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/cgl/ is a board for the following:

• Cosplay
• Lolita
• J-fashion
• Conventions & gatherings
• Sewing & prop-making
• Craftsmanship tools/materials & tutorials
• LARPing
• Discussing accessories such as wigs/circle lenses/prosthetics/makeup (These must be within the context of the board-related topics listed above; weight loss threads should be kept in /fit/, beauty and fashion generals should be kept in /fa/)

Our board rules are simple:

• Thread content must be related to one of the categories covered in the list above. Off-topic threads and replies will be deleted.
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File: danzoo dash.png (3.17 MB, 2048x1350)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB PNG
Last thread >>10177115

/cgl/ Idol Spreadsheet (Recently updated, under new management!) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WtgRe5cjKIR0BYGhw9N8ahxChLqEFLbZIRbAazooh-o/edit?usp=sharing

Original Music Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfmgukQM2isUtJJZz1MY4Jn4zPcbl0wDU

-Lots of new releases - covers, originals, and some idol festival footage
-Idols and LGBT - show or hide your pride?
-Which cons celebrate idol and dance panels, and which try to keep them out of the programming?
-We need more mixers in the community, consensus seems to be that most of the releases in last threads are pretty okay but in need of a decent mix/master
-What sort of posts are good for between releases?

Starter topic: I'm gonna piggyback off of some of the discussion in the last thread, and ask about idols getting involved with causes. Do you enjoy seeing idols support causes and charities that are important to them? How do you balance this without getting too political? Is it unavoidable to get a little political if the cause you are supporting is tied in with human rights? What are your expectations, or what would you like to see or not see, when it comes to idols and groups using their influence to try and make a difference? Should they stick to lighthearted causes, or is it okay to try and campaign for heavy topics like suicide prevention, mental health, etc?

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The song is so cute in my opinion
I mean, it's slightly better than how their songs normally turn out. Although I still don't understand how Natalie has been making music for like eight years and her beats still sound like she's a beginner. The MV would have been a lot cuter if they actually planned out what each person would do or tried to coordinate a dance everyone could learn. It kinda just looks like they told all their members "idk record some idol looking stuff" and it's all over the place in terms of dance moves, cutesy actions, and lipsyncing. Until Flusay Girls becomes self aware enough to actually hold their members to some sort of standard, they will always be a beginner-tier idol group.
Yeah i'm still pretty amazed that Flusay Girls is like 9 years old and they still sound so meh. Is there no one telling them where they should improve?
I’ve always felt like the members always fall into two tiers:
>always told they’re good when they’re not
>doesn’t listen to criticism/“hate”
The song is cute but shit the vocals and mixing need a lot of work....
And the one member needs to work on.... like... not looking dead....

Didn’t find one in catalog, so here we go.

Can someone tell how many re-releases did Dream Marine have?
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Seeing the HL skirt in her video is what made me want it
Lurk more. Jesus fuck this question keeps being asked. You’re just trolling at this point.
That’s not MTO that’s JSK seagull slang for jumpskirt idiot
What's the best way to get into Ouji fashion? I have a good mind for sewing and crafts so diy approach is preferred.
You need to go on eBay and find a sewing machine from the 60s. Don’t get into Ouji unless you have a vintage machine


File: Dwce8j8V4AIsz7v.jpg (161 KB, 1200x899)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Last thread died after trolling.

Useful (Active) Links:
>JP Newssite - http://www.lafary.net/
>Shoplist - http://fairy-tips.tumblr.com/shops
>Brand Updates - http://yumekawa-updates.tumblr.com/
>What is Yumekawaii (feat. Spank!) - http://tokyogirlsupdate.com/yume-kawaii-girls-20150855504.html

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo,make sure to check out Twitter's ゆめかわいい hashtag.
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File: 5.png (367 KB, 676x690)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
i want this yume shampoo bag so bad. why i gotta be so broke
Emailed you!
File: 3423423.png (1.01 MB, 800x600)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Just look at their website and former designers complaining @ Twitter, pic related being your generic Taobao replica bags.
How likely is it for Listen Flavor to have items in their offline store that are old but in stock on their site? Do they have old stuff only in warehouse availeble online or is there chance to find them in their store too?
I quit my job and am now a neet living off my gf. Where can I get some of these cute sweater to play games in?

