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File: Map_of_usa.png (507 KB, 2000x1237)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
Englishman here. What's the best state in America to live in?
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I know there are a lot of memes and most are true but I'd say Florida. The good thing about Florida is that most the people are from elsewhere and there's lots of Brits anyway so it's not really a big deal and you're not really such an unusual outsider.

As a Brit, I'd not choose a northern state like ND or whatever. I'm not going to move from a place with shit weather to a place with worse weather.
>California, aka Mexico

I had me a giggle m8
Weatherwise, sure, but ND people are pretty nice. I'd say Colorado and west besides the poor parts of California. Most great plains people are pretty nice, but western, southern and northeastern minority groups (mostly black people) are extremely hostile towards other ethnicities, and outright demonize white people, even foreign whites.
Im from a rural area that was very diverse and there wasn't any open racism from anyone, much unlike the poorer urban areas in other parts of the country. They have better lifestyles than the rural communities do but are somehow still oppressed by the man in the 21st century. The coke came from South America, not white people. Just stop doing it and get a job.
Lol you heard wrong then cuck. Louisburg is a t-total third world shithole. Rent there is about the same as in Cambodia. Bleak shit.

File: 6d5.jpg (88 KB, 1200x837)
88 KB
Can I bring Leftist theory into Cuba? I'm specifically thinking of taking my copy of Quotations of Mao Zedong. Will this cause any problems? I know Cuba is Marxist-Leninist, so will a Maoist work be allowed? Or am I just overthinking this and they won't give a shit.
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Just buy your political literature there, it's not like it'll be expensive.
>foreign communists that aren't some party cadre
You know that you'll be a laughing stock to any local?
>Communist countries are usually the most uptight about printed matter about their country/ideology/history.

Maybe Arab countries are worse. In addition to the religious aspect, they've been known to do stuff like scratch out "Persin" in "Persian Gulf" on a magazine cover coming into the country, because they like "Arabian Gulf better.
>Repeat travellers to North Korea had their travel guides confiscated at the border, which is especially funny as the book was published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House in Pyongyang, so it would've been the perfect book not to confiscate.
>Red books aren't exactly threatening, I mean they're sold by the stack to tourists in chinese airports.

Sure, and I can buy a Bible in a US airport -- does not mean I can take it into Saudi. The Bible is not threatening in most places, but in some specific places it is.

Being on sale in some country's airport shops is not an indicator of how customs in some other country is going to think.
Not sure Fidel ever expressed an opinion on that -- and frankly I don't want to see what I get if I Google "Fidel Castro Butt Plug."
Anti-commies here need to go back to /pol/.

File: plan.png (712 KB, 1708x1162)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
I'm taking my parents and brother + our dog on their first ever trip to the US. The tickets are booked.
We're all Polish. It's gotten easier to travel now, I just got them all ESTAs.

I've already been to New York and Washington, but I never visited Boston area and rural Pensilvania.
Should we visit some Amish villages? Are Amish people unfriendly towards tourists?
Is there any real danger that a black bear will eat my dog in upstate New York?
Is Canadian side of the Niagara falls worth going to?
Is there anything you can think of we should visit along our route (pic related)?
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>Seriously, why would you do this?
Because I don't want to take greyhounds or trains with my whole family. And we are also going to smaller towns.
There is no better alternative. If it was Switzerland trip of course I could take a train to any village.
File: flexo.jpg (6 KB, 216x233)
6 KB
>The dog is tiny, it's a Maltese.

1, a lot of things might eat it, then.
2, that would probably be a good thing.

Nah, I kid, your OK.
>Should we visit some Amish villages?

I would say fuck no. Some people have some weird ass romantic view of Amish people being all old fashioned but they're notorious for treating their animals like shit, running puppy mills, and beating their horses. I wouldn't spend a dime buying any of their junk.


fuck the Amish
File: Worried-2.jpg (360 KB, 1536x1193)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Oh my god dude. Those cities.

Let’s have a thread of China
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What do u mean?
I don't understand the question, do you not know what the word means?
Can I get a Z visa here with a dui? It’s a misdemeanor. I’ve read mixed things.
>Can I get a Z visa here with a dui?
A misdemeanor is still a criminal offence, right?
There might be a way that you can get the police check to only include felonies or something and if you can, it's probably good enough. I had a police check that only included federal warrants and active sentences (like paroles, suspended sentences etc) and not actually convictions or even state warrants (I didn't need it to be like that, it just was), though it also wasn't USA so yours might be different.

