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File: 1190306267362.jpg (248 KB, 1440x900)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
1. Search the Catalog to prevent creating duplicate threads of the same character, series, or theme.
2. Single image request threads are highly discouraged. Please upload some of your own content when making a thread.
3. Use the Vector Thread for requesting, sharing and contributing vectors with others.
4. Similarly, the Image Modification Thread is for rendering, extracting, and enlarging images.

Need help getting started? Try the following resources:

File: 183_op.png (3.14 MB, 2560x1080)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB PNG
Lets make some comfy winter themes to match the season!

Check out the last thread: >>2103838
Looking for inspo? Browse the archives: https://archive.nyafuu.org/w/search/text/phone thread/type/op

Before asking for a wallpaper, reverse image search it. Its not hard to do.
Remember you'll get more rates if you rate others.

>Guides and resources

https://pastebin.com/JzWPVMGP - General resources: fonts, wallpapers, color palettes
Recording a WebM: http://pastebin.com/q36gLksx
Framing screenshots: http://pastebin.com/S0pWFvCx
Changing Icon Pack Color: http://pastebin.com/WrVrXiDE

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Not him but drops
Why do you guys use anime wallpapers on your phones? Aren't you worried about what people will think? Even if you take into account not caring or being true to yourself in the grand scheme of things it's still best to hide these aspects of oneself. Rather than even entertain the possibility of purposely making life more difficult for yourself isn't it best to keep people in the dark? I'm not trying to troll. I love anime but I've stopped being open about it.
I've never been looked down on for watching anime or having anime wallpapers but people tend to comment if they're lewd papes but I don't have any of those.
I have a button that switches to a more socially acceptable picture
Here is my phone.

File: 1547335932719.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Welcome to the /w/imt! We are here to help. All anime-related wallpaper and image modification requests are welcome.


• Please always do a reverse image search before you ask us for help; iqdb and SauceNao are very helpful for anime-related images.
• Please explain your request in detail. We can't read your mind; every hint helps us get you the image you want.
• Please give the specific image size desired: WIDTH x HEIGHT is the convention when giving dimensions.
• There is a separate thread for vectors. Please take your vector requests there: >>>/w/vector
• This is a SFW board. If you must request a lewd picture, please do warn us before you post the link.
• Please upload and link to an image hosting site such as mixtape.moe; temporary file hosters like uguu.se make the most sense, so use them whenever possible. Please DO NOT use Imgur — it compresses images.
• Please DO NOT add white space NOR stretch/shrink your picture since that makes it harder to work on.
• Please be patient. Your request might be very difficult or maybe the available editors are not interested. Don't take it personally.
• Please DO NOT «bump» your requests.


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Thank you so much!!
File: g3u41jmy.png (5.35 MB, 2079x3029)
5.35 MB
5.35 MB PNG
File: render.png (1.72 MB, 1078x1450)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
It looks great! Thanks anon.

Post your vector requests and recently done vectors here.
Previous Thread >>2098824


>Before requesting, here are some tips:
– Request an image ONCE per thread. Do not bump or second - once is enough.
– Check the lists below to see if your request has already been previously fulfilled.
– All requests are welcome, within reason, but remember:
– The poorer the quality of an image (in resolution and drawing ability), the less likely it will be picked up. The more detail seen and higher the resolution, the better.
– Full-body images preferred. Images cut off on 3 or more sides are very unlikely to be picked up due to their limited usage; keep this in mind when finding an image to request. (Hair or skirt edges that are barely cut off don't usually count)
– Requests for removing the background from an image (called a RENDER) and resizing requests should go to the IMT threads.
– Refrain from using renders for requests. Try to find the original non-rendered image; it is easier for vectorists to work with.
– Note: Overly complicated images are unlikely to be picked up due to their nature. IF your request is taken, please have patience.

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Would it be too much to ask for 12 different vectors of chibi art in here?
Thank you anon, I didn't notice that. I edited it so it's more rounded.
You can always ask, but honestly that's a pretty big request and isn't super likely to be picked up unless the vectorists decide to make it another group-effort collection thing like they have in the past. But the odds of that happening are slim unless it's a good collection that they'd all wanna do anyway.
Do any of you have online pages or blogs where I can commission you if I just want to pay to make sure my request gets done? Almost impossible to find paid artists to vectorize existing anime girl images, for some reason.
I'm not sure how many here take commissions but I do it sometimes. I don't advertise myself as someone who does it but I get a few offers from time to time. We have a Deviantart group where we archive a fair portion of our stuff so I'd recommend looking on there and maybe sending Notes about your request to anyone who's art you like.


File: bsqdqjx.jpg (1.17 MB, 2321x5500)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
I am uploading my Portrait mode Wallpapers and Waifus.

-feel free to contribute
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File: 1547567443771.jpg (1.94 MB, 3000x4000)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
Long hair Rem never did it for me, but still best girl.
File: 1546663358902.jpg (1.78 MB, 2480x3507)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
File: 1545551105951.png (2.42 MB, 1811x3008)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
I agree. Rem is best girl
File: 1544163112293.jpg (1.39 MB, 2137x4072)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG

File: 9S8o5n6.png (364 KB, 3840x2160)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
I will post some 4k wallpapers that I already have. I am looking for new 4k anime wallpapers for my monitor
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File: 66156690_p0.jpg (5.2 MB, 3840x2160)
5.2 MB
5.2 MB JPG
File: 1547321523272.jpg (1.66 MB, 4961x3508)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
File: 1548032830668.png (1.5 MB, 3957x2225)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG

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File: 1543403858120.png (1.68 MB, 1600x1200)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
Got rid of the watermark
Motoko... um, anon...
Hey can someone get rid of the nipple bump?

