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File: 1.png (589 KB, 658x656)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
Chefs that cook healthy, eat healthy, and look healthy.
He's 36 years old and a vegetarian healthy chef.
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>all drugs are bad
He’s Rastafarian you retard /pol/editor. The Star of David is significant in Rastafarianism as well, but of course it’s more fun to play conspiritard for schmucks like you.
What a coincidence
i would rather eat haitian mud cookies than his dishwash-water soup. Why are black people so fucking gross, everything in that vid was dirty.

When the shit hits the fan, and it will...how prepared will you be? If a major bomb goes off tomorrow and it all goes to shit, at least 90 percent of you will be dead within a month. Start a survival stash now.
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As Bill Burr once said, you're just collecting food for the scarier guy with a bigger gun.

People with survival stashes are mentally ill. If you don't know how to grow basic foods, fish/hunt and harvest and some basics of survival, you should probably learn those. It's not even difficult.
Bill Burr is a comedian.
Correct. Also a pretty insightful successful fella. I'd rather listen to him than some fat doomsday prepper hick
>taking advice from a comedian
>he's never listened to bill burr's podcast

File: wholefoods.png (722 KB, 692x415)
722 KB
722 KB PNG
I work at Whole Foods ask me anything.
Why has WF gone to shit since amazon bought them?
because amazon own them
File: 1570272958294.gif (20 KB, 499x499)
20 KB
How do I not become a failure like yourself?
It hasn't. I keep hearing this sentiment, but nobody is able to actually word exactly why other than AMAZON BAD.

Quality of product is same as it was a decade ago. Quality of service is more or less the same as it was a decade ago.
Do your parents know you're gay?

>hostess leads your party past several empty tables/booths and attempts to seat you at a high-top
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This except genuinely instead of sarcastically.
Honest Frank made me what I am today.
> In a 7-11? Look up to see who comes in when the bells ring.

Walked into my local smoke shop to get some death sticks and didn’t see either of the guy who work there, so I stayed there in the doorway until one of them walked out from the back room.

He asked me why I was standing there and I told him I didn’t want to walk into the middle of a hold-up. If I don't see the proprietor behind the counter, I ain't going in.
File: 1551807061998.jpg (66 KB, 512x407)
66 KB
>The Lutherans even stacked their plates to make my job easier.
Lutheran and can confirm my parents had us stack plates at restaurants, but that might just be the german autism.
>Can we get a booth please

Not typically one to browse this board, but I'm going a little insane. Google gives me shitty results when I search around too.
Why the fuck do store bought tortillas taste so damn bad? Hell, even Moes has good tortillas for their burritos. I just want to make a nice burrito at home without going out but everything tastes like shit. Everything that I read points to most tortillas being flour for burritos, but everything from the supermarkets tastes wrong. The ones that taste good are always a darker tone, too. I know there are corn tortillas, but everything seems to suggest that's not what these restaurants are using.
TLDR, how do I get a tortilla that tastes like one from moes.
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>Store bought tortillas are almost always softer, worse tasting and breadier
>it still tastes radically worse than how it could
Have you tried.... making them yourself?
Store bought tortillas are completely fine. Don't look into it.
They really are easy to make at home. The only hassle is rolling them out but I find it's worth the effort. Try this recipe substituting lard for the vegetable oil.

Make them from scratch, it takes no time at all
Speaking of store bought mexican shit, I have never had store bought salsa that was as good as a Mexican restaurant's.
I've tried at least a dozen different store bought salsas and they were either shit or, at best, mediocre.

File: 20180920_150427_680.jpg (154 KB, 680x901)
154 KB
154 KB JPG

If you don't use MSG in your food...you are a racist.

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the original claim was retarded and got them mixed up
File: why.gif (2.99 MB, 325x267)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB GIF
I'm Asian and I dislike msg.

I put shoyu in many things, not that crap.
>most Chinese restaurants are buffets
Source that claim, because it sounds like bullshit. There's only one Chinese buffet in my home town, but at least three other Chinese restaurants.
jesus is that what anime looks like now? I haven't watched it since the ranma 1/2 days
its a vidya game

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One day I few m wwhole family my cum. I hade eaten some olives from a small jar in my om the day before and then jerked off into the jar with the oil and herbs because there was nothing better at hand at short notice. Next day I came home straight from school and sat down atthe dinner table and ate the salat along with everyone else It seemd to me I knew the taste and when I asked my mom how she had prepared the dressing She told me "why, with the oil from the little jar in your room". I could barely keep it together.
Spinning a sponge inside of a glass while washing dishes. Glass shattered and sharp edge cut my pinky to the bone.
Years ago I dropped a kitchen knife on my left big toe and split it open. I had to go to the hospital to get it stitched up. I still have the scar and ridge on my toenail to show for it.
did you shout UH OH STINKY as is the custom?
So was this rock bottom or did you sink lower?

