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File: Blood Avocado.jpg (31 KB, 480x360)
31 KB


Demand for avocados is fueling deforestation in central Mexico due to high price the fruits fetch. In the mountains of Michoacan, the state that produces the majority of Mexico's avocados, farmers have illegally destroyed swathes of forests, cutting down pine and fir trees in order to plant more lucrative avocado trees instead.

"Even where they [the farmers] aren't visibly cutting down forest, there are avocados growing underneath [the pine boughs], and sooner or later they'll cut down the pines completely," Mario Tapia Vargas, a researcher at Mexico's National Institute for Forestry, Farming and Fisheries Research, told the Associated Press.

The impact on wildlife, particularly monarch butterflies, has already been felt across the region.

Humans will suffer too, according to Greenpeace Mexico, a charity working to defend the natural world and confront environmental abuse.
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Oh no not the freaking trees which are fucking useless.
Gold is a good conductor.
Diamonds are really hard and have usage in cutting instruments.
Good. Fuck Mexico. Gonna go eat some avocados now.
For every avocado I eat, I eat less of something else and avocado has a pretty good yield per hectare.

The problem is not avocados, but overpopulation.
I agree, more humans cause more food demand. But people just breed mindlessly with no logic so its irrelevant

Why is non alcoholic beer so expensive? Ideas for cheap and carbonated beer replacement. I gotta stop.
I gotta get off the sauce. It’s not even 9 am... got up at 5, have drank 9 beers in 4 hours. I love and crave the taste of beer but I can’t keep doing this. 20-30 per day. I don’t get drunk. Tolerance is a bitch. Functional alcoholic that wants to quit. I’m scared to quit, know I need to, scared to keep going like this. I need ideas for beer replacement and I’m pissed at myself....I’m a coward because I shouldn’t have to devote my life to God or a program to talk about this. Please skip over this. I’m sorry. I just need some ideas from others that have gone thru the same thing. Give me a few hours before you report. Please. I’m ashamed of myself and just need to talk to others for a little bit. Thank you.
I’m gay btw
Not sure if that matters
Because non alcoholic beer is rarely bought so a lot is wasted
Carbonated water with lime helped me a lot. Just try to drink 2 less per day. Eventually it gets easier.
This also find your inner jew and obsess over the money you're saving by not buying booze. Invest or buy something nice like a new battlestation, instrument, etc.
drinking beer is totally fine, don't worry so much

File: file.png (3.49 MB, 2048x1152)
3.49 MB
3.49 MB PNG
This vegetarian fish I bought actually tastes pretty good.

And by good, I mean, tastes like fish.
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made me reply
Many murderers were omnivores and not related to veganism, people who do know the difference between animals and humans still disregard human life
Your little desert jew god with a rage boner isnt real mate.
>So your own opinion, that can change any time you like, is the highest power and moral decider in your life?
No, it's the highest power and moral decider in existence.
I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. People are inherently imperfect and sinful as we know from God's teaches, but we can also surmise that without believing in God. People who value humans over animals (everyone but vegans) create societies in which there are consequences to killing other humans. There also used to be consequences for adultery and divorce. Gore in the media can definitely be linked to, let's say, non-Christians. Are you sure you are atheist or just disgusted with how far from God that society has strayed?

File: 1554826274213.jpg (639 KB, 1536x2047)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
Thanks millennials, you're killing yet another great business.
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I'll never understand why people choose Subway over a neighborhood deli or whatever where you can get a better sub for way less. And I don't want to hear shit about availability because I lived in the fucking mountains and there was still a deli in town.
Lol subway sucks fucking cocks, the only thing I semi enjoy from that shithole is the meatball sub and that’s because my dad and I would split a footlong when they were $5 and that’s the only time we would eat out because we had no money.
Good fucking riddance.
I'm from nyc where subway is food for poor retards who don't know that literally any deli can make a way better sandwich for cheaper. The only times I'll actually go to subway are when I'm on a long car ride and there's one on the side of the highway.
Carnist faggot

File: gochujjang.jpg (47 KB, 679x484)
47 KB
Watch carefully: https://youtu.be/Q_RUBbQ4-UA?t=213

Absolutely clueless American visits Korea, refers to gochujang as "that red paste they put on everything"
The interesting part is what she says after:

"it doesn't really have a flavor, or at least I don't taste it"
This floored me. How can you not taste gochujang? It's basically solid soy sauce with peppers in it.
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Things like high sugar consumption or poor dental hygiene affect people's ability to taste food. There's all kinds of reasons for why someone can't taste something.
Sorry, was kind of confused on what "savory flavor" was.
To clarify, gochujang tastes sweet and savory (rice taste?) while being not too spicy and I like mixing it in bibimbap or a little bit in seolleongtang
But it doesn't taste like soy sauce
It's the other way around: those who where more sensitive to bitterness did have more chance to not poison themselves.
Maybe, since that's what gives 'dry' wine its dryness. We use the same word to describe 'dryness' as we do to describe the taste of unripe fruit.

