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Does anyone used tracking devices on their person or luggage? Wife and I are doing a Eurotrip and I’d like to integrate some kind of tracking system for each other as a redundancy over phone calling in case we get separated/lost.
Also, anyone carry anything for self defense? I’m leaning towards a tactical flashlight with a bevel.
I’ve read people making a makeshift musical instrument out of a metal pipe, disguising baton as selfie stick, etc.
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Europe is too dangerous. Stay in the midwest.
File: FB_IMG_1555134500442.jpg (64 KB, 960x960)
64 KB
I wonder if you're just memeing or if you really believe your news when they say there are immigrants in Europe.

You realize that is all just fake news right? There are almost no immigrants and you have about 99.99% chance that you'll never even see a non-white person during your entire trip through Europe except if you meet an American tourist of course.
The truth lies somewhere between the extremes. But the idea that you will only see white people in Europe assumes you will only go to very remote rural areas, or have very selective vision.
>Self defense and weapons overseas

Best to research local laws before hand. A mistake people make is to assume that the laws on self defense violence and such are the same everywhere as they are at home. This is not the case.

File: 1533843050755.jpg (48 KB, 640x566)
48 KB
I'm 26 and live in wisconsin and have never travelled in my life.

The notre dame fire has made me realize theres alot of cool shit i havent seen in this world that might not always be here, and were living in an interesting time where you can travel the world for very little money.

Would it be worth it to spend the next few years paying off my shit, selling my possessions, and than travelling the world?

I have no path, I work in landscape, i wouldn't be leaving much behind. I'd like to get out to the east coast united states, canada, and europe.
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I'm 26. Never traveled until last year. It was great.
You don't have to sell all your shit - get a life style change dude. Move somewhere cheap and save money.
>If you want to see shit, just go to google street view or the internet in general.

Trv in a nutshell.

>If you want sex, just watch porn bro. It's the same thing!
Nowhere near comparable but if your tiny brain thought that was smart then so be it.
not him but as someone who regularly does all 4 items he's pretty accurate.

unless you are actually planning travel routes-- google street view is basically watching travel porn.

treat traveling the way you would treat hiking or camping. start smaller with some easy week or even weekend trips and build out. there is no reason to just run an abandon everything. fly out to. maybe start with a flight out to and easy east coast city like DC, Boston, or Charleston, (really whatever tickles your fancy) and give the east coast a week.
A thought occurs.

It might be wise to travel a bit just to see if you like it (not everyone does) before making too many life-altering plans to travel.

Assuming you literally have never left Wisconsin, I would reccomend maybe a trip to the Pacific NW or Grand Canyon - Vegas - Zion area as a way to see somethign new, check out what you enjoy but be able to speak the language and your money is good. In other words, do a test trip within the US.

Then maybe try Britain, someplace in Latin America, Italy, or something, and then maybe hit SE Asia.

That's an introduction to traveling that should help you decide if it does anything for you, without selling everything you own and all that.

>Travelling for the purpose of seeing shit is an obsolete concept.

There is no "One True Way," bro. People travel for all sorts of reasons. Some like to see new stuff, even if that rustles you.

File: tuscany-red-hills.jpg (600 KB, 2500x1406)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
My life has been meaningless. The only love I've ever felt has been from my parents. I've accomplished nothing. As childish as it sounds, I feel like escaping to some foreign country and starting over in somewhere fresh, new and exciting might bring me some renewed hope for my life.

I spent a month in Florence two years ago while studying abroad and absolutely loved it, I particularly enjoyed Sienna when we took a day-trip there. How feasible would it be for me - a young American that speaks no Italian, has no useful skills, and a useless degree - to just make a living in Tuscany?
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File: 20181101_210101 (1).jpg (173 KB, 1024x768)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>not separating work from rest of life
ESL teachers teach English to people with little or no knowledge of English. That's their function (such as it is). No one gives a fuck whether you speak Swahili or know all about Vermeer.

Outside of the classroom, he can "relate" to whomever he wishes. Go find some hot slut to bang by communicating only in gestures and grunts, or go discuss solar physics using mathematical equations, or go bore someone to death about early African primitive artwork (as if) in whatever limited amount of mutual language they share.

