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/cgl/ is a board for the following:

• Cosplay
• Lolita
• J-fashion
• Conventions & gatherings
• Sewing & prop-making
• Craftsmanship tools/materials & tutorials
• LARPing
• Discussing accessories such as wigs/circle lenses/prosthetics/makeup (These must be within the context of the board-related topics listed above; weight loss threads should be kept in /fit/, beauty and fashion generals should be kept in /fa/)

Our board rules are simple:

• Thread content must be related to one of the categories covered in the list above. Off-topic threads and replies will be deleted.
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Animenyc general, how’s everyone doing
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honestly if you had the right cosplay you might be able to get something

went out as inosuke and i was running to one of the afterparties, a few people asked what i was, if it was a protest and i had one guy on a bus howl at me and one woman telling her bf that i was going to kill them jokingly as i was running.
> Inosuke

Based, should have pig assaulted the couple.
i want to find the people who took my picture and tell them to cover my face
then again i cant find them so i guess nobody posted it online but still
>I’m photoshy
>better dress up, attract attention and cry that my face has been taken in a photo
retard tranny gtfo
2020 tickets go on sale Monday!

Previous: >>10299985
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I love IW because my style borders on sweet and classic and that's what they're all about. I love the more muted colours and simple designs with sweet animal prints.
Almost every time I've bought from a gull the piece has arrived in much worse condition than described with gross stains and yellowing... the only time it's been fine was when I purchased from a gull that already had 40 positive feedback on lacemarket.

Basically, if someone doesn't have any lacemarket feedback or dislikes selling there because it's "too much of a hassle" they're probably a shitty seller. Avoid them.
Nayrt and yeah, but if we’re specifically talking about AATP they don’t use it as much.
Sorry you’re fat

File: 1483309200095.jpg (39 KB, 753x449)
39 KB
Previous thread >>10295927

Remember, this thread is for questions about J FASHION ONLY.

For COSPLAY help, go this way: >>10297814
What options do I have for lace topped OTKs, when I have toned calves and bigger than average feet?
Another Honey Cake related question: I live in Japan and it’s my first MTO + I’m not going to be in Tokyo next week. Does the AP store hold dresses for people or is the pickup a One Day Only thing?
Does any brand sell candy cane style spiral stripe tall socks or tights? I've only seen a couple of otome brands sell them ages ago.
AP just had some last month.

File: 1575969242962.jpg (55 KB, 720x720)
55 KB
Do you like taking pics with random people at cons?

Also how do you ask for pics without looking like a perv?
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They're spoiled and mentally ill.
File: 1575405390164.png (103 KB, 743x532)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
If people ask for pictures with me, I just suggest poses that I'm comfortable with, and they can agree or disagree.
File: download.png (8 KB, 222x227)
8 KB
File: tenor (1).gif (269 KB, 498x279)
269 KB
269 KB GIF
Time to never do something like that ever a-fucking-gain then. I'm glad I mentioned it because I never really put much thought into it before.

File: 41ruxwthHiL._SY355_.jpg (12 KB, 355x355)
12 KB
There's a ton of threads about bad photoshops, photog drama and the like. But let's try to do something constructive. Let's discuss something simple, what do YOU think is a good cosplay photograph? If you're going to pay money for a photoshoot, what exactly are you looking for in the finished product? Also, post photos of what you consider as examples of good cosplay photos.
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Don't know the details, just my friend came home from Sakuracon gushing about it and showing it off. :/ I'm guessing it's a converter back to shoot FP-100C or FP-3000B.
Oh, we're talking about different people, then. The (?) was accounting for the possibility that there's more than one person in Seattle with a large-format camera doing public shoots. The guy I'm referring to is 110% male and like 6'2" or so. His rig didn't have any fancy Polaroid capabilities, either. Just a regular old giant-ass camera.
If a photographer is in high demand then they have the luxury of choosing their clientele
>there's more than one person in Seattle with a large-format camera doing public shoots.

This blows my mind a little bit. I love this weird city sometimes.
What makes a good photo for you?
Looking out for what I should aim for when I get into editing.

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Nah, that's a Target.
That's not any better.
Is that a problem?
Minus the belt its cute
She had a post about her doing severe dieting. It showed her from being skinny to skinny with ribs showing and I’m sure she got backlash because she deleted it

File: 3238908400_89338fc755_o.jpg (720 KB, 694x1024)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
What are the things that you miss from Livejournal era?
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I miss daily lolita the most of all the livejournal comms. I remember posting to DL back in 2009 wearing little to no makeup and having a boring natural hairstyle, using unedited spontaneously taken photos, yet I was always being praised for my outfits. In 2019 the same pictures would land me in the ita thread for sure. I didn't have to think about perfect posing, the photo composition or having to liquify every single pore on my face and appliying 5 filters for my pictures to be considered good.

Sure a lot of outfits back then were really bad, but back then daily lolita really meant daily lolita.
I really liked the discussion formats of LJ and getoff was a more reasoned comm for sure, but cgl back then was definitely much worse.

Still, the overall sentiment in terms of what was 'acceptable' or 'perfect' or a 'good coord' was also much more lenient.

DW is only really thriving for RP, since all the LJRPers moved there. I don't know a single person that uses it as an actual personal journaling system or even for writing/general fandom anymore.

Nah that era had its own beauty standards. The threshold for how overweight you need to be before you get made fun of has gone up. People are more concerned with girls being too skinny now.

