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Ok guys, she conquered the John and Denise Leigh issue, she's sponsored by Lolita Desu and now BB and B, and I think all of us can safely say whether you like her content or not she is a staple of lolita entertainment on Youtube. Can someone out there please make her an intro that is as cute as her set and coords?
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Me too but she really seems to hate moitie
nayrt, but i know i fucking do. along with searchable posts and threadable conversations.
God I want a recording of that panel with her and the con chair. The small clips lor had were horrifying.
It's really great how she describes that she told him everything was all right because he was creeping her out. People are always telling women to tell men when they're out of line, but that's just not realistic when you're alone with one of those, you already know that man's creepy but not how creepy, and he might retaliate in ways that are much worse and possibly violent. It's all so tiresome. Hope the French Canadians turn Creepy Clouseau into poutine.

last thread got archived


Talk about your local comm

Anyone planning anything big for Spring?
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>mfw the one goth buried in the crowd of sweet
Yes good, a few more girls and she'll be completely invisible. Goths always ruin group pics.
> sees constant shit talking about the dutch coms, traumeri (don't judge my spelling) etc etc

are you sure you want to be chucking that around
>Dutch comms
That's one dramatic comm vs loads of dramatic American ones

That's not a comm and the drama was mostly about it being a badly run event with organizers who lied about German law and a lot of ridiculous gatekeeping and favoritism with ticket sales. It was a bit petty but there were legitimate concerns
i might be moving soon. i have 3 options

1. Join Comm that closest to me
2. Join Comm that is a bit further ~50 miles further, but better
3. Be lonelita

last thread >>10106598

anon wanted captions so i'll do my best
"Months late, but here's the coord I did for "Lace Up", our comm's lolita convention. The theme was "Once Upon A Tea Time" so people were encouraged to go for more royal and fairy tale-inspired looks.

This was my first dream dress, so I put extra effort to make this coord work I even bought the fake flowers to pin into my wig and carry as a bouquet

JSK: BTSSB Juno's Bouquet
Blouse: Taobao (Unbranded)
White headpiece: Fancy Moi
Ribbon brooch: Soufflesong
Underskirt: Dorotee Sweetlips
Tights: Forever 21
Lace choker, shoes, pearl necklace: Offbrand"
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Always perfection

>harsh features
Bitch where
That's a Cath Kidston print, isn't it? I wonder why more handmade lolitas don't go for her fabrics, they're so pretty
Looks like someone got outta prison early
Ooo drama? Pls do tell what happened
she got arrested for having a fake marriage in japan for visa i think?

File: snaps.jpg (406 KB, 974x619)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>10104714
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Nope, my favorite brand is meta, and even meta pushes out a lot of non-cotton. Anyway, as I mentioned, it's only part of the reason I don't like modern lolita.
Anyone getting anything from Haenuli’s second round of rereleases? I’m tempted by the Story of Us JSK 2 but I have yet to see a single good coord with it.
Don't do it anon, that dress is an ita magnet.
Do it, anon. I'm still waiting on Just One Bite and the idodeclare blouses...
>idodeclare blouses
Anon, do yourself a favor and save that $100+.

File: 1830s_lolitaorigin.jpg (444 KB, 820x765)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Did the unspeakable era, which many fashion historians try to ignore, birth the Lolita look? Are the 1830s more of a direct influence on the fashion then Victorian fashion? Should we consider peering into this time period for new ideas, or do we shun this dark time and never acknowledge it again? Also... (if you would like) general melding historical details into Lolita/ digging through history to find new things to mix back into the established look.
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File: IMG_9867.jpg (178 KB, 600x900)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
simple, historically influenced classic coodinates are the best. OTT classic is a scourge upon the fashion