File: niggafish.jpg (11 KB, 224x224)
11 KB
Whats the worst fast food chain?
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I almost always went to d-hall since it had so many options, and the main entree station usually had something like roast chicken or pork and green beans. I miss the chocolate chip bread pudding and really wish I'd gotten the recipe from the dessert guy.
food poisoning is caused by germs, noone claims that a fast food place would put fucking cyanide in your burgers
>Having a "culture" that glorifies crime and lifestyles that do not further development and health of you or the community is the issue
yeah and all of that culture is based around pre-existing socioeconomic conditions
If negroes would create Wakanda if it weren't for the white devil holding them down, then why hasn't a single part of Africa made even the slightest stride in this direction? Just accept that different races have different behaviors and thinking processes and stop making excuses for why one race in particular is incapable of doing in 100's of generations what others can do in 1.
hard to improve anything when instead of going to primary school you get trafficked to work on whitey's farm / in whitey's mine
as for american ghettos - note that wherever they don't have blacks someone else fills that lower class criminal quota and acts just as scummy, in america the difference is just particularly pronounced because they accidentally made a whole seperate caste of criminals with their race policies

File: dotheyreally.jpg (280 KB, 750x1000)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
They really DO eat anything right?
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When you have an history of famines so bad you literally have to eat your siblings, a little penis in then slow cooker isnt going to seem so strange.
File: 320498230489.png (823 KB, 765x988)
823 KB
823 KB PNG
I-I'm a Hong Konger, I swear
revolushun of our times!!!11
>squid leg
Why does she keep going off on tangents all the time? I want to see how you make that penis soup, so just make the godamn soup and stop blathering about completely unrelated things.

File: 980x.jpg (69 KB, 620x620)
69 KB
What's up with people who can't cook?
I get people who are too lazy and never really try, but people who actually try and fail to produce good tasting or even edible or visually appealing food.

It's so god damn easy to cook. All you really have to do is put in the time and follow a set of instructions to produce good food.
If you gather just a little bit of experience and put in the effort, it is EASY to produce restaurant quality food.

How can people fuck up so badly, I genuinely don't understand.

Do they just start cooking and do things they would assume to be right without ever doing a lick of research? I don't get it.
Maybe they're just plain bad at this field, just like how some people are naturally bad at logical-mathematical stuff.
Might be ADHD. It's an awful condition where you just can't drop the thing you just thought of as 'unimportant, later, focus on thing at hand' - and as result screw up literally everything time-dependent, that requires you to react in timely manner, like stirring stuff on the pan, switching heat off under a cooking pot, switching the oven off. If the device doesn't have a timer switch, you'll fuck it up.
I've known a shitload of people who can't or won't cook. I think that people who can't cook are afraid to mess up. They tend to be very meticulous people who need directions to do anything, and that everything must always be correct to some standard or another. They tend to have low self-esteem and can't stand criticism. They tend to be anti-creative in most ways.

t.old guy
There are tastelets, who have such broken sense of taste that they consider 'ok' stuff everyone else hates. Drop a brick of ground meat into a pan, sear a bit on both sides, claim it's a dish.

And there are people with stupid misconceptions. E.g. that you only salt food if you don't like it. to cover the taste. Or that X is unhealthy unless you overcook the hell out of it.
I don't really get it either. I'm much more of a baker than a cook but if you hand me some vegetables and a chicken breast I can make it work. At the very least roasting shit in the oven should be impossible to truly fuck up even if they're not perfect.

File: file.png (3.81 MB, 1050x1943)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB PNG
Okay /ck/, let's settle this - what is the best way to cook an egg? For me, it's soft boiled.
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>what is the best way to cook [insert food here]

as usual, everyone have different taste and there is no answer more relevent to another since its at anyone's taste. you could ask "what is your favorite way of cooking it" which would make more sense.

also perfect egg is quite good. and yes "perfect egg" is a thing: cooked at 65°C in a steamer for about an hour in its shell. if anyone gets to have access to a steamer, try it is really nice.
File: tongs cat.jpg (101 KB, 828x792)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Welp, thanks to your link, so did I. And I thank you for that. It looks gross but at the same time AMAAAAaaaaaAAAZING!
>and go wrestle some mountain goats

The difficult part for me would be getting a good and proper yoghurt. I'm sure I could find it where I live (the wild west in California) but it would be pricey. Still, doable. I'm lucky that I've got neighbors with chickens who give me eggs all the time because they don't eat them fast enough.

It's funny. Sometimes, they'll spike the feed with cayenne to keep the rodents out of it. But chickens don't have those kind of taste buds so they eat it willy-nilly and that results in a very rich colored yolk. But the taste is no different -- just the color.

