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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

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File: crown.png (274 KB, 400x400)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
>Double, double toil and trouble, for she who would be Queen hereafter!

The green and pleasant land of Dalmace, ruled by good King Harold. From the snowy mountains to the verdant forests, from the rolling meadows to the blue sea, it is a peaceful and prosperous land. The common folk draw sustenance and wealth from the land, and the nobility provide for them stability and protection, and all is just and harmonious in the eyes of the gods. A land of milk and honey as it were, or as close as one can get.

And it's all yours for the taking! Too long has it stood not under your rule, anything otherwise would be an insult to your majesty! Yes, once preparations are made, Dalmace will make another fine jewel in your crown!

"Ah, b-but your highness?" so asks your chamberlain, a sniveling pitiable wretch, "H-How shall you ac-complish this? Dalmace is a... strong land as m-much as it is p-p-prosperous... by what m-means will you draw upon?"

For such insolence you may well strike the cretin down. Though he raises a fair point, just what sort of Evil Queen are you? Which is your source of power?

>Earth - Either through sheer physical might, or sublime practiced skill, your power comes from your Body.
>Water - Wielding either great magic power, or with a genius intellect, your power comes from your Mind.
>Fire - Possessing either the charisma to sway armies, or cunning to beguile foes, your power comes from your Spirit.
>Air - You are either divinely (or infernally) beloved, or one with nature itself, your power comes from your Soul.

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Ask her if any of our great great great(...) great children are involved in their visit

Check for magic items! Adventurers always have those.

And then send them to whatever [horrible slave camp] we have so they can break free and try for revenge, it will be quite dramatic.
Being a skeleton is good and all but we need to be able to have flesh when we want.

Skin the rogue's face off using our bony fingers, then we put the skin on our skull and cast a spell to assume her appearence.
We can start a collection like this and change bodies like we change clothes.

Then we call our generals, commanders, bosses, mistresses or whatever fancy title our lackeys use nowadays and start a meeting to plan our attack
Please, just get rid of them right now
If we don't do it, I bet we will try recruit them and turn them or become a "good" lich or aby other such nonsense which happens all the damn time in these kind of quests
>implying what we're doing is bad
All we're doing is reclaiming our throne. How is that bad?
A fair point, make a roll just for random chance.

Your name is Shu, and as screams fill the bone-lined streets of the town called Laoc while madness rips through the populace like a plague, you find yourself short on time and high on stakes.

“Hate to say it, but splitting up is our best bet.” You announce, turning from where you stand within the warm hall of Laoc’s tavern to address your family and friends. “You heard Jeraha; about two-dozen townspeople fell to the Hunger, so we need to put them down as quickly as we can to prevent others falling to it from panic. If anyone’s got any ideas to that end, let’s hear them now.”

“I've got the Tier Five Forge Core installed, and I have the Tier Three on me." November says brusquely, her steely voice relaying her capabilities in an instant. "The Metall Geschoss would be at a disadvantage here without a reliable spotter to lob my shots, and the risk of collateral damage is high, but could be worth it if things get FUBAR. The top of Town Hall's a superb vantage point…Magpie, do you think it would offer you…”

“A sniper's nest?” The raven-haired woman supplies, arcing an eyebrow over one empty socket. “Afraid not. Laoc's a maze of skinny corridors and high walls at weird angles, bad for clear shots unless you got a plan to boost me or my targets higher. Besides…range isn’t going to be an issue.”

At that, Magpie re-adjusts her one-handed grip on her obsidian shotgun, three of her floating eyes glancing pointedly at the buckshot-riddled remains of Ruth near the bar.

“Alright, better in the field. Got it.” You say, turning to Gina, Rath, Amara, and the rest of your family. “We need to get a hold of Julia and Dorian and get them on board with whatever we come up with. Any ideas where they went?”

“Said they were going for coffee. Someplace quiet Dorian had seen when we were first here.” Rath replies, scowling. “No idea where it could be, thou-“

“West quarter. Kath’s Caff.” Sierra answers immediately, the lithe bartender stepping forward as her massive azure eye narrows. “Stupid name. My coffee’s better, anyway.”

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(Yes. As a quirky show of good faith, it has been temporarily enhanced to cover up to two targets, and it is much more durable for the rest of the current combat.)

