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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: [b], [i], and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

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File: Stand Quest Requiem.png (697 KB, 509x721)
697 KB
697 KB PNG
Ciao, and welcome to Stand Quest Requiem, where the combined power of autism and planning lead to bizarre and even stranger content. You play as King Crimson, basically trying to protect your master who is an autist obsessed with heroes.

Here's the archive for those who have just joined: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Stand%20Quest
Your name is Izuku Midoriya, and you are about to perform something that can be considered morally dubious at best, and a prelude to villainy at worst. But at least, you're providing to the community by stabbing a worthy guy and getting him a better power, right?

It's not the first time you've done something like this, what with you taking the Noumu skull as a trophy. Thank god Mom hasn't found it. You've made sure to hide it away where nobody but you and King Crimson can access it. In actuality, it was inside of a box that was inside of another box hidden inside of the room. The outer box was perfectly disguised as an end table, thanks to King Crimson's prodigious skill with art.

As you walk down the streets in that specific way that King Crimson taught you, you feel a bit of apprehension at doing this. With the way that the shadows conceal your face, you look like a villain. Heck, the vigilantes could confuse you for a villain. Thankfully, you have your stand, King Crimson who will likely help you. But still, the fact that you could be confused for a villain makes you feel a bit weird.

It strangely enough makes you feel glad, glad to be anonymous and terrible, for the fact that you could be mistaken for a villain.

Now that you've made it to the main streets of Musutafu, what will you do?

>Enter the alleys and look for vigilantes there

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>Volpe's Eatery: Opened about a decade ago, this Italian restaurant specializes in Neapolitan food and other southern Italian cuisine. It's owner and founder is named Antonio Volpe, who is from what you hear a pre-eminent chef when it comes to Italian Cuisine. The restaurant is also relatively cheap as well, which means that you could go with your friends.

>Volpe's Eatery: Opened about a decade ago, this Italian restaurant specializes in Neapolitan food and other southern Italian cuisine. It's owner and founder is named Antonio Volpe, who is from what you hear a pre-eminent chef when it comes to Italian Cuisine. The restaurant is also relatively cheap as well, which means that you could go with your friends.
For those who haven't heard about purple haze feedback, Antonio Vople is Tonio's true name. The reason his father disowned him is because he experimented with other quzine that was either not classy enough or outright not Italian. This man is an elder god of cooking that manifested a stand from a raw, unyielding desire to perfect his art form. We are getting food that will make La Primo taste like rancid dog shit in comparison.
>Volpe's Eatery: Opened about a decade ago, this Italian restaurant specializes in Neapolitan food and other southern Italian cuisine. It's owner and founder is named Antonio Volpe, who is from what you hear a pre-eminent chef when it comes to Italian Cuisine. The restaurant is also relatively cheap as well, which means that you could go with your friends.
Should we take the spear too? Concealed of course
>>3460574 #
>Volpe's Eatery: Opened about a decade ago, this Italian restaurant specializes in Neapolitan food and other southern Italian cuisine. It's owner and founder is named Antonio Volpe, who is from what you hear a pre-eminent chef when it comes to Italian Cuisine. The restaurant is also relatively cheap as well, which means that you could go with your friends.

Absolutely not, we are only going to stab people that we know and trust, after a series of proprietary preparation rituals, in a secret dungeon KC dug out with a spoon.

Volpe's Eatery

Previous Threads:

You are Aiyana ‘Faeseer’ a young girl on a quest to save her mother from the cursed bite of a spriggan. While fleeing your village you ran into a sorcerer named Giovanni Versace who has promised to procure safe travel for you to the mage city-state of Goetia so you could seek out an expert from the Arcane Research Society. While en route to the town of Branson to book an escort for your trip you were stopped outside the city gates due to an assassination plot on the Count. While camping you were approached by a Satyr named Abarta who came to warn you of the approaching hunters from your tribe. After hiding in the spriggan plane of Dun Scaith, Giovanni managed to secure passage into Branson.

Headstrong – You are confident in your abilities and refuse to conform to other’s wishes.
Naïve – Your lack of human interaction apart from your mother has left you fairly clueless on facets of the wider world. You tend to take bard tales very seriously.
Compassionate – You don’t like to hurt others except in defense of yourself or another. This has led to a reluctance to use your new-found ability to drain energy from fae.
Brave – You know what needs to be done and aren’t afraid to do it. Even if you are afraid, you know it needs to be done.

