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discuss destinations, people, culture, food, pose stupid questions for locals to answer
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Is it now really banned to sell food in the streets in Colombia? When I visited I bought food on the street (ice, empanadas, arepas)

A guy was fined $270 for buying an empanada off a street vendor: https://www.colombia.com/actualidad/nacionales/bogota-joven-fue-multado-con-800-mil-pesos-por-comprar-una-empanada-en-puesto-ambulante-219173
butthurt native
It is not entirely banned, nor is it legal for that matter

I think he got fined just because that cop just felt like fucking him up by fining him, not because of an enforced task or rule.
no. apparently he was fined because the residents of the area asked the police to take off these vendors from their streets, the dude was warned by police about not buying from them but he did it anyway. So, he was fined for "promoting illegal sales" or something like that.

there is just no way of enforcing a rule that penalizes street sells or people buying, the "right to work" would prevail and it would be impossible to fine every buyer.
Does anyone have an idea of how easy it is/where is the best place to get shrooms in Colombia? I'm not a big drug person by any means, but I think it would be a cool experience to trip while it in Tayrona, a coffee farm, Salt Cathedral, etc. I'll be in Bogota, Santa Marta and Medellín, I'd that helps.

What are the best real traveler blogs
not OP but also would like to know plz respond
This pom is my idle

Wolter's World

File: image.jpg (161 KB, 1600x1000)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
I'm looking for a place with the following climate:

>Tropical temperatures
this means daily highs of around 25C/77F to 30C/86F in winter months and 30C/86F to 40C/104C in summer months. Preferably as tiny diurnal variation as possible.

>Dry climate
Absolutely no more than 500mm rain / year

>Sunny skies
Absolutely no less than 3000+ sunshine hours a year

I have some candidates but none is really quite doing it for me:


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honestly sounds like you wanna live in southern new mexico, or southern arizona
Palm Springs is a cool place during the spring time. I'd try my best to go before all the degenerates arrive for the music Festival and flood the place and the rates are through thr roof. Mid March was a nice time alot of the desert fauna was in bloom and the hikes around Jacinto were pleasent since the weather was in the low 90's mid 80's.

The community college has a pretty good swap meet in Palm desert and of course if you go in the summer it'll be hot as fuck but at night its pleasent and in the high 80's. Just remember that if you venture south past Indio you better habla espoñol because no one there really speaks a lick of it except for the younger generation. Hope this helps.
Fuck... are you me? I live in Cape Canaveral.

Well what do you want to do there? Just hang out, or for a job, do you like water sports, or hiking, or what? Give us something to go on man. But just look at the places in the equatorial band and pick one
Brevard bois what up?

File: Anime Gopnik.jpg (83 KB, 960x866)
83 KB
I might want to visit a slavic country some day. Which one would you recommend the most and which one would you recommend the least and why?
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Jebeni hrvati

>jebeni hrvati
Ay chief dont talk shit bout slovenia
U can get a hella balkan experience and get robbed and possibly shot on sight if ur not in the main tourist main city cuck-centers
Dont talk shit bout slovenija u twat
Sure the capital city is cucked as fuck doe
D a m n
why is this slovenian talking like a nigger? its fucking embarrassing

Croatia, but dont expect real Slav experience there. Croats are Slavs, but Croatia is not really a Slavic country, much more a Central European/Mediterranean country.

As for others, Russia is amazing as long as you stay in St. Petersburg, Slovenia is beautiful but it is even less Slavic than Croatia (little Austria), Bosnia is cool but still completely wrecked, Czechia, Poland and Ukraine are OK. Dont go anywhere else, really.

File: t0qbo4.jpg (52 KB, 500x697)
52 KB
How would i go about applying for the Canadian working holiday visa if im an Australian permanent resident but Irish citizen
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I get australians coming to experience winter which is important to anglo culture but they don't really experience, they'd probably go to america instead if it was as easy
The only nice part about your country is Quebec...
sarcasm is angers ugly cousin
Are you trying go to Whistler or Banff?
idk, im not as keen on the idea of ski instructor life as some other people. Id like to stay in construction if it all possible.