(Ha, that's actually Francine's original portrait, if you'd ended up fighting Gamma a little earlier. It's nice to see, and thanks for sharing.)
This may sound odd, but what if we fired Honey B.33 Rounds at Battalion's head and sealed it with honey? It seems like the way it spawns constructs is through the head. It's a humoral paladin core so anything that prevents or slows bloodflow will cripple the Blood Battalion greatly.
>GRA VIE NUKA SULK your Sheathed Sword, in preperation.
I'm not sure if that works. There's no target word in there, it wouldn't be aimed at the sword. I'm not sure what target word we would use, I guess if there's a word for "attack" or maybe "weapon". There's a word for "Relic", but the sword is actually an ability so that wouldn't count.
Sounds reasonable to me, though we'd need to first get the existing layer of blood soldiers off of her so that we'd have access to her head. Maybe if Amara can blast them off with an Oxygenic Nuke.
huh. odd but alright.

and man, the Tinker really does not understand proper etiquette, does she? battle or not there were MUCH better ways to go about that whole introduction. guess its not the normal girls that got into the Crucible though, heh.

i mean, the way Honey works id imagine hitting it would cover its head anyways. i dont think we need to specify.

im not sure it needs target word, im pretty sure Amara has done spells with intent before. i think target words just increase the accuracy and effect, as it were.
also made weapons and the like count as constructs too, so VIE would be the word, if you're that worried about it.

File: Asia Argento Pic.png (854 KB, 633x848)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
Heaven has spoken, naming our protagonist the Dragon Slaying Saint Asia. With her title gained and the power of Heaven gifted, her goal to guard humanity will now be fulfilled. Along with herself and the Brave Saints, Heaven now pressures both Devil and Fallen to a white peace. Though some wish to see it continue in full once more.

Upon the calling of Heaven I have been renamed the Dragon Slaying Saint Asia Argento. It still gives me butterflies just thinking of the responsibilities I have to carry because of that. I will however carry out such responsibilities as my Lord’s Angels have gifted this to me.

Though I worry a little, so many things are happening just outside of our eye. Khaos Bridge, if what the man told me is true, desires war. War against Devil kind, I can accept but not against the greater guidance of Heaven.

A restart of this Great War would cause more terror than any of the World Wars combined. At least, that is the feeling I am getting from everyone here.

Character Sheet for Asia: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PPB-qszSf2aB4tdD1Y9TchZoWFSMVebTtUFX0dEZ9pg/edit?usp=sharing

Bottom has most of the Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=nun

There are missing Threads, so here they are on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S_LaQ-8cUYECIfSD9Tms2yrdYYN702fWngBPbaZ8Oco

Choose one of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

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>Go with Dulio
To think he is already at head pats level with Shirone. Did we ever give her a head pat?
Yes. Yes you have.

Also he's more of treating her like a little child.
Yes, I retroactively changes Anderson, again. Reason; I thought Queens were leaders of the suit but apparently Aces are!
“Alright, you coming Shirone?”


With that we quickly followed behind the Joker, soon making our way outside onto the streets of Heaven. As soon as we filed out of the mansion, a few other started coming in from behind us. All of them were of various distinctions and differences, though within a few moments I noticed Matilda among the crowd.

The girl seemed to have noticed me as well, as she quickly sprouted wings and flew towards me. Within moments I was grabbed onto in a small hug, “There you are Asia, I was wondering where you went off too.”

“Eh, uh, well we wanted to meet more people.” I said as she released me from her embrace.

“Oh, and who did you find?”

“She found me, Dulio!” The Joker quickly chirped with a grin.

“Oh, wielder of the Sacred Gear Zenith Tempest!” She quickly flew over and shook his hand, “A pleasure to meet you!”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Stay in the current group

Fools, all of them, gibbering imbeciles. They could not recognize your genius, your talent, and in their stupidity they hated you. You were the best among them, and they cast you out into the cold with narry but a few cantrip-papers and the robe upon your back, and after you had slaved for years as an apprentice. You were left sleeping in the gutter amidst drunken vagrants in the driving midwinter rain. Just as you were nearly driven to sell your last few cantrip-papers, hang up your robe and take work as a labourer, though, you felt a call, thrumming through you and drawing you onward, upward and away from it all...