Lesser Glamour – You don’t have conscious control over this ability. Currently it hides the true pattern of your birth-tattoos.
Lesser Flare – A trick you used to scare of dark sprites. Since your meeting with Oberon it has become quite powerful. You have trouble controlling the strength of the flare.

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You should probably make an archive of the first and second threads on suptg, just letting you know.
You figure the large marketplace offers enough protection and make your way over to the man, making it a point that you don’t sit down. Zeke positions himself protectively in front of you, puffing out his chest in a show of cute intimidation. The man stifles a chuckle and gazes up at you. “Do not worry, child. I wish you no harm. I simply want to offer you a glimpse into your possible futures. It is not everyday I see a young girl with hair of shadow and a pet fae.” Finding it difficult to tear your gaze away from his empty socket you correct him “He’s not a pet, he’s my friend.” The man shrugs his shoulders as he spreads his arms, “As you say. You are new to town, a curiosity when the gates are locked and barred.”

“Maybe you just haven’t seen me before! It’s a big town. Maybe I’m just exploring the town since I can go to the forest.” You smile at your clever misdirection. Surely, he can’t know everyone in town. “That is indeed possible. For a girl NOT covered in tattoos with hair of shadow-stuff being escorted by a fae. I am positive I would have heard a rumor of such a young lady.” Perhaps you weren’t so clever after all. But what are you trying to hide anyway? “What do you want?” you ask, voice taking on a defensive tone. “As I said, I wish to glimpse into the myriad of futures laid out before you. There is no catch. Simple curiosity. What have you to lose?”

If he can really see the future then he might be able to point you in the right direction of the cure. Zeke blows a puff of glitterdust in the ragged man’s direction, a puff that is quickly gathered up in the bowl. The fortune teller has completely lost interest in you as he swirls the bowl, gazing down at the bones and dust, his remaining eye closed while the empty socket seems to have widened.
Born of the court, the young scale glides
Born of the fae, the young girl rides
Born of the forge, the wise man dies
Born of the shadow, the tall one lies

A cold chill runs down your spine, many voices seem to come from the prophet’s mouth. Once more the remaining eye gazes up at you, lifting the bowl up. “Please. One lock of hair. That is all the is needed.”

>Cut off a lock of hair with the blue-gray knife and offer it for the vision
>Pluck a few strands out and place them in the bowl
>Back away and leave, you sense a strange feeling of danger

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>Back away and leave, you sense a strange feeling of danger
Consult Zeke.

But i don't want to give hair to him

"Mary, what do you think of my sister? Have your feelings changed? She hasn't switched impressions herself, and I don't believe that you got an apology as well." Sis' abrupt shift in behavior does not decrease in its vividity. Her eyes were keen, sharpened from how they're usually a drooping round. She's a humble woman, but not when an encroaching fox threatens her role as the greater goddess. Is this saw blade a message, perhaps...? A challenge from Mary herself that's disguised as a short-term solution?!

"Hnn..." The seductive agent mops her face. It seems that she hasn't reconciled her own distaste. "Kid, I don't know about her. Your sister's quite the bitch with how things developed-- no offense. Hostile in a snap, to which I couldn't let her look down upon me. It'd be a different story if she were to be nicer on initial terms; sadly, that chance is long gone."

"Couldn't be looked down upon?" repeating her phrase. "I don't see why you should rebel against that."

Mary sneaks behind me, knocking my head as if it's a door. "Y' don't get it. You're good at coaxing a girl benevolently, or malevolently, that's no lie; howbeit, I doubt that you can comprehend the vast complexities of the fairer sex. Women can't stand being inferior. Equal's alright, but not inferior. And as one, I must uphold my own chest if Hanami's to overwhelm me with her oversized tits. A battle of the voluptuous and loving." Drinking the remains of her can, she dunks the aluminum flask into a waste-bin. "We, your sister and I, will and won't get along until a victor's decided. It might be today, tomorrow, or somewhere off in the future. But without that dictation, we're just going to continue on with slapping one another's boobs."

> "That's a way to put it. If a bout is all it takes, then I can organize one at my house."
> "Confusing speech, Mary... But I hardly want your relationship with Hanami to go on as is. Got any ideas for some type of competition?"
> "The explicit details could've been left out. I would've gotten your idea just fine."
> (another option)


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"This Grimm thing just isn't working out. Girls are chasing after my dick, but not me. We're constantly being watched by organizations that either want to kill me or won't hesitate to if they decide I'm too much trouble. And people I thought were friends won't lift a finger to stop it. In fact, they might join in. They might even try to take you away if they learn the truth about your Grimm's inner world."

