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I recently took a year-long trip that took me to many places:

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>why are you thinking of going
I'm dutch, just wondering what you thought about my country. visiting rotterdam is indeed not recommended.
Dont you think you limited yourself to just over a week for each?

What did you do in China?
What was the cost?
~$35k, but it couldve been done cheaper

i spent about three weeks in china going from shanghai to beijing and then west all the way to kashgar by train

File: Capture.png (81 KB, 400x525)
81 KB
So I'll be in Helsinki for a weekend in july and have fancied renting a car and doing a road trip after.
Basic plan is to do pic related, over no more than 10 days, but maybe hit lapland too while im up that direction.
Im 20 years old and into hiking, beer, nature and all that good shit
I've been to Stockholm before so not planning on staying there again for more than a night.
Any suggestions on
>things I should check out along the route
>any detours worth taking along the way?
>any general tips for the 2 countries
>Whats the infrastructure like further north, are gas stations and bnbs in small towns fairly common or would I need to book all in advance
The cities on the map are more of a guide than anything else
I realise that most of the time will be spent driving long distances but I always like driving so its no big problem
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You're going to countries with everyman's rights.
You could easily sleep in your car and save yourself a massive amount of money.
This. I haven't done it myself, but my dad did travel all around Scandinavia just sleeping in his car along the way. If you want to get fancy you should rent a station wagon that could fit a mattress in the back, as long as it's the summer should have a nice trip.
>implying everyone is a poorfag who wants to spend a vacation sleeping in their car
this, but then again you aren't a real traveler unless you sleep in your car.
Or in a tent which is actually comfy.

File: kenting-tpkq9eo8e6q21.jpg (183 KB, 1200x1600)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Your thread for:
>night markets
>bad oil
>computer parts
>where to go
>what to see
>whom to do
in the Free and Independent Republic of Taiwan (a representative democracy not affiliated with the People's Republic of China).
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File: The-Taipei-101-With-Fog.jpg (109 KB, 1600x1058)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Has any one lived in both Shanghai and Taipei? I'm moving to Shanghai for the money, but had my heart set on Taipei. If shit goes south, I'll just buy a ticket to Taipei and start again.
>what should I watch out for when I go to Taiwan in September
September is the wettest month of the year. There is also the possibility of typhoons. You should wait until November/December
>also the possibility of typhoons
Those are a bonus. I love typhoon days. Sleep in, eat the traditional can of tuna with crackers, shitpost on /trv/, what's not to love?
Can anyone recommend any good bars or eateries in Taipei? Only there for 3 days before heading to Hualien for Organik festival.

File: d96.jpg (23 KB, 500x500)
23 KB
>actually got laid while traveling
I fucking made it bros. Anyone else?
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whats the difference
I've only fucked girls i've gotten to know well enough, that they don't have STDs.

You're too trusting if you think those girls are 100% aware whether they do or do not have an STD
Superior aryan man with literal 12” COLONIZING a worhless nip girl while her chained cuck husband is watching
well ive spoken to them for a while usually so i do.

Hell, one girl was a virgin.

File: Balkans-map.jpg (122 KB, 700x394)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Which country in the Balkans is worth spending 2 weeks in? I'm considering moving to the Balkans in the future, but right now it's just visiting some places to see what they're like. Any standout cities to visit?

Not considering Bulgaria, East Thrace or Greece.
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Developing countries are always fun. Right now North Macedonia and Kosovo are on the top of my list.
>any balkan country
>first world
I personally would love to spend that amount of time in Bosnia.
Nice mountains, beach meh, but at least the waters are clean. There aren't many museums or so, but they have a lot of historical landmarks.
I would probably move to Slovenia or Croatia, but Bosnia is nicer for a holiday.

File: fca.jpg (93 KB, 486x800)
93 KB
I've been gradually preparing for a trip to the Democratic Congo I want to do (well me and my friend). Looking into it over the past month it looks like a fucking nightmare to even get past customs. You need:

•A personal letter of invitation from a private host, stamped by the City Hall in Kinshasa
•A letter explaining the purpose of the trip, the locations you're visiting, how long you're staying, and hotel reservations
•Proof of funds for the trip
•Professional photos of yourself
•A letter signed by the local authorities in your country
•A stamped "travel permit" to travel thru the country
•And probably a boatload of bribing fees you'll have to pay just to get out the front door of the airport

I ain doing all that shit. What "hotels" am I going to reserve if I even want to travel into the country lol?

