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File deleted.
Any ideas what I should do in Beijing for an 18 hour layover?
No restrictions, but would like to stay in the city

also it'll be wintertime when I fly in
In 18 hours, if you were properly organised, you could even get out to the Great Wall.
If you want to stay in the city, then you can easily do All the Tiananmen square stuff, Mao's Tomb, Forbidden City, maybe the museum. Then go find a late lunch somewhere. Wonder around sanlitun for a while and have dinner there, then head back to the airport on the airport express (that you used to get in the first place).
O wow thanks anon

Sanlitun sounds and looks like a good idea, all of the other things mentioned were more or less last resort ideas for me but I definitely will still see if I have enough time to check them out.
And on my return flight I actually have another layover back in Beijing for I believe the same amount of time, so whatever I don't do first time around I'll probably check out on my returning flight home
I'm assume that you arrive early in the day, if not then whatever.
I'd just take airport express to Dongzhimen station, then metro to Tiananmen square, do those things for a few hours. They're the highlights of Beijing (except the wall) and some of the most iconic things in China.

I had a layover in i think the same time schedule. If you fly with China southern they will arrange a hotel for you. If you come from a different time zone make use of it since you get a jet lag.

Some tips:

Try not to bring perfume or other liquids/shampoo in your luggage those chinks Will search everything. They searched mine and i got my luggage covered in shampoo.

Plan what you want to do. Remember Google maps and Whatsapp dont work there and most people dont speak english.

I went to the badaling great wall in the morning and got lost going to the city center spend 3 hours walking only to arrive to a closed tianmen square.

Also dont grow a beard or you Will get questioned by cops. I had lots of id checks.

File: doggy.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
I traveled from South America to Sweden as a tourist with my dog to leave him at the care of my sister. When I arrived, I didn't mention I had a dog with me at the passport control since it was stated on the papers I handed to the personal, and I just got inside just like that. Now that we want to register the dog here to get him checked at the vet and an insurance, I was reading and realized that I was supposed to get him checked at customs or something in the airport or Denmark... I have all of his papers and certificates with me. I'm in trouble? I need to call the customs and tell them what happened? I will get banned from EU? Have any of you got into a similar situation? Please help!
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no they'll just put him down lel
Back to /lgbt/ with you dilacing cesspit.
No such law exists lol, he just made that up to scare you.
He just made this up to kill your dog.
>First to bring up Jews
>hurr durr /pol/
have sex, /pol/cel

File: jap_tourists.jpg (98 KB, 870x583)
98 KB
What are these hats called that every single elderly japanese tourists wears, and where can I get one?
Bucket hats.

neat, thanks kind anon

What do you think of low-cost airlines in general? Any experience with Spirit Airlines? Are they as bad as I've heard?
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Anyone like Frontier?
I'll use them to bridge gaps in an itinerary. Like if I can get a much cheaper flight from Airport A, but I'm closer to Airport B I'll see if there's an LCC out of B that can get me to A without eating the difference in savings. Doesn't always work, but it's nice when it does.
Spirit's seats blow, and their tray tables and seatback 'pockets' are a joke, but they're so inexpensive that it's hard to pass up if you're just flying with a backpack. I live in Florida, so it's easy to pick up and fly direct to South America or the Caribbean for $200-$300 roundtrip.

This guy has it right. Southwest is the best US domestic, especially if you're taking any kind of luggage with you.
if you really want cheap flights and not too much discomfort or hastle, get budget seats. if you can claim seats free beforehand (some make you pay if you reserve over 24 hours before), get to the airport early and plan to be able to leave the airport late if necessary. also, bring everclear in a cologne bottle small enough for tsa and drink it with the complimentary drinks on the flight, and bring sleeping pills for longer flights.
>Southwest is the best US domestic
*blocks your path*

File: IMG_0570.jpg (2.53 MB, 5472x3648)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG
A general thread where you can ask questions about travel, tourism, and expat life. If you get lucky you might get some answers.

General sex tourism questions are okay but don't make the whole thread about it. That especially goes for weirdo insemination fetishist and freaks that want to use the thread for blogging about their sex adventures. Make a different thread if you want to do that otherwise you will be mocked and insulted until you fuck off.
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Pancake House is pretty cool but I still like IHOP better. I wish they didn't close all their Philippines locations.
Also Denny's is better in the Philippines than in the US. Way better.
Recommend me some good seafood I should try out.
New thread.

