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File: uuu.jpg (129 KB, 1000x667)
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I'm 19, male, Australian, and have been to 20+ countries incl. North Korea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Russia, Rwanda...

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You can check the dates looking at the stamps in your passport.
That's gonna be hard if you travel to a country that doesn't issue stamps, or if you replace your passport (and not keep your old one). It's mostly a non-issue to me now, since this wildly improbably scenario didn't happen to me, and if it does, I'll be more than prepared.
You guys are fucking retarded. You obviously only ever write down the countries that can be traced back to you, i. e. your passport stamps or at least one country for plausible deniability purposes. Apart from that they have 0, ZERO, ways to verify that because different jurisdictions.
>North Korea
Send pics

PS: here's my question
Who paid your trips?
I usually visit Asia and Europe every day!
+b*tch, you live in Istanbul

The US has a major homelessness crisis, with lots of drug addicts and mentally ill people wandering the streets in every major city in the country, is this also the case in european cities as well? Serious btw, I would like to hear perspectives on this because NYC is on a level that is becoming unbearable.
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Why are these hordes of mentally unstable people not just hauled off and put into a mental asylum?
Homeless people are a plague in every US city, but I would take them over European gypsies any day of the week.
I was wondering the same thing and found this...

>The modern deinstitutionalisation movement was made possible by the discovery of psychiatric drugs in the mid-20th century, which could manage psychotic episodes and reduced the need for patients to be confined and restrained. Another major impetus was a series of socio-political movements that campaigned for patient freedom. Lastly, there were financial imperatives, with many governments also viewing it as a way to save costs.

Basically the US closed all of its insane asylums and allowed patients the option to refuse treatment outright and left it in the hands of the mentally insane to decide whether to choke down some pills or not. Also prisons effectively replaced mental treatment centers.
Not nearly to the same extent as the US, but for some reason the area around main train station in pretty much every European city is always a pretty shit area with homeless people and addicts.
oslofag here, 80% are gypsies and the rest are junkies. junkies are alright but noone likes the gypsies who simply come here to get coin.

> Boomer at heart
> Want to live somewhere near a beach
Is it possible without millons?
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Mexico is bestico. You can get a house in the baja on the beach for 100k
How much money do you have, how old, do you plan on working, do you want crystal clear water like that or any other beach type will do?

There's a lot of places in SEA that are pretty remote, take Malaysia for example. Langkawi is dope although not too much really fun happens there, Borneo is alright too.
If you're willing to live in a rented concrete box, Taiwan has plenty of empty housing near beaches. The beaches are mostly low quality, though. Kenting is the nice one. If you want to be right on the water, then it's going to cost you, but you can rent 20 minutes away for maybe $300/mo and scooter there whenever you want.

If you just want water, Hualien has really crappy stone beaches, and you can rent a short drive from them for $150/mo. The waves make a really weird/neat hissing sound as they hit the rocks and then flow back out through them. Lots of nighttime fishing also. Only big downside is that Hualien is Earthquake Central for Taiwan.
If you are European, Eastern Algarve.
If you are North American, Belize.
File: Screenshot_1.png (119 KB, 585x487)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
If you want to venture into South America, the southern coast of Brazil until the Prata River in Uruguay is like 600km of beach without interruption, so im sure you can find really cheap property with infinite beach, probably much harder to get a job though

File deleted.
I think I caught bed bugs when traveling what can I do to make sure I don't bring them home with me?
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I've been to many hundreds of hostels and hotels over the years, almost all of it in developing countries, never been aware of their being bedbugs. Convince me it's not a myth?
assuming you haven't brought them into your home, they aren't that hard to get right of right? When you fly back just buy 1 set of new clothes, deal that shit in a bag, get to house, change into clothes before going in, put everything else into garbage bag, stick said bag contents into dryer for 30 minutes aaaand finished. I guess you dust off everything non clothing outside and perhaps just toss the backpack if you can't be bothered

am I missing something here?
If you miss even 2 eggs you're fucked. But yes the biggest terror of bedbugs is they are impossible to get rid of once you bring them home
had them in a hotel in Coppenhagen.
You won't know until it's too late, usally due to numerous bumps but they take like 4 days to develop and/or round brown stains on the bed sheets.
When you go home put all of the clothes in a bag and spray it with bug spray (intensely) do this mulptiple times if you want, then after letting it rest for a bit place all your clothes in the washing machine and that will kill everything.
you don't really need to do the spray part, just dump it in the dryer since the heat will kill all the eggs. if you ever get worried that your bed was kinda sketchy then just take the precautions like other anons have said before you step into your home. Worse comes to worse just leave everything otiside, go inside naked, take everything to the local laundromat and do it there if you're worried about shit getting inside. Replacing a backpack/clothes/whatever is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better than dealing with an infested home.

