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/cgl/ is a board for the following:

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• Lolita
• J-fashion
• Conventions & gatherings
• Sewing & prop-making
• Craftsmanship tools/materials & tutorials
• LARPing
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File: 1509450037750.jpg (68 KB, 796x561)
68 KB
It's October 1st; come all to the Halloween Thread. Are you ready for Halloween?

Welcome Newbies, this is your thread to ask questions concerning your costume.
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Please post pictures when you're done

Sign Up Deadline:October 16, 2019
Matches Sent Out:October 21, 2019 (early!)
Domestic Shipping Deadline:December 15, 2019
Domestic Grinch Check:January 10, 2020
International Shipping Deadline:December 15, 2019
International Grinch Check:January 31, 2020

FAQ, rules, info, etc:

The shopping has begun! Remember to post using ID numbers or initials to respect privacy of giftees.
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Just get like a brand headbow or something
What's the point of a Secret Santa thread?
if they signed up for the lowest tier they really shouldn't be expecting main pieces, any fashion piece of some kind, like a purse or blouse, should be just fine
What's the point of anything posted on this Amish quilt sewing forum?
You've stumbled into the thread which will host about 50 participants willing to spend money on gifts for strangers. It's all good fun in a Christmas spirit!

The deadline for signups has passed, so if you want to join, check in with a less stupid question next year.

We've had a lovely solid appreciation thread a while ago, now how about some beautifully, adorably detailed prints? All substyles welcome.
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That's not a church
Absolute perfection. Stunning actually.
Going to cry, this is so beautiful.
Please, what print is this? Thank you.
Royal Creamy Chocolate by Angelic Pretty. It has the name of the print right on the dress...

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 221x228)
8 KB
old thread -> >>10261093
Remember, this thread is for questions about J FASHION ONLY
If you need cosplay help, go to the cosplay help thread
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What types of shoe are best/more traditional for Gothic Lolita vs Classic?
Tried antique?

This is the jfash board, anon. You'd have better luck if you actually know which exact jfash you want him to get into.... or try /fa/ since they're just general fashion.
File: 17081001.png (301 KB, 501x584)
301 KB
301 KB PNG

If I had to think of an iconic gothic shoe, it's the platforms. Not necessarily these ones, Moitie also did their own platforms, and there was a time when everybody seemed to be wearing Yosuke platforms in different designs.

That being said, the exact shoes will vary a lot with your coord. If you're going for a more toned down look then maybe platforms are a bit too much. If you're doing more of a punk-gothic kinda look then maybe you'd want something more edgy than platform shoes. It's very hard to say "these shoes will go with all gothic" without having seen exactly what your coord looks like.
Not the anon, but your quick to call someone useless when, no offense, you probably didn't bother to look into the shops mentioned and wanted to be spoon fed to the extreme.

I love Supergroupies, for example, and have bags and shoes from them that are great quality. And yes, you can get things from the other shops that were mentioned, amiami and animate. I have purchased parkas, shirts, jewelry, and cardigans from amiami.

And yeah, you do sort of just have to wait until a collab is announced or products go up for sale for a limited time. I have a lot of Sailor Moon items from Q-Pot, GU, Princess One Spoon, and Gracegift (Taiwan brand) that I found through announcements. And all the things I bought on amiami were found by browsing there frequently.

If you want official, high quality items from Japanese shops they will likely come from a collab and these are limited time sort of things. Your best bet is looking at Mercari and Fril for used items from past collabs.

File: edgy.jpg (60 KB, 534x401)
60 KB
Avoiding edgelords edition

Last thread: >>10235214
What’s going on in your comms, gulls? Anyone doing anything for Halloween? Are you planning for winter ILD already?
What about online? Any weird itas or sissies giving you a hard time?
Let’s hear the tea
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But I thought Tyler hates sissies with a passion? The one I'm talking about is such an obvious sissy, I highly regret looking at the channel.
Yes she does
She does. She's made videos complaining about them in length. But from what ive gathered she doesn't mind legitimate brolitas, which i think is fair.
It just occurred to me that >>10276648
is prob referring to when Tyler was willing to take picture with a sissy-looking fan at a con. I know, principles and all, but it's easier to just do it than risk looking like an asshole.

File: jW_znol0.jpg (16 KB, 340x340)
16 KB
Mag is a community convention in Erfurt/Germany. Where Cosplay, Youtube, Game and Fashion communities come together.

This years MAG had quite a lot to offer for Lolitas.
There was a big Baby the stars shine bright booth, a Indie and Btssb Fashion show and finally the Btssb Teaparty.
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I just found their insta and wonder why they need a wheelchair? It seems that in a lot of pictures taken they're perfectly fine with walking/standing? They use a cane, ok. But the wheelchair seems a lot like tumblr sjw snowflake catching for bonus points?
I'm not disabled myself but I have some friends who use crutches or canes often, but a wheelchair for long outings. It's just less tiring for your arms, back, etc. having to support yourself for long periods of time if you're sitting.
I'm not saying this person isn't trying to get 'snowflake points' or emphasize their disability, but it is actually common to use a variety of aids depending on the situation.
anon, some people can have times where they don’t need to rely on their wheelchair 100% of the time, which is most likely the case here.
he does apparently have some sort of disability where he can't walk for longer distances.
It seems though that he's heavily overplaying it for special snowflake bonus points.
The person is actually known for wanting snow flake points..