I thought we were an East Timorese cnidaria forum this week. Am I in the wrong place?
Maybe you could teach history and humanities at international schools?
just find a plastic bag and something to tie it tight with and then sit back and go on the adventure of a lifetime
>tries to tell OP to kill himself
>forgets to include the actual detail that would prove fatal


File: danger.png (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
has anyone here have traveled to an extreme 3rd world country?
not softcore like south america but like middle east kind of dangerous
Does Detroit count?
>middle east
>more dangerous than drug-riddled machete wielding cartel controlled malaria infested hellholes, where you can have your limbs chopped off cuz druglord X wanted to seem tough to druglord Y.

When will Americans learn that travelling is not for them?
File: image.jpg (632 KB, 1086x1080)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
Are we talking strictly tourism or do deployments count?
File: 1555371304980.gif (878 KB, 275x310)
878 KB
878 KB GIF
>Third World

This is an obsolete concept. The Cold War is over.
Yes Ive been to Chicago AMA

File: eesti.png (151 KB, 688x490)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Anyone been here around June-August time? The islands look great, as does Tallinn, is it /trv/ approved?
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It can get hot and humid as fuck around July-August, pretty nice forests and Tallinn is kinda interesting, people are nice but but not very outgoing at all.
The entire Baltics is based as fuck, espicially in summer

100% recommend Tallinn, one of the comfiest places on earth
As a tourist I couldn't imagine what I would do for more than a day in Tallinn. But I'm not from there either.

The islands are patrician though and a well kept secret, so far. Both Saaremaa and Hiiumaa are excellent for beaches and /out/. Summer is a great time to go.
Seconding this, Vilnius was super based.
I visited Tallinn two years back, it's incredibly comfy. Only interesting for a couple of days though. Oh and do a day trip to Paldiski while you're there.

My wife and I are taking our 9 yr old daughter to Disney world for 8 nights. We’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge with the Savanna views. Anyone have any tips to help make this a magical vacation and also as stress free as possible? We don’t have much money, but we do want to hit up some restaurants while we’re there and are thinking about going to the Harry Potter stuff at Universal.
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>8 nights at Disney
That's entirely not necessary, anon. You can devote a single day to each park, and then do Universal if you want to. Remember to book your Fastpasses in advance (not all rides are created equal, you want to use them on: Avatar Flight of Passage; 7 Dwarves Mine Train, Slinky Dog Dash, and Big Thunder Mountain)
Don't hit on the Princesses, they're not interested and they've heard it all before.
Do hit on the Princes, they might actually be interested.
>Do hit on the Princes, they might actually be interested.
here I come
>Do hit on the Princes, they might actually be interested.
They're not.
Source: Former Disney ship crew
Good tips. OP if a line is too long just skip it amd keep looking. I went a few years ago and we waited an hour for some stupid ride right at the main entrance but found that the further in we got the shorter the lines were.
It's a fun place, I'd love to have 8 days there.

File: plitvice-lakes.jpg (53 KB, 550x365)
53 KB
I am visting Croatia in May for around 8 days and spending time in Zagreb, Plitvice, Split and Dubrovnik. Post about must see sights, local cuisines, tips and surreal experiences.
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I was recently in Croatia a couple of weeks ago and had an excellent time, Plitvice is absolutely stunning
I have very limited time at Plitvice. Any recommendations for things I could do? Also is renting a row boat worth it?
How many hours will you be there for?
Around 6-8 hours on my way to Split from Zagreb.
you can stay near Plitvice in some really nice places, I camped in a landmine crater, was cool. Lots of live ammo still around in the country but its generally signed.
Didn't love Split but there are nice islands (Ugljan is awesome) nearby, the ferry is cheap and there are campsites/AirBNBs everywhere.
Dubrovnic is very cool, in the old city go to Buza Bar, it's built into the castle wall over the sea, amazing sunsets. Fun paragliding behind a boat shit, stuff like that. Lots of GOT tours if that's your sort of thing..
Croatia is awesome have been many times. check out Zadar if you have a spare day, its pretty stunning

What are Japanese/European Deanos like?
What is a Deano? I've never heard this term before

File: aa4.jpg (27 KB, 456x628)
27 KB
Anyone have experience with lost or stolen luggage? Just got back from Japan and the luggage I brought with three different souvenirs and one for my sister is missing. According to what the people at baggage claim said it's most likely someone else took it before I got there. One of the guys was pretty confident that whoever took it would bring it back soon and that 99.9% of the time that's what happens but at the same time there's the possibility that the dumbfuck who took it doesn't bring it back or simply just decided to steal it for some reason.

