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How to roll dice: "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the email field rolls 2d6. "dice+5d42+23" rolls 5d42+23. "noko+dice+2d6" rolls 2d6 without showing the roll in the email field.

In the rules department, you can look at http://www.4chan.org/rules - all global and board specific rules are in full effect. Apart from that, only two rules are important.


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Please post all quest threads on /qst/


Quest threads that are posted on /tg/ will be removed.

File: awesome-boardgames-1.jpg (92 KB, 657x493)
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Can someone start the bgg thread please??
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>I don't understand how if I find x difficult I might find x+1 difficult.

Seriously, I'd recommend giving it a miss. 4ed streamlines TI a lot, but if you struggle with BSG then I wouldn't recommend it for your group. Try Khemet.
How are TI's flaws remotely comparable to BSGs? We don't find BSG a hard game, just an unfun and chaotic one. We've played other 4Xs before and enjoy them, complexity is not the issue as I already stated.
>how they're remotely comparable
>board game with difficult rules and a lot of moving parts
>another board game with difficult rules and a lot of moving parts

I suppose any game where diplomacy is an element is intrinsically similar to a traitor game. You need to balance the benefits of working with someone against the risk that they are secretly planning to stab you in the back at the earliest opportunity.
I'll say it for the third goddamn time that complexity is not inherently an issue. The reason BSG suffers is because it's got lots of rules, lasts a long time, and yet feels incredibly random- there isn't enough game to WARRANT the complexity. It's not a game where a brand new player could play as a successful traitor against veterans, and that's hell to get new people into working together in a coop game. On top of all that, a group learning a new 4X game together is completely different than individuals in a group learning how to suss out a traitor or act as a traitor in a game that feels random.

Are you pretending to be this stupid or are you just trying to be an asshole?

There's black people in my setting.

Whats behind the akwardness between black people and fantasy?
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File: 1550183887568.jpg (79 KB, 803x726)
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Ah huasa litterally is a afro asiatic language never claimed they were Egyptians


Also independent isn't a very reliable source example
Many think africa is a country
>out of Africa theory
>being enough of a cuck that you have to eat the nutsack of another man to not disappoint your wife

I’ve been playing Fate/GO lately, and I was wondering, is there any system that would work well for creating Servant/Servant-based characters, or just characters based off of the Nasuverse in general? Does anyone have any idea what systems would work best for that, if any? Would FATE or Exalted work? PbtA? How would the system need to be modded?
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>SMT system
I desire to know more. Anything you'd be willing to post?
>Some basic effects in the WoD by far exceed what an expert magus can do, while some basic feats for a magus need five dots in multiple Spheres.
I'd like to hear examples of what you mean. Nice digits by the way.
Cool art!

The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/!

Whose claws are bigger, mine or a Kodiak’s? edition

Last thread: >>65191170

Battletech vidya 2018

>BattleTech Introductory Info and PDFs

>Overview of the major factions?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>The idea is to reboot the line of books that players need to buy, because there are a million billion of them and there’s no organization to them.

Let’s have less of this, please - CGL’s online store sells all of these:
>Record Sheets: 3075 (Book) $9.99
>Record Sheets: 3075 Unabridged $9.95
>Record Sheets: 3075 Unabridged - Age of War $9.95
>Record Sheets: 3075 Unabridged - The Cutting Edge $9.96 (yes, one cent more!)
Yes, and yes, though not many. Hope you like Hell's Horses..
• Stalking Spider II - Jihad/Dark Age, anti-conventional hunter-killer and cityfighting unit. Particularly useful against heavy battle armor, with 8 SRM tubes and a couple HMGs on a solid 5/8/5. Okay at vee-hunting, can be very fun if you can get behind an enemy Heavy.
• Stalking Spider - Better gunload than the II, but no turret. The HLL variant is crap outside extremely specific circumstances. The Spiders are basically the Scorpion IIC, but they came out after the Unseen debacle.
• Snow Fox - essentially a Quad Locust. All variants are nice little harassers.

>Solid but not spectacular
• My Little Bailus - solid speed and weapons load, but ugly as Sin and a bad idea all around.
• Thunder Stallion - the serials-filed-off Goliath IIC.. except that it's packing an LB-20X on a 3/5/- frame. The LPL variant is better but still not great. The HAG version is stupendous for knocking down VTOLs and air support, and decent support to a slow, holepunching lance - or would be, if the Clans believed in focus fire.
• Fire Scorpion. Clan heavy with 2 AC-10 variants and a shitload of A-pods. Theoretically it works as an IFV, but practically it's just plain undergunned. The Ultra-20/jets/Tarcomp variant is scary as Hell, but the rest are hard to use and rely heavily on initiative.