So I'm thinking a better idea would be to cross the border from another country. Republic of the Congo is much easier to travel to I hear. And Lake Tanganyika is right across from Tanzania.

Does anybody have any experience or knowledge about walking over the border and what happens?
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Ignore that other guy he is a moron, you get loads of blowhards like that on this site mate don't worry.
how is he a moron? seems like he's giving valid advice, that if preparing a few documents is such a big hassle for you then you probably shouldnt be going to the fucking congo
dead giveaway this is a troll post.
Yeah op please go to Congo nothing can possibly go wrong. They all want that cool africa cred that the kids are so hyped for nowadays for themselves. They definitely are not trying speak some sense into you coming from years of experience. Don't listen to the arguments and points brought forth. They are just blowhards. Again. Nothing can possibly go wrong.
Please livestream your visit

I'm going to NYC for the first time and going for a week in May

Is there anything you guys recommend I check out?
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It's just such a big city. You'll find all kinds there, which is why it's important to go there with a specific plan: I want to meet these kinds of people, do these kinds of things, surround myself with these kinds of morals, etc. If you just go there and let nyc take you where it takes you, well you could end up anywhere, given how many social currents there are. A lot of people move there with no clear concept of what they're doing or who they are, and fall in with shitty crowds because they're going with the flow. nyc is NOT a go with the flow place. You're there for a reason.
The High Line. Perfect in May.
Fuck almost all this dumb shit. Nobody has EVER described Union square as "comfy"

Op when you get bored of manhattan, take the train to coney and walk along the boardwalk a bit, maybe ride something or check out the shitty aquarium, then walk north about 10 minutes through some poor neighborhoods and hit Spumoni Gardens. There is the best pizza in the entire city, as any NYC native will tell you. just don't burn the skin off the roof of your mouth, and get an ice with it. It's so good that the owner just got killed by the mob.

on the way back why not check out prospect park? Coming from an architect it's actually better than central park. The same designer made it with 0 of the restrictions he had with central park. Brooklyn Botanical gardens are great, and then you're around some other amazing food.

By the way the "monastery" that the fucking retard i'm quoting above here is referring to is called the cloisters, and yeah it's great.
NYC resident of 25 years here. It's best to ignore these threads as they're full of stupidity and anything you consider interesting is not going to be interesting to a tourist anyway. Nobody wants to spend 2.5 hours riding the D train to go to some pizza joint you went to as a kid that tastes almost the same as any decent pizza place in manhattan, sorry. Same goes for the Cloisters, if you want a small intimate off-the-beaten-track museum there's loads of them downtown. No reason to spend all day riding the A train. A local might think it's interesting to wander around the Hub and listen to street vendors blasting hip hop out of their shitty chinese speakers and eating authentic mole verde or kelewele at a local hole in the wall. A tourist is just going to be jumpy from all the black people and end up offending someone and walk away thinking New Yorkers are racist against whites. A local might want to spend all day on the 7 to go to Flushing and eat duck feet, a tourist is better off going to Joe's Shanghai downtown because the menu is in English and they won't get triggered by hearing people in another language. A local might think City Island is awesome and weird, a tourist will just think "this is like a shitty version of a beach resort but less picturesque and it's impossible to get to".

tl;dr let tourists be tourists and hide NYC threads
That's true, I live in MA and only go to NYC to do high octane versions of stuff that I already like (unless it is outdoorsy stuff). There's not really cool NYC specific stuff I like besides christmas decorations

File: prague church.jpg (497 KB, 1003x1000)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
Will be there alone this weekend, and looking at reviews/images tripadvisor and other sites all bars/clubs see in the old town are tourist traps where the alcohol is highly overpriced and filled with drunk teenagers, oftentimes a sausagefest.

Can anyone recommend non-trapsy bars to drink and listen to some live music, and dance clubs to dance in (personally I prefer electronic over hip-hop/R&B), where it's not all just 18 year-old British tourists? Was also thinking of a commercial pub crawl for shits and giggles, are all the bars they get you to dedicated for those tours (nobody else there)?