There's also a good chance that a misdemeanor dui won't be a problem anyway but it could be, pretty hard to say. Might depend on the province you're applying in, the city authorities there and even the individual officer processing the application.
Your school there might be able to get it done just by talking nicely and explaining that you're not even going to be driving here and it's no big deal.

Basically talk to your school I guess, could go either way.

File: CI7A1555.jpg (2.86 MB, 3360x2240)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB JPG
Sup /trv/,

At some point I promised to do a trip report of my trip to Afghanistan's Wakhan corridor and well, here it is after months of postponing. I first heard about the Wakhan through some overlanding/motorcycle website over a decade ago, and it has been nagging in the back of my head ever since, often more as a dormant idea but never entirely forgotten. The idea to visit the Wakhan again resurfaced to finally take concrete shape when a fellow countryman of mine released the movie 'Land of the Enlightened' (which I recommend), and I'd been looking for people to go with after I first saw it. Not an easy job: I have a good number of friends who were interested, but they either were working abroad, had injuries that prevented walking, didn't have money because they just purchased a house or whatever.

In the end, I ended up teaming up with a random German dude who posted in the comment section of some trip report. You may even be able to find that with some sleuthing. So without further ado, here's an Afghanistan thread.

Disclaimer: I have about 15 minutes left, so expect no further posts before tomorrow.
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File: CI7A9962.jpg (4.06 MB, 3360x2240)
4.06 MB
4.06 MB JPG
Ushguli, or at least one of the four small villages that it consists of. Chazhashi maybe.
File: CI7A9763.jpg (3.61 MB, 3360x2240)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB JPG
4chan eating exif data as per usual. Fix your shit, japmoot.

Shkhara wall as seen from the pass above Khalde village. Adishi village lies at the other side of the pass.
File: CI7A9720.jpg (2.58 MB, 3360x2240)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
Wild camping somewhere past Adishi.

These pics are all from the classic Mestia - Ushguli hike. Did it in September, still quite busy. Camping meant we did get our bit of solitude luckily. You can also just hike from guest house to guest house.
Thanks for posting this Op. It was really enjoyable to read. I was half thinking of visting central asian in the summer and if you hadn't posted this I probbaly would have half assed a visit there. Gonna put it on my bucket list to do it right in the next few years.
Few quick question though
>Was the 700 for transport just to get from inside the border to the main road accessable town in Wakhan?
>How much did you spend roughly just hiking - paying the guides, renting the donkeys and spending in villages?
>How did you get the skulls home?
how to i eventually get into adventures like this and your africa journey as a beginner?

Let’s have a thread of Colombia.

Cities that i visited: Bogota, Santa Marta and Cali.
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every Colombia thread gets flooded with manlet Zambos furious at the gringos for daring to start a /general/ thread. are you guys that insecure in your ability or are gringos really looked at like the white gods we are? the truth probably lies somewhere in between
Its because the Colombians have a pretty racist viewpoint. The darkies from outside are seen as bad (for mostly good reason) while the old rich families of poblado want nothing to do with them. Euro/Americans come there because of Narcos and are just as wealthy, blows everything out of proportion. The zona rosa is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEALTHY AFFLUENT NEIGHBORHOOD which pretty stupid (in Medellin). I didn't like that city much for its people, was very boring and shit. Did meet a nice girl who showed me around some of the electro clubs but my Spanish was too weak to really have a great time. Bogota, while a pretty boring and shit city had a cool subculture skating vibe though that I appreciated.
the rich dont like the gringos because they see them as sex tourists and deviants, the poor dont like gringos for the same reason and also they are bitter.. I speak fluent spanish and had 3 circles of friends, one was calle 40 reggaeton people/drug dealers, one was stoners/hippies/goth who hung out in parque periodista and centro, and the last was some rich people who went to fancy clubs near poblado/techno scene... each group didnt like gringos, the rich people WERE more low key about it because they were educated and eat up our media so its hard for them to outwardly be vocal about it when they are also watching our movies and interested in our music... I kept getting "wow you are the first gringo I liked" and had to deal with this thing all the time and how they looked at Gringo, black guys from cali didnt like gringos, nor did the pass as white poblado hipster girls. It is because of a combination of Sex Tourism explosion from airbnb, netflix narcos watchers and their girlfriends taking selfies everywhere. Spending several years there I got this very strong impression. I went through the cycle of wow this is amazing why doesnt everyone come here to where my oppinion is now, which is bitter. It is pretty hard for normal people (I was working there for a government job), to convince colombians you are not one of those gringos
That's probably why it's the rich and affluent neighborhood.

