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File: shutterstock_1013712277.jpg (2.57 MB, 1800x1200)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
Houston is the 4th biggest city (by population) in America, yet it receives very little attention compared to the three cities in front of it. Surely this oil and gas metropolis isn't as boring as it appears and has plenty of things to do and has it's own distinct culture.

Is it possible that it could ever rival Los Angeles or Chicago in terms of appeal? Or is it really that boring?
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ya read a book called walkable cities that was about this. after living in an asian city I find american cities pointless and annoying.
What Asian city did you live in? I'd like to hear about your experience there.
houston is a good example why urban sprawl is a bad thing
Amarillo is.. A really fucking weird place, it's unlike any other city I've ever visited. The food absolutely sucks, it's not really a wholesome small town either. A lot of drug use and seedy shit going on and there really isnt that super religious layer there to keep it in line. It's also VERY dark at night, the city is not well lit. Its the worst parts of a small town and a big city combined with the upsides of neither. You couldn't pay me to live there. Mexican food is alright and the Hispanic community is one of the better in Texas imo.

Lubbock is better but you get dust storms, walls of dust that coat everything. You also get that college town vibrancy though, the food is better, jazz is some really fucking good Cajun food. If I had to pick between the two I'd go with Lubbock. It's hot and theres not a lot going on but you get a lot of genuine God fearing country people there as well which is nice. Have a good Texas country song as well.

Houston is like 2-3 hours from Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Shreveport, and Lake Charles and like 6 from New Orleans if you don't mind the drive. Honestly though I never really considered how shit it was because its the best city near my shitty base in Louisiana. I'm a dirty fuck and it is the capital of sw's and deviant couples and the proximity to other high population places makes me scratch my balls with joy just thinking about it.

Besides that its Texas so you can own a real AR and mod the fuck out of your truck to roll coal on people both things i know for a fact are illegal in Cook County where im originally from and LA.

File: 8_0.jpg (209 KB, 620x410)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
The 10 sites are spread among seven municipalities, with two municipalities figuring twice: Schaerbeek (thanks to North Station) and Anderlecht, which let’s be fair, is larger than the others.
when are they gonna clean it up? i'm visitng soon. they better hurry.
Brussels has been a dirty shithole before you were born. So not anytime soon.

File: Poland.png (3 KB, 967x467)
3 KB
I am going there soon for two weeks. Krakow to be precisely.
Now a friend of mine tells me that Poland is a glooming shithole. And he has literally been everywhere in Europe. He said he can't understand why I would go there.
Anybody here who experienced the same? Is it really that bad?
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>How did other countries fall apart?

Their potassium was inferior.
was there during the whole spring/summer semester as an ERASMUS student in Wroclaw and also visited Warsaw, going there for a couple weeks again to meet with a girl i was with

Wroclaw is a very nice city imo: clean, cheap, good nightlife, safe and has everything u need nearby. Warsaw on the other hand looked like a bleak and dirty communist block with nothing to do unless visiting the historical center and getting harrassed by gypsy kids trying to make u give them money. As for krakow i heard it was closer to wroclaw than warsaw, but i think its popularity probably just makes it worse. outer city areas look pretty bleak aswell.

hooking up with shit like tinder or even going out clubbing is great (atleast that was my experience)
i had a group of friends that i would stick with and if i noticed any girls looking my way id go to them, or we'd all join a group of girls and pick it out along the way

can atest to most of what this guy said

dont get this meme when lgbt people are openly frown upon by christian groups prevantly showing anti lgbt and abortion propaganda on the city centers
Dont know about your shithole, but here LGBTerrorists are violent idiots pissing on the streets and desacrating everything that is holy (for Poles and Catholics). Their upper echelon murder people while driving on psychoactive substances or alco, and get away with it because of their status. We got rid of violent chavs that went to UK and have those psychos instead, great.

It's the Mecca for racists and gopniks. Have fun.
Have been Krakow for a week. Was pretty clean and comfy, never really felt unsafe at all. Your friend is full of shit.

this is the worst place ever.
huge scam. images do not represent reality.
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>It takes all of 2 minutes to check a mattress for bed bugs
Hah, you'd think that, but you really do need to overturn everything to check,
Those stains will come out with bleach. Most hotels bleach their mattresses when they get stained, honestly surprised that this one didn't
He sounds like a faggot
I mean yeah for bedbugs all you can really do is take off sheet to look at mattesss, then flip the top head part over and look for anything that's black. Can't really look inside walls or shit for the bugs, just gotta cross your fingers you won't get infected. Unless people actually overturn other furniture and shit and become super paranoid lmao
once you get bedbugs in your life, you're gonna be checking every hotel you stay. It becomes a fear.
I've never gotten them shockingly but after a brief scare the other week I every fucking mattress now. I could go full paranoia and just leave all clothing and backpack outside my house, strip down, enter with nothing but phone and nuke everything in local laundromat.

