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File: Niagara_Falls_Skyline.jpg (2.9 MB, 3740x2378)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB JPG
Pic related for me, Niagara Falls themselves are great but the city itself is a shithole. It's like a freezing and run down version of Vegas. Would not recommend.
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My dad wants me to move down to Charlotte to take up a job offer in networking but I’d probably kill myself since that city is so bland.

don't move into the city proper. it's full of niggers and hipster trash. live in the suburbs
I live here.

The high cost of living combined with the fact that our city isn't even modernised yet (for example our first subway doesn't even open until 2024).

If you really wanted to see the good parts of New Zealand, I definitely would advise avoiding my city. In the first place, urban environments aren't the first thing people think of when talking about this country anyway.
Sibolga, Indonesia. On my way to beautiful Palau Nias, got to catch a ferry from this nasty shithole. Dirty, polluted, nowhere Port town in Southern Sumatra.
Hassled by touts, one shouting "Bin Laden good!", following me, pulling at my shitty backpacker necklace saying "you rich"! Fucking hate it when people put their hands on me.
Two backpackers went into a travel agent to avoid the touts. One tout spits a big gob of spit in his face. Backpacker pushes him and touts start screaming and chasing them down the road.
Nasty, dirty little town.

This is not me. Anyway in answer to your question:
>The city is massively sprawled. Each 'neighbourhood' is tiny so if you really want to get around it's very inefficient.
>The train system sucks (no subway, few stops)
>The bus system (apart from inner city) sucks and is expensive
>Traffic sucks
>Downtown is full of Chinese that are not interested in assimilating. They're just there for easy visas and to work in Chinese owned business
>Barely any nightlife
>Most of the food is bad, expensive Asian food
>Ugly as shit, with buildings mostly designed to be as cheap as possible
>Racist hobos wander around getting in fights with each other
>Rent is insanely expensive relative to the average wage

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File: scandinavia900.png (612 KB, 900x689)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
Which scandinavian country would be the safest bet to immigrate to from america? How would I do it?
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>other Scandinavian countries imo
Sigh. Finland isn't even part of Scandinavia.
>Sweden is a fire on its own
well i heard sweden accept a lot of refugees
File: bobo12.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB

File deleted.
What do you all do for a living? Seems like there are a lot of successful posters here, unlike the usual run of the mill incel loser that frequents this website.
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Stop projecting faggot
Expat journalist/editor. 2 years in Shanghai, nearly five years in Hong Kong now. Hopefully moving to a third city in the region in the next year or two.
>If you need someone else to be happy you have issues
I need friends and family to make me happy, like all other non-sociopaths.
Have a nice life.
Tell me your ways. I just got out after 4 years. Start college this January. Hkn stly, I'm pretty scared about the future. I'll be majoring in Marine Biology.
>being this much of a passive aggressive effeminate cunt
You do indeed sound very happy

Looking for towns which are:

1) High IQ... many PhDs or similar

2) Low cost of living... a professional salary can buy a house with land

3) Small... under 50k people so it's not full of global chain stores

For a long time, Corvallis Oregon fit the bill. Its festival "Da Vinci Days" (pic related) showed the spirit of the town. But when the town hit 50k, things changed and the festival isn't every year anymore. Not good.

I still recommend seeing "Da Vinci Days" and a rodeo at a county fair. Good times. The "Pig N Ford" race in Tillamook is a sight to see.
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youre mad right now about words over the internet
from someone you have literally never seen and will never see
its really sad tbqh
File: melbourne cunt.jpg (49 KB, 580x509)
49 KB
Melbourne, Florida. The place is absolutely swimming with engineers due to the proximity to Kennedy Space Center and the sheer number of defense contractors in the county. Cost of living is fairly inexpensive, and the area's not too large.
but im not lmao
too bad it's fucking florida though
Living at the beach was quite pleasant, but you are right. Outdoor activities mostly require some sort of boat. I have a surfboard and kayak (for fishing), and you'll want to make a friend who has a motorboat (there are plenty of them around. Like I said, lots of engineers with too much money, boats and Teslas are super common around here).

Just returned from a 1 month trip to Ukraine.

Rule is that Americans can spend 3 months every 6 months on a tourist visa. Can I return within this same 6 month period and use the remaining unused 2 months?
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Ukranian women and men are leading the world's stats in cuckoldry, i.e. raising another man's child because the woman married at 18 and divorced at 21. It's why their "country" is in such a shape as it is.
>Ukraine has been the only country I've been to that I didn't manage to get laid in.
Must be something with you.
If you like a challenge though, go for it. Ukraine has been the only country I've been to that I didn't manage to get laid in.

Only when the woman is convinced that the relationship is a long-term one will her legs spread open and even then they have certain standards that are actually higher than in the west.

There is no real hookup culture in Ukraine and Russia. Meaning it's exceptionally hard to get laid without dating the women seriously. There is no such thing as hookups happening or sex after a couple of dates.

imagine being this retarded
>Ukranian women and men are leading the world's stats in cuckoldry
I want to be a cuckold tell me more, I have a hard-on.
File: 1540416459135m.jpg (75 KB, 1024x708)
75 KB
Almost nobody marries at 18 lol, even in rural areas. Getting married in early 20s and divorced in mid or late 20s is common though, but even then, I would say only about half have children.
And the rest of your post is just wrong anyways. USA is king for cucks.

