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File: hobodoggo.jpg (145 KB, 1300x866)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
What do you guys think of the whole "hop the fence with whatever's on your person" philosophy of travelling? Any success stories as far as this goes? Particularly through multiple countries/regions
That quote deserves to be printed in full:
>Who has not felt the urge to throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence?
I did that all the time when I was in college; usually flew to the cheapest place I could possibly get to by airplane and hitchhike around for a few weeks, stealth camping; zero plans, zero knowledge of the surroundings. Of course I missed some great stuff, passing right by without realizing it. I think it's best to have no plan whatsoever, but some broad research on the regions you might end up in is really valuable.
It gets lonely sometimes; best to do it in areas where you speak the language or where there are pockets of other backpackers.
I should add I think it's extremely important to have some kind of geographic goal. Otherwise you're just floating aimlessly. It can be something as nebulous as "swim in the Mediterranean" or "Reach X without taking any motorways"
Basically this. A lot of people on /trv/ think aimless travel is worthwhile but in my experience it never is so I only try to go places when I actually have a purpose or goal there.
IMO It's absolutely worthwhile; my intended meaning was that it can make you prone to travel fatigue/anxiety. I don't think there's any better use of time than aimless travel, as long as you can sustain it.
City-hopping with no purpose is straight-up miserable. There's always one dude in every hostel who's doing it; I know in advance any conversation with him is going to be depressing.
Thank you, I did forget the whole quote haha. But this was the answer I was looking for, I want to just go, but I don't have even half of what I wanted to save. I think if I got a taste even, I would see if it is really what I wanted in the first place. I think I'll start soon for my location (goal, check, basic knowledge, check, same language, check)

I'm actually afraid of that depression. I hope if I have my goal, keep myself just that (myself), chin up and don't wander aimlessly I'll have a fun time. Who knows, I might find something I'd rather do than being in a kitchen (what I do now) and go with that.

File: aaron-1024x593.png (771 KB, 1024x593)
771 KB
771 KB PNG
Can we start a /trv/ video content thread? I haven't seen one of these in a long while.

What shows do you watch? Do you follow anyone on youtube, T.V., or any other vloggers? What content do you like to watch? Ever meet a vlogger in real life? What are your favorite countries to watch content on? Etc. I guess this should be a fairly generalized thread about /trv/ related video content.
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I just found out about DriftHunterAlbo on JewTube. I like his videos. I know it is more /o/ related, but I enjoy watching him talk about Japanese auto culture, so. Yea, /trv/ related.
Nice. I still ocasionally watch the smoking tire and those those guys from auzzieland.
I still watch bizarre foods. It is a shame that guy got pulled because he told the truth about how shitty and unrealistic american "foreign" food is.
I remember that Marshall Powell guy. I liked him at first, but then he got BTFO'd by finances and gooberment after bailing on his loyal friend/thot and checking out other random chicks in town. Then he went elsewhere and never bothered to follow up with his vids, which were high quality and came with the pricing on all the stuff he did. Damn shame.
Does anyone have anything relatively new to add?

Staying at the casa marina reef resort in Puerto Plata. Should my stomach be worried? What's the deal there?

Pic not related.
whos the dork with the guitar?
He's just a giant among men. Keep on being ignorant though. It does not matter because you do not matter.

File: cuba.jpg (229 KB, 1280x720)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
sup /trv/, thinking of traveling to Cuba for 10+ days
>plan is Havana for 4 days
>Vinales for 2 days
>Veradaro for 4 days (just to chill at a resort)

the hard parts for me would be:
>not knowing Spanish (ordering food, getting directions, traveling from one place to another)
>getting around without internet and Google maps
is it still possible to go without knowing Spanish?

anything i should definitely check out while there?
also thinking of going at the end of June. should i be worried about the weather? it's supposed to be hot and the rainy season

any better places to go for 10-14 days at the end of June?
Old Havana is tourist trap-y but also genuinely beautiful. Worth seeing, but you'll be dodging various peanut sellers, caricaturists who will literally follow you and draw you while you try to walk away, and bogus cigar vendors. I cannot emphasize enough that Cuban food under the blockade is terrible, and in my experience the only edible cheap food in Havana was peso pizza. Bring your favourite seasoning and condiments, seriously. The best food I ate in Havana was at El Aljibe in Miramar, which is a state-run restaurant.