File: paradiso.jpg (90 KB, 800x800)
90 KB
Last thread >>10075707
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File: dat2.png (685 KB, 508x849)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
This is cool news for people that didn't get day 2 tickets. I know some of my comm members are traveling down together and only have day 1 passes. They were gonna find something else to do on day 2 but now they can mingle with everyone from the main group, just not get into the tea party.
she told my friend her comm mods wouldn't allow her to go because they're butthurt.
If you truly believe this to be in any way equivalent to >>10110774, I politely encourage you to get your eyes checked
nayrt but I would rather wear the aliexpress one
go for it anon, sounds like it would suit you much better

File: sakuracon.png (307 KB, 1080x240)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
Three months out! What's everyone planning? Will the con even happen? Will people's cars get set on fire? Place bets now!
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Have you tried, you know, looking? Alternatively, join the discord and see if anybody has a spare bed.
Where is the discord?
File: discord.png (11 KB, 335x374)
11 KB

So much this! I want to see the complete cast:
- Girugamesh-Guy (of course he is the main thing)
- Sushi lady
- Japan-Period guy
- J-Rock kid
- I love anime boy
- And mangaaaaaa girl
- Gaming (Gay men?) guy
- DDR guy
- Smilie-DK woman
- The (angry?) Sushi cook

It’s 6 months away.

-GA hotels block opened

Did you get your housing yet?
How’s the cosplay coming along?
Did you ever buy AX tix?!
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>tfw never see your favorite bara artist mentaiko in LA and give him a handshake

Yeah too bad mentaiko English works are license by a Germany company.

If only massive goods license his stuff,
They usually bring over artists they license for US events.
Then i realize its far more likely to see Mentaiko doing sex tourism in West Hollywood

Maybe we can meet through a gloryhole
But how would you know it’s him, unless u believe every dick is his...

schrödinger's gloryhole

Sailor mood edition
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Fujoshi really IS just a term for a woman who likes yaoi/BL, though. Fujoshit is a term used by people who have disdain for the women who enjoy BL and by some fujos who find humor in being extra self-deprecating.

A lot of people (mostly young SJW types) have bees in their bonnets over "fujoshi" because they claim women shipping men in gay relationships at all is problematic and fetishizing, even if the men are fictional.
I'm not a whore. I'm not even op. Stay mad
Me too anon. To make things worse, my ship is from Kingdom Hearts. I'm a lolita but I'd love to try cosplaying my ship. I don't think I'll ever get to do it though. I don't want my comm to laugh at me.
I'm only just starting out in the fashion and I feel so sad when I hear that lolita is dying and so are the communites... I know that I should just buy the clothes if I like them because that's what fashion is about, but I'm a social person who would love to go to meetups and it makes me sad that I'm interested in something that's already had its heyday
It's not dying, just changing. The only people saying that it's dying are salty oldfags. It's just a little harder to find comms because of fb and because older members have closed off and the general community has gotten more perfectionist and less noob-friendly in recent years.

File: DzpmX5vVAAEcIuZ.jpg-large.jpg (647 KB, 2048x2048)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
Previous thread >>10057791


Old thread archives

Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link

Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.
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do you wait until a bag is finished before wearing it outside? or is it better to wait until it's done?
aizkur arts on facebook! They specialize in realism and comic book-type figures, which works for me because my husbando is a beefcake.
same!!! i have the magnet figure of him, thinking about putting the main part of him in the bag somehow
>What got you involved in itabagging?
I found this thread at the beginning of 2016 when it was all Osomatsu-san, and it really appealed to me as a huge Ichimatsu fan. I like the idea of being able to show off my purchases rather than keeping them confined to my room.
>How much did your itabag cost you in total?
It's very early stages and some was gifted but I'd say around $150. I was lucky in that I bought a lot in person in Japan so I didn't have to pay for a proxy and shippingx2
>How much did you estimate/plan on spending when you first started the bag?
Didn't really have a plan
>Do you feel like it's worth it?
For me yeah
>What's your dream itabag set up (holy grail charms, how you'd arrange them, holy grail bag etc.)
I really like Salus' sailor style bags, ideally I'd have the navy colourway and a symmetrical layout
>If you could change one thing about the scene surrounding itabagging what would it be?
The people who shout gatekeeping at any suggestion that buying bootlegs is bad. I too would like to have more of an offline scene too, the pictures at Japanese meetups are always so cool.
Are there any decent Kingdom Hearts itabags? I'm looking for inspiration but all I can find are meh.

