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>pic of MeMeMe cosplayer gets posted after con today
>you can see ME in the background, staring at her ass
>all the Fb comments are about "that thirsty guy lol"
>mfw I'm not even straight
If you're going to wear a thong, have a dress that covers your cheeks.
Yes she is. She was banned as chestnutlili, not sure why she can make a new acct. As far as I remember some anon tried to report her and the LM mods just shut them down.. so, I'm not sure.
>scrolling on the gram
>check cosplayer’s account
>only cosplays female characters

I’m getting really tired of seeing this all over ig. Like sorry but use your fucking brain. If all of your photos are of you dressed as female identifying characters, how are you gonna be mad at people for using she/her?
File: 1479843594674.jpg (109 KB, 901x883)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Man that's rough
Same thing happened to me except it was on a livestream, people watching thought another cosplayer was ogling my tits and making passes at me. In reality he was gay too.

File: magik copy.png (95 KB, 226x301)
95 KB
Thread about iff, share stories
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The people running it are veterans from other established cons.

Not sure what topic related you meant, maybe “ Fate” related?
Went for the day. For a first year con it seemed pretty good. Lines were organized, signage was clear, there were some interesting panels and the artist alley had great selection of artists.

As someone who wasn't particularily interested in the guests, the price was high for what you get. It was weird that they were selling "iff" merch and that they had so much of it. They shouldn't host panels in the dealer's room without a microphone for the audience to ask questions.

Overall, I would like to see it grow and give AN some competition but if they are going to be money-grabbing with upgraded passes, high cost day passes and additional cost events (concert) they really need to make the event worth the price.
Yeah, a big focus on Fate. It kind of reminds me of Kupocon. I didn’t think the badge prices were bad, though there were certainly quite a variety of tiers.
He seems to have the most fun though. I've seen him before lining up for im@s events and such at aninorth I believe? Pretty chill guy to talk to if it's who i think it is. He's the asian guy who joins the other dudes synchro dancing with light sticks, right?

Half of the IFF merch are leftovers from IFF Osaka 2018 at a fairly decent price imo.

I'm very curious why some anons here complain about the lack of vendor variety when most vendors suck anyway, and don't really add much value compared to buying online or shopping at your local stores.

How is it a dead con? Care to explain?
yeah, if hes having fun then power to him

Do you cosplay with your significant other?
Do you mach cosplays/Lolita ?
What do they think of you cosplaying/Lolita if they don't?
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>fairly attractive, 8-9/10
>achieve success online and on the streets
>go to con
>average age is 13
>don't want a middle schooler gf
>approach the very limited 20somethings crowd
>all unattractive and/or uninterested
>still no cosplay gf

yeah I don't know about this
yeaah for cosplay so's you usually have to meet outside of con.
>met bf outside of con
>both like cosplay
trying to randomly meet a person with a certain interest outside groups/areas known for that certain interest means that it's literally never gonna happen
My bf and i are pretty short people
>I'm 4'11, hes 5'6
I don't know what we could cosplay thatd work with that fml, suggestions pls
Gf and I have a reverse height difference.
She's like 5'10 and I'm 5'5. Makes cosplaying, though we are working on maybe going to a con as Alice and the Mad Hatter. Might do it a samurai fusion type of thing.

It's hard to find stuff that works.

>bad shoop allowed too
>discuss how you'd fix the look

Previous thread >>10118513
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Is that the klaxosaur princess? Not blue enough.

I've seen this person all over IG, Probably because she's local to my area / cons... I still have yet to figure out what the fuck their make-up is supposed to be achieving.

Ugh. This guy. I've heard both good and bad (Mostly bad) about him. His postings on Social media is always bitching / being insecure... and his whole unfollow thing is just abit childish to me? Idk.
Totally agreed, I get weird vibes from him so he squicks me out real bad, but I know he’s at least pleasant irl, at least when you just kind of run into him, I’ve never hung out with him or anything. He has a superiority complex that just makes him seem like he thinks he’s more popular than he is, though.

That's basically the same vibe I've got from him... "Holier than thou" attitude. He's /ok/ for the most part, but he isn't someone I'd recommend befriending unless you want it for the "popularity" or drama. He was also kind of... trash talking a friend of mine who was also cosplaying 9s from NieR Automata. So that kind of did it in for me.

File: logo_C5443.png (46 KB, 250x156)
46 KB
Non-autosage addition.

Lemme know about the tasty food you want to eat. Lemme know about those wonderful cosplays you're wearing. Lemme know about those fucking bags that don't need to be sold~

Anime Boston general PART 2
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the real question is how late is everyone plannin on stayin til
Karaoke room is bopping
The video game room is the boppin one
Orgy in the Sheraton whose d?
I had a lot of fun this these past two days and it was kind of in a crazy way.

