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Well it's all in the tittle. Share ya dating tips to an ignorant future traveller
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t. fat white woman
File: 1537753597037.png (175 KB, 384x390)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
>This thread
If I'm getting laid and getting dates off tinder in my home country (Australia) will Vietnam be easy?

Are they conservative? I'm pretty forward when it comes to chicks

I'm white and 6'2
You're white and 6'2 should do it all.

I am 6'3 and white and married to an Thai Woman. (No we didn't met in Asia)

Anyway everytime we are in Asia I am getting seriously molested or flirted on just for my size and skin color. So it shouldn't be a problem.
define seriously molested or flirted on

I'd say I do pretty good out there, but I've maybe only ever once had someone approach me

I'm not questioning you. I'm just trying to gauge myself. maybe I'm fucking ugly, bro. or king of manlets

File: Photo_027.jpg (41 KB, 650x488)
41 KB
I get that Paris is beautiful and all, but I'm more interested in the reality of French life outside of Parisian marketing and Francophile romance. If you've gone off the tourist circuit and been to lower income areas, please share your experiences.

> what do alcoholics drink?
> are RYO cigarettes more common than packs of ready made cigarettes?
> have you ever eaten at a tabac - was it any good?
> are prostitutes common, or it is a stereotype?
> does anyone talk about Algeria, the Congo or any other part of the the Francophonie?
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Tbf if they don’t have education, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say foreigners are stealing their job because they probably do unskilled labor
Why are you, some Midwestern yokel, info dumping the details of life in your midwestern backwater and passing it off as the distillation of American life?

No one wants to read that, and you look like a retarded ethnocentric.
News flash asshole, you can't "walk between cities" in any fucking country.
Wait... the elderly are becoming prostitutes?

Is there a current influx of immigrants from Algeria, Morocco, or any country in particular.

It's kind of disappointing to hear about self-segregation in France. I though the L.E.F. motto was ingrained into their pysche, but maybe people are about the same the world over.
File: S90219-15525800.jpg (917 KB, 1080x1591)
917 KB
917 KB JPG
>that's a weird question. Not really why?
not him (and american) but I thought that algeria would still be perceived differently. does an average frenchman not know much about the algerian war?
>Wait... the elderly are becoming prostitutes?

No, they are times when there were only French. With the internet and since Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia etc ... are in the EU, the news prostitute is mostly foreign.

Have any of you ever just decided to get up and move to a different city/state/country? For the longest time I've had this itch and recently I've been really wanting to scratch it. I have a girlfriend but we don't have any kids and we have family here but she would be willing to go anywhere with me. How much do you need saved up and where did you find your next place? I live in Kentucky.

I don't have any debt.
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Wife (then gf) and I decided on a whim to leave France to move to Reunion.
Not too difficult on the paperwork since Reunion is France, but still a 10K km journey with our cat and a 20 ft container.
We wanted sunshine all year long and a more laidback lifestyle. We weren’t disappointed.
If you are unhappy with WHERE you are then you can be happier elsewhere. If you are unhappy with WHO you are, then grass isn’t greener on the other side.
I got laid off near the time my lease was ending so I just pared my belongings down to what could fit in my car and left. I worked a series of seasonal jobs for a few years, traveling and road tripping in between. I finally settled down with a year round job and a lease again, but I'm not really enjoying it and I'm getting the itch to start seasonal bumming again.
>If you are unhappy with WHERE you are then you can be happier elsewhere. If you are unhappy with WHO you are, then grass isn’t greener on the other side.
What if I'm unhappy with both
I've been thinking about moving to Australia on working holiday, but apparently getting a skilled job there is quite difficult, and I don't want to pick fruit all day in 35 degrees Celcius.
Start with who you are, because that one needs to be fixed before the other.

File: 20181228140122__MG_9621.jpg (837 KB, 1920x1280)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
Sup /trv/

I used to do some trip reports a few years ago, and for the sake of posting some interesting /trv/ related content I figured I'd do a trip report from my last holiday, as I spent most of December in Ethiopia.