File: 98.jpg (677 KB, 1920x1280)
677 KB
677 KB JPG
I made a bunch of shitty hentai papers. Use this thread to dump OC you've made
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File: sleepin_sakaki.png (1.56 MB, 3840x2160)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
One of my old vectors colored in
File: 036.jpg (316 KB, 1920x1080)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
You still around dude? It's taking me a little longer than I anticipated but I got this one done. I've got two more in the works that I'll finish up soon.
File: 052.png (622 KB, 1920x1076)
622 KB
622 KB PNG
I'd feel bad about getting these to you late but you are clearly not around.last. I've barley started the other one I was working on and probably won't finish it unless I am asked to. I'm not really a fan of the doujin and all the scans are so low quality it's hard to do.
Whoa these are nice, good work.
File: usami_pw-fix tccc.jpg (915 KB, 1440x2560)
915 KB
915 KB JPG
Made some color corrections and added a cat pattern to match with my backpack.

File: 002.png (579 KB, 1270x710)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
>What is Renders in Shapes?
A style of wallpaper that has a render, within a shape, on top of a nature/urban background. Shapes are typically white/black in color. Background is often blurred around the shape, and left unblurred in the middle. Text is sometimes added.

>Tutorials & Resources
Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVXAMdNCJZDgyrvDC2kw3vCSEMvAQVbBN
BG & Render Links: https://pastebin.com/yBxerZZw

1) Please post rendered images - preferably high quality ones
2) Please post background image you want (optional)
3) Thank whoever filled your request

>Thread Archive

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suppose saturation is the wrong word in english.
File: shimarin.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
File: 000_1548180442.jpg (463 KB, 1227x1920)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
I know it says:
>1) Please post rendered images - preferably high quality
But I just want this cropped to where the black border is gone. The BG is whatever you want it to be. I'd like it 1920x1080 plz.
Ah I actually made the render more gray before but she blended in too much
File: 1548207537885.png (253 KB, 500x750)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Requesting 1920x1080 with a similar BG to this plz. Thx!

Need more space wallpapers that make me feel small
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File: 1546684872922.jpg (621 KB, 1920x1080)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
Hei will die. But his soul will choose to go back in time, the time when he was happiest, and he will be at season 1 first episode. Suou who loves Hei wants to be with him too and wants to be in a time when Hei'd love her, but since he already loves Yin she'll go back in time before Hei is born, and become his mother.
File: 1431118161517.jpg (297 KB, 1680x1050)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
Does this count?
Does now.
File: scr00017.jpg (961 KB, 1920x1080)
961 KB
961 KB JPG

File: 1545861432455.jpg (286 KB, 2000x800)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Old thread died on December 9th, so I decided to revitalize the tread one more year to see of newer content would come. I'll repost some of the last thread that I saved.
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File: 1502992178574.png (3.62 MB, 2400x1356)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
I've held onto my appreciation for ranma for ten years, I'm not about to let it die now.
File: taming_plain.jpg (62 KB, 500x625)
62 KB
I realized that I was born 6 months after the last release of the manga (the release was December '99 If I remember correctly)

I originally whatched the anime my freshman year of HS, and read the manga, then I read the fan fic "The taming of the Horse" (its kinda like an ending where the wedding was later and kinda had a wholesome ending. )

I just wished the anime was "finished" completely to the end of the manga, it would been cool to watch.

pic related


File: 13_ranguel-op.png (298 KB, 1366x768)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
New thread!
Let's see your finished rice or rice in progress, share feedback and constructive criticism.
If you want rates, rate others and remember that numbers dont really help at all.

op pic taken from an anon from last thread, check it out >>2099028

>ricing resources, tips & tricks:


Ascendant tips
Comfy tips

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Nothing fancy
File: desktop.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
Late to the party, posting anyway.
A Spanish speaker, it isn't normal c:
PD: Nice desktop
File: wideasfuck.png (1.01 MB, 4480x1080)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Need to work on the tint2 theme. but this works for now.

File: 27953_guilty_crown.jpg (722 KB, 1600x1162)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
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File: xing.jpg (258 KB, 2480x3507)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
File: g.g.lemon.png (2.6 MB, 1350x1744)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
File: Firefeather_1920.jpg (807 KB, 1920x1080)
807 KB
807 KB JPG
File: pkq.jpg (1.39 MB, 2000x1264)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
File: req_gc.jpg (374 KB, 1984x893)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
After going through most of the Inori files for this thread I discovered that the art in pic related is still missing even after all this time. Does anyone has -any- of this artwork?

File: 951015.png (942 KB, 2000x1148)
942 KB
942 KB PNG
Only quality goblin slaying pics allowed
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File: kurose_kousuke.jpg (429 KB, 1600x1600)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
File: Goblin Slayer.png (3.5 MB, 1800x900)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB PNG
A wallpaper I edited a long time ago

Nice. Can I ask for a 1600x1200 version?
File: hoshimawa.jpg (296 KB, 1080x1775)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
File: YearOne.jpg (804 KB, 3840x2160)
804 KB
804 KB JPG

File: 1462672350510.jpg (1.41 MB, 1980x1600)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Epic pages of manga
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File: Kurapika Uvogin.jpg (248 KB, 1066x1600)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
my current phone wall
What manga is this from?
oh come on. I dislike the series, but tit must have been close to number one a couple years back.

with that being said, it's Attack on Titan
File: Balalika.jpg (853 KB, 1920x1080)
853 KB
853 KB JPG
File: Revi.png (1.96 MB, 2844x1600)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG

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