I met a group of great people online to hangout with on a discord. I had no idea so many people at the con were likee awkwardly alone lol. Like they either:

*went alone
*friend went home early / lost them or w/e
*didnt want to go to the same events as their group

Made so much legit friends, like we are probably gonna go to future cons together. Really inspired me to work on cosplays too.

Like I felt so much at ease when talking to this cosplayers this yr too, probably cause I had the balls to meet people online.

For next year, what are good places to meet people / potential for cons? And what were your favorite things this year?

File: 1514538176571.jpg (3.43 MB, 2582x1937)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB JPG
Post pics of cosplayers in odd situations/places or just doing regular shit.

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File: 1243643479940.jpg (100 KB, 1024x730)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
File: 1318336587161.jpg (110 KB, 700x667)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
File: 1230845734901.jpg (124 KB, 640x448)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Is that a big headed costume of "El Chavo"? Who the fuck would have something like that around?
>"People let me tell you 'bout my best friend" plays in the background

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a weird leg warmers ita.
that's because these are all pics from the 2000s that have been posted here before. I don't understand why we're dumping cringe pics anyone can easily find that clearly aren't relevant anymore
An ita’s an ita. Sorry it’s not fresh enough content for you.
Is that a wing hair clip, is this a rainbow dash themed mess?

no where near great, but it's sort of endearing? Reminds me of those teachers that loved holidays and always wore themed earrings and junk.
it's just. not good content. nothing to discuss or build upon when it's just images that anyone's who's been on here/into lolita for more than a year has already seen.

but I suppose this is mostly the vendetta trash talking thread so maybe I'm being optimistic about the level of discussion on offer

Ready? I'm starting.

>cosplaying 2B
>plan this photoshoot with a photographer you just met in a remote place
>really cool place t b h, just really far away from any civilisation
>start shooting and it goes great
>the thing is I'm on my period
>15 minutes in and I feel overflowing my pad an bleeding to my legs
>there is no bathrooms or anywhere I can change my pad
>my white panty is now red
>thankfully we are not doing any butt shots
>it's too early to finish shooting but I'm scared that blood will be too much and reach my lower legs where skirt doesn't cover
>to add sprinkles I can't see very well with visor thingy and this guy has a camera
>I start subtly complaining about how tired I am

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>with almost 400 followers
>it brings me a lot of joy seeing people shit on what I'm doing since they rarely have anything to say about my coords or my actual looks
everyone in the thread complimented her, the only criticism was about the setting
i wrote >>10150752 and i am not the same person as op of >>10152217 and makes me feel kind of weird people think that
I'm a goth and a gothic lolita and I like pics by everyone I follow no matter what substyle but I don't follow sweet lolitas back any more because unlike classic, casual and my fellow gothic they never like my pics in return. They just follow and never interact like???
I just need to tell someone or else I will not be able to rest easy.

I'm a guy and like Fire emblem and a while back I was interested in going to a con. Pick one and hooray! I'm going with friends. In my brain I think going as Edelgard is a excellent idea. Buy waist trainers, wig, and makeup to make myself look like a anime female aristocrat. Cosplay takes months and someone better then me ends up doing almost all the sewing. The cosplay looks good.My makeup makes me look different, not like a female.

Con rolls around. Have a good time. Go to Fire Emblem meet.Witness a proposal. Am very happy. After the con I go to find my bus stop to go home. On the street some poor guy asks for change. I think back to earlier when i didn't give a poor person money and they yelled at me. Feel bad and open bag and get wallet and dump all my spare coin change in his bucket. He reaches inside my bag and asks me where i'm going. Confused, I pull away and then he pulls up some other guy and says hell escort me. He said "He'll be a bodyguard" but the man kept asking if I was a girl. I am getting frightened and fear what will happen if they find out if I'm a guy. Third man appears and asks whats happening and where I'm going. The only reason they didn't make a move on me was probably because other people were there. Gods gift in the form of a crossing sign alighting gives me the importunity to speed walk the fastest I can in heels away.

After wandering a bit I spot my bus. I give chase since there are no stops nearby. I realize the bus is heading in the direction those three men were. Whisper screaming to the bus"TAKE ME"

Thank you to anyone who sat through that.
It creeps me out that the "escort/bodyguard" kept repeating if I was a girl or not. If your a escort/bodyguard why should the sex of the person your escorting/protecting matter?!?

