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>white people dont like spicy food lmao
>white people can only handle mayonnaise lol
>white people like their chicken bland lmfao
>white people cant cook roflmao

Where the fuck did this normie meme come from
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>be spaniard
>someone mistakes me for white
>they say I can't handle spicy food
>I ask them to name a pepper with a scoville higher than 60,000,000
>takes them 5 minutes just to google it

Ay caramba!
Yeah I don't get it either. I was dating a negress for a few years. When she started having me over for dinner with the family I was stoked to try this legendary black cooking. It was the most canned, mediocre food I've ever had, they just threw hot sauce on everything and it all ended up tasting the same. Admittedly it was good hotsauce though, home made.

Anyways, it's just a joke, so whatever.
How many traditional Spanish dishes use those peppers?
Hot peppers sure, but not that hot Juan
It comes from boomers, and their kids to an extent. Most of them have broken taste buds, I swear. Pair this with decades of junk science and indoctrination that salt and fat are both unhealthy, and you end up with bland food.

My mom used to make mashed potatoes growing up. Her recipe? Boil potatoes in some water, then mash them.

pinnacle of cooking shows?
first one I saw, about best pizza
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File: 1526844858101.png (108 KB, 316x490)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
>expensive hipster food
>looks shittier than a quality frozen pizza from food freezer
go fucking die
I'd plow that bobblehead.
I tasted that pizza and it was god tier, you monkey
>No one in Europe likes frenchies anyway
This, anon, is true. Pretentious, ignorant, arogant nigger pussies. That’s what they are. There’s also French war flag on their national flag.
His kitchen/workshop is terrific.

File: 23.jpg (28 KB, 800x450)
28 KB
see this marty? see my juicy little fillet? my sexy little fillet steak, marty?
>I’m pickle rick!!!


File: 911kykoxoVL._SL1500_.jpg (375 KB, 1500x1500)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
I throw in a couple spoons in a cup of whole milk. Is this based ?
Definitely redpilled

Having a brain is cringe guy
No it’s disgusting
I used to do that but lately it started to make me sick so I switched to skim and then to half milk half water.
Based hafnhafer
I do this too. Tastes pretty good.

Where can I meet a /ck/ gf?
Well I think it wouldn’t be in my ass so I don’t know what to tell you brother
Produce section. Right between the tomatoes and onions.
that’s where I found my gay bro btw not sure if that as important to add

File: cheetos.jpg (57 KB, 381x550)
57 KB
I love this shit, lol
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banned in other countries because the dye is really bad for your health. also makes your poop red and can't have third-worlders driving 3 hours to a hospital for something that isn't a medical emergency.
That's no good op sorry
post the screenshot
Yeah a couple weeks ago I had a day where alll I ate was hot Cheetos and shat red hangover shit into the toilet and got freaked out for a second and thought I made my insides bleed from alcohol then I realized it was just Cheetos lol
only thing left to do is kys

File: cilantro.jpg (125 KB, 1100x734)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
More honestly, my tastebuds did I think. I still can taste faint notes of soap, but maybe it is either more tolerable now because my tastebuds have faded a bit in my 30s somehow or maybe I just found it a bit overwhelming at first and avoided it mostly as a kid fearing it would ruin the taste of dishes. Now I add two whole bunches, minced, to the top of my finished enchiladas that I make sometimes in a 4 quart 9x13 dish.

Anyone else used to hate cilantro but now kinda ok with it?

I mean it is not my favorite thing (hi allspice) but it is way more tolerable now somehow.

i've never had a good kitchen knife and these two brands seem like good entry level knifes
what do you guys think? which is better?
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well what is it?
How do you not know?
It has already been answered
File: 4633.jpg (99 KB, 1100x900)
99 KB
If I don't want to use stones or electric sharpeners but a honing rod isn't enough in the long run is it a decent choice for a complete amateur to use manual sharpeners like a similar type of pic related?

I don't own knives worth obsessing over with perfect procedure and I cba to take the time to use stones that need to be wet and whatnot. Electric sharpeners seem way too aggressive though but that's just what I've heard.
Respect the knife. Use the stone. Give it to a knife sharpener if you can't be arsed to do it yourself. Your tools show who you are, don't be a terminally degenerate sloth.

>to take the time to use stones that need to be wet
>worth obsessing over with perfect procedure
Then don't. Soak the stone for a couple minutes, sharpen the knife a couple times each side and be done with it. I
have seen people sharpen their through-away excuse for a knife over a literal brick and be done with it in half a minute when they really don't care. Forget the cheap chink shit you posted, use the stone.

>eating masses of carbs for every meal

And people say Italian food is """healthy""".
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Original Italian Carbonara are made with eggs/yolk, bacon and parmigiano.
Everything else is just a abomination.