I'd start my trip report with a pic from where we landed, Addis Abeba, but suffice to say that after having visited 11 Sub-Saharan countries I concluded that cities in this part of Africa aren't really worth visiting. I will immediately add that Addis is generally cleaner and nicer than most other African cities, as well as being a lively city with fun nightlife and a number of quality museums buuuut it's also a very young city: the city as we know it was only founded in 1886 by emperor Menelik II. As a result, there's relatively little of the either the history or the tribal culture which are prevalent elsewhere in the country, and I selected a different first pic. Explanation of said pic at the end of the thread.
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shit animal all the same
Well now that the threads done. Any more beer pics? I thought they were cool.
Can this be archived? It's amazing desu
bumping this in case anon comes back
Great thread, thanks op

File: Dr5pqQFU0AEaZHh.jpg (147 KB, 1125x1133)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>tourists keep getting killed and raped abroad
>"Lol stay inside your boring suburban home loser"
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Brazil? I've been thinking about marseille too but never known it was mad Brazilians there wtf
>Yet another Iowan killed by a Mexican or in Mexico
>"Hey Mexicans are just like Iowans, just with better food"
You must be 18+ to post here
Prob got killed abroad, who cares if its real or not, the point is it rarely happens and even then most times it happens to people lacking all common sense in some shithole country
>assumption assumption assumption
You're a real source of knowledge

File: dirtyfinnish.png (53 KB, 855x588)
53 KB
:D :D

Source: https://vocapp.com/dirty-inappropriate-finnish-expressions-flashcards-829385
File: 7fxwhgl28fz01.jpg (1.39 MB, 1150x1626)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Saw this bread and glicked on it to post dis!!

Gud job :DDDDD
Finnish has like 16 grammatical cases apparently
which is pretty funny and means that the words could be almost anywhere in a sentence while still holding the same meaning.
Funny sample is translative [The horse is changing into] a house

File: IMG_1838.jpg (1.68 MB, 3024x4032)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG

File: 1509976679832.gif (95 KB, 315x572)
95 KB
Only when i'm traveling I feel most alive. I have no anxiety and am very social and outgoing. When I get back I feel like another person it's so weird. My anxiety comes back and my self confidence drops. Anybody else experience this?
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So what?
You've become Charisma Man. Beware of Western Woman.
Homeless people too.

Why do you think some people prefer to live in the streets?
Feels like I put all my troubles away and Im actually living. Seeing new places and meeting new people. While at home its the same rut month after month.
Because no one wants to hire a crack head schizophrenic

File: image6-1200x1124.png (40 KB, 711x665)
40 KB
How would you compare Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, and Bellingham?

File: guns.jpg (224 KB, 1800x1012)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Wondering how easy it is to acquire firearms while traveling.

So you're in a foreign country and you want to go hunting or maybe just want a little sumpin' for protection in sketchy areas. How easy is it to get your hands on either a rifle or pistol in your country? Especially for long road trips where the threat of wild animal attacks or thuggery is possible when your car breaks down and you're way out in the sticks with no means of communication.

>"But just call the cops anon."
>Never again. They're either 6 hours away, just don't show up, or ask for money to help you.

I'd prefer not get robbed or charged by a boar again.
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Having a CCW doesn't matter when purchasing from established stores with the capacity to do a background check. In private sales it's a personal preference since it easily proves you're in good standing with the law and they won't have to jump through the hoops of a background check with you. Regardless there's paper work to do depending on your local/federal laws. In some states you don't have to register rifles but you do have to register pistols. Some don't register anything while some require you to register it all. But you have to log the transfer.

It's not like going to someone's house and buying a lawnmower or old bookcase, there's paperwork to do.

What if you sold a gun to someone without proper transfer papers then they killed someone (intentionally or accidental) with it? The gun would still be registered to your name and then you will be held legally responsible for illegal transfer and a bunch of different shit. The silver lining in that would be the ATF/FBI will have the courtesy to buttfuck you first so Tyroe doesn't completely rip you half on the first go when you get to prison.
I never said anything about a background check.
You mentioned CCW after being new in the state.

(For the most part,) there is no firearm registration in the United States.