File deleted.
If you were doing your own version of Eat, Pray, Love, which countries would you choose?

You spend four months in each country.

In one country, you eat and learn the local language.

In one country, you pray.

In one country, you find love.
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México or Perú

Nepal or Bhutan

Argentina or Brazil

I went overseas to become an English Teacher, and I've been out here for about 5 years. I live an upper middle-class lifestyle (albeit in a 3rd world country), and I have a wife who's native. I'm thinking about saving up money and opening a restaurant or something here, as teaching English is fun but kind of tiresome.

I like my expat life, but I don't really have any friends. Most people that live here are creepy as shit or old alcoholics. I have my wife, but I still kinda wish I had friends. I have one friend back home, and I talk to him sometimes but that's it. Also I can't really go back home because this is the only job I've ever really had.

Does anyone have any advice for coping with this feel or can anyone relate
Where you at mate? I have the same problem. I really hate the personality of most expats. I hang with locals but it’s superficial. It’s very clear that I’m only invited out to get attention for them and entertain them by saying swear words in their language.
I can relate. Most of the expats I've met are criminal scum. That's not me being some moralfag, that's an accurate description.

>Roommate from when I first moved here is busted for major drug dealing, spends 10 years in prison
>Help a guy out with a project for his work, he "forgets" to pay me, then literally threatens to kill me. Over $60.
>Longtime expat with a sick kid "borrows" money from me "for emergency medical care" for her, find out he used it to fly to Bangkok to fuck hookers, never pays me back
>"Friend" tries to drug me to rob me

Two of these were English teachers, so it's kind of expected from that sort of loser (sorry but it's true), but the other two had real careers.

Then there are all the other alcoholics and mentally ill expats. The only ones who are even potentially trustworthy are the retirees who married someone from here and decided to stretch out their savings where it was cheap to live.
This is what I’m afraid of. I want to go teach English in SEA to gtfo America but I feel like I’m just gonna be perpetually alone, drinking, fucking hookers, and turning into a really creepy old man. I don’t wanna get married because fuck that. What country are you TEFLing in OP?
I had that problem too OP a solution is finding local board game groups and learning the language..

File: taipei-101-1.jpg (282 KB, 2048x1249)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Hey /trv/, I'm going to Taipei for a weekend. What're the best things to see 'n' do?

I've heard the night markets can be pretty hit or miss. One friend suggested Raohe, saying the others are too big and have too much crap that isn't food.

Apparently, the National Palace Museum and Contemporary Art Museum are both worthwhile. That true?

Any other recommendations? Anything nice in the hills?
Raohe and Shilin are usually the top recommendations, food-wise.
IMHO Raohe is better. Shilin is just a meme nowadays. Lehua used to be awesome but the neighborhood got greedy and decided to "clean up the night market" so that they could sell their properties to high-end developers. LOL, it's fucking Yonghe, the only thing worthwhile there was the night market.

>National Palace Museum
Worth it if you're into seeing old Chinese art and artifacts. Operative word is "old". As a museum of ancient Chinese culture and history, it's the best there is.

There are some trails going up Yangmingshan that might be worth a hike to see the scenery, if you don't mind a LOT of exercise. Taipei 101 is nice for the views when it isn't cloudy.

If you don't mind a two hour train ride each way, plus an hour or two in a taxi, Taroko Gorge is worth seeing. Go to the Songshan (not airport) MRT station and take an express train to the Hualien train station. Taxi drivers will be waiting outside to offer Taroko tours. Cost is maybe US$100 for the day. You need to get there early in the day, though.
I was planning on visiting Shilin myself because I saw some foods that I wanted to try, but I just might end up doing Raohe instead, if they have the same selection or greater. Hell, I might even do both if I can somehow find the time for it.
How steep are the Yangmingshan trails? I'm currently in HK and most trails here are okay.

Also, what're the nice neighbourhoods to wander around?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
>how steep
The one I went on was a literal staircase that lasted forever. Once you hit the top there was a nice trail down.

>nice neighbourhoods
If you mean city shopping districts with hot women walking around, Xinyi, just go to City Hall MRT and walk south toward Taipei 101. If you mean pleasant suburbs, there's no such thing. The entire country is a mix of jungle and huge piles of Soviet concrete box style architecture. There are farm fields once you go far enough out.

The "old street" west of Shuanglian MRT is trying to put together an upscale shopping mall area, but it's mostly facades over Soviet concrete boxes.

