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How many "countries", in your opinion, are there in the world from a traveller's perspective?

I count 265 countries and territories to visit in order to claim I've visited "every country in the world". In my opinion, these are:

>193 UN nations
>2 UN observer states (Vatican city and Palestine)
>9 disputed countries that aren't UN members (Kosovo, Taiwan, SADR, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Artsakh, Northern Cyprus, Transnistria, Somaliland)
>1 continent (Antarctica, where no country has sovereignty)
>3 British crown dependencies (Man, Guernsey, Jersey)
>15 British overseas territories
>12 French overseas regions, departments, etc (French Guiana, French Polynesia, etc)
>6 American overseas territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc)
>7 Australian external territories (Ashmore&Cartier, Heard&McDonald, Norfolk, Lord Howe, Christmas, Cocos/Keeling and Coral Sea Islands)
>3 New Zealand territories (the freely associated states of Niue and Cook Islands, as well as Tokelau)
>4 Chinese territories (Hong Kong and Macau SAR, Paracel and Spratly Islands)

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But does it really make sense to count places like the Vatican and San Marino, which to an alien would be indistinguishable from the surrounding political/cultural entity, while the Indonesian archipelago, with 16,000 islands and 2,000 languages, counts only as 4 countries?
If political autonomy is the criteria, there's a solid argument for dozens more 'states' than the UN acknowledges.
>If I had gone on holiday only to Hong Kong, I probably would tell people I was in China

Really, I feel like if you say you've been to China people expect at least Beijing and Shanghai. As you pointed out, you can't even visit China from HK without a Chinese visa, so I don't see why anyone would colloquially treat it like it's a part of China (even if it official is)
>even if it official is
You're answering your own question, casuals don't care about politics. To them, Hong Kong is in China.
Hong Kong also IS China. Hong Kong and China both agreed to call themselves China under the 1 country two systems agreement of 1997.
>Gibraltar in the Spain list
>Not in the UK list

Gibraltar isn't part of Spain, numbnuts.

File: shrunkdrifter.jpg (40 KB, 332x600)
40 KB
Hey /trv/

I'm a college dropout from the UK and have Irish citizenship.
Where should I go to reliably lie to my family that I've found work?

I have a tent, sleeping bag etc. I'm just unsure how I'd last the winters.
Get a job
Nobody's hired me ;_;
File: 1494801903255.jpg (199 KB, 645x909)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Flip burgers for a few months until you've saved up a couple thousand, then haul ass out of the country, install yourself at a surfer's hostel at Taghazout or Tenerife, make some friends, re-assess your life goals, re-assess your relationship with society, and tell your family to fuck themselves.

my friends and I wanna travel to almost every country with no money. is this possible ? do you guys know any stories of ppl that did already ? what are the dangers ? or am i living in the wrong time and will this never be possible ? tell us, i mean who doesn't want to experience such adventure !
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begpackers will get their just-desserts in the Day Of The Shower
rob people
steal at hostels
File: 1540066816159.jpg (51 KB, 720x719)
51 KB
>wanna travel to almost every country with no money
It's almost possible. You just need enough money for food, everything else is free. Unfortunately you can't rely on dumpster diving in every country, and fuck you if you beg or leech off of poor people for food.
But you can hitchhike and stealth camp in every country in the world. Hitchhiking boats across oceans is also possible but I think it's better to pay $400 for a plane ticket rather than waste months loitering around marinas.
Also like the other guy said, lots of countries will not let you in if you don't have enough money to pay for hotels for the duration of your stay.
You'd be suprised how many fucks actually do this shit, japan especially it's always some fucking retarded weeb who does this shit.
>spends all money on flight
>spends rest of logical money on manga and shit
>2 weeks till he can go back home

The amount of weebs I've had just ask me for money is absurd

People are dicks, I've seen people stay one day at a hostel figure out that the door code doesn't change, sneak in around 11pm or so grab shit from the "free" bucket and fridge eat it quick, sleep on the couch for 5 hours then bail before the owners get back in for the morning

File: 2008_Jungfrau.jpg (173 KB, 1200x800)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Hey /trv/, I've got between 5-8 days to spend at the end of January and don't know where to spend it, aside from being somewhere in Europe. Already been to UK, France, Belgium, and Netherlands.
Thinking about either Switzerland, Austria, Italy, or Spain.
Switzerland and Austria seem like they'd be cool places for taking the trains around and seeing all the super scenic nature and classic architecture stuff but other than that I'm not sure what's there to see. I also have some lung problems so I can't do anything super intense or out in remote nowhere, not sure how close the nice stuff is to the travel hubs in those countries. Italy and Spain seem like they'd be warmer and have more to do but really I have no idea at all about them. Any cool festivals or anything going on? Anything particular worth seeing other than the standard obvious stuff?
Solo male traveler, only speak English. No particular interests that I've found yet, just doing the standard eat/drink/walk/gawk stuff. Not a social autist, but not very outgoing so nightlife doesn't really interest me. Not rich but cost isn't really an issue, I can splurge a little. My dates can be a bit flexible as well if there's anything particularly interesting happening in the weeks after.
bump. Any other suggestions good too.
You will have an incredible time no matter which of those you choose. The Alps will be cold as balls of course but they're very pretty in the winter. Spain's a great choice if you want to be outdoors more, but you won't find those romantic scenic train rides there.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (155 KB, 1280x720)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
So I've just been on a three day holiday to London by myself saw a few museums and had some nice food however it disturbs me how much of the trip I just spent walking.