Mediocre to shite:
• Quadvees are a gimmick and can safely be ignored.
Just started playing the tabletop game with MegaMek and plan on getting that new get started box since my roommate is interested as well. I have a lot of questions though.

Where's a good place to read up on lore? Or is it like 40k and I just have to dive in and hope for the best? Does the introductory box set have lore in its rulebook? Since all I know about the game is from the HBS game.

Also are "ancestral mechs" a common thing? Do disposed nobles commonly form to become mercs or is there other ways to get those million-dollar mechs and become mercs?
>is there other ways to get those million-dollar mechs and become mercs
Battlefield salvage. Finding a Star League cache somewhere. Also murder but that's tricky since you have to pry the activation codes out of the mechwarrior or employ some Gibson-tier hacker to crack the machine. People here know more about plot than me. I just pieced stuff together from what I remembered from tabletop 20 years ago and Sarna.

Hey, Goliath Scorpion is a cool clan.

And Cloud Cobra is a cool clan in theory, just not well fleshed out.

Welcome to /osrg/, where the decade is the 70's, the miniatures are pewter, the elves are a class and the dragons are still intimidating.

>Tools & Resources:
>Old School Blogs:
>Previous thread:

What's your favorite way to introduce players to a dungeon?
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I think it was cavegirl threatening to post lesbians that set him off.
I thought it was cavegril defending her corrupt e-friend and fellow SJW James Young of tenfootpolemic
I'm fairly sure that was a different guy.
But /osrg/ is the most /pol/friendly general after 40K.
I can't believe cavegirl just emptied her nine into the welfare line!

File: 1552274110815.jpg (339 KB, 1280x1520)
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339 KB JPG
Paizo Games General /pgg/

What was your character's occupation before he became an adventurer? I hope it wasn't soldier, because that's like admitting that you're boring.

/pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder): https://pastebin.com/YLikTing
/sfg/ Link Repository (Starfinder): https://pastebin.com/rg4U6fCa

Old Thread: >>65201514
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But P is objectively the worse damage type in the game. There isn't anything only weak to P, it's always an overlapping weakness with either B or S, usually S
Why would they give you an attack as a move action?
File: 1550651077624.jpg (819 KB, 1300x2500)
819 KB
819 KB JPG
Assuming she's a good/neutral and/or peaceful, familiars/pets would probably be more common, and exploration a bit safer if wild animals would be more peaceful, though monsters/aberrations and trained beasts/animals for combat would continue to be hostile.
It's not an attack though.

File: JumpchainOP.pdf (5.91 MB, PDF)
5.91 MB
5.91 MB PDF
>Google Drive

>Jumpchain IRC Chat


>How to Jumpchain

>Last Thread
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File: Deku 2.jpg (150 KB, 512x512)
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150 KB JPG
I still enjoy being the hero and doing cool things that don't come at the expense of others. I just don't have any real reason to talk about that. Now, through author control of Jumper's builds I'll definitely make bad things happen from time to time because they make things interesting, but Jumper himself is a hero and has nothing to do with that.

Well I think my chain just jumped a few power-levels.
In other words:
the smelly one
How long did it take for him to get that strong? Is it also possible to get the powers he has through the passage of time?
File: jc12.png (155 KB, 500x281)
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155 KB PNG
I don't think I would desu. The weird tiering pseudo-fetishism, the mythology autism in me crying out against how blatantly the mythoses are there to enable the opposite of enlightenment, the sheer lack of fucks invested in everyone involved.

Nah, my preferred kind of hungry edgelord story involves a more innovative kind of edgelord that gets shit on for his bullshit more. Like Mike Carey's Lucifer! Or Constantine! Or I guess Koschei the Deathless later on in his life in the Mignolaverse!

Also known as a thot

"Anon's statement is demonstrably right"

Yeah, side characters get a pretty good deal. The only downsides I saw were 1. the 50% chance of being a super obnoxious goober like...most of the Gargoyles not named Goliath and 2. the danger of spontaneously becoming a main character like Timon and Pumba and then having to deal with TOTAL BULLSHIT the writers pull out of their ass to pad the setting your campy ass isn't equipped to deal with like that fucking psycho hyena. But if you go full Rafiki, it can be pretty sweet!

