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File: Noodle1.0.jpg (152 KB, 1200x800)
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152 KB JPG
mike chen is our guy
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File: gem dusted.jpg (523 KB, 1861x1488)
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523 KB JPG
Mikey will never lick your boy hole clean, and say "This needs some hot oil" as he gives you a hot oil enema.
Kys fag
File: jtfj.gif (1.35 MB, 500x650)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB GIF
too (you)
this guy eats gas station food and acts like its the best cock hes ever sucked
Those noodles are too large; eating them would be messy and uncomfortable.

File: D9WPvo2U4AA--qq.jpg (211 KB, 1200x1127)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
What food related opinion or act makes you instantly lose any respect in that persons taste?
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Nothing wrong with smelling food, but maybe dont be so obvious about it unless its something special like a wine tasting. Most people I know its kind of a natural subtle thing.
and to add one more I just remembered
>those that LOVE PHO...
Wow, you're so much better than everyone.
File: FUCK.gif (3.71 MB, 498x280)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB GIF
tfw this girl comes up to my state occasionally and stays over at my place (wew)
i just want to cook for her because i love cooking for women but fuck she's got this exact taste like literally everything you described

there are only two foods i don't like
but i'll eat them anyway if they're prepared right but i'm so worried about cooking for her because she isn't the same way

File: crispychewybacon.jpg (38 KB, 450x591)
38 KB
Crispy or soft bacon?
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It's just reality. Ignoring that is like pretending chimpanzees aren't strong as fuck for their weight. Would you be jealous of a chimpanzee?
these things that you are saying... its amazing how you dont understand, strength is not just being a man, its training hard for it, right? you have to do work to gain more muscle mass and in turn become stronger-so you go to the gym.
Now a woman wants to do the same, but she lacks the same amount of hormones that promote muscle growth so she can
1 train hard, really really hard
or 2 take testosterone and cut corners
both end up in the same place, having more muscle and therefore being stronger with the exception of the second one losing her female frame.
now tell me HOW IN THE HELL will a scrawny dude beat that woman, if she has the same amount of muscle mass as a dude who went to the gym, if he cant beat the dude then he cant beat the chick, its the same thing.
If a woman abuses steroids (male hormones) it'd help for sure. But see:
Exogenous hormones can change things, but they're not the same as the hormones your body is exposed to naturally throughout the course of your development into an adult of one sex or the other.
>HOW IN THE HELL will a scrawny dude beat that woman
Same way a tiny chimp will beat a comparatively larger man.
>same amount of muscle mass
It's not going to be exactly the same unless the woman is seriously deep into steroid abuse, and even then she's still got a female frame, female bones, and a history of female hormones growing up.
I wrestled a woman who trained really hard once. I won. It wasn't arousing and I didn't get to fuck her. It was humiliating for her and she never wanted to see me again. But I beat her. I never trained a day in my life. I just work physically on construction sites. Carting barrows of bricks around and dragging packages up stairs and stuff like that. It's not that physically demanding, really, but obviously the bitch I pinned three times in a row despite her rigorous training regimen would have had more trouble with it.
>Previous studies have identified over 3,000 genes that are differentially expressed in male and female skeletal muscle. Here, we review the sex-based differences in skeletal muscle fiber composition, myosin heavy chain expression, contractile function, and the regulation of these physiological differences by thyroid hormone, estrogen, and testosterone.
>Studies of vastus lateralis biopsies show fiber-type CSA to be larger in men than in women. Specifically, type-I fibers are 19% larger, type-IIA fibers are 59% larger, and type-IIX fibers are 66% larger in men than in women (normalized to total biopsy section analyzed)
>The women were approximately 52% and 66% as strong as the men in the upper and lower body respectively. The men were also stronger relative to lean body mass.
>Data suggest that the greater strength of the men was due primarily to larger fibers. The greater gender difference in upper body strength can probably be attributed to the fact that women tend to have a lower proportion of their lean tissue distributed in the upper body.
>Pound-for-pound, chimpanzees are 1.5 times stronger than humans at pulling and jumping tasks, according to new research published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This strength is not the result of the chimpanzee’s physical form, its range of motion, or a newly-discovered dedication to bench presses and deadlifts, but instead, the product of how the fibers in chimp muscles are distributed.
Can't just exercise your way into a completely different muscle fiber structure. You can make what you have better, but you can't make yourself male.