File: IMG_20160528_135845757.jpg (3.14 MB, 2432x4320)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB JPG
Hello friends. As of today I finished doing all the research needed for a big 2 month trip I'm doing to Eastern Europe this summer, but it feels weird. I'm just not nearly as excited as I get when I've planned for other trips in the past, and I'm wondering if it's just because it'll be very different from past trips but once I get there I'll enjoy it. My previous travels have only been to different countries in Asia and SEA, which I all loved. Has anyone experienced this feeling before?
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To be honour east moldova resembalance some places in indonesia
Eastern european here
If ur traveling around balkans keep ur wallet inna safe place or have a friend there to guide u
It can be a nice place but it can also be a fucking nightmare if u say some wrong things. Theres a lot of nice beautiful places to see and do but as i said be aware of risks
If i terested in balkans/slovenia ask more
Blending in is a good idea, though if you're not white then you will stick out anyway.
Also, if you're black, don't wear a beret and purple pants when passing through customs in Pulkovo
I am white. I've found sticking out in asian countries is nice because it's easy to find other travelers, and people seem to like you more (depending on the country). Obviously that also comes with more scams and whatnot but those are pretty easy to avoid.

>some wrong things
Like what types of things specifically? In the Balkans I'm traveling to Montenegro and to Romania, I've heard stories about needing to be wary in Romania, but does the same apply to Montenegro?

That's a pretty good point! No sense worrying about it now. Thanks breh
just dont be gay turkish or albanian and youre fine

Looking for must-see non-tourist places. Cheap shopping places helps as well
Traveling to Berlin next month. Bump
File: IMG_20190217_185440.png (1.15 MB, 1386x750)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Do you smoke?

There are plenty of Shisha bars mostly visited by turks. So no tourists, maybe terrorists

Often no alcohol served
Pic related.
go to berghain
>non-tourist places
>Cheap shopping


recommend me some good brothels in north korea while youre at it!

Is it "muh heritage" to want to visit the village your ancestors came from?
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>If you look at white, non English speakers I would guess they integrate the best in europe
Just shut the fuck up and stop talking about who integrates the best in Europe.

You're not European. You're some fat disgusting slob from Canada or America who is more than likely a white nationalist incel. Fuck off and go eat a cheeseburger.

Both SETS of great grandparents on my father's side came from neighboring villages in Greece.

Not that it makes that much of difference. What's your point anyway? My relatives over there were very welcoming and I've reciprocated and hosted here.

I don't go around pointing out that I have Greek blood in daily life. It's the Greeks over here that make a big deal of it when they hear my last name. This old Greek lady at a little cafe in Montreal looked me right in the eye and said "you're Greek" despite the fact that she had never met me and didn't know my name.
My parents are from Sri Lanka, not even they want to go back.
Calm down, you made a bunch of silly claims without considering context.
1/64th Germanics eternally BTFO

File: based123.jpg (33 KB, 400x400)
33 KB
Hello, I want to spend atleast 15 years of my life teaching english. Doing this i can live my dream of learning Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, while living in the country and exploring. Is this a stupid idea?

pic not related.
xiexie arigato(Thanks)
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15 years is a lot to commit to. I would start with 1-2 years. Also, note that you won't make any money teaching English beyond what you need to survive (basically). It's not that great a career, and is a lot of hard work.
Just expect to spend 30+ years of your life instead as your job prospects back home will be negligible. Also make sure that you actually like teaching, because its not for everyone and they already have enough dancing monkeys in those countries.
Sounds like a less thought out plan than mine.
Much like every other fag here, I have an interest in Asian countries.
Going to school as a History Teaching Major and ESL minor. I'll be done in about 1.5 years. Plan on taking whatever fucking program that Japan has to teach English there. Self Teaching Japanese and ESL hopefully lets me find get good program. Jet or some shit.
I've already visited so I know I enjoy the people, language and food, and I'm not a city fag and know how to enjoy the country side too. Workaholic too, so long as I get 2 days off a months I'm pretty content and assume I'll enjoy. Biggest hit will be friends bit the internet is a wonderful thing. Met a dude teaching over there and he's become friends with the other ESL teachers so it shouldnt be a problem.
Based on this assumption of enjoying it, either during, or after that my time in that program in Japan, I'll return to America and get my Masters in Teaching as well as get my TEFL. I'll probs work on the TEFL while in Japan if possible.
Once that is done try to find a job teaching in Japan. Preferably on an American base assuming America lasts this long.
The American base will pay me 60-80 Grand a year plus oversea pay. Which is another 20 grand. That'll allow me a comfy life by the time I'm like 60.

I'll be able to teach Asian and American History to the halfbreeds on base as well as English. Hopefully My Japanese will be good enough that I can also teach that as well. But I'm not riding on that. Even if I dont get in Japan, I wouldnt mind Korea, or other Asian country. Just not China.
And then if I end up actually hating teaching English, I'll return to America and just teach History anyhow. Probs still get my masters though because its a pay raise regardless, and while I'm not in it for the pay, it definitely makes life easier. And considering the current politics, I think teachers will be getting a national raise in about 5ish years too. but I could be wrong.

File: Capture2.png (184 KB, 857x567)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Is overlanding this route on a motorcycle feasible these days, without getting shot, kidnapped, exhorted or robbed? I know it's meant to be safe but a Russian coworker told me not to try it.