I refuse to infect my home with those cunts

File: 178978091741.jpg (53 KB, 720x780)
53 KB
what country in the western hemisphere has the best club scene?
are they good at dancing?
File: 1563559610220.jpg (8 KB, 250x234)
8 KB
London/Berlin/Paris maybe Detroit too

File: germanstates.jpg (143 KB, 800x798)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
What are your favorite parts of Germany?
I'm going to Berlin this year, but next year I want to go back and maybe do a Frankfurt+ Freiburg im Breisgau trip.
Keep in mind that from New York, there are only direct flights to Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich. I know 4chan doesn't seem to like Frankfurt very much, but I'm the type that can have fun anywhere as long as there are good restaurants and bars.
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I had my fare ticket on me about 90% of the time just in case, but I realized everyone getting on never swiped at the card reader and just sat down
Thinking about going to Düsseldorf. Is there a night scene there? Or should I just go to Berlin or Frankfurt?
The whole of western Germany is boring and dull. Why travel there for nightlife? Might as well stay home
Dude I'll be in Harmanssburg near Celle in early October too! My cousins getting married the last day of September. And I'm in berlin from the 7th to 12th, after going to oktoberfest in münchen.
>I had my fare ticket on me about 90% of the time just in case, but I realized everyone getting on never swiped at the card reader and just sat down

Because commuters and students have passes, duh.

Inspired by this guy >>1652327 . I made a thread like that ages ago on /int/ and it was quite fun.

I've been working as a hotel receptionist for the last 5 years, I deal with people from all over the world on a daily basis.

Any questions?
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It's part of the service
Which countries/regions have the best and the worst tourists?
Yea, and She even has some special deal with the General Manager where she stays for super cheap too. I dont ask the specifics because I also dont care that much. My hotel does have a maximum stay of one month. We just create her a new reservation and it's fine.
Troll post with serious answer; Unless it's Chad Thundercock, you probably wont need to worry. As one of two dudes that work here, whenever some asshat starts trying to make advances and I tend to step in and take over. My female colleagues just wanna do their job and leave.

This is a tough one for me. Generally my fellow burgers are the worst. I've gotten a complaint because the water wasnt dry from when they cleaned the showers in the room. This customer waited about 15 some odd minutes while we finished cleaning the room, then demanded a different one because the shower was wet from cleaning or some shit.
Had some lady complain because housekeeping went in to change towels and she said we werent allowed to do that because privacy rights? But then then the next day got mad because we didnt go in and change her towels. IDK, mostly Americans are the worst though.

With that said, we get Chinese tour groups. They are hands down the worst people to deal with. And the reason I learned basic Commands, because they will just step outside their rooms to smoke. Like in the hallway. It's annoying as fuck. Or I'll be helping someone and they'll come up and just start speaking to me, in chinese, as if I'll know it. It's why I learned "smoke outside" and "one moment" because then they'll usually apologize and go outside or wander off until their tour guide comes up annoyed at why I didnt help them.
They also take so much fucking food it's ridiculous. The bright side to the Chinese tourists is they'll take a shit ton of rooms, and then I dont often have to help nearly as many people, making my night hella easy and I get to relax to do homework or watch Animu because weeb.
he quoted hitlers mein kampf XD
tell some annoying israeli stories pls anon
>In any case, you should open your mind a little.
I'm a general manager, m8. The hotel front desk isn't a career. Those that break into management are few and far between

File: IMG_2768.jpg (97 KB, 561x462)
97 KB
guys. i once bought drip in coffee from japan, a brand that had a white narrow long box with tiny coffee packages in different flavours. anyone know the name? a website where i can buy it? anyone know japanese drip on coffee?

>Be me
>was at vacation in Moscow
>while walking through the street see ultra qt innocent Russian grill eying me
>at the crosswalk she turns back at me and stares at me innocently and does that thing where she's playing with her hair and shit

>can't remember what she looked like
>can't remember her clothes
>only remember her beautiful non-straightened dark brown/black hair with golden tips flowing through her shoulders

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btw I'm transgender
you would have failed anyway
Privet anon, its me that girl you saw today! haha my American black american boyfriend showed me this post! Sorry but I was not interested in you, I was just thinking about my boyfriend at my house. thank you take care xoxo Tanya
File: 1566281409295.png (116 KB, 267x290)
116 KB
116 KB PNG

Thanks for the kek, anon
why the fuck can I relate so much...

File: IMG_20190802_221505.jpg (1.4 MB, 4000x3000)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Beatiful photos you take in your trips. Go.
Fuck. Why is the photo rotated?
where'd you take this?
File: IMG_20190802_221505.jpg (660 KB, 3000x4000)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
Arizona. Tried to fix it so it isn't rotated.

