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File deleted.
Just booked my first solo trip, but now a deep melancholy took over me because I know I won’t be truly happy anywhere in the world, and no trip will change the fact I am lonely, undesirable and poor, or that I have been left and humiliated by the only person I ever loved a few weeks ago, or that I hate my job, my apartment and will have to return to this place when the journey is over. No matter how much I try to convince myself, I’m not doing a solo trip because I love my own company (I despise myself), but because I don’t have one single person in my life. No beautiful mountain or lake can save me.
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Yea but a promiscuous free spirit roastie who has yet to do her international travel might tale intetest in you now
File: 9fgbjwqi4e321.png (73 KB, 1023x820)
73 KB
Have you tried not giving up so easily?
best thing I can say is pretend who you want to be until you are.
Do you like hearing the sound of your own voice? You better. Your inner voice will develop a lot during this travel. Good luck Anon.
I feel the same way anon. I'm thinking about quitting my job and traveling for a long time. Was just in Japan for two weeks and it was nice, so I have an idea of what it's going to be like.

Thanks for posting. Good to know there's someone out there that knows the struggle.

File: portland.png (4 KB, 422x359)
4 KB
For my fellow US anons who have been or maybe live there right now- what is your opinion on the city of portland, maine?
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>death by gentrification
dumb fucking statement

don't post ever again dork!!!!!!!!
Fort Kent > Portland.
Big rehab industry in that city
Just go further north, the maritimes are better than anything in New England
I'm a Masshole who's been there a couple of times, its pretty nice. You should go there in the summer, there's going seafood.

Is it stupid to save money on plane tickets by opting for long (12+ hours) bus journeys instead? What is your opinion on buses?
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File: nope.png (238 KB, 1347x851)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Picked a route I've done before, nah bus is about 1/2 the cost. Bus has no exchanges or transfers either
For $50, I'd prefer to save my 7 hours for something besides sitting on a bus. I make $30/hour, so if time = money, it's worthwhile.

Yeah, I definitely agree with you. I fly San Antonio/Austin to El Paso pretty frequently for work, but like I said, I drive to IAH/DFW when I go international.
>For $50, I'd prefer to save my 7 hours for something besides sitting on a bus. I make $30/hour, so if time = money, it's worthwhile.

Yeah but it's still cheaper which is the point, if you wanted you could do a late night bus and just sleep on it getting to LA by 7am on thursday if you wanted.

>Yeah, I definitely agree with you. I fly San Antonio/Austin to El Paso pretty frequently for work, but like I said, I drive to IAH/DFW when I go international.
Again you have that option to drop a car off for free, for me I'd have to tack on something like 20+ bucks per day. A bus after work burns no vacation days for me, saves me money, and doesn't cut as close to transfers. There isn't a downside to me using a bus vs a plane because I have no problems sleeping on a bus.
>I'd have to tack on something like 20+ bucks per day
Fuggg. Amarillo's parking is more expensive than El Paso 's is (and El Paso is a city that's 4x larger). I know Beaumont's parking is free.
>>Denver->Santa fe
Yeah there a lot of "gatcha's" if you are not in a main city, if you live near one then you can generally just suck up the cost and do whatever. However, smaller in-between spots or sometimes airports that are going to connect to X larger airport regardless, a bus can often be cheaper. Especially if traveling with bags and not a "member" like on frontier or spirit where bags can add on an extra 35-45 dollars a pop easily. That 140 dollar flight? Oh you have bags that are bigger than personal items? yeah you need to check those...Oh basic economy, yup that will cost you should have done economy. Now that 140 dollar round trip flight is over 200 since it's probably going to be 35 there and back for your bags. Being at near 225, that 50-75 dollar bus now looks a lot more reasonable if you are trying to maintain a budget.

in canada can a passport guarantor have your passport cancelled after its been given to you?
Are your parents grounding you or something?
I didn’t get into trouble by them
Yes, if you piss them off or don't listen to them they can call up immigration and retract the statement they gave under oath regarding your character. Your guarantor owns your ass, chink. Stay in line!
The best thing the USA did was to drop this retarded system, along with the rest of the Empire.

in canada can a passport guarantor have your passport cancelled after its been given to you?
No, of course not. They can report you as being a sex criminal or terrorist and leave it up to the police to arrest you or get a court order barring you from travel, but so can anyone else.
I'm not going to tell you unless you make more than just these two threads about it. I never answer until at least the 3rd identical thread

what did you do retard

File: 1358102322291.jpg (21 KB, 300x250)
21 KB
venezuela bros!?!?!