And back then, you'd get made fun of for basically not being "white" enough. If you had too many ethnic/non-white features, you weren't considered pretty. You could have no lips, limp lifeless hair, and non-existent brows, and that was considered good to go. And god help you if you had any visible upper lip hair. I think it's a lot better now with the natural hair movement from the mainstream but it depends on the person.
I've been missing loli_secrets until I joined the Lolita Amino.
There's not as much content but I prefer it over facebook groups (though I do like closet of frill's daily Lolita coords). It also has sub chat groups.

But most of all I simply miss the time back then.
I think the drama was better then too. Heck even the drama was better a few years ago when sketchy people could ban evade longer.

ITT: best/worst cons of 2019

Pic related. Best con, if not for the earthquakes
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Anime Midwest
>con head became even more shitty right before the con
>so many canceled panels and concerts
>best part of the con was the Kyle hole
>anime USA
>merchants room was practically empty
>panels were ass
>it’s dying
>con drama over Vic Migderpaderp
>guests reneging their contracts on appearing over Vic Migderpaderp
>unjust bullshit over Vic Migderpaderp
thousands of people coming specifically for AX had never felt an earthquake before, and then to feel not one but three, with the last being the strongest earthquake the area has had in 20 years.

as someone that never experienced one, to feel that 7.1 was scary and strangely disorienting
It was barely a 5 in LA. 7.1 was at the actual source of the earthquake which was near Bakersfield. We care about earthquakes the way the midwest cares about tornados. Unless it's severe, everyone goes about their day.

File: l08f40pw0n211.png (340 KB, 500x500)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
old thread: >>10274886
>This thread is for questions pertaining to cosplay. DO NOT make your own thread for a single question.
>If you have a jfashion related question, use: >>10295927
>If you have a crossplay related question, visit here first for resources: >>10239756
>If you have a sewing related question, use: >>10261594
>If you want people to give you character recommendations or if you would like to give others character recs, use: >>10280993 (see template first)
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I’m planning on making a Princess Yue cosplay of her in her coat. Now I’m wondering what fabric to pick so it won’t get too warm but will still give some volume for the coat
The first one looks like it belongs to an idol boy character. Look into EnStars or A3! character galleries.
Which costume of hers are you doing? Look at other cosplayers' pictures and reference photos, it looks like her outfit is meant to look like the coat is one of several outerlayers. You could make a poofy slip for underneath
What sort of wig should I look for for a Lupin cosplay?
I'm having a little trouble groking what his hair would look like IRL. It's sort of a widow's peak, but more often it's drawn as rounded rather than pointed. It looks swept back, but its too short to be a pompadour (or afro, but I'm not planning on doing the Pink Jacket incarnation).

File: bst.png (50 KB, 550x507)
50 KB
Old thread: >>10271326

Thread Guidelines:
- cosplay and lolita welcome
- please list your location and any shipping restrictions you have
- leave contact info you actually check!
- please keep OT or tangent discussions about shopping services and price checks to their own thread to avoid clutter (make it if you don't see one)

General buying and selling tips:
- have feedback ready if you can
- have proof pictures ready
- always ship with tracking
- never do a transaction with someone you're uncomfortable with
- don't name & shame without contacting the buyer or seller first

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: shoes wishlist.jpg (359 KB, 1800x1800)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
WTB a pair of decent pink boots like pic. I don't trust ali or resellers like glitzy with marked up prices and no reviews. I'm a EU 40. Still sad that Bodyline doesn't have their boots anymore! I know its a long shot and not a dress but I'd love to get some decent boots in my closet!
WTB any BTSSB kuma kumya ears clips or the cute hats with their ears

I wish bodyline still had these boots...I just want some all white boots to match my old school coords easily in the winter.
Oh awesome, thank you so much for the link!
Sosicshop on taobao has similar ones. They’re pretty cute

File: P4.jpg (12 KB, 300x168)
12 KB
hi there i have always done lowbuget cosplays and 2020 i want to do my first high detail one based off a simple 1 the postal dude primarialy the postal 4 model witout the robe so tell me what should i get also for those who have played postal i have a cat and wahnt to do the cat thing how should i do that without the fbi on my ass
There is a help thread on this board (usually)

File: FB_IMG_1568715114313.jpg (30 KB, 933x870)
30 KB
Recently the mods in my local comm were recruiting new mods, with one mod being super active and well liked, and one being barely involved in the comm. They ended up recruiting a member that barely contributes to the comm and is a shit stirrer, when many very active and well liked members applied.

What mod bullshit / horror stories y'all got
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>going on and on about how these girls were loved
so predictable. I'm not saying that is the case. You clearly missed the damn point.
And yes I get it - my friend was murdered when I was in 2nd grade.

But I never put an online tribute up because it would only be for me and that's what makes it so fucking cringey. It's so fucking self serving.
Are you in the 3rd grade?
No, but that remark puts you there, doesn't it?
Damn, you caught me. I'm totally 8 years old. See you in class tomorrow! Hope you earn a good star.
Wow you aren't good at hiding where you're from. If you have a problem with the mods tell them and stop being a bitch.

File: blank template.png (45 KB, 793x574)
45 KB
what it says on the tin. make your own meme and toss it in here.
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>muscular men
Also half the mire threads are larps dude
both boards have spergs and fine people.
Also, it's all wonders when you are a cosplayer/lolita _and_ healthy and athletic.
Why do women always brag about owning 150 different strains of HPV?
where is this from?
Xenoblade Chronicles
Shulk and Melia
Spoiler: Melia actually loses in the game

File: 0ef.jpg (51 KB, 599x677)
51 KB
4th time's the charm. Drama can leave.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/NERynwn
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Thread needs to be nuked desu
Tbh that guy is pretty handsome ngl.
Shit taste desu
Hey Guys, leave reeroo alone. Enough is enough.

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