Uh... Don't use AirBnB? Like they don't have hotels there? Yes, let's all use American apps in foreign countries so they can cyberstalk us and guilt trip everyone in the entire area as well. I guess America has to get their cut somehow. All of a sudden every woman in Colombia is a fat feminist yelling #metoo and #blacklivesmatter. Amerifags are big enough assholes to fly down there and install hidden cameras then make undercover videos about human trafficking and now you're in the news like you're some kind of megapimp. In the meantime geriatric American politicians are fucking pornstars.

It's extremely hard to discern prostitution from the young party crowd, and if it's like every other country the police, military, doctors, lawyers, and politicians are all fucking escorts. You're making a huge deal over getting laid. I can get her drunk first and it's morally acceptable but I can't slip her a 20?
>i give a fuck if Colombian people like me

File: chink.jpg (217 KB, 1500x875)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
>basic bitch travel: the country
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File: sad mascot.jpg (99 KB, 333x342)
99 KB
/trv/ used to be harder to troll than this.
Japan is comfier than all the western countries COMBINED bitch
>I know the area I'm at is no longer fun

whys that, cunt?
does it not really matter if you dont know any japanese and decide to go there
like how easy is it to use the transportation, go to restaurants, go shopping?
I've never been to a foreign country where i couldnt speak the language so i have no idea what to expect?

File: 1529289786100.jpg (40 KB, 583x583)
40 KB
You have a budget of $2500-$3000(including airfare and room) to travel anywhere for 7-10 days. Where do you go?
Asking for a friend?
>Where do you go?
Somewhere I like that interest me based on my personality and looks feasible.
and where would that be?
A place that interests me.

Seriously fucking use the catalog, there are like 3 of these threads of "think for me" bullshit made constantly. Use your head
I really want to go to Minsk but can't afford to. Go for me and let me know how you like it.
Literally anywhere except maybe places like Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai. Just adjust your plans based on the country. If you want a lavish live like a king vacation go somewhere where your dollar has a lot of buying power.

File: Capture.png (115 KB, 745x481)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
What are your experiences with these countries?
(the -stan countries)
I seen one anon lately saying kazahkstan was beautiful and I've seen the others mentioned positively other times too.
Is there much to see there in the cities or is the main draw the nature?
I'm guessing there isn't a massive tourist infrastructure in any of them
Also going to guess english isn't widespread and russian would be the main 2nd language there
Tell me your stories /trv/
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File: trip.png (292 KB, 893x582)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
Don't know but I already booked a trip for summer, I cant wait
looks pretty good, did you book it as a tour or all singely?
Also what app did you use to make that map
shit route, pretty much nothing interesting between samarkand and bishkek/almaty, just boring flat steppe and desert with fuck all to see. go from samarkand to dushanbe, khorog, wakhan valley, murghab, osh, karakol, and bishkek/almaty wherever your flight leaves from and spend the least time there possible. dunno why you are wasting time in boring soulless soviet cities with literally nothing interesting to see in one of the regions with the best nature and history in the world
>Astana is nice if you like modern architecture none of the other cities are interesting
Astana is a shitty city. Lived in kz for 5 years. Almaty is like a European city in many ways, it has trees, culture, parks, cafe culture. Nobody likes Astana.
>slav country, with very kind salt of the earth people that seem to like white foreigners
Lots of easy slav puss in the North. In the south its a different culture

File: whos staying.png (264 KB, 1034x2162)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
which hostel would you stay at based off this. city is athens
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>gun toting
>blue blooded American
pick one
>English and Canadians
Literally worse than americans
>Enjoy Pedro talking about how he is big shit because he left the country and can drink a fancy 1 euro beer

Is that true? Im Portuguese and have met a few fellow tugas and never seen that

Also how white are the Portuguese u've seen do this?
If it's Athens then the English will be fine. Our scum go to the island resorts.