Thanks fellas!
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There is nothing in the world like being on Charles Bridge at noon. The bells that can be heard from this bridge are beautiful and come from all over the city churches and castle up above it on the hill. There's something about the acoustics of that spot that makes it sound amazing. Czechs really are highly cultured and skilled people.

Street Food
>Prague Ham
This is a MUST. I love Prague Ham so much. There should be plenty of stands around the main area serving it. They give you a healthy portion too.

This anon gives good advice too >>1579424
>"Can anyone recommend non-trapsy bars and dance clubs?"
>go listen to bells on nridge
>eat ham
Your post had nothing to do with the OP wtf.
OP here again, since apparently no /trv/ faggot ever went to a fucking club in their life.

EPIC club: top notch presentation, staff and atmosphere, good bars, very expensive alcohol (laughably expensive I find). Music too slow for my taste and not aggressive enough, dance floor too lit up and lotß of seats around so patrons don't really dance as much, most sit in groups and enjoy drinks. Was fairly poulated on a Sat', some non-gf/wifes, didn't pull. If you're with friends or spouse this place is perfect.
>imagine paying thousands of Euros to do exactly what you can do at home.
Clubs are gay.
Not that I agree with that statement, but who says I don't? And while I'm visiting another country why not also enjoy its nightlife?

File: Meeting Locals.png (926 KB, 1112x576)
926 KB
926 KB PNG
What are the best ways to introduce yourself to strangers why traveling? Have you ever been approached or interacted with a fellow traveler?

I usually just meet people at the hostile and go from there since we already have the basics in common. But what about meeting some rando on the street? I'm not looking to pick up chicks or anything like that. I just want to know how some people can break through the local barrier and enjoy the traveling even more.
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Had many a drunken/drug fuelled night with random locals.
Doesn't that get old though? How do people get invited into their homes and share a meal with them?
iPhones are shit, stfu.
Great idea desu. I'll try that this summer when I travel across the EU for a few months. French aren't as much of assholes as people think they are.

I've been invited into a few homes in Germany. We had really good BBQ-like tacos. Never seen anything like it.
Bald went to India, and he wasn't fluent in Hindi. You can make the best out of any situation with the right attitude.

He seemed fairly fluent to me, enough to communicate with all who he met

is it safe to travel?
im interested in Georgia (Country)
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>>the literal birthplace of the original white people
According to 150 years old science maybe.
>Caucasians aren't from the Caucus
Smooth brain detected
If you want an adventure, visit Abkhazia. Don't lose your passport and visa though, because you'll be stuck in the country forever.

Care to share more?

Going to Georgia and Armenia for a few weeks in September and have been considering keeping a few days free to visit Abkhazia.

Also, looking for any recommendations in general. At the moment the itinerary is vague but looks like:

- Few days in Tbilisi
- Mestia to Ushguili hike (open to other suggestions for hiking in Svaneti though - haven't researched much yet)
- Abkhazia
- Back to Tbilisi then up to Kazbegi
- Yerevan
- Lake Sevan

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Has anyone here decided to just go and hitchhike to somewhere one day on a whim? I live in London and I was thinking in the summer I might just fill a small rucksack with some absolute necessities, bring a baseball/cricket bat (protection) and a book (entertainment) and hitchhike to Mauritania to check out that cool freight train.

I wasn't planning on doing much preparation beforehand, and I won't need any visas. Using airbnb/hostels/couchsurfing where necessary and buses when I can't hitchhike, it would be entirely doable right? When I get to Dakar I'll just get a flight back, or if I feel up for it I'll hitchhike back.

And no, I'm not gay
I would maby drop the bat, but you can pull it off. Hitchhiking is hard in Spain though. Most people are supicious to strangers. By law its illegal, but the cops dont care. You will find it much more easy to hitchhike through Portugal.

Here is my youtube channel. I am hitchhikng almost the exact route as you are planning. I went west towards portugal instead of Maroco though. I am curently in Braga on my way to Italia

Take a proper walking stick instead of a bat, much more useful and you'll stand out less
I'm thinking of some sperg walking down the highway with a cricket bat and laughing my ass off, good stuff OP hope to throw a ball at you one day.