Resorts are a little bit below what you'd call a Western expectation of luxury but it's the most luxurious place on the island, food is relatively bland even in foreign-owned hotels due to the blockade, again.

>not knowing Spanish
This can be a problem. Not speaking Spanish will tend to railroad you into more expensive tourist-oriented stores, it won't ruin your trip but be extra aware that English-speaking vendors selling to tourists are obviously charging a very different price than they charge locals. You will also be using convertible pesos (CUC), not CUP, but this is less and less of a problem as time goes on because many local-oriented stores and services are beginning to deal in CUC. A big scam in Cuba is that if you pay in CUC, they may give you change in CUP, which is worth a small fraction of the currency you paid with.

>getting around without google maps
Cuba has internet now, find a rentable room with wifi in Havana and download the maps. There are also public internet centres. A bigger problem will be transport, because CUC cannot be used to ride local buses anywhere in Cuba as far as I know. You may have to rely on taxis, so don't get fucked over. Cubans have a hard life under the blockade, and a few pesos goes a long way for them.
Other shit to note:

>Online guides still often say there is a 50 CUC fee to exit the country, THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE
>Viazul tourist company operates buses to various destinations that accept CUC and have English-speaking staff
>Many things that are free to Cubans, such as museums and theatre performances, will not be free for tourists. Usually a small fee like 5 CUC is required even where Cubans get in for free.
>Bring an umbrella everywhere, you'll see locals doing it too!
>Havana Club sucks, drink Santiago de Cuba
>Cuban coffee and cigars/cigarettes are the finest in the world. Serrano is the best coffee brand.
>Porn, drugs and radio equipment are very strictly prohibited. Do not fuck around.
>Do not rent one of those 1950s cars, they have no air conditioning
>In fact, don't drive in Havana at all--many old colonial roads that reach dead ends, thin winding streets, lots of traffic
>Do not patronize Cubans or express that you feel pity towards their political situation. They are proud and love their country, most people (especially outside of Havana) support the government. Don't tout a western way of life.
>No USA clothing like American Eagle, any flag apparel etc.
>Violent crime of all types is extremely low, go wherever you want. You're way more likely to get scammed than anything else, and police are helpful and friendly.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: northatlanticmap.jpg (301 KB, 1877x1193)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
What are some cool things to do in Edinburgh, Bergen, and Reykjavik?
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I'm think around a month a least


I tried my best
Looks based desu.

Edinburgh is nice but the real beauty of Scotland lies on the islands and the very north.
In Bergen you have the old Hanseatic-era buildings on the waterfront you can visit. Or you can walk up into the hills above town. Or take ferries among the local islands ( or all the way up the coast, if you have the time )
Maybe there is more to do in the summer -- I visited in a February, when walking in the hills was tricky without cleats for my shoes because of the snow and ice. Though downtown was clear of snow, just rainy.
mate i would just do a month in scotland with a nice weekend in Bergen. looks like a fun trip either way, I dont get the hype on Iceland at all.
How busy/expensive is all of this in summer? I've done most of my Euro travels in Winter during the quiet times. But this map looks awesome, although I'd probably skip Iceland.

>we will discuss about Phnom Penh in this thread
>cheap booze
The streets became packed and smelly again after Khmer New year.
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Real girls, or pay-to-play?
Call girls are more real. Other girls will lie about everything to everyone including themselves because they think playing games, being indirect, and recieving time/money/attention etc without being upfront and actually asking for it is part of the "fun". If you subscribe to their cultural bullshit and have internalized the idea that flirting is worthwhile then go for it, but don't pretend that's the only option.
136 street is known for that.
$50-60 USD for a cutie, can be all night if she is keen.
There’s plenty of YouTube stuff on PP and Snooki
I spent one night in PP on my way South. Was too scared to leave the hostel tbqh, seemed shady as fuck
Why are you all so weak?
PP isn’t that bad.
I’ve seen plenty of euro girls maybe 18-20 yo walking around solo.
You are literally weaker than a white teen girl.

