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Leaving next week to bike from Boston to Philly. Can you recommend me regional dishes and or places to eat that won't break the bank?

Major cities that I'm spending time in are: Boston, Providence, Hartford, New Haven, New York, and Philadelphia

I'll post some of the things I intend to go see below if you feel like suggesting something or have similar interests. I like architecture, bridges, street art, and city life/culture. There is a large gap between Providence and New Haven where it seems like there is very little to see for 3 days of biking.
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Omg, thank you so much. >>1543560
>Did u go yet
Leaving later this week, but I'm taking my time and spending at least a day in most major cities so I won't make it to Philly until the beginning on March.

I am going to to my absolute best to find that amish person, that's awesome. I'll be there for two and a half days so I hope to try almost everything on your list.

One thing I'm always amazed at is how cheap the food is in the states compared to Canada. That sandwich is the same as if you would buy a footlong from subway accounting for currency, so not really *very* pricy.
Like other people said, you have to get the pizza in New Haven, Frank Pepe's a classic. Also Federal Hill in Providence is a must for Italian food. If you have access to a kitchen, get the fresh cheese ravioli at Venda Ravioli. Some of the best in America and even compared to Italy for that matter.
this is very close but the best sandwich in boston is actually the combo from sam lagrassa's.
In Connecticut - skip Hartford (it's cute, but really not much there) and hug the coast instead - New London, Niantic (boardwalk), Old Sayville (arts center), Guilfford (check out Bishop's Orchard)
I second this.
Hartford is a city well past its prime - though I'd also swap out New London for Westerly.

File: 1550355214679.png (113 KB, 333x345)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
I'm a nignog who wants to take a trip to japan sometime, once i'm proficient in the language.

what should I expect, fellas?
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Go to WREP in Shibuya and you'll have Jap thots pole dancing over you
>They ruined my Japan.
>my japan

You'll be treated better than Asian foreigners but slightly worse than white foreigners. People might want to do shit like touch your hair. Overall, the black guys I've met since I moved here seem to view Japan positively
>this is my stop, Nobunaga station. Where is everything? Oh shit! I wanted Kita-Nobunaga station!
>being this stupid
read more thoroughly, loser

File: IMG_20190215_135556.jpg (1.47 MB, 3264x2448)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
Hey /trv/

I was in Israel for a week. I was at the City Tiberias and Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
Ask me anything and i will try to answer your questions

Tdlr: /Trv/fag was in Israel. Ask Questions
How's the immigration process?
Its pretty bad to be honest. The different religions in the country block each other

File: sim-cards2.jpg (62 KB, 610x486)
62 KB
/trv/, how do you deal with phone verifications if you're on long term travel?

In India it never took me less than half an hour to withdraw money from an ATM, because my bank has a coronary every single time, freezing my card and sending a text asking if I were withdrawing money, and the vending machine running my account needed that long to respond to my reply text consisting of the word "Yes".

Meanwhile, my SIM card has no reception whatsoever in Taiwan, so I would be unable to receive or reply to a warning text, which would leave my card frozen. Fortunately, my bank remains unaware of Taiwan's existence. That doesn't mean I don't sweat bullets when I have to withdraw money.

Is there such a thing as an international SIM card with reception everywhere?
Ask the bank to stop this retarded verification or find a normal bank.
Can you use an app instead and get a data sim wherever you go?

I use my university's credit union. International withdrawal fees are almost non-existent, and I can update my own travel profile online. On the scarce few occasions my debit card has been locked for 'security' purposes, I can call a 24-hour hotline to have the block removed.

Not sure where you're from, OP, but the aforementioned practices are fairly prevalent in the U.S.