> The government currently fixes sales of dollars at an official rate of 172,800 bolivars per dollar, well below the black market rate of around 3.8 million bolivars per dollar. Venezuela's bolivar currency has fallen 99.99 percent against the dollar on the black market since Maduro came to power in April 2013.Aug 2, 2018

So, sounds like fifty cents or eight bucks. Wait, "2018", never mind, looks like the current official rate is around 250,000 to 1, so you're still talking only five bucks at the official exchange rate, probably twenty-five cents at black market rates.
File: P1130031.jpg (3.96 MB, 4000x3000)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB JPG
I got one of those! Made in NZ -- I'm going there next year for a series of kite festivals.

Thinking of flying into Ams at like 9 am Sat hit a coffee shop get my dick wet. Chill out eat, go to the club drink get my dick wet again do some blow from the Psst niggas get my dick wet again and just go to the airport whenever im done to fly back at 9am. Flight looks to be 600 and everything else would be like 1000~ Worth?
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>a race
Just stay the fuck out of my country retard
There's a square filled with clubs called "Rembrandtplein" You can go in every club there and it'll be filled with 18-22 year old women of which the majority are British girls. They are having their party holidays and are completely down to fuck "Everything that happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam" type of stuff.
Imagine being so retarded you read “punch my ass” and think I’m mad. Jesus it’s a good thing you fucks have drugs and hookers or you’d be living in a 3rd world country with all the Muslims and niggers there.

Congrats no one cares about you and your existence boils down to a internet junkie that jerks off to drawings

Literally your countries only contribution in the world is shitty cars that break down and being cunts. No one gives a shit about your little patch of shit.
Any cool stuff to do in Amsterdam? I like history museum stuff
File: 1530050910216.gif (461 KB, 350x232)
461 KB
461 KB GIF
>“punch my ass” and think I’m mad
Nah, it was more the caps and incoherent sentence structure that gave it away. Stay seething though, kek

File: images (4).jpg (36 KB, 640x480)
36 KB
anyone ever been to antarctica? how was it? cost, etc etc.

Went last November and was one of the best trips I've ever taken. Didn't cost anything as it was for work but I imagine if you show up in Ushuaia during the season you could get a last minute berth for under 5k.

So I've been planning a trip to the Balkans, I'll go solely by train and the people I'm traveling with are quite keen on Croatia, and definitely want some amount of beach time.

My problem with that is that everything that comes to my mind when I think Croatia is overly touristic beach towns and Mallorca tier cheap trashy partying, so I'm very sceptical about every city I considered adding to our itinerary. Does anyone have any advice which towns to avoid there?

I was thinking about Zagreb - one city with a beach not too far away - Sarajevo and hopefully a second city in Bosnia or maybe even Serbia, although I wouldn't like more than three stops since we have about 10 days only, maybe up to 14.
For the beach stop I considered Split, Zadar or Korcula, but I really can't imagine how either of them are beyond the old town.

I'd also appreciate advice on Bosnia and buying train tickets in the Balkans. Serbia is inaccessible af by train I've heard, so I'd probably try to catch a bus in Bosnia if I decide to go there.
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How did you like the cities themselves, aside from the beaches and how do they compare?
Looks like Zadar is far up on my list so far.