File: IMG_20200117_210655.jpg (1.09 MB, 1456x2592)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
It's really big bean
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File: 1572725505305Bean2.jpg (919 KB, 1080x1433)
919 KB
919 KB JPG
i'm not sure that's all that big. could be a trick of the eye. gonna need a measurement desu.
it's bigger than his thumb. that's a big fucking bean buddy, no two ways about it.
Fake and Photoshopped
File: jumbo_fava.jpg (36 KB, 500x597)
36 KB
Do you even fava?

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
Why is there diet soda like Coca Cola Zero and Pepsi Max but no Milk Zero? They should make a Milk Zero drink because I like milk, but I do not like drinking unnecessary calories.

Perhaps they could invent a cow that you could milk and when you milk it you get milk zero. We could call this Cow Zero. I think there's a big market for a diet milk product, especially in Scandinavia. We could get rich, we just have to produce a cow that has milk without calories, perhaps a robot? A mechanical cow? Pic related - cow zero
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this 2bh

"diet drink" fucking faggots i swear
>I want a new diet drink
Kroger carbmaster milk is the closest you can get to extremely low calorie milk without having to resort to nut/soy milks
Looks like a flesh from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Why do people drink diet stuff? It tastes like shit. Don't pretend it doesn't. If you have some problem then just drink water.

File: TeflonPan.jpg (64 KB, 383x313)
64 KB
I've never seen restaurants use teflon-coated pans.
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How the fuck was the procedure I posted "Gordon Ramsay"? It's simple as fuck to follow. I do it every single morning.
>t. teflon particle infested brain
I am a cast iron and carbon steel shill, but I still think there's nothing wrong with using teflon for eggs.
You don't think at least some of that shit comes off even below the temperature limit?
It's not complicated it just includes unnecessary steps to make you feel like a chef.

File: yummy.png (2.69 MB, 1000x1555)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB PNG
What's your go to midnight snack that you love to eat? For me it's pic related.
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One of my favourites
File: 2c7.png (8 KB, 208x243)
8 KB
Beer. Sometimes I'll add a cigar.
Pick some up anon, and relive the memories!
It's not chinese food you idiot!

>ordered buns
>received rolls instead

Nasty food thread?
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File: 1480091087038.jpg (30 KB, 539x552)
30 KB
>5 POUNDS of black pepper
That’s retarded, sounds like a lot of bones and a lot of slop, and eating it with 80-100 people sounds like an awesome way to spread disease from retards who pick their assholes.
>stuffing cooked food with other cooked food and then cooking it again
I don’t even need to say why this is just shit in every way imaginable
File: 1570324882624.jpg (66 KB, 640x624)
66 KB
Weird, because you'll never find a dictionary without some variation of
>1 b : the edible part of something as distinguished from its covering (such as a husk or shell)
>4 a : the core of something
But probably both, and both definitions apply in this usage.
File: 1570323973754.jpg (105 KB, 640x632)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

File: index.jpg (12 KB, 177x285)
12 KB
You have 10 seconds to prove you are an american: food edition
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do super predators in the usa require super seasoned snacks?
been in about 35/50 states and i have not seen those one single time.
I've never heard of those, it must be a southern thing. The south should be allowed to secede so we can legally deploy the full might of the US military to annihilate every living thing south of the mason dixon line. We can then invite hard working latinos, arabs, africans and asians to repopulate the area. Latinos may not be more than 33% white to qualify for a green card.
I've never seen those and I work at a whole foods. I have access to fresh food and water. What do I win?

Also there are like a dozen fast food restaurants within a half hour drive from here.
So all Americans go to prison?

File: ED2i9m5WkAA325r.jpg (192 KB, 1200x900)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
UK food.

Working meals for the working man.
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it's minced pork meat (minced with onions, garlic and herbs) wrapped in a pig's intestine. absolutely delicious.
File: have sex incel.png (357 KB, 1200x911)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
Have grapes.

Nothing wrong with OP's pic in theory, it's just presented in a boring way, and the bread isn't necessary (but will be delicious with that gravy on). Just goes to show you've probably never had decent home-cooked food that doesn't need meme presentation to be delicious.

Lets face it, if that was served in 2 separate blue-rimmed enamel dishes, and the sauce came in a little ceramic jug, all on a metal tray with some branded paper sheets underneath from the latest BBQ fad restaurant designed to fleece zoomers, you'd probably share it on instagram and say it looked amazing.

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