File: unnamed.jpg (57 KB, 900x900)
57 KB
Is 1200e salary enough for living in Bratislava? I've got job offer and thinking about moving there
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Im from Poland so we are neighbors with slovakia. In Poland we have PLN (polish zloty) and Slovakia has Euro. In my country, I make around 1000e which is let's say ok but not best. I've got job offer for a similar position and I feel that I want some changes. I Like Slovakia and Bratislava it also placed in really nice region basically on the border with Austra and Hungary. Croatia is few hours by car and you have there amazing beaches and nice weather. Also, I love to live and work with multinational environment so I think It could be a really nice time to know all the kitchen, culture and girls. So Its more about exploring the world not money but who knows maybe I will get there even better one after time
Is cost of living cheaper in Slovakia?
Do you know anyone there?
Slovakia looks like a poorer but friendlier Austria haha, everything I've seen from the country makes it look really "comfy".

Anyway, another free bump for you because this is a more interesting thread than 90% of what this board sees on a daily basis, hopefully you get some help from someone from Slovakia anon.
Bratislava is like backup vienna. Housing prices exploded in the last few years and any local "ok salary" preety much got priced out of the city. People from Vienna with a Vienna salary went there in masses and guess what with 1.2k€ salary you're good in terms of food and stuff but on the housing market you belong to the rock bottom lower class.
I was going to say when I went there, it was a good exchange on the dollar for food and all even though it was in euros, but the housing I now see is crazy expensive in contrast.
Basically this, if you want to live near Bratislava, Id suggest some southern hungarian-bordering village. Housing in the inner city, or even in one of the neighbourhoods rivals in price that of Vienna, like the other anon said.
One thing to keep in mind however, is travel. Bratislava is known for daily and lasting traffic jams, never-ending street repairs and restrictions.
€1200 may well be an above-average salary for the rest of SK, hell, a rich man in the eastern part, but in the capital, about the median, or lower.

File: Untitled.jpg (518 KB, 1906x1076)
518 KB
518 KB JPG
Is there a gay version of Bangkok somewhere on this planet? Asking for a friend.
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More on this story?
Gran Canaria is the gay sex tourism center of Europe. They got like gay hotels, gay beaches, gay nightlife, bars, clubs, darkrooms, you name it.
File: Yumbo.jpg (2.14 MB, 2592x1766)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
Yumbo center for example is full of gay bars and sex clubs, closest you get to a gay Bangkok.
>what is RLD?
red light district
Maybe you should pretend to be straight?

I had a profile on fabswingers and I got tons of men and transwomen offering to let me fuck their face or ass, cum and leave.

I didn't get a single response to one of my messages from a woman. I was honestly tempted because of how easy they made it.

I also spent time alone on the nude beach in Barcelona. I was outright propositioned for sex twice, by objectively attractive men (one of which was by a couple).

I have never experienced anything close to this with women, but I did read a book that suggested that straight men are one of the most common gay fantasies and this seems to gel with what I've found.

Any unrest I should be weary of aside from Ukraine?

Any *MUST SEE* places along the way?

File: cat.jpg (1.44 MB, 2272x1704)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Post cats from your travels. Let's try to get one cat for each country. If possible, mention the specific location.

Starting with a cat from Kraslava, Latvia.
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File: DSC00181.jpg (6.11 MB, 5472x3648)
6.11 MB
6.11 MB JPG
hong kong
Oh shit I have a bunch of these from Morocco
Kots lil sis
File: DSCN5114.jpg (2.14 MB, 4608x3456)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
kitzekatzen in werfen, austria

What are your guy's thoughts on Syria?
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Latakia isn't a good place to visit. It's the one place where opposition forces broke the government lines, and is still uncomfortably close.
File: 20190208_184955.jpg (3.46 MB, 3840x2160)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB JPG
File: 20190208_184953.jpg (3.79 MB, 3840x2160)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB JPG
I'm thinking about hitchhiking through the us, what would cartel America be?
Or do you mean central America?
Only for RealTraveller's.

File: 20180923_163503~3.jpg (1.84 MB, 2692x2081)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
Ive never been on a real vacation and i have lately been thinking about going on a bikepacking trip.
Anyone here have any experience?
Pretty sure you'll get more results on /n/, and you might want to stop in a newbie camping thead in /out/ for advice there as well.