I thought the network in Serbia was way worse, but I don't have any options regarding that anyway so I'll take it how it is, if necessary I'll switch to buses. Great for the RealTraveler(tm) experience too kek

I've been thinking about Bulgaria but from Zagreb I'd spend over 24 hours just getting there and Sarajevo to Sofia seems to be more complicated to get a good route for.
I'll definitely keep it in mind though, maybe I'll only set Zagreb and Sarajevo in stone and then decide spontaneously while I'm there, it's probably easier to find routes there as well, assuming Balkan bus travel compares to "eastern block" bus travel.
Oh also, have you been to the Bulgarian black sea? And do you have any places to recommend in Bulgaria? I have no real idea about the country so I don't know where to start with it.
>Would you say a day or two would be enough for each?
Neither of these are worth spending an entire day in. Pocitelj is a small village, like an hour tops. Stolac is kinda cool and substantially bigger but still a small town. Haven't been to Jajce. IMO all of them are only worth seeing if they're along your route anyway. Not worth making huge detours to get there.
Also check the route network of flixbus for cheap and reliable bus transport:

Went to both Varna and Split last year, Varna was at least as touristy (but skewed towards Russians, Split was more Central Europeans) and less sights to see, but the beaches were nicer and overall it was a good deal cheaper. Sofia's a great city too, only spent a day there but wish I had time for a few more

went out in Manhattan, to a couple of ridiculous bars. Parties in an apartment first with some of my wall st friends.

> Bought 330ml bottles of shit beer from a shop for about 2.50 each. This is only 2-3x the price in England.

> They refrigerate ale. It's not meant to be cold, what the fuck? That's not what you do with it.

> In the bar, $30 for three small bottles again. 20% tip which I declined to give. Don't tell me the bartender is struggling to earn a living, it took him less than 45 seconds to serve me and he doesn't deserve $400+ per hour in tips. Absolute bullshit.

> Everyone's a low-IQ moron basically with no sense of humour or brains. Blank, NPC simulations of humans.

> Went over to a tinder girl's place in the "FiDi" and fucked her, she was nice.

> Tried to get home, see pic related.

Will report back tomorrow.
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>travel post
>travel board
yeah right. fuck all of that.
I really hope people in the UK aren't as pathetic as OP
How you getting dates man? I am a 5/10 Aussie will I make it...?
You've done an amazing job triggering the seppos, OP, well done
based thread

god save the queen

File: Boise-Idaho.jpg (147 KB, 1242x516)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Anyone ever live in Idaho? I've been thinking of moving out west and ID seems to be the most appealing so far, whether it be rural or in the city. Just looking for some thoughts.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I lived in Boise, ID for almost half a year and wouldn't recommend it. Housing is in shambles right now and living there was incredibly expensive. It's a beautiful, clean city though. Just wasn't for me.
>mountain city with a campus of young people and a close drive to nature
Mormonville is literally the same thing.
If your into animal sex (sheep, pigs) its great, people are very accepting to pigfuckers out there.
Fuck off, they're full
If you're a millenial/zoomer i would reccomend oregon or california. States like Idaho look good on paper, but living there isn't that fun because most of your neighbors will be retired boomers and the occasional 45 yr old greying gen x who has a 4 year old

Hey guys, I’ll be traveling to Italy for the new year.
I’m wondering what towns are worth visiting there and cool things to do.
Any advice?
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>We italians are racists because we're ignorant and our politicians are retarded
Stop all this self-hate, Tancredi.
They shouldn't be in Europe. Italy has no obligation whatsoever towards these people.
Depends on where you are anon.
Rome, sure. High alps/Dolomiti, I dont think so.
There's probably only a few thousand at most in a country of millions of Japs, it's still like 99% homogenous. It's not really a problem.

Italy doesn't owe these people shit. They're economic migrants who came over for a 'better' life, except they have no skills and can't speak the language. They should all be deported.
If you mean you're going for New Year's Eve, every city will have some club parties. Major ones will have some kind of public show in the main square. It won't be snowing, unless you're near some mountains or very lucky. Naples is known for insane celebration by citizens, who will shoot guns and light huge fireworks in the middle of the road, making the place feel more like the Gaza strip than an European city.
File: 20190708_204440.jpg (3.42 MB, 3840x2160)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB JPG
Looks like she's sexy

Which of the lesser-travelled Caribbean Islands are your favorite? Looking for opportunities to hike, explore on land, maybe snorkeling (no diving). Love beautiful landscapes and don’t care about luxury too much.

