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/cgl/ is a board for the following:

• Cosplay
• Lolita
• J-fashion
• Conventions & gatherings
• Sewing & prop-making
• Craftsmanship tools/materials & tutorials
• LARPing
• Discussing accessories such as wigs/circle lenses/prosthetics/makeup (These must be within the context of the board-related topics listed above; weight loss threads should be kept in /fit/, beauty and fashion generals should be kept in /fa/)

Our board rules are simple:

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File: 1509450037750.jpg (68 KB, 796x561)
68 KB
It's October 1st; come all to the Halloween Thread. Are you ready for Halloween?

Welcome Newbies, this is your thread to ask questions concerning your costume.
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File: PR_inside_helmet.jpg (580 KB, 800x1200)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
>After some careful measuring, we carved a busk out of styrofoam, coated it with Bondo, then vacuum-formed the outer shell. We reinforced the shell by slushing around a bit of quick-curing resin. [For the screen in front], we laser cut a frame out of MDF.

84% of that makes sense, but how in the hell did they carve this busk out of styrofoam? Do people secretly work with head-sized blocks of styrofoam from the dark web, or am I missing something? Also, there's a bottom half not seen in this pic.

I've tried using EVA foam but it feels like it's gonna be too thick to fit in all the parts + my head. Naturally, I'd rather not go through the rest of the steps if I'm right about that.
(Pic and quote obviously aren't mine. They're the goal I'm trying to solve.)

File: gekoloniseerd.jpg (629 KB, 1200x1600)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
Previous thread >>10203652
I'm dead inside, so pardon the lousy thread recap.
>Maid Cafes; which do you like best?
>HisaFest got announced and happened but none of us went
>Lolita fashion stores
>Aspiring photographer wants to know our photography pet peeves
>Atsusacon happened but none of us went
>Animecon announced Animecon Classic in Almelo 5-7 June.
>Viencon talk
>Dave Rogers (Deja Vu/Initial D) will be in Nl September 2nd. Venue should be announced soon
>Con crunch is real
>Bootleg talk
>Abunai happened and went all out with their theme. Visitors seemed to like the changes made and enjoyed their weekend. Also the airco seems to works properly again now. Long live freshly renovated venues. Also also, I'm dead.

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File: 1169.jpg (47 KB, 640x480)
47 KB
Hey, do you guys think that the dutch comic on in utrecht next month is worth it?
If you're interested in paying for autographs from 3rd tier actors, bootleg merchandise, and the n'th iteration of the Don't Dead Open Inside booth, then you're in for a treat.
So what did you pick up?
Got a Loungefly Hello Kitty bag, Care Bear drink bottle, some loose teas and one of those kawaii hats with the moveable ears for my lil niece's birthday coming up. Overall pretty satisfied.
>If you're interested in paying for autographs from 3rd tier actors, bootleg merchandise, and the n'th iteration of the Don't Dead Open Inside booth, then you're in for a treat.
You mean Amsterdam Comiccon.

File: bodyline.jpg (10 KB, 216x232)
10 KB

last bodyline: >>10213405
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There's a maid gacha?
Oh sorry it's just the apron. Well i like the heart shaped one b.t.w
has anyone else gotten nipple covers from bodyline with recent orders? Coz this girl did
When I say go I didn't purchase them... they were a gift
Yandyman has chosen you.

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every single one of her cof posts say "no concrit"
bitch you need it.
She’s not even big but that bodice is so clearly too small for her.
I honestly only once seen her look passable, she's as bad as the french Moitie ita imo. How can she not see she looks bad? Those flats are not remotely loliable, the cheap hat is ugly as sin, wig is very unflattering, that heart pin looks weird on the wig, she's wearing make-up for a change but sadly it's barely noticeable, it's not a cohesive coord at all and where the heck is her petti? Such a sad mess. And she pretty much always looks like this.

I'm stunned some people never improve, how on earth is that even possible? I swear this is what happens if you give asspats to everyone just for participating.
um sweaty her outfit is head to toe BRAND so...how can it be bad?? :/

Seriously though I think the belief that “brand = good coord” lies at the root of every brand ita’s attitude and they simply don’t have the eye for aesthetic to grasp that it doesn’t always work that way. They think they’ve cracked the code and it upsets them when people say otherwise.
man, I lowkey love seeing people in this community flip when someone cuter gets more likes for doing the same thing as them but better.
If she did her makeup properly, wore wigs in flattering haircuts and dresses that fit with proper petticoats she'd actually get the likes too.
You can have all the brand, but you have to actually put in the effort to groom yourself and tailor your clothing too.

File: cglss.jpg (12 KB, 275x183)
12 KB
Hi everyone,

It's already 9/20 and so far no /cgl/ santa thread. Is any gull out there interested in spreading the salt again this year? Personally I have no experience in these things, but if someone wants to be Santa, I'd gladly become a helper. Just seeing how much interest this drums up.

Thanks, everyone.
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File: JHlceX6.jpg (33 KB, 500x672)
33 KB
Hello 7458! I just wanted to pop you a few questions before I start shopping, I hope that's alright?