File: Moldormania.png (394 KB, 1496x1098)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
So I'll be spending about two weeks in Romania and Moldova this August with a few friends. We're flying in to Bucharest and renting a car for the entire duration. We also plan to visit Transnistra, even if only for a single day, just to say we did. At the moment we don't have much of a plan besides that. I wasn't the one to decide on these countries but that's where we're going. Has anon been before? I recently learned that Moldova is the least visited country in Europe and I am sure there is a reason for that. But how bad is it? Is there actually nothing to do? What about nature? Scenic drives or nice hikes? All of us are very interested in history and are interested in seeing the sights of the German legacy in Romania. I've done a bit of research on my own but would be interested in some first hand accounts of these 2 (and a half) countries.
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>German legacy in Romania

Check out Brasov and Sighisoara for some of the legacy you're talking about. Brasov has good restaurants and eating, hundreds I think. Targoviste has a cool medieval complex related to Vlad. Also Bran, has a castle and beautiful scenery.

The Transfargarasan has amazing scenery with a cable car, glacier lake, and hiking trails near the top. Be aware that the locals turn out in droves on the weekend as a trip away from the big city (Bucharest).

There's a salt mine in Turda with boats and rides near the bottom. It's unique.
>Also Bran, has a castle and beautiful scenery.
That shit is Transylvanian Disneyland. Unless your're in the area anyway I wouldn't bother. Even as a day trip from Brasov it's not worth it IMO.

>The Transfargarasan has amazing scenery with a cable car, glacier lake, and hiking trails near the top. Be aware that the locals turn out in droves on the weekend as a trip away from the big city (Bucharest).
The Transfagarasan is fine but the Transalpina is better. Higher, better pavement, way more open views and fewer tourists by virtue of being less accessible (doesn't connect any significant cities). I'd do both desu but if your schedule only has enough time for one, go with the Transalpina.

>Moldova is the least visited country in Europe
Nope, that distinction goes to San Marino.

>But how bad is it? Is there actually nothing to do?
Bunch of hills, impoverished villages (even by Romanian standards lol), ugly cities. Most tourists who visit Moldova just go there to ultimately cross into Transnistria for its meme value.

>What about nature?
Stay in Romania for that. The Carpathians are stunning, particularly the Transylvanian Alps. The Eastern chain of the Romanian Carpathians has the Ceahlau massif which has some stunning trails and good infrastructure. The Real Traveler™ options would be the Rodna and the Calimani which are vast, remote mountain ranges with little in the way of tourist infrastructure. Hiking the Maramures ridge along the Romanian-Ukrainian border would also give you a substantial amount of Real Traveler™ points.
File: 1.jpg (188 KB, 800x600)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Gypsies are concentrated in S-E Transylvania
Sibiu is full of them, only good thing about that city is that when I visited it I felt like an Chad, I was moging everyone even tho I'm only 184 cm.
Go to Brasov, it's better

Want something fairy unique beside want was already said?
Zimbrii(European bisons) reservation (tho Poland has some too)
Danube dealt but sadly you won't get too see Sturions because they are protected now (might see them in Bulgaria because they don't give a fuck)
And all the caves and the major salt mines

What some we wuz things?
Sarmizegetusa Regia and the surrounding Dacian ruins
And pic if you go to the Delta through Constanta (probably not) it's legit from year 100 C.E. but that's it, what you see in the pic, nothing more

New episode of Vagrant Holiday become available.
Still based as fuck.
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Why does everyone insist he's this guy? There's nothing they have in common, their voice is completely different and one dude is incredibly autistic while the other seems assertive enough.
It's pretty obvious that they're the same guy:

how does he shower?
I fucking know that voice.

Wait a minute where did they even get a pic of SCM?

File: Breslau.jpg (129 KB, 303x361)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
What do I need to take care of when moving from Germany to Poland, Wroclaw?
Like burocracy stuff and so on.

Also, what is the best part of the city to live?
As is not too expensive but still cool.

also google.com

deregister in germany, register in poland. look up what papers you need to register in poland. work contract or just proof of funds etc.
to just hang around on your own german bank account funds you might not even want to do anything, it's schengen and eu anyway. if you want to properly live there, than you might need anything from birth certificate with apostille stamp to all sorts of shit.
because Berlin is overpopulated in the cool areas and not so cheap anymore.

I have been to Wroclaw two times. I like it very much and I have a friend there.

>also google.com
yes maybe you are right.

