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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

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File: Cool hitler.png (20 KB, 174x162)
20 KB
Issue #1, Owner Of A Lonely Heart http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3203426/
(Do Ctrl F and type in Akire if you want to find where I start)

Issue #2, A Day In A Life http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3222606/

>What's this?
A shitty fan-fiction quest where you play as Hermann Schmidt in the Worm universe. I won't babble much, but your power basically allows you to make anything you want, but with the condition that it's super shitty in the beginning and you have to improve it.

Without further ado, OPEN THE GAME!
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Aegis: 7
Assault: 15+3=18
??? 8+2=10
Next time on Worm: Seasoned Heroes fail to capture one lone tinker
West, Jim West, desperado
Lone man guns down children and prt officials
>how does sam hyde keeps getting away
>A lone Tinker with half finished gear
>Was ambushed by two proven heroes
Shit forgot to roll for something important
2=The Travelers

File: Deadly Queen 2.png (451 KB, 425x596)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Rolled 2 (1d2)

>It has been 2 weeks since the vampire incident.
You are still Shaggy Rogers. You would say things have been uneventful since the vampire was dealt with if that were really true.

You and Scoob, as well as your stands, have been mostly enjoying your vacation, using your invisible friends to play pranks on people, and sometimes each other.
Speaking of your stands;

「D E A D L Y Q U E E N A C T I」

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Go Wake Scoob!

>Make a Super scented Scooby Snacks, that will wake him up!
Damn it, you don't want to hurt Scooby! You've gotta go wake him! You quickly scrambled out of the room, rushing to the downstairs living room and couch Scoob decided to sleep on because it was closer to the kitchen.
You should probably buy a second couch after this. That's a great idea. Anyway, as you storm down the stairs, you cried out one of your half-catchphrases hoping it would wake Scoob; "Scooby Doo! I need you!"
As you ran to the front of the couch, you noticed Scoob was still fast asleep. Darn! He must be in deep sleep! Nothing'll wake him now! You can hear the mini tank coming down the stairs after you! Really clumsily! Fuck!
>To be continued as I am tired.
>Trap it in a pool of bread and marinara
You quickly spun around to look at the tank, its eyes glowing in a makeshift glare. Scoob must be having a bad dream or something!
>Trap it in a box of sandwiches!
>Trap it in a box of frozen sandwiches.

I return once more, unmarred by car; man or beast.
Last time on Worm Quest you...

>Joined the Wards
>Made some friends
>...r abusive dad got ganked by the ghosts of racism past; present and future, all at once.
>Fought tooth and nail with the local Protectorate leader to get your brother a transfer out of a really shit school and into a nice one. Going so far as to insinuate you'd join villains if that's what it took.
>Made some cool shit.
>Aced a few tests.
>And went to talk to the quiet kid from your chem class
https://pastebin.com/1U8SYf8F pastebin of stuff.
James is his name, you've heard it when the teacher called for attendance. (An oddity in your old school, rarely practiced by your teachers.) And he peaked your interest mainly due to the look of confusion and intense concentration on his face. A look you find rather confusing regarding the total absence of any last minute homework or tricky calculus stuff in front of him. Even if there was any, you doubt he'd need your help with it, the guy is seriously smart. Apparently he's in the top class for pretty much everything.

So naturally, you decide to butt in where you aren't wanted and try your darnedest to "help". That's what heroes do right? Probably make whatever pre-existing problem there is way worse?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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depends what exactly you mean by "fixing" them.
Is it the "staying in control while in the Tinker fugue" part?
Treating Armsmaster's injuries and some other cape(s?) in the previous quest.
I wouldn't stay too attached to Armsy's arm if I were you :V
nah, that's just a shitty side effect of your tinkering method.

Yeah, fixing people up is part of your speciality.

You are 999, a blobby mass of joy and happiness for all! And you are currently internally panicking at the steadily worsening condition of what may as well be your brother.