File: orange_gull.jpg (259 KB, 1588x900)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>10128143
>DCC: temporary prop rules went smooth. No dramu.
>What was your first con?
>MGC officially pulled the plug. So long, and thanks for all the fish!
>Worries on Acon's required visitor numbers.
>Also: Not leaving PR to your PR crew.
>Anon predicts the Con Apocalypse 2019
>TomoCon happened and so did The Party. That's all.
>What are compo's like backstage?
>Abunai Hunger Games took place and the server got F5'ed to death.
>J-pop, J-rock and Visual Kei concert talk
>Silly and obvious cross-con banter and mud throwing. Queue "War - Why Can't We Be Friends?"
>Deshima not attending Nishicon and Abunai
>Nishicon happened: People ignited flares on the roof, a dealer got caught selling bootleg plushies, the compo host won't host any nishi anymore, and someone competed in the cosplay compo with a bought costume and lied about making it herself only to be exposed to the world.
>Le Chavelier (cosplay cafe) called it quits and other Maid Cafe talk

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To add to this; meanwhile, Ahoy is closer to neighbourhoods like Charlois and has tons of places with shady people out there. Personally, I was well-covered yet also got a fair share of harassment while waiting on a friend just because I looked funny; there just happens to be a lot of creepy people out there where in The Hague strangers may have been obviously confused, maybe called some names, but they seemed way less.. hostile?
idk.. I've been paying attention at Nishicon, and I noticed that building a convention in Theaterhotel these days is a lot easier, since the ambience is already there. The theatre already has basic lighting, a mixer and an audio set There's a large TV in every room suitable for lectures. Their catering already knows what to expect, and what to serve. Securing the place is quite simple, so no need for a small army of rent-a-cops: just a couple in addition to the regular stewards should suffice to keep the peace.

So, yeah, the budget will be lower, but the cost will be too, and if you would make it a little exclusive by not going back to the pricing of 7 years ago, but somewhere in between, I reckon Animecon is fully capable of going back to the good old days for a weekend, for those who want it.
I need Teddyloid 2020.
I live very close to Ahoy and I have never been harassed, even during Animecon. I got a bunch of people (mostly elders) who came up to me and would ask what was going on. But I did get harassed INSIDE of Animecon.
As someone who's spent a good chunk of their life in Rotterdam, I usually get left alone when wearing more "out there" clothes or straight up costumes. Of course some remarks about what is going on or if there is an event, but nothing inappropriate.
However, when I wear normie clothes, no matter if it's a lot of skin in summer or I'm all bundled up for winter, that's when I experience Rotterdams bad reputation for street harassment.

Previous thread

13 days to go

>You Preregistered?
>Is the important shit locked and loaded (car ride/plane trip plans locked in, hotel room booked, cosplays/luggage packed, etc.)?
>How are you guys holding up with life until the con arrives?
>You saving up for the con?
>How’s your AX fund jar doing so far?
>You got your work PTO approved?
>Any setbacks so far until the con?
>Cosplay Day 0/1/2/3 plans?
>Are you concerned about how the con is run so far due to the disappointing lineup?
>Excited to stay in line for 9-10 hours straight?

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>no reason
It’s called growing up around them. If you grow up around idiots it’s ok to dislike them and want to better yourself. Fuck my illegal cousins I hope they get deported, my family is here legally and want to be American. Fuck you for empowering fucking retards who’s only saving grace on earth is making delicious poisonous hotdogs for anime nerds.
No fan art is a big one
I'm willing to lose sleep getting wristbands since it means I'll get more time to enjoy the con instead of sitting through shit I don't care for. I wish AX would enforce wristbands for more major events
If I got a premier pass, am I still fucked for the trigger panel?
>no room clear
the dumbest thing, sometimes people just sit in panels they don’t give a shit about and people who actually want to get in can’t or have to deal with rude fucks

File: DfKBRs5U0AEITEo.jpg (206 KB, 1024x682)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Old thread >>10143815

Talk about your dream dresses. Tell stories about dream dresses that you couldn't get because seller restricted selling it in a certain region.
291 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
AYRT just shoot me an email and we can talk it over
I swear I kept seeing this come up on mercari and no one was buying it...
No i'm pretty sure it was a different dress that included crochet berries, and was a later release of a similar fabric.
Yes, it was like that before the oldschool boom.
yeah you right.