Receiving the news of my distraught, her eyes widen out of a mix of feelings; both selfish and selfless. Her dislike towards Mary wagers more on the internal scale's weigher of vice, as that offense is a revelation to a dirty chance at making me her own. The agent is the woman who gave me a first-hand solution to Hanami's horns, and I think that Sis is grateful as much as I. But whatever coated her judgment has skewered the decision of friendship -- until the day that their scores between she and her are settled.

Utilizing my strength, I flip our roles so that I'm the horizon over her, adjusted to the center of the bed. Mental pangs exhaust my will to maintain straight thoughts. To lessen the headache, I go limp, resting upon the witch's beautiful mounds; though, careful so that I won't slip through the cornucopian portal. Under different circumstances, the prospect of dying between my sister's bosom would be instant disapproval. Now, I want to capsize my head into this sea. To forget all my worries. Morioka Hanami is a cornucopia for me: greedily said, to which Makita taught herself the art of my avarice.

Cosseting I, this Galatea of mine nurtures my. "I just want everybody to be safe and to enjoy life myself," I re-commenced. "But that's getting harder by the day. The worst part? Pretty much all of it is my own fault, and I don't have a damn clue on how to turn it around."

"... You feel like you want to run away, Rou?" Hanami said after my ramblings.

"I would be lying to you and to myself if I said 'no.' "

"Do you want to? Together? We can take a trip to the countryside where Grandma and Granpa lives. I'm sure that they have room to spare."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> "Write-In" (agree)
>But not now,still be ready for anything. For now, I must think about things.......in silence, in your boobs, lying down...*sleeps*
Are we going to look for that cure, or..?
> "Write-In" (refuse)
> "Running away won't solve my problems. If anything, it will make matters worse. It will put us, everyone around us, and everyone we know in even more danger."
> Thank Hanami for the comfort, inform her that we're going in, and get the rope.

After the tender moment.
> "Write-In" (agree)
> "But. . . Not yet. I still have a few things I need to remedy before I can leave without any guilt. . . Kitasawa is coming with us, if I leave her she'll live the rest of her life in torment between the crest I gave her and mom."

File: hqdefault.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
This will be a fun quest that I'm hoping won't be just a one shot if there's enough interest!

You are a young man, who has the power over lost things! This power may not be much but you know that one day you'll be a member of the JUSTICE LEAGUE. Due to an influx of superpowered individuals wanting to join, the JLA has opened it's doors for a power showcase in order to see what you can do to be a member.

You enter the HALL OF JUSTICE and see that it is absolutely swarming with people. They're all wearing costumes and wearing numbers around their necks. You are AN IDIOT and you have come in your NORMAL CLOTHES. You also have NO SUPER HERO NAME.

You are handed a number by a flying yellow robot frantically moving around. Number 1408.

>what is your name?
40 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Hall A: Demonstration

Doesn't seem like we're much of a fighter atm
>Hall A
>>Hall A: Demonstration
You go into Hall A wondering just what the hell you're gonna do. Should you watch a few people first or skip right to your demonstration?

>check out the others, may be some future team members
>skip to your turn

File: BWQ Title.jpg (383 KB, 1366x768)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
The year is 1866. You are Daniel Stockton, a veteran of the American Civil War and colonel in the Aizu Domain's military. You've come to Japan looking for work, and with the nation on the brink of war, there is an ever-increasing demand for men such as yourself. Last time, you participated in the Battle of Hofu, where your troops' resolve was tested. You won, and now the city of Hofu is yours.



Info Paste:
95 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
As long as she doesn't get in the way, we will have to assign someone to her, I was thinking Sato, what do you think?
>Yes sir.” (accept)
>”Yes sir.” (accept)
I'm on board of putting Sato there, Naka will have her hands full with us.

Who knows, maybe our boy Sato might impress the late shogun's sister.

Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=One%20Piece%20Bounty%20Photographer%20Quest
MC Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/XGUgpV79

Cover-art kindly provided by our noble artiste, Draw-anon, who kindly took time off repainting the Sistine Chapel for us. Look upon our prettyboy protagonist. Look upon his devilish smile and despair.