Hmm. Margrat would probably like you! She's super into researching which herb does which effect, which makes her a better doctor and worse witch. But Magrat is also pretty much the Morty of the Lancre witch coven. And really just-a lot of younger witches like Annagramma and Perdita and Tiffany Aching would be cool with that, the only problem being about half of them would be into it for reasons the older witches wouldn't really consider witchcraft. "Hah! What's a ma-jee-tek when it's at home, and why's it better than what I've got in my pockets?! Damn wizardry making girls get airs above their station, [solid hour of old lady grumbling redacted]"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Da FAQ.pdf (426 KB, PDF)
426 KB
426 KB PDF
It's Da PDF Share Thread!
Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay hooker at a con!

Read the FAQ ( <-- PDF attached) if you haven't already or if it's your first time here.

Please exhibit good manners. Threads start sliding off the board after a certain number of posts. More posts wasted on being rude means fewer posts available for sharing.

Request, Share, Stay Awesome!

Previous thread:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I found Cold Shadows the core book in the Trove, but not The Black Book or Cities in Shadow.
I need new glasses. I thought it said 450!

Check /Solo

Thanks again, I've been throwing some stuff at you the last few weeks, invisible sun, lots of chaosium items, cheers for all the hard work!

How does a magic user or potential magic user unlock their powers in your system? Are they born with it and start using it naturally like in Harry Potter or Avatar? Do they need to go through a special ritual or make a pact with another entity? Do they need a special artifact or resources, like humans in The Dragon Prince?
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Magical brownie points?
Magic works very folklore-ish. Gathering herbs and animal parts, divining things from stars and guts and most importantly, bargaining with field, wood and house spirits. The arcane knowledge you use for this is passed down the generations, a bit like cookbooks being handed down in families. Powerful people employ alchemists and scholars to experiment and push the boundaries of magic. You need to go through an awakening ritual to see and interact with spirits, which are the basis of all higher magics. The ritual can not only be costly (giving up body parts or taking vows that restrict you in some way are common offerings), but also requires a spirit to aid you in the ritual from the other side. As a result, you can only awaken a person with another practitioner or an already bound, loyal spirit aiding you.
The eye of the world or collective unconscious of humanity is constantly fiddling in the affairs of mortals so more brownie points means he might throw you a bone and tweak fate in your favor.
To expand a bit, say you are a gun-mage, to you the gun is the Apex of war, the ultimate symbol of who right and who is unarmed, god may have made man but it was Samuel Colt who made them all equal.
Mages or obsessive people who can rant for hours about why their particular way of viewing the world is the correct one.
Magic has 2 components, theme and expression.

File: Power Of Creation.jpg (848 KB, 1196x2700)
848 KB
848 KB JPG
Archive & resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
Previous thread: >>65221495
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File: 1551239701501.png (787 KB, 808x805)
787 KB
787 KB PNG
>tfw (almost) no cyoas with clown waifus
The best clown waifus in the media don't even act like clows. Like the girl from Chrono Cross.
>Everything is CYOA Studio
The guy criticizing format and content uses nothing but cyoa studio and makes garbage out of it. Lulz indeed.

You can make something decent in it, but it’s an uphill battle. That Whorecraft guy did alright.
Post them

File: 1550143718209.jpg (1.88 MB, 3353x1588)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
Pretty Women Edition.
>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html
It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/.

>Resources for Older Editions

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Necromancer.png (1.97 MB, 1024x768)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
The unholy love child between the homebrew thread and OSR general.

Talk about and showcase old school inspired homebrews.
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I was thinking of combat machine where you get 1 attack per level if all your targets are 1 HD opponents.
But then gnolls become super effective.
Which I guess makes sense.
Very few people ever commented, and there was also an oversaturation of D&D "homebrew" content.
>I was thinking of combat machine where you get 1 attack per level if all your targets are 1 HD opponents.
I've personally always hated that approach, but it's obviously one that old school D&D took. I don't like that it only applies to 1 HD monsters and you get nothing at all vs. others. I don't like that the number of attacks you get can get ridiculous (and hard to justify squeezing into a round). And I don't like that it's incompatible with ordinary multiple attacks.
yeah that's kinda why I didn't like it either. other than nostalgia of being an "old-school" rule
I'll be honest, I didn't go in there very often because whenever I would, I always felt compelled to take a bunch of time reading people's rules so that I could give them feedback. One of the advantages of OSR homebrew is that while it might be more limited in scope, you already know most of the rules. So it's a matter of "I changed X and Y, what do you think?" as opposed to "I have a question about Z, but in order to put it into context, you need to read and digest all the rules to my game".

