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I know there's a lot of touristy stuff and Ostalgia places selling GDR flags and souvenirs, but is there any specific national day and place to see old East German veterans unironically waving their old banners and commemorating a country that no longer exists?

The history of East Germany is so plastic and artificial, it had interesting Cold War happenings but it seems so erased, apart from a few museums and memorials. But what about the veterans - I know Rhodesians have weird niche commemorations and parades, but I've heard nothing about GDR guys
>old East German veterans
East Germany never fought a war, there were a few "advisors" in Angola, but besides that no veterans.
What you're looking for doesn't exist afaik (West German who lived in the east for a bit). There is a bit of Ostalgie, but a lot of it is simply yearning for the days when your dick worked and your tits weren't sagging and of course the DDR was kept alived artificially and it crashed when they had to compete on the free market, so many blame reunification and Wessis for their poor economic condition, eventhough it was the fault of the DDR and they're still getting massive amounts of money from the west.
Isn't it ironic how former communist nations in Europe ended up being much more conservative than their capitalist cousins in the West?
The former DDR votes either hard right (AfD) or hard left (Die Linke), I think you should look up the definition of "conservative". (Bavaria, West Germany was the most conservative place in central Europe, and yet capitalist)
They learned from experience that socialism and communism don't fucking work.

File: image.jpg (90 KB, 425x536)
90 KB
All things TEFL-related go here. Where are you teaching, and how do you like it? Also, daily reminder:

I'm an engineer. I was STEM major in college like any sensible and smart person. I was guaranteed $100,000 staying salary and job security for life. A couple years into it now. Living the dream. Married. Have a house. Gonna have kids soon.

This is really the only acceptable way to live your life. I'm almost in a hiring position and I will make sure to turn away anybody who has taught a English abroad, took a gap year, or otherwise abandoned their standard career path to fuck around. Cant wait honestly.
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trusted programs?
As >>1578733 said, there is almost no chance of you getting a job in Japan because there is already a massive offer of english teachers, it would be unironically easier for you to teach your own language (and even then it would be hard)
dumb question
but if i get hired
do i have to pay for my ticket? do i have to look housing for myself?
Depends on the contract, some have housing and flight allowances.
Big companies will do this for you
Small companies won't.
The ones that will usually heavily advertise the fact, so if they don't explicitly say "We will help you with housing and give you a flight stipend" you can reliably assume that they won't.

Anybody done either of these? Planning to do it in Cape Town and again once I get back to Rio.
I've done both and para-gliding isn't really worth it. Movement is very limited depending on where you are, which makes trips repetitive. Hang-gliding offers more freedom, though it's much more uncomfortable. Ultralight offers the best of both wrlds in my opinion.
Good luck bro
Don't go to South Africa, you'll be murdered.
Man, this could happen to anybody, but it just had to be some boomer from Florida

Why do people have an issue with this again?

Also, it’s not only limited to Japan btw. At least not in my experience. Hong Kong women practically make it a statement that they “don’t date Kong boys,” and gun pretty much exclusively for foreigners. Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea aren’t very different either. No experience with China yet. But it seems to be an Asian thing, not a Japanese thing.
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>Most of them unironically do.
Yeah, I'm gonna do need a source for that buddy. You being an disgruntled english teacher in Korea for half a decade isn't a reliable account. So if most Korean men are raping women in nightlife is that why every night, Korean girls are lined up at "Hunting bars", a place specifically for Koreans to pick up other Koreans? Or how the hottest girls in Seoul go to the most popular Korean-only clubs? Because all Korean men are misogynistic rapists right? Bro your yellow fever and insecurities are turning you into a raging lesbian SJW.

>Those pasty faggots
Ah your insecurities are showing again. I've come to realize that any time a foreign man in Korea irrationally hates or insults all Korean men, they're usually extremely bitter and lonely in Korea and take it out on the local men.

>My white female friends
Yep is that why tons and tons of white girls are visiting/studying/working in Korea these days? If you go to Hongdae or other university areas, you see tons of white girls dating Korean men. "muh cope."

>Fuck off.
Lol the current state of english teachers in Asia. So angry and bitter with their life.
>Women are not taken seriously in any position
Right, which is why Korea democratically elected a woman to be the most powerful individual in their country in 2013. And she was voted in by conservatives, no less. While America elected President "grab em by the pussy" Trump. I'm starting to suspect that you're secretly one of those short-haired Korean women that are apart of Megalia, Womad or some other radical feminist group, because your talking points are identical. Imagine being this desperate to get laid and feel superior in Asia.
>this thread
whitoids are so beta
If you want to make a white nerd lose his voice screaming in rage, just show a picture of bm/af
>"grab em by the pussy"
What an absolute CHAD

What are the best places to go on your honeymoon?
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Where ever your wife(?) goes.