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (177 KB, 1280x720)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Just booked a trip here on a whim but don't really know anything about the place. Thinking 3 nights in KL and 3 in Penang? Is there somewhere else I should go?
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Lived in penang for a very brief time 20 years ago, amazing food and friendly people. KL, depending on where you live, feels very bland and not like the rest of Malaysia. Similar concept to I guess LA not being a good representation of US?

Do it all in penang imo. Best would be 3 days in Langkawi and then 3 in penang, but that's a different scenario I'd imagine
I booked a trip because it's a short cheap flight, figured I'd use it as a long stop over on my way to the next destination. How is this place for women? I'm not a monger, but it's nice to date and hookup along the way. How do the women compare to Thais? I find Thai (Bangkok) women are mostly lazy and soulless, strange characters, with their faces buried in their smartphones all day. Pinays are less shy, more fun and loose. Viets mostly conservative, more serious, put in effort, great women to date. What's the deal with Malaysian women?
What so Malaysians eat? Is their food just like Thai or is it noticeably different?
I like stuff with coconuts if you have any suggestions.
Totally agree travel over to Sabah or Sarawak.
>3 nights in KL
Doing it wrong. Spend no more than one day in KL. See the towers, Thean Hou, and Batu.
Everything else is shit, the city is full of imported third world laborers, and the food was boring

File: beach.jpg (24 KB, 220x342)
24 KB
Just finished reading The Beach by Alex Garland. You've probably seen the movie. In it the narrator speaks about how areas have slowly been taken over by tourists and everyone eventually searches deeper and deeper for the bits untouched by everyone else. But this was in 1990. I know the world is a lot different now, but are there any places where you can experience things like this? To really get away from it all and experience some sort of adventure? Surely there are some places left.

And yes, I know the book ended badly, I'm not talking about living in the trees until it goes all Lord of the Flies.
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was a good read. Shit movie, though.

You do realise it was fiction, OP? There are still tons of islands in SE Asia that the vast majority of backpackers don't ever contemplate going to. They might not be the unspoilt fantasy that you dream of but they are certainly very peaceful and accessible with a bit of effort.

Be thankful for all of those "ruined" Thai meme islands. They act as good containment areas for the majority of basic bro's and bitches.
Yeah, I'm in Europe and there are still places barely touched by tourists. I can name a few towns within an hours drive from here in Valencia that are almost always devoid of tourists. But then again I like old castle walls and small town local restaurants.

This guy gets it. There are tons of places completely untouched by mass tourism, even in places like Spain and Italy. This generation requires a constant stream of endorphins, who has the time to pick up a guidebook and choose some places off the beaten track?
People rarely travel to the countries on this list:
I bet if you went to famous meme island with fun sounding name Tuvalu you could find somewhere untouristed.
I think apostasy is punishable with death there, or maybe it's on Vanuatu or one of those meme islands, if you are in the country you have to be a muslim.

File: vn.png (4 KB, 580x387)
4 KB
Just a thread for anyone to talk about their experiences traveling/living in Vietnam. I'm off to Hoi An and Saigon in a few days, getting excited to see the joint find some commie propaganda posters and some good street food.
242 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Messaged them. No response. I sent in a resignation email and went to the police the next morning to file a report so I could get an emergency transport document from the embassy, but someone (the company) had turned in the passport anonymously a few hours after I resigned.
what programs do you recommend?
I miss my bike, man
What do you mean

File: seat_choice-112.jpg (64 KB, 292x777)
64 KB
Where is your preferred seating position?
39 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>J and first class are not the same thing first off. If you're gonna pretend at least get the terminology right.

I never implied they are the same, both business and first class are trash on BA.

>And anyone who's flown Lufthansa or AirFrance this decade

I haven't done transatlantic in forever, but I can tell when someone brings up buying a BA Business class ticket doesn't know what they are doing.
It's just an example of pricing. I've literally never flown BA in my life.
Nah it's not the level of discussion were having actually. You're LARP has been brutally exposed and now you have to misrepresent the argument because you're a lil butthurt.
You do realize you never responded to me above right when I explained how your thinking is flawed, right?