Do you believe that all in-person firearms that are sold/traded go through paperwork?
Can you provide some real world examples where law enforcement went after somebody where a plain and private transaction was completed in person?
Wanna know what a corrupt cop can really do a number with?
Carrying a firearm illegally as a tourist. As you might expect, that's generally frowned upon everywhere in the world, the US included.
Wanna know what a corrupt cop can really do a number with?
Being a minority. As you might expect, that's generally frowned upon everywhere in the world, the US included.
American cops would have to be some of the most useless cunts i've ever had to deal with, added to the fact that they mow down civilians regularly, they are extremely incompetent

File: 1540869993403.png (178 KB, 391x306)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
from my travels in europe, south america, and asia I’ve made some observations about other foreign travellers. I’m a swede btw so i might be a little biased towards some countries

Most based (in order):
>Dutch - Good sense of banter and fun people to travel / drink with
>Irish - Same as above, and also fun to chat shit about Brits with

>Aussies - I swear there’s no mid ground with these fags, either they’re super obnoxious or down to earth
>Brazilians - Fun people but a little annoying at times
>Finnish - Quiet but once you get drinking they open up fast and are fun
>Spain - Cliquey af but most are fun to hang out with especially if you speak the language
>Koreans - Also cliquey but probably the funnest people to drink with, saw many korean girls outdrink american guys in Laos
>French guys
>Japs - Nice people but so easily scammed and quite boring

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
125 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah its hard for the yanks to understand banter when they go through their lives as soulless vassals for Mr. Shekelstein. That 2 weeks off a year doesn't allow them to think independently
Note that the commonwealthers that Fucking suck are all neets though
agreed. most are not too far off tho.
File: FINLANDIA.jpg (173 KB, 700x990)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
beacuse you have chink eyes.im european and ding dongs simply dont talk to me. you korean and japanese and chinese are looking pretty same.

Alright /trv/, I've exhausted my options so I come to you my old friends. I've travelled to dozens of countries, done the whole Real Travel(tm) meme but now I'm looking for a quiet travel destination.

Somewhere not very populated or developed that'd just let me roam or hitch around, and set up camp wherever. Ruins and aesthetic nature are a BIG bonus.

Iceland is the only destination I've been to that truly fit the bill in the past. Wandering/hitching from small settlement to settlement, stocking up on supplies then setting up camp between the next place, seeing the sights, enjoying the quiet. An old school adventure basically.

Looking to leave mid March and have no end date in mind, budget isn't too much of an issue (I'm not begpacker scum).

Does anywhere even exist like this anymore?
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inb4 beheading joke.

That actually sounds really cool.
I’ve heard that Algeria is kind of like a less travelled Morocco. Haven’t been but this vid made me interested in it: https://youtu.be/vBZ3W5j6tDc
Damn now I regret not being able to go to Morocco...I originally planned to go but due to a variety of factors I ended up spending two months across Tunisia and Egypt instead. Could you tell me more about Sardinia and your experiences? I'd consider myself well travelled but it's honestly never been on my radar before.
File: cala luna.jpg (133 KB, 960x720)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
I dream of Algeria, but the tourist visa is a pain in the ass so I just keep going back to Morocco. But I did have a layover in Algiers recently and just looking out the airplane window had me drooling over the landscape. Some day.
What I like about Morocco is the complete freedom. Stumble in at any port of entry, go wherever you want, camp wherever you want. Scotland's the only other country where I've felt that sense of liberty. If OP liked Iceland he'd enjoy Scotland too.

I first went to Sardinia because Ryanair was doing flights for 15 euro, but I fell in love with the place. Mostly because I'm really into foraging and wild food is everywhere there. The forests are nice and there are many campable beaches. Pic related, the only good travel photo I've ever taken
Although from everything I've heard about Corsica, I suspect it's even better.
fuck off easterneurope is boring. i was thinking more about coast and north of portugal. anyone could tell me about that? is for example Braga or Guimares worth visiting?

File: RoadTripRoute.png (2.09 MB, 1365x657)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
Hi guys,

I have a job lined up in Alaska for the summer and the company is flying me out of Seattle. I live in Florida and thought this would be a good opportunity to do a road trip and see some sights. Am I out of my mind driving this kind of a distance?