List of (most of) your current Traits/Skills/Trinkets/Friends&Enemies/Unknowns: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DTotahWWAV6ZsE9tjkoC82psDp-gm2R64OzuK1Euq9I/edit?usp=sharing

New Stuff:
>Bond with the Four Sword (D++): The legendary blade regularly thrums in your grasp now, and seems ever slightly more attuned to you as its chosen wielder.
>Chorus of Pain (F): Through the combined power of yourself and your three counterparts, even the mightiest of titans can be felled through the force of your voice. Just don't do it next to your other allies.
>Voice Of Pain (E+): You have a somewhat better degree of manipulation over how much energy you can channel through your voice. Perhaps you should take on singing later?
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File: BEWARE.png (2.67 MB, 1920x1080)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB PNG
192. Since no other votes have osme in, I'll be using this. You more or less skirt on by agianst the strange things. Writing.
>I'm not sure what exactly we can or can't harm here without harming Blue himself even further, so just to be safe lets try to fly across the gap while dodging the things in the sky. Hopefully they're slower than we are.
You nod to Red, before shifting your form and leaping off, avian wings allowing you to fly safely through the air as you note Red coming in behind you. Your flight path offers little resistance, but it also draws you dangerously close to the things in the air who are....'odd' to say the least.

For starters, they seem less like beings, and more like tangible holes in existence, complete absences of anything and yet somehow being capable of manifesting in some manner, with whatever-they-are being capable of elongating and bloating and shorting themselves at will.

"[Pretty fucking obvious how bad Blue's getting fucked up if things like this are cropping up in his soul.]" Red grunts, looking at some of the absences for a moment as they slowly drift in the air. "[Come on, we can land on that patch below and keep searching.]" Red dives downwards, towards a spot of flesh-covered ground, where a few more of those void-things float about lazily. But something feels wrong about it. Very, very wrong.

>Roll a 3d100
Rolled 98, 25, 14 = 137 (3d100)

Rolled 92, 30, 68 = 190 (3d100)

File: 1550627526778.png (783 KB, 697x838)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
190. Things are going to get real interesting now. Update will have to wait a while though, got stuff to do.

File: Taiga Ur.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1280)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Three hundred and twenty-eight years ago, the Era of Silence ended, ushering in the Current Era.

It was as if the world itself was reawakening. The seas roiled more violently, rivers flowed stronger. Volcanoes once again bathed the land in fire and ash. Storms raged as they hadn't for the first time in twelve hundred years. Even from their lofty purchases in the heavens, the sun, moon, and myriad stars shined more brightly.

Prayers were answered once more, with great frequency and aplomb. Blessings were conferred to the Men of the East and those faithful Middilmen. And most striking of all, Heroes were returned to the world.

The Holy Books of your people, known in the East as the Westermen, and known in the West as the Men of One, predicted the coming of this Era and that of the Next. Your mother, daughter of the Great Chief of the Tribes of Eimmel, was one who knew the Holy Books well. All throughout your childhood and adolescence, both among her tribe and that of her mother, where you grew to manhood, your mother told you that you would be the one to usher in the New Era. The Ur-Sarrum.

It was at the behest of the memory of her words that you departed west across the Leviathans Sea, sailing for the Port of Hokkap on the distant pagan continent of Orseia.

Your ship's arrival at Hokkap never came to pass. The lights of the city itself were dark and queer, but your ship was never close enough for you to investigate further, as the protected harbor itself was blocked off by the derelict hulk of a great whaling ship.

Whatever suspicions you had about the fate of Hokkap were confirmed once your ship ran aground just south of the city. You had misjudged the tides around the Whispering River's mouth, your relative inexperience as a sailor and the waning wards on your ship's hull drawing it into the low cliffs of clay and rock. Once you had scrambled up the cliffs with whatever you could carry from your ill-fated boat, you were confronted by a group of lightly-armed and armored natives.

The Binarvicq, as they call themselves, are a seafaring people. While the vast majority are merchants and whalers, there are those who chose different paths in life. Piracy and slave-dealing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>There's something wrong about this. Turn down her offer. Who is she, why is she offering that to you?
>Tell the daemon to leave your sight immediately, or you'll make her.


>Perhaps it's not such a bad idea. After all, Orseia is the western Land of Fertility.

Well, sharing strenght sounds good, we may get a blessing out of this
We are on patrol. Backing.
>>There's something wrong about this. Turn down her offer. Who is she, why is she offering that to you?

desire to know more

File: Sexy Command Seals.png (797 KB, 900x1384)
797 KB
797 KB PNG
Hello everyone, REDthunderBOAR here. This here is a quick Character Creation for a Holy Grail War Quest I will be running. I plan to make in maybe two weeks after another round of Dreadnought Librarian. Read below to find out more!