But still: where in the city should I move?
There are hardly any Poles here, go ask somewhere else
Quality if discussion is so shit here that you must be an idiot if you post here
Don't move to Poland, it's a shithole
File: tenor (1).gif (3.28 MB, 348x164)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB GIF
>>germ wants to learn polish
goood luck niemec

Has anyone had any experience of staying in a squat on their travels?
Fuck these people
Check this dude out, he has stayed at some abandoned houses but not actual squats: >>1617039

File: serveimage.png (66 KB, 1200x800)
66 KB
anyone has some experiences or tips about the north of spain (around vigo) ?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I was in Santander and had very good seafood.
Lively wine bars, cheese, jamon sandwiches, all high quality and cheap
This is a BASQUE thread now.

I'm going to Bilbao and San Sebastian early August. Tell me everything I need to know.
Both are great cities to explore, but the surrounding areas are also really gorgeous, if you have a car I would recommend
>Bosque de Oma
>San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (heard it has gotten really crowded lately tho)
>Chillida-Leku which has only very recently reopened

The best pintxos in Bilbao are (or used to be) in calle Ledesma. If you are staying at a hotel ask at reception about where they like to eat, basques love to talk about food and will definetly give you good pointers.
San Juan de Gaztelugatxe can be crowded but if u go early enough and take the long route (aka the road that the signs don’t point to) you’ll avoid everybody, and get better views on the way down. Easily reachable by bus btw. Pic related.

Guggenheim is 100% worth it.

In San Sebastián, the only pintxos that are worth your time are the ones off the black board. Sure they cost more, and u gotta wait a minute but quality is the reason you’re eating pintxos in Donostia, right?

the cuchara de san Telmo and Atari gostruleku were my favs. Both reccomended by locals.

Also if u feel like getting elbowed in the face by some basque adolescents try out pintxo pote on Thursday nights. Pintxo and a cerbezita for 2€ or less. I did it in gros which is popular.
Thanks for these recs, keep em coming.

Is it better to take the train or a bus between Bilbao and San Sebastian? I see that the train takes longer, but is the scenery worth it?

Any nightlife recommendations?

What neighborhoods that I should aim to stay in each city? I want walkability, restaurants and night life. I prefer historic areas with cool architecture.

What is the best beach in San Sebastian?

How difficult is it to rent a car? Is it hard to cross the border to French Basque country?

mongolia thread
is it dangerous to walk alone in ulanbaatar? i dont speak russian or mongolian
i read that mongols are very xenophobic and might attack foreigners
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>is it dangerous to walk alone in ulanbaatar?
No, not usually. I spent a few weeks there wandering around by myself at nights and had no trouble at all.

>i read that mongols are very xenophobic and might attack foreigners
You're way more likely to be attacked if you're walking with a Mongolian girl. They don't like that at all.

It could be a factor but I think sales and import taxes are the main reason. I live on the mainland and when I built a new PC, I saved about 5kRMB by going to HK and buying stuff there. Had to pay for the travel but I was going there anyway and it worked out about even in any case.
i have a friend who bought a jeep and drove around the wilderness by himself for a week. he had to go into camps every now and then to get water, as well as bumping into teenagers on horses/bikes in the middle of nowhere. nothing happened to him
damn i wanted to meet mongol cutie from interpals and i wanted her to show me the city
From what I hear it’s just PDA they don’t like. And when it’s late, there’s more drunk guys. The drunk ones are the ones who attack.
okay i promise i wont fuck mongols in public places
joking im just an incel i probably wont even meet them

File: Hostel_Dormitory.jpg (89 KB, 750x563)
89 KB
what sort of people do you meet at hostels? is there a type?
227 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Spot on
Literally nothing wrong with aussies they're lads
Can't handle the banter eh?
Youre a lad.

File: IMG_20190620_094244_282.jpg (215 KB, 1280x960)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Currently in Scotland for 2 weeks and now entering Isle of Skye. Any hidden gems you can recommend?

Pic related, took that one yesterday
What are the crowds like? Instagram flogs constantly shilling the Isles puts me off going.
Dude you don't need to post a second thread so quickly, this is a slower board and you'll get replies eventually.
Sorry, I didn't realize the first post went through. Bad reception here and the first time it said that something went wrong so I assumed it didn't work.

I'm currently on a vacation at lake Ossiach in Austria, Carinthia. Any recommendations on what should I do here?

Is rural Slovakia safe to travel in? Will I get mugged for my stuff and beaten for looking foreign in small towns?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's fantastic and you can see some great caves in the Karst Region
I didn't know that story. Frightening. I will watch the documentary...
Rural Slovakia is perfectly safe bar maybe the far east where it borders Ukraine and even there I doubt you'll have any trouble.

t. gypsy looking manlet who lived there for a year and traveled all over mostly alone.
Don't go there op they'll eat you alive

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