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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

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File: 67.png (231 KB, 1884x980)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
UTC+1 18:00 August 19.
Be there ;)
Also provide your tripcodes so we can ID properly.
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File: spill go here.png (246 KB, 1884x980)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
I want spill to follow the road/bridge this way, as far as possible.
Come on, Borscht. We need you for this. You'll always just be #2 in the West unless you retaliate against 1977.
alternative flag

whichever you prefer op

We are standing in front of two diverging timelines. In one, I trust you, in the other, I don't. 1997 is the only man that has shown to be trustworthy, but he is alone.

It depends on the behavior of OP and Aces whether I do. I will know next turn. Your decision right now is whether to preemptive strike or not. I of course would prefer you don't but it depends on your estimation of Aces and OP.
Also that clusterfuck was huge so I won't be able to finish story time today. I might have it ready before next session.

File: guayo.png (67 KB, 634x581)
67 KB
Welcome to Armok: Adventure Mode
Theme: https://youtu.be/pttjCKQFCzs

>Short Introduction of the DM
I am new to /qst/ but I love the idea of image-board adventures and am a drawfag, so I hope to give it a shot and make an entertaining story.

>The Game
This quest will intend to simulate a single character in a DnD-like aspect, focusing on the world and experiences of Armok: God of Blood Chapter 2: Dwarf Fortress: Adventure Mode.

Things such as character sheets, item statistics and tracking of hunger will be transferred onto the responsibility of the DM, the player will experience actual dialogue and text-based descriptions of mood, needs, and conditions.

Alongside simplistic drawings, text and story elements will be a driving force behind the narrative of this game. There will be no specific goal, unless searched upon or imposed by the players themselves.

Audio, such as music and SFX may be provided during the gameplay, it is highly recommended you partake in them to be further immersed.

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This, also take up more shrooms to offer the people who live in the homestead as gratitude if they take us in or if they need convincing.
knock loudly
Turn off night vision, stealthy look through a window
>Knock on the door
Don't forget to turn off night vision or we are going to be blinded by the bright light


In the din we stared as the flames flicked and offered roaring light and heat. Though we were beaten back, we could not help but feel determination at so converted a resistance. Something was not right, and it was obvious why.

The Dragons have ascended, and war descends down the tree. Monsters have become more aggressive and the Tree Responds likewise.

We are but pedestrians caught in the middle when weeks ago we were considered vaunted heroes.

Alas. We are adventurers like everyone else, and we'll like them or die like one.

Runner Scholar - 3rd Ascent, 1st Night.

The Level is Concluded, and we learned a valuable lesson on our first ascent...


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Reposting from last thread's chargen, since nothing seemed to come of this. Or should I just take the Descended from Laboria perk that Slib got?


>A Sister of Laboria made a project of the wilds here. Her shift ended before completion. Work continues, with or without her belongings. I understand they passed to a friend of the family who had little use for them.
>Drink 9 oz. from the water to fully recover SP

Sithar Arcos | Brave Human Magi rank 1
Get Up!
HP: 26/26 SP:13/31 MOV: 3
EVA:9 RES:11 PHY:7 MEM:9 CHR:13
Journeyman's coat (+5HP +5SP +3 MAGPOT)
Carried (2/5)
-[O] Book of Fire- Place in Items to temporarily gain Pyras Major. The ink has long dimmed.
-Waterskin (9oz.)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"Anyone has some rice to spare for a hungry twintail? I still feel rather weak."
Rolled 3, 4 = 7 (2d6)

If no one else give you the rundown, let me have a look-see once we find each other again. I can Analyse it! I'm just... a wee bit lost.

File: Into the Ruins OP.jpg (260 KB, 1500x750)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
The Gods are real and their power is unquestionable. The year is 600, and you currently explore the country of Corcaea. The land is covered in ruins of a long-forgotten civilization, and no peasant dares to stop you from exploring them.

The people are weak, illiterate, and poor. The Church holds ultimate authority over the land, as King Magnus is an avatar of the Gods and to question His rule is to question the pantheon themselves. You have evaded interference thus far, and set off on your first major foray into the ruins. Legend tell of magical artifacts, piles of gold, and countless historical relics within their massive depths.

