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/lit/ is for the discussion of literature, specifically books (fiction & non-fiction), short stories, poetry, creative writing, etc. If you want to discuss history, religion, or the humanities, go to /his/. If you want to discuss politics, go to /pol/. Philosophical discussion can go on either /lit/ or /his/, but those discussions of philosophy that take place on /lit/ should be based around specific philosophical works to which posters can refer.

Check the wiki, the catalog, and the archive before asking for advice or recommendations, and please refrain from starting new threads for questions that can be answered by a search engine.

/lit/ is a slow board! Please take the time to read what others have written, and try to make thoughtful, well-written posts of your own. Bump replies are not necessary.

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Recommended Literature

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Delueze, Gilles. Dislike him. A cheap wordsmith, crazy and obscure. A schizophrenic, a claptrap metaphysicist and a slapdash Spinozan. Some of his philosophy is extraordinarily nonsensical. Nobody takes his Body-Without-Organs seriously.
Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation. His best work, though an obvious and shameless imitation of Bacon's "Essays"
Difference and Repetition. Dislike it intensely.
Anti-Oedipus. Dislike it intensely. Ghastly haunting.
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Shakespeare, William. Yikes. Hard oof. Going to pass.
Ghastly haunting.
oooof :3 i miss her. I miss her so much ;_;

please have faith in God again butter please
Land, Nick. Dislike him. A self-conscious stylist, tried and conservative. A drug addict, a claptrap metaphysicist and a shoddy Deleuzian. Nobody takes his reactionary blog posts seriously.
The Thirst for Annihilation. Dislike it intensely.
Fanged Noumena. His best works. Dislike it intensely. Ghastly rigmarole.

Ok, this man is a pseud and usually oversimplifies stuff against his bias. However, he was the first person I listened to talking about Postmodernism and I tried searching for other meanings but everything I found was vague.
Could you explain it to me?
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File: pid_25725.jpg (46 KB, 375x600)
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There is no cohesive or coherent group of "postmodern" thinkers that accept and engage in labeling themselves as this. The works of Lyotard, Derrida, Foucault, Baudrillard, etc. are so different from each other that we can barely conceive of how could someone ever lump them together in a single unity, other than simply not ever reading any of the authors.

With this said, a lot of authors (not only the ones Peterson consider postmodern, and not only the ones I mentioned) came up and develop what they call a "postmodern condition" of the world, which is largely a description of our current state of affairs in the largely de-industrialized developed world (e.g architecture becomes chaotic, contradictions in language and media no longer carry shock value, economy is driven by finance and services/products are left in a second plane, social links become atomized and exchangeable, etc.). You could say that, in view of this, Peterson himself writes *about* postmodernism (as in, the condition and not some philosophical denotation) in his criticisms of his perceived views of it. Actually, think about it: why would you criticize an author that is merely embodying the "spirit" of his times and not the times themselves? Why would Peterson address postmodernists as guilty of spreading something that they contracted by external means to begin with? I find it really odd when people say philosopher X was responsible for Y, this is hardly ever the case: it's much more likely that a philosopher only describes what already is an ongoing trend of his current society.

Lastly but not last, there is a really good lecture by Rick Roderick on all things postmodern, where he also addresses the most common criticism (that Peterson sometimes also tries to employ sometimes), that is, the claim that there is, or there was ever any truly relativist philosopher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvAwoUvXNzU&list=PLA34681B9BE88F5AA&index=7
Postmodernism is when you hate God and hierarchy and whatever.
>Notice how they only attack his definition of postmodernism.
Peterson always rails against the 'postmodern neomarxist types' without even a elementary understanding of the subjects, obviously people are going to attack this as it's one of his most frequent points when he's dealing with leftist philosophy. His arguments against Marxism are equally preposterous.