Anwyays I'm done, this is pointless. Again, stay seething I guess when you fly, doesn't sound healthy dude.
lotta retarded shit being said in this thread like
>E and J are almost the same
lol no. not even close, this is a tell tale sign of someone who's never flown first class. this would be like saying W and J are the same thing.

File: mbk-shopping-mall.jpg.jpg (299 KB, 1600x900)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
How do Thailands malls stay in business?

They build so many of them, they're all empty after a year but all the shops are still occupied and have staff. I don't get it.
money laundering

I went there and it was a 7 story knock-off market. Cinema was ok though
China's behind this one

File: Baltimore-MD.jpg (146 KB, 1000x664)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Thought on Baltimore?

With this place being much cheaper than DC or DC suburbs, would this be a good place to live if I commute to DC or Bethesda?
no, shit taxes and high crime. better off just living close to where you work, or anywhere that isn't baltimore

File: 0be75dd52e860fdc.jpg (80 KB, 540x720)
80 KB
Californian here. Which affordable, medium sized city should I relocate to?
71 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't understand the hate for California other than "f-fuggen liberals"
People are leaving because it's getting expensive because there's a lot of high paying jobs there. I mean the state still has a net growth
You're tainted. No good to us now...

Like a leper, infected with the vietnamese clap, sodomized by nigger dick...

We cant risk you contaminating the rest of the nation.

Didn't you listen to the warnings? "You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!"

That's because youre being quarantined.

SNS bra.

PS ur gay
File: 1503751219826.gif (3.89 MB, 200x200)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB GIF
So fucking cringe. Absolutely pathetic and weak, just suck their republican dick if you want their approval so much faggot.
>I...I am a conservative senpai pls accept me
Disgusting insect
Midwestern losers screeching about "muh libruls" and people from California are some of the cringiest faggots to exist on this earth
>Thinking state borders meaning literally anything
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA these dumb retards worship money and rag on California for being communist
HAHAHAH if California left the union their country will be poorer than fucking Japan and the UK holy shit LMAO
the mediocre midwestern losers migrating to california in the last 30 years getting a taste of their own medicine
Within California, Sacramento shouldn't be too bad.

Baltimore would be something. I feel like it will be on the rise very soon.

File: pic_10207_8 (1).jpg (718 KB, 1024x683)
718 KB
718 KB JPG
Your thread for:
>night markets
>bad oil
>computer parts
>where to go
>what to see
>whom to do
in the Free and Independent Republic of Taiwan (a representative democracy not affiliated with the People's Republic of China).
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Coffee with cat milk is always nice, but don't put their milk in tea....Asians grown upon that.
What the fuck, OP, did you not even bother looking for the ALREADY EXISTING Taiwan General thread? It's right here:

This one has a better picture though.
Near favorite location in Asia to visit, after Indonesia. Always have fun.
Try the 'vegan nightmare' Keelung Harbor nightmarket. Food is tops. Get outside of Taipei, please, especially the East Coast along the Pacific.

If I have a 3 day weekend, is 1 full day enough to rent a car and drive to a few of the border villages between Georgia and South Ossetia?

I just got back from the Korean DMZ, and geopolitics is pretty interesting to me, but I'm trying to find enough stuff to cram into a single day. Anyone have experience here, maybe with ethnic Georgian refugee camps or Ossetian villages in Georgia? I know the main highway leading from Tbilisi to the Ossetian capital would be cool to see, and possibly bullshit with the soldiers. I may go to a day tour provider
I believe you have to get a visa from the Russian backed proxy government to visit abzkazia.
You do it by email.

Actually lots of Russian tourists go there, one day wouldn't be enough to really do anything there.

You can also take a ferry I believe from batumi which might be a good option

When I was living there the Mafia still controlled rural areas and camps, many criminals, car jacking is possible and the "army" doesn't have a permenant presence
I'm more interested in Ossetia but if I can find a cheap flight from London to a city closer to Abkhazia I may do that. I know it's as simple as crossing the bridge and driving to the visa office in the capital, they have pretty stamps.

The mountains closer to the central part of the country are beautiful, any sort of political sites like Ossetia or Abkhazia would be tits
Ayyy I'm speaking with a tour provider now, if I can do this I'll report back here with what it was like.
Go to www.mfaapsny.org to apply for your entry permit, you should get it in 5 days

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