Are you on the west coast by any chance? Planning a tour this summer.
Grew up in california. Im in colorado now.
File: hurrrr.png (495 KB, 772x618)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
/n/ isn't all that much into bikepacking. The board is more about cycling as a sport.

I did pic related last summer. Been doing bike trips in Europe for years. No experience on other continents though but feel free to ask questions.
I've only been in Colorado in the winter, but with the elevation, does it ever get warm there? Since you're in a western state though, at least there's plenty of campsites.

I don't have any advice, since I'm still in the planning stage of my first trip, but you might want to check out a movie. "A survey of open space." It follows a bikepacking trip from Texas to the tip of Washington state and also a bit of Alaska.

Long term I've always dreamed of cycling from here in Oregon all the way to the east coast, but I wouldn't want to do it alone, and finding people who are willing to commit a whole summer to that kind of adventure isn't easy.

Does anyone know about going here?

It’s got pristine forests and beaches, but it seems sketchy. Is this one of the last unspoiled parts of SEA?
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you're not very bright, are you? you've clearly never read a single book about png
I've been there and seen them practicing agriculture.
and that means they've practiced agriculture for 7k years? you've become an anthropologist? it means that LIGHT evidence for horticulture means that 7k years ago they practiced intensive farming?

shut up dickhead. are you literally some sort of 87 iq caved in head numbskull?
You never mentioned intensive farming, and i never claimed they practice it. Stop moving the goalposts.
Just tell me the title and author of this book you read that claimed they depend on spitting seeds on the ground for farming.
File: goalposts.jpg (88 KB, 594x395)
88 KB
>png has never farmed or had agriculture.

>They've been farming for 9000 years.

>7000 years ago, my bad.

>LIGHT evidence for horticulture means that 7k years ago they practiced intensive farming?

>You never mentioned intensive farming

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: USA_Visa_-_Arg.jpg (327 KB, 960x635)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
I am going to the United States for a couple of months, and have gotten a B1/B2 visa. It says that it is valid for 10 years, with multiple entries.

As far as I understand it, my visa allows me to stay for a maximum of 6 months.

But, after I leave, can I then wait a while, and then re-enter for another 6 months? Not that I plan to, but with a visa that's valid for 10 years, that's 5 fucking years (if I wait 6 months in between each trip).

Seems a bit much, I dunno. Seems like I'm missing something.
Most likely it is up to the immigration officer's decision. If he feels you are trying to be in the US too much repeatedly he will deny you entry.
Yes, you can *try to* enter as many times as you want within the 10 years your visa is valid.
It's totally okay to enter many times if you stay for a short time on every trip (for example, if you're a businessman who travels to the US for work often).
If you stay for the whole 6 months, it's another story. It's pretty hard to invent a reason to stay 6 months in the US which is not illegal work so prepare to be questioned hard when you try to enter next time.


File: 71fa+XSaA+L._SY550_.jpg (47 KB, 367x550)
47 KB
Who here in the military? Where have ya been? Where are you at? Where are you going? I'm coming up on my first deployment and were going to be flying to a bunch of different places in the EU. Was told not to expect a lot of free time but still excited.
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probably a failing, small cannabis "farm."

do you really have to try so hard to impress a bunch of anons.

imagine needing validation and admiration from a bunch of nobodies this badly.
Guess I’m the 1/100. I scored breddy gud on my asvab and was even recommended to join special forces. I decided against all that, but the faggot navy recruiter that stalked my high school kept grilling and grilling me about when I was going to join and couldn’t just take the hint that I wasn’t interested anymore.