This here will be a one of two alternating quests, the other being Dreadnought Librarian DxD Quest. This quest will be a Grail War of my own making so I don’t need to follow the plot. So this Character Creation will basically determine the entire war.

Ok, I will be dropping NEET Weapon for those who are wondering and are sad. I feel I can’t make it continue without some major events like a GATE to the modern day opening or some crusade, which is not what it is. Thank you for understanding.

Now that that's fucking out of the way, the actual CC. Attempt two is under way!

Discord Server
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>To kill Rasputin you need to first poison him, the shoot him in the head three times, and finally drown him in water. NO OTHER method will work.
No offense but even Heracles Bullshit "I come back from the dead" Noble Phantasm wasn't this broken. Unless you're also including mortal poisons and weapons THEN I can see why it's specific like this.

I do like the Russian Winter NP though. It's very appropriate for the Russian homeland in particular.
Oh its suppose to be mortal items. The point is he must be killed in the same way he died in life, through a lot of bullshit.

I mean, what Servant weaponizes water? If it wasn't mortal shit he would never die because of that.
>I mean, what Servant weaponizes water?
Proto Gilgamesh from the Prototype for Fate/Stay Night. But technicalities aside I see what you mean, I just know that unless specified it's going to be seen as broken or leave some people confused as to thinking he's literally invincible until he reaches the part where it turns out that he gets that shit tossed on him and people start getting angry because of the expectation that servants are perfectly immune to mortal weapons because of their nature as magical beings and what not.
>Counter Hero reduces enemy parameters by 2 ranks
>reality marble instantly freezes anyone with less than C endurance.
Totally fair.
Jinako has set precedent for powerful servants being offset by shitty masters. It's possible Eleven-chan's thirst for Jet Fuel and split personalities will be a major hindrance in letting Stalinsputin reach his full potential.

The restraints about your arms, legs, torso and neck are uncomfortably tight even through the haze of the sedatives at a constant drip into your veins. A thin line of drool trickles from your lips as blearily blink and try to shake your head, the muzzle and head restraints keeping you from doing much more than a slight jostle. The acrid smell of burning electrical insulation wrinkles your nose as your eyes finally focus, a faint haze of blue-gray smoke issuing from the panel set into the metal wall of your cell. The collar around your neck, concealing the thick needles punched into your flesh beeps slowly, one of the indicator lights on its side a flickering red and yellow.

You cant focus much right now, your brain still foggy from the drugs and the horrific beating you received. You're sure you were subdued halfway through it but they threw a little extra on there for good measure it seems. Youve Been out longer than you think as you are comparatively soreness free. Except for the pinching manacles and invasive needles.

You cast your slowly clearing eyes around the "cell" as much as you can, simply a 6×6 space with your immobilized body as the centerpiece. A sliding glass (most likely a reinforced polymer) door separates you from a metal walkway with another occupied cell opposite you. A clipboard is secured to the interior of your cell along the wall, next to the doorway, information scrawled across it in computerized script. Your slowly clearing eyes focus on it slowly.

>Roll me 1d4 for reasons.
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Supporting, Anaconda virt-- I mean "Pyro mexico" I came up with that on the spot and all of the other prisoners rallied together would be a forced to be reckoned with.
Let's do this anons
Enlarge a shotgun and a pistol, tell the pyro and the cryo to come with us, and head to the control centre for this little vessel.

Yeah, I'm with these. Nice and monstrous with a heavy draconic theme in appearance and personality.
What IS that egg that Bolas keeps between his horns?
I keep forgetting what it was, so I just imagine that he laid that egg.
I have no idea
Also i Think Warden passed put

File: Jeice.png (1.09 MB, 2500x4589)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Your name is Bartolomeu.

No wait, that was your name before you died.

Your new name is Jeice, as in, the guy that is nowadays known as Space Australian thanks to Dragon Ball Abridged.

Yes, the red dude who died on Namek Saga, who got fucked by Vegeta, indeed, you were reincarnated as that guy and you had literally no fucking clue where in the timeline you were stuck into.