>Whence came the call?
>From the sewers and the secret places, calling you to take refuge there and build your arcane might
>From deeper places still, amidst the earth-bones, voices called for you, eager for blood and power. Eager for you.
>From within. Your heart revolted in the midst of your body. None will master you. You will take to the wilderness and learn.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1475426850508.jpg (357 KB, 1219x1600)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
>From Within

Servitude is for others. The spark of the arcane sits in your very flesh and blood - you are master, not slave. Or at least, you will be. For now, though, you must take to your studies, beyond the reach of fools and luddites. You wrapped your robes tight around you, cantrip-sheets clutched to your breast, and set out along the great east road, looking to all like a withered old pilgrim, but never ceasing your match but to sleep or to eat what little bread you can steal. A fugitive, you must travel in the dark.

A long while passed this way, with the world of dreams and that of reality melding and bending around one another in your addled mind. Some fever overtook you, some malady, a cruel trick of the gods, and the dreams of your fever are strange and magnificent. You rule over a world of burned rock, over legions of servants, worshipped and feared. Demons rip at the edges of your vision until, one final time, you fall into slumber.

When you awake, you are in a bed. Well rested, and fully fed, warmed by a hearth-flame. It takes a moment to process this. Your cantrip pages, those treasured papers upon which you ma record your spell-words to keep them slipping your memory, still sit at your chest, though your robes have been replaced with a simple tunic and left to dry by the fire. A few minutes pass before a figure comes into your vision, a wizened old hermit, surprised to see you awake. A cantrip, simplest of spells, rises in your mind at the sight of him, like a reflex.

>Once a choice is made, I'll roll.

>Firebolt - Having trained under an Evoker, you learnt this treasured old orison first. Summon a bolt of flame and slay the hermit. You have no use for weak old men. (Low Roll)
>Minor Illusion - The apprentive of a simpering old illusionist, this cantrip swirls in your mind constantly. Produce a great boom of noise in the hermit's ears to stun him and knock him out. A test subject may be useful, or he may know something. (Low Roll)
>Leech - The most minor necromantic incantation, learned in secret studies, to drain his essence for other use. If you are subtle, you may drain this old man while you thank him and ply him with pleasantries until the blood loss knocks him out and brings you back to health (Medium Roll)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Talion_ability.jpg (105 KB, 970x493)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>Strain Yourself in an attempt to seize control of his mind.

>Strain yourself in an attempt to seize hold of his mind. It is an advanced technique, and one you have never had succeed in cases other than upon rats, but if it works you will have a servant.
>Strain yourself in an attempt to seize hold of his mind. It is an advanced technique, and one you have never had succeed in cases other than upon rats, but if it works you will have a servant.
Rolled 64 (1d100)

>Rolling for Seizing Control

We were designing Lyann Aquatic and Armored looks, and for her aquatic look we went with a seal/dolphin-like lower body in the same bright red as her hair, electrical detection senses as a shark, webbing between her fingers, and deep-adjusted eyes.

For her armored form we went with something with extra plates and protusions of shell or bone (not clear yet) in various colors to make it look like a super heavy armored suit.


Previous thread >>3922331
28 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Have her change into her armored template
>Oh man i loved all the horns and tail
She can grow them if she wants to, her body isn't 'fixed' anymore

>Have her change into her armored template


The armored plates manifest as expected, but then seem to deflate slowly, merging into her body until they're nothing but skin deep, making it look as if she is wearing the tightest bodysuit imaginale in white, red and pink.

"Uhm? Your sheet says you still have your armor on."
"It doesn't feel like it." - she says as she twists slightly from side to side - "Uhm... there's a plate..."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Evolve our guyver (girlver?) into [Adamite], the human evolution line final step
Let's make sure to feel up all of Lyann's body like this. See what is still soft and what is now hard.
>Evolve our guyver (girlver?) into [Adamite], the human evolution line final step
I mean we have come this far.
Alos she can now make herself get robo dicks to fuck the girls with.
>Alos she can now make herself get robo dicks to fuck the girls with.
And that's the important bit, after all.

>Let's make sure to feel up all of Lyann's body like this. See what is still soft and what is now hard.
In her armored form, its all hard, but very smooth, and the plates slide over each other effortlessly so she has no movement restriction.

>>Evolve our guyver (girlver?) into [Adamite], the human evolution line final step


Once more, the light of evolution shines from within our redhead, and by the time it is gone, she's standing in place, looking completely normal.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Chapter 2: Mk 30
"The Forces of Evil." Edition.