I will be honest: I don't know, either. I've never done those before on purpose. But I did look up a bunch of recipes on the technique tonight based on that Anon's post and bookmarked them for future use and they seem fairly straight-forward.
I've done stuff that turned out similar so I know it's easily done, although mine was by accident.
Mostly though, I will just drop an egg or two into the ramen at the end of cooking and leave it at that. Good enough for me.
But ajitama is a bit more than that.
btw a proper omelette, here in france is supposed to have no coloration in the pan, the trick is to (indeed) use a shit-ton of butter to make the egg mix "float" in the pan, then make it in an oval shape with your spatula and flip that shit from the pan to the plate. the only one i've seen doing it perfectly was the sous-chef of the gastronomic restaurent i worked in. i tryed real hard to do it. it was decent but man is it hard to do it properly.

i have never seen this shit ever. you might be mistaking france with china...
Softboiled > scrambled > fried

File: babish.png (949 KB, 960x514)
949 KB
949 KB PNG
Post /ck/ approved youtubers.
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File: qU5p8MWS_400x400.jpg (31 KB, 356x356)
31 KB

talbott is a pretentious hack, but the rest of the names i recognise arent bad
i assume this is before ragusea appeared because that'd be a glaring omission
bbq pit boys is the goat
I hate this fucking idiot.

I like him, but he's a bit over the top sometimes.
File: prison time.jpg (45 KB, 828x828)
45 KB
I can't stand food youtubers that try to teach you to cook but then all their recipes require you to buy expensive and obscure ingredients and tools and it ends up being more money and effort than it's worth.
fucking babish to a T, from day one he's been a smarmy fucker using all this expensive equipment that no-one actually has in their kitchen. i mean in the most recent video I'm pretty sure he had a tool specifically for slicing black truffle, i mean fuck right off with that shit

File: Cc36kkvUYAATxRn.jpg (12 KB, 400x324)
12 KB
>made blueberry jam yesterday
>4 cups blueberry and 2 cups sugar, a little powdered pectin
>wake up the next day after refrigerating overnight and it is hard as shit
>check steps
>thought I had to heat it to 120°F instead of 220°F

Can I reheat it to 220 or am I fucked? First time making jam.
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Because certain things genuinely taste better homemade, or they’re just cheaper. Jam is not one of them.
Add two cups of sugar and heat it up properly you retard fuck.
>t.whiny millennial
I do it the cheat way without pectin

File: 1562439365242.jpg (77 KB, 636x382)
77 KB
Why are Americans confused by bay leaf?
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File: 1516749979475.jpg (19 KB, 512x512)
19 KB
>having basic knowledge of ingredients in everyday products
>being a snob
>all of this discussion happening in a kazakhstani grandma recipes sharing mailing list
>Do you know how to make an IC? Do you know how to make an atomic clock? Do you know how to make the various types of steel?
Yes, I have basic knowledge of all these things.
whatever dude. keep being a boring and mediocre pseud
Yeah. I have the basic knowledge of these things. Not enough to do them , but enough to know what the simplest process is.
I know how to dab on the haters

File: caffe-macchiato-01.jpg (215 KB, 905x667)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Macchiato edition. This thread is for all coffee related discussion and inquiries.

>what are you drinking
>where is it from
>getting anymore

Previous thread >>13564427

Also fuck whoever pissed off the mod in Orlando. I can't bump the thread on break.
292 replies and 50 images omitted. Click here to view.
5 hours later, got it.
Coffee By Design out of Portland Maine. Italian Dark Roast, whole bean of course. I broke my french press last week unfortunately but old reliable is currently filling up my apartment with that wonderful bubbling sound and nutty aroma. usually I'll put some dairy and maybe cocoa in my first cup of the day, and then drink the next few black.
god damn i fucking love espresso
I did get the pressure gauge. It's not here yet.

Has anyone ever had chest issues after drinking coffee?

I’m not a big coffee drinker. But I used to have a few cups a week. However a couple of weeks ago, I felt as if I was having a heart attack (I was under a fuck load of stress). The feeling upsided, but my chest still felt weird, as if I could feel every heart beat intensely. Like a pounding feeling. Next day I still felt like shit. Went to urgent care. They did an EKG and my bpm was 52. Doctor smiled and said that I’m really healthy and have nothing to worry about. I don’t touch anything with caffeine over the next few days. A week later, drink a coffee again, and my chest starts pounding all over again.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
In that case I recommend yoga and guided meditation in order to help manage your stress.
And just stay away from caffeine.
One EKG the day after your acute symptoms is not definitive proof that there aren't other underlying issues going on.

Like I said it's your health.
These anon's are right OP. You managed to have an anxiety attack
If there was something wrong with my health, my beats per minute wouldn’t be 52, especially while my heart didn’t feel good. That is below average (average is 60-10.). However, I exercise every single day, so my heart is fit.
dont drink coffee you dumbass its shit

File: index.png (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
Every time I season it and add few extra spices, it does not have the unique taste like from basic fast food/restaurants. Wtf am I doing wrong? Do i marinate, brine it or someshit even if I do that it never tastes amazing
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
all of these
Buy a better quality chicken
cut it apart retardo. unless you have a rotisserie
Make a Peruvian pollo ala brasa style marinade/basting sauce
The secret is butter. Restaurants are literally smothering the thing in butter. They put it under the skin and over the skin. Some even inject butter directly into the breast. It really is the secret.

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