So, deciding that you didn't want to die, you resolved to yourself that.

>You should simply quit Frieza's group, frankly, it was going to be your reason to die, literally.

>You would train martial arts and how to use your ki, because apparently none of the aliens is actually able to hide their ki without being the nature of their energies and the such.

>Train your Space Australian accent.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>"Ugh, hybrid Saiyans are more powerful than full blooded Saiyans, you moron." Raditz told you.
>"And that's... bad?"
support, it's an isekai, game it to hell.

"Hold up a second, okay guys? I need to talk with Raditz for a moment." You asked them as you took his arm.

"What do you think you are doing?!" Raditz asked bewildered.

"Shut the fuck up before I blow you and the rest of this planet." Which worked, actually, probably because you had a power level of 95000 if we go by the Dragon Ball Sagas, 85000 if we go by the Dragon Ball Pen and Paper.

The two of you flew higher up in the sky when you began talking.

"Raditz, where in the shitstorm that you call your mind you thought that would be a good idea? Goddammit Raditz, there is a reason why Frieza think that all Saiyans are retarded." You told him.

"I am not retarded!" He shouted at you.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3809945.jpg (118 KB, 500x712)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Everything happened so fast. Before all of this, you were Freya Godsblood, princess of Ordamark, and you were the most beautiful women in the land. But everything changed for you, as you've caught the eye of the Dark Lord Lazarus Drack who, seeing you, decided to claim you as his wife.

Now, you're his Empress, the Dark Queen Freya Drack, and your reign has just begun.
55 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Map of the North.jpg (1.22 MB, 1847x985)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
-Ongoing projects :
> King's road : 171 weeks
> Lazarus is training your retinue endurance : 6 weeks
> Preparation of an expedition of 100 men to the frozen wastes : 14 weeks.
> Educational material on the non-humans for the humans : 6 weeks
> Educational material on the humans for the non-humans : 6 weeks
> Study of the history and culture of the non-humans : 24 weeks
> Glorious bathroom : 1 weeks
> Recruitment and training of the Saboteurs : 11 weeks
> Production of a batch of Earring of Far Speech : 15 weeks
> Mapping of the east part of the world : 12 weeks
> Construction of the temple of the Gods of the North : 6 weeks
> Construction of the Temple of the Black Moon : 6 weeks
> Rehabilitation of the Red Avenue : 16 weeks
> The Spymaster is investigating those responsible for the death of Orelliel and Lazarus's father : ???

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Landscape.jpg (280 KB, 1920x808)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
-Work Time : ? (choose 4)

-Social Time : ? (choose 4)

-Free Time : ? (choose 6)

And roll me 4d100, best out of three.
Rolled 71, 80, 55, 83 = 289 (4d100)

>Work Time : ? (choose 4)
-You need to talk to Titania about creating a second high elves city in the forest of Voyoba.
-Send Letters to the Legions and describe that there job for now is to defend themself and if they are attacked they sould try to get as much prisoner as possible
-free time / Luna is teaching you Feral Form
-free time / Luna is teaching you Feral Form

>Social Time : ? (choose 4)
-Meet Roman Vosko and try to get him on our side /discuss with Otto Kislev that the cathedral will be for saint Ariel Justinia
-Train with our Retinue Endurance
-Contacting the dark elf "intimate creator"
-Spend the day with our parents/ in the night Luna is teaching you Feral Form

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 13, 4, 70, 93 = 180 (4d100)

+ you really want the Feral Form anon
Rolled 26, 98, 89, 65 = 278 (4d100)


File: Quests.png (1.07 MB, 1200x819)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
If you're reading this, awesome, as you have a chance to influence the next big quest I'm doing.

Essentially, over the downtime I've had from my last ones (Sky Fighters and Contract Killer), I have both retrospected in the mistakes I made, the things I did well, and subject matter.

As such, I've summed up two big ideas I've thought of, written bases for, and even designed gameplay portions for.

1. Silent Hunter Quest:
As you can imagine, this quest surrounds you, the captain of a German Type 7 boat during the Battle of the Atlantic. Expect the difficulty of managing an entire crew, finding and tracking targets to meet ever increasing quotas, and progressing with a losing battle after Black May. Tactical gameplay included for encounters.