File: FB_IMG_1550885404668.jpg (79 KB, 640x1314)
79 KB
Let's get this new thread going, as the old one has hit a bump limit!
23 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
as salty as I am that she has the money and the accepting family that allows her to wear lolita at such a young age, don't post kids, anon. she's in high school
I smell a jelly vendetta
god I am so fucking done with HP coords
Seems like baby's first coord
You're right that it should be pretty simple to not be an ita. In theory you just need to go down the checklist of items- petticoat, OP/SK/JSK, blouse, tights, shoes, hair bow. Make sure the colors match and everything should be fine, right?

Except there's a lot that can go wrong along the way, even if you assume that an ita knows a lot about the fashion and isn't going into it with misconceptions like >>10111925 pointed out.

>they don't fit in brand so have to buy offbrand
>they fit in brand but poorly
>can't find shoes that fit
>difficulty shopping online or using a SS (nervous of being scammed, confused about how it works, live in rural mozambique so can't get good shipping rates, etc.)
>don't know how to style hair or makeup
>ugly face or bad hair
>terrible taste
honestly if the dress was ironed and the blouse more frilly, i would be completely fine with this. as it is its still passable.

File: ytQMfLh.jpg (72 KB, 640x640)
72 KB
Haven't seen one in a while. Dump your recipes, decoration tips, stories, post your teasets etc.
77 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1550849151527.jpg (155 KB, 1250x1450)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Bonus - get to enjoy the high without ruining your brand with the smell.
You don't know how hard this makes me
My friend once let me try tea with cannabis in it that he'd brought back from a vacation and it was pretty good, it didn't taste weird at all, but it wasn't very strong, not enough to get any kind of high from a single cup. Cannabis infused honey sounds nice, I've never actually gotten high because I don't want to smoke and I've never been offered edibles but it sounds like a fun tea party!
living in another legal state that sounds fun, places around here have CBD infused coffee and other treats maybe that would make for a nice chill tea party, though i don’t think my comm would go for it they’re very boring.

my favorite thing to do for tea parties is make fancy invitations. i want to try adding flowers to my wax seals for a spring/summer party.
File: IMG_20190222_191819564.jpg (150 KB, 686x915)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Hello friends today I made sausage rolls again so I figured I would share a picture with you all <3

File: 1421083181629.png (143 KB, 479x488)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Noticed that the last thread maxed out, so let's get a new one rolling.

Previous thread: >>10097580
53 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not that anon but I think a pink board is just a red board.
Definitely spot test a bow/waist tie/facing, but I've never had issues with handwashing poly (and I own a fuckton). You should be in the clear Anon!
Oh. Damn, I thought they were something else. I always called those yellow boards or red boards. Thanks for explaining
Where do people go to get inspired by jfashion lately? I really love gothic looks, monochrome, all black, and larme sort of stuff but I have such a hard time finding brands or models that dress that way anymore... I follow a few people on WEAR, but I don't know of any other sites like that. KERA and the like used to be good for inspiration, but not anymore.

226 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is why some comms only allow mods to make the meets, so people don't wonder why they didn't get invited to a comm wide meet, and people who make meets don't wonder why only their friends came. Mods making FB meets results in the whole comm getting invited. It's an annoying "feature"
didn't know that was a mod exclusive power? pretty sure when i make events it invites the whole group if i make the event through the group page? though facebook is still largely a mystery to me

How big is your group? I think when there over 200 members or something the invitation system changes.
what in the ever loving fuck?????

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