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File: kittens2.jpg (137 KB, 499x750)
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How to roll dice: "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the email field rolls 2d6. "dice+5d42+23" rolls 5d42+23. "noko+dice+2d6" rolls 2d6 without showing the roll in the email field.

In the rules department, you can look at http://www.4chan.org/rules - all global and board specific rules are in full effect. Apart from that, only two rules are important.


File: Thamdarul Gate.jpg (471 KB, 1343x2000)
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Please post all quest threads on /qst/


Quest threads that are posted on /tg/ will be removed.

Meetings Edition

>Unearthed Arcana: Fighter, Ranger and Rogue

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


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fuck fighters and fuck swords
File: 1566809546263.png (182 KB, 500x632)
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182 KB PNG
My players are overly trusting of most NPCs. The only people they don't trust are their fellow party members, which is greatly irritating, seriously why can't you work together

File: MG42-1.jpg (268 KB, 1260x837)
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268 KB JPG
>Technology vs Magic and somehow magic always fucking wins
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THIS. It's not a joke, it's completely serious. How the fuck can anyone deny a player a good fuck?
File: Dwarf science.jpg (972 KB, 847x2511)
972 KB
972 KB JPG
File: Mercurius.jpg (224 KB, 800x600)
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224 KB JPG
>the magic stems from super-advanced artifacts of super-science
What a bullshit spell.

Tolkien also has a strong bias towards skill/magic balance that D&D misses. Several times, elves comment on how hobbits and Men use the same words for elvish powers and wisdom as they do the powers of evil. To elves, it seems very clear that the two are totally different. Remember galadriel's box at the end of the series? Sam opens it and it has dirt and a seed in it. And no instructions. He doesn't know what to do.

Merry wants to test it out in a patch of soil. Sensible. Pippin suggests that they plant the seed and then throw all the soil in the air and let the magic do its work. That's a view that elf magic is like Sauron's powers or spells in D&D. (Or, to be fair, Gandalf's magic.)

What frodo correctly suggests is that Sam use all his gardening skill to do whatever he would have done anyway, and then use the soil to better and enhance his work.

That's what elf magic is: wisdom that enhances and complements a normal learned skill. Not waving your arms and suspending the laws of the universe to make things go your way.

To my mind, this isn't just great philosophy and writing, it's very smart world-building. A hiding spell enhances what you're already doing via situation and skill. A charm spell doesn't work into a target's mind, it helps you be your best when finding words and deeds to win someone to your cause. And a fabricate spell lets a master craftsman make stuff so good that it's beyond normal capability. But someone who isn't a master smith can't learn the spell at all, and if somehow they did, it wouldn't be of any use to them.

IOW, spells complement natural character builds rather than rendering them obsolete.

File: Worldaxismodel.jpg (63 KB, 640x601)
63 KB
How do you move the setting from basic plane to one of the outer ones, like Astral, or the mirror ones naturally over the course of the campaign?
It's not an edition specific question (not even D&D specific maybe), I am just curious how to move the story from prime material to a different plane without "you accidentally fall into a portal".
What are your experiences with different planes?
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you intentionally fall into a portal
Many ways.
First and foremost, portals do exist, and you can go through one willingly. They are mostly artificial, created by powerful people or old forgotten organizations, but they are a fine way of travel.
Then you have natural walkways. Imagine a mountain track full of ups and downs and forking paths, and if you only ever go left on every fork you start noticing the air changing, getting heavier, dustier, until after another left turn you see rocks changing and moving, only to notice you 've been walking on the elemental plane of Earth for about half an hour now and the scenery starts to sink in.
Then you have planar travel. That's using a ritual, a tuning fork, and a ceremony to take everyone willingly to another plane. You can't be sure if you landed on the right spot, but the rough transition makes it clear you're not home anymore.
This is basically randomly "falling into a portal".
What would be a good reason to move the story/campaign there other than "I wanted to use some cool monsters"?

This is more like it, by I think the game will be more about closing the passage rather than moving into it.

I am mostly looking for a good excuse to send the party through Shadowfell or Feywild. Maybe have someone run there or maybe have them circumvent a problem by moving planes? Like "why didn't they sail through Astral Sea to Mordor".
Mirror one? If you mean mirror universe, my workaround is an "analogue plane" (i.e. Golarion's Boneyard -> Mystara's Limbo -> Forgotten Realm's Fugue Plane). Otherwise, getting to another world requires the right portal or astral/wildspace vessel.
Oh, you meant World Axis stuff. I haven't used that cosmology or it's stuff since I did a Nentir Vale game. Should I return to that setting, I'd imagine a mirror really comes down to a relevant atmosphere. A really energetic and lively place would risk a gate to the feywild, a somber and muted place might risk shadowfell. Likewise, other thematic elements work too for either.