2. Steel Treads Quest:
Those who were around for or have read Sentinel's Tank Hunters quest will recognize the premise of this one. Following a Cold War gone hot, the player character inhabits what remains of mainland Europe. In this twisted future, the role of aircraft is all but gone, infantry to a lesser extent: treads rule the world now. Expect tactical gameplay, battlefield decision making, an open world, and more.

Well, now it's all in your hands. Which adventure would you rather see? Would you close down the hatch on a tank, or a sub? Hide in fear of depth charges, radar pings, and the sound of chugging destroyers? Or shiver as you discover that tank over the ridge has you dialed in? It's entirely up to you. I'll leave the vote open for a few days. If you have questions pertaining either of them, I can happily answer them.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Up to the players during character creation.
Steel Treads Quest sounds cooler, but Silent Hunter Quest lets us get into a dick measuring contest with the leviathan. Tough choice.
>1. Silent Hunter Quest:
>Silent Hunter Quest:
Captain Nemo, ahoy!
>2. Steel Treads
I don't like quest that hew too closely to history. If I want to play the past then I'd like a chance to change it too.

File: OP3.jpg (124 KB, 1500x1000)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>Archived threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Magical%20Girl%20Revenge%20Quest

>Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3229771/

>Junko Skill List: https://pastebin.com/ppWJz89J
> Mari Skill List: https://pastebin.com/DuPyuzx2
>Other Cast: https://pastebin.com/BgrNeUe9
>Pastebin info: https://pastebin.com/u/CorruptorQM

>Twitter for updates and runs(QM may sometimes forget to post): https://twitter.com/CorruptorQM

>Something to take note: I use 1d100 roll under which means Nat 1 is critical and Nat 100 is critical fail
>Write-in is fine as long as it fits the narrative. Or at least it would make sense with Junko doing something.
>Forgive my excessive bad grammar. My tacos have difficulty expressing into words that thesaurus can't help me on that end.
>Last of all, relax and enjoy the ride.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Yuu, you don't need to become a shadow to be my friend. Whatever happens I will always be by your side, but you have to hang on for me, okay. Your better than this, Yuu. Don't give in, its what Sachiko wants. I want you to be yourself, Yuu. I need you too, Yuu, and I'm right here. As long as we are together there is still hope, you just have to feel it. Please fight back against the corruption."

"But Junko, I don't want to be alone, everyday whenever I eat lunch, I would talk to you even though you are not there. Whenever we come home, I would act like you were there. Everyday I would always think of you. Please Junko, please accept my feelings. Don't reject me please.

"Yuu this is not you at all, The Yuu I know is a strong woman who fight shadow with ease, the Yuu I know who punches shadows with ease, who protects the town from the bad evil spirits around the city, the spunky wannabe martial artist who pretends to be Johnny Chen or even Air Lee because it's cool [s]even though I hate those movies with the exception of Jonny Chen because it's funny.[/s]

You slowly come closer and closer until you are in front of her. She grunts to herself, something and trying to get out something. Maybe it worked. And so, you go for your finishing blow......or at least you hope so. You hug her and try to siphon the corruption to your body. She starts to trash on your body now as she realized what you are doing.


The corruption slowly seeps on your body empowering you while Yuu trashing became weaker and weaker until she can't move herself. After you felt that you seeped all her corruption on her body. She limply sits staring at the ground. After several minutes, she meekly speaks.

"You saw it huh....."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Okay, but be careful. And please take care of Kanna, we must not let her fall into Sachiko's clutches.

>Go and talk with the other magical girl. There is no doubt that she will try to find you again on less friendly terms. Better to settle all of this while she is in a more "agreeable" state.
>>No I insist, you are going to stay on the mansion
>No I insist, you are going to stay at the mansion.
>Yuu, you don't have to be alone anymore. Please come with me and the others. We need your help. Let's try to get to the bottom of this together and....as much as I didn't see anything back there...I feel the same way about you too...alright. I've come too close to losing you one too many times and I don't want to see you hurting ever again. It safer to work together as a team, than to be apart.
>Yuu, she's going to notice you aren't turning into a shadow anymore and there's one strong enough to nearly kill that weird blond girl on the loose too.
Since I'm assuming our fuck Sachiko's plans wrath is higher than killing Kanna wrath
>Yuu, she's probably done the same thing to Kanna too.

