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SUPERMARKET here, they don't care when I leave, I know lots of people work with their own business's or remotely on computers etc.
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What kind of biz? E-commerce related?
This, except i made a mistake of moving to London. They pay is basically minimum wage and brits don't tip. The only people who tip without fail are the burgers.

But, being able to find a job in a day, take the time off whenever as I'm paid hourly and know that I can pack my backpack again and move wherever is nice. Plus I actually enjoy the work. Free coffee and beer is also nice, and the staff and management where I work is really relaxed, so I don't mind the pay.
File: 32512499452_5a3ef2719e_o.jpg (502 KB, 2410x1600)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
English teacher at a public school in South Korea. I get two week vacations twice a year that I use to travel abroad, and a bunch of 4 day weekends throughout the year that I use to visit more local destinations.
Nope, actual trading of goodies and promotional items that I sell to local large customers and that I source in China.
I work in the merchant marine; just got back home. My ship went from Oman through the Suez, through the Med, Atlantic, east coast, Panama, and I got off on the west coast. Kind of cool, but it was a tanker so not much time off.

File: sdhitty.jpg (115 KB, 478x639)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Is London really as much of a shithole as people on 4chan like to make out?
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Which part of London is this? Kensington?
File: ethnic_density.jpg (4.34 MB, 2755x2068)
4.34 MB
4.34 MB JPG
Almost all of London is majority white
Swindon and Coventry are fucking terrible
I think that possibly may have been the joke
as can be seen, nowhere in london is far from a black majority area

Alright folks,
Spending next week in San Francisco and we just received our schedule.
Among other workshops, meet-ups and seminars it turns out we'll be taken to a Baseball Game on tuesday evening.
Google tells me the Giants will meet the Rockies.
Thing is, I'm french and never ever watched a game, still I'm pretty happy to get to experience an actual time at a stadium (in all honesty I would have enjoyed a basket ball game a whole lot more but eh).
So I'm already picturing myself with a hot dog in one hand and a glove in the other, but realistically what am I to expect? What would you advise to get the "best" out of it?
Also any tips about the city are welcome (yes I know, needles, homeless people, human feces and all of that, but since I'm going anyway I just want to have the best time possible).
Thanks all!
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Don't bring a glove, it's cringe as fuck if you're over 13

Have some beers before the stadium, then maintain buzz at the game (beers are probably $15 at the game)

Sit upper deck infield, you'll see pitching and batting and most of the fielding, and tickets are generally cheapest up there

Don't be afraid to explore around the stadium, just because you have a seat doesn't mean you have to sit there the whole time. I haven't been to the Giants Stadium but I bet you can walk along the outfield wall by McCovey cove and check out the view from there
>being forced to endure Giants baseball

feel bad for you, OP
Baseball is a long and patient game. some call it boring. Fuck it, it IS boring most times. There is some strategy to it and if you are with someone who knows the rules of the game, they can explain some of the set up's a little. It's always exciting to see a home run, or a stolen base but the game is just 5% of that. It's a complicated game to explain in few sentences, but you'll figure most of it out around the 4th or 5th inning (round/period). There are nine innings. Games usually last a little over 2 hours.

As far as fan customs in general, baseball games are very relaxed and quieter than other sports because of the many periods of downtime. You'll hear people just randomly conversation about whatever and not even pay attention to the game. In-between innings, you'll usually see swarms of people make their way to the concessions to fuel up/restroom/etc. Hot Dogs are the custom food, but you'll find all types of food served at the stadium. Baseball is also a poor spectator sport. I found that most women who are there were either dragged there by their family (husband, son), or there just to hang. they spend 90% of the game on their phone.

Baseball is the U.S.'s only major summer sport so it also serves as an excuse to go out and just relax and take in the sun and not get too caught up in the game. It's very passive.

Depending on where you sit in the stadium, you may have a change to catch a "foul ball" (a baseball hit into the stands), or even a "Home run ball". This is why people (mainly kids) bring a glove to the game. You DO have to be aware of your surroundings though as sometimes these balls are hit hard into the foul territory and can hit you. Many fans have been hit by balls and some of them were even killed. It's a rare occurrence, but if you just pay attention to the immediate surroundings, you'll see it a mile away.


There is ONE U.S. tradition among all ballparks across the land: the 7th Inning stretch. In the middle of the 7th inning, most people get out of their seat to ..well... stretch. It's a custom that goes back over a hundred years and most parks sing a popular baseball anthem called "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" (the song can be learned here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxyMsHnlhIs ). Sometimes, this is replaced "God Bless America" in remembrance of September 11th, 2001.

Enjoy the game and GO ROCKIES (fuck the Giants). Enjoy San Fran and the baseball game.
Lol I’m not biased tho, not sure I’d enjoy it more or less with another team anyway.