Pic related is the route and below are the stops;
>sleep in car near Kansas City
>1 night in Winnipeg
>1-2 in Calgary
>1 in Banff/Jasper
>1-2 in Vancouver
>2-3 in Seattle

Are 10 days a realistic amount for this distance? My flight in Seattle is on the 15th of June and I'm in Europe until the 4th of June so my wiggle room is not much. Also, my employment ends the 15th of August and my classes resume the 26th of August. Is 11 days enough if I want to stop in some national parks on the return journey? On top of that, does anyone know of any way I can store my car in Seattle for 2 months? Any tips and advice along the way in also appreciated. Thanks
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You could drive all the way to Alaska or take your car on the ferry if you’re on the islands.
I understand wanting to go to Banff but Winnipeg, Calgary and everything in between seems like a huge waste of time

this, or go 70 through the Rockies in Colorado then up through Salt Lake City
Is this a joke? That is the most boring route I have ever seen. I've done road trips between WA and FL six times. There is so much cool shit to see. 10 days is more than enough. You'll finish your route a lot sooner since it will be so comically bad.
Don't forget I have to drive back. The return trip I'll do;
>Seattle to Portland
>Portland to Butte
>Butte to Yellowstone
>Yellowstone to SLC
>SLC to Denver
>Denver to OKC
>OKC to Florida

I haven't yet decided how long I'll stay where because I have the possibility to leave a few days early but all I do know is I do want to see a bit more time in Colorado. I was going to ask once the time got closer. I only chose the Canadian route because it makes more sense to get to Seattle sooner than stopping somewhere interesting every few hours when I'm crunched for time


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I wanted to drive all the way to Anchorage or even just Juneau but that's nearly an extra 4 days which I don't have

File: air-turbulence.jpg (64 KB, 782x440)
64 KB
What are your worst turbulence stories, /trv/?

>flying a 12 hour flight from LAX to Japan
>flight is going smoothly
>starts to get a little bumpy around 10 hours in
>out of nowhere, the plane shakes quite violently
>a sudden rush of G force hits me and I'm getting that weird feeling that you get in roller coasters
>lasts a good 2-3 seconds before the plane levels out

That was a crazy flight. I swear the plane must have dropped a good amount of altitude quickly for it to feel like a roller coaster.
54 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 135[1].png (124 KB, 680x680)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
File: d-tu22.jpg (153 KB, 1486x991)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>the flimsy wing

That doesn't sound like turbulence, more like control problems.

>>literally screams on top of his lungs ''WE'RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE'' as soon as strong turbulence begins
FFS that is fucking funny. I'd buy that guy a beer if I'd been on the plane.

Nah bruh they went on to Vladivostok. Fucking Russians. (I'm not him, this is just a joke.)
Why am I fine with planes and turbulence but I will never ever set foot on a rollercoaster?
Is it bad that I actually like turbulence? Feel fun and I get kinda giddy.

Except when I flew into phoenix. It didn't feel like turbulence and the plane was clearly waving from side to side. When we got into the streets it was like a tornado was blowing through. Fuck phoenix
I've got balls of steel on planes thanks to living in wellington and travelling a lot for work

discuss destinations, people, culture, food, pose stupid questions for locals to answer
145 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is it now really banned to sell food in the streets in Colombia? When I visited I bought food on the street (ice, empanadas, arepas)

A guy was fined $270 for buying an empanada off a street vendor: https://www.colombia.com/actualidad/nacionales/bogota-joven-fue-multado-con-800-mil-pesos-por-comprar-una-empanada-en-puesto-ambulante-219173
butthurt native
It is not entirely banned, nor is it legal for that matter

I think he got fined just because that cop just felt like fucking him up by fining him, not because of an enforced task or rule.
no. apparently he was fined because the residents of the area asked the police to take off these vendors from their streets, the dude was warned by police about not buying from them but he did it anyway. So, he was fined for "promoting illegal sales" or something like that.

there is just no way of enforcing a rule that penalizes street sells or people buying, the "right to work" would prevail and it would be impossible to fine every buyer.
Does anyone have an idea of how easy it is/where is the best place to get shrooms in Colombia? I'm not a big drug person by any means, but I think it would be a cool experience to trip while it in Tayrona, a coffee farm, Salt Cathedral, etc. I'll be in Bogota, Santa Marta and Medellín, I'd that helps.

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