Needless to say I'm pretty pissed right now.
Yup that's a gonner.
Sadly airports, airlines and the police don't give a fuck. It would be the easiest thing for them to go through CCTV footage and see who took it then get their name and address from the passengers list. But guess what? They won't do it. There's all this security apparatus around flying but it's not there to protect you or your belongings.
Welcome to this kike world enjoy your stay.
They actually said after 24 hours to come back and file a claim and they'd look through the security footage. I already got a call from the airline asking for more information so they seem to be working on it but of course I can't guarantee I'll get it back.
sorry I took your bag bro

File: 4L_if0kPW4f.jpg (16 KB, 320x187)
16 KB
I'm moving into Southern France with some family I have, do you guys have any tips or advice, what should I expect?
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Noice, apart from the summers were you can't do shit because you'll be holed up inside
Why because of the heat?

Actually more of a warm weather person so I think I'll feel right at home at summer,I'm planning on hopefully being as little as possible at home,try to be outside and socialize and get to know the place as much as posible
from which country/city are you from ?

t. curious french
I was born and raised in Costa Rica,but my father is French, I really want to leave this shitty place and finally start life somewhere decent
Southern France is vast, what part specifically ? I live near Carcassonne, I could tell you a bit about it.

As a general rule, Southern France != sun, heat, Mediterranean climate
A good part of Southern France has an oceanic climate, from the Atlantic to... well, Carcassonne. So it rains a lot and doesn't snow often, be aware of that.
People in the South drive like fucktards, if you come from Northern France, this will bother you a lot. If you come from Germany/Scandinavia, well... just don't drive, it's better for your mental stability.

Striking conversations with random strangers (in waiting lines, with cashiers, etc) is a loooot easier than in the North. People are a bit louder (not Italian-tier, but still)

>Learn Arabic
False and homosexual. Very few Nafris here.

Oh shit, you're not far from me. Well, your area isn't very "active" in city dweller terms. But if you like nature and /out/ stuff you'll have more than you can handle: riding horses, mountains and forests (forests not exactly near Carca, much further West, like 1-2h drive) to hike in, the Mediterranean not that far away. If you want to visit pretty villages, you only need to drive North to the Southern part of Aveyron.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: th.jpg (16 KB, 260x300)
16 KB
Whats it like in Greenland? Any thoughts?
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File: muh texas.png (771 KB, 2378x2134)
771 KB
771 KB PNG
>muh texas
Keep quite, will you
Excellent b8
File: 1553465389449 (1).gif (1.26 MB, 378x426)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
Yeah right Snoop Doggy!
Cold as fuck I'll tell ya

I've been looking at travelling to Slovenia for a while now. Is there any particular areas I should check out? I'm only going to be staying in Bled if I end up going.
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Gf and I tried to do Kamnisko Sedlo today. We hit snow at 1200 meters, and once we got past Pastiriji it got pretty deep. Just below the lodge (it was closed but we wanted to see it anyways) the snow got to be half a meter deep, and the blowing snow made visibility very poor. We turned around fairly close to the top of the saddle.... As we were driving out of Kamnik to head back to our accommodation we turned and could see the entire Karawank range with ZERO clouds, and the saddle lodge was visible even though we were miles away. Had we timed our hike a few hours later in the day we would have been rewarded with perfect visibility but mother nature decided to raw dog us
Slovenia is very safe country. Also has very good medical care.