Reposting from earlier. Im going to be GMing for my first time and I will be running Curse of Strahd. I understand its alot of components and moving parts but im up for the task. Im using roll20 so that will make it a bit easier. What are major plot points to keep track of throughout the campaign. What milestones do I need to make sure my players hit? Overall, whats some good advice on running the module?

tl;dr How do I run CoS
63 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Selling them out?
Why would he, when they're his only hope to defend Ireena?
Then do someone else? It's not that hard.

Are they? They certainly are at the start of the adventure yes, but by the time the group reaches Vallaki? Krezk? By the book both of those can be "safe" locations for Ireena, as relatively safe as anywhere can possibly be in Barovia from Strahd.

To be clear, the 5e version doesn't employ Corruption points like prevision editions of Ravenloft. However, the Adventurer's League supplements for CoS *do* include stuff for dark resurrections and corruption, in a way I think is better implemented for 5e's design structure rather than trying to recreate AD&D's. You can find them in the trove OP

This. Making Ireena have her own agency (and potentially fight!) will make your players like & care about her more *and therefore it will be all the more tragic when you take her away from them*
Don't be dumb and attack people head on with Strahd. He is supposed to be a master tactician. Use his spells to his advantage. He has hold person, cast it at a higher level and hold several people at once, this will put the fear into them, if players charge him, use greater invisibility and toy with them. Play him smart and never have him attack just randomly, wait for moments when they are tired and exhausted.
Learn how your players work together, and use that against them. If they like to murder hobo then teach them a lesson and make sure they understand Strahd isn't going to put up with that shit. Remember he does not have to be hiding behind every tree watching them, he can scry on them and he has spies all over the place. Make sure to drop bread crumbs letting them know people are watching them, listening in on the parties conversations. Have Strahd himself drop bread crumbs cluing them in on he is watching them. When they collect the three objects if they are not located in Ravenloft dont be afraid to take them away from them, and later lock them in Ravenloft some place.
Very much agreed. Here are a few things I did to tell my players they're being watched
>when one of them ran out of money gambling with the vistani, they asked him for a lock of his hair (they would not tell him what it was for, obviously)
>while spending a night at an inn, they noticed a sleepy looking bat hanging outside their window, it didn't leave until they did
>once while traveling on the road, they spotted some wolves that seemed to be content just observing them
>while having a conversation in the streets of Vallaki, one of the townsfolk nearby had finished putting up a piece of decoration some time ago and was clearly just pretending to focus on this task while listening to the PCs
And so on. There are endless ways to do this but it really gives an oppressive atmosphere and makes the players paranoid. As they should be.
Curse of Strahd's biggest difficulty, for our group, was encounter 'balance.'

To be specific, there was no such fucking thing, the entire module is based around being in fights you can't win sometimes and bing able to stomp zombies other times.

Try to make it clear what fights the players are meant to fight, and what fights the players can't fight. Try to make it clear what areas the players can get away with splitting up and letting the Rogue sneak ahead and the Fighter break down a door or something, and what places the party needs to stick together or else they're fucked.

A specific example I can think of is the windmill. There's this windmill that the players are lead to head towards, but it is almost always, consistently, a TPK because there are extremely powerful (to the setting and the adventure) spellcasters hanging out there. It's bad enough that the DM, who's tried to run the module for other groups multiple times, straight-up just had to tell us not to go there, because every single time an unprepared or just underdeveloped party heads there, they die or get into an even worse situation of being permanently hunted by angry, bitter spellcasters that can and will hunt people down in their nightmares to drive them insane and kill them slowly with no means of fighting back, because these hags actually are allowed to break certain rules of the setting that makes them basically impossible to pin down.

Another problem tends to be loot - There's basically none, until later in the game the party goes to a place that's got more loot than is available in the entirety of the entire rest of the kingdom, so much gold and valuables that even Strahd would have trouble keeping up with. It makes sense, the placement of this kind of thing, but considering that half of the healing potions available are likely to be intentionally replaced with poison potions and there's specifically no way to tell the difference because of gypsy magic, it's worth thinking of

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