In last thread’s episode of One Piece Genuine Pirate Quest, our accurately named mysterious hero MYSTERIOUS HERO ARTHUR tragically lost his ship and crew to the fiercely flung cannon-balls of the monstrous Marine, Vice-Admiral Garp. Managing to make his way to Mocktown to drown his sorrows, he came across a valiant warrior of the sea and befriended him via COCKTAILS and SHOOTING PEOPLE. Having one too many (the cocktails, not the shooting), our mysterious hero succumbs to the sweet embrace of unconsciousness...

We now return you to your scheduled idiocy.
32 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This has my full support.
So. Should Harry make an effort to try and coerce Princess Vivi back to Alabasta?
I'm not sure Curly has the mental fortitude to withstand staring into the abyss that is Flashman.
To be honest after talking with her, and realizing she there on her own volition and actually part of the crew he will just arrest her like the rest of strawhats.
>there on her own volition and actually part of the crew
Pretty sure we've known that for a long long while by now.
Fair enough. Onto the next pressing question.
How are we going to handcuff the duck?

Your name is Shu, and you find it ironic that, at world's end, your existence finally has meaning. Even thought the finer details of your life pre-apocalypse are still a little hazy, your plans for the present are clear; accumulate friends, grow in power, and stop the Crucible; the battle royale that has been thrust upon Daughters like you, survivors of the post-apocalypse that boast incredible and maddening powers that they wield against monstrous Amalgams and other Daughters, alike. To rip, tear, and devour your fellow man is the key to maintaining your sanity against the growing threat of the Hunger, an all-consuming burden that threatens to strip you of your will and reduce you to little more than a mindless beast intent on bloodshed, fixated on satiating an endless curse of starvation.

With your growing team of friends you've spent the last two weeks venturing across the pulsing, humid wastelands known as the Fleshscape; the skin-and-bone-corrupted remains of the world that was, now reduced to a baroque, twisted hell that thrums with and alien heartbeat. Currently, after a session spent pouring overt countless notes copied from the now-destroyed lab of a mad doctor, you're ready to make the preparations necessary to continue on to the Cord. Though given what you've recently discovered about what lies to the north and south of the forest that before your westward journey, you wonder if a detour might be prudent to strengthen you and your allies.

Now, you'll have to ask the opinion of your red-haired brawler who is finally rousing from a deep, well-deserved slumber...

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Body%20Horror%20Quest

Character Abilities: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15ctgm_liaNO0e0B6zAcIUrmfDN0tWiXds3L4FvogI2M/edit#gid=0

Relic Listing: https://pastebin.com/8qNSREwW

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bodyhorrorquest?lang=en
392 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
(Gentlemen, my apologies but it appears as though professional obligations are going to take up the majority of my evening. As a result, I shall keep voting open for the next twelve hours, with posting to resume in fourteen hours from now. Thank you for your patience, and on the bright side it seems as though my Friday evening has opened up, so rapid posting after a good night's sleep looks to be a real possibility. Thank you all for your continued participation, and I will have a little while this evening to address any questions you may have. Thank you again for being fantastic as always, and have a great night.)
(*Personal matters, not professional. Work's been intense, if you couldn't tell. Also, for that Anon who has recently started a new job, I hope things are going well for you this week.)
have a good afternoon BHOP, hope your personal matters go well.

its a small, silly question, but when a Bishop runs outta juice, does it just keel over and dissolve, or does it stick around like an empty Baneling to be refilled, and if it does, is the cost of refilling it the same, or lessened, compared to its spawning cost?

...actually, how much, if anything, DOES it cost us to refill our Banelings/Knightlings acid, or does their new ability to store Bio Pollen they use to heal us and themselves also go towards refilling their Acid?

...ok sorry not actually a small or silly question at all.
Back. What did I miss and what sort of Clusterfuck are we in?
It's going swimmingly. My only regret is that my job leaves me rather hapless when it comes being unable to participate in the quest. I'm Heavily invested in this quest.

So news! I'll be moving not next week, but the week after- so we'll have a thread May 1, but probably not on the 8th. We'll see how it pans out, but right now that's what it looks like. Still, I'll update on twitter if I can.

Archive here! Anyone looking to catch up, you can really ignore anything that isn't part of the reboot- you may see characters with the same names, but that's about as far as anything in the original 2k16 run is going to matter.

I think that's it, so let's get going!