>Are Anonymous
>About a year ago, somebody woke you up
>Informed you, that life is a story
>That yours, miserable and shit as it was
>Was not your fault
>Or some random chance

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Carol has Emily right on hand and is about to throw her in the cage as well as Tom, so I think Carol being target number 1 is a given. She is going to use tom to release Lucikron. We cant let that happen or we will never be able to enter hell.

Robin's soul and Betty are one path to solving the Greater Demon Soul problem and that one Hek is open to helping us about. She is running a secret war on Hell. Going after Carol doesn't lock out an attack on Betty and having Tom installed on the Throne gives us a better advantage.

As for a deadwoman switch we are hitting Carol with non-lethal spells in about a fraction of a second. We would stay in Hekaworld dimension and let time tick by for the spells to hit, Tom to grab Carol and for us to summon Tom holding Carol to Hekaworld where we have time,, resources and allies to handle her. Actual real world time would be moments.
I would support this then if we are that pressed for time.
I would feel better about it if we are able to use our skeleton force and commanders somehow if things go south.
They can come with us into Hekaworld? The original betty plan was a stealth insertion assaination and mass skeltal rush once went loud.
>Option 1
It isn't horrible, but one of the many reasons we were attempting to go stealth was so that Moon, and her allies on Mewni don't have to participate in retaliatory strikes on Webhollow (as they are still allied with Hell and the Lucitors).
However, if Hekapoo herself is also waging a shadow war against hell as part of her own vendetta and revenge, and is aware of our intention to strike at Hell, pretty sure she wouldn't mind looking the other way in unseating a ruler who participated in her own anguish, as long as the connection back to her didn't come forth.

>Option 2
This would be classic, season 1 Anon. I can't say it's wrong, but it seems unoptimized and given to the mercy of the dice. If we factor in the amount of prep we've already tried to put forth into our Hell planning, then it feels like it could easily turn into a Rehash of War Planet. And goddamn, I DON'T want that at all.

>Option 3
Not against this, but the target is the big question now. As >>3953012 mentioned, the original plan was a stealth insertion hit job on Betty White. This was gonna be one of those 2 for 1 deals... Allowing us to gain the soul of a greater demon for the purposes of our Earth restoration plans, as well as gaining us an awesome ally (Robin Williams), that made all the denizens of Hell tremble and fear. Heck, Fat Tony and Nick Cage looked up to the dude as a prodigy.
But then Carol laid down an ultimatum and we got a bit schooled on how Demon Hierarchy works. The risk is that we end up losing Tom, our extraction point, if Carol plays her cards as we expect her to, and then we're stuck down there, possibly with an ally turned enemy. The flip is *IF* we secure Betty and restore/revive Williams... Carol and her Cronies may get so fucked that it's a mop-up operation.

>Option 4
No. Fuck that. We've been prepping for months now. And now Carol is on even more high alert and can take the time to make even actions against Anon and crew. Marcos right, we need a win under our belt.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Noita_Witches.png (252 KB, 809x800)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>Option 1
1. Let's Talk to Hek and get a new way into Hell (reveals your plans to Hek, who might tell the MHC)
Hekapoo already knows we're going into Hell. She even helped us prepare by teaching us how to Bless Muscles, and even promising 1 Spank if we survive and succeed.
Still, I'd like to consult her in this matter, Last time we messed with Hell Lucikron sweeped the floor with us, and I'm sure his darling wife has something waiting for us in there.

Who I'm surprised hasn't come to stop us is Moon, who I think she knows Star is with us right now (who she ahd been looking for a month after Earth blew up, especially with this whole "war" thing). If she does come we're gonna have to book it, because I doubt we can tackle Hell without Star's help.

>Option 4
4. We need to save ourselves first. (Go to Purrkistan and get stronger, help Tom and find more resources to stand up to what's to come.)
Considering how drastically different the situation is right now, at least some reconsideration of our plans needs to take place.
Tom is out of comission, since we can't risk losing him and having Lucikron possess him. And now that we know Karen knows pretty much everything Tom knew she will be probably be waiting to ambush us in that now not-secret passage Tom knew about.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

You are... uh, wait. You don't remember your name. You don't know who you are. You don't know where you are.

You open your eyes. You are in a bathroom stall, and you are sitting on a toilet lid. Your stall and what you can see of the rest of the bathroom is illuminated by neon light. You can feel dull, throbbing bass through the toilet seat and your feet on the floor. Music?