File: hot dog cooker.jpg (17 KB, 306x349)
17 KB
What's the oddest way you've ever cooked a meal?
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Faggot retards like you thinking they're 'funny' and 'original' are ruining this site.
>ruining this site
how do you ruin this?
yes, my stupid comment ruined this stupid thread
i used an iron + ironing board to make a grilled cheese once
left out ramen in a *plastic* tupperware container one evening, too late to go do anything in the house without waking up the folks so i sat it at an angle in front of my gas fire and stirred it to get it hot. it was a fucking stupid choice

>Top tier
Well done
>Shit tier
Medium well, medium
>Barely human tier
Medium rare
>Wild cat tier
Rare, blue rare
>Hornbill tier
Any doneness served with sweet fruit or sweet fruit sauce
>Pelican tier
Eating any kind of steak that comes from the sea
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This doesn't look right. The steak still looks raw in the middle.
>blue rare
Hardware store employees ask me for help

Top Tier: (There Can Only Be One)
Medium Well

I'd Eat It And Like It Tier:
Medium, Well Done

Nope Tier:
Medium Rare

Fucking Canadian Tier:
Rare, Blue Rare.
people who don't eat steak well done have intestinal parasites lol
Why do Americans eat their food undercooked?

File: KreeftbijDenOsse.jpg (3.21 MB, 2592x1944)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB JPG
>"ewww, crickets? I'd NEVER eat insects, that's for poor third world countries"
>proceeds to shell out big bucks for giant underwater insects
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>They got expensive after people figured out refrigeration

shell fish goes bad near instantly without freezing it, stuff that got fed to prisoners was basically rancid, also >>12514359
We get it, mr. Goldberg. You guys want goyim to eat insects while the chosen people get to have all the meat
Yeah, this.
Deveining a pile of crickets sounds like a hassle. My only issue with eating bugs is that they want us to eat the whole thing.
One has muscle tissue and the other has fluid filled bladders.
which one do you think we eat?
Lobster is great as long as it's fresh and doesn't need to be smothered in butter.

Angry cook thread let’s hear the horror stories chef bros
i dropped the coleslaw today
wow this is so me when i drop the fucking coleslaw
>mfw they seer the steak and put it in the oven
nobody told me steak is made like this
>be me
>go to a friends house expecting genuinely good cuisine
>its OP
>burnt tendies with kraft and some pisswater bottomtier brews
>OPs mom is crying in the corner because her autistic little manlet spent her crack money on tendies
>spaghetti falls out of OPs pockets

File: qWo1u71.jpg (1.88 MB, 3264x2448)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
ITT daily breakfast for the average person in your country.
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Pure butter is Unironically the healthiest breakfast itt.
>no mayo
Only 14% of Finnish women and 17% of Finnish men are smokers, so I highly doubt this
Same for France with the occasional croissant
File: desayuno español.jpg (268 KB, 1600x1067)
268 KB
268 KB JPG

>"Why yes, I do have a large collection of homemade BBQ sauces. How did you know?"
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His sauces are something to cry over.
File: 1532128950710.jpg (198 KB, 1433x839)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
no way, jack is a heterosexual born again man who isn't a closeted gay at all
What do they taste like? Comparable to any big boy names?
File: gaia-earth-rises.jpg (168 KB, 690x465)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
you think if he got enough subs he'd eat a dead body? would he cook it all the way??
File: jacked.png (564 KB, 557x524)
564 KB
564 KB PNG

File: 51Q1i+0dJlL._SX425_.jpg (28 KB, 425x425)
28 KB
what's your go-to at 'bucks?
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Hi Aunt Martha,

