERICAN steel, now THERES a company.
But it's true

File: 20181212_143921.png (553 KB, 720x823)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
Anyone here drive an import? How costly is the insurance and what's it like living life in the right seat? I've been eyeballing this baby for a while now. Only 70k miles on it. I don't plan on modding it. Just looking for a slow, fun car to drive like a miata and this fits the bill. Honestly might daily it if I can.
What kind of fucking retard imports a car that was widely available in the country in the first place
There's absolutely no advantage in any way to driving an import. It'll be a daily inconvenience for no reason.
We never got the sir model, dipshit.
Ask why its on steelies, if they have swapped the alloys to make extra money, other things may be gone too. Shit like that costs a lot of money to replace, especially on import models.
If you buy it, start hoarding parts, body panels, rubber trims, literally everything you can find. If anything happens you will have the parts on hand because no one else will
Keep it locked up and with an immobilizer and alarm
Be aware that if someone hits you it will most likely be written off, insurance companies dont care if its an import, they will go off the value of an american model so make sure you get an insurer who understands what the car actually is

Why don’t you drive a nice car?
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Because i flock to beaters
Why don't more companies include a heads up display instead of a screen? Put the backup camera where the driver will actually look anyway
Are you saying this is an example of nice interior? That stitching is atrocious.

File: ex3xwox6cmr11[1].png (51 KB, 1083x1128)
51 KB
>Parks nose first into the spot
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People should be banned for these dumb fucking npc threads
but the front wheels *turn*.

I can guarantee you that it was not because of the tail swinging out.

Come to any third world country and everyone backs in because the spaces are too small to drive in forward. Then you get tourists like you trying to drive in forward and have to get taught by pedestrians who have never driven how to actually park properly.

I drive a full size truck in a country with parking spots that would be illegally small in Germany yet I have no problems getting into a spot because I back in.
lol no, I had to drive my dad’s old 3500 dodge to the staples a couple years ago, and it was most definitely possible to rip someones bumper off in that tiny lot.
>car has a pretty okay butt and side profile
>but has a butt ugly face
nose first it is

File: valkyrie v12.jpg (493 KB, 2098x1606)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
>6.5L V12
>1000hp @ 11000 RPM
>naturally aspirated
Are you excited for the next McLaren F1?
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my $4,000 R6 has a redline of 17,500 lmao, this is pussy shit
>organ donors in charge of having a brain
This has over 10 times the displacement.
The reciprocating mass and force would be enormous by comparison.
Relevant to most people who aren't underage and can't drive at the strip lol
Shouldnt have made it so pigfat, then

File: stažený soubor.jpg (10 KB, 345x146)
10 KB
What is the best layout for roll-racing and why is it FWD?
>minimal drivetrain loss
Can't compete.
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: Rear-Left-3-940x529.jpg (171 KB, 940x529)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Idiots act like all those civics are running around with 4-500 hp. Until '06 or so even the fastest Si-trim civics topped at 160hp stock. 500hp is a lot of moddage, like $20k+.

Pic related - 160hp @ 7600 rpm! And 111 tq. And these are rare.

Idk what you're on about.
Junkyard cheap as fuck builds make 500hp lol. Hell you can build a cheap as fuck basically stock LSVTEC and make 160whp easy. Why are you even bringing up stock cars?
>idk what you’re on about
Moving goalposts

>gee this mustang is a good value for a new car
>bimmerfags point out you can buy a 10 year old repair nightmare for less

>people point out that FWD is the best roll race layout
>nuh uh, muh cobra with a million pounds of boost and 1000hp can beat any 400hp FWD car

Same thing really.
File: fbd car.png (4 KB, 318x158)
4 KB
How was I moving the goalposts? RWD cars hook up better roll-launching and generally come with more power than FWD cars.

Weight shifts to the rear upon acceleration. This increases the normal force on the tire and thus the Ff (max coeff of friction).
File: 1544567466932.jpg (39 KB, 480x480)
39 KB
>Junkyard cheap as fuck builds make 500hp lol.
let's not forget the custom-tuned standalone ECU required for such a build, the injectors, the fuel rail, the fuel pump, the pistons, the rods, the crankshaft, the head bolts, the intake / exhaust piping, all the little fasteners/gaskets, all the shit that'll go wrong during and after thet build, and all the time you spend installing and tuning...

Junkyard builds are never as cheap as ppl claim they are.

>Why are you even bringing up stock cars?
>lol I see 4-500hp Hondas pulling bolt on Terminators and shit on street tires.
>Not every Terminator is making 800whp, most are more like 500whp which gets killed by Hondas with 4-500 like I said.

***I’m buying this for sure***
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>copying peugeots headlight design
so the same shit as mercedes, audi, volkswagen, jaguar etc etc etc?
File: 1537003831835.jpg (8 KB, 189x266)
8 KB
>implying it's not the french who copy literally and unironically everyone
if only they did it properly without either paint lifting or having electronic issues
>peugeot copying 20 year old e46 headlight design
reminder that the new 3 series is 50kg lighter than the previous one

File: images.jpg (19 KB, 620x413)
19 KB
So fellow BRos, I just got my bikers license but I am not sure which motorbike to get. What budget bikes do you recommend, preferably ones that aren't prone to be stolen so much?
31 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>aggressive fast dirt bike with high maintenance or a slow entry level standard which is babby's fist road bike tier
anyone can get a motorcycle liscence but only a selected few can be called a true "biker"
Be a man.
Get a Harley-Davidson.
Wear a Hells Angels patch and nobody will mess with you.

>wear Hells Angels
>get Lynched by Abutres and all his allies

Yeah genius.
Entry level 600-800cc cruiser.

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