What do you do?
>Examine self
>Examine stall interior
>Examine toilet
>Leave stall
>Write in

[Majority vote decides outcome]
111 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>>3954007 #
>Examine stall interior

You sweep the inside of the stall with your eyes. Draped over the stall partition is a brand new dark brown leather jacket. It is the overdosed man's, but it probably fits you too. You take the jacket and try it on. Might as well borrow it, you need it more then he does anyway. You now have more pockets to put stuff in.

You pick up the change within your reach on the floor, adding an additional Δ6 δ60 to your wallet, bringing your total up to Δ261 δ172. There's more change out of your reach in the next couple stalls over.

Carefully avoiding the salamander man, you open the toilet tank and check inside. Nothing interesting.

Above you, on the ceiling, is a vent. You can't reach it now but you might be able to if you were move the salamander man out of the way and use the toilet, and maybe something, else as a step up. You hear a faint rhythmic sound emitting from the vent.

What do you do?
>Examine overdosed salamander man

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
move the salamander and reach for the vent
thythmic sounds in repeated intervals could be bombs

You carefully move the salamander man off the toilet seat and onto the floor. Standing on the toilet seat, you reach for the vent. You can't reach. You could try jumping, but you would have to risk slipping and falling.

What do you do?
>Find object to increase height [exit stall]
>Attempt jump [roll 1d100]
>Examine salamander man
>Exit stall
>Write in
>>Find object to increase height [exit stall]

how big is the baton?can we use it? if we can't find a mop or some other cleaning device they may have in the bathroom

File: Ghost.png (748 KB, 1080x1080)
748 KB
748 KB PNG
You were engulfed by oblivion, with absolutely nothing around you. No light, no time. Not even darkness itself, and yet you were aware.

Pain suddenly coursed through your body as you rapidly tumbled onto the cold metallic floor, the rough texture of it sending shivers down your spine. You were alive. The pain confirmed it. The room was illuminated with a dim red glow, with grime covered consoles and various panels located in front of you, along with the chair that you had presumably stumbled off of as you awoke. There was another chair by it, and in it was a skeleton, its heavy clothing frayed at the edges without any other sign of decay.

And then you heard a voice speak out. "You alright, Risen?" You pivoted your head around the room, only seeing the consoles, the chair you were in previously and the chair with the corpse on it.

"Eyes up, Risen." You looked upwards and saw it. It was Bray-like in appearance, with hard edges and angles around it, and it was also floating as well.

What do you do?

>Numbly roll around on the floor

>Get up and look at the thing

>Speak to it
33 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

so they could produce forever ammo by simply hurting/killing them ? and they just instantly transform it to, like from energy to a solid piece of ammo.

is possible to extract this energy from them ? it s part of their bodies like their flesh and bones no ?
desu i thought it was just a gameplay mechanic.

i find strange that they have this kind of technology and can t produce clones or similar stuff.
i didn t write desu the fuck
Those digits should certainly explain why. It seems Autism Jesus has been getting stronger as he slept and is testing the extent of his new powers. Do you really think all of this is just a coincidence? Stando announces his return set for the fifth day of Jesus month and a few days later BNHA has it's first official tie-in to vigilantes, a direct mention of quirk modification, possibly even resurrection from the dead if Kurogiri really is Shirakumo returned to his mortal coil by forbidden science and a shpping autism outburst by Mina IN THE SAME CHAPTER. If posts are being modified in an unrelated quest can you even imagine the shit that will happen when SQR returns?
lurk more

File: hyouka.jpg (48 KB, 225x350)
48 KB
Prev. Thread: >>3940534

Recap: You, Terry Tazo, have discovered your psychometric powers through identifying Gekky the Lamia's bully, Vireen Vainglory. Now you are heading to Salimance Field through a canal that runs through Milafoy Wood to meet a person you know from school who is very interested in your newfound powers. During the trip you were ambushed by an admirer of Vireen who attacked you with a biological weapon grown from Vireen's own body. Unpeturbed, you march on with your friends Maddox, Sara, and Gekky.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Talk to Ollie-Anne
> Talk to someone in the camp
>Talk to someone in the camp

> Talk to Ollie-Anne
> Talk to someone in the camp

File: tegaki.png (32 KB, 640x480)
32 KB
What a nuisance. Graverobbers these days don't understand courtesy at all. You were trying to catch up on your eternal rest, but apparently that wasn't acceptable to this yahoo, whoever he was. Naturally, you kicked his ass and stole his sweet gear. These cloth garments feel nice and soft against your bones, and the hooded cloak even wraps around your body like all the cool mages.