File: 1555557730864.jpg (110 KB, 847x960)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Last one >>10148729

Reposting last few from saging thread to start
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such a gorgeous photo and outfit!

this is trash

i love the innocent world gore dress so much ahah

this is normie but in a really sweet way.
What’s normie about it? It’s just a nice toned down classic coord. I feel like newfags don’t even know what classic looks like these days.
I meant like, she's like a pretty, fashionable girl who looks normal ahahah. but it's charming. You know how coords sometimes come off as "i dressed my normie friend up in lolita"???? this is like the antithesis of that

god /cgl/ is so fucking annoying with it's incessant spouting of buzzwords like newfag and such. I've been here far too long and the change is quite apparent, seeing threads crapped up with autistic rants and one word responses like "cringe" to normal board culture stuff. the overcompensation is obvious.
It does and I love it.
File: This.jpg (71 KB, 960x502)
71 KB

File: D2T-S_QUcAUH_w4.jpeg.jpg (158 KB, 1000x642)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
It's been too long, come and talk.
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Oh, that makes sense. I remember bands doing that often in the early 00s.

I also want to post and discuss this album, which is killer in my opinion. I wanna find out who they got to do the soprano sax stuff on SNOW.
I have the album sitting here. Track 11 guest musician is ユッコ ミラー

I think this was return to form for Opera. I’ve listened to it through over 100 times since I bought it on release. It really is a great album! I’m going to the anniversary live and the tour finale in two weeks. Pretty excited. I don’t go to major band’s shows very often. Well except Opera lol.
I figured you where who I think you are. Have fun, keep going with you love for that band :)
File: D4gRfFBU4AMcxqB.jpg (55 KB, 800x533)
55 KB
Best look I've seen in a while, need to see how they sound. It's the guy from黒百合と影 so I'm assuming it'll be great.
Thanks! 11 years strong lol. Someday I’ll get to talk with one of them about writing I hope! Ayame and Sono are composition gods. Inhuman abilities there. I got to meet my absolute guitar idol at a friend’s gathering about a month ago. He was everything I hoped he’d be in person lol. Incredibly nice drunk おっさん.

File: MTAC.jpg (18 KB, 310x163)
18 KB
Anyone going to this today/this weekend?

I haven't gone in 5 years, any idea why they're back at the Sheraton instead of downtown? Feels like a downgrade and that they got kicked out or something similar.
The Sheraton/embassy combo is the best place for it. Downtown sucked
Hard disagree. At least downtown you could park fairly close and not walk up a hill everytime, have more food options, and the dealers room isnt split into 2 awkward rooms. The sheraton is way too small for this.
And thats not even getting into how dumb splitting the event into 2 seperate hotels is.
it's been horrible. every panel I've gone to has been full to the brim
the rooms are definitely too small. the dances are crazy packed even for this year.
my little sister is wearing a lewd costume please don't look at her

99 days to go.

You Preregistered?
You saving up for the con?
You got your work PTO approved?
What you wanna see be at AX this year?
What’s your plans?
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Day 0 @ 6:30pm

>Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
>Hiroomi Tosaka

Kickoff Show afterwards

>Taku Takahashi
>Yasutaka Nakata

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Do people even do cosplays that aren't bikinis? The would incinerate most outfits.
File: 1552410850799.png (126 KB, 551x436)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
This isn't Neon District 2
It bugs me slightly that it's two separate tickets, it's the main thing making me "on the fence" about it instead of "sold".
File: 1549843171922.png (202 KB, 449x469)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Someone (You) me when there's a JW room available on the site please

Old thread is dead
52 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.

Stop projecting


I mean you did call someone a cunt so it does seem like you’re a little angry lol
>thinking someone saying the word cunt on 4chan is in any way indicative of anger
>implying calling people cunts is even that big of a deal outside of murica
In Australia calling someone a cunt is a formal way of addressing them, like referring to someone as “doctor” or “sir”
Well, the way the sentence was layed out it seems like you were.

It’s okay if your reading comprehension isn’t that good though, you’re right. This is only 4chan.

Do post comfy fabrics, don't post normal toned-down coords
136 replies and 81 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Download success.jpg (1.45 MB, 1080x1080)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
floor bag?
> uses a styled wig and heavy makeup with multiple accessories
A fucking split colour wig with multiple head bow piling and decora-type accessorising
more fairy kei than lolita, suffers from the same problems as above
wig, layered leg wear, wristcuffs and accessorising doubling up, heavy makeup with fucking jewels on her face and false eyelashes
> If you need to spend 5 minutes in a mirror applying gemstones to your face and arranging 4 bows on the top of your head it is probably no longer casual.

I'll give a lot of leeway to everything else posted but these just stood out to me, how can anyone think this is a casual outfit? Casual should mean the outfit is easy to put together and put on, accessible for daily wear. The lolita equivalent of jeans and a T-shirt. Split colour wigs, 4 headbows and face gems are so far from casual ya'll need your eyes checked.
she looks so trashy and dirty here, I usually like her coords, but wow. Take a shower.
Asian household = no shoes on the floor.

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