Try it, it's much better desu.
Just-cooked beaten egg is still a sauce
Hahahaha what a retard.
Not American, but it does sound better. Americans know how to eat otherwise they wouldn't be obese.
File: zerocarbqt8.jpg (20 KB, 297x484)
20 KB
>CIDF (Carb Internet Defense Force) shillposting
lmaoing at your garbohydrate addicted lives

File: pyrex.jpg (145 KB, 768x534)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Take the glasspill.
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How is it in any way better than any metal.
seen a few of these at goodwill super cheap.
would make a great cannabis water pipe with a bit of redesigning

Could put two ice catches maybe 9 inches from the top of the center and make a lid to load ice on top and smoke cools through a fuckton of ice. Would be an amazing novelty pipe for parties.
So does it make sense to buy this if you are only gonna cook liquidy items in it and want to not dirty up an extra dish to store it in the fridge? I mean obviously this is not for frying but for reducing sauces maybe you would get a nice even heat due to insulation vs metal?

File: 2457257457.png (405 KB, 473x532)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
i have been using an antique meat tenderizing hammer to break ice for my cocktails for 2 years now.
there is areas all over it where the metal is chipped off and probably went into my ice.

i just realized it is made of solid lead....

what are the chances i am going to die?
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i wouldnt worry too much, but maybe get an iron hammer just to be safe
I thought i was the only one who did this. Small world
>There is no risk at all in handling lead metal. It cannot be absorbed through the skin or the respiratory tract. Dilute hydrochloric acid has little effect on it, so the lead would pass through the stomach before any damage was done. Eating lead is probably safe, but not encouraged. Carbonated water dissolves lead to some degree.

Were your cocktails carbonated? If so, congratulations ... you're retarded. Time to start eating lots of fruit (anthocyanin and vitamin C are protective and chelate lead).
>go to GP
>explain concern
>get blood test done for lead levels

Chances are that if you're asymptomatic then nothing is going to happen, but stop eating the lead just to be sure.
Lead is an incredibly soft and malleable metal, one that doesn't readily chip, it's much sooner to deform. What you probably have is one made of pewter

File: 1522390957946.jpg (60 KB, 600x399)
60 KB
ITT red flags for guys
>he doesn't own a cast iron pan
>he eats fast food
>he shops at Walmart
>he drinks soda
>he doesn't own japanese knives
>he has frozen dinners in his freezer
>he doesn't use a water filter
>he eats out more than once a month
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>he doesn‘t let the bull give a taste of my puss before going to the cuck citchen
>red flags for guys who like to fuck guys

Fixed that for you bro

Those two are pornstars, right?
that's a can

File: 51UDZ.jpg (106 KB, 698x819)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>ask for mid rare
>cut into it
>it's rare
>fuck it, I'm too hungry to send it back
How did you become a rare guy, ck?
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
i cooked a steak to all levels of doneness and liked medium the best. i don't like the red uncooked caveman meat
>parents dinners were always fried food
>coated and fried pork chops, chicken, cube steak
>once in a while very well done hamburgers or tacos (ground beef, cheese, sour cream, not even a packet of taco seasoning)
>at friends house
>his moms boyfriend grills some hamburgers
>notice it's not done all the way through
>best thing i've had in a long time
Started cooking beef less and less, got old enough where I was wanting to try quality meat and finally had steak other than cubed or salisbury, and it actually doesn't taste identical to ground beef or the cheap tough round steak if you cook it less. favorite is ribeye with unrendered fat
I like well done streak, too. Genuinely don't understand why people get so assmad about it.

>inb4 you're wasting good food! Order hamburger if you want well done

Fuck off if it tastes good to me it's worth the money.
File: zerocarbqt12.jpg (55 KB, 960x640)
55 KB
>not dry aging your own steak in the fridge
>cooking steak past med-rare ever
>not enjoying raw/blue/rare beef
As a zero carb carnivore I'm eating rarer than ever, and I eat at least 1-2lbs of steak every day. Even fattier cuts like ribeye I find myself cooking less and less.
>tfw daily exclusive steak is the easiest lifehack for perfect health but only if you don't totally fucking denature the protein by overcooking
feels carnivore man
File: uv.jpg (24 KB, 242x253)
24 KB
>As a zero carb carnivore

File: 1.jpg (95 KB, 1200x900)
95 KB
>he bought a lodge
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
they're carbon steel pans not cast iron. I don't want a memegazer anyways
I got a 12in. for 13 bucks at a Ross's near me, that was pretty fucking worth but I agree that their stuff is shit in general.
I recently found a new (paper 'tag' thing still on it) Lodge grill plate at Goodwill for 15 bucks. I thought about skipping it, but they do retail for 30usd.
So I bought it. I made french toast and a hamburger on it so far. It's ok; I think its better than the pan, but I have yet to use it more to judge.
They should just coat them in beeswax like de Buyer does.
Of all the dumb things I'll read on /ck/ today, that's certainly one of them.

File: old-bay-seasoning-6oz.png (511 KB, 800x800)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
Name a more GOAT seasoning
86 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
Does anyone else just use straight up MSG?
I used to consume this by itself.
are you chinese?
Love this on baked potato
germany‘s best

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