File: 39581302545_a600951f51_o.jpg (1.47 MB, 5184x2912)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
Military Gear Cosplay General /mgc/
>Gamescom banned us again edition

Last Thread >>9749421
This thread is to talk about cosplays involving Gear, to help each other with identification and to improve on ourselves. Please keep strictly military topics to /k/ or strictly airsoft topics to /asp/.

Metal Gear, STALKER, Resident Evil Fan? Or something completely different? Feel free to check out this thread.


Feel free to submit new shops, to improve the experience. I will then update the pastebin.

>Do you work on any gear related cosplays at the moment?
>Have you enjoyed the last thread? Anything I can do to improve it?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: zzwu8wspplo01.jpg (1.5 MB, 3024x4032)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
where to cop the Bandit hoodie?
File: Stalker wildlands.png (1.36 MB, 720x960)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Just how accurate are you looking to get to that particular one? At a glance it looks almost exactly like the old Army class A's. Check Ebay and surplus stores cause they've been phased out and are probably flooding those places.
You guys shouldn’t buy real military items for your cosplay :/ that’s dishonorable and like you might go to prison if someone found out

File: AA-summer.jpg (85 KB, 500x500)
85 KB
last thread: >>10183877

>Please read the FAQ before posting in the thread (always updating)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
>AA Inspo (thanks anon!)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Porn commissions I think
I only use them for shirts and they are pretty good if you want to test the waters with apparel designs.
>selling at AM
Ok my sympathies are out the window then.
>one letter for $3,200
>dirt cheap
Are you joking? If these two girls were to send lawyers on each other back and forth then they would be broke immediately.
lol all agreed to start making yellow sweaters with black/white sleeve and center designs? >:3c

File: death.jpg (34 KB, 600x400)
34 KB
I have a good idea for a cosplay. Deadpool! He is my favourite superhero, he is so funny and raunchy, there is no one like him. I think cosplaying him will be fun. People will take pictures of me and I can act all goofy (like in the picture!). But most of all it'll be unique, not like any of the other cosplayers. Deadpool is not a well-known superhero.

What do you think?
Is this the lame jokes thread?
Deadpool cosplayers are known to grope and sexually assault cosplayers and get away with it
One of my friends was dating one and she dumped him after he ditched her (she bought his ticket with her merch and food money) and he went to go hit on girls with the pack of deadpools

Post some fursuits you like. Try to avoid self-posting or the stereotypical low-effort sparklewolf type ones.
59 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why don't you just read Exterial's website then?
So how do the pony fursuiters get it?
I can't figure out how to buy it. I see orders are done through email, but they don't say if they ship overseas or acknowledge non-Japanese emails.

Obviously I did; but that gives no information about the quality, length, or method of acquisition.
Fucking Razu lmao. When you see it next to Sherbert you really just how garbage K-Line suits have become. $5000+ for such a poor quality trash
There's a dealer in Japan who specializes in short piles in a huge range of colors, it's the longer luxury shag they have issues with.
Some furfuck keeps calling me daddy at work. Furries are weird as fuck

File: 100812_sweetlolita1.jpg (62 KB, 688x362)
62 KB
We've had these before. I'm planning my trip for November, and I'm sure other anons are traveling soon, too!

Some topics of interest:
>Shops to visit (lolita, j-fash, vintage shops)
>Best themed cafes
>Areas to stay in; Airbnb vs hotels
>Tips to make traveling easier (JR pass? Suica? What about getting from aiport to lodging?)
76 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
No it doesn't? Anon, it's been closed for like 5-6 months now...
I've been following this thread & taking note of all the suggestions (much thanks) as my husband & I are going to be in Japan for the first time (a little after January into February).