That said, other than the horizontal Charleston, what sorts of things would you like to do while on your trip.

Also, congrats and best wishes for a long and happy life together.
nan c'est bon. On a suffisamment de touristes si en plus il faut qu'on se tape tout ceux qui viennent faire leur mariage...
va aux maldives ou aux bahamas

apparently the climate seems pretty dry. i think
The alps.
this. some people also told me the tatra mountains were fine as well but for a honeymoon idk.
>What are the best places to go on your honeymoon?
It's wherever the couple would enjoy, really. Time of year for the wedding dictates the right tourism season for places you would otherwise not consider in an offseason. Having access to lots of privacy, ability to lounge around in your room if you want literal hours or frequent snuggling time precludes cruises for some people, or big resorts.
Scour your personalities and decide if you want high adventure, some museums to enjoy or just sun and beach. This room over the water seems a nifty idea (like your picture), or some sandals resort of just couples, etc, but it's not for everyone much beyond the diving couple salivating to dive Palau or something.
Your spouse might more prefer some whale watching, glacier walking, quiet hikes with a packed resort lunch and a jacuzzi soak under the stars later. Your spouse might prefer a Jr Suite at a historic or boutique hotel, a cozy nook at a top world restaurant, and a hand in hand in walk. It's up to your interests. Do some bucket list thing and don't think it has to be a resort only.

File: 1356759356023.png (10 KB, 336x330)
10 KB
Anyone ever have a greater success of forming a relationship or even hooking up with women while abroad?

>If you can't get laid/a gf at home you won't get laid/a gf abroad.

I get that, but I feel like I'm in some weird middle ground. Like I'm no slayer by any means, but I've been called anywhere from a 5-8/10, and every once in a great while I actually get laid. I also tend always at least get first dates via apps (I don't use Tinder as much), but the girls are always extremely basic and I rarely get past a first date.

I don't know if it's me slipping, or if it's just the US these days, but I've always found it easier to strike convos with foreign girls. Would traveling be beneficial for someone in my situation?

General thread as well, share stories and advice.
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Well I'm British. You will always hear a lot of weird contradictory stuff about British women.

Actually its all true, even the contradictions. It's because we still have the class system as much as its blurred now. Many brit women are total scum and some are total ladies. You can really find both, and it does depend where you go.
>I think people just over think things and don't realize that women are a lot friendlier in different parts of the world.

Holy shit, this!! People in Asia are NORMAL. I’d forgotten what that was like. Somewhere around 2010, everyone in the west becamua paranoid selfish asshole, especially women.
>Having said that, it does hurt standing at a train station watching the girl you just had a crazy 2 weeks with disappear into the distance knowing you'll never see her again because life has you going different places and borders and shit man.
Fuck man. I'm seeing her again in the summer ok..?

She came out of nowhere, offered to show me her city, we made out the same night, next week i met her in another city, we fucked twice every day, i made her pussy too sore to fuck the last day and she was sorry but it didnt matter. We talked all day, walked about like a long time couple all day, holding hands and kissing, but we only met the week before, how can we be so close? Then we both had to leave. Her flight got delayed, so i got two more hours cuddling in the airport. In the end my flight left first, and thats that. We aren't together, but still talking daily. I'll see her in the summer, i want more time with her, i want to know if shes the one.

I've done that a few times with different girls, but only this girl has blown my mind, i cant forget.
>Holy shit, this!! People in Asia are NORMAL.
That's my feeling too, regarding their "white fever". They're not white fever crazy girls. They're normal women who recognise a decent, educated and hard working man, where white women cannot.
>they're not white fever crazy girls
While this is generally true, there are many parts of China (and I'd imagine other Asian areas) where locals have not seen many white people at all that they stare at you in the streets and come up to talk to you while you're walking.

I came back from a business trip to a city I've been going to for a decade now and while having dinner with coworkers this group of locals finished eating and one chick walked by and in mandarin said to me
All you can do is laugh, her boyfriend didn't look too happy but that's life

File: notredamegone.jpg (31 KB, 780x438)
31 KB
I just saw this, this is terrible. A moment of silence for those who never got to see it in person. Those who have seen it recall your memories here. R.I.P. Notre Dame Cathedral
91 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
>history museum in brazil
>Palmyra desecration
>nepalese city

It keeps happening. At least I got to go to the top of the WTC a few months before.