It takes only a few hours to be deep into the wilderness. Towns are sparse, and the roads are riddled with orcs, goblins, and other strange beasts. You've even heard myths of the people of this land turning into demons under the wrong circumstances. Their problems are not yours this day.

This day, you adventure.

Who are you?

>A male orc fighter.
Intelligent, strategic, and strong. You care for battle and little else in this world. Your home lies in Cyno, a great country to the west, but there is little for you there. You've traveled far to explore the ruins and make a life for yourself- a lover, a conqueror, or something even greater.
>A female halfling rogue.
You are a long way from your home in Spira. You were told to not come back home without a "gift" for The Family. That means gold, and lots of it. You may be small, but you are also light of foot and sharp as a tack. You know a con when you see one, too- and the ruins are anything but.
>A female elven wizard.

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Going to keep the ball rolling, this is counter to what a lot of players were interested in doing earlier in the thread but I'm going to roll with the punches unless more people post to the contrary. Next post inbound
There's no time to risk the fireflies waking. From a safe distance, you chuck the torch into the pile of sleeping fireflies. Vengeance's blessing still lays over them as they sleep through their slow death. Smoke coughs and splutters out from the heap, and before long, the majority are reduced to ash.

A few fireflies remain on the outside of the pile. You crush most of them underfoot, wearing only a simple pair of thin-soled boots. The few that remain get scooped into an empty vial, and through your exhaustion and blooming fever, you set to making the antitoxin.

The sound of Ray's panting punctuates the silence of the room as you dutifully work on crushing the necessary ingredients. He licks the side of your robes from time to time, pacing around the firefly pyre as well. It takes a few minutes for you to get the right consistency of herbs, and to withdraw the correct amount of toxin from the firefly. Sweating, shaking and dizzy, you pour the mixture back into the vial, and take a swig.

Your vision spins for a moment, as the ruins seem to swirl around you. The urge to vomit is intense, but you hold back.
Minutes pass in silence. There's a soft shifting as the robes cave in one one of the corpses in the corner, as the maggots continue to feed. Your nausea persists, but the dizziness and exhaustion begin to fade. Time will tell if the antitoxin was successful.

The fire in the pile of fireflies is fading fast.

You brought 10 torches, now 8 remain in your backpack.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Climb into the hole
>Rest, see if the antitoxin relieves more symptoms
After we rest for a while, we could start looking for an anti-toxin.
Just to clarify, the hole is the gaping blackness at the top of the stairs in the center of the room. Are you sure you want to go in first before resting?

-Cerise had a Sand Reckoner implant installed in her head, but the operation left her in a catatonic state.
-Dr. Renee Carte, Whitney's biological mother, woke Cerise up by putting the implant in a low-power mode.
-The operation wasn't a complete success. Sometimes the implant would come back online -- and with it, Cerise became the host for the disembodied consciousness of David Darkbloom.
-The cyberterrorist formerly known as Camelia mysteriously returned under the name Amber Catachresis, ostensible younger sister to Rose "Rose2" Catachresis, your weeby flame from high school. Only you and Vivian recognized Amber's true identity. Everyone else remembered Camelia as a different person.
-Your mother, dead for five years, also reappeared -- as Scarlett Catachresis, mother to Rose2 and Amber.
-You engineered attempts to get close to the Catachresis family and figure out what's going on. In the process, you got Mom to remember her old life with you and Cerise.
-Amber was more of a mixed bag. She claims to remember being Camelia, but only hazily.
-Sable Guiteau, on the run from -- well, from just about everyone -- met with Alex Best again. She convinced him to help with her plot to destroy Darkbloom Analytics for good and bring the technology of Sand Reckoner, as well as its sister project Diogenes, to the public.
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We've come so far
Who the everliving fuck says yayifications?
>he's never played Reccetear
Sounds like commie-speak, to me.
LotR outdated
Harry Potter overrated
Long have we waited
Fuck Quest won’t be sated

Is it always this warm out here? The sun bakes the sand and you with it, until somewhere along the wandering paths you end up more lost soul than human being.


But it was not always thus. In nooks and crannies of old places, buildings stick out of the sand. The bones of old peering, and we the little scavengers among them. Here, enough walls to keep out the wind and the winding paths of strangers meeting for a moment of respite. Strike a fire from the detritus, exchange glances followed by hands followed by words. Drink from the flow of this old well well until it croaks dry at last. Should a storm roll in, it may be the last rest to be had for a while.