I know that wearing Lolita fashion is already a subculture in the Tokyo area, but what about other areas (like Kyoto/Osaka or Hiroshima)? Is it looked at as strangely, if not more so? Thanks for any input.
Can anyone list second-hand lolita shops?
Stop spreading misinformation. Going on vacation to Japan for a week doesn't make you an authority on the country after you leave. Liz Lisa closed on January 31.

People will look at you strangely. The average Japanese person doesn't actually know what lolita fashion is. But since Japanese people are polite they'll largely ignore you. I wouldn't recommend wearing lolita if you go to the atomic bomb museum in Hiroshima, it's a very somber place.
Wunderwelt, Fril jp (now combined with rakuten), Closet Child (this has a physical location), and Mercari jp.
Wunderwelt is kind of shit though because they mark up heavily, closet child is nice and have tons of blouses, jewelry and bags if you need any, and fril & mercari are pretty generously priced. You’ll see dresses for ¥10000 or less sometimes or damaged AP shoes for ¥3000 (which can easily be repaired with leather paint).

A-kon is in less than two weeks now. Are you still going? If not, what other cons are you planning to hit up this year? Any big cosplay plans?
46 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Suck it up, mate. AM has been shit for years there’s no reason for someone to not know what’s going on. Everyone knows what’s wrong, people just choose to ignore it because they just gotta get their 400th waifu body pillow that they’re gonna wack off over in the hotel room. Don’t go to a shit con run by shit people.
I applied too, anon. Haven't gotten a reply yet so still hoping for the best.
File: jtsxrjhsrthae.png (28 KB, 493x391)
28 KB
Here's why the schedule is taking so long for A-Kon. For those curious, the panelist form asked what times you were NOT available to host your panel, but no one reads.
Not everyone uses Facebook or other social media apps.
Then its their own damn faults. No panels for them.

Old thread hit image limit >>10102923

This thread is for ouji and aristocrat (aka "boystyle") discussion. "Boystyle" is shorthand for "boystyle lolita" and refers to the masculine counterparts of lolita and, often, aristocrat fashions. There is a lot of overlap between these styles, and different people use different terms to describe them. So, consider this a thread for those whose style is on the right half of Buttcape's Lolita Family Triangle: http://www.kawacura.com/moripress/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/0dmmLH6-350x350.jpg

>Shopping spreadsheet

>Buttcape-sensei's shopping guide (mentions which brands/shops have men's or custom sizes):

>Blogs for current boystyle releases, news, and info

Google your questions before asking them here.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
203 replies and 135 images omitted. Click here to view.
Haven't been in contact with lots of F+F stuff, but it seems Box will probably have a softer fabric than F+F, whcih will probably fit fine but maybe not in all places. Boz has men's sizing but it's not bigger by much, but their pieces are very flattering on most people.
F+F has very hit and miss quality AND fit, and they tend to use quite cheap fabric overall. I think they must use a number of either small factories or home sewers given the variety of quality.

The fit might be tougher to figure out. I do know that Boz has fewer sizes, but better quality IMO

Can I get away with just using BB cream?

Hair/Makeup thread is probably better suited for questions like this >>10167312
If you have skin problems they can probably also point you in the right direction. For hair advice I'd suggest going to /fa/ though.

As for BB cream, it's basically foundation with moisturiser. It's usually a little stickier than powder foundation so you probably won't need a base, but it has its downsides and doesn't do everything, so:
- if you dirty clogged pores, it'll show up even more because BB cream won't stick to whiteheads. Keep an eye out for these and exfoliate if you notice them.
- if you have really bad acne BB cream won't cover it up either
- Depending on the colour of your dark circles and the undertone of your BB cream, it'll do anything from cover them up, nothing at all, or actually make them worse lol
- dry lips, puffy eyes, etc that have nothing to do with foundation all still need their own fixes.
- Some BB creams (like some foundations) are remarkably opaque and matte, so yes, check in the mirror if you look dead and flat after you put it on. If you do, you probably need some blusher, maybe a little highlight so you don't look like dead plastic

Gonna add, there's sebum control base and matte fixing spray for those dudes (and dudettes) with oily skin. Helps you not look like an oil spill by midday (doesn't help if you were actually sweating, nothing really helps much with that)

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