Do you have pierced ears? Do you have a preference for hot chocolate, tea or coffee at all? And finally do you like maid cafes in general, or only cosplaying maids yourself?

Your form was excellent and I'm so excited to be your Santa!
> get Santa email while traveling
> giftee mentions they like candy
> I'm currently overseas in Europe buying lots of weird candy

Yes this is good
IDs 1814, 7900 and 5904 I am your Santa! Please can you tell me which model phones you each have?
File: Maid_cafe_kawaii_food.jpg (98 KB, 719x960)
98 KB
I have pierced ears, just the standard lobe piercing at the moment. Preference is hot chocolate because I only drink iced coffee (I'm a heathen).

As for the maid cafes, I'm not a big fan of the overly kawaii acting/accents and some of the more cutesy routines but I love maid cafe aesthetics (like the cute food!) and I love maid fashion.

I'm so excited now!

File: kingdomheats.jpg (50 KB, 586x510)
50 KB
Con crunch edition.
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I didn't knoe rapemeat could type.
Die alone then

When did this board become a soap opera of incels?
Framework? Do you mean feedback?
Ah yes how I miss Proud Asian, Kipi floods and all the fap threads.
Why aren't you lubing up your ass, do you want to bleed when I shove my fist in there?
I used to go to cons just to see all the costumes and shit. To me it's like the Renaissance fair but convenient because its in the city. Now I'm like fuck it because I don't want to be seen next to the guys who show up to perv. Plus I never fucking meet anyone because the only guys who are into the hobby are spastic as fuck. Go to the medievalists and you'll find heaps of people who will talk your ear off about the many ways to wear a hat, wars that killed thousands or let you wack them with a sword. Dead scene. Sad.

File: youmacon.jpg (26 KB, 1000x500)
26 KB
>Who's going?
>What's your cosplay?
>Con Hotel worth it?
127 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Cool, I'll check it out, hope to see y'all there
All I recall is basically with what the other anon said
>dude mad others getting attention over his cosplay and such
>mad that no one comes to his room parties due to him planning it during already planned parties in discord well agreed on by everyone
>talks shit about anyone who didn't show up to his room parties that basically consist of nothing but a bottle or two of booze
>lost his shit one time after he didn't get laid at a con or something don't recall what it was but it was fairly stupid
>went off on mod/owner and some people
>apparently made multiple discord servers that he kept deleting due to one reason or another
>during cons attempts to get people from the /cgl/ discord posted there into whatever discord server he may have created yet again

I don't get involved enough with the others to know it all but just going off some minor shit I've heard/seen posted. Not sure if it's 100% accurate but I recall some people from the discord talking about a con he invited people to that turned out to be a complete shit mess in the middle of no where with nothing to do and basically ghosted everyone he invited most of the convention to try and host a panel last minute.
Didn't Foodius and friends try to start shit with a large southeastern con and get BTFOed
I doubt Martin and/or Marrianne would go back at all, I know they've had issues with Youma doing things like breaking contract or not paying up.

Which is too bad, they're both pretty nice behind the scenes.
Any good game or comedy panels or is it the usual garbage?

File: Download success.jpg (65 KB, 800x800)
65 KB
Previous thread: >>10268892
136 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
I agree with those who say that you should only buy what you like. Don't force yourself to buy taobao for the sole reason of buying taobao.
But if you want to start viewing taobao/indie differently, maybe get more information? Subscribe to groups for news about new releases (there is a separate group for taobao - Chinese lolita updates), look up for more pictures on weibo/instagram, pay attention to smaller items, not only main pieces, ask lolitas from your local comm if you see pieces that you like but cannot identify. Maybe something will catch your eye. Or not - and that is perfectly fine.
I think that the best way to find better fitted stuff for long torso in Western indie brands, or even something custom made. Chinese do not believe in taller people and like everything high waisted even on their own models. I'd say that wearing an item that fits is a totally different feeling. For me brand OP's are a bit uncomfortable but on Taobao I was able to buy size up and be fine. It was a real change for my closet and my perception of lolita.
Honestly I suggest finding a bra specialty shop and getting sized there, all the big stores will lie to you to sell their small range of bras but the small specialty shops specialize in all sizes. I recently did this, and found out that what I thought was a 32D was actually 30G! The new bras at the specialty store did cost more but now my tits are actually comfy and it's been a huge life improvement.
File: shoddy.png (334 KB, 520x326)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
I really don't trust anything by them. Looks fine from a distance, but up close you can tell how shoddy the construction and fabric are.
I bought the women's cut.

I think I know which one you mean but every time I look it's sold out. Hopefully they restock or something similar comes up soon. I hate keeping stuff I don't really wear or love so the Moitie blouse has got to go.

Nayrt but yikes. I always like their prints but stuff like this makes me hesitant to buy from them. Such a shame.
Same, it looked really muddy IRL.

This is why I just stick to the accessories of the releases I like.