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Thank you kind sirs, seems exactly what I'm looking for.
>9AL: Move 331,331,333

#Shon, #Chemicae
Alacrity 9 Limit 12 Spd 1
DR 2 vs. Chem + Fire
Harm 1 | Sense 1 | Support 2 | Attune 1 |
Manipulate 2 | Solve 3 | Resist 1 | React 1 |
>Mixologist 2
The Secret Soul - Solve reveals extra on Object/Environment
Bottled! - Transfer Condition or Element to [Bottle]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Trackless Waste 5.jpg (2.24 MB, 3561x2035)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
Soft sands and softer dust, and a group of people spreading out to investigate. . .

Looks like a well prepared gunhand and a nomad of some description, about two fifths of the way to a fight.

The Raven Knight gestures at her (its?) many wares. The sharp paints, the hard blades, the soft cuts, the warm lights. It inquires as to your intentions.

How Grissly. Someone has stuffed 3 men into this small container, after breaking every bone in their squishy bodies to mulch. You realise that no serial killer however deft could do such a thing - and with such force, too. There is some inhuman stalker in this place and it is strong. It would not be able to easily hide its massive muscles, but it would also mean that it does not use weapons to hunt and kill.

Volt waves at you with a flourish where his hand never quite seems to find his wrist.

>But Now What?
Good folk, do you mind if I draw a bit of water?

>Get some water and drink. Offer a drink to the angry guy as well.

#Ardinho, #Errant
Alacrity 9 Limit 12+3 Spd 1
Harm 3 | Sense 1 | Support 2 | Attune 1 |
Manipulate 1 | Solve 1 | Resist 2 | React 1 |
Glory 1 (+1/turn, convert to Alac 1:1, recovery 2:1, effect 1:1, roll for oaths)
Blades 2
Dodge 1

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Oh dear.
Well, nobody quite matches the description of "monstrously strong stalker," so we'll keep looking for now.
>move 5, 3x8

#Puck, #Inspector
Alacrity 9 Limit 12 Spd 1
Harm 1 | Sense 3 | Support 2 | Attune 0 |
Manipulate 1 | Solve 3 | Resist 1 | React 1 |
Investigation - 2
Hardboiled Sleuth (Defend with Sense)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> 3AP || {Command Guardian Grit [2] to protect me.}
> 6AP || {Move [5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3].}

You are Alberich: serial killer, familiar to two magi, and dubiously related to the gods. Despite having no biological parents, you've somehow wound up being considered the brother of two dangerously unstable girls, each unaware of the other's existence.
On the night of Wednesday, November 13, 2019, you found yourself in a dimly lit stone basement, standing in the middle of a magic circle. You had been summoned as a Servant, a legendary warrior contracted after their death to fight alongside a magus for the Holy Grail, their existence sustained by the mystic energy of their summoner. In your case you were conned by Judas Iscariot into taking his place despite not being a legendary warrior, but that's neither here nor there at this point. The magic empowered you enough to fill the role, anyway.
After spending a few days learning about the Holy Grail War and your surroundings, you and your Master, Jean-Pierre Vaisset, had your first skirmish with the enemy: a complete defeat. The enemy Servant outclassed you utterly, and the only reason you survived was that her Master ordered her to retreat once he'd killed Vaisset.
With Vaisset dead and your supply of mystic energy cut off, you were prepared to fade into the aether when you discovered to your surprise that he'd prepared a backup plan to transfer his Command Spells to his sister in the event of his death. This transfer of authority was immediately followed by a physical transference, and you appeared in the girl's bedroom. Thus you found yourself breaking the news of her older brother's death to Shijou Ayaka, your new Master, in the middle of the night, only a few moments after you learned of it yourself.
She took it surprisingly well, and since then many things have happened. You slew one Servant, grew stronger by his death, and fled from another. You learned the truth that you were never human, but an artificial hero created by Judas. You discovered that there were two other artificial heroes created like yourself, and that they were your old comrades. Most recently, you've been forced to the betray the first people you had considered allies in this Holy Grail War. To make matters worse, this betrayal ended in a stalemate, with you wounded and your new enemies beating a successful retreat. Today you're resting and recovering, spending a day without battle-planning in the company of the snow-white magus princess, Liliesviel von Einzbern.
None of your experiences have changed your goal, however. Whether or not your life has been by the design of another, and regardless of who stands in your way, there is only one path before you. You must win the Holy Grail if you wish to survive. Four Servants remain to fall by your sword.