File: emn-184-grim-flayer.jpg (80 KB, 626x457)
80 KB
In Pioneer nobody can hear you scream edition

>What's Pioneer?
Pioneer is a new, non-rotating, officially sanctioned MTG format that includes all standard-legal sets from Return to Ravnica onwards.
>What's the banlist?
At the moment, just the allied fetchlands.
>Where can I play it?
MTG Online, Xmage, Cockatrice. Pioneer GPs begin in January 2020.

Last: >>69021364
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>Legacy is a thousand times more interactive than pioneer
>Match ups can very often be ships passing in the night and become draw your sideboard battles just like modern

The absolute delusion. Tell me how Lands getting its combo off on curve and the opponent not drawing their LD any different than Modern or Pioneer.
so siege rhino is just an inferior questing beast right? Why would anyone bother running it?
File: 1571678111581.png (765 KB, 1278x720)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
>a whole new format gets introduced
>new life is injected into deckbuilding and card value.
>/tg/ reeeessss hard
Such fucking clowns. Do you even like playing MtG?
>new life into deckbuilding
Literally you could've done this with any format already existing. You didn't even need to have a format to exist to brew. People are reeing because wizards are trying to kill modern so they could sell more packs.
I'm just mad my cards might lose value, my main format might die and that I'll have to shill more money to play. Which on one side is just normal company business, on the other side I sepnd way too much money in this hobby and I know I won't be able to resist a new format.

File: IMG_20191020_194317.jpg (263 KB, 1000x1121)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
What if we made the humans in our games more alien?
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Tell me more of the Mormon hive minds
Basically the setting is like Deadlands but everything got even more fucked up than in there and humanity speciated into several new strains. One of which was the Mormons. Mormons are now a race and a religion, known for their purple-hued eyes and lack of body hair in addition to old-fashioned family values and the solidarity of their communities. Mormons can innately sense the presence and approximate locations of any other Mormons within a local 100 meter radius and so can almost seem to function as individual parts of a much larger creature. Their primary ambition is to start a space program and find god.
It’s not
Don’t forget the magic underwear
Well I mean that comes standard.

File: file.png (362 KB, 350x493)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
Which setting do you guys think has the best dark elves?
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File: fact.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
The best dark elves are fun to rape.
Unironically Warhammer and 40k, closely followed by elder scrolls.
The best dark elves have fun raping you
Dunmer are intentionally
>what if we took the tropes of Dark Elves and made them not-shit
The tropes of dark elves already work so long as youre not a faggot like every DnD writer, the druchii prove this perfectly (as do the melinboneans)

File: generation kill.jpg (71 KB, 1024x573)
71 KB
Sir,with all due respect.If USMC is so great why aren't there any good tabletop games about US marines?
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It's called Force on Force or literally any of the cold war miniature games.
File: 1571852970874.jpg (391 KB, 2000x2000)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
File: Arma 3 Multiplayer.webm (2.18 MB, 704x396)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB WEBM
Because we wouldn't be fighting the Covenant if their prophets had invested in their pussy infrastructure.

best system for a Ram Ranch campaign?


File: Kobold DM.jpg (477 KB, 2247x2603)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
Hello /tg/, I have a project I think would be fun.

We're going to make a monster manual, one of those weird, Monster Manual 3 and onward kinds where they've run out of all the regular monster types and just start making up crazy shit to throw in. Give us your Sennmurvs, your Urgalastas, your Blackstone Eidolons, whatever concepts you can think of. We'll have 100 open slots, which we'll compile into the full manual in the end.

Then we put together some basic stats for them (Think something like how Veins of the Earth did it: Basic hit die and damage die, some loot, etc.). Get it all written down and put together, a little blurb explaining how the thing is supposed to act to the DM and whatnot, and then we illustrate them, using any technique at our disposal. You good at drawing shitty things in ms paint? Go for it. Want to photoshop a bunch of animals together and call it a new kind of owlbear? Do it. Have actual drawing skills? You're probably in the minority. I'll be drawing some myself, and trying to doodle up any ones that don't get picked up by others.

