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Vegan chorizo to go with huevos rancheros is here, boys
Neck yourself
But eggs aren't vegan

...add one bay leaf
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Isn’t paprika for coloring more than flavor? It is very weak unless you use a lot, but still for aesthetics it’s got a number of uses.
How? Are you fucking crazy? Are you buying the lowest-grade nutmeg available?
It’s literally toxic, it’s practically designed to be very noticeable to us
Paprika is full of flavour. It must be fresh. Best make your own by chopping and sun drying sweet peppers then hand milling or use clean coffee grinder.

Nutmeg is essential for sausages and mulled wine, also hallucinogenic if smoked.
mouthbreathers can't taste bay leaf or paprika
I’m absolutely sure paprika is way stronger and better fresh, but I’m not gonna bother making my own now. Maybe when I’m older though, I’m too busy with being a university fag to deal with making spices. And the nutmeg part I know, that other faggot said it never makes a difference to him and that seems insane to me.
Then go on /ck/ and moan that bay leaves are worthless.

I am so sick and fucking tired of people shitting on Chicago style pizza, gagging over how these Chicagoans could ever eat such a thing on the regular.

No one in Chicago eats this pizza for anything except novelty value. I swear, I went there, it’s just a meme for tourists. People eat really thin pizza cut into squares, like the kind you get for kid’s parties. Everyone is peeing their pants over the wrong pizza debate.

That being said thin square pizza > New York pizza.
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Detroit Style Pizza is defined by the fact that is has no crust and instead has caramelized cheese.

It's not the same as grandma style, sicilian style, or "pan pizza"

Little Caesars is a Detroit chain you fucking clown, that's why their deep dish somehow magically resembled Detroit style! BECAUSE IT FUCKING IS

Little Caesars is also cheapo shit that uses the cheapest possible ingredients, which is why they sell pizzas for five dollars.

Little Caesars is better than NYC style pizza, I had Sbarros dude and it sucked! Sbarros is NYC style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That shitty chain is the way to define NYC style pizza! IT IS THE EXAMPLE
Hey retarded fukking assclown schmuck. These are not the same pizzas.

"pan pizza"
Means literally nothing, pan pizzas exist everywhere.
File: go za.jpg (124 KB, 1300x821)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
is this the weekly go za thread?
Why do I get an alcohol essence from the little caesers pan pizza sauce, It taste so bad to me


File: 20191021_181636.jpg (1.53 MB, 4128x2322)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
Euro here, just tried this and it's literally completely flavourless shit.

How do murricans eat this shit?
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never seen that unless it some foreign food, and yes i am a flyover, OHIO REPRESENT.
>That is a cooking ingredient
But there's no chocolate in a Hershey's bar.
>All commercial packaging does
Lol conquered
True, also why does yellow/orange cheese trigger them so much? Why cant they stop thinking about us?
Of course it’s shit you dumb nigger, you bought cheap garbage. You’re as bad as all the welfare niggers who don’t understand obesity as they buy frozen pizzas, chips, and sodas

File: 1546708964777.png (1.28 MB, 823x1022)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
for me its

File: sluuuuurp.jpg (433 KB, 1200x900)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
I love Asian culture (no, I'm not a weeb or koreaweeb), but I do find the way they slurp their food to be vile.
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You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?
Just wait till you consume their porn.
No. This is a wh*toid meme. Please dont come to our countries
Slurping is rude in Korean formal company. Just bite off the excess, or use a spoon as a staging area to regrab the noodles as a ball with nothing dangling down or just eat off the spoon.

File: IMG_20191022_203804.jpg (632 KB, 4608x3456)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
What the fuck did you cook today? (new edition)

Some beef (don't know the name of the cut) with onions, mushrooms and carrots cooked in a pot for about 1.5hrs, slightly thickened with a roux. Served over mashed potatoes.
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File: IMG-20191023-WA0000.jpg (95 KB, 768x1024)
95 KB
Rice with root vegetables soring onion and smoked sausages. Wasnt allowed to put mules or sepia into it.