Previous thread:

Suptg Archive:

Status Information:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Nobody was aware of him or his intentions at that point.
Pretty sure his intention to stop the grail war was one of the first things he told us.
>Saber is a possible issue, but her master likely won't ally with the Emiyas.
If we have become strong enough to casually ignore everything Rider, Shirou, Rin and Sakura can do then I'm sure he would think about a temporary alliance.
If we become that strong, it will probably be too late for even Saber to be able to help them.
I just realised
>try to talk things out with the Emiyas
>Rider tries to go for the sneaky kill with Cybele
In hindsight, Alberich did nothing wrong.
The NAP was violated by Rider.
I wish Perseus was here.

I also wish we had a record of Harpe.
If we could apply it's immortal killing ability to Heilig, we would've fucking instantly butchered Achilles.

But yeah, halfway through trying to get to the bottom of things, Snake bitch tried to petrify us, then Shirou sentenced us to death for the crime of "sorry but too bad, muh greater good." and tried to go full EMIYA.
Rin also spoke down at us.

Also, does Alberich have any suspicions as to Medusa's identity?
I mean, petrifying eyes are a pretty big giveaway.
Oh and Previous thread still needs archiving before it 404s.
Also Lili's poor timing on Alberich's part caused the loss in trust. I mean they were always wary of us especially Rider. But when Lili (an eizenbern) says "Yeah he is totally an Eizenbern" or "LOOK ITS OUR SPY" of course Rider will immediately go on the offensive.

Once Odin showed his overpowered ass to everyone it made Alberich immediately loose any control over the situation and caused the kill or be killed situation with the Emiya Family. Hell we are still kinda subservient to Odin.

So instead of just having more people after us why not just get someone to give them a message of "Get the fuck out of Tokyo."

> In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war and the laughter of the Thirsting Gods

I'm an edgelord /tg/fag that has the next three days off so I'll give >>>/qst/ a crack. You are a subhuman son of a bitch that has taken a fat shit on everything the God Emperor stood for and turned your back on the Imperium to become a Slave to Chaos. There's a 99% chance that this was the worst decision you've ever made but your mind is fucked enough that you don't care. To begin our low-effort, probably one-shot adventure into daemonhood, chaos spawndom, or corpse starch I have to explain the rules. Plainly put, there are NONE! Or almost none.

> Roll 1d20 when prompted, applying bonus for skills or mutations
> In combat you have to beat my roll, then the loser rolls 2d20 to see where they were wounded and how severe it is. After that, they roll 1d20 to keep fighting and if it's bad enough not bleed to death. This can and does instakill and cripple, but luckily, since you're a Slave to Chaos death holds no fear and cripples don't live long to regret their mistake.
> There is no specific system for mutations since it's impossible to know whether or not the Chaos Gods give a fuck until you're ascending or getting fucked up the ass by daemons in the Warp. Instead, when you do something Chaotic enough that Ruinous Power-senpai notices you you roll 2d100 for severity and usefulness then I pull something out of my ass. If you roll a 1 or a 100 on the second dice you are warped into a Chaos Spawn/Daemon Prince, depending.

Now that I've explained things, who the fuck are you?

> (Write-In) Anything remotely possible in canon is on the table as long as you aren't a named character because fuck that shit. If you are a regular cultist the quest probably won't last long but if you win despite that, you win

What the fuck Chaos God do you worship?

> Choose

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's a below average chainsword that's seen centuries of wear-and-tear but it's still a chainsword, and this is a feudal world. Yes, the (-40: Master Combatant) Khronate bonus stacks.
But to us, it's a really good weapon, because I really doubt that most swords on this planet are chainswords. There may be chainswords in the hands of the king and his best friends, but aside from that chainswords are way better than most things we're going to fight.
Exactly, in context it's an extremely dangerous weapon.