>>10206230 Old thread

Was too broke to get this when it came out, now I’m not and would pay next to anything for the black or red.
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another amazing dress ruined by print
Ive had "friends" who have gotten mad at me for not selling them their DD. I had it before I met you...
File: 1557383426102.jpg (9 KB, 300x222)
9 KB
I wanna see blood.
They can fuck off, you owe them nothing.

File: images-1.jpg (19 KB, 317x159)
19 KB
Since there are two Brand Teaparties in Germany in a short time, I thought its easier if we can collect everything about it in this thread.
99 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
If that's true then it was miilkribbon. She was the old admin
Wow really? Why she did this? Transferring ownership is so much easier.
My best guess is that she had the same mentality that lots of other fb group admins tend to have where they treat admining groups like they're running a country or some shit. I've seen all kinds of fb groups get deleted for bs drama and where the original admins didn't want to transfer ownership because of "sentimental reasons". It's incredibly cringy, especially when it's big groups with lots of resources that get affected. I suppose it's something like that.
This and if it´s really true we are also talking about miilkribbon which is a huge dramaqueen and totally mental.
you can find it in the Mag Erfurt 2019 thread. Not many coords have been uploaded...

We haven’t had one of these in a while so I wanted to bring them back. Looking for more gulls to follow on social media, so feel free to self post! No vendetta pls.
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fellow asuka :)
don't tell me you actually spray painted a real P-90
File: 00100lPORTRAIT.jpg (3.96 MB, 4000x4000)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB JPG
oof it's been a few years since I've posted here
But most recent project is coming along smoothly. Made a bit more progress since taking the selfie, so almost done by now - belt's studded, back patch is sewn on, holster came in and logo's been removed. Mostly just need to sew on the shoulder patches, and do makeup stuff.

Yoooo that cloak is dope

OH SHIT I've seen you around before - mad respect to all your builds

Ayyyy didn't think I'd see you on here.
And didn't realize we had a con like that in the PNW - it actually worth hitting up?

Where'd you buy it from? Too far gone to salvage and resize?
Face is perfect.

Halloween season is upon us, post itas.
275 replies and 73 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah don’t understand all the compliments on this. It’s boring at best.
File: 1535123527736.gif (873 KB, 380x214)
873 KB
873 KB GIF
I'm puting together a team
probably because she just looks happy, from what i can tell cof doesn't really have high quality standards when it comes to the actual clothing
Thanks for jogging my memory anon, I totally remember that post! not the toddler telekinesis part though lol

It's concrit, anon. Unlike nitpicks, it's long because it explains in detail what's wrong, and also provides suggestions for fixes.

I know, I'm replying to a shitposter, not like they weren't transparent, and they ignored the newbie thing because of course it's a larper and have no answer, I'm saging, I'm saging.

File: Download success.jpg (278 KB, 1080x1080)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Other thread reached image limit. Post about Halloween meets, inspiration, ideas and coords.
What are you going to wear? Any spooky hair or makeup ideas?
47 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
I think the key component to pulling off a misako cosplay well would be getting her boat lip smile down pat
Uhhhh wtf? Is this drag? What is that collar, and the moi meme moitie socks don't fit
no, she was aiming for Elizabethan-kei
Never seen Bram Stocker´s Dracula?

I totally love her outfit because it looks so much like Lucy!
My comm is having afternoon tea. There's nothing Halloween about the place but we will dress up.

File: 1544108749779.jpg (81 KB, 640x480)
81 KB
Old thread >>10013935

It's the dawn of the new school year and Sakura. Discussion of nanchatte fashion goes here.
240 replies and 91 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I don't like how big it is
This part makes it sound like you're wearing massive boomer ties. Try something skinnier and thinner, easier to do for actual work stuff than nanchatte but plenty of Japanese school uniforms use relatively skinny ties as well. You can also just go tieless with a blazer or whatever but if you're doing it for nanchatte you have to have the look for it overall.
maybe you can try to find a really nice clip-on tie?
File: 1570113609268.jpg (10 KB, 236x236)
10 KB
Yo I love your stuff so much, I follow you on Instagram an everything you post is quality, keep it up!
File: IMG_20191023_002733.jpg (1.63 MB, 2448x3264)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
Looked at Conomi’s English website. Because I’m built like a chubby male I’m guessing their sizes are just too small for me? Like the skirts say W80, I’m assuming that’s waist in cm? I don’t know what some of the tips sizes are though, like 175A. There isn’t a legend or anything.

252 replies and 114 images omitted. Click here to view.
why would you put a pig on your face
>falling for a /pol/ bait meme
Now that's what I call top kek
this is a shit tier renaissance outfit
Your feedback is really weird, kind of contradictory, and you sound like a noob.
Also if you're the samefag from above, I'm not sure why you have to put it into two posts. Actually on second thought I do like how positive you are.

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