I generally wouldn't mind but I'm with my girlfriend this time, so I'm being a bit more risk averse and I also speak no Russian. Anyone been in the area, any alternative routes? Must-sees?

Also down to talk motorcycle overlanding in general.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Check on Instagram. There's various people who have done it and are doing it.
Also will they except me driving with a US driver’s license in Russia?
>Is overlanding this route on a motorcycle feasible these days,
completely. make sure to stop in pyatigorsk.
What's in Pyatigorsk?

I was thinking of going Vladikavkaz + maybe a guided tour to South Ossetia / Grozny -> Nalchik -> Pyatigorsk or Stavropol -> Rostov then up to Moscow.

Anyone know if Volgograd is worth the detour?
>What's in Pyatigorsk?
Cool mineral springs.
>Anyone know if Volgograd is worth the detour?
Only if you care about WW2 stuff.

File: monument valley.jpg (92 KB, 880x550)
92 KB
During Labor Day week, I have plans to vacation at Lake Tahoe with my dad. I live in the Midwest. So, I'm thinking about driving there but passing through some scenery along the way. I'll be starting at Grand Junction.

Does this route seem feasible?

Day 1. Grand Junction, CO -> Moab, check out Arches and Canyonlands.

Day 2. South of Moab through Monument Valley, Navajo, and west to Grand Canyon. End at or around Hoover Dam/Vegas.

Day 3. Hoover Dam/Vegas west to Death Valley, northwest hugging the eastern side of the Sierra all the way up to Tahoe.

I don't plan on hiking or checking out any spot for much longer than a couple of minutes of snapping photos, etc.
Yup. Just remember that there's no way across the canyon once you commit to a side. Vegas is degenerate, tho.

Has anyone gone on a wine tour in Napa/Sonoma? I'm looking for a company that will drive us around and bring us to a variety of wineries for a decent price. If anyone has done something similar, I would appreciate your input!
There's a train tour that does this
I was going to post this, also. It's one of the top-rated tourist trains in the country.
I was born and raised in Sonoma county, my parents worked in the wine business for 20+ years. Will be happy to answer any questions you have, it's a wonderful part of the state that's largely overlooked because of the popularity of a few Napa wine routes

File: download.png (5 KB, 275x183)
5 KB
What are the best and worst things about South Korea?
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Explain why the work culture is not awful
Wow, I was just about to post my own thread but glad I checked the catalog! I’m going in April to meet an activist group sending supplies to Nork refugees, and one of the exiles is going to tell me of a US POW he saw alive in the 70s.

So I’m going for a week with a friend, and we hope to see political sites, or sites associated with communist aggression. We’ve already decided on the Enemy Cemetery, the Cheonan memorial and cemetery, and the Gwangju Memorial Cemetery, but do /his/ or /pol/ anons know more?
gooks that grew up in the west or native gooks?
do you live in korea?
native gooks on student exchange programs.

File: rynak_zima.jpg (159 KB, 1024x683)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Hey /trv/ which one of these countries in your opinion would you want to live in?
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>what is sarcasm
You have beheadings in Poland

PIDF, go away
Roasties btfo
None of them.
Source: I was born and raised in Hungary, and traveled both the Czech Republic and Poland extensively since decades.
I'm sorry, I meant...

>>1543966 for >>1543853

Guatamala tips? Going there in july. First 3 days in NY and 3 in Mexico city
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What period did you visit Guatamala?
>Thing you hear about crime in Guatemala is always hikers going off to nature alone. Most men work in the countryside there and all carry machetes so when you are slaving away for $200 a month on some field and you see some tourists walking around with more money on them than you make in 5 years?

I'm not saying that's not true, I haven't spent much time in Guatemala. But I have spent a lot of time in Honduras (as a gringo) which is the most dangerous country in the Western Hemisphere, and can confidently say that the Honduran countryside is safe. You can go hike in the most rural and remote parts and come across many men with machetes in their hands and guns on their hips and all they'll do is smile and say hello and maybe invite you over for a coffee. The worst that ever happens is some drunk guy asks for some money but you can safely say no.
Ah yes I experienced the same hiking in the Guatemalan highlands. Hikers getting mugged is pretty common around Lake Atitlan though so I wanted to warn the OP.

And please don't call yourself a Gringo, it is like a black person referring to himself as a nigger.
>don't call yourself a Gringo, it is like a black person referring to himself as a nigger.

At least in Mexico Gringo isn't a racist slur per se. There's even a dish that's called Gringa.

Obviously it also can be used in an offensive manner but most of the time it's just a colloquial term for white (mostly US) people.

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