After your long flight, broken only by the short stopover at Elmendorf, the shower feels about as close to paradise as you’re comfortable with, A lot like a good shower after a tough game- or better, a good ice bath.

Of course, you don’t get to change into comfortable, if worn, civilian clothes, with a debriefing to go to as soon as you’re able to make it to the rooms upstairs, and of course there’s the already-traditional dinner to go to. It’s getting fairly late, but no so much so that you can’t get a decent dinner somewhere. Distantly, you wonder where Lotus would want to go.

Changing into a pair of duty khakis, you give yourself a once-over in the small mirror in your locker, noting that you don’t look too tired, and that a good cup of tea should get you through the rest of the day without a problem- and without throwing your sleeping pattern into complete chaos.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>[x] We only had fixes on four radiating sets, sir, and were worried about possible backup.
>[x] We only had fixes on four radiating sets, sir, and were worried about possible backup.

Pretty sure this was our actual reasoning at the time.
>[x] Passive was going to be more than enough, sir. We knew where their radiating sets were and after they were engaged it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because of the battlenet.
>[x] We only had fixes on four radiating sets, sir, and were worried about possible backup.
>[x] We only had fixes on four radiating sets, sir, and were worried about possible backup.

File: WINDOW INTERLUDE.png (7 KB, 427x427)
7 KB

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Hikikomori%20Quest
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/BHtuR7c
44 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>clean the desk
Christ is this ronin might be blitz but I feel like he would consider this a pussy thing to do
>clean the desk
Hey what does blitz's bleep sound effect sound like? Is it loud?
Considering he’s got a GBC motif going on, they probably sound like heavily distorted Pokémon cries, and it’s loud enough to drown out the voice of an angry angst-ridden adolescent boy. So quite loud.
Different cries play depending on the length of his swears. Since it’s a GBC thing, it only goes from Kantomons to Johtomons. If he cusses too long for one Pokémon cry to cover it up, a second one immediately starts to play. The lone exception is if he manages to spit out a swear nasty enough and long enough. In that instance, Kricketune’s cry will play.
Oh, and the N-Word gets covered up by Mewtwo’s cry

File: SEQalt.jpg (173 KB, 1264x632)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>{{Welcome to Tarnished Glory Online}}


Darkness. A moment of vertigo as you suddenly have weight, a body. Birdsong and buzzing of insects fills your ears and the stench of damp rot reaches your nostrils. You shift your weight and wet mud squishes between your toes.

You open your eyes and look around. A swamp.

Still beats a sleepy hamlet amidst rolling fields as a start location.

It's rare for an MMO to dump a player into the game straight from the login screen. But this is pretty much as advertised: you made a free account after all. Not only does that mean no customization, but you don't even get to be one of the Champions - the "real" player characters. You don't get to pick your initial skills and abilities. You don't get to start the game in a safe zone with trainers, vendors, and questgivers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: MC.png (890 KB, 700x600)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
Acting on a hunch, you cancel out of the tooltip and put the Bound Item away.

"Menu: Crafting Screen."

You're greeted by a screen that wouldn't feel out of place in a survival game, with several tabs of recipes for simple consumables, crude gathering equipment, makeshift armor, and primitive weapons. "Primitive" being a prefix indicating the weapon's quality and material tier.

The selection of weapons you can craft is significantly greater than the ones from the Bound Item, offering a selection of stone or flint swords, axes, and maces, as well as bows and slings constructed from wood and plant fiber, though selecting many of them also brings up a tooltip suggesting that certain monster types may have physiques ill-suited for some weapon types.

More pertinently, unlike the Bound Item, the crafting menu actually provides statistics for the weapons. And while you lack the knowledge and context to say how good (or bad) the numbers are or what they mean, you can at least make some educated guesses.

Daggers lack reach or any ability to penetrate armor and deal the lowest base damage of all weapon categories. However, they have by far the highest multiplier for strikes against "vulnerable spots" and a very low stamina cost. Simply holding a dagger gives the wielder access to the "Spot Weakness" sustained ability that highlights these vulnerable areas and openings in the opponent's armor.

Spears' main selling point in high reach though, given your small stature, you guess that'd go more toward making up for your natural disadvantage. Their other advantages include a below average stamina cost and decent armor penetration against "soft" armor types. Their starter ability is a passive called "Spear Wall", which gives a bonus to the armor penetration stat for every allied spear wielder attacking the same target.