Thanks a lot for your patience in educating me about baseball.
Transiting in Paris atm, left home about 32 hours ago hence the late reply.
Anyone in town starting tonight just let me know!

File: Moldormania.png (394 KB, 1496x1098)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
So I'll be spending about two weeks in Romania and Moldova this August with a few friends. We're flying in to Bucharest and renting a car for the entire duration. We also plan to visit Transnistra, even if only for a single day, just to say we did. At the moment we don't have much of a plan besides that. I wasn't the one to decide on these countries but that's where we're going. Has anon been before? I recently learned that Moldova is the least visited country in Europe and I am sure there is a reason for that. But how bad is it? Is there actually nothing to do? What about nature? Scenic drives or nice hikes? All of us are very interested in history and are interested in seeing the sights of the German legacy in Romania. I've done a bit of research on my own but would be interested in some first hand accounts of these 2 (and a half) countries.
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I'm an American who lives in Romania
There wasn't any room left for you in hell i see

Nope. So now I came here to Romania to warn Romanians not to be like Americans and not copy them
Basically cancer migrating to a healthy body thinking it's escaping cancer and won't inevitably spread it by its own presence there.
Why would you do this? Regardless, do you have any top tips?

File: BU-map.gif (17 KB, 328x352)
17 KB
I recently got turned down for a job in Bulgaria. I was and somewhat still desperate for a change of scenery as I am currently in the state of Mississippi. What is life like there? I would have had a 2 -5 year detail there if I was picked. What am I missing?
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It would have been toward the Eastern side I believe. Not on the coast but was called a "frontier" area
Like most countries in the area, all of the city centers are built on old Roman fortresses. It's pretty lively during the later parts of the day and night. Once you get past the city centers, it can feel quite "poor". They have a decent standard of living, but it's not a rich country.

As you might already know, you'd probably be making a fraction of what you'd be earning in the US. Most college graduates will try to work in the western european countries for that reason. As a result, there is a population shrink.

As far as what you're missing. Beautify women and cheap drinks. However besides that, it's not a particularly exciting country to live in.
I'd would be getting the same US pay as I am here. And I would have all living expenses paid for plus per diem. I was really upset I didn't get the position. It is not a sought after location. Thought I had it in the bag
what city would you be staying in?
These guys dont know what they are talking abuut.
Bulgaria is a great country and it has everything you need to enjoy life to the fullest.
Cheap alcohol/drugs/girls, great food and all the regular joe shit.
Bulgarias nature is amazing - from beaches to mountains its all superb.
If you are one for historical tourism I can guarantee you will be drowning in BC finds and tons of late roman / early bysantian finds.
Just... go there

File: IMG_20190623_084014.jpg (181 KB, 720x488)
181 KB
181 KB JPG

File: 1485201537126.jpg (184 KB, 960x960)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
I am from California, and I'm broke, but i'll be getting a job soon. Hopefully I'll save up $2,000 by the beginning of August.

My gf lives around Pougkeepsie New York and she is constantly abused by the people she lives with. She asked me to take her away from there, so my plan is to find a way to get over there, and bring her back here to cali to live with me and my family.

What is the best way to do this? And I might have to stay for a while in the Pougkeepsie area just to deal with her parents before I whisk her away.

Please help me with some methods to travel there and live there like a hobo, but so that both of us can survive the trip back.
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OP sounds like one of those boomers that send their lifetime savings to a Nigerian prince
don't be a cuck
dump her
File: Coffee.jpg (8 KB, 226x166)
8 KB
What is stopping you from buying a plane ticket in her name and telling her to get on with a full suit case?

If she is abused, then there shouldn't be anything that couldn't be replaced she is leaving behind, except a pet, which you can simply buy a second ticket for.

This sounds like a shitty situation and I don't know all the details, but most girls "needing a rescue" are going to leave you once they are clear of any distractions of her actual feelings towards you. My first girlfriend did this shit to me because her family was legitimately abusing her psychologically to the point CPS had to get involved. Soon as she was clear of her parents, she told me to fuck off as she no longer needed a shoulder to cry on. Thought my heart was broken, then I realized she was trash for doing that so at least I learned my lesson. You should be ready for a bad break up after dumping an unreasonable amount of money into this situation.
This, the IQ of Cali's are low because they are taught that everyone is equal and everything is rainbow and sunshine. Then, when reality sets in, they have no idea how to handle it. Which is why the crime rate and poverty level is so high there. That... and niggers.
That’s the most pathetic thing I ever read and I visit /r9k/ from time to time.