You are if you honestly think it was done by Muslims. The yellow vests actually have form for this sort of thing, and they're basically a front organisation of La Front Nationale now and all the moderates have left.
and the fn is known for destruction of historic french symbols and anti-catholicism, of course, I'm an idiot for not understanding
eh, I've seen lots of grand European cathedrals. Sucks to be sure, but they'll rebuild and hopefully install a sprinkler system.
Goodnight sweet prince Notre Dame
Je suis notre dame

File: 1538357023335.jpg (60 KB, 620x348)
60 KB
Do any of you guys Travel on business class?
If so then how was the experience?
Are there free beverages or lounges you could stay in?
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>Circuit City
How old are you?
>Diner's Club
How old is THIS guy? Is an AARP card also in that wallet?
im guessing my Other Country references are out of date. mind helping me calibrate?

let's for a second assume dave is a standard 'small business tyrant' stereotype; fanatic stickler to COMPANY POLICY viz. I DONT MAKE THE RULES I JUST FOLLOW EM, wishes he was in the military, wardrobe consists exclusively of company shirts and beige slacks, has a multitool clipped to his belt that he never, ever uses other than to open amazon packages, etc

what's another chain where dave can be a regional manager and lord his petty authority over washouts and stoned teenagers
"Ma'am, we traced the call ... the Boomer is coming from inside the thread!"
This hits too close to home, anon. I mean I actually DO stuff but I'm shocked at how much people can get away with in corporate middle manager jobs. Corporations will take as much as you will give them without any recognition. On the other hand, they will tolerate a lot of bullshitting and slacking off.

File: Myanmar.png (1.15 MB, 800x600)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Let's talk about Myanmar. Sounds like one of the few countries in the region not completely ruined by mass tourism.

Thinking about going there for a month later this year, probably December.

Bagan, Mandalay, Yangon and Inle Lake sound like a decent staple itinerary. Anything else worth a visit?

Would love to add some beach time but Ngapali is fucking far from everything else and not willing to pay 200 USD for a one way flight.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Can you tell more? What was your itinerary? Budget, logistics, etc.
So I came from India with my gf as part of a larger tour. Our budget is rather small. 15 euro per person per day. Took a minibus from Moreh to Mandalay. Horrible 20 hour ride. Spend a couple of days in the city. took a pick up truck to Pyi O Lwin. Hiked to a Waterfall there and swam in the pools. pretty cold but nice. Took a train from there to Hsipaw where we had a guide run us through the mountains where we slept in the villages. Northern Shan state is full of small Resistance groups all fighting each other so some parts where off limits, but nothing major happened. took a bus from there to mandalay and then a night train to bagan. Rented an e bike there and drove around a couple of days. From there to Inle lake. Took a long boat tour along the lake. Then we took a night bus to yangon. Not my favorite city. And from yangon to Thailand where I am right now. The country is incredibly cheap. Our small budget is more then enough when you stay in hostels and guest houses and take night trains and buses to go everywhere. We are rather slow travelers and like to take things in so it took us almost 4 weeks to do all that, but you can do it definitely in 2 or 3 weeks
How's the food like?
I'm hoping to spend most of my time on the coast, any recommendations?

How did you manage accommodation, because that's looking like two thirds of my costs
I really liked Yangon. Also Hpa-Ann. Bagan's monuments are cool but the cities are too touristic. A shame I missed Mrauk U.
Google wikitravel and travelfish for more information.
It's a great country, just know what to expect. I really liked it. Jasmin Family Lacquerware shop (Bagan) and Pomelo (Yangon) are cool places to shop.

File: Kiew_maidan.jpg (181 KB, 1000x666)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
I am travelling to Kiev for a week over easter.
Do you have any special recommendations for my trip? Could be cultural or culinaric.
And what to be careful about?
56 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Today I had my fourth day in Kiev and I was at many places in town, but always together with my sister. At the beginning I was always very careful. After two days I started to feel very confident and safe there, no bad experiences till yet. But I try to avoid shady places like the other posters said.
That's good to hear OP. Hope you are having a good time. How was Chernobyl?
Do you like military shit? I can suggest a good tour and a cool store to visit if you do. And have you wandered into Metrograd yet?
How much did you spend so far and what did you do?
This is false information. Escorts in Kiev charge around the same as escorts in Mexico. I'm sure they demand more for foreigners than locals but it isn't even close to $500.
File: 1544873387377.jpg (20 KB, 500x376)
20 KB
How much does 95 octane gasoline cost in Ukraine?
Are there gas stations that need to be avoided because they sell watered down gas?