Unless I was eating or at a museum I'd just spend the rest of my time aimlessly walking up and down random streets for hours. It felt like I must have covered about 100 miles in 3 days. My legs hurt. Am I autistic or what? how are you supposed to fill your time?
...that's supposed to be a part of travelling to a city
walking through it
or maybe yall on /trv/ have some other opinions on this
You are doing it right.
Next time bring a shitty bike
Hire a bike for like £10 for the whole day
You need to have balls to cycle in Westminster and the city, Lambeth, Islington and Camden are pretty nice for bikes
Big cities in Europe, and London certainly among them, are great just to walk about for hours though, to pick up their atmosphere and uncover surprising things you might not expect to find. Not a waste at all. I love walking around London, even though I know the city very well, as it changes constantly. Paris too.

File: 20181207_080621.png (245 KB, 500x404)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Just got back from a rocky boat ride in a rattle trap tub to 3rd world shithole Mexico.


>pic could not be more fucking related
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No way anyone on this board would take such a retarded normie vacation by choice
I took a cruise with my family on the Ecstacy 10 years ago from Galveston to the Yucatan. Was bredy gud for being 18. I went to the youth 'club', hooked up with a qt from Shreveport, and gambled most of the time.
Mostly because 90% or more of my misery and suicidal thoughts are from my neighborhood shitbox state
Nice try anon but i give 0 fux.

It was a Carnival ride.

And before you cucks unleash help the staff was pretty fuckin cool.

Everything else sucked the dick of 55 donkeys tho
Must have been nice Sir Pup...

>i got kicked off of the outside.
Apparently to rough
>wife got pissy
>oh, well maam
>let us chain smole 13 days
>why are you so pissy annon?????

>well, i wanted a gallon if watter...

>lol oh

>maybe next week...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Seoul-night-aerial.jpg (57 KB, 480x300)
57 KB
Hey! I've planned a trip to Seoul next year with my girlfriend.

What are the GO TO places in Seoul? Something worth going and checking out? Thanks.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
no, don't come, stay in Shitrea.
is ur gf korean? why u wanna visit korea?
Satan here is right, fuckoff to reddit

No NOLA thread going, so let’s do this:

Heading down for 6 nights (3 of which will be a bachelor party) in early April ‘19.

I’m looking to spend my free days checking out the WW2 museum, taking in the city’s historic landmarks / architecture and trying to soak up some good down south food & music (blues preferably).

If you know of any hidden gems in the Big Easy, please share them!
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Doesn't open for another 300 years, anon
Check out Gambit:


for the best events listings and restaurant reviews
Audubon Park is a nice place to watch the Mississippi.
Bywater has a reputation as being faggoty now but when I was there it was cool. The whole area east of the french quarter is really chill and is not quite as overrrun with drunken midwesterners.

File: 1543541897276.jpg (29 KB, 750x713)
29 KB
earth is a dumb and gay basic bitch world.
I want to travel to other worlds and meet evil aliens and kill them.
Where can i find a portal? Who will guide me
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
guide me to the portal, not in other world, i got that senpai
I hear there's machine elves who are not your friends
>born too late to explore the world
>born too early to explore space
>kek do le drugs
No, drugs are really overrated; they are not a substitute for true exploration at all.
How much u got Gucci

File: 15442769410851640863603.jpg (1004 KB, 4128x3096)
1004 KB
1004 KB JPG
Check the here video guys came one my Bros the here video is best https://youtu.be/tyR59B3y6XE

So I'm a newfag to travelling so I thought I'd ask for some suggestions. I'm a student in the UK and I'll have saved up around 1k pounds at the start of the summer. Give me some good travel locations around Europe - nature landmarks mostly, not too big a fan of historical places/old cities/ etc. Preferred method of travel is train.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I guess you missed the part where I said 1k pounds is all I'll have
Not a Britbong, just a student there.
try the northern areas of pakistan,but 1k pounds is just the plane ticket from UK to Pak so might wanna have 2k pounds
Macedonia and Bosnia. Beautiful mountain and river landscapes, living history (and a real sense of the conflicting pulls to east/Istanbul/Constantinople' and west/Vienna/Rome). Reasonable but not amazing food, characterful cities, hospitable people, most things are very cheap, and you are a bit off the beaten track too.

File: 20181206_172639.jpg (983 KB, 3296x1056)
983 KB
983 KB JPG
I feel like this place is underrated on /trv/, why is that? I would much prefer New Zealand to Australia or SEA.