What do you think of low-cost airlines in general? Any experience with Spirit Airlines? Are they as bad as I've heard?
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Flying WOW Air from Reykjavík to anywhere in America was fantastic. Sure, no entertainment or food, but you just brought some stuff from home and crossed the ocean for €150 if you knew what you were doing. RIP WOW Air.
everyone says ryanair is awful but its gotten me all over the place for way cheaper than british airlines or vueling. Always had a smooth trip, except one time landing in brussels when the runway was wet
My mom had a flight with them to Puerto Rico and the entire trip had to be cancelled because of the hurricane. They refused to refund at first. I called up and yelled at them and finally they returned the money to her credit card. It's that kind of customer service, the kind where they're cunts and don't care but buckle when you start getting pissy with them.
This may come off as a bold statement, but I feel that many negative flying experiences that travelers face are a result of user error more than the airline's. Doesn't matter whether it's a low-cost airline or a major airline. I think a large chunk of it is due to a lack of understanding on the passenger's part.
Quality first world customer service depends on taking care of the customer regardless of what the fine print says though. It's the biggest difference in interacting with large corporations that you'll notice between living in first and third world countries, sometimes even the same fucking company. If you call up and have a problem with their services for some reason they should at least attempt to make it right. If you live in a third world country they will treat you like you're trying to scam them.

By some freak chance I find myself in California for the first time. I don't know anyone and don't have much money. I was planning to drive for Lyft but Cali law requires Cali plates on all for hire driving services so it looks like my stay will be very short. What to do here?
I'm thinking casino or beach then make the most direct path out of this place.

Cali thread I guess. Cali posters post'em if ya got'em.
Didn't know Chinese was so common here.
File: California.jpg (756 KB, 959x771)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
You're on the wrong half. Come down south here in Orange County where the beach life is still somewhat going. Learn how to surf or just meet people on the beach and start a romance.
>driving uber in a state that is just constant gridlock
very exciting!
You would be surprised to see what a little skill can do to the equation.

This place sux balls tho.
Parking lot at the mall looked like all the parking spaces had been labeled by an anal retentive speed freak.. because let's be honest: that's exactly what happened.

File: East Africa.png (39 KB, 500x500)
39 KB
Anyone been to East Africa? Just got a steal of a flight there for a four week trip. Thinking of doing at least Kenya and Rwanda, perhaps Uganda as well.
Looking for tips on things to do, how safe, how much of a target will I be for being white, what are the girls there like, other stereotypical /trv/tard questions, etc
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I need some advice on Kenya and getting out of there.

Ive finished my graduation in UK London, and literally do not want to go back.

Apparently I need a sponsorship from work but how do I get that? Are there any Sponsorship work places? Ive tried looking online but its really difficult.
What are you educated in?
You have to be 18 to post here
I work for a Ugandan NGO. Stay the HECK away from the border with the DRC. Fuck that whole region. It's literally hell on Earth. If you're white you're an easy target

File: Cell_Interior.jpg (131 KB, 929x697)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Unfortunately, I can't put in any more details, so I'll just ask. Approximately, how much will travelling in Japan for 3 weeks cost in dollars. I'm talking about tickets, travelling with trains, eating out every day and buying souvenirs? I don't mind staying at capsule hotels and such, so feel free to tell me that too! Thanks.
Use the Japan general but overall
>JR pass is a golden ticket google it, 2 week pass will do you well 1 week is good for other shit, niigata nagano pass good for mountain shit
3 weeks about 1800 bucks should do you well if you are doing hostels daily

75-100 USD/day is living like a king
50-75 USD/Day living well doing most anything
35-50/USD watch out for bar costs but overall fine

Average cost for a museum is 600-800 yen 6-8 bucks
Shrines are mostly free unless you want a show or museum
Food is usually 1000 yen for a good big meal, most are 600-800 yen
Day train passes for most big cities are 600-1000 yen
Hostels are better than capsule hotels, use GRIDS. Capsule hotels are focused for business men not tourists

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: logo-uniroma3.jpg (205 KB, 937x516)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Hey guys! Anyone from Rome here?

I'm going to study in Rome for half a year and I'm looking for a room to rent (preferably with Italians).

Anyone knows where I can find nice, cheap room?
it's gonna be hard, most Italians either live in the same apartment their family has owned for generations, or rent, so they live pretty tightly packed. your best bet would probably be airbnb, and look out for long stay discounts. i got 50% off of the hosts cost for staying somewhere for a month (still had to pay airbnbs fare in full though), and maybe you'll get even better for half a year. you can also stay with a host whose looking for long stays for a while, and cut a deal with them so you don't need to pay Airbnb anything.