This honestly seems way bigger than what our current group/MG resources can handle unless Sachiko's first group was incredibly weak when she stole their power. We probably need outside backup and we technically don't know where to find it yet.

When you got hit by that car, you weren't sure what you were expecting. Bright lights and a hospital room? Unlikely, but maybe. A stairway to heaven? Hopefully. The burning pits of hades? An unfortunate possibility.

You didn't expect to end up in a pit, covered by skeletons, as a bunch of humans in dirty tunics shovel dirt on top of you, or to end up as a skeleton yourself, a dark fire burning in your eyes and chest.

>Choose class
>Skeleton Warrior: Melee class. Starts with the Charge ability. Later subclasses including Skeleton Paladin and Deathknight.
>Skeleton Archer: Ranged class. Starts with the Flechette ability. Later classes include Skeleton Commander and Undead-at-Arms.
>Skeleton Wizard: Starts with the Dark Fire spell. Later classes include Demi-Lich and Ifrit.

>You're also going to need a name.
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>No idea what you're talking about, I just got here. (Half truth.)
Tell the truth as much as possible without bringing up other worlds.
>Look, I am very confused right now, and I have no idea how I got to this world. (Truth.)
I have no fucking idea so i am a Progenitor or something?
>Look, I am very confused right now, and I have no idea how I got to this world. (Truth.)
Who the fuck, what the fuck, where the fuck, when the fuck, why the fuck?

You are the Devil. And what do what do you want? SOULS.

But any old Devil can find any old mortal and claim any old soul. You’ve been doing that since you were banished from Heaven. What you want is a good soul, an immaculate soul; a soul worth adding to your damned collection.

Sure you could go after another priest, or a little girl, or Brendan Frazier, but really a modern devil requires a modern soul.

And that’s why you’ve chosen Charlie Roads. Who is Charlie Roads? He’s twenty four years old, unassuming, not someone most would look twice at when crossing the street. He’s a virgin. He’s not important in anyway... yet. He doesn’t know it but some point in his future he will become one of the greatest men to have ever lived. The joy he’ll bring to mankind will bring peace and prosperity unlike anything before seen.

You need to put a stop to that.
How? You need to corrupt him of course. Seven wishes in return for his soul. Once he had lived out a lifetime of each wish his soul will be yours.
Right now you are in the hell. It’s smokey and red and wonderfully horrible. But this is no place for a business transaction. You need a form and locale to draw Charlie to you.

What location will you pick?

>A nightclub
>A fast food joint
>A cinema
>A police station
>A university classroom
>other (has to be a place Uncortupted Charlie would risk going. No porn sets, etc)
>A fast food joint
Also don't just give succes to us. Let us work for it.
>A fast food joint
Also what >>3279160 said, please don't hand this to us on a silver platter. There should be difficulty and failure conditions.
>A fast food joint

you are a freed people on the continent of Glamorga. you , who lead the revold against a master most cruel, have been placed at the head of this makeshift tribe of various monster races.
mostly of the socalled verminfolk: orcs, goblins. and other rabble that lowly new adventurers capture and kill to get a hang of the whole adventuring thing.

you are galavanting about the wilderness and come across a stream deciding it was the only clean looking water you'd find for miles. you decide to set up camp

>population : 4/2/2/6 (goblins/orcs/hobgiblins/humans)
>demographics: 6/2/3/3 (men/boys/women/girls)
>sustainable population:20
>culture:you're honestly just happy to be alive right now, old cultural rites mean nothing to you
>technologies: fire and shelter
>inventory: work hammers, wood axes. cooking implements, knives
resources: water
forgot to add

>two actions
>one idea

scale of success is
>1-3 absolute failure: you somehow decreased your survivability
>4-6:minor failure: well you didn't make it any worse.
>7-10: minimal success:you didnt advance things for yourself much, but it's something!
>11-13: moderate success: you impressive strides to advance the group. but not great ones.
>14-17: great success: weather it's luck or skill your forefathers would envy your survival skill
>18-20:epic auccess: there is no way you could have done it better.
Rolled 5, 17, 5 = 27 (3d20)

>cut down wood

>learn fishing

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