What would be the best route to travel all the American countries (excluding islands) by land in one go?
No roads or rails connect Panama with Colombia, FYI.
Based map projection
File: darien gaps closed3.jpg (125 KB, 744x597)
125 KB
125 KB JPG

I'm heading off to SE Asia for a month next week and I've not even thought about it. Not made any plans whatsoever, not even looking forward to it really.

I feel like I'm maybe getting too old for travelling (mid 30s). Either that or I'm borderline depressed or something.

Anyone else ever feel this way? How do I get myself excited for 30 days in Thailand and wherever else I might end up?
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Same with me. I'm off to Japan on Thursday and I don't care and have done little preparation. Just depressed.
>I feel like I'm maybe getting too old for travelling (mid 30s).

That ain't it, I'll be 60this year and still love it.

Of course people's interests change over time, and some people travel for a season, then move on to something else. Maybe coming back to travel later, maybe not. And of course some folks never travel at all. That is not necessarily a sign of old age, or depression, or anything else other than life changes, we change.

So maybe try this -- you are off to SEA, you don't have a loot emotionally invested in it but you think travel is getting stale for you. So whatever it is you usually do, don't do that, do something else. If you usually go to the bars to meet people, but don't enjoy getting drunk any more, then don't do that. Go to the beach, to the park, go somewhere else where people gather and see who you can meet there. If you usually see the "sights," this time don;t do thta, wander the markets and people-watch. If you never see the "sights," go check them out this time.

If you don't normally do so, take a cooking class (SEA is great for that), take in a Muay Thai match or find some place where they are playing sepak takraw.

Maybe doing things differently doesn't work -- in which case, you're not out anything since what you would normally do isn't working anymore, either. In which case, maybe you need to take a break from travels and find your next interest. Maybe after a break, you'll want to travel again. Maybe not. It's all good.
I'm in Japan right now and I feel depressed. Five years ago I'd kill for an opportunity to go.
I wish so stayed home playing videogames.

Thanks for the advice older anon

I might use it as an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone for a change
Ha, so at least we know that getting old is not your problem.

File: sistine.jpg (147 KB, 800x600)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
If I have a ticket to the Vatican Museums and I want to go to the Sistine Chapel, would it be possible to:

a. buy a ticket in advance
b. be at the queue right when it opens
c. run to the sistine chapel imemdiately
d. see it before it is full of people
e. see the rest of the vatican museums and not have to worry so much

theoretically, this seems like a good idea. is it possible in reality?

also, rome tips thread, please.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The Vatican museum was one of my most worthwhile trips and I'm not even Catholic. I regret having only a day to spare for it. I could certainly have spent two days there and I didn't even get around to St. Peter's. Feelsbadman.

I believe there are ways to see the Sistine Chapel in small groups before the museum officially opens but you're going to face very stiff competition for this. As someone else says it's near the end of the normal tour route.
Going to be in Rome for 6 nights in october, apartment is 50m southeast of the pantheon.

Is taking the metro to the aqueduct park worth it?
Also is a fannypack a bad idea for wear outside? Cause thieves.
Buy a night tour of the Vatican Museum. Much less crowded, though the chapel will be full. Far as I can tell, it is always full.
I took earplugs. When you are looking up at the art, and can't hear, the crowd largely vanishes.
>Also is a fannypack a bad idea for wear outside?

I wear one pretty much everywhere I travel. And everybody says "BUT THIEEEEEEEVES!" Never been thiefed.

Just have a little situational awareness. Hang onto a loop on the thing or rest your hand on it or otherwise secure it when in crowds. Sure, somebody could still wrest it away from you, but the point is not to be thief-proof, but just to be less tempting a target than the other guy who is not paying any attention.

File: st.jpg (90 KB, 825x407)
90 KB
what's the worst tourist trap you have fallen for?
74 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: p_244G_180120181412.jpg (30 KB, 550x499)
30 KB
I once paid 40 euros for pic related.

I'm retarded though.
My sides. This is something I’d expect from Eastern Yurop
File: chair.jpg (62 KB, 300x453)
62 KB
Get on my level.

>Not the largest chair in the world, nor even the largest Duncan Phfye style chair in the world, the Giant Chair of Thomasville is nonetheless a very large chair.
File: see rock city.jpg (97 KB, 706x515)
97 KB
So how many of you bastards have seen Rock City?
>You could argue anybody that has been to Paris has fallen for the worst tourist trap.
>jazz/electroswing clubs.

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