I have a connecting flight in el prat air port, barcelona.
My plain lands in terminal 1 and the other one departures from terminal 2, and i have 2.5 hours between.
Is that enough time to go through the whole check in process and move from one terminal to another or should i look for a new flight?
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>different tickets
aaaand that's where you fucked up. check online about the check-in policies for the airline and see if they have a hard cutoff time for checking in. I've never flown into Barcelona before so I may be completely wrong but 2.5 hours seems like a boatload of time unless I'm missing something here.

Worst case scenario you just be THAT guy and ask to barge in front of people. Like others have said, check in online, use the kiosks to get your boarding pass if you dont use your phone, gg. I don't even know why people stand in those long ass lines anymore unless there is no separate bag drop off counter
Yes. Worry if you have less of 45 minutes.
Op here, the thing is that in barcelona you have to go through immigrations if you change terminals, thats my main concern, ive never done that in barcelona, so i dont know how much time that would take.
File: l9_airport.jpg (76 KB, 572x323)
76 KB
I don't know how bad Newark is, but Barcelona is an absolute clusterfuck especially in matters of transportation
>build new terminal for teh lulz even though no need for it
>new terminal is built without any sort of mass transit access, no train, no subway
>train only reaches old terminal, have to take a bus for 15 fucking minutes to get to new terminal
>train only runs every half hour
>at first, three buses used to wait for the train right outside the train station
>airport thinks "fuck that's way too good service", soon this is eliminated and passengers have to cross a very long footbridge lacking AC, with a bubbly rubber floor and the sad remnants of moving walkways to get to regular shuttle bus stop
>bus runs every 5-10 minutes, trainful of people waiting to cram onto the first bus as 80% of people are going to new terminal
>finally new subway line to the airport is built
>subway line not only doesn't go to city center (and never will because it'll be a perimeter circle line when it's finished in 50 years or so)
>it also takes 45 minutes just to get to a subway changeover in the outskirts, has shitload of twists and turns so that nearby town could get like 5 subway stops it didn't even need (pic related; train takes 30 minutes to city center)
>also subway has huge supplement if used to go to the airport
>also can't use subway for free between terminals even though it would allow to eliminate the free shuttle bus which would save money
add to that

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I've had to wait about an hour for immigration once coming from Russia, and that's having a schengen passport, because all the fucking ruskies were using the line for European, and those fucktard asshole spanish cops were to fucking cowardly to tell them to fuck off and go to the proper line. If you're coming from an international flight where most people will not be schengen citizens it could take an hour, hour and a half or even more, depends, like if people are civilized or not like in my case. Also spanish government hates catalonia to death right now so it's common for Barcelona airport to be understaffed in matters of spanish govt workers. Then you may be unlucky and your baggage may be delayed, it takes a while already, could be a strike or something, I once waited two hours on my baggage coming from Mexico, I thought it was lost then suddenly it appeared. Not the norm, but it happens.
With an hour left you can still easily make it, half could get dangerous. If push comes to shove grab a taxi to the other terminal so you don't have to wait on the bus, have some euros ready just in case. By cab it's like 10 minutes at most, usually no wait for taxi as most people arriving are budget tourists. Unless there's a taxi strike which is most likely to happen during holiday season because fuck our main source of income t. taxi drivers.

tl;dr you should be fine, but there murphy's law could fuck you up bigtime if you're unlucky. Sorry if I'm making you worried, just telling it as it is. That's why I absolutely fucking hate that airport.

File: 1535617076346.jpg (28 KB, 550x366)
28 KB
Is it even possible to travel somewhere with just a week vacation from work?

Ive traveled a bit around europe and flown from the states, so I know its like 2 days flying to and from, and then you lose a half/full day getting situated, so you can maybe squeeze one city out of the trip before its over

I couldt think of a few cities I could make a day or 2 out of, but I dont want to pay all that money just for one place
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1560075072288.jpg (163 KB, 1462x1462)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>be london
>"hey gf want to see the baggette tower?"
>"ok anon just let me pack"
>within seconds we're on a plane to Frog land for £10

Imagine being an Amerimutt , life must be awful
How the fuck can you see anything from behind that wall, nigger scammers and soldiers?
If you need 2 days to get to europe you must live in a shitty place. I live on the west coast and from LAS it takes me about 16 hours to get to the UK.

>leave on Thursday
>land friday afternoon usually
>full week off
>fly earlyish sunday
>land about 4-5PM
>get home fall asleep
>only used like 6 days vacation

You seem to be bad at planning that shit out.

America is fucking huge and has a bunch of shit to do in it varying from regions to regions.
>baby take me to Des Moines and we'll make passionate love all weekend
Ha nice one got me, literally everything is just like there!

File: universal.jpg (11 KB, 189x266)
11 KB
Hey, guys, I'm going universal studio Hollywood tomorrow and I'm wondering if you guys have any Ride and Food Suggestion.

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