Eventually I straight up told him I’m not really interested in enlisting and I could see the seething over a lost bonus in his eyes.
I don’t grow cannabis or even consult cannabis growers. Just take your L and try to recruit >>>/r9k/ instead, recruitercuck.
Oh wow look at this guy, bragging over the internet
we all feel so small now, bud.
File: 2Yu2MkP-.jpg (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
Ex Air Force. 2003-2007. From Texas straight to Omaha and stuck there for my entire enlistment because (((intelligence))). Only ever travelled to Baghdad to stack people into naked pyramids and fingerprint dead bomb makers' disembodied hands. On the plus side, got out with a TS and a contractor job lined up before I left Iraq.

Went back to Iraq and to Afghan twice as a baby killing civilian contractor and basically cruised around in a Hilux with a cow pie sized puck of hashish, unlimited opium and a $200 AK from the bazaar setting up checkpoints for ANP and Army pukes. Fingerprinting mortar rounds and the dead hands that launched them. Made enough from there to actually travel all of Western Europe and enough IT experience to come home and bag a nice job.

The clearance from the USAF (everyone gets at least a Secret) is the gateway to the land of milk and honey. Moreso than any college degree, it will make you ultra employable, especially if you're willing to travel to third world hellholes but with the consolation that you'll live out a real life mad Max scenario with very little in the way of rules or consequences compared to western life. All in all, do recommend. The nerds in here can Ree all they want, I can't hear them over the sound of my live-in Thai ladyboy nurse-maid-masseuses polishing my krugerrands.
r u that burger soldier that (((polish government))) invited to invade poland?

File: 091216_bigos_22.jpg (114 KB, 800x501)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
question to people who have been in poland
what was your biggest suprise regarding poland?
186 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
saved haha
This is Russian. The words are in Russian and the website at the end is .ru

Really Poland like all the other slav places are the same, gloomy people, drunk men and big tatas.
THE FUCKING BUREAUCRATS. You want to know the worst thing about Poland? The thing that's killing it? Bureaucracy.
After leaving communism, the bureaucrats stayed on. All they do is continue to add paperwork on top of paperwork simply to keep their jobs. They hate the common man and think they're beneath him in ever way, shape and form. Applications for simple documents cost exorbitant amounts. You can wait 25 days just to stand in line for a single document only to find out you need another document and wait another 25 days for it. They like to criticise every single little mistake you make in your paperwork too.
I have a Polish friend living in England. He can't speak Polish anymore (I don't know if it's some sort of mental illness or he just never spoke it and forgot). He needed to renew his passport so booked an appointment with the consulate (a whole hassle by its self). Thankfully renewing a passport should be a rather simple matter. All you need is your old passport, a new photo and a form you need to write all your details in. This form is in Polish and I was with him at the time just to help out so translated it for him. His number was called so he went up. The bureaucrat at the till, however, refused to speak English with him for some unknown reason. He waved me over and I helped him out. This bitch said he didn't look anything like his photo (no shit it was ten years ago and he lost weight). He managed to get his passport through but not until she got £20 "to get it through safely". Renewing a passport is free, the bitch just wanted a bribe.
If you see a bureaucrat, punch it in the face and spit on it. These things don't deserve to live. They're the rats of humanity.
Was this at the embassy in England? You should report her for corruption.
ukraine and russia have more corrupted bureucracy tho

File: IMG_0445.jpg (40 KB, 600x350)
40 KB
Going to cambodia for 3 weeks, and i badly wanna shoot some guns, but im not willig to pay the 500 dollar minimum wich seems to be the standard, is there any other way to shoot? Are there any drop in ranges?
Also gibe me general advice about cambodia
every tuktuk in phnom penh can get you to a shooting range. they have picture menus like denny's.
Can you really bazooka a cow?
Think of it more like a returnable deposit, OP

>flag down tuk-tuk driver and tell him you want to make a cow explode
>turn up
>pay the money
>acquire RPG
>you now have an RPG
>turn around, point it at the local dudes and demand money back, plus some extra
>stuff the bazooka in your 80L Osprey for a cool souvenir
>leg it and catch the first minibus back to Thailand
>get a dick up your ass

Win-win, even the cow gets to live another day

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