File: 1337546232353.png (521 KB, 1263x2162)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
Gulls I can't take it anymore. This board has gone to shit and it's boring as fuck so let's post nostalgic stories of old and try and rekindle what little culture this board has left.

Starting it off with some of our best horror stories.
105 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was pixyteri. She recently got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and according to her mum, has been running outside naked shitting in grass. Check her thread on lolcow.
>some girl named P. something Terry
>Not knowing our queen
I wrote that story like five years ago for r9k because I was bored
It was fun back then
The second part that floats around now was written by me years later completely off hand, I didn't expect it myself, but I saw someone repost my story on it's home board, and I was like, fuck it let's wing it, what do I have to do tonight

No one will believe this, but I dunno it's kind of fun finally saying it
how does one sound so female and incel like its amazing no one wants your lard tits
another thread destroyed by anorexic attention whores and lard whales looking to be aprecciated fucking disgusting .both of you

Last thread: >>10235214
What’s going on in your comms, gulls? Anyone doing anything for Halloween? Are you planning for winter ILD already?
What about online? Any weird itas or sissies giving you a hard time?
Let’s hear the tea
260 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
True. Lolita doesn't mean sex to me. I just like (more than just passively) the same things about Lolita that lolitas like. I also love dressing in Lolita.
How can I possibly forget that? TIMs and sissies don't get that all that teen porn they jerk off to is fake. I never once had a pillow fight, I wrestled with the boys (or straight up beat the shit out of them) when I was younger. Scrotes are truly the inferior sex.
I’m asking what the fuck “girlhood” means in the context it’s being presented in. Not every cis woman runs in the same circles as you and will not know the implications of every term just because you happen to know it. You didn’t know it at one point yourself, right?

So basically if a girl isn’t raised in this particular way she’s less valid as a girl or something? That’s sort of weird.
Nta but no, all biological girls and afab intersex people have this in common. Nobody is raised in a vacuum so even if parents are actively trying to raise their children gender-neutral, they still pick up this socialisation from their peers and society at large. The concept of sex-specific socialisation is fundamental feminist theory so if you’re genuinely interested I suggest you look into older feminist literature rather than trusting an anon on a Vietnamese basket weaving board to articulately explain it.

File: Download success.jpg (278 KB, 1080x1080)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Other thread reached image limit. Post about Halloween meets, inspiration, ideas and coords.
What are you going to wear? Any spooky hair or makeup ideas?
39 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: FB_IMG_1571713000429.jpg (190 KB, 1326x1988)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
File: FB_IMG_1571712903814.jpg (201 KB, 1326x1988)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
File: FB_IMG_1571712921832.jpg (193 KB, 1326x1988)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
She sure has cute room
It’s her friend’s room

Almost a month out!

>are you ready for a con during Halloween?

>have you started working on your cosplays?

>how do you feel about ticket pricing? Parking pricing?

>which cosplays do you think will be most popular?
126 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: FB_IMG_1569531068395.jpg (4 KB, 160x213)
4 KB
I hope she throws a brick at you.....

Dabbing in the year of our Lord 2019?
All they need to know is she will downrate them and won't tip. They do not care what she does. No driver worth their salt and with a decent car will go near the place.

Last time some yelled at a driver, they got killed by the cop responding to the driver's 911 call. Fuck with the drivers and their cars in Atlanta. You will be lucky to not get shot
You assume anyone knows who you are talking about, even here people don't know who you are talking about. You think some uber driver not in the community will give a shit? Besides declining a ride will also hurt your score, and most people doing lyft/uber do it for extra cash. Full time people know the hours to work and the places to start, though overall those people won't give a shit if one person doesn't tip in the scheme of it all.

Uber/Lyft can also see the pickup's rating before accepting too. No one is going to care about a single person who just raised a bit of hell on twitter. A one star and no tip from one person is like nothing overall. I take it you've never been an uber driver or researched it in the slightest. Most rides don't tip anyways, especially on short trips, it's probably about 1 in 10 actually tip worth anything.

Have your final (you) from me because that's all you seem to be wanting, I rate your troll 1 out of 5 star though have a tip, get better and over this weird obsession.
There's a taco Bell and Wendy not too far from the con. A mile walk really.
File: 1536933389200.gif (2.49 MB, 332x332)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB GIF

>>how many people are passing out candy?
I think I will now that you mentioned it. Can I get some candy brands you guys like to eat?

We've had a lovely solid appreciation thread a while ago, now how about some beautifully, adorably detailed prints? All substyles welcome.
59 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: B43OJ203_6.jpg (730 KB, 780x1040)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
I think that east-european folk and Halloween themes are one of the best things that Baby/AatP do
Not really print but I really love this idea of 3d chocolate knit.

File: Deadcon.png (407 KB, 589x706)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
I can't believe it's fuckin' dead edition
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Con is in early April, almost November and PRE-REG isn't even up. Not hotels, not exhibitors, but Pre-reg itself. It may not be dead, but this is a new low.
Where are all the room parties at?
At this rate there won't be any rooms to party in.
last year they opened in August so I’ve been waiting
I love sushi

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