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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

Check the wiki, the catalog, and the archive before asking for advice or recommendations, and please refrain from starting new threads for questions that can be answered by a search engine.

/lit/ is a slow board! Please take the time to read what others have written, and try to make thoughtful, well-written posts of your own. Bump replies are not necessary.

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Are there any books on coping with gender dysphoria without transitioning, especially from a religious perspective? I've decided for various reasons it's not the right thing to do.
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>>13678806 That's just your feelings.
>>13678816 I don't. I'm not who you were replying to.
Most legit trans people feel that AGPs aren’t real trans
I don't have a logical reason for it. I just hate being a man and being treated like one.
Obviously they should meet up with other people who transition
That's exclusionary nonsense like being a TERF.

File: Socrates_Louvre.jpg (1.81 MB, 1944x2592)
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1.81 MB JPG
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Is it exclusively american or idiotic to think the ideal woman should have sexual relations with only one other person?
Are vargtards exclusively american and/or idiots?
Is it exclusively american and/or idiotic to avoid being a cuck?
whites only
no goverment, individualism is praised and markets free af
>muh identity politics
slavs only

File: u45zr.jpg (105 KB, 698x1047)
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105 KB JPG
>your age
>your main belief system (philosophy, religion, etc)
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Third Positionism
because some day i might actually start doing it and turn into some midway abomination

Oh, yeah, you might need to look into this if you‘re male. Not healthy.
>older guy
not today, CIA

If you're not anxious and uncomfortable when other people are around, you're a barely conscious subhuman. If you don't hate the presence of other human beings in your vicinity, you're a moron. If you don't avoid other people as much as possible, you're a drooling, knuckle dragging ape.

The more comfortable someone is in a public setting, the more vapid and intellectually destitute that person is. Why? Why do I say this? What possible reasoning could I have? It's simple. These people are broken in, like a well trained slave. They accept what they're told, they never question anything truly important, they're content to live out their lives in delusion and mediocrity chasing phantoms. They think of nothing of true weight, and as a result nothing weighs heavily on their minds. They see nothing wrong with the world around them, they'll bitch and whine about climate change, politics, the economy; but they never once give a seconds thought to questions like "Why am I wasting my life going down the same path my parents did when I've seen first hand how miserable they ended up by the end of it?". They don't even really exist.
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>If we were meant to be constantly afraid of strangers then we would. Yet we’re not, you’re the outlier here. In any scientific or statsitical paradigm, you’re the deviance.
There are no GOOD reasons for anything retard.

All you retards need to read Spinoza already or fuck a hooker. I swear if i ever meet one of you outside im publicly humilating you. I bet you’re all stuttering pasty twinks.
There isn't a better reason than that, faggot. Power is life.
too young for this board, please lurk more
But society IS neurosis lol. Have you even read freud? The OP is superficially 100% correct

I need your best book on rhetorics and maybe also on manipulation. Thanks
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Schopenhauer's The Art of Being Right is a surprisingly thorough trolling manual. It is not a "le evil mastermind book" or any gay shit like that, but it will teach you how to utterly infuriate autists.
Manipulating people on the other hand involves being able to read people quickly and well which, somewhat paradoxically, means learning to let go of your ego in conversation so as to you actually pay attention to the other person and not yourself. A lot of the time when people are engaged in communication with each other it is just a kind of boasted where they wait for one another to finish their turn. Don't do that, pay attention. You do that through practice, not from reading books.
start with the Greeks (aristotle)
Thanks, i‘ll check it out.

Would take too long to really get into. I need to be able to pull this off in about two weeks.
>but it will teach you how to utterly infuriate autists.

by autists you mean normies? as in normal people?
No, I mean Aristotelians.

File: 81NzEmQuAYL.jpg (283 KB, 1399x1735)
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283 KB JPG
Dear Dharma Treasure Sangha,

It was recently brought to the attention of Dharma Treasure Board members that John Yates (Upasaka Culadasa) has engaged in ongoing conduct unbecoming of a Spiritual Director and Dharma teacher. He has not followed the upasaka (layperson) precepts of sexual harmlessness, right speech, and taking what is not freely given.

We thoroughly reviewed a substantial body of evidence, contemplated its significance, and sought confidential counsel from senior Western Dharma teachers, who urged transparency. We also sought legal advice and spoke with various non-profit consultants to draw on their expertise and objectivity in handling this matter. As a result of our process, the Board has voted to remove Mr. Yates from all positions with Dharma Treasure.

In a series of Board meetings as well as written correspondences with Mr. Yates, he admitted to being involved in a pattern of sexual misconduct in the form of adultery. There is no evidence that this adultery involved improper interactions with students or any form of unwanted sexual advances. Rather, adultery with multiple women, some of whom are sex workers, took place over the past four years. The outcome was extended relationships with a group of about ten women. Relationships with some continue to the present day.

He has provided significant financial support to some of these women, a portion of which was given without the prior knowledge or consent of his wife. Mr. Yates also said he engaged in false speech by responding to his wife’s questions with admissions, partial truths, and lies during these years.
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he was paying for it, no need to be enlightened to buy sex
it was nice to see how happy all the bugmen were that they got to chant their mantra """sex work is real work""" while trying to defend how their teacher was still totally enlightened while cheating with whores
it's not avoiding suffering but coming to terms with it - accepting it. Wholeheartedly accepting suffering until it becomes as normal as changes in the weather. Monks in the East regularly stay at charnel grounds over night so they can watch as fresh corpses decay and burn, in order to come to terms with the inevitability of death. Of course, this is hardly taught in watered down Western mindfulness, but mindfulness of death is a core practice in Eastern Buddhism.
Ajahn Chad
Your local pastor

File: 1566263652226.jpg (32 KB, 328x499)
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what's with all the hate for this book? is it just seething /pol/tards or is it just hated by everyone?
1. Highly popular but wrong
2. Controversial

Not just pol, historians and anthropologists dislike it
A harbinger of science with an agenda, which now dominates most fields

Books for an INFP?
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File: 41bvwKyntVL._SY355_.jpg (15 KB, 355x355)
15 KB
You could get one of those Temple Grandin hug machines
File: 1566256649518.png (140 KB, 982x790)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
hi infp frens
INFJ here.