File: 22712229_p0.jpg (444 KB, 1500x914)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, a half-blooded warrior who was once counted among the strongest in your nameless Organization. Now you’ve fallen in with a small but growing band of your disillusioned peers, numbering eight in total. Four of those, like you, have ‘partially-awakened’ by having come closer than any other warriors to losing themselves to the yōma blood running through their veins. Of those two are former single-digits like you, which gives your faction a surprising amount of battle strength given your small numbers.

In addition to those you count a fourth former single-digit among your number, albeit one who has been permanently crippled by her injuries, and two warriors who are neither half-awakened nor former single digits.

The latter two will have to train hard to catch up with any of your half-awakened comrades, but so long as you do not waste their lives with reckless decisions they’ll have the chance to do so. You really can’t say the same for anyone unfortunate enough to still be in the Organization’s employ, which includes three rookies who you happen to be rather fond of.

Alexandra, Vanessa, and Jenna showed a lot of promise for complete rookies who weren’t even out of training when you met them. But you gather that they have recently been graduated against your advice and sent into the field, part of a sustained attempt by the Organization to bolster its numbers. That means that they’re in a dangerous situation for two reasons, the first being that in your estimation they’ve been rushed into action by overseers who don’t care about the survival of their ‘assets’. The second reason is that before you parted ways with them you made sure to impart a sense of awareness of that fact with the three of them.

“I have actually seen one of these three,” Marshal Noventus informs you. “The one you called Alexandra.”

That’s good… Alexandra’s definitely the type to know where Jenna and Vanessa might be, more so than Jenna that’s for sure. Not to say you don’t like Jenna, but that girl isn’t the type that focuses too much on details.

“You have!?” Valentina replies, excited at the good news. “When and where?”

“More importantly did she say where she was going?” you add, anticipating the next question already.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I want you to consider joining us, a faction of half-bloods run by half-bloods. An alternative to the Organization’s immorality.
>You’ve already been dragged into it. I was concerned that if I left the situation alone you three would be killed, or worse.
>I want you to consider joining us, a faction of half-bloods run by half-bloods. An alternative to the Organization’s immorality.
>You’ve already been dragged into it. I was concerned that if I left the situation alone you three would be killed, or worse.
>>I want you to consider joining us, a faction of half-bloods run by half-bloods. An alternative to the Organization’s immorality.
>>You’ve already been dragged into it. I was concerned that if I left the situation alone you three would be killed, or worse.
>I want you to consider joining us, a faction of half-bloods run by half-bloods. An alternative to the Organization’s immorality.
>You’ve already been dragged into it. I was concerned that if I left the situation alone you three would be killed, or worse.

File: e.jpg (151 KB, 1067x1600)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
You've spent 30 years of your life studying magic. Ten of these years were spent studying magic theory, then the old fuckers from the Grumblesnatch university crammed as much knowledge into you as they saw fit.

Now you're the old fucker. Ah, how times change, but you don't. You became a wizard because it meant power, not success. Suffice to say that you never liked people, with exceptions of course.

Now you live in a cave on top of Mount Fuckem. Barriers of force stop animals and monsters from coming in. Your bound servants clean the place up, and you literally conjure food from thin air. Life is calm and peaceful.

You're also one of the most powerful wizards in the land. The nearby village knows you as a sage but you only see those lads once a year and they don't know your full capacity.

Things are about to get uncomfortable.

What's your name, and what's your wizard name?
Note: A wizard name is given to graduates. It's essentially a more complicated-sounding version of your regular name. For example Andy becomes Andonicus and Jim becomes Jiranim.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Name first."
And then.
"Nah, Fuck off."

With his name we can scry him. When he leaves, scry him to see what he nicks from us this time, then we can killhim for it.
If he takes nothing, then we can just call him up later.
>"You know what? Sure. But if you take so much as a hair from me, your world will be hell."
>I repay my debts, sir.
>says a known gambler and cheat we found getting beat in an alley

>Put him to sleep and walk away.

File: SSQ_PRICEDOWN_OP.png (484 KB, 590x739)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
You are Captain Kusajishi Riku, leader of the Gotei 13’s Ninth Division and leading figure in the coming battle against the criminal Aizen Sōsuke. Your role is set to be one that you’re very much accustomed to, namely meeting Aizen in face to face combat while the other Captains whose abilities make them relevant do their own respective things.