File: 1328036324891.jpg (151 KB, 1920x1200)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Greetings from /fit/. Could someone please recommend a good checked hardshell suitcase? The wife and I have been traveling pretty regularly and our older bags have taken quite the beating. We'd like to upgrade to something more resistant to damage and something that will keep our clothes dry if it gets stuck on a tarmac in a downpour. We'll use it for domestic and international traveling. Flying out of the USA (if that makes a difference).
copy paste from
Samsonite lite-cube is the luggage gold standard for durability, price/value and light weight. They run about $600 for all sizes so look out for sales/offers.
If that is too much Delsey is the next best for about $400 at the expense of some packing weight (especially the cabin trolly) and a bit of durability (still way above average and won't fall apart)

File: EU_Flag.jpg (717 KB, 1280x680)
717 KB
717 KB JPG
Where is the best place in the EU to go on a lads holiday?Obviously reasonably priced drink and good nightlife will be a priority but somewhere with something else to do besides drinking would be nice too.Where would yous recommend,preferably not filled up with Chavs and them kunts
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Hamburg would be a good bet
I've heard Prague talked up before. Baltics seem to be popular for cheap and fun bachelor parties.
Yeah had a look into Prague looks decent, wonder if anyone has their own experiences. Hadn't thought about baltics but I suppose the drink would be cheap so the fun would be mighty
What's it like there? Considered Berlin or Munich but not Hamburg
it must be cool to have friends man
It's cool,it can be a lot of fun bro

File: bad.png (106 KB, 301x286)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
What podcasts do /trv/ listen to?
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best podcast IMO
The Yogpod.
I've listend to a few others, but the Yogpod is hands down the only one that does it for me when traveling.
Just 2 mates talking funny shit and trolling each other is hilarious and relaxing for me when doing stressful shit like waiting to check-in for a flight or whatever.
Pity there's no other podcasts that even come close to the magic of the early Yogpod. Everyone else is so pretentious and such a fucking faggot in their podcasts.
The Bunt and the 9 club experience are my go to but i fuck hard with TAL and Planet Money.
hell yeah dude

File: cameras.jpg (15 KB, 320x180)
15 KB
What's the best way to record your vacation if you want to record a lot of shit. Like if I'm just walking around Tokyo and want to record everything what's the best option?

I was going to make this post in the JP thread but I figure this can apply to any vacation. A hands free way of recording everything with a lot of battery life would be ideal I'm just not familiar with what's out there as I've never really been into taking pictures or recording.
I don't think anything consumer level can beat GoPro (but I'm no expert). Tape it to your bag or shoulder strap to make it more inconspicuous.
How about >>>/p/ ?
Any modern phone will do good enough. Xiaomi has some real good cameras with the Google cam app compatible
Go pro, but really some countries especially in Asia don't like you recording them or others. Don't be one of those jackasses with a selfie stick walking around everywhere like a baffoon.

Overall given how this thread generally goes, you'll most likely be best off getting a new phone if you're on an old one. Decent camera phones exist under 200 dollars, for most shots you'll be fine unless it's dead of night or you're doing some really advanced zoom. Really given how you are pretty clueless on camera functions the software and options built into a phone would do you fine, a Redmi Note 8 is like 175 bucks and fully compatible with the gcam software

File: 1560818496527.jpg (198 KB, 1200x1200)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Welcome one and all to the first /blog/ general where we can shitpost, share our thoughts, optinions, and experiences that don't deserve their own therad.

I'll start with me here, sitting in my comfy Radisson Blu slippers, telling you how terrible their location in Sisli, Istanbul is, and I don't mean physical location. That's neat. I had a job interview where I travelled to the city internationally overnight and they denied me early check in - that's fine. But then they asked for a deposit for the mini bar and when I didn't provide one they also said that it's okay if they just lock it. I said that's preferrable because the mini bar is he last thing on my mind. So they locked it. And on the next day, checkout, they did a "mini bar" inspection while I was shaving, at around 10, even though check out is 12. Starting 11 they started calling the room for check out, at least 5 times, and I did check out at exactly 12. What a bunch of niggers.

Well, that's my /blog/post. Also if things get too rowdy in this thread,

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Go away glowies.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I know the ins and outs of immigrations and visa procedures of dozens and dozens of countries.
I managed to apply for a second ESTA well within 2 years, because I'm a fucking moron. There was probably a message alerting me of my active ESTA, but I clicked it away. One of the most stupid things I've done so far related to travel.
>Radisson Blu
>humble brag
Thats the equivalent of bragging about staying in a private hostel room.
I'd give anything to spend more time with the girl I met while I was traveling
I miss her like crazy and there's nothing I can do about it
Finding someone who you actually like and being seperated from her is hell
I though Radisson Blu was some expensive 5 star hotel?
Well I thought you knew that hotel ameneties like slippers are disposable and only poorfags, such as myself, keep them after their stay.
It is, and I've never stayed in such before, and I only did it because it was a great deal and I wanted to experience 5 stars, because my usual accommodation is the cheapest and shittiest hostel in any country. The guy above is being a projecting nigger.

File: 927638.jpg (1.67 MB, 3840x2160)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
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even the brits don't. let's hope that doesn't change.
Kojima literally went to Iceland for inspiration for the environments
Mr Hadrian, build that wall
From the game it looks like he got one singular inspiration and called it a day after patting himself on the back for how great he is.
about 8000 places identical, and better than this in iceland.

Has anyone on this board traveled to North Korea? What is it really like there?

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