Shortbows seem to be decidedly mediocre ranged weapons with low base damage, range, and armor penetration, with their only saving grace being a relatively low stamina cost. The shortbow's starter is an attack ability called "Traceless Shot", which, as far as you understand from its tooltip, prevents the projectile's path from being highlighted to other players through their Perception skill.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>The material requirements for primitive weapons look fairly simple. Do some field tests before committing to a choice
Two-handed greatsword
For a kobold, should be a longsword.
>>The material requirements for primitive weapons look fairly simple. Do some field tests before committing to a choice

File: House_Of_Roads_Turn10B2.png (4.43 MB, 2508x1771)
4.43 MB
4.43 MB PNG
Previously: >>3416364

" The Uncrowned rides on first light to strike at the Roadside Monastery with the aim to rescue fellow from yoke , and their target from captivity. If one had to wonder the morality of their actions , it would bring to mind the days before the Great War's beginning back before conscription and recruitment had very sharp meanings beyond their romantic notions on paper.

And yet , the shimmer of gold can be mistaken for a light after a time. Even now the authorities ride with as much conviction, conviction that we are nothing but petty thieves whilst the brigands amongst us fights us for scraps base ideals.

What a time to be alive. "

[World Phase]
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Ahh well, I'll do something useful next time. When there's less ghosts, hopefully.

>[Climb] up cliff W
>move 4W and retreat

VIT 7 | STR 4 | DEX 5 | INT 7 | CHR 4 | LUK 3
HP 12/32 | SP 22/22 | MOV 4 | EVA 4 | MEN 6 | ARM 0
Fair Oceanian Squire 1
+1 Support Bonus

RHand - Guild Lance: +2 ATK 2 Reach *2: DMG +2 *3: "Back!"
LHand - Guild Buckler: +1 Block +2 Parry DMG: BLNT

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Draw Rune on stone W (bridge column)
>Terra Spirit Release; Earth Slide (Hydra helps) targeting S3 W3, slide 3E to make another ramp
>Terra Spirit Call from current tile

"Bridge primed!"

Tress Artier {Fair Ignyllian 1Wyzhatt [2Mystic]}
[HP: 13/20 | SP: 4/32]
[VIT 3 | STR 5 | DEX 5 | INT 8 | CHR 11 | LUK 4]
[ MOV: 4 | EVA: 5 | MEN: 10 | VIS 5]
+Worn+ Student's Cloak (+4 HP +4 SP +1 EVA)
+Spirits (3/4)+ +Terra+ +Hydra+ +Darc+
=Carried= (1g, 3s, 9c) [ Max 7•]

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Rolled 4, 3, 1, 6, 4, 3, 3 = 24 (7d6)

>-Take Slippery Daggers from Clown and pocket them
>Drag Guard 4 South
>Loot Guard, (Looking for money, clothes and spear!)

HP:8/26 SP:16/18 Mov:4 Eva:7 Men:4 Vis:5 (Brave Male Ignylian)
Keysmith I
《Wearing》: Travelers Cloak
-Weapon: |Marder Gloves|: (ATK+3, PARRY+4, [Sleeper Hold]) |Shark Bite|: (ATK+4 Ripping, PARRY+3, m2=+2 Dmg, m3=Deepcut)
{The Walk}
-[Lockpick, tap to analyze, 2SP]

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>Move 1E, 2N
>Pick Up Ser Arx

F Fair Ignyllan Keysmith I, Squire III
VIT 6 | STR 4 | DEX 7 | INT 8 | CHR 4 | LUK 7
HP: 30/20+10 | SP: 20/20 | MOV: 5 | EVA: 6/7-1 | MEN: 6

Burmished Leather Armor (+10HP, 1Armor, -1Eva)
1xPorter's Bag (+10 Carry, 5Cap Body)

Marder (Not Murder*) Gloves (+3Atk, +4Par, Sleeper Hold)
LH: Cat's Bag, (Atk:ItemQty/2, Def:ItemQty, 6Slots)=A3,D6
RH: Marder (Not Murder*) Gloves (+3Atk, +4Par, Sleeper Hold)

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"Everyone, please make it out safely!"