I'm 30 years old.

File: 4453714_image.jpg (85 KB, 560x560)
85 KB
>move to conservative republican leaning district
>enjoy the lack of sjw shit, low crime, organized society living
>everyone is an unimaginative dresser
>no arts scene at all
>"anon you're a hipster"

>move to liberal "hip" neighborhood
>never bored, always some diy shit going on
>a blast to people watch
>gays trannies and anti-straight men everywhere
>"anon you're more conservative than you think you are"

Where in the US can I be a centrist hipster?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Hipster cities that aren't full lefty
Austin *used* to be exactly the place for this. But that helped put it on that map. ANd once you're "on the map", you're fucked. In the words of my friend, who stopped being a democrat once the alphabet gays and crying millenials exploded, "Austin became a parody of it's former self".

I came here to post this. We can't get shit done anymore because all the forign noise who only give a shit about themselves and nothing about the community. We had water shortgages and what do they do? Move in 100 people per day. I wish that number was exaggerated. Traffic is a good example. We're asking our leaders to give a shit that it now takes hours to get to the next city when it used to take 15-20 minutes. But we can't be heard because the forign hoards are shouting "Wow! Look how little traffic there is! It only takes an hour to get to the store!"
But back to OPs question, I'd love to ask you to come, since you've what it takes to become "one of us". Not a hillbilly, not an alphabet gay. Just a guy who's willing to pitch in a fair dollar of work for a dollar of pay. To make the bills and enjoy life in good company after hours. Who knows or cares jack shit about "politics", and doesn't care to convert anyone. Texas is the America of America and we're in trouble. We're fighting the Alamo over again and you just being here would be great. But objectively I have to say stay out "unless".
Unless you've a degree with years of experience in a high-paying field, or are connected, or a pajeet(connected via nepotism). Because wages have gone up maybe 10% but entertainment and living expenses have all gone up 50-100%. Taxes are going up I think 3% every year for the forseeable future because "3% per year" is the fastest they're legally allowed to raise it. You can't make ends meet anymore as a commoner. 15 years ago you and a roommate could have the shittiest paying job and make rent and have enough money and time resources leftover to have a life. To make good memories with good people.

But that's all over.

In austin, if you're willing to work, you already have a job in service. No matter where you're moving in from. I'm dead ass. But, that job will not pay all your bills, and you will be struggling to keep your head above water.

And this is why the "plenty of jobs" is a meme, because most of those "plenty of jobs" are the server and retail stuff that have been put into demand after the career drones and wealthy flooded in and need their dick sucked by service people. But those jobs don't pay your rent anymore because of the hikes. Even the surrounding areas Round Rock, Georgetown, etc.
And if anyone else is still considering Austin, maybe thinking "well, I'll try it out and if I get in a little debt that's okay, I'll do it for the experience". Make sure you are handy or know someone who is. Because the price of upkeeping anything has gone up absurdly.

I dropped my car off for a tune-up and they quoted me an insane $1,000 over the phone. When I told them nevermind, I'm picking up my car, they said "$800!". And then "$700!". An excellent shop can charge 100/hr for labor, I wouldn't pay much more than $220. I did it myself after work in less than an hour. The point of this story is that this is the new normal because businesses are trying to keep up with taxes, rent hikes and living costs. I'm up to my ass in people who want me to change everything from their brakes to their water heaters. My old boss runs an engraving business and had to sell his shop and move it all into his garage because of school taxes.

So that said if you are unfalliable motivation for physical work and can do an asphalt pad-slap or a water heater in an attic during the 100º summers, (or can save up to turn down work in the summer), then there is actually money to be made. There are whole neighborhoods of people desperate to pay less than current rates for all manners of work. When I tell them I'm not insured, they don't care.
Are they attractive?
Yeah. They only fuck white girls, though.

Feel free to discuss about anything related to this thread
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I was just wondering. lol
Am I still able to go up to Liaoning China and set up tours for North Korea? Is that even safe?

I’m thinking about finishing a degree so I can teach. Is it worth teaching there? Can you reccomend any places that arnt immediately obviously (Seoul, Busan, ect) good places to live?

What’s the most beautiful place in the country?

