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what fancy dish would a guy have to make in order to win your heart?

would it even be possible..?
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someone got defensive REAL QUICK
>i'm barricading myself in the closet as a defensive mechanism to counteract their posibility of having a defensive mechanism.
I have an asshole that tastes like ur mum's vagina
It really depends on the individual, anon.

For me, it'd be yasai ramen.
sorry mate, twig and berries are a no-go
no vag, no action

File: image.jpg (254 KB, 640x857)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Spam, eggs, toast, hash browns for after church brunch when I was a kid. I can make it now, but my parents are much better cooks than me, and it tastes better when they make it.
>spam is gross
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It is top teir eating. I'm surprised more people haven't discovered it. Glad to know someone has the same opinion though. Most people think im out of my mind
I dunno if you have ever made this before but here's a tip= use a can opener on the bottom of the spam can to get yourself a form for your rice
my mom was a pretty shit cook (excellent baker tho), but she made a mean chicken marsala.
What part of Texas you from?
I grew up near the King Ranch, so King Ranch chicken was on the school menu pretty often.
>we were poor

You don't even know what poor is like.

File: DrP8GsLWwAAss0T.jpg (18 KB, 300x250)
18 KB
i'm a 26 year old neet who has never cooked a meal or bought groceries before. i moved out 2 days ago and i'm almost out of hotpockets. what should i do?
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>26 year old
>never learned how to take care for himself
>doting parents
>somehow the jews are at fault

Typical p*ltard
Chicken is super easy. Just get a chicken cutlet (boneless breast), cut it up fairly small, like cubes or strips. Fry it in some oil on high heat until it’s golden brown, or at least white all the way through. This takes no time at all. Now you can put it aside and fry up some vegetables in the same way (cut thin, fry to desired done-ness). Start with a little minced garlic let it cook just a moment, then some sliced onion, then any other vegetable. Mix the chicken back in and that’s it. Congratulations, you now have the basis of all stir fries. From there you can experiment with other recipies, ingredients and sauces.

Take the above: Add slices of green pepper with the onion, a can of pinto/red beans once you add the chicken back in, and a packet of sazon. Maybe some green olives. That over yellow rice.

Or add a bit of ginger with the garlic, a can of pineapple at the end and a tablespoon or two of soy sauce. Let that boil down a bit and have with white rice.

Get some curry pastes/cubes and follow the instructions there, those are a nice start.
File: a24M6Z9_460s.jpg (36 KB, 460x420)
36 KB
Like the other anon said, stir fries are your best bet for learning first, easy meals. Basically throw shit in the pan/wok and watch it cook.
Meat first though, since it needs more time to cook, then the veg.
Once done throw it on the rice you just cooked and violin !
You'll fuck up sometimes, but the important part is to keep doing it and learning from your mistakes.

Also eggs. First meal I ever made was scrambled eggs.
Since I was a kid with zero experience, they were drier than the fucking Sahara desert and I managed to drop the pan on the floor which then ripped a nice big circle out of the linoleum we had in the kitchen back then. /blog

Point is, don't get discouraged, ask your friends, if you have any, for honest, constructive feedback and just keep on improving.

Last small tip, it's easier to add ingredients than it is to remove them, so go easy on spices, add more as you go and keep on tasting.

literally don't listen to any of these guys.

i was in your same position and one day said "i'm gonna learn to make burritos." burritos are my favorite food and i thought to myself "how hard can they be?"

they're not that hard. think of one of your favorite things to eat and look up a recipe on youtube. if it's too hard, think of another thing to cook until you feel comfortable cooking it. i'd definitely recommend burritos or stir fry of some kind.

i got the stir fry from based greg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk46PaIQaa0
also keep in mind you don't need everything the youtube video says. like in this greg's kitchen stir fry video he wants oyster sauce, ginger, chile, etc. i usually just use soy sauce or some kinda teriyaki sauce. start with stuff you can understand/know you'll like then move on to experiment when you feel comfortable.

oh yeah eggs are easy too

File: IMG_20190121_131121.jpg (251 KB, 1080x1440)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
rate my chicken katsu anons
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Where's the possum?
more like chicken CRAPsu
Based Fun Nuggets™ poster.
File: IMG_20190122_195508.jpg (3.73 MB, 3024x4032)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB JPG
im back, and tonights dinner: katsu sandwich
The fuck?

File: 019731.jpg (7 KB, 260x260)
7 KB
Okay so if Lindt is really as crap as /ck/ claims, what are some better, but still relatively easy to find, chocolate brands?
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I actually switched back to lindt 70% from a more expensive brand because it tastes better.
I've had plenty better than that, but for "buy once in a while" prices.
What's the other 1% though?
File: 20190122_170549.jpg (1.75 MB, 3096x4128)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
it says negro on the package, I don't like those
99% sucks. It's some kind of firm jelly in a thin sheet.

If you want to blow your own mind, eat a square of unsweetened baking chocolate before eating lindt 90%. The baking chocolate will taste like dry ass, but it will make you amazingly receptive to the slightest hint of sweetness in chocolate. Only instead of needing sugar, it can be more cocoa and the flavor is explosive.

Other chocolate I like is nestle toll house, but it's only chocolate chips for baking.

File: velveeta.jpg (40 KB, 488x488)
40 KB
ITT foods that hipsters will adopt within the next 5 years, ironically or otherwise

Pic related
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i meant just for beer anon, not garbage processed food
Oh, then sorry. I apologize for being mean to you, my bad. <3
its ok anon thank you for apologizing
Deep frying good food with batter instead of memeing it up with "breaded" and garbage
Making fresh pasta. I don't know why, but I think it'll be the new "brewing my own beer" shit. I tried it last week and I liked it.