File: 000073651.jpg (44 KB, 451x450)
44 KB
Hello, /trv/.
My wife and I will have Obon off from work and are therefore looking to travel somewhere in South/East Asia. Where are some good, off the beaten path places to visit out of those countries? We like exploring nature and I like getting drunk, so, no Muslim theocracies, please.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>He's never seen a Japanese "the rest of Asia" map
Japan has a massive hard-on for Taiwan and Singapore, so it makes little sense why they aren't named on the map.
You should let a tranny fuck your wife in Thailand
Pattaya Thailand

Cambodia - Siem Reap or the islands off Kep are a good bet

File: utah-900x645.jpg (136 KB, 900x645)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
I'll be flying to Colorado tomorrow and will be driving from Denver to Las Vegas, visiting all the usual parks in between.

Question is - will I need my hiking boots for this or would comfy sneakers be fine? We will just be doing the main/common hikes in most places, nothing too off-the-beaten-path.

File: trump-listening-ap_img.jpg (159 KB, 1440x907)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Personal thread disguised as a general

I'm going to the Nation's Capital in August. My current itinerary is ~10 days:
5 days for the Smithsonian/National Mall
1 day for Georgetown
1 day for Anacostia
1 day for the Virginia side
2 transit days

Some questions:

Should I be looking to be spending more (or less) time anywhere?

Any locals have advice on what to do/see or any hidden non-touristy places?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
35 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>5 days for the Smithsonian/National Mall
>1 day for Georgetown
>1 day for Anacostia
>1 day for the Virginia side
>2 transit days

Hello, I live in DC. Some responses:

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to go to Anacostia. It is a shithole. If you go there after dark, you are going to get mugged.

5 days for the Smithsonian / National Mall is too much. I would recommend 2 days:

- 1 day where you start by touring Capitol Hill, and then walk west along the Mall to the Lincoln Memorial, then south to the Jefferson Memorial. Others have explained better how to tour the Capitol, etc., so I won't bother.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Any Woodbridge fags here?
Hoodbridge, Truly the top tourist destination
Thank for the rec

you're a beaut anon, thank you

well...thanks to you too anon. I'm not that into pinball but the addition to the thread I do appreciate

File: Temple_jpg-895816.jpg (159 KB, 1200x900)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Thailand General Thread.

Ask here about where to go in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Hat Yai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Trat! What silly statues to go see, which tailoring shops are legit, how much to pay for short-time vs long-time ladyboys, get tips for prison after drunkenly insulting the King, and how to enjoy the many wallet-draining scams of Thailand, the Land of Fake Smiles.

Link to old thread: >>1562466
318 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: ApinyaSakuljaroensuk.jpg (166 KB, 900x600)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Depends where you buy it and what quality you want.
File: 11.jpg (259 KB, 1080x1080)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Haag rin pier. There’s this guy who has long hair and is kinda western in his clothes. Speaks good English. 10.000 deposit. Scooters are ok
The cheapest, in Bangkok

I have around £100,000 ($130,000). I am happy to live in most places, but where is best for lifestyle/money? I am university educated and have worked in specialised (financial) law enforcement for 10 years. It appears that I am splitting up with my long term girlfriend, and a fresh start would be beneficial. Ideally, much like everyone else, I'd like to work as little as possible but I know that it isn't possible. Based on my family history, I am unlikely to live past 60, so somewhere to sustain me for around 30 years would be great.

Any experiences from anyone else who has taken the plunge to start a new life elsewhere is appreciated.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Nah my point wasn't about bitcoin but more pointing to the fact that prices aren't rising due to inflation (of currency) but due to workers demanding higher wages because the country is getting richer.

Inflation is measured by looking at the price of goods at stores. If goods get more expensive then it's called inflation no matter what the cause. This inflation would happen even if everyone was using bitcoin because it has nothing to do with currency and instead has to do with the demand on goods and services. Demand goes up but supply doesn't follow so price goes up.

It's why countries go up in cost precisely with their economic growth rate. So SEA is getting about 7-10% more expensive every year since that is their growth rate.
Eritrea, unironically.
Last time I was there I nearly bought an old ITALIAN Art Deco villa for 160$ at Massaua.
Just nearly tho, foreigners can’t buy property in Eritrea. You’d have to... grease up a bit the gears.
how did this circumstance arise? tell us more
$160 or $160k
Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

I don't know what point I'm trying to make but I'm sure it's better than whatever point you're failing to make.

Someone was trying to scam him, thinking he'd hand them $160 and they wouldn't have to give him the villa because foreigners can't own property. But then he realized it, so that was the end of the scam, but he took the cheeky locals out for drinks and they drugged him and robbed him anyway. #yolo #winning

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