File deleted.
Hypothetically speaking, can I use my cousins Canadian passport to go to North Korea on one of those tours? I'm American, and unfortunately I can't because of fucking Otto Warmbier.

We look alike, same height, same weight, I can change my hair color to match his picture. I can even sound a little bit Canadian, but I doubt they'd know the difference between American and Canadian accent.
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You're an absolute fucking retard.

I also hope you go and see what happens, so you can't shit up this board anymore.
This is legit the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You want to go to one of the most dangerous places in the world under a fake identity. I would give you a 70% chance of ending up like that UVA retard

Do you really think you’ll get that much clout by saying you’ve been to North Korea? This is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard of
It's one of the safest places in the world, not dangerous, you idiotic twat.
who knows. do it and report back
What's your brother's zodiac sign, OP?

File: download.jpg (12 KB, 290x174)
12 KB
Going to Lisbon next monday and spending my week there, any tips about the city? Any Lisbonese wanting to meet?
where are you staying? i though in the middle of the old town was the coolest to stay, also if you do drugs the place is infested with dealers your coice between gypsy Muslim or black. the place is also full of Brazilians and empty superbock bottles. the women are kinda hard to get but there was a nice prostitute i had when i was there.... expensive though

if you get a chance go to cabo da rocka and hike the coastline there or rent a motobike.

Pena palace is cool as fuck but expensive to get in 19eu i think the whole town of Sinatra is a must to be honest
Thank you, I am not planning on doing drugs nor prostitution. But I take your advice, hahaha.

We are staying in a hostel near the city center,
Wait, you're spending a week there? For what purpose? Spend 2 days (3 if you want to stand in a queue in Sintra) and then go see other places.
there are alot of homeless

File: 1562603648153.jpg (803 KB, 928x1620)
803 KB
803 KB JPG
Easy enough, beautiful nightskies is what it's about. Share your recs, brehs
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File: CI7A3965.jpg (5.59 MB, 6720x4480)
5.59 MB
5.59 MB JPG
I share a house, keep my costs as low as I can, cheapskate a bit abroad, work interim jobs with decent pay - aka I can just save up some money and bugger off when I feel like it. Not saving much on the side, but it's a choice I made. And I pick my destinations for their /out/ level.

Tanzania and Peru were still with my parents, over a decade ago now.

Unedited pic from Afghanistan night sky, probably one of the bad ones but first one I found.
In the NE USA, Stratton, VT. Could easily see satellites passing by.
Thanks for sharing, pic looks incredible btw. Gotta start visiting more /out/ destinations.
I want to see Milky Way from Australian desert
Around Kočevska reka in Slovenia, formarly a closed area, very sparsely populated
Wilderness=no light pollution

I am going to Cuba soon, I dont have much experience traveling, I am bringing clothes, basic utilities and 700 € for a 17 Day trip.

Anything else?
Feel free to dump tips!
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File: COMM.png (7 KB, 300x250)
7 KB
Theres old women standing by washrooms, whether it be private or public and they hold toilet paper and the lock to the washroom door. You need to tip them something to use the washroom, kinda gay but that's what happens when you go full commie
There are many LGBT bars and clubs in Havana, I read in the guide that the government even pays for sex changes so they're more accepting that many caribbean countries.

>I've been to Cuba over 10 times over the past few years but I mainly stay at beach resorts.

Why do you go so much? I went once and while I liked it, it's very calming and quite I don't going for a second time.

Pro tip: If you buy coffe from a lady on the street bring your own cup, they reuse plastic ones ;)
I mostly go and buy fake cohibas and sell them to idiots in my country
You should really plan on spending more in Cuba if you can afford. This is only my opinion but 17 days in Cuba with a 700 euro budget would kinda suck

You’re on vacation right so live it up if you can. A 700 euro budget for 2 people is basically homelessness imo. Up it to 2 grand and you’ll have an amazing time
Where did he say he's going with another person?

For one person 700 euros really is a budget situation but he can manage if he doesn't fall on tourist traps and know his way around.

Try Heladeria copelia, really good ice cream for pennies, but you have to go as a local or they'll send you to the gringo stand where they sell the same ice cream more expensive and without the cone powder.

Hey /trv/ it’s a bit early but what are the best countries to travel to for the Christmas season. I’d want to go somewhere that has places like pic related, or those coke truck ads, just any of those comfy white Christmas feels. I’d also like somewhere that has cities with a big Christmas presence. I’ve heard that the Northern European countries are good as well as Canada and parts of America. I’m Australian btw so I’ve never even seen a white Christmas
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any nordic country other than sweden
If you want a white christmas then I would recommend Canada. I hate to advertise Ontario for anything but if you're after a lot of snow that place is perfect. Or you could go to Vancouver and go to Whistler, it's pretty much an Australian town already.