But before any of that can happen, you’ll need to inform the respective parties of the fact that there is something approaching an actual plan for when Aizen returns from Hell.

Unfortunately that means going to the one person who you distrust even more than you do Aizen: Ichibē of the Royal Special Task Force. He’s an inherently untrustworthy figure not because he has betrayed the Soul Society, but rather because he would do absolutely anything he feels necessary to protect the stability of the Soul Society: he’s as much a reactionary as Aizen is a revolutionary, if not more so. Normally that would make him your staunch ally in this fight, but you are in far from a normal situation.

As a living shintai your very existence is a fundamental threat to long-term stability because as you have shown time and again that existence falls outside of the Royal Special Task Force’s control. And because you can’t be controlled, the Royal Special Task Force is somewhat divided in their views on you. Ōetsu appreciates the way you see his creations, the zanpakuto, and both Shutara and Hikifune think you’re a decent person based on your treatment of the Arrancar you helped to evolve a hundred years ago. But Kirinji, and more importantly Ichibē who is nominally running the whole show, are deeply disturbed by the prospect of a fledgling demigod who can completely ignore their influence.

But you need their abilities backing you if this is going to work, so unfortunately their intentions will have to be the key factor that will shape your plans going forward. Thankfully, once the Royal Special Task Force makes a strategic decision the Captains’ Council will likely follow, saving you the trouble of having to either convince them separately or else completely ignore the wishes of your peers.

That is why you have appeared before them, your own swords held by Lieutenant Matsumoto, seeking their help despite the queasy feeling it causes in the pit of your stomach.
69 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>>That leaves Kaoru and Gin… if they had doubts they could swing the vote against. Why didn’t they?
>Discuss the reasons why four Captains, one of which by proxy, have disagreed with this plan.

They should voice their concerns. It's fair that they present their views on the matter.
>Discuss the reasons why four Captains, one of which by proxy, have disagreed with this plan.
>Discuss the reasons why four Captains, one of which by proxy, have disagreed with this plan.
>>Discuss the reasons why four Captains, one of which by proxy, have disagreed with this plan.

File: marilyn.jpg (76 KB, 350x439)
76 KB
Hello. My name is Marilyn Sage, and I'm a fiction writer. Naturally, it was a bit surprising when I realized that everything I write becomes real.

But I'll get back to that. First some background. My favorite colors are lavender and light brown. I rarely leave my house, because it's a seriously depressing world out there, but I do drink a lot of coffee, so I have to go out and buy some occasionally. (No, I don't have a cat, I'm not THAT much of a cliché.) As for how I make my money, I've considered drawing tentacle porn, but I can never get the faces to look sufficiently anguished, so instead I long ago just rewrote the past to make myself a wealthy (but eccentric, obviously) heiress. Yes, I know I could just write myself an endless supply of coffee as well, but that would be disrespectful to the coffee spirits, who honor perseverance in the face of mediocrity - and you'd be amazed how many times summoning those guys has gotten me out of a tight spot.

I don't have like a huge mansion or anything, of course - I like my simple old house in Arkham. It has everything I need - dusty attic with those round windows that go all the way down to the floor, old Victorian furniture, kitchen with actual counter space, wardrobes and cupboards linking to other universes, booby trapped treasure rooms with non-Euclidean geometries, subterranean catacombs echoing with hellish screams, and a bread maker. (I really like fresh bread.)

So anyway, here's the thing. I'm bored. I've been trying to write an adventure for myself to go on, but I can't think of anything. So if you're willing, I'd like you guys to help. Whatever I write will become real, and then I'll tell you what happens next and get your advice on how to continue with my adventure. I'll post photos of what happens sometimes, but since so far I haven't managed to figure out how to get my computer to email stuff like photos from my universe to yours, they'll probably just be painstakingly photoshopped PNGs made by the guy in your universe who types this stuff out for me - please thank him, he works hard.

So, right now, I'm sitting at my computer in my office, sipping coffee. I'd describe the area but this isn't a text adventure, I imagine you don't care about that level of detail. You can decide what I should do next:

> Go to another room / explore other parts of the house (it's very spacious)
> Go out to town to buy more coffee (my stores are running low, but I've been procrastinating)
> Write something (you'll have to give me an idea though)

Oh by the way, you can ask me questions about myself or the world or whatever and I'll respond, but please keep in mind, I'm not here to just chat, but to shamelessly steal story ideas from other people to overcome my own frank lack of originality. (And probably end up in a dungeon getting brutalized by goblins, desu.)