Unfortunately, that jackass continues to be an irritation even after his death, as he somehow had three different magical implements hidden under that cloak, and you don't much feel like carrying all of them. You'll need to make a choice.

Curate's Rod
>Allows casting of White Magic
>Can defend yourself in melee
>Lack of offensive spells

Sorcerer's Codex
>Allows casting of Black Magic
>Access to highest damage spells
>Absolutely useless in melee

Battlemage's Foil

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Sorcerer's Codex
>Curate's rod
It’d be ironic if we were a skeleton that heals people. We’d be like Faust from GG
>Battlemage's Foil
>Curate's Rod

File: 1.png (177 KB, 699x945)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
You're a NEET Girl.
You scraped by graduated high school, failed to get into a university, failed 5 job interviews within the following months, and turned into a NEET for the past 3 years.

You have Heavy Depression, low intelligence, ugly face, weak body.

You spend all your time watching isekai otome anime and eating only cup noodles. Your family has given up on you and you have no friends.

Decide your method of suicide:
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>After playing around on your old Pokémon Emerald file (hacked of course) you drink half of the bottle. You then go out to have fun at someone else’s expense.
What about getting institutionalized? At this point mental asylum is only going up
call a suicide hotline
Reminisce on your high school life

File: 22712229_p0.jpg (444 KB, 1500x914)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, former princess of the country which bears your name and one-time Number 7 in the nameless Organization which creates peerless warriors from the flesh and blood of man-eating yōma.

In the course of your creation and training, you learned much about your foes. But there are still some things you don’t know about the yōma as well, partly because they decay so quickly once killed. Naturally the Organization has certain technologies used for processing deceased yōma for use in the transplanting surgery, but even these have limitations. While you do know for example that the yōma are created by a parasitic infection, no one knows what that parasite looks like, how it reproduces, or what environmental characteristics it requires to survive.

All you know is that it appears to be ubiquitous throughout the world, and that once it infects an individual human the influence stops there. Yōma infection cannot be spread by contact with a transformed human or its bodily fluids, or by proximity, or through the air. In order to create a half-blood warrior the flesh of a yōma must be surgically grafted into the body cavity of a human subject, always a young girl, and blood must be transfused into the subject’s system throughout the duration. It’s a surgery which almost all subjects survive thanks to the skilled technique of the Organization’s in-house butchers… but the body rejects the foreign contamination well over half the time.

In these cases, the result is a slow and agonizing death.

Those who survive are left to an uncertain fate as their human bodies and the yōma corrupting them struggle to reject one another. But while the yōma side is still kept in check, these survivors gain remarkable abilities well in excess of those possessed by regular yōma. However the danger of slipping, and eventually being overwhelmed by the yōma within, is ever-present.

That is what you tell the priests of the Tronkirk area, when you ask Father Vincent to gather them for an urgent meeting.

“That is the reality of the situation,” you declare.

“And what brings this on?” one of the priests demands.

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>No half-blood warrior collects pay. Even among the Organization that is not our way.
>3d10, best of three
Rolled 7, 10, 1 = 18 (3d10)

Rolled 2, 9, 2 = 13 (3d10)

Rolled 10, 5, 1 = 16 (3d10)


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Why not have a go? Three votes for our race, three for our place.
City ruins
Troll Canyon

File: 1553634896222.png (251 KB, 1108x861)
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Smote & Choke

Welcome to DARP, a /qst/ thread orientated towards Dwarf Fortress Adventure mode. Most of the game will be directed towards adventure roleplay rather than stat grinding or management of inventory for the player. Occasionally, the player will be prompted to roll dice appropriate to a skill-based on the input for a character's action to determine it's the outcome.

Spelunk into the slave-world of Armok and satisfy his bloodlust by suffering through your pitiful existence. Perhaps you'll make a name for yourself?


>Input Needed:

GM Note: Thank you all for being patient, with the semester finally over I am ready to begin this up again. Now that I am on break, I shall be able to dedicate alot of time towards this.

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ask if she's contracted cock pox
safety first lads....
Agreed. This lady looks like a witch, so we should be safe. Don't want to knock up a hag
Thirding, only take the room if she acts sketchy.
>Accuse of being a night creature
Wrestle: Grab neck with both hands, then choke out, while whispering "I will not be swayed by your evil ways, ugly hag."

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