So, tl;dr
>100 monster entries, make up any kind of monster you want, so long as it's weird.
>After the pitch, we figure out simple, relatively system agnostic stats for it.
>Then, any anon who can and wants to, regardless of artistic skill or medium, makes an art entry for it.
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Based and bogpilled
File: everything is bears.jpg (829 KB, 810x2715)
829 KB
829 KB JPG
bears that collectively swarm to mimic larger monsters
>Lives underground in large caves and caverns
>Looks like a giant jellyfish with a dozen legs insead of tendrils, evenly spaced around it's body.
>it's legs are covered in small plates of sound-reflective bone, allowing the creature to 'hear' it's surroundings by feeling the vibrations on it's legs.
>It stands about 20 feet tall, but some variants can grow as high as 80 feet.
>When hunting, they walk around aimlessly in their 'hunting grounds' (cave they inhabit), poking their legs into every nook and cranny to locate a source of meat
>When a food source is found, the Piz'imuri impales it on one of it's legs, the hairs on which act as tiny hollow needles.
>It then sucks up all of the creatures liquids to digest, and moves on.
>Purpleish-red oozes with a black, pudding-like skin over their sticky bodies, these wretched slimes feed on the pleasant, good dreams of individuals, leaving them only with horrifying nightmares
>When threatened, the ooze will form into a humanoid shape and the black skin will harden into armor-like plates, allowing it to hold its form. It often will base its form and the weapon it uses off of the dreams harvested from its last victim
>Attacks from this creature deal additional psychic damage, and prolonged contact with the black outer shell or skin will cause an individual to fall asleep, allowing the Knightmare to harvest their dreams (contact is accumulative, every strike delivered making a target progressively more tired before they fall asleep completely and become drainable)
>If killed, their hardened skin can be used to make a flexible, durable armor, and the concentrated essence of their ooze is said to be able to grant peaceful, lovely sleep, and enhance psychic abilities
You know what? OG quantorg poster here, and I say fuck it, dimensional anchor wont stop the quantorg (because lets face it, would a DM who pulls the quantum ogre dilemma really let one spell stop him?)>>69026929
has the right of it, you already have ways to shut down the quantorgs teleportation and it's not traveling to different dimensions so anchor wouldnt have any effect

File: 1397442061009.jpg (249 KB, 1280x1024)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
>It's another episode of someone crying about the superiority of the elves
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Fuck niggers
D&D and Warhammer are more related than not. Stop sucking dwarf, elf, dragon, wizard, "muh dark lurd" cock, you uninspired shithead.
DnD doesn't have a setting, but several dozens of them.
And literally all of them are trash

>t-theyre totally the same because of (superficial similarity)
warhammer started as a 3rd party minifig company for D&D you illiterate gully dwarf

How come Mortal Kombat never went the rpg route? It’s got a good enough setting for it.
186 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.

Yeah, she was kinda neat. Almost like the anti-Quan Chi.

Also, Nitara was sorta interesting too though Skarlet seems to have usurped her shtick following the reboot...
I'm annoyed that the Drunken Fist representative was an actual disgusting drunk who vomits and farts as part of his arsenal, even though he's actually a highly respected figure in the general mythos.
The Red Dragons have been popular punching bags for years now since their debut.
Wasn’t she a demon who hated demons

Red Dragons themselves, certainly. I was under the impression that Onaga himself as former Emperor of Outworld was exempt from that disdain..

File: ONEQUESTION.jpg (384 KB, 1400x1301)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
Come around this campfire and share some of your best screen caps traveler.
165 replies and 106 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1561661160012.png (233 KB, 1912x675)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
Here's a shorter one.
Fucking bard man.
>gnome barbarian with a boomerang
I wanna do this now
File: 1500508928243.png (206 KB, 587x1624)
206 KB
206 KB PNG

These are too fun. Let's go.
190 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck Arkhan Land and fuck the terran pretender and fuck the necrons. Ave Omnissiah.
Mechanicum matches the older Blanche style more closely. Also 40k really needs generic magi and archmagi comparable to those in 30k. So much conversion potential. Basic rules port would probably be something like
>WS 4+ (3+ for archmagos, 2+ for malagra and reductor)
>BS 3+ (2+ for archmagos)
>Same S/T/A
>5/6 wounds without/with abeyant
File: 1010308-.jpg (187 KB, 720x330)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Behold my Heretek Chaos Marauders. Might not be chaos worshippers, but they do love that payment.
Good use of the adsecularis, those boys are delightful models.
File: IMG_20191023_165822.jpg (2.36 MB, 3968x2976)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
Does your forge use exotic vehicles? Does it have its own pattern?

File: LilCestree.png (80 KB, 278x322)
80 KB
Conceptual powers suck.

Controlling fire? Fine.
Controlling "the concept of fire"? Dumb.

Having a tough defense? Fine.
Having armor that literally cannot be bypassed by anything, except for an attack that extends beyond this frame of time and is able to strike you simultaneously now and before you got the armor? Dumb. Really fucking dumb.

Moving so fast time seems to stop? Okay. Not great, but okay.
Literally stopping time by holding onto the second hand of a comically oversized watch, but you can only do so as long as you can recite original dirty lymerics? Not very smart.

It's what turns Luffy from a guy who can stretch his arms into a guy who can blow air into his bones, inflating them like balloons, and somehow obtaining relative mass in the process. It's what makes JoJo so dumb, inconsistent, and I should reiterate dumb.

It's a common trap for game designers, who, after exhausting all the more sensible abilities like "moving fast" or "summoning bats", decide they want to play around with manipulating time, the "essence" of speed, or very frequently, luck.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
34 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
"conceptual powers" are to do with basically Platos world of forms, not just language and shit
One Piece also uses a lot of conceptual powers. It's the defining trait of its power system.
>he doesn't know what a concept is
It is very malleable. Concept are created all the time. Even "toxic masculinity", mentioned there, is a concept. This kinda means someone with toxic masculinity conceptual powers might exist.

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