Thanks for sharing this post with me! Super funny and I think just the same thing every time I got to starbucks to buy my coffee beverages. Me and Grace cannot wait to see you soon :)

tall cappuccino if I'm staying there, grande drip if the weather is cool and I'm leaving, venti iced coffee if it's the summer
But I haven't been in like a year
Green Tea Frappuccino because I'm a fatfuck Asian with no standards.
Matcha Latte, double the matcha (8 scoops)

Coconut milk

3x Stevia
Only hipster faggots, white girls, and OP go to Starfucks. Buy from your local coffee shop or go back to /soc/

File: singerfromsmashmouth.jpg (33 KB, 535x714)
33 KB
Take me to flavor town!

What are you cookin /ck/?
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pancakes (no syrup/honey just some butter)
File: 0619192231~2.jpg (1.41 MB, 3432x2048)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Just made this.
Scrambled egg
Fries(I guess)
Jarlsberg cheese
Ketchup, salt and pepper
Marble rye bread

Don't cook much, pls no bully
Ate half
The bread is bullshit but it's good otherwise
that's pretty tasty looking anon, spinach or lettuce in that could've made it a lot better though
Cant go wrong with waterlemon in the summer
rock on doood

File: morgan.jpg (24 KB, 200x428)
24 KB
What liquid looks similiar to rum that I can place inside a rum bottle
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>stop and shop
Fellow Northeast here. CT
File: shopping (1).jpg (17 KB, 375x456)
17 KB
Captain Morgan looks like rum but isn't. Note "spiced gold" instead of rum.
same here broski.
Fairfield, you?
Nice to see some fellow CTanons. Newtown here.
Watered down flat coke

File: avocadofruit.jpg (56 KB, 700x525)
56 KB
American chink here, what're some recipes that use avocados? I rarely eat them and my folks bought a whole bunch on sale
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Most SE Asia as well actually. In Indonesia we also put mashed avocado and espresso together, something like affogato. Or if you don't like coffee some people use chocolate syrup.

Sliced mango and avocado, top with shaved ice and some condensed milk. Add some cubed jell-o or other sweet things, idk
Ceviche has avocado and can have mango

Of course you need all the other ingredients (seafood, lemon, onions or scallops, sometimes radish, serrano/habanero/peruvian chilli, herbs like cilantro, etc) for a nice balance.
You can make a god-tier sandwich with turkey, swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, mayo, and avocado. Tomato too if you're into that gross shit.

They also go well on salads, tacos, you could make some guacamole or some other dip, sushi, etc etc etc
>Tomato too if you're into that gross shit
t. tastelet
Dawg just make like basically any kind of tacos

Why is this an American thing?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I got confused by this and googled "fat free cream" to realign myself and all the results are about this exact product. BRB, just deleting my internet and creating a new identity.
What exactly are you asking?
Why is Half and half more popular in the US than regular cream? Not really common here in Europe.
In USA you have at least five gradations of a milk's cream content. How is this marketable.
I guess most people think regular cream is too heavy to be added to coffee or tea, which is mostly what half and half is used for. Cream is used more for making sauces or desserts.

I just stumbled on this thread. What I want to know is, how is this different from buying meat?

This anon says buying precut vegetables is a mistake and waste of money. How is this different from buying precut meat?

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
No you dumb nigger, I’m saying that paying a butcher to cut your meat for you is fucking retarded when you can buy a whole cow.
Whole animals are extremely cumbersome, but if it's a chicken I will define truly buy a whole one
You can also buy vegetable seeds.
You can easily buy a male and female calf
Your post literally doesn’t make sense
Buying two pounds of carrots and chopping them yourself is a lot more practical than buying a whole pig and cutting it up in your kitchen, you stupid fuck.
Plenty of people here buy whole chickens instead of separate cuts, though, since that's fucking manageable.
Fucking stupid thread. I'm glad I stopped wasting my time posting actual cooking here.

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