>Climb up cliff W
>-Step S
>Move 6W and retreat

Tabatha, Fair Oceanian Archer II
HP 15/29 | SP 17/20
VIT 6 | STR 6 | DEX 8 | INT 2 | CHR 4 | LUK 5
MOV 6 | EVA 7 | MEN 3 | VIS 7

Inventory: 0g, 2s, 0c
[Hand1] Predatorian Arrowhead

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File: 1519757701563.jpg (436 KB, 1643x1273)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
Well you arrived at the secret city of Bluff, destroyed the welcome office by shooting a yacht out of your arm, encountered and subsequently pissed off the law enforcers, gotten interrogated, played dumb well enough to make your life a little less shitty, and now you've arrived at your new home and met the person who brought you here. Good god, what a day.

Previous thread:

The figure is covered in a cloak and you follow him as best you can, almost losing him in the crowd more than a couple times. The scenery changes around you becoming more and more sparse. Eventually the figure stops and turns toward you, you are now alone. Your eyes dart around, noticing that the sky is no longer visible and you guess that you've been led to your death. The figure stretches to its full height standing a little more than a foot taller than you. A long, bluish arm reaches out from beneath its cloak and removes it. Standing in front of you is a toned, blue goddess. she is strapped with weapons and each hand has six fingers which crack as she stretches them. Brown thigh high boots meet an olive drab one piece overlaid with a tan, braided cuirass. Her hair is long and animated, only partially tamed by the ponytail she has it bound in. She runs to you and scoops you up, shaking you back and forth.

"Hey Cavia."

She smiles and sets you down, "I didn't think you'd get here so soon! I saw you get picked up by the Owls you idiot, what in the hell were you thinking?"

This is your friend Cavia Mosely. The only person in the world that has had your back.

>explain the situation
>tell her you ratted her out to Pripya (joke)

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>>sit with what looks like to be either a gang or group of adventurers
File: 1537804220725.gif (61 KB, 300x351)
61 KB
Why did you have to make the vote a three-way split?
File: because.jpg (19 KB, 600x450)
19 KB
File: 1525543125251.jpg (149 KB, 492x368)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Well fuck you, man, the quest is slow enough without tie-making smartasses.
Rolled 1 (1d3)

2=old people

File: ValenQuest-OP.png (226 KB, 640x480)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Forestry spreads out around you, a dense shroud of sylvan colours and whispering winds surrounding an unlikely band of hunters. Compared to the forests of the eastern country these were barely shrubs, and it wasn't so long ago that you'd taken a trip down someone else's memory lane to see a forest thriving far more vibrantly, but a forest it remains; Part of, yet not exactly, the one you had spent most of your life in. Any claim to a homefield advantage here was pitifully weak seeing as erstwhile brigands had made their nest in these woods in recent times, but something as unimportant as that was a concern for people without the absolute awareness granted by the extensive probings of 'A Spider's Web'.

There were patrols, watchstations, and carefully concealed scouts who, for as far as you knew, had made it their job to keep watch for unexpected visitors and either report or handle them accordingly. Such a description was aptly applied to your own group, which made the ease with which you circumvented their diligently woven vigilance at least a little comical. It would have been easier for you to laugh if the tension of being so heavily outnumbered wasn't weighing on your shoulders. Easy or no, all it would take to reverse the simple advantage of surprise would be a single misstep - Just one to risk alerting the hornet's nest you were planning to infiltrate. Surprise was really all your group of saboteurs, trapmakers and hunters had going for you right now, so it was admittedly difficult to consider laughing even as you guided Raid, Marchovic, Gehr and Mim northward to reach the river.

And you, you were Irue Valen. Reluctant leader of what was originally a plan to hunt the remnants of a grass roots rebellion against your family's authority. You'd thought to drag them back to provide a public execution in order to provoke the rest of their allies into acting and unveiling themselves, but what you found in the meantime was a mercenary band of unexpected diligence seemingly backed by - or cooperating with - a ring of slavers. One or both of those factions had connections and perhaps a base in the city of Sylv along the river to the south, and the best plan you'd come up with to handle this situation could be summarized as "First we climb inside of their base, then we see what happens".

No one questioned this course of action, so you guess that's just what you're doing now.
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Note that I feel it would be far too risky to do so without Marchovic, since Kara cares for her tribe and Raid most of all.

Maybe it would be best to use another Demihuman.
Is it odd that Marchovic referred to Raid as a Feyling?


Do Demihumans have some relation to the Fae?
That was the knight, not Raid.
> The elder hunter mused, eyeing you with a speculative frown. "Though I'm in agreement with the demihuman feyliege, I don't think you'll like it."

Sorry, why did the Knight call Raid a feyliege?
it is most probably an error on riz' part. no need to overthink it..