It was alright
you made it look good, I wanna eat that rice, bon appetit
File: 20191022_212107.jpg (2.42 MB, 4032x2268)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
buttuh chyickin
my nigga. how is that split pea soup? for me, its cambells original vegetable with chili flakes added. maybe a few crackers in between spoonfuls of soup.. i'll probably also pretend i'm a homeless bearded man getting his fill after a long trek through a snowstorm..a truly comfy lunch.
>how is that split pea soup?
its an acquired taste, sodium overdose. But its heavy duty, a lot of food for $1.50

File: TB 10 22 19 1.jpg (2.48 MB, 4032x3024)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB JPG
Tuesday is the New Friday or: How I Leaned to Stop Worrying about Sobriety and Love Taco Bell Everyday.
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File: TB 10 22 19 6.jpg (2.07 MB, 4032x3024)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
They put everything in a bag again and I had to ask for the box separately. This has never happened to me before with the regular $5 boxes and I usually have to ask for them to put it in a bag instead.
I don't mind a little funk and grease mixed with good muscle tone. The pube thing might be a turn-off, though.
OP, I have been seeing your threads here posted very often and I have to ask.. how old are you?, and have you drank heavily your whole life?

I guess my main question is.. aren't you scared you are going to fucking die? Not now of course, but with all the alcohol and fast food, I can't imagine you not running into some health problems eventually.. how is your diet besides the constant alcohol, taco bell, and shitty burgers from the restaurant you work at?
I saw the salad the other day, which is a good sign, but c'mon. Don't you feel like shit all the time?
taco bell is grim
Not with that much alcohol and what I imagine is a high powered sugar/caffeine drink
The dopamine alone will keep you going
>look at me im on self destruction mode

File: 1543284667814.png (3.41 MB, 2000x1111)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB PNG
I fucking HATE cheese
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>he thinks real cheddar is orange

Why does orange cheddar trigger euros so much?
You do know that orange cheddar is the same thing as normal cheddar, just colored with annatto seed, right? They're literally the same cheese.
i was kind of just memeing, but most higher quality cheeses aren't colored i've noticed
i hate op -- sincerely, cheese

File: chicken stew.webm (2.96 MB, 640x360)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB WEBM
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File: 1549284626946.webm (2.85 MB, 426x240)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB WEBM
File: Chocolate Rugelach.webm (2.86 MB, 700x700)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
File: Chocolate Macarons.webm (2.88 MB, 600x336)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB WEBM
File: Chocolate Swiss Roll.webm (2.82 MB, 600x336)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB WEBM

What’s your rainy day drink?
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.. at.. the grocery store? Do they not have those where you live?
Rainy sunny windy always the same beer. The particians choice when your an alcoholic.
but isn't that for cooking

what kind do I get

File: Mr-T.-Cereal.jpg (44 KB, 650x300)
44 KB
Has anyone actually tried Mr. T's cereal?
Has anyone every fed food to their food?
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More specifically it was like the Crispy Critters "reboot" done in 1987. It was made with corn whereas the previous version was some kind of oat cereal.
>Has anyone every fed food to their food
Care to try that again? In English this time?
have you seen the movie? Pee Wee pours cereal on his eggs and bacon face, because his eggs "ask him for cereal"
Why don't you marry it?
No, never seen it. Was never big on movies even as a kid. I had a laugh though at the line you wrote

File: 6000198483752.jpg (175 KB, 1500x1500)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Discontinued foods you really miss
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File: DSC_0454-720x478.jpg (48 KB, 720x478)
48 KB
Pepsi Max lime.
This shit was super addictive.
A few months after they discontinued it, I went into one of those food wholesalers and they had a 6 foot shelf full of the 2 liter bottles of it. I bought like 20 bottles.
File: intense.webm (1.56 MB, 480x480)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB WEBM
>mfw tasting Doritos Green Intense for the first time
damnnnn op you got sblounskched!
based and redpilled

File: IMG_20190421_000014.jpg (62 KB, 1247x934)
62 KB
>go to mcdonalds
>order two large fries
>they give me around 75 tiny ones
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File: 1516585575223.jpg (49 KB, 441x316)
49 KB
>order a rare steak
>chef comes out and apologizes saying they weren't able to find it
who is this slut? anyone got her fb/twitter/insta/snapchat/address/phone#?
She went to my high school. We used to fuck. True story.
>Order carry out food, counter girl asks if she can have my name
>Feel bad because she doesn't have one of her own
File: 1567072239855.jpg (54 KB, 676x581)
54 KB
>go to mcdonalds
>order a bigmac
>cashier says have a nice day
>i have a fucking terrible day instead

What fictional food do you crave?
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Basically anything from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Sick burn, dude. No way he's going to recover from that.
the white cake from django, idk it just looked good af
Turns out the original manga meat is from Hajime Ningen Gyatoruzu, roughly analogous to The Flintstones, and it represented mammoth ribs.

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