I derped hard with the repeating words there. Regardless, I want to add that I don't think Peterson is a full blown pseud. The problem IMO is that the whole being-a-professor thing can at times get to one's head, and then one starts trying to tackle things that are way out of one's league, without the much needed time for introspection. The more time passes, the more Peterson will sound like an old man going on and on about younger folks, because he doesn't seem to be sitting down to actually think about the underlying premises of the works he criticizes. Such premises can be something he either agrees or disagrees with, but they are much deeper than supposed claims of relativism or supposed desires to shape society into meaninglessness. Rather, most authors he dismisses so quickly actually made resounding questions about how we see deal with each other and how we deal with the world when the world is in such a profound state of atomization as it is today. Questions that he should be tackling himself head on more often, instead of tackling previous answers and "correcting" them.
the idea of "postmodernity" only makes sense when you consider the fact that in the 70s-90s people believed we were coming to the end of history. everything that was going to happen was the modern era, and we're just living in the aftermath of the failures and successes of the modern era.

when lyotard wrote his book on postmodernism, the idea was that the modern era's consequence was essentially to destroy the teleology that prefigured WW2. nazism, liberalism, marxism, science, history etc. rely on the idea that the text can make coherent the past and turn it into a narrative of some sort -- the idea of progress, material dialectics, or the destiny of a nation.

now we exist in an era where things dont cohere into a single ideal but rather smaller narratives compete with each other, which results in a kind of performative aspect to information. its in this context that derrida, lyotard, baudrillard, etc. wrote their works. the postmodernists criticized this state of affairs, they did not welcome it.

jordan peterson is just looking for an easy scapegoat because his worldview doesnt make sense without a grand narrative about Western Civilization's Subverted Potential. he believes that the failure of the grand narrative wasnt intrinsic to it, but rather the result of Nazis, Commies, etc. subverting its values. this is why he needs SJWs, feminists, postmodern neo-marxists, etc. -- without them he'd have to ask his audience whether it was the very ideas he's defending that led to the society he's decrying, and that would make them unhappy.

File: aadf3-raskolnikov.jpg (49 KB, 386x281)
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Hey /lit/, out of the books Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Crime and Punishment and a Tale of Two Cities which would you recommend?
In quality order
fixed it for you

Has Harry Potter fandom gone too far?
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Muslim blood. He cut off their supply
Horse cum and government raised agar.
sheep semen
>He will be "nameless"
Too fucking late for that, kiwi. Brendan Tarrant's manifesto is everywhere. Every American news outlet has already reported his name. It's over. He has received notoriety.
Tourism cash, and they haven't eaten for a few days now.

File: marxist leninism.png (107 KB, 1200x976)
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107 KB PNG
yes or no?
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it's symptom of mental illness
Yes since any arbitrary criterion you pick for what should be considered science is ultimately just as equally unscientific
it's scientism. natural science was progressing in leaps and bounds during the 19th century, so a lot of cargo cults popped up. by appropriating the terminology and some surface-level concepts, they were able to surf the wave and pick up loads of followers.
File: 1545639350056.jpg (135 KB, 1125x1338)
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135 KB JPG
No. Here is a helpful list:
>Pure math gets its own category
Science heavy
Not science but uses some math and/or scientific methods
> mainstream economics and econometrics

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It's called economics, retard.

File: buson.jpg (71 KB, 382x387)
71 KB

Write haiku.
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on that bench alone
the fragrance of ghosts and feet
airport tomorrow
>In the corpse of winter
not sure if bait
>lit can't write good
no surprises there
why don't you try?
I am bad bad at
writing too, like a green frog
in the hot springtime

File: image.jpg (58 KB, 885x516)
58 KB
Be honest, how many of you came here from /pol/?
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No it was always terrible full of delusional people
yes and?
Guys, sadpanda was updated. It looks completely different now.

This word no longer works as a magic wand to wave away observations of Jewish behavior. Even the democrat retards in the States have caught on to how Israel uses this
*raises hand*
/pol/ has gone full retard after Christchurch
t. reactionary but not a stormfag

Once you accept the concept of a public-private distinction, "rights" no longer exist but are always at the mercy of a vote. This is a much simpler explanation for why leftism and capital are best friends; they've always been on the same side. "Muh rhizomes" and "muh dark alliance" are just spooks.

Any interesting books about homosexuality?
your diary desu
My diary desu
Post excerpts.
Corvo: Venice Letters
Backhouse: Decadence Mandchoue
Just press ctrl+p on /lit/

File: rai.jpg (1.06 MB, 1468x1800)
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1.06 MB JPG
>video games can never surpass litera-

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You might like Crypt of the NecroDancer. It's a roguelike rhythm game. The roguelike part provides procedural generation, so there's no memorizing levels, and action/combat. The rhythm part forces you to keep a fast-pace, moving to the beat.
>petty political statement.
It's not even that. The average SJW says less nonsensical shit, or even when it's equally ridiculous, at least proceeds from ignorance, which can be pardonable in many cases, especially considering the echo chambers developed in various communities, but somebody who should know better like Žižek knows exactly what he's doing. "Trump is a nazi," and "Hillary belongs in prison" are petty political statements. "The greatest practitioner of Pokémon GO was Adolf Hitler" is the intellectual equivalent of "LOL so random XD," only you give the impression of being serious, and are somehow seen as respectable in some people's eyes.