I'm trans btw. Not sure if that matters.
>Trolling on /trv/
Nothing is safe anymore.

I m OP, took It over the atlantic to canary islands

All posts related to the People’s Republic of China go here.
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Certain cafes and hostels have vpns on their WiFi. If you’re really outgoing, next time you see a white dude, beg him to hotspot you and set it up.
Fuck it, I'm doing it. Maybe I can get a business going cause I'm sick of being an English teacher

You never forget your first time in China. The feeling of isolation was terrible. At least you got your 4chan pass ^^
File: 1533479698108s.jpg (3 KB, 112x112)
3 KB
What vpn should I get when I stay in china for 5 months?
>cause I'm sick of being an English teacher
You're going to be an English teacher anon.

Some of them have mirror websites that aren't blocked, others can be accessed by the IP or by putting the IP in your hosts file.

Try: https://www.astrill-cn.com
Or use

File: eyyy.jpg (212 KB, 1500x1001)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
I'm visiting Slovenia this November, what are slovenes like, how's transportation like, are day trips to Italy or Austria viable?
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did you do any planning yet for bohinj or triglav?
I figured I'll just wing it, can't be that much plannig involved
File: triglav greben.jpg (55 KB, 800x600)
55 KB
DON'T attempt to climb Triglav if you have no experience whatsoever with rock climbing, long hikes (5-6 hours for ascend only!), and generally have little knowledge about conditions at areas above tree line. Pic related, it's one of the climbing routes on Triglav, as you can see it's not really a pleasant afternoon touristic hike.
November is also a winter month in the Alps, areas above 2000 meters are usually already covered with at least some snow.
We're full, stay out. Thank you.

I'm thinking about traveling around the world in a camper van. What is a realistic budget? How would I go from Eurasia to Oceania and the Americas?
29 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Have fun through Mexico and Central America with that attitude.
Make sure your vehicle doesnt look brand new and shiny and you will be fine. With your mentality even the locals wouldn't step outside.

Hell i've evenseen locals drive a Lamborghini in 3rd world arab countries and they're still fine
>Rooms in developing countries are (for the most part) really cheap.
This is a valid point. But I intend to spend 3 to 6 months in Japan at the start of the trip, and everything there will be very expensive. I don't feel like actually camping for that long.
That's because anyone who can afford to drive a Lambo there is literally royalty and killing them would send the literal military in to literally burn your hometown.
The point I'm trying to make is nobody is going to hunt you down for your POS car since the locals will be driving nicer cars than you.I used a lambo as an extreme example but I see many people driving nice cars like Benz there too.

Of course if you go to the absolute poverty stricken area with no police force you might get mugged, but with a car it's pretty easy these areas

File: Italy-Coastal-Towns.jpg (177 KB, 695x462)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Italians, Croats, Greeks, French posters - what is it like growing up/living in a coastal city/town/village in your cunt? Is it as romantic and comfy as the movies make it seem? Do people actually interact with each other? Do you live in the moment and for the day rather than working/for the weekend?

I have euro parents, a place in the city and a big house in the countryside of my own here, but i've never lived by the sea and it seems so appealing just moving to a small fishing village and living a quiet life. Just want some opinions of those that have experienced this type of life and what you think
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.

So what do you do all day in the colder months? Are there still a lot of locals in the downtime, or does everyone divide their time somewhere else?

Not with that architecture, culture, landscape and food. Of course it's possible to find similar experiences everywhere, but i'm asking about specific areas because i'm looking for a specific experience.

Sweden for example doesn't have the beaches and temperatures of southern Europe, nor the architectural vibe.
>Mari, Cyprus

Can you recommend a nice white country that has the same high quality of life as you people do?

Is Croatia the same way? Dalmatian coast?
Cyprus is white though, Abdul.
>Cyprus is white though, Abdul.

100% Slav here.

File: beard_main_1.jpg (810 KB, 1188x1028)
810 KB
810 KB JPG
If you were traveling for a year, would you bring minimalist footwear, or supported footwear? Seems like a lot of disagreement on the internet about this particular subject.
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>the shit kind of flip flops that put a Y between your toes
Isn't that most flip flops? You're recommending pic related-type? They are a minority of the market, according to online shopping results.

Yes, exactly like the ones in your pic. I'd post my own but I won't bother since you already get the idea. They're much more secure, simply walking forward normally will keep them on your foot like unrolling some kind of foot condom. They don't dig into your toe crevices and they don't require you to carry around/clean socks. You're welcome.
They're called slides
File: 798437.jpg (27 KB, 440x309)
27 KB
Sandals + goretex hiking boots. You'll wear the sandals most of the time but you'll be thankful for the boots when you want to hike or it's raining etc.

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