File: 7-11.jpg (451 KB, 1099x595)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
You're going to a 7-11, you've got 40$, what things would you buy to create a passable lunch? Full meal.
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Use the Paypal feature, upload 37 dollars (cost 3 dollars to use the service), and fast while I buy stuff online.
I'll take 3 Monterey chicken Taquitos, 5 steak and cheese taquitos, 12-pack of chicken wings in each flavor, couple Jamaican meat patties, 3 pack of tendies, and Pepperoni Pizza

Oahu 7-11 G E T
I miss manapua so god damned much.

Why did you leave? You Kama’aina?

File: a&w.png (57 KB, 800x400)
57 KB
Which is superior?
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Old good
New bad
They both started at the same time.
I like left, right looks like a place I'd go to for a shady loan or something.
Classic logos thread?
How legit is Canadian A&W?

File: 20190122_165016.jpg (2.02 MB, 3264x2448)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
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I had an obsession with rodeo cheeseburgers in the late 2000s and very early 2010s when they were still a secret menu item and much cheaper
File: 20181029_132313-2016x1134.jpg (415 KB, 2016x1134)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
Looks like shit. Last time I went to BK I had pic related.
Also back then when you ordered "rodeo burger" they came with cheese automatically. Now they jew you with forcing you to say rodeo cheeseburger to pay for the cheese. Cocksuckers
Good times anon.
Working at blockbuster senior year of highschool.
Manager and I used to close together on weekends. He’d always send me out to get a bag of cheesy rodeo burgers to eat while we watched justice league on the direct tv kiosk.

File: 48-3-large.jpg (63 KB, 1248x832)
63 KB
Why are pancakes so comfy?
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File: 1472158312386.jpg (8 KB, 250x238)
8 KB
Creamed spinach
i have syrup with pancakes every three years or so but i have pancakes kind of often. but i have syrup with waffles (because they're better syrup catchers)
it's not the syrup. it's never been the syrup for me, pancakes just make you hate them

File: kitchen gopro.webm (2.88 MB, 640x360)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB WEBM
Not the money kind, just anything you've picked up in the kitchen that might be useful at home.

eg. Prep a ton of guacamole quickly by just smashing the avocado halves through a cooling rack, cool a stock pot by putting it in a sink of ice water and stirring the pot.
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What kind of restaurant is serving cum?
>What if someone ate cum and then sucked the bones a bit after?
Hmm, that certainly wouldn't have been you, right?
My neighbor and I went down to a local cattle auction house and bought a grassfed organic cow on the hoof where we each took a side, had a slaughterhouse pick it up and specified cutting it into primals and sawing the bones into stock sized pieces. Cheap af, but you have to have a freezer to keep it.
Itt: True proof that /ck/ both can't cook and is full of pansy baby men.
Apparently that guys

You guys think Turkish coffee could ever catch on in the states? Everyone is crazy for coffee, dont see why this one couldn't catch on?
might need too much equipment and technique to catch on
I'm thinking this year will be all about eating shit straight from asses.
There will be a huge craze in MTF transgender shit, all the benefits (size and smell) of male shit with the side benefit of prostate stimulation and very little anal pubes.

Honest thoughts on Babish?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I really dont see him picking a fight with anyone.

That's not a compliment to him.
Why would you think that? He's more mediocrely attractive than I am and I've been married twice. My second wife was actually very hot. Its not that hard to get girls, anon, and its not that hard to marry them either. Alas, it can be hard to keep the relationship over long years, to which I said fuck no to because both of them were horrific companions.
if they were horrific, why did you marry them?
This guy is wasting his time recreating shit on TV. Like just make dishes out right without any gay references to the office or whatever his shitty gimmick is about. I like the visuals of it, but fucking hell, he's not interesting.
I don't see why people here dislike him so much. I enjoy seeing attempts at dishes from pop culture. I don't really look to him as more than entertainment though, especially because I don't have nearly as many kitchen resources as he does.

Your favorite way of cooking this?
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1.Crush up some peppermints, brand doesn't matter.
2.Mix lemon juice and a tea spoon of cinnamon to the peppermint dust
3.Put fish and mixture in ziploc bag
4.Fill large pot with water and bring to a boil
5.Use string or maybe some thin rope to hang the ziploc bag very close to the boiling water (but not touching!)
After a few hours the fish should be cooked and ready to go.
They key, if you’re not doing it already for baking, is to keep it on the skin and to broil it. ALWAYS comes out extremely juicy no matter what.
>skin side down
You disgust me
Salmon chowder tastes the best. Im a commercial fisherman, when Im sick of the flavor ill fry in a cast iron and slather it with cream cheese and various asian spicy sauces. Samal oelek comes to mind. Anything that is just labeled gourmet sauce should be fine too. Avoid atlantic, chinese, pink and chum salmon. Reds taste the best, silver is the best grilling fish period.
File: 2ac.png (237 KB, 600x679)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
>doesn't like crispy skin

Does /ck/ approve of Donna's chicken?

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I'm not watching her video because she was always such a shit actress on that 70s show it offended me
File: cara-0y420.jpg (58 KB, 500x562)
58 KB
>awesome for working moms and people who are busy
>tons of prep work
>takes an hour and a half to bake
this chick really has no idea what it means to be busy, does she?
Who told this woman she knew how to cook?
do people really find this baboon attractive? did they ever?

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