What makes my type so rare and what are some good fiction books for me?
This looks like what I imagined the machine from In The Penal Colony to look like

vote faggots


File: 61535.jpg (31 KB, 290x475)
31 KB
>In July 2017 a poll to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Royal Society science book prize listed The Selfish Gene as the most influential science book of all time.

After reading this I thought I should read this book. It may be influential, but the book was trash. Reading pop science instead of science is like reading quotes from philsosophers instead of books.

Don't read this book
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The Red Queen by Matt Ridley comes close to this one.
>0 reading comprehension
I want to read pop philosophy now
at least the movie was good
name a single thing about the book that isn't good. All the most prominent academics of the time responded to it as though it were an academic paper

File: 38913_001_01.jpg (132 KB, 500x845)
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132 KB JPG
>Call me Ishmael

It's probably the most famous opening line ever but it's literally just saying his name. Is there some great significance here? Was it supposed to reveal something about the character? Or is it some kind of allusion?
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You clearly have never lived near bedouins.
Inb4 Call me Caitlyn
He's not saying his name. He's telling you what to call him
Sounds like a complaint of someone who can’t read
Spoiler Bastard

File: GreeKo.jpg (229 KB, 624x434)
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229 KB JPG
What's stopping you from reading the greatest works of mankind?
If you did, how did you learn and what books have you enjoyed so far?
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brainlet cope
>Either way, I would recommend you to print out 5 pages of greek from a plain author such as Xenophon and give it a go.
To expand on this, there's as I mentioned above Wilamowitz "Griechisches Lesebuch" that has plenty passages of about that length from various authors.
God, how I hope this was just a joke.
that makes no sense, if the frequency of the word was really too low to learn it then how would the native speakers writing these texts have known it in the first place? they learned it by reading themselves, not from anki. you're really underestimating the brain's ability to accumulate knowledge over time.
They were immeressed in the langauge and their culture their whole life, of course they're going to have no problem remembering a few words they don't encounter that often. You can't compare that with someone learning it as a dead language and not being immeressed in their ancient culture.

File: 9780826485694.jpg (56 KB, 420x598)
56 KB
This is an excellent book by Roger Scruton and got me interested in Islam and eventually I converted. As you probably know, Scruton is not exactly favorable in his outlook on Islam, but he gives it a very fair treatment here, seeking to explain the anti Western perspective of orthodox Muslims and even what the human motivations of terrorists are. He ultimately sees Islam as antithetical to the "West" but keeping in mind what the "West" represents to Muslims (not a culture, but the stench of a dead culture) and why their animosity toward it is understandable.
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Because I hate your awful belief system.
Because according to it I'm a pig and an ape.
Because your ""prophet" is a warmongering pedophile.
Because you want to force everyone into submission.
I do, but I'm not a catholic
Pigs and apes are considered distinct communities in Islam, which pass through their own afterlife. If you're an atheist you are actually worse.

He was a warrior, but hardly a warmonger. He married one child bride, not a proclivity.

Submission to God

File: IRA.jpg (80 KB, 500x358)
80 KB
Trying to find one that has as little (((British))) influence as possible.
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File: 1556190485031.jpg (121 KB, 1416x619)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Guerilla Days in Ireland but it's about the revolution era IRA not the troubles IRA, written by someone who actually killed britoids as well
>Implying you aren't the biggest nigger of us all.

Sounds interesting.

I’m scared.
Almost finished with Plato, and except for a few of the more infamously difficult dialogues (ie Parmenides and Theaetetus) I was able to make it through with minimal reference material.
I knew Aristotle was difficult, but I read the first few pages of the online preview and realized I’ll definitely need to approach it differently.
What secondary sources and reference materials would you recommend I use? Any guides on how to take notes on philosophical readings and logic? Never taken a formal course but I’m determined to read it all and want to maximize my understanding.
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To parent somebody is an act and it doesn't necessarily mean begetting. You're retarded and you should kill yourself. You'll never be a woman.
>gender is parts at birth, and parentage is defined as who begot whom
>gender is behavior, not parts, and parentage is action, not genetics
pick exactly one. "gender is parts" and "parentage is action" are based on two different lines of logic that mutually exclude each other
>You'll never be a woman.
why does pointing out the hypocrisy in tranny bashing automatically make everyone think I'm mentally ill? I was born with a dick, and I do not ever plan on cutting it off
File: Untitled.png (23 KB, 649x262)
23 KB
You're assuming that the word parent means something necessarily biological but that's not true. There's a functional component meaning you can parent somebody without biologically begetting them.

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about with gender and I have to wonder if you're all there in the head. To be a parent isn't analogous to being a gender so you're talking nonsense. You're making a distinction between sex and gender that you haven't justified. If you want to accept that there is something called gender which is distinct from sex then explain to me why I should recognize it.
A heterosexual couple that adopted still has the metaphysical potential for begetting thus there’s a link between the potentiality and actuality
Unlike you, tranny, who will never
even have the potential of procreation lmaöööÖÖÖÖ
Oh, yeah, that Parmenides guy is such a piece of cake! BORING! am I right my fellow wojak poster?

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