I'm not sure what the strongest comparison would be. If one wants to find bizarre and ridiculous Marxist interpretations, (the first that comes to mind is Shaw's idiotic interpretation of Wagner's Ring Cycle as a socialist critique of industrial society, though Shaw was not a Marxist), one can find them, and even if Žižek were, in a partially innocent manner, actually infected with this specious and intellectually worthless manner of interpretation, he knows damn well that he's saying outlandish nonsense sandwhiched between pretentious, if often sagacious rationalizations.

I think the significance of clickbait is often overstated, and that even if it's essential to most articles online, I don't think a clickbait title is the primary purpose of most articles, or that they are written for this purpose. In Žižek's case, however, I'm not convinced he would have bothered to create this analysis unless he could have inserted that grotesque line of pure bullshit, probably just for attention, (or probably a worse motive, like the desire to produce a nihilist mockery of analysis), meaning he's a worse as an intellectual than clickbait authors are journalists.

And knowing what you're talking about and deliberately distorting it in a farcical, but ostensibly serious manner is worse.
Thanks for the recommendation.
>And knowing what you're talking about and deliberately distorting it in a farcical, but ostensibly serious manner is worse.
perhaps but we're just splitting hairs now.

In any case i just thank god that the debate is happening at all, gunna be incredible.
>the debate is happening at all, gunna be incredible.
I don't care about it, and I have no intention of watching it. I rarely like to see Peterson speak, and Žižek, not at all.

File: 8d6.jpg (48 KB, 645x729)
48 KB
What do you do when you're in your early 20s and fucking retarded? What do you do if you forgot just about everything you learned in school besides how to read and write, until your fund of knowledge reached pitiful levels? Can you escape from stupidty this late in the game, or are you merely putting bandage over a festering wound?
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>Try to keep one philosophy book, one nonfiction book, and a fiction book going at the same time. Since they differ in topics they are easier to keep separated in your mind.
I have had this suggested to me before and I've always been curious as to how you juggle two or three books at a time. When I attempt this I find myself giving more time to one book, favoring it over the others. I suppose this is probably due to my own lack of discipline, but maybe you have some suggestions for how to juggle three books in a balanced way?
Only read certain books at certain times. (EX: fiction before bed, nonfiction in morning, et al)
Haven't tried that yet. I'll give it a shot, thanks.
Good post


$1500 a month. UBI HERE AND NOW.

File: 1428163328855s.jpg (6 KB, 231x218)
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Lads (and girls? xD) how do we know there are no famous writers browsing /lit/. Can you prove to me JK Rowling or Stephen King isn't here right now?

If you're a famous writer, make your presence known
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Rowling, JK. Intensely dislike him.
I thought Tao Lin and Nick Land browsed /lit/?
Moldbug here.
I just want to say that I hate every single one of you.
I'm not Tao Lin but if I was I would post this comment

File: 1486511478642_0.png (2.42 MB, 1252x872)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
>tfw i've discovered i'm god
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
What if god misunderstands you and just kills you instead of actually deleting you from happening
Then he's denying his omniscience and therefore his own divinity by misconstruing "erase me from existence" as "kill me".
>implying god is bound to the laws of this universe upon which paradoxes are reliant
I totally see this. Like some colony of untouched wise people living as gods in the mountains, when suddenly, come the men and woman of the animals, who do all sorts of savage shit. What happend next?
make his dick bigger please. i wanna milk it.

File: 1552807742319.jpg (34 KB, 351x512)
34 KB
Post book recommendations for starters
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Aren't trannies basically genetic incels?
People in the oil industry used to commit to dumping a barrel of oil into a stream for every direct action committed by radical environmentalist groups.
I don't believe in genocide and I would like to believe that most other serious fascists don't either.
But it makes sense if you follow it to its natural conclusion. Or at least that nature will do the job for us and that's a good thing. What's wrong with that?
ty for these brief but thoughtful posts

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