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Well apparently there's no edit button. That's nice. I spent two hours photoshopping a picture that was supposed to be the thumbnail here and ended up clicking on the original stock photo version instead. Ass. Well here's the one I meant to put up.

>Write-in: Join Batman and Robin to fight crime in Arkham.
>Go out to town to buy more coffee (my stores are running low, but I've been procrastinating)
Go out to town definitely. Coffee is good. Coffee will satisfy.

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Suptg archive:

Previous thread:

You are Edgar Tristan Rood, child of an Executor who happens to be the overseer of the Holy Grail War that you are participating in.

It’s Saturday, day 5 of your Holy Grail War alongside one of the seven Servants, Saber, thanks to a misunderstanding with the now-deceased Agrippa Brigante. Over the next few days, you officially entered the magic battle royale as a matter of principle, carried a very attractive girl named Charlotte through a hail of Archer's arrows, and began building trust with your new neighbor Rider.
More recently, you discovered the terrifying enemy Servant, Shielder, and very nearly killed his Master, the Einzbern. Lancer alarmed you with evidence suggesting that there’s a humanoid, carnivorous predator of some sort wandering about, and it may not even be related to the Grail War. Of course, you immediately reported this to your mother, the overseer. After hypothesizing Shielder’s identity and having your first heart-to-heart with your Servant, you went into town at night only to discover Shielder squaring off against a completely new enemy...

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I think at best we could freeze it so it stops tightening but that doesn't really solve the problem, just stops it from getting worse.
Switching from >>3760495 to
>>Telepathically order Saber to unleash her dangerous hidden power, consequences be damned!

For now I guess.
>>Telepathically order Saber to unleash her dangerous hidden power, consequences be damned!
Not this fag again.
>>Telepathically order Saber to unleash her dangerous hidden power, consequences be damned!

If this kills us we at least get to go to the last checkpoint knowing what it does.
>Use your magic to break the girl's concentration and escape
Are we able freeze the area around us? Might work better doing a mass freeze to throw her off balance than to try something as intricate as freezing the wire.

>Being smart
>In Fate
Doing the sane rational thing always gets you killed Integer, we have to go full SEIGI NO MIKATA

Previous Thread:

"I'll have to ask Hooky if she's okay with that. We're more than happy to spend the night but anything more intimate would be wrong since I'm courting Hooky at the moment."

You look to Hooky and ask,

"Hey, is it ok if-"

Hooky responds flatly with,



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"While you were sleeping, we've also obtained the power of immortality. This fight could last forever. I challenge you to -fantasy chess equivalent- instead."
>You're the ugliest thing I've ever seen and I see my reflection on a daily basis.

This anon has the right idea >>3763594
Try to put the heroes to sleep, don't actually attack them. Also just because the heroes can't die doesn't mean we can't kill a goddess.
Alternatively, have tempest make them ugly
Call her out on her BS
"Do you even hear yourself? 'You'll lose because you're all ugly'? 'Heroes can never be ugly'? Really? Is a hero not known by their deeds, but by their good looks?"
"Back when we first met, this is what you said of me: 'A creature so hideously deformed could only be worthy of death.' Later, I had told you of our vision. I said 'it doesn't have to be this way. You can live in a world without strife, in peace. Providing for all humans, not just the pretty ones.' To which you replied: 'Who would worship a goddess who glorifies the ugly and unkempt? A goddess without beauty will fade. Beauty and aesthetics, they drive humanity forward, while ugliness and weakness are despised and hold us back.' Don't you see? You have created a society which holds physical beauty as the highest virtue, and physical ugliness as the lowest sin. The character of the person in question doesn't matter to you. You care not for people, how they act, what they do is irrelevant to you. In your eyes as I have come to understand it, beauty is justice. Not good deeds. Not helping others. You would rather everyone suffer, while true evildoers, rapists and murderers, roam freely, as long as it's 'aesthetic', than have good, honest people leading good, honest lives and being truly happy and at peace, even if some of them are a little ugly on the outside."
Changing to this. I'm willing to bet that it'll make her disown them.

Let's goooo

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