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File: 41UoGpZghyL.jpg (27 KB, 500x500)
27 KB
$.05 each. There's literally not one single reason to wash dishes ever again.
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career ended
File: embarrassing.jpg (11 KB, 200x235)
11 KB
>you don't eat the plates anon
lmao get a load of this retard
I just put paper plates as a cover on my real plate

>solves structural problems
>solves cleaning up

Paper plates are basically food underwear.
File: 1562072327760.gif (2.59 MB, 800x450)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
You didn't have to do him like that but you did

File: download.jpg (509 KB, 1200x800)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
name a better fruit.
protip: you cant.
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Pear and cucumber is really good, too. You need to peel and seed the cucumber if you want it to maintain that color and texture, though.
More like diabetus.
speaking of cucumber thats also very good with strawberry and pineapple
You think pears are immune from pesticides?
this is true but dear god overripe cantaloupe tastes like garbage. i mean with some fruits its tolerable but with this it just tastes like shit

File: 1562504021159.gif (457 KB, 252x177)
457 KB
457 KB GIF
If you could eat one thing without gaining any weight what would it be?
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Fried potatoes or salumi. If only.
Ramen or pho.

What’s something you eat regularly that you’re most ashamed of?
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I’ll eat cueritos. Something about that salty taste with chips and cucumbers. It’s called tostilocos. And I haven’t told bae. Cause I know it’s super gross
this is one reason i never attempted to make cooking a career. I didnt want to start hating it.

Also im not very good
this is no laughing matter
is that from one of those newer low budget Hellraiser films?
there's a time and place for everything
I don't judge you

File: SRRB 1.jpg (2.07 MB, 3024x4032)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
>tfw they forget to grill your steak reaper ranch burrito
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The reaper stuff is such a disappointment volcanobros
Imagine spending 40 bucks on massively overpriced fermented poison water and then eating “food” designed for minimum wage high school kids while drinking it. Like seriously dude, at least keep to a theme. Buy store brand whiskey handles.
I'd wish nothing but horrible things for you but you're already living in the hell that you created :^)
>two year old whiskey
I'm sorry
File: SRRB 2.jpg (2.08 MB, 4032x3024)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
It was actually pretty good, despite featuring the worst Taco Bell protein, but not really worth the price.
You're either so assburgers that you're scared to modify an item at the drive through or full blown 'tism to the point where you don't even have a phone, where you can make that simple modification on the app and just say, "mobile order" at the drive through and have literally zero further human interaction.
It was on sale for $22 and bought on a whim.
>at least keep to a theme
I'm not sure whether or not i should be offended that my lived experience doesn't live up to your standards of authenticity, or whether you live solely online and judge others based on an imaginary rubric of fulfillment.

File: daddy jack.png (625 KB, 733x549)
625 KB
625 KB PNG
Does anyone else watch this fat fucking train wreck cook?
Horrible kitchen etiquette.

Why do I care about his kitchen etiquette? I care about whether the food is good or not. Ive seen some of his videos. The food looks bretty good.
What? It all looks the same. It all comes out of the same fucking pan. Heavy cream sauce, you fucker.
Have you been posting this guy for years, or is it a reddit thing? The only place I see him pop up is /ck/ and I saw one of his videos here years ago in which he makes the worst chicken fried steak I have seen.
File: Nick.png (316 KB, 575x340)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
lol, no this is the first time I posted him. My buddies and I get into watch2gether and fucking RIP this guy to shreds. Did you see his latest "Mexican poor man's friend steak?" Fucking El Oh El. It looks like a fucking brain.

No, that chicken fried steak video is the only one of his I watched. I've seen him posted quite a few times since, and never bothered with anything else because it was such a shitshow that it stained my few memories I have from when I was a kid growing up in the south. Like, I was offended to the point of slightly traumatized bad. And I sit through any of the cartel videos on this shithole of a site.

File: beyondmeat.jpg (88 KB, 775x518)
88 KB
For me it's the Beyond Burger, the best burger of all time.
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File: 1562441339659.png (701 KB, 1280x800)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
Thanks for helping spread the word about your starvation cult.
>another bump
Toothles plz
sauce on the hippy chick getting slammed?
looks like shit. I guarantee you the "secret" is a high dose of msg and sugar.
back in my day when we wanted to eat plants we just ate salad and a banana. Fuckin kids these days

>Have an eating disorder (Annorexia)
>Craving a donut for weeks
>Therapist says to go ahead and get one

Ok so how many calories should I put down a 7/11 donut as? I see anywhere from 250-300, and I add 20% to all the food in my calculator (To account for the fact that every company goes over their portions)
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Who the fuck cares about calories in one single donut? Stop being a sperg and just go eat that damn donut! You are making yourself miserable by obsessing over calories and feeding your anxiety. You clearly know you have a problem and you know that eating that donut will not kill you or make you obese. So just force yourself to relax and stop worrying all the time. Take some control in your life and stop giving power to your obsessions. Small changes like eating a carefree donut are all steps towards regular eating. You don't have to make a 360 degrees turn in your life during one week but you must start making at least small progress. If you continue worrying about calories in a random donut that you might eat once or twice in a month then you might never get over your problems.
You have to be 18+ to post here.
I'm 6'1 and and 161 lbs
my bmi is 21.3
your bmi is 22.1
wtf how am I more underweight than an anorexic
I know I've been treating my body like shit but still...
this bad?
wtf you cannot be 155 lbs?????
that's insane, I'm only 161lbs and slightly taller
you used to be fat didn't you?
my suggestion
work out, the skin kan be fitted onto the muscles you'd be creating and they'd burn more fat by themselves
I was 330