I just left and I already want to go back, it has easily shot into my top 5 countries and is the only one where I could see myself moving to.

The only drawbacks is that is that the food is pretty average, but the nature more than makes up for it, so what gives?

Pic related, Milford sound 5 hours ago.
35 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_20181206_120943.jpg (3.6 MB, 4032x3024)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB JPG
Hey I am currently in Australia and want to do a camping-roadtrip kinda thingy for around a couple of weeks or so.
Any tips on where to go, where to hire a car or should I just take the bus and buy camping equipment and stuff? How long should I stay? I don't really give a shit about the cities all I want is to be camping/hiking/having an adventure out in the stunning nature. Oh yeah and it has to be cheap, so if I should hire a van and overall cost for everything excluding plane tickets and it's only under 1.5-2k bloke-dollars if I stay for only 2.5 weeks then so be it

Please don't make me watch over-the-top Free-spirited daddy-sponsored travel YouTubers for too long
Pic related is what I'm fucking sick of, hostel life in big cities
Is that even realistic?
Get a cheap ute for 3000ish roobucks and sell it when you leave to save travel money if you have the money to front to begin with. If you come to nsw I'll take you out in a huge earth mover
File: xYwCVjOz-XOWd3jh.jpg (54 KB, 640x800)
54 KB
Pussy is pussy. A 500-baht twat in Pattaya feels essentially the same as a 300-euro yahoo in Berlin. The rest depends on what you find exciting.

Most of the European hookers I've run across act as if they are somehow special for condescending to rent their vaginas out, and that you the customer should act appropriately subservient to their princessly selves. Then they give you twenty to thirty minutes total time for that 300 euros. Mein pussy ist vorth sehr viel gold, scheissdick. Hurry or I leave you blau-balled. If du finish, du must give extra gift of tip, ya?

The ones in Thailand just want the money so they can have some fun and maybe send their families some cash. You want boom-boom, farang? You want good time? All night two thousand baht, short-time five hundred baht. You want finger up asshole?

I guess it depends on which attitude you prefer. And whether you're fabulously wealthy enough to spend a week's living expenses on twenty minutes of poking a wet hole, or if you'd prefer to spend that much on a month in Thailand.

Picrelated, some American whore who thinks that her yeasty rolls make her special.

File: fgdfg45g445g4g5.jpg (206 KB, 900x654)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Thinking of getting a cheaper vehicle and just traveling around the US for however long I enjoy it. I have about $8,000 saved up and make $3,000 take home a month without work. My bills might eat up $400 of that a month. I have no obligations anywhere to anyone where I am living right now.

What vehicle would be ideal? I don't want to spend a lot, but also don't want to break down once a month.

Would lodging eat too much into my budget? Hostels or possibly sleeping in the vehicle?

I really have nothing to lose and I am bored out of my mind being stationary and doing fuck all everyday. Any suggestions on what you would do?
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If you do go camping, make sure you get a waterproof rent or at least some waterproof spray stuff for it just in case. There's nothing worse than sleeping on a fucking wet floor.
Honda Civic
File: 1524964340012.gif (1.99 MB, 324x282)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
A rig like mine is about 25k but you can get all the same shit for a lot less if you are handy.
Having a real fridge , solar and a good cookstove is gonna be less than 1k if you do it right. You will save that much on chipotle alone.
If I get really bored a few days of pirated HBO or youtube videos will cure you and make you want to go for a three day hike.
What do you work as to make 3,000 a month?
Ever heard about feet pics?

does anyone have any ideas to see unusual/interesting/awesome wildlife anywhere in the world?
i have seen most of the obvious ones, most recently anteaters in Brazil.
16 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Grow up white in South Africa
>Parents take us to the Kruger National Park every long weekend to see animals
>Do this for years
>The niche of seeing African wildlife quickly wears thin

I honestly want to see a deer.
Wild orangutan, Borneo
the puffins and wild sheep in the summer in iceland were pretty cool, would rec. the sheep especially are everywhere
Go to Alaska and take a glacier cruise out of either Seward or Whittier. Orcas, humpbacks, beluga, otters, seals, dall sheep, mountain goats, and tons of different coastal birds.
did that last year, best part was the bears

Going to spend 3 weeks there.

What should I do/expect? Never traveled out the country on my own for a time like this.
77 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Aside from convenience and availability, their rates suck.

Hint: All of those mini-kiosks which also have a 'Western Union' motif are most likely working under the same company...

I wasn't too sure if there's a concentration of currency exchange places similar to CKM but in Shenzhen.
File: DSC00139.jpg (5.19 MB, 5472x3648)
5.19 MB
5.19 MB JPG
Hong Kong is great but 3 weeks is a long fucking time, go to some of the nearby Islands and maybe Macau
File: 1482016662230.jpg (37 KB, 406x308)
37 KB
what's the punishment if i get caught smoking weed in hong kong?

asking for a friend
Jail, fine, deportation.

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