File: RISE.jpg (603 KB, 1600x992)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
The prophecy came true! The OP is upon us once more and BOC IS BACK!
For any newcomer welcome to the third installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omnipotent, divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought to existence in a seemingly untouched world.

Using a fog-of-war mechanic, each player gets their own section of the map that grows as they explore and discover new terrain. We use discord to distribute these maps, you can join our server at https://discord.gg/eRzTbvc
While maps and character sheets will be distributed individually through discord, post's involving player's actions, and my summary updates on the results of said actions, (plus any roleplaying between the gods) will remain in-thread, as to let everyone enjoy the lore and rp.

The game is back after a very long pause and the player count is full, you're free to join if someone die/afk. One of our god "Darei" the Bird warrior will not play anymore and if you want to take over you are welcome. You can find the archive for this game and the precedents at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=beings+of

Also since Secrets Actions are now banned, You want covert ops? you develop covert ops. Then you get to use secret actions. This will be the last turn they are accepted without a tech to back them.
So with all that said... Let's get to it!

>>3031832 >Beast Father
Solgrass properties added to your character sheet.
You are now in possession of tools that are not shitty. May you use them with responsability.

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File: Op-the-Third.jpg (93 KB, 730x1024)
93 KB
>>3032184 >Onus
A sizeable pile of driftwood is gathered. It won't be of use for big projects but for now it will suffice. Access driftwood
You are not one of this barbarous people who eat their food cooked. You are not a coward and fear no parasite. Sushi is invented
Phallus meditate on the nature of cockworking while drawing dicks in the library.

>>3032403 >Monolith
After some words of wisdom, Monolith simply leave to go on a walk. May Queen is speachless.
Hex claimed.
Whitestone flakes are now a favorite among young trolls!

>>3032568 >Sticky-Fingers
While the attempt at tidying up the grassland seems doomed, the quantity of rocks at your disposal is growing.
Booze and goblins. Can't go wrong with that. I let you name the alcohol.

>>3033231 >Gotas

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The massive boar almost chases after the damnable bird once more, but then he looks up at Parotia's minions, and an idea strikes.

First, he looses a mighty, bellowing squeal, exerting his Divine Influence to drive out the plague god's minions in this area and replace them with his own. (claim the hex that Beast Father is in, plus the two to the south of it).

Meanwhile, far to the south, with the lake to the south-west and the ocean to the east... The swine gather. Fire pits are dug, tents so crude they are barely worthy of the name are erected, and paths are beaten into the grass by the passing of many hooves. It is filthy, it is ugly, it is... A settlement.
>[Unit Action] - [Attack]
Parotia might not be the strongest or smartest god, but she's a god after all! With a mighty bird beak, Parotia snaps at Beast Father's minions.

She can't really kill Beast Father herself, but killing puny mortals? Easy task.

>[DI - Develop] > [Agricultural Blight]
Parotia diseases might not beat the swines directly, but she can hurt where it is necessary, their stomaches. Using her domain, she plagues the flora of the Swine's lands, trying to kill them and anything in their hexes throught hunger!

>[Develop] > [Settlement]
The Kosks will not let a pig like Beast Father walk throught their lands with no punishment. In the southeast of the jungle, they create a settlement, ready for revange!
File: Aspirant Pathfinder.jpg (336 KB, 1185x1800)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
>[Unit Action] - Move Aspirant Pathfinders SW-SW-W
The Pathfinders set out across the forest to expand the Aspirants understanding of the world around them

>[Develop] > Use Stone Tools + Hunting in order to begin gathering Animal Sinew from the local game
Gotas returns, seeing that his people have nearly run out of the sinew pile he made for them. Consulting with his first prophet Sul'vir, Gotas elects to teach his children how to gather sinew from their caught animals using the stone tools they've made.

>[Develop w/ DI] > Use Whitestone + Animal Sinew + Roseberry Wood + Feathers via Divine Intervention to create Bows
A source of sinew gained, Gotas raises his hands summoning a pile of pristine feathers. "Your spears are for sturdy prey my children, let me show you how to bring down the swift ones." With a flash, he produces from the settlement's stocks a simple wooden bow and a set of rough arrows. Once again he allows his children to learn by attempting to imitate his production, instead of guiding them. A niggling thought in the back of his divine mind knew he wouldn't always be able to guide them closely, so such measures would be necessary early.

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