File: Snapchat-262087237-1.jpg (286 KB, 1332x1080)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Enjoying some 'za
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>water and kool aid packet

I miss when Lunchables weren't cucked
Based. 'troit 'za is king
you're damned right

File: raw-garlic-cure.jpg (293 KB, 718x581)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
I ate raw garlic and it feels like I'm burning my tongue

how do you eat raw garlic?
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File: 1563245268992.jpg (32 KB, 738x369)
32 KB
get a small plate , dump some salt on it
container of yoghurt(balkan for best results)
couple of garlic cloves
dip garlic in salt (dont get too much on it )
take a bite of garlic , a bite of bread and and a spoon of yoghurt
now some yoghurt
okay, Brad
Has anyone figured out the reaction that takes place when you put raw garlic and oil into a food processor? It comes out as fireacid, even in miniscule amounts. Pasting it with some oil with a mortar and pestle makes such a large difference that I would find it hard to believe it's as simple as trapping aromatics in an semi-emulsion or something like that, and the time difference isn't so great that it can be something as simple as oxidation.
>unfunny show Archer
based, that show is retarded
The best way to eat is for vietnamise pho.

Would you rather have access to seafood (coasties), or would you rather have access to amazing BBQ (flyovers)?
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You can get amazing BBQ in the Carolinas, I'd rather live in a nice place AND eat nice food
You can easily make your own great BBQ even if there aren't any good restaurants nearby, so definitely the coast. I'm in Vegas, and aside from a few places near me that sell live clams and mussels, it's very difficult to find fresh, never frozen seafood. I would be pretty bummed out if I lived somewhere with no access to any kind of fresh seafood.
Had a Philly cheese steak when I visited. I mean, it's a sandwich with beef and cheese - perfectly decent, but not something to blow your mind. Same goes with the chopped cheese from Harlem.
I'm from Illinois and we have great freshwater fish options you can get creative with. Walleye can be used for any fish based dish. Great in Tacos. Exact taste and texture.

While Muskie and Pike are great in the smoker with a mix of apple and pecan chips.

I can make a variety of duck, pheasant, quail, rabbit and venison.

I can also get lbs of my own morels for free in the spring.

I can make awesome BBQ

But I lived in Florida for a couple years and theres just nothing like fresh seafood at an open restaurant.

I have to think it's a tie.
anyone can do bbq.
flyovers can't do seafood.

File: 10338710192158.png (130 KB, 490x686)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
What is the best beer for summer and why is it this?
That shit tastes like ass, homemade cheladas are superior
cider is better.
The only acceptable beer on a hot summers day is a cold refreshing lager.

File: D2hPmoGWkAAiDCz.png (404 KB, 620x413)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
How in the fuck is he straight?
imagine the exact opposite of what you look for in a partner and then being attracted to it.
that's how
I don't know if you're familiar with this guy, but he's a chef for bon appetit. He's the gayest seeming straight man I've ever seen. My jaw hit the floor and pretty much stayed there when he mentioned his kids.
He isn't.
you can be gay and be married with kids. ask your dad.
Gonna need to see a full body shot of her.

File: Costco.jpg (52 KB, 640x447)
52 KB
I just got a Costco membership, and I've never been to one before. What are some tips on good things to buy and things to avoid?
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Based Idiocracy reference
+1internets to you.
File: costco_pizza.jpg (38 KB, 350x350)
38 KB
dont listen to this shill. I currently work at Costco and personally have put returned meat, produce, frozen foods right back, on orders from management
Buy he pizaa ajnd the krikald vodka
Just don't go on a weekend or Friday. Just browse around a buy stuff you think you'll need.

File: 36634.jpg (68 KB, 683x683)
68 KB
Recently found out I'm malnourished. How do I start eating better?
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Eat your vegetables
Give me an example of what a typical day of eating looks like for you
Essentially eating only when I'm on break at my work and snacking at home on shit like ramen. Major problem is that I feel full very fast on practically nothing. I don't have enough fridge space to really fit foods for portioning purposes, and my family doesn't buy any food. At home I'll cook some meat if I'm not busy, but I don't eat a wide variety of foods. There's also a possibility I may have some food allergies that I can't identify yet, so I've got some questions for my doctor.

I don't eat enough food, not enough for three meals a day. I'm recently contemplating on stocking up on fish or chicken and making something with broccoli and mushrooms, but in general, I'm really bad at eating in large amounts, even in what could probably be considered normal portions.
I should also note that I'm underweight.
Ask your doctor, stupid.
File: Calorie-density-image_2.png (423 KB, 600x1064)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
someone recommended Nestle Boost Breeze, may want to try it.
I had a similar problem. it depends on how many calories you consume. count your average day calorie intake. if you feel like your stomach gets full from eating few calories, try eating more calorie dense foods. if your stomach doesn't feel full and you just get satiated quickly, try eating something more fibrous/lighter on calories instead.
also, drink liquid. I find it much easier to eat because of salivating after I'm hydrated.

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