But honestly man Germany encompasses the vibe way more. Christmas markets start a couple months ahead, and everyone walks around with Glüwein and has a merry time. Only thing is a lot of stuff closes on xmas day so as a traveler you'll want to plan ahead for it.
Honestly I was planning on going in the next 2 years rather than this year haha
Asheville, North Carolina, or Quebec City. Pic is the former (inside Grove Park Inn).
Sweden does the comfy Christmas aesthetic really well and you have a good chance of snow (especially if you head north) but a lot of stuff closes down around Christmas.
I believe that Finnish Lapland buys into the Christmas meme pretty hard.

File: 1563082347239.webm (1.92 MB, 576x1246)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB WEBM
>be about to turn 31
>Mom offers to buy me a plane ticket for my vacation in December for my birthday
>Want to go to Asia
I'm thinking korea, Japan, or Tawain. Where can I find a qt Asian girl to let me lick her butthole and cum on her face? I went to Malaysia 2 years ago. The sex was pretty vanilla
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
SEA is not Korea, Japan, or Taiwan. Learn fucking geography first before trying to fuck a monkey faced ugly "asian".
Amerifats keeping this myth alive.
You're not rare anymore, Yumi-chan gets foreign cock every Saturday night
>That shit doesn’t happen unless they’re cultists trying to recruit you.
If they offer me their pussy as compensation, who am I to say no?
they don't offer pussy. they ask for donations
Just like my soapland sluts at Paradise!

Made a impulse ticket buy to Seattle with no intenery for tomatrow, give me some cool lowdowns
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sounds gay. just got to mt rainer and be done with it. That was my favorite part of washington. didn't get anything memorable of seattle. portland was better
Pinball Museum
I have been there before though.
I kind of want to go to the mountain area to the north but don’t know much about it

There words: heroin, heroin, heroin.

The locals just call it good shit(TM).

But not so much of that shit you'll pitch a tent there and never go home.

Seattle heroin is plentiful and like kissing god. The atmosphere is incredible for getting so fucking blasted you drool. About 80% of Seattlites will even cover you with a blanket and check in on you if you pass out on their lawn.

After Vancouver, Seattle is literally the safest place in the world to get high off your ass with real shit.

If you're new to the scene, don't worry.

A three day binge on the best shit ever won't make you a raving junkie.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>t. Standard Seattle dope fiend

File: IMG-20180725-WA0015.jpg (74 KB, 800x450)
74 KB
Any anons living in the Philippines have advice on best way to buy property there without getting ripped off because you are a westerner?
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Piggybacking -- any other countries where it's easy to get into the buy-to-let market as a foreigner and make some decent dosh? Bonus points if mortgages or lending are easy to get
>that pic
fucking LMAO
>Contracts are basically meaningless for foreigners in the Philippines. If a local wants to fuck you over, the courts will oblige.
Then there's the answer. If it's really that easy to get fucked over, then Philippines is not an option.
Because renting is obviously a jewish conspiracy to take our money.
>You really should not enter into long-term plans there, because any time anyone wants to steal your shit or force you out of the way, it's only a couple of hundred bucks for them to get what they want.
Is that really likely to happen for some guy owning a modest house?
I mean I've read the news stories, but it's usually someone owning a business of some kind afaik

File: eugeneparis.jpg (100 KB, 940x627)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
What's the most European like city in the US? I've checked out most of the ones that you get in lists and basically none of them look close. You get maybe a single street or two if your lucky. There has to be at least one city that is comparable.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
St Augustine of course
the north end in boston and the west village in NYC are probably closest simply due to when and how they were constructed
Wait, what?

>Ponte Vedra
DuPont circle area of DC
Some areas of philadelphia, but smaller cities like york have a european feel

scenic drives in your country?
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Three capes scenic drive in Oregon is one of the most beautiful places i've ever seen
File: trollstigen.jpg (284 KB, 1080x718)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
Trollstigen, Norway
Pacific coast highway, usa
Hpa-An Myanmar
Karakoram Highway

Planning on moving to Nürnberg in November from Canada to be with my girlfriend. I love her but I don't think I'll marry her. All that aside, what can I expect from living in Bavaria as far as climate (I have severe SAD in Canada) and general life differences. Will I want to kill myself?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I live in Canada same as OP. Only a marketer would tell you SAD exists. There is a very real problem with people peddling these trendy fabricated illnesses. I wonder if there is a disorder for that, because you absolutely have it.
I do all those things in Canada and am very fit and active. It still affects me, but wouldn't be as bad if it's not - 30 every fucking day. (I live in Alberta)
For me at least, it's not so much the lack of sunlight. When it's minus 40 I never want to go outside and talk to people and I think the lack of social activity affects me negatively.
Ugliest Bavarian city, outside of the inner parts
SAD is very real. It doesn't affect most people much.

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