Just be careful with drunk people in bigger cities hanging around clubs. Slovenes like to drink a lot and some idiots, mostly people that came to live here from bosnia or serbia tend to get overly agressive when drunk in clubs. But if you dont bother anyone you will be fine even there. But i guess this is kinda a rule for all countries if you go drinking in such places.
> Had we timed our hike a few hours later in the day we would have been rewarded with perfect visibility

Regardless, it's better to go out early than after noon. Crystal clear weather in the mountains can literally turn into a grand shitshow after 1, so my advice is to never go hiking late in the day. It sucks for you today but it may save your life one day
We attempted the Seven Lakes hike yesterday... yikes was that hard. Once we got to Planina Ovcarija the snow got super deep and it took a lot of effort to get through it. We still made it, and only 9.5 hours total which was pretty good. We didn't go further into the valley past the lodge though. I would like to ask, I've heard from several locals that this is a particularly cold winter. On a usual mid-April would there be feet of snow at 1600 meters? If we were to come back in a few years should we try for late April or early May to still avoid the tourism rush?
>I've heard from several locals that this is a particularly cold winter. On a usual mid-April would there be feet of snow at 1600 meters? If we were to come back in a few years should we try for late April or early May to still avoid the tourism rush?
The winter was not cold, and it was very dry. Spring so far has ben a little bit colder, but not by much. Snow above 1500 usually lasts till the first weeks of may, ot at least till the last weeks of April on seasons with poor snow cover. It's perfectly normal to have snow at that hight this time of the year. To avoid tourists, I would recommend to hike in September or early October, the weather is usually colder but dry, and there is a lot less people hiking.

Traveling to Maui here in a few weeks! Any tips? Any restaurants or site seeing to recommend? Ty!
Black sand beach was cool
Where are you travelling from?
You can board on a dinner cruise ship too
Theres tons of awesome nature on every island. Do at least 1 hike a day. I haven't actually been to maui before and I currently live on Oahu
Watch out for the volcanos

I'm planning to go to Sumatra this August. I'm flying to Kuala Lumpur from Europe and then to Sumatra. I will do the orangutangs in the jungle trek and visit some island on the east side of Sumatra.

I'm also planning to see the lake that was once a super volcano. Aside form that what would you recommend ? Any cool towns, nature spots, things off the beaten path ?
Bumpety bump
Sumatra is kinda big, I assume you're going to Medan area (North Sumatra) and to Padang area and Mentawai islands. You can visit a nice town called Bukittinggi in between.
Other areas of interest are Banda Aceh and Pulau Weh on the northern end and Krakatau volcano in the south.
Yeah i'm going to the northern part but if there's something really worth seeing I don't mind taking a flight down south.

Do you have any tips for the orangutang trek, like getting the cheapest tickets or something
File: x5n9n0kezzg21.jpg (67 KB, 1242x722)
67 KB
The baby ones are more tender but also a lot more expensive. I don't think the price differential was worth it. It's all broiled anyway.
Are you going to Mentawai? Those islands look really nice. I was thinking of going but i don't surf and what else is there to do? I mean, probably everyone there is just a bunch of surfers. I wouldn't belong

File: thumb-1920-397063.jpg (784 KB, 1920x1200)
784 KB
784 KB JPG
Does anyone else have parents or relatives who think the idea of travelling is extremely stupid?
30 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>you cant let it hold you back from travelling or moving out
Yeah I don't, and I would have moved out a long time ago if I could afford it. I've got a load saved up more than enough for a deposit for a house, I've just never been able to find a job with a good enough salary to allow me to live on my own. I could move out, but then I'd be spending literally 99% of my monthly wage on living costs, with nothing left over for new clothes, any sort of leisure, or repairs/emergencies etc. So I spend my money travelling. But my mother is pretty old and has some health issues and not much other support as my siblings all have kids to take care of. So that's my biggest worry I guess as I wonder how she'll cope when I'm gone.
I think its less about the parents and more about the child
My mum was excited for me when I went to Asia (china, Japan, korea) but because she's of a generation that "doesn't get" Asian cultures, she didn't understand how modern and safe these countries are. She was pretty surprised when I sent her pictures of cities that make ours look rural.
My dad doesn't have a problem with it, and definitely encourages it. Used to be a soldier, so he saw many dangerous countries.

My brother said it sounds like I don't have a plan to get a house since I keep spending on traveling instead. But I work oil and gas, so getting a mortgage would be career suicide.

My mom's only concern is she's terrified that I'll get arrested or abducted in another country. Especially when I mentioned I was considered only African or Middle Eastern countries next.

But overall, it's not really a big deal. They just voiced concerns and that's about it.
Imagine having parents that dont encourage you to explore and take risks

>In order to survive, function, enjoy and self-actualize you must understand your existence and you must create your existence. In order to understand and to build we must explore. This is the foundation for exploration.

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