I have been reading about places like Saba, Montserrat, Nevis, St. Kitts and some others but it’s hard to pick.

Realistically I have about 10-12 days and would like to start somewhere for 2-3 nights just to lay on a sandy beach with my gf and decompress. Then spend the next days island hopping. Ideally 2 nights minimum in per location. Is it worth trying to hit a few or are they all so similar that the increase travel is a waste of time?

Going in February. Cost thankfully is not an issue at this point, and it’s just two people.

Thanks in advance for any opinions.
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I thought Kitts was for the rich people like Roger Ver, a special unique black place in the universe eg: actually inhabitable
What do I mean?
File: 20190708_204440.jpg (3.42 MB, 3840x2160)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB JPG
Please fuck her
File: FB_IMG_1575500430170.jpg (134 KB, 1440x1440)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Please squeeze her boobs>>1719897
File: FB_IMG_1574992804939.jpg (79 KB, 720x960)
79 KB
Please fuck>>1718450

File: DrunkardsCloak.jpg (417 KB, 800x1628)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
I'm going to Europe in January for ten days with no plans other than:
1. Flying into Barcelona
2. Going to Scotland to stay with a friend for a few days for the final 3 days of the trip
3. Flying out of London
What should I do? Where should I stay? I have a soft goal of seeing Alhambra, but other than that I have no plan.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Just go to andalusia somewhere near Granada. Each transfer to a new place is wasted time.
Seconding this spend a couple of days in Madrid, fly south and see the Alhambra, then check which cheap airline flies to Scotland or northern England.

This. Plan carefully mate. Scotland to London is further than you think, it will easily eat half a day of travel. You should probably stick to 3 cities max e.g. Barcelona, London and Scotland (which city)?
Let's be pessimistic here.

>flying into Barcelona
Day 1: Recovering from your jetlag.
Day 2-4: Sightseeing

I don't know, let's say you go to Madrid afterwards because plane tickets there should be a little cheaper than if you went down the coast or into southern France.

Day 5: wake up with a splitting headache because you needed to celebrate your last night in Barcelona. Take an 1pm bus to Madrid, and the rest of the day in transit to your hostel.

Day 6: sightsee in Madrid in the morning, afternoon flight to Edinburgh or Glasgow. God help you if your friend is anywhere else in Scotland.

Day 7 - 9: Hang out with your mate. Catch your night flight to London.

Day 10: Walk around London for a morning tops, then take your flight back home.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>God help you if your friend is anywhere else in Scotland.
Meh, as long as his friend is off the ScotRail he should be fine.
If he's in Mull or the Northern Highlands then good fucking luck to OP lol.

File: united-kingdom-map.gif (128 KB, 900x1080)
128 KB
128 KB GIF
I'm a 20 year old Oz guy travelling on my own for the first time ever. I'm off to the UK in Feb and was wondering what's a good way to explore the English countryside and Scotland in about a week? I'm more interested in historical, natural and cultural stuff than clubbing or anything like that because to be honest I could just do that back home. But at the same time I don't want to be bored all alone on a trip and would prefer to explore in a group if I could. Would a hostel be good for me? What are things I could get up to in the area?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Also I'm looking specifically in for stuff to do outside London and in Scotland
Okay, that's better then. I'd still say you should stick to one country. Train/bus is probably your best travel option into Scotland but will still take the good part of a day for that. If you are interested in Scotland, rent a car so you can easily get around all the sights.
Hey guys I will be in Australia for about two days will that be enough to see everything? My itinerary is Perth to Brisbane and I will have a bicycle.
File: uk trip.png (271 KB, 777x849)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
I'll piggyback off this thread for the trip I'm planning. Me and the gf are planning on spending about 8-9 days in the UK, and wanted to see some of what the country had to offer. Mostly interested in looking at museums and historic sites and having an overall comfy time. Any recommendations for stuff to do in or around this route?
If you're doing Scotland I'd say Pitlochry and the southern Highlands are pretty fun that time of year and not terribly hard to get to.

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