Anybody have any good ideas for outdoor trips for winter? Me and a buddy were planning to go skiing at yongpyong but it'd get pretty expensive pretty fast.
What city do you guys plan on traveling to?
someone on these threads called korean people "shadow people," which i found very amusing. thanks for that anon

File: cummins.png (664 KB, 629x702)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
Manila edition.

Recommended link for tourism info: https://www.thepoortraveler.net/category/local/
Previous thread: >>1685128
207 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was a bat that just randomly flapped up and chewed on my hand. Seriously. Then it flapped off like a drunken sailor. Very obviously sick, I've never seen one move like that ever. They're normally always either going in circles or doing fast maneuvers to eat a bug.
based boomer
imagine coasting on your genetics through life instead of working hard to improve yourself
>cope projection
Is it the autistic dude again?
AFAIK you don't pay a woman to sleep with you. You pay her to leave afterwards. Imagine only being able to sleep with women by playing with their romantic delusions or, lol, marrying them. It's like buying a cow just because you like milk.
honestly ethnics are just made us whitebois have a slow burn when it comes to the worlds qts

File: 506573_dji_0125_2.jpg (2.86 MB, 4000x3000)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB JPG
>> Gonna be an hobo in 35 days.
>> Only possession is a 50L Millet bagpack
>> Only saving left 1.4k eur
>> Plan to leave belgium in less than two month
Willing to head italy / greece for warmer weather and low cost, imdoingitalright?
30 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You sir made a good point here, my deepest wish, its to enjoy life with maximum freedom for few months, maybe a years, then be an hero somewhere being sure my family wont be aware about this, i would just be missed
Aint trolling, planned since few years of failure, i sold all my stuff last month, i burned all my must keep for years papers, i've only left an ID, a CB from a shaddy country and no more hope
I dont think these people mean that it will solve the financial burdens. I guess they are desperate to find more enjoyable life and guess this for some might be one way. or the thought of it, often the reality will be too much

But if he has nothing in Belgium, doesn't enjoy his life, feels like he fails at everything, then why not try. Does it really matter at this point?

If suicidal too, then I guess one really wouldn't feel like he would lose anything either. So maybe it's just another attempt - just something different this time
Often i heard its about escaping your life, escaping reality, but do they even concider the point where you've no life ? Whats the reality of those people? The security of life, buying an house, having a family..
Getting a mortage and being stuck into the 9 / 17 boring job, ending at home tired as fuck.
No or barely none vacation, isnt a life i wish for, itsnt an adventure, the wolrd is huge and offer lot of beauty isnt..
You can always start a new life. You are living inside a prison that is your own mind. Your day to day reality has completely consumed you and you have lost your ability to see a way out. Going on your hobo adventure is probably the best possible way to wake yourself up so that you can see things the way they really are.

This will be sort of an /adv/-/trv/ crossover thread, but for those who did solo traveling right after a breakup, how did you handle it? I’m going to Patagonia on my own this monday, and I just broke up with the love of my life last week. I always wanted to visit Patagonia but never thought I’d be going there in such circumstances. Scared of coming across too many couples. Any advice will be appreciated
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I had booked a week honeymoon trip to the Maldives for me and my fiance. Wedding never happened, but I didn't want to waste the tickets so I went there by myself.

Obviously like 99% of the people there were couples, but I'd just hang out on the beach, read books, drink beers and other men looking to escape their wives for a few hours would come over and chat. I'm sure the women pittied the man who was there by himself, but I had an amazing time, and most of the men I spent time talking with expressed envy at being able to just kick back and relax without having a sour vagina waiting around every corner.
>I just broke up with the love of my life last week
If you were the one who broke it off, why are you being such a bitch about it?

trips might be the very best way to get over it. embrace the pain and be open to new things.
>the love of my life
You mean your mother? She's the only woman who will ever love you unconditionally.

If it's some random thot, you can find those a dime a dozen anywhere. Go to Patagonia and enjoy yourself. You will forget that girl as soon as you stick your dick on some other vagina.
This. Your mother and your boys are the only people who will never leave you.

Patagonia is great, I was there on the Chile side. Feels (and is) incredibly remote. I am not sure you will run into a ton of solo travelers, as I think most people travel here as a group as the infrastructure is more